Kaaval (2021) Movie Script

O Holy Mother.
You keep writing like that and then
complain about your back pain at night.
Let it be, Dad.
I'll do it.
No, dear. You have a lot
of clothes to stitch.
Do that. I'll manage this.
Don't invite him to my wedding.
We're suffering now because of whatever
you and he did together in the past.
You lost your leg.
Mom never felt at peace
until her last breath.
Even our neighbors don't talk to us.
You know it, right?
Haven't we suffered enough already, Dad?
We are enough for each other.
Have tea.
Brother, what happened?
You look worn out.
Where is Alex? Did he go to college?
So, how's everything?
You asshole!
You fixed her marriage, didn't you?
You thought I'll never know?!
As per the records, you owe me
thirteen and a half lakh rupees.
You've been in this debt
since my father's days.
Don't you remember gobbling
my money several times
for your wife's illness, your son's
studies, and your marred leg?
This palace of yours,
including your toilet, is in my locker.
Listen to me, George.
You're taking the income
from this compound--
Hey! Stop blabbing!
I've told you a hundred times
that if you get her married to me,
I'll write off your debts!
But you don't want to do that!
You think I killed my own wife.
Am I right?
Your friend hanged herself!
I'm not responsible for that.
You are right, I owe you.
But how can I give you
my daughter in return--
No. Listen, you don't need
to give her to me in whole.
I'll come here every
day on my way home
and ask your daughter
to pay me in installments.
-Hey, you--
Don't skid and fall.
If you don't pay off your debt
before marrying her off
-I'll take her with me!
Sit down and give it a thought.
If you're smart enough
you'll take my help!
Where are you going, kiddo?
Let go of me, brother.
Brother?! Answer the question!
-I'm going home.
-Is your sister there?
Hey, I need to stitch two shirts.
Can she come and take my measurements?
Brother, why are you troubling me?
Let me go.
-Get lost!
Your father has only one leg, right?
Consider this as the interest of
whatever he did when he had both legs!
What happened, Dad?
Do you want to go to the yard?
You have never walked
holding your father's finger.
Since your childhood
I've been walking holding your shoulder.
Did they hurt you again today?
Sit here.
Why didn't you come and tell me?
Your sister must have
told you not to tell me.
Tomorrow, I'll also come with you.
I'll confront them.
I'll ask them why they
keep harassing you.
No, Dad. It's alright.
I can come with you to confront them.
Who else would stand by you if not me?
Let it go one last time.
If they do it again, come with me then.
I have become really useless, haven't I?
Come here, dear.
-Hey, stop!
-Oh, no!
What are you doing?
Oh, no! My son!
-Get off my child.
-My son
My son! Oh, no!
Let go of my son!
Dad, get up.
Father! Somebody, please help him!
Tell them to stop!
-Oh, no!
-Let go of my son!
Somebody get them off him!
-Don't hurt my son!
-What are you doing?
Who are they?
Look how they are beating him up!
Brother, please pull them away!
Hey, David! Go, get them!
My son!
Come here! Get the jeep, quickly!
My son!
Oh, my dear son!
Son! My son!
Careful. Be careful.
-How much?
-Fifty rupees.
-Why are you in such a hurry?
-It's been a while since I arrived, sir.
Please wait! Wait here!
Excuse me.
I have been calling you since morning.
Then I thought I should come here.
What can I say! I've been
trapped here since morning.
The SI summoned me.
Father David is pestering me.
Yesterday, when the church committee
checked the purchase statement,
that sexton accused me of
swindling around 8000 rupees from it.
The priest took his side
when I hit that prick!
He got really annoyed
and reported to the police station.
Why did you beat him up?
Were you drunk?
No. That just happened.
Come. Let me hold you.
-Wait here.
Is the SI inside, Aravindan?
Yes. He's having lunch.
I know why you are here.
We came to know about
the incident the day before yesterday.
But he has not given
much importance to it.
He knows everything well.
try talking to him directly.
I'll accompany you. Come.
Who knows who they were!
Their faces were covered, right?
The church has no CCTVs either.
And the vehicle number is fake.
What about your daughter?
Did she have any love affair?
Did they target the groom
and thrash him at the church?
We should inquire
about that as well, right?
My children and I have
no way to live in peace, sir.
That's why I've come
to the police station.
Do you remember going to the old
police station in Aanakkuzhi long back?
To set fire to the building?
SI Muralidharan! Do you remember him?
He is a DySP now.
He taught me at the training camp.
You used to have a profound contempt
for the police force. What happened now?
Sit down!
Listen to me carefully.
Even if they beat you and your children
to death on the street like dogs,
no one wearing a khaki from this
station will come to help you.
Your corpse will lie there rotten!
I guarantee it!
You bear it!
Get lost!
You one-legged scoundrel!
You are yet to see what
the police are capable of!
Do you see this khaki?
When we wear it, we have no limits!
Just remember that!
You might not have any limits, sir.
But my patience
does have a limit!
Driver Benny beat up the church sexton.
Do you want to register a case
or go ahead with the complaint?
Don't register a case.
Just have a little talk with him.
You've discussed it with sir, right?
Brother, did you file a complaint?
No. It's not going to help, Father.
Father, Benny is not a troublesome guy.
Don't support him, brother.
His conduct is not good.
He's arrogant.
Father, don't ask them to beat him up.
Just have a talk with him.
Anyway, those who are sitting inside are
waiting for reasons to beat up anyone.
I'm going to appoint someone
else for the church's works.
Go, brother.
What happened, Dad?
We have to find another way.
Come home the day after
tomorrow in the morning.
We have to go
to a far-off place.
Where do you want to go, Dad?
To some place.
To see someone.
I think this is it. I'm not sure.
Just check once.
Who is this?
-Brother, is this where--
-What do you want?
Is this where Thamban lives?
-I am from Aanakkuzhi in Kattapana.
I'm Antony's son.
Come inside.
Someone has come to see you.
-To see me?
It's Antony's son.
Here he is.
Come here, son.
Did Antony not come?
Where is Rachel?
What is it?
What happened?
Tell me.
Will you give me a cup of tea?
No way. You make the tea
and make some for me as well.
Hey, Dad is here.
Move! Move aside!
Go further!
Hey, don't go there!
Move from there!
Stay there!
Didn't I tell you?
Move from there!
Dark cloud veils the sky
And pours out as tears
In this collapsing
House of dreams
You lie torn apart
Only our sobs remain
When the wind blows out the flame
When memories turn dark
You have gone without a word
Remembering you
A memory flashes
Of days
When I was
Your darling child
The rhythm that
Touched souls
The shimmer of your care
Where did it fade away?
Did the blanket
My soul wove slide?
Am I trembling?
Freezing like snow
Will the movements stop?
Dark cloud veils the sky
And pours out as tears
In this collapsing
House of dreams
You lie torn apart
Only our sobs remain
When the wind blows out the flame
When memories turn dark
Who will guard us now?
Didn't you go to college?
It has been two weeks now, right?
You have to start going out.
Don't forget, it's your final year.
Am I right, Rachel?
Now, what's your plan?
What do you mean?
You know exactly what I mean.
Brother, we need some more time.
I am talking to Rachel, right?
We need more time.
And what if I give you time?
Will you pay off your father's loan?
Forget all that.
I can only think of one solution for this.
Come with me. I'll marry you.
Or else, he will have to go
pimping with you to make money.
Alex, let go of him!
-Get off!
-Let go of me!
Open the door!
Open it!
This is George's wench!
And only George will bonk her!
Move aside!
Sister, open the door!
Please don't abandon me, sister.
How are we going to survive?
Padmini's son got
admission to engineering.
-Oh, okay.
-Look. She has forwarded this.
She said his classes would start in June.
Call her and ask her about his fees
and whatever else he
wants, and transfer it.
Do you want anything, son?
Have the chutney.
I can't go back to that place.
I'm sure you've heard
several stories as well.
I'm not who I used to be.
I don't like to remember it either.
You know what?
You both come and stay here with me.
Even I have no one here.
Leave that place!
Sister won't leave that place.
I'll get going.
She's alone there.
In fact, we both are alone.
Ask everyone to fill this with rice,
oil, vegetables, or whatever you have!
Hurry up!
Oh, no. Please don't make us suffer.
We don't have enough labor these days.
We borrow money to buy these things
and carry them for miles to reach here.
If you seize this,
all of us will starve to death.
No! Please don't go inside!
We are wrecking ourselves
in this forest for you all!
Go ahead.
When you venture out
to conquer the world with a gun
make sure you are not pointing
it towards these poor people.
First of all, you need to realize
at whom you are pulling the trigger.
Only then will you be
a true leader to them!
If you dare come out of
the woods one more time
and snatch these destitute people's food,
I'll fill your stomach
with the bullets from your own gun!
Sir is calling you.
Who are these guys, Varghese?
This Thamban
and Antony!
Are they rowdies?
Sir, in your words
they're barbarians.
-Is that true, Aravindakshan?
You said that they are not troublemakers.
They are running a timber mill on lease
as a hideout.
But beating up people and case
settlements are their key activities.
Antony is a native.
The other one came here
wandering around at a young age.
He doesn't have parents.
They are the ones who settle many cases
that are supposed to come
to the police station.
The former SI had not touched them
but I've seen two or three
cases against them in the file.
We tried to arrest them once,
it turned out that our allies
were more loyal to them than us.
I'll stand by you.
We'll arrest them.
They are perfect people
for you to begin with.
We must arrest them.
No matter which station we
go to and take charge of
Are you listening?
the first thing we
do is catch and trample
the most notorious goons in that area.
Then the rest of them
give us whatever we demand
without us even asking. Got it?
How did it go? Did you get the deed?
No. Chandy is saying that
considering the amount and interest
we owe him, this would not tally.
If necessary, he will pay us an additional
ten or thirty thousand, it seems.
He is asking us to vacate the house.
They pledged their house deed
for one and a half lakh rupees
to marry off their eldest daughter.
Now, the house and one
and a half acres of the compound
for which these poor people
have sweat their blood
will be taken away
by the loan sharks.
We have two more daughters
of marriageable age.
Where will all of us go?
We'd rather buy some poison and eat it.
Kuzhiyil Finance Chandy.
He's a scoundrel.
Let's try talking on
amicable terms once again.
Don't worry, sister.
We'll solve this.
Now educate your younger girls, at least.
Then they will take care
of the family and future.
Look at this!
What's this?
Look what it is!
Rachel, keep it there!
It's not for me, Mom. It's for Podiyan.
He will start barking if he gets hungry.
Thevar has settled our bonus
arrears for the last eight months.
He also permitted everyone to return
to work at the estate from tomorrow.
It's out of fear for you and
because of the power of your word.
-This is to thank you
-Is that money?
Take it back.
Take it back, Somashekharan.
This is what we usually do.
Lopes, this is not a trade union office
to seize the share
of a capitalist arrears settlement.
Didn't Thevar's goons beat
up a few people among you,
break their bones,
and throw them in the hospital?
Distribute this among them.
-You may leave.
My name is Murali. Muralidharan.
I am from Mattancherry.
I have been hearing your
names since the time
I took charge of the station.
Not very pleasing!
The police are actually
the government's gun.
So don't try to push another
barrel into its barrel, alright?
Cat got your tongue?
Didn't you hear what sir is saying?
Answer him!
Roll back your thuggery and
resolutions onto the attic for a while!
Or else, I'll stamp you
down and scourge your bods!
Did you hear me?
Hey, kiddo.
Come here.
-Is this for the dog?
-Don't bark anymore.
Sir, where did you say you are from?
Yes! Mattancherry!
The fourth building from
the police station
that's Sarasu's Medicals.
You'll get premium
Tirupur cotton there.
Or forget that.
At this time,
cotton trees bloom in the mountains.
Send these guys and pick some.
Then wad up and push
it into both your ears.
I mean, the cotton balls.
Then you will hear neither
our names nor anything else.
The cotton balls can be pushed
into your noses as well!
Got it?
Don't force us to do that.
Varghese let's go.
Did the kids fall asleep?
Mary can I get you a drink?
What's wrong?
-I asked you what's wrong.
Didn't you hear me?
Are you scared or something?
Yes, I am.
When you walked out of your
house against your brothers
and father's wish,
you were braver than me!
-What happened now?
-There were only two of us then.
And now?
Is this because of those useless
policemen storming into our yard today?
This is not the first time, is it?
If the police had done their job decently,
would we have bothered to engage in this?
Can you guarantee that those
who came to the yard today will
not barge into our house tomorrow?
We will be left all alone.
I can sense it when I go out for
something or when I go to the church.
let's get out of this place.
We must!
-We'll wait here.
Come, dear.
Thamban and Antony may come inside.
Did you enjoy it?
What about you?
We're not carrying any weapon this time.
What's the matter?
Oh! She's three months pregnant!
Is that the matter?
Do one thing.
Go to Mission Hospital and snuff it out.
I'll make the arrangements.
I'll pay the bucks as well.
If she can't even do that,
there's a shacky well at
the right corner of Vaalara Estate.
You might have heard of that.
Illicit preggers like
her usually jump into it.
Or are forced into it.
I thought I would just let her live.
Do I need to arrange
a father for her kid now?
Brother, will you accept it?
What about you, Rajan?
Or else, he'll do it.
He's German.
We'll just say that he banged her
while she was cleaning the kennel.
Don't move!
The girl who came
to the estate to pick tea leaves
didn't seduce the boss
to get her things done.
You forcibly raped and crushed her
and let these assholes watch it.
What did you say when she
said that she would complain?
You boasted that the police station
is working in your rented building,
and that you have a whip hand over
all the bigwigs, including the SI there.
Am I right, you bloody wanker?
You want her to snuff it out?!
She won't do it.
Her heart won't allow
her to do that terrible sin.
So, you will provide everything that
she and her unborn child would need
to go somewhere
and live a dignified life.
You will provide it!
Or else, we'll come
again for your last rites
with a priest.
Let's go, girl.
Drag them out!
-What happened?
-Search over there!
Go inside and stay with your brother.
What's the matter?
we've received a complaint
against Antony and Thamban.
It's filed by Vaalara Maani.
They are not here.
They've gone to Nilambur to get timber.
Alright. Shall we leave then?
What was that?
-What happened?
-They're not here, sir.
Seems like the lumber here
is not enough for the two.
They might have gone
out to get some more.
If you mess with me
I'll finish you off.
I won't even spare your kids.
Let's go!
Mary, I--
do one thing.
Get an auto-rickshaw and come here.
Isn't the show at six o'clock?
Let's go from here.
I'll call you back.
Enough of your police drama!
This uniform of yours
gives you the power
to brutally torture
people and molest women?!
No matter how much
you dip it in whiteners
these townsfolk
will never honor it!
With this, your game is over, Varghese!
This is your full stop!
A full stop to your fuc--
Hey, the police are here.
They won't dare to touch
Antony and Thamban.
we were helpless.
You know it, right?
Come on, get in the car.
The SI will arrive in the morning.
He knows about the whole thing.
Do you have a cigarette?
Go ahead.
I'll join you.
Some people have seen him jump.
If I had any clue that he would do
this, I would not have left him alone.
Shouldn't we arrest them, sir?
Just arresting them isn't enough.
We should shroud them in white.
Shouldn't we?
How can we do that, sir?
We just need to support some people.
They are waiting for a chance.
-Oh, no!
Don't move!
Wait. Not now.
I really loved
your kick!
But now, you can forget this leg forever.
I have sent a wreath
for your partner as well.
Mercy can you please
take him out for some time?
Sure, sister. Come.
Come, dear.
Come on.
Let's go.
They are amputating his leg.
You shouldn't see each other anymore.
If you did, nobody would be left alive.
Go from here.
Somehow, we'll manage to survive.
Just leave!
We don't want to see you.
Damn it!
-What happened, sir?
-I ran out of water.
Okay. Give me that jug, sir.
No. Don't open it.
Don't be afraid, sir.
You're safe in here.
-When is Murali coming?
-He'll be here soon.
Some people saw Thamban at
the hospital in the morning.
Sir has gone to the timber mill
as he got information that
someone saw some light in there.
He'll only be back with him.
Perhaps, he'll finish him off.
I think sir is here.
Mr. Aravindan, come here quickly!
What happened, sir?
What happened?
-Hey, come quickly!
Come quickly!
Hey, there is fire!
Hey, come quickly!
Come quickly.
Padmini and her child have
only one guardian now.
The Lord Almighty!
For that one leg you took from Antony
I am taking
your life!
Hey, you!
-Let me take a puff.
-What happened?
-I got it!
Hey, what is it?
Move aside!
How dare you do this devilry!
-Let go of him!
Don't tremble.
shall we take her to him?
-Get your leg off me!
-Start the car.
Take him with you and scram!
Bring him!
Make it fast.
Get in!
Don't dare come this way even if
the God of Death is chasing you!
I'm here to guard.
Don't turn me into an executioner.
Whatever happened yesterday
won't happen again.
I haven't come here for that.
Grab everything that you
can get and come with me.
This place is terrible.
We won't leave this place.
This is our father's house.
Here, we have memories of our parents.
If we are to live, it will be only here.
Is that so?
Then why did you try to commit suicide?
Why did you hang yourself?
If we are to die,
that will also be only here.
Then why did you bring me here?
To bury you both?
Spread out the culms of the plantains.
Oh, Alex!
Did you come here to light the candle?
This is Uncle Thamban.
He's my father's friend.
What's the update on your house matter?
Did that George come again?
-No, Father. He didn't come after that.
-Okay. You may go now.
Also, you and Rachel shouldn't
miss the service, okay?
Keep coming to the church regularly.
-Okay, Father.
-Okay, bye.
Father was speaking about the finance
company where we have pledged our house.
Which company?
Kuzhiyil finance.
Take it.
You don't have any other
copies of this, right?
No, brother.
For now, the deal between
you and me is over.
So, don't reveal my name if you
get caught in any police case.
Even if you do, I know how to walk free.
But then, I won't be there
to get you out of jail.
Now, don't chase after her and the boy.
I'll let you know.
Who was the guy that beat you up?
It's him, brother.
So how's it going, kid?
Did you arrange the money?
He needs some more time.
-Who's he?
-He's my father's friend.
With interest,
they owe me around 18 lakh rupees.
So either pay it off
or vacate the house.
There is one more option as well.
He, as well as his sister,
knows what it is.
Eighteen lakh rupees?
Antony had paid off a lot
already, hadn't he?
And you have been taking all
the profits from that plot, right?
For several years.
this loan has been there since
before my father's death.
I won't give you time anymore.
You may take him and leave.
If you are in,
I'll call you when I'm free.
Let's sit for a round of rummy then.
You may leave now.
Let's go.
Hold on.
Your sister's showering
video is on this phone.
I don't like anybody
watching her like that,
so I have kept it with me.
Ask her to reconsider my offer.
Or else, this will go to the public.
Do you also want to bite the dust
and give company to your father?
Give his house deed back to him!
Open it!
Here it is.
You'd better control
your cravings with this!
Go curl into a ball with
your arms to your chest.
Or else, I'll curl you up! You swine!
Take that phone!
I'd like to play rummy.
Not here, but at the church cemetery
upon the tomb where you'll be buried!
Sitting on that slab!
-Yes, that's right.
-But how?
-Uncle Thamban.
Where are you off to?
I have a few things to buy.
Alex will come home late today.
Doesn't Alex wash this bike?
When Dad was there, the two of
them used to wash it occasionally.
Dad was reluctant to sell it.
I'll accompany you.
Go ahead.
You used to be a big shot
here, didn't you?
What brings you here now?
Did you come here to feast
on the dead's memorial?
You son of a bitch!
You started bothering the townsfolk
as soon as you landed here!
Kick him!
Take him in!
Get down.
As per the rumors,
you burned down the old police station.
So, now come inside
crawling on your knees.
Listen, my wife has got
a medical checkup today.
Then I need to go to Kanchiyar.
There is a party in the evening.
Lock him up!
Release him only after I come back.
Mr. Aravindakshan?
He's inside.
What's the matter, sir?
Why was he
Don't worry.
You know how the SI is!
Too much cop spirit!
He knows about all the past things.
In addition to that,
Kuzhiyil George was his collegemate.
No case can be filed against him.
We will have to release him anyway.
Go home now.
Can we see him?
It's alright.
Go home. Don't stay here.
I'll be back.
Go on.
No, dear. I'll be a bit late today.
Isn't that in the next week?
Let's go together.
Hey, I'll call you later.
-Did George send anything over?
-Yes, sir. It's on the table.
Okay. Bring the other guy here.
You may leave now.
From now on, always keep your head down.
If not, you will never stand upright.
Keep that in your mind.
You don't have that old fire anymore.
You're just ash.
Get lost!
Sir, he looks pretty unwell.
It's raining outside.
Shall I drop him off
in the police jeep?
No need! He can go on his own!
Who the hell is he to drop him
off in the jeep? The commissioner?
Just reading through
old files isn't enough.
You should study them as well.
Don't try to scrape
thinking that it's just ash.
If there's even a tiny spark
it will burn you.
No, sir. We are about to leave.
Alex, make it quick!
-The lawyer will be there soon.
-You go ahead. I'll join you.
Come quickly!
Oh, no!
Oh, God! You're bleeding!
I have heard your old
stories from my father.
He was a driver. Pathrose.
He used to come to the mill for the rides.
-Where is Pathrose now?
-Dad is at home.
He can't walk now.
Mr. Antony had come with me that day.
He didn't tell me where he was going.
But now that I think about it,
it looks like he was going to see you.
On our way,
I had a dispute with the SI.
Then he got into Thomas's car.
Thomas was a total boozer.
Who knows what really happened!
You have to take
the medicine today as well.
Should I give it to you?
No. Go to bed.
He's our only son.
And we are not strong
enough to cut and thrust.
Furthermore, there was
the unnatural death of Antony.
Have tea, child.
Keep it there.
Have it.
But James still has
only Rachel in his mind.
But what if something wrong happens
again, like that day!
James is currently teaching at
a coaching center in Kattedan.
He'll come back on Saturday.
If we are planning the wedding again,
let's avoid all the hustle and bustle.
We see you in the place
of their father now.
That's our nerve now.
Brother, we need to buy
three or more spare parts.
You'll get it in two weeks.
-Will this be enough?
Oh, it's you!
-How are you?
-I'm fine.
My husband's vehicle was brought here when
it got released from the police station.
Is it done?
Sister, I'll give it to you by next week.
There is still some work left to be done.
How was Thomas?
Did he use to drive
the jeep after boozing?
Had Thomas called you that day
before he went to pick up Antony?
I'll be back soon, okay? Love you.
-Bye, Dad.
-Eat the whole thing, okay?
-I will.
You know where you'll be
working from today, right?
-So please don't hit the bottle, okay?
-I won't, dear.
Yes, Mr. Aravindakshan?
Sir, I'm off to my new job today.
Oh, no!
Okay, sir. I'll be there.
-What is it?
-Nothing. Bye, sweetheart.
Keep this.
Give this to your mother.
-What's up, brother?
-Nothing, Father.
Hey, little one. Are you studying well?
Yes, Father.
Did her medicines run out?
We have them for this week, Father.
Okay. When you finish it, let me know.
I'll get more.
Brother, if you're going home,
come with me. I'm also going that way.
This child, Angel, had
surgery two years ago.
For a valve of her heart.
She got her life back
after a brush with death.
-I was also in Chennakulam then.
I took the initiative to raise
funds from the local parish
and assisted them with the surgery.
It was after that they
converted to Christianity.
Later, when I moved here,
I brought them as well.
Is it possible to arrange
a job for Thomas's wife?
I've spoken at a resort here.
Thomas was involved in one
or two police cases here.
That's why people are reluctant
to get involved with them.
It will be alright.
On the day of the accident, Thomas was
supposed to start a new job at the church.
But because he had
to pick up Antony that day,
he didn't turn up at all.
So, did you fix Rachel's wedding?
They've said that they will pay
us a visit on a convenient day.
Oh. Okay.
Pull over.
Here you go.
Get the documents.
Get that driver here.
Let's go.
Sir is calling you.
I'll be right back.
Where are you going?
It's a long ride, sir.
It was assigned earlier.
Shouldn't we talk
and settle that sexton's case?
Take the jeep to the police station.
Wasn't I there at the station round
the clock the day before yesterday, sir?
Get inside the jeep.
Get down.
Grab your stick, leg,
whatever, and get off.
Get down quickly.
Sir, he's unwell.
If you throw him in the middle
of the road like this
Get going.
Where do you want to go, Antony?
It's alright.
I'll go back home.
It's okay. I'll get you another taxi.
Thomas, this is Aravindakshan.
Come to the road below
the market immediately.
-You have to pick up someone.
-Sir, I'm off to a new job today.
-Hey! This is urgent!
-Oh, no!
Okay. Don't come.
I'm calling you only
because the SI told me to.
You know how he's going to react
if you don't turn up, right?
-Okay, sir. I'll come.
He's a poor guy. He'll come now.
Antony, the jeep is here.
-What's the matter, sir?
-Why do you look annoyed?
-Nothing like that, sir.
Now drop him off wherever he wants.
Do the rest later.
Didn't they conduct Antony's postmortem?
That CI dragged it unnecessarily.
He was pissed off even with his corpse.
It was only after the church intervened
that the body was handed to the kids.
Don't forget what I said.
things are not like how they used to be.
I'll see to it.
-But why?
-It's necessary.
Antony had set off to see me that day.
But he couldn't go beyond this locality.
This means that
he didn't go beyond
the range of your police station.
In January,
it'll be a year since Antony died.
So, let's do it in February.
We've got six months
for the wedding, okay?
Okay then. It's final.
-We'll get going, dear.
-Okay, Mother.
Okay then. See you.
O my treasure!
May your eyes never get welled up
I'm here to guard you forever
O my treasure!
May your eyes never get welled up
I'm here to guard you forever
O rain, drizzle to ward off
The heat of summer
As a thin wick of wax
This day lights up the mind
O my treasure!
May your eyes never get welled up
I'm here to guard you forever
Here you go.
Oh! The money!
You used to say that you don't want
to marry or have a family.
And now you've become
a father all at once!
Did it feel like a dream
When days and nights
In the nest of moonlight faded?
Withering alone on this branch of mind
Did it get tinged for the first time?
Let me melt in this lullaby of the breeze
Let me wait at this road
Where the sunshine blooms
O my dream, never vanish!
O my treasure!
May your eyes never get welled up
I'm here to guard you forever
O my treasure!
May your eyes never get welled up
I'm here to guard you forever
O rain, drizzle to ward off
The heat of summer
As a thin wick of wax
This day lights up the mind
-Hello, dear.
-Where are you?
I'll come home now.
Where are you?
I went to the church
and then to the market.
I just got off the bus.
I am heading home now.
-Is Alex home?
-I'm not sure. Let me call him.
I've got some fish.
You must make the curry, okay, Dad?
Alex, when will you be coming home?
By the way, I bought that
learning guide you mentioned.
That's really pricey.
Please study well, okay?
Really? But why?
Hey, start the vehicle! Come on, quickly!
Sister left us.
Yeah, it's a boy.
It was a normal delivery.
Alright. I'll call you later, Auntie.
How's she?
Sir, they said that she's
in a critical condition.
It's them, sir!
Some people have seen the jeep!
Are they the only ones
who have such a jeep?
Moreover, it's been a while since
they did anything like that.
Leave all that. Let's take
the girl's statement before she dies.
-Come. You guys wait here.
-Yes, sir.
Who's with Rachel Antony?
Are you her dad?
It sounds like she is calling you.
She's under sedation now. Come inside.
Hold on, sister.
We need to take the patient's statement.
Sir, that girl is not in
a condition to talk right now.
If you insist, you need
to get the doctor's permission.
You, please come inside.
Nothing will happen to her.
She will be back.
She has got the courage to face this.
Give me the bike key.
Don't do anything inappropriate!
I hope you remember it!
Stop right there!
-Get your hand off me.
-What if I don't?
If I bring this knee further down
Don't you remember something had gone
missing from your department recently?
A bullet!
Its number will go down again.
If you dare take a step further,
I will only leave you with your left hand
to feed your firstborn!
-What's up, bro?
You have to keep those guys alive.
Go to the old high
range club immediately.
What the hell are you saying!
Are you drunk?
Thamban squeezed the pulp out of me.
I accidentally told him where they are.
I couldn't get them on the phone either.
Oh, damn!
Hey! Where is he?
I'm asking you, where is he?
Damn it!
Turn the car around.
Go inside.
Why are you here at this odd time, sir?
Were you asleep, Father?
Yeah. I was.
We are looking for someone.
We were wondering if he has come here.
No one has come here.
Maybe you didn't come to know.
You were sleeping, right?
-Go inside and search once.
This is not a place where
you can easily break in.
Do you have the warrant?
Go inside and search!
You'll not do anything like that!
Hey, you!
You're a Hindu
and this is a church.
Moreover, I'm a priest.
This may turn communal.
I'll come back with the warrant, okay?
This is generally not a very good
period for the priests. Mind it.
Neither for police officers!
Let's go!
Stop it!
-Joseph, get off here.
-Okay, sir.
That Father seemed spurious.
-Stay here.
-Okay, sir.
If you find anything suspicious,
call me right away.
-Let me look around.
-Okay, sir.
He must be somewhere around the corner.
They left.
Antony had come here that day
hadn't he?
On the day of the accident,
Thomas was supposed to start
a new job at the church.
But because he had
to pick up Antony that day,
he didn't turn up at all.
Was that jeep empty?
Any load?
No. It was empty at the accident spot.
Was it loaded when
Antony got into the jeep?
-What's the matter, sir?
-Why do you look annoyed?
-Nothing like that, sir.
Now drop him off wherever he wants.
Do the rest later.
-What's in the jeep?
-Banana shoots.
Yes. It was fully loaded.
So, you didn't just come here
to escape from the police!
Am I right?
Don't you want to know the rest
of the story? I'll tell you.
I'll unload this quickly and be back.
Hey, Thomas.
What took you so long?
What can I say, Father?
I was told that the SI has summoned me.
Why are you with him, brother?
-He came to drop me off somewhere.
-Brother, come in.
Thomas, unload this stuff
behind the outhouse.
-Sexton is on leave today.
What's up, brother?
Where are you going so
early in the morning?
-Where are your children?
-They're at home.
Father, I'm being punished for
all that I've done in my past.
If something happens to me
my kids should not be left alone.
Brother, you didn't tell
me where you are going.
Father, you can see my downfall, right?
I don't have the power
to stand alone anymore.
I'm going to a far-off place
to see someone
and ask for help one last time.
Lord knows that I can't kneel.
I thought I'll pray once before I leave.
Where's Thamban now?
Your children will also have to endure
the pain of living without a father.
Do you remember the old
head constable, Varghese?
He was my father.
My father!
my hero!
Whatever you do now
will come back to you in the future.
Kill me if you want
but from now on
don't touch my kids anymore.
You're the one who hurt
my daughter, aren't you?
It wasn't us.
It was Father David.
He asked us to do it.
I planned the end of Thamban and
Antony during those sleepless nights
that I spent without
the warmth of my father.
Since then, no losses in my life
including my mother's,
have pulled me back from my decision.
I reluctantly wore this cassock
and biretta only as a hideout
to reach here like this.
I don't need your permission to kill you.
And about Antony's children
I'll put them through hell!
That's my promise.
God brought Antony here for me that day.
And now you too.
The moment I became a father
to those children by karma
I also made a promise
to Antony in my heart.
I will be there for them
as their guard.
I'm sorry.
What sound?
-What's the update?
-He's not here, sir.
Damn it!
Where did he go then?
Whom are you looking for, sir?
Did you see him coming here?
What was the Father's statement?
That no one had come here.
I'm a witness to that.
This is a suicide, sir.
Some comebacks
are inevitable.
And some comebacks
are demanded by time.
On every thorny path,
in every misfortune,
he will stand upright,
bravely, and alone
and he will walk forward.
No matter how far he goes
beyond reach
he'll be there, somewhere
just one call away.
Like the kindness that
wipes away the tears,
like the strength that
embraces the heart,
like the shade over the head,
like a guard that doesn't
abandon you for anything ever
he will be there, around them.