Kabali (2016) Movie Script

The reason why
we are here today is...
...this man, Kabali
He influenced the society
to oppose the Govt
He was also accused of
instigating a ruthless massacre...
...in a palm oil estate
during a Hindu temple festival
For this offense...
...he was sentenced to
25 years of imprisonment
And he is being
released this Wednesday
Kabali's family was killed
in the same massacre
By the leader of
the gang 43, Tony Lee
'Tony Lee has invested...'
'...in many industries'
'Such as hotels'
'Import and export'
'Criminal activities'
'And drug trafficking'
'Veerasekaran is a pillar
of strength to Tony Lee'
'Many places are under his control
including Petaling street'
'With these 2 men
working for him...'
'...Veerasekaran's criminal activities
in Malaysia spread like the plague'
'One of them is Loga'
'He is the one who controls
drug trafficking for gang 43'
'Loga fixes the market price
for drugs in Malaysia'
'Another is Cheeni'
'He is involved in gangsterism'
'Loan shark activities,
leasing of parking space illegally'
'Recruiting school students
to join gang 43'
'A few years ago
the activities of these gangs...'
'...spread like wild fire
beyond the control of the Govt'
'To have an upper hand, the Govt and
Police planned a special Operation'
'In a clash between the Police and
the gangsters, Veerasekaran escaped'
'And Tony Lee died in a car crash'
This is the death certificate given by
the Police endorsing Tony Lee's death
We don't have to talk
about gang 43...understand?
Can we concentrate on
more important issues now?
Do you really think Kabali will
be quiet when he gets out of prison?
Though he is in prison...
...he uses his influence
to help Indian people
Specially the youngsters
who drop out of schools
And join gangsterism
He does all these things
with the help of his friend Amir
And an organization called
Free Life Foundation
'His thoughts and
vision have changed'
the problem is for him
They have tried to kill him
13 times inside the prison
Let's release him
Why waste time
talking about an old man?
Might as well release him
The Govt will take other measures
If needed
(song from 'Adutha Varisu')
Hey! Ask him to stop
Yes, huh?
Kabali is coming out tomorrow?
Kabali, huh?
Okay, bro
Is he coming out tomorrow?
Heavyweight, bro
Yes, bro?
He is out tomorrow
Let us close his chapter a.s.a.p
We can show him
the power of 43!
My: bro?
Okay, bro
Just 2 months
I'll be out
I'll stick out
my head for you
Definitely I'll be there for you
Just a matter of time
Should have been holed up here
till your last breath
You are really fortunate
to get out so soon
Recently 40 thugs were
killed in an encounter
More than 30 were Tamilians
Any Tamilian is being
branded a villain now
Though I am a police officer...
...sometimes they look
at me suspiciously too
This is an earnest request from me
Don't go back to
your old ways again
I'm saying this
only for your own good
(cool chuckle)
You're being targeted
by the 43 gan-
Good to have you back
Allah's will!
(happy laughter)
Can I hug you
just once?
By all means hug me
You are back, anna
This is enough for me
Thank God
Ravi, your hair has turned grey!
- How are you?
- You guys rock!
All your blessings, anna
We are good, thanks to you
They are all our boys
Totally trustworthy
He teaches in our school
- Good afternoon, sir
- He wanted to meet you
You feel good, anna?
What do you think?
Awesome, anna
- My car, right?
- Yes, anna
Just like you, perfect condition
Your favorite lovebird
'Everybody is waiting to see you
Our area is in a festive mood'
'Even representatives
from all the gangs'
Anna, look over there
Where Murugan's saloon used to be
'Chettiar gardens'
Look over here
This was our Tamilnesan sir's area
KL has changed so much, right?
Anna, look there
Peddling drugs
in broad daylight
Even kids are into this
'Doomsday is nearing
They belong to 43 gang'
Such is life now!
'Students in our Free Life school are
junkies from gangs we have rehabilitated'
'Anna, look at that'
If interest for a loan
is not repaid in time...
...that red paint is awarning
If he defaults payment even then
you bet his chapter will be closed
Courtesy 43
Tony Lee
Besides them
ring leader Cheeni
You can find him
in the pet shop now
Where is that pet shop?
'That's his hangout'
'The pet shop is a mask'
'All illegal activities inside
including smuggling'
- Let him go
- Take your hands off
Check what's happening...go
Imagine imprisoning birds
that were flying free
No punishment is good enough
Know how tough it is
to be caged?
A door with small bars
If opened, vast blue skies
They will die if freed, anna
Other birds will peck them to death
A bird's nature is to fly
Let it go, free it
Let the bird decide
whether to fly or fall dead
Your compassion
is worse than its death!
'All is 1 package'
'Orangutan special price, okay?'
Don't worry
'I will take care'
Ah! Look!
Lamb for the slaughter is here
- Would you like something to drink?
- Can we get hot tea?
With just 1 teaspoon sugar
Don't want, anna?
We changed our mind, no need
Looks like you came
straight to my den?
What can I do for you?
(lamb bleating)
Then you bloody well die!
(smug laughter)
Atypical thug in Tamil films, with wart,
twirling his moustache, 'lungi' clad
As soon as villain Nambiyar
calls out, 'Hey! Kabali!'
...that thug will grovel and say
'At your service, master'
You thought I was 'that' Kabali!
I am KABALI, I say
Inform your boss, Kabali has returned
ditto as he left 25 years ago
"Like fire blazing fiercely"
Whichever nook or corner
Tony Lee and Veerasekaran are...
...they have to bow before me!
Lamb, huh?
"ls world for a handful
or masses who toil?"
"Reply will be
from the lips of Kabali!"
"Revolt and raise hell
0ppressor's rule he'll quell"
"ls the world for one
Or those who sweat in the sun?"
"Answer will be
from the heart of Kabali!"
"With a mutiny he designs
the overlord's death he signs"
"Like a towering inferno
you blazed aglow"
"Even if eyes close
dreams don't doze"
"As a flower appeasing"
"As a flute mesmerizing"
"Show the world who you are
Don't be a lamb for the slaughter"
"Like a tree dwelling in a seed
we carry stories to repeat"
"Tomorrow's dawn is ours to revel
Revolt, break rules to rebel"
"The sky is yours to hold sway"
"A bird won't forget to fly half way"
"Up his sleeve, many a scheme
Here comes Kabali, greet him"
"Like a spinning top nonstop
beat the drum, sing a song"
"So many years in prison
He's back now in action"
"In fear
his foes shiver"
"Our blood boils to sever"
"Super star's the name
This is his game"
"Kabali the visionary!"
"King of our time
In the concrete jungle"
"Watching over my pride"
"How does it matter to you
which place I belong to?"
"He lent a hand as a Tamilian
to his clan in this land"
"I am stalking my prey
Won't let them get away"
"Vtflth the things that they do
Bad moves that they make"
"We let others live
We gladly gave in"
"Now I'll live life to the fullest
Zip your lips and focus"
"Dressed to kill"
"Call it Kabali swag
Come and get some"
"Like the K-town clan"
"It ain't about the size
of the dog in the fight"
"But the spirit of the fight
in the dog that's right"
"Root and flower
Don't differ"
"Though grey of the clouds somber
pure drops of rain shower"
"Will waves be kept at bay
by a repressive force anyway?"
"Water current forever powerful"
"To swim past you is impossible"
"Can a snowflake small
snuff a volcano tall?"
"The elite order's furor
won't be heard here anymore"
"Tamil race and its identity
will now become reality"
"Rich men's cry of power
won't be heard in future"
"Tamil clan's address
will now spell success"
"Within a seed's womb
like a flower we bloom"
"History from the tomb"
"Tomorrow's dawn is ours to revel
Surge, break rules to rebel"
"The sky is your ground to play"
"A bird won't forget to fly half way"
Dance with me
How dare you!
Move out of the way
It was most unexpected
He had the gall to
attack our Cheeni bro!
We must show him our power
I caught an Eel
Trying your tricks with me?
It isn't easy, you know
Only if the bait fish
is alive it is do-able
It will be very protective
towards its many young ones
VWII try to survive
till the very last second
To feast on such a tasty fish
we should know its innate nature
Only then it can be caught
And its flavor appreciated
Kabali is just like this fish
He is ready to be caught
But not right now
Tony Lee is out of the country
Just 1 sure shot
It should be a point
of no return for him
Not miss the bull's eye
Let us wait
Enjoy the fish gravy
- What is this?
- Mutton
- Enjoy
- Serve some more
Finger-licking good!
Just like my wife's cooking
'Thanks a lot, anna'
You think it's so-
Tell me the truth, anna
I won't get angry
My wife's culinary skill
is truly awesome, right?
Listen, my dear
If I praise your cooking
your husband doesn't believe me
Look into it
How will taste buds talk
when he has no tongue!
I don't have atongue?!
Isn't this proof enough?
(dismissive laughter)
I'm enjoying ayummy dinner
after many years, let me eat in peace
Just kidding, anna
- Eat
- Don't want, ma
'Enjoy yourself, anna'
What do you want?
Don't cry
'Will you ignore
your poor pregnant wife?'
'- What do you want?
- I want to hug you tight and sleep'
'Come, why are you so late?'
'Everybody is waiting for you'
'Come inside.
'Good morning, sir'
'I have discussed everything
No problem at all'
'You can go in'.
'My legs are all swollen'
'I can't even walk'
'Go...get me some water'
'Let us eat'
'Everybody is waiting, right?'
'What are you doing?'
'Come soon'
'Where did you disappear?
We were starving'
'Come and eat with us'
'Come and eat, anna'
(nostalgic sigh)
Don't get stuck in the past now
We are all here for you
You can go now, Amir
Please go home, I want
to be alone for a while
'Your wife has also been
laid to rest here'
There were no family members
So the policemen went ahead with-
Hey Banu!
Good to see you
What brings you here?
Thought of me suddenly?
Think you're in your 20s?
I came to see uncle
Uncle, how are you?
You forgot me?
I'm Banu, uncle
You educated me in Klang
I stood first in the state
Oh! Is that you, Banu dear?
Are you married?
Where does your husband work?
All done and dusted!
What to do?
Don't yell at me
I was dealing in drugs
I was good at academics
I dreamt a lot
Didn't know whom to trust
He said he loved me
He said caste was no barrier
He quoted Mani Ratnam's films
And finally gave me a baby!
During land redistribution, he said
he was leaving for Tamil Nadu
I told him not to
That was the last I saw of him
I haven't set eyes on him again
What to do?
I have only 1 son
Jeeva, come here
I've wasted my life
He is refusing to study
If I get him a job
he beats up everyone
He saw you somewhere
He is so adamant
he wants to work for you
I know you will make
a man out of him
Take him, uncle
Why are you crying?
He is in safe hands
Go home, I'll keep you posted
Anna, you had sent for him
Banu's son Jeeva is here
Stop the car
Jaya, call that boy
Bro, come here
Get into the car
Fathima handles everything here
- Welcome, anna
- Good...good...good
70 Tamil students graduate
from our school every year
They are 16 to 20 years old
All are school dropouts
These kids were all in the gang
Please come
Come this way, anna
When our students were with
the gang, they used all this
So we have confiscated their stuff
Please come this way
We seized these accessories...
...reflecting the symbols
and colors of their gangs
We should be disciplined, right?
I appreciate it
Let's go
This way
All of you, relax
Please come
Get that chair
Please sit
Do you know who this is?
- We do
- Mr Kabali
He donated this building for our school
He helps us to run it too
How about a special
'Free Life' salute for him?
Free Life salute
- What's up?
- Hey, wait
Why did VOL! get up?
Won't you sit in one place?
I am sitting quiet, right?
He's like that
Quite restless
He is hyperactive normally
- Ask him his name
- Why?
Just ask him
What is your name?
Hey! Get up
Tell him your name
Otherwise you know
the punishment?
Run around our ground
a whole day through
- Tiger...!
- Tiger...?
(indulgent chuckle)
Which gang are you from?
Do you know our anna?
- Heard he heads the 00 gang
- Shut up!
What will you do
after graduating?
Join the gang!
Would you like
to join anna's gang?
My team is the best
Smart Alec he is!
Idiot! Sit down
Meena, why did you smile at him?
I didn't smile at all
I was only watching Tiger
Didn't she flash her teeth?
Of course she did
She's lying now
No chance
I swearl didn't smile, akka
- Please believe me
- Hey! Meena
They lie to get me into trouble
Sir, you resemble my dad so much
'Dad, you be fair
Did I laugh?'
'I was just looking at Tiger-'
She must have had a puff or two
'Pa, tell them I didn't'
Tick them off
before you walk away
'That girl's name is Meena'
'She lives in my place
Sunway flats'
'In high school, she fell in love
with a pusher next door'
'He was older than her'
'Cheated this young girl
and made her pregnant'
'He ditched this girl
half way through'
'She became a mother
at a very young age'
'Claiming she wasn't fit to be a mother,
'Child care' authorities took her baby'
'She lost everything in life'
'It was Marthandam
who brought her to our school'
'Too depressed
she started taking drugs'
'She will do anything
if you promise her drugs'
That girl called me 'dad', right?
Poor thing!
If my child had lived, I would have
a daughter or son her age, huh?
We should be on our guard
Don't know what
will happen and when!
Situation then and today
aren't the same
43 gang is in a different level then
Even without Tony Lee,
Veerasekaran is ruling the roost
How can we think of taking Cheeni-
Amazing fish!
Well cooked, chef
Serve him
Eat well, Marthandam
- Seafood doesn't agree with me
- You'll be fine, enjoy
We are hounded by them
They wait to pounce
on us for commission
They control all the areas
Ampang, Bukit Bintang, Kajang
How can we do any
business then?
I'll handle it
No worries
Hey! I told them
we are gangsters too
But no one is respecting me
Like the comedian Vadivelu, go around
proclaiming 'I am also a rowdy'
Looks like I must adopt
only that kind of ploy!
If you ask me...
...people with talent
can live here
If we want to live
we should turn a blind eye
If we need to bend a little...
...then why don't we?
But you know what?
Both 43 and our gang are one and the same
to the policeman's palm that is greased
They won't spare us
because we are in the right
Noticing our good deeds...
...people should respect us
Not be petrified
Wherever we go in this country...
...the locals and Chinese
aren't our enemies
Only Tamilians!!
If this is our plight
how will people trust us?
Our men also get
their hands dirty like gang 43
Aren't people here
peddling drugs?
Those are all rumors
I follow the same taboo on
hookers or drugs that anna did
When I am here,
will I let anyone else in?
In this gang then
are you the drug lord?
Mocking me?
Kabali'na, all I want is
for you to believe me
That's enough
I'll never disobey you
Eat well, Marthandam
Enjoy your dinner
Why did you stop?
Go on...eat
Is it enough?
Please sit
Please sit down!
Take care of your health
I'll take care
No problem
You take care of yourself
(tickled pink-laughter)
I always do
I'm glad we met
I'll take leave
Times are changing
Problems stay the same
But unity...?
It's like Marthandam!
When I look at the kids
in Free Life, my blood-
What are we doing?
What is our job?
Did we suffer
to end up like this?
Look at those kids
I know
My days are numbered
Before they take the lead
we have our hands full
We must put an end to the atrocities by
Tony Lee and his gang in this country today
Especially the injustice
to Tamilians
We must stop the power
they are in cahoots with
For all their bias...
...the time has come
to put a full stop
It is the beginning of his end
Someone has snitched about us
- Definitely
- So evident when he talks
True, why would
Kabali anna talk like that?
'Just a piece of land I want'
'Goddess Shakthi
a mere piece of land'
Marthandam is peeing in his pants
Now we must break
the power of gang 43
You want, huh?
If we tap on drugs, it is
as good as hitting Tony Lee
Because your mother
deals with drugs?
'Nowadays people mint money
only in gambling and prostitution'
- Let's control it
- How can you say this?
For a 50 paise cola we buy
in the market for 2.5 ringgit
Manufacturing, advertising, paying tax
Different rates by
wholesaler and retailer
Extra price for theatre and mall
Price of drugs depends on
who the buyer is
1 ringgit can fetch 100 MYR
It changes hands
through a big chain link
'Hit the head,
entire network will collapse'
In 43, Loga is Tony Lee's drug lord
'Ship breaking yard
Port Klang is his drug factory'
'He employs youngsters,
mostly Tamilians'
'School dropouts'
'Entire Malaysia
is supplied by him'
'He is the supplier
to this school too'
'That boy Tiger...'
'...was a pusher in Loga's gang'
'Hey! Keep quiet'
Loga is next on my list
Schedule a meeting
with him immediately
Let's go directly
Stop the car
Please come
2 minutes
I need to talk to you
How is business?
What do you want?
Come to the point
Don't waste my time
Oh! Is that right?
What is your source?
Do you want some?
Potent to the core
No one can give you my quality
Your gang members...
...won't deal with drugs, right?
You're the good-deeds gang
Are you pulling a fast one?
You can't deal with drugs hereafter
Put a full stop to everything
That's it
Clear out now
Otherwise you'll be a corpse
Hey boys!
Ask this chap to clear out
He's simply playing the fool
Oh! This is the 'point', huh?
This fellow is 'yours truly'
I look really young, right?
I don't have a copy of this
Let me take a snap
Let's get to the point
I was very young then
They needed a hand
I went, that's all
I didn't do anything there
Leave this place now
Hey! Escort him to his car
I'll tell you something
The chap who killed your wife
was that scumbag Velu!
Try to find him and
finish him off
Otherwise let me know
I'll slice him to pieces
He took away my drug supply
You know how much cash
he stole from me?
If your wife had survived
he would've sold her for a good rate!
He's very partial to women
He won't let go
of even the plain Janes
Then imagine...!
(revving up the engine)
"Fire in all its fury
Try confronting me"
"if you do
we will char you"
"To thrash and trample"
"Even in your dreams is it possible?"
"if pushed around
will you bow down?"
"To bullying will you buckle?"
"Will you heed any hurdle?"
"Dawn's new identity
Our very own Kabali"
'One of the renowned industrialists
in Malaysia Loga alias Loganathan...'
'...was killed yesterday
in a police encounter'
'This has created afuror-'
They've locked
the entire drug supply
'Can't do anything now'
Nowadays there's no business
Very bad condition
'I don't think we
can 'cook' now, Ia'
Unless we take him out
'Yes, our business
has come to a standstill'
'We got no other choice'
Yogi is the right person
No one will suspect her
She is adept at this
I'll ask her to come
Let's start with
an invocation to God
Our men are shell shocked
'Police force hasjoined Kabali
and is taking us for a ride'
Call her
(offering to Goddess Kali)
'Praise be to the one
who dwells and rules the graveyard'
Hello, Yogi
Govt has a plan
We can't do anything now
Totally unexpected move from
someone least suspicious is ideal
You are the right choice
Only you can pull it off
He will be with you
He'll get everything ready for you
My face is right here!
Consider it done
Anna, guess what?
Veerasekaran has moved his pawn
with offerings to Kali yesterday
'If your wife had survived
he would've sold her for a good rate!'
Something has been nagging me
In case Kumudha...
...is alive
...where will she be?
How will she be?
In my head in circles
random thoughts run
I must meet Velu
'Got this photo
from police records'
'Watch out!'
In Batu caves...
...there's a Tamil restaurant
Called Mama Meru
If you go there
you can catch him
"This world is like a river flowing"
"Time is like the boat floating"
"Once colorful memories
now cherished souvenirs"
(recollections overlapping)
"When I am caressed by the wind
wonder what hue is painted in my mind"
- Where is Velu?
- He's inside
- Velum?
- What can I do for you'?
He isn't the one
we are looking for
Let's go
Are you brainless or what?
They both had too many problems
He asked for a share
Veerasekaran tried to kill him
He kidnaps women
And uploads
their videos online
And forces them
to become hookers
If Velu catches you, that's it
"My heartbeafs melody"
"She was my harmony"
"My beautiful Mrs"
"Wonder now where she is"
Tiger, 9
speak UP
I don't know where he is
'But the chap in Ampang will know'
'He is the watchman there'
'He would know Velu's whereabouts'
'Come...park here'
Kabali anna
Please forgive me
I've reformed
Turned over a new leaf
Please let go of me
Don't hurt me
Please don't kill me
Where is Velu?
I really have no clue
I came here long ago
They said your wife was dead
'And took her to the mortuary'
'The worker over there rushed out'
'And shouted saying she was still alive'
'Velu and Logawent in'
'Don't know what happened after that'
Amir, stop the car
"In each and every direction"
"I saw your reflection"
"In dreams and memories of mine"
"She floats; in my heart and mind"
"Won't she now appear
for real here?"
'Sit down'
'Don't you know where I am?'
'How long should I wait?'
'You are really troubling
a pregnant woman way too much'
'Why is your collar so dirty?'
'What will people think if they see it?'
Nab him, don't let him go
Stan the car
Let's not do anything now
Hey! Let go
Who the hell are you?
Take it off
What is this?
He is Tamilmaran's son
Why did you do this?
Can't you hear me?
Didn't you kill my father?
My family was ruined
because of you
- Hey Kumara
- I'll kill you for sure
Is he Tamilmaran's son?
Actually...he wanted a job
If you got to know-
You might feel bad
if I told you
He's a good fellow
but why-
Sorry, anna
But I wasn't aware
he would want to kill you
(skeptical chuckle)
Tamilmaran's son has
really grown up
He wanted to kill me
Right before my eyes-
I wonder what else is in store
to wrench my heart?
Whatever problems we dream about
we come out of it in a second
If my life had been the same
how good it would have been!
'Jeeva has gone to fetch him'
Hey Amir
Are you ready?
Shall we go?
Graduation function
One batch is completing
the course today
They are leaving
They want to talk to you
before they leave
How will I be of any help?
Come and ask them yourself
Please come, pa
Let's g0, Pa
Sit over here
Free Life salute
Greetings to everyone here
Mr Kabali will be sharing
his life's experience with us
First generation graduate
How did he become like this?
What lessons did life teach him?
And what did he lose?
He will share a slice of his life
You can ask him
any question you want
Is that okay, Pa?
But before that...er...uh-
An alumnus of our school
Sivanesan anna who is working now
- ...will share his experience
- Go and talk
He graduated last year
Hello, anna
A warm hello to all of you
I am Sivanesan
I am also like you
A school dropout
I handled drugs and guns
even as a teenager
My life changed after I came here
Fathima akka, Amir anna
Kumaran sir took good care of me
I work in a pet shop
I am very happy
You study well too
And be happy like me
Thank you for everything
See you
Anyone can ask
any question to dad
Go ahead
Why are you wearing coolers
and a coat all the time?
It's summer now, sir
(amused laughter)
What kind of question
is this, sit down!
Sir, which gang
do you belong to?
You were a big wig it seems
Hey! Is this very important now?
Let them ask whatever they want
I have no problem at all
Are you handy with a gun?
Sir, he has handled a gun
Yes, it was really cool
A chap in gang 0 gave me
Like a hero I went bang bang bang
It was simply smashing, sir
You're just a kiddo
And you fired a gun
Sir, which part of India are you from?
We are originally
from Dindivanam
We worked for many years
as slaves to landlords here
After that...
...after my father's time, I studied and
worked in estates owned by the British
Started slaving for this countr-
(self conscious laughter)
So well educated
Why did you become a gangster?
Hit him
Don't spare him
Do you think you are equal
to them, the Chinese, Kabali?
Of course
We are not equal
to the Chinese
Because my forefathers fell prey to
snake bites, wild beasts, land slides
...this land is fertile
We aren't inferior to the Chinese
We work 10 times harder
We are not demanding
more wages than them
All we want is equal wages
Even if you pay us 1 ringgit less
not one of us will step into your land
We are not slaves
We are employees
You are an employer!
You should treat everybody equally
That is your duty
Try to understand it
Otherwise you will face
the consequences
I am not threatening you
I am warning you!
If you think I'm threatening
I will...yes!
(loud cheering)
'That was when Mr Tamilnesan
heard about it and sent for me'
'Amir and I went to meet him'
'As soon as he saw me,
he shook hands and hugged me'
'He praised me sky high
to his friends'
You must come, Kabali
You should come
You too
Everyone should support each other
Was he so fearless, sir?
Tamilnesan sir used to say
My beloved people!
What is Dharma?
Describe justice to me
What we need is Dharma
That is justice
We have to ask
what is rightfully ours
It is our duty
Our birthright
As soon as palm oil proved
more profitable than rubber...
...in 1 second
A single second
people's hard work was squeezed,
their blood, sweat and tears extracted
They have been trashed
on the streets as waste
What are we asking for our people
who are helpless and homeless?
Supposing someone slaps you real hard
You feel like asking why
Then why bottle it?
Cry, lament aloud, scream
in the middle of the road
Let the neighbors hear
But he will pretend he didn't
Shout till your throat is hoarse
Or die if need be
At one point he has to hear
and react to our cries
This protest is not for one man
Not for 1 family
It is a voice of dissent for people
belonging to an entire race
Kabali, you achieved the impossible
singlehanded in that small estate?
Does your world stop with that?
Come with me
to Kuala Lumpur town
There are 10,000 heart broken people
Support the oppressed
Lend a hand, revolt
I want Kabali
(thrilled laughter)
Aiyo! Baby
Guess what? I met my leader
Tamilnesan sir today
'I was talking to my wife
the whole night about my idol'
Are you very fond of your wife?
This much!
Love, huh?
You'll be on dot
about all this!
(bashful chuckle)
Let me tell you
Can I, anna?
Love marriage
Not the ordinary love
you and I go through
Soooooper love!
(sheepish laughter)
Made for each other
Her family did not agree
Indians wherever they go,
whatever they take or not...
...they will latch on to
caste, religion, status!
That's the problem
But our sister-in-law dumped everything
and came with full faith in anna
Then what?
I got them married
(appreciative laughter)
Yes, only this VIP
presided over our wedding
She left all her belongings
and bond behind
How does she look?
Is she beautiful?
What is her name?
Her name is Kumudhavalli
Isn't it a beautiful name?
Just like her name
she is really beautiful
'When she laughs,
her whole face lights up'
Poetry, bro
He has also written
a beautiful poem, bro
- Poetry?
- About laughter
Get up and recite
'I drown in your laughter'
'When I gasp for breath
I will ask for more'
'Save some for me for an encore'
This applies to Kumudhavalli also
That's it, I fell for
that tinkle of laughter
So beautiful, huh?
Then how did she fall for you?
Mocking me, huh?
Power of my dark complexion
She fell for me at once
She fell for you!
You expect us to believe this?
This is what everyone asked
I asked her too
'This was what she said'
I looked into your eyes
for just 2 minutes
I fell for you, head to toe
I want to be floating
in that spell bound feeling
Even after I breathe my last
I want your dark skin tone
smeared all over my body
I love you that much!
(relishing laughter)
Today, if I realize my worth
so powerfully...
...she is the reason
She will be forever
motivating me
Even in the smallest issue
He hit you, right?
You should retaliate
Don't get confused
Don't think or plan
when you are angry
Even those who are up to no good
are so goddamn gutsy
You are doing a good deed
Go for it bravely
'She is my spine'
I was so depressed
after Mr Tamilnesan was killed
She revived me
'What do you mean, sir?'
'Who killed such a big shot?'
Only a Tamilian
Who else?!
Do you know
this story of the crab?
It is a fable
all of us know in Malaysia
If you stuff crabs into a pot...
...they will try to come out
The crab at the back
struggling to come out...
...will pull down
the crab in front
It will send that crab
back into the pot
Taking turns pulling and pushing...
...no crab will come out it seems
Same story applies to our people
Dog in the manger
Won't let us progress
The crab in this fable
is Veerasekaran
'Sir was very strict'
'Foremost condition in the gang is
not to indulge in flesh trade'
'No drugs or alcohol at all'
'That was when drugs entered the nation'
'The Chinese wanted to
get rich in this way'
'Tamilnesan sir opposed it strongly'
Even if we lose everything we have...
...we shouldn't let drugs
gain afoothold into our gang
Gawd! Come here
'Some wretched fellow
has killed him'
What the-l
The Chinese killed him using the Tamilian
whose cause he was fighting!
For mere money!
I decided only then
After Tamilnesan
Now Veerawill take over
- They are demolishing our temple
- Be calm
- We're going to demolish this temple
- You have permission?
You don't create
any problem here
Get lost!
To demolish that temple
you have to finish me off first
Tamilnesan sir
is alive in you!
Don't put me on a pedestal
I'll handle it
You leave now
"Herald of the braves
Savior of the slaves"
"Bravest of the braves
Shielder of the slaves"
"This new-age Warrior's power
The world is clueless altogether"
Some stranger from nowhere
They hail him as the next Tamilnesan
It should be either you or me
"When the good hearted wept
When slaves claimed respect"
"You elevated them from neglect"
You visit places
You meet people
Your dress speaks for you
(carefree laughter)
Who decides a style?
They should be the only ones
to wear a suit
We will change it
"Kabali coming"
"Can you feel the ground shake
Like an earthquake"
"Nowhere to run"
"It's too late
Real gangstaz"
"From the city to the estate
Real gangstaz"
"Separate good from the great"
"Keeping it straight 0G"
"Since the 80's untouchable"
"A.K.A Kabali".
"Fighting for what's right
Standing up for the weak"
"Looking fly kicking ass
In a suit and hockey stick"
"Dum dum dum...enmity explosion"
"Lion in the arena, den is forsaken"
"Guardian angel with you
Walking all the way through"
"From pain flutters duly
Liberty's flag carefree"
"Your force makes foes flee"
"Land may alter
V\fill your words ever falter?"
"Can mountain peaks tall
tower over you at all?"
"Our leader defender
V\fill justice sleep hereafter?"
"Galahad, the gallant knight
Our ruler with wisdom and might"
"Lend me your ears
I'll slice 'em all off"
"With the same pair of scissors
My mama uses to cut cloth"
"Every man gotta right
to decide his destiny"
"I'd rather die standing up
than living life on my knees"
"Beat the war drums hard
Don't let the music stop!"
"Magizhchi muthalvaz
Coz this jam rocks!"
"Beat the war drums hard
Don't let the music stop!"
"Magizhchi muthalvaz
Coz this jam rocks!"
"Lute of rights he played
He honed his sword-"
You substituted oil palm for rubber
for your gain, satisfaction and power
"His true self to the world he displayed"
"0' valiant one
Our hearts he won"
We will revolt
What's wrong?
"Breaking barriers aside
Holding heads high in pride"
"The rearguard as warlord qualified"
"Courageous warrior
Our eternal ruler"
Now you know why
This dressing style
Otherwise in this heat
why would I be dressed like this?
This is just cloth, I agree
For being dressed like this
For people hailing me
as the next Tamilnesan
For Tony Lee and Veerasekaran
using my friend Tamilmaran...
...to destroy my family and me-
' Aug Lee'
'Most respected don'
'A very good man
amongst the Chinese'
'He hosted a dinner
for all the gangs'
'We attended the feast too'
'Tony Lee and his gang were also present'
I am so happy
All of you gathered here tonight
This meeting is purely to
strengthen our friendship
Let us forget all the problems
and stay connected always
We should be proud that
at this very young age...
...Kabali has been chosen
to be the people's leader
He will fulfill Tamilnesan's place
in everybody's heart
Kabalimbottoms up!
In all fairness...
...you should have got
the laurels he is receiving now
You should have succeeded Tamilnesan
Isn't that usual gang culture?
You'll get angry if I say this
Tony Lee is taking over
from Ang Lee
Even I wanted to
take Tamilnesan's place
Did they let me?
You are a good man
You give up everything
Hello, partner
Excuse me
You spend all your money
on your clothes, huh?
Of course, Mara
If we don't dress well, who will?
You don't listen to me
when I tell you to
This is also a symbol of protest
If Gandhi went shirtless
and Ambedkar wore a coat...
...they had their own agenda
I'll tell you later
Go slow on your drinks
Control yourself
Amir, come
But you really look super smart!
Hello, gentlemen
Escort him
Come inside
We can drink there
Our bro is here
Bro, we want to meet Kabali anna
We can tell only him
First tell me
Only then you can meet him
We are coming from Penang estate
We can tell only him
about our problem
Kabali anna is here
Let's meet him
Add some ice cubes
Do it
Hey! Tamilmaran
Ice cube, huh?
I am Tamilnesan's son
Listen to me
You're picking a bottle
Are you planning to kill him?
Please disperse
Will everyone ask
only for you, huh'?
Don't forget your humble beginnings
You shouldn't have been
allowed into my house
Tamilnesan is my father
I should take his place
How dare you usurp it?
Listen! Hereafter
what I say goes
You must address
your problems to me
You humiliated me
in front of everyone
- Nothing...nothing
- I am disassociating myself from you
Tamilmaran anna
Listen to me, wait
- Listen to me, wait
- Move aside
Look who is here
Hey! What a surprise
Come, my friend
I was thinking about you
Sorry, anna
He drank too much
and spoke out of turn
Don't hold it against him
He didn't sleep last night
I thought he may feel better
if he meets you
Good thinking
Sit down
'Eat, bro'
Be on your guard, friend
Enemies have increased
Eat...please eat
All said and done, I shouldn't
have behaved like that
In front of so many people...
...I fought, brought the roof down
I was so upset
Stop obsessing about it
I'm not being myself at all
That's why-
If I visit Maduraiveeran temple
things will get ironed out it seems
Plan to go with my family
You come along
I'll join you
You come too, dear
'Prime he m Goddess Shawn?
"Bravest warrior
on earth you are"
"You're a sparkling ruby
of Madurai city"
"Kohinoor, jewel in the crown
Aiyanar who guards the town"
"You bless us
with your grace"
Stop the music
Hold the sword
Hold it
You will rule this country, okay?
You'll govern this nation
Till your wife is with you...
...no one can harm you in anyway
You don't need
companions or friends
You will lead a good life
Oh my dear!
Watch out!
Hey Kumara!
Come away from here
Hey! Kabali...!
Drop the knife
Bloody tramp of a mongrel!
Look at your dress?
You won't take off your coat
even in a temple festival?
Were you born with that coat?
Take off your damn coat
You and your damn coolers!
- Remove his coat
- Don't let them
Don't let them take it off
My dearest"!
I'm the next Tamilnesan!
Die now
Letjis go
You too?
Police arrested our anna
They claimed he had influenced
the Tamils against the state
Because he questioned the demolition
of the temple and demanded land
Assembled the Tamilians and revolted
Their anger mounted
due to all these reasons
They ensured he would
be put away forever
They framed a case
and sentenced him
- Where are you going?
- I'll wait outside
He is well educated
To serve the people
he joined the gang
...his situation today
Instead of studying at this age...
...resorting to guns and drugs
At least when you graduate
take the right decision
Each bird...
...carries a seed
In every seed there is aforest
We believe that quality
is embedded in you too
You share the same belief please
All the best!
Sir, I'll come with you
Let us shoot them all down
Accept me in your gang
I'll do it for you, sir
No one should be spared
Wear your coat even when you sleep!
I'll handle them, huh?
How are you?
- Fine?
- I'm okay
I never even dreamt
he would think this way
- Please forgive him
- It's okay
Of course he's bound to be angry
Even if he was in the wrong,
he was your friend
How the hell could you-
How could you kill him?
Even my mother defends you
But how can I-
'NM you keep gum';?
Right before my eyes...
...you killed my father!
I saw him
Collapsing to the ground
Son, I'm sorry
I'll assume this to be
an apology to your father
'Why did you behave like this?'
Why did you let go
of your Kumudha?
What's wrong with you?
- Amir!
- Let go of me
- Get lost!
- Hey Jeeva
You call yourself a rowdy
But you let a pregnant woman die
Poor woman!
She was pregnant
Why didn't you save her?
Get lost...lunatic!
Let go of me
'But you let a pregnant woman die'
'Poor woman!
She was pregnant'
I know where Velu is
In Thailand
I'll show you
'Velu brainwashed my father'
'He instigated my father
to shoot you'
'He is the cause of all problems'
'We shouldn't spare him'
Tell me, anna
I want to adopt Meena
Amazing, anna
We will do it
in a grand way
That girl is also an orphan
It will be good for both of you
When I see that girl, I have some
kind of unexplained affinity
...that girl was my-
(embarrassed chuckle)
I have weird thoughts
swirling in my head!
Amir'na, go past that store
That way
Hi handsome
He'll be up there
Hey! Where are you going?
He is here
You are the reason
for my father's death
'I will kill you'
It wasn't my fault
I am now-
I am now reaping
for my sins, Kabali
What did you do
to my Kumudha?
I didn't...l didn't do anything
I swear I don't know
what happened to your wife
Your daughter is alive
What did you say?
Hey Velu...hey...!
Look at that!
Hey Chem
This isn't good for you
Hey! Just shut up!
VWII you die now?
Dad...watch out
Let's get out of here, pa
Dad, come with me
- Let's go
- Jeeva, take care
Come inside
Stan the car
Please call me again
(contented laughter)
Only now...
...I know why I am alive
Stop the car
Why, pa?
Why is Meena standing here?
- Who is that girl?
- She is from Free Life
- Why are you here?
- Don't come, pa
- Go away
- Why are you crying?
Don't let them go scot free
Come fast
Welcome Tony, welcome
Good to see you!
'Kabali who was released after 25 years
from Malacca prison last month...'
- '...was shot by unknown assassins'
- Is he back? Really?
'Popular with both Malaysian and Tamils
Kabali, the leader of 00 gang...'
'...when he was returning from Thailand,
was shot on Persiaran KLCC road'
Marthandam told me to do this
Otherwise he threatened
to kill my child
He made me wait enroute
when Kabali'pawas going home
- And shot him
- Stop crying
Bro, look at him
His parents and sister
I can't...bear it
Bro, somehow
take revenge
Only I could do it
5 bullets pierced him
He didn't die that easily
He is certainly the God of death!
I already asked the police
They confirm that he's dead
No body found!
Corpse not found
Even after so many days,
no news in the papers
I am really bugged
Only after I cremate his body
I will rest in peace!
This reporter has
to be killed
'You know how media is!'
Calm down
Calm down
It is us now
We run this
Nobody can f with us!
(phone ringing)
Why is Yogi calling now?
'Welcome back Mr Tony Lee'
(renewed laughter)
I'm really happy
Kabali won't die that easily!
(sarcastic laughter)
Horrrrible fellow, this Kabali!
My daughter is with me today
We will meet soon
"Like fire blazing fiercely"
Qw was-mg M.
"Think it is so easy?"
'I am sure Meena would have
pointed fingers at me'
'If he returns, I am as good as dead'
'Please, I came trusting you'
Do something to save me
Tell me he's dead
That's enough
Finish him off
when he's still hiding
Don't know what I'll do
They won't spare me
I'm done for
I'm done-
I'll kill him
Pa, why are you looking
at me in dazed wonder?
Pa, please tell me
Weren't you aware
of all this earlier?
Yes, pa
Not too long ago
Only recently
When I was assigned
the contract to k-kill you...
'...that's when Velu'pa told me'
'You are my biological father'
They assigned me
to kill my own dad!
I also took the gun
And stalked you
Just to protect you!
'I desperately
tried to talk to you'
Yogi has admitted Velu
in this hospital
Why did you do this?
In the police van dead bodies
were brought to the hospital
'We had gone thereto claim
our gangster Murugan's body'
'At that time I saw
Kabali's wife's lifeless body'
'Few minutes after she was taken to
the mortuary, aworker yelled out'
Bro, that girl is alive
Let's go check...quick
Take a look
'Kabali's wife was fighting for her life'
Hey! Come...come
'I went and brought
a Malay midwife'
'She delivered her baby'
'A beautiful girl baby was born'
'I didn't have anyone in my life'
'Thinking I could adopt her as my own'
'I brought up Kabali's daughter as my own'
'Because of the problems
I had with Loga...'
'...I came and settled in Thailand'
'Only after she arrived...'
'...my life changed for the better'
'But that happiness
was short lived too'
'Some drug pusher stabbed me'
'From then on my whole world
revolved around my daughter'
'She hunted down people
responsible for my plight'
'And shot them all dead'
'And then she became a mercenary
to keep the money flowing in'
'Until today...'
'...my daughter Yogi even after
reuniting with Kabali'
'...takes care of me
like her own father'
Where is Kabali's wife?
Right there...
...she passed away
She died
My mother isn't dead, pa
She is alive
Velu'pa told me about Hassima grandma
who took care of her delivery
'When I was following you...'
'...I was also looking for
Hassima grandma who knew my mother'
'I spoke to the hospital staff
who took care of her'
'And finally traced Hassima grandma'
'She told me about the doctor
who treated mother'
Then admitted her for a few months
in a mental health institution
Valli...we knew nothing about her
Who, what or why?
'She got her memory back gradually
due to her head injury'
'All of a sudden, she'll start crying
thinking of her husband and child'
'I want to see my baby'
'After she got a little better...'
'...I took her to my house'
'She'll keep working'
'And suddenly freeze'
'Tears will well up
and she will cry'
'Hoping her husband will come for her'
'She will wait at the porch'
'Knowing she is expecting
the impossible...'
'...I would feel very sorry for her'
Then my cousin was also expecting a baby
She needed a companion
In Chennai
I sent her to Tamil Nadu
At least a change of place...
...would make her feel better
Are you okay?
Why are you crying, Pa?
Get ready, dear
Right now
Let's fetch your mother right away
Amir, did you hear that?
My Kumudha is still waiting for me
But I thought she was dead
God has willed it so
- Hey Jeeva
- Anna?
- I'll bring back my wife
- Okay, anna
Bring her right now
Tell Tony Lee and Veerasekaran
in the loudest voice possible
'You can't do anything to us'
Mallika, time has come
for our pain to be relieved
Fortune favors us now
Get ready now
Why are you dillydallying?
How will we go now?
By flight of course
- Don't you know to fly?
- No, I don't
(playful laughter)
What is this, dear?
Kabali's daughter
doesn't know to fly!
Hey! Get ready
My daughter and I are leaving
for Tamil Nadu to see my wife
Get the passport
and tickets ready
Come on
Have a safe journey
Love, huh?
Take care
Have a safe flight
My grandfather left India long ago
In that lineage,
I am the only one returning
Just me
Things are going as per plan
Shouldn't miss
We'll get them, okay?
- Bro...?
- Is this you?
- Yogi
- I'll talk to you later
Did Amir send you?
That's why I'm holding this
So...are you yogi?
Come here
My name is Jai
You know Amir, right?
He spoke to my boss
and sent us here
My boss is Anbu'na
He had some work
So he couldn't come
Don't worry
I'll take care of you
Won't let down surely
those who trust in me!
I am a Madrasi, sir
Follow me
Hold it
Hey! Get the vehicle
Come fast
Come, sir
Sir, you must be hungry
- Shall we stop to eat?
- No need
Go straight to the hotel
You heard her
Drive straight to the hotel
Daya, call the manager
Hurry LIP
Please come, sir
- Welcome to Chennai
- Thank you
It's a pleasure to have you here, sir
- Please this way, sir
- Give it to me, sir
Do you need anything else?
- What happened, dear?
- No worries, pa
Just like that
Dad, I'll get it
(doorbell rings)
This is my brother's card
My number is at the back
If you need any help,
call me any time
If someone knocks on the door,
check before you open
Our men are here
Don't be scared
100% safe
Adjacent room is ours
Shall I take leave?
'Tell me, bro'
'Room 806'
'Father and daughter
just the 2 of them'
'Consider it done'
'Okay, bro'
Can a single man...
...eliminate the whole empire?
Because I'm fming here
We will take control of everything
Anyone who disagrees...?
Well, they will disappear
And we will march ahead!
Enjoy your soup
Taste our delicious soup
Kabali is around
Is it possible?
He can't even sneak in
You guys must do that first
Then we can talk about
doing business in peace
Sorry, Tony
I need to go
Let us leave
He seems a good chap to me
My jump to conclusions
looking at his face?
But why are you so jumpy?
Very unusual of you
First don't show them
you are scared
We will be easy prey
if they know about our fear
What, dad?
How could you think
I'll be scared?
Me, Yogi...scared?
Selling salt to the sea, huh?
(scornful laughter)
(doorbell ringing)
(door bell, continues to ring)
Wait, dear
I'll come
Pa, don't know who it is
- There are 4 men
- Wait...wait
Hello, sir
I'm Anbu
- Amir sent me
- Anbu, come on in
Amir has briefed me
No problem at all
We can take care
- Please sit
- Thank you
Is everything okay?
Everything is fine, thank you
Only thing is, your hand
got stuck on the bell
- Turned out to be a joke
- Sorry, sir
Only because you didn't open
Let's check that address, sir
I listened to your story
If I was piss drunk
I would have certainly cried
Shall we have a drink, sir?
It can be served downstairs
- All under our control
- I don't drink
Such a big shot
and you don't drink?
You are pulling afast one, sir
In Malaysia 'sarakku' means hooker!
It means alcohol here, my dear
Sir, this is the address
Check this address
Chettiar bungalow, MRC Nagar
Ambedkar memorial
Chettiar bungalow?
We'll take care of it
Get that gun
Keep this with you
Not a problem
I'm leaving 2 of my men here
They'll take care
Sir, your 'magizchi'
sounds so cool
(gleeful laughter)
'Whoever opposes 43...'
'...death is a foregone conclusion'
'Stan your work'
Nayim, you must take care
Hereafter it is only 43
Let's go
Sir, I have fixed everything
No problem whatsoever
In search of Kumudha?
That lunatic wandering here
Valli, such a smart cookie
My daughter sent her somewhere
She doesn't live here now
Her husband and newborn baby
were killed in front of her eyes it seems
It affected her mentally
Who are you?
I am her husband
This is my daughter
So you are not dead, huh?
Oh! I see
Hey! Give me the phone
It will be night in USA now
Let me try my luck
My daughter isn't picking the call
I'll let you know
after I speak to her
You come back
the same time tomorrow
She's on the line
Talk to her
How are you, dear?
Children are fine?
'Yes, pa'
Someone is here
in search of Valli
'The lady from Malaysia'
Yes, that lady
'She is at Penelope's, pa'
At Penelope's house?
In France?
Oho! Okay
Her husband in a coat and suit
Looks like superstar!
His daughter is also here
They look awesome
Okay, will do
Very good
My daughter's friend
Penelope, she's French
She has taken Valli
She's from France
But settled in Pondicherry
Might have gone to
France too, can't be sure
I'll give you
all the contact details
Thank you very much
I believe your wife
used to keep saying
'My husband will come for me'
She has been waiting for you
Hurry up
Go, find her
You wait here
Come with me, sir
Sir, that house over there
Let's go inside and ask
Aren't you Penelope?
Who is he?
What does he want?
Isn't this Penelope's house?
'Isn't Kumudhavalli here?'
Get out
'Where is Penelope?'
Get out
Shut up!
Don't act smart
- Wretched female!
- Do you know him?
'Your wife isn't here
She doesn't know either'
'Let us enquire
in the neighborhood'
'She must be here'
Sir, I mean you
Wait, sir
Did you come looking for Valli?
She was staying here
Penelope akka took her to
French colony in Auroville
You can find her there
- Who is it?
- Open the door, bro
- Can't open now
- Your madam called us
- Can't see her now
- Visitors from Malaysia
Call and let your owner know
- Open the gate
- I don't let anyone in after 6'0 clock
I'm telling you they are VIPs
- I can't let them in
- Tell them, boss
'I can't call her now
Come back tomorrow'
Private property, sir
Only foreigners stay here
That's why they won't let us in
Don't take it to heart, sir
We will somehow find
your wife tomorrow, okay, sir?
You go up
You wait at the rear
Be alert, everyone
Ruben, be near the pool
Sanjay, start the car
Be on guard
You come with me
Call if there's any emergency
Dad, I'll get it
He has come back again
What does he think of himself?
- What?
- Where is sir?
- Whatever it is, tell me
- I want to meet sir
I found your Kumudhavalli
I saw her
'They didn't let us in, right?
I jumped over the wall'
Be ready tomorrow
We'll all go together, okay?
'I spoke to Penelope
She's very happy'
We are going tomorrow
See you
Appa, it's 4'0 clock
and you are still awake?
What is it, pa?
Go to bed please
All these years she was
somewhere far away
She is here close by
What will she be thinking
while asleep?
How will she react seeing me?
What will she think?
Thinking of all this
my heart is beating fast, dear
I feel kind of weird
I can hear my own heartbeat
You go to bed
Don't stay awake
Sooooper, sir
- You look totally different, pa
- I'll be seeing my Kumudhavalli
(joyful laughter)
- Shall we?
- Yes, sir
She is in that house, sir
Come, sir
- Hello, madam
- Oh! Hi
I was waiting for you
This is Kumudhavalli's husband
- I'm happy to meet you
- Her daughter
Come, follow me
We can go in, sir
Follow me
Don't hesitate
Valli's husband is here
I'm going to make you wait here
I'm going to fetch her
She doesn't know
you are coming
'Tell me who the visitor is'
'Come, it's a surprise'
'Just tell me'
Go now
Our daughter
"My heart's chambers
Kaleidoscope of colors"
"Eyes well up with tears
Rivulets of happiness"
"Till I set eyes on you again
I was in a state forlorn"
"I staggered across nations"
"Alone, all alone in vain"
"Million times, everyday
at death's door I stood"
"Lonely, lost in dismay
In hope I resurrected"
Everyone told me you were dea-
True, I was dead
Until you came and saw me
"The river of illusion blessed
meanders down my chest"
"Though ageing gracefully
love still blooms graciously"
"The magical river at my behest
weaves down my chest"
"Though ageing years grey
love blossoms as a bouquet"
Let's celebrate them
'Would we have lived in
a house like this for 2 years?'
2 years
2 months and 18 days
All these 25 years...
...I survived thinking
only of our time together
"Adrift in the sea like a fish
I lost the love I cherished"
"Though you are right here
I chose solitude, my dear"
Why do you raise your tone?
Speak calmly
"My dear night that delivers dawn!
My life only you can adorn"
"Your pain can I share
with my tender loving care?"
"The river of illusion blessed
meanders down my chest"
"Though ageing grey
love blooms as a bouquet"
"You and I are now a strong 'we'
Equal to an elephantry"
"Life has come afull circle
VWth its magic and miracle"
Kill Kabali and his family
- Shall we go?
- Yes, okay
Leave the room
Go out and wait
(doting laughter)
Hey! Athiya
- Dad
- Yogi?
Let's go
Get the luggage
Hurry up
and start the car
Let's go, sir
Come soon
Watch your step
Get in, quick
Stan the car
Godspeed, sir
Hurry LIP
- Hello, sir
- Hi Durai
Meet my wife
We'll go through
the waiting lounge, sir
What is happening here?
Where is Amir?
Where is Jeeva?
- Why were their phones unreachable?
- Don't get tense
It's a different situation now
Let's not react in haste
What has happened?
Tell me for heaven's sake
Kabali sir, they have
attacked our school
Amir anna has been
hospitalized, sir
We shouldn't spare them
'Don't act in haste now, sir
Listen to m-'
Do your work
- Tell me, Kumaran
- Amir'na, where are you?
'At the bakery'
Tony's men are planning
to demolish our school
- Whaaaat?
- Come here immediately
- Keep an eye here
- What happened...hey?
Hey Jeeva
'I am trapped by Tony's men'
What are you saying?
'I've escaped, I'll call you'
I'm okay
You'll be fine
Everything will be fine
- Kumudha
- Sister-in-law'?
You'll be fine
Don't worry
Jeeva was-
Jeeva, pa
...come over to my side
All you got to do
is fix the place
If you do this...
...whatever you want
Cheeni isn't here either
You take full control of KL
Entire Kuala Lumpur?
Sounds awesome
just hearing you say so
We can do it
You're super, Jeeva
Simply super!
Meet Tony, he's in the car
Tony Lee...?
- Tony Lee
- Jeeva, right?
Good to see you
Go...go...get him
- Amir anna
- Hey! Jeeva
'I am trapped by Tony's men
I've escaped, I'll call you'
I'll call you back
- Tell me, ma
- Where are you?
Did you hit me?
No, I didn't, bro
Who is it?
Tell me
'I will kill you'
'Slice you into two'
'Butcher you'
Your father should have
become a big shot you know
Even before Kabali's entry,
your father and I were thick friends
We were the right hand of
your grandfather Tamilnesan
When we assumed your father
would succeed...
...with effortless ease, Kabali pushed
your father down and usurped his place
Your father Tamilmaran has struggled
He has worked hard
When a gang leader dies,
his son is the natural heir
This is gang culture
And this is what your father asked
Why did he kill your father?
He was responsible
for his wife's death?
But Kabali's wife now-
His daughter.
But you...your father?
What is your situation?
Today you are with him
What a wonderful way
to repay your father!
It's about time
To put everything to an end
And you can make that happen
If you want to be Tamilnesan...
...do what I say
Tonight isAng Lee's 100th birthday
Everyone will assemble
You've also been invited
If we go, we can
find them under one roof
We can easily close their chapter
Can't get a chance like this later
Shut up!
His men are everywhere
Not now, postpone this
for a few days
What's wrong with you?
Jeeva, Amir anna
They won't stop
This is our only chance
If we miss this-
- Yogi...?
- Yes, pa
Ask your mother to get ready
We are attending this party
Kabali is coming tonight
Be ready
This is the right time
We have taken the decision
Everyone can leave
We are all set, come
We'll go?
- Congratulations
- Thanks
Thank you
Thank you...thank you
Thank you...thank you
Very glad
I extend a warm welcome
to this gathering
Ang Lee is a mentor
to me and my family
Today is his 100th birthday
He has led a healthy life so far
We feel proud and happy
to celebrate his 100th birthday
Let's all take our glasses
Cheers to Ang Lee's 100th birthday
Bottom's up
Lend me a hand
"Kabali coming"
"Can you feel the ground shake
Like an earthquake"
"Nowhere to run"
"It's too late
Real gangstaz"
"From the city to the estate
Real gangstaz"
"Separate good from the great"
"Keeping it straight 0G"
"Since the 80's untouchable"
"A.K.A Kabali".
"Fighting for what's right
Standing up for the weak"
"Looking fly kicking ass
In a suit and hockey stick"
Happy birthday, master
Please sit down
This is my wife
My daughter
- You're welcome
- Happy birthday!
Wow! Shou-Lao
God of longevity
Humble gift
Thank you
I will be there, thank you
Let's take a selfie
Say 'Cheese'
Tony Lee
How are you doing?
Ages since we met, huh?
(self assured laughter)
Looks like you're leading
a lavish lifestyle!
No worries
Just wanted to touch base
Kumudha, I guess
you recognize them?
How can she forget?
I will never forget
This is me
Kabali's wife
She's my daughter
Take a good look
Let's go, dear
At least, for 1 day
Spend time with your family
Without a care in the world...
...sleep peacefully
What's that?
Only tonight I will sleep peacefully
But you?
(arrogant laughter)
'Hello, Tony'
'Kabali is attacking us, Ia!'
'They barged into our factory
and everything has been ruined'
'We are finished'
Get down...get down
Drop your weapons
Get back
Check the containers
'The Police have entered
our container yard'
'They have seized all our stock'
'House is on fire'
'We don't know
what's going on'
'Shares are going down'
'I mean this is a disaster'
(screams of panic)
Stop him
Are you the ruling family?
Stop it!
Yearning to come into power?
You stop that-
Did you own 1 cent
of land in this country?
'What's happening?'
You want to rule
the whole of Malaysia?
You didn't get a morsel of rice to eat
when you came to Tamilnesan
Why didn't you just eat and leave?
If you dress like him...
...can you become Tamilnesan?
It has to be in your genes, man
Who and what you are!
I knocked off Tamilnesan
who was such a big wig
Don't be so rude
As long as I am alive
you cannot fulfill your dreams
I am not from a ruling family
But I am born to rule!
Master, are you okay?
Calm down, Tony
Tony, calm down please
I am sorry
How the hell
did he pull this, huh?
Kabali and his men
must die tonight
Only 1 man can walk out
from here breathing
This has to happen
Hey! Kabali has to die
Search for Kumaran
Kabali's daughter
In our hands now!
Come to the store
in the east wing
Let us kill Kabali
in our den
He has to answer
for my father's death
'Kabali's daughter
In our hands now!'
'Come to the store
in the east wing'
Something is wrong
Doesn't feel right
He shouldn't decide the place
Ask him to come to us
Send for him
Tony, they are here
Call her father now
He will show up
Tony Lee and Veerasekaran spoke to me
They wanted me to betray you
If I bring you to their den, they will
make me the next Tamilnesan then
They tried to provoke me
like they did to my father
Shouldn't let them win
I am Tamilnesan's grandson
I'll come forward and give up
even my life for Kabali sir
Hey Kabali!
You thought you could
get away with this
I was waiting for you
Trying to play your games with me!
You've come in
at the right moment
You bet I've come
at the right moment
I've also been waiting for
this moment for a very long time
Looking good
The suit...
...fits perfectly for you
(confident laughter)
Thank you
That is the speciality
of this material
No caste attached to it whether
a millionaire or a poor man wears it
But man's mind
I must say...bah!
If at all I have another birth...
...I must never be born a human
Yes, for sure
Men like you should not
be born as a human being again!
You are not qualified
After all...
...you are a Tamil Kling, right?
I have an idea
You should be a dog
My dog
(mimicking a dog's bark)
(brazen laughter)
Listen, man
Leaving behind our kith and kin,
our motherland and settling here...
...we made forests
into fertile fields
We are trampled by the Malaysians
You Chinese do the same
Plus the Tamilians
Should Tamilians only be slaves?
Should never progress in life?
If someone comes
to the forefront...
...into a powerful position
...dresses in a suit and
sits crosslegged before you
...you can't digest it
I agree, I am a man
of humble beginnings
I'll go back to cutting trees
and plucking fruits
I will continue slogging
I have nothing to lose
If you think I should not climb up
the ladder, I swear I will!
You bet I'll wear a coat
I'll cross my legs and sit
in style, showing attitude
If you can't handle it
then go to your grave!
"Like fire blazing fiercely"
"Fire in all its fury
Try confronting me"
"if you do
we will char you"
"To thrash and trample"
"Even in your dreams is it possible?"
"if pushed around
will you bow down?"
"To bullying will you buckle?"
"Will you heed any hurdle?"
"Dawn's new identity
Our very own Kabali"
"Defer mercy
Sever worry"
"Be patient, just a bit
Your heart can beat it"
"Everything here is magical illusion"
"Your bravery will start a revolution"
"Righteous rage all the way through"
"Just one word from you
the world will change anew"
"Kabali the revolutionary"
"Kabali the visionary"
"Kabali super-vigilante"
Forgive me
Let's start fresh
KL, Malaysia
Is all yours
I'll support Vu
Hereafter you are the king
You are the king
No, please
- Congratulations
- Thank you very much
Welcome, sir
Hello, pa
Meena, put it in a plastic bag
Meena takes care of our schoo-
She is very responsible
Does a great job
That's true, pa
I don't cry nowadays
Very good
Kumudha, hereafter
we have 1 more daughter
Meena, right?
Even I thought so
Thank you
We've just finished 12th grade
We'll get our results
after 2 months
- Then do what?
- She excels in her studies
There's no chance
in hell I will pass
But we are more or less
sailing in the same boat
You're angry we are
being misused
But however well we study
opportunities are less here for us
We will get admission for
some unheard of course
We'll end up borrowing money
to study in a private college
Why are you telling me all this?
We think only you can
solve our problems, anna
I am a rowdy
General opinion
Fine, I accept
I am a rowdy
I've studied a little bit
What do you want me to do?
Tiger, where were you all this while?
Tiger, where were you?
subtitled by rekhs
assisted by harini