Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa (1993) Movie Script

I'm coming, Anna.
Wake up.
I'm Nikki, not Anna.
Get up now.
Oh, what's the problem that
you had to wake me so early!
I'd be married if only
you had waited.
Married, did you say?
It's nothing... nothing at all.
What's the time anyway?
8 o'clock.
If I'm late today too...
...Imran'll give me hell...
And I must be at the station
by 12 as well!
My goodness!
So many pictures of Anna.
She's in English literature.
In Economics...
In Psychology too!
I've only one favorite subject...
Anna... Anna... and Anna!
She doesn't love you though.
But she likes me, doesn't she?
She'll love me too.
Exactly at five past 12!
Oh, that's why you're going
to the station! She's coming.
Yes, after a whole year!
I want that when she gets off...
it's my face that she sees first
How happy she'll be to see me!
Wear this jacket.
In this, you look very...
- Sunil, Nikki!
- Coming. Just a minute.
Here, give it to me, Mummy.
Why trouble yourself
Nikki said you had to go
to the Bank.
Have you any errands?
I'm here to run them for you
- No errands.
- Nothing?
Oh yes! You have to go to the
market then. For rations.
I don't have to go to the Bank,
or get rations or need oil!
You've got this week's pocket
money. So don't butter me up!
Call your father, Nikki.
Breakfast's getting cold
That's what I like about
Mummy... No Nonsense.
Papa, breakfast is ready.
Coming. I'll just wash my hands.
I told you once.
Not a paisa'll you get!
Mom, please. Just 30 bucks.
Ok then, make it 20.
Sunil, my beloved son,
you want money, do you?
You can ask me, your Dad,
can't you?
I'll give however much
you want, my son.
Considering you're
such a good son...
and how proud I'm of you
for failing not once or even
twice but THRICE!
In all subjects on one occasion!
How can you work in
your Dad's garage!
Won't the grease dirty your hands?
No, my son. You were born
to do such great deeds!
You're so kind as to give me
the chance to be your father.
Now you do what you want,
stay out all day and even
the night too!
Go and play in a stupid band
with your useless friends
and play this rotten stupid horn!
- It's a trumpet, not a horn.
- Whatever!
It's not a stupid band.
We play very good music.
As for your garage,
I'll never work there.
So you'll play a damn horn
all your life? How will you eat?
Let me pass and I'll find some job.
Let him pass!
Heard that, Prabha? As if we
are stopping him from passing!
And if you fail?
The question doesn't arise!
It has! 3 years in a row!
But I'll pass this year.
No matter what.
If you don't, it's the
garage. Understand?
- I do.
- What did you understand?
I fail and that's the end of
music and the garage begins.
- I'm off.
- Your breakfast...
Can't you even stop to wish
me a good day properly!?
I'm in a hurry.
Hurry or not, you surely mustn't
forget your manners.
- Well, drop me off at the church.
- But it's the other way!
Whether you go one way
or the other...
...all paths lead to God.
I must go for the rehearsal,
Slow... slow down, my son
I do know heaven is
but I'm in no hurry to go
Easy now. Why do you go
so fast?
I've been late 3 days running
and Imran will eat me alive!
What's the excuse today?
Believe me, it's no excuse.
I ran into Father Braganza
He asked me drop him to
the Church. What could I do?
- The same excuse as yesterday.
- But I lied yesterday!
Believe me, I really met him!
How can I? You've to go to
the bank or get rations
And even queue up for oil!
If nothing else, it's
Father Braganza!
Let it be, Imran. At least
he has a new excuse every day
Shut up, yezdi!
My brother spoke to Patel
and he has agreed
Forgive me, Imran. Forgive
me, yaar
Hey Imran, who's this Patel?
Manager of Chinatown. Wants
a good band for the club
It's our first chance to turn
professional. Mustn't blow it.
Smita's getting married.
Who'll sing in her place?
That can wait, yezdi... well,
what are our chances, Tony?
It's done. Patel is a good
pal of my brother Richie
He'll take us to Chinatown
this evening to meet Patel
- An audition and it's ours!
A terrific new song
to make Patel happy!
Don't you worry, yaar
ok, Sunil. Get started.
Tony, your guitar...
Think of the lyrics, the tune
Make it quick, tho'.
I must go
Go where?
Anna is coming today.
- Anna?
Quiet, yaar. No body must
know this
you said you'd go to
the interview with me
Damn your interview! You'll
never get a job, so why go!
What to do! My Dad almost
canes me into going!
Sunil, stop yakking and get
to work. Be serious, yaar
yes, Imran. I was thinking...
the tune must be romantic...
And emphasize the melody...
Isn't that so
Correct! Melody means
...which'll enter the heart
thro' the ears...
Think of the words for
a romantic tune
what'll be the tune...
And what'll be its theme?
I got it! I got the theme
for the song!
The theme is... A lover
is waiting impatiently...
...for his beloved to return...
on a railway platform!
And I know who the girl is...
Super! Sunil, go on.
Tell us, yaar
The lover is young and
very handsome
The train goes thro' the
The girl's looking out
of the window
The trees rustle and sway
There's a monkey on a tree...
Quiet, you monkey!
Birds flying in the sky...
yes. I can see them too!
A tunnel thro' the mountains
And an engine hooting
again and again...
This heart is crazy"
"This heart's crazy for you"
"How long have I waited
for you"
"when will you come,
o love of my life"
"How long have I waited
for you"
"when will you come,
o love of my life"
"The more I try
and quieten..."
"...the more excited
is this my heart"
This heart is crazy"
"This heart's crazy for you"
The train's got stuck.
How I wish Chris was here!
But he's in Bangalore
Good you're back
know why we're writing it?
- Why?
For Patel.
- Oh, Chinatown!
The song's stuck now.
- Why?
Help us with the song.
Let's start again
Be quick, ok? I must go.
- Why?
Because Anna's coming.
- Anna? That's great, yaar!
That's why I got back quickly
from Bangalore
She'll be back in the band.
- This is really good
Damn! He is going too!
I thought I'd be going alone
to receive Anna
Chris, tell Anna we'll meet
her at the bakery today
Let's start
you look very happy, yaar.
- Of course. Anna's coming
But you needn't receive her.
- Why?
Her brother Albert'll fetch her.
He said so
of course. But I shall go.
I've waited for this moment
you needn't check the watch.
Do trains ever come on time!
They're always late... 2 or 4
or even 6 hours late
yesterday it was 12 hours late!
12 HoURS! If it were me,
I'd never go.
But I will go...
however late it may be!
Come here, Chris
Help finish the song.
- You've to go, as it is
Imran, I too must go early.
Going to the station?
- What'll I do there!
An errand for my Dad
and you know him...
Guys, Chinatown Club this
evening. What time, Tony?
7 o' Clock
we'll start with the song
"Showing off a style
all her own"
"To dazzle us with charms
a hundred more"
"Showing off a style
all her own"
"To dazzle us with charms
a hundred more"
"She will come
bringing spring with her"
"And make the garden bloom"
"oh please come now.
My dearest love"
This heart is crazy"
"How long have I
waited for you"
"when will you come,
o love of my life"
"The more I try
and quieten..."
"...the more excited
is this my heart"
"I still treasure
in my heart..."
"...your silken scarf"
"I still treasure
in my heart..."
"...your silken scarf"
"what more can I say,
my darling"
"Come see for yourself
the state I am in"
"oh please come now,
my dearest love"
This heart is crazy"
"wishing on a falling star..."
"It was you, my darling,
that I asked of God"
"wishing on a falling star..."
"It was you, my darling,
that I asked of God"
"Should all the stars in
heaven fall"
"This is the only wish
I will pray for"
"oh please come now
my dearest love"
this heart is crazy"
"How long have I
waited for you"
"when will you come,
o love of my life"
"How long have I
waited for you"
"when will you come,
o love of my life"
"The more I try
and quieten..."
"...the more excited
is this my heart"
this heart is crazy"
I am crazy for you"
Here, take this. Oh, it's
so long since I saw you
you are more beautiful and
adorable than ever
Started off again! Flattery
is such an old habit of yours
No, it's perfectly true
you're really more beautiful
and adorable
Stop flattering me.
What else is new?
Oh, I forgot to tell you
well... what?
I am in love
who is she?
She is so beautiful
and adorable, Anna
But you said all this to me
just now!
Yes, because yoU are
the girl I love, Anna
Albert is here... Albert!
Sorry, the car stalled half-way.
Hope you had no trouble
Absolutely none.
Sunil was here
what's he doing here?
So you came to receive Anna
oh no. I came to receive
my friend
He was right here. Must've
gone home
The flowers? Where're
they from?
From there...
- From the tea shop?
Tea shops sell flowers!
Who sells tea then?
Oh, Albert! He came to meet me, ok?
Take the keys. Wait outside.
We'll bring the luggage
Hey, where're you off to?
To fetch a coolie...
Coolie... Coolie
No need. We two can manage
All this up to the car?
- No. To the house
your Papa made this cake
what a lovely cake
you've baked!
Well, stop praising me
and eat your cake
Stop staring at the cake!
Looks like you'll eat it up
with your eyes
A small piece... please!
Look at yourself first!
You've diabetes as it is
But Mary, one tiny piece!
I made this cake with such
love in my own bakery
And I can't get to eat
even a tiny piece!
What did the doctor say? No
sweets if you want to live!
It's God's punishment.
Rightly so!
What's the connection
between God and my diabetes!
Anna, my child, tell me...
how's the cake?
Anna darling, please... won't
you give me a small piece...
The piece with the cherry,
Please, Mummy isn't here
Mmm... I had soaked the
cherries in brandy
Simon! Look here!
Oh Sunil! Careful! You're
lugging so many cases!
The poor chap just wouldn't
listen when I said I'd help
Hello Sunil. Doing fine
I guess
Are your results out, Sunil?
- Not yet. Lots of time still
we all know he'll fail
Enough, Sunil.
It's been too much
you must give up this habit
of failing all the time
you ought to pay some
attention to studies, eh?
Look, why don't you take
Chris for an example?
Oh, Chris's case is
entirely different, Dad
Stood first in class and
joined his father's office
And he's good at music too!
Stop it. You're after
this poor guy!
Here, Sunil. Have some cake
and come with me
Get ready, Dad. I'll drop
you at the bakery
I must take the car to
the garage
See this tie?
It's for Albert
And for me?
How do you like these
I got them for Chris
Nice... what've you got
for me, Anna?
Couldn't get anything for
you tho' I wanted to
In fact, I saw a very nice
An ideal gift for you
But as it happened...
I ran out of money when
I bought all this stuff
oh, it doesn't matter, Anna.
After all...
It's enough you at least
thought of me
And anyway, it's feeling
that counts
Gifts don't matter much
How's it possible I wouldn't
bring anything for you?
Sunil plays the mouth organ
so well
It's nothing. Just put it
to your lips and blow!
No, Albert. It's an art
It's like... sitting by the
lake on a January afternoon...
...under a cherry tree and
eating a strawberry cake
Simon, you're forbidden
even to think of sweets!
It's really very nice
we're all coming to meet you
at the bakery this evening
Sunil! You here?
You said you had to run
an errand for your Dad
I had to but Dad sent me off
to the Station with a parcel
And luckily, I met Anna
over there, yaar
But what happened to you?
I waited 'n waited for you!
I had a flat on the way
It was tough getting a taxi
and when I reached...
It was too late, right?
I'm so sorry. Meeting at the
station is so very different
No matter. Go and meet Anna now
Listen, Sunil. How's Anna?
Yaar, did she ask anything
about me?
She asked after everybody...
Hmm, she did ask about you...
I can't remember what
you can't imagine how
excited I am
I'm feeling so strange...
oh my God! Braganza!
- Hey, Imran!
Sorry, I couldn't see you,
Drop me at vinayak's garage.
- I'm going the other way
No matter. Whether you go...
...this way or the other,
all paths lead to God
But first, I must go
to the garage
which leakage are you
talking of, Albert?
This leakage, that leakage!
The one you repaired 2 days
ago! It's leaking again
I told you to get it welded
and the engine overhauled!
But uncle...
- Must change all the parts
why don't you repair all
leakages at one go?
Why're you two fighting?
- Ask him, Father
It was repaired yesterday and
now it leaks! What am I to do
How am I to blame, Father!
It's junk. An old heap!
I told him it needs
All he gets done are
patch ups
why not sell this, put in
some money and buy a cycle?
This isn't your tempo.
It's a CAR!
Now children, no fighting
Tell me, vinayak.
What's the problem?
Ask me what problems
it HASN'T!
Well, the problem it HASN'T?
- Everything's a problem
The engine. Engine, you know?
- Yes, the engine
It must be overhauled
The entire wiring's in
a rat's belly!
Rat's belly?
- Yes, rats eat the wires
Albert, now you tell me.
What's the problem?
What can I say, Father?
I'm getting late for work
you just repair this leakage now
I'll pick it up this evening
well Father, I must go
keep your class going
Potato pohe, specially made
for you
And this sweet, for our
New year
oh, today is Gudi Padva,
your New year
How's it?
Delicious... Really very good
Sunil likes it very much too
Talk to Sunil. He doesn't
intend to pass ever, it seems!
Sunil is a very good boy.
Let him live his own way
Sunil! Look out!
What've you done!
You hit it!
Thank you, God! It's safe!
- Safe! It's fully damaged
Sunil, look out
He seems most dangerous!
- Come on, run
Run! Instead of Chinatown,
we'll end up in hospital!
Come on. Run!
- The bastards have run away
ok... we'll see later
Hurry. We must go to the docks.
The goods are landing
A band is already playing here
It's only temporary...
oh, Mr. Patel
How're you, Richie?
- Fine
I heard you're getting married
well, these are the boys
you were praising so, eh?
They're very talented, Mr. Patel
I'll introduce everybody
He's Imran, plays drums
superbly. This is Chris
what! Not a single girl
in your group!?
We do have Anna.
She sings very well
Now tell me when you can start
what! You mean we have
been employed!
Read the terms and conditions
and sign the contract now
Throw the bastards out!
Call this music!
This damn Patel! Where does
he pick such rotten bands!
Please... oh, don't throw
the glasses!
They cost 300 a dozen!
Throw this rotten band out!
Or we'll throw the glasses!
Play a fast tune
Look, Richie. The public
here is mad
A rough crowd.
Absolute hooligans
They throw glasses if they
don't like the music
As for this band...
No experience at all. What
to do! They begged, groveled
Asked me to give them
a break
And I gave them their
first chance!
Enough! No more!
I won't give anyone a first
chance in Chinatown!
Why're you silent?
Why don't you tell me?
Of course we played
we played a lot, Mr. Patel.
And this public's nothing,
Mr. Patel. NoTHING
we played to a far more
dangerous crowd
- Yes
our band was to do a show...
- what was the Club called?
Enter the Dragon Club!
The name sounds familiar
They throw only glasses here.
There they throw plates
Pick up 'n throw!
Pick up 'n throw...
Even the waiters throw plates!
- Yes
Go in, my son... Never say
such things before waiters!
What happened then?
What else, Mr. Patel!
We began to play and
there was pin-drop silence!
And the whole crowd began
to wag its tail like a cow
wagged its tail like a cow?
But cows don't wag tails!
- They don't?
They wagged tails like dogs!
- Like dogs?
You remember? How they
cheered and threw money...
Pounds, Dollars, Rials...
one guy threw gold biscuits!
- Gold biscuits?
Yes. One of them hit Imran.
See the scar. Right, Imran?
No, Sunil. Stop it now
Mr. Patel, the truth is we've
never performed in public
But believe me...
- wHAT!
Believe me. Our band is good
A 1000 times better than
what you've here
If they start throwing
plates here...
I'll have to quit TowN
and go to CHINA!
Please go...
Go, please
Don't do it, Sunil
I said stop it, yaar
why're you doing it?
Imran's getting irritated
This irritates Imran and
Imran irritates me!
Why tell Patel we had never
played in public?
Don't start that again!
- Imran is right
we needn't lie to get work
How'd a small lie harm us!
What harm!? It'd be
outright deception
Cheating? We weren't
printing counterfeit notes!
A small lie and our worked
be done. Right, Anna?
Absolutely wrong! You ought
to be ashamed of it, Sunil
Even a lie must've limits.
Enter the Dragon Club indeed!
We had such hopes this time.
Almost on the last rung...
But I don't know why these
things happen only to us
It doesn't matter, Chris.
It'll be all right
Don't feel depressed
I don't know why these
things happen only to us
I must say it was a good try
Some tall story, huh!
Waiters throwing plates...
you'll jump with joy!
Know what?
Patel's dead, right?
- No, yaar
Richie has given us a chance
to play at his wedding
But he had booked
another band
Cancelled! We'll play instead
Another thing. Patel will be
there. If he likes our music...
Chinatown is certain!
You guys are ready?
- Absolutely
Mr. Patel come.
We've written a new song
I'm so thirsty, Sunil,
- I'll get you a drink
what a nice pair Chris
and Anna make!
Oh, there come Chris' parents!
I can't understand why he's
so taken with a bakery girl
Charles... There's something
we've to talk to you
Charles, the D'Cunhas are here
Sharon... where's Sharon?
I don't see her
There she is
what's this, Sharon! You
grow prettier every day!
Perhaps it's my dress
that you complement!
Have you met Chris yet?
- No
No? I'll call him right
away. Chris!
Come here, Chris
Certainly. I'll drop by
suddenly someday! Ok?
Chris, Patel is here!
- Where?
Hey, take care!
What've you done to
yourself, Mr. Patel!?
Please don't ask me, brother!
What happened? Accident?
- No no!
Fell off a balcony?
- Oh no! What a thing to say
The balcony fell on you?
- Nonsense, man!
Then what did happen?
What else! I sacked the old
band and got a new one
Absolutely dynamic.
Absolutely experienced!
When they started playing...
you'll find some way or
the other
"why not we delight
in our love"
"why not we hold
each other in our arms"
"I found my true friend.
Yes my true friend"
"I found my love.
Yes my true love"
"Restless desires are
tranquil today"
"Becalmed today
are the love-crazed..."
"...love's passionate
"Comfort and joy have I found
in the love of my life"
"I found my true friend.
Yes my true love"
"Restless desires are
tranquil today"
"Becalmed today
are the love-crazed..."
"...love's passionate
"Comfort and joy have I found
in the love of my life"
"I found my true friend.
Yes my true love"
"See how brightly
love's name is adorned"
"My true friend shines
in this company of friends"
"See how brightly
love's name is adorned"
"My true friend shines
in this company of friends"
"Now my heart says..."
"Come and embrace,
my rosy-cheeked love"
"Restless desires
are tranquil today"
"Becalmed today
are the love-crazed..."
"...love's passionate
"Comfort and joy have I found
in the love of my life"
"I found my true friend.
Yes my true love"
oh, what lovely music
you guys make!
You are on at the Chinatown.
"Love's union
intoxicates the air"
"who wants to stay sober!"
"Love's union
intoxicates the air"
"who wants to stay sober!"
"After how long
a waiting..."
"...comes this season
of spring"
"Restless desires
are tranquil today"
"Becalmed today
are the love-crazed..."
"...love's passionate
"Comfort and joy have I found"
"I found my true friend.
Yes my true love"
Please! Softly!
You'll wake Mummy and Daddy
which fool is honking
his car now!
That's no car horn. It's
our Sunil
what! Sunil?
At this time of the night!
He's gone raving mad!
Please! Please...
you love Anna very much,
don't you?
Tell me. Don't you?
You know, Nikki... how
the two of them sang today
How they danced together...
Touched each other...
held hands...
How they looked into each
other's eyes...
How close she was to him...
As for me, she didn't even
try to understand my feelings
How shall I convince her...
Not even a thousand
Chrises together...
...can give her the love I can!
But Chris has a car,
a bungalow...
He has factories,
and money!
No! Anna isn't at all
like that
And yoU say these things?
When you love her so much!
But she must love me too!
- She will, surely she will
why won't she love you!
What do you lack, tell me?
When you go to a party or a
picnic, you bring it alive
People're happy to see you.
You cast magic over them
How long'll Anna be safe
from this magic?
And so, I tell you...
Anna'll surely love you
Really, Nikki?
- Yes, I swear. Come...
why don't you take Anna
to the Carnival Ball?
She'll be so happy
you're right. Chris has won
the first round, that's all
It's my turn tomorrow
well, Anna. I'm off
Be there exactly by six.
I'll meet you there
Not going to the office?
- I am. Good I met you
Come. I've terrific news
I can't come, yaar.
- Come on
No, I've to buy bread.
- Oh, do it later, yaar
But my bike's here.
- Pick it up later. Come on
you don't know, Sunil.
I'm the luckiest man alive
why? What happened?
My life's changed, friend.
I'm in love!
You're in love? That's
wonderful news!
Who's the lucky girl?
I told you so often
and you ask again!
You've told me?
- Yes
oh yes, I remember now!
Sharon is really lucky
oh no! It's not Sharon
Not Sharon?
- No
Tina... Lisa...
The girls you think of!
None of them
ok, yaar
you tell me. I give up
you're the limit! How many
times have I told you
The girl is Anna!
What happened!?
Nothing, yaar...
So you love Anna
out of all girls, you found
only one! That too Anna!
Why? What's wrong with Anna?
Wrong... oh, yaar, how can
I tell you
Let's just say she isn't
worthy of you
Not worthy! What do you mean?
Chris, you're so smart,
intelligent... handsome!
And Anna is so ugly to look at!
Ugly! You haven't gone mad,
have you!
Sunil, all I know is I love
her with all my heart
I want her so much!
Ok. Agreed you love her
very much... want her
But Chris... Does Anna
love you too?
Yes, she... I don't fully
know, yaar
So find out, Chris.
First find out fully
Bring two cream rolls
It's essential to find out.
Or it may be one way traffic
ok, I'll find out
Anyway, I'm meeting Anna at 6.
At the Carnival Ball
what's the matter!
Did you say you're meeting Anna?
That too at the Carnival Ball!
I've already asked her
And she... She agreed to go?
Yes, Sunil. I've got
the tickets too. Look
what's the matter?
- Your cream rolls, sir
well, you're a gone case!
Nobody can save you
what's the matter?
Listen, Chris. I don't want
to prejudice you
you love Anna so much, yaar
Come on, have a samosa, yaar
Later, yaar... Look, Sunil.
Come clean with me
All right. But promise me, Chris
whatever I tell you
will remain between us. Ok?
All right. But tell me,
will you
you're not the first boy
in her life
You don't know how many boys
she's fooled with...
She may not even remember
what're you saying, Sunil!
They must all be rumors!
I say Anna isn't like that
That's the problem with love!
Man becomes a fool
you're worse than a fool.
You're being willfully blind
Like that guy... er like...
you know... Rahul
Rahul? Which Rahul?
Y' know... tall thin guy with
specs... he went off to Canada
Rahul Chowdhury?
- Yes, Rahul Chowdhury!
Anna used to string him
along and then... cut him off
He couldn't bear the shock
and went mad for Anna's love
what're you saying, Sunil!
Are you sure it was Anna?
Of course. It was Anna
No. Perhaps it was another girl?
So you mean I'm lying!
It isn't a matter of lying
No, I'm making it up
to mislead you!
No. I mean people talk all
sorts of things
To hell with 'em!
I'll tell you about ME
I'm forced to, since
you don't want to believe
Anna played her game of
so-called love with me too
with yoU too?
- Yes... Give it here
It's for someone else.
- Give him another
what're you saying!
She did this to you too!?
That's why I keep away from her.
Here's my advice...
keep away from her in
this love stuff
Don't forget your promise
you're not to tell Anna
any of this... Come on
Pay the bill and go to your office.
You must be late
you saved me. Or I'd be ruined
I'll never meet her after
this day!
Won't even see her face!
I'll hate her! Just hate her
you don't know how much
I loved her!
The way she looked at me
what a look it was!
Her lovely big eyes...
The tenderness on her face...
Her innocent smile...
yes. I still love her, Sunil
I can't live without her!
- You can't?
I wlLL meet her!
- Just a minute...
I'm going, Sunil
what're you doing, Chris!
Think again
Look, you're your parents'
only child
If anything happens to you,
they'll weep to death!
At least think of them if
not your self
This is my fate, Sunil.
Nobody can do a thing
Everything is in Anna's
hands now
Listen, Chris!
Good I met you. I was coming home
Let's go out this evening.
I so want to
Not today
Please. I'll take you to a
fun place. You'll enjoy it
No, Sunil. I've to meet
Chris this evening
we are...
Going to the Carnival.
Chris has tickets. I know
I was just joking
Chris sent you a message.
- Message?
He'll be late because some
important work has turned up
He'll reach there at 7
instead of 6
oh Sunil! How come you're here?
Chris insisted that I take you
to the Carnival Ball
But what happened?
Why isn't he here?
Poor guy's badly stuck at work.
He couldn't get out
He begs you to forgive him
And sent these two tickets
for the Carnival
I had waited all day for
this evening
He could've told me
earlier. Or at least phoned
He wanted to come but got
stuck at the last minute
Stuck! What does he think he is!
If he sets the time, he must
reach there at all cost!
There's a limit to rudeness
But why're you so angry
with me!?
I was angry with Chris,
not you
He's gone and ruined
the entire evening!
I can understand what
you're going thro'
But please, don't feel so
who's depressed!
If he doesn't come,
the world doesn't end!
Let's go up.
Come, let's enjoy ourselves
"How I wish
I'd never wake up"
"How I wish
I'd never wake up"
"So I could sing for ever
love songs to you"
"How I wish
I'd never wake up"
"How I wish
I'd never wake up"
"your silken hair perfumes
this evening"
"These laughing lips
spill sparkling wine"
"your silken hair perfumes
this evening"
"These laughing lips
spill sparkling wine"
"Sway and dance
as you make music"
"So I could sing for ever
love songs to you"
"How I wish
I'd never wake up"
"So I could sing for ever
love songs to you"
"How I wish
I'd never wake up"
"If only you were mine,
my love"
"I would be treading
on stars"
"If only you were mine,
my love"
"I would be treading
on stars"
"The whole world
I'd forget"
"So I could sing for ever
love songs to you"
"How I wish
I'd never wake up"
"So I could sing for ever
love songs to you"
"How I wish
I'd never wake up"
"How I wish
I'd never wake up"
well, Mr. Romeo!
You're here I see
How come you're here, yaar?
Exactly what I want to ask you!
What're you doing here?
I... I... came to get myself
an ice-cream
For yourself?
- Yes
But you're holding two
ice-creams, Sunil!
Perhaps the other one's
for me?
Yes... take it, yaar
what of Anna then?
She must be waiting for
an ice-cream too!
Anna! Er... The fact is...
It's good you know it, Chris.
Or you'd misunderstand me
whatever I did was for your
own good
Anna's very dangerous.
She'd have ruined you
But I won't let it happen
Finished? Or is there more?
Whatever you said that day
was a rotten lie!
About Anna, about Rahul...
Even about you
The truth is you love Anna.
Yes, you do
you're jealous when you see
us together
To the extent of cheating me
so you can've fun with Anna
No, Chris! You're mistaken
I've misunderstood you?
- Yes
we'll know soon enough.
Come, let's go Anna
why do you drag Anna
into what concerns us?
It's between us. Let's talk here
Afraid to face Anna,
are you!
Afraid? Why, I've done no harm
My heart's clear.
I told you what I heard
See who I've brought!
What's the use coming now!
It's too late
It's not my fault, Anna.
No!? You show up at 8
and say it's not your fault!
Never mind. We enjoyed
ourselves more without you
Listen to me! I was waiting
here since 6 for you
Since 6?
- Yes
But Sunil told me to come at 7!
That's what I wanted to tell you.
Sunil changed it to 7
A lie!
- Your fault
But why!?
Ask him. He did it
what's all this hassle?
- Tell us!
No hassle. I'll tell you
Remember, you were leaving
the bakery this morning?
You ran into me there.
I was on my bike
you insisted I go to
the restaurant with you?
There you said you were
meeting Anna at 7
you're lying! I said 6
you said 7. Try and remember.
- Have some shame!
Lies and more lies!
How many lies, Sunil?
Please, wait! I swear I told
him 6 o' clock, Anna!
Sunil, tell me the truth.
What's the matter?
All right, Anna. Perhaps I
heard it wrong as 7, not 6
But if the time w AS 6...
Ask him why he gave me
the message for you...
...to meet him at 7?
What message?
You forgot the message
in this 6 & 7 muddle!
A lie! I sent no message
But why'd I lie, Anna?
If I did, why'd I make it 7?
I could've said 9 or 10!
Or even Monday or Tuesday
I could even say Chris
wasn't coming at all
Can't tell who's lying...
- I'm telling the truth!
Sunil, if you lie, I'II...
- Stop it now!
You cut him off ruthlessly
you promised you wouldn't say anything
I don't remember anything
you should hear what else he said about you Anna.
He said that you play games of love with guys
And that you make false promises with them
and that your the biggest flirt.
What? You said that I'm a flirt?
Yes Anna and he said that you like playing with
guy's feelings.
He said that you lead guys on and then when
they get serious you let them loose.
You said all this about me?
Yes! He also said it was you
who ruined Rahul Chowdhury
He took to drugs and went
mad because of you...
And went to Canada for treatment
And what I'll tell you next
will stun you!
He told me you led him on too!
And tried to trap him!
Am I like that, Sunil?
- No! Absolutely not!
Perhaps... I was wrong. But
this isn't what I meant...
I respect you so much...
I love you so much...
Please speak to me... Let
me tell you why I did it
Don't touch me! Don't ever
come before me!
Don't talk to me. I don't
ever want to see your face!
Anna! At least have this
ice-cream... Please
what have you done, Sunil!
Dug your own grave! How'll
you get out of this mess...
But you've to get out
you've only one goal... Anna
Sunil! You!
I must tell you something.
It's very important
I want to tell you that...
How dare you come here!
Anna, listen to me for
a minute
what's the matter, Sunil?
- I must talk to you, Father
I haven't the time to talk now
But it's very important!
Just 5 minutes
No, Sunil. Later.
Not now
I'm in such trouble
you're always in trouble.
What's it now?
You said such things about Anna?
And you claim you said it
out of love!
What kind of love is this, Sunil!
You call a poor innocent girl
a flirt!
A girl who lays snares...
Strings boys along and
then cuts them off!
But I didn't REALLy say it!
I didn't mean it
How could you? Even yoU
must've some limits
Drove Rahul Chowdhry mad...
Sent him off to Canada!
But he did go to Canada
But he didn't go mad before
going there!
I'd have slapped you
if I were Anna!
She did slap me
She slapped you, did she!
You must go and ask her
I did go... thro' the window
after climbing the balcony
The window! Oh, Sunil! Why
do you always use windows!?
Why not try using the door first?
I love Anna so much, Father
The more I try and get close
to her...
...the farther she is!
She's so angry that I don't
know how to placate her now
what can I do to make her
forgive me
Father, you must show me
a way out... Please...
you must have something in
you that can win Anna's heart
But I have nothing, Father!
There must be something.
Think, Sunil
yes, you've music!
You play so well
God has given you such a
great gift. Use it
we're to perform at
the Chinatown Club
I'll write such a song...
all will be happy
He's taking extra pictures
of our group
Come up quick. Must take
your pictures
Against the band's name
Forget it, Imran. Don't be
so hard-hearted
Poor Sunil will feel so sad.
- Let him
This poor guy of yours has
made Anna cry so much
Remember that
once we've decided to
throw Sunil out of the band...
...it's final
Please relent, Anna.
What's done is done
Forget it and call Sunil back
All right, call him
But I'll leave if he comes
Take the photos
one minute, Anna... Come and
stand beside Chris... yes
Now click our star pair
ok, brothers, I'm off.
Practice hard, will you
Take Chinatown by storm tonight!
Some people are so dense
that they can't take hints
Hints! It's all written out
there. Can't read or what!
There's no lack of shameless
people. We must ignore them
And concentrate on our work
May I sit here? I heard that
your music is very good
Thank you very much, sir
But not here. Over there...
But you will keep quiet
Don't even think of sneaking
into the band again
I'm singing your lines now,
I understand. Very well too.
- Good... Let's start
Just a minute!
- I told you to keep quiet!
I just wanted to say this
song won't do for Chinatown
It'll be a total flop, actually
A flop, you say!
Heard that? When it was such
a hit at Richie's wedding!
They were crazy about it!
What's more, Chris and Anna
made a super hit pair
People loved them
I know folks loved it and
the song was a super hit
But that was a suit'n tie crowd
And Chinatown is an entirely
different world
you sing a suit'n tie song
to that crowd...
And what'll happen?
Thought of it?
What he says is true
Dad hasn't insured my life,
you know!
Well, if this won't do,
which other song will?
I'll tell you. The song
must somehow reflect...
...the life of those
who come to Chinatown
It must say something
about their situation...
...which they can recognize
Something they can identify with...
Rubbish! I don't agree
And anyway, who'll write
such a song?
Yes! Who'll write it?
I wrote such a song
wonderful! You've already
written it! You're a genius
It's a trick. First, take
the song then the singer
we don't want it.
- Absolutely!
Why're you wasting time?
- They're outdated songs
Please listen to the song!
Why listen to a song
that we don't want!
This isn't a trick, Anna
keep me out of the band
but at least take my song!
We said we don't want to
hear it!
Ok, don't hear the song.
At least read it once!
Now you understand?
- Ok...
To hell with you all!
Go sing your rotten old song!
Don't come to me when they
throw their shoes at you!
Sorry for what happened, yaar
I'll leave the band if you wish
If you're out, I'm out too.
- No need for that
Don't you worry. I'll take
care of them
An idea... we're going to the
Carnival after the rehearsal
Try and persuade Anna there
once Anna agrees, everybody
else will... All right?
"Anna, don't think my love
is false, o my darling"
"Anna, don't think my love
is false, o my darling"
"To win you, my love,
was this whole charade"
"Anna, don't think my love
is false, o my darling"
"To win you, my love,
was this whole charade"
"what's done is done.
Won't you let it go at that"
"what's done is done.
Won't you let it go at that"
"Look at my fate!
An arrow's struck in my heart"
"whose image is it
that haunts me, o my love"
"Let go my hand!
I well know your kind"
"Every word a lie
and every promise false!"
"Whether I'm true or false
this whole world knows"
"Anna, don't think my love
is false, o my darling"
"To win you, my love,
was this whole charade"
"what's done is done.
Won't you let it go at that"
"what's done is done.
Won't you let it go at that"
"The snare you set
caught you instead"
"So Mister Trouble,
get back the way you came"
"Don't, o my friend,
kick my bruised heart so!"
"For God's sake know
that I love you so!"
"Now that I know
don't dare talk anymore"
"Anna, don't think my love
is false, o my darling"
"Anna, don't think my love
is false, o my darling"
"To win you, my love,
was this whole charade"
"what's done is done.
Won't you let it go at that"
"what's done is done.
Won't you let it go at that"
Anna, listen to what I've
to say
Go then, Anna. But give me
back my trumpet!
Brothers, today I present
a brand new band before you
It's a band that's the best.
Lively, strong... And a hit!
Hey Patel, stop yakking
Bring on the musicians and
let's test their playing!
Yes. Our palms are
beginning to itch!
Please, Brothers!
Don't throw glasses!
Don't throw the glasses now.
We'll do it later
Bullets'll hit this band!
Our Big Boss's coming today
who? Anthony?
- Yes!
Who's this Anthony?
- The top Don of this town
why've you all gone so quiet,
you bastards?
Keep the party going
And ya punks, keep
the song 'n dance going!
Come on, start
"why not we delight
in our love"
"why not we hold
each other in our arms"
"I found my true friend.
Yes my true friend"
"I found my true love.
Yes my true love"
you dumb jackasses! What
sort of song is this!
This song's so sappy!
Listen, brothers! This
isn't a police siren! No
I played it. Listen, like this
Thank you, Sahib! Listen,
please sit down
Please calm down...
There, at the back too
Give us a chance for a
brand new, brilliant song
Boss, this's the same guy
who hit your car!
What? This worm?
- Yes
Mark him down
we'll finish him off
after the show
The bastard sounds a siren!
He'll sing, will he!
Hits my car! The bloody worm!
Friends, what you're about
to hear...
...isn't just a song.
It's also a story
yes a true story about a Don.
"This is a true story.
- Listen, o my love"
"In this city there lived...
A youngman"
"Straight and simple was he.
- A most lovable man"
"How can I describe
how he turned into a Don"
"This is a true story.
- Listen, o my love"
"In this city there lived...
A youngman"
"Straight and simple was he.
- A most lovable man"
"How can I describe
how he turned into a Don"
"where all did he not go
just in search of a job!"
"Thrown out was he
wherever he went"
"where all did he not go
just in search of a job!"
"Thrown out was he
wherever he went"
"But he was young.
So purposefully young"
"Finally he left
the world of decent folk"
"But he was young.
So purposefully young"
"Finally he left
the world of decent folk"
"From the day he turned a Don
folks began to fear"
"He turned into a terror
is all that I can say"
"The whole world was
at his feet"
"In a way, he got
all he wanted"
"But the garden of his heart
did not bloom"
"His heart's happiness
he'd have found"
"If only someone
had loved him"
"This is a true story.
Listen, o my love"
"In this city lived
a young man"
"Straight and simple was he.
A lovable man"
"How can I describe how he turned
into a Don"
"How can I describe
the rest of his story"
"His days of youth
were burnt barren"
"How can I describe
the rest of his story"
"His days of youth
were burnt barren"
"His very own
denied him love"
"The season of love
was never to be his"
"His very own
denied him love"
"The season of love
was never to be his"
"whenever he came
amongst people"
"whenever he smiled
and laughed"
"Those who saw him felt"
"The tears
behind the smiles"
"This is his story
- Listen, o my love"
"Somewhere in this city...
- Lived a youngman"
"He was simple and straight.
A lovable man"
"I don't know how to tell you
how he became a Don"
"Don! Don!"
Great! What a tragedy
song it was!
What music!
I wanna to meet everyone in
this band and embrace them!
Meet Sunil. He wrote
the song, composed the tune
He did everything in fact
wonderful, Sunil!
It was really something
The story in your song
was my story...
The story of every Anthony!
Your song's Don isn't a Don.
He's this Anthony Gomes!
Man, I've become your fan!
Look, you need anything in
life, call Anthony Gomes
I'll do anything for you!
Well, gotta be on my way
Just a minute. Patel, come here
Give it to the kids from me...
To buy some sweets
I knew that once I was
thrown out of the band...
I shouldn't have come here
I shouldn't have even
stepped on the stage
But I couldn't stop myself
Hey, Sunil! Where're you going!?
It was because of you
we were saved
The band's a hit because of you
But Chris, what I did to you
that day...
Forget that day. Today,
there's only you... only you
we couldn't even imagine
that the song'd be so good
who had torn up the song?
You seem very happy today.
- I am very happy
I too am very happy today.
- Have some cake?
Where's Anna, uncle?
- Anna didn't come here.
But she asked me to meet her here!
We're going out
well, I don't know about that
oh yes! Chris came and took
Anna out.
But how can it be! I...
Forget Anna, Sunil.
And you had better know...
But Dad, we must clearly tell
him what happened. Look...
Chris and Anna are in love.
He has invited her home...
...for us to talk to his
parents about their marriage.
They'll be married soon
vasco, some guy around here
is very very sad... yes man
Don't note it down!
Feel it?
Vasco, my heart's crying, man!
Take me to him...
yes, take me there
oh God, vasco!
It's my buddy, man!
What's happened to
my friend? Tell me!
He's very sad, Mr. Anthony.
He is a loser in love!
You mean...
his heart is broken!
That's why such music is
bursting out of his heart!
The same thing happened to me!
But now, I'll talk to him
yes. I'll talk to my friend.
Don't worry, my friend.
I have come
your Anthony has come
I'll fix up everything
That guy yezdi told me everything
you're my buddy, man.
Get up.
I'll make it all right.
Come on...
you want Anna, right?
You will have her
what's there to cry?
First, I'll bump off Chris
That leaves her parents.
I'll bump em off too
Then the girl's yours!
Marry her
Go on a honeymoon...
Hey you, book a hotel in ooty
Just a minute, Mr. Anthony.
Have you gone mad!?
You're talking of killing
You don't want 'em killed?
Ok, no killing then
only break their bones
- No! Mr. Anthony, No!
What's this, yaar even
break their bones?
Ok. I've found a simple and
straight way
Listen! Don't you say no to
me now... vasco, take the car
kidnap Anna.
Now, this very minute!
One moment! Who do you
think you are!?
You may be a big Don
or whatever!
But listen to what I've to
say. I love Anna very much
But it's my own affair and
I'll deal with it myself
But you dare meddle...
I'll break your legs
and hand vasco the bones!
Speak to my friend with
politeness, you understand!
Sunil my brother!
My friend! Listen to me
on behalf of this
damn brute
...I beg your forgiveness
with folded hands!
My friend, you are a true lover!
Yes, a true lover!
When you are sad
I am DoUBLE sad!
And... I can't bear to see
you sad, man!
If you sit here this way
you'll lose her
Go to her...
Tear out your heart and
show her what's inside!
When she sees how much
you love her...
She top will love you
as much!
Are you ready?
It's time to go
yes, dear. Just 5 minutes.
Look Simon! We're going to
Chris' house
Take care what you eat!
So I don't have to scold
you in public!
What's wrong? Are you ok?
- I'm perfectly all right
Just feeling a bit nervous
when I think of his parents,
I'm a bit scared
I'm scared too, Simon...
They're such big people
From where to where has
Charles gone in a few years!
Such a big name in society!
I was a baker then and
I am a baker even now
Nobody bothers about these
things today
only the boy and girl must
like each other
Such a big party, Chris!
Anything special?
Yes, Aunty. It's my parents'
you should've told us, Chris!
We'd have brought a present.
I'd have baked a cake
Simon, we must go and
wish them. Come on.
Let's go over there, Anna.
- Why?
'Cos I'm going to Bangalore tomorrow
And I want to spend all
my time with you
And I don't want to be disturbed!
You're going to Bangalore?
For how long?
Not long. I'll be back soon
Look Charles, I want to talk
about something important
So tell me
I want... that...
Charles! Mr. D' Cunha wants you
you know the D'Cunhas?
- Yes, we do
Albert works in their hotel.
- They're very rich
And very nice too. Have you
met their daughter Sharon?
Yes. Charles introduced us
She's so sweet!
I like her so much
The D'Cunhas want Chris
and Sharon to marry
we too think it'll be very good
That's what they're deciding now
Chris is going to Bangalore.
As soon as he comes back...
I think... perhaps they want me
we thought one thing...
And the situation is
entirely different!
Simon! What's the matter?
- Nothing...
I'm feeling giddy...
- Sit down
Anna, Albert! Come on
we're going home.
Now, this very minute!
What's the matter, Anna?
We're going, Chris
So early?
The party has just begun!
What's wrong?
Why're you all leaving?
Mom wants to go home
No, something's wrong.
You look very disturbed
Don't pretend that you know nothing!
What's it, Anna?
Tell me the truth! I don't
understand anything
I'm talking of the marriage
that's being decided...
...between you and Sharon!
- What!?
She's beautiful...
what more do you want?
Believe me, Anna!
Sharon means nothing to me
you are everything to me Anna!
Hurry up, Anna.
It's getting late
Just see what Anna thinks Aunty!
What's wrong with her?
Look, Chris.
Try and understand
we're very simple and
ordinary people
your family's very rich...
...where money and name
mean everything
Naturally, your parents want
you to marry...
...into the same society
No, Aunty! I don't believe
in such things at all
what you believe doesn't
change the truth
And the truth is...
...your marriage with Sharon
is being settled!
Stop, Anna!
Listen to me...
I'm sure I can persuade
Mummy and Daddy
They can't refuse when they
know how we feel. It's true
All right. I'll go speak to
them right now. Wait here
you'll be happy to know that
our son Chris is to marry...
...Sharon, daughter of
Mr. & Mrs. D'Cunha!
Ok, brothers! Get ready for
the next show
you've only two days left
you must have a new song
for this show
More terrific than the
earlier one! A super hit!
It'll be done
you've come alone, Tony!
Where's Anna?
She won't come today.
- Why?
She isn't well
Nothing serious, I hope?
She'll come on time from tomorrow
what's happened to Anna?
Nothing, as I told you.
She'll come from tomorrow
But why hasn't she come today?
Something is wrong
It's nothing, I tell you
you're lying, Tony.
Something's surely wrong
you have got to tell me!
Tell me. What happened?
Chris' parents have fixed
his marriage to some Sharon
Anna came to know this last night
oh, what a pity, yaar!
The poor girl's in a bad state
She didn't want to sing.
She agreed for the band's sake
Chris shouldn't have done this
I'll be off now
Sunil, let's have a really
hot song
It should pierce one's heart
like a bullet
And leave it wounded!
Don't worry. What I've in
mind'll shatter everyone!
We'll create havoc in
Chinatown this time!
Remember! Today's the 14th.
The program's on the 16th
you've only two days left!
Come on, finish it fast
Today's the 14th, isn't it?
- Yes. Why?
14th... 14th... There's
something today...
Something very important...
concerning me...
oh well! What's this thing?
I know it's something
but can't remember what...
It's not important if you
can't remember
why're you worried?
Let's write the song...
Listen to this, Imran
what happened?
How could I forget!
My results will be out today!
O Bhagwan! Let me pass this time.
Everything's in your hands
Please don't crush my hopes!
O Lord! I ducked thrice.
Make me pass this time!
O Allah! Please help me
get through!
Grant me passing marks!
Why's courage got to do?
Open it and look for the number
well, you see and tell me...
I can't bear to look!
What's your number,
- Lucky No! No need to see
Please see...
1100... 1200... 1500...
1595... 1598...
what's after 1598?
1599! Please look
Let it be, man. You'll pass
next time, yaar
I'm not bothered
whether I pass or fail
only one thing matters in
life... my music!
I won't be a better musician
if I passed or had a degree!
A degree or a lack of it
won't make a difference
It does, sir. It makes a
difference to my father
If he knows I failed
put me in the garage!
Then it means I won't
get out of the house
It's the end of my music
the band and Chinatown!
The end of Chinatown!
But son, you are the life
of this band!
Nothing can be done
without you
But my fate has been
Nobody can change it!
What do you mean, nobody can
change it! We must find a way
There is a way...
There's no way. This isn't
trivial, sir. I've failed!
Sunil, who says you've failed?
This... The paper says it!
Well, It says wrong.
You haven't failed.
You have passed, man!
The paper has missed your
number because of a mistake
It's a very simple matter man...
A false mark sheet
Everything'll be okay
Daddy is very angry
If he knows that you
failed... Be careful
Nothing'll happen, you see!
It'll be alright
Get out!
Calm down. Everyone will hear.
I don't care. Get out!
But Dad...
Don't you Daddy me
damn you!
It'll all stop now! No more
studies or loafing or music!
No horn! No Chinatown
First fetch water and clean
the cars
No need to wait for your
you already failed thrice
But I passed, Dad
what did you say!
You passed!?
That's what I've been trying
to say all this time
Come quickly, Prabha!
Sunil's results are out
Is it all right? You checked
the mark sheet?
It must be all right.
Anthony got it done
Never mind, son
Try once again...
Look, God willing...
you'll surely pass
the next time. All right?
But he has passed, Prabha!
And with a first class!
You'll be crazy with joy
when you hear the marks...
79 percent in Psychology!
85% in Political Science!
- 95% in Economics!
What's he done! 95%!
- Why? Is it less?
No, it's more! More than
No one's got 95%
in Economics so far!
So what! You got it now.
It's happy news
No, absolutely not! All I
wanted were passing marks
you should've told me first
Anthony is your fan and
must've got carries away
what can I do!
Look at the results! See
how happy your parents are
But Prabha, how can anyone...
...get such good marks
after failing thrice!
Why not? Hasn't my son done
it and shown you!
Right, son?
Yes, Mummy. To tell you
I had studied sincerely
See how capable my son is!
I knew he cold do anything
if he wanted to
Mr. Vinayak, I must tell you...
your son doesn't waste his
time. He's very talented
And has brought home today...
...the first earnings from
his talent... you give them
15 hundred! That means
a thousand five hundred!
You see this!? The boy you
used to scold...
...and thought useless...
How good and able he is!
Wonderful! Well done my son!
I don't feel good...
...cheating my parents
like this!
I shouldn't have done this
what's done is done.
Forget it and have fun
See you in Chinatown
Hello Anna. See what I've
brought you!
Nice, isn't it. Like it?
...well, I'll keep it here
I can't bear to see you
unhappy, Anna
you should be the happiest
loveliest girl in the world
you know, if I could...
I'd do anything to make you happy
Just once...
please smile a little
Then I'll make you laugh
so much...
And please come to rehearsal.
Oh, you're home!
- What's happening here?
Mummy and Daddy
are waiting for you
Mummy, Daddy!
Sunil has come
Great! My son has come
Sunil wants to know what's
happening here
All that's happening here
is only for you, son
one moment! Please...
Some quiet, please
our son Sunil is here
Please give him a big hand
for passing his exam!
Oh Sunil! What you did
is great, yaar
you've shown the whole world
what you really are
I'm so happy for you!
Friends, it's most happy
day for me
I want to tell you all
In fact, I was very angry
with Sunil for failing thrice
I gave up all hope,
all expectations
I was most irritated
by his music
He'd play his horn all day
and night too!
How many sleepless nights!
What I mean to say is...
My wife... and so many of
you perhaps...
...thought that Sunil was
totally useless...
...he'd never amount to much
in life
And as for me, I was
absolutely sure...
...that he'd fail this year too!
But today...
...I've got everything
in life!
I don't want anything more.
Never again'll I say to him...
Son, come and work in
my garage!
No, son. Do whatever
you want
Make music your career
if you wish
yes. My blessings are
with you
May God...
...give you happiness and success
And my son... here's a gift
from all of us
you see what this mark sheet
has done?
I just don't know what to
do... It's so suffocating
I'm feeling bad too
I didn't know it'd go
this far
Don't be afraid. I'll go
speak to your parents
No! Don't do it!
Don't know how they'll react
But they must be told
you had a false mark sheet made!
Why on earth did you
do it, Sunil
your family is so happy
that you passed...
And threw such a nice
party for you
Have you thought of their
state if they know this!?
I've done something very
Please forgive me
Please tell them,
I feel so wretched
No, I won't tell them
you did it and you must tell
them the truth
I can't! How can I!
You told the lie, so you
must tell the truth too
Go, Sunil, Go now,
this very instant!
It was a false mark sheet! You
failed! Aren't you ashamed!
Why're you silent, you wretch!
Come on, tell me!
Go drown yourself in some
dirty gutter!
You cheat! Liar!
Dirty wretch!
You lied to me!
You lied to everyone!
Get lost! Go away from
here! Now!
Don't show me your face!
Don't step into this house!
You're dead to me!
See what our son has done
Friends, I want to
tell you something
All that I said about Sunil
just a while ago...
...is all wrong
That he made us happy...
and we were proud of him...
That our blessing're with
him... all that is wrong
All of you came here
to celebrate with us...
...because Sunil passed
with a first class
It's false... everything's
He made a fool of us...
cheated and lied!
Let alone a first class
he didn't even pass!
He failed... yes, failed!
The mark sheet he gave
his father was a fake!
What he did has made us
hang our heads in shame!
I'm ashamed that he is my son!
Vinayak, I've known Sunil
for so long
I know what's good and
what's bad in him
Don't judge him by standards
of passing and failing
Look, there're some people
in the world who want...
...to live life their own way.
It's no use forcing them
Such souls aren't worried
about finding goals in life
Life's journey is everything
to them
This is the greatest thing
about Sunil
To live such a life needs
great courage
And it is Sunil's courage...
...that made him own up his
wrong doing before everyone
To confess your wrong doing
before so many...
...is no small thing!
It shows how pure of heart
Sunil is!
Sunil hasn't failed...
He has passed with cent
percent marks!
You should be proud to have
a son like him, vinayak!
If you feel what I said
is right...
Say that you've forgiven Sunil.
Say it, vinayak
Listen, vinayak...
you have to say you have
forgiven Sunil
Say that you have forgiven Sunil!
Say it, vinayak
"A blithe spirit is he"
"one in thousands
is he"
"A blithe spirit is he"
"one in thousands
is he"
"All you ever saw
were only his flaws"
"But his talents
you never saw"
"A blithe spirit is he"
"one in thousands
is he"
"All you ever saw
were only his flaws"
"But his talents
you never saw"
"A blithe spirit is he"
"So lost in your own world
are you"
"How would you ever know
what's in his heart"
"So lost in your own world
are you"
"How would you ever know
what's in his heart"
"what I thought
was stone"
"Has turned into a diamond"
"All you ever saw
were only his flaws"
"But his talents
you never saw"
"A blithe spirit is he"
"one in thousands
is he"
"A blithe spirit is he"
"The flute was for you
only a lifeless stick"
"Did you ever hear
the melody of its song?"
"The flute was for you
only a lifeless stick"
"Did you ever hear
the melody of its song?"
"All you ever saw
was the lamp's lowly mud"
"Did you ever see
its bright flame?"
"All you ever saw
were only his flaws"
"But his talents
you never saw"
"A blithe spirit is he"
"one in thousands is he"
"A blithe spirit is he"
"one in thousands is he"
"A blithe spirit is he"
Sunil, I gotta know just now...
you got a first class...
with distinction too!
Show this one. Better huh?
100 out of 100!
He's brought another
mark sheet!
Anna my child, I know
you loved Chris very much
And you still love him
very much
But you know,
in life...
...we don't get all that
we want and ask for
And... Sunil is such a
nice boy
He loves you so much,
doesn't he
He'll make you very happy.
Isn't that so, Albert?
Think about him, child.
Think about Sunil
Sunil, my son
Have you ever thought of
getting married?
Marriage!? Whose?
You're joking, Daddy
I never ever thought of
marriage... never...
Some girl you like may be...
Girl!? I don't even think.
- What about Anna?
Anna! Did you say Anna?
You mean... our Anna?
Yes, our Anna.
Simon and Mary's Anna
So you're asking me about Anna...
we're pretty good friends
That's better!
Listen, last night...
we talked to Simon and Mary...
about your marriage to Anna
you should be happy to know
that they agreed
we'll have a church wedding
and one as per our custom
Go to Anna's house and
ask her father's permission
That's the way it's done
among Christian folks
you mean I must go today
Not today, now!
This very minute!
Here, take this gift...
Give it to our
daughter-in-law to be
I'm happy to see you came by
the door and not the window
well, sit down...
So, tell me now
I wanted to ask you...
Actually, I mean...
I wanted to... er ask your
why're you getting
so nervous, son?
Say what you've to simply.
We know why you're here
I just want to tell you this...
To me, the most precious and
lovely thing in this world...
...is your daughter Anna
And I know that everybody
thinks I'm useless
But I promise you this...
I'll always keep her happy
whatever happens
I love her very much...
so very much
we understand, my son.
We do understand
I've full faith that you'II,
make our Anna happy, Sunil
Uncle, then you consent
to this marriage?
We consent most happily
Come on, let's celebrate
with sweets
Let him eat, Mom.
It's a such a happy occasion
All right, eat
All three of us are going
to Church
I've something important to
discuss with Fr. Braganza
Such lovely flowers!
I've something to say to
you, Anna.
Actually, I want to say that...
This is the limit, Anna!
I've said all this so often
but I can't say it today!
Anna, try and understand
what I'm saying... that I...
That you love me very much Sunil
yes, Anna!
I'll always keep you happy Anna.
I won't trouble you!
All that I want is...
...you love me too...
...as much as I love you!
I agree I should've told my
parents about you earlier
But on the night of
the party...
I was going to tell them...
it all happened so quickly...
I couldn't tell them...
I could say nothing at all
yes, go on, Chris.
I'm listening
I'm aware I've done wrong...
I know I hurt you badly
But will you never forgive me
for my one mistake?
All right, I forgive you.
But all this talk is useless
why! Why's it useless?
You know how much I love you
But even then...
you talk this way to me!
Anna, I'm ready to give up
everything for you...
My parents, my home...
It's no use now! How can I
make you understand, Chris!
Sunil's parents have talked
to mine
The wedding date is fixed.
I've said yes, Chris!
I can't break Sunil's heart
under any circumstances!
He loves me so much!
So very much
My love means nothing at all
to you? Has it no value?
It's too late now...
I'm getting married to Sunil
All right. If this is your
final wish...
I'll also wish that you are
always happy...
May Sunil give you the same
love and happiness...
...that I could have
Late even today! Wonder when
Sunil will learn to be on time
How long are we
to wait for Sunil!?
Don't worry. He must be on
his way
I can't wait anymore!
I must begin
I've come, Father...
How nice you both look!
Sorry, I was a little late
Little! A second more and I'd
have performed the wedding
How can Anna and Chris marry
without Sunil!
Chris, do you take Anna
for your wife?
I do
you are joined before
this gathering
May God make this union strong
Let His infinite mercy
bless you
As a symbol of your love
and trust...
you may now exchange rings
Sunil, found the ring?
I found the ring, Anna?
Can you tell me where this
address is?
Go straight. Turn left and
then right at the church
Turn left before or after
the church?
All right, I'll take you.
Anyway, I've to go there too.
Is all this luggage yours!?
The cabbie said the house
was somewhere nearby
Don't be scared! I'll carry
it all myself
you're carrying it all! Give
me the bag at least... please
No... it's okay
I've got used to it.
This luggage is nothing!
Oh look! It's the first time
in my life...
...that I've seen
a shooting star!
Oh, we see shooting
stars all the time
There's one every couple of days
you know what they say about
shooting stars?
Make a wish on a shooting and it will
come true
you guys were worried about what would
happen to our Sunil?
He's strong. There's no need to worry
about him.
Get over it just like Sunil did.
And his love story...