Kabhi Kabhie - Love Is Life (1976) Movie Script

"Tomorrow, new leaves will sprout"
"And new flowers will blossom"
"Fresh new footsteps will leave
their mark on new grasslands"
"She did not walk into my life
Why, should I enter her life?"
"From waking dawns to sunset dusks..."
"by what right do I take from her...
the moments that are hers?"
"In a moment my poetry will be sung.
In a moment my story will have ended"
"For only a moment
I will live in ecstasy"
"For I have only a moment
to live my youth"
"In a moment my poetry will be sung"
"Many have come before me
Many before me have sung their songs"
"Some sang their sorrows
Some sang their hearts out"
"They lived their moment
As I live mine"
"Tomorrow we will separate"
"But for this moment I'm yours"
"In a moment my poetry will be sung"
"Tomorrow, there will come another"
"In search for the new couplet
In search of the fresh blossom"
"Some will be better poets than I am
Some better listeners than you make"
"In that tomorrow,
will someone remember me?"
"But why should anyone
remember me?"
"Why should this busy world
waste its time for me?"
"For in a moment, my poetry
will have been sung."
My autograph?
Yes! Your verses are so touching!
Did you like it?
- Very much!
Why the autograph?
You can keep the verses.
Maybe, you're the one
they were written for.
But your name isn't on it...
your name, please.
My name? What is my name?
I look at you, and I think
I have forgotten my own name.
Write something... for me.
What's your name?
Pooja (Worship)
Then maybe I shall call myself
the priest.
Your eyes... have you ever
looked in your eyes?
Anything special?
One look into those eyes,
and one wishes one could relate.
"In silence I shall worship you
Though what I seek I may not have"
"To my the object of my worship,
"If I can hold your hand
A pleasance will be my journey"
"Success enough it is for me
If I win your love for me"
"This question that I ask of you
Answer me not if you will not"
"But hidden in your silence lie
A thousand words speak themselves"
"Every moment this life I live
Each moment I cherish your beauty"
"Every time your lips part for me
It is the beginning of a new day"
"In the darkness of your hair
The pleasures of a sensual night"
"When I hold your hand
A pleasance is my journey"
At times, this looks like a dream.
Back in the hostel, they go to bed
with your poetry under their pillows.
Some have even married
your photographs.
If girls know you're in love with me,
they'll kill themselves.
Poor girls...
Why "poor"?
They fall in love with
someone's photograph.
And then they will marry yet
someone else.
If not "poor", how else do you
describe these creatures?
Is it their fault? Parents never ask
a girl for her opinion.
Girls are forced into marriages.
You won't do that, will you?
I'll let you have the answer
after I've asked Mom and Dad.
Is that a challenge?
Or is it a joke?
Are you propositioning?
Or are you testing waters?
I just want to be happy in life.
- What does it take to make you happy?
Brighten up my every morning
with a smile from these lips.
Bring the light into my nights,
with those eyes of yours.
Go on. Flatter me.
Coming from you, I like it.
"My heart tells me"
"You were created for me"
"Up there with the stars you were"
"Till you were sent down to earth
for my sake"
"My heart tells me at times"
"Your body, your soul, your eyes
are mine"
"The shade of these tresses
were made for me"
"Your body, your lips, your arms
are mine and mine and mine alone"
"My heart sings to me sometimes"
"In the tunes of the shehnai"
(Shehnai: wind instrument from India)
"We are birds in a nest"
"We are to fly away one day"
"We will fly far away"
"The dazzle of the color red
in the bride's trousseau
"The sparkle of the dot
on the bride's forehead"
"The chime of bangles on
the bride's hands dyed in henna"
"The heartbeats that promise
those beautiful dreams"
"The magic of the kohl
in the bride's eyes"
"The subtle scent of flowers
in her hair"
"The faint quiver of soft lips"
"The blush of the heat on her face"
"The musk of her sweat"
"The burning desire
of her passions"
"The hesitant jingle of her anklets"
"With finery she is adorned"
"But for whom?"
"For whom am I?"
"My dear father, the palanquin
that will carry me away from you"
"Will not pass through these doors"
"Let me go, as if
I were a brick in your wall"
"We are birds in a nest"
"We are to fly away one day"
"We will fly far away"
Amit, you tell me what should I do.
My parents have fixed
my marriage elsewhere.
Had I even mentioned you...
Oh I can't imagine what
they would've done!
There are my parents...
and here you are...
I don't know what to do!
Tell me, what am I to do?
I think you should marry him.
Will you forget me?
I'll never forgive myself
the day I forget you.
How will I live this life?
You'll be a good wife. And I'll try
to become a good human being.
Will you promise me something?
We'd rather not make
any more promises.
I'm asking for my right.
Go on.
You won't stop writing poems.
Writing poetry isn't mechanical...
say like building a house
with brick and mortar.
But if you keep writing,
it will make me happy.
Yes Amit...
Maybe this is the last time
I'm calling you "Pooja".
Decided? After due deliberation?
May I ask why?
Even for the sake of our happiness,
we have no right to ignore...
the wishes of our parents. We can't
trample upon their sentiments...
to build a world for ourselves...
That leaves nothing to ask or say.
I put together a few poems
for my first anthology.
I wanted you to have the first copy.
As a gift of love.
With time and circumstance,
this becomes your wedding gift.
Now who would have guessed that?
My wedding gift. For you.
Were I a poet, I would've
written an anthology for you.
Poetry is my weakness.
And this poet in particular.
And his anthology,
"Kabhi Kabhie" - "Sometimes".
In every line,
he has poured his heart out.
If we ever meet happen
to meet this poet...
we'll surely ask him to
read his poetry for us.
We'll tell him that he was with us
on first night together.
I hear you sing very well.
Will you sing one of these verses?
For our first night together...
"My heart tells me"
"You were created for me"
"Up there with the stars you were"
"Till you were sent down to earth
for my sake"
"My heart tells me at times"
"Your body, your soul, your eyes
are mine"
"The shade of these tresses
were made for me"
"Your body, your lips, your arms
are mine and mine and mine alone"
"My heart sings to me sometimes"
"In the tunes of the shehnai"
(Shehnai: wind instrument from India)
"On our first night together
I will lift the veil"
"You are shy and you quaver
As I take you in my arms"
"My heart asks me"
"Will you love me
like this all my life?"
"Will you always look at me
with love in your eyes?"
"I know, you belong
to someone else"
"But still..."
"I think of you"
Get up.
What happened?
Well, what...?
If I walked down to the reception
looking like this...
and told the well-dressed
receptionist, "Good morning, miss"...
imagine what she will say?
- She'll say, you're shameless.
Get up. The sun is shining through.
- The sun never rises on a honeymoon.
They say, the honeymoon
is a night of days.
Even if the sun happens to rise,
all you have to do...
is keep your eyes screwed tight.
That's all it takes to make a night.
Haven't you anything else to do?
- No.
You know before marrying you,
I used to think that...
a man must never marry.
Just waltz through a dozen affairs.
But having done the deed,
my philosophy is completely changed.
Marriage is a checking account
in a bank: encashable at will.
Encashable only if
you have a balance.
Else, your check is likely to bounce.
Let's find out, sweetheart!
Back, son?
Well, what have you decided?
I've given up thinking, Dad.
You think poetry is the only thing
that needs thinking?
You think I don't think
before I act?
I didn't mean that, Dad.
That Amit, who used to write poetry...
I've left him far behind.
It's your son Amit who is
standing in front of you.
And what if you happen to find
your old self once again?
In the first place, I'll refuse to
recognise him. But if he's adamant...
I'll shake his hand, I'll smile
and I'll walk past him.
I hope you aren't
getting emotional?
No father.
It isn't that I don't
appreciate your poetry.
I've read your book
several times over.
You're a very good poet.
- Let's not discuss it, Dad.
No, I'm telling you the truth.
But I don't have another son.
I don't have a daughter.
You're the only one I have
in this whole wide world.
And my business.
And no matter the size...
this is the dream I cherish.
I wish you'll make my dream come true.
It's what every father
expects from his son.
I won't disappoint you, Dad.
You have my word.
I won't give you a chance
to complain.
I'll fulfil your dream
in every possible way.
I promise you.
Vicky! Bravo, my boy!
You aren't riding a mule.
It's a horse! Gallop!
Look how fast he's riding.
He'll take a few falls
before he becomes a good rider.
He isn't a coward like you.
Stop worrying.
My son is a lion!
I know, great lion!
- A lion! Like me!
Gitty up!
Excuse me, Miss Pinky...
- How do you know my name?
Leave my hand!
- Never let go of the hand!
That's what my Dad says.
- You know what my Mom says?
- If a boy ever holds your hand...
make sure you slap
him so hard...
that his cheek comes out
looking like India's map!
Go ahead with your cartography.
Now my Dad also says that if
a girl is shy, you can conclude...
What's this Dad business?
Are you still a baby?
If your Mom meets my Dad,
she'll fall in love with him.
Give my scarf back.
You don't ask for a
gift to be returned.
Now where would you find
a boyfriend like me?
Who would fall for a scarf worth
Where do you think
you're going, lady?
"Being in love isn't wrong"
"No one has ever escaped
the passion"
"So what if we have kissed?"
"So what if we have made love?
We are one at heart"
"It's just that this has happened
for the first time in our lives"
"But being in love isn't wrong"
"I am mature"
"You are mature too"
"We'll lead the life
we choose to live"
"Why listen to them who
don't mean anything to us?"
"Being in love isn't wrong"
"What is custom?
What is tradition?"
"What is religion?
What is society?"
"Don't be afraid of your enemies
Don't be shy to tell your friends"
"No one has ever escaped
the passion"
"Being in love isn't wrong"
I've won one more cup, Dad!
Well done! Congratulations!
There's more goods news.
- Go on, son.
I'm in love.
Bravo, you jerk!
Who's the girl?
What's the matter, sir?
You look elated.
Matter to be elated over!
My son is in love!
After all, he's your son!
- Right! My son!
I send him away for studying,
and this jerk falls in love!
Let's talk business. Where are
you constructing the hotel?
Near Shyam Nagar. At present
there's no 5-star hotel there.
Has work commenced?
- Yes.
But it's up in the mountains.
It'll take time to complete.
Your hotels in Delhi and Bombay
drive people crazy!
Now, why does a person
go to a hotel?
Because he wants to do something
without telling his or her spouse.
Just walk into a hotel,
and you'll think...
you've just walked into
a lingerie show.
Excuse me, I have to go
and see this bore.
Get on with the good work.
I'll see you at the site
when I get some free time.
I can't say when, though.
This is a neat racket,
Doctor Kapoor.
I've built this house out of reading
this baumanometer.
Just a gimmick to get
the rich man's goat.
There are simpler ways
to treat this.
Now let me say hi to your wife.
Say it straight. You want a drink.
- You're getting smarter. Keep it up.
Stop boring me.
And you must be getting late?
Funny doctors pretend
they don't drink.
Hey Shobha! Where are you?
Anybody at home?
Hi there. Sit down.
What this you're watching?
Even I can do that.
Look here.
Today is a Wednesday.
Pooja is coming on tv.
I thought I escaped Pooja!
And here she is! Boring!
If you don't want to watch it,
make yourself a drink.
The whisky is over there.
Suit myself!
I heard about the great Delhi
No reaction?
Come on Vijay Khanna,
help yourself.
Today we introduce to you Mr Amit
the famous poet.
He's my favourite!
Ms Pooja, you must give the audience
my greetings.
Which you have said
and they have heard.
I believe they will be glad
to have this introduction.
What next after "Kabhi Kabhie"?
"Kabhi Kabhie" was my first
and perhaps my last anthology.
Years ago, I stopped writing poetry.
What is a life without
poetry, art and music?
How can you live such
a dry, drab and lonely life?
That's the life I'm living.
But I'll assure you it isn't
an existence without purpose.
Love, it is said is what makes
a man write his first lines.
Or maybe love is what impels a man
to stop writing poetry.
But tell me, is this hearsay?
Or is it a personal opinion?
The audience is still waiting
for your answer.
I have said what I have to.
And those who can, will understand.
On behalf of the viewers
and myself, I will ask you...
to start writing once again.
For our sake.
And now that we are here, how about
reading one of your poems?
You might have heard my
poem titled "Kabhi Kabhie".
I have heard it.
I have read it too.
"Kabhi Kabhie" is one facet
of my life.
Long before that,
I had written another poem...
which reveals the other side
of my life.
Here it is...
My heart tells me"
"Life could've passed in
The shade of your long tresses then"
"The sorrows
That burden my heart today"
"In your eyes would
have found solace"
"But that was not to be
And such is how it is"
"Not you, nor your desire,
Nor the pangs are"
"Life drags on as if
Life needs no support anymore"
"There is no path, no destination
No light upon my path..."
"Through darkness my life meanders
In this darkness, my way I will lose"
"This I know will come to be, my love"
"But still
Sometimes, my heart tells me"
"Sometimes, my heart tells me"
It has been so many years.
Yes. Many years.
I've started losing count.
Come, let's go somewhere.
I have so much to tell you.
Yes. I want to listen to everything
you have to say.
Caught you red handed!
I'm smart too.
Very pleased to meet you.
Long before I became her husband,
I became your fan.
Did you tell him about
our first night together?
I asked her to sing
one of your poems.
You know, Pooja sings very well!
She's also your fan.
Mr Amit...
- Yes?
I have a small request.
- Tell me.
Come to my house and
join me for a drink.
I'd be very happy. Pooja would
be happy too. Yes, Pooja?
If that's so important,
well let's do it.
It's coke for you isn't it, Pooja?
Come on, why don't you take
a drink at times?
I've taken up a lot of good habits
from you. Spare me this one.
Ever since she married me, she has
been getting smarter and smarter.
What's your opinion?
- I haven't one.
It's a matter between
husband and wife.
You aren't an outsider.
Our relationship is very old.
I've known you for years.
As a poet.
But Pooja, you missed something
in that interview.
- Yes.
You never said anything
about Mr Amit's poetry.
There's pathos in his every line.
The pangs of love...
as if he was scarred.
At least you could've asked him
who she was.
Not your fault, you know.
You didn't fall in love.
You don't know the lover's plight.
That poem of yours...
"Sometimes if we cross paths
You will pretend not to know me"
"Sometimes when my name is mentioned
You will feign ignorance"
"Of me? You have never heard"
"Sometimes if we cross paths
You will pretend not to know me"
"Sometimes when my name is mentioned
You will feign ignorance"
"Of me? You have never heard"
Look, I don't build houses,
I build homes.
And walls and doors and windows
don't make homes.
It takes people to make homes.
How they think, how they feel,
how they live their lives...
and the people who visit their homes
...their friends, their foes...
The house they live in,
pictures what they are.
It means, a man's status is
revealed from his residence.
See me in my office on Monday.
I'll give you the details.
Where's Mr Amit?
- He has left.
Without as much as telling me?
These poets are really moody.
Looks like he has suffered.
That question during the interview
was a good one.
That girl has ruined his life.
All you men think alike. In the end,
it's the woman who gets all the blame.
Men are selfish. We never even think
what the woman has to go through.
By the way, your son called.
- Anything special?
Very special!
- What?
Is that why he called?
- You don't know this, Pooja.
When I first fell in love,
I wanted to tell everyone!
Whenever I was alone, I used to scream
at the top of my voice, "I'm in love"
Not over and over and over again...
Look, over there.
Such a beautiful place!
For ages, the mountains have
stood here. In silence.
As if they've been waiting
all this while for us.
And the golden sun lying
on the snow over there.
And the trees standing like
hermits worshipping nature...
And you don't even
seem to notice.
"I can't take my eyes off you"
"Nature's beauty means nothing to me"
"My desire isn't sated yet"
"Nature's beauty means nothing to me"
"Your eyes burns with desire"
"Like the fire upon snows"
"My body is on fire"
"Nature's beauty means nothing to me"
"There lies a sea of colors
and fragrances"
"But we don't even know
if it's the day or the night"
"A whole Universe
I can feel within myself"
"Nature's beauty means nothing to me"
"I see the shadow of my eye-lids
in your eyes"
"In your face I can see
my emotions mirrored"
"I have never had enough of you"
"I always crave to meet you...
Goodbye kiss!
I'll call you.
- I'll wait.
What are you gaping at?
- The scene.
Keep going.
- Sure.
Where's Papa?
- Inside.
Is Pinky home?
Pinky...? No.
But I just heard her voice.
An illusion, maybe?
- Very strange.
Give yourself a treatment, doctor.
Pinky my baby!
Where's my tape recorder?
Shut your eyes...
- Done.
Now say, "Open Sesame"
Open Sesame
- Louder.
Here comes your tape recorder.
Keep yourselves company.
I've a lot of work to do.
I'll cook up a sweet and...
potato in sour sauce.
Your coming has brightened up
our lives!
Without you this house
looked so empty.
I'll never leave you.
- But you'll have.
- Someone will marry you someday.
Isn't it possible to I bring home
the man I marry?
You mad girl, go to your
room and change.
My patients are waiting.
Ramdeen, Govind where
the hell are you?
Come up here
Can't you hear me?
What happened sweetheart?
- Everything is in a mess!
Who removed my photograph
from here? Who came in here?
Your father used to come
to your room.
He missed you.
He comes here and
sits here for hours.
He fiddles with your things.
He took your photograph.
It's on the table by his bed.
He kisses the photo every night
before he goes to bed.
My baby, I can't live without you.
Yes, it's me.
What are you up to?
- Nothing.
When are you seeing me?
- I just left you.
Can I come over?
- Why?
I can't take my eyes off you.
Go on...
- Buddy, so when are we meeting?
Eleven tomorrow?
Are you on grass or something?
Just came in from the garden.
Yes. Daddy is here.
And he's fine.
He's in his room making plans
for a new house. For us.
So Daddy's breathing down your neck?
Scared of Daddy?
Not at all.
Eleven sharp tomorrow, then?
On one condition.
- What?
Not now, man!
Look, at times, a man is helpless!
Try to understand.
Then I won't come.
Now don't do this.
Eleven tomorrow, right?
- Pinky, please man...
In my time, I've had
my share of flings.
This is just your first time.
Dad, just you wait and watch.
As if you've won the the cup
for the greatest casanova.
Call it my jackpot in the derby.
Who's this girl? Tell me.
Making friends with Dad
could be profitable.
She's from your part of the world.
- From Delhi? And I don't know her?
She's in school with me.
Her father is a doctor.
Dr R.P. Kapoor
You mean my doctor's daughter?
Made my day!
Didn't I say, my son will show
his colors someday!
You fool! Did you hear that?
Your son is in love with
my doctor's daughter.
Look he's feeling shy.
Come, let's launch the attack!
I had warned him to take care
of his daughter. Let's go.
But in this state...?
- What do you mean?
Let me change my dress.
What for? For impressing people?
I've been impressed for years!
What are you laughing at you jackass?
She's your mother!
Come on, pick her up.
- What are you doing?
Was that an important caller?
Yes... a friend, she came along
with me from the hostel.
And you like her a lot?
- Yes.
Ever since we've met, it's
as though, we're in love...
It happens doesn't it Dad?
You meet someone for the first time...
and you get involved for a lifetime.
It happens, especially
to people your age.
What's his name?
- What?
You're caught.
Won't you tell us
your girlfriend's name?
Hey Doctor, come out man!
Doctor, didn't I say my son
will show his colors someday?
With your permission?
God bless you.
Let me take a look at you.
Shobha she looks just like you.
You used to be my friend's wife.
The relationship is changing.
Henceforth our relations
have changed.
I have a right to flirt with you
from now on. Right, doctor?
With Pooja's permission.
As if he needs permission.
He's the father of a grown-up son,
and look at him.
Still up to childish pranks.
- I'm young at heart!
Come into my arms, Shobha!
What are you doing? You're wet!
Fatty, I'll fix you!
Who is it on your mind? Dad kissed
you before he left, didn't he?
Shall I ask you something?
- Ask.
When you were in college,
there must've been...
an ambulance trailing behind you.
- Meaning...?
I mean, men must've been fainting
left and right.
Apple-polishing, is this?
Shut up.
You must've liked someone.
Else you wouldn't be humming.
Look, don't tell lies.
Tell me the truth.
Those were the days in college.
Those days are gone.
But we weren't like you.
You meet a girl in the morning,
and by evening, you're engaged.
In your times, people went platonic
for six months!
For a year afterwards, hello's,
how-are-you's and niceties.
By the time you get to start
a relationship...
she gets to know that her parents
have fixed her wedding elsewhere.
Which leaves the poor Romeo
to play uncle to Juliet's baby.
Pinky looks so happy.
She's very lucky.
The boy is so nice.
And it's a good family.
What are you thinking about?
She's going to get engaged.
And then, comes the wedding.
Don't worry. I've put together
a dowry for Pinky.
I'm her mother. I know my duty.
I'm not talking about that.
- Then what is it?
Look, Pinky's in-law's
live in the same city.
In a way that's good.
We can keep seeing here.
That's just why the secret
can longer be kept a secret.
What secret?
You know fully well. But you'd
rather have me speak about it.
I don't know any secret.
- We shouldn't be selfish.
I can understand, how painful
it's going to be for you.
But we should make
a clean breast of it.
Have you ever thought
where this is going to end?
Even I'm scared when
I think about it.
But how long can we keep it a secret?
Besides, the Khannas are our friends.
When they come to know,
we'll lose face.
Then why are you asking me?
Go and keep up your face.
You always get your way with things.
Do whatever you want.
I knew long ago that Pinky
could never be your daughter!
You're such a bore and
she's such a sweet girl.
We're the bridespeople, after all.
You have the upper hand. Go on.
I won't let you off lightly.
We don't measure people...
by labels and families.
It's the heart that counts.
Am I right Pooja?
He wants my opinion?
Don't you let go of your chance.
I need someone to second me.
Besides, you're my wife.
Will you ever speak against me?
- Sure. That's what wives are for.
I think you should
tell Pinky everything.
Are you out of your mind?
Pooja, you don't know Pinky.
I don't think it's a good idea
to tell her.
The earlier we learn to
trust our children, the better.
Tomorrow they shouldn't blame
us for cooking up things.
When a child falls,
he bruises himself.
If the child was pushed,
the wound could run deep.
Today, Pinky is a girl.
Tomorrow, she will become a woman.
She might never forgive us.
This is not true! Tell me Papa
that I'm your daughter!
Pinky my child, I...
- I'm my Mama's baby! Tell me!
Yes! You're our daughter, dear.
Our darling daughter.
Then why did you say that
I have another mother?
I don't have another Mom.
Even if it were true...
you should never have told me.
- I told him, but he insisted.
Shobha, we shouldn't be selfish.
If it's selfishness
to be a mother...
if it's selfishness to crave
for a daughter's love...
then I'd rather be
be a selfish woman.
Pinky my child...
how long could we have
kept this a secret?
After the wedding, when the documents
relating to your inheritance...
are handed over to you,
the truth would surely out.
Your natural mother is still alive.
We are your foster parents.
All of a sudden,
there comes up a name.
A name that never concerned me.
Someone I was never related to.
And today, she's my mother.
I have become her daughter.
But what difference does
it make?
A lot of difference!
You pick up a plant
you have cared for...
you pull it out by the roots,
you throw it away...
and you say that it makes no
difference to you!
It will kill the plant!
It will kill me!
I forgot it. I'm not Pinky's mother.
I've forgotten it for years!
And today...
What difference does it make?
She deserted you
after you were born.
And today, she means
so much for you?
And those who gave you all their
love... they mean nothing to you?
What do I do? Today I hesitate even
to ask for a cup of tea in that house.
To think that I used
to throw a tantrum...
every time I wasn't given
what I wanted.
When I didn't like the food,
I'd smash the plates.
But today, I haven't
the guts to say a word.
Great! This is how you
pay your parents back!
Is this how you repay
their love for you?
Just because somewhere there's
a woman who gave birth to you.
So that's why she's your Mother.
Why rake up the past?
What've you got to do with her?
Listen to me.
Forget the story.
This is not a story.
There is someone.
She bore me.
She is my mother.
You know what the word mother means?
This one word has changed my life.
She has snatched my family away!
What about our love, the wedding,
our life together?
I can't say anything now.
- Or you don't want to?
Please, Vicky.
Try to understand me.
I don't even know why my
mother deserted me.
What was her problem?
I don't even know who my Dad is.
I wish to know about myself.
Why don't you understand?
What do you want to do?
- I'll meet my mother.
- What do you mean?
I mean, what after that?
- This I can't tell now.
Because you don't know?
- Yes.
When do you wish to go?
- As soon as possible.
Very well. We'll both
go and see your mother.
You aren't coming with me.
- Why?
Because this is a personal matter.
Am I an outsider?
- I didn't say that.
Alone! In a strange place!
Among strange people...!
I can take care of myself.
- But I'm coming with you.
Where have you been all morning?
Have you had a drink before?
- Beer.
Only one peg.
Had a fight with Pinky?
What's the problem, son?
What difference would it have made
had God not created woman?
You wouldn't have been born.
God has created woman so that
you can grow up and abuse her.
You're becoming indecent
day by day.
I'm not talking about you.
I'm talking about Pinky.
She picked a fight with me,
and she walked out on me.
Where has she gone?
- To find her newfound mother.
And you let her go?
To a strange place...
to meet strangers...?
What if in a weak moment,
she does something wrong?
What else could I do?
I told her, I'm ready
to go with her.
But she screamed at me!
And she said no one goes with her.
She says a no, and you drop the idea?
And you're madly in love with her?
Don't call my love mad, Dad!
Be a man!
If you love her, then follow
her to the end of the world.
Bring her back.
Prove that you're my son.
Vicky, where are you going?!
Ask him where he's going.
Don't you want your son
to know his responsibilities?
Let him make his own decisions.
Let him stand on his own feet.
My name is Pinky.
I'm coming from Delhi.
From Dr Kapoor's...
Who is it, Anju?
Who is this?
My niece.
Your uncle.
How did you come alone?
Weren't you afraid of taking
such a long journey all alone?
No news. And no letter.
You could've sent us a telegram.
She might've decided
on the spur of the moment.
I'm seeing you after years.
I couldn't recognise you.
You wouldn't even remember me.
You were very small then.
20 years...
Come, I'll show you
to your room.
This is your room. Take a bath.
The bathroom is there.
Take a hot water bath.
You'll feel fresh.
I'll lay the table
in the meantime.
What's her name?
Why has she come here?
Why does one come to visit
a relative?
And what did you say
your cousin's name is?
Mrs Shobha Kapoor
Strange, isn't it? A strange face,
a strange name you never heard of...
comes knocking, and tells you,
let's play relatives.
Even I was surprised to see her.
- So I thought.
She's your cousin
from Delhi.
Papa, isn't she sweet?
Come, sit here.
Let Pinky sit beside me.
Come Pinky.
Start, Pinky.
Come on, let me serve you.
Pass the bowl, Sweety.
How was your day?
Invite me sometime for the game.
Don't you play any games?
- Sometimes.
How about a match between
Pinky and Sweety?
I'm not losing a match.
Won't you back me up, Papa?
And I'll back Pinky.
Not one to hundred.
One to a thousand!
Come to me, my child.
- What's it Papa?
I'll show you a cartoon.
Looks just like you.
I don't want to see it.
- Why are you angry with me?
Show me all your teeth. Let's see
how you look when you smile.
Papa, will you recite that poem?
- Which one?
The one you had written about me
when I was very small.
Let your Mummy recite that poem.
Recite that poem...
- All right.
Come and sit beside me.
"A little fairy came to my house"
"She came riding on a chariot
lit with the moonlight"
"Her words were as sweet
as honey"
"On her breath, the smell of perfumes"
"Her lips were like wet roses"
"Her cheeks were the color of
ripe pomegranates"
"That was the little fairy
who came to my house"
"When she came,
the spring came with her"
"And flowers blossomed
in my house"
"I have seen her a thousand times"
"But I can't take my eyes off her"
"She's the little fairy
who came to my house"
"Then I asked her
Who are you?"
"She smiled and said
I'm your love"
"I've lived in your heart forever"
"This is the first time
I've come to your home"
"She's the little fairy
who came to my house"
"She came riding on a chariot
lit with the moonlight"
What a beautiful poem!
You write so well.
Why don't you write a poem
about Pinky?
Why about Pinky?
He's my Papa.
He'll write about me.
He won't write about anyone else!
Not even about you!
You shouldn't talk like
that before a guest.
Who is she?
I cannot tell you yet
who you are.
How long will she stay in our house?
How long can I hide this?
It's just a matter of a few days.
She isn't going to stay here forever.
The way Mummy was looking at her!
As if she's loathe to leave her!
Why did you leave me?
As of now, you will not understand.
Neither can I explain this.
Our well-wishers purport to act
in the best of our interests.
I've suffered for it.
I haven't seen my daughter
in 20 years...
the daughter I bore.
In life, these petty event
come and go.
One who understands and
adjusts accordingly, is wise.
May I call you my mother?
Not yet.
Vicky you? Here?
Your tears tell me that you've been
crying your heart out for me.
Aren't my eyes telling you something?
At least you can do me the courtesy...
of asking if I've had
a pleasant journey.
Vicky, I'm very disturbed.
So you've met your mother,
haven't you?
You shouldn't have come here.
Now that you're here,
make sure you don't meet me.
Even if we meet, make sure
you don't recognise me.
I have a past and you know that.
But there's no place in it for you.
Don't you rub it in!
I didn't come here to
enjoy myself.
Watch this!
You seem to be new here.
- Is this an exclusive zone?
The name is Sweety.
- Where do you live?
That's our house over there.
It's called "The Past".
The Past...?
Say, heads or tails.
Heads I win, tails you lose.
I don't believe in losing.
That's dangerous.
Interesting too.
- I reckon.
So it's heads you win, tails I lose.
But what if I win?
God helps those who are in love.
You know that, don't you?
I could say I agree.
Even if He won't help
lovers don't bother about it.
Which means, come what may,
those who are in love win.
You're interesting.
- Not charming?
But how did love crop up?
- I leave that to your senses.
How long will you be here?
If I find a job here,
I'll stick around.
Else, it's back home.
I can help you get a job.
But on one condition.
- What?
Ride my Tawny.
This pony?
- Tawny. That's his name. My Tawny.
I've won every cup there is to be won
in equestrians. May be you don't know.
We'll see.
Does he follow Sanskrit?
- Try talking to him.
I'm your friend, man.
He surely understands French?
Good day!
We're friends.
Saw my Tawny?
You son of a gun!
Move it!
Well miss, do I have my job?
- Done.
Look, there's a button missing
on my shirt.
Coming just now.
Let me put it on.
All right. I'll serve the breakfast.
Can I come with you?
- Where?
To your office.
What will you do there?
You'll get bored.
I'll get bored at home too.
I'll help you in the office.
I'll be your secretary.
You won't get a better secretary.
Okay. Let's go.
I'll be back.
Papa, this is Vicky.
He's a great rider!
He broke Tawny in.
Your sister?
No. Cousin. From Delhi.
Funny, I live in Delhi too.
But I've never seen you.
Delhi is a big city.
That's why I came to a small place
where everyone knows everyone else.
Vicky needs a job. Give him one.
What sort of job?
I'll do anything.
In my opinion no work
is big or small.
Man should understand
the dignity of labour.
What's your opinion?
Tough pitch.
For me too.
You should be in school.
The tides of time, sir.
Landed me here.
But this is a nice place.
Sweety, if I give him a job,
what's going to be my reward?
That's reward enough.
What's your name?
- Likh (Write)
I'm writing. Tell me.
- Likhu.
- Likhu
Look, you change your name.
Every day, there's a mistake.
Dad's name?
Boojho (Guess)
- How can I guess your Dad's name?
Wasn't my Dad, was he?
Now give me your Dad's name.
Boojho Singh
Look, change your Dad.
- What?
I mean change your Dad's name.
Every day there's a mistake.
- Rambhajan.
Not my name. Your name.
- Rambhajan.
Yes Sir!
Put him on the trolley up there.
You're a boy. Ran away from school?
Or was it a fight at home?
What did you say your name was?
I haven't yet told you.
- Please to.
Vikram Khanna alias Vicky.
Ice the alias.
Vikram Khanna will do.
Your address.
Up there on top of the hill.
Will you fly to work by helicopter?
Work starts at six sharp.
He lives on top of a hill,
and gets the boss to recommend him.
Look, I'll put you up
in the company guest house.
May I move in bag and baggage?
Yes. Go, get it.
His secretary speaking.
I didn't appoint her. I found her.
And she's very sweet.
Now about your strange idea
of building a 5 star hotel here...
when is your architect coming?
I'll try.
Your room.
35 bucks will be deducted
from your salary every month.
You still have to pay two bucks for
the water, and five for electricity.
Over there... the water tap.
You'll have to take the walk into the
forest for nature's calls. Understand?
Beginning to. What about hot water?
What water?
- Hot water.
Hot water...?
Up in the mornings, put out a bucket
of water under the sun.
Come sundown, it will have warmed up.
What do you think you came here for?
A holiday?
Water, hot!
Some romance!
I haven't had a bath in 27 years!
And he wants hot water!
These kids think life is a song.
What are you looking for, Vicky?
Irrelevant question.
Besides, you wouldn't like
to hear the answer.
Well, have you met your mother?
Yes. I met her.
So now you've had your wish?
- Never mind my wishes.
Just get on with the flirting.
- Not my fault if someone likes me.
As if you're the only handsome man
in the whole world.
If this Vikram Khanna, alias Vicky
were to look in your eyes...
and say the three lords
"I love you"...
your eyes will start streaming.
And here you are,
neck deep in this mess.
Has Mr Amit come to know,
who you are?
Mummy must've told you not to say it.
Worse, I can't even address
my mother as Mummy!
Even after all these years...
I still can't call her Mummy!
You fancied hurting yourself, Pinky.
That's why you came here.
Now who's the better off for it?
They were a happy family.
And you've landed in there
like a bolt out of the blue!
You haven't seen the end of it!
He doesn't know yet.
But once he gets wind...!
You've no right to destroy
a decent man's life.
Let's go back, Pinky. Back to Delhi.
Let's get married.
I'm changing my clothes.
One minute...
What do I do now
I'm in a soup!
If she sees you here, she'll make sure
I'm headed straight back to Delhi.
And the mess you'll be in...
What are you doing, Vicky?
- Putting on my tie.
Are you going out?
No... I'm undressing...
taking my tie off... changing...
What's the matter?
You look panicky.
But you look chic.
- You said this the morning.
Which is the funniest part.
Everything changes.
Eating habits, fashions, governments,
they all change. Everything changes.
Everything except the cliche.
I love you.
There's a feel-good thing about it.
You too?!
I'm dead.
All set?
I was all set to have
a fit of epilepsy.
What do you mean?
I mean Sweety, there's
something lovely, you know.
Show me!
No! Not in there!
Not meant for ladies...
Not for ladies?
- Not at all.
God created this exclusively for men.
- Then, it must be something dirty.
No, it's lovely!
- Let me see it then.
No, you'll get a shock!
- Something electric?
A million volts!
Look what it has done to me!
Now let's get out of here.
- No. Let's sit here.
Lovely weather out there!
The beauties of nature!
Please! Listen to me!
Listen to me! You're a darling!
Let's climb a tree and eat mangoes.
Come on.
Look at the weather!
How romantic!
It's snowing heavily.
- Thrilling!
- Why?
Your Dad is bearing straight
down on us! - Why are you scared?
Look, your mother must be
looking for you. Go home.
Let's sit here and talk.
- Please! Listen to me!
Do you want me to get fired?
Do you want me back in Delhi?
Will you come to dinner?
Do you eat with your
left hand?
No. I just thought
I'd try it out today.
What happened?
I was just thinking about sandwiches!
Pity the tomato sandwiched between
a slice on top and a slice under!
If you wish to eat a sandwich
then I'll make one for you.
Are you feeling all right?
- No, I have a cold.
You shouldn't sneeze
at the table.
You must've been out in the snow.
No wonder, you've caught a cold.
Look at Pinky. She didn't
go out of her room.
Did you go out?
- No, Mom... No, Aunt.
I thought she was about
to call you Mummy.
Don't you think, Vicky?
There isn't much difference
beween an aunt and a mother.
Right, sir?
It's a question of
accepting the relationship.
Some aunts could be
better mothers, you know.
But I think, an aunt is an aunt.
And a mother is a mother.
Right Mummy?
Pinky, drink your milk.
You didn't eat dinner properly.
The milk is laced with brandy.
You'll have a sound sleep.
I want to ask you something.
I think you aren't happy here.
You're worrying yourself sick.
Just tell me, who is my father?
Don't ask this question now.
Don't even think about it.
Are you thinking
what I am thinking?
I was thinking about Sweety.
- I see.
What are you thinking about?
About Pinky.
What were you thinking
about Pinky?
You may be seeing her after
all these years.
But you needn't be so affectionate.
Sweety might feel neglected.
Am I giving her too much attention?
- You're showering your love on her.
You know, I can't bear to see
Sweety becoming unhappy.
To live, a man needs
an object of affection.
Sweety is not only the object.
She's my life.
Amit, tell me something.
I hope you haven't stopped
writing because of me.
Because of us... Sweety... I,
because of the family...?
I feel sad, whenever I think of it.
I feel guilty.
Not for once must you think that
you are responsible for my failure.
A part of my heart
is dead, empty.
Can I not fill that emptiness?
I used to think that the pain
would heal the wound.
What if you didn't think
of the painful part?
Good or bad, that past, that wound...
why don't you take it in your stride?
Anjali, I have tried.
But then I think not everyone
gets everything out of life.
Forget it. Let's go to sleep.
What happened? You haven't slept?
- I'm not getting sleep.
What are you thinking about?
Vijay, have I been a good wife?
If you want it, I'll give you
a certificate.
You are the ideal woman
and the ideal wife.
First, you will have to flatter me.
I'm no poet! I can't write odes
in your praise.
I'm just a lowly mason in the trade
of putting together brick and mortar.
At least you might try.
- Trying I am, sweetheart.
Here stands the wall between us.
I won't listen till you've done
your bit to flatter me.
Till then we're walls apart.
Is that a challenge?
Whatever you think.
I'm man enough. And in my times,
I've breached many a wall.
When in love, fear not!
Lady, you're great.
I worship you!
Now you're on track.
You're nice. Very nice.
You're beautiful. Very beautiful!
Your eyes...
My eyes...?
Your eyes resemble...
- Resemble what?
The lantern burning
in a poor man's hut.
Vicky hasn't been writing.
God knows, how he is.
He's my son. He must
be enjoying himself.
"The colours of the blossoms
The sheen of your skin"
"Those eyes like a fairy's
The effect is stunning"
"You're always needling me
I'll get engaged to someone else"
"How can someone else
As long as I am around"
"Never! Let the daggers be drawn"
"Unless you say yes,
I'll use force"
"In the end these lovers of mine
Will always kill themselves"
"Stop playing hard to get"
"I'll grab you by the hair
And I'll drag you home"
"Let the daggers be drawn"
"You have a way with words"
"And I'm ready for the consequences"
"Stop flirting with the other girls"
"I won't leave you
Even if God tries to stop me"
"If you are so eager
I'll make you happy"
"I'm coming with you
Let the daggers be drawn"
"When you like someone,
you might fall in love"
"No use reasoning with your heart
Fight the heart and you'll never win"
"Right, my love"
"When hearts come together
you will fall in love"
"The coming together of hearts
is a matter of destiny"
"This is the place to fall in love"
"For lovers, the world
is a young place to be"
"Believe it or not
Cupid can strike anyone"
"Every heart craves for love"
"Love is life"
"Get close to someone"
"Give him your heart
Give him your soul"
"Give someone a place in your heart"
"Be my guest"
"Find a place in someone's heart"
"Youth comes only once"
"The season of love comes only once"
"Don't miss this season"
"The seasons of love
Mustn't be missed"
"It doesn't blossom everyday"
"Even if it means getting a bad name
Do it"
"That's the way with lovers"
"Let others heap insults on you
Every insult is your reward"
"Tell someone you love her"
"Hear, someone says
She's in love with you"
Your coming has brightened up
our lives!
Without you this house
looked so empty.
I have no one, Papa!
No one!
I'm suffering for
what I have done.
I'm coming back, Mummy!
I have no one!
I just wanted to meet you.
I've met you.
Are you sorry you came here?
No. I was in dark. After I came here,
I've come to know everything.
And back in Delhi,
my parents are all alone.
They have no one else but me.
I've some duty towards them.
You're right.
I wanted to ask you something.
What do you think of Vicky?
Do you like him?
Yes. I wanted to know your opinion
before taking a decision.
He's nice... what can I say...?
He lives in Delhi. I can come and
go often. And we'll can meet too.
Maybe I'll get to know
the Doctor and Shobha better.
I think Sweety and Vicky
make a good pair.
I have to discuss this
with my husband.
You lost.
How is Vicky?
He's a fine boy.
But... I don't get you.
I think Sweety has taken
a liking for him.
He likes her too.
Why not pair them off?
Have you asked Sweety?
If you don't believe me,
you can ask her.
I'll ask her right away.
What are you drawing?
That's my sketch!
Papa! Give it back to me!
That's my guest house.
But who's this boy?
Look, I won't talk to you!
I'll tell you, who he is.
He's Vicky.
I like him too.
Are you in love with Sweety?
What do you think?
I think you're pretending.
You're cheating her.
Do you know what they
are thinking about you?
They're talking in terms of
getting you and Sweety married.
You'll surely come for the wedding?
It's a matter of her life.
Who is responsible for all this?
Go on, Pinky. Say it.
It's all your fault.
You think, I traveled 1100 miles
to work in a stone quarry?
Did I come here for Sweety?
Did I leave home for this?
And your coming here... now whom
has it made any happier?
Are you any happier?
Am I happier?
Are your parents happier?
Or is your newfound mother
any happier for it?
Go on. Bask in your newfound mother's
love as long as you can!
But only till Mr Amit doesn't know
about all this.
Then all this sweet talk will turn
sour and love will turn to hatred.
And you're the root cause
of all this, Pinky.
Take it out on me
if you think it's my fault.
Why are you destroying
an innocent girl's life?
You can't destroy someone's home.
They gave you shelter,
they have trusted you.
Is this the way you repay them?
Your lies will kill that girl!
What you call a lie
could be true.
If you have guts, go and tell them
that you want to marry Sweety.
I have only one weakness in my life.
And you know that.
Please don't take advantage
of my weakness.
Don't ridicule me, Pinky.
You are my weakness.
I didn't come here
to destroy this family.
I didn't come here
to ruin their lives.
I wanted to go back with you
as soon as you would.
Anyway I'll make you a promise.
After today, I won't give you
a chance to complain.
Do you know Vicky?
- Yes.
How long have you known him?
- I know him from Delhi.
Why has he come here?
- For my sake.
- We are engaged.
He was against my coming here.
I fought with him and came here.
I fought with everyone...
with Mummy... with Papa.
For your sake! For my sake!
And after I came here...
You have been through so much.
Whose fault was it?
And who suffers...?
I will not make you suffer anymore.
I promise.
I have to make good those 20 years.
Yesterday it was Sweety.
Today it's Pinky!
Till yesterday you were
planning Sweety's wedding.
And today Pinky means
everything for you.
Sweety is as much my daughter
as she is yours.
Don't misunderstand me.
Try to understand me if you can.
I feel like laughing at you!
You are a man after all.
You can't change.
And you, the woman.
You can't overcome your weaknesses
your duplicity, your subterfuge.
I was making a mistake.
And I was so unaware.
I'm sure you're quite aware that
what you're doing...
will hurt an innocent child.
You know she loves Vicky.
And you also know that Sweety
isn't only my weakness.
After my poetry, she is
everything in life for me.
She is my poetry.
If anyone tries to hurt her,
I'll make her life miserable...
be it even my wife.
I feel so proud of you.
But you enrage me!
I wish I could kill myself!
A mother has to bear much.
But how much? For how long?
There must be an end to it.
- What sort of a mother are you?
You wish ill of the child
you have mothered!
You won't understand, Amit.
No man can understand!
Because you aren't a woman.
You aren't a mother.
You can't understand that no mother
will wish her child ill.
You break her heart
and you wish her well?
Why is Pinky so dear to you?
Who is this Pinky?
Who is she to you?
Answer me.
Don't be obstinate, Amit.
It's an old wound.
The wound is festering.
It stinks!
The poison has seeped into our lives!
It's poisoning my family!
Who is this Pinky? Why is she here?
How are you related to her? Tell me!
Pinky is my daughter.
Uncle I'm ready.
I'll be with you in a minute.
So what am I to do?
Should I welcome this architect
with a garland?
If he's coming here,
am I to blame?
Uncle tea.
Put it down.
Are you angry with me?
If I have made a mistake,
please forgive me.
Why should you
make a mistake?
I'm the one who is wrong.
Ever since you walked into my life,
life has become unbearable!
Pinky is my daughter.
Amit, I couldn't sleep last night.
I can't quite make you out.
But I know what you are.
With hatred in your heart,
you can only go wrong.
And why this hatred?
How did it arise?
Who is Pinky's father?
He isn't alive.
He was a test pilot.
We were engaged.
I saw him get into that plane...
It has been 20 years since.
For me, that was another lifetime.
After I came into your life,
I shut my past out.
I became yours. Entirely.
My life begins with you.
My life ends with you.
For me, that past is dead.
Not dead. The embers are
still flying in my face!
Are you the architect?
What do you think?
Do you think I'm out of a circus?
And you...?
- Given up poetry. Taken to stones.
You're the one who's going
to bring my designs to life.
This 5 star hotel will be one
of its kind in this country.
And on the pretext, I'll have
the pleasure of seeing you often.
The site looks fine.
Let me take a look.
Who's that fellow?
- He came here a few days ago.
Very hard working.
He's also from Delhi.
I think so too.
- You know him?
Will you please call him here?
When I was of your age,
I'd do the pentathlon!
They call me Vijay Khanna.
- They call me Vikram Khanna.
Yes. This Romeo is my son.
You shouldn't have hidden it
from me.
It wouldn't have been any fun.
I've laid the dynamites.
The first blast is at
nine tomorrow morning.
After that, there will be blasts
every 5 minutes.
By four p.m. the hill
will have become a rubble.
I have a small request.
- Yes?
Dinner with us tonight.
You walked away from my house.
But I'll surely have dinner with you.
Pooja will be happy.
Is she here with you?
I'd never come to this
godforsaken place all alone.
I'm the romantic type.
I gave up romancing girls after the
marriage. Now I make do with the wife.
Where are you staying?
In Mr Mehra's zoo.
I'll pick you up in the evening.
Won't you sit down?
Where's Mr Vijay?
He's getting dressed up.
He takes more time than me
to get dressed.
How have you been?
Is that all?
What else?
Are you happy?
From the conventional point of view,
yes I'm happy.
And married?
Yes. It's been many years.
Your wife must be beautiful.
Your choice can never be bad.
Yes, my wife is beautiful.
But it wasn't my choice.
One girl. A few years
younger to Vicky.
Have you met Vicky?
- Yes.
Did you like him?
He reminds of my dreams.
Any more questions?
So many years, so many questions...
In the end, life is reduced to
a few questions, a few answers.
How are you Pooja?
Not Mrs Pooja Khanna?
Like you addressed me that day?
Coming from you,
it sounded strange.
You'll get used to it.
I'm leading the life
you told me to live.
My husband, my home, my son,
...that's my world.
I've no complaints against
my life. All except one.
You didn't keep your promise.
I never promised you
I'd write poetry.
But I had begged of you.
As long as you wrote...
I'd live on, in some corner
of your heart.
That heart... was it ever mine?
After meeting you, I realise
that you haven't forgotten me.
Your memories... the only thing
I treasure in my life.
Please, let me keep what
little I have left.
I feel so proud.
But I'm sad too.
My memories are the cause
of your sorrow.
I feel guilty.
Who is to stop you from
thinking about me?
But be not sad when you think of me.
Be happy when you think of me.
As I feel happy
when I remember you.
When did you come?
- Long ago.
Come, let's go.
Weren't you and Amit studying
in the same College?
Those must have been his days...
his poetry must've been evocative.
It must've been hard not to fall
for the magic.
You must've met each other.
Right, Mr Amit?
You're right.
To tell you the truth,
I'm confounded!
But if your poems were the
talk of those days...
Pooja's beauty must've
hit the headlines.
In your place, I would've
fallen in love with her.
Vijay, this is unwont!
Not really out of place, sweetheart.
Maybe irrelevant now.
Anyway, I've never talked
much sense, have I?
I beg your pardon, Mr Vijay.
What you are thinking
isn't what you're saying.
There you're mistaken, Mr Poet.
If you're listening carefully...
you'll find that
I'm speaking my mind.
Wasn't the anthology "Kabhi Kabhie"
published around that time?
Yes. Mr. Amit had presented me a copy.
I'll show it to you...
when we're back in Delhi.
- And on our first night together...
you recited one of his poems!
Sometimes, my heart tells me
Mrs. Khanna and I were
together in the college.
Please be seated.
I'll lay the table.
I'll join you.
Well Mr. Vijay, it's time
for your drink.
I'm going to really enjoy my drink!
Shall I ask you something?
- Go on.
Won't you cry a lot,
once I go back to Delhi?
Maybe you'll cry a little?
Not even a few drops?
At least you'll miss me a lot.
For a few days.
Then slowly you'll forget me.
You'll go to Delhi,
when I let you go.
I've had it!
What a fool I've been!
It was so simple!
And I couldn't grasp it?
Vijay Khanna, you turned out
to be a fool.
What happened, Mr. Vijay?
We men are very selfish.
A thing so petty... and now
it's blown out of proportion.
Friendships, relationships,
...are forgotten!
A woman bears your children,
spends 20 years of her life with you.
Brings you happiness,
like rain on a barren land.
And yet a man thinks about
her past, her lovers...
Did she meet this man?
Did she love that man?
Man denigrates himself when
he thinks about these things.
I didn't expect this from you.
I respect you a lot.
You're a poet. You understand
the world better than I do.
You met me. You came home with me.
Had you told me that you
were in love with Pooja...
my respect for you would've
increased tenfold.
This is a matter of pride for me!
Pooja is so beautiful! Men would
lay down their lives for her!
Believe me, I respect you.
And I respect your opinion.
But I beg your pardon.
You have never understood us.
You can never imagine the pain,
the ache, the passion...
that ruled our hearts.
We are not liars.
We aren't cowards.
It's a very painful thing to do.
We sacrificed our love...
for the sake of the happiness of
our parents and the social mores.
We had decided that we would
never cross each other's paths.
Even if we did meet,
we would meet as strangers.
And when we met, we would never
betray our emotions.
Those emotions we would bury.
Our feelings we would strangle.
Lest the emotions that
swayed our hearts us once...
destroy the lives of others,
we would destroy our own lives.
To do that, one needs courage.
The determination to do it.
The scar lies in my heart.
Reputations, untarred.
Tears in your eyes?
- May I not even I cry?
For what reason?
- Will you tell me the truth?
Ask me.
Are you a God or something?
It is achievement enough if
a man is humane.
Believe me, I'm very proud of you!
What are you thinking about?
What if you hadn't
come here, what then?
What difference would
that have made?
So many times,
I wanted to kill myself.
And I lost you so many times.
But then I won you back again.
Maybe this is love.
Darling, love is life.
What's happening?
Have you gone mad?
Tell me what happened?
What madness is this?
Pinky! That bitch!
Ever since she has come here,
she has become the boss.
Mummy loves her! As if
she's her daughter! Not me!
And now she's romancing Vicky!
Right in front of my eyes!
Vicky is mine! And she knows that!
You're becoming a spoilt brat.
You don't know how to talk
to your father!
If I can pamper you, then I can
straighten you out as well!
Papa slapped me! No one loves me!
I'd rather die! I'll kill myself!
Why are you taking it out on Sweety?
- What do you mean?
You're angry with me.
You can't forgive me.
Forgive... a woman like you?
Someone who hid her sin for 20 years
...hid it from her own husband?
You're unparalleled!
That was my past.
There is no present
without a past.
On the foundations of the past,
stands the present.
The present is born
from the womb of the past.
What about your past, Amit?
What do you mean?
Why don't you admit it
that you still love Pooja?
You could never forget her.
Hurts, doesn't it?
I touched a nerve, didn't I?
I don't have to listen to nonsense.
As your wife, I too have
a right to your love.
You lost that right the day
you gave birth to a bastard.
Why are you raking up my past
again and again?
I beg of you!
I don't want to lose you!
You mean everything to me.
If not for me, then at least
for Sweety's sake!
Please! Don't destroy
the home we have made!
Forgive me!
No, Anju. You can't be excused.
Remember the day 20 years ago?
When I gave up everything.
I came to you.
For living a life together.
I shut out my mind, my heart.
I stopped writing.
I wanted to become
a husband, a father.
And you betrayed me.
You cannot be forgiven.
You will have to suffer for
what you did 20 years ago.
Very well, Amit. If this is
your decision, let it be so.
What's the use of living like
strangers under one roof?
If we can't give love each other,
if we can't trust each other...
then let us part ways.
I have never interfered
in anyone's life.
I have never looked back
at the past.
Whether you want to stay or leave
is all your wish.
Sweety! Stop!
Stop! It's dangerous!
Leave me! Let me go!
What's wrong with you?
Do you want to kill yourself?
I'll kill myself!
Why are you bothered?
You go and flirt with Pinky.
Pinky is my fiancee.
We're engaged.
Are you all right?
Are you all right Sweety?
- I'm fine. Forgive me, Pinky.
I didn't know about you and Vicky.
You aren't leaving your home.
I won't let you leave.
I've put you through
so much suffering.
My hatred was consuming me.
Had something happened to Sweety,
it would've killed me.
In life, this moment is everything.
Whatever is past is past.
I'm yours, Anju.
Only yours.
I'm begging for your love!
Forgive me! Please!
"Life is the elixir"
"We have to get the most out of life"
"For the sakes of others
We will have to live our lives"
"To life give your love"
"To life I pledge loyalty"
"Together, we shall pray for life"
"For an eternity,
my poetry will be sung"
"For an eternity
my story will endure"