Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham... (2001) Movie Script

Why is it that a father is
never able to tell his son...
how much he loves him?
He's never able to embrace him
and say 'I love you my son'?
And the mother?
She keeps repeating it, whether
her son listens to it or not.
But that doesn't mean
a father loves his son any less.
No one can fathom the amount of love
that a mother has for her son...
not even the mother.
Because there is no measure
for a mother's love.
It's an emotion
that can only be felt...
a mother's emotion.
Rahul, my son... my life!
The match between Woodstock
International and Manor House...
is at a very interesting turn.
5 runs and one ball...
Can Woodstock International's 9-year
victory spell be broken in just a ball?
Captain Vivek Singh spreads his field
towards the boundaries...
...and the two batsmen
take their positions.
The excitement among the students
is rising.
The tension is mounting.
Manor House needs five runs
in one ball... Will Rohan do it?
It's up to Rohan to break.
Woodstock International's nine-year
spell of victory... Seems impossible.
Nothing is impossible. The entire game
rests on Rohan's shoulders.
Manor House is confident that
Rohan will do it!
If you want to be someone in life,
If you want to achieve something...
if you want to win,
always listen to your heart.
And if your heart
doesn't give you any answers,
close your eyes and
think of your parents.
And then you will cross
all the hurdles...
all your problems will vanish...
victory will be yours.
Only yours.
Hey, Mom and Dad...
I won I won...
I was the Man of the match...
Hey Dad,...
I watched you on CNN.
You looked great.
Now I know where I get
my good looks from.
Anyway, I have just completed
my final term and...
I'm coming home for Diwali.
Can't wait to see you guys.
Lots of Love, Rohan.
P.s., P.s... Before I come home
I will stop in Hardwar
to see my two favourite girlfriends.
Who are these girlfriends in Hardwar?
My two grandmothers...
maternal and paternal!
... 8 a.m.
Are you watching the photograph and
crying again?
Where am I crying?
Of course not...
Where are you crying?
That's one truth and the other one is
that you are very young...
Stop joking with me
early in the morning...
What's the matter, Lajoji?
I remember Rahul
very often these days.
Even I remember him.
But in the last few days...
I have been feeling
very restless with his memories.
But why?
We have lived our full lives.
Speak for yourself... I have
a long life ahead... Touchwood!
But I have to reach God's abode...
How will I face Him there?
How will I explain the reason, why
I couldn't unite my scattered family?
That I couldn't bring
my grandson back home?
How will I show my face to Him?
Don't worry about it.
You are not going to meet God anyway...
- Why?
Because he doesn't meet anyone
in Hell...
God... again your jokes
early in the morning...
Hey you sweethearts...
- My child.
What's the matter, Naani?
You look very sexy.
I know. Everyone says the same thing.
May you live long.
You have become very weak my son.
Now everyone can't be
as healthy as you are.
Oh! Just Shut up now.
What's the matter, Naani?
- What happened? Is she crying?
Then it's fine. I get very worried
when she doesn't weep.
Just see... Rohan!
- Oh now stop it you two...
Please stop crying Lajoji...
Please stop.
Your tears will raise a lot of
questions in Rohan's mind and...
we won't have any answers
to his questions.
What do I do Kaur?
What do I do?
Whenever I see Rohan,
I think of Rahul even more
Don't you think we should
tell him everything?
How can we tell him, Lajoji?
Yash has warned us against it.
Rohan was not even in town
when Rahul left home...
He doesn't know anything.
I think we should
tell him everything.
Where do we begin?
What do we tell him?
He doesn't even know that Rahul was
not born to Yash and Nandini.
He was adopted.
Rahul was two days old when
Yash and Nandini brought him home.
His tiny footsteps made a place
in all our hearts.
He became Nandini's lifeline and
Yash's dream was fulfilled.
Nine years later,
when you were born...
we felt that
our family was now complete.
I still remember
the astrologer saying that...
you fought destiny to be born.
You would be our strength.
Did Rahul bhaiyya know
that he was...?
Rahul was eight years old
when he got to know.
That was when Yash decided that...
the matter would never be mentioned
again in the house...
Never again...
Rahul was our son.
The eldest son of the house.
It was a truth that could
never be changed.
But the fact was mentioned again...
And that was Rahul's last Diwali with
his family... Last Diwali.
Oh Allah! Rohan baba,
you have become so fat...
that nothing fits you anymore.
What's DJ? Say Daijaan.
"It's all your blessings"
whether smiles or tears"
"We shall never part,
through smiles or through tears."
"I feel you in every breath
of mine..."
"my life is but under your shadow"
"I feel you in every breath
of mine..."
"my life is but under your shadow"
"I pray to thee as long as I live"
"It's all your boons...
Whether smiles or tears"
"We shall never part...
through smiles nor through tears"
"We light the lamps of love
at your feet"
"We see you everywhere
in everything we see"
"Our lips chant no name but yours"
"Let our hearts be filled
with nothing but your love"
"It's all your boons...
whether smiles or tears"
We shall never part...
through smiles nor through tears"
Hey maa... How do you always sense
my presence much before I arrive?
Rahul... just tell me one thing...
Emails, letters, faxes...
I sent you all of these and you
didn't reply to any... very rude.
MBA is a tough job, Naina!
Was it only MBA that kept you busy?
Or was there something else?
I mean someone else.
Well... It was more than just
one... you know me...
Ha... You stud you.
- Ya... me stud me.
Tell me Rahul.
- What do you think?
I think...
- What do you think?
I think, Rahul...
- What do you think, Naina?
Rahul, I don't think anyone other than
me can waste her time with you.
In any case what do you know
what to do with a girl.
Oh really?
Is this done with a girl?
Stop it Rahul...
- Tell me...
Did you remember me at all?
Should I tell you the truth or lie?
- Lie...
If I have to lie, then I'd say I did...
not remember you at all...
How sweet!
- Let's talk about you.
Are you still the same or is
some mad guy interested in you?
What do you think?
- I think...
What do you think, Rahul?
I think...
- What do you think, Rahul?
I think, Naina...
I will beat you to that door.
- Really.
Don't bet on that.
Yes.... Yes....
Don't you have to go to school?
Thank you... C'mon,
eat this... What's the score?
104 for 6... isn't that great?
- Damn Goodyear. How many overs?
God, bhaiyya...I think
India is going to kill England.
Anything can happen
at the last minute.
You can't bank on them too much.
You never know with India, Rohan.
Here... take this...
Out Out...Whats the big deal?
England was out of India in 1947.
DJ... that was a PJ...
Oh Allah...
What are these? Legs or...?
He still hasn't learnt
how to tie his shoe laces?
So what? He's a child yet...
He'll learn...
But if you don't allow him to do it
himself, how will he learn? Fatty.
Why did you come back from London?
What's happening here?
Mom you have over fed Rohan and
turned him into a pumpkin.
Yes, yes please laugh at me...
When I go away to...
the boarding school you will all
remember me. Nobody loves me.
By the way Fatty...
Mother loves me more than you.
- DJ... Just look at him.
- Calm down. He's jealous of you.
Mom, I missed you.
- I missed you too, baby.
You won't leave me again
and go, will you?
I won't, but promise me, you will not
feed me the way you, this pumpkin.
Nandini! Nandini!
Yes... Coming.
You have forgotten me
as soon as your son has arrived.
Who will knot this tie?
- Can't you do even that without me?
Here... Now you truly look like
Mrs. Yashvardhan Raichand.
This's for you my son.
From today, the Raichand Empire
belongs to you.
-Cheers -Cheers
Oops, Sorry Dad.
That's your grandfather. Salute him.
-He was a great man, Rahul...A great man!
Just look at him, look at him
What a presence! What stature
I wish I could
just stand like him
Hey...hey! Forget it!
You know Rahul,
Thirty years ago he said...
certain things to me in this chamber,
which I will now repeat to you.
He said life offers you many
paths to choose from.
You must always choose
the one that is right...
the one where you don't have to
bend... where you don't fall.
Never take a step in life...
that will bring shame to
your family name or prestige.
Anyone can make money but earning
respect is not everyone's cup of tea.
I have not forgotten
his words till today.
Rahul...Even you should not.
Promise me that you will follow
the traditions of the family.
Promise me that you'll never compromise
with the self-respect of our family.
I promise papa...
that I will always keep
the family name flying high.
I promise you that I will always
keep you happy... always Papa
We have won.
Pooja, Pooja
- What happened?
We have won the match.
God, Sachin played so well...
100 runs not out.
Ok now listen, take care
of the shop I will be back.
What a game!
What a game! What a game!
What a game!! By the way
what game are we playing?
India has won the match!
- Oh so we have won... How nice.
If you didn't know,
what were you dancing for?
I was dancing because
all the laddoos...
that my wife made
have been sold.
Sold out? How come?
There was a customer who told me
he wanted to eat laddoos...
that would drive him crazy.
Eating her laddos can cure
people who are insane and...
those who are normal become...
- Clean bowled!
It was just a joke...
- Stop it now...
Haven't even started it yet...
- Come on...
- Stop shouting so loudly...
The groom's side has come to
see Rukhsar for marriage.
Sit down. Salute them.
Grandmom... wake up...
the bride has arrived.
Oh! Masha Allah Masha Allah...
Her face is bright like
the full moon.
She is just what I had imagined.
Well... it's not me... its...
This is my daughter, Rukhsar.
What? Fever?
Not fever... mother,
She's Rukhsar!
Oh Rukhsar!
What happen?
- We have won the match.
My daughter's very
quiet and introverted.
We have won.
- Allah! What happened?
Quiet and introverted... eh?
Incidentally, what is her age?
- Grandmom, she says...
- she's hundred years old.
- What? Nine years old?
She's going to turn twenty-one soon.
- Well... the blossoming of youth.
Actually we live in Lucknow.
But this is Chandni Chowk,
I guess... anyway I forgot to
tell you, my son's name is Ashfaque.
- Sachin?
Sachin? In case there's
someone else in her life....
No! No! Please don't say such things.
It's.... Her uncle Sachin...
her late uncle Sachin.
She was very attached to him.
She always remembers
him on happy occasions.
Poor Sachin...Poor Sachin...
C'mon you girls...
I'll teach you a lesson...
Oh God, Is everything alright?
Forget about me...Tell me about her
What has she done?
Ask me what she hasn't.
A nice wedding proposal
would have slipped out of our hands.
180 by 100...
your blood pressure is high.
You mean BP is high-wigh!
Yes, it's high and it's
'why' because of you.
I have just increased the dosage.
Please get these medicines.
Om Bhai, you must take care of yourself.
- This won't do...
Yes, Aunty...he just doesn't
take care of himself.
You just keep quiet...
I don't want to talk to you...
- Why? What is Sayeeda saying?
Oh! I wasn't serious at all.
I was just joking.
That's surprising...
You have spoilt my two daughters...
Aren't they like my children too?
Anyway, leave all this aside.
The good news is that
they liked this mad girl...
they have accepted the proposal.
- They have accepted?
Didn't they see you properly?
Shut up!
So you will leave us and go...?
Some day all you girls have to leave.
No way am I leaving
my father and going anywhere.
Even I'm not going.
- So then should I leave?
Why do you speak like this, father?
Some day you have to get married,
my child.
The only prayer
I have to the Lord is that...
the man you marry must
love you even more than I do.
I don't think such
a man exists in this world...
You behaved very badly
I am sorry
You did not eat, dance or even talk
to anyone at the party tonight.
You didn't even tell me
how beautiful I look tonight.
You look very beautiful, Naina.
Really? How sweet!
I'm cute and I also lie very well.
Just go...
- No.
Hey Naina, you look very beautiful.
Are you lying or telling the truth?
- What do you think?
I think...
- What do you think?
What do you think?
-I think Rahul...
Rahul, I think you should go now.
In any case I wasn't planning to come
with you. But thanks for the offer.
Bye... I was lying to you.
What's happening, Mom?
Nothing much except planning
for Dad's surprise party.
Nothing stays in
this child's stomach.
That's because there's already
so much in there.
Rahul, How come you are
back so early?
Mom... These society parties are
very boring.
In that case you have not taken
after your father in these matters.
He used to love such parties...
because there used to be
a lot of girls there...
He used to get very happy
watching those girls.
Nandiniji... If I hadn't
watched those beautiful girls...
how would I have found you?
- What did you do?
Your father brought
Nandini's proposal...
When he saw her for the first time
he was very pleased...
And said, he approved other.
But he said we would have
to ask for dowry.
He insisted that the girl should
bring from her parents' house...
lots of love and a long,
long ladder.
It's a great tradition.
The elders of the house choose
their daughter-in-law.
One can't trust these mad children.
No, Mataji... All that was then.
These days everything has changed.
- Nothing has changed, Nandini.
But these days children make
their choices themselves...
Nothing has changed, Nandini.
What I meant was...
- Nothing has changed.
- I said it... didn't I?
That's it!
Your beauty is going to steal
his sleep in the nights...
Shut up!
- You shut up!
Where is your Ashfaque?
I haven't even seen him yet.
Introduce him to me.
Let me see how he looks.
He is arriving from
Lucknow today and...
he will come to meet you
as soon as he comes.
Tell me what you thought of him.
Stop this coy bride act now...
By the way,
what does he do in Lucknow?
He is a poet.
- A poet?
Then I'll get
along very well with him.
Really? Why?
That's because I write
a bit of poetry myself.
A ha... Ustad Anjali Ali Khan.
Let me say a few lines...
- Go on... Go on.
What heartache have
I gone through for thee...
What heartache have
I gone through for thee...
On one end is Rukhsar and
the other is Aunteee...
Shut up, you brat.
Do you know that the morning papers
have carried a photograph...
- of my boss and his son?
- Really? Can I see?
Wash your hands first...
- Oh God!
Tomorrow is his fiftieth birthday.
There's going to be a big party.
There will be lot of people.
I made it very clear to Bhabhiji
that the desserts will...
come from Chandni Chowk. That too
specially made by dear Anjali.
Really? And what did she say?
- She agreed.
But now you make sure that
you don't mess things up.
Both Rukhsar and you come to
the party with the kulfi.
Yes we will. Oh God, but
tomorrow is Bauji's birthday too.
So what? Come a little late.
In any case their party is
not going to start early.
Oh Allah! Oh Allah!
Do I have it?
- You don't know anything.
Please dress appropriately
for tomorrow.
Yes Ammi, I will wear my new
shimmering, embroidered outfit.
Of course... You must.
After all everyone in the party
will be dying to know...
what Rukhsar is going to wear...
- Really?
C'mon Rukhsar... the gang... Please.
- No... not today.
Rukhsar please.
- No... Ammi is not feeling well.
I'll return it.
Your groom is coming
to visit us today, isn't he?
Where have we come now? How tacky!
You brat. Mother has sent some
medicines for Daijaan.
I'll back.
Ammi... Stop it now and
go to sleep...
Come back.
- Coming, bauji.
Where has Bhaiiya gone?
The shop's closed for now.
It will open only at 10.
Ashfaque miya.
Let me say a couplet.
So what if the evil wishes harm...
nothing can happen
The only will that triumphs
is the will of the Lord.
Your turn...
Eh, Look up there.
Eh, Laddoo...
You can't enter Chandni Chowk.
- Because we can't is all
And if you want to enter,
you have to say this:
Chandu's uncle fed Chandu's aunty on
a moonlit night in Chandni Chowk
in a silver spoon,
some Chatni... Say it fast.
What exactly am I supposed to say?
Never mind... You don't say...
Can I say another one?
Love is not an easy path,
understand ye all...
It's a trial by fire
to be crossed bravely.
Chandu's... spoon's... uncle...
You have come to meet me...
haven't you?
Not really...
I came to meet Daijaan.
So you call her
'Daijaan' lovingly... eh?
Of course...
She has brought me up.
She has brought you up?
In that case even I must have been
your played in her lap.
Chandu's spoon... silver uncle...
Look up there!
Catch him.
When's the wedding?
- Who's?
Of course yours and hers.
How can I marry Daijaan?
You have a great sense of humour.
And you are cute too.
Bhaiyya... save me.
I'm going to tell Rukhsar that
I liked her Ashfaque miya.
Who is Ashfaque miya?
You are asking me
who Ashfaque miya is?
You have a great sense of humour...
You have a great sense of humour...
Do you know where
Sayeeda begum lives? No?
Do you know?
- What do I know?
You seem to know everything.
Do you know my Aunty?
Your would be mother-in-law...
Sayeeda begum... Do you know
where she works?
Big businesses of the big people.
Have you heard of the Raichands?
How could you have heard of them?
Their photo has appeared
in the newspaper today...
- Yes...
Have you seen it?
- No...
Then come with me...
I'll show you...
I don't read the newspapers.
- Here it is.
Yashvardhan Raichand...
a big snob!
And this is his son... God!
He looks exactly like you.
Show me.
Ah Ashfaque miya.
I'm a dead duck...
- Not at all...
You have a great sense of humour.
You have a great sense of humour.
Bhaiyya... I have some
goons running after me.
My younger brother.
Listen...You really do have
a great sense of humour.
Greetings... I'm Ashfaque.
- And I'm the Queen of Jhansi.
Before I raise
this toast to Papa...
I want to say something
to all of you.
I had a dream since childhood...
A dream to be like Papa.
To walk like him, speak like
him, sit like him...
To do everything the way he does.
Like the way he is
standing right now...
Can't do it.
I know I can't do it.
And maybe I will never be able to
do it because...
there's no one in this world
like my Papa.
I know that someone up there is
happy with me to have bestowed on...
me the right to say that
I am Yashvardhan Raichand's son.
Say it proudly.
I, and the 3 most beautiful women in the world
Thank you...and the 3 most beautiful women in the world...
Miss world, Miss Universe, Miss Asia-Pacific
We just want to say to you that
we love you very much.
I'll just have a look.
Grandmother, you come with me.
"Your beauty is golden, golden is your anklet"
"Your beauty is golden, golden is your anklet"
"They tinkle in melody,
to wound the hearts of millions"
"Your kohled eyes speak
a mysterious language"
"the immortal language of love"
Say "shava shava"
friends say "shava shava"
"My beauty is golden, golden is my anklet"
"My beauty is golden, golden is my anklet"
"They tinkle in melody,
to wound the hearts of millions"
"My kohled eyes speak
a mysterious language..."
"the immortal language of love"
Say "shava shava"
friends say "shava shava"
"Lover come, oh beloved"
"Come, beautiful, dance"
"Dance, yes dance"
"Come, beautiful, dance"
"Dance, yes dance"
"Ever since I laid my eyes
on you for the first time..."
"my heart beats faster every minute"
"What have you done to me?
Oh lord, what have you done to me?"
"Your sweet words
make me weak in my knees"
"I think I'm falling
in love with you"
"I will die without you"
"Oh God, I will die without you"
Say "shava shava" friends
Say "shava shava"
"May my last breath
be at your feet"
"May my love for you
surpass that of the lord"
"May the lord forgive me,
may the lord forgive me"
"You are my heart,
you are my soul"
"You are my heaven,
you are my earth"
"What will I ever do without you"
"Oh lord, what will
I ever do without you"
"Say "shava shava" friends
say "shava shava"
"Your beauty is golden, golden is your anklet"
"They tinkle in melody,
to wound the hearts of millions"
"Your kohled eyes speak
a mysterious language"
"...the immortal language of love"
"Say "shava shava" friends
say "shava shava"
That's enough now.
It's been too much.
God... Mad girl...
Come on now...
I'm a dead duck...
I'm a dead duck...
Rukhsar, This one is...
Excuse me Sir!
This is our Anjali.
She has come to apologise to you.
Oh... That's not necessary.
Wait! Wait!
How can you say that Sir? She has
caused such a big loss for us...
She must apologise. And to tell you,
she is quite a madcap.
Even in her own house...
- Aunty! Can I speak?
Yes... go ahead... apologise.
You know sir,
When I listen to Bollywood songs
I used to imitate the actors...
And that Khandala number
is one of my favourites.
Shut up!
- What am I saying?
What did you want to say and
what are you saying?
Shut up! Apologise.
Come on leave right now from here.
- No... no... not you.
Oh! Sir, I was responsible for
smashing your big pot.
- Yes, vase... shaz whatever it was.
I'm ready to pay you the
money for it.
By the way how much
was it for?
Now... I don't know...
Sayeeda, Why don't you explain.
Shut up!
- Shut up?
This is all because of you.
- Because of me?
No... no... not because of you.
God, everything is going wrong.
You see sir...
Bauji always says that no one becomes
small by asking for forgiveness.
And the one who forgives
owns a big heart...
You have a big heart don't you, Sir?
- Now...
So you have forgiven me?
- Yes... I have.
Big businesses of big people.
Ok I'll take your leave now.
Please say a big hello to Madam.
May the Lord protect
your family always.
Greetings. To you too!
Quiet now...
Pot... No, Not a pot... a vase.
Sayeeda... Take her now...
Come on now... Come on...
- Not a pot... a vase. Sorry.
A pot!
Isn't this that Laddoo's school?
- C'mon lets go and hit him.
- Yes... C'mon.
These are the same goons
I was talking about.
Hey, you speak Hindi, don't you?
What? And you didn't do anything?
They were too many of them Didi...
I couldn't do anything.
Here you roam around like a don.
What happened to you there?
Oh! Didi.
- Oh! Didi.
But what was the need for
her to go into the school?
Lord Almighty!
What are you saying?
She just entered the school...
not murdered anyone.
What was the need for them
to say all those things?
If I was there, I would have caught
each one of them and bashed them up.
Yes. They have hurt my sister.
Let me meet that
Laddoo and that Fattoo...
I vow on Sachin Tendulkar that
I don't hang them upside down...
in the middle of Chandni Chowk
I won't call myself Bauji's daughter.
You don't know, Bauji...
Rich int he pocket, but poor in the heart
Can never find place near the Lord...
That's a good line.
Did you write it yourself?.
Greetings to you.
- Greetings.
Anjali, they have come to
our house for the first time...
Get them something to eat.
I'm sure they have had
their meals before coming...
Haven't you seen the size?
Don't worry sir we have eaten.
How can you say that? I'll just
get you something in a minute.
No. No sir,
Please don't take any trouble.
And you also... don't bother.
What's the name?
- Rohan!
Not yours, hers...
- Pooja...
You are a real Laddoo. Come on.
You must never hurt
anyone's feelings.
Specially that of a young girl...
and not...
when she's so beautiful.
Come on, say Sorry now.
Besides, Someone has told me that...
apologising doesn't make
anyone smaller.
And the one who forgives
owns a big heart.
Isn't it?
What are you looking at?
C'mon, apologise, Laddoo.
If those two can become friends,
why can't we?
- Yes...
I just want to be friends with you...
Do you have a problem?
Friends, ji? C'mon just do it.
I can't see Bauji...
He went to get some food...
Bauji is inside...
I'm telling you, Rukhsar...
There's something fishy going on.
Anjali, you think he's...
- What?
He is...
- Yes... even I think the same.
Don't you think?
- Correct.
Even you think the same, don't you?
- You are on the mark Rukhsar.
He wants to take away
my shop from me.
Oh Allah!
What do I do with this girl?
I'm saying that he might be in...
love with you...
- Love?
Wow, Rukhsar begum,
you are really great!
You think all the girls in Delhi
are dead...
that he will be in love with me?
No one loves me
here in Chandni Chowk...
Why would that Yashvardhan's
son be interested in me?
Don't joke it away now,
I'm telling you.
Ya ya...
you keep telling...
Take her away.
- What are you saying?
It was a joke.
- Stop it.
So you don't want to
buy the sweetmeats?
When did it shift?
Red Fort shifted to Agra
a long time ago and...
the mental asylum from there
has shifted here.
Not a dime in the pocket and wants to
know the whereabouts of the Red Fort.
Bharat Sweet Shop.
Sweets for all occasions...
whether an engagement or wedding.
- Both will happen in due course...
what's the hurry?
- Who's that?
Who? It's me, who else?
- Who's me?
What do you mean, who?
It's me your new friend.
You know, the children have made
a plan to go to the fair...
I was thinking if you could join us,
it would be great fun!
What fair?
The fair at Chandni Chowk,
which else?
This fair?
Don't you think...
its importance would reach too high
if you visited this fair?
Actually, my importance will increase
manifold, if you could join me.
Tomorrow at 4 in the evening.
- Bye.
- Bye Shye.
Chandu's uncle fed Chandu's aunty
on a moonlit night in
Chandni Chowk in a silver spoon,
some Chatni. C'mon say it.
Stop it!
Wearing a suit and his boots
Kanhaiyya has arrived to play a band.
Wow! You sing very well.
Yes... By the way,
do you always wear such clothes?
Yes... When I wear clothes,
I wear these.
Otherwise most of the time
I'm in the nude...
No...no... I asked because
we have a proverb that says,
'He who wears a kurta from
Lucknow and Pathani salwar...
stands for a true man and the one
who doesn't, who knows?'
Very good! By the way your hair
looks beautiful when left loose.
Isn't it a coincidence that both
our fathers share the same birthday?
- Of course. One with a large heart...
the other with a large pocket
to pay the bills.
Let them be.
They look nice.
Bangles? 'Fair are my wrists...
make me wear those green bangles...'
'... Make me yours, my beloved...'
You... Sorry, I mean Mr...
Ah! Don't be formal...
Say 'you'... makes me feel closer.
Closer? This is getting too much...
Now listen to me Mr. Raichand...
- I want to say something to you...
- I'm listening...
What I want to say is that
I can't give you what you want.
Why not?
- I just can't.
At least give it a try.
I can't give...
Bauji won't allow it...
I'll ask for it from Bauji...
Lord save me! Why would
Bauji give you our shop?
What's the big....? Shop?
What shop?
Our Bharat Sweetmeat shop, which else?
- What shop are you talking about?
It was alright till friendship but
what is all this intimacy about?
You sneahed in my house.
Lord save me, even that is over.
After all there's a limit
to friendship, isn't there?
Shhh...Shut up!
There are many bonds
other than friendship.
Bonds that we don't understand...
that we don't need to understand.
I hope it's not hurting you.
Bonds that are nameless...
that are just to be experienced.
I hope it's not hurting you.
Bonds that don't
have any boundaries...
no limits.
I hope it's not hurting you.
Bonds that bind the
hearts together...
bonds of passion...
bonds of love.
Say so! Does he hurt you?
...Me too!
And one more thing...
I'm definitely going to
take over your sweetmeat shop!
"The sun dims into twilight"
"The moon beams simmer brightly"
"Oh, why has the sky begun to melt?"
"The sun dims into twilight"
"The moon beans simmer brightly"
"Oh, why has the sky begun to melt?"
"I stand still as the earth
moves around me"
"The heart beats faster
as my breath goes deeper"
"Is it the call of first love ?"
"My love, is it the
call of first love ?"
"The sun dims into twilight,
moon beams simmer brightly"
"Oh, why has the sky begun to melt?"
"I stand still as the earth
moves around me"
"The heart beats faster
as my breath goes deeper"
"Is it the call of first love?"
"My love, is it the call
of first love?"
"Savour these beauteous moments,
when everything changes"
"Our dreams blend into
the realms of reality"
"I wonder if our love,
travelling through centuries..."
"has bound us in its silken threads"
"Let this season of love
remain eternal"
"let us meet through lives
and lives, like today"
"I stand still as the earth
moves around me"
"the heart beats faster
as my breath goes deeper"
"Is it the call of first love?"
"My love, is it the call
of first love ?"
"The colours of our souls
has melted into one"
"I can't say which of me is you
and which of you is me"
"O beloved, it's the waves
of the your love that drown me"
"before transporting me to the shore"
"It's the thirst of the ocean,
It's the dream of the night"
"The hearts of the flames
have been set afire"
"I stand still
as the earth moves around me"
"the heart beats faster
as my breath goes deeper"
"My love, is it the
call of first love ?"
"My love, is it
the call of first love ?"
"The sun dims into twilight,
moon beams simmer brightly"
"The sky"
"Why has it begun to melt?"
She's slightly mad.
Actually she's completely mad.
She makes strange faces,
she talks a lot.
And she has some lovable mannerisms.
And wherever she goes
she breaks a vase a pot
- That's what she calls them.
But whenever I'm next to her,
I don't know what happens to me.
But she's slightly mad.
Actually she's completely...
What's the name
of this mad hatter?
I wanted to know your opinion.
I'm very happy with this alliance.
Naina is a very nice girl.
Have you spoken to Rahul
about this?
What's the need to speak to Rahul?
He can't take these family decisions.
Naina will be the daughter-in-law
of this house... our house!
DJ... Who will do all
this for me there?
Dad, Why can't I stay with
all of you here?
Why are you sending me
to the boarding school?
Traditions, my child...
Your grandfather went there,
I did, so did bhaiyya.
You can't break the traditions
of the house, can you?
Always remember
one more thing...
Mom loves me more than
she loves you.
You have given me so much already...
I can't take all these.
Sayeeda... If Rahul and Rohan
can be like your sons...
then don't have a right
over your daughter?
Of course you have...
But all this is too much...
Just tell me what time
is the actual wedding?
Rohan... listen to me carefully.
Take care of your food and sleep.
Rohan, he has reached
his school.
Hey! What's all this?
Tomorrow is Rukhsar's wedding...
So the two of us...
Congratulations to you Sayeeda!
If you need anything just ask for it
- Thank you sir...
I'd be very happy if you and bhabhiji
could attend the wedding tomorrow...
I have asked Rahul to attend the
wedding, he will be there.
Rahul baba must have come now...
Let me just check.
I'll just be back.
Listen to me.
Tomorrow is a big day for Sayeeda.
I think we should go too...
- How can we go there, Nandini?
I can understand... But still we...
- We cannot go there.
Please think about it again...
- I said it, didn't I? That's it!
Eh! What happened to Chandni?
Haldiram, What happened?
- What happened?
Listen... let me say a couplet.
'Kurta from Lucknow or a pathani salwar
does not maketh a man...
He who gives away his
heart stands for a true man...
and the one who doesn't...
who knows?'
"Oh the brides decorated hands"
"Oh the brides bejewelled finery"
"Oh she looks like a floral ornament"
"Oh the brides kohled eyes"
"Oh she looks the
most beautiful of them all"
"Oh the bridesmaid..."
"She looks like a silken thread"
"she peeps from behind,
and steals a glance"
"The bride's friend, a silk thread"
"Silently she shies away, she looks secretly"
"Whether she admits it or not,
she's stolen my heart"
"Oh lord, this girl, oh my lord"
"These lanes of my childhood,
I shall never depart"
"Put some sense,
into this crazy man's head"
"These lanes of my childhood,
I shall never depart"
"Put some sense,
into this crazy man's head"
"He is throwing himself onto me"
"Oh lord, this boy, oh my lord"
"Whether thy lips speak or not..."
"your eyes divulge the story"
"You can't hide love in disdain..."
"you can't hide love in disdain...."
"A veiled silence speaks
more than a thousand words"
"Words don't always
do justice, my friend"
"What's in the heart,
only the heart knows"
"Or then the lord"
"Oh lord, this girl, oh my lord"
"Oh my lord, this boy, oh my lord"
"You can't demand,
a hand in bethrotal"
"pairs are ordained,
already in heaven"
"Pairs are ordained,
already in heaven"
"Leading a wedding procession,
I will take you from your doorstep"
"It's been destined so,
from the heavens..."
"Oh go away and stop day dreaming"
"Oh my lord, this boy, oh my lord"
"Oh the bridesmaid...
she looks like a silken thread"
"She peeps from behind,
and steals a glance"
"These lanes of my childhood,
I shall never depart"
"Put some sense,
into this crazy man's head"
"Whether she admits it or not,
she's stolen my heart"
"This girl"
"Oh lord, this girl, oh my lord"
"Oh lord, this boy, oh my lord"
"Oh lord, this girl, oh my lord"
- Even I agree.
You love her don't you?
- Yes, Papa.
Didn't I tell you, Nandini?
What did I tell you?
I'm very happy,
today Rahul... very happy.
Just promise me that
you will keep her happy too.
You will keep my daughter-in-law
very happy.
You will keep Naina very happy.
You face has fallen as
if we are already married.
By the way this expression appears
only after a man gets married.
Eh Rahul, What's the matter?
What's her name?
I wish that was the name.
But it isn't.
Naina... it's just...
- Rahul!
Ever since I can remember
I have loved you...
Loved you very much.
But it isn't your fault.
Just because I dreamt of marrying you
doesn't mean you have to marry me.
And if you are worried
that I will miserable...
yes I will be.
I will feel very bad...
it will hurt
a lot too.
But life doesn't stop, does it Rahul?
Perhaps a few years from now
I can laugh at the fact that...
I loved a certain Rahul
who could not become mine.
Because he was never mine!
And my love story remained incomplete.
But do me a favour Rahul.
Please complete your love story.
You will, won't you Rahul?
For my sake.
Now say something quickly
before I cry more.
Even me.
The name and the respect has been
given to us by our ancestors.
To honour and respect
them is our foremost duty.
And I will never tolerate
an ordinary girl becoming a hurdle...
in performing that duty.
You didn't even think once...
about the background of the girl,
her status... her breeding.
You didn't give a thought to whether
the girl will be able to understand...
our culture... our traditions.
Will the girl ever understand
our rituals... our rites?
Will the girl understand our
ethics and principles?
Will she adhere to
the values of our family?
Will she...?
How did you even dare to think
that she can be a part of our family?
That she can be a
part of my family?
How did you think?
Where did I think, Papa?
I didn't think at all.
I just loved...love.
It's such a pity that. I made
a mistake in knowing my own son
I thought he knew me.
That he understands
the traditions of this family.
He understands my emotions...
he understands every breath of mine.
I was so wrong... so wrong.
I was really proud of you.
You were my self-respect.
You were my strength.
You have taken all that away
from me... everything.
You have hurt me, Rahul
You have hurt me.
I never wanted to hurt you.
I only wanted to bring you happiness.
What have I done?
How could I bring tears to your eyes?
How could I bring tears?
Don't ever forgive me.
Please don't say that
I have hurt you.
Don't forgive me.
I will do as you say
just as you say.
Bauji... Bauji...
Please don't leave us and go.
Get up Bauji...
Don't leave us, Bauji...
Will the girl be able to understand
our culture, our traditions.
Will the girl ever understand our
rituals... our rites?
Will the girl understand
our ethics and principles?
Will she adhere to
the values of our family?
today you have proved that
you are not my blood.
You are not my blood.
You have proved that
you are not mine.
You have lost the right
to call me that!
Made me a stranger in a moment.
Made me a stranger in just a moment.
Does that mean I have no
place in this house anymore?
I am right... am I not, mother?
I'm right, am I not?
Then let me go... Can I go?
"Through smiles or through tears"
"We shall never part,
through smiles nor through tears"
"My blessings live with you..."
"to protect you from evil eyes"
"My wishes for you..."
"wherever you go"
"May happiness and joy,
kiss your feet forever"
"It's all your blessings"
"Whether smiles or tears,
we shall never part"
"through smiles or through tears"
Promise me that you will never let
tears come to his eyes...promise me.
Now go!
Rahul...we didn't take
blessings from father.
We don't have father's blessings...
Rahul we didn't...
Go Sayeeda.
Go with my son.
Wherever he goes...
I don't want him to miss the warmth
of a mother's affection.
If you want to be someone in life...
If you want to achieve something...
if you want to win,
always listen to your heart.
And if even that doesn't
give you any answers...
close your eyes and
think of your parents.
And then you will cross all the hurdles
all your problems will vanish.
Victory will be yours.
Only yours.
You will remember all this,
won't you Rohan?
Why are you going, Bhaiyya?
Why? Please don't go.
Promise me Rohan that after today
you will never ask anyone...
why I left and where I went...
promise me.
Take care of mother.
Get selected in the cricket team.
And thus Yash's ego and
Rahul's stubborn stand broke...
the family into two...
broke the family into two...
I will bring you back Bhaiyya.
I will bring you home Bhabhi.
To your home... our home.
You have forgotten me
as soon as your son has arrived.
Where is Rohan?
I don't know where he
left early this morning.
Greetings for Id.
- Greetings for Id.
Greetings to you too.
Wow... you are glowing.
I feel so happy that you have come.
Greetings for Id.
God! How big he has grown.
- Yes... Both have grown quite a lot.
Stop it now...
-Just a joke.
What's his name, Haldiram?
Hello! Salutations.
Greetings for Id.
Greetings to you too.
-Recognise me?
-I'm from ... there.
Ok...Ok...from there...
yes yes.
He's just spinning yarns. He's just
come to have some free drinks.
I don't seem to see your mother.
-That reminds me...
What's the news about Anjali?
-They are all very well.
I just spoke to them in the morning.
-Please give them lots of our love.
-You all chat... I'll be back.
What a life Anjali is leading!
From Chandni Chowk to...
Yes. From Chandni Chowk to...?
To... where?
-What where? Chandni Chowk?
That's in Delhi.
-You said she went somewhere.
Where did she go?
- Brother... Where did he go?
Where did she go?
-Where did she go? Where she went...
Where did she go?
-Where did she go?
Didn't you say they went somewhere?
Probably America or somewhere...
Oh! They've gone to America!
But they didn't live there earlier.
Where did they live earlier?
-In Chandni Chowk.
After that... Where?
-America... Didn't you just say?
And in between?
- In between whom?
In between the two...
-What is between the two?
What is between the two?
-The place between the two...
What's the place between the two?
What is he talking about?
Wonder where these people come from.
-I'm trying to tell you, the place...
What place are you talking about?
-What place? Where?
Silence! Come here.
Haldiram has lost his marbles.
She has gone to London.
Someday even I will go there.
You have just come back, son.
And you want to go away again?
I feel incomplete here, Dad!
Why don't you study for MBA here?
There are a lot of universities here.
Why do you want to go to London?
-Traditions, Dad... Traditions.
Grandfather went there, you did...
so did Bhaiyya... So how can I break
the traditions of this house?
So, hat shall I bring
back for mother?
What does a mother's heart yearn for?
A mother's heart? It only yearns
for her son's happiness
No matter where he is... No matter how
he is...just happiness
And a son's happiness is in
his mothers laughter...her smile...
Something that he
isn't able to see.
I promise, mother
the laughter will return...
that smile will return.
It's a son's promise
And a brothers'!
Your heart aches when your dear ones
go far distances, doesn't it?
And when dear ones create distance
in between, it aches even more.
Has your princess woken up?
- Oh yes... Pooja!
No one knows her by that name. Call
her what she is called by everyone...
You have no right to
look so beautiful.
She has arrived, the cunning vixen,
to drop her daughter.
After seeing your face in the morning
how can I call it a lovely day?
Liar! Liar! Come here...
Who is it, Anjali?
- Your future daughter-in-law.
Come, let me serve you
some cornflakes.
Anjali... Anjali I need to talk to you.
- What?
This song that you sing every morning.
- So?
It feels very nice.
But the neighbours around
were complaining.
I don't sing for them do I? I sing so
that my son learns about our country.
Our Krish has learnt everything.
Say that you have!
Yes... I have learnt everything.
- He has learnt nothing...
he knows nothing about our country.
Our religion, our traditions...
our heritage... Move out of my way.
Our country has...
Oh stop it Mummy!
What country? Country!
Eh! The country best in the world
is our India... don't ever forget!
OK... I won't say anything.
He's already half an Englishman...
when he turns a full one
don't complain to me.
Yes... become just like her!
How do they say it? How do they talk?
Wouldn't it have been better
to have lived in Chandni Chowk?
Let me knot it for you, Jeej!
- Aaaah!
What happened?
- What kind of clothes have you worn?
It's become too long hasn't it?
What now?
Where's the back?
Didi, don't wait for me.
Anjali, Daijaan, come here.
How do you allow Pooja to
go out wearing such little clothes?
By the way even the two of you
are looking decent today, I think...
You had worn this even the
day before, hadn't you?
It suits you a lot!
Poo... the whole college
runs after Robbie.
He's not my type!
Who is your type?
And when will you meet him?
He might meet me anywhere... anytime.
He could be right here somewhere.
Oh God! Who is this... disturbing
Poo so early in the morning!
Who is this who hasn't turned to
give me a second look? Who is he?
"He's so cute, he's so sweet"
"Got to be careful,
I don't fall in love"
"He's so cute, he's so sweet"
"Got to be careful
of falling in love"
"If I make him mine,
he'll steal my heart"
"Wonder why I feel this way?"
"Oh tell me who he is?"
"My heart starts skipping a beat
when I see him"
"Oh tell me who he is?"
"My heart starts skipping a beat
when I see him"
"For the first time
I've seen someone"
"A stranger so familiar"
"For the first time
I've met someone"
"A stranger so familiar"
"In the world, there's
no shortage of friends"
"But yet the heart beats faster
for that someone"
"O lord, I don't know how?
I don't know why?"
"My heart is beating faster?"
"He's so cute, he's so sweet"
"Got to be careful
of falling in love"
"If I make him mine,
he'll steal my heart"
"Wonder why I feel this way?"
"Oh tell me who he is?"
"My heart starts skipping a beat
when I see him"
"I want to drown in her eyes"
"That's what I long for"
"I'd give it all up for one moment"
"Just one moment with her"
"For years there has been a face
in my dreams"
"May be even she is waiting for me?"
"Oh lord, what do I say,
when she looks at me"
"With so much love in her eyes"
"She's so cute, she's so sweet"
"Got to be careful
I don't fall in love"
"If I make her mine,
she'll steal my heart"
"Wonder why I feel this way?"
Chandu's uncle fed Chandu's aunty
on a moonlit night in Chandni Chowk...
in a silver spoon,
some Chatni...
some chatni.
Do you know Rohan, Didi always says
that a married woman is the union of...
a wife and a daughter-in-law.
She is a good wife, but she hasn't
managed to be an ideal daughter-in-law
And your brother?
Not a day passes...
not a moment passes when he
doesn't remember his parents.
But he never says anything. He has
put up their photograph in the house.
But not once has he
turned towards it.
We have made a small world for
ourselves here, Rohan.
If you look from afar
it's filled with happiness...
but the closer you go,
you will find a lot of sorrow.
Why have you come, Rohan?
Why now?
I had promised bhaiyya that I will
never ask where he went or why he went
But today I have realised that
he doesn't think of us as his own.
That is a pain I can't bear...
can't bear.
I have left some broken
bonds back home, Pooja
that can only attain the status
of a family through my elder brother.
I have come to take my brother back...
take my sister-in-law back...
But I can't do this on my own.
I will need your support Pooja.
Will you support me?
No... No... never!
- He is Sonia's brother.
He's not my brother... And I didn't
even know that Sonia had a brother.
So Sonia, when was this
brother of yours born?
Brother? Who's brother?
My first brother from India
has come.
I mean first cousin.
He can't stay with me...
It's only a matter of few days.
At least meet him once.
My house isn't a charitable institution
that anyone can stay here.
Daijaan, please explain to her...
- Why are you troubling him? Why?
Oh stop it Aunty.
C'mon, In such a big house can't he...
- Can't stay.
This big house has you wearing
really small clothes... that's why.
I don't want any young man staring at
you... And I'm the boss of this house.
And I ring all the bells.
Gosh! What is it?
What is it? I was just
saving you from an evil eye!
Who's evil eye?
This whole family is mad.
All the mad people from Chandni Chowk
have moved in here.
Didi, Sonia's brother has just
arrived, he has no place to stay.
Can't we give him a
small place in this big house?
Pooja, You know Rahul, don't you?
Didi, he has come from India.
From India...
- My great India... remember?
Listen to me...
- No... no...
Just listen to me...
he has come from India.
So? Should I make him sit on my head?
Do you know the population of India?
If all of them shift here, where
will we sleep? Let me do one thing.
I'll go to Heathrow and stand there to
invite everyone arriving from India...
saying, 'Please come to my house.
My wife is mad! '
He is coming today,
he's coming now, right now!
He is waiting outside and
I'm calling him in...
Excuse me...
"We shall never part,
through smiles nor through tears..."
"we shall never part,
through smiles nor through tears."
"How helpless are we,
what is this trial by fire..."
"we stand so close
yet we are so far"
"if you are the body,
I am the soul."
"I'm your blood..."
"we meet and yet we don't..."
"Oh what an illusion."
"It's all your blessings,
whether smiles or tears..."
"we shall never part,
through smiles or through tears."
My name is Rahul.
My name is Yash.
He will stay with us.
Take his luggage...
And this is your room!
And listen...
if you ever need anything...
want anything...
don't bother asking me for it!
- What is it?
if you want to live in this house
you will have to follow the rules...
and regulations of the house.
No coming late and try and...
leave as soon as possible.
Dinner at 8p.m. Or starve the night
And... stay away...
This is too much... Eh!
What are you staring at?
Say more, Please... it feels nice.
- Eh! Feels nice? Am I singing a song?
Why do you keep calling me
Eh!? I have a name...
I know, but I can't say it.
- Why can't you say it?
I said, that I can't say it. Didn't I?
- Oh!
So you don't want to take my name
as a sign of respect. That's great.
In that case I should return
the respect too.
Can I call you Bhaiyya?
- Call your father that!
Don't you drag my father into this...
actually you can... you have the right
He got scared! Poo,
I think this one's a little...
I'm mad? You wear this jacket.
Rohan, we were waiting for
your call for such a long time.
Seems like both of you
are right here with me.
The campus is giving me
an accommodation after a week.
Right now I'm living with
an Indian family.
Why, an Indian family?
They are very nice people.
When I met them I felt like...
I have known them for years.
A laughing, happy and...
contented family,
like we are... we were...
Is he going to pay for the bill?
Go eat your food... even that's free...
There goes Madonna
early in the morning.
if you are here, who is singing
this prayer in the morning?
Goddess Saraswati herself
has incarnated in the house?
What has happened to
Saraswati here?
Look what we have done, Pooja?
We have woken them up so early.
Come on... take their blessings.
Salutations Didi... Salutations Jeejaji
- Salutations to you too... Who is this?
You are not able to recognise her
You are seeing her fully clothed for
the first time. It's your sister-in-law.
You mean our Poo?
Have a laddoo!
Mother has sent them.
I thought I should
keep them as offerings.
Let me do the tika for you.
Won't you get your tika done?
Back home no one leaves
the house without a tika.
Mother says it's an auspicious
start for the day.
Mother says?
So then... do it.
Now who has done this?
- Me of course.
I enjoy puncturing tyres.
Was that a joke?
- It was... so?
No I don't want...
A guest is equal to a God. And you
can't refuse a lift offered by God.
Come on go now.
- I'll take a taxi.
Give me the money you would have
paid the cab.
That I am.
Listen... Please come back home
early in the evening.
- Just do it!
I have finished...
let's leave now.
By the way are you
interested in cricket?
Because there's a match.
India v/s England... at the oval.
It must be the last over.
Is it a stolen car?
- No.
Is it yours?
- Yes.
Then do what pleases you.
Don't say anything now. Anything
can happen at the last minute.
You can never bank on India.
Did you call me 'bhaiyya'?
- Why? Should I?
Why? Just drive the car carefully.
Hey! We won...
- We will win!
Like every year
Poo will decide on the boy...
Who will escort her to the prom.
You will be given marks on ten.
To go to the prom with me...
you have to be brilliant in
three departments.
You are not so bad.
I wasn't talking about myself.
I was giving you points.
I will go only with
him to the prom.
Where will he go?
Just fell.
I'm leaving... I'm leaving.
I want to say something to you.
Say it fast.
I don't have time.
Should I say it?
- Say it.
Should I?
- Please say.
You have...
- Yes?
You have...
- Say it please.
- Both of us.
- Both...
Both... Both of your
shoes are not matched.
That's the latest fashion.
I don't think you know.
Please tell Didi
not to wait for me.
Where are you?
"From the moment I set
my eyes on you..."
"You were mine forever"
"Don't turn your back on me,
you are mine, only mine"
"From the moment I set
my eyes on you..."
"You were mine forever"
"Don't turn your back on me,
you are mine, only mine"
"Please say it, you are my Soniya"
"From the moment I set
my eyes on you..."
"You were mine forever"
"Don't turn your back on me,
you are mine, only mine"
"I accede, you are my Soniya"
"I'm wounded by your love,
that's what makes me act the way I do"
"That's a nice line to fool me
But it won't work on me"
"It has taken years for us
to meet each other"
"Hope these moments last forever"
"this moment of bliss intoxicates me"
"Please say it once, you are my Soniya"
"I accede, you are my Soniya"
"Your presence drives me crazy,
I can't think straight"
"I place you on my eyelashes,
so you are in my dreams forever"
"I want to hold you tight"
"I am yours forever, I vow today"
"Let's both vow at this moment,
that we'll never love each other less"
"Please say it, you are my Soniya"
"You, you, you are my Soniya,
Hey you are, you are my Soniya"
One minute, child...
one minute... What happened?
Mr. Vajpayee had called for you...
he wants you back in India.
It's his...
- What's the date today, dad?
Pooja, Couldn't you wear
decent clothes at least today?
You came in these strange
black clothes.
Do you know everyone was
staring at us in the temple?
If everyone was staring at me instead
of God then it's not my problem.
Did you hear that, Rahul? She speaks
nonsense even on Bauji's birthday?
Today is father's birthday.
Today is bauji's birthday?
Look at her... From Poo to Parvati...
What happened to you?
Please take it...
it's the offering from the prayer
But aren't offerings on
birthday done for the...?
I know. But Bauji
was a very fun loving man...
he said even after I go
always remember me on a happy day.
That's why every year on his birthday
Pooja and I've a special prayer for him
If he had to see Pooja like this today,
he would've been unconscious.
You must feel sad that he
is no longer with you now.
Yes... we do.
It's important to have the warmth of
elders in a house...
or else a family always feels
incomplete... Isn't it?
Don't you miss him?
Don't you miss?
Don't you miss Bauji?
You guys haven't had
your breakfast... Pooja, Krishi...
Come on... Please come.
Even you are coming aren't you?
I forgot.
The one who is not here
is etched in my memory and the one...
who is right here,
I forgot about him.
What present should I give you?
Just return my Nandini back to me.
We have lost each other
in this big house.
Just get back my Nandini for me.
I want nothing else.
Nothing else.
What's the matter?
Your affection is quite overwhelming.
Yes... That's because you are
looking extremely...
what do they call it? 'Sexy'.
Krishi will see.
By the way, that should have been
my line... Go now.
My bag and my coat.
- I'll just get it.
Listen, day after tomorrow
it's Karwa Chauth...
Wow! So what am I supposed to do?
You don't do anything. Like every year
there's party for Indians
You are leaving?
What is it?
He keeps popping up everywhere.
So Karwa Chauth!
- Yes... it's day after tomorrow.
So you must have received the Sargi.
- Sargi?
Sargi... Don't you know what Sargi is?
It's a ritual for karwa chauth...
it's something that every mother-in-law
sends for her daughter-in-law.
Hasn't your mother-in-law
sent it for you?
Some elder person of your family
must be sending it to you.
Don't worry. This year
you will get your Sargi.
My mother... she will
explain everything to you.
Greetings to you, my child!
- Greetings.
My son speaks so much about
your family that I feel almost like
I'm there with all of you.
He has become a part of
our small family.
I hope he is not
troubling you too much.
Dear child, Sargi is something that...
every mother-in-law sends
for her daughter-in-law.
Some sweets, a few almonds and...
signs of marital bliss...
and lots of love.
I'll send it to you.
I will think I have sent.
It to my daughter-in-law.
OK my child I'll hang up now!
- OK.
At times why do even strangers
seem like they are your own?
And why is it, at times...
that even our own people
become strangers?
Listen... Even I have kept
the karwa chauth fast today.
For whom?
What's going on there?
- Something that doesn't happen here.
Karwa chauth fast?
That too for me?
Why? Who am I of yours?
You don't have the guts
to tell your brother and bhabhi...
how you are related to them...
Trying to be a great tiger before me!
Let go of my hand.
Why has he held her hand?
- Let go of my hand.
I let go.
What if I tell them?
Today in the presence of everyone...
what if I tell them the truth,
what will you do?
I don't think you will be able to.
You are scared.
What if I do?
Then I will tell
everyone what's in my heart.
Really? Is that so?
- It's a bet.
Don't bet with me,
you might regret.
Maybe that's what I want.
But looking at you...
I wonder if all this is a dream.
Yes... How can anyone
be so frightened?
Splendid, excellent, Lord Ram,
what a match you have made!
Brother and sister-in-law,
Splendid, excellent, Lord Ram,
what a match you have made!
Brother and sister-in-law,
Of all the traditions in this world,
the greatest is the engagement of two hearts
Splendid, excellent, Lord Ram,
what a match you have made!
Brother and sister-in-law,
Your turn.
"My trinkets tinkle...
they say I am yours"
"I can't spend a minute without you,
Oh I am yours"
"Take me away...
oh darling take me away"
"My trinkets tinkle...
they say I am yours,"
"I can't spend a minute without you,
Oh I am yours"
"Take me away,
oh darling take me away."
"Your trinkets tinkle...
they say I am yours..."
"can't spend a moment without you,
Oh I am yours"
"Take me away, oh darling,
take me away"
"I can't think of a life
without you,"
"I spend sleepless nights
counting stars in the sky,"
"my heart keeps calling out to you,
my bindiya makes a sign,"
"The shimmering bindiya,
shines like a star next to the moon,"
"My anklets call out to you,
try to make up to you as you sulk,"
"Oh my loved, my beloved.
Try and understand..."
"what I'm trying to say"
"Your trinkets tinkle,
they say I am yours"
"Can't spend a moment without you,
Oh I am yours."
"Take me away, oh darling,
take me away."
"May we be in
marital bliss forever..."
"may our soulmates be
with us forever"
"Now that you have entered my world,
never leave"
"Take my hand and ask me
to be yours forever"
"Oh darling you look so beautiful,
seems like you have been made for me"
"Your beauty shines so brightly,
that it shames the moon"
"Go away you liar, I'm not taken in"
"Don't flatter too much,
your giving yourself away"
"I wish from the bottom of my heart,
may your pair be forever"
"Oh my love, my beloved, wish
we spent our lives together forever"
"Your trinkets tinkle,
they say I am yours"
"Can't spend a moment without you,
Oh I am yours"
"Take me away, oh darling,
take me away"
You are mad!
My son has turned into
a complete Englishman.
No. Not at all.
Really, Aunty... Sometimes
I wish we were living in India.
And Krishi would sing the
same songs that I grew up singing.
But we are here and I have become
'mummy' from a mother.
Why do you think so, Anjali?
Whatever the language,
The culture is yours, isn't it?
Still... It's not the same, Aunty...
...Just see... Coming!
By the way, D... j... Daijaan,
What are these children doing?
There's a function in Baba's school.
They are rehearsing for that.
All of us are going for it.
You will come with us, won't you?
I'll just be back.
What do I do with this?
What are you doing?
I'll manage myself.
Leave it Daijaan,
I'll manage myself.
I'll do it myself... Daijaan...
Daijaan... DJ!
My little child! My child!
I knew it...
My heart kept telling me
that it was my Baba. Oh Allah!
How big you've grown up to be.
You hid it from your DJ too?
You didn't even tell me?
Why? My child, why?
Didn't I keep telling you, Anjali?
See, it's my little child!
It's my child.
You have come back to me.
My child!
Just coming!
Just coming!
Oh! Where is Didi?
Where's she gone?
Oh my God! Is this our table?
They do this all the time.
Look at this, Aunty,
They give the front seats to the
shining white army and seat us behind.
Why do they do it
always? No... Aunty,
Where is that silly principle?
She has arrived, the cunning vixen.
Is she the Queen of England that
she's got the table in the front?
Please go you silly woman...
Hope your table starts shaking...
hope your chair breaks to pieces.
Should we sit?
Already there have been a
lot of complaints.
Even last year at this function
you had created a ruckus!
Krishi is performing... Very nice...
what's the big deal?
You just shut up and stop
this Englishwoman act of yours!
Anjali, she's right!
- You keep quiet.
My son's on stage...
I will at least whistle once.
No... No...
- Just one whistle...
How sweet my son looks!
He looks just like you, sweetoo!
God, Please protect my son.
Eh! Your son is just performing...
not fighting a war on the border.
Just see!
- Just see!
My son! My son!
- Even mine.
Now sing your, 'Do Re Mi'.
Did you do this?
Now tell me something...
You must have been a little nervous?
I was a little nervous.
But someone said something to me...
and everything was alright.
What did the person say?
- Just a minute.
If you want to be someone in life...
if you want to achieve something...
if you want to win, always
listen to your hear.
And if even that doesn't
give you any answers...
close your eyes and
think of your parents.
And then you will
cross all the hurdles...
all your problems will vanish,
victory will be yours...
only yours.
Who said this? Papa?
- No. He.
Did you take care of mother?
Did you get selected
in the cricket team?
How did you manage
to lose so much weight?
Why didn't you tell me?
Why didn't you tell me?
Come back home, Bhaiyya.
Please come back home.
Come back home, Bhaiyya.
Has Papa sent you?
Rohan, now this is my family.
These are my people.
This is my world!
And the home you are talking about
was never mine in the first place...
and will never be.
You go back now... just go back.
I have seen you again,
that's enough for me.
Go back.
Do you know Bhaiyya,
you often said when I was a child
That mother loved you more than me.
I never liked it then.
I used to get angry.
But today, I would like to tell you,
that you were right.
Mother loves you more than me.
She loves you too much.
And she will always.
She will always
- I know.
He hasn't forgotten Dad's words.
He will never come back.
He will come Rohan.
He will definitely come back.
I know my brother-in-law well.
Just get him to meet
mother and father.
Will you be able to do that?
You know, dad...
I had a strange dream last night.
I dreamt that you and Mom had come
to London to surprise me.
- What then, dad?
The alarm went off... I mean...
why would you and Mom come to
London to surprise me?
I'll speak to you later
The work's done.
Guess where we are.
- Where, dad?
Is it ever possible that my son dreams
of something and I don't turn it true.
Tell me where you are right now,
we want to meet you just now...
You are meeting me
after such a long time.
Present? Now...
at this time... here...
You meet me at 5 p.m. At
the Blue water Shopping mall.
But tell me what
you want, my child.
You will find what
I want right there, Dad.
What's happening here?
- I'm looking for the receipts.
What receipts?
- To return the clothes.
If you have to return them, why do you
buy them in the first place?
The country best in the world
is our India... Right Mom?
Mother's stooge!
Did you tape that? That Indian serial,
Kyon Ki Saas Bhi kabhi bahu thi.
What a brilliant twist!
The son dies.
Oh God! Really? Oh No...
You have given away the suspense.
What are you doing?
- It's fine till the hugs
- but he keeps kissing me too.
- You have never kissed me so much.
Come home, darling... and see.
Lies! You lied to me.
Yes... I lied to you, Dad.
What would I have achieved even if
I had told truth.
I wouldn't be able to break
your ego.
What else is it if not ego, Dad?
That separates a mother from her child
that takes away...
a brother from his sibling... that
throws a father away from his son...?
He is not my son!
I don't believe that he is my son.
Has he fulfilled the duties
of a son? He didn't.
He did, Dad... he did.
He always fulfilled them.
He only made one mistake... Love.
If that is a crime according to
your law, so be it.
But isn't it your duty as an elder
to forgive him for his mistake?
But you came down to punishing him.
What kind of punishment is this, Dad?
What punishment is this?
Just look into my eyes and say that...
you don't feel the pain
of parting with him.
Say that you don't remember him.
Say that you don't love him.
Say it, Dad. Say it.
I don't love him.
I don't love him.
I said it, didn't I?
God has blessed you
with everything, Dad... Everything.
I just wish he had given you a heart!
- Shut up!
You irreverent child!
You love him.
You love him a lot.
You love him a lot.
I have got my answer.
You really love him.
Let's go back, Rahul.
It's too much now...
This is not our country.
These are not our people.
We have set up a house here...
but have you ever wondered
what kind of a home is this...
that doesn't have a mother's
warmth or a father's blessings?
Let's go back, Rahul.
Mother and Father are here...
They are right here.
They are elders.
They are a little angry with us.
But we will ask for forgiveness.
Rahul... I know
they are as incomplete without us...
as we are without them.
We will ask for forgiveness, Rahul.
Let's go back.
You will never understand.
To turn a stranger into your own...
and then to turn him back
to a stranger...
you can never understand the pain.
I agree they are elders...
but even they don't have the right
to break a heart.
Even they don't have
a right to break a heart.
I think we should call him back.
Yash, It was her last wish
to have Rahul...
Just wait for a while... I
know he will definitely come.
We don't need to wait
for anyone... Rohan.
Rahul and Anjali are leaving.
They are leaving tomorrow from here.
They haven't even come home.
If you say to them...
Do you know mother always
says that...
a husband is God.
No matter what he says...
no matter what he thinks...
he is always right.
You brought Rahul home one day...
We gave him lots of love... right.
He became a part of our family.
He became my life...
right... absolutely right!
Then... one day he left home
and went away.
You let him leave... wrong
You separated a mother from
her child... wrong.
Our family shattered
to pieces... wrong.
Then how does a husband become God?
God can't do any wrong can he?
My husband is just a husband...
just a husband... Not God.
Not God.
I said it... Didn't I?
That's it!
Ever since the day you left,
mother has only seen you
through His eyes.
He is the one who gave a mother...
the strength to stay away
from her son.
Please swear on Him, Bhaiyya...
that you will come home
at least once.
Just once, Bhaiyya.
Even if it is for a moment.
Even if it is for a day.
Let Bhabhi feel
at least once that
she is the daughter-in-law
of this family.
She is a part of the family.
At least let your shadow fall
on the photograph...
that has kept your memory alive in
mother's eyes for the last ten years.
Just once, Bhaiyya.
Then you can leave
No one will stop you.
No one will stop you.
On the strength of that one memory...
that one moment... Mother
can lead her entire life.
Can't you do just this
much for mother?
You took my words so much to heart
that you went away.
Didn't even look back once.
Didn't come back even once.
Didn't come back.
Where did you call
me back, Papa?
Did I have to call you back?
Am I not elder?
Do I have to call you back?
Am I not elder?
I thought you didn't love me.
I thought you didn't
think of me as your son.
How could you think that?
How could you?
I brought you into this house for
the first time with these hands.
You completed our family.
You fulfilled all our dreams.
How did you think...?
I thought you didn't love me...
didn't love me.
I love you very much,
my son... love you very much.
Just... just couldn't say it.
In these ten years I have thought
about you every moment every day.
I thought of you so much that,
I felt like embracing you and...
telling you how much I love you.
Just couldn't say it.
Elders' anger is a part of...
their love, my son.
You took it so much to heart that
you got angry and left home...?
And I didn't even call you back.
Why would you call me?
I should have come on my own.
- I should have come on my own.
Why didn't you come?
Why didn't you?
This is your home...
You are the elder son of the family...
You are my son... my son.
And now I have grown old my son.
I have grown old.
At least forgive me now.
At least forgive me
now... At least now.
Come here, son.
At times the youngsters
in the house show the right...
path to the elders in the family.
I kept you away from your brother
for years.
Please forgive me if you can.
Forgive me... forgive me.