Kabir (2018) Movie Script

"God is the greatest.."
"God is the greatest.."
Mister, I need to go
to VT station.
Please sit.
- Thank you!
What's the matter?
Why's there only one taxi
at the taxi stand today?
I welcome you all
to today's episode.
Our debate for today
is on the topic
of Islam and terrorism.
I thought that peace
would prevail on earth.
But if we observe the numbers
then we can see
that the number of people
who have died in the world wars
will be less than the number
people who have died
due to terrorist activities.
The track record makes it clear
that the people belonging
to Islamic background
have been connected..
If we raise our concern
towards protecting our nation
then we should think about the
number of deaths in Pakistan.
Every day Muslims murders
other Muslims.
Are they doing that
to protect their nation?
One instance
when two nuclear bombs
were dropped at a place.
It's a historical event
of the tragedy of mankind.
There wasn't any Muslim there.
Islam and terrorism,
I disagree to the logic
that you have put forward
for it.
A lot more people were killed
during the second world war.
And even more people died
during the first world war.
If we only take the case
of Hitler's holocaust
then ten lakh people had died
at once in it.
But we never connected
Christians and terrorism.
Such events are neither caused
by Muslims nor Islam.
Terrorism is based on religion..
- Yes, it's religion.
Is religion different from a race?
- Yes, it's different.
Majority of Americans have
been killed by Americans.
It's the rubbish
of the entire world
that America is dumping there.
The number of people who die
in our country
because of terrorism is lesser
than the number of people
who get killed over there.
As you can see I am standing
on Dalal Street of Mumbai.
It has been surrounded
by the security personnel
on all the sides.
There is chaos everywhere.
And we have got to know
that 43 people have died
in this area where people come
to earn their daily bread.
Everyone is getting updates
about the blast today.
'The number of deaths
in the Mumbai blast'
'is more than 50.'
'There's news of bigger blasts
from Zaveri Bazaar'
'and Oshiwara area.'
'The city of Mumbai
woke up in the midst'
'of this terror in the morning.'
In this country's..
- It's pathetic..
Mr. Shubha, I have got
one question for you.
Are the Muslims
getting targeted every time
for the sake
of the nation's security?
It's the rule of power.
- Exactly..
Where there is no life..
There's no love..
Not even right..
- Not even religion.. - There's..
There's no righteousness. - Not even
religion.. - Not even..
The matter is actually not about
religion. It's all about power.
If we try to look
into the scenario of Afghanistan
we'll find that it's all
because of power.
Even the case of the Rohingya's..
- You mean to say
that religion is just an excuse.
Whatever America is trying to do
we'll do that in return.
The event of 911
is based on this logic
or even the other acts
of terrorism..
And then these events
were connected to Islam.
No, that's actually wrong.
What happened?
Ma'am, the taxi won't
go any further. - But why?
What's the issue?
- Are you a mechanic?
But.. - I said it won't go
any further. That's it!
I need to catch my train
at 5:00 p.m.
Didn't I say that I won't go?
- Hey, what's the matter?
You can't park your car here.
Just move it from here.
- The car has broken down..
Hey, go from here.
- Take away your car.
Why have you parked it here?
- Just move it away.
Push it.
- Hey, go! Go..
Hey, help me.
- Push it to the side.
Come now.
Let the car be here.
Taxi.. - Hey..
Don't stop your car here.
Lift.. - The cars won't stop here.
Move from here..
Oh, God! - Keep moving..
- Taxi..
Sir, why are you not allowing
them to stop? I need a taxi.
You can't stop any taxi here.
Please go there.
VT station?
Ranjan, please put her bags
in the trunk.
Thank you.
- Please get in.
Be careful.
- Thank you!
What is going on in this city?
Everybody is worried.
By the way, I am Abir.
Abir Chatterjee.
My name is Yasmin.
I would have been in trouble
if you didn't stop to help me.
That constable was not allowing
the taxis.. - Are you a Bengali?
No.. I am not a Bengali.
But I know the language well.
You are quite good.
And look at me.. I couldn't
master my mother tongue yet.
Can someone guess
that I am a Bengali?
No, actually, I have spent 20
years in that city. That's why..
Just a moment..
Yes, Dad!
Yes, I am totally fine.
I was trying to call you.
There might have been some issue
with the network. - Okay..
- Yes, Dad.
Please don't worry.
I am going to the station now.
I'll call you
once the train departs, okay?
Okay? Don't forget
to take your medicines.
He's worried.
Someone must have cast an evil
eye on this city. Six blasts.
I heard about one in Worli.
Oh, I see. Seven blasts?
Oh, God!
- Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
- Okay.
Let's go. - Go there..
- Come on..
Move it.. - Sir, let me..
- Move..
Keep moving..
- Move..
Got it. Yes, sir.
All right, sir.
'The train from Mumbai to Howrah'
'is an hour late. It'll arrive
on platform number 21.'
Excuse me, where would I find
the upper-class waiting room?
Go straight and take right..
- Is it? - Yes. - Thank you.
'Platform number 21..
There's an announcement'
'Mumbai to Howrah Duronto express'
'is an hour late. It'll arrive
on platform number 21.'
Is the waiting room that way?
Thank you.
Come on, move that way.
'There's an announcement
for the passengers.'
'The Mumbai-Howrah Duronto express'
'is an hour late. It'll arrive
on platform number 21.'
I need an ice-cream!
Would you kindly
keep an eye my luggage?
- Conservative family.
That's why, I have to wear it.
Hamidul Bhatkar. He is
well versed in English, French
Urdu, Hindi, Bengali.
He is operating from Bangladesh.
This is Usmaan Gani.
He can speak Hindi and Urdu.
He has the sole responsibility
of the sleeper cell.
Both are the leaders of the first
layer of IM, Indian Mujahideen.
Sir, we got some information
about the Mumbai blasts
from the same sources. We didn't
have any solid information.
From this morning, their target
has been to blow up 18 sites
one by one,
out of which seven are done.
However the remaining seven
were intercepted by us.
Sir, DCDD Damyanti Patekar
has come up with some
really interesting facts for us.
Go on.
- There is a unique code number
for each member of IM. We
retrieved similar code numbers
from the two people
whom we arrested today.
For example, 98ZPM9804
that is, two digits,
three letters
and then four digits again.
If these could be deciphered
then many could be exposed, sir.
- How much longer will it take?
The press have made
our lives miserable.
Sir, a complete team is working
hard, day and night on this case.
Sit down.
What is the position? Sit.
No not here. Go till Bilaspur.
Yes. Keep tracking.
All right. Nandu.
- Yes, ma'am. - No, sit down.
Any feedback?
- No.
Let me know if there's
any update, okay? - Yes.
Go there..
'The Mumbai-Howrah Duronto express
is late'
'by three hours and will depart
from platform number 21.'
If we can't depart today..
Oh, sorry!
Excuse me.
Nice to see you again!
Where to?
Howrah? - Yes.
And you?
I am thinking about jumping
out during the journey.
Hey, ma'am. This train doesn't
stop at any other station.
Like you all say..
One can go only till Howrah.
Watch your leg.
The train scheduled to depart
at 5:15 p.m.
is departing at 8:15 p.m.
You did leave the waiting room,
didn't you?
I had to meet a friend of mine.
'All the passengers
are requested..'
The train hasn't even departed,
and they fell asleep already!
Water.. The pantry is closed
tonight, there would be no food.
Water.. - Mister.
- Yes, ma'am?
Do you work for the railways?
- Yes.
Why won't there be any food?
Ma'am, there has been an explosion.
No one has turned up for work.
That's why the pantry is closed.
- And how much longer
until the train departs?
- How much longer?
The train will depart now.
- And you are telling us now?
What is this bloody nonsense?
If you'd told us earlier
we would have bought food
from the platform, right?
It's a 24 hour journey.
Damn it, they do as they please!
Why are you getting angry
with me needlessly?
Strange.. - Look, mister, don't
act innocent. - Wait, one moment.
Forget about it.
How many guards are there?
- Seven.
- Seven. - Only seven? - Yes.
Hey, the pantry is closed,
no food available!
By the looks of the state
of the security
there should have
been 17 guards.
We can't really blame
these pantry workers
by the looks of what is
going on throughout this city.
They did make an announcement.
Maybe, you didn't hear it.
I don't know.
- By the way
I had bought quite
a lot of food.
It will last tonight with ease.
Who knows what'll happen tomorrow?
- No.. What are you..
Live life to the fullest. - Please,
how can I eat your share of food?
Not at all..
- Yes.. You have a point.
What if the food is laced?
I seriously did not mean that.
- What if I run away
with all your luggage?
I did not mean that.
This is what has been going on.
This happens frequently
on trains.
But I swear, ma'am
I didn't board the train
to drug you.
- Did I ever say that?
All right then.
We will see, when I feel hungry.
- Okay.
This is too funny!
The train didn't even depart
and they all started snoring!
They are really blessed
to be able to sleep anytime,
Do you snore too?
- Fortunately not. - You?
Unfortunately, yes.
- That's good!
Three makes a company,
that's good luck.
Good. The train finally
Hey, forget about him!
It means, that's enough,
my dear. Don't disturb anymore.
Not exactly.
Tell me.
Are you feeling hungry?
I feel hungry
when the train starts moving.
Come, let's eat.
After that, you can
continue reading the book
and I will go to sleep
while playing a game in my phone.
What do you say?
- Okay.
But I'm telling you again..
The amount of food you have
won't be enough.
Absolutely not.
I had a feeling that I would be
sharing my food with someone.
I packed extra.
You have a lot of girlfriends,
A lot!
That is quite evident
in your flirtatious behaviour.
Tell me something.
If someone doesn't flirt with you
will you feel good?
- Nope..
That day turns out to be
a terrible one, right? - Yes..
Do you have a boyfriend?
- No!
- No..
No, I don't eat meat.
I don't.. - Halal.
This meat is halal.
I bought it from a shop
called Bade Miyan. My favourite.
Chicken. - That's enough..
- Just a little more.
Eat first, diet later.
What do you do?
- Roti..
I work
for a tour operating company.
Basically, I look
after the logistics
if there is a special client
then in that case
I go meet the person.
I have to do that.
If there is some work then..
Turkey, Greece, Germany..
Have you been to all these places?
Wow! - I had to go
to Barcelona, Spain.
Especially the countries in Europe.
I travel there a lot.
A lot of Bengalis travel there,
you see.
In that case, you must be having
a lot of passports.
After all, you travel every month.
'May I have your attention,
please? Train number..'
The food was good, wasn't it?
You got to know
everything about me.
But what do you do?
I take photos.
Oh, wow!
Not really.
I shoot videos at times.
Oh, cinema?
Are you a cinematographer?
No, I mean..
Wait, I will show you.
After Lalu Prasad Yadav got
appointed as the Railway Minister
plug points were installed
in trains.
Wait, let me check.
Mobile phone, laptop..
No problem.
And Mr. Sam Pitroda
raised the standards
of communication.
The internet might get disconnected
a few times in a running train.
Otherwise, it's perfect.
"Maybe you know,
maybe you don't.."
Good heavens!
You were actually able
to identify the song!
I couldn't have done it
had it been a Bengali song.
Like I told you,
I still haven't got a good grasp
on the language.
Who could possibly say that you
are actually not a Bengali?
Your Bengali is very good.
And you can impress
your fellow passengers
quite well too. - Nope.
A female fellow passenger.
Here you go.
My video.
Don't make a sound.
Everyone is sleeping.
They will wake up.
They can see us.
Can you all hear us?
- Yes, we can. - Yes, we can.
They said that they can hear us.
Can you see this lady here?
- Yes, we can. - Yes, we can.
They said that they can see you.
So, is the gun loaded?
- Yes, it is. - Yes, it is.
They said that the gun is loaded.
But how will we know
that it is loaded?
Ma'am, I hope you understood.
The pistol is loaded.
It really is.
If you scream now
then they
will shoot him.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Dad has asthma.
He is having breathing issues.
They will take care of that.
They will.
What do you want?
Why would you kill my dad?
- We won't kill him.
Why would we?
If you co-operate with us
then killing him
is out of the question.
Hey, move the pistol away.
Her father is having
breathing issues.
Look for the inhaler.
He needs it. Come on, fast.
It's an emergency.
Hey, look over there.
Come here.
In what way can I-I co-operate?
What do I have to do?
Tell me.
Where is Imtiaz?
Where is Imtiaz?
Who is Imtiaz?
Who is he?
For God's sake,
I don't know anyone by that name.
I swear on Allah.
I don't know anyone named Imtiaz.
What has my father done to you all?
You are surely mistaken.
Please try to understand.
I-I will scream now.
- No.
Don't scream.
Just don't.
Your half-paralysed father
will be lying there.. Oh, yes..
One moment.
Here's another video.
Does the school seem familiar?
'Ruksana, please come here.'
'What are you doing?'
'Are you Ruksana?
- Yes.'
'This is for you.'
'Please take it.'
Oh, for God's sake.. No!
Who are you?
Please let me go.
Let go of my father.
You are making a mistake,
believe me!
I really don't know anything.
Please, I swear on Allah!
You are the best
of the human beings.
No one else.
You are the best. You..
You Muslims are the best
you are lying by swearing
on your very God!
I am not lying.
Trust me.
I beg of you!
What did Ruksana do to you all?
You are making a mistake.
Believe me, please!
My name is Ya..
- Yasmin Khatun.
Your father's name
is Mohammed Firoz.
You have already
divorced your husband.
At least that's what
your loved ones know.
Mohammed Firdaus lives in Germany.
But I know
that you two are not divorced.
You two met last year
in Turkey. And your mother,
Tarina Khatun
passed away on 11th December, 1992
in Bhopal.
Do you recall anything?
"O Lord.."
"O Lord.."
"O Lord.."
Your uncle, aunt and their son..
All of them were scared.
There was news about riots
Scared, your uncle removed
the flag from the terrace.
9th December.
There were rumours in the city
that some people had attacked
the Hindu Hostel for girls.
The Navbharat Times published
this news on the tenth
and the news of their tyranny
was published by Jan Charcha.
A description
of how the girls were raped.
That was followed by trouble.
- Open the door..
The one to knock
at the door was Mr. Pandey
whom you considered an uncle.
Open the door..
- Kill the bastard!
Drag them out one by one!
No one should be spared!
Get the bastard!
- And he was accompanied
by countless strangers.
Kill them all!
Kill each and every one of them!
No one should be spared!
Come out!
Bring him outside!
Come on, come out..
Come out..
A peace parade began
on the 13th of December.
Even your aunt's ravaged corpse
was found
but it was said
that nothing of that sort
had happened in the girls hostel.
Nothing at all.
But the truth is, 31 people
had been killed in the city.
Countless homes were burnt.
Whose homes were they?
The best of mankind.
The people to whom God provided
the basic necessities.
The Muslims.
Your father was
in the Intelligence Bureau.
Your father worked
with the IB Department in Kolkata.
He moved to Kolkata
on the 13th of December.
Your father gave his house
in Bhopal to Mr. Pandey, legally.
So, Yasmin Khatun,
does all the information add up?
Where is Imtiaz?
Where is Imtiaz?
I would like to use the washroom.
Your mobile phone.
Hand it over.
There is another one.
I saw it.
Ms. Yasmin.
Sit down for a moment.
Your father.
He is sleeping now.
Do come back
from the washroom quickly.
- Hello? Mr. Tamal..
Yasmin here.
Yes, tell me.
Mr. Tamal, listen..
Dad is in grave danger.
- Listen to me..
Some goons have him at gunpoint.
I see.
- Please do something quickly.
Inform the police.
Do something.
- Yes.. Wait.
I don't know who they are.
They have my father at gunpoint.
Hello.. Mr. Tamal?
Damn it!
- Mr. Tamal?
Please be quick.. Please..
Dad is in grave danger. Please!
I will do something.
'The runners..
'They're trying to make..'
- Yes? - Babli?
Oh, it's you, M-Mr. Tanmay!
Isn't M-Ms. B-Babli home?
All right.
Some goons have my father
at gunpoint.
At gunpoint!
At gunpoint?
- Yes.
- What!
Who's this?
- At home..
Where are you calling from?
Whose phone number is this?
Do something..
- Yasmin here. Yasmin.
- Yasmin? - Hello?
Oh, that girl!
- Hello..
Please.. Do something quickly.
- Where are you?
How did you come to know
about this?
I don't know who they are
or where they are from.
Where are you?
I can't hear anything!
Mr. Tanmay?
The call got disconnected.
Ms. Yasmin?
Ms. Yasmin?
Open the door.
Open it.
What is the matter?
This is of no use.
We don't work
without preparing well.
If you try anything again
then I will have your father killed
and I will finish you off.
Keep that in mind.
No, sit. Yes.
Zoom on that.
A bit more.
DSP Mishra?
The SP's office?
Is this the SP's office?
Damn it!
What is the matter? - Move it,
you bastard! - Hey, what's this?
Move it..
- Who are you people?
What is going on?
- What are you doing?
I will call the police.. Hey..
- Move it.. Come on.. Why, you..
Hey, there he is!
Stop the car..
Hey, come on..
- What's the matter? - Move it..
Hey, move it.. Hey..
- Move it, you bastard!
What's the matter?
- Move it.. - Hey!
Come on.. - Hey..
- What the heck is this..
Hey, who are you people?
- Hey.. Hey, stop..
Why, you.. Bastard!
- Shut up..
The network is down presently.
Otherwise, I would have shown you
that your father is sleeping
and my men are guarding him.
My other men are stationed
outside Dowhill School.
They will be there all night.
Ruksana, your 12-year-old cousin.
Your aunt's daughter.
The one you raised
after your aunt passed away.
She is sleeping in the hostel now.
Even I will take a nap.
If something happens
in the meantime..
I mean, if you call someone again
then your cousin in Darjeeling
your father in Alipore
and your husband, Firdaus,
in Frankfurt..
None of them will be spared.
By the way,
I never told you my name.
My name is Altaf.
Altaf Kabir.
I will take a nap.
In the meantime, you better decide
whether you will give me
Imtiaz's address or not.
This is the Duronto Express,
inaugurated by Mamata Banerjee.
It hardly makes any stops.
So, don't try anything.
Good night.
What have you decided?
You dozed off
while you were thinking.
Tell me.
Where is Imtiaz?
Let my father go right now!
Do it!
Or I will shoot you.
Call them up right now.
I will.
The men guarding
your father will leave.
The men stationed outside
Ruksana's hostel, Dowhill, Kurseong
will leave.
Even the men stationed
in Frankfurt will leave.
But that will happen only after
I find out where Imtiaz is.
I am not joking.
I am not joking!
Abir, Altaf..
Whoever or whatever you are
I am not joking!
Yes, you are.
Give me the gun.
Yes, you were joking.
Bad joke.
There are no bullets in it.
Now, I am not joking.
Where is Imtiaz?
What is going on?
- What do you want, mister?
Is there any trouble?
Any problem?
- No, mister.
It's personal.
Forget it.
No, mister, this man has been..
- Just shut up!
Think of your father,
Ruksana, Firdaus..
Shut your mouth!
Hey, mister!
Why are you scolding her?
Ma'am, is there a problem?
Mister, I am telling you
for the last time..
Mind your own business.
Something is definitely wrong.
I feel something is not right.
I won't leave.
Don't poke your nose in this.
Last warning.
Get lost. - I won't leave.
What will you do?
Iqbal! - Yes, sir?
Where are you guys?
Come here!
- Yes.
Iqbal, get rid of the body.
Dump it outside
and yes.
If anyone tries something, then
don't hesitate to shoot him.
Hey, you.
Get down.
You have slept enough.
Get down.
Sit there.
Go on.. Sit there.
A person is dead
because of your tantrums.
Now let us come to the point.
Where is Imtiaz?
You don't have much time.
Then don't tell me
that I didn't warn you.
Where is
I don't know.
I really don't know!
- You do.
You really do know.
If you don't,
then your father does.
Bloody crook!
Your father was working for the IB
when Imtiaz was given
shelter at your place.
Wherever he is,
whether it's in India or abroad
I will surely kill him!
- My father was a mere clerk.
He used to work as a clerk
at a small department in the IB.
That's why he knows it..
That's why he knows where
that bastard is hiding!
Talk to me.
Don't hide him.
Speak up!
Give me a few hints, will you?
Is it related to some bank robbery?
Bank.. Bank robbery?
Do you think it's a joke?
Are you trying to act smart?
Having fun, are you?
Look, ma'am.
You will have to tell me.
You will have to tell me
before we reach Howrah.
In order to catch Imtiaz,
I can't kill one
but countless people.
I swore in the name Islam
that I will kill all my enemies.
Verse number 25.
Paragraph number 52.
It's written in the Quran
to not follow the irreligious.
Always keep fighting against them.
Yes, I am a jihadi.
I am a jihadi.
We have exhibited
our power everywhere
from the American Twin Towers
to the Indian Parliament.
We have shown our power everywhere!
He betrayed our belief.
Probably, I can help you.
Tell me about it.
If I know something,
I will tell you.
You know everything.
Year 2012.
November 18, Kolkata.
Indian Mujahidin's sleeper cell
was activated.
A few explosions.
The entire eastern region
was subdued.
Ashraf was our contact in Kolkata.
One of us came from Hyderabad.
Another one came from Guwahati.
Parvez was from Hyderabad.
Imtiaz from Guwahati.
Fourteen.. I will do
twenty repetitions. - Fifteen..
- One more!
Twenty. That's it!
- God!
Was it done properly?
- Absolutely.
Get two more rotis for me.
Mr. Ashraf.
I don't know if I will get
to eat rotis
after a few days.
Are you scared?
Jihad is for The Almighty!
Sealdah subway.
10 a.m.
If things go accordingly here,
then 200-250 will be blown to bits.
What about Howrah?
No chance.
High security.
A better place will be Burrabazar.
Lake Market?
No one will be there at 10:00 a.m.
and should the explosion happen
it has to be done
within half an hour.
Sequential explosions.
That area is a bit secure.
But the target is fixed.
Mister, where is this
Raja Katra market?
Mister, your bag.
Strange.. - Hey, you!
- What a strange man! - What?
Come here.
What is going on?
Is this bag yours?
Yes, that one.
Yes, it's mine.
- Get it.
I kept the bag there for a while.
I would have come to take it back.
Is there a bomb in it?
Take it out. Out with it!
Come here.
Come here!
What is in the bag?
What is it?
A diary and a tiffin box.
- Show them to me.
Open the bag!
What if it's a bomb?
Damn it!
Unzip the other one.
That one..
Open it.
Hey, that's potato curry.
Why are you all scared?
What happened?
Should I finish the whole thing?
Get lost!
Why have you people gathered here?
Go away!
"God is the greatest.."
Had it been the glorious days
they'd have invited their doom.
- Forget all that.
We're done with the recce.
I've finalised the place.
Now, we need to finalise the date..
I don't think
there is a lot of security
in Rash Behari
and the stations before it.
What do you say?
Listen, Sealdah Subway
is the perfect hit.
- Yes..
We're also done
with our final recce.
When will we be receiving
the final date?
Mr. Parvez..
We've got the date.
18th November.
- Jihad.. - Jihad..
We are doing this
in the name of Allah.
- Yes?
Hey, Imtiaz.
What are you thinking about?
Had the bomb been in the tiffin box
it would've detonated
in your hands.
It is the grace of Allah.
I want
the sacrifice of a jihadi.
The sacrifice of a true jihadi...
Damn it.. A certain someone
got scared that day.
A jihadi
got scared.
Maybe he had a dream.
A dream about dying.
A blast..
A jihadi
got scared.
The next day
on 15th November, 2012..
The commandoes are ready, sir.
No, we aren't moving
from our positions.
Okay, sir.
Okay.. To the right.
How many?
How many people are hiding there?
Ashraf! Ashraf, get the weapons!
- To the right! - Ashraf, quick!
I'm upstairs.
Come upstairs.
Come upstairs, Parvez!
- Ashraf, cover me!
I'm going to the terrace!
- Parvez! - Ashraf, where are you?
'You have been surrounded.'
'You have no option other than'
'surrendering yourselves.'
- What are you thinking about..
'The police and CRPF
have surrounded the place.'
'Our aim is not to kill anyone.'
- You bloody..
Ashraf.. Ashraf,
where are the cartridges?
They're downstairs.
- Cover me.
Cover me!
Cover me!
The firing goes on and on and on..
Parvez kept firing
till his last breath.
Ashraf got killed
way before he did.
Do you know
how many times Parvez was shot?
He got shot 13 times.
Because of whom?
Because of that traitor, Imtiaz!
Where is Imtiaz?
I want to find Imtiaz.
The Intelligence Bureau
has hidden him someplace safe.
Bombay, Delhi, Madras..
Where.. Where?
If I don't find Imtiaz
I swear on Allah
you can bid your father, your
friends and your husband, Firdaus
Your father had his file.
Your father knows everything.
Where is Imtiaz?
Where is Imtiaz?
Where is Imtiaz?
Code number..
Code number.
You know nothing..
You know nothing!
You don't know that I,
Yasmin Khatun, at the age of six
had seen my sister being
gang raped by sadistic bastards.
That day, on 11th December
those effing bastards
gang raped my aunt
one after the other!
You know nothing.
Get the witch..
No! - Get her..
- What's going on..
They know..
Hit them..
You dare bite the hands
that feed you!
You know nothing about loyalty!
Hit them..
You dare look at our women
with the wrong intentions, rascal!
Take everyone outside!
Dad didn't hand over the house
to them.
Listen, mister,
you cannot live here now.
- You'll have to leave.
No, I won't! - Put
your thumb impression on this.
They snatched the house from us
by holding a gun against his neck.
Put your thumb impression on this!
I said put your thumb impression
on this!
You dare mess with us, rascal!
Hold him.. - Dad..
- He will have to do it.
Rascal! - Dad, get up.. Dad!
- Rot in hell!
Then we came to Kolkata.
Ashraf's brother took care
of my dad and me.
I went to college, I got a job..
"We have come
to Your Holy Abode, O Lord.."
I was the main contact
of the sleeper cell
not Ashraf.
"Please give us something, O Lord.
- O Lord.."
"Please shower this land with
Your grace, O Lord. - O Lord.."
"Either snatch everything from us..
- O Lord.."
"Or give us everything, O Lord."
"O Lord."
"My Lord."
"We have come"
"to Your Holy Abode."
"We have come"
"to Your Holy Abode, O Lord."
"We have come"
"to Your Holy Abode, O Lord."
"We have come to You"
"O Lord."
"We have come"
"to Your Holy Abode, O Lord."
"Is it bliss or just You?"
"Is it insanity or just You?"
"Death is looming overhead."
"Is it life or just You?"
"I marvel at You.
I seek You."
"I think only of You.
I love only You."
"You are.."
"It is Your boundless mercy"
"that has brought us here."
"We have come to You on foot"
"to bask in Your glory."
"We have come"
"to Your Holy Abode, O Lord."
"O Lord!"
"O Lord!"
"O Lord!"
"If I could"
"get to see you, whom I have lost"
"just once.."
"I wish I could hold"
"that finger
which I had held once.."
"If only I could get back"
"the desserts made by my mother"
"and go to the places
my father took me to."
"He would take me to the fair"
"and even the circus."
"The heart houses"
"countless old memories!"
"If only
I could have those again.."
"Please give us something, O Lord.
- O Lord.."
"Please shower this land with
Your grace, O Lord. - O Lord.."
"Either snatch everything from us..
- O Lord.."
"Or give us everything, O Lord."
"O Lord."
"My Lord."
"We have come"
"to Your Holy Abode, O Lord."
"O Lord!"
"O Lord!"
"O Lord!"
Imtiaz used to address me
as his sister.
After the final recce,
the next afternoon..
Hey, ma'am.
Give them their meals.
I won't be eating.
Are you unwell?
Sister, you and I
will go have Biryani today.
I see.
- Fine, go.
I don't like the Biryani they make.
It's awful.
I won't have Biryani either.
- Please move aside..
A home-cooked meal is much better.
What have you made, Sister?
- There's some chicken.
Sister, please hurry up.
- Hold on, let me take the bag.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
See you.
- Bye.
- Yes..
Come on.
All of them
used to address me as 'sister'.
Why aren't they here? - Why?
I'm here.. - No, they didn't..
That's because Imtiaz
used to call me that.
So.. - You didn't come
that day either.. - That afternoon
after serving them their meal
we went to have some Biryani.
Send this to table number five..
- What will you have?
Chicken Biryani.
- Biryani..
That's where we got to know
that STF had killed them
in an encounter.
For table number two.. - It's here.
Go on, serve it to him.
'The STF officers..'
'Even they are firing..'
'The Police Commissioner,
along with an army of officers'
'has raided the place.'
'According to sources,
a few terrorists'
'with the intention of detonating
bombs in Kolkata..' - Sister..
'That's why they are here.'
'The police think
that their number is not great.'
'After receiving this information'
'the entire city
is paralysed with terror.'
'The Police Commissioner'
'has declared red alert
in the entire city.'
'However, they have no information'
'as to how they happened
to form their base here.'
'However, terror has gripped
the entire city.'
'But the government has requested
the citizens to remain calm.'
'The citizens are requested
not to..' - Imtiaz! Imtiaz..
Imtiaz.. Relax.. - 'Though the
sound of gunfire can be heard'
'there is no news..'
- Sister! - Relax..
It was the guy who had
given us shelter. - Let's go!
He's the one
who had tipped the police off.
Which one? - Let's go..
- It's that house, sir.
The police didn't have
our photographs
but that traitor told the police
that the two of us
were still alive.
Who are they?
This is Parvez and this is Ashraf.
There were two other people.
Where have they gone?
- I don't know, sir.
They went somewhere..
Then Imtiaz and I
went to another shelter.
All the arrangements
had been made there.
Detonator, RDX..
We'll have to postpone it.
The security will get tightened.
No, Sister.
The blast will take place
on that day itself.
The blast will take place
on that day itself, Sister.
I swear on Mr. Ashraf
and Mr. Parvez..
The blast will take place
on that day itself.
Sister, I don't want to live.
I'll go to Dharmatala Metro.
You need to pick an area.
On the morning of 18th November
he went and recited the Salah
in a nearby mosque.
He seemed very calm.
Sister, I swear on Allah
today, the whole of Kolkata
will witness a blast.
Where will you be going, Sister?
Goodbye, Sister.
Hey, mister. - Yes? - Where can I
find a confectionery here?
Go straight and then take a right.
So, I go straight
and then take a right? - Yes.
Okay, thank you.
Hey, stop!
Come here!
Hey, stop!
Hey! Hey!
Imtiaz became a martyr
like a true jihadi.
It was not Imtiaz's bomb
but mine that went off.
Thirteen people died that day
but Imtiaz became a martyr.
A true jihadi became a martyr.
Imtiaz was not a traitor.
Imtiaz could never be a traitor.
Imtiaz was a true jihadi.
Imtiaz was a true jihadi.
It was great.
I loved this story of yours.
So, what does it all comes down to?
You're a jihadi.
One more thing..
And he..
And he is a beloved family member
of a true jihadi.
Good story.
First, you said
that you didn't know Imtiaz
and now,
you've become a true jihadi!
Yasmin Khatun.
Yasmin Khatun, a true jihadi.
You need to tell me something.
The day you went to have Biryani..
What was the colour of the kurta
Parvez was wearing?
- Yes..
- Wrong!
You call this white?
He was wearing a blue kurta!
Is this how you wish
to save that traitor?
What do you think?
That we've set about to do this
without any concrete information?
It's okay.
You need to tell me something.
Coming to the place
where you took shelter
how many doors did it have?
I can't remember.
How many rooms were there?
- Two.
I used to live in one and he..
- Quiet.. Quiet!
What! What's this..
- Two rooms.. - What the..
Is this a joke?
Is this a joke to you?
Let me show you something.
Hey, can you see?
- 'Yes, I can.'
Can you hear me?
- 'Yes, I can hear you.'
Kill the oldie!
- What! No! Please..
No, mister.. - Kill him!
- Mister, please..
Mister, no..
- Kill him!
Show me your code again. Your..
My phone..
- Yes..
Samastipur.. Samastipur!
Come on!
Lock it!
Hey, guys, Samastipur!
Yes, show me the location..
Yes, fine..
A green double-storied bungalow.
Hill Top Bungalow. Quick!
Allah is the greatest..
Allah is the greatest..
Allah is the greatest.
What is it?
- Sir, who are these people?
What kind of people
are you recruiting?
He is suspecting me!
He is suspecting Imtiaz!
He has held dad hostage!
He has even held Ruksana hostage!
Sir, he is suspecting me!
Who are these people?
He's been uttering rubbish!
Tell me what the code is.
- Just a second, sir.
Tell me the code again.
- 76PQM8310.
Hey, what the.. Let's get out
of here.. - Let's go.. - Quick..
Good shot.
Come on,
let's take down both of them.
One, two, three..
- My child.. That's not possible.
Yes! Start the jammer.
Start the jammer, quick!
Sir, 76..
- Yasmin.
- ...PQ.. Hello?
Oh, Lord..
Take him..
Don't move.
Don't move!
We've got the leader..
- Yes! Yes!
Yes! Nandu.. - Yes, ma'am..
- We caught him!
- The leader got arrested!
Please sit.
Yes.. I guess
the call got disconnected.
Give me that.
I'll talk to him.
I'll talk to him.
Hello, sir?
Mr. Syed Abdul Rahim Tunda?
- What..
I think the jammer
has scrambled the connection.
You know him?
- Why wouldn't I?
Indian Mujahideen,
third in command.
Why wouldn't I know him?
He's responsible
for 40 bomb blasts.
At least 70 sleeper cells
have been trained by him.
You think I wouldn't know
Syed Abdul Rahim Tunda?
However, I..
I didn't know where he lived.
But now, I do.
The credit goes to you.
Sit down.
By the way,
I am the DSP, an STF officer.
Altaf Kabir.
I had located you
after the blasts in 2012
but I didn't know
that the reason
behind you coming to Mumbai
was to activate
the sleeper cells there.
Seven blasts..
113 corpses, 113 families,
so much blood..
Someone's father, someone's mother
someone's brother,
someone's sister..
Why in the morning?
I feel like finishing you off
right here.
Don't look so shocked.
Be it the taxi driver,
the announcement at the station
or what happened
in the pantry car
it was
all orchestrated by me.
My target was someone way bigger..
My target
was Syed Abdul Rahim Tunda.
Oh, yes.
You were right.
He was wearing a white kurta
that day.
I doctored the photo.
One more thing..
'Jai Hind', sir! - Are you okay?
I hope you didn't get hurt.
No, sir.
- Okay, take the position.
'Jai Hind', sir!
The entire compartment
is filled with our officers.
Even the person
you took the phone from
was my officer.
Both your friends,
Tamal and Tanmay..
We let them go for we couldn't find
anything that linked them to this.
You'll be home in some time.
Your father is asleep right now.
My men are taking care of him.
Your sister, Ruksana,
is in a boarding house.
She's well.
how long this wellness lasts
on you.
Good news.
There's some good news
for you, ma'am.
Indian Mujahideen,
third in command..
Syed Abdul Rahim Tunda
is under arrest.
Oh, yes!
I would like to say
just two things..
Only two sentences.
It doesn't mean fighting people.
It is a fight with oneself.
To purify oneself.
You need to work on your lies.
Yes, I agree things went haywire
in Bhopal that day
owing to which, your mother died.
That was completely unjust.
That was a terrible thing
to happen.
But you didn't tell me
how several Hindus came to your
home that day to save you all.
Had they not come to your rescue,
none of you would've survived.
Neither Hindus nor Muslims
start a riot.
The people who want a riot
are the ones who start it!
And you're spreading hatred
by forgetting this stark truth
killing people
and calling it jihad!
You bloody non-believer.
You won't find a place
in hell either.
You unholy soul!
Do you have any idea to what extent
a true jihadi can go?
Do you want to see our power?
You'll take me to jail!
Which jail?
Which one?
I hope you remember Kandahar.
Mr. Syed..
Maulana Masood Azhar..
I bet you remember these people.
Let it be..
You will escort me in your jeep
and help me cross the border.
You will!
And that day,
you will get a taste of our power!
That day!
Bloody non-believer..
It is possible..
It is possible.
is possible.
- I'm fine.
- Yes, sir?
Make sure you make a good report.
- Okay, sir. - Go on.
I'll do it, sir.
Come on.
Please sit, sir.
"The society is in disarray."
"The heart is like a battlefield."
"The truth is hiding in the dark."
"Let them search
high and low today."
"The society is in disarray!"
"The heart is like a battlefield!"
"The truth is hiding in the dark!
- Kabir!"
"Let them search
high and low today!"
"Why this monstrosity?"
"Amidst all the madness and chaos"
"will come the Lord Himself!"
"Every day, in the city"
"you come across familiar faces"
"on the streets and ports."
"In the evening"
"at the bus stops"
"man is losing himself.
Every day.."
"But the Lord knows.."
"He will usher in the truth."
"Kabir awaits it every day."
"Death terrorises people."
"The piercing sound
of explosives.."
"Kabir believes in the kind
of jihad which preaches peace."
"The society is in disarray."
"The heart is like a battlefield."
"The truth is hiding in the dark."
"Amidst all the madness and chaos"
"will come the Lord Himself!
- Hey.."