Kabir Singh (2019) Movie Script

Love is like an ocean.
It is deep and profound.
You cannot conquer it.
You can only feel its intensity.
It could either feel chaotic or peaceful.
Chaotic, for the ones
who don't understand it.
Peaceful, for the ones
who are separated by
time and circumstances,
but nothing can keep them apart.
Kabir, the Indian poet and saint
had said that
nothing ever remains the same.
Saint Kabir also said that
time and tide wait for none.
Humans are never satisfied.
Plans are bound to fail.
Life is unpredictable.
When Kabir was young
he had a favorite doll.
He loved that doll and
carried it with him at all times.
One morning I woke up
to a lot of commotion.
His doll was nowhere to be found.
He kept crying all day.
He neither ate, nor slept.
That's when I told him about Saint Kabir.
And here's what he had to say.
"Grandma, my doll is very smart.
I'm sure she is somewhere around.
Come with me right now.
Come on!
We'll look for her."
Children have a clear logic.
He simply said, "Hope is good."
It's been 80 days
since he left home, Dad.
We can't sit around not knowing
where he is and what he's up to.
I don't care about him.
His was a great love story, isn't it?
What happened?
It's been 82 days since
I threw him out of the house.
And remember this.
If a person is obsessed with something,
he is sure to be disappointed.
That's the case with your brother.
Shankar, please start the bike.
That's my nightgown,
not a bedsheet.
Give it to me.
Listen up, youngsters
Don't fall in love
Listen up, youngsters
Don't fall in love
I lost my peace of mind
After falling in love
That's not how it comes off.
Why is he singing?
I only need a couple of minutes.
Not right now! Please leave.
Love is like an incurable disease
Sing with me, "Om Shanti Om"
Yes, sir.
I'll text you the address.
Come over right now.
Why, sir?
I'll meet you at the seminar hall.
Hold on.
-Shiva, listen to me.
Do you remember that girl
I met at your clinic?
She was asking about me.
She thinks I'm handsome.
Her name is Shipra.
She's a family friend.
Will she come over to my place?
Please don't do this.
It's very awkward.
Answer my question.
Will she come over to my place?
She has a boyfriend.
They are going to get married.
Please try to understand.
Just answer the question.
Will she come over to my place?
You are ridiculous.
Are you slowly succumbing to your lust?
-Will this help you forget Preeti?
-Shut up.
What the hell have you done?
You peed on the seat!
My diaper is overflowing.
Do you wear a diaper?
Do you?
Don't you know when you have to pee?
Get lost!
What are you eating?
Open your mouth.
Is that chicken?
Spit it out.
Spit it out, Preeti.
Sir, dogs love eating chicken.
Pushpa, I've said it before.
Don't call her a dog.
Does she bother you in any way?
I clean up after her.
What's your problem?
Preeti, spit the chicken out.
You're not used to eating chicken.
It will upset your stomach.
Why did you eat it?
Sir, is she really going to speak?
There's no way she's
going to reply to you.
I'll shut that trap of yours for good!
Get out.
She's laughing at us.
Rani, we have a four-hour surgery
scheduled for today.
Be very alert about all the equipment.
I don't want to get yelled at.
Listen carefully, sir.
The skin heals on its own after a cut.
Similarly, the bone heals on its own.
It wasn't plastered properly
the last time you had a fracture.
It's healed, but in an angular direction.
That's causing you the pain.
I'll simply take the excess out
and align it back
using screws and plates.
All right?
You're operating on my leg.
Why did you have to shave me down there?
I hope you're handy with the knife.
I did, sir.
The cleanup is important, sir.
For example, in cricket, a cleanup
of the entire ground is necessary,
not just the pitch.
Don't worry. Just relax.
Rani, get the patient on
bed number 18 to the OT.
His astrologer says that today is
not a good day for the surgery.
He wants to get it done tomorrow.
So, what do we do?
Tell him that his upper thighs
are swollen.
If he doesn't act fast,
the swelling will spread up there.
Tell him that I'm crazy
and I'll just cut it off.
Rani, start the preparations
for the surgery.
The MO said that your
patient count is too high.
He won't enter it in the logbook.
Do as you please.
Delhi Institute of Medical Science versus
Khalsa Institute of Medical Science.
Amit Sharma,
captain of the Khalsa institute.
Kabir Rajdheer Singh,
captain of the DIMS institute.
Any other wounds?
Hold on.
Be careful about your privates.
The skin is sensitive to alcohol.
Otherwise, you'll have to
use an ice pack over it.
What kind of medicos are you?
-Is this your first aid kit?
I am full of shit, anyway.
If I had known that
he's going to get alcohol
I would've brought some bites.
Shut up. Pass me the cigarette.
-Are you out of your mind?
Break his jaw!
Go ahead and try.
And if you manage to do it,
I'll strip naked and dance for you
at Connaught Place.
-Come on, asshole!
Please stop it!
-Stop it!
-Let him go!
Stop hiding behind him!
Three more minutes,
and the trophy is all ours.
He's instigating you.
These guys have bribed the referee.
Forget it.
Calm down.
The match is very exciting!
The ball has been passed!
It's a goal!
Hey, Amit.
Three more minutes,
and we'll be the champions again!
Close the gate for me, please.
Don't spare him!
Beat him up!
Break his nose!
Break his face!
Keep that on the table!
Do you know who he was?
The convener of
Delhi State Football Federation.
He got scared when you yelled at him.
Bloody wimp!
What did you expect?
The trophy belongs to us.
How does it feel like
to be a part of a college
that has a 100-year-old tradition?
He's one of our in-house surgeons.
When it comes to anger management...
He's a classic example
for all of you.
In the medical profession,
if a man cannot control his anger,
he's just a murderer with
a surgical blade in his hand.
Anger, hatred, the rush of blood,
and an adrenaline rush.
It's pretty natural to
feel all these things.
But you need to ignore these emotions
and try to control them.
Without compassion,
this degree is of no use.
A low academic score
is acceptable to me.
But a zero in anger management...
Sir, we have a video
of the entire match.
You can check it.
Keep your post analysis to yourself
and please get out.
Get out, Shiva.
Please continue, sir.
Have you thought about
the college's reputation?
Write an apology letter
to the sports board.
And another to the college,
addressed to me.
I want the photocopies pinned up on
the noticeboard, with your signature.
Or, you can quit college.
Infiltrating the opponent's space.
Stopping the opponent from scoring a goal.
That's the only game
I understand, sir.
Don't talk about the rules.
I am just talking about my reservations.
The game commands
a sense of self-respect.
It invokes a warlike feeling.
I am a loyal student of this college.
I did whatever I had to
for this college.
Maybe I went overboard.
I cannot stay quiet.
I don't want to be tamed.
Not just on the field, but also in life.
What about your violent nature?
It is quite satisfying.
The satisfaction is far greater than
the fear of losing the championship.
I could have controlled my anger,
but that is not me.
I am not going to beg in front of you.
I don't owe you an explanation
and you don't want one either.
I quit.
Do you really want to quit college?
How will this anger benefit you
in the long run?
You won't understand, sir.
Have you decided to quit college?
Just write an apology letter.
All right.
You'll have to wait for two hours.
Listen to me carefully.
I am not going to
repeat this in English.
She shouldn't get a hint of this.
There's a new girl in college.
She's mine.
If anyone tries to impress her...
I will not spare that person.
Don't you dare...
-What's the Punjabi word for "hobby"?
Don't you dare show any interest
in her hobbies.
Otherwise, you will end up in bandages.
Her name...
She is dressed in white,
with a pink stole.
It's easy to spot her.
Got it?
You can woo any other girl.
But don't try to outsmart me.
There'll be new girls in college
every year.
You will have many options.
Don't sulk.
The teacher might get suspicious.
He is threatening us.
This is just a warning, not a threat.
Kapil, where are all the girls?
They didn't show up because there
was no water supply at the hostel.
Pass my message to them.
And also, to those who
don't understand Punjabi.
I won't go around repeating the
same thing in every class.
The one dressed in white.
That's her.
-She's nice.
-She's very nice!
Don't embarrass her. Let's go.
Go ahead.
The girl dressed in white.
What's your name?
Preeti Sikka.
Are you from Delhi?
200 kilometers away.
What's her name?
Please tell him your name.
Sit down.
Yes, Dad.
Our manager's niece has
joined your college today.
Your college is known for ragging.
And he's worried sick.
He's right next to me.
Don't worry, I'll take care of her.
Ask him about the football match.
What about the football match?
I got into trouble.
I beat the guy up.
Were you suspended?
Only for a month.
The college will send you a formal letter.
You entered her classroom, didn't you?
I think she complained
to her father about it.
He's been asking around the OPD for you.
-So what?
-You're already suspended.
Stop getting into trouble.
Shiva, you deserve a slap for this.
Why don't you knock some sense into him?
Is that him?
Kabir, he doesn't know you.
Don't get into this.
Kabir, she's with him.
I am Kabir Singh. What's wrong?
It's reckless for a doctor to be smoking.
I know, but I am addicted to it.
Does your father know about this?
No. But I won't lie to him
if he questions me.
I am Harpal Sikka.
My cousin works for your father.
I had called him up.
Oh! Hello, uncle.
Dad asked me to take care of her.
She's Preeti, my daughter.
Take care of her, like a brother.
I don't have a sister.
I might slap her if she doesn't study.
My daughter is a rank holder.
Are you from the management quota?
I like the winters in Delhi,
that's why I came to this college.
See you, uncle.
Let's go.
Do you need invitation cards?
Don't be embarrassed.
Is everyone here?
Don't waste my time.
Just take your clothes off.
You heard it right.
Take your clothes off.
What's wrong? Are you deaf?
What's wrong?
You think you're special?
This is how we do it in DIMS.
Come on.
We belong to traditional families.
What was that?
Do you keep your undies on
while bathing?
You'll have to strip for us.
The sooner you do it, the better.
Come on, take them off.
It's just us girls.
I haven't waxed.
What's going on?
Save the awkwardness
for your wedding night.
Come on, take your clothes off.
Who is Preeti Sikka?
Who are you?
Kabir is interested in her.
He has warned everyone.
If you trouble her,
you will have to bear the consequences.
Let's go, Preeti.
That's not fair.
He was about to quit college.
He changed his mind because of her.
I wonder what's so special about her.
We didn't get to find that out.
When I met you
I felt like
All my dreams have come true
You and I are one soul
We shall always be together
Do you like the campus?
Do you like the food in the mess?
Were you playing Antakshari?
Did your father leave?
Oh, God!
It's okay.
We didn't see it coming.
Her father was here in the morning.
No one saw that.
I can't stop smiling
Every time I see you
I wonder why
There's a change
In my attitude
Everywhere I look
I only wish to see you
Is this really me?
Or is this someone else?
Someone else who looks like me
Preeti, this is a very crucial degree.
What were you doing back there?
Shruti, Preeti.
Preeti, Shruti.
She's your friend now.
And your roommate.
Whose lecture do you have today?
Professor Kulkarni's.
I am studying the same topic
for my master's.
I'll revise the basics.
Let's go.
How did it happen?
How did it happen?
How did you become my necessity?
How did it happen?
How did it happen?
How did you become my necessity?
How did it happen?
How did it happen?
How did you become my necessity?
What is today's topic?
Come on.
Wandering from place to place
Day and night
Unable to tether anywhere
But your eyes
Tell me to stay
What is happening to me?
Today's topic?
Everywhere I look
I only wish to see you
Is this really me?
Or is this someone else?
Someone else who looks like me
How did it happen?
How did it happen?
How did you become my necessity?
How did it happen?
How did it happen?
How did you become my necessity?
How did it happen?
How did it happen?
How did you become my necessity?
Call her.
That's the way you've always been.
You have absolutely no self-control.
What's your problem?
I called her, but she didn't answer.
Call her again.
Try calling Vidya.
I called Vidya, but she didn't answer.
Call her again.
For me, our friendship
is like peeing my pants.
It may look gross to everyone else
but only I can feel its warmth.
They will be here soon, am I right?
Everyone at the girls' hostel
has been strictly instructed.
No one will smear color on Preeti.
You will be the first one to do so.
I wanted it to be a surprise, but--
Stop ruining his surprise.
He's been bothering me all day.
-So what?
-What happened to you?
-It's just an injury.
I think someone has beaten him up.
I banged my head against the door.
I saw Preeti outside the girls' hostel.
She was dressed in white.
No one smeared any color on her.
Don't worry, everything is under control.
I'll go get her.
-Let him go.
Hey, Kabir!
-What's up?
Greetings, Tomar!
-Kamal, how are you?
-I'm fine.
What's up?
We're just celebrating Holi.
What brings you here?
I'm appearing for the
General Medicine exam
for the fifth time.
I'm going to make the dean sit with me.
Let's see who's better.
-Are you done with your internship?
Who the hell touched her? That asshole!
I'll be there!
There's nothing to cry about.
Go take a shower.
Come here.
Tell me everything.
There were six of them, sir.
Go on.
-They came here and--
-Speak up!
They are the guys you had a fight with
during the football match.
They were asking around
for Preeti Sikka.
Once they found out who she was,
they smeared color on her
quite brutally.
She was crying and screaming.
On which parts of her body?
Sir, on her chest.
And her hips.
We couldn't help her.
One of them had a long face,
like that of a parrot.
I don't want anyone to know about this.
Get lost.
Get lost.
Where the hell are you hiding?
Come out, asshole!
Stop it!
If you touch her again, I will kill you!
-Calm down...
-Let me go!
Do you know what he did to her?
Would you like it if I do that
to your family member?
Answer me, asshole!
Let me go!
Imagine his audacity
while we are still around!
What if he does this again in our absence?
Who's going to guarantee
that it won't happen again?
Calm down.
Will you, asshole?
-Will you? Asshole...
-Let me go!
-Give me a cigarette, asshole!
Give me a lighter.
Give me a lighter!
There's only one thing I've learnt.
When anything happens to us...
And if anything happens to her...
What you did was completely wrong!
Promise me that you won't do it again.
This is fun.
It's fun watching Kabir Rajdheer Singh
scared out of his wits!
I promise you I won't do it again.
That's the problem with
the dudes in London.
He's got a low mentality.
I'll call you later, I am at the clinic.
Are you writing a thesis?
My mind works better
in this condition.
Why did you separate the fishes?
They make a lot of noise.
They are very active at night.
That is why I separated them.
Are you out of your mind?
You're losing it!
Sir, it slipped out of my hands.
I'll bring you a new set, I promise.
Sir, please forgive me.
I'm sorry!
Hold on, Kabir!
Hold on!
He won't give up!
What is wrong with you?
Are you crazy?
You would've killed her.
The maids have a bloody union.
Oh, God!
Don't let her in!
Stop it, man.
She has already broken ten glasses.
All she needs is a tight slap
to learn her lesson.
-Are you performing a suture?
It will heal on its own,
she doesn't need a suture.
-Why isn't anyone saying anything?
-We just got here.
-That's right.
-Just now.
You've just graduated and you
want to try your hands at suturing?
Does she look like a guinea pig?
Is she even a doctor?
It's a deep cut.
Not really.
First aid should suffice.
It's going to hurt, just bear with it.
Shiva, she needs a tetanus shot.
Where were you roaming around?
At the hostel.
Shiva, get her a wheelchair.
-She needs to move out.
-Where to?
-The boys' hostel.
-Are you out of your mind?
It's a deep cut.
How will she manage on her own?
She is just a kid.
A kid?
She needs to study for the exams.
She needs help with her daily chores.
Her father asked me to take care of her.
Her father also asked you
to treat her like a sister.
Get her a wheelchair.
-I'll be back.
-Where are you going?
Who drinks beer?
-No, sir.
How did a beer bottle
end up in the girls' hostel?
Did you use it to wash your hair?
Preeti stepped on a broken beer bottle.
Get Preeti's clothes.
Tell the warden that...
Where are the rest of the clothes?
Come on.
All my paths lead to you
You are the one for me
You are my love
You are the one for me
I will never leave you
I'll always follow you
I will take you away with me
Even God can't stop me
You are going to be my destiny
I will be yours forever
I will be yours forever
Trust me, sweetheart
I'll always keep the promises I make
You will be mine forever and ever
I will be yours forever
I will be yours forever
Kabir, we've vacated that wing
so that you don't feel suffocated.
Keep the door open.
I feel alienated from myself
You're the journey
I am the traveler
I've forsaken the world
I've renounced everything
Is this yours?
Excuse me. What's going on?
Girls are being allowed
into the boys' hostel.
All of us should get one for ourselves.
-We will.
-Yes, we will.
I'll talk to him.
About what?
-I don't think so.
-No way.
-Go on.
Go ahead, talk to him.
Preeti, watch your stole.
Shiva, what's the problem with Shruti?
What's the matter?
She was asking Preeti
if we were together last night
at the hostel.
She could have asked her
in a better way.
I hate it when someone
interferes in my personal space.
-She is her friend.
She is a junior, we're the seniors.
-Fine, I'll talk to her.
-You better do.
You shouldn't have taken her
to the boys' hostel.
Preeti will stay with me, in my room.
Nobody can stop me.
I feel alienated from myself
You're the journey
I am the traveler
I've forsaken the world
I've renounced everything
I shall forsake everything for you
I shall forsake everything for you
I shall remain in your heart
I will be yours forever
I will be yours forever
Trust me, sweetheart
I'll always keep the promises I make
You will be mine forever
I will be yours forever
I will be yours forever
Preeti, your exams are over.
Are you going back to Mumbai?
We leave in two days.
You need to start packing.
I know.
Stay here for two more days.
We've already discussed this.
I cannot leave until you're here.
Let's go together.
You can catch a flight to Dehradun
while I leave for Mumbai.
The tickets are booked.
Why are you doing this?
We're going to leave all this behind.
I'll miss the college campus.
Delhi's winter.
The house that we lived in
for almost a year.
Mulchand's food.
Our picnics.
Our friendship, this song.
-I'll miss all of it.
-Shut up.
He's going abroad.
I'm going to Mussoorie to study further.
You've got your clinic.
So, what's the problem?
Three years later,
we'll be very successful.
Enough with your nostalgia.
May I ask you a question?
Please don't be mad at me.
Go on.
Stay here for two more days.
I am not joking.
I never addressed you informally.
You never addressed me at all.
Look at the lovebirds...
Shut up! Let them be happy.
Because you're never going to be.
Look at the lovebirds...
There's love all around
Stop it, idiot.
Love shall conquer
Baby, just two more days.
Two days--
You've been saying that repeatedly.
I can't go until you leave.
Am I dying?
You're crying...
after you hit me.
I can feel the restlessness
Growing in my heart
I don't understand her
I don't really understand what she says
I can feel the restlessness
Growing in my heart
I don't understand her
I don't really understand what she says
She leaves her fragrance
In the air
She leaves a part of her
In the air
It's my first love
It's my first love
It's my first love
You'll catch a cold.
We've only been away for 15 days.
What do you mean by that?
So, what we did in Delhi
was unorthodox?
It's my first love
It's my first love
All my desires are unreasonable
You're the only genuine one
You are exactly what I wanted you to be
There are many stars in the sky
And yet
I only want to look up to you
It feels as if you are
Spreading your magic in the air
Without you
I am nothing
She leaves her fragrance
In the air
She leaves a part of her
In the air
It's my first love
It's my first love
Is this your house?
It's beautiful.
Kabir, he's my younger brother Gurpal.
-Gurpal Sikka.
What's your surname?
Mom, that's Kabir.
That's my elder sister Neeti.
Where's Uncle?
I wanted to speak to him.
He's gone out.
But he'll be back soon.
My brother is about to get married.
I'll bring her back soon.
We take every decision unanimously.
Her father will be back soon.
Why don't you wait for him?
Uncle, I was just about to talk to you.
I understand that our relationship
hasn't been formalized
and you must be angry about what you saw.
But if we were married,
you would've simply left us alone.
Uncle, please listen to me--
-I will kill you!
I knew it! You're a scumbag!
How dare you enter my house? Get out!
Bloody spoilt brat!
Get out!
If I see you again,
I'll break your legs!
Let's go inside.
Should I talk to him, or leave?
Preeti, let's go inside.
He is misunderstanding it.
Is that him?
-Is that him?
Step out of your car.
What's up?
What were you doing on the terrace?
Gurpal Sikka, come here.
You're my brother-in-law.
I love your sister.
So that makes us family.
Talk to your father.
You look like your sister.
Your eyes, nose and cheeks
are just like hers.
Which grade are you in?
Stop wasting your time
and focus on your studies.
What did you promise them?
A house party.
Go, party.
Tell your father that I kissed you.
What did you do?
What did you do?
I'll explain.
I went to meet her family.
We were together on the terrace.
Her father came out, and...
What are you saying?
We were in our private space.
He thought we were
doing something wrong.
What do you mean by "private space"?
Please explain it to him.
-Why will he explain it to me?
Wait a minute.
Kabir, answer me.
Don't cross your limits.
How does that matter?
Just tell me what you did!
Relax, Dad. I'll talk to him.
Sit up.
Just tell your father that
you want to get married.
Stop beating around the bush
and tell him what you really want.
Grandma, I tried to explain it to him.
I told him that Preeti and I
were in our private space.
But he just doesn't understand.
There is no way he will understand.
But when marriage is on the cards,
it concerns a lot of people.
They judge you, pass opinions,
even take decisions for you.
That's how you establish a relationship.
I am sure caste was not a problem
when you and Grandpa were together.
Everything must have
been relatively easy.
That's not true.
My aunt used to taunt me all the time.
"We sent her to Delhi
so that she could study further,
but look at what she did instead."
What if they had said
that you two can never marry?
-I would have convinced them.
-It's not that simple.
What if they had said that
they'll never let it happen?
I would have still convinced them.
You don't get it.
-He's an idiot.
-That's what you think.
He's her father, after all.
Calm down.
Dad, they love each other a lot.
I think we should go
and talk to her family.
You are about to get married.
We don't have the time for this.
If Kabir thinks he's doing
the right thing,
and so does the girl,
then they can come over instead.
-How does that matter?
-Please try to understand.
Hello, Uncle.
I want to meet Kabir.
He is inside.
Did you see that?
Grandma, that's Preeti.
Come in.
You look good together.
You shall live happily ever after.
Is this your house?
It's beautiful.
There's no need for this small talk.
Baby, I'll talk to him.
There's no need to talk to him.
Did you kiss my brother?
I'll kiss your father, your mother,
and your sister.
We'll have our first night here, won't we?
That's how it is.
Then how are you so sure
that 549 is the correct figure?
How are you so sure that it's not?
There's a wedding at hand.
We'll be fine.
Don't you dare enter my house!
I had warned you yesterday.
Uncle, please hear me out.
I am really sorry for
what happened yesterday.
But please don't misjudge
our relationship.
Preeti means the world to me.
I will always take care of her.
I've completed my master's.
I am sure to get a good job.
Everyone will be comfortable
once you meet my family.
Are you boasting about your wealth?
No way.
Keep your money to yourself!
I understand that this
seems childish to you.
But once you hear me out,
you will understand the genuineness
of our relationship.
Are you listening to him?
-Please hear him out.
-Shut up!
How dare you bring him home?
Shameless girl!
Don't you care about our reputation?
Listen to me carefully.
Her marriage has been my lifelong dream.
I'll choose the man she gets married to.
I'll make sure she never marries you!
What's going on?
-Is he the guy?
-That's him.
-That's him.
Listen up!
Yes, that's him.
Why are you here?
Get out!
This is a personal matter!
Uncle, are you out of your mind?
She loves me!
She means everything to me!
And this is how you treat me?
I'm not a bloody crook.
He's talking in Punjabi!
Get out of here, asshole!
You should have told your father
about our lovemaking.
Stop it.
What else am I supposed to say?
He will never understand!
Because there is nothing
between your mom and dad.
We've had enough, come inside.
This man is insulting our parents.
Who the hell are you?
Dial 1-0-0.
Kabir, it's about love--
I'll slap you if you try to be dramatic!
He still doesn't understand.
Say that again.
I'll cuss as much as I want to.
Imagine this is the 18th century.
I would've locked him in a cage
and married you in front of him.
You're crazy.
What's the saying?
"We're made for each other."
Your father, your grandfather,
and all your forefathers were born for me.
But look at what's happening!
You have six hours.
Think and decide!
Got it?
I can do anything for you, Preeti.
If you are madly in love with me,
then call me.
What are you afraid of?
They'll get you married to that clown.
Your bones will get dislocated.
Look, your father is coming!
He's looking at us angrily.
Let him!
What about your reputation?
What about your honor?
Who are you?
You have no identity except for...
being Kabir Rajdheer Singh's girl,
that's it.
That's true.
I have no identity of my own.
What's wrong?
I'm just enjoying your bachelor party.
Of course.
-Drink all you want.
-I will. Leave me alone.
Preeti, what is all this?
Look at this.
Was she really studying?
Her in-box is full of this filth.
You will find it interesting.
Stop it, Preeti.
And yes, you read that right.
We have done it more than 100 times.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Your love drives me crazy
Your love drives me crazy...
Yes, sir.
Get me a pen and a paper.
I have a headache,
get me this medicine.
Okay, sir.
Kabir, open the door.
Kabir, Preeti was here to see you.
That was a close shave.
He mixed morphine with alcohol!
What is his problem?
-I don't know what to say.
-This is ridiculous!
Even a single unit more
and he would've slipped into a coma.
Damn it!
Any chance of him waking up
in the afternoon?
Are you crazy?
Do you want him to attend
his brother's wedding?
His girlfriend is getting married
in the afternoon.
-Does he know about this?
-No, sir.
Is she the same girl for whom
he had beaten up a guy?
Yes, sir.
Our college is really jinxed
when it comes to relationships.
Not even one worked out.
He won't wake up for the next 36 hours.
When he does, let him know
that his girlfriend is married.
I can't stay here any longer.
Call me later.
What an excellent bunch of doctors!
Take his hand off his chest.
I'm still alive.
She is getting married in the afternoon.
Does he know that?
He doesn't know about it.
Here's what I told them yesterday.
"You shall live happily ever after."
But she's getting married
to someone else.
Sister, is he all right?
Why is he lying down?
Please go away. He's okay.
You're awake!
Who made me wear this diaper?
Give me a cigarette.
Take it off.
-Come on.
-That's not how it comes off.
You need to soak it in water
for a couple of minutes.
But you have no patience.
If you had any patience at all,
things would have been better.
Is she still crying over that?
No. She's married.
Let her get married, I don't care.
My feelings won't change
when she gets married.
She's already married.
She got married to someone else yesterday.
There's no point in going there.
It's over.
Kabir, where are you going?
Didn't you bless us the other day?
"You shall live happily ever after."
Now sit here and pray!
Oh, Sweetheart
How do I live without you?
Kabir, hop on.
What's the point of all this?
Oh, Sweetheart
Come on.
Oh, Sweetheart
Move away!
Get him!
Get him!
Let go of me!
Oh, Sweetheart
How do I live without you?
-Beat him up!
Kill him!
He's an asshole!
-Please don't hit him!
-Get away!
He is not doing well.
-Uncle, please stop them.
-Get lost, rascal!
Get lost!
Let him go! Or else,
I'll break this old man's head!
Let him go.
Shiva, is marriage really that powerful?
There's nothing we can do.
I was unconscious for two days
and they forced her to get married.
What should we do now?
There was so much of noise out there,
but she didn't even flinch.
She gave up very easily.
I'm sure she didn't hear me.
She is my girl.
I'll go and get her.
Harpal Sikka!
I don't care!
You can get her married ten times!
I'll still be standing right here!
Call the mental asylum.
Call the cops.
Pass me a cigarette.
Give it to me.
Hey! Smoking is prohibited here.
Your brother is here.
Shiva, take him in through the back door.
How did you get hurt?
Did you go to meet that girl again?
She is married now, Kabir.
-You should be ashamed of yourself.
-Let's go inside.
-Guess what?
All the guests at the wedding
were asking about you.
I'm tired of lying!
We haven't even clicked
a family photo yet.
Come on, Mom!
You're concerned about the family photo!
Get a digital collage.
What's the big deal?
Relax. Calm down!
Kabir, get out of the house.
-Dad, hold on.
-Shut up.
-What are you doing?
-Shut up!
Get out.
I'll leave after the reception.
-You are not needed at the reception!
-Stop it, Dad!
Get out!
Listen up.
Ask him to come inside.
He is unwell. Leave him alone.
Clear the plates,
he doesn't want to eat anything.
-Shiva, I got a job.
Congrats, man.
Focus on your job.
-Did you see Preeti?
Did you get your bike from there?
I sent my father to collect it.
Ask your father if he saw her.
I am at the clinic, I'll call you later.
Even when my mind is in an abyss
I can't stop thinking about you
It makes me wonder
Why do lovers have to separate?
I can't explain my joy
When you were around me
And the void between us
Is also inexplicable
But now that I am away from you
Why should I stay away from you?
I am your pride
Let's fill this void right now
You were my dream come true
Why should I let go of this dream?
We were devoted to each other.
And now they have separated us.
They have committed a sin.
Did you notice something?
Back in college, Preeti was
not interested in anyone else.
She was different.
She loved me.
What did her father say?
"My pride! My reputation!"
That's utter bullshit.
If Preeti and I were together,
we would have had a family.
But because of the "my pride" factor,
we got divided
and that baby will never
see the face of this earth.
I am sure he knows about us.
Doesn't he have any self-respect?
Shiva, do you think they're in love?
I think it's all about sex
for those assholes.
The people of the world lack passion
Why should I be like them?
They are happy
With their failed love stories
Why should I be like them?
It's been a month since
Preeti got married.
She has moved on.
Practically speaking,
this is the line of progress.
Don't remind me about her marital status.
I won't stop reminding you about that!
Shiva, come inside.
No, you'll hit me.
I swear, I won't.
Imagine that your girlfriend
is going through PMS.
-I don't have a girlfriend.
-Just imagine.
What will you tell her
at that time?
Will you tell her that it's normal,
and that she is supposed
to handle it on her own?
Or, will you make her lie down...
Hey, look up.
Or, will you make her lie down on your lap
and give her a warm pillow?
We studied medicine, didn't we?
Will you flex her thighs and hips?
Will you say, "You're a woman."
Will you tell her that it's her fate?
Are you going to talk to her like that?
Do you get it? I don't think so!
I understand everything.
Females need love and care
during that time of the month.
You're looking for the
same warmth and care.
Am I right?
But unlike them,
your mood swings never go away.
Am I right?
I cannot take this anymore.
Time to go to the clinic, see you.
I think about you all the time
All day, all night
How can I forget you?
You are always in my thoughts
Even when my mind is in an abyss
I can't stop thinking about you
It makes me wonder
Why do lovers have to separate?
All those beautiful moments
Are slipping through my hands like sand
The pain is spreading
Through my veins
All those beautiful moments
Are slipping through my hands like sand
The pain is spreading
Through my veins
Come and test me
Because I'll never give up
The distance
The distance will not break my resolution
She is not disloyal
Nor am I
I cannot get over her
I just cannot
I cannot forget her
You're still reeking of alcohol.
Use a mouth freshener.
Am I going to kiss someone?
You always have a comeback, don't you?
Do you think you would've screwed her
if her boyfriend hadn't come around?
-No way.
How do you know about her boyfriend?
He's one of my patients.
She's the girl with the short hair.
How did it all start?
Her boyfriend had a fracture.
She used to ask me every day
whether she should feed
him chicken or just lentils.
It's not like he had jaundice.
She was asking me about his diet.
I took a hint and gave her my number.
But you ended up with
ice down your pants.
Shiva, she keeps asking me to shave.
I'll slap her someday.
Don't take her seriously.
Do you really believe
you can forget Preeti?
Time to move on.
Get yourself a girlfriend.
Stop crying.
Are you crazy?
Boys don't cry.
Don't try to change the inevitable.
Look at yourself.
Stop crying.
Please, just let it go!
Girls will fall head over heels
in love with you.
He's obsessed with Preeti!
The actress Jia Sharma is here.
She's been referred to you.
I don't see anyone around.
It's a very good hospital.
Dr. Kabir.
In fact, I watched your last film
Dil Hi Dil Mein thrice.
If you ever want to shoot in our hospital,
then please call me directly.
You'll be able to do it easily.
While you are here,
in case you need any help...
Manjari, take good care of her.
Hey! Have you guys lost your mind?
Can't you tell the difference
between black and white?
Are your vital organs not
functioning properly?
Are we going to forget our duties
just because she's a celebrity?
She twisted her leg while dancing.
I could hear her bone break.
Since then, it has been
difficult for her to walk.
Manjari. Get me the ROM knee brace.
Wear it around your leg.
What's the doctor's number?
I thought you want his number.
Relax, I am not into any of that.
Open your mouth.
-Your teeth are yellow.
-Stop it.
When will you stop boozing, Kabir?
When will you stop boozing?
You need to move on!
You're smoking weed!
That's not mine.
It belongs to a friend who lives upstairs.
Kabir, look at this place!
Let's go.
-I am not coming.
I don't want to!
Why are you on a self-indulgent ego trip?
You think I'm on an ego trip?
Listen to me, Kabir.
I'll make sure Dad speaks to you.
Come on.
Why do you need space?
You haven't come home for four months.
Do you remember your favorite bike?
I ordered that for you.
It's imported, all the way from UK.
Let's go.
-Why are you angry?
-Go away!
-Just come back home.
-I won't come with you!
Get lost.
Kabir, it wasn't easy for me
to find you.
Did I ask you to come over?
I am perfectly all right.
Just leave.
All right.
I'll have to force you!
I drink!
I smoke weed!
This is my house. I do as I please!
Do you want to hit me? Do you?
Do you want to hit me?
You bloody--
-You bloody...
-Bloody hell!
Bloody hell!
How dare you yell and cuss...
Come on!
Where did you go for your honeymoon?
Because you were missing.
And I didn't feel like going anywhere.
-So, sister-in-law and you...
When are you going to start a family?
I haven't thought about it.
We might consider it after two years.
Consider it?
You can't plan such things.
I'll go feed her.
Would you like to have something?
-I'd like some juice.
-Sure, sir.
Get it for me.
Ma'am is busy. She'll join you
in a couple of minutes.
I had a girlfriend in college.
We used to live together.
But she got married.
Do you need more time to think?
Hi, Shiva. Sit down.
Look who's here.
How are you?
When did you get here?
This morning.
Did you get your license?
What's up?
I am here to speak to Keerti's parents
about our wedding.
-Were you two really in love?
Listen to me.
The people here
are obsessed with caste.
Don't get too involved.
Beware, they may not agree with you.
I don't want you to end up like me.
I wish I end up like you.
I want a celebrity girlfriend.
What were you telling her?
-Were you trying to woo her?
-No way.
Come on.
I was telling her about Preeti.
I asked her if she could
help me, physically.
What did she say?
She will agree.
But what about you?
I'm okay!
I don't think so.
You spend all your time at the clinic
with that stethoscope
plugged in your ears.
"Breathe in, breathe out.
Calpol, paracetamol."
Aren't you bored of all that?
He got his license and I got done
with my master's six months ago.
But you haven't progressed at all.
Did you show him your clinic?
Show him your clinic.
It's a sad excuse for a clinic.
Do you know the kind of patients he gets?
The kind of people that think about
going to the clinic every morning.
How many patients do you have?
One? Two? Three?
Here's what you keep telling me:
"I'll call you later, I am at the clinic."
He's only interested in keeping a tab
on the girls I date and the things I do.
I am telling you, Kamal,
he's a sex addict.
Sex addict?
Take my advice and start afresh.
Become a surgeon, dissect a body.
It feels great to have
blood on the gloves.
If I wasn't crazy about Preeti,
I would've studied Neurology by now.
I am going to appear
for the entrance exam.
What's wrong with him?
Nothing. He's fine.
I think she agreed.
Is it the mirror, or is it just you?
You make me look better every day
Why do I think about you
All the time?
You're like the ocean
And I am like the thrashing waves
You're a world of emotions
While I am just a little speck
Is it the mirror, or is it just you?
You make me look better every day
If you are lost
I am willing to take care of you
Slowly, dwell in my eyes
And come live in my dreams
And come live in my dreams
-She is ironing my clothes.
Jia Sharma.
-Where are you?
-I'm at her house, I just woke up.
Oh! That's great.
Nothing happened.
I don't believe that.
Trust me.
I checked her Wikipedia page.
She's an IIT graduate.
Her father was the chief justice
at the Delhi high court.
You won't find anyone better.
Just settle down with her.
She is ironing your clothes.
That means she loves you a lot.
I don't like anyone doing
all this for me, Shiva.
I used to like doing things for Preeti.
But she got married six months ago.
Stop talking about Preeti.
And you need to stop drinking.
Where are we?
What if someone sees us?
Laxman's standing guard.
No one's going to see us.
What the hell do you mean by that?
You're an intelligent person.
Why don't you get it?
I don't want it!
Sir, this is Manjari from the hospital.
-What happened?
-It's one of Gokhale sir's case.
Come down to the hospital, immediately.
It's my day off, Manjari.
Please hang up.
Sir, please don't hang up.
There's no one out here.
It's an RTA case.
-The patient is in a critical condition.
-I can't perform a surgery today.
Sir, it's an emergency.
Put the patient on the ventilator.
I'll get on it right away.
Kingston Hospital's reputation is at risk.
What happened at the
operation theater yesterday?
Answer me!
Just wait and watch.
I'll make sure his license is canceled.
Let your favorite surgeon know.
What's wrong?
I don't think you were dehydrated.
Listen to me, Shiva.
There comes a time in life
when your body starts reacting,
it starts warning you.
That means it has reached its capacity.
And that's when you should stop all this.
Did you see his Bile report
and his LFT report?
-He never listens, sir.
-He will have to.
He will have to! Or else, he'll die.
You haven't quit your bad habits.
Yes, I drink every day.
I am drunk right now.
Don't be silly.
I am going through a phase.
We have a patient exchange program
with this hospital.
I spoke to the hospital's director.
He is not going to listen to me.
He told me that Kabir
should be sent to prison.
The higher authorities are involved.
Think about it.
He's always messing up
with the authorities.
What is wrong with you guys?
You guys are dumb.
Can't you shave before
coming to the hospital?
Irrespective of what we do,
our appearance should always be neat.
That morphine episode at his
brother's wedding was personal.
But this is professional.
This involves the entire country.
Haven't you checked WhatsApp?
Kabir is facing these problems
because of that girl.
This is not true!
Dr. Kabir Rajdheer Singh
was a brilliant student.
He graduated from the
Delhi Institute of Medical Science.
-He does have some anger issues, but...
Did you hear what the dean said?
-Pass me a cigarette.
-Are you out of your mind?
Here you go.
The Indian Medical Council
is only for doctors!
What do you suggest we do, Dad?
Grandma, you keep asking
about Kabir every day.
Why don't you want to meet him now?
I can't see him in this condition.
The least you can do
is call him up.
Grandma, you're the only one...
who can convince Kabir.
There's a time when our loved ones die.
And then there's a time
when they leave us forever.
In the first case,
we convince ourselves
to somehow deal with their absence.
That's what I've always done.
But in the second case,
forgetting the one who got away
is not easy.
That's exactly what he is going through.
We can do a lot of things for him.
But we cannot share his pain.
What do you expect me to do?
He will handle your case.
There is no case.
He wasn't my patient.
Since no one was around,
I performed the surgery.
What matters is whether the surgeon was
drunk above the permissible level, or not.
Dr. Kabir, how drunk were you?
Karan, I was sick that day.
I couldn't even stand up on my own.
I was sitting on a chair, giving
instructions to the head nurse.
We know that.
-Does he know what he's talking about?
-Of course, man.
The Indian medical counsel is involved.
The hospital authorities are against you.
That's what the media is calling you,
for God's sake.
I want you to have some presence of mind.
Your patients have signed these papers
and we have a few eyewitnesses as well.
There are 300 surgeries
registered under your name.
You have worked for 214 days.
One couple was out of town, so...
We can ignore the logbook entries.
But the radiographs cannot be ignored.
The radiographs have been embossed.
The patient is still alive.
We can give him some money.
But the hospital management
took your blood samples.
They use a preservative
to test the blood samples.
We'll claim that its fermentation level
wasn't right
and all the readings were inaccurate.
But there are 184 surgeries which
haven't been entered in the logbook.
So, within a week let's arrange
for an in-house hearing.
Kabir, listen to me.
Go for a shave.
Wear decent clothes.
Rehearse your statements.
But I fear your brother's
unconventional mindset.
What about that?
Democracy does not accept
free-spirited people.
We've paid people off.
But it shouldn't be too obvious.
Wake up, Kabir.
Be careful.
Wait right here.
I'll get some stuff from Ankit.
Wake up, Kabir.
It's time to go to court.
What is this?
What are you doing?
Calm down.
-Is this necessary?
-Shut up!
Get up.
Get up.
Snort it.
We don't have time to waste.
Snort it again.
Bro, is he okay?
He'll be okay.
Kabir, your brother has arranged
for an in-house court hearing.
Please try to stay normal, for God's sake.
Are you going to teach me
how to behave normally?
Let's go.
Get some pants on.
We're running out of time.
Ma'am, this man has a drinking problem.
I didn't know about it earlier.
My hospital staff is scared of him.
He compels them to serve him liquor.
That's not all.
We found drugs in his dressing room.
Emotional statements are
not permissible in court.
I have about 300 recorded videos and
testimonials sent to me by his patients.
Shiva, do you remember
our convocation day?
It's going well.
Please don't ruin it.
But this is wrong.
What's going on?
What's happening?
How much have you paid them?
Look at Dad, Karan.
Kabir, just shut up.
I am proud of one thing in my life.
My career is the only thing
that I am proud of.
Oh, God!
Kabir, we'll talk about this later.
I cannot lie.
Are you doing this to save yourself
from the embarrassment?
I am going home.
-I don't want to be here.
I'll beat you up!
Kabir! Sit down.
I will beat you up!
Whatever you say now will be admissible
in court towards criminal proceedings.
What time did you attend the surgery?
Can you explain that to me in detail?
The patient had diabetes.
During the surgery...
But even in a state of
partial consciousness,
you kept giving instructions to the nurse
and stabilized your patient.
Now tell me, were you intoxicated
the day before the surgery?
Did you consume alcohol
or some other chemical intoxicants?
And, the day before that.
But I never caused discomfort to any
of my patients and I am proud of that.
The hospital management and the staff
have nothing to do with it.
Your medical license will
be seized for five years.
You're not allowed to conduct
any clinical practice.
If you do so...
Committing a crime intentionally
is a bigger crime.
I am going to ask you this only once.
I just need a yes or a no.
Go ahead.
Will you marry my sister Divya?
Do you really love me so much?
Come here.
I don't have time for this.
Just answer me.
Kabir, I want you to settle down.
That guy from London wasn't
right for Divya, neither am I.
What on earth are you doing?
You should have quit college that day.
Divya knows everything about you.
Everything will be fine.
Where's my fridge? Where's the AC?
What did you do with all my stuff?
Wake up.
I read about you in the newspaper.
I'll call the cops
if you stay here any longer.
I let you stay here because
I thought you were a good doctor.
Look at what you've done!
You should be ashamed of yourself.
What kind of a doctor--
It belongs to a friend.
You can stay here tonight.
I'll find a better place for you tomorrow.
You can stay here tonight.
I'll be right back.
Hey, mister! Pay up.
Hey! Put it on my tab.
You guys are ridiculous.
Don't break my heart, sweetheart
Don't break my heart, sweetheart
My heart has been bound to you
My heart...
My heart has been bound to you
Don't break the promises you made
Don't break the promises you made
My heart has been bound to you
I've been looking for you everywhere.
And here you are!
Shut up! Get lost!
Come on.
Grandma passed away.
Come on, everyone's waiting for you.
Come on.
What are you waiting for?
Kabir, everyone is waiting for you.
She died in her sleep.
Go inside.
Why are you sitting here,
all by yourself?
I can understand how you are feeling.
You've been affected the most.
I am here for you.
We never imagined this day would come.
It is funny, isn't it?
To be born, to fall in love, and to die.
These are the three most
crucial occurrences of life.
The rest are just reactions to that.
People are here to see you.
This is the most important
moment of your life.
Everyone's waiting.
Let's go, Dad.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Everything will be okay, Dad.
A mother sits beside her daughter
They are discussing life
The daughter wonders why her mother
Gave birth to her
Both of them are more like friends
Their bond cannot be broken easily
-Be careful with the body.
Who called her a body?
Mother, I come to you
Your grandma made sure
your bike was always clean.
I used to smoke when I was in college.
There's an old English saying.
It's time for you to move on.
I promise I'll quit my bad habits.
It's all right, son.
You can start all over again.
What are you thinking?
Things will change for the better.
When you come back
we'll discuss your wedding.
My heart was overwhelmed
My love turned to devotion
Surrender yourself to me
You've become a necessity for me
This is coming
Straight from my heart
Believe me
I can't live without you
That's how much I love you
I can't live without you
That's how much I love you
I shall perish away with you
That's how much I love you
This is coming
Straight from my heart
Believe me
I can't live without you
That's how much I love you
I shall perish away with you
That's how much I love you
I've been trying to call you for two days.
Either your number's unreachable,
or you don't answer.
What are you doing?
Why are you here?
Aren't you getting married in two days?
Come on.
Let's go.
I saw Preeti at the park.
She is no longer the same.
So what?
I'll ask her if she
wants to come along.
Do you think she'll agree?
She will.
She is my girl.
She's married, she's having a baby.
-How do you know she is not happy?
-Come on!
When Keerti is not happy,
don't you just know it?
I admit that she got married
against her will.
But how did she get pregnant?
Yes, she's pregnant.
So what?
Are you crazy, Kabir?
You'll be up against her
husband, not her father.
Who is he?
-"Who is he?"
-Who are you?
Are you even listening to yourself?
I am going to Mumbai.
-This time I won't leave her.
It's not easy.
Don't do it, Kabir.
Let it go.
You're getting married in two days.
I'll be there with Preeti.
She's been married for nine months now.
Everything is different now.
She's pregnant.
Be patient.
Or else, the ladies will beat you up.
Please listen to me.
Please look at me.
Pass me some water.
Preeti, I want to talk to you.
At least hear me out.
Hear what?
What do you want to say?
Did you listen to me that day?
Why are you here, Kabir?
You should leave.
I won't leave.
You should be ashamed of yourself, Kabir.
Stay away from me.
How do you know that I am not happy?
Who are you?
I am no one.
That's what you said to me.
That's what happened, Kabir.
Please leave.
You gave me six hours that day.
And then you just left me.
Girls have certain restrictions at home.
You won't understand,
because you don't have a sister.
I came to your house that night.
I waited outside.
And when did you arrive?
Two days later,
when everything was over.
Where were you for two days?
Were you asleep?
Preeti, he had no idea that you
were waiting for him that night.
I told him about it recently.
You didn't call back that day
and he injected himself with morphine.
It was an overdose.
He woke up after two days.
He slept right through your wedding
and his brother's wedding.
When he woke up, I told him
that you're getting married.
After that, his father
threw him out of the house.
He used to live alone and keep
himself engrossed with work.
He recently moved back with his family,
after his grandmother's death.
I am telling you this
because he won't tell you anything.
Continue talking to each other,
I won't disturb you.
-I came so far only to meet you--
-How far?
Did you have to scale a mountain?
Bandra to Chembur.
I didn't want to look at you.
Why did you show up the other day?
Relax, I am leaving.
I'll never see you again.
Go on.
What's stopping you
from coming with me right now?
Fine, I'll come with you.
But who'll be the father of this child?
I'll be the father.
Why do you want to do this, Kabir?
You have a girlfriend,
you do drugs, you consume alcohol.
Go away.
-Preeti, there was nothing between them.
-Hold on.
Preeti, do you want me to go talk to him?
Just say yes and I'll
convince him right now.
Just say it, Preeti.
Just say it.
Come here.
-Come here.
I left him three days after my wedding.
I didn't want to come back to you.
I didn't go back to my parents either.
I got a place in a hostel to stay in.
I kept working at the clinic.
A few days later when I calmed down
I thought I'll come back to you.
But then I realized that
I had skipped my periods.
I found out that I am pregnant.
After that I didn't want to meet you.
A few days later,
I wanted to come back to you.
But I read about your
affair with that actress.
I thought you'll come looking for me.
Oh, Sweetheart
How do I live without you?
No one knows about this.
People noticed that no
one ever came to meet me.
But this old lady looked after me.
Not a single day went by
when she didn't cry.
Please look after her.
Thank you.
This belongs to her.
I thought I will never forgive you.
Not in this lifetime at least.
But now that you're in front of me
all the anger seems to have melted away.
Right now!
The girls are here, all dressed up
They look great
They are wearing golden earrings
And their arms are filled with bangles
The girls are here, all dressed up
They look great
They are wearing golden earrings
And their arms are filled with bangles
Oh my dear
I am madly in love with you
Oh my dear
I am madly in love with you
Don't ever leave me
Let's be together forever
You're the one who completes me
Don't ever leave me
Let's be together forever
You're the one who completes me
You mean the world to me
You are mine
I am yours
Oh my dear
I am madly in love with you
Oh my dear
I am madly in love with you
Forgive me, son.
I didn't realize how much
you both loved each other.
Don't be scared.
No one can separate the two of you.
That's not why I'm here.
I came here to bless you.
God bless you.
God bless you.
I'll only walk on the path
That leads to you
If you are with me,
I have nothing to fear
I'll only walk on the path
That leads to you
If you are with me,
I have nothing to fear
We both will laugh and cry together
And prove it to everyone
Oh my dear
I am madly in love with you
Oh my dear
I am madly in love with you
Oh my dear, I am madly in love with you
Oh my dear, I am madly in love with you
The girls are here, all dressed up
They look great
They are wearing golden earrings
And their arms are filled with bangles
The girls are here, all dressed up
They are wearing golden earrings
And their arms are filled with bangles