Kabul Express (2006) Movie Script

The twin towers came down in New York.
And suddenly, the world's attention
turned to Afghanistan.
A country ravaged by war, for 23 years.
With Osama bin Laden and
the Taliban by their sides..
..the U.S. started bombing Afghanistan.
The Taliban were a group of
religious extremists..
..who had occupied Afghanistan with
Military support from Pakistan.
lt reported that Pakistani soldiers
had also entered Afghanistan..
..to fight alongside the Taliban.
After 9/11, Pakistan deserted the Taliban..
..and the northern alliance Mujahiddeen,
took over Kabul.
A country that had been closed
to the world for long six years..
..suddenly opened up!
Thousands of Journalists went in by
any means possible.
To capture this exciting time,
in the history of Afghanistan.
Among them were Suhel and Jai.
So dude.. Are you enjoying being
a war reporter?
Balls, l'm enjoying this!
lf only we'd listened to our parents..
..should've become a doctor..
or an engineer..
But no.. we had to go and
become journalists!
Why did you have to tell the boss..
..that we would get an interview
with the Taliban.. or die trying..
Now you'll die.. definitely!
Hey, how was l to know that
our lives will really be at risk!
These guys carry guns like
we carry mobile phones..
One of them even had a rocket launcher,
did you see?
Not even 3 days since we got into
this Afghanistan..
..and here we are stuck in this mess.
Who are you guys?
We want to go to Kabul!
Where are you from?
Ah.. lndia. Hindustan. - Oh,
Amitabh Bachchan.. (lndian Superstar)
Amitabh Bachchan! Yes!
Aamir Khan..Shahrukh Khan..(lndian Actors)
Aamir Khan..Shahrukh Khan.. correct.
Dharmendra..Jeetendra.. (lndian Actors)
Yes..Dharmendra.. Jeetendra..
Does this guy only like men?
Yeah.. That's what l've heard about them.
Kabul? - Kabul?
Hello.. hello.. we need to go to Kabul..
Hello.. bring the vehicle.. understand?
Let's go to Kabul.
Doesn't this place have taxis?
Hotel Kabul.
Looks like a 5 star..
You're gonna get me killed one of these days.
Why did you have to promise the boss..
Stop repeating yourself!
Why not?
You be the hero if you must..
Why are you after my life?
And this bloody Khyber.. he's the one
who got us stuck in this mess..
What did l do?
The first day you met us you said
you would take us to the Taliban..
You guys went on and on about
wanting to meet the Taliban..
Now meet them.
At it, again?
Come on.. Want to exercise?
Come.. Let's go.. l've contacted
some Mujahideen
who have held some Pakistani Taliban.
They've hidden these guys
in the mountains. C'mon..
Will they let us interview them?
Of course! That's why they've
been kept alive..
..for interviews.. in exchange of money.
lf caught alive, a Talib is priceless these days.
How much will they charge?
l was told 200 dollars.
That's a bit too much, man!
But we do need the interview.
Ok, what else will they do for 200 dollars?
l guess they might dance foryou
on the mountain tops!
Let's go..!
Do you think these guys will come?
They should be here anytime.
But they have to be cautious.
This stuff is risky!
No one should know they've got
some Taliban prisoners.
Are these the guys?
Doctor, l can't see a thing!
Doctor, l can't see a thing!
Khyber, ask them how much further?
What? -Ask them how far is this place?
No.. They'll get angry.
Screw them. Why are you so scared?
They won't shoot you for asking.
Mujahid brother.. how far is it?
What happened?
Looks like the Taliban prisoners have run away..
Our Taliban?
You mean the ones we paid for?
Will they refund our money?
l'll ask..
Will they even come back?
Shit, this is real bad luck!
What the hell..
There go 200 dollars..
The camera.. Are you mad?
You asked them for a refund!
Do you want us killed?
Why shouldn't l?
And You! Why didn't you take a shot?
At least we would have proof
that we saw a Talib.
What? You need to be alive to
show the proof. And you?
Why didn't you interview him?
You should have asked him.
Where are you running away,
Mr. Taliban?
Who would you like to shoot first?
Me or my mad friend who is shooting you?''
You have lost it! Refund! Refund!
What the hell is that?
The opening shot of our story..
Buzkashi is being played first time
in Kabul after 8 years.
The Taliban had banned this sport.
They said it's too violent!
Those Taliban guys were a riot..
Come. Let's get into the field and shoot.
Be careful. People also get killed in this.
What? You get killed when you go to pee..
..you get killed when you go to play..?
What the hell can you do here?
Suhel, you stay right behind me.
Through the camera l can't judge
their distance from me.
Just warn me, okay?
Come, l am there. - l am there!
Come on.. let's go overthere and shoot!
You want me killed!
- C'mon, lets go!
Suhel, that pack of horses is headed this way.
- Be careful.
Hey guys.. Watch out!
What the hell!
You want to kill me?
l told you guys to be careful! People die in this.
l saw that Talib in the crowd.
You are so shit scared that
you are beginning to hallucinate!
You couldn't see the whole army of horses..
..and you saw that bloody Talib?
Jai.. Believe me.. l saw that man.
Screw it. Those horses could have killed me..
l'm leaving this job.
Oh.. lndian Cigarette! -Yes.
Can l have one please?
Thank you.
Hey you Santa Claus..
taken my cigarette..
..now send me the kebabs fast.
l hope everybody here doesn't do this.
Why are you such a scrooge?
lt's just a cigarette!
You know the problem.. l have only
one carton of cigarettes.
Any other brand hurts my throat.
Do l look like a cigarette wending
machine to him?
Khyber.. why do only women beg
on the streets?
They don't have an option.
Almost half the women are widows.
The Taliban stopped all women from working.
They were not allowed to leave home unless
escorted by a male relative.
lf a woman was spotted alone on the streets..
..they would beat her like an animal.
That's why l hate them so much.
Some of them are still hiding around.
lf we catch them, we will beat
them to death. Scoundrels!
Can we please do an interview
before you kill them? Thank you.
General Musharraf has dubbed
the recent public uprisings..
..as a conspiracy by radical groups.
He said that most Pakistani political
groups are unhappy..
..with his decision to help American
in the war against terrorism.
These groups have joined the Afghan refugees..
..to protest against the government..
..but their efforts have been unsuccessful.
See how quickly the Pakistan government
has dumped the Taliban.
They created the Taliban....
and now they say they will help the Americans
in destroying the Taliban.
Bloody liars.. they are killing their
own people.
ln Afghanistan's Kunduz area..
.. more than 50 Taliban have been killed by
the Northern Alliance Mujahidin.
Down with the Taliban! -Allah is great!
President Musharraf is unhappy
about institutions like madrassas..
.. and masjids being used for
anti religious activites.
ln the battle that's been going
on forthree days..
.. near Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan...
..more than 200 Taliban have been killed.
God alone knows how many amongst
them were our men..
And the guys sitting in lslamabad
are telling the world..
..that none of our men are in Afghanistan.
And there, across the border..
.. the Afghans are hunting them
down like wild animals.
And our government is doing
nothing to protect them.
The American dollar is worth much more
than fellow countrymen.
You have only 4 months of service left.
Why botheryourself over politics?
We can do nothing about it.
There! The bloody American Special Forces..
..have brought anothertruckload!
The bastards herd them like cattle..
God knows how many of our men
are in these Taliban..
ls he asking us to fire?
Careful! Make sure you don't get him.
Khyber, l completely agree with you.
The Taliban did some really horrible things..
..but not respecting women is the worst.
How can you not respect women..?
Oh boy! What a hot babe..
l bet she's coming this way!
What a smile!
You guys seem to be the centre
of attraction whereveryou go.
That was some great dodging
you did on the field. - Thank you.
Hi! l'm Jessica Beckham from Reuters.
Suhel. That's..-Jai. -Jai. Khyber.
We work for a news channel,
back home in lndia.
Really? That's cool.. Not much really
left to cover now, is it?
l mean, Taliban regime collapsing..
..life coming to normal in the war
torn Afghanistan.
US government sending more troops..
usual stories.. aren't they?
l mean rookies do that kinda stuff..
don't they?
And l believe all this is anyway
not half shocking or horrifying..
..as what went on here in the last five years.
Please give her something to eat..
..or she won't stop speaking. - Sorry?
No.. he just wants to know,
what will you have for dinner.
Didn't realize we have a choice here.
Kebabs for breakfast, Kebabs for
Lunch, Kebabs for dinner!
And oh.. if you want a snack..
Kebabs again!
Kebab.. naan.
So, have you guys done war before?
No. this is ourfirst time..
we are rookies.
So what do you think will make an
interesting story to do in post 9/11 Kabul?
Well.. get Osama l guess..
..or if not Osama, then a chat
with Mullah Omar.
That will give your network some ratings.
As far as l am concerned..
l'll be content.
Over and done with this blessed place if..
..if l can get up close with a Taliban fugitive.
But they've all disappeared, either dead,
or in hiding. - Rubbish!
We found one.. the bloody guy almost got us
killed at the Buzkashi.
Kebabs for dinner.
So, your name is Jessica Beckham.
Nice name. do you play football?
So where did you guys see this Taliban?
C'mon guys. How does one get
to these Taliban?
He's talking bullshit as usual.
Don't take him seriously.
lf you'll excuse us, we should
really be leaving.
We have an early morning shoot tomorrow.
- Oh, really? Where?
Sufi singing at the mosque..
it's really fan.. nice.
Thanks again for saving our lives.
Bye. - Bye.
Man, can't we take her along?
You are always horny.. you see a white
woman and get all excited!
Dude... Aflower blooms in the desert and
you ask what color it is?
At least we are seeing a woman.
All the local stuff has been packed up..
..in Burkha by the bloody Taliban!
What does Horny mean?
One whose brain is not in his head
but down below!
Why are you looking at me?
Why did you have to reveal all
our plans to her?
Why? Are we taking an exam here?
Yes.. lt is an exam
lf we don't take back an exclusive
story from here..
..you will spend the rest of your life
shooting boring..
..press conferences of fat politicians.
Jai. ln life, you get just one shot
at war reporting.
We have got it.. Understand man!
Go away from here! - 1 second.
Superfootage man! These guys go
into this weird trance.
Yeah.. betterthan what the trance
music we listen.
Oh Shit!
Keep driving. Don't stop the car.
Take the cartowards the Pakistan border.
lf anyone stops and inquires..
..tell them you're news reporters
And l'm your guide.
lf you make one wrong move,
l will shoot you.
l'm not scared of dying..
..and believe me, l'll kill all of
you before l die.
But we're only journalists..
Why are you taking us?
l don't need to repeat myself.
Do exactly what l say.
lf you need the car, please take it.
Why do you need us?
Shut up and keep driving!
lt'll take us one full day to reach the border.
We don't have enough fuel.
Stop cribbing you idiot and keep driving!
Hyder! You need to hurry up.
Dirt in filter. Take 5 minute.
Hey guys! How rude!
What's a woman doing at the back
of their car?
Please get it started soon,
we must follow them.
Look in front.
You stay here.
You go.
Remember what l told you.
lf l see anything suspicious l will
kill these two. Go. - Damn it!
Stop! Where are you headed?
Hello. Do you Speak Hindi?
Hindi..Yes.. Yes.. - Oh god.
We are journalists from lndia..
We want to go towards the border.
Will you please lift the roadblock?
Yes.. Yes..
Will you remove it? -Yes..Yes
You don't understand a word..
Do you?
Yes.. Yes..
What's up, friend? Where have you been?
When are we going to Kabul next?
How've you been? Are you keeping well?
What the bloody hell is he doing?
Who's that guy?
No, we've only met him once before.
He's not a friend.. They kiss here for no
rhyme or reason!
Why have you kept him waiting here?
God knows. l kept nodding Yes..
Yes like they do in theirfilms.
Shut up! Look before you start
speaking to people.
Where's yourfriend?
ls he in the car? Let's say
hello to him.
Why are they coming here? l told him
l don't want trouble!
Everything will be fine.
Suhel will handle it.
l think he just wants to say Hello.
How are you? Are you keeping well?
That is our guide. We need to make a move.
Will you please remove the roadblock?
Hey! Lift the roadblock.
Lift the roadblock and let these guys go!
- Thank you.
Give me one cigarette.
l don't want to give him my cigarettes.
Tell him about yourthroat.
Thank you.
Where is this cigarette from? - lndia.
lt's nice. - l know.
You guys don't need to be scared!
You only need to drop me to the border..
But how can we..?
You are journalists.. nobody will stop
you on the way.
lf you act sensibly.. you'll be able
to reach home alive
No problem.. we'll do as you say.
Roll one shot at least!
Ya right.. you ask the questions,
l'll roll the camera.
l am serious. - So am l
l'm Jai..l'm a cameraman from lndia.
What's your name?
lmran.. lmran Khan Afridi
Very powerful name..lmran Khan..
(Pakistani Cricketer)
Do you play cricket?
Why? Does everybody in lndia named
Sachin (lndian Cricketer) go around with a bat?
No.. l was only asking..
But lmran Khan is a great cricketer..
wasn't he?
Yes he was the greatest all rounder
in the world!
Ya.. he was pretty good
He was No.1.. the best in the world.
Now that's a bit too much. No.1 was always
Kapil Dev. (lndian Cricketer)
Number 1 all-rounder. -Who..?
Kapil Dev.. Kapil brother..
number 1 allrounder.
What nonsense are you talking about?
Kapil's nothing in front of lmran Khan!
How would you know? You had
banned TV.
Kapil's records are betterthan lmran in every field.
Records mean nothing. lmran was No.1!
What shit are you talking?
Everybody knows that Kapil was a better
all rounder. lsn't that true?
How the hell does it matter
who was number one.
They are both retired now..
aren't they?
What you mean, how does it matter?
Of course it matters..
Cricket is a bloody waste of time man!
their crotches all the time.
See.. even yourfriend doesn't
know about Kapil.
This bugger has no clue about anything!
All he does is body building all day long.
Look ahead.
Kapil Dev is a better player..
Bloody traitor!
Throw this out.
This was one of the most fertile lands
in Afghanistan.
The grapes from here were exported
all overthe world.
Nothing remains today.. its all over!
These guys destroyed everything.
What did they gain from destroying
my beautiful country?
Why blame others? You guys
have been fighting..
..amongst yourselves forthe last 25 years?
Had Pakistan not interfered, Afghanistan
wouldn't look like this today.
Well, Pakistan has also provided shelter..
..to you guys forthe past 20 years.
You have been eating ourfood forfree
and then you talk about war.
We didn't start the war, you did!
Shut up.. and keep driving.
Why should l shut up? lt's a fact?
You started the war?
Now tell me bastard..
who started this war?
Yes.. We Afghans started it ourselves..
Bastard.. talks too much.
Now shut up and keep driving.
Here goes another American bomber!
That's the 12th since morning.
ljust had a talk with the Colonel.
We've been given strict orders to seal the border.
All of you will have to be alert.
But Sir, our men are still crossing the border.
And who told you that the ones crossing
the border are our men?
Not a single Pakistani is in Afghanistan.
ls that clear?
The Colonel has got the same order
from the High Command.
Make sure this post is ready by evening.
There goes.. our bloody High Command!
Stop here!
Take the keys out and come with me.
You two stay here!
What the hell is he doing?
He's pissing?
Oh hell.. he'll get us killed!
Get into the car.. fast!
Do any of you know how to drive?
Do you know how to drive or not?
We don't even have a license.
l swear..
Get inside the car!
Why are you taking our passports?
l don't need to answer anything.
Jai Kapoor..
Suhel Khan..
Afterthe recent bombing in Kandahar..
..the American bombers have now started
targeting areas nearJalalabad.
Now that they don't need us,
they're dropping bombs on us..
That too from 30,000 feet above..
Come down and fight, you bastards!
This guy's crazy!
They'll drop a bomb on us!
Where the hell are you headed?
Get back on the road!
This is also a similar route.
lf we get back on the road, the Americans
will bomb us!
Shut up!
Hello, are we going in the right direction?
You said this is the way to Pakistan.
We're going on and on, and we haven't
seen them yet.
ls it dangerous around here?
Khyber is right. You don't know the power
of American technology.
l'm not scared of your Americans!
What's the big deal about them?
l thought the Americans were yours
till yesterday..?
Now he realizes..
The Americans are loyal to no one.
- Shut up.
You chaps seemed very happy
taking money..
..from the Americans to fight the Russians?
Yes we did.. but only to defend our country.
Unlike you guys..
.. who took money from the Americans ..
and then..?
Please! There's no point in fighting like this.
You're sensible. Tell your driverto shut up
and keep driving.
We need to halt forthe night.
This bastard always has a problem!
We can't stop. Keep driving.
My brother.. Please don't start
all over again..
Why don't you just do as you are told?
How can l?
The Americans bomb every car
that moves at night.
And if we escape the Americans,
the Hazara will surely get us.
Now who is this Hazara?
The Hazara Mujahidin control this area.
These guys are the most brutal criminals
in Afghanistan.
ln orderto save bullets they ram a nail
into your head to kill you.
lt's cheaperthat way.
Ya right.. The longest nail should go
into your head!
Who is that?
l don't know! This area shouldn't
have a check post.
Slow the car down.
l can't believe it. He ran away.
Khyber, what a horror story..
He got so scared that he ran away.
But it's a true story. The guys ahead
are actually Hazara.
You are joking.. right? - No.
We were kidnapped by a Talib. And l think
he saw you and ran away.
So.. he must be somewhere around here.
What's he saying?
They are journalists from lndia, and we had
been kidnapped by a Talib.
He ran away upon seeing you.
Correct. He ran away.
Journalists. lndia.
Keep smiling at them.. but l suspect
something is seriously wrong here.
Why are you saying that?
ls this smile fine?
We have to take them to the commander
Commander..? But these guys
are journalists.
Don't argue. We have to take them.
They say they are the local commander's men.
They want to file your report on the Talib.
- Come.
Not you.. just these two.
They want just the two of you to follow them.
l'll have to stay here.
Suhel.. be careful.
Suhel, pull your jacket down from behind.
Do you have to ask ''why'' for everything?
Pull it down, will you? -Why?
Forget it!
What's up?
They were Hazara gunmen.
They would have looted you..
..driven a nail into your heads, and sold
your car in Pakistan.
Give me a cigarette.
Thanks for saving our lives.
No need to thank me.
l need you alive in orderto reach the border.
You sonofabitch!
What's the difference between you
and these bastards?
You both kill to suit yourselves.
Bastard, you pissed on me.
Now l'll shoot you and leave you
here with these dogs.
But before you die, let's hearfrom you..
who started this war..?
Speak up, you Bastard!
We did! -Who?
Take his gun away.
Release the lock! -Where is it?
OK. Forget it. Might go off by mistake..
Now let's hearyou, you dog..
..who was the best all rounder..
Kapil or lmran?
Jai, this is no time to fool around.
l'm not fooling around. Tell me bastard!
Kapil Dev or lmran Khan?
Kapil Dev.
l will take this bastard to Kabul and
hand him overto the Americans.
l'll get a reward. - No. We won't
be able to sleep..
..won't be able to pee..
Let's leave him here.
Let's tie him up and leave him here.
Give me your gun.
Go ahead.. do yourthing.
Mind blowing!
How do these Americans reach everywhere?
Look, Taliban.
Do it now at least! - Can l?
Shoot! You horny bastard!
OK. Enough shooting!
Can l get one last cigarette?
What? You have already had
so many of my cigarettes.
What if l get a sore throat? - Grant a
dying man his last wish..
Haider, you carry on with the car.
l will come back with these guys..
..lf that's fine with you guys?
- Oh no problem at all.
The seat next to me is absolutely empty..
l must really thank you guys.
l was pretty sure they were
going to rape me.
Naah! l think they were more
interested in your driver.
Khyber! You're a hero! -Jai, at least
now your cigarettes are safe.
Yeah! The bastard must be puffing
his last cigarette.
Bastards, they ate all my chocolates.
Thank God, they did not mess up
my camera and passport.
Passport! - Passport?
That bastard's still got our passports.
- Let it be.. Get new ones made.
lt's not a suit l'm talking about.
They're passports.
How do we leave this hellhole
without passports?
Even if we get out, how do
we enter lndia?
No, let's go back and get them.
What?? Are you mad? You want to go
back to that maniac?
So what? lt's been only 5 minutes
since we left him.
He's all tied up anyway.
l told you we should have shot
the bastard.
This time we'll kill the bastard.
But why did you give your passports
to a guy like that?
Here, she's started her interview again..
..lets take her back and tie her up again.
What did he say? - Nothing.
The bastard's gone! l told you
we should kill him.
l've lost my reward too!
Grant a dying man his last wish..
What do we do now?
We'll have to go to the lndian Embassy.
That was bombed long time back!
Let's get out of here.
Their men must be headed this way..
..l think that's why he also ran away.
Let's go.
l told you to leave the passports
back in the hotel.
Hotel? You call that war monument a hotel?
There's no ceiling in that place!
Oh! Shit!
Tell that bastard to hand over his pistol.
Stop the car!
Get out! All of you! Get your cameras along.
Shoot his pics!
Shoot his pics.. just like you shot mine!
Who is this white woman?
She is an American journalist.
Can't take her along. lt's too dangerous
to have her with us.
l will have to leave her here.
But we can't leave her alive!
Tell him l have a Pakistani visa.
This can justify our going towards the border.
What did she say?
- She says she has a Pakistani visa.
lf somebody inquires..
..we can say we need to drop
herto the border.
Does she know how to drive?
She's American.. she must know..
Car?.. drive?
Drive? Does he mean drive?
We're dead!
Of course l drive, l am an American!
lmran Sahab. He's the only one who knows
the way to the border.
Can you see that smoke ahead?
- Stop the car!
Diesel! Fill her up.
This is what happens when you
drive in the night.
The Americans must have bombed
these trucks.
lt's Coke! - No, it's not coke.
What? lt's Coke.
- lt's too sweet, it's Pepsi.
What's the difference?
They are both the same bloody thing.
What's the difference?
Why are you so vague in life?
lmran Khan and Kapil are the same thing!
Coke and Pepsi are the same thing!
Jessica listen. You are an American.
Can you tell us if this is
Coke or Pepsi?
l don't drink either.
You don't drink Coke?
What sort of American are you?
A sensible sort.
l told you its Pepsi!
The war is all about this..
..the Americans will do anything to
sell their Coke and Pepsi..
..this is exactly what they do. Suck all
the oil out of a country..
.. and then fill it with Coke and Pepsi..
Why's he yelling at me?
l don't even like Coke.. or Pepsi.
lts all about money isn't it?
Foryou Americans?
l also want money.
How much do you get forthese
photographs of Taliban?
What's he saying?
He's asking how much you get
forthese photographs.
How many dollars for photograph
of Taliban?
l don't know. Maybe 5, maybe 6 hundred..
- How much?
She says 500 to 600 dollars.
All right.. l will take 300 dollars!
What? - He wants 300 dollars.
lf you don't give money,
then l will snatch your camera.
We are from a poor country like yours.
We don't even get so much salary.
l swear!
This guy hasn't even got his salary
forthe last two months.
lsn't it?
So Suhel, won't you offeryour prayers?
Oh! Of course..you are an lndian Muslim..
..what would you know about lslam..?
You're right, what would we know
about lslam?
You are the guardians of ourfaith..
You keep an AK56 on your side
and then pray.
His name isn't lmran.
He is from the Pakistani army.
l can give him more money if he wants.
Salaam! Where is the American journalist?
She's coming with the lndian journalists.
Commander! The American journalist is not here.
He says that she is coming with
the lndian journalists.
They're not here? He came alone?
Hold him back till the journalists reach here.
Ask him to park his car.
Park your carthere and get down.
lf his name is not lmran,
why did he fight so much?
Whose photograph was that?
There she begins her interview again!
Not only will she get herself killed,
but us too!
Whose photograph was that?
This was my daughter..
Haven't seen her in six years.
How could l? l have been fighting
this warfor 6 years
What's he saying? -We'll tell you later.
ls she in Pakistan?
No. She stays here in Afghanistan.
l got her married in a village,
this side of the border.
Our village is very close to the border
on the other side.
So why didn't you ever meet her?
l tried once,
But she refused to meet.
Because l was in the Taliban, and
she didn't approve of this.
She did not like their way of thinking..
..their behaviortowards women..
..using force in the name of religion..
Were you Ok with all that?
My views were different.
Then why were you with them?
- l was not with them.
l was only doing my duty.
You've got to obey orders in the Army.
lt's my right to do my duty.
What kind of duty, lmran sir?
Performing that you have to be ashamed
of your own children?
Go to sleep.
We're very nearthe border. We'll leave
early tomorrow.
l was sure he's gonna shoot me.
Yeah, you crossed the line today.
You almost seem to enjoy these wars.
Me? Well.. after every trip to
these hell holes..
..i promise myself neverto return. But..
But you break your promise!
And you know why? To sell
some more gore.
Some more inhuman horror
stories to the world..
..that chose to do nothing when this
place was burning.
And you know why l am doing it?
l hope publisher's will line up for my book..
when l write all this.
But what else do you think reporters can do?
Nothing, l guess. Otherthan knowing
in their hearts..
That whateverthey do.. is not enough.
What have you done?
Where are the reporters?
They haven't come as yet. lt's really late.
There's a small problem.
When the lndian reporters saved..
..us from the Hazara,
there was a Talib with them.
Why didn't you tell that to me before?
There were a lot of people.
l thought they'll tie the Talib up.
But l think they're in trouble.
Tomorrow early morning, we must go there.
Get in!
Come on, guys!
We must drive out of this area fast.
What happened now?
This village is famous in Afghanistan
as the village of thieves.
When they see a foreigner in a car,
they push a donkey onto the road.
The moment the car hits the donkey..
..the entire village comes running out..
..screaming and shouting..
lt was a special donkey.. a priceless donkey..
He had studied in a school.
-An educated donkey!
And then?
Then they strip you of all your money..
and sometimes..
..even your clothes.
Great! That's all we needed!
But we don't need to worry. -Why?
Because ever since the Taliban collapsed..
..so many English journalists
have passed this way..
..that all the donkeys in the village must be over..
Some still remain.. Now they drive cars..
Looks like a suicide bomber.
Bloody terrorist!
Shit! Sorry.. it wasn't meant foryou.
Where are they? Show me!
They were right here.
Where are they? l don't see anyone around.
l don't know where they've gone. -You're lying!
No! l swearto God they were here.
''Whatever l received, l accepted as destiny..''
''Whatever l received, l accepted as destiny..''
''l accepted as destiny..''
''What got lost, l kept forgetting that..''
''What got lost, l kept forgetting that..''
''Every worry l decided to blow away as smoke...''
Perfect mood for a cigarette!
Sure! Sure!
Amazing! You're fond of Hindi songs?
Old Hindi film songs are my weakness..
..used to stealthily listen to lndian Radio as a kid..
Later l saw a lot of yourfilms also.
Didn't the Taliban ban Hindi films?
They were uncultured idiots.
l have been saying foryears..
Give us Madhuri Dixit (lndian Actress)
and take Kashmir..
She's gone now. Married and settled in America.
Everything nice that we have finally
goes away to America.
What's the matter? What's going on here?
Some Taliban were trying to escape
towards the border.
We've captured them.
Talib? -Yes, Talib!
These guys have captured two Taliban..
..who were trying to escape towards the border.
They are killing them with their bare hands.
Who are they?
lndian journalists!
lndian journalists? Come take some pictures.
He says you should come out and shoot.
What do you say Suhel?
Should we tell them about him?
No, Jai. Let's get out of here.
You guys should go to Torkhan.
You'll get more pictures of Taliban there.
The American's have just bombed that area.
He's saying we must go to Torkham.
Many Taliban soldiers were hiding there..
..and the Americans have bombed that area heavily.
Hundreds have died.
He says you will get great shots.
Ask them the way to Torkham.
l think we're lost!
No, he said keep going down the straight road.
This road looks straight to you?
Dude! Do you think you will find a
road straighterthan this here?
You have a point.
By the way, lmran Sahab,
why are we going to Torkham?
My daughter's village is in Torkham.
Do you know exactly where the village is located?
l have a faint idea..
But how will l meet her?
lt can be dangerous for her.
A man can't ask for a woman's whereabouts here.
Then meet herthe same way you met us.
Burkha! - No l can't do that.
Why not?
You were happily running all around
Kabul in that Burkha.
No its different here.
lf l get caught, my daughter Zoya will be in trouble.
Then what do we do?
What's he saying?
l can't believe l am doing this.
Oh shit! l am, so sorry.
l knew she could play football.
Oh shit! l am so sorry. Are you okay?
What are you doing?
What are you doing? Stop it!
l got hurt!
l am so sorry.
You know her?
She lives there!
Can you take me to her?
Come on, lets go.
We should have handed overthe
bastard to that mob.
But you seemed more interested
in singing with him instead!
He still had a gun on him.
He could have easily taken down
What's going on here?
The two Taliban were escaping.
We caught hold of them.
ls he one of them?
Have a look at the other one!
- No, none of them is the guy.
Have you seen an American lady
with 4 men drive past?
Yes! -Which direction?
They've gone towards Torkham
- Torkham? Let's rush!
l can't believe even these bastards
have daughters!
Why didn't you speak to your daughter?
You guys are fortunate..
..you belong to a different world.
You will never understand..
lmran Sahab..
.. deep down you are not such a bad guy..
And maybe if you weren't a Talib..
..we might have even been friends..
Yes.. like you guys say in lndia..
ln another lifetime, perhaps..
Where are you running? Stop!
This firing seems to be happening nearby.
When did it start?
-A little while ago...
Okay. Stay alert!
Commander! -Yes!
A Talib has taken two lndian journalists
behind those rocks!
We'll get them back. Guys, let's go!
lndian journalists!!.. This bloody car!!
What are you doing?
Tell him now!
This is the local Mujahidin commander.
lf you hand the lndian journalists over,
he will let you go.
Let them go, you bastard!
The border is 5 minutes away.
l'm too close now to give up.
Either l cross the border, or all of us die.
Listen here..
..lf you and your men..
don't leave this area in 5 minutes..
l'm going to shoot these guys one by one..
Don't be stupid, lmran Sahab.
lf you leave us, the commander will let you go.
You really believe that these
Afghans will let me live?
Me? A Talib!
But you're not like the Taliban.
Really..? And you will explain this to them?
Have you forgotten what they did
to those two guys in the village?
Do you think my fate will be
any betterthan that?
Don't fire like that!
Didn't he say he'll shoot them if you fire?
But then it's impossible foryou
to escape from here.
ls that the last magazine?
Why don't you leave us and run away?
lf l stop firing these guys will be here
in less than a minute.
And it will take me at least
lmran Sahab, give me your gun.
Give me the gun and run to your country
as fast as you can.
l will keep firing in the airtowards them
forthe next 10 minutes.
They won't move ahead.
lf l hand you the gun..
..won't you shoot me?
You have no option but to trust me.
lf you stay, you will surely die.
But if you give me the gun,
you might just have a chance.
Hey! Go from behind.
Just a moment Mr. Taliban.
Here's a little gift from lndia?
Don't smoke any other cigarette..
you might get a sore throat.
You have helped me reach home..
..but you guys also need to go back, don't you?
Why's he firing in the air?
Can l, please?
ls this enough? - This is enough.
He must have reached Lahore by now.
Commander! The Talib is not here!
Why is this chap running straight towards us?
Sir, he could be one of our men!
How often do l need to repeat myself?
None of our men are on that side of the border!
He's seems to be headed here.
Give him a warning shot! - Sir?
What the hell is he saying?
l think he's trying to tell us something..
l'm Subedar MajorJaan Mohammed..
Frontier Guards..
Should we allow him nearthe post?
No need. Fire another warning shot!
Sir, he is unarmed! - Fire!
Why are you firing?
Are you mad? Listen to me, please!
l'm.. Subedar MajorJaan Mohammed..
l'm.. Subedar MajorJaan Mohammed..
He has come too close..
lf he tries to cross the water,
shoot him down!
Sir, it seems he's one of us!
Our men are not in Afghanistan..
So this was the story of ourJourney
with the enemy.
But why was he the enemy?
l mean, for 2 days we were just 5 guys
traveling together in Kabul Express.
We all felt fear, we all felt anger.
All of us enjoyed singing and
we all enjoyed cricket.
Well.. almost all.
Ourfollowing days in Kabul were
not even remotely as exciting as..
..the two days we spent with lmran.
But in our report that we made for
television, we had to cut out..
..most of what we had seen
And experienced with lmran.
After all Taliban is still the enemy
and how could we tell the..
..audience that we almost
made friends with one?
l don't know what finally happened to lmran..
..but l hope he reached home
and is happy wherever he is.