Kabzaa (2023) Movie Script

What is happening in the city?
They set a police station on fire
for arresting just one goon?
Sir, there were too many goons
attacking the station all of a sudden, sir.
Is there no officer in your Department
who can control these things?
There is one, Sir.
But once he gets into the arena,
no one can control him.
He is a Commande dressed in Khaki, sir.
He doesn't fear border
or cares about boundaries.
Who is it?
He made countless encounters.
He salutes no one except the National Flag.
Once he enters,
he will show them 'Enter the Dragon'.
Even before the sensation, news of
Commissioner changing his position came.
Sir, news is not about the posiion.
But about the person in the opposition.
What is his name?
His name is Bhargav Bakshi.
The National Emblem
should always be upright.
Sorry sir!
Sir, we followed your orders and
assembled all the goons of the state, sir.
Hey, tell your names.
Lokesh alias Loki.
Ravikumara alias Tools Ravi.
Nakul Shetty alias Nakra.
Chamrajpet Sukumara alias Sarthi.
Manja alias Vasne.
Dharani alias Jivle.
Has none of them born to a person?
One calls himself Macha, another says long.
And there is Tagda.
Ask them to attach their father's names
either before or after their aliases.
At least,
we will know whose sons they are.
- Order tea for me.
- Hey, have you heard?
Drop your aliases
and tell us your father's names.
Loki son of Appanna.
Ravi Kumar, son of Shantappa.
Sukumar, son of Puchappa.
Nanje Gowda, son of RajaGowda.
Dharanendra, son of Dodde Gowda.
Sivasankar, son of Nagarajaiah.
Robert, son of David.
Soma Sekhar, son of Ramanna.
Sunila, son of Ramchandra.
Nakul Shetty, son of Raj Shetty.
Mahesh Kumar, son of Sivappa.
Sir, he is very notorious.
Four MLAs in the city have won
on his support.
He takes the lead in all the elections.
Are you contesting this time?
Look there.
Stand straight, man.
You have no control on your mouth.
My name is Manikantha, sir.
I committed rape,
half murder and full murder, sir.
I served the sentence.
Look, sir.
I gave up everything
and took the Deeksha.
You have committed all the felony possible.
And now that you are in Deeksha,
should I give you a clean chit? Hmm?
Brother, my name is Nataraj.
Did I ask you?
That's... erm...
Did I ask you?
No, sir.
What's with you?
My name is Nataraj, sir.
Not that. What are you?
What about you?
No, sir, no.
No, sir!
No, sir.
No, sir.
Or social servants?
No, sir, no.
No, sir!
The title that the police give you to prove
that you are not qualified
or fit to live in society
is the rowdy sheet.
- What?
- Rowdy Sheeters!
- What?
- Rowdy Sheeters!
You are roaming the city waving it as if
it is a medal given by the government!
Give me the gun.
- Sir, sir, sir!
- Sir, no, sir. No, sir.
- Sir, sir, sir!
- No, sir. No, sir.
One is a boss. One is a Don.
One is a King.
- Hey! Are you honchos in your area?
- No, sir!
Forget about shooting you.
Slight beating at a police station and you'll
spill all the beans since your infancy.
Give up everything.
Just like you someone wanted to become
the underworld king and started with an Om.
Take positions.
History always praises the hands
that severed than the heads that rolled.
A story created by one such hand
is Kabza... usurping.
You taught lessons to goons.
Can you tell this demon's story?
This demon was born into the family
of a freedom fighter.
It was 1945.
A place called Sangramanagara
in North India.
A time when people were fighting
for freedom even in the face of death.
Refusing to pay the tax, was fighting
with the British was a freedom fighter.
He was the vassal king of
Samgramanagara, Amareswara.
His wife was Tulasi Devi.
They had two children.
Sankeswara and Arkeswara.
The elder one Sankeswara
was a brave person.
Like his father, he believed in revolution.
Amareswara hoisted the tri-colour flag
which was woven by his family,
for the first time in history.
Sir! Cotton became thread
and thread became a flag.
If you don't act on it,
every house in India
will soon have a flag flying.
Kill Amareswara, sir!
I am getting one bloody Indian
to kill another bloody Indian.
The whites who came to India
in the name of perfume business,
decided to remove Sangramanagar
from the map of India
and joined hands with Dhaka
who is a monster in human form.
Sangramanagar got destroyed.
who was the inspiration for Indians,
thanks to the plotting of our own,
was killed by the British.
Tulasi Devi, who saw her husband's death
with her own eyes,
migrated to Amarapura in South India
to protect her own children.
Vande Mataram...
Vande Mataram!
Vande Mataram...
Vande Mataram!
She was given refuge by the famous
freedom fighter, Varadarajan Mudaliar.
Hey, give me the money.
Oh no, I'll pay.
The midnight of August 14, 1947
symbolizes the rebirth of a nation
after the slumber of centuries and
a long struggle for self determination.
Wake up, kids.
Arakeswara, Sankeswara,
India has won freedom.
We got freedom!
Mom? Is it true?
Yes, son.
Say it after me.
Vande Mataram!
Vande Mataram...
Vande Mataram!
Vande Mataram...
Vande Mataram!
You have a trunk call from your brother.
Brother, how are you?
Don't worry about us.
Focus on your pilot training.
The way our father's name is eternal
in the history of Sangramnagar
my brother's name too shall be etched
forever on the pages of Indian History.
Brother, you have always placed
the family before yourself
and worked hard for all of us.
You have taken on father's role to carry
the responsibility of our family.
I don't know
how I can ever repay your debt.
Brothers don't share just the assets.
They share the same blood
and the same womb.
True, brother.
Uh, brother, I forgot to mention.
I am coming to Dehradun next month.
I am posted there.
But before that, I want to take fifteen
days of leave and come to our place.
I will go to Dehradun
after meeting you and mom.
My kid brother is returning to the
native place as a trained pilot.
I am ever ready to welcome you.
Have a safe journey.
God of Dance! O god of Dance!
I bow to you, through my dance
I bow, Lord Shankara, before your feet
The rhythm of my anklets And the
fleeting of my feet are the cymbals
The musical notes of
beauty are the vocals
The tune, the rhythm and the dance are
an embodiment of Nataraja
The song, the word and the style are
a tribute to Nataraja
The tune, the rhythm and the dance are
an embodiment of Nataraja
The song, the word and
the style are a tribute to Nataraja
Beautiful is the sound of aum
do re ma so are the initiation
The prancing of decorated feet...
a celebration of music
The world shall become a tune
and present itself before the eyes
This is a time sent opportunity
this combination of dancing ankelts
Sweet and rejoicing
and the heart is romancing
Thanks to you I feel them all
I bow to you, through my dance
I bow, Lord Shankara, before your feet
The rhythm of my anklets And the
fleeting of my feet are the cymbals
The musical notes of
beauty are the vocals
The tune, the rhythm and the dance are
an embodiment of Nataraja
The song, the word and the style are
a tribute to Nataraja
The tune, the rhythm and the dance are
an embodiment of Nataraja
The song, the word and the style are
a tribute to Nataraja
Wow! Wonderful!
Watching you dance is like
watching Nataraja Himself dancing.
While valour is the symbol
of male descendance,
education, humility, music and
dance are the symbols of ladies.
Father, it is my great fortune
that I am born a girl.
Rudra! Let Magala Joshi who made my daughter
a great dancer, be honoured with jewellery.
Yes, my lord!
The Veera Bahaddur lineage has a great
history of ruling Amarapauri for 400 years.
After independence, monarchs had
to part with their sovereignty.
Veera Bahaddur, who wanted to regain power,
found a great obstacle in Dhaka
who was hand in hand with the British.
After the British exit,
Dhaka took control of the entire mafia.
He handed over the Northern India
to his younger brother, Malik,
the Southern India to his close aide
Bhangira and Amarapuram to Khalid.
Handing over the political power of
Amarapuram to Ghanshyam Pandey,
he moved away to Europe.
By keeping the politics under his thumb,
He concentrated on transporting the
Adivasis of India as slaves to the west.
The political power centres in India
shivered at the cruelty of Dhaka.
Gang wars broke out between the gangs
of Veera Bahaddur and Ghanshyam Pandey.
Princess Madhumita,
you have a trunk call.
Arikeswar, your most beloved Pilot
in training from Visakhapatnam, speaking.
Princess Madhumati of Amarapura Dominion,
your only love, speaking.
If the princess is so boldly talking to me,
I am sure the King is not in the palace.
He is.
To ascend the throne of Amarapuram,
he is working strategies
as usual for his victory.
Princess Madhumita,
I think it's quite long since I heard
the melodies of your anklets.
The melodies that I heard on the
streets of Amarapuram while selling flags,
heave like the waves of the sea
at Visakhapatnam...
taking me down the memory lane
of our childhood.
The princess blushes
and the whole place lit up with her smile
As she moves like a river
the eye is astounded
She is so beautiful
attracting the evil eye
The colourful fair is her companion
Asking her for the thousand stars
Asking for the thousand stars
Radha... Radha... Radha
I am your Radha
Radha... Radha... Radha
I am your Radha
It was during elections in the country.
There was a neck and neck race between
Veera Bahaddur and Ghanshyam Pandey.
From Amarapupram to Kanyakumari,
it was our ancestors ruling.
But after independence...
It was difficult to win even an MLA seat.
Our Party Flag has been flying
in Amarapuram for twenty years.
It shall continue to fly.
Our lineage has no respect now.
Our very existence is in danger.
That's because we have no power
in our hands.
Even seven tons of gold cannot match
the pleasure given by power.
Amarapuram is right now in the hands of
a demon called Khalid.
Ghanashyam Pandey has remained the
minister for 20 years only on his support.
These hands that wielded a sword once,
are now idle.
In the coming elections,
we must rise to power, Mr Bahaddur.
In a democracy, people become the rulers.
Royal families don't matter.
I have received some information.
Veer Bahaddur has called for a meeting.
The royal family members are ready
to spend any amount for power.
All of you must contest from Veera
Sena Party and win the seats.
So, Bahaddur is contesting the elections?
When you put all the straws together,
and weave it into a rope,
it can bind even an elephant, Masood!
Winning the elections against Pandey
is a delusion.
It is difficult to confront Malik
huffing up with the support of Bangira.
We are not able to face
a demon like Khalid.
Now, how can we face a whale like Bangira,
Mr Bahaddur?
Do you realize what would happen
if we lost Amarapuram?
We will hear the sound of Bangira.
Malik will come out.
Dhaka will find a weapon.
Then we will face not just defeat.
But death as well.
If that should not happen,
your son Sardar must come here from Dubai.
Let us make him contest in the elections
of Amarapuram this time.
To gain elixir, we must tolerate
the effect of poison.
You don't need a volcano
to burn down a forest.
One spark of fire will do.
We must win Amarapuram
under all circumstances this time.
Our Party will become victorious.
My son will land here tomorrow from Dubai.
There won't be rain of money in Amarapuram.
There will be rivers of blood.
The princess blushes
and the whole place lit up with her smile
As she moves like a river
the eye is astounded
She is so beautiful
attracting the evil eye
The colourful fair is her companion
Asking her for the thousand stars
How could you stay so long
in Visakhapatnam without me, Arka?
Though you are here and I am there,
when we look up we see the same moon.
These are not just the
tinkles of your anklets.
When you walk with these,
those tinkles...
are my heart beats, Princess.
No matter where I am or how I am,
no matter how far from you,
I will always hear the
sound of your anklets.
Please keep them safe, Princess.
Veera Bahaddur dreamed of sitting on
the political throne of Amarapuram.
But he was aware that the throne had
a sharp sword on it.
The name of the sword was Khalid.
Greetings Princess!
You have come to my house?
I would have come there
had you sent for me.
Mother, please don't fret.
I have come to speak to you.
With me?
Come. Please, come and sit.
Please sit.
I have come to tell you something.
First, please accept these sweets.
I don't understand.
Arkeswara! Sankeswara!
Coming, mother.
Come soon, sons.
What is it, mother?
The princess is here.
Mom, the thing is...
Brother! Brother! One minute.
Please come here.
Brother, brother! Mom calling you.
What happened?
Please, go, brother.
Go quickly. Someone has come.
- Who is it?
- Sankeswara!
Princess has come here
and wants to talk to me.
Please ask what it is.
Why did she come here suddenly?
Uh, your son Arka and I...
are in love.
I hope our wedding will be conducted
with your approval and blessings.
Arka! Why are you hiding here like a thief?
It's... I have no idea, brother.
Come. Come! Come out. Come.
I really don't know, brother.
Listen to me, brother. Brother, brother!
Come out.
I haven't come across a person with
such a noble heart and great character.
I am fortunate to marry your son.
Mother, our wedding is
only after brother's.
Right, brother?
Your son is very shy.
I know that he won't speak with
you about our marriage,
That's why I took the liberty
to discuss this with you.
Please, bless us.
Oh, god! You are the only saviour!
This umbrella is beyond repair.
So surprised!
I'm getting married.
I was sent to get this
umbrella repaired.
Master, repairing this umbrella
is impossible.
I will do this.
I will give you a new umbrella.
Happy Married Life to you!
Come on. Open the umbrella.
Get under shade.
- Nice umbrella. See you.
- Stay in love.
(Ghazal Singing)
Brother, Sardar has landed.
Hey, Sardar!
Oh, no!
We are the kings of Amarapuram
We are the cremators here and the buriers.
There is no one in Amarapuram
who can question us.
Anyone... has anyone got the guts to do it?
Any one there.
Mother! Mother, I did nothing wrong.
I did justice. I killed a demon.
Listen to me.
Here. Take this and go far away.
Mother! Mother?
I am afraid those demons will come
and kill you.
I haven't done any mistake, Mother
There is no way I will be arrested.
I have promised your father that I will take
care of you both through all troublesome times.
Please, go away.
Mother... Arka! At least you tell her.
Mother, what makes you so worred?
Arka, say nothing.
Please, go away.
I beg you. Please go away.
Mother, don't.
Mother, mother... listen to me...
Law is waiting at your front door.
Don't open the back door
to protect your son.
There are merciless people there.
They will hack him.
Look. You are educated.
You are in the government service.
Why don't you explain to them?
Yes, mom.
The Inspector is right.
We must obey the law.
Let us hand over brother to the police.
I am not going to hand
Shankeswara to the police. No.
Look. Law exists to protect the good.
Don't think we will keep your son
imprisoned forever.
Get the bail as soon as possible
and take your son home.
Yes, mother.
I will bail him out.
I will bring him back unhurt.
Mom, think of his future.
We must bow before law.
Please understand me.
Brother, give it here.
Mother... please take it.
Please take it. Hold it.
Nothing will happen.
I am there for him.
please come.
Please come, brother.
I will get the bail ready
and bring you back safe. -Shankeswara...
Sardar's murder before elections
became a headache for the High Command.
Ghanshyam Pandey
stood facing a huge problem.
For the first time, the royal families
had a hope of winning the elections.
Brother Khalid issued a decree.
If anyone defies it,
each house will turn into a graveyard.
Nothing will stop the blood flowing.
No space will be enough for burial.
So, you got the bail?
Have you come to pick up your son?
What is this?
You came with empty hands?
I don't see a garland or a drum.
You are his younger brother, right?
At least you could have
bought him a chariot.
Send him out.
Before this blood cools down,
I will show Amarapuram the fate of the man
who killed my son!
There's Government to help you.
That is controlled by Khalid brother.
You promised to protect my brother
and killed him, sir.
Was your brother some freedom fighter?
He killed somebody.
And somebody killed him.
It's even.
Tit for tat.
Get going.
Why do you still stand here
and stare at me?
Your brother roars like a lion.
Why are you scared like a cat?
I have a doubt.
Are you both born to the same father?
Go find from your mother.
He is going to ask his mom.
Your father, Amareswara, laid his life down
for the freedom of this country.
I am proud of him.
Your brother, Sankeswara,
lost his life fighting injustice.
I am proud of him too.
Without their courage,
how can you survive in this base society
believing blindly in law?
I'll cut the head of the guy
who killed my brother, mom.
Was your brother some freedom fighter?
I have a doubt.
Are you born to your father?
Like a single spark of fire turned
into a wild blaze burning the forest,
his every step of passion
turned into a flame of revenge.
Committing crimes was not his intention.
Killing others was not his goal.
But fate made him commit both.
Our man was beheaded in Amarapuram.
Do you know the value of that head?
If the High Command hears of this,
our heads will roll.
Brother, he will be killed today
in the jail itself.
This is Fiaz alias Target.
He is rearing for revenge every moment.
His only target is to kill Khalid who
hacked his father to death like an animal.
That's why he became a gangster
with a gang of his won and is waiting.
You touched a khaki
who is sheltered by the mafia.
I tell you in advance.
Rest In Peace.
What is your case?
Broher, half murder, brother.
Why do you commit half murders
and keep the doctors busy?
Murder in full and provide work
for the grave digger,
the florist and the cremator.
- Hey! Let him join the gang.
- Brother.
What is your case?
Which case brought you here?
Action speaks louder
where there are no words.
My washroom shall shine neat as a pin.
Take it.
I think he is not in the habit
of carrying a bucket.
Why are you here?
I am in love with you, Arka.
That's why I am here.
These hands have killed a man.
I can remove the blood stains.
But the label of a
criminal will not go away.
Everyone makes mistakes
because of circumstances.
It was not your intention to kill him.
I am aware of this, Arka.
I am now a criminal.
The world looks at me
differently, Madhuamti.
I don't care about the others, Arka.
You are important to me.
The dreams we had together
are more important.
I am playing with fire right now.
My life will be full of danger in future.
You shouldn't walk with me
on such dangerous paths, Madhumati.
Please find a nice boy and marry.
Rather than walking on a bed of roses
with someone I don't love,
courting danger will give me more peace.
Mother, feeling hungry
Faced with a gun he jumped into fire.
He will burn if stays in.
And he will be shot if he steps out.
It is virtue to give a hand
to a drowning man.
But remember this.
It is not right to help him
when you know you will drown too.
Because... Khalid is a monster.
Forty people want to get in together
the same day.
Do you know why?
I fail to understand, sir.
I feel something is impending.
Hmm. Keep an eye.
Okay, sir.
Hmm... what is it?
Bali is coming to the jail, sir.
Alert! Alert! Alert!
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Keep the inmates under lock in their cells.
Okay, sir. Copied.
Wait, man.
Brother, I heard Bali coming to the jail.
Hey, Bali is coming to jail.
Go and hide in your cell.
Move it!
All the prisoners have gone
back to their cells, sir. Over.
Bali is entering the jail tonight.
Our only task is to stop Bali
from entering the jail.
Yes, sir!
Have you put all the
inmates into the cells?
He has a long history behind him.
Even the police wouldn't know how many
heads he will carry once he steps in.
- Everybody move, go.
- Ok sir!
Have you secured the gates tight?
All gates closed, sir. Over.
You have tight cordon, right?
We have tightened the security, sir.
Our Bali is here.
Today will mark the end of Arka.
Are you alert?
Yes, sir.
There is power outage.
- Switch on the generator immediately.
- Yes sir!
Arikeswara's body is here.
What happened?
I was looking for a hunter.
Brother, King Veera Bahaddur
is trying to bail out Arka.
But who we found is a war champion.
If Arka gets the bail and comes out,
hack him right there.
I swear to God! I will kill him today.
I spoke to my boys on the outside.
Stay with them for a week.
We will be out the next week on bail.
Either because of Veera Bahaddur's passion
to re-establish his kingdom,
or because he found a great hunter
who could hunt down his enemies,
Or because of the decision made
by his daughter...
Arka got the bail.
An entire life's practice will not suffice
for a man to become noble.
But to become a brute,
all it takes is one minute.
The fire of aggression
does not illuminate life.
It ends up burning the future.
You know everything.
I don't think you need
a longer explanation.
From now, my feet will follow
every single step you take.
Don't forget that.
Once the court delivers the judgement,
let us both go somewhere far...
and lead a happy life.
Until then,
under any circumstances,
you mustn't lose your patience.
Move, move. Make it fast!
We are Target's men.
- Please, come with us, brother.
- Please don't go.
You are not safe
to be with brother now.
Please come with us, brother.
They are right, Ms Madhumati.
It is not safe for you
to be with me now.
Please go home.
I will meet you again.
Arka... wait!
With the Arkeswara's blood shed
in Amarapuram that day,
a new history of bloodshed had begun.
After Khalid's attack,
Arakeswara who was so far in Amarapuram,
went into exile.
Around the same time, Target received bail
and went to meet Arkeswara.
Kill everyone who is associated with Arka
no matter who they are or where they are.
What happened at Amarapuram
Circle was no shoot-out.
It was a rain of bullets.
An Ambassador car turned into
scrap killing 4 youngsters...
and if your heart is still beating,
you must have extraordinary power.
I want to see my mother.
Mother sentiment?
For a few days,
forget you are a great son.
Khalid might kill you any time.
'Any time'...why can't we kill him?
A dying man will be afraid.
Not the killer.
Has he got the tender to kill us?
What does a sword forged in fire care
whose throat it's going to rip?
Your body was supposed to hang
in the Amarapuram Circle today.
This corpse is hanging instead.
Underworld is like a sea wave.
A new wave advances
while the old one recedes.
Your name is written on the grains
you eat today.
But tomorrow?
Mm... hmm.
There is no guarantee.
I am sure this applies to the food
on Khalid's plate too?
A chisel is enough to chip at a rock.
But to break down a hill...?
What do you need?
You need a bomb.
Give him whatever he wants.
Okay, sir.
Brother, I have something important
to tell you.
What is it?
Don't underestimate Arka, brother.
Don't step out of the house.
Arka bought a weapon to
kill Khalid, brother.
Amarapuram is brought under tight security.
Bhangira who was handling the sea
trade transactions,
was not happy with Khalid's negligence.
Khalid believed in his brawn.
But Bhangira was a man of brains
with a strong instinct.
Bhangira was only too aware that once
Khalid is killed, Amarapuram will be lost.
So, in order to protect Khalid,
he brought a strong army from Arabia.
Oy! Stop the vehicle.
Oy! What is in the tanker?
Nothing, brother. Only water.
Hey, Abdullah! Check it up.
Go up and check
Don't let the vehicles in without checking.
There is only water, brother.
There is no room for mistakes.
Water is leaking here.
What will you check?
Move, move.
Send it in if everything is fine.
Let it in.
Get in. Get in.
Bhangira's guess came true.
Ankeswara's wrath more scorching
than a searing sun,
was ready to burn Khalid down.
That incident set the stage
for the rise of an empire.
It became a death knell for another empire.
Stop, stop!
Why are you running?
Did you see something there
that you are running away?
No, mother.
Brother! Don't spare him.
Kill him!
Kill him!
When someone who shudders at the
sight of a drop of blood,
bathes in blood,
it marks the beginning of a new chapter.
Arka had his revenge with Khalid's death.
But the real war began at that point.
They killed Khalid, brother!
What did you say?
Did they kill brother Khalid?
What were you all doing?
Leave me. I want to kill
whoever killed brother Khalid.
I want to hack
brother Khalid's killer to pieces!
I will not spare him!
We have to kill him at any cost
by today evening.
We have to search and kill him
Shouldn't leave that person simply
Should kill him badly
I have to kill him first
I will drink his blood.
Thanks to you,
Amarapuram is fearless now.
That's because...
Amarapuram has a protector now.
I sense a fear in me.
I am afraid what if I were to lose you.
You are transforming into a weapon.
I am worried they might use you
for their selfish motives.
Arka, if it is eye for an eye,
everyone will become blind.
We are close.
Have you loaded the gun?
Give me word that you will win the world
only through peace and patience.
Promise me that you will never hold
a weapon again.
If I should never hold a weapon,
I will have to be killed in their hands.
What do you want me to do?
What do you want me to do?
An empire can be built not on a sword
but on the hand that wields the sword.
That Masood gang wants to kill
us all, Arka.
These are all men
who follow Khalid like his shadow.
But Khalid left alone.
Then why didn't they leave
along with him?
It was a grave mistake, brother.
Please forgive me and spare my life.
We will leave this place.
Please spare our lives, brother.
I don't like noise... I like silence
If I want to make you all silent,
I need to make more noise
Brother, Arka has occupied Amarapuram.
Veera Bahaddur
did not stand guard for Arkeswar.
He wanted Arkeswar to be his shield.
If the people of Amarapuram
are to live in peace,
a Party that works for their welfare
should come to power.
But that is possible only
when those three are buried.
Not just three.
Your empire will be built
on a dump of graves.
You grab the entire world"
Your business is to grab"
You rule over the lives"
Your glory is vast"
"You stamp down those who oppose"
"You safeguard your people"
"He is the master of jacks"
"He is the boss of the evil"
"He is so ferocius"
"You are the warrior"
"You are the ruler"
Arka Veerabahaddur got
enormous power, never seen before.
From the most revered Kshatriya family, you
have come here asking for my daughter's hand,
who is the princess of
the Bahaddur dunasty.
I am honoured.
Can you send for your daughter, Madhumati?
Sure. I will call her right away.
Why are you still not ready?
What happened?
Not the prince from London.
But can you give me in marriage
to a commoner like Arkeswaera?
Do you hear yourself?
Have you lost your mind?
Are you aware of the reputation of Bahaddur
dynasty in the great Indian history?
We have always had alliances
with royal families.
Never with commoners.
My father, Salva Bahaddur was a married
to a Pallava princess.
My grandfather married
the princess of Maratha Kingdom.
My great grandfather
married the princess of Maurya Kingdom.
The Bahaddur dynasty has a
distinct reputation, honour and fame.
If you take a step to destroy that honour,
your father Veera Bahaddur
will gather the ill repute of ruining
the stature of Bahaddur dynasty.
Will gather the ill repute of ruining
the stature of Bahaddur dynasty.
Think about it.
What does your heart say?
Is honour important...
or your love?
Though we are in power now,
because of Madhumati's wedding,
we have lost face before the public.
If Madhumati's wedding humiliated you
being the descendants of the same dynasty,
please forgive me.
Like a coward, you come and tell me
that Amarapuram has slipped out of hands?
The only name heard in Amarapuram
is Arkeswara.
Do you have the permit
to enter the fort of Arkeswara?
I have all India permit
We are not able to set foot
in Amarapuram at all, brother.
To step into my impenetrable fort,
it's not all India permit that you need.
You need the seal of this Arkeswara!
You could do nothing
even when you were in power.
Now you are devoid of all power.
What can you do now?
His next target is your empire
in the Southern India, brother.
If Dhaka comes to know
we have lost Amarapuram,
he is not going to spare us.
He will slay us.
Bring him here.
Hey, loser!
Have you even seen a lion?
The lion is standing right before you, man.
Hey! Get lost!
You are sitting cool next to the sea.
You have no idea
of the fire ablaze in Amarapuram.
You are yet to step into Amarapuram.
That's why you talk like this.
The earth is 70 percent water.
Amarapuram is but an atom
in the 30 percent of land.
You couldn't protect even that.
Take care of this endless sea.
I will take care of Amarapuram.
Hey, Bhangira! What are you doing?
Have you lost your mind?
If you could hunt a demon like Khalid,
you are definitely a man.
I prefer riding a lion to hunting it.
Amarapuram is mine.
You will find lots of tiny fish in the sea.
But to survive,
they must stay in the shadow of a whale.
I am the whale, dude.
This is a maze.
This is no lotus strategy from Kurukshetra.
Neither am I Abhimanyu.
Arka... Arkeswara!
Kill him!
I am very fond of Weapon Worship.
I like Diwali a lot.
"It is chilling cold
Strike with a hug"
"Forest is tickling
you do that aside"
"Mood is on
in the heart of a virgin"
"I'm the beauty
Have it in the group"
"Learn ABCD sitting in the dark
I will teach you in a separate room"
"Hey sparkling cracker
you are a delicate girl"
"Hey sparkling cracker
you are a delicate girl"
"It is chilling codl
Strike with a hug"
"Forest is tickling
you do that aside"
"Mood is on
in the heart of a virgin"
"I'm the beauty
Have it in the group"
"Drinking wine and dancing with the girl
the kick is on and that's why we drink"
"Burning eyes and hot girl
both are hot to get you steamy"
"Won't toucch but see, won't do but watch
but they just ask me for again and again"
"They play and ask what's not available
will I bag the winners trophy now"
"Let what all can happen go on
let's enjoy tonight"
"Hey sparkling cracker
you are a delicate girl"
"Hey sparkling cracker
you are a delicate girl"
"It is chilling codl
Strike with a hug"
"Forest is tickling
you do that aside"
"Mood is on
in the heart of a virgin"
"I'm the beauty
Have it in the group"
Learning this, Malik gathered
all the anti-social elements together
and made a plan to eliminate Arka.
Why do you need so many monsters
to kill one stray dog, brother?
He is no dog.
He is a lion.
In that case, let us give the lion
a dog's death.
Just give me your nod.
The news is confirmed.
He is going to Hazrat Ali Dargah
tomorrow morning in his Black Herald.
Malik's head that dropped to the ground,
indirectly led to Arka
ascending the throne of mafia in India.
The son of a freedom fighter
became the emperor of the mafia world.
He leads a glorious life in a palace like
building with his wife, kids and mother.
There was no weapon that could control
his mafia power.
Brother, I have ordered a diamond necklace
from Africa for sister-in-law.
This is a moment of happiness.
Why are you sad?
I have invited all the renowned people
for tomorrow's event.
But I am not able to invite my father.
It makes me sad.
Madhumati... I always...
I always want you to be happy.
If you want to invite your family,
please do it.
Can I make a phone call then?
Hmm. Of course.
Who is this?
Your daughter, Madhumati.
If the Bahaddur dynasty is facing a stigma
because of me,
please forgive me, father.
What is the matter?
Tomorrow is our wedding
anniversary, father.
We couldn't get your blessings
at our wedding.
Please come and bless us at least tomorrow.
Without an official invitation,
Veera Bahaddur has never entered
a house in history.
Official invitation?
Come home with my grandsons
and invite me.
I will certainly come
and invite you personally.
Come as soon as possible.
Don't worry for me.
I will wait for you.
I will be back by evening.
Your grandsons...
This is... Aditya Amareswara.
The elder one.
This is Samrat Amareswara.
The younger one.
Kids! That is your grandfather.
Go and greet him.
Go on.
You are my daughter.
But they are Arkeswara's sons.
I had lots of dreams...
to get you married
to a prince from a royal family.
I wanted to rock your kids
in golden cradles.
But you...
You gave me no such opportunity.
You defied me,
placed your love before me
and married him.
But... did you even once consider
how you were bringing disgrace
to the name and fame of Veera Bahaddur?
Our dynasty had a glorious history of
hundred years and you made a black mark.
You made Veera Bahaddur
hang his head in shame!
That day,
you ventured against everyone's word.
Today, you come looking for everyone
and trapped in the cage.
I will wipe off the filth
you caused my clan today.
I don't understand what you are saying.
Shut up!
Imprison her.
Keep her under house arrest.
Arka, stop worrying and have your food.
Your wife went home after many years.
She must be busy feeling happy.
She will come.
Have your food.
These are not simple anklets.
They are my heart beats, Princess.
No matter how far we are,
the sound of these anklets
will always reach me.
She told me she would be back by six
in the evening.
If she knew she would be so late,
she would have at least called me.
I came with my kids for your blessings
and you have imprisoned us.
Is this fair?
You were a royal princess.
But marrying a street goon
You disgraced the Bahaddur family.
Were you fair to me?
If my husband comes to know this,
he will uproot your empire without trace.
Your husband's death warrant
is getting ready in Delhi today.
The day Arka tied a knot with Madhumati,
Veera Bahaddur's plotting had begun.
He tried to lure Arka through Bhangira
and kill him.
But Arkeswara put an end to Bhangira.
Veera Bahaddur used his influence
and got DSP Vikram appointed for Arka.
But Arka eliminated DSP too.
As all his plans failed,
Veera Bahaddur grew anxious
not knowing what to do.
He went to Europe and met Dhaka.
The government was aware
what Dhaka's visit to India meant.
To put an end to
Arkeswara's blood filled history,
it decided on a death warrant.
Are you even human?
How can you betray Arkeswara
who put you on your throne?
Power is not what gives me happiness.
It is our reputation and heritage.
The Bahaddur family can kill for honour
and die for honour.
Be it the enemy...
or their own family.
Your Highness!
I have a bad feeling, mother.
Arka, don't worry and have your meal.
Let me call her and find out.
You must never get up in the middle of your meals.
- She took the kids with her.
Listen to me.
Nothing will happen.
- Leave me.
- Give it here.
Let me sons go.
Arkeswara here.
Madhumati and kids are not home yet.
Please give her the phone.
I wan to talk to her.
Oh! But she had left immediately.
She should have reached by now.
Go out and check.
They might come opposite you.
Arkesawara's clan will become heirless.
He will meet his end there.
And here...
Oh no!
What are you doing?
Oh no
Oh God!
Samrat! Aditya!
Leave them.
Leave my sons.
- Officers!
- Yes, sir!
Hey, Bakshi!
My father is a freedom fighter
who stood up to the British for freedom.
Born fighter!
I am ready for war!
Are you ready?
Load the weapon
A hunter with a weapon on one side.
A tiger ready to hunt on the other side.
I am an usurping fighter!