Kacher Manush (2022) Movie Script

Open the door.
Open the door.
Can't you hear?
Open the door.
When will you give back the money?
Are you kidding us?
Open the door.
Open the door.
Do you think this is a joke?
Open the door.
-Open the door.
Brother! Please, save me.
Brother, I owe them money.
Brother, they will kill me.
Please, save me.
-Babai, listen to me.
-Brother, please, save me.
Nothing will happen. Nothing will happen to you.
Listen to me. I am here.
Move aside.
Don't touch Babai's body.
I didn't understand.
You gave your word that you will save Babai by hook or by crook.
Mom, trust me.
I didn't understand that Babai would...
Move aside!
Brother, I am done.
I am going.
Do you have a lighter?
Brother, do you have a lighter?
I just need a smoke.
My back is against the wall.
I failed to turn around my life.
Thats why Im leaving everything and going away.
I couldnt take care of anyone.
-I have to atone for that sin.
This is my letter.
Give me my letter back.
This letter is dramatic!
Wait, let me read a bit more.
God, please, forgive me.
Yours, Kuntol.
Why are you acting crazy, brother?
Im acting crazy?
Yes, indeed.
Watch now.
You shouldnt touch the collar.
You shouldnt touch the collar.
You shouldnt touch an elder persons collar.
Leave my collar.
Give it back, give it back!
I am telling you for the last time.
Whats going on here?
Hey, whats all this?
Whats going on here?
Get lost! Get lost from here!
Or Ill hand you both over to the police.
When is the next train?
Do you want to commit suicide?
In the last two months we got two similar cases.
Hey, if you really want to die,
just go somewhere else.
No, no! We just want to
travel together, thats all.
There are no trains for today and tomorrow.
Repair work will be going on for two days.
Understood? Now get lost.
Take this.
Hold this.
Whats wrong with you?
My brother, Babai, was a chit fund agent.
We invested all our savings in that scheme.
But one day the chit fund went bust.
It was only because of you that your father got
insulted in public day in and day out.
The man who never borrowed
a single penny from anyone else
had to endure unspeakable
insults only because of you.
Mom, mom... what...
You get lost.
Just get lost from here.
Get lost.
Yeah, right.
Every fault is mine now.
Hey, Babai! Why are you getting angry now?
Damn you! What Babai?
Mom, had your money increased
through the chit fund scheme,
wouldnt you have wanted to build your own house?
What is he saying!
Wouldnt you have said that?
Mom, let me...
What are you saying?
Brother? Didnt you say, that you want
to start your own business?
Didnt you say that, tell me.
Calm down.
You said it.
You also said it.
You all are bloody selfish!
Its sort of okay if we get punished
for our own mistakes.
But say someone you love gets
angry on you and punishes himself,
can you forgive yourself then?
What do you mean?
The younger brother who used to
hang from my back while playing
was hanging from the fan in front of my eyes.
Mom tolerated her husbands death.
...what happened to you?
But couldnt take her sons demise.
Her whole body got paralysed.
After Babais death the creditors
stopped barging into our house.
But every brick in the house was pointing its
finger at me to say it was all my fault.
I get it.
Guilt plus exhaustion plus hopelessness plus
depression equals to this train line. Correct?
But if you die, who will look after your mother?
You said you live in a rented house.
If you die, your landlord will throw
your paralysed mother out of the house.
Mark my words.
Please, pay my bill, too.
Whatever money I had in my pocket
I gave it to the auto driver last night when I came to the station.
Goodbye, brother.
And, hey, please, lend me twenty rupees.
I mean,
I have to return home.
And theres no sugar at home,
have to buy that also.
Twenty rupees.
Thank you.
So brother, may God bless you.
Brother, how much is the bill?
Twenty rupees.
Jeevan Ashan!
Saroj Da?
Hey, Mr. 420!
Whats up?
Who are you trying to deceive today?
Why are you talking like this?
You know I needed money back then.
Yeah, every thief has his needs.
Anyways, what are you doing here?
No, that new policyhereJeevan Ashan.
Has this policy been launched
in the market yet?
Id like to sell that policy.
Really! You already stole the premium from two clients
and got kicked out from your job here.
Who are you trying to deceive again?
Yeah, here I am.
How did you come here?
Didnt you tell me this morning
that you live in Aatabagan?
So is it very difficult to locate
a handsome man like you in Aatabagan?
I brought home-cooked food for you.
Come on, come on, lets go meet aunty.
Aunty, I am Sudarshan.
Sudarshan Ghosh, Kuntols new friend.
Did aunty eat yet?
Yeah, I fed her.
Come on, lets go eat.
See, what all I have cooked for
you with my own hands.
But why, thats what I cant understand.
I am here to make you understand that only.
Life is easy, what say, brother?
So how did life go from being impossible
to easy within the span of a few hours?
This is the Jeevan Ashan I am talking about.
An insurance plan.
Here, see.
The annual premium is not too high.
Just fifty thousand rupees.
You have to pay the premium for five years.
Then another five years for the term to terminate.
And at the end you get a
sure return of five lakh rupees.
Its double the money.
That means you are not committing suicide anymore.
So you want to buy this policy, right?
Youre very intelligent!
Yes, Im buying this policy.
Not for me though.
But for you.
For me?
Who are you to buy a policy in my name?
Hello, sir. I am Sudarshan Ghosh.
I am a small-time insurance agent.
When you buy the policy,
I will get a small commission.
And when you die, I will get
the death benefit.
Just a minute.
Death? Benefit?
What does that mean?
Suppose you start the premium
and die in a sudden accident, then thats it!
Your nominee will immediately get ten lakh rupees.
Careful! If you die because of hiccups or poisoning,
you wont get a single penny.
Your death has to be accidental.
Here, drink some water.
Listen, brother, you just have to
sign the policy papers.
And nominate my sister for it.
Your sister?
Where did she come from now?
What do you mean by where?
My mother, Late Girijabala Devi,
gave her birth from her womb.
Actually theres a hole in my sisters heart.
Whats it calledAtrial Septal Defect.
She needs a major surgery
within one and a half month.
It will cost five lakh rupees.
But why should I die because you need money?
If you need money for your sisters surgery
then buy a policy in your name
and nominate your sister for it.
Good option. Possible.
But if I buy a policy in my name,
I will have to die.
My sister is sick.
Will she be able to run around with
the policy papers on her own?
Then get a mediclaim in your sisters name.
What are you saying!
Kusum already has a hole in her heart.
No company will issue a mediclaim in her name now.
Dont you have any house or property?
Cant you get a loan from the bank?
There wouldnt have been
any problem in that case.
Actually our house is a family property.
There are too many disputes.
Neither can I sell it,
nor can I mortgage it.
Youre the only way out for me now.
Trust me. Honestly.
Oh, God!
Just a minute.
There you are, Kuntol.
You were supposed to return
me my money today.
I couldnt arrange the money today.
Listen, there is a guest in the house.
Ill definitely pay you next week.
I promise.
Wow! You took twenty-five thousand
rupees for your mothers treatment.
And now you are using your guests
as an excuse to not give me my money?
You cheater!
Next week, right?
How long can you survive
with these money issues?
Isnt it better to just die?
From the ten lakh rupees that
Kusum will get after your death
I will take only five lakhs for the surgery.
The remaining five is yours.
I will repay all your debts with that money
and keep the rest for your mother.
Look, even if you work very hard, you cant
arrange so much money for your mother.
Can you? You cant.
The greed for money is a dangerous thing,
Sudarshan Da.
Whats the guarantee that you will remember my mother
after getting so much money in your hands?
I swear on my sick sister. I guarantee.
Listen to me.
Its getting late, Sudarshan da. I have to
give my mother her medicines.
Your food was amazing.
Now itd be better for you to leave.
Please, listen to me.
Listen, Ill wait for you in that same
train line at the crack of dawn.
Ill return home, if you go there.
But if you dont, I wont return.
Mom! Why did you have to be so careless?
I was coming back for you.
Im prescribing an injection.
You have to get it by tomorrow.
How much will they cost?
Three thousand per piece.
We need four pieces.
That means...
twelve thousand. Its urgent.
Don't be late.
It is very important.
Only those with zero pennies in
their pockets know the value of zeroes.
Twelve thousand has only three zeroes in it.
But in five lakhs There are
one two three four five zeroes.
You cant get so much money for
your mother even if you try all your life.
Actually, you couldnt believe me.
Youre making a mistake, Kuntol.
Because of you
Your mother is sick because of you.
But I cant see my younger sister
die after raising her all her life.
Goodbye, Kuntol.
Will you look after my mother for sure?
What are you saying, Kuntol?
Youre going to die for my sister,
and I wont look after your mother?
What are you saying?
Where will you get the money?
He isnt listening.
Contractor Sen.
He is too arrogant.
He claims to know the MLA.
He claims to know the MLA?
Do one thing.
Hold him at gunpoint
and ask who all we should invite
at his prayer ceremony other than the MLA.
Ask him not to threaten me with
the MLA or I will teach him a lesson.
And tell him
I will put a JCB in front of his house all day
and keep it running.
Should I kill him with a brick
and bury him in the sand?
Yeah, you can do that also...
Hey, Khoka,
you havent grown up at all.
When will you grow up?
Is it right to say all this
in front of outsiders?
Wont they get afriaid?
Theres nothing to be afraid of,
Mr. Ghosh. Nothing to be afraid of.
Actually, this guy is new
in the area, you know.
He has been trying to rebel,
thats why I thought of
teaching him a lesson.
Thats good.
Youre threatening him with
the very thing that youre trading in.
This is a unique idea, definitely.
Isnt it, Kuntol?
Now lets get to business.
So now that youre taking the money,
how will you return it?
Neither do you have a house
nor do you have a car.
What will you sell to get the money?
My brother, here, Kuntol. Ill sell him.
Youll sell your brother, Kuntol?
What do you mean?
I mean there's a policy called Jeevan Ashan.
I will buy it in his name.
Then Ill get ten lakh rupees
as soon as he dies.
Meanwhile Im borrowing just...
Ive studied till the eighth grade.
But still it never hindered my work.
I can manage everything properly,
but right now Im having trouble understanding
what this Jeevan Ashan is about.
Please, explain in details.
Yes, yes, definitely. This is my job.
Look, here.
So thats how your money doubles
in ten years.
Wow, this is an amazing thing.
Yes, sir?
Yes, sir?
I couldnt give you anything till date.
But now I will.
Get the Jeevan Ashan policy done
in his name.
He is alone in the world.
So keep me as his nominee.
So are you happy?
What happened?
That wont work.
His life line is very long.
He wont die easily.
No no that wont work.
Better you increase your interest rate
from ten to twelve percent.
I dont care about the actual amount.
Im just concerned with the interest.
Im good as long as
the interest increases.
Sir, listen to me.
What do you mean?
Why did you let him raise
the interest by two percent?
Two or ten, how does it matter?
The interest has to be paid after a month.
But will we need a month?
I just need a few days to...
How much?
Let's say...
One lakh.
One lakh.
Here is your fifty thousand.
Keep it in your pocket.
So, why did you take
thirty thousand extra?
A prayer service for
my father and brother.
A physiotherapist for my mother.
And dont we have to get
a nurse for my mother?
Okay. But if something
untoward happens?
You started the game, Sudarshan Da.
How can you run away now?
Let's go.
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey, friend!
You can do it.
No, its not possible for me.
Hey hey hey hey hey hey, what will happen?
You will lose.
Give it here.
Sudarshan da,
mom loves to eat aloo posto and kolai daal.
...is unpredictable.
Will you remember it?
Why are you crying?
...is for anyone.
Hail Gandhiji.
Count it.
Sometimes life is like an uninvited guest.
Hey hey hey hey hey, friend!
You can do it.
No, its not possible for me.
Hey hey hey hey hey hey, what will happen?
You will lose.
Hey, brother.
While you're still here, do one thing...
...select a photo of yours.
Hey, brother, don't I have to hang a
photo of yours after you die?
Don't I have some responsibility?
We will face whatever comes.
The streets will get painted...
...with unspoken words.
We will move on from the past and learn.
And fight till the last.
We dont have much further to go.
Hey hey hey hey hey hey, friend!
You can do it.
No, its not possible for me.
Hey hey hey hey hey hey, what will happen?
You will lose.
No, what if I die?
Hey hey hey hey hey hey, friend!
You can do it.
This is to be taken after the lunch.
And this is before going to sleep at night.
Here is your prescription.
Rs. 570!
Last time it was around Rs. 450.
But I just have a 500 rupee note with me.
Do you have PhonePe?
-The server is down today.
-How much do I have to pay?
Rs. 230.
What will I do now?
Did you set out yet?
No no, Im about to.
Ive come to buy medicines for mom.
I'll give them to her and set off immediately.
Hey, give me the change.
Then keep this.
Please, hurry.
What? You dont want this?
No, I dont have the money.
You should have said that earlier.
Now Ive to redo the bill.
Theres all that GST issue,
dont you understand?
Please, adjust my change with her.
Im in a hurry.
Hey, wait.
Thank you so much for helping me like this.
Please, give me your number.
Ill send you the money through Phone Pe.
Yeah, tell me.
Listen, those with excess money in the bank
have all these phone wallets.
But I dont, madam.
Its Aalo. Not, madam.
Then Ill meet you one day
and return the money.
No no,
theres really no need for that.
Its okay.
Please, I insist.
This is not right.
The way you just paid for me.
Tell me your number, please.
Thank you.
One minute.
Yeah, tell me.
Kuntol, hurry.
Saroj Da will be leaving soon.
That means our work might
get held up till Monday
if he leaves before you arrive.
Well get late by two more days.
Yes. Yes. Im done here.
Im coming.
And, listen listen,
take all your documents in the bag
before setting off. Okay?
Yeah yeah.
All my documents are in the bag.
What about the other people
in the queue, are they all done?
Yes, they are done. Come fast.
Okay, Im coming.
All the best.
You must have a job interview?
You just said there are other people
in the queue before you
and youve put all the documents
in the bag.
These are all common things
in an interview.
Itll go well, youll see.
Saroj Da, heres the money.
Your client looks innocent.
Dont deceive him and
spoil our companys reputation again.
You paid the money today
so the policy certificate will be ready
within two-three days.
Ill let you know as soon as I get it.
Sign it, brother.
Here here.
At least were done with one task.
Yeah, the signature is done and
now the funeral is left.
whats our next plan of action?
We have to find a proper suicide spot.
Not a suicide spot, brother.
Accident spot.
We need an accident spot.
Right you are.
So now we have to decide
when and where the accident happens.
Next Wednesday its my birthday.
And here I am looking for a suicide spot.
Can you imagine?
Next Wednesday?
That means there are seven days
left for your birthday?
Thatll be amazing!
What do you mean?
Hey, lets finish the auspicious task
on an auspicious day.
I dont understand.
William Shakespeare,
the painter Raphael,
the actress Bergman,
and Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy,
they all have something in common,
you know.
They all have their D Days on their B Days.
Its called birthday blues.
You should also become a member of this club.
You mean the birthday and the
death day should be the same?
Yes, brother. Now wait for
seven days and then you can suicide.
Whos this?
Its me, Aalo.
We met in the medicine shop yesterday.
Oh, yes yes.
How was the interview?
What interview?
Oh yeah yeah. Interview.
It was good.
I got the job.
I knew it!
After all, you saw my face before leaving.
The interview had to go well.
But why do you sound like youve
been sentenced to death?
Anyways, listen.
Meet me at the medicine shop around 4-4.30.
I go there for some tuition classes.
Im getting the fees today.
So I can give you your money back today.
I cant make it today.
Its a new job.
Theres a training today.
So train as much as you want.
Then come.
You never know when you miss the chance.
Let me see.
There you go. Let me see means youll try.
And theres nothing man cant do if he tries.
so were meeting around 4.30.
Come on, come on...
Oh, God!
Come on, come on...
This train is standing right now.
But suppose you fall off a running train.
Thats it.
Its written here: Do not lean out.
It means dont keep your body
leaning out of the train.
Indian Railway is also giving us ideas about
how to commit suicide or get into an accident.
Train cancelled.
My body wont stay in a single piece
if I fall off the train.
One piece two piece or three piece,
what do you care?
You wont be coming back to see yourself.
Youre impossible, really!
Here, hold this. Let me show you.
Suppose you lean out lightly like this,
like a parachute.
Like this.
Then the crowd in the train will do the rest.
The body is adaptable...
Hey... Sudarshan Da...
No... it doesnt adapt to everything!
Oh, God!
Why are you laughing?
Its better to just stand inattentively in front
of the train with a cycle.
Oh, God!
My leg is broken.
Lets go.
Are you committing suicide?
Ill tell everyone.
-Suicide? No!
Were just hanging out, right?
-Yeah, we're hanging out.
Am I a child?
I heard what you were saying a while ago.
What did you hear?
Give me a 100 rupee note
or Ill tell everybody.
-Who will you tell? Who will you tell?
Hey hey...
Oh my God!
Listen listen...
What are you doing?
Heres a 100 rupees.
Now do whatever you want with it.
You gave me a torn note?
Guard uncle... guard uncle...
Quiet! Quiet!
Wait wait hey...
Oh my God! My leg is gone.
Thats why I asked you to cancel the train.
The appointment with Kusum's doctor
also had to be scheduled for now.
I bought an ointment and a pain killer for you.
What did the doctor say?
The surgery has to be done within 3rd August.
One of Kusums ventricles is completely damaged.
Her heart can fail any time.
We cant keep it hanging any longer.
We just have 24 more days in hand.
No no. Itll be okay.
But shouldnt we take a second opinion
on Kusums matter?
Whats the point? He is a good doctor.
Thats okay.
But this is such a major surgery.
I feel it will be safer to take a second opinion.
I know a doctor.
If you give me Kusums reports,
I can show them to my doctor once.
No need, I said.
Im her brother, I know whats best.
Hes interfering so much.
Listen, Im...
Youre coming, right?
once you cross that medicine shop, youll reach
Hedua bus stand. Im waiting there.
Youre still there?
No, I mean,
its almost 5.30.
So what?
I have to return your money today.
Actually I cant sleep, if I borrow money from anyone.
You dont have to worry. Just come.
Im waititng here for you. You can take your time.
Whom are you going to meet?
A friend owes me money.
I thought you can only borrow money. You can lend also?
How much is it?
Seventy. Seventy rupees.
Seventy rupees!
Youre one rich guy.
I demand a party for this.
Hey, auto.
Finally you came!
It's your money. Take it.
Was there really any need to go to so much trouble?
A debt is a debt. Big or small.
No one can defeat you with words, no?
But are you always this silent or is it because of me?
I am talking to you, arent I?
This is called talking?
So wheres your new office?
Ill be joining after seven days.
You mean outside Kolkata?
In another state?
Much further away.
You can say that.
What does that mean?
Dont you know which country?
The company hasnt told me that yet.
But you know itd be so cool, if any
of my acquaintances ever went abroad
and brought gifts for me while returning.
I wont be able to return much.
Oh, thats why youre sad.
If you get too sad, take a transfer.
Whats the problem?
No transfer. No office politics.
This job is permanent the moment you join.
Thats great, right?
I also want to work abroad like this.
So yeah, you helped me yesterday and
I owe you a treat for that.
You have four options. Phucka, jhaalmuri,
egg roll, and fritters. Choose one.
No, theres no need.
Egg roll. Lets go.
You get the best egg roll here.
Wont your girlfriend get angry, if she finds
out youre out eating an egg roll with me?
No no. Im single. You?
Me, too.
So who all are there in your family?
At my home?
Just mom and I.
My mother is paralysed,
thats why I had to take this job.
Then why are you leaving your mother alone
and going abroad?
Who will look after your mother?
I have a friend.
Hes almost like an elder brother to me.
Whatever it may be, you shouldnt hand over
such a huge responsibility to someone else and run away.
I need to go.
I havent given you a news yet, mom.
Ive got a job abroad.
The pay is huge.
I can clear all our debts now.
I can get you treated properly.
But dont get afraid once I leave.
Do you remember Sudarshan Da?
Mom! He said hell look after you.
He is a good person, mom.
You are happy, no?
Give a bit more masala in the paan.
Yes, giving.
Give that masala.
Give that masala.
Give some betel nuts also.
Okay, Im sorry.
Hey, why are you apologizing?
Look, I know I talk too much.
I must have said something to hurt you in the evening, no?
I cant relax without clearing the matter.
Are you still angry on me?
You make paans for me daily now.
Reduce the sweet masala.
Please, give some zarda.
Actually the thing is...
that job...
...is not to your liking, right?
I am the one who should apologize.
You shouldnt abandon your friend in the middle
of the road without any notice.
But just a sorry wont do.
You deserve a punishment.
Okay, whats the punishment?
If youve got time tomorrow,
you have to meet me again.
You said youre here only for seven more days.
So we have to finish this meeting as soon as possible.
Okay, Im hanging up now. Ill call you tomorrow.
Is there someone beside you?
Okay okay go.
Let me know if youre coming tomorrow.
You cant stop laughing.
Who were you talking to?
Just a friend.
You didnt have a friend,
thats why you were so sad.
Forget it. Give me the paan.
Come fast.
See you tomorrow at the same place at the same time.
Hows your leg?
I bought a bottle of alcohol from the local shop
while going back home last night.
Just drank that and
I was fit in the morning.
And I wasted my money on
buying your medicines.
Dont get so sentimental about it.
Ill take those medicines,
if I ever need them later.
That way Ill get to remember you, no?
What do you mean?
Youll forget me once Im gone?
Why are you saying such rubbish?
Why are you dragging
Ganga into the sewers?
Focus on the task at hand.
This is option number two.
a high tension wire from the transformer comes
and touches your hand.
Thats it.
Youll be finished in a few seconds.
Youre a piece of work!
Is the transformer a packet of chips
that it will be lying on the road and
Ill come and pick up the wire?
Theres no reason for me
to climb up on the transformer.
Youll climb up to die, of course!
Will it look like an accident then?
Come on, didnt we all climb walls
to retrieve our kites when we were small?
When we were small yes,
but not at this age.
No one climbs walls
to retrieve kites at this age.
That means accidents have to
be classified according to age.
It can be done according to age.
It can also be done according to seasons.
Like for example, burn cases happen
during the Kali Pujo time.
Snake bites during monsoons.
And your plan can work around Biswakarma Puja.
But not now.
Im getting late.
I need to go somewhere.
Where are you going?
Were here to find a suicide spot
and not a picnic spot
that you can leave midway
hoping for tomorrow.
I mean... mom...
Have to give mom her medicines.
Rotna Di is there at home.
Yeah yeah.
But she said she has to leave early today.
So if I dont return, how will she leave?
I cant leave mom alone, no?
Then when are we meeting tomorrow?
Ill let you know at night.
Im in a hurry.
Is it your habit to get late?
Is it your habit to say sorry?
No no.
Actually I got held up at the training.
Then I wasnt getting an auto.
Youre such an innoccent man, you know.
Everyone is going to exploit you.
See, we all get late at times.
Why do you have to give
so much explanation for that?
One minute.
You wont come?
You should have said that earlier...
Leave, let me see.
What will I do now?
What happened?
I was supposed to meet
another friend after meeting you.
There was something
I needed her help with.
But now she says she cant come.
Now what will I do?
I dont have much time.
What do you mean?
Dont get so serious.
One of my friends is getting married.
I have to get one sari for her
and one for myself.
But I cant select saris on my own.
So my
friend was coming to help.
But now I dont know what to do.
Hey, youre
You can come with me and help me out?
No no.
Im in a hurry.
It's urgent.
Come on.
Nothing will happen.
Just take this as your punishment
for coming late.
I dont understand all this.
Why do you have to?
Just tell me what looks
good and what doesnt.
What if you dont agree with my choice?
Why do you have to worry about my choice?
Just tell me what you like.
So be it.
This shop.
Hello. Hi. How are you all?
I am crazy Ayantika.
Do you want to know how I am?
My condition is just like a
soggy papad in the monsoon.
And the reason for that is obviously my love life.
You know what, age is inversely propotional to love.
The more your age increases,
the lesser options you get for love.
Random people just don't make the cut.
You hardly like anyone at the first glance.
It's age that's responsible for this condition.
We become casual
and make do with whoever we get.
But sometimes we do see someone and feel like trying once again.
Sometimes we do feel like becoming serious once again.
Sometimes some people do make us feel
ah... like our heart is still accident prone.
So we're forced to return to that person
by the rusted feelings in this magnetic heart.
Pack this.
Yes, you will look very good in this saree.
Should I show you a Zardosi?
Show that one, please.
Yes yes, I will.
I got the policy certificate.
If you had told me earlier,
I could have accompanied you.
You said Rotna Di wont be there at home.
Then how could have aunty stayed alone at home?
Listen, Im going to your house with the policy
papers right now, okay?
Hey, listen
what will I do with the insurance papers?
You keep it with you.
Ill take it later.
No no
Ill just take a bus and come.
-Pack that one.
Im sorry.
I have to leave right now.
Ill call you later.
Im sorry.
Thank you.
Please, hurry.
Ill get in so much trouble if I get late.
Please, go fast.
I am going fast only.
What were you doing?
Ive been ringing the bell for so long?
Stomach ache.
I was in the toilet.
Come on, lets go inside.
Did you get gas?
That's good.
I thought you might have
committed suicide already.
Why would I commit suicide?
What do you mean by that?
You have to commit suicide.
No no.
I mean why should I
commit suicide so early?
Let the time come.
Ive got another good option for your suicide.
we drop the apple
from high up this bridge, like this...
Oh no!
Go go go...
So what was that I dropped off the bridge?
An apple.
This one in my hand is an apple.
And the one that fell was you.
Not possible.
I have vertigo.
My head spins if I look down from a height.
Think of something else.
What else will I think of?
I am the only one whos been doing
all the thinking for the last few days.
Hey, Sudarshan Da.
Dont get so upset.
Hey, come on do you want to
have an egg roll for lunch?
Ive found a fabulous eatery.
Itll take some time for
my classes to get over.
Just come over.
Ill text you the address.
Ill set out once I have lunch.
My goodness!
Youre repeating the same thing
to two people at once.
Youll be greater than me one day.
What do you mean?
You just need an excuse to
get out of the house, no?
Come on, go inside.
Can I ask you something?
Is that your boyfriend?
You have become so naughty.
Just finish your homework for me, okay?
Now go inside.
Okay okay.
You have a date, no?
Best of luck.
Are you going to run away today also?
I took a friend for lunch and we were having
egg rolls at the place you showed me.
And there I realized
the egg roll doesnt taste good without you.
Thats why I packed mine and brought it.
Well share it together.
Do you have a problem with that?
Messed up emotions.
Let's walk and eat.
Songs of chaos.
You mute all of that so
my tired senses get some relief.
Sometimes I think
I am late.
I might not get someone to love.
Id thought Id never
No, it's okay, you can go.
We have to walk a long way.
If we walk while chatting with each other,
it'll seem like a small distance, trust me.
We'll reach there soon, come on.
far away the hearts stay
they will meet like magnets one day.
cant stay alone,
cant stop sticking to each other
the magnetic hearts.
Cant stay alone,
cant stop sticking to each other
the magnetic hearts.
I can listen to all your complaints.
I can listen to all your complaints.
You can hold my hand and
help me cross the road.
All the unspoken
pain that is hidden in my heart,
you can listen to them if you want.
This heart
cant stay alone,
cant stop sticking to each other
the magnetic hearts.
Cant stay alone,
cant stop sticking to each other
the magnetic hearts.
All the damned worries
run away on seeing you.
When nothing is right
why does my heart keep thinking of you?
Sometimes I used to think
I got late.
I wont get someone to love.
Id thought Id never
fall in love.
But again that same nuisance.
Listen to what I am saying.
An anonymous poet has said no matter how
far away the hearts stay,
they will meet like magnets one day.
Cant stay alone,
cant stop sticking to each other
the magnetic hearts.
Cant stay alone,
cant stop sticking to each other
the magnetic hearts.
Sudarshan Da...
Finally you got time.
Neither were you answering
my calls for two days,
nor were you meeting me.
Where were you?
Ive been meeting with some of
my old friends before leaving.
Where were these friends
when you were in trouble?
And now suddenly they are all coming back!
And listen.
Here is the fourth option.
Imagine that youve entered the water to bathe.
A tide comes.
And you get pulled away slowly.
But in order to prove this as an accidental death
there must be water in your belly.
So do one thing.
Get in the water and
gulp some water immediately.
Hey hey.
Are you okay?
Are you all right?
Why did you save me?
I dont want to live anymore.
Hey hey wait.
What madness is this?
-Yeah, Ive gone mad.
-Okay, listen...
Let me die.
Shut up!
Calm down.
Six years of our relationship.
And then I find out Nil has been
with Mili for the last one year.
So you came here to commit suicide
because of that one guy?
Your parents, your work, your dreams.
Cant you live with all of that?
Its so easy to say all this.
If this had happened to you...
What then?
My girlfriend left me when I lost my job.
My father died suddenly.
My brother died in front of my eyes because of my fault.
My mother is paralysed because of me.
Theres no work, no money.
Even I feel like dying.
But life is not about running away.
Life means trying.
Everything will get well with time.
Live for yourself.
Live for your parents.
Live for your dreams.
Just live.
Life is not about running away in defeat.
Drowning is out.
When Goddess Durga and
Goddess Kali did not learn to swim,
why did you have to learn?
Saw a beautiful girl and had to jump in the water.
Sudarshan da,
I have to go home.
You have to go home,
Rotna Di... again...
This Rotna Di of yours is so irresponsible.
Who knows whos being irresponsible, Sudarshan da!
Come on.
When is your flight tomorrow?
The company didnt give me the ticket yet.
But I suppose itll be a late-night flight.
Then lets do one thing.
Meet me tomorrow at the
Hedua bus stand around five.
Well celebrate your birthday.
And you can head to the airport directly from there.
And Ill go for my tuition class.
No, I mean,
if were really never meeting again then
lets make our goodbye memorable.
Why did you have to take up such a job?
Weve been friends only for a few days,
so you may not take me into consideration.
But how will you live without your mother?
Theres no other way.
What do you mean by that?
We can always find a way if we try.
Remember I told you that?
You wont be doing this job from your heart
then how will you be happy doing it?
Can money alone make you happy?
You need your loved ones, too.
Anyways, leave all this.
Were meeting tomorrow at five. Come on.
Aalo! Are you all right?
Rotna Di,
please, bring me a cup of tea.
When did you come?
Rotna Di, you're here?
Where is Kuntol?
You were supposed to leave early today.
Actually Kuntol sir did come
back home in the afternoon.
But then he went out again.
So how could I leave?
No, Rahul... my friend...
You shouldnt lie, if you dont know how, Kuntol.
I made the rules of this game, remember?
Are you trying to double cross me?
Ive got a good plan.
Getting hit by a car on a busy road.
This is my champ!
What a brilliant plan!
Who says that we are ever truly gone?
I dont understand why we get sad over death.
Who says that we ever truly die?
I dont understand why we get sad over death.
If we all die,
If we all die,
who will be left on earth to atone for their sins?
Who says that we are ever truly gone?
Different permutations and combinations
of the five basic elements have created each one of us.
One soul breaks down into two.
The source of all souls has no death.
The source of all souls has no death.
Once the soul finishes its purpose that its born with
it leaves the mortal body.
Once the soul finishes its purpose that its born with
it leaves the mortal body.
Life and death are the names of
businesses that God conducts with our lives.
Who says that we are ever truly gone?
I dont understand why we get sad over death.
Who says that we are ever truly gone?
The formless God is
playing his games from his heavenly abode.
And we are alive
only because of his blessings...
only because of his blessings.
The one who is the eternal truth
is the one running our mortal bodies.
Without his blessings my body would
become weak and lose its use.
Where are you?
You havent been answering
my calls for so long.
Wont you come tonight?
I have to leave.
No no.
I cant go today.
Im stuck somewhere.
But yesterday you said this will be our last goodbye.
I dont want to say goodbye.
Hello? Hello?
The water that comes from the ocean
runs through the river.
The water always returns to its source of origin.
The tide comes and goes but
the ocean never dries up.
Similarly we come and go, says the ascetic.
Who says that we are ever truly gone?
Where are you?
What do you mean you wont commit suicide?
What will happen to Kusum?
What will I tell Sadek?
Everything will work out if we try.
Youre talking as if theres
money lying on the road.
You know my sister will die if
her surgery is not done on time.
Thats your responsibilty.
Not mine.
Didnt you remember that when
you took money from Sadek?
You didnt hesitate to take money
for your mother then.
Ill return the money later.
Later? Later? Later when?
After my sister dies?
Does your sister really exist?
I mean,
we know each other for so many days now.
you didnt introduce us.
What do you mean?
What was the policy manager
telling you that day?
You think I didnt overhear?
You have been stealing the premium
from your clients all your life.
Youre a number one fraud.
Dont I know that?
And now youre talking about your sister?
When I asked you to get a second opinion,
you didnt.
You think I dont understand
whats going on inside your head?
You think I dont know that once I die
youll steal my policy money
and then my mother will be
thrown out on the road?
From today,
your sisters responsibility...
If thats what you think about me
then you better leave.
Just leave.
Damn it!
-Do as I say.
Its me, Sudarshan.
Mr. Ghosh, Ive come in your area
for the election campaign.
Hows the suicide going?
Kuntol wont commit suicide.
How will you return my money then?
We have to kill Kuntol, Mr. Sadek.
Inform Khoka.
Did he go home then?
How would I know that?
Do one thing.
Go to his house directly.
Who are you looking for?
Did Aalo come for her class today?
No. Miss cancelled the class today.
Hey, can you tell me her address?
Yes, yes. Got it.
Make sure that it looks like an accident.
This must be the house.
What are you doing here?
No, I mean...
I know what you mean.
I didnt get you on the phone.
I listened to my heart, Aalo.
I left my job abroad.
I wont go anywhere.
Ill stay here.
For mom.
For you.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
I didnt lie about my sister.
Now do you believe?
Sorry, Sudarshan Da.
Im also sorry.
Look at our neighbour, Mr. Bose, and his daughter, Nandini.
Shes about Kusums age.
But she is getting married and
then she will start her own life.
Whereas my sister...
You know, Kuntol,
I didnt marry or think about my own family
because I wanted to give my sister a good life.
But I failed.
Trust me,
she never said a word to me about her illness.
My sister is like that only.
Friendly. Lively.
She wants to put a smile
on everyones face.
But she never shares
her pain with anyone.
I didnt tell her anything
about the surgery deadline yet.
Dont you go spilling the beans
in front of her.
Sadeks call.
I asked him to kill you.
If anything happens to my sister...
What will happen to me?
What are you saying about me
behind my back?
I was saying that
Nandini is getting married today
and then she will go
to her in-laws house.
A few days later you will also go
to your in-laws house.
Can you manage everything
on your own over there?
Im there.
I mean,
Ill be there.
Isnt that Aalos brother?
My brother told you about
my illness, no?
Did you mind that I hid
the truth from you?
Dont talk so much, dear.
Please, get some sleep.
When I was small
if I ever got hurt,
my brother would cry
on my behalf.
I can understand how much pain he must be
in on seeing me like this today.
Would it be right for me
to cause you pain as well?
Fine, you keep talking.
Ill leave,
You know, the doctor has said
Ill die, if I dont get operated.
You know everything?
But Sudarshan Da...
...didn't tell me anything.
I overheard when he was talking to
someone over the phone.
You took a good decision
by leaving that job.
No matter what happens
dont leave your mother alone.
Im lecturing you
when Im the one whos about to...
Youre the one who taught me
we shouldnt abandon
our loved ones midway.
Everything will get all right.
You are not leaving us
and going anywhere.
Now try to sleep, please.
The surgerys on 3rd August.
After the suicide it will take nine to ten days for
the death benefit to be released.
That means...
That means you have eight days
to commit suicide.
17th, 18th, 19th, 20th.
I give your these four days
from the remaining time.
Arrange the five lakh rupees for her.
Ill take care of Sadeks debt.
But yes, theres a condition.
You cant disturb Kusum again.
You mean I cant meet Aalo again?
I wont let her suffer
for a doomed relationship.
Even I dont want
her to suffer.
Do what you want.
But just remember, Kuntol,
Sudarshan Ghosh might be
a simple insurance agent,
but in order to save
his sister
he can kill if needed.
Without flinching.
You have the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th.
If you cant get the money
by the 20th,
Ill get on the field from
the 21st.
Come, the doctor is leaving.
How is Kusum, doctor?
Arrange the money, Mr. Ghosh.
We have to move before
it gets too late.
Give the bag to me. Come.
Do you feel better?
You know,
sometimes I really worry about you.
You worry?
How will you manage
alone once Im gone?
Where will you go?
I wont let you go anywhere.
When we were small dad used
to say that hell get me married
and make my husband
stay with us.
Do you have the same plans?
Then Kuntol might
run away, okay?
Where will he run?
I wont let him run away.
I wont.
I wont run away with your money.
Please, I really need the money, Subir.
I understand, Kuntol.
But I dont own the coal mine.
I am just a manager here.
Let me see if I can manage something.
Please. Please, try.
Sir, the mon...
I'm putting the money here.
Yeah, you hang up.
Ill try.
Honestly, I dont have
the money, trust me.
Otherwise I wouldnt
have turned you down.
I sanction
the loans in this bank
but am I the one making
the rules?
The common people are just supposed
to get promises, right?
But the loans are reserved
only for the rich.
Only they will get the loans.
And then even if they
dont clear those loans,
nothing will happen to them.
In fact,
when they go to watch cricket matches
on foreign lands,
the event will be covered live.
Look, theres no point
in telling me all this...
I know
theres no point.
But who else will I say all this to?
Im in such a state that I dont have
anyone else to talk to except myself.
As long as you live its all
about struggles, rejections, losses.
Poor people only get votes,
but they dont get notes in their pockets.
Will you stop?
Im giving you an advice.
Listen carefully.
Find a job.
The minimum salary has
to be twenty thousand.
Bring me the offer letter.
Ill sanction your loan.
Just like a vehicle runs on wheels.
Just like a vehicle runs on wheels.
...runs on wheels.
Similarly life runs on money in todays world.
Similarly life runs on money in todays world.
The more money you put in your pocket,
the emptier it seems.
The more money you put in your pocket,
the emptier it seems.
...the emptier it seems.
Life runs on money in todays world.
Life runs on money in todays world.
We set out for work the moment we wake up from sleep.
We set out for work the moment
we wake up from sleep.
To earn our living.
And get pressed in the daily grind.
Poverty burns our bellies.
Life runs on money in todays world.
We cant give you more than twelve thousand right now, Mr. Sarkar.
Life runs on money in todays world.
I applied for the post of
an accountant yesterday.
We have hired someone else, Mr. Sarkar.
I call on God to say
how precious life is.
Oh, God...
God says both the rich and the poor
meet the same fate in the end.
What will you do by knowing the price of life?
What will you do by knowing the price of life?
People are busy looking down on the beggar
even when he is dying of hunger.
People are busy looking down on the beggar
even when he is dying of hunger.
Why does the soul die even as the body lives?
my baby is on the way.
I have to be very careful right now.
Okay, even if you cant give me money,
could you at least get me a job in your company?
Ill talk later.
...life runs on money.
Just like a vehicle runs on wheels.
Just like a vehicle runs on wheels.
...runs on wheels.
Similarly life runs on money in todays world.
Similarly life runs on money in todays world.
Similarly life runs on money in todays world.
Similarly life runs on money in todays world.
Oh, God...
Oh, God...
Yeah, say...
come home quickly...
taxi... taxi...
You are funny.
There he is.
Come on, brother, freshen up.
Ill serve the food.
Hey, you relax. Let me do that.
Youre the one who did everything.
Let me do this much.
Get well first,
then do all this.
Why did you have to call me like that?
I got so scared.
Kuntol has cooked fish for everyone.
I called you so that
we could have lunch together.
Now go and get fresh
right now.
Even in the middle of so much financial crisis
I bought the fish, thinking of Kusums health.
And you have cooked a spicy dish
with that fish, right?
A light fish curry with papaya,
without too much spices and oil.
Its good for the health.
You only taught me this.
And the fish you bought thats still in the fridge.
I bought this fish with my money.
Oh, because you cant arrange the money,
youre planning to become a house husband
by cooking like this, right?
Didnt I tell you to stay away from Kusum?
I asked Aalo to send me her reports on WhatsApp.
I know a doctor.
I showed him the report.
They prescribed two new medicines.
So I came to give Aalo those new medicines,
thats it.
I raised my sister on my own.
If I could do that for her then
I can also buy medicines for her with Rs.150.
Sudarshan Da!
Lower your voice.
This is reality.
And this reality
is much bitter than the medicine that
you bought with Rs.150.
We dont have much time in hand, Kuntol.
You have to arrange the money.
And, listen
here is the money for your fish and
the medicines.
Now go.
Where is Kuntol?
His mothers nurse called.
His mother has fallen ill suddenly.
Thats why he left in a hurry.
Is it something serious?
No no.
Nothing serious.
Its getting late.
Have your lunch. Sit sit.
Kuntol cooked all this,
and he only had to leave.
Its just so sad.
I know its sad.
But what to do?
Its too late.
Come on, open your mouth.
Check if it tastes all right.
I know you cant eat food cooked by
anyone else except me.
This curry tastes just like yours.
Almost as if he has cooked
this after learning the recipe from you.
How is Kuntol supposed to learn
the recipe from me?
You talk too much.
Its too late.
Open your mouth.
No no, we cant talk to that Ghosh
respectfully anymore.
The more politely we behave
the more he is trying to harass us.
Just imagine his audacity.
He has switched his phone off.
He is very cunning.
He fools his customers
and now he has become habituated with that.
Now he thinks were also fools.
This is the benefit of working in sales.
They dont let us understand
what the real truth is and what resembles the truth.
Okay, listen,
you do one thing.
Yes, sir?
When he comes...
Kuntol has become very busy,
you know.
Hes just not getting the time to call.
Brother, did you like Kuntol?
why are you not talking?
Are you angry on me?
Did I do something wrong?
Who can judge whats right and whats wrong?
Everything is circumstantial.
Oh, no!
There is too much of loadshedding these days.
We have to sit in the dark again.
We have to find light in
the darkness on our own.
You didnt do anything wrong.
And maybe what
I am about to do is not wrong either.
I promised my sister
that Ill get her well again.
That poor girl...
That poor girl is growing so weak,
you know, aunty.
How can I let her fall silent,
tell me, aunty.
Forgive me, aunty.
Ticket ticket ticket ticket...
Get your ticket... Hey, mister...
Hey, sister.
Here here here...
Were approaching Dharmatala...
All those who will get down here, come forward.
Stop stop stop.
Pick him up.
Are you all right?
Hit him.
Hit him.
What's the matter?
Do you know him?
Don't leave him.
Hit him.
Dont let him go.
How dare you push someone from the bus?
Where do you live?
One minute.
Leave him.
Hit him...
One minute.
Let him go.
What are you saying?
Please, you all can leave.
I know him.
you all leave.
These must be pickpockets.
Otherwise why would they
push each other off the bus?
Come on, get on the bus.
Come on.
Get on the bus.
Come on, move.
Move move.
Have you lost your mind?
Yes, I have lost my mind.
I have lost my mind.
Its been four days.
You could not arrange a single penny.
Could you?
Then why didnt you kill yourself?
Why didnt you commit suicide?
Tell me.
I wont commit suicide, Sudarshan Da.
I will arrange the money.
Look, Kuntol, whether you arrange
the money or not, I will arrange it.
Dont get complacent just
because you got off today.
Who knows you may try to turn on
the gas at home one day
and it might explode;
you may try to turn on the switch
and get electrocuted because of a short circuit.
What then,
You have gone mad.
Yes, Kuntol,
I have gone mad.
If you don t die,
my sister cant live.
I cant let you live, Kuntol.
Once you finish talking, drink the milk.
Its warm.
Im going out...
One second.
Where are you going?
Theres some work.
Getting a job is not so easy.
Why are you worrying so much?
You got such a good job in a foreign country.
And then you left it on your own.
And now...
Theres some noise coming
from the Sarkars house, no?
-Lets go and see.
-Lets go.
Electric pyres are cheaper than wood?
You mean wood is a better option?
Then Ill take the wooden pyre for my friend.
Is it possible to proceed without the best option?
Nothing will happen.
Wait wait.
What happened to her?
She was playing in my courtyard.
Got electrocuted.
Shes injured badly.
She has to be taken to the hospital right now.
Please, inform her father.
Everything will be all right.
What happened?
Im here.
Everything will be all right.
-Nothing will happen.
-Lets go.
That means you...
Have you thought once about what youre doing?
Aalo is sick.
What if God punishes her for your sins?
God has only one job, right?
Keeping tabs on our sins and good deeds.
But when he sees us in need, hes silent.
When sees us in pain, hes silent.
When I cry for my sister all night,
even then hes silent.
But when someone commits a small sin,
he wakes up to punish him.
Why cant you understand one thing?
When you lay a trap for others,
you end up falling in that trap yourself.
That small child...
Who did that small child lay a trap for?
For whom?
How did she get trapped in our mess?
Actually were puppets.
Were just puppets in Gods hands.
We dance the way he makes us dance.
The only job of a human
being is to reach his goal, thats it.
Youre wrong, Sudarshan Da.
Youre wrong.
You will have to atone for this sin one day.
The interview has been going on for so long.
Hey, do they give the salary on the first day itself,
if you give a good interview?
No no, how can that happen?
Who knows!
All kinds of weird things
keep happening nowadays.
how much experience do you have?
I have six months experience.
A little more than you.
I have four-and-a-half years of experience.
Then Id better leave through
the same door I came in.
Hey, no, please please.
You know,
Ive been circling out the job ads
so frequently in the newspapers
that those circles have become
imprinted on the bedsheet.
Still I didnt get a job.
Maybe I wont even be able to get married.
My future father-in-law has said
his son-in-law doesnt have to be good looking,
but he must have a good job.
Sudarshan da?
You were right, Kuntol.
You were right.
I got punished for my sins, Kuntol.
-What happened?
...is ruined, Kuntol.
I failed.
Sudarshan Da...
I mean...
Is Aalo all right?
Can you...
Come to our house if you can.
For the last time, just come here.
Sudarshan Da?
Is Aalo all right?
Please be quiet.
Silence please.
Why isnt she picking up the phone?
Mr. Kuntol Sarkar!
You can go inside.
Brother, whats your name?
I am Samar Dutta.
Samar, all the best.
For your wedding.
What do you mean?
Hey, the money?
How much is it?
-Rs. 200.
-Keep the change.
Hey, listen, Kuntol, I am...
My goodness!
Whats the matter?
No phone calls, no nothing.
I thought you might have taken
up the foreign job again
and left without telling me.
Brother, say something.
Uh... Uh...
Your brother only called me, right?
You called?
But you didnt say anything to me.
No, I mean...
I only urged him not to tell you anything.
your brother wants to cook fish curry for all of us today.
You should have said that earlier.
now that he is here,
let me go and cook the rice.
You come quickly
otherwise itll get late.
Ill be inside.
Bad luck!
Another miss!
Actually theres a saying.
If God saves you, no one can touch you.
Keep trying.
Your acting is not bad.
But try to come up with a better plan next time,
Brother, is everything all right?
You go.
Ill take it up from here.
Call me if you need anything.
Yeah, you go.
-Have you checked the bill properly?
-Yes, I did.
Yes, sir?
Why is the house locked from the outside?
Where are you?
Sudarshan Da went out with your mother.
One minute, one minute.
Sudarshan Da came here?
Do you know where he took her?
Oh, no!
That I didnt ask.
Okay, listen.
You wait.
I have an extra key.
Come fast.
Look, aunty,
your son is calling.
Actually he is very worried about you, you know.
Here I am, trying to remove all his worries,
then why is he worrying so much?
Why arent you picking up your phone?
Your fight is with me, okay?
Dont drag my mother into it.
If anything happens to my mother, I wont leave you.
I got very late, no?
Let me open the gate quickly.
Oh, no!
I got very late in doing the evening puja today.
Please, forgive our sins, God.
Where are the matchsticks?
Rotna Di!
What happened?
Open the doors and windows.
Stop here.
Enough is enough.
Dont make a mistake like this
again even by mistake.
Im a peaceful person, let me be so.
The extra house key...
Give it back.
I have asked Rotna Di not to open
the gate again, if you come.
Whats the fare?
Kuntol Sarkar?
Well let you know if theres another opening.
Are you busy?
I have some urgent work with you.
Everyone calls during an emergency only.
Anyways, say.
Are you done insulting me?
Now lets get to the point.
The senior accountant in our office
died two days ago.
With your experience and qualification
you should get this job.
If you want, I can refer you.
Yes yes yes.
Please please.
Then Im fixing the interview around 2:30 tomorrow.
My boss secretary is also trying
to push her brother for this job.
He has an appointment at 3:30.
Dont get late.
Come on time, please.
Sure sure.
Ill be there.
Listen, I mean,
I have a request.
I mean,
if I get the job, can you give me the
appointment letter immediately?
All that can be arranged.
First, you come tomorrow.
Thank you.
Thank you, Shyamoli.
Thank you so much.
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Is Mr. Ghosh here?
Please, call him once.
what are you doing here?
Go inside.
What are you all doing here?
What else can we do, sir?
It's been too long.
Come with us once.
Mr. Sadek has called you.
Whats the matter, Mr. Ghosh?
You also had to cheat me?
Why wont people stop trusting each other, tell me.
I will give back your money within a week.
A week?
You mean seven days?
Okay, if you dont pay on the seventh day,
you wont get to see the eighth day.
Please, have faith on me.
To hell with your trust!
When it comes to business,
I dont even trust my own father.
Leave leave leave.
Seven days,
What happened?
What are you thinking?
Plan C.
Ill come back soon, okay?
Yes, dear.
Ill go to meet you as soon as
the interview gets over.
Say around three or four.
Im feeling very sad today, you know.
I wish you didnt have an interview today.
What happened?
Are you feeling sick?
Today in the morning...
I had a bad dream.
Mom used to say if you share these early
morning dreams with others, they never come true.
But what if it comes true?
No, silly!
All this is just superstition.
They dont really happen.
Anyways, Im getting late for the interview.
Ill meet you after that,
The number you're calling is not responding right now.
Did you talk to Kuntol today?
With Kuntol?
Today? No.
He was just supposed to come.
He must be stuck at work.
Ill let you know, if I get in touch with him.
And you do one thing.
Take your medicines and get some rest.
Your head hurts, right?
Sadeks goons hit you on the head.
How am I supposed to prove that
as an accidental death?
Thats why I have sent them away.
And now Ill do whatever needs to be done.
Get up.
Get up.
Do you know what you did?
If I had gone for the interview today,
I could have got the job.
And the bank loan also.
To hell with your job.
Ive been hearing your excuses for too long.
Now you will do what I ask you to do.
Get up.
Get up. Get up.
Leave me.
Why cant you understand?
Im trying to save everyone,
Sudarshan Da.
Id have really got the job today.
To hell with your job!
Damn your job!
My sisters face has been floating in
front of my eyes all day.
Why dont you understand?
If you dont die, my sister will die.
Come on.
Come on.
Sudarshan Da, listen to me.
You will have to die.
Brother... brother... listen...
Come on.
No no...
Didnt you say you have vertigo?
If you fall from here, your heart will fail
even before you touch the ground.
It will help me prove your death as accidental.
Come on... Kuntol!
Please, dont do this.
Let me go.
No, Kuntol.
Who do you love more?
Yourself or Kusum?
Who do you love more, tell me.
I love you, too.
I will make everything all right.
No, Kuntol.
No, Kuntol.
I wont let you go.
No, Kuntol.
No, Kuntol.
I cant let you go.
I cant let you go.
Otherwise my sister will die.
I cant let you go.
You have to die, Kuntol.
You have to die.
You have to die, Kuntol.
Save my sister, Kuntol.
Save my sister.
How did this happen?
I slipped while going for the interview.
What am I supposed to do with you?
I lost.
I lost, Aalo.
I couldnt take care of you all.
This last job also...
How can you accept defeat so easily?
Dont we have to spend our whole lives together?
Isn't it?
You know what you mean to me.
If you lose, Ill lose too.
Dont let that happen.
Everything will get all right.
When we were small dad used to
say that hell get me married
and make my husband stay with us.
Do you have the same plans?
Then Kuntol might run away, okay?
You know, mom,
I didnt get the job that I went for today.
Everything is getting over, mom.
I feel as if I am losing.
Babai also left because of me.
Youre also in this condition because of me, isnt it?
And there is Aalo.
Heaven knows what will happen to her.
Mom, I have really lost.
I dont know what to do.
Now theres only one way out.
My tablets have finished.
Forgive me, Kusum.
The most important thing for me is
seeing you get well.
Sadek Da is my friend.
I have kept my policy papers with him.
When he gets the money from there,
hell pay for your surgery.
Kuntol knows everything.
Im leaving.
This story is
yours and Kuntols now.
Im leaving him for you.
Sudarshan Da,
we havent chatted for so long.
Ive tried being angry on you.
I thought if you try to hurt me again,
Ill hurt you too.
But then I told myself
that we both have the same fight.
To save your Kusum and my Aalo.
I wanted to live with Aalo, for Aalo.
Not without Aalo.
My brother died in front of my eyes.
But I wont let you lose your sister.
Ive kept the policy papers on my bed.
Ive also left the extra
house key with Rotna Di.
Take them.
And yes.
I forgot to pay for two cups of tea.
I know
youve separated our accounts,
but if you can, do pay Hori Da
for the two cups of tea.
Once Aalos surgery is done
stick to her.
And another thing.
If Aalo asks
where I am,
tell her I took the job abroad.
Take care of mom.
Bye, friend.
I have a long way to go.
Take care of yourself.
I am a misfit.
Tell me why I should stay.
If you love me,
set me free.
If you love me,
set me free.
I am a misfit.
tell me why I should stay.
If you love me,
set me free.
If you love me,
set me free.
My roots have been through thousands of storms.
The soil which holds me has become weak!
Im taking up the space that the gardener needs.
So call the woodcutter to chop me off.
Wishes have spikes and thorns.
Theyve bruised my heart.
So many friends are out there.
But only a few are truly our own.
Let me go now.
Why do you let the pain increase?
If you love me,
set me free.
If you love me,
set me free.
Brother! Who are you?
Leave me.
Brother, this is me, Asha.
Cant you recognize me?
I am Asha.
No no no.
If I dont die, Aalo will die.
I will have to die.
Im doing well, you know.
But the man who showed me the right path
is choosing the wrong one today.
Sudarshan Da must have
got my message by now.
Aalo also.
Call them and let them know youre fine.
look after my sister.
She wont be happy without you.
It took me time to realise that.
I bought a policy in my name this time.
Mr. Sadek!
Sadek is the nominee.
He will give you the money.
And if you can,
forgive this helpless brother.
You both stay well.
From deep within the heart,
though you may deny,
a sickness is spreading,
throughout the body continuously.
Do you have any idea where Sudarshan Da might have gone?
...is just a habit.
Why are you laughing?
Its better to just stand inattentively
in front of the train with a cycle.
That which has no beginning has no end.
Let me go now.
Why do you let the pain increase?
If you love me,
set me free.
If you love me,
set me free.
I am a misfit.
Tell me why I should stay.
If you love me,
set me free.
If you love me,
set me free.
Sudarshan Da!
If you love me,
set me free.
Whats the matter?
Neither will you die nor will you let me die.
Why didnt you let me die?
Because you knew Aalo cant live without me.
Similarly Kusum cant live without her brother.
That is something I know.
I want to live with you all,
but I dont know how,
I dont know how.
Aalo isnt picking up her phone.
I tried calling her many times.
I am very worried.
Lets go.
What has happened, do you think?
Aalo, open your eyes.
Let me see.
Ive her washed her stomach.
But we need to operate immediately.
Please, go and talk at the reception.
The money has already been paid at the reception.
you can start the surgery.
You are?
Bikash Sengupta!
A very big industrialist.
Sir, what are you doing here?
Im an industrialist later.
My first identity is that she is my daughter.
Sorry. I called dad and told him everything on the phone without taking your permission.
Thank you,
Thank you?
Youre thanking me? Its me who should thank you.
You gave my daughter back to me.
Can there be anything bigger than that?
Thank you.
Thank you so so much, sir.
Where is my brother?
He is here.
Im here.
Here I am.
What were you both trying to do?
Everything will be all right.
Everything will be all right.
Im here.
My goodness, you had us all so worried, Aalo Di.
Aalo, this is Asha.
And he is Ashas father,
Mr. Bikash.
He is the one who paid for your surgery.
No no.
You cant introduce me to Aalo like this.
Let her get well first,
then all of you come to my house.
we can never repay your debt.
No no.
You have to repay my debt.
You both come outside. Im waiting.
Come. There's something to discuss.
Im a businessman.
so I do every business deal very carefully.
Lets start with you.
If you have any wish
to commit suicide in the future
then Ive got nothing to say.
there is an opening for the post of a
senior accountant in my company.
I want you to do this job.
The choice is yours.
Thank you, sir.
And, you are?
Sudarshan. Sudarshan Ghosh, sir.
Sudarshan Ghosh, yes.
I want to get a group insurance
for all the employees in my company.
And I want you to do this.
But there is a condition.
Make sure that
the survival benefit
should be greater
than the death benefit.
That means
you have to make sure
that life is more beneficial than death.
Am I clear?
Yes yes.
No no no.
If I try, I can still compete
with both of you.
Was it too much?
No no no.