Kadaikutty Singam (2018) Movie Script

'This is the house of Kottaiyar'
'This is Perunazhi Ranasingam'
'During Marudhu Pandi's rulehis grandfather's grandfather was...'
'...the instructor for military skills'
'So they earned the name of warlords'
'Tradition and culture werewoven into their lifestyle'
'Feeding peopleis the best form of charity'
'At least 50 peoplewill be fed daily'
'He is such a noble soul'
'But he has cut a sorry figure today'
'Do you know why?'
'He has come to fix a bridefor himself for the 3rd time'
'Brother-in-law, stop!'
My sister just vomitedShe's pregnant
Must be indigestion, I say
'She's pregnantEven the doctor confirmed it'
Er...I am so sorry
The astrologer who saidmy wife won't conceive
...has been proved wrong
Can we put this allianceon hold for 9 months?
If a daughter is bornI'll come here for sure
'1st wife is Vanavan Madevi'
'They had 4 daughters'
How sad I don't have a son
According to our astrologerI won't have a child
Or else won't I makeyour wish come true?
A fleeting thought crossed my mind
Shall I...get married again?
So you have fixed a bride?
No...er...just a thoughtcrossed my min-
Instead of a random strangerbeing my rival...
I prefer my sister fightingwith me over you!
'She got her sister Panjavan Madevimarried to her husband in pomp and style'
'But God's plan was far superiorto the 3 knots Perunazhi tied'
'Eldest daughter Mangamma'
'...fell in love with her classmateand ended up being pregnant!'
Don't take us for grantedWe'll dice you to pieces
The boy is from a decent family
Let us get our daughter married to him
'Mother was to deliver anytimeand the daughter entered her 7th month'
We are the laughing stockof all the villagers, ma
They are saying both the goatand its kid are expecting!
'Contractions started for Panjavan Madevi'
Try and bear the pain
I think our landlordis a father again
3 means girl5 means boy
[ululating continues]
Another daughter, huh?
I pity those poor women!
Listen to me, dear
You get married again, even ifthis village doesn't ridicule us
...our in-laws will
Our daughter will deliver anytimeListen to me please
All you want is a son
God will definitelygrant your wish
Don't you like girl babies, father?
Come here, my dear children
Sit down with me
Why would I name you 'Rani'if I didn't like you girls?
This is Mangamma Rani
Velunachiyar Rani
Samyuktha Rani
Jhansi Rani
Here's the new addition
Padmavathy Rani
True to your nameyou should grow up as queens
And lead a royal lifein the house you marry into
But after I die, don't you needa prince to take care of all of you?
'The twist in this story is'
'...his daughter Mangammagave birth to a son'
- Father- Bless you, my child
Haven't you always wanted a son?
- Take him, pa- Let me hold him
You bring him upas your own son, father
My husband and his parents also agreed
You have a heart of goldjust like your father
I feel so happyhearing you say this
Let us feed 5000 peopleto celebrate his birth
Your wish is our command
What shall we name this little prince?
Sivagamiyin Selvan
Your words are like ambrosia to me, dear
Hold him
Still...how can I treatmy grandson as my son?
I will be truly happy, only if my sonemerges out of my bloodline
You thought of having a grand escape?!
I want a lion cub
'This is the most crucial part'
'That 'Sivagamiyin Selvan'is Yours truly!'
'Mangamma is my amma'
Are the men here to takethe banana bunches?
My dear!
Good newsYour wife is pregnant
But I was told she can't conceive?
'Look at the screenplayfor a boy to be born!'
'God is great'
Sir, in all the temples thrice a day
...we are praying for youto be blessed with a son
Today is a very auspicious day
The day Lord Murugadestroyed the demons
'At last his 5th baby was bornthrough his 1st wife'
'The sister acted as midwifeand delivered the baby'
My youngest sonis the lion cub I wanted
'Kadaikutty Singam'
'Youngest Lion Cub'
[rejoicing continues]
'I am as scared as I am overjoyed!'
Why so?
5 sisters and 5 brothers-in-law
Wonder how many children they will have?
How many of their daughterswill insist on marrying my only son?
Uncle, brother-in-law,brother, son or grandson
Wonder what difficultieshe has to face in life!
'Tamilians known for their braveryand self dignity are participating'
'...in the popular bullock cart racein Neduvasal today'
'We welcome the young guardianMr Kodiyarasu, presiding this event'
'...on behalf of the committeeconducting this festival'
Hey! 1 selfie
Look at her
She'll post it in FB for sure
Okay, brother
Hey! Who the hell are you?Flirting with one of our girls
You'll preserve our dignityYou'll win the race
- Gunasingam shouldn't even get 3rd place- That won't happen, bro
Perunazhi Ranasingam
Moon sign VirgoBirth star Chithra
Vanavan Madevi
Moon sign TaurusBirth star Rohini
Panjavan Madevi
Moon sign AquariusBirth star Pooratadhi
Sembiyan Madevi
Moon sign CancerBirth star Punarpoosam
Thamarai Manala Sendaiyar
Moon sign GeminiMrigasirisham
Malligai Manala Sendaiyar hasn't arrived?
Then I, Thamarai Manala Sendaiyarwill attend definitely
'This is the eldest sister's husbandI mean, my father'
'Hogs the limelight'
Ask the driver to startWe are getting delayed
Haven't you started?
A tipper won't be seenwith a mini-bus, right?
- You carry on- Sing the same tune!
'This is the 2nd sister's husband'
'2 brothers married 2 sisters'
'But the 2 brothers areworse than Tom & Jerry'
Irrespective of the participantsmy brother will win
You are selfish enoughto pray for your brother
Poompozhil Chellamma
Moon sign AriesBirth star Barani
'This is the 3rd sister's daughter'
Jhansi RaniStar Thiruvadhirai
My brother is present in all functions
Adhiyaman Nedungili
I'm fed up of hearing you sing his praises
My mother Padmavathy
Moon sign CapricornStar Thiruvonam
'This is the 5th sisterMy grandfather's 2nd wife's daughter'
'She has only 1 daughter'
I am Andal Priyadarshini
Moon sign TaurusBirth star Rohini
Sivagamiyin SelvanSagittarius, star Pooraadam
Did you see that?!
Did you restrain this happiness all along?
Bulls are given more respectand warm welcome than human beings!
'The bulls are waitingfor the race to begin'
'I am sure my uncle Gunasingamwill win today's race'
My uncle has to winthe race today
What is your uncle's name?
Perunazhi Gunasingam
Shiva's lineage
Birth star Hastham
Moon sign Virgo
'100 pairs of bulls are ready for the race'
Is everyone ready?
'Let me count'
Where is our brother?
Uncle is nowhere to be seen
He is here
"Bulls of Tamil Nadu powerful"
"Without a worry is Sevalai bull"
"Bulls of Tamil Nadu powerfulWithout a worry is Sevalai bull"
"With vigor he will thrustWithout fear he will butt"
"This bull will threaten the bravestWithout fear, attack and assault"
"His speed will amaze one and allWill place our village on a pedestal"
Ram and Lakshman, run
This bull will protect our dignityWe worship him as our family deity
"Without slackening in speedwith fiery fury he will win indeed"
"Despite a gathering chockfulhe will be the winning bull"
My uncle has got the flag
Come on...faster!
That's the wayUncle...soooper!
'My uncle and Kodiyarasu were schoolmates'
'They fought like cats and dogsright from 4th grade'
'Provider of a bright futurefor many under-privileged students'
'Mr Suriya, film star and celebrity'
'We welcome him wholeheartedlyon behalf of our committee'
Greetings to all of you
Congratulations, brother
You are protectingthe tradition of Tamil Nadu
Give it to me
1 garland isn't enoughWe need 2 more
- Why?- I just drove the cart
My brothers were the actual runners
This sounds interesting
Here, sir
Here you go
Happy now?
- What is your name?- Gunasingam, bro
The name sounds endearing!
Here you go
Rock on
"Let's celebrate...comeLet's rejoice...welcome"
"Let's revel in this winCome, my kith & kin"
"Tap your feet, dance alongJoin me in this victory song"
"We must toil, live life to the fullestCome, be the best with zeal and zest"
"Blow the trumpets of Namagiriin tune with our gaiety"
"If you and I unite trulywhat is lost, tell me?"
"Wind and stream can't befenced nor chained you see"
"This land is in your hands dulyWhy do you worry unnecessarily?"
"Like the kite flying in the skyyou soar above real high"
"Who can defeat you hereenforcing laws to adhere?"
"Let's celebrate...comeLet's rejoice...welcome"
"Let's revel in this winCome, my kith & kin"
"Tap your feet, dance alongJoin me in this victory song"
"We must toil, live life to the fullestCome, be the best with zeal and zest"
"Come...most welcome"
"Come and rejoicePartake in our joys"
"Agriculture is the sole reasonour entire country eats in any season"
"Grains like flowers gaily smilein the farmer's sweat worthwhile"
"We draw a 'kolam' dailyto even feed ants freely"
"The plough is our tool dearIt proves no one is poor here"
"Trust in your limbs to the coreMake a name for yourself even more"
"When everyone praises you in delightlet the day dawn for a future bright"
"Let's celebrate...comeLet's rejoice...welcome"
"Let's revel in this winCome, my kith & kin"
"Will you attain successif you amass wealth in excess?"
"You'll elevate yourself surelyif you work energetically"
"Even when its skin is beatena drum beats it song unbeaten"
"Like fireworks if you sparkle brightyour nation will shine with foresight"
"If we rise like a flag hoisted highthe world will applaud with a high 5"
"Let's celebrate...comeLet's rejoice...welcome"
"Let's revel in this winCome, my kith & kin"
"Tap your feet, dance alongJoin me in this victory song"
"We must toil hard, live life to the fullestCome, be the best with zeal and zest"
Please take
Thanks, dear
Grandpa, this one
Sir, it tastes delicious
- What's this?- Hibiscus flower tea
- Good for heart- Very good, sir
Quickly let me tell youwhat I came here for
In the coming election...
...after taking your permission
- I want to run for a post too- With my permission?
No one in this villagewill pay heed to me and vote
I don't need the villagers' votes
It's enough if peoplein your clan vote for me
You aren't just another person here
This village belongs to you
There are 5367 votes
We did a survey
- All that is fake- Really...?
I didn't know about it all along
Instead of going aroundthe world like Lord Muruga...
...I want to faithfully followyour footsteps like Lord Ganesha
Please do the needful, sir
Your mythological stories are quite good
Who pays heed toRanasingam's words?
People listen only to Gunasingam!
You mean your son?
Please ask him to come
He has gone to plough the fields
Why don't you do this?
My granddaughter's ear-piercingceremony is on January 24th
If you attend that function...
...you can meet everyone there
Thank you very much, sir
I'll take leave, sirWhat is this?
We usually give this to our guests
Good family
Uncle, your elder sister is here
- Father- Wait, sir
Please come definitelyfor the ear piercing ceremony
You must all come
Son-in-law, have you invited everyone?
Whenever we celebrate a function...
...some of our relativesnurse a grouse and don't turn up
At least in this functionbring everyone together
- Sure, uncle- Why have a family feud?
Sister, invite him too
He's my teacher tooNot yours alone
Kindly attend my children'sear-piercing ceremony
Bro-in-law, you've added their degreeas suffix to all the names
But it's missing in my name
They all are well educatedso we added their qualifications
But you've passed only 10th grade
You've added Dr for the doctors
Er for Engineers
Even for bro-in-law Vadivelu you haveadded 'Press' as a prestige symbol
For an agriculturist, you could haveadded 'farmer' as suffix proudly, right?
People will laugh if I do that
I'll hit those who laughwith my slippers
Print 'Gunasingam'
Followed by 'Farmer'
It will look dignified
Even I earn 1.5 lakhs per month
All occupations have retirement
Only a farmer never retires you know
Nowadays people need to be remindedfarming is our national occupation!
Soooper, uncle
Your turn to reply, father
- Son-in-law- Uncle
He is justified in his query
- You write 'farmer' on the invitation- Sure, uncle
How can only my brother's professionbe handwritten?
I can't accept thatPrint new invitations
Print again?
No need to spend unnecessarily
I'll take care ofthe return gifts and trousseaux
I'll take leave, ma
We'll take leave, uncle
'My sister and brother arehaving their ears pierced today'
'My mother's brother Gunasingam...'
'...with the entire town lookingat him in awe as center of attention'
'...is striding like a king nowwith immense respect showered on him'
'There's an article on my unclein' Pasumai Vikatan' magazine'
'Isn't he handsome?'
Your father
Welcome, pa
- Has everyone arrived?- My older brother hasn't come
He has sent wordhe can't make it
He has erected a banner insteadMy younger brother is inside
Only you have the luck to minglewith girls who are 'kissing cousins'
I meet cousinswho are like my siblings
- Shucks!- What...?
Girls who look at you smile brightlylike a 1000 watts bulb
Can't they smile at meat least like a zero watts bulb?
- Such is your horoscope!- Horrorscope!
How are you, uncle?
- Bro?- Go stuff your face with food
- See you, uncle- Okay
Once you tell mewe can start
Wipe your sweat with this
- Father wanted to leave early too- Uncle, that side
'I don't know whenshe will get it from me!'
Look how this Andalis impressing her uncle
I think everyone will decideshe is Miss Right for him
How is that possible?
What are we here for?
No one can change Poompozhil Chellammafrom marrying our brother
He was born from our mother's womb
Not our mother's sister's womb
'Legislature is in session'
Did you notice?
Your 5 sisters will show offto the world as if they are so united
But there are 2 factions within
One is A division
Other is B division
Let the function get overWatch the fun
See how they poke at each other!
The children are blessed to havean uncle and grandfather like you both
Hair will grown within a monthSo don't worry
Welcome, that's my eldest daughterThis is my 2nd daughter
Come to grandpa's lap
Only today
Then even in your dreamsyou can't sit on his lap!
This place is registered anddocumented in my name, okay?
I won't, get lost!
Here's a banana, open your mouth
Do you like it?
- Wow!- Wait, dear
Don't cry
Will your brother keepgifting away all the gold?
He's doing everythingas per our custom
Look at our daughterswalking away in a huff
Ask their grandmotherto bless them
She will be 100 years very soon, right?
Bro, come here
How many sovereignsdid you give your nieces?
May be around 18 sovereigns
For my daughter's ear-piercing functionfather gifted only 6 sovereigns!
To gift 18 sovereigns,was your daughter born in the city?
Am I right, bro-in-law?
If it's custom, you mustbe impartial to all
Why this pretension?
Started, huh?
The chap who does nothinggets away scot-free
We target the Good Samaritanon a vengeful spree!
Look at your daughter's neck
Look at your son's neck
Hey, brother, listen
Valuable income, huh?Thank you, uncle
Difference of opinion will ariseamong siblings, son-in-law
But when there's a function at home...
...if you come, he doesn'tand if he comes, you don't turn up
Once broken, it cannot be gluedPlease turn a blind eye
To unite Thamarai Manala Sendaiyar andMalligai Manala Sendaiyar is my duty
- Hey, come here- What, ma?
Why spend so much?
This isn't expenditureIt's called savings
Savings is not just accumulating money
Uniting relatives is also an asset
How can you sleepif you aren't generous?!
Stay the same way
- Don't change- Okay, pa
Come, let's all eat
- Please come- Uncle
- Chain is beautiful- Do you like it?
- Okay, go eat- Uncle?
Poompozhil Chellammais your own sister's daughter
I'm your half-sister's daughter
General talk is you'll marry only her
Is that true, uncle?
Forget themYou go eat
Don't talk beyond your ageGo and eat
Don't listen to anyone
Listen to me
Don't marry either of your nieces
'It was a delicious feast'
It's a new feeling of pleasure to eatwhen your son is the breadwinner
Son, I gave you the responsibilityof taking care of the fields
You do a good job
Same way I've decided to entrustfamily responsibilities also
- Keep quiet, pa- I've been the head for 50 years
You'll take care of our familymuch better than me
I want to bring all ourfamily members together
Take a group photo
Hang it with pride on our wall
That's my dearest wish
Only then even when I die...
...people will say Ranasingam lived lifeto the fullest and passed away
- Grandpa!- How morbid can you get?
I'll hand overa tougher task
From both your mothers' eyes
From your 5 sisters' eyesnot a single tear should drop
So long as I don't shed tearslike a waterfall!
Stop...please stop
Wretched fellow!May you rot in hell
May you have 'loosies'and lose all your peace
My curse will chase you!
- What, grandma?- Waiting for 3 hours with this load
Only if I sell thisI can eat a square meal
'Bus drivers never allow this load'
As youngsters, won't you ask?
Give a hand to grandma
Ram and LakshmanCatch up with that bus
Run...run fast
That's the way, good
Hey! Stop...stop...stop!
Why is the groom-to-beroaming in the hot sun?
- You might tan- As if I can get any darker!
What is the return giftfor the wedding?
Sweet lime and biscuit
Give coffee and they can soakthe biscuit and eat on the way home
Give a sapling, it will bring yougood-will and shade later
Who is blocking the bus?Move your cart
- They are chatting, right?- Stop...stop!
- Hey partner- Hey, Achukutti
- How was the 'Jallikattu'?- We rocked
How can you chat blocking the bus?
Won't you move asidewhen we honk?
You are blocking traffic tooDid we honk?
- If you don't move, I'll call the police- We'll call Duraisingam!
You drive like you're a pilot!
You get mad, if your work is disturbed, eh?
Doesn't the same hold good for us?
- Why didn't you take her sacks?- I'll be 8 passengers short
I get yelled at by my boss
What can I do?
Your owner doesn't need to eat?
- Where are you from?- Town
Then it's difficult
Do you know how much timeand sweat go into that sack of brinjals?
- How long are you in service?- 15 years
Try being a farmer for 1 day
Not even that
Try being WITH a farmer for 1 day
Then you'll realisethe difficulties of a farmer
'Then you wouldn't haveleft her stranded like this'
Hereafter such busesshouldn't have seats at the back
- Get the spanner- Ready, uncle
'Move aside'
'Grandma, get in'
'- May you lead a royal life- Talk less, work more!'
Stretch your legs andlie down comfortably
"O' my fair lady, princessYou robbed my heart I guess"
"O' my fair lady, my lovely"
Want the driver's seat removed?
- He has been sitting for a long time- Not that
He might ask grandmato alight in the middle
So let's get downalong with her
Is it until 'patti' alights oruntil this 'party' gets down?!
My guess was right
Nothing wrong, 100% right
'Our Audi car is parked thereYou turned on the air conditioner'
"Is your pupil a whip, my princess?It makes me salute you spontaneous?"
"O' my fair lady, princessYou robbed my heart I guess"
You gave me only Rs 1.50
- What about balance 50 paise?- No coins at all
Won't I return if I had?
"You became a thief blithely"
Where are you going?
Don't you know that?
'Where is she going?'
Don't forget the 50 paise
Haven't got as yet!Won't I give if I had?
"Like being dragged in a deluge helplessyou yanked me with your eyes merciless"
Looks like she's worsethan Uncle Scrooge!
Whoever marries herwill die in exasperation
Shouldn't malign girls
"My life that had fallen into a pitYou loftily lifted me out of it"
All beautiful girls will seemvery familiar to boys!
Sir, he's the head of the departmentin our Agricultural college
I've read many articles on your son, sir
If he gives a speech in our collegestudents will be motivated
Oh my God!I can't talk, sir
Why should you talk?
Share what you do everyday
When is this function?
March 27th
On March 27th don't we havesome important work, sir?
We are planting elephant yamon 27th, 28th and 29th
31st and 1st planting raw banana
He's free on 30th
Yes, she's right
Let's have it on March 30th
No issuesWe'll do it in style
Thank you, sir
The girl we saw in the bus
"Your glance is like the sun in MayIt scorches me to cinders all the way"
"When will you be as cool as December?To rest on my chest your head will favor"
"My betrothed belovedin your beauty I dissolved"
"Waiting for you to say 'yes'I follow you daily, my dear lass"
Isn't the music wonderful?
Is it only the music, uncle?
'Thank you, folk music troupe'
Great G-ma, come here
'Next is a video onour special guest Gunasingam'
'Farming isn't a businessIt's a way of life'
Farming is not just my wish
It's my avaricious wish
'Farming is more paying than IT'
'Change barren lands to green'
Let sowing seedsbe a daily need
'Use organic growth promotersPanchakavya and Navakavya'
Let farming be a daily bonus indeed
'Farmers should use natural fertilizersand herbal pesticides'
Stride like a plough with pride
Encourage farmers worldwide
My goal is...
...to bring back those who wentfrom the villages to the city
'This farmer's wish should come true'
We invite farmer Gunasingam on the daiswith affection to share his thoughts
'Don't forget to saya few words about me'
Thank you
Did you all eat well?
'Shall I talk from there?'
This mud-soiled hand is holdinga mic for the 1st time
So I don't know how to start
The folk music and dance was splendid
'Grain and a grain of truth are the same'So our elders say
If you sow a good grainin a fertile piece of land
...it will grow a 100 times it seems
Similarly if I share a good wordwith students like you...
...I felt it will multiply a 100 times
That's why when I was invitedI agreed readily
Usually we ask our children if they wantto be an engineer, doctor or collector
Farming is not even given as an option
But when I was young, it seems my fatherasked me what I wanted to become
He included being a farmer too
I believe right then I chose farming
At this juncture I would like to thankmy father who gave me that option
He aced it, eh?!
I'll strangle you!
By repeatedly mentioningFarming is India's backbone
...they've hidden it behind our back!
Not realizing this,we carry on
If a handful realize and quittheir IT jobs and become farmers
...we label them ignorantlyas 'not knowing how to survive'
Some are so backward enough to thinktheir daughters should not marry a farmer
Okay now?
In foreign countries even the educatedare proud to be farmers
Only in India, the literate shouldnot soil their hands in our soil
Only the illiterate should be farmershas become their fate
I haven't come here topraise farming and farmers
Reason why I'm talking here is...
...in the name of getting ethane
...a gang has set out todestroy farming and farmers
Uncle, you're asking for an IT raid!
When you realise the rich man's diet andpoor man's hunger are 2 different issues
...only that day
...you'll know what a national crime it isto make the farmer eat Govt's 'ration' rice
You'll be branded a traitorand shoved behind bars
- We are here to support him- Keep quiet
Like our Nammalvar said
In the Green revolution we startedthere's no green or revolution
Only if people, Govt andscientists unite as one
...our country will prosper
Only when students think offarming and politics as professions
...India will be a Super power
For every agricultural productthere should be a Govt market
Only then suicide rate offarmers will reduce
A farmer's death today...
...will be the death of millions tomorrow
Why should we farmers die?
When shameless people livewhy should we die?
One who creates alone isn't God
One who sows seeds is also God
As farmers we should stridelifting our collars with pride
Well said!
Dear students
You take up engineering,medicine or law
Why, even politics is fine
In addition take up agriculture also
According to me...
...instead of counting the medalsin the next Olympics
...how many will be farmersfrom the next generation is important
That is the need of the hourfor every house and our nation as a whole
I'm not saying thisto hear your applause
We should not be stuckwith a begging bowl, alas!
Best wishes to all the future farmers
Thank you for giving me this opportunity
Sir, that was a heartwarming speech
He's your student, sir
'You spoke so soulfullyI feel like giving you 1000 gold coins'
Sir, you were brilliant!
I don't want any gold coin
I'll be happy if you find outwhich bus that '50 paise' boards
That's no big deal
Grandpa, hot soup for you
Uncle, chicken gravy, fish gravycrab, steamed prawn
What shall I cook?
Make a potpourri!
Do whatever but I can taste the souponly if you let go of my hand
If both my handsare massaged by you-
- Massage my knee- I need to take 2 days off
Of course, sir
Why are you out of sorts?
My grandson is missingfor the past 10 days
I thought he will find his way back
He went for the race that day
He's in love with some girl I heard
Kodiyarasu's men have warned him
...not to fall in love with a girloutside his own caste
After that he never got back home
Don't think the worst, sir
He'll come backJust enquire
- Why don't you also enquire?- Okay, father
You gave only Rs 7.50The ticket is Rs 8
You owe me 50 paise earlier
Now we are quits
Don't tell anyone hereafteryou don't have small change to give
Move aside
'Go, egg-head!'
'Will he play this same trick again?'
Govt should've eliminated 50 paisa coinswith 500 and 1000 notes
Economy plays a pivotal role
Sooper!You aced it
You are soooper tooYou spoke so well
Both of you have the gift of the gab!
When everyone ridiculed meonly you applauded!
Thank you very much
I feel I've seen you somewhere
- College- No
Before that
- In the bus- No, even before that
Before and after?!
'If hassled or in happinessJolly soda goes down with a fizz'
'If hassled or in happinessJolly soda goes down with a fizz'
When I saw this posterI thought what a hep girl
- Assumed she must be in Chennai- Why?
Only girls in Chennai are hep, huh?
Modelling is mostly in Chennai, right?
Hello! I am not a model
Are you an actress?
I am an owner
- Own what?- Jolly soda company
You are the owner
- How can you act?- Why not?
Don't owners of Vasanth & Co,Saravana Stores...
...Lalitha Jewellers act intheir own commercials?
- That's the current fashion- You bet!
Only TV viewers knowwhat an eye sore it is
- Shut up- Have you tasted our soda?
- Isn't it simply too good?- Sooper
Doesn't go well with mixing liquor
Boys crib because they feel like puking
If you add a little essence
...it will enhance the flavor
'She should take it in good spirit!'
'We should haveour fan club in every street'
We have so many carslying idle at home, dear
Why strain yourselfin a bus or 'share' auto?
I love travelling in a bus, uncle
This is Iniyal's father's hard earned money
The day Thillainayagam's daughter earns...
...that will be the day
That's my signature, uncle
She refuses to even ride pillionwith me on my bike, bro
It is very tough to impress girls
On top of it she is our sister's daughter
She won't fall for anyoneYou'll marry her
'Ma, if you had reminded meI would've brought the red banana clusters'
I wanted to tell youSomehow it skipped my mind
Just like you!
Hey! What is this new habit?
Uncle, even though I'm your nieceyou must formally 'see' me as your bride
You know that ritual of wearinga fancy silk sari and serving coffee
I want you to 'see' me like that
- I love all that formality- You silly idiot!
You've seen your motherLet's go home
Look at this
- Who is he?- 'Who sends you such memes?'
She is from our communityGunasingam's niece
He is from a different caste
- Saw this one?- 'Enough...enough'
Is this how you behave in public?
Which village are you from?
Who are you to ask?
How dare you!
Try enquiring aroundThen you will know
- Give me your father's phone #- Why?
My phone
Tell me
I am Kodiyarasu speaking
Our clan
Your daughter is flirting withsome chap in the bus stop
He is my friend
Put her in place
Our girls won't step out of line
My wife's brother will keepan eye on my daughter
'Hang up now'
If I catch you bothhanging out together-
If you do?
- Chellamma- Hello, uncle
What are you doing?
They are hitting mein front of my college
Give back my phone
Do 300 sit-upslike our brother ordered
Come onI'm waiting
'You want to fall for a girlfrom our caste!'
Don't stop
Even if it takes you 3 dayswe won't let you go
'Will your father do the rest?'
'Why are you out of breath?Go on...do it'
He's my friend, uncleWe were just chatting
They made nasty remarksThey even grabbed my phone
Ask him what his problem isHe's the one, uncle
Bash him up, uncle
'He's trying to escape'
'Don't hit me'
'Beat him to a pulp'
'Come into the frame'
'Let me goIt hurts!'
'If you mess with his fiancee'
'...think you can go scot-free?'
'Let me go'
Call your 'Culture King'and ask him to come here
- I like that, uncle- Listen
If a girl and boy enjoy a jokedoes it mean they are in love?
Why are you so concernedwith my niece?
You want to collect votesbased on caste?
We send our girls to collegetrusting the boys in their class
They keep a good watch
If you try acting funny with me-
Using caste as an excuse to runa political party or trade favors
Hypocrites claiming todecry caste but fan the flames
You should all be burnt alive
Get lost!Scram
Super, uncle
A literate is a breed apart!
I am an illiterate
An illiterate is in a class of his own!
Clear out!
- Go home, dear- Thanks, uncle
We are gaining the confidenceof our caste only now
As defender of our clan
If anyone hinders the progress...
...we need 4 jeeps with strong tyres,10 kg sugar and 5 liters of fuel
Get lost!
My dear uncle
I got all the detailsabout your 'soda bottle'
Her name is Kannukiniyal
'Sight for sore eyes'What a beautiful Tamil name!
Does my name 'Sivagamiyin Selvan'sound Chinese to you?
Only daughter
Her family is loaded
She can easily travel by car
That affluent but she preferstaking the bus
Because she loves simplicity
That's exactly why I love her
What are you amused about?
One look at her face, I guessedher refined upbringing and affluence
Give me a high five for that
You are 'Goggle' uncle
- Google-google- Oh! Like that, huh?
So she's an only child
All I have to do is visitmy father-in-law's place to rest up
You look like a man who feastedon a succulent lamb
Have you ever fallen in love?
What kind of question is that?!
Why get me into trouble?
Don't get down, it will be a denton your dignity if you stand here
As if you brought mein a chariot previously!
- How much is 1 cubit of jasmine?- Rs 30
Aiyo! Daylight robbery!
Take a look at that girl
Give me 2 cubits for Rs 15
Why are you so tight fisted?
- I'm doing it properly- Be generous while measuring
Look how cleverly she is bargaining
Have you fallen in love, son?
Is this the important matteryou wanted to discuss with me?
I wanted to fall in loveafter you give the green signal
Is that a complimenting lookor an insulting glance?
Do you wish to fall in loveor get married to her?
Nowadays no one marriesthe girl he falls for
Nor does he lovethe girl he marries!
I'll fall in love andthen marry her
What about your sisters' daughters?
I can even say 'no' to this girl
But I cannot marry any of my nieces, pa
If I marry Andal, Chellamma willbe miffed and vice versa
I can't even think ofsuch a predicament
'Don't think you madea steal of a bargain'
'My 1st sale, so I relented'
Alright, sonYour happiness is mine too
When our family gets to know of this
Not just your sisters
Both my wives willdance on my head too
You must not get me into a messclaiming I gave you prior permission
I know what that covert glance means
Don't snitch on meLet's go home now
Get this into your head
You should handle the ladies, right fromyour great-grandma to your youngest niece
Son, ensure our family doesn't fall apart
Okay, pa
How are you, Kennedysami?
Kodiyarasu, can youcome up to the station?
It's an auspicious dayI must preside over 5 weddings
- What is the issue?- You killed Uday Shankar 15 days ago
'A complaint has been filed'
Gunasingam, sir
If you come, this can besolved in just 10 minutes
Who did the rounds last night?
Why did you lose the walkie-talkie?
Inspector, Gunasingam islying through his teeth
We don't see eye to eye
If so, why did youcome here flustered?
Why should I be scared?I'm innocent, so I came
Take him asideand do the needful!
- Hello?- The bride is here, bro
- Will bro come in time?- He'll be there in 10 minutes
Kodiyarasu, Gunasingam haskidnapped your man
'In the race last month'
'...our math teacher's sonwas talking to his girlfriend'
'She is from our community'
Hey! Who the hell are you?
Don't you try manhandling me!
Keep your caste mania to yourself
I will marry only herWhat can you do?
'That boy died because ofthe sharp blow on his head'
Why did you do this, bro?
One has to sacrifice to engagein politics and become a leader
Like this chap
'To conceal this heinous actthey cremated his body'
'Mixed his ashes in the river'
They didn't even let me see my son's ashes
Don't look at Kodiyarasu's clout, sir
Our math teacher is the most affected
You signed my warrant when I wason my way to preside over a wedding
Aiyaiyo!You can leave soon
How much can you spare?
1 million
2 million
2.5 million
I'll try to persuade my boss
Go and tell him
No way
The story will get knottedYou do the honors
Inspector, I lost my cool andknocked him, he died on the spot
You haven't filed a report?
So are you confessing to the murder?
Take our future minister to the cell
We must produce himin court tomorrow morning
Get up, I say
Kennedysami all along wasyour paid employee
For the 1st time in his life hehas earned his Govt salary, go
'For being your math master, you werethe mastermind for my grandson's murder'
'You won't prosperNot one bit!'
They arrested our brotherin the blink of an eye
I made a mistake trusting himbecause he's my wife's brother
I feel shivers down my spineright up to my intestines
If my company facesany problems because of him-
Don't over react, uncle
Get lost!
Uncle, here comes your girlfriend
Where are you off to?
- Temple- But we haven't bathed
Oh gawd!Spare me, uncle
My dear nephewWhere are you?
Where did you disappear?
I went to dunk myselfin a cup of hot tea!
One track uncle of mine!
To hook your cool girlyou shoved me into this icy pond
Sit and bathe leisurely
Is it okay if they bathe youas a corpse tomorrow?
Lord Shiva, bless me
He has come withsacred ash smeared all over...
...as if it's a Fancy dress competition!
[clears throat]
'Praise be to Lord Vishnuwho is covered with a pearl like hue'
This is Lord Shiva's son, Muruga
- Sorry, Muruga- Uncle, listen
How could you confuse the sweetoffered to Vishnu and Shiva?
'They will make mincemeat out of us today'
'Muruga, save usHe left before I could pray'
Do you come only onthe 13th lunar day or daily?
I come daily
Do I have to take this cold dip daily?
My Lord, defendant Kodiyarasuhas been a Good Samaritan in our society
You mean social serviceor is the service limited to his caste?
He is a well known entrepreneur
We can surrender his passport to this court
Please show mercy andgrant him bail, Your Honor
I am the sole authority to decideif he deserves bail or to be in jail
He has killed a student
This can lead to a riot
He has to go to the police stationin Mattuthavani, 200 km from Madurai
And sign twice a day
- Are you prepared to do this?- Yes, Your Honor
After you sign in the morning
...where will your client stayto come back and sign at night?
He'll book into a room in a hotel
He'll sign in the morning andtreat himself to a gourmet meal
Along with a peg or twololling in bed, he'll watch TV
He'll get up in the eveningTake a shower, freshen up
Sign and go watch a night showin the theater nearby
Don't think he can take me for a ride
This isn't an ordinary murder
Honor killing
- Know the lake in Thiruparankundram?- Yes, Your Honor
- Know a kind of Mesquite tree?- Yes, sir
Do you know its special feature?
It absorbs the ground water
It is found widespreadall over that lake
Your task is to sign hereat the police station daily
Make a beeline to that lake
Uproot 10 trees per day
And throw those treeson the other side of the lake
- Will you do this?- Yes, Your Honor
Couldn't you hold your pee?
- Didn't even close the door- Don't
I won't have privacy in prison
Let it be the same here
'Don't flush the toilet'
'That pee stench should makemy stomach somersault'
'I'll feel like rippingmy brain out of my head'
'He prevented me fromgoing back to my hometown'
'He stopped me frompresiding over the weddings'
Bro, sit on the chair over there
'I won't have such facilitiesin jail, you scumbag'
'I'll sit on the hard floorand I'll sleep only here'
'Get me a tin bowlfor me to eat'
That's what I'll get in jail
You've been granted bailYou won't go back again
You are mistakenI will go back to jail
I'll kill Gunasingam withmy own hands and go to jail
'Until then this is my daily routine'
"Praise be to Lord Rama, avatar of Vishnu"
"God makes His own planMarriages are made in Heaven"
[song from 'Aval Oru Thodarkadhai']
'A thick jungle'
Shut up, uncle
'Lord Muruga, save us'
- What?- Nothing
Are you in love with meor simply following me?
'A bit of both!'
I'm in love with you
- You're following me- I swear, trust me
If you have the gutslook into my eyes
Clasp my hand with your right handPlace it on your heart and profess...
'...Kannukiniyal, I love you'
Nothing wrong, 101% right
"Praise be to Lord Rama, avatar of VishnuMy dear uncle, profess your love true"
"Can't tag along with younor let this torture continue"
Not just when we are young
But till we are old and greyI wish to love you like I do now
Will you marry me?
Be happy foreverWe can fight and flirt
We can feel badwhy we waited for so long?
We can wonder sometimeswhy we got married?
Shall we feel?
"With your eyes like drum beatdaily a lullaby within echoes sweet"
"Are you a floral chariot divinerebuilding this life of mine?"
"I chatter with you endlesslyeven if I meet you continuously"
- This is our home- Looks beautiful
Someone might see us
"Your words like sweet showertook a long time to flower"
That's our field
- All that?- Till the very end
"My heart goes lub-dub erraticEnter and explore with your magic"
"With your eyes like drum beatdaily a lullaby within echoes sweet"
"Are you a floral chariot divinerejuvenating this life of mine?"
"With 'kumkum' on her forehead prettyher eyes like round pearls bewitch me"
"My determined heart flutters in hastewaiting for her 'yes' in a jittery state"
"The sun rises in the east you knowThat's what I thought too till now"
"A princess who ridicules me playfullyI woke up to see your face blissfully"
"Come what may, lassieGive yourself to me"
"Wings sprout within meMy heart soars delightfully"
"With your eyes like drum beatdaily a lullaby within resounds complete"
"Are you a floral chariot divinerebuilding this life of mine sublime?"
"As soon as a red brick sees youit glitters like a bar of gold anew"
"Like slices of bread you chewed meIn your endearing dimples, dearie"
"You lured a chap who doesn't budgeeven if a tiger pounces from a hedge"
"Why did you lug my peacock feathers softwith your smile like a wire basket aloft?"
"Take your own sweet time, sweetieTake me in your heart for eternity"
"This cart halts in its travelParalyzed by you, my damsel"
"MomentumBeat of a drum"
He made me drench in sweatfelling those damn trees
And he happily fell in lovewith my sister's daughter, huh?
List out unforgettable incidentsof gory, grim deaths in Tamil Nadu
A notorious rowdy in NagerkoilThe police put him behind bars
He greased the policeman's palms and-
2 teams were at loggerheadsin a temple festival in Vyasarpadi
One team with bikes barged intothe temple with weapons
3 bikes, 6 menand 32 murders
There was a family feud in Mattuthavani
All of them were beheadedand the heads heaped in one corner
Something even morebloodcurdling than this
Entire village should be shell shocked
By Gunasingam's death
Tell me
Why do you always smileas if you're posing for a photo?
Don't you like my smile?
Will you laugh even for this?
Of course
That's why I love you sooo much
'Aim for his neck!'
Watch out!
School boys
- Boys, move- Oh gawd!
You should be alert hereafter, son
I am fine, pa
Akka, I sprained my right leg
Why are you massaging my left foot?
Keep quiet, if that leg is sprainedthis leg will go numb
Your brother is fine
Come onAttend to your work
Safari, the car is blocking the wayDon't you have to park it to the side?
I forgot, bro
Taste my country chicken soup
No need, akka
My precious bro, I knowyou like lamb trotters soup
I brought it specially for you
What about elephant foot soup?
My arm is in a bandageand he gets an oil massage
Their concern is more unbearablethan this nasty wound
Ignore himYou taste my soup
Babyamma, what are you doing?
I am fanning, my dear
It's freezing cold!Go slow on the fanning
- My dear nephew- Uncle?
Is it that painful?
No, it's so comforting
Drink your soupto your stomach's content!
- What?- Why are you upset now?
Your uncle is fine
He won't give up that easily
He'll come and I'll comply!
Yes, you are our local Godfather!
Your razor sharp tonguewill beat his sickle hollow
- Drink it up, bro- That's all
Queen # 01
Carry on
A wife is the one who spoilsthe husband by pampering
Grandpa, don't you haveany intoxicant as weakness?
Intoxicants differ from person to person
I am intoxicated by my family
That's a givenUncle has no intoxicant, right?
- What's happening?- I was just curious
Let's eat dinner outsideenjoying the fresh breeze
Praise be to the lords of South and North!
Liquor licked to the last drop
Waitees!I'm also coming
I want to sit next to my uncle
Don't dig into my ribsYou can sit comfortably there
Don't forget to paymy college fees tomorrow
That's for studious students
- Not Facebook addicts- Shut up!
I want to be in the photo too
Look here
Family deity!Don't possess her
Goddess, be appeased
Important call
- Sit down, sweety- Eat first
Officer is calling me regardingthe banana cultivation
How are you feeling now, dear?
I am fineJust a sprain
I want to see you at once
- Will you come now?- Impossible
My sisters and brothers-in-law are here
The entire brood came runningto nurse the pampered cub, huh?
Look at their tender loving careAs if they are like you!
Why don't you tellthe 'tender loving care' brood
...you love this girl Iniya?
Aiyaiyo! I dread to thinkof all their reactions
- You have no other choice- Why?
My uncle has toldmy father about us
Oh gawd!Then...?
My father hasn't asked meanything till now
It's better we tell your parents
That's only protocol
You are thinking thriceto accept a farmer as son-in-law
Soon people will start feeling jealousof a farmer groom than an NRI groom
Rather than an educated groomsettled abroad earning 1 lakh a month...
...I prefer and respect a local groomwho earns only 10,000 per month
The hesitation is notbecause you're a farmer
Have you informed your father?
I fell in love with your daughteronly after my father saw her
Does he know she isThillainayagam's daughter?
What is this new hitch?
We have no objection
- You are part of a big joint family- Let me serve, ma
Let him consult everyone andmeet me if he favors this alliance
You should take the cup
'You should offer me a cup'
'So I can relish the coffee too'
I'll take leave then, sir
See you
My dear boy, will you come backor follow your father's footsteps?
I don't understand
'If a daughter is bornI'll come here for sure'
Your father was supposedto marry my sister you know
He never came back
Only if the baby is a girl
He got a boy insteadand sent him here
I'll be back
Definitely, uncle
You've made up your mindto show your muscle power
The nearest village is10 km away on that side
On this side7 km away
If you are bashed up in no man's landwho will pick your broken limbs?
Don't worry, we are hereto butcher you to bits
There are plenty ofwild dogs and foxes here
You'll make a good feast for them
That's why we chosethis isolated spot
If I bash you up, will those dogsand foxes die devouring you?
Poor creatures!
Wait, I have a plan
Uncle, if we get trappedthey will have the time of their life
Why are you so scared?You are strong like Superman
I scurry and scootlike a bandicoot
The smallest soundand I'll run for my life
One who shows his strengthisn't Superman nowadays
One who does NOT exhibithis weakness is the strongest
Then I am Superman, huh?
Is the job done?
Be on the line
Get your bail as you hear himscream in pain and agony
Just break his limbs into two
- I'll handle the rest of him- Okay, bro
Is it Team hospital?
There has been a major accidentnear Koonimoottu forest area
Around 15 men are lyingdiced to minuuute pieces
Make it fast, sir
One of them in a yellow shirtis bleeding from his ear, sir
The chap in a black shirt
His hand is broken
Left hand is fractured
And he's writhing in pain
One ambulance won't be enough
The whole gang is likea herd of wild buffaloes
If you bring 3 ambulances...
...all the broken limbscan be picked up with ease
Coming?Leave right away
Why invite trouble?
If you want to call it quits reallyyou should trouble trouble to the I'll show my muscle power
You follow suit
Bash him upand finish him off
Uncle, yellow shirt
His ears should splitBoth left and right
- Which hand did you say?- Left...left
You must ensureyou snuff his breath
- What happened?- Are you still there?
Where is the culprit?
Have you been granted bail or not?
Pray I don't come out on bail
I'll pray bail is granted to you
If I come out-
If you consider yourself a manmeet me face to face
Hey! Great escape, huh?
If you intend stopping my wedding
Whoever does,this will be your fate
What if he is related to us?
Let him beSo what?
'With 2 nieces as bride-to-bewill you choose an outsider?'
Look, you've stirred upa hornet's nest now
What do you want me to do?
I can't plead with your sisters
But even if 1 family memberdoesn't agree, I won't consent
If they don't, you must marrythe niece of our choice then
Do you agree?
My responsibility tobring everyone together
You keep saying, 'we shouldhave a family group photo'
I'll make your wish come true, pa
Uncle, thunder and lightningstrike inside and outside
Like a group photo in a school play
You casually saidyou'll make his dream come true
1st marry your girlthrough registration
And start making babies
Then if you persuade them'all is well that ends well'
You'll need minimum 3 years
Take a bowl and bed sheet andgo door to door convincing them
- Why are you scaring me?- I'm not scaring you, uncle
I am being practical
It isn't a case ofyour mother or mine
The hitch is your sister Mangamma
I mean the 'coercive conspirator'
If she makes up her mindto be manipulative...
...even her husbandwill fall at her feet
Hey! Drunk-skunk Thamarai
2nd sisterVelunachiyar
A woman in a man's clothing!
Action king
What do you take me for?
3rd hell cat
Cry baby
Her weapon is tears
She will jugglethe whole world with it
Do you have an iota of shame,shyness, dignity, pride or prestige?
To think I married you
My father named me Samyuktha Ranifor me to live like a queen
4th is the virago, Jhansi Rani
No, spying squad!
She is the admin for everyone
If everyone says something is goodshe will negate it at once
When everyone hates somethingshe will praise it sky high
- Will you listen to me or not?- Of course we will
You mustn't change your mindFollow me then
5th sister is a shrew
PadmavathyHeight of love
She is aliveonly for her daughter
If something happens to her daughter
...we don't knowwhat drastic end she will choose
If they are so complicatedimagine their husbands
Icing on the cake isKannukiniyal's uncle
Since there is no objectionfrom the public prosecutor
...this court grants you bailrelaxing the conditional clause
If we are scared of all thiswe'll become ordinary people
We can tackle it
Why is 'spy-squad' calling me?
I believe you're marryingsome girl called Kannukiniyal
Our parents have consented it seemsWhat are you up to?
- If I'm in Trichy, think I won't know- No, akka
Let me see who steps inwithout my approval!
She is faster than 4G and 5G!
In a nutshell
I have to juggle and appeaseRamayana + Mahabharatha!
'Order wise, 1st go to my place'
'So you'll get positive vibes'
Long live Kodiyarasu!
Long live Kodiyarasu!
Hey! Stop it!
Is he returning from'Satyagraha' protest? Go inside
Aren't you all ashamed?
Clear out now
Sir, how can you be so rudewhen he's defending our clan?
How dare you question him?
He's my brother-in-lawHe has every right to reprimand me
Get out of here
I want him also to get out
Ask him to clear out
I don't want to see him ever again
- What the hell?- We'll call the police
Don't manhandle usWhy are you spoiling for a fight?
How are you, Sivagami?
This is a new number?
Who is this?
What do you mean 'who'?This is your sister
Tell me, akka
My husband is being beaten upNo one is here to defend him
Someone's bashing him?
I'll be there
Which sister?
I don't know!
When I asked 'who'she bit my head off
If I ask 'which akka', that's it
If it was your mothershe would have called you
Will it be the 2nd one or 3rd one?
Shall I touch 1 finger?
- Must be the 2nd one- Bang on!
Only my uncle is likely to bebashed up by the villagers
Look at the people of my village
Violence should be their middle name!
I never get involvedLet them go to an early grave
- How dare you!- Who is hitting my uncle?
Who the hell is he?
I'm there for you, akka
Why are you picking that log?
No one is hitting anyone
You called me just now to saythey are bashing your husband
Why would I call you?What am I here for?
Then what is that?
Forget itDon't make a fuss
Some misunderstandingbetween relatives
- Your brother-in-law is the mediator- Then which akka called me?
- Hello- Listen
Will you come to my rescueonly after my husband dies?
Uncle, that's Mangamma, my amma!
I'm coming, akka
So my father was being pounded
- Eat and then go- My father is dying there
And you want us to eat!I'll kill you, fatso
Why are you making me go in circles?
- Hurry up and sit- Don't hurt me in the wrong place
He is being bashed upYou are not reacting
Come, I say
- How long to bear this- Very sorry, bro
Try to show your power now!Thought he had no one for help?
The lion cub of our family is here
That's the way, hit him
Don't let him off the hookKnock him senseless
Tie it really tight
How dare you hit my father!
If any of you try to touchmy brother-in-law...
...I'll pickle you to pieces
- What happened?- Kodiyarasu is out on bail
He wants to replacemy banner with his face!
Why did you call from a strange number?
My phone needs to be topped up
I borrowed a phonefrom one of these goons
Come in, bro
I wanted to share some good news
And this came in between
Getting married, huh?
Did your spy squad tell you?
I thought as much
No one informed me
If you say 'good news'it has to be your wedding
Chellamma or Andal?Which niece of yours?
Who is this, apple of your eyes?
Pleasure to your eyesPain to your ears
Who is she?
We are in love
They are also big shots
Affluent family
I am happy for you
I shouldn't say this
I was worried you maymarry one of your nieces
Don't quote me please
They will bark at meand bite my head off
I won't squeal
I'll be the 1st oneto support you
Thank you so much, bro-in-law
This is why I saidwe should 1st visit my house!
Look how positive vibesis spreading all over
I haven't finished speaking
- Please continue- I have only 3 conditions
Trouble is brewing now!
Condition #01, names
1st name on top should be mineMr Thamarai Manalan Sendaiyar, B.A
In bold capital lettersand double colors
No sharing of names
Okay, agreed
2nd conditionI'll skip it for now
You'll get tense
Condition # 03
Silk dhoti and silk shirtSelect a 5 sovereign gold chain
- Sell what to get you this?- Shut your gob
Imagine how it will beif I, TMS grace Gunasingam's wedding
It will be a splendid sight
Now let me come to condition #02
That sibling of mine, MMSMalligai Manalan Sendaiyar
Should not attendIf he does-
He will not grace the occasion!
But my father wants you to patch upwith your brother and wish us in unison
Are you out of your mind?
That won't happen
You can rest assured it won't
'Onions and shallots'
Hey junk of a jerk!Just shut up
I took care of my brother as a baby
He fought over our propertyand dragged me to court greedily
Where?To court
God didn't bless him with a childbecause of his bad intentions
- Good-for-nothing fellow!- What is this?
How long will this feud continue?
A brother is your pillar of supporteven if you have 1000 friends
As long as I am alivewe won't reunite
We won't need our kith and kinas long as we are able and fit
Only when we are lying incapacitatedwe will yearn for our own blood
Money will come and go
In the end all that was requiredwas a cartload of sand for burial
He grew up withyour love and care
He'll come running if you call himI'll go and bring him here
I won't invite himfor my son's wedding
I won't even call you!
I won't even get you married!
You're sitting here as ifyou have swallowed a crowbar
You continue to be like this
Uncle, she is possessed now!
Save me from this possessed creature!
Why are you deserting me?
Bro, by now you should be sittingin the Parliament as a politician
Gunasingam has made you sit in a go-down
We should not spare him, bro
Long live, bro KodiyarasuDefender of our clan
- How are you, Shanmugam?- I am good, bro
I cancelled my weddingOnly when you preside I'll get married
From mid May to mid Juneif you fix 1 auspicious day
...I'll print the invitation
Please go and eat
I understand your affection
But I'm not availablefor the next 6 months
I was told you've been granted free bail
The bail was for what I already did
I said I will be in jail againfor what I am about to do
Don't feel badFix a date in mid-May
I'll get marriedafter you come out, bro
I want only you to presideover my wedding
I'll rip Gunasingam to piece-
Who are his sisters?
Welcome both of youI knew you were coming
That's why I made chicken gravy for you
Your love is a magnetic force
The aroma makes me drool!
Don't we have taste buds?
- Don't get me wrong- Tell me, uncle
I don't feel the same wayabout your mother
Velunachiyar is a breed apart!
Nothing wrong, 102% right
- Hey husband! Come and eat- We are ready for the feast
Akka, shall I sharea piece of good news?
Let me eat a few pieces right now
Tell me
You are giving us chicken to eat
- I'll give you a wedding feast- Tell her first
My precious cub!
You get marriedGive me your baby
I'll bring him up
Will you baby sit by the dozen?
Sure, I'll wipe their pee and crap happily
I'm eating and you talk crap!
Who is the bride?
Then what about Chellamma?
All of us thoughtyou'll marry only Chellamma
Fell in love, huh?
Nothing wrong, 103% rightBless him happily
Welcome, my dear brother-in-law
- How are you?- Carrying on
I heard you're getting married
I presume you went tomy elder brother's house
I knew you would go there first
He must have told youI shouldn't attend the wedding
Taste the chicken
And said he took care of me as a babypatting his shoulder proudly
- Taste my chicken gravy- He would've said I am childless
He must have asked for5 sovereign gold chain
We are not so greedy
3 sovereign gold chain will do
And he should not attendthe wedding, that's all
If you ask meboth the brothers shouldn't attend
- What 'huh'?- Hiccup?
2 brothers fighting for propertydoesn't seem right
Even then both of you should reconcile
Fat hopes!
Why do you hate him so much?
Not hatredIt's anger
- So won't we be angry?- Eat, dear
Show off your culinary skillsto your husband
I came to invite youand you make a big fuss
Ask him to attendthe wedding, then I'll eat
If my uncle doesn't wantto eat, neither do I
Chicken is not even cookedI am boiling mad!
If they behave like this...
...imagine the sisterswith daughters as bride to-be
The neighbor uncle
How are you, akka?
We are survivingWhat do we lack?
I'm sure you're fine
Where is your husband?
He must have wanderedto earn a living somewhere
If you keep crying like thismy slipper will speak!
I need to tell you something
I heard about it
Be happy
She's also a good girl
You'll like herif you meet her
All of you should come and bless us
How can I come?
In case you plan togobble some insecticide
...do so with the doors openYou may end up stinking!
Why are you instigating her?
You are the troublemaker
Don't add insult to injuryI feel like puking
That man died on a Saturday
Saturday corpse on the bierwill take a companion for sure!
Wait, dear
Please open the door
More than admiring her own fatherever since she was born...
...she has followed youlike a faithful shadow all the time
Good lord!
You have studied so muchYou always tell me right from wrong
I want to talk to you
Open the door
It isn't as if I rejected you
If you hear me outyou'll understand
Open the door
You don't have to see my face
I paid your feesAt least take this receipt
You don't have to pay my fees
I don't want to study anymore
I'll tear my certificate to piecesGo away from here
'Go away'
Go away from here
Now cry babys turn!
So many die in this village
Why can't I die instead?
Why was I married into this house?
All my blessed fate
Don't bug me!
You call him
What's this new #?
Who is it?
I am your in-law speaking
In Tamil Nadu on an auspicious dayin-laws will flourish everywhere
- Who are you?- I'm Gunasingam
Gunasingam, s/o Ranasingamthe man with 2 wives, huh?
Where are you now?
What is it?Tell me
Regarding my wedding
You carry out your intentions
I am very busy on that dayI have an important task to do
We haven't even fixed the dateHow will you be busy then?
Whenever is your wedding dayI'm very busy on that day
Where are you now?
Having got married into your family...
...I'm going to Papanasamto wash away my sins
I'll be there in 5 minutesPlease wait
Fine, come
Praise be to Lord Aiyappa!
We are at the bus standWhere are you?
You'll take your own sweet time
You want me to waitin the middle of the road?
Has the bus left?
The bus didn't leaveNeither did I
Why didn't you go?
My family is in shamblesWhat will I do in Papanasam?
Where are you now?
Electricity Board has beendilly dallying my connection
I'm here to ask if I mustcommit suicide or will I get power?
The farmers are looked down upon
- Wait, I'll speak for you- To the EB office?
Please come
Whichever the ruling partydigging holes is their favorite hobby
I won't pick your call
He isn't picking my call
His bike isn't here
Uncle is calling, huh?
Your to-be aunt!
- What?- My father's sister has come
Creating problems here
This is worse thanopening Pandora's box!
He won't pick my callnow bug me
Is it that easy to marry me?
Shall I also come with you?
That's exactly why I'm goingthrough all these hassles now
Manickam uncle on the line
Don't pick up his call
Are you having a tough time?
Yes, dear
Pick up the phone
Uncle ji!
Pick it up, damn you!
Yes, bro-in-law
You want me to grace your weddingand you'll perform a funeral at my house!
What do you mean?
Your sister consumed poisonand is rushed to the hospital
If anything happens to hernone of you will be alive
- What, uncle?- 3rd sister drank poison
Cry baby has started her antics
Wonder what she will do next
Don't give any treatment
I need to know one wayor the other or die
Doesn't look likeshe consumed poison
Why did you try to kill yourself?Please treat her
Why will I consume poison?
The girl you promised to marrytried committing suicide
She's on her death-bed
Are you mad?
Why did you do this?
Students easily opt for suicideIs this what you were taught?
I'll clobber you
- Administer first aid, sir- That lady isn't letting us treat her
We've administered first aid
Promise me you will marry her
Otherwise let her die
I can't take her backand look after her
Are you a lunatic?
I'll kill you though you're my akkaIs this the time for melodrama?
Either marry her or take her corpseand throw it away somewhere
What is this, my dear?
Is it our wish to see you like this?
Is my Chellamma a coward?
You don't have any cluewhy I took this decision, right?
Okay, dear
I'll talk to my girlfriend and marry you
'Which room?'
I thought you committed suicideYou've driven our only child to this state
I won't let anyone near her
Call the policeCall the Press
Stop your medication
Why call the Press when I'm here?
No need to call anyone
I'm ready to promise
Take her hand and promise her
Then my daughter won't die
Grandpa had a heart attackHe is in a critical condition
Come, uncle
Aiyaiyo! My father!
Get yourself treatedWe'll discuss this later
- Doctor, attend to her- Quick!
We'll take careYou go, bro
Your father is fineNothing is wrong with him
- I lied- Playing with my father's life?
Then what?
That man says his wifetried to commit suicide
And here the daughter is dying
Obvious her mother hasapplied poison on her lips
Oblivious, you're promising her
How will you faceyour girlfriend?
I agree my sister is quite capable
But Chellamma won't act
Her eyes asked me'Are you planning to kill me?'
Haven't I blundered?
I don't know whyI met Kannukiniyal
- I am to blame for everything- Why do you think this way?
- Who was on the phone?- No one
Who was overhearingour conversation?
She wasn't overhearing
I told her about your strugglesto get everyone's consent
She asked me to record everythingto know what you're going through for her
From when is she hearing?
From when we wentto that cry baby's house
Playing havoc with my life?
That isn't true
Get lost!Don't ever see me again
Uncle, don't get me wrong
Grant me a separation
Aren't you ashamed to say this?
Let me divorce my husband
You're 60 years oldWhy do you need a divorce now?
- Won't you be the laughing stock?- So what?
When he was 50 andwanted a son as his heir...
...wasn't he the laughing stock?
How can you deride him?He's like God to us
You'll rot in hell
Enough, ma, I have facedenough insults in this house
At least now I wantto have peace of mind
Without magnifying this issuegrant me a divorce
How can you talk like this?
Are you creating problems?
You are the oneshurting my daughter and me
Your father was looking fora bride outside our family
Your mother didn't evenask me if I wanted to or not
She told me to marry your father
I buried all my dreams and goals
I married my brother-in-lawonly to make him happy
But God gave me just 1 girl childinstead of blessing me with a son
Such an innocent girlSilent as a saint
I pleaded saying the groomchosen for her doesn't seem desirable
He claimed the groomwas from a decent family
Within 2 years of marriagethat drunkard made my daughter a widow
Just because she stubbornly refusedto remarry, you abandoned her completely
When even at 65-70a companion is needed...
...did you think of the feelingsof a 25 year old?
You praised my granddaughter Andal
You nurtured hopes in herof being the daughter-in-law
To save the cost of payingfor a servant...
...haven't you been treatingAndal as a glorified maid?
Enough of this torture
I'll take care of my daughterand granddaughter
Ma...waitWhere are you going?
- Let me go- Let's talk it over
Let her go
Listen to me
- Wait, ma- Don't stop her
'You madcap!Are you still thinking of him?'
I need to talk to you, my dear lad
- Shall I come tomorrow?- I'll prefer if you can come today
I'll be there
- Please come- 'Vanakkam'
However angry you may behow can you be so rude?
Good morning
- Serve them coffee- Okay, dear
This is my younger sister
She's the one your fatherpromised to marry
She's vehement I shouldn'ttake you as my son-in-law
We conduct our functions usuallyon the full moon day in April
So this wedding has to take placeon that auspicious day
I heard your family members are alsonot seeing eye to eye on this alliance
My wife's brothersare on a warpath
We have just 30 days left
How can you think of suicide?
What if it had turned fatal?
Why are we here as your aunts?
Will we let some strangermarry your uncle?
- As if we will- Listen, child
Only you will marry our brother
No one can change this
Will you all just keep quiet?
What do you all think of yourselves?
You claimed my uncle will marry meright from my childhood
Have you come to console me now?
- I don't want to get married- Why show your anger on the flower pots?
- Get lost!- Are you mad or what?
She is in a mad furyLet her be
Let her vent it out
If anyone tries to pair upa boy and girl in their childhood
...my slippers will speak!
What is happening, huh?
Can Manickam's daughterresort to suicide?
Your brother lied sayinghis father is unwell
...went and fixed the wedding date!
This is disgustingI don't know why I'm alive!
Won't the 3 of us find a wellto jump into and die?
Wells are dry nowadays
Oleander seeds will beour next option
- What is the time, Safari?- 10 o' clock
10+2 hours from nowif we commit suicide
Let a crowd gather to grieve here
Is it some circus trick?
You bet, watch my circus act
He bought 'the stuff' just beforehis daughter was discharged
It's quite a feat to findthe right shop in the city
How does he getsuch easy access to liquor?
You have your own problem
This is the problem ofentire Tamil Nadu, I say
Co-brother-in-lawPlease come out
Whatever it islet's discuss it
I can see your love for your niecebrimming and bubbling!
What did all of you doall this while?
You think I didn't know you saidhe could marry outside our family
What is it?
- Some snack I ate- I'll call back
This husband of the spy squad!
He will always act busy
Kindly don't malign me
Listen, anyway I intend to die
Before that can I share the feelingsI've bottled up for decades?
- Tell me, bro- Please stop wearing this Safari suit
It's unbearable
At least will you attend my funeralattired in a traditional 'veshti'
- Brother-in-law?- What?
Don't talk like a broken record, go inside
Spy-chief, shut up!
He will brew some more trouble now!
Will you stop being negative?
'Adding fuel to the fire!'
What is this?What are you doing?
Why did you bring kerosene now?
Turning on the motor?
- What happened?- All of you are in a tearing hurry
I'll die right here
Oh my goodness!
Give our 'safari' bro the moneyto arrange my funeral rites
- Don't do this, uncle- Allow me to die
- Stop this- I have to die now
- Thamarai, its risky- Death is beckoning me
Safari, he's looking for the matches
Grab the matchbox from him
Are you trying to take usalong with you?
Aiyaiyo! Save yourselves
Where's the water?
Pour it on my fatherNot on you
Selfish buffalo!Give it to me
Pour water on him
He was about to kill all of us
What a horrible family!
Go to hell
Leave me out of this
Dont, co-bro-in-law
'- What, akka?- Do you have power in your house?'
Who is she?
To step into our houseand boss over us
Wait...please listen to me
Your own family has 2 factionsregarding your brother's bride
That's the biggest hassle here
A family can indulge in politics
But can there be politics in a family?
Let him choose Chellamma or Andal
But that soda-girl can't butt in
'Our brother should marryonly one of our daughters'
Please dont do this
Can I have some more porridge?
'Glutton of a fellow!'
You've befriended Gunasingam it seems
The boys told meI didn't believe them
Yes, uncle, it's 100% true
I don't like him, dear
But I like him very much, uncle
Delete him from your mind
Doesn't augur well for himnor is it good for you
I know to decide my life
I must trample his temerity
I must wipe out his wealth
Only then he should die a slow death
Sorry, dear, I misunderstood younot aware of your situation
Angry with me?
Nothing, I just feel so lonely
You don't sound yourself
Wow! You know my moodgauging my voice, huh?
One glance from youI can tell if you are happy or sad
I want to see you right now
Is that so?
Now close your eyes
In our bedroom
After a hard day's workyou are eagerly waiting for me
I take a refreshing shower
I come and lie down next to youin your favorite pink nighty
I hug you real tight
I kiss you on your forehead
On your eyelids
Then your lips
My precious princessI want to bring you home very soon
In all your silken finerymake you mine as my wife
I feel like starting my lifewith you right now, dear
"Come to me, my dear shrewI'll tame you and win over you"
"Like a cat on a hot tin roof, darlingI'm waiting to follow you, drooling"
"My dear wildcat, come to meI'll win over you desirously"
"Like a cat protecting her kittenI want to follow you, totally smitten"
"If you go away from me, honeymy heart beats lub-dub horny"
"Even this landlord's words, honeystutter and stammer in agony"
"Say 'yes' to stick to me, sweetie"
"Come to me, my sensuous shrewI'll tame you and win over you"
"Like a confused cat excited and arousedI'm yearning to follow you as your spouse"
"Like a drum beat my heart tooonly you tap a rhythm of love true"
"I pick the tempo and sing for youYou arch my neck and kiss my throat too"
"The whole town looks up to meas if I am worship-worthy"
"One look at you, I wonder whyI stand stranded mid-road on a high"
"I swear on God, it's trueI don't want to live without you"
"I am not kidding, my dearCome near to whisper in my ear"
"What happened in my mind, crystal clear?"
"My dear wildcat, come to meI'll win over you rapturously"
"Like a cat protecting her kittenI want to follow you, totally smitten"
"If you go away from me, honeymy heart beats lub-dub horny"
"Even this landlord's words stutter in agony"
"Say 'yes' to stick to me, sweetie"
"Come to me, o' beloved shrewI'll tame you and win over you"
"Like a cat on a hot tin roof, darlingI'm waiting to follow you, drooling"
They have destroyedall our banana trees, sir
Completely decimated them to the ground
Aiyo! God help us!
How could anyone do this to us?
Wretched scumbags
Clear everything and use it as manure
Our son sees thishe will be heartbroken
He won't be able to bear this
Both our bulls are lying lifelessfoaming in their mouths
They were like his own brothers
They destroyed everything
Will he be able to handle this?
Heartless brutes!
We treated them like our own children
How could they do this?
What happened?
What happened tomy Ram and Lakshman?
Don't go andsee that sight
You can't handle it
- What happened, pa?- Don't go...please
Well seek our revenge
- Let me see them just once- No need, son
We'll retaliateAvenge their death
We buried them in our fields
Look how desolate this place is
'They used to win all the races'
5000 banana trees, 2 bullsyou reared with loads of love
Imagine everything being wiped out
Whoever it iswill be heartbroken
What is it, sir?
Such a huge tragedy in your house
The family hasn't united?Did someone drive a wedge?
Mourning, huh?
You made me chopall the mesquite trees, eh?
My boys who felt terriblewatching me do so
May be they killed your bullsand razed your plantation
I should have killed you right then
Let go of me
I'll close your chapter one day
What did my poor bulls do to you?
Ask them not to restrain me, pa
Gunasingam, listen to me
I'll kill your entire family
Take him inside
I won't spare you
What the hell?Just trees after all
I would have killed himif bro had ordered
He will order that too!
Hey! Gunasingam
- Run for your life- Let's escape
You've come over to our sideThen why sulk like this?
Can you get a better groomthan Kodiyarasu?
Let this party-meeting get overWatch his realm of influence!
I'll always be your pillar of strength
Whatever help you needyou can ask without hesitating
Your brother-in-law has deceived youpretending to be good
He needs a good lesson to be taught
Don't feel badhe isn't your son-in-law
I will marry her
Will you consent?
Share your opinioninstead of snoring
What is there to think in this?We didn't initiate this
He made the moveThen why hesitate?
Only then Gunasingam will pipe down
I agree wholeheartedly
- We'll do as you say- A decision well made!
Come back home with me
It is just not the same without you
I was waiting for youto come back of your own accord
Let's go home
It never occurred to you tocome home even after all this debacle?
Come, ma
Hey Andal
Have you also joined with them?
You won't talk?
You won't talk to me?
What is amma saying?
Did I treat her like a servant?
Look at me now
I'm talking to you
You always support me
How can you be like this?
I'll leave if you say'Get out, you mongrel!'
Don't be like this, akka
You don't even want tolook at my face?
Go now, one day you'll comeyearning for my love and affection
I won't be here if I thoughtI was just your nephew
We've been childhood friends
That's why I came
So many weird happenings
Parisutham has changed sides
He's trying many waysto stop your marriage
They are planning to get Chellammamarried to Kodiyarasu
You have fixed a groom for Chellamma
That lowlife!
He's the groomSo what?
That murderer is my niece's fiance, huh?
Don't make me furiousI'll kill all of you
I'll get my daughter marriedto whomever I like
Have you gone mad?
You found yourself a bride, right?
Won't a groom offerto marry my daughter?
- Go- What is this, akka?
Who are you to decidemy daughter's groom?
She's the apple of our eyes, akka
Don't ruin her lifebecause you're mad at me
I am glad you areso concerned about her
But fate decides her life, right?
You go and marrythat soda bottle female
Chellamma, waitI'm talking to you
Do you know what's happening here?
He is a drunkard, they aregetting you married to a murderer
Do you think I'll allow this?
Don't worryLet's go home
- Come home- Who are you to drag her?
Are you deaf or what?
You chose your life, right?
- Get lost!- I can't go away like that
He's dragging my daughterAnd you're watching silently
As her parents, won't we care?
I can't do thatI am your uncle
I'm restraining myselfbecause you're my brother-in-law
- Come away, uncle- Leave her alone
Let me see how he conducts the wedding
I won't let this happenas long as I'm alive
Im curbing all the cuss words!
- Have they shut shop?- You'll get it, rear side
Uncle, you said you would rather resortto murder but you'll never drink
Yes, I said so
Padmavathy akka's husband diedbecause he was an alcoholic
That's why I took that vow
They insulted me too much
They said liquor will numb the pain
But it pains all the more now
Our family was so happy and united
Today our house is shrouded in sadness
Let it go, one daythey will also cry in misery
She blames me for everything
This is why we shouldn't heaploads of love on anyone
Either we will be hurt severely
Or we will end up hurting someone
This is exactly whyI don't get too fond of anyone
No one will be fond of me either
Then aren't you fond of me?
Uncle, let's go inside
That's a templeI won't step in
Nowadays temple isthe hub of all activities!
Ill be with Ram and Lakshman here
- I'll sleep here- Uncle, come in
'Get up, uncle'
I never thought I'll seemy son in this pathetic state
- 'Get up, uncle'- I am scared
Assemble the whole family heretomorrow morning
We'll decide once for all
Hey Rani, will you take me there or not?
Grandma, won't you listen?
I don't want you to go there
I have to go today
I've been waiting for this day
Iniya, wait in the car
I'll go and talk to them
Okay, pa
Vanavan Madevi
Coming, dear
What would you like to eat?
- Nothing, thank you- 'Vanakkam'
You must be confusedwhy I barged in like this
I didn't have an option
When Iniya was returning from college4 boys have created a ruckus yesterday
She somehow tackled them
I found out they weremy brother-in-law's goons
My daughter is my whole world
I want to entrust her to you safely
I want to know your opinion
To marry 1 of his granddaughtersmy father has called us over
Let me see how he gets married
Why should you be bothered?
You keep quietI'll handle this
They are arriving now
Please stay in hereI'll be back
Why did father all us now?
I've reachedI'll keep you posted
WelcomeCome in, all of you
Come in, son-in-lawBe seated
Can we sit here and talk?Cool and breezy here
Malli 'mappilai'Come and sit down
You be seated
I'll wait hereSit, it seems!
Why have you madeeveryone sit outside, pa?
Just wanted to enjoy the fresh air
Come and sit
I have taken a decision
I am also ageing
I'm planning to share my wealthbetween my 5 daughters
That's why I called all of you
Accountant, bring me all the documents
My first born-queen MangammaTell me what you want?
Appa, why all this now?
You like the Kazhani house, right?
You take it
Velunachiya, what do you want?
I don't want anything, pa
Your father has some hidden agenda
Ask him what the hitch is
1st ask what he is giving his son
What are you giving your son?
I asked if he wants propertyor the girl he loves?
He's saying he can earn
You've agreed to him marryingthat girl, 1st tell us that
Let him marry
Hey, listen carefully
You will not get a nayapaisafrom my property
Then it means we are eyeingyour wealth, right?
Not like that, dear
It is my duty tosettle you in life
Why all of a sudden?
Everything is happening suddenly
What can be done if somethinguntoward happens to me suddenly?
Shhh! Get lost
If he was penniless, will so manycome forward to make him their son-in-law?
It's all because of money
So if I get rid of that wretched wealth,the problem is solved, right?
You think we wanted your sonbecause of your wealth?
Not due to family ties or affection
Did we want this alliancefor his good heart or his money?
Why are you talking like this?
Don't I know your affection?
- Heard the sarcasm?- Keep quiet, uncle
Girls, don't you stillunderstand your father?
He will fix a price, distribute his wealthand then get his son married
He has made you all sit out here
He has made the girl's fathersit inside to spy on us
And that gentleman toois eavesdropping on this discussion
- I thought so- Is this the 'fresh air' you like?
Look how much he respects us, sir
1st day is feast ona banana leaf
Next day a hand-made leaf,then just a handful
4th day on the floor
Is this the time for proverbs?
- Let's go- Wait, uncle
Why do you nit-pickwith an acid tongue?
I'm nit picking, huh?
Old member is no longer neededThe new guest is family!
Are father and son insulting me?
I did not ask him to come
He came suddenlyof his own accord
To discuss an alliance
You can even call me 'da'if I enter this house again
Did you hear that?All the sisters have assembled
'Problem is just brewing'
My Thekkadi lineage is not so cheap
Don't go, uncle
If you are coming, come right away
Or choose your parents over me
If you leavewhy should I stay behind?
If you knot up problemshow can we solve this?
I knot everythingWho are you to talk to me?
What did you say?
Think back
Look how everyone isbutting in to mediate
Are you showing off your favors?
Yes, you can-
Hey, did you hear that?How well we are respected?
If you can cut your ties todaycome with me
Send your sacred thread with someone
Why are you cutting all ties?
Why do I need any bond after this?
I have no ties with this family
I won't attend even a funeral here
'Shut up!'
Very happy
People who don't want tounderstand me, please leave
If akka is furiouswhy do you make it worse?
The relationship betweenmy family and yours has ended
If my husband dies,you'll give a sari for the last rites
Give that to me now
You'll attend the funeralsaying you are my father
He will come as my brother
Give me the sari nowI'll walk out of your life
Instead of burning with animosityfuneral pyre is better
Don't talk emotionally
Go in, get a sari andfling it on her face
This is how much you love us?
This isn't how our family usually is
Someone is instigating all thisPlease don't lose your temper
Akka, stop this nonsense
- Go bring the sari- 'Be patient, akka'
- What is this, dear?- Otherwise you leave
Amma, wait, don't go
'You heard what he said?'
Don't do this
Will we also face this same fate?
Your action is unjust to say the least
- Big blunder- Yes, dear
You are right
Pretending to be righteousyou're ruining our togetherness
Only the 4 sons-in-laware from different wombs
So they behave differently
The four of you are born to the same mother
How are you so different?
We wanted a sononly to stand by you
When he is in trouble,none of you stood by him
Like our bulls and banana trees
...everything has been destroyed
The whole town enquired
But none of you bothered to visit us
He who makes everyone gladthe world loves to watch him sad
But I don't want my son to be unhappy
I'll create a ruckus in Gunasingam's houseI'll deal with the repercussions
The other day I wasthe one who told him
If 1 of your sisters or brothers-in-laware absent, this wedding won't take place
Where are you going?Sit in the car
Whether you attend and blessor you don't show your face...
...he will still get married
Give that to me
Only his happiness matters to me
All of you forgive me
I don't want you to fight
I don't want to ruin your unity
Your daughter can marry your brother
I don't want to be the causefor a feud in your family
- It's warming up- Strike now
Giving a sari for her as a widowAll this is taking an ugly turn
What is ugly?Who are you in the first place?
Don't lose your coolPlease be calm
Don't talk without any sense
Who is talking nonsense, da?
Don't you treatmy father with scant respect
Bro-in-law, be respectful
- Trying to hit me?- What is this, machan?
Who is arguingwith my brother-in-law?
How dare you raise your hand?
[overlap of angry voices]
Get out!
Clear out, you'll get it from me
Enough of your actGet out of here
I walked in as a guestYou dare hit me?!
I'll bash you
Don't fight, all of youLet's talk and sort it out
He's enacting this dramato get his daughter married
- You're adding insult to injury- Stop it!
How can even you not understand?Please listen, akka
You insulted my father who camewith good intentions, you owe me an answer
All of you kindly leave
All of you clear out
"Stalk of paddy, with name and fameWho made you lower your head in shame?"
"Dilemma or in a quandaryKick it with a glance cursory"
"Stalk of paddy, in awe and admirationWho made your head bow in humiliation?"
"Crisis or commotionT(h)rash it without hesitation"
"O' soul, cruel words how can you utterto hurt and scar my heart forever?"
"A home we built with love in earnestHow can a tempest strike our nest?"
"Fate deals bad cards hard to cope"
"It's all in the game, dont lose hope"
"Stalk of paddy, with dignity and devotionWho made your head bow in humiliation?"
"Dilemma or in a quandaryKick it with a glance cursory"
"In the comfort of mothers lap asleepno hassles to hem in head-deep"
"In the warmth of fathers sustenancethe sky is within reach in our hands"
"Even when we walked on a muddy streetwe were clean without dirt on our feet"
"Like a scratch on a mirrorwe shattered as shards on the floor"
"In the winter of our life, agedness"
"We lose our way, blurred in bleakness"
"Stalk of paddy, with name and fameWho made you lower your head in shame?"
"Crisis or commotionT(h)rash it without hesitation"
Grandma, will you do me a favor?
Tell me what I should do, dear?
'Till date I've never askedany of you for anything'
I have reached 90 now
If you perform a ritualin the temple for my well being
I will die in peace
I am not a mini busto comply to all your wishes
In a single day's downpouryou have all dissolved like sugar
I carried 6 in my womband I gave birth to 2
I didn't nurse you,that's the only difference
'There is no oneeven to comfort me'
Who will step into that house?
It can be held in a templeor some common venue
Nachiyar, if you set your mind to itonly you can unite this family
My youngest, if you don'tvisit me when I am alive
...if you lament loudlyand garland me as a corpse
...will I even be aware of your grief?
'Please change the seat in your bike'
'Throwing me up and downmy bones are all rattling'
What happened?Did they all agree to attend?
Even rain will bless grandma
As if my sisters won't?
If they go up,they have to come down
- Grandma, get ready- For what?
- Your mother's function- I'm not coming
How many temples G-grandma hasvisited for our well-being
Shouldn't we cheerfully attend?
I am not coming
Leave me aloneI am not coming
- The bouncer is here- Akka
- Hello uncle- Welcome, little ones
- Welcome, uncle- My darling pet
WelcomePlease come
Tipper is here
- Welcome- How are you?
I am fineYou walked away too
- Velunachi- Yes, Kodi
He's pretending he got a call
'Everything is in placeas per our plan'
No one should be alive in this family
We end all the insults I faced
Tell me
'Why is the mini bus slowing down?'
What happened?
I am respected in this villagefor my lineage
I can't sacrifice itfor the feast served here
They have invited all kinds of stray dogs!
Oh! My dear
- Wait, listen to me- I can't give up my dignity
Why is the mini busmaking an U-turn?
Welcome, sister
Welcome, dear
Please come
Welcome, sister
Welcome, uncle
Please come
Uncle and aunt
'Why is he on a war path?'
Please come
'He is the only manwho will walk in uninvited'
Greetings, brother
Brother, they have plannedto cause a commotion
And kill you
Is it so?How many of them?
Only they know the plan
Be on your guardwith your brothers-in-law
All their palms havebeen greased, be alert
I shall take leave
Why do you give himthe respect he doesn't deserve?
Will he be the only one to spy on us?
Even I have set up spies inthe enemy camp, he's one of us
We can handle it
Bless you, my dear
Wish you happiness
Oh God!
You're the eldest in our family, bless me
May you always be happy
Sister, your turn
You are bearing a cross, dear
It isn't an easy burden to carry
Your good heart willalways keep you happy
My blessings for youto be happily married
We are all here
Those who graced this occasionplease stay for the feast
Why do you sulk and look grimlike you are a stranger?
If you are angry, yell at him
Don't hoard ill feelings
Even fire has to extinguish
Please eat, dear
I am being magnanimousbecause I'm your son-in-law
Don't wash dirty linen here
All you have is a big fat egoand false prestige, uncle
You think you're some fierce tiger
Yes, da
I am a fierce tigerSo what?
If you're angryunleash it, my dear
Anger is like garbage
Am I angry?
Can I just ask 1 question?
How is that girl superior to my daughter?
Are you provoking me?
- Keep quiet- Don't you have any brains?
He is the main culpritHow can you go and talk to him?
Pretending to be innocentand standing quietly
He must have hidden his father-in-lawsomewhere here, let's go
- What an act claiming to love me- Shut up, ma
Hey! Let go of me
- Sister, listen- Hear me out
I'll get my daughter married tomorrow
If you attend claiming to be her uncleto participate in the function
No tears, you'll seemy true colors
We worshipped youas our only brother
You broke all tieslike a mud pot
Whenever we had a family function
...all 5 of us looked forwardto being together
Catching up on our livesAll that has turned sour
Now no one even makes eye contact
You ruined our happiness,for the sake of a stranger
What makes her so sweet and special?
Even now you're unable to reject herand agree to marrying your niece?
- He has no contact with her- Then why is she still unmarried?
As if we don't know your strategy
You'll rock the cradleand pinch the child!
Hold this, motherCan I tell you something?
Listen to me properly
We are in a temple
Touch your heartand tell me
Has my son never been a loving brother?
Because your husband is unemployed
...he's paying interest for2 mini buses he bought for him
He bought 2 tipper lorries on loanfor his younger brother-in-law too
Paying monthly interest
Didn't he educate your children?
My son has deposited money in the bankfor the wedding of your 3 daughters!
Was he ever stingywith his trousseaux?
For Deepavali, temple festivaleven every single birthday of-
If you pinpoint what we didit is best left undone
Let my sister get the angerout of her system
I'm not pinpointingI'm pricking their memory lapse
Instead of one of my granddaughters...
...will I bring some girlas my daughter-in-law?
He is an extrovert who goes outHe talks to people in a friendly manner
He may have likedher face or her character
Burying my dreams deep inside...
I wanted to discharge my dutyas his mother in a proper manner
How do you have the heart to beso cold and callous to malign my son?
More than you and me regrettingyou didn't have a son...
...my son has been so remorseful
More than your husbandwalking up and down hospital steps
...he took you to so many hospitalslooking up to you as his beloved sister
Not wanting you toregret being childless
...he stayed in your houseirrespective of any inconveniences
To top it all
He wanted to be your son, to performyour last rites, when you pass away
Are you spoiling the wedding of this sonwho wanted to be a son to you?
No one will tolerate this
Even God won't tolerate this
Hello...are you there?What's happening?
None of you understood his good heart
Our family deity!
Even if we wash your feetand drink that water
...better sense won't prevail for us
Am I your mother?
Is my husband your father?
You have built a palacefor us in your heart
How cruel of meto break your heart
That isn't true, akka
- Please forgive us- There's nothing to forgive
Is this why you were angry?
Unable to vent it outyou had long faces and turned away?
Scold me, akka
You have every right
You can even beat me up
I will accept whatever my sisters do
But please don't ignore me and walk away
I cannot bear that indifference
Whatever you are doingstems out of affection
Whatever I'm doingis also out of love
What are you blaming me for now?
I didn't choose one of my niecesas my wife, right?
All of you always tell mehow you showered love on me
The way my sisters cared for me...
...I showered the same loveon my nieces
You deposited them as babies onmy lap, made me sing lullabies
Did you bring me upto treat them as my fiancee?
If I hadn't always been with themI might have fallen in love
After cherishing them so muchI can't help treating them as my sisters
When I hug and look at their facesI can only see my sister and mother
How can I think of her as my wife?
If I marry herjust to satisfy your whim
...won't both our lives be ruined?
In order not to hurt my sister
And sever the uncle-niece bond...
...a teenager was marriedto her 40 year old uncle
Aren't we seeing how she isstruggling in life with a child today?
If I marry Andal,I'll be hurting Chellamma
Andal will be hurtif I marry Chellamma
To avoid that, I felt my brideshould be outside family ties
A girl walked into my lifeBoth of us liked each other
I thought it was God's willand informed all of you
But if you sever blood ties?
You decide now
You want me tomarry Andal, I will
Or marry Chellamma?
Or both?Whatever you decide
Bigamy is not new to our family
Whatever all of you decideI will comply
I don't want my family to drift apart
I don't want to wound any of you
So many of our men are happymarrying their nieces
Don't worry on that count
'I don't want to marry my uncle'
I don't like each of your traits separatelyYour smile, speech or attitude
I love my uncle as an entity
I want you to be my uncletill the end, not my husband
Considering the fact Andalis a fatherless child...
...we shall unanimously agreeAndal will be his wife
Do you want to marry me, uncle?
I'll marry you, dear
Will you be happy?
I'll try my best
I'll make sure you are happy
My dear uncle
Do you know to cry too?
We have never seen you cry
You are forever bubblybrimming with laughter
We have seen our dear uncleeven act like a clown
How could we have hurt youlike this and made you cry
'Don't cry, my dear'
He is our wealth
'I will get him marriedto the girl he loves'
If anyone dares to oppose this...
'...I won't hesitateto chop them to pieces'
'Uncle, she wants youto marry her right now'
I came here only becauseshe asked me to come
My father won't consent
Don't worry, dear
My uncles hold a vengeful rage against you
Sometimes the situation straightens itself
I shall talk to your father
Be brave, dear
We treated you as our family member
Kodiyarasu is threateningto kill my family
I have no choice
All guests, family and friendsplease sit down
- Sit...sit- Sit down
Check if any strangeris seated next to you
Nab him
[overlap of angry voices]
'Raghu, what's happening?
Aren't you ashamedof stabbing behind our back?
If you are man enough,stand face to face with my son
- Come on- Coming, bro
We must finish him off today
Ask them to follow us
Son, escort this girl homesafe and sound
'Your father asked meif I'm man enough'
'I have come to prove that'
You think only you cankidnap my niece?
Can't I return that favor?
You can kidnap only 1 girl
I have kidnapped both your nieces
Not 2, bro
You didn't spare even the child?
Leave her with meand take all 3 nieces
Get down, dear
Hello, my dear nieces
- Are you scared?- Whaaat?
When our uncle is here,why should we be scared?
My dear uncleFight with all your might
It's ages since we saw you fight
Hey you drug addict!
Bandana bandit!
- Both of you come out- Why?
You have to weigh minimum 50 kgto withstand my wrist-power
Both of you are underweight
Come on
Is there a farmer in your midst?
- Come this side- Why?
The farmers' livelihoodhas been trampled
Why should I add to your trauma?
We can't beat upour own clan, that's why
- Hey, where are you going?- Birds of the same feather!
'Punch them to a pulp, partner'
Anyone with health issueslike blood pressure, diabetes, weak heart?
If yes, come this side
- I have- So do I
With all the farming 24x7...
...my hands are rough & tough
With the blows I dish out now-
Go on
Blast them, uncle
"Bulls of Tamil Nadu powerfulStrong, robust and formidable"
"Bulls of Tamil Nadu powerfulWithout a worry is Sevalai bull"
"With vigor he will thrustWithout fear he will butt"
Soooper, uncle
"This bull will threaten the bravest hereAttack and assault without fear"
"Their speed will amaze one and allWill place our village on a pedestal"
You killed my bullswho were like siblings to me
"Bulls of Tamil Nadu powerfulStrong, robust and formidable"
"With vigor he will thrustWithout fear he will butt"
'Perunazhi Gunasingam [farmer]'
My dearest uncleis getting married today
'Come on, son-in-law'
'What is this?'
Will we be reborn withthe same set of relatives?
Affinity is better than animosity
Come forward, uncle
World's 8th wonder!'
'Mini bus and tipper lorry are com-plying'
I can also walk up and down
Smart ass!
The floor may get worn outSlow down in your pacing
Bless Iniyal with a safe deliveryand healthy baby, Lord'
Father, I have an angel of a daughter
In the form of Goddess Lakshmi
Our mother gave birth to4 girl babies and finally 1 son
- Won't he be blessed with a son next?- We went in for family planning
- Why?- Birth control, huh?
What are you saying?
Don't you want a son?
Why differentiatea boy and a girl?
It is how you bring upthe child that counts
Who would want more than this angel?Girls will be in demand now
Well said!
Do I have to bring you up too?
- Smile...everybody- All is well that ends well!