Kadaisi Bench Karthi (2017) Movie Script

Hello is not my name. I have a name.
It is Kotta Pakku Babu. What do you want?
He speaks too much....
How do I go to Principal's room
Look over there.
K P Babu !
Are you a peon?
Yeah! What is the doubt?
Good Morning Sir.
Good Morning.
Karthi?.... Yes Sir.
Mmmm.... Kotta Pakku Babu
You spoke so much. See how I fix you.
Ha... Thats the idea... Mmmmmm
I don't like to advise. See
that there are no complaints.
Sir, One minute Sir.
Only if you are fine;
teachers will be fine.
Only if teachers are fine;
we students will be fine
Only if we are fine; this
college itself will be fine.
I tell this now because,
those 3 files over there..
Only the top file has been
cleaned, not the bottom 2 files
It is full of dust. A/c is over there.
If the dust from the A/c
goes into your nose!?
Ok, leave it. The bubble top over there..
I think the peon is not
cleaning it properly.
If you drink that unclean water and......
Your anger is justified.
Please don't take severe action on KP Babu.
Hey! Who is that?
Sir that funny guy... Your peon sir.
New student. Leave him in the class and
come and meet me.
Why is he shouting? Did
this boy tell tales?
K P Babu....
New student; sent by the Principal.
I am leaving.
Hello Sir. 'What is your name?" "Karthi"
Introduce yourself.
Hi friends, my name is Karthi...
Thats all for now
Sit in the first bench.
I don't want front bench.
I'll take the last bench
Principal said you are a good student.
Then why are you asking for last bench?
Who told you last bench
students don't study well?
If I sit in the front bench,
I will have a feel of
being watched by someone.
If I decide to sit in the middle,
I'll be watching the romance
of others around me.
If I sit in the last bench, my
entire focus will be only on you.
To listen to the class, last
bench is the right choice
I've been teaching for so long.
No one clapped for me!
Whenever you teach, we sleep.
Who is that??
You made a small boy advise me.
If you had done your work properly,
will he advise me?
Work properly, Ccean properly.. Buffalo!
Sir!... Ah! Come K P Babu!
I am sorry. I am not Kottai or Pakku..
Just Babu
I'm only talkative. Don't
jilt my job please..
Ok. Ok. Just go...
Hi, I'm Ramesh, David,
Hans, Vinod, Karthi..
Hi, I'm Ramya
Sorry. I don't maintain
friendship with girs.
May I know the reason?
Brother, what is your name? Ramesh
Ramesh and me are friends.
We are going to Besant Nagar on a bike.
We see a super Aunty.
We share the comment.
Machan, Aunty is super...
If we go forward, we
will see a super figure.
We will share the comment
'Machan, figure is superb!
Ok. Leave that. At midnight,
I have some problem.
I am not able to sleep.
I can go to his house, have a quarter,
cry on his shoulder;
feel consoled and sleep.
Can you do that?
If I lie on your shoulder
I won't slepp; only sigh..
I don't believe in seeing
girls, telling hello,
and loafing about with them.
Super! Super Karthi!
Hi Karthi, Call for you!
To speak to me, ask them to call my number
Don't know the number.
Why should I speak to someone
who doesn't know my number
Hi Karthi
He is not an ordinary man. He is Love Guru.
Loveology consultant.
He is the recharger for
the lovers who are dull.
He is the top up for guys
who can't pick up girls.
He is the rate cutter for lovers with tiff.
Giving voice tips in WhatsApp
is his main social service.
Actually, he is a fighter for Love.
Why this over build up for him???
Let us see.
Where da? Wait Machan.
Hi, I am Love Guru.
Mr Karthi, this Wifi centre,
Snooker club, Billiards club
are all mine.
I started this Wifi centre
to get a nice wife.
Did you get?
How will I get one hereafter?
My leader will never despair.
Why don't you say I am shameless too?
What is the use of sim card,
when the phone doesm't charge?
Hey! My leader has power bank.
Hey. He says there is no
power and you talk of bank?
Mr Krthi, I just heard
the hot breaking news.
Principal, Last bench deal,
Girl's friendship...
I heard you are rocking...
90% of the girls ask whether
you have 3 or 4 sims.
But boys, use only a single sim.
Whatever else they spend for
they spend money to recharge for girls.
You are the guy to change and save them.
Put your right leg forward and come in.
Haaa Nithiya has come....
Run da run.
Love Guru, What happened?
30 gms of Typhoid, 20 gms of Malaria
Adequate quantity of
Piles blended in a mixie
like they say in cookery program,
the Doctor has told me. That's why I am sad
Did Ramesh, Vinod, or David come here?
There is no one like that here.
So, can I start now?
That is just what I need now.
Please go ma...
Love Guru, they gave so much of build up.
Seeing her you guys are running??
You don't know the matter.
It is a blood story.
Ahhhhhh Ahhhhh
Love Guru, If I tell the matter
beforehand, there will be no thrill.
I have faith that you will come.. O Sure!
Once it is over, both of us will be happy.
Ahhhh Nithiya..... Ahhhhhhh
Only I am coming at the right time.
They are coming here like ants....
Hey Bala, You too??
How come you are here? Who told you all?
Who asked you all to come?
Hey Bala, you are a green kid..
But I am a boy.
For this, you have worn trousers?
O! leave it leader!
Dont't remove it here!
Why has she called everyone?
Maybe, like 12 numbers in
a clock, 5 more may come!
Thank you all so much for coming here.
She looks like Goddess Mahalaxmi,
but thinks like a viral video!
I'm forty, but haven't seen anything.
I'm first
Guru! All the best!
Ahhh! Safety! Safety!
What? Is it HIV checkup?
Nithiya, what is all this?
We have to take your blood safely.
Me first, da...
Let them also suffer like me. Ha!
Coming in a queue like ration shop line?
Go.. a lot awaits you all!
Come Leader! how was it?
I saw the 8th wonder at the age of 40.
Like cucumber on a sunny day.
Go, go.... next you....
How was it?? Mmmmm!!
Please come in..
Did you all get nicely? We
have to share joy and sorrow!
If you give blood like this every
month, it is good for you and others.
This is why you gave that
modulation, is it..? Go..
Now do you know Karthi,
why we ran like that?
I understand..
Hey ! come here.
Wait, I'll eat briyani and come...
Hey, Nellore, what happened?
You scratch your neck when you see girls.
Just to show I am Pavan Kalyan's fan.
Oh! Manavadu feeling...
Chittor, you were Ok. Do you have a cold?
When he is Pavan Kalyan's fan...
I 'm Mahesh Kalyan's fan
Oh.. Andhra competition is going on..
Is it?
Who is giving you missed call?
Hello, Tell me dear, I'll do it right now..
Boss. please recharge my
Ammu's number for Rs.100
Dei, do you have Rs.20 for samosa?
Who is giving missed call again?
Tell me Bujji. Received balance? Ok dear.
First, she didn't have balance,
so she gave a missed call. ok
You recahrged for Rs.100.
Who is she talking to?
To talk to me.. You are the
right person for these misers..
If you just drop it from
above and close your eyes
do you think I'll catch it
and give, like in movies?
That's why I waited for you
to open your eys.
Now you can see it.
Is he a human? Are there people like this?
Why do you keep thinking about him?
In college, these things happen.
Don't take it to heart.
Here, first drink milk.
No Dad. He came like a Hero and
caught what slipped from my hands.
He broke it like a villian pa.
Don't break this in anger.
What is the punishment given
in your court to such people?
Your daughter is asking. Tell her.
You are a judge, Isn't it?
Look here, in India, we never give the
verdict immediately for any case.
So, I don't wish to change the tradition.
Where is Chitoor. Can't see him?
Even I haven't seen him.
Karthi! Karthi! Save me!
Hey, Here he is.
What happened? Did someone beat you?
They will beat hereafter.
Hey. Tell me.
He is asking. C'mon tell.
Do you still have a doubt?
Meera, b'coz of your name
I use only Meera shampoo
B'coz you ride a Scooty,
even I ride a Scooty.
B'coz you wake up at 10,
I also wake up at 10
B'coz you drink green tea,
even I'm getting used to it.
B'coz you like red dress,
I also maintain that.
I do something every month.
Will you do that too?
I go to temple and do charity. Will you do?
Ok Meera. I'll also do that.
Please accept my love. I love you!
If the 5th guy in the 4th
row, sitting opposite
to Tiruvatriyur Mariamman
Temple says, I'll agree.
They are all beggars, Meera.
My boyfriend is also doing the same work.
If Principal says Ok, I'll love you.
There are so many technologies,
still you give a rose?
Look at him..
If I use technology, a
witness will be recorded.
He tells his love without a witness.
There is no witness;
then why are you tense?
There were two side dishes with her.
Karthi, My Dad is a type who
will murder me for prestige.
If you finish this without a
problem, I'll give a party
Party? Karthi will take
care of your problem.
I'll tell you how to give party. Come..
Hey, Karthi is coming. Don't talk anything.
Karthi, Don't interefere in this
I'm not interfering. I'll
just speak a few words.
Speaking few words mean interfering.
First, we should deal with this girl.
What did he say? Just that he loves you.
If you don't like, just scold him.
Slipper him or spit on him.
Boys are ready to accept all this.
Only in this age we can do such things.
We can't do all this
at the advising age
Think well.
If a girl like you says
'I love you to a boy
He will only feel if he can't love you;
and not complain like this.
You say 'men and women are equal, but
in this matter alone... ?
Why is it you don't have
broad mind like us?
Shall I tell you something?
Only if a boy eyes you,
you are a super figure.
Otherwise you are a dull figure.
Oh! Am I so beautiful?
Machan, he has bowled her over.
B'coz you are better than
those two, he eyed you.
Do you understand?
Telling I love you, is like giving life.
Even if you don't give
him life, don't ruin it.
What more? Say sorry...
Sorry Karthick.
Can you think about something, Mom?
I don't know. Ask your Dad.
Dad, when a boy proposes love,
you should say 'yes' if you like
Otherwise, one should go quietly.
But, complaining etc.. is unnecessary work.
In what list do we see such guys?
I told you; ask him
Right now I can only defer the matter.
Mmmm Great escape.
Karthi, if you hadn't helped,
it would have become a big problem.
Yeah..Pass the chicken.
Did you say yes to chicken or what he said?
To both.
Keep quiet. Chitoor, I
am telling patiently..
LIsten carefully.
Giving Rose or letter to girls,
All those are old style.
Now, you have a lot of technology.
What do you say?
If you have a doubt how to approach love,
Ask Karthi. He will give you new ideas..
Do you understand?
Stop. Karthi, was my approach correct?
Look, if it is crush, your
approach is alone correct.
If it is love, his approach is correct.
Hello, both are same. Isn't it?
There is a lot of difference
between love and crush
Yes, what he says is correct.
There is a lot of difference
between love and crush
I'm leaving. Why?
What do I do here?
There is more. It is a different matter.
You feel ashamed to even tell it.
Do you need it?
She is not a call girl.
She is a college girl.
College girl?
Come, let's go.
Hey, Karthi,
This is the first condition of that girl
I'm next... No. it is me... No... me...
Are you studying in college? .. Yes.
What is your doubt?
Why are your hands and
legs shaking like this?
Not in fear... just excitement.
Lie down with anyone. That is your wish.
But if you touch money after
that, it has another name.
Previously, they used to mention the
State and ask if you want a girl,
Now, they mention the
college name and ask..
B'coz of one or two like you, all
college girls get a bad name.
Parents want their girls to be well.
They sell their property
borrow money and pay the
college and mess fees
buy a phone to find whether
you have eaten and are ok,
but you girls want Android phones, wear
leggings, loaf in pubs and coffee shop
You girls will do anything for that..
is it?
Hey, this body belongs to your
parents till you get married.
Then it belongs to your husband.
Whose property are you selling??
Your parents are sleeping peacefully
thinking all is well with you
If they know this, they will not sleep.
They will only hang themselves.
Condom may prevent the
formation of a child..
But it will not prevent
your name being spoilt.
Don't think I am giving great advice.
I am not old enough to do that.
I felt I should tell. Please go from here.
For party you need a college girl, is it?
Ramesh, your sister is in
Bangalore college, Isn't it?
Ahhh.... Machaan...
Move, only when it comes to
you, you know the pain..
When asked about his sister,
one guy has fainted...
Yeah! Give the condom packet.
For what?
To return and get money..
Nowadays, boys are becoming very bad.
We have to recharge. Before, they used
to call us if we give a missed call.
Now, even with full ring,
they don't call us.
All this is because of that Karthick.
Will anyone talk to him?
We have to speak to him.
What do you need to speak to him?
His blood group is O-ve.
I'm planning to give you a party.
Next week.
I don't have any problem to come with you.
But you should drop me back at home.
Hey, He has connected Ramya somehow!
The one who has teeth chews the peas.
You said it right!..
Hey, I want to vomit. I'll
be back in 5 minutes.
Karthi, my stomach is upset..
Looks like I have both!
Is Nithya coming??
Karthi, in V N Nursing home,
a child needs o-ve blood.
Machaan, I am feeling hot.
Get a chill beer for me.
I'm coming.
We told you then itself..
Sorry ma, we are late..
Whay are you tense? The boy
you sent has given blood.
Me??? There....
Amma, do you know him?
No. This girl knows him.
Why? Do you know him.
In this case, Selvi Nithya has
been confused, without clear focus
and has wasted the court's
time and other's time.
The court gives her a warning and also
declares that Karthick
is really a good person
Please keep this court
language in the court itself.
Stop pulling her leg.
What dear? Dad is teacing you eh?
Here, there is a call for you.
Tell me... It is with Ramya....
I will get it.
I have a doubt. We see,
think and talk about girls.
Will girls also talk like that?
Machi, I don't think so.
They will have different tensions.
Yes da, they are good. We
should speak ill of them.
Yeah... Do you have Rs.10?
No da. They will definitely
speak badly about us.
Don't speak ill of girls. You
will lose your eyesight.
Nellore, let us see that...
See how he is!
My friend was also cheated like that.
Oh... they speak like this.. is it?
You went with your boyfriend for a movie.
Did anything happen there?
Oh no. I took him by hand, but
he didn't know what to do!
This guys has a good height and weight...
If he has a body, is it ok?
If they have body then..........
Yes. Even I have heard. Why is that?
Body will become weak..
This is what is meant by
'building strong; basement weak.
Even this guy is a waste.
One day, to have friendship with
him, I dropped all my books
in front of him. He just took
Rs.20 from there and left.
He didn't even bother about me.
Oh God!!!
A groom came to see you. What happened.
That man was huge. I was
scared and so refused.
Why did you get scared?
Whether the TV is 32 inches or 52 inches,
remote is only............
Is that so???
Oh Rama!!!!
He didn't know what to do with his hands.
Even this guy is a waste.
What did they say?
Even my friend was cheated like that...
Tell us what they spoke.
What did they tell about me??
Hi Aunty! Hi Nithya! Where is Ramya?
She is in. I have some work.
I am leaving. Bye.
Hi Ramya, Hey.. hi.
Why have you switched off your phone?
Is it off? I didn't notice. Sorry.
Where is the pen drive.
Wait. I'll bring it.
This tablet is for abortion.
Why does she need this?
What is this? I'm asking you only. Tell me!
Last week Prakash took me to a party.
It became a little too much..
He begged me. B'coz this is
common in love, I agreed.
You say as if you had tea or coffee...
Yeah, when we are hungry we eat.
If our body is hungry, we use
another body to satisfy it.
What is wrong in that?
I'm sharing only with the
person I'm going to marry.
Only after the sacred knot
he will be your husband.
Nithiya, by tying a yellow
thread, we can do anything..
I don't have belief in that...
We have to change according to times.
Time is the same. You
change and blame time..
Ok. If someone had loved
you, you wll know about it..
Don't call yourselves 'lovers'
When you love, you only
share your hearts...
If you share your body,
you are called a whore.
NIthya, mind your words....
Why should I talk to you? I
don't want your friendship.
I will kill you.....Why is she saying that?
They would have done something.
Hey, she is asking for Rs.5....
We have only Rs.10 ...Rs.10....
You are very naughty
guys.....Can't change you...
Know something? Our college
final year student Bala
He is married now. He never
used to look at girls.
That's why he was chosen.
But, that is not the matter
Before going for firstnight,
he said he had some doubts
I gave 2 CD names and
told him to view them.
Yeah... that CD only.
Oh... that CD is it... Yeah..
After viewing the CD, the whole night
What ...the whole night?.....
the whole night he cried
on the phone to me.
Why da? The girl in the
CD was his wife.....
Before marriage, we should
view all the CDs...Sure..
Yeah... Can I get 2 CDs
Will you come alone?
Hi, Leader! What is the need
to borrow from me and spend?
For giving a party to Ramya.
Only party is it..?
He has finished everything.
Did you borrow for this..?
I have to wash the money..
Do you feel justified??
She is my lover. I'm going
to marry her. So what?
If you see everything before marriage,
what will you see afterwards?
Only divorce..
Don't speak like that.
He has finished what has to be
done with parents' blessings
in a dirty manner, and
speaks with sentiments..!
You are jealous b'coz
you didn't get a girl.
Have something cold and lie down.
We should make him stand
on the street and..
garland and salute him..
As far as I am concerned, his
route his right in love..
They move with us for years.
Speak one word ill about her and see..
You are like this now itself...
what about later??
They forget what we have done and
throw us off like used tissues
They can speak whatever they want...
But, whateverwe speak is wrong..
There are some other girls...
They never think about their
parents when loafing with us.
One day they will become enlightened.
I can't disobey my parents.
Let us be good friends hereafter..
They pretend to be very upset and move on..
Don't we know what boys do when rejected?
They start drinking beer
and go to the bars...
Another group will sit nuzzle
and sit with us on bikes,
kiss us, come to pubs, use us fully and
when we propose, they say
'when did I love you'
I have so many boyfriends like
you..Can I marry everyone?
they ask so easily, throw
us and just move on..
How can we forget a girl
whom we have loved??
Leader, he must have had
a bitter experience. ,,
If we complain to the
police that a girl has
we are done for
Even when we don't wrong
and a girl complains,
we are done for.
Law is strong only on one side,,,Mmmm.
There is nothing wrong in
strengthening ourselves.
As far as I am concerned,
if we follow his route,
we need not go behind them.
They will come behind us automatically...
Karthi, you are our Guru..When you
needed money, I was your Guru.. now him?
Karthick, you speak so much..
in case you fall in love?
First committment.... only then love
They are going about as a team.
.. yes Leader.
They are able to get. You are
so fair, but you don't get...
He is another .... always commenting.
You ask everyone 'what is your
blood group' 'what is yours'?
Hey! what group do you need?
O+ve leader....
Tell the address. I 'll go and give.
You won't understand if we tell..
I'll show you... come
Hey... who is this guy?
Brother, everyone asks before
hitting, he asks after hitting?
Karthi, he is a Satan. Will
come to college and go..
Hey.. Tell about me....
He is a final year student of our college.
His father gave the land and
money to build the college.
When we feel bored in college, we go out..
but he comes here and creates
mischief when he is bored.
Now do you know who I am??
Come, fall at my feet, say
sorry and just go away...
You want me to say sorry... is it?
You show off so much with
this broken watch?..
I'll kill you...
Thank you Karthi...
What? thinking about Karthick???
Don't! He made you open
your eyes and broke..
But, he donated blood when I asked. ..
By that you can't say he is good.
He fought when Avinash created a scene..
When you talk so much about
him, I think you love him...
Yes, I love Karthi..
Hey boys, come here..
Why is Nithya looking at him like that?
Yeah.. I know where it is heading for...
What did you understand...
Let me tell you..
Can I get Rs.20....
Karthi, whatever it is,
i speak casually but,..
now, i am not able to...
then why don't go..
I want to talk a lot to you but..
I am not able to speak
I don't know how you will take it...
I'll tell you what I have in mind.
I love you Karthi...
Karthi, the boy who fainted on
hearing her has not yet risen..
Why? Your love route is different.
Hey.. He will not be
like that with Nithya.
She will change the route.
Why are you smiling Karthi?
I will not change...I will change her.
When you love, you should
share only your hearts.
If you share your body, you
are not a lover but a whore..
Hi Nithya.
Hey come on ....hide.
She has come to see Karthi.. Correct.
Take the samosa.
Whom are you searching for ?
No one.. I'm leaving.
Why is she going like mad girl?
Looks like she is loving Karthi.
Why is Karthi avoiding me... Did
I tell him my love in haste?
Doesn't he like me?
Come to the park
Heart is free space is free..Heart is free
space is free..
For rent it is ok... for lease
it is ok......For rent it is ok
Open your mouth and speak...
I'm waitiing for my boyfriend.
Time waste... dialogue waste....Time
waste... dialogue waste....
Why is he not answering.. He
asked me to come here only...
Why is he avoiding me?
Hello Karthi.. Sorry Nithya.. Do you know
how long I waited for you at the park?
There was a small bike accident.
Accident?? That's why I didn't tell you..
Nothing happened to you.. right?
Nothing happened to me..
Thank God
What else? I told what I felt;
but you haven't told anything.
What should I say? What Karthi,
you speak as if you don't know
You should tell and I should hear...
Oh .. that?
I'll tell.. when? Will you
tell now on the phone?
No. I'll tell in person..
when the time comes for that.
Ok. As you wish.. Good night.
Kothandapani, stop drumming...
I want to drum a little.
Love is like a smart phone. When
there is charge, there is no signal,
When there is signal, there is no charge.
When both are there, there is no balance.
Only when you believe she is there,
you can confirm she is there.
What do you say dear boy? Super leader!
Hi Karthi, come, hi da...
Are you fine Karthi, how is
your love route going on?
It is not his business... it is his love..
What is great about love. Girls treat
love like business these days.
From recharge to divorce,
only boys are spending.
Superb.. Leader.
Tell me NIthya..Oh, you want to go out? .
I told you my bike is under repair.
You will come and pick me? Ok. come.
BIke repair?? For Nithya alone my
bike is under repair. .. see you..
Boys! He himself is a bomb.
She is thinking of him
as a bomb squad and taking him out.
Imagine what happens..
How can you alone think like this?
Why is her taste like this?
What Nithya, I thought we
were going to park or beach.
When you do a good deed and look
back, we feel happy. Right?
That is right, but why tell that now?
Do you know who she is? ...
Looks like I have seen her...
She is the mother of the child
to whom you gave blood.
Please come in..Shall I bring
something to drink? Yes ma..
Ok ma.. Did you come to eat?
Karthi, this girl was going to school.
B'coz her father is sick
her Mom can't afford to send her to school.
I have decided to do something.
What have you decided?
Karthi, we love each other.
Not we.. only you.
After marriage, when we think
of what we did while loving,
we should feel happy.
I have not yet loved you, you
have gone upto marriage?
We need a memory of our love..
not visits to park or beach.
can we sponsor this girl's education?
Whaat... as a memory of our love...
Thank you for agreeing Karthick.
Agreeing? where did I agree?
Did I come this far to drink this tea?
Amma, both of us have decided to
sponsor your child's studies.
Not both of us. Say that you decided.
Come here. We will sponsor your
studies, will you study well?
Yes Sister, I will study well.
My pocket will be torn off...
I'm feeling happy. Thank you Karthi!
It is ok.
Forgot to tell you. Day after is my
birthday. You are telling that so late.
Come home that day. I will
introduce you to my parents.
We will see that next year.
I'll give you a party.
You come to the place I tell you.
When you called me did I ask you where?
Like that, you come to the
place I tell you. ok?
Ok. Ok. Shall we go...
Whose house is this? It is my
friend's house. He is out of station
You look pretty in saree..
It is my Mom's gift to me.
Come, let us go inside..
Why all this? It is for you... You
said party.. only we are here.
Friends will join us.
Come let's sit and talk.
Karthi, you have done so much..
What is there?
Thanks Karthi....
It is so lovely outside.
Come, let us stand out and talk.
It is beautiful and very different.
How was my surprise? What surprise?
Friends will be coming.
Why are you tense? There is a room and fan.
Come and dry yourself.
You can dry yourself here. I'll do it.
I told you not to come.
I heard it as 'come'
That day, when you told your love,
you felt bad I didn't respond,
today I am going to say that.
But, before that Nithya,
I have certain things. Before
loving, I need a committment.
Karthi, what are you saying?
What is wrong? We love each other.
We are getting married.
What more?... You don't believe. Is it?
Is there belief only if it happens?
That's how it is for me.
I came so far with you.
What do you call that?
Are you seeing me with love or lust?
Both ways.
It is a sin even to touch you for slapping.
Boys where are you? We thought
you'll be double but you are single?
Where is Nithya?
Can't you see how he is. Nithya
won't agree to his route.
Karthi, Is what he says true?
Can't you see by his silence.
Why do you keep asking?
Cake looks good..
Karthi, we know what happened.
Change your route.
Only Nithya has to change. Not me.
Just do what you came here for...
Karthi!! What is this, we talk about
life and he talks about cake?
He is a wicked boy.. this Karthi.
Come let's eat the cake.
Where is Nithya? She is in the room.
She said she doesn't want food.
Not eating?
Nithya! Nithya!..... Nithya.... Yes oa.
Are you not eating? I'm not hungry.
Why are you dull?
I've a headache. I'm going to sleep.
Ok. Go sleep.
Is it him?
Karthi, Nithya.... Leave it.
It is finished history.
Yeah! Can I get Rs.10. Shut up..
Nithya is coming here. Let us move off.
Karthi, Am I finished history?
If I had done what you asked?
Karthi, I love you so much
I didn't think you'll
insult my love so much.
I'm not able to be like you Karthi.
Everyday, I am mentally dying. ..
Don't you regret having behaved like that?
I speak so much. You don't even speak
a word. That's your character.
Even though you 've wronged, I come
and speak. That is my character.
Don't you feel it is wrong...
Tell me Karthi
Tell me Karthi.. Tell me Karthi..
Tell me Karthi. I'm speaking to you only.
Am I a finished history to you?
Tell me Karthi..Am I a
finished history to you?
Tell me Karthi..Am I a
finished history to you?
Nithya, please come, let us go...
Stop crying... come let us go..
We have only seen Nithya laugh and talk.
She has only felt for
others...not for herself.
B'coz you are our friend, we
agree to whatever you say.
We want to tell the truth.
Your route is not good..
If a girl's tears can't
change you, no one can.
You say a person who doesn't change
for a girl's tears is not a human.
But, do you know about girls who don't
change their minds when boys cry?
Only I know the pain and sadness behind it.
My family was one of the
few happy families.
Come Rangaswamy... Sit How do you
tell correctly without seeing?
Only you come correctly at this time.
Laxmi, As usual, Rangaswamy is
here for free coffee. Bring one.
Yeah, I'm coming.. Aaaa..
These days, even 5 year
olds see facebook and eat.
You are still handfeeding your son.?
He is always like that. In the
mornings, he eats like that only.
After marriage? My son will never change.
He'll always be like this. Super ma...
Is he an engineer? What
is so great about that?
They have one in every street
like Tasmac and Ration shop
Then Doctor? What is special about that?
By the time he finishes it
will touch a few crores.
Then one should work here
and there for thousands
Not an Engineer or Doctor...
then what will he become?
I will tell you uncle.
Instead of spending crores
to become a Doctor,
if we deposit it in the bank,
in a few years the interest will hike,
I can build a big
hospital with the amount,
appoint some doctors to work,
and if I become the MD,
how nice would that be?
Always think differently uncle.
If everyone wants to work for
salary, who will give the work?
So, I 'm going to make my son an owner.
Ok uncle, I'm leaving.
Hey, do you have money?
Yes pa, I have Rs.200.
How will that be enough?
Here take this Rs.500. Take it.
Your Mom is telling you. take it.
A father who gives money without asking
and a Mom who tells me to take it.
My familly was a normal
middle class family.
Though there was not much money,
we had a lot of happiness.
As far as I am concerned taking
rest means doing what you like.
I'll help Dad with his shopping
and help Mom in the kitchen.
What happened? Looks like brake
wire is cut. Look for another auto.
Thanks madam.
Machaan, the girl is pretty and alone too.
Take the bike.
In my life that was a straight
line, I met Divya unexpectedly.
He looks dumb. I must use him and escape.
Hi darling! ...... Who are you?
Where did you go? Why so late?
Why are you beating me? hey....
Don't hug me .. move
How long do I wait for you? Are
you moving the bike or not?
Why should I take the bike...
I am telling you. right?
Oh.. this guy doesn't understand at all ...
Who is this, why should I go?.....
I love you.
Where should I go? First start..
I'll tell you.
Why do you keep your hands there...
what 6 packs?
Tell me where do you want to go?
You are very smart...
Keep quiet.
Remove your hand from my hip.
I feel awkward.
He is not dumb...looks much more...
I don't know where to go and what to do....
They look like lovers... let them be...
Hello, how much further should I go?
Thank God! Hey... stop here.
Thanks... You mistook me for
someone and came with me...
I am not the person you are thinking of.
.. I know
How did you believe I won't be like them?
Who.. you. from your face it is evident.
When you applied brake in the speed
breaker, I knew about you...
Brake?? ... Ok. I'm leaving.
Why are you leaving suddenly?...
then what do I do here?
You sat behind me and touched me.
I had butterflies in my tummy.
When do we meet again? When
the auto has a repair..
What? when auto has a repair?
will you start?
She came suddenly.... but she is pretty...
Where can I meet her again?
Will the auto have a repair?
Or can I go to her house?.. House? Road?
House? Road? House?
Road? Road...
Hi Karthi? House...
Are you building a house in the air?
Going to the house is right...
Hey you are going without eating....
Night we came to this Road.
She asked me to stop here.
Then, it must be this house.
If I stand simply, people
will mistake....What to do?
Ha, super... let me do that.
When will she come?
Hello, what ? Bike repair??
Yes sir. I'll take care.
Do you need help? No sir.
Did I come to the wrong Road?
No.. It is here .... let me wait.....
How come this guy is here?
If you have pushed the bike, you could
have gone to the Hero Honda company itself
I don't think your bike has a repair.
You guys cannot be changed.
One day you will get caught.
Has she left before me?
Hello! how come you are here?
Why are you coming from this side?
Yeah. this is my house.
Oh... So I have been confused....
Ok, why are you here?
I thought the people who
followed you last night
may come in the moring too.
So I came early.
I know they won't come. I thought
you would come... and you 've come.
Here.. What.. Anyway, you would have
come without brushing. That's why..
I brushed in the morning
but didn't drink coffee.
You are giving me.... Please give.
Do you have to go somewhere?
No. I don't need to..
Really you don't need to go, is it?
I woke up at 5 thinking
you will be coming.
Please consider..
Though you look dumb, I
like your innocence.
Now I have work.. let us go in the evening.
Happy? Yes. Happy.
What are you looking at? Do
you want to say something?
No.... Yes.... Sir order please...
Ok. order something.
I know only filter coffee.
You plese order. 2 Fropican.
Dont't call me with respect..
call me casually.
Thank you.. You wanted to
say something.. tell me..
I love you..... That is known.
When you came home at 6, I knew that..
Oh! Rs.550?????
Dad gave me only Rs.400 as pocket money.
This is the balce change
from the day before...
Rs.200 balance Rs,50... keep it as tips.
Where are you going?
Amma I need Rs.2000
For what do you need?
Will you give only if I tell you?
Laxmi, I have bought all that
you asked for. Check it.
Leave all that. He wants Rs.2000.
Must be for college fees or books.
Not for that. Why? will you
give only if I tell the reason?
Will you not give it for spending?
Why do you feel for that?
Just give it to him.
You spoil him by giving money
without asking for reason.
I earn for his sake only. Leave it.
First time in my life, I asked
my Mom money for her sake.
Divya, today is my treat.
Order what you want.
Excuse me! Yes Ma'am. 1 chicken
wings, 1 fried chicken
2 french fries, 1 coke, 1
water packet and 2 lemonades.
She is order so many things?.....
Thank you.
One week's pocket money
will be over in a day.
See, they make us wait this long...
What is this? So many colours?
Will the bill be like that?
Hey... go ahead and eat..
I don't know what is going to happen????
Divya, Mom gave me only Rs.2000
Do you ask your parents and loaf with me?
I knew when you wiped
your face with tissue.
That day you said 'Dad gave only Rs.400'
and today 'Mom gave only Rs.2000'
You speak like a school boy.
It is the pride of boys to spend
when they go out with girls.
I came out with you, who doesm't
have the basic knowledge.
Rs.1000 penalty for me,
having come out with you.
Sorry Divya, I don't know all this.
Don't call me again.
Then...Do you have balance in that Rs.200
You ask as if you have given 2 Lakhs!
What? Rs.2000 is easy for you. Is it?
Earning is difficult. Spending is easy!
What? So much of noise? Mom
and son discussing Economics?
See Dad. She gave only Rs.2000
and asks for accounts.
Leave it. He is a growing boy.
He will be like that only.
You keep this money inside.
You please keep quiet.
If we don't bring him up well,
people will speak bad of us.
Mmmm. My wife is becoming very responsible.
Are you asking your parents
and loafing with me?
It is the pride of boys to spend
when they go out with girls.
For the first time in my life, I
did a wrong thing, just for her.
Somehow I pacified her.
Stand for a moment.
Why do you secure all the buttons?
Leave two free.
Fold up your sleeves fold it...
that arm,,,
Hey! what are you doing?
Tuck in your shirt.
Hello, please come here.
What did you tell the waiter?
What? the lights are off?
Don't be tense. You asked what
I told the waiter.. Now look..
For this... is it?
Karthick, you have improved a lot...
No Divya, I have never thought
I'll get a pretty girl like you.
What else do you think?
Tell me frankly, whatever it is.
Don't you think of
anything when you see me?
What? Do you want to kiss me?
Mmmm Yeah! Come and kiss me..
Kiss me! I kissed you Divya..
Do you call this a kiss?
Even if your finger touches, there
will be a feel. Not even that!
What Divya, you bit my lip suddenly?
If you had told that you love me in Tamil,
I would have kissed your cheek.
But you told 'I love you' in English.
So, lip kiss.
So much of difference between these???
Why are you late? I went
with my friends for a movie.
Dad, have you eaten? Yeah.. I have.
Ok. Good night.
Did you see? He has tucked in his shirt.
Why did you do this? Tell us!
Why are you doing this?
Who has taught you to
steal in your own house?
We brought you up properly.
You are doing things like this.
We brought you up well.
I thought I had taken less
from the money lender.
He has given correctly.
What is this new habit?
How did you get this stealing habit?
He has made me call my son a thief!
He has made me call my son a thief!
See, your Dad has so much of love for you..
Don't do like this hereafter.
This is your house. All
that I earn is for you!
Everybody is proud that I
have brought you up well.
Why do you have this habit. Don't dear...
What is your problem.. Money. Money is it?
Here is my ATM card. Take
how much ever you want.
Your Mom's jewels are there.
Take that too..
But, don't have this stealing habit.
Our family has a good name.
Don't spoil that!
I felt more for her laughter
than my parents' tears.
You go Divya.. Ok.. come fast..
Wow! what a big house!
Cheers to the Karthick who gave this party!
What happened. Divya do you
drink all this?... Yes
Why, don't you like it? Not like that.
If you are happy, I am also happy.
Ok, come, let's go to the lawn.
Karthick.. Yes Divya, come... come.....
I think you had too much... No.
only today I had less.
Karthick come... No Divya, I
will go down. Leave my hand.
I will wait down. You take
rest, change and come.
Not only money but even
xxx is less with him.
Our son is changing a lot. Did you notice?
I'm also thinking. Why
is he spending so much?
He doesn't have any bad habit
like drinks or smoking.
not even drugs. He has no bad habit.
Does he have a girl friend by any chance?
What do you say. I'm scared
when I think of him.
Let us see.
Karthi! What ma? Why do you
have so much of expenses?
You give the card and ask
for accounts. Wait...
Not that. You don't have any bad habit.
Then why are you spending so much?
Do you love any girl?
Yes. I love a girl.
If the girl spends so much now itself,
She might make you a pauper after marriage.
She will not do that. She
is a very good girl.
Ok. Tell me who her parents are.
I'll speak to them.
I went to her house to tell her
that my parents have agreed.
How come you are here? I 'll tell you.
I have a happy news.
What? Have they seen a bride for you?
They are going to see the girl I like.
Don't go on. Just tell the matter.
I told my parents about our love.
They want to see you.
Wait. Love? When did I love you?
Don't play Divya. No. I'm serious.
Don't talk like that.
Only you are there in my heart and mind.
I can't think about anything but you.
Even if you are slightly
angry, I am pained.
Don't tell there is no love.
First get up.You are
speaking like a madman.
When did I tell you that I love you?
If you didn't love me, why did you
call me to bed the other day?
Yeah. I called you. So what?
Did anything happen.
If we had gone to bed,
would you have loved me?
If it had happened, there
will be a chance to think.
If it had happened, you
would have loved me. Is it?
Don't irritate me. I am asking
you to leave. Just leave.
Who is it Divya? I told you..
He is my two-wheeler driver.
He is also my boyfriend like you..
He has a car, but he is not like you.
Broad mind, practical person.
Bro, who keeps money in pocket
these days... only card.
There is no room for emotions
and sentiments. First enjoy.
Then you can commit yourself.
I am not talking to you. Divya,
I want to speak to you, alone.
You can't speak alone. He will be here.
Tell me what you want to.
Divya, what is the meaning for moving,
speaking and loafing with me these days?
I have a 100 boyfriends. I go around with
them. Can I love and marry them all?
Boyfriends mean??? Friends
who are boys Karthick.
Don't talk like a fool. I am a fool.
I am a fool.
I loved you truly. I am a fool.
I spent for your comforts. I am a fool.
I thought I shouldn't hurt you.
I am a fool.
Hey bro... chill chill
I didn't want sex before marriage...
I am a fool.
I am telling you... chill
For your sake, I robbed in my own house.
I pained my parents heart.... I am a fool.
I wanted to marry the girl I loved...
I am a fool.
I did everything for you...I am a fool.
Hello, police station? An emergency.
My type of boys are always fools.
Even though the lawyer brought me out,
people around made me feel guilty.
Look at his face. Coz of
money he is out now...
Nowadays if you have money,
you can do anything.
When others speak, you can ignore
it, but when relatives speak..
For the sake of a girl, I had
hurt my parents too much.
Only then I realised what
a big mistake it was.
Will you all keep quiet.
I know about my son.
He will not do anything
wrong, even if he has done,
if I don't support him now, there will
no chance for him to correct himself.
If I too shout like you, even
God will not forgive me.
Please do not interfere in this matter.
Dad, I didn't do anything wrong.
I loved her truly.
She cheated me Dad.
I don't want to be here. I
'll go elsewhere and study.
Karthi, I know you would not
have done anything wrong.
Sorry Karthi, we don't know that
something like this had happened.
Just because of one girl, don't
think of everyone like that.
Even if you had slept with
Divya, she would have left you.
Because it is English love...
Only due to true love like Nithya,
there is a meaning for love.
Don't look at Nithya as a girl who
talks for fashion and show off.
Don't include Nithya in that list.
As far as I am concerned,
everyone is in the same list.
You may change for the sake of sentiments.
I'm fed up with this.
I want to see my daughter..
Nithya.. I'll call her..
Dad, why have you come here.?
Nothing, we came this side..
We wanted to see you. You
don't become tense... No no.
Do you remember me? In life somethings
happen when we least expect it..
We can never forget that.
When we meet with an
accident in a bus or train,
we will have the fear everytime we travel.
But, that is unnecessary fear
and we have to change it.
Advising is easy. I met with the accident.
Only I know the pain.
Amma,you used to say, he broke
the flask, he donates blood,
often he disturbs you,
can we see him? He is not in this college.
She says he is not here. Come, let us go.
Ok ma, we are leaving....
Hey, Prakash met with an accident.
Nithya, what you told is right. When
you love, we should share only minds.
Only now I understand how wrong
it is to share the body.
Nithya, I wanted to talk to you..
What are you going to say?
Please listen to me for a minute. .....
She says she doesn't want to speak
Oh... this guy is a pain...
What Nithya, is he creating a nuisance?
Avinash, this is personal.
Don't interfere please.
She says she doesn't like to speak.
Then what is personal?
Hey, Nithya!.....
Nithya, we may have 1000
problems between us...
Between us? What is there between us?
As far as I am concerned,
both or you are the same.
He asks for my body right
away, you ask as a lover.
He is better than you.
My Mom used to say, at this
age, love is inevitable..
See that the boy who loves you
has an elder or younger sister.
Only then, he will know the value of girls.
Of the two things she
told, I took only one.
I just loved...
1000 girls might have crossed your life.
But for me, it is you alone.
In the world, even the most
intelligent or the strongest person
they are easily defeated,
when it comes to love.
Even me. I stand on the road,
being cheaply defeated by you.
The biggest traitor in the world is the
one who plays with others' feelings.
How much ever lust you had for me,
I had loved you 100 times more...
You are unfit for love.
Karthi, I heard that Nithya is going
abroad. Then, it is your wish..
Are you not playing, why are you dull?
Did you eat?
Are you not well? why
do you look like that?
Wondering why I came alone? It
is not my wish to come alone.
If such a situation arises,
we have to get used to that.
At times, the person who hasn't
wronged gets more affected...
Hereafter, uncle will not come.
Only I will be there for you.
Uncle has gone abroad for higher studies.
Everyone on earth, will have
a deep memory in the mind.
Whenever we think about it,
it brings tears to our eyes.
We should learn to live with it.
'coz we should not be a burden to others.
Are you wondering why Aunty is
speaking something irrelevant?
If you want something,
just ask me..
There is no chance of
Uncle coming back at all.
Why are you telling lies Aunty?
Uncle told the same lie
that you have gone
abroad and has gone to
see the class teacher.
What happened between you two.
Why do you say lies?
Come with me......
You both said that you would
jointly sponsor my studies.
Now, why are you both coming separately?
Why are you fighting?
If you jointly make me study, I will study.
Else, I don't want this study.
I used to tell everyone that
both of you are there for me...
Will not everyone tease
me if you both fight?
Now, are you going to
become friends or not?
Hereafter, both of you should never fight..
Karhti and Nithya have become friends.....
In India, love is also sacred,
when it doesn't cross boundaries.
When it crosses the boundary,
even Love is terrorism.
Hey, Karthi and Nithya have united.
They are giving a party.
All of you come.....
Your love has succeeded.
You didn't tell us.
Why is he standing in the
road to give a party?
I want chill beer. I want warm beer.
I want fish as side dish.
For me Tandoori. For me, Dum Briyani.
For me.. Chettinad chicken.