Kadaisi Vivasayi (2021) Movie Script

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Join me here with your herd, mate.
[Old devotional song playing
on the radio]
Whether you're a figment of imagination
Or an idol of man's creation
Whether you're a figment of imagination
Or an idol of man's creation
Lord Murugan
You have my boundless devotion
Lord Murugan
You have my boundless devotion
Lord Murugan
You have my boundless devotion
O Manifestation of Wonder and Grace
O Resplendent Light of our Lives
O Manifestation of Wonder and Grace
O Resplendent Light of our Lives
O Manifestation of Wonder and Grace
O Resplendent Light of our Lives
O Ocean of kindness
Seeked by the mystics
O Ocean of kindness
Seeked by the mystics
Whether you're a figment of imagination
Or an idol of man's creation
Lord Murugan
You have my boundless devotion
That which is still, that which is moving
Lord! It is all your doing
That which is still, that which is moving
Lord! It is all your doing
All these thoughts, all that transpires
It's all you, Master of the Universe
All these thoughts, all that transpires
It's all you, Master of the Universe
All wisdom stems from the sweet Tamizh
The language you gave us
All wisdom stems from the sweet Tamizh
The language you gave us
All that is seen
Is from your gift of sight
All that is seen
Is from your gift of sight
Whether you're a figment of imagination
Or an idol of man's creation
Lord Murugan
You have my boundless devotion
Lord Murugan
You have my boundless devotion
Lord Murugan
You have my boundless devotion
Lord Murugan
You have my boundless devotion
Mate, is there water supply today?
Yes, hurry up.
Finally there's water!
Hi, mate.
How come you're late?
- I got held up.
Heard they have opened
a new bank near our village?
A government bank?
- A private bank.
Will they loan me money
for a cow?
Cattle, people, living or dead -
they are giving away loans to everyone.
But they ask a million questions.
No questions asked, for cows.
Have you got shampoo, mate?
None of these shampoos
are making my hair grow back.
I didn't bring shampoo.
Oh, this feels good.
Give me egg-plant for five rupees.
- Sure.
Here you go, sir.
Also tomatoes for five rupees.
Anything else?
- Some spinach and drumstick.
How much does this cost?
Tell me the price.
Thirty rupees for everyone else.
For you, ten rupees, sir.
I must pay half a million
to the college first.
Another four hundred thousand
for tuition and hostel.
All this money spent just for education?
These days only money talks.
Do you have any more
cattle fodder?
No, sir.
That's all the stock we've got.
But it's so dry.
There's barely any oil left in it.
Back when they used wooden press,
the residue had some oil left.
Now they use machines to suck
every bit of oil out of the seed.
That is cattle fodder.
Why are you eating it?
I have to test it, don't I?
I can't just feed my cattle
without testing it.
Do you have tomato seeds?
- Yes, sir.
What's the cost?
Six hundred rupees.
What did you say?
- Six hundred rupees!
Mister, I did not ask you
for the price of gold!
This seed is of hybrid variety.
It will yield huge bunches of fruit.
You will harvest several sackfuls.
I won't have to come back to you?
I can sow the next batch of seeds?
No, no. You will have to come back.
These are seedless.
How could a fruit tree not have seeds?
It's a white man's invention.
The fruits don't have seeds.
No seeds? How come?
The ichi tree, neem tree...
tamarind tree, tomato...
they all have seeds.
Trees even grow when we
eat a fruit and take a shit.
How come this fruit doesn't have seeds?
I have no idea.
He supplies and I sell.
I'm just a businessman.
And people are buying this.
How did he get his seeds then?
This will grow well.
Buy it.
I don't understand this plant's character.
No thanks.
I hope the man who invented this seed
will have a baby boy...
born seedless - without balls.
Then he will come to his senses.
Some seed he has invented!
Brainless moron.
Pancake, grandpa is coming.
Grandpa, are you returning
from the market?
What did you say?
Are you returning from the market?
- Yes.
You bought yourself this charm
to ward off evil?
This is no charm.
The rope is meant to bind the arm or leg
in case of a snake bite.
It will prevent the venom from spreading.
You can take a bite of this dried chilli
to test if you've been stung.
If you can't taste it,
you've been stung. - Is it?
What about that stone?
Potash alum. To grind with red brick
and apply on the bite as a first aid.
What's the lemon for?
To squeeze lemon water
for the patient.
What is the thorn for?
To scrape the affected area.
Aloe Vera?
We must eat the Aloe Vera after
rinsing it with fermented rice water.
Why are you dawdling around here?
[speaking different things
at the same time]
Go and make yourself useful, lads.
Don't go to waste!
Your girl is here.
Hello, Easwari!
He's been waiting for you
in this midday sun.
Won't you even glance at him?
What does he want?
You won't talk to me?
- Talk to you? What about?
You said you'd talk to
your mother.
What about?
I really am in love with you.
I told you, I want to marry you.
Oh... that.
Heard your whole tribe
is a lineage of freaks?
That's what my mother said.
So I have nothing to say.
Let's carry on, then.
You mind your business
and I'll mind mine.
Though we haven't had rain for ages...
this tree has been struck
by lightning.
How old was this tree, brother?
Come again?
How old do you think
this tree was?
It was planted by my
great-great grandfather.
So we don't know.
There was no rain.
How could a lightning strike?
At 3 in the night,
I heard the rumble of thunder.
I thought it was my house that was struck.
Then I came out and saw the tree.
So sad! It was a magnificent old tree.
Has everyone assembled?
- Yes.
North of our village,
parched from the drought...
a Bodhi Tree has been struck
by lightning and burnt down.
This is a result of not praying
at our temple all these years.
The Grand Old Lady says it's a sign.
My grandfather taught me
the repercussions of not praying.
I see it happening now.
The first generation shall
forfeit agriculture.
In the second generation, only three
of ten children shall survive.
In the third generation,
all three heirs will perish.
In the fourth generation,
there shall be no marriages.
Which is the case in our village.
We already pray to a hundred Gods.
Whom do we pray to now?
The Temple of Banyan Tree, of course.
That's where we must pray.
You called a council meeting
to tell us to pray?
There is a ritual to be followed.
It's not enough
if you and I pray.
Let's pray to the deity of our tribe.
But no other castes allowed.
Shut up about caste, idiot!
Everyone shall pray together.
We must do this together.
Don't cause trouble.
The potter community must make
the ceremonial pot and the clay horses.
To please the deity,
we must all make our offerings.
Only if the drum beaters play
will the deity to descend upon us.
There is a protocol to follow.
They were the cause for the dispute.
Hey, don't you dare blame us.
I will not entertain people of
other castes, am I clear?
Your father and his brother
will not let us pray.
Do we look like fools to you?
Let me see you go against me.
We must keep the other castes
out of this.
[Indistinct shouting]
Stop it!
Stop it!
Give us a guarantee that the ritual
will bring us good.
Then state the list of benefits
in a legal document and sign it.
That's not how it works.
[Indistinct shouting]
Hey, is that Ramaiya?
We have plenty of good roads.
Why is he emerging from the bush?
He would have easily walked
300 - 400 kilometres.
Oh, crap. He's coming over.
Hello, Ramaiya.
- Hmm.
Are you well?
Is that Kalimuthu's son?
He's been drifting from temple to temple.
He is not a madman.
He was in love with this woman.
But her parents didn't consent to it.
Heartbroken, she drank poison.
He breezed into the funeral
and told everyone not to cry...
and casually left,
saying they were both leaving.
Now he's drifting from temples
to holy mountains...
and claims that his girl is not dead,
that she's still with him.
What can I say?
He was a good lad.
Look at him now.
Two glasses of tea.
You came from the East.
You're coming from Thiruchendur?
When did you start from Thiruchendur?
On Full Moon Day.
Took you so long to walk?
That didn't take too long.
But I was stuck at that barricade.
Where the trains go.
Pedestrians can just bend
and cross the gate. Why didn't you?
The barricade is meant for all.
- Okay...
The buses wait.
The lorries wait.
Bill Gates waits.
Bill Gates?
Which Bill Gates?
Come on, man.
Why would he stand at
railway crossing here?
He wasn't standing.
He was seated in his car.
Did you talk to Bill Gates?
I didn't.
He spoke to me.
What did he say?
He asked me when they'd
open the gate.
What did you say?
"The gate will open
when the train comes."
Oh, so you spoke to the guy in English?
He spoke to me in English.
I spoke to him in Tamil.
Put that down.
You didn't drink it, so...
Put it down.
I was checking if it's gone cold.
Ramaiya, don't!
Ramaiya, don't hurt him.
Stop it, Ramaiya.
You'll end up killing him.
That's enough, Ramaiya.
[Indistinct clamour]
[Devotional music from the tape recorder]
O Lord Murugan
O Lord Murugan
Lord Murugan
You're the personification of beauty
Lord Murugan
You're the personification of beauty
There is nothing in this world
Without your grace, Lord Murugan
Lord Murugan
You're the personification of beauty
There is nothing in this world
Without your grace, Lord Murugan
Lord Murugan
You're the personification of beauty
Lord Murugan! The Spear Wielder
Who vanquished the demons in The War
[Radio voice]
The owner of Microsoft, Bill Gates,
is here in Kodaikanal...
[Radio voice]
He is here to provide welfare aid
to under-privileged children.
You gave us the wealth of spoken word
In Tamizh, sweet as the Succulent Triad
Lord Murugan
You're the personification of beauty
Come, lad.
Hello, hello, hello...
Are you well?
- I am well. Are you?
I am well.
I'm hungry.
Eat up.
What's the gravy?
Garlic gravy.
Fry some 'appalam'.
- I have.
Come to eat.
I'd gone to the
Holy Mt. Thiruchendur.
Murugan wasn't there.
- Where did he go?
He took off, it seems.
You didn't see him?
They said he fled to Holy Mt. Pazhani
over a family feud.
Look, his family photo.
You see Lord Sivan, his father?
And Goddess Parvathi,
Murugan's mother.
It seems they had this Fruit of Wisdom.
They offered it as prize to whichever son
could circle the world first.
So Murugan hopped onto his peacock
to trot around the world.
But his elder brother Pillayar
simply circled his parents...
and claimed they were his world.
He won the Fruit.
Murugan got angry with his parents
and brother, took off to Pazhani...
with that stick in his hand.
So I went there to enquire after him.
What did he say?
"The people in town
tell all these tales about you."
"What's the deal?"
After he heard my entire story...
he said, "What? That's how the people
in town talk about me?"
Turns out it was just a tale.
And then?
Silly me, questioning Murugan
over village gossip.
Saying this and that...
I somehow covered it up,
and managed to change the subject.
My legs hurt.
Your legs hurt?
How old are you?
I am thirty five!
I must be eighty or eighty two.
I walk everywhere and plough all day.
Why should your legs hurt?
I told Murugan.
I said, I told Murugan.
That my legs hurt.
What did he say?
"I'm on my way to Kerala
to meet Lord Ayyapan..."
"Hop onto my peacock.
I'll drop you on my way", he said.
I said, "No, you carry on
with your work."
"I'll go on foot."
So that she and I can chat
along the way.
Let's eat?
Let's eat.
Eat up.
You take an 'appalam'.
- No, I fried it just for you.
Eat it, lad.
- No, you eat it.
It's good for your aching legs.
What's 'appalam' got to do
with aching legs?
I said, eat it.
When did Ramaiya go crazy?
He is your cousin.
Don't utter such words.
He was born precious
as a pearl.
He's acting this way
because of his lover.
May Goddesses Mahamaayi, Muthumaari,
Karumaari, Wielder of Neem Branch...
Goddess with Thousand Eyes, Kannaathaa
and Goddess Maariyaatha protect him.
To flee the drought, our ancestors
came on foot, carrying our Sacred Rock.
They halted at a place
for the night.
The next morning, when they woke up
and prepared to leave...
but the Sacred Rock couldn't be lifted!
All the villagers tried,
but it could just not be lifted.
We took that as a sign
and made this our home.
Is it?
This is not our native land?
We came here to escape poverty?
There is no such thing
as a native place - to anyone.
Everyone is always drifting.
Dude, why is your head red?
You mean my scalp?
It's a medicine.
- Who prescribed it?
That brother of yours.
You are red as a bloody tomato.
The deity of our tribe is here?
You lived here all these years
without knowing that?
Here is our Karuppan.
It is our ancestor.
Know this, boy.
Whether or not you pray to Karuppan...
he will stand guard and
protect the village.
O Karuppan!
You said they walked among us,
but also that they are Gods.
Which is it?
It's people who walked among us
that we worship as Gods.
Here is Ayyan.
He goes by Ayyan, Ayyanaar
or Ayyappan. He is our father.
Father, you're saying Gods and deities
were people once?
It's our belief that one who breaks free
of their thoughts is God.
This is our tribe's deity.
That's it?
No idol?
The tribe's deity has no form.
We rub oil, adorn it with flowers
and pray to it.
These rocks are ancient.
These statues are recent additions.
Only when one breaks free
of their thoughts will they become God.
Some of our men got
drunk during the festival...
and started a pointless fight.
The people of other castes left angry.
Because of which we've not performed
the ritual in fifteen years.
The deity has clearly told our ancestors,
"I shall descend only when people of
all castes come together to pray."
We must perform the rituals this year.
Is that an actual elephant?
Your eyes can't even see elephant now?
Hello, Dhanapandi?
- Hello!
How are you?
Welcome, welcome.
- Watch your step.
So, mate...
the elephant is bathing?
Pull up a chair for him.
Have a seat, Uncle.
What is this?
What's with the elephant?
Is there a special occasion?
There's no special occasion.
I bought the elephant.
It's 'my' elephant.
I bought the elephant
and the mahout, too.
There were no profits
from the farm.
We were struggling to
make ends meet, even our daily bread.
You know the fifteen acres
of red soil land I owned?
- I sold it off and bought this elephant.
You sold your entire inheritance?
You didn't hold on to any of it?
What choice did I have?
What brings you here?
We are hosting the ritual
for our deity...
and you are one of the big-time farmers
in our village.
We wanted you to offer
first grains from the harvest.
And here you are,
telling us the lands are gone.
What have you named the elephant?
She's eighteen.
A young maiden.
How much do you pocket in a day?
Deducting her fodder expenses...
about three thousand rupees
in a day.
You pocket three grand?
We must pray to our
deity at least this year.
We are being tested.
We shall pray!
Yes, we shall pray.
But you must offer the
first grains for the ritual.
Dhanapandi has fifteen acres of land.
We should ask him.
Dhanapandi sold his fifteen acres
without a single cent of land for himself...
and he's bought an elephant
to make a living.
So you will have to offer the grains
to our deity this year.
But I don't have enough water
in the well.
At least you have some water.
No one in our village
has any water in their well.
No one in our village
is farming anymore.
So only you can sow the grains
for the deity.
Okay, I will.
You will be blessed
a million times over.
We will see you, then.
So long.
- Yes, Grandpa?
Grab a handful of grains
for the deity's offering.
May the harvest flourish just like you.
Long ago our ancestors wielded the plough
They worshipped Mother Earth
Though they fenced the farm
They left a way open for beetles
A soiled spade puts food on our table
Water is the life-blood of the soil
The farmer tilled the ground
And bestowed bowls of rice
Reliant on forests, our toiling ancestors
They all lived as one
Earth Mother feeds us
The Five Elements are our Gods
As Mother sings her lullaby
The farmer sows his seeds
- Yes?
Where is Suresh?
I don't know what he's doing.
He's in the house.
What's he doing in there?
Probably twiddling with his
head, what else?
Why does he have electrodes
in his head?
Is he going to generate electricity?
I am undergoing treatment.
He is a doctor.
Doctor, will his hair grow back?
I wish he had come to me sooner.
He's realised the earth is round,
a little too late.
Let's hope for the best.
We come from Ayyanarpatti.
- Okay.
We are offering a feast
to the deity. - Okay.
I was told you make the
traditional horse and clay pot.
I did.
But I don't anymore.
I have become old.
Besides, we are not allowed
to take clay from the banks anymore.
We will bring you the clay.
If you bring the clay
I will do it for you.
I will make it to the best
of my abilities.
The government is paying us to sit here
and guard the soil in the banks.
And you're telling me
that you came to dig up clay!
What's the clay for?
- It's for our deity's ritual.
We only need enough clay
to make a pot and a horse.
We'll be on election duty
on the 25th of next month.
Take it without our knowledge.
- Okay, sir.
Beetles, crabs, crows and weaver birds
All rejoice at the sprouting of a seedling
Rocks, rubbles and whispering paddy stalks
All come to life when the wind blows
When dark clouds
Shower silver rain
The forest waves its hands
With childlike glee
When I go to the marketplace
How to put a price on my precious grains?
I don't have the heart
To part with my grains
Grandpa needs people
to transplant seedlings. You'll come?
Let's go help him out?
How can you leave?
You are supposed to be working here.
Just for today?
The government is
paying you to do nothing.
You're just lounging around all day.
We need them just for today, sister.
Please let them go?
If I let them go for a day,
I'll lose my job.
Grandma, they can't come.
Fine, I'll do it myself!
Listen, man...
My back hurts.
I'm going.
Come again?
- Come again?
Oh, you didn't hear me?
My back hurts, I'm leaving.
But you boastfully vowed to do it yourself!
I didn't know then.
I am leaving.
Hit the drums, it's harvest time
Hit the floors, it's prayer time
Under the soil, the roots stick together
Above ground, we pull the caravan as one
When dark clouds
Shower silver rain
The forest waves its hands
With childlike glee
When I go to the marketplace
How to put a price on my precious grains?
I don't have the heart
To part with my grains
Long ago our ancestors wielded the plough
Long ago our ancestors wielded the plough
Long ago our ancestors wielded the plough
Hello, Grandpa.
- Are you well?
What did you say?
Are you grinding chutney?
No, cotton seeds for the cow.
Cotton seeds for the cow?
Let me do it.
I'll save you the trouble.
I was hoping for
some good news from you.
About the land?
About that.
I don't intend to let it go.
Oh, come on.
They're paying three lakhs for
other plots. I will get you more.
I will get you seven lakhs.
What will I do with the money?
Use it as a pillow when I sleep?
It's the plot that I need.
What can I say to that?
Make him understand.
I'll get him seven lakhs.
Why don't you sell it?
I can't sell it.
I can't sell my inheritance.
Take the seven lakhs
and build a house.
Why are you struggling with this thing?
Use an electric grinder, loads easier.
He says he's not interested.
Get out of here.
It's not upto me!
I can't help it.
Come on, I don't understand
you at all.
Just sell the land and live like a king
for the remainder of your days.
Only because I have the land...
do I wake up in the morning
to irrigate my field.
Without the land,
why would I wake up?
I'll grind it myself.
Repay on time.
- Okay, sir.
What did the old man say?
He is an old-fashioned man.
He's been deaf for over forty years.
His brain has just not grown,
so it's hard to deceive him.
I don't know what to do.
What are you doing?
What did you say?
What are you doing?
I'm burying the dead peacocks.
Give them to me.
Let me take them.
What will you do with dead peacocks?
Get going.
Here, take a bite of this.
I was climbing uphill...
and I thought of you.
So here I am.
- Okay.
Did you think of me?
- I did.
That's why I came.
- Okay.
You had something
to say?
Eat up. I'll tell you.
I have eaten.
Tell me.
I was at the field.
I found three dead peacocks.
I buried them...
and returned home.
All that is born must die someday.
- Yes.
Don't feel bad.
[peacock screaming]
Lord Murugan...
He has a plan.
It is hard to comprehend.
Have you eaten?
I haven't.
[stammering] I'm not hungry.
Sit down.
Would you like some water?
- Please.
The water is so tasty, sir.
Are you Maayandi?
I am Maayandi.
You own these farms?
Yes, my grandfather bought them.
You have sowed such a small patch?
I sowed a small batch
for the deity's ritual.
It's for the ritual?
- Yes.
I keep seeing sparks
on that pole.
Did you bring rope and ladder
to climb up?
Climb what?
That pole.
- Why?
Sparks keep flying.
I am not an electrician!
I am a police officer.
I am a policeman!
I don't understand.
I said, police!
A policeman.
Oh, policeman?
Bang, bang!
I didn't know.
The electrician also wears that uniform.
We're illiterate, how would we know?
Did you bury the peacock?
This was my grandfather's farm.
I inherited it from him.
Did you bury the peacock?
Speak up!
Oh, the peacock?
- Yes.
Why didn't you just say so?
Where did you bury it?
Over there, to the west.
Will you show me where?
- I'll show you.
One peacock and two peahens.
Is this where they're buried?
- Yes.
Peacock in the middle,
and the two peahens on either side.
I need to see the peacock.
Go that way,
you will see them grazing.
The officer wants to see you.
My superior officer
wants to see you.
I'll come.
- Come.
Come on.
Where are you taking me?
The officer is in there.
Who is the old man?
He beat up his wife.
Still beating up his wife
at this old age?
Get a statement from a kin
and let him go.
Who is the other old man?
He killed and buried a peacock.
A peacock, you say?
Which village?
Ayyanarpatti, sir.
Remember, we went there last year
when three locals attacked a peacock.
But the villagers refused to
let us arrest them.
It was so humiliating.
Oh, that village!
Is there a witness?
- Yes, sir.
There is an eye-witness, sir.
He will testify in court.
He needs to testify.
Make sure he's not related
to the accused in any way.
No, they both belong to
different castes.
I'll meet the DSP and the Forest Officer.
File an FIR against him.
Okay, sir.
- Yes, Auntie?
Maayandi hasn't returned
from the farm yet.
He must be held up.
He will be back.
Just go take a look, son.
I know his routine, don't I?
Just go down there
and take a look, will you?
Sir, let's go.
Not you. Remain seated.
You, come with me, sir.
Sit over here.
- We need to file an FIR.
Does the Inspector know?
- Yes, I'm following his orders.
Get me a few carbon sheets
from the Inspector's room.
Sir, get up and come over here.
I could only find two sheets.
- That will do.
What's your name, man?
- Maayandi.
Father's name?
Your father's name!
Come again?
- What is your father's name?
Aadi Sivan.
Aadi Sivan.
Aadi Sivan.
Your address?
He doesn't even have a ration card
or voter's ID.
You don't have any ID...
how can you prove that you are
a citizen of this country?
Be patient.
- Okay, father.
Let me handle this.
You both come with me.
There he is.
Why have you come here?
- A man in khaki brought me.
When did you come here?
A while back.
What are you doing here?
I came to get you.
Sir, the Inspector is here.
All our people have come for you.
Mokkarasu, Sinrasu... everyone.
Who are those men?
- Villagers from Ayyanarpatti.
You didn't send the old man away?
the old man we arrested
for beating up his wife...?
...we got a statement from his family,
like you said, and sent him off.
This old man?
He is the one who buried that peacock.
Oh, that's him?
Come in.
Hello, sir.
You've brought in an elder.
We wanted to see
what it's about.
Don't you know already?
He killed and buried a peacock.
It's our national bird.
It's a criminal offense.
When the constable enquired...
...he admitted to committing the crime.
Sir, let bygones be bygones.
Don't hold him in for what happened...
I am not digging up the past.
- Okay, sir.
When the constable went there
and enquired, he admitted.
If he had killed the peacock,
why would he bury it in his field?
You can't argue with me.
Last time, when a peacock was killed
in your village...
...you demanded evidence
and this and that.
You obstructed us from making arrests.
This time, we do it the right way.
An FIR has been filed.
Take it up with the magistrate
in the morning.
Got it?
Shall we go?
They say you killed peacocks.
What did you say?
Your farm!
You killed and buried a peacock
in your farmland?
Yes, I saw them lying dead
so I buried them.
One peacock and two peahens.
You should have informed someone
from our village when it happened.
Everyone has been disturbed ever since
a lightning struck down the Bodhi tree.
I didn't want to get everyone upset.
Shall we go, then?
You must remain here.
We will come and get you tomorrow.
- What?
You must remain here.
We will come and get you tomorrow.
I'll come with you.
Let's go.
You're in trouble
for burying the peacocks.
They had died on my farm.
[stammering] Why should there be trouble?
They have arrested you for it.
Sleep here tonight.
We'll come and get you tomorrow.
But what about the cow?
I must feed it. And the farm...
[lamenting] 'He could bear eight bundles
of palm stalk.'
'Oh! Damn us, uneducated fools!'
'Dear Brother Maayandi!'
'Damn us, uneducated fools...
We let them lock you up.'
'If only we could read and write...
We are helpless now.'
'We have surrendered you to God!'
'He's our shining beacon!'
Don't cry, Grandma.
We will bring him out.
Just shut up, will you?
You idiots have left him there, abandoned.
You should have forced the door open
and set him free.
Useless oafs.
What are you lamenting for?
It's all under control.
How can we be okay
when one of our family is imprisoned?
He will be back after the hearing
in the court.
If he says it will rain, it rains.
You'll let such a man be locked up?
[indistinct conversation]
No talking!
- Bring him in.
Head Constable, make him sit there.
Usilampatti County Police Station.
Who is that girl?
She is the judge.
She is the boss of bosses.
She is the judge.
She is a higher official than you?
How much is one cent of land?
- About this big...
You broke open your brother's skull
over one cent of land?
It's our hard earned property.
You're telling me to let him snatch it?
This is a courtroom.
You may not raise your voice here.
I'll lock you up.
- What's she saying?
He has committed a crime.
She is giving him a punishment.
You're the one who caught me.
Why can't you punish me?
It's my job to make arrests,
and hers to punish.
Now keep quiet.
I earned this property.
No one else has rights over it.
I understand what you're saying, sir.
But that's not my point.
You're digressing.
Please wait.
MAAYANDI: What crime did I commit
to be brought here?
JUDGE: You'll be locked up for years.
At 60 years, is this how you behave?
Usilampatti County Police Station.
Present the accused : Maayandi.
Maayandi, Maayandi, Maayandi.
- They're calling us. Stand over there.
Come, let's go.
What crime did he
commit at this age?
Sir, are you aware of your charges?
Did the policemen harass you?
Sir, we're talking to you.
Are you aware of your charges?
He cannot hear you.
You must speak up, miss.
He can't hear?
How will I enquire then?
One of the villagers
may step forward and speak.
Go ahead, Pancake.
She said we can leave?
No, Grandpa.
You need to wait.
She's asking you a question.
Answer it.
What question?
Why did he kill and bury those peacocks?
You buried the peacocks, didn't you?
They were lying dead.
So I buried them.
One peacock and two peahens.
Ask him why he killed them?
when a peacock dies,
you can't bury it.
You have to come here
and tell these people.
Look, now they think
you killed the peacocks.
I didn't kill them.
Who told you that?
That I killed them?
The peacock is the chariot
of Lord Murugan. It cannot be killed.
How could I kill the most beautiful bird?
Who on Earth said that I did?
How could you say such a thing?
Did he say that?
That I killed them?
Who is the Inspector
handling this case?
Inspector Needhivasan, madam.
Tell him to come.
Call the County Police Inspector!
County Police Inspector!
County Police Inspector!
County Police Inspector!
What's going on with this case?
Everything is in order, your honour.
We have an eye-witness.
We filed an FIR using his statement.
- The eye-witness is here.
Bring him in.
What did you see?
When I was returning from the forest...
I saw the old man kill
and bury the peacocks.
Did you see him kill them?
Or did you see him bury them?
I saw him bury them.
Tell it the way you told me.
Let it be, sir.
You didn't see him kill them?
I didn't, madam.
See, that lady got the point!
If she runs in an election,
I won't even take money to vote for her.
What's all this paperwork?
You have filed him in these sections?
Besides, you should have notified
the forest department.
No, madam.
It wasn't in their jurisdiction.
It was within the County's jurisdiction.
That is why...
Can we go?
Madam, last year, a few men
from that village killed a peacock.
So we went there to enquire.
The villagers created a rumpus
and didn't let us make any arrests.
So the forest officers requested us...
to file this case
so that we can enforce order.
So you took it out on this old man
and filed an FIR?
No, madam...
If I don't file a case,
the whole species will go extinct.
That's why I filed an FIR.
If you can't nab the actual criminal,
you can't just lock up someone else.
That's not what the law says.
If you can't catch the criminals,
let them be.
They will just be there
in the society.
Would you lock up a good man instead?
It's not good for the village,
nor the nation.
Why don't you continue this conversation,
I'll water the field and join you.
You can't just leave.
You keep talking amongst yourselves,
I'll be right back.
Someone please explain to him that
this is a court, and he's been charged.
There is no one to care for the seeds.
I have to care for the cow.
I have sowed grains for our deity.
We need that harvest
in time for the ceremony.
I have to go and irrigate the field.
Is there no one else
to take care of it?
No, madam. He has been tending
the cattle and the field all by himself.
He is the senior farmer in our village.
He has to offer the first grains.
No one else in the village
is practicing agriculture anymore.
How much grain have you sowed?
Two 'marakkas'.
How much is that?
- About thousand rupees.
I will have you compensated
with money.
He can't go to irrigate the field now.
Tell him to be quiet.
She says you can't
water the fields now.
She will give you money.
She says you can sow new seeds later.
Money comes and goes.
We sowed seeds
for our deity...
and they have already sprouted.
They need to be watered.
Are they not living things?
Wouldn't they die?
By holding one life here,
you're killing a thousand lives.
This is the man you accuse
of killing a peacock?
Okay, I will file an M.F.
Get the reports ready.
What, madam?
- M.F: Mistake of Fact.
We need to drop the action.
Speak to your higher officials
and submit a report.
Who brought him in?
Head Constable Poochikannu.
Here's what you'll do...
find out his household chores
and farm work.
Irrigate the crops on time.
And tend to the cattle too.
How could I...?
- Say what?
I will do it, madam.
I will have it assigned as your duty.
Okay, Inspector?
- He can do it 'on-duty'.
Sir, look over here.
He will irrigate your field.
What, Miss?
That constable over there...?
He will irrigate your field.
Yes. He'll do it.
You must remain here
for fifteen days.
He's remanded for fifteen days.
Take the suspect Maayandi into custody.
Take the suspect into custody.
Did she say I can leave now?
Tend to crops till ripe and ready
Hire a hand from Madurai city
Reap all your harvest -
Heap it on the threshing floor, dear one
Beat the husk out of your grains -
Measure the yield precisely, dear one
Load up your bullock cart
Head to the bustling Pollachi Market
Merchants from Virudhu Nagar
Do their business there, dear one
Sell them your grains
And count your gains, dear one
Spend your money in a prudent way
Set aside for a rainy day
Your mother knows best
Hand her your savings, dear one
Your mother knows best
Hand her your savings, dear one
Give her a penny
She will turn it to a pound, dear one
Give her a penny
She will turn it to a pound, dear one
Get in.
In there?
- Yes.
Hello. Sit.
Please protect our brother.
Don't let him be humiliated, please.
May he overcome this obstacle
and return here to worship you.
May all you deities come together
and bring us back our brother.
Only you can bring him justice.
O Ayyanar!
Come on.
- Let's go.
Let's go, Granny.
[old Tamil movie song playing]
Why oh why did He
Give a brain to humans?
Why oh why did God do that?
Filling it with lies, deceit and thievery
Man has ruined the world
Yes, man has ruined the world
Why oh why did He
Give a brain to humans?
Mate, you and your elephant
can only earn in our village?
Don't know how to get out of town?
We must earn where we sold our lands.
Get your elephant to bless me.
Why? Are you going to war?
Let's go then.
Yeah, nothing to do here.
- Hey, wait up.
What is your name?
Karuppan, sir.
The old gentleman Maayandi...
how is he related to you?
He is my grandfather, sir.
Go to your grandfather's farm
and turn the pump on everyday.
And you...
Feed broken grains
to the chickens.
And while you're at it,
give water to the cows too.
We know what the lady judge
said at the court.
And what was that?
Your name is written on the register:
You have been assigned to the job, sir.
It's not like the seeds have been sown
for my temple. It's for your deity.
Sir, we know how to pray to our deity.
Why are you teaching us?
Sir, I can't wake up early in the morning,
walk so far and turn on the motor.
If you want we'll take care of the cow
and the chickens.
You go and turn on the pump, sir.
Has the old man actually been
living here without electricity?
Screw you all, he doesn't need
anything from you!
His is the right way to live.
Two days before you sow the grains,
you must plough the fields.
Then you soak the seeds.
On the third day, you sow the seeds.
On the third day?
- Yes.
20 - 25 days after sowing the grains...
you must till the soil.
30 - 35 days later, you need to
transplant the saplings.
Three and a half months after planting,
you can harvest the crops.
What are you sketching?
Sketching? I am writing it down.
To memorise it.
I stabbed someone, right?
I will get a 5 or 6 year sentence
for that case.
Then no one in my village
will respect me nor hire me.
Respect? No one will give you a job
or their daughter's hand in marriage.
You'll be out on the streets.
You heard him.
My grandfather has left me 5 acres of land
at the foothills of a mountain.
I will lead a happy life at nobody's mercy,
by doing farming.
Sir... how many sackfuls of grain
will one acre yield?
30 - 35 sackfuls.
30 - 35, is it?
If it rains, you will have a better yield.
Back in my times,
if someone had five acres of land...
he could marry a girl
and start a family.
Now there is no rain, no water,
no nothing. Only drought!
That's all fine.
You've been going to the farm from a very
young age. You know all the work.
I wouldn't know what to do
with my five acres.
You're fully grown like a bull.
You say you don't know how to farm?
How will you survive?
Even a man who says he doesn't
know farming does know it.
It only takes practise.
Grab that jar.
Fill it with soil.
Pour a little water in it.
Place it under sunlight.
Fine, come on.
If this makes my hair grow back,
let's go to our deity's temple,
and offer the new hair in prayer.
In the spinning top called Earth
First of the ancestors shaped a clay pot
Along came the blacksmith
His descendants now tread the Earth
Pounding paddy into rice
Boiling it soft and nice
Perfecting the wheel
We move around, expanding the city
Ploughing lands little by little
Tilling wasteland until rich and fertile
Demarcating land, calling it your own
You have made it your home
Blistered hands toiled under the Sun
Earth rewarded them with fortune
The bags that held the crops
Housed a million lives, too
Running after descendants
Who put it to test under a sieve
Many doomed men let a good thing go
In search of greener pastures
The spinning top called Earth
The spinning top called Earth
Look at this!
Did you sow a seed?
You brought the jar.
You filled it with soil.
You watered it.
You set it under the sun.
Why do you ask me?
How would I know?
How did this grow?
The Lord has given us thousands of seeds.
When it rains,
a plant is born.
Now you've been given a neem tree.
This is neem?
You asked me what is farming?
Sow the seeds of your choice
in your land...
and just water them.
Your crop will grow.
Our fathers and grandfathers
They preserved the greatest riches
Air, water and soil
Isn't that everything?
The past is not present today
Let the present go, and all is lost
Our naked eye cannot perceive
The micro-beings in the soil
Who created these lives
That dwell under our feet?
When they are killed
Our existence is imperiled
The tooth that's cleaned using a stick
Never seemed to fall sick
When the sun shone in the sky
We counted on shadows to tell the time
Bartering for essentials
Bringing up healthy boys and girls
The grandmother rocked her grand-baby
Singing our origin stories as lullaby
Ruining the soil day after day
Laying pot-holed roadways
The grandson rides a car on it
He hasn't seen half of it
He played in the back-porch in his loincloth
Now he's forgotten his grandad
He builds tall houses with many floors
But is amazed by a little potted plant
Oh, we're the people who conserved vegetation
By splashing manure, season after season
He now sprays a chemical
And goes in search of a meal
This spinning top called Earth
Did you take the main road,
or did you take the footpath?
The footpath, of course.
What are you counting?
The mountains.
They go missing suddenly.
Do you read the papers?
Oh yes, I do.
I read every paper I can get my hands on.
Not the old newspapers
they use for wrapping pastries.
I meant the newspapers,
with current affairs.
I do know it.
I know all the current affairs.
Do you know about GST?
Goods and Services Tax!
That's all fine.
Do you know who is ruling
Tamizh Nadu now?
Lord Murugan.
Murugan is the one ruling us.
It's always him.
You've got your head together.
Only you've got your head together.
Usher in the police.
County Police!
County Police!
County Police!
What are you even doing, sir?
We asked you for the MF
fifteen days ago.
When will you submit the MF report,
and when will we send the RCS notice?
Where is the Inspector?
He is at the station, madam.
Tell him to come.
Are you watering the crops correctly?
I have been watering them on time.
I am rearing cows too.
Go now.
Ask the Inspector to come.
Chase that cow away, brother.
Auto Driver!
Chase that cow away.
Don't eat that.
It's for the temple.
I told you to chase it.
What are you waving the stick for?
Take it away.
How would the cow understand
if you say it's for the temple?
What a loud mouth!
Oh, I'm a loud mouth?
How will it work if you wave that stick
and yell "shoo, shoo"?
You just left it unattended.
Yeah, right.
That's a big mustache for someone
who can't even shoo a cow away.
You've started herding cattle too?
Your villagers don't know the difference
between an auto driver and a policeman?
Or are you just pretending?
She is my sister's daughter.
My prospective bride.
How will a cow herder
tell uniforms apart?
You said you can't wake up early
to irrigate the fields. Why are you here?
I did say that.
I will take care of
my grandfather's land, sir.
I will irrigate it.
It's my name
that's written in the register.
Yes, but you must have a lot of work
in the police station. You carry on.
The two hours I spend here
is the only time I'm peaceful.
Don't ask me to go back there.
Which is the crop
and which is the weed?
The one that's not the crop
is the weed.
Don't pluck out the crops!
Come over here.
The edges are turning brown.
Are you irrigating the field
or the man in the cap?
We both are.
Why is it dry, then?
If the water level was 6 inches higher,
it would have gone to the next stage!
What have you done?
Park under the shade.
No, over there.
You can ask that old man
reading the newspaper.
Hello, sir.
We come from Ayyanarpatti.
What's the matter?
We're going to perform the ritual
for our deity.
So we wanted to discuss it
with the elders here.
But your elders haven't come?
Let your elders come to speak
to our elders.
Then we'll talk.
Let's leave, mate.
Okay, then.
- So long.
Your interest is due!
I will sell two of my lambs
and pay you, sir.
Even 'he' gets a loan?
- Yes, brother?
Only the deranged people of in village
haven't taken a loan from them.
Yes, brother.
- "Yes, brother"?
Even you've borrowed from them.
- I borrowed a 1000 rupees.
Watch out, man.
You'll have to sell a kidney
just to pay interest!
After all you've done...
you're just laying low?
What do you mean?
You asked the old man to sell his land.
He refused.
And you've dealt with him.
- We didn't kill the peacocks!
You're always talking nonsense.
I never said mentioned the peacocks!
Don't let it slip
and get yourselves caught.
I forgot what I wanted to say...
Oh, yes.
What will you do
with the land you bought from us?
That land?
We're going to start organic farming.
Only millionaires will be farmers now.
[Radio Voice] We're discussing the current
affairs of our nation on today's show.
[Radio Voice] Nothing new, the farmers are
continuing their half naked protest...
[Radio Voice] and as always, no answer
from the government.
[Radio Voice] There is no end
to the questions in our country...
See the state of farmers
in our country, Kalyani?
Thank God...
We sold the fifteen acres
and settled down well, you and I.
Or my father and I would be
standing with these half naked people.
Good night, Kalyani.
Good night.
Uncle, over there.
We must invite them respectfully
with all our hearts.
We must treat them well.
Hello, sir.
- Welcome!
Hello, sir.
It's been long since we prayed
to our tribal deity.
If you could beat the drums
as per tradition and invoke the deity...
our people can be together again
and lead a good life.
What happened the last time
cannot happen again.
It won't.
- We can't let that happen, ever again.
We will make sure of that.
Will you both vouch for it?
That's a good omen.
- We've got a good sign indeed.
We shall come.
May this take place peacefully.
Please accept this token of respect.
We accept it.
- Please come.
When I left the house, my mother scolded me
to wear formal white clothing...
Where is your wretched son, woman?
Where is he?
Invited them with a tray of fruits, did he?
You let your father down
for other caste people?
You gave them a token of respect, did you?
I'll ensure that nobody from another caste
sets foot in our temple.
I'll slaughter you!
You have humiliated me.
[Indistinct shouting]
I will make every caste member
pray at the ritual, you'll see.
Your son has gone crazy, Granny.
Please stop, son.
- I'll kill you, bastard.
He's gone completely mad.
I'll slaughter you...
that will scare them.
Calm down and sit.
You're going to ruin the ritual.
Why did you swear at him?
Lo and behold!
To see an end to your troubles,
have a good rain...
for crops to thrive...
touch and pray to Lord Azhagumalayan!
It will absolve your sins
and your bad karma.
Your diseases and afflictions
will leave you.
Dear Lord, protect this mother
so she may never suffer.
When will I get married?
You're so young,
how will you get married?
Excuse me, I'm 22!
You're 22?
Then let's ask God.
Will this girl get married this year?
Tell her fate.
Will she get married?
Bless her.
Come closer.
May you lead a prosperous, healthy,
long life, with a healthy husband...
and may you have God's sanction
to live like Goddess Meenakshi.
May earth thrive, may our nation thrive,
may people be blessed...
May we lead a content life, Lord.
May their elders never face insufficiency.
Azhagarsami's Holy Cow is here
to protect them.
They said he will be remanded
for fifteen days...
Maayandi! Maayandi! Maayandi!
Sir, your report is not ready.
You will have to wait here.
You will have to be here
for fifteen days.
Another fifteen days?
- Please get it over with.
I found a dead stray dog
last year...
I buried it.
Let's figure that out too.
Hey, be quiet!
Dead dogs don't matter.
It's a crime to kill only peacocks.
Yes, Mother?
Wake up, girl.
The cow is mooing.
Give it some water.
Hello! Eat up.
Worms and insects are cutting through
the paddy crops in the field.
To fix this, collect some cow's urine...
soak neem leaves,
Lima bean leaves...
rubber bush leaves...
Malabar nut leaves...
and a few wild neem leaves.
Mix it all together and sprinkle
over crops using neem leaves.
The insects will scatter away.
Where did you find that garbage?
I paid good money for it!
Get rid of it.
Go on, get rid of it now!
Or I'll fling it away somewhere.
Everyone's jealous.
Hurry up and pluck it.
Here you go.
Cow's urine.
Are you doing as Brother Maayandi said?
We couldn't find any wild neem leaves.
There's this other place...
I'll check it out tomorrow.
Don't just check it out!
Get the work done, boys.
Okay, Granny.
Hey, Goat-herd boy...
Yes, brother?
Where are the wild neem trees?
There was a tree here...
but after the last dengue outbreak,
they cut the tree down, and used it up.
There is one tree left
on that hill over there.
They cut down the whole tree?
- Yes.
What are you doing here?
I've been looking for you everywhere!
Come, let's drink.
What's your problem, man?
Grandma said one must cross a
thousand obstacles to conduct the ritual.
But count is way past thousand now!
Last year, at this time...
we killed and ate a peacock
to go with our booze.
But that curse has haunted Grandpa.
Tell me.
About the old man
who killed a peacock...
We were the ones
who killed the peacock last year.
When the police came to our village
to arrest us, we created a rumpus...
and escaped punishment.
Now they've arrested Grandpa
to get back at us.
I will take the blame
for this case.
Please release Grandpa.
It doesn't work that way.
When the reports come,
we will release Grandpa.
Don't worry.
Let's go.
Don't kill any more peacocks.
- We won't.
Not just peacocks,
don't kill anything!
Will you pluck those wild neem leaves
and sprinkle the medicine?
Where are you going?
There is something I must do.
What's that?
I'll go to Pazhani Hills
and pray to Lord Murugan.
Now, this?
Fine, go ahead.
I'll handle it.
Those are leftovers.
Eat this.
That's leftover food.
Eat this.
Take it.
Throw it in the bin.
I'm leaving.
I'll take leave.
You've already smeared it on me.
It's for that girl.
Have you forgotten?
Smear it on her forehead.
They're going to set you free.
My verdict is on the same day too.
I asked them to sprinkle medicine on
the crops. I wonder if they did it.
Hello, sir.
Do you have any wild neem powder, or oil?
What do you need that for?
For the paddy crops.
When did you sow them?
It's in booting stage.
Booting stage?
Spray this.
All the insects will die.
Give me 220 rupees.
220 rupees?
- Yes.
There are insects all over the crops...
- It will be fine.
Just use this.
Everything will be fixed.
It's past expiry date.
So what if it's past expiry?
The medicine won't turn into poison!
Even then, it only becomes more potent.
Just use this,
it will work wonders!
Get up, grandpa.
I've never had an injection all my life.
This is my first time.
Very good!
You've got a healthy body...
Nothing to worry.
You're right, sir.
Even his farts don't stink!
Sit down.
Hello, madam.
Yes, madam.
- He has mild fever.
Nothing else to worry.
He is doing quite well.
I've asked them
to make him some hot water.
Old man, someone is here to see you.
Here, Grandpa...
Where is Ramaiya?
I went to the Pazhani temple.
To pray.
Our Ramaiya...
I met him there.
I offered to carry his bags
but he refused.
He kept walking.
He climbed atop an outcrop
at the edge of a cliff.
He kept gazing into the sky.
And then...
he suddenly came back down
and handed this to me.
He said,
"Pray to our tribal deity..."
"everything will be alright."
He shouted, "Hail Lord Murugan,
the victorious Spear Bearer"
...and climbed back up the rock.
He just stood there...
...and gazed at the sky.
A peacock...
...a peacock screamed.
I looked away
for only a split second.
He wasn't there.
I went and checked...
somehow, He had magically disappeared.
He didn't disappear.
He flew away.
Order two cups of tea.
Let's go.
It will all be over today.
You can go home.
You've been saying that
for a while now.
Your villagers are here.
You can leave with them today.
You keep saying that!
[old woman lamenting]
Sit here.
Let him be seated here.
Grandma, I'll have a tea
and be right back.
Sure, go ahead.
Don't cry.
Stop crying!
Don't cry...
Have you eaten?
Not yet.
It's so late. You still haven't eaten?
I'll finish this work and then eat.
We'll go home and eat?
- We'll go home and eat.
Nosey, did you spray that medicine
on the crops?
Suresh said he'd spray it...
...not sure if he did it.
Let's go and take a look
at the fields?
The judge will be here
only by 10 o clock.
You can return by then.
We can return on time?
- Of course!
Start the bike. Let's see who stops me
from watering my fields today!
Step aside.
Sit, Grandpa.
Wait, the men in caps are there.
I'll sit the other way!
Don't look their way.
Look Southward.
Don't look there.
There he comes.
Zip your mouths shut, ladies!
Where is the old man?
Grannies, I'm talking to you!
Where is the old man?
I have no idea where he went.
I left him right here!
I can't see or hear properly.
He just left.
He was sitting right here,
and you're saying he just left?
Listen, even the Judge has taken pity
upon him and decided to free him.
Maybe he went for a coffee.
He will be back.
He just left on a motorcycle
with a boy.
Which way?
- This way, sir.
To your motorcycle.
Summon Maayandi's case.
The Inspector is waiting here, Madam.
Where is the old man?
Madam, we got him here early morning.
He was right outside the court.
Where is he now?
He left to check on his fields.
To his fields?
What are you saying?
Is this how you work?
That is such an irresponsible answer.
You can't even look after
an old man?
- You just let him walk away?
I've sent the Head Constable
with another cop, madam.
Hurry up.
I'll take a look
and be back.
Let's just go to the court
and come back.
Come on.
Sir, what is this?
We told you about your verdict today.
Why did you go
to your fields before that?
all the crops are dead.
All the crops are dead?
Madam, all the crops in the field...
somehow perished...
Weren't you tending to them?
I was, until now.
The boys were tending to them
these last couple of days.
You won't even obey a Magistrate's order?
He said they were one thousand lives.
I gave him my word
that you would protect his crops.
What about my word now?
You killed them all.
Who killed the crops now?
You, those boys, or me?
Sir, don't worry.
You can go home today.
You can sow the seeds again.
And pray to your deity.
Get surety from a couple
of his village folk.
Complete the formalities
and send him home immediately.
I'll see to it, madam.
All rise.
Come in, sir.
Bail for the elder man.
How are you doing, sir?
I'm good. How are you?
- I'm okay...
All well at home?
- All good, sir.
Why have you come in person?
With this judge madam...
it's going to be a problem
till we get him home.
She is taking so much trouble
for a mere farmer!
If I don't make sure
he gets home...
I'll be in deep shit!
I got an earful at the court.
- I know, sir.
Come here.
We need your fingerprints.
Be seated outside.
What about your promotion?
There's been a problem.
The papers have been at the AC's desk
for a few months now!
He hasn't signed them yet.
Don't worry.
You'll get it!
I need that promotion.
What were you told?
What have you done?
Why are you hitting me?
- I told you to spray wild neem leaves!
When I asked for wild neem,
the shopkeeper gave me that!
Don't blame him
for the shopkeeper's mistake!
We will arrive the previous evening.
Make sure you treat our people well.
I'll serve you 20 sacrificial goats.
Yes, madam?
Why haven't you released the old man yet?
We're processing the paperwork, madam.
I'm coming there.
She is coming here!
Hurry up!
What happened?
What's taking so long?
All formalities are complete.
We got his fingerprints too.
Just need the Superintendent's sign.
Two minutes, madam.
I'll sign it.
Where is the old man?
- Seated outside.
- Yes, madam.
He was sitting all this time...
but he's lying down now?
Wake him up.
Call for an ambulance.
Get some water!
Where the hell is everyone?
There is no one here!
Did you call for an ambulance?
I'm trying, sir.
Just get an ambulance.
Okay, sir.
The old man isn't waking up!
What happened?
Wake up, sir.
We need to water the fields.
[peacock screaming]
Can I go, madam?
Yes, sir.
You can go now.
Where is your farm?
To the East.
Take me with you?
- Let's go.
Why are so many people here?
I asked them to come.
Let's all sow the seeds
for the deity together.
Don't worry.
Let's go.
What are you doing?
Grandpa, you just stand here
and tell us what to do.
We will do it.
Head Constable?
Why don't you help them, too?
I'll do it, sir.
Do your thing!
Why are you bringing the elephant in?
We have machines today.
Back then, it was only elephants.
Keep plucking.
What a stupid question!
Here you go, Priest.
Make the offering.
Do we have all the offerings?
- Yes!
Do we have everything?
- Yes!
We don't have the grains yet.
It was right here.
Grandpa must be at his fields.
Go fetch him. Quick!
Here he comes!
Man of the hour.