Kadak Singh (2023) Movie Script

Oh, world you're shrewd.
You betray.
In the filth of wealth,
you burn our boats.
Amid the greed of the rich,
and schemes of merchants,
the corpses of our conscience are afloat.
What looks bright,
hides darkness within.
The Sun nurtures their tainted sins.
The nectar with poison is brewed.
Oh, world you're shrewd
You betray.
Faces hidden in masquerades.
The intrigue once set, all pervades.
Faces hidden in masquerades.
The intrigue once set, all pervades.
When Pirates stand guard in rough seas,
it's all deception,
trappings and deceit.
Man is a hypocrite, it makes him sell his soul.
So even the blind believe they can see.
Oh, world you're shrewd.
You betray.
Oh, world you're shrewd.
You betray.
Sakshi. Sakshi, listen.
(Praying heard).
(Prayers continue)
- Dad.
- Dad?
I have no daughter.
I have a son.
You don't remember.
What? I don't remember?
Anything as of now.
Explain "things" then.
I mean you remember
only selective things.
Do you have your birth certificate?
Or photos?
Do you have photos of us together?
We don't have any recent photos together.
If we are father and daughter,
there should be
one photograph at least.
How do I believe anything you say?
Perhaps we might find answers
to our questions
in the memories you have forgotten.
Okay. Fair enough.
If I am your father,
why don't I get this feeling
that I am your father?
Somewhere perhaps it is my
fault and somewhere yours.
And somewhere it is neither your
fault nor mine.
Ms. Kannan,
it seems like an intriguing story.
It sure does.
Will you narrate it to me?
I was like any other ordinary girl.
Outside, it all seemed normal.
But at home, it was another story.
Come here, Aadi.
Did you give the fees to Mrs. Singh?
I forgot.
Your memory is that weak?
Dinner is ready.
Go wash your hands.
I am not hungry.
You eat.
You are not hungry.
You don't remember things.
What's wrong with you?
Why are your eyes red?
Is it because you were
playing football in the sun?
Do you have a better excuse?
Go freshen up.
You are still up?
Working on End Semester's paper.
Can't you study during the day?
I have to pay for the electricity.
- Yes?
- Really, Ravikant?
Yes. Ravikant took his life.
He jumped out of the office window
Such people shock me.
People who commit suicide
without any mental issues are selfish.
They don't care about
the people they leave behind.
They, just suffer.
Are you alright?
I am fine.
Ravikant uncle committed suicide?
Yes. I was wrong.
I thought he was brave.
Didn't give any explanation or reason.
Father, no! He made a mistake.
No. Say "you're sorry". Say "Sorry".
Say sorry.
Ravikant uncle committed suicide
in the office today.
That's why 'Kadak Singh' was raging.
Was it because of Kadak Singh?
I don't know.
Kadak Singh must have whacked him too.
Were you doing drugs in the bathroom?
No, didi.
It was plain cigarette.
I promise.
Aditya is just 5.
How can he smoke?
You see, Ms. Kanan.
They call me Kadak Singh.
Doctors and I agree
on one thing at least.
That is my name is A.K. Shrivastava.
We don't agree on anything else otherwise.
You are very strict.
So, Aditya and me call you Kadak Singh.
No. Aditya is just 5
and I am a jolly man.
The entire hospital knows.
These days instead of giving patients
the anesthesia, they send me.
I make them laugh
to the point where they pass out.
Stop spinning stories. Listen to her.
I wish and I pray that you
are always happy
and keep everyone happy too.
But I need to state the facts.
Aditya is 17.
Call him.
He can't come now.
He can't come?
Ms. Kannan, an excuse again.
I told you she is a liar.
Oh, God! Everyone else is saying
she is your daughter.
Why would she just show up
and talk to you otherwise?
Is she crazy?
Others could be liars too.
The world is full of liars.
If you listen to the entire story,
you'll know why he can't come.
What happened yesterday
should not have happened.
What sort of an elder sister are you?
Don't you know how to take care of
your younger brother?
Here. I'll return late.
Eat your banana
I don't like this.
Stand in the queue with a bouquet
to wish the bride and groom.
Wear a fake smile on your face.
You guys go.
Your work is your bride, right?
I have to take care of the house
and family.
So, you run
the house without me?
No. You're back home at night.
A big favour you do us.
Get up, Sakshi.
Papa is not coming with us.
We will go.
Get ready.
Fine. Go.
You would remember
Golden sun Chit Fund owner
Ashok Agarwal.
Has been absconding with investors'
money worth 900 crores.
Enough! Move away!
We want our money back.
We want our money back.
Return our money!
Return our money!
Return our money!
Give it back Give it back!
Adi, sit outside.
The clothes will get mixed.
I don't want to.
Arjun is here.
Kadak Singh's real son.
Now what is this new twist?
My real son?
What is his name?
- Arjun.
- Arjun. Right.
He is an adult man.
Ms. Kannan.
I am not of loose character.
You can ask any nurse or doctor here.
My conscience is crystal clear.
Crystal clear.
Super clean.
That's true.
He considers a pretty young girl like
as me his sister.
Even though I don't call her sister.
I don't. I don't.
Arjun is your colleague.
Junior officer.
He joined recently.
He was impressed by your values.
He follows you.
He would come home often to meet you.
So, Aditya
and I call him your real son.
You guys are fond of naming people.
Don't you have anything else to do?
I like this new character, Arjun.
I would like to meet him.
He follows me. So why won't I like him?
Go on.
Did you get the file?
Investors of Golden Sun are in trouble.
We will find Agarwal.
We are on the right track.
But before the arrest don't
discuss it with anyone.
- Want some tea?
- Sure.
Sit. I'll go take a shower.
Hi, Sakshi.
Do you have a minute?
There was a compulsory health check up
in the office last week.
It was found that A.K.
Sir has borderline diabetes.
I thought you should know.
I suggest you stop packing
sweet dish for lunch.
He orders chocolates at work anyways.
He packs his own lunch.
Oh. Okay.
How much sugar?
One spoon.
Go on. I am coming.
Why did you marry my mother?
My parents married me
to her forcibly.
What about me and Adi then?
I fell in love with your mother.
I am ruined.
I'll get you the money you invested
in Golden Sun.
Here. This is for your daughter. Take it.
You have tuitions, right?
Be there on time.
I will be returning late.
Kadak Singh is out.
Kids are up and about!
He'll cancel the program if he hears.
No way.
All Kadak Singhs party every Saturday.
It starts at 2 pm.
Okay. Are you going to come directly?
Or should I pick you?
The show starts at 7.30. Okay?
Excuse me.
'The person you are calling
is not answering'.
'Please call again later'.
- Hello. Amar.
- Yes, sister.
Is Adi with you?
No. He is not with me.
He is not?
So where is he?
Come on. Get up.
Put it down.
Are you the only one
who has lost mother?
I have lost mother too.
Got it?
Stop blaming our situation
for this escapism.
All day even I'm....
I am scared.
I don't go to school out of fear.
I started this because I am scared.
Why are you scared?
I lost some money betting
on cricket matches.
How much?
And I spent the tuition fees too.
Very good.
A bookie called Babli Bhai
was threatening me.
If I don't pay his money...
That's enough.
Let him rest.
He is tired.
Lay down.
Continue. I might go to sleep.
I was saving up for an iPhone.
Stop all this
Or you'll end up
in a big mess one day.
Got it?
I promise.
I'll never again let you down.
(friends talking)
A twist in the tale.
A splash of romance
in the tragic family drama.
You are a smooth operator.
The accusations are false
my ladyship.
She said that Arjun told her
that I have borderline diabetes.
You have been here for a while now.
Regular diet. Exercise.
Medications. Physio.
Your levels are now under control
because of them
I have the old reports at home.
Make a list.
Birth certificate. Photos.
Old medical reports
and proof of Aditya being 17.
- Naina.
- Naina?
Her name is Naina.
Oh. Is she good looking?
Please allow her if she comes.
So that I can feel some joy.
A little entertainment.
Chee! Not at this age Come on.
Take it.
- Is she pretty?
- Very.
I don't know why I was so angry.
I was having these weird emotions.
I don't know if it was because of mamma
or because I saw you two together
but I felt you
smile when we are not around.
I am smiling. See.
You didn't smile much then.
Sir. Sir, I am Aditya's sister Sakshi.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
His sister is here.
Okay, sir. Okay.
Yes. What is it?
You paid off Babli Bhai, right?
So why were you trying
to run from him?
You lied again?
What happened there?
Go on.
Adi, let's get out of here.
5 minutes.
You scoundrels.
Using my money for your merriment
Wait. I am coming after you.
Run. Run.
Go. Go.
(screaming in pain)
Hey what are you doing?
Why are you beating him?
Wouldn't we have called his dad then?
From morning he has been wailing
for his sister.
Don't hit him
Show some sympathy.
He was a crook.
I am glad he is dead.
He was into gambling.
He pushed these kids into it.
What happened?
Sir, it was an accident.
Go to the back.
Go to the back, everyone.
Hey, you too.
It was a strange accident.
We have to make it look normal.
But it will require money.
All of them will pay.
Not just you.
I'll calculate
your share and tell you.
Don't worry.
It'll be affordable.
How are you, Mr. Shrivastava?
All good.
Actually, she is at a dramatic point
in her story.
So please check my vitals.
Now in the family drama
we have a crime angle.
Ms. Kannan?
Nothing has happened
in the story nor here.
How are you, A.K?
A.K is okay, Mr. Tyagi.
You know what?
Go out and show him all
my medical reports.
And you please continue.
My boss.
Sister, take good care of him.
- Let's go, doctor.
- Yeah.
- Ms. Kannan.
- Yes, sir?
Send the sample to the lab.
Everyone's gone.
Real boss. Real doctor.
Real son.
Please continue, Fake daughter.
Yes, tell me.
I'm on my way.
(crowd milling around)
(crowd milling around)
Vikram I can't do this.
Sakshi. For Adi.
...thought you said Five-star.
Sakshi, what happened?
Why did you come after me?
Go finish what you came here for.
Sakshi, behave yourself.
Why? Are you ashamed now?
Sakshi, I'll...
I am not Adi.
You can't silence everyone
by beating them up.
I'll not kill myself like mother did.
I'll leave you.
I'll run away from the house.
Mimi didn't kill herself.
It was an accident.
It was an accident?
Is Adi an accident too?
The medals of honesty.
Appreciation from colleagues.
Newspaper-cuttings of the praise
These things are dearest
to you, right?
They mean everything to you.
It was an accident.
What you were just doing in there,
was that an accident too?
by stander - Let's go.
It was nothing.
what were you doing at such a place?
What was I doing in there?
Why did I go there?
I wish I could tell you.
I don't think telling you
Will be of any use
Because what have we got all our lives?
Even now! Anger in the middle of the road.
Everyone thinks
we don't have a mother.
But they don't know
that we don't have a father either.
Our parents died all at once.
Sure there is someone in the house
who walks around like our father.
But he is not our father.
Because my father used to smile.
The scent of powder mixed with
his sweat would come from here to here.
He would look into our eyes
and hug us.
This is someone else
who is on duty even at home
but now he is failing at that too.
Now he just insults my mother's
memories at malls and shady hotels.
I am not that kind of a person,
That's not me.
No, Ms. Kannan?
that's not me, right?
I didn't know you before
you came here.
How would I know?
But I do now.
I didn't know then.
Ms. Kannan, tell her that
I am not kind of a person.
It's a good thing,
I am not a psychiatrist!
I am the head nurse.
If she is saying so,
you must have been that person.
You don't look like one though.
Lay down. Slowly.
I am fine.
How can one end up
in a hospital just because
he was humiliated
in the middle of the street?
Then came the scariest moment
in our lives.
What's wrong?
Go out.
Did the cop say no?
You have become so selfish Adi.
You were so sweet.
Go out.
Kudos to you, A.K. Shrivastava.
You ignore the situation instead
of doing something about it.
Like you did with mamma.
If any information comes in,
we'll release a statement.
We are still unclear about
what has happened.
Sir, this is the second suicide
in your office during the Golden Sun scam.
Why don't you catch the culprit?
Please answer.
No comments. Please.
Ma'am. Ma'am.
Sir. Sir.
Sir. Sir.
Dr. Bhagat, come on...
Let him go.
Move aside.
Move. Move. Hurry up.
One more. One more.
150 joules. Quick. Quick.
Much better. Much better. He is coming back.
Arjun and the others claim
that A.K hanged himself.
He tried to commit suicide.
No one would have known
if the fan had not fallen.
We rushed him to the nearest hospital.
Don't worry about the money.
We'll make sure AK gets
the best treatment.
You sent me straight to ICU.
Why would someone
like me commit suicide?
Do I look suicidal to you?
I am such a jolly lively man.
But this girl's imagination
deserves praise.
Your story has a lot of drama.
Hello. What imagination?
The condition you were brought
In, is a fact.
So, you agree that everything
before that was untrue?
Because a twisted man like you will
force others to commit suicide.
You don't look like someone
Who will.
You see.
She understood me.
"Understood me".
This is all true.
We'll know shortly.
Tell me.
Did I survive the suicide attempt?
- Ms. Kannan.
- Hmm?
Is there are possibility
we are ghosts?
The first night
when you were admitted...
I am Naina.
You remember I told to quit it.
You will end up in a big mess.
We are in a big mess now.
Will you help me find a solution?
Say it.
I will.
And then Adi agreed for rehab.
Be good.
"What I am is because of you."
"Only if you are, can I be myself."
"Yes you are there."
"But as if you are not"
"My tears are inconsolable"
Protesters: This is no hobby,
we are compelled.
We are helpless.
This is no hobby, we are compelled
This is no hobby, we are compelled
"My breath is weary"
-Return what you took.
"I keep gazing at you"
"I have lost my sleep".
"What I am is because of you."
"Only if you are, can I be myself."
So do you think DFC is
not taking proper action?
I did not say that.
You are misunderstanding.
I am just telling you.
If you look up Arun Kumar's history,
you'll find the clues
that DFC has gone on record saying that
he was not assigned the case
of Golden Sun Scam.
Then who told him? Huh?
He is hiding the facts.
Sakshi, are you okay?
What exactly happened
after A.K came after you?
I'll whack you...
I'll run away from the house.
What exactly is happening here?
What's happening here
is that everyone is trying
to find out as to why sir tried
to commit suicide.
Though Sir's suicide note tells
the entire story.
Suicide note?
The police have found it.
And handwriting analysis confirms it.
You left him with no option
after humiliating him publicly.
We were on a covert operation
In that hotel.
Tyagi sir told me to report to you.
Have a seat.
Sign here.
Go through it.
I want to see the suicide note.
It's against the regulation.
It is evidence.
Will you arrest him
if he recovers?
Actually, we have directions
to look at it from a human angle.
From the Kerela high court
and other judgements.
Ma'am, please.
Please help me.
Keep it safe.
Dear Sakshi,
what you said today is right.
I forgot to even wish you on
your birthday this time.
I guess you have been through
a lot lately of which I have no idea of.
This would not have happened
to our family had Mimi been alive.
I failed you.
When you regained consciousness
after 7 days...
Mr. Shrivastava,
good to have you back.
How are you feeling?
How am I here?
Is the scooter unscathed?
Don't tell Mimi about the accident.
Papa, how are you?
You... Who are you?
Who is she?
I am Sakshi.
I am Shrivastava.
I don't have a daughter.
I have a son.
5 years old.
In such suicide attempts,
hypoxic brain injury leads
to neurological damage.
In Mr. Shrivastava's case,
we have a diagnosis
of retrograde amnesia.
He remembers who he is.
But he has forgotten
a certain period completely.
Procedural memory is intact.
So, he can learn
and remember new things.
So why doesn't he recognize me?
Out of the 100 people he might
have known,
he remembers just a few.
Sir, how soon can he recover?
And are there any chances
of him regaining his memory?
Mr. Tyagi, it is less than negligible.
Little sip. Little sip.
Hi, sir. I am Arjun.
A.K. Good to have you back.
I am Tyagi.
Tyagi sir.
My senior.
My senior.
From Uttarakhand office.
Where are you posted these days?
Department Of Financial Crimes.
Eastern zone. Kolkata.
Thank you so much, sir.
You came all the way here
to see me.
You must be tired.
I want to sleep.
And you...
- Me?
- Yes.
- Ms. Kannan.
- Ms. Kannan. That's right.
Yes. Arun Kumar Shrivastava's
attempted suicide was a setback.
We expect some leads.
We have launched a nation-wide
manhunt with other agencies
to apprehend Ashok Agarwal.
And we expect a breakthrough
very soon.
Sir, has A.K. Shrivastava
been suspended?
Papa's suspension makes no sense.
Rules say that if a responsible
officer tries to commit suicide
he is suspended with immediate effect
until the inquiry is complete.
He hasn't committed suicide.
There is some mystery behind it.
It is not related to his personal life.
It is related to his work.
Even mom's death couldn't shatter him.
Would he take such a big step
because of my rudeness or mistake?
Would he abandon Adi because of me?
He didn't break even
after uncle Ravikant's death.
You can move to high court
against the suspension.
You can demand a separate investigation
Under CBI or Special SIT.
And if the high court hands
over the case to CBI
the department
will co-operate entirely.
Let's see how right your suspicion is.
Do you think papa committed suicide?
it doesn't matter what I think.
The circumstances are there,
the witnessnesses...
The suicide note is in his
own handwriting.
Sui... It is not a suicide note.
He was just wishing me
and apologizing.
That's it.
Why did he draw this line
after the apology?
If this was all,
he would have written his name.
Would a man who buys a new rope
for pre-planned suicide leave
his note incomplete?
I have shown it
to you multiple times but...
You are not his real son.
We know sir was not very methodical.
He does everything in detail.
And if he wanted to kill...
Why didn't he sign the letter?
Show it to me.
And this line.
Something's off.
Maybe you are right Sakshi.
There is no 'maybe.'
I am right, Arjun.
I heard of the suspension.
- Please.
- Take it. Sakshi.
A.K loves Mimi and you a lot.
I love him.
He doesn't.
He meets me only
to talk about you all.
He is not among those
who would go to such hotels
to vent their frustration,
where you both last met.
You also know that.
He called me right after
He said it will be difficult for him
to talk to you face to face.
But I'll try.
Does this look like a suicide note
to you?
I don't need to see any note.
A.K can never abandon you and Adi.
You are the second person
to believe me.
What if this attempted suicide
turns out to be an attempted murder?
But AK was in his own room...?
I don't know.
Something is rotten
in the state of Denmark
Heaven will direct it.
Literature Major?
Literature teacher.
How did you recognize me when I came
to the hospital for the first time?
I saw you at the mall with papa.
Sakshi I was of your age once.
You are still lucky.
You did not lose your father.
I can guess what you think
Or what impression you have of me.
But he respects me enough
to let me help his children financially.
Go meet him.
Let's see if he recognizes you.
One wrong move...
What room are you looking for?
Sir, I am ruined.
I'll make Golden Sun return
All your money and the rest.
Thank you, sir.
- Yes, Sakshi?
- Arjun, stay has been granted.
Judge said if there is a question mark
on the officer's suicide
it is not right to suspend him.
Specially in such a medical condition.
A fresh probe has been ordered
by a specially appointed SIT of CBI.
This is good news, Sakshi.
You have a green thumb
just like Kadak Singh's.
Has he started gardening
at the hospital?
Didi, please tell me.
Don't try to overprotect me.
I am fine. Trust me.
Adi, Papa's memory is...
I mean he remembers certain things.
Like he remembers you from
when you were 5.
But he doesn't remember
certain other things at all.
He doesn't recognize me.
Do you remember mom got a pink cutter
you for the craft classes?
I really liked it.
But I was not allowed to touch.
What are you doing?
- Come on.
- Go play.
I guess he knows mamma met
with the accident because of me.
I blanked it out.
But how can he forget you?
I guess he has been paying special
attention to me all these years.
In his mind he probably always blamed me.
So, he remembers the Adi of old.
He has suffered a lot because of us.
Now no more.
Yet another sensational revelation
on Double Suicide.
A.K. Shrivastava,
who is fighting for his life
in Criti Care as we speak...
I was so wrong about him Naina.
I was so wrong.
I have to go out of station urgently
to catch Ashok Agarwal.
I'll not be able to come tonight.
Take care of sir.
Any more instructions?
Take care of yourself too.
Ashok Agarwal's arrest might give
us some new lead.
Good luck Arjun.
Thank you.
Bye, ma'am.
He likes you.
What nonsense Naina.
He doesn't even hug me properly.
He is shy.
Just like A.K.
I was the one to hug him first.
Keep at it.
He will put those arms around you.
Okay, teacher.
Today we are at a small village
in West Bengal Bonberiya.
Which is hundred kilometres
from the city
where two more victims
of Golden Sun Chit fund.
have committed suicide.
The family is here.
The atmosphere is that of mourning.
And they are demanding
the DFC to take action.
So that more innocent
lives are not lost.
Breaking news.
Ashok Agarwal was killed
in a cross firing between DFC,
CBI, CRPF and the police
at a resort in Daman.
A large amount of cash was seized.
Counting machines
are being brought in.
Let us find out from
our correspondent Navin as
to how much cash was seized.
As you can see, a lot
of cash has been seized
to the tune of 90 crores
its being said.
Ashok Agarwal was the last witness.
He is dead now.
Did you see the news?
Papa was in touch
with Ashok Agarwal?
The last call from sir's phone was
to an unknown number.
It was registered under some other name.
But was in possession of Ashok Agarwal.
Arjun, papa would never...
We can get relief only
after the court's investigation.
I know.
Sir is a man of integrity.
I am not sure if you
are my daughter or not.
But whosoever's daughter you are
you're a good daughter.
I am your daughter.
I don't remember.
No problem.
You'll remember with time.
Oh my!
Made you into a film star.
Like a movie star.
Looks fine
Mimi. Me. And this little girl?
We have no photos together
after this age.
Adi will come to meet you soon.
And Naina is coming today.
I have told you all that happened
in the past.
Do you believe my story now?
You have some heavy-duty proof of
my personal life.
I'll get you proof of
the crime story too.
Bye, papa.
You are going away so soon.
Have to work on the crime story.
Naina will be here.
What if Adi happens
to be in the rehab?
Then all is confirmed.
Why don't you find out about Adi.
You will have contacts
at the rehab.
- Hmm.
- I'll try to take it all in. Look for confirmation.
So, Naina exists too.
You have the ID too.
How deep was the relationship?
Was it platonic or just friends?
Because in the other story,
we were shopping.
How far had your story progressed?
Do you really want to know?
I am all ears.
We haven't known each
other for too long.
But our friendship was deep.
We would share the smaller things
as well as the larger concerns
between ourselves
I know you are unable
to handle it alone.
Actually A.K,
hitting Adi is just not on.
I have no idea
what had gotten into it.
I am doing exactly that
which I hit Adi for.
Take him to a good therapist AK.
I need a therapist too.
I made a mistake, Naina.
What's the hurry for?
Have the tea before you leave.
Next time, Naina.
Noyona. Not Naina.
Next time, we'll talk first
and then the rest.
You know what?
This is politically incorrect sex.
You came.
Did your thing and now
you're leaving.
So to be politically correct
Do we need to give a name to this relationship?
Names and Labels are given by frauds too
those who fulfil without being named.
are the correct ones.
Wow. Professor
Okay, tell me something?
What brings us together?
Happiness Joy or...
In your case Pain.
And in my case, Need.
You are trying to make me look better.
Need is also a good thing.
- It is a fact.
- So is Pain.
A call was made from A. K's
phone to you too that night.
You must have seen the records.
Not just that night.
He used to call me often.
Your affair with A.K...
Whatever it is, it is neither illegal
nor does it fall under any labels.
Did A.K. give you any
expensive gifts lately?
None of us like expensive things.
What conversation did
you have that night?
It was personal.
And it has no relation
with this investigation.
Did he express any suicidal thoughts?
- Was he upset?
- Yes.
One wrong move...
I am...
I am?
Which room are you looking for?
Naina, you were looking for this room.
Going by the way you describe in detail
You're surely a literature teacher.
And you feel...
Those who call me Kadak Singh
is the reason I wasn't marrying you?
We did not discuss marriage.
You had the opportunity.
You missed it!
Have you seen women power?
- Huh?
- Women power.
Is it a movie?
Naina and Sakshi's claim.
The father hangs himself fearing infamy.
Hold on.
Both the ladies refute this story.
Unless they are working together.
I'll get their facts checked.
This family drama is the wrong reason.
Now what remains is the action drama.
Action drama?
Ravikant's suicide.
Or the mess in the department.
It could be a reason.
We need someone from the department
who can remind me of what happened.
It's complicated.
How are you, Shrivastav?
Are you my uncle?
No. I know these two.
Compounder but...
I don't remember your face.
A.K, Jairaj Sir. All India head DFC.
Our boss.
Yeah. Agreed.
You were my relative
in Uttarakhand many years ago.
I am your boss here in the DFC.
Someone comes here posing
as a daughter.
Another comes
as my girlfriend.
And you claim to be my boss...
Okay, tell me.
How did I end up here?
I'll tell you.
Be patient.
I am officially a patient.
Okay. Okay, Arun.
Take care.
Get well soon.
Okay. Bye.
I remember this man sold peanuts
on the Kathgodam Express.
You were telling how I ended up here.
A.K, this is my story.
It doesn't have to be yours.
Morning sir.
Good morning.
What exactly happened?
Sir, we received a tip off
about a heavy cash land deal in Rajarhat.
Ravi was the buyer.
He was caught with 20 crores in cash.
Are you mad?
Ravi of all people?
There must be an explanation to it.
He has one.
He claims he was called there
and the cash was planted.
So that is what must have happened.
No, it's a bogus story. He is lying.
We'll interrogate him.
He'll spill everything.
If you are interrogating him,
do it in the interrogation room please.
Sir, that drill will be of no use
He is our officer
He is my friend. I'll talk to him.
He'll reveal everything.
Sir, I am blank.
I do not understand.
Look, just do as I say.
Don't worry.
Oh. How did he fall?
What happened (crowd gathering)
There has been an accident.
Don't touch!
Sir, this is Ravikant.
(Crowd shouting)
He is our man
(Call an ambulance!)
Come, Mr. Bond.
James Bond.
Have a seat.
And what explanation do
you have for yesterday's incident?
A.K has given the police
his statement.
That's fine.
I'll go through it later.
I want to know about his
exploits from him first.
Well sir, I was talking to Ravi.
20 crores.
If he can give you such a big amount,
imagine how big an amount
he could give to the other person?
Give me the name.
I'll make you the approver
and save you from the sentencing.
Someone called me there
and framed me.
This is my statement.
And I am only allowed
to say this much.
I need to worry about my family.
Who are you afraid of?
Of you.
The torch bearer of truth!
Sit. Sit, Ravikant.
Tell me the truth.
Where did such
a big amount come from?
Was it a bribe?
Give me the name.
Are you interrogating me?
In a number of cases.
Ravikant, I am being helpful.
I know about all your cases.
They are small cases.
No one would give you such
a big amount for those cases.
Tell me the truth.
I am here to help you.
Don't be afraid.
Look, I'll tell you everything.
Once I am back from the head office.
You wanted to pressurize
that corrupt officer. Right?
So why didn't you put him
in the interrogation cell?
You did not do your job properly.
Though you had evidence against him.
Still, you let him go.
Had you not made that mistake,
he would never have come to the head office
and committed suicide.
It happened because of your mistake.
Sir, Ravikant
and me. We were same ranking
officers in the same unit.
He has been my colleague
for the last 18 years.
He is a friend.
So, I thought he would tell me
if I talked to him.
I didn't feel an interrogation
was required.
Is this your error of judgement
or are you hiding something from me?
No. This is the truth.
Before acting like James Bond,
you should have considered
the action court would take against you.
The department is getting
a bad reputation
because of your antics and mistakes.
Got it?
Thank you, sir.
Tyagi, suspend him.
Sir, I trust A.K entirely.
I have known him since his
first posting in Uttarakhand.
I take full responsibility for him.
But he is so irrita...
Sir, if we suspend him now,
the office's moral will go down.
We need officers like him.
He is my best officer.
Sir, please don't worry.
I will make sure nothing goes
wrong going forward.
Did you put Ravikant on
the Golden Sun case?
SEBI was demanding a probe
against Golden Sun.
I told Subhash to conduct an inquiry.
I never spoke to Ravikant about it.
Breaking protocol and getting involved
in a case that's not his was Ravi's mistake.
Okay, sir.
- A.K.
- Yes?
Move a little carefully.
You almost got suspended.
Right, sir.
Why is everyone so quiet?
Come on. Cheer up.
You are having coke?
A.K, we promised we will not worry
about work today.
I break the promise.
if not the poor investors,
You remember Ravikant right?
Yes, I do.
But I'll forget him too.
If he took his life for their greed.
This is what's going to happen
if you try to be rich overnight.
What you think is greed
could be someone's need.
Your maid, auto drivers,
those that iron clothes are dying.
But you don't care?
The foolish desire to be rich
overnight is nothing but greed.
And why should we care
about greedy people?
Stop it. Let's talk work at work.
Sir, aren't people who ran away
with the poor people's money greedy?
Thousands of poor people
get ruined every year.
They lose their money.
Should we consider it normal?
These rascals come up
with fake schemes.
And then run away with
the money once people invest.
Then starts the inquiry.
We will return every investor
every penny he has invested this time.
Even if it means auctioning property
or wealth of people like Ashok.
Right, sir?
Sir, A.K has committed suicide.
- Come back quickly.
- What!
I don't know.
Perhaps he was affected by
what happened during
the raid in the hotel that day.
Come clean.
This is not a press conference.
It is our internal inquiry.
So don't be hesitant.
If a father sees his daughter
in a compromising situation like that
his self-respect is bound to be hurt.
In front of his colleagues at that.
Are you sure, Arjun?
I mean kids these days, kids are known
to have done much worse.
Are you sure it's nothing else?
It could be connected
to Ravikant's suicide too.
Sir, we have read
A.K sir's suicide note.
And you can question the one
Who the note was addressed to.
After the police investigation
and the internal inquiry
we have decided to register it as
an attempted suicide.
Sir, an interesting fact.
This is the second suicide
in the DFC department
in the last one month.
Could it be that your officers
are committing suicide
under pressure to save Ashok Agarwal?
Who exposed Ashok Agarwal's case?
The police or some other
investigating agency?
DFC did.
So, we will apprehend
him sooner or later.
But I do agree that our officers
are under tremendous work pressure.
So, we are going to seek the help
of some mental health agencies to.
avoid any untoward steps by
our officers.
Sir, it's believed that
Mr. Shrivastava found his daughter
in a compromising state during
the raid at the Howrah Hotel.
Did he try
to commit suicide due to that?
These are all rumours.
No such thing happened.
But the fact is Ashok Agarwal is
still absconding with the crores
of people's money.
You have still not managed
to nab him.
We are trying and you'll
see results very soon.
Sir, in there is
a man called Ashok Agarwal
We have been looking
for him for months.
We have to present him
in the court tomorrow.
So be careful.
- Okay, sir.
- Okay.
Target is down, sir.
Check all the rooms.
What a mess.
you are free finally.
Check all the rooms.
Arjun, you were assisting
A.K on this case, right?
So, close the case and hand over
a copy to the CBI.
We want our money back!
Return the money!
We want our money back!
Return the money!
But isn't it true that the last call made
to Ashok Agarwal was
from A.K. Shrivastava's phone?
What would you like
to say about that?
That's it.
- Sir.
- Sir.
That's it. That's it.
Thank you. Thank you.
Sir. Sir.
Breaking news.
DFC officer A.K. Shrivastava could
be involved in Golden Sun Scam.
They are talking rubbish.
We know A.K sir is not like that.
We should stop them.
Have you forgotten how he dashed
into his cabin that day?
I guess that is when he made the call.
Here's the call record
of the cell phone.
Check A. K's last call.
The phone we found
in Ashok Agarwal's room,
he called on it.
This and Ravi jumping off after
a closed-door meeting with A.K.
A.K is hiding something.
Subhash, how did the CDR reports
get leaked to the media?
That's not a big deal.
They have their people everywhere.
TV blaring: We need to investigate...
Why would Ashok Agarwal turn up
On the day we raided Howrah Hotel?
I guess he was alerted beforehand.
To flee to Daman.
Now he is dead but he's implicated one of
our brilliant officers in the process.
The story was interesting.
I was enjoying it.
A crime drama after
the family drama.
The story seemed so believable.
But it all boils down
to my suicide in the end.
This is my truth.
You would know what's yours.
This is everyone's truth
that I of moralistic character.
- Right?
- Hmm.
Who turned corrupt suddenly.
I agree. It is strange.
But you don't remember anything either.
Why or what you did?
Or what happened to you?
We'll know only
when you remember something, right?
Let us all pray for that.
Hello. Arjun?
Yes, Sakshi?
Who is Mantu Man Singh?
Sakshi, this is classified
departmental information.
He is my father.
Not your father or the department's.
Anyway, we'll have
to tell SIT everything, right?
No one knows if it is a code name
or a real name.
But rumour is that he is
the kingpin of Golden Sun.
And not Ashok Agarwal.
Mantu Man Singh is the person
Ashok Agarwal is trying to escape from.
Customers talking:
Tell me the weight.
- Hello.
- Hello.
You invested in Golden Sun, right?
Yes. I even gave your father
the documents of my investment.
Who is Ajay Naskar?
He is the agent who ran away.
Do you know his whereabouts?
I do. His office is on the second
floor above the fish market.
But you won't find him there.
He is absconding.
Open Open up
Help Please.
Open. Please. Someone...
Please. Open.
"Stop right here."
It was a good line by the way.
Show me the notes and chart.
See this chart.
Ravikant Verma.
Mantu Man Singh.
Is Mantu Man Singh the mastermind?
Hold on.
And you have mentioned
a plumber's number here.
You have written things randomly.
What should I do, papa?
Wait for papa's instructions.
When will I get it?
When you receive a message
on your cell phone.
- Ms. Kannan.
- Huh?
Are you upset?
You were gone all day.
And now you have your
head buried in the novel?
Is my story less interesting
and complicated than your mystery novel?
Tell me.
Would Mimi have come to meet
if she were alive?
Of course, she would.
Sakshi and Naina believe
that I can never commit suicide
Just because I saw my daughter
at a shady place with a guy.
I feel there is some truth to
what those two are saying.
Is Aditya actually at a rehab and is 17?
I have confirmed.
Are sure it's my son Aditya?
I am sure.
And these guys
in formals who claim to be
from my department
say I attempted suicide
after the hotel incident.
- Correct.
- And the guy who came in yesterday.
- You were not on duty, right?
- Hmm.
He was sitting here.
- Who?
- What was his name?
From the Mahabharata...
- Who?
- Arjun. Arjun.
What did he say?
He is sure someone tried to kill me.
In fact, he said I am so perfect
that I cannot fail even
in committing suicide.
So, what do you think now?
My brain's has turned to kedgeree.
All we need is curd and papadam
Either they're crazy or I am crazy.
Relax. Breathe. Breathe.
I can't do this.
Take me outside.
You are a drama king.
Come on.
That's enough.
You had a walk, right?
Now tell me the story.
Do you want me dead again?
Let's go inside.
Not here.
Why do you always crib?
Come on.
The story begins with a phone call.
After Arjun sir's suicide.
Arjun, get to work early tomorrow.
And before anyone comes go
to Ravikant's desk and copy his files.
Okay, sir.
I know those files will be sealed.
Make sure you don't miss a page.
Arjun, pull up Saquib's financial
audit report
and check if had invested
in Golden Sun Cosmetics.
He had. Investment of 3 crores.
Do you like Chinese?
Yes. Any veg dish is fine by me.
There is this Restaurant D'Lay
in China Town.
Go there during lunch time.
You'll find a boy called Chan.
I am sure he knows something
about Saquib.
Do you know what
I realized today?
Ravikant had opened all the files of all
the companies associated to Golden Sun.
And I did not get even a wind of it.
I guess Tyagi sir might be aware.
My wife suspected me too.
What happened, sir?
She thought I work so hard only for
a promotion overlooking my family.
Sir but family is also important
Of course.
But she married to an officer right?
I had duties towards her
as well as to work.
If every person thinks
about his family only
then this world would cease to work.
(Biker hollering)
We perform our duties
and that is how the world works.
And if we stay quiet in this case
it'll mean we are with the perpetrators.
We catch Saquib...
Ashok Agarwal will follow...
Biker - If you can't give way we'll push you!
Hey hey hey...
Oh no!
(Crowds gathering)
He likes it in earthenware
Ashok Agarwal had invested
in Fin Care.
We found 1 crore 38 lakhs on you.
Three imported luxury cars.
You are leading a life of luxury.
Where is Agarwal hiding and leading
his luxurious life?
Agarwal is the scapegoat.
The lion's share goes
to someone else.
Mantu Man Singh.
Who is he?
He is someone too big for all.
I guess this might not be his real name.
But he is the one
who handles all the money.
He is highly influential.
He must have greased many palms.
Or why hasn't anyone touched
Golden Sun for all these years?
If Agarwal has the backing of such
a big man then why is he hiding?
He doesn't have his backing any more.
Agarwal's name is in the news.
He is hiding from Mantu.
And not from you guys.
He knows you will punish him.
Mantu will melt his body with acid.
Become the approver.
We will not oppose your bail.
You just have to tell us where
we can find Ashok Agarwal.
Yes, Saquib?
Your Ashok Agarwal
is out for a stroll.
He'll go to the Howrah Hotel.
I'll tell you the time.
This is the entrance.
And this is the reception.
We have two stairs here.
Arjun and Rathi will guard
the second floor.
The exit points.
Subhash will take
- ...the entire third floor.
- Okay.
Saroja and I will go
to the second floor posing as customers.
I'll give you a sign
as soon as he checks
in and we will take him in.
Let's go.
I'll fall. Be careful.
- Sakshi.
- Sakshi.
Sakshi. Listen.
Sakshi. Listen...
Arjun, stay on the target. Go.
He is drunk.
I would have consumed poison.
How can you comment
like that randomly.
I am not.
I have two daughters myself.
We know how shady that Hotel is.
And is this how a daughter
should talk to her father?
It's their family matter.
I can understand
what A.K must be feeling.
I'll go talk to him.
What a mess.
Okay. What happened today,
it stays between us.
- Right, sir.
- Yes, sir.
And no one's going to disturb A.K.
Let him be for a few days.
Yes, sir.
Arjun, come with me.
Call Saquib.
Saquib, you said he was going to come.
Why didn't he show up?
No. This is not a joke.
We have your entire history.
We will cancel your bail
and throw you back in jail.
No. Just wait and watch.
Take care of yourself and A.K.
Go home.
But before you go,
leave the files related
to Fin Care and Saquib
on my desk please.
Yes sir.
What was that sound?
- Sir.
- A.K.
- A.K.
- Sir. Sir. Ambulance.
Sir, something Sakshi said
was bothering me greatly.
When she told me this can't be
a suicide note I went to your cabin.
The broken window mesh
had been repaired.
A girl?
Scare her
What is it?
Is Tyagi sir here?
He is. But he is busy.
Just talk to her first.
Just talk.
And shortly after that,
Sakshi got a threat.
I got a little suspicious then.
But I was not sure.
But now I am convinced
Sakshi is right.
Never mind what the other facts say.
My facts say that
you can never be corrupt.
And secondly, anyone can enter through
the mesh in your bathroom
and then into your room.
Where I found the Suximethonium box.
And thirdly Saquib gave us
the wrong tip about the Howrah Hotel.
And then immediately after that he gave
us the correct tip about Daman Paradise.
His excuse was extra pressure.
The case was solved just like that.
Sir, Sakshi is right.
This is not a failed suicide
attempt by you.
Because you can't fail at anything.
Not even at suicide.
But I still not been able
to prove this is a murder.
"Parth"I am trapped like Abimanyu.
I still don't see any way out.
A.K. Shrivastava is a crook.
A.K. Shrivastava is a crook.
DFC is fraud.
DFC is fraud.
A.K. Shrivastava is hiding in there.
A.K. Shrivastava is hiding in there.
- Stay here for tonight. Hmm?
- What happened?
- Hello.
- Madam, a crowd has gathered here.
Mr. Shrivastava's security
is a concern now.
Get up. Get up.
- What?
- Get up.
- What happened?
- I am scared.
For me?
No. I am fine.
I am scared for myself.
There is danger here.
I want a transfer.
Come on.
- You want a transfer?
- Hmm.
A.K. Shrivastava is corrupt.
Cover your shawl
Why has a plumber come at this time?
There was leakage in the radiology.
- Let's go.
- Bye, madam.
What a time for a plumber
They scared me
Papa doesn't know
what he should do or not.
But AK. Shrivastava.
That's another story.
This is Ms. Kannan's number.
It's not a story but the conclusion.
Call this number.
Look, I will tell you everything.
Once I return from the head office.
Mantu Man Singh.
He is way too big for all of you.
He manages the funds.
He is highly influential.
There are officers in uniform
and in plain clothes here.
The doctor feels this officer
in uniform is required.
Don't waste time.
Get to the point.
You have to rest too.
Some of them say
she is my daughter.
He is my colleague and he is my boss
and she is my friend.
But this problem began when this girl
said the answers
to all questions
lie in the parts of my memory
I have forgotten.
So, I have an answer for all of you.
Tell us the entire thing
Mr Srivastav.
- Ms. Kannan, give me the phone.
- Yes.
Just a minute.
Let me... Sorry.
Turn it.
Sorry. I forgot to put
my phone on silent mode.
Ravikant saved you.
I can save you too.
I can twist the story.
I will save you and Subhash.
But both of you will have
to give me half of your shares.
Excuse me.
Are you alright?
Yes. I am fine.
- Tyagi, are you okay?
- Yes, sir.
Sir, Mantu Man Singh
is bound to fall sick.
I am sorry.
I lied.
I remember nothing.
But once an investigator
always an investigator.
So, I have a possible
theory for all of you.
A possible chain of events.
"I was writing the note
in my cabin that night."
Subhash walked in from behind.
A.K, you don't know the entire thing.
I suggest you go home.
Talk to Sakshi.
I am sure it's not what it looks like.
"And injected a drug into my neck.
A drug which cannot
be detected in the blood."
"The mesh of my bathroom
was already broken.
Some people came in through it
and hanged me.
In the rope mark
a small injection prick got ignored
The contents of which were
obviously not going to show up
in the medical test.
I would have died
of heart attack shortly.
And people would've
assumed I died by hanging.
There was a bid on my life
on the road before this.
Arjun is the witness to it.
Despite all that,
our investigation led us to Saquib.
And then we had a new name.
That wasn't in the file prepared
by Ravikant either.
Mantu Man Singh.
Planted. A diversion.
Ashok Agarwal is the scapegoat.
Someone else takes the lion's share.
Mantu Man Singh.
Saquib gave us the tip that
Ashok Agarwal was coming
to the Howrah Hotel.
Adi revealed my identity out of fear.
IO knew Subhash.
He called to verify.
Subhash took advantage
of the situation and made the plan.
My daughter being present there during
the raid couldn't have happened.
And then the suicide.
There was no other way
to stage it.
It's just theory.
You are responsible for this.
Subhash was right.
You don't stop, do you?
I revoked your suspension.
I did so much for you.
I saved your job.
I was concerned for Adi and Sakshi.
I should have listened to sir.
My father would say.
Always follow ethics.
Why would I do something like that...?
What will I gain from it?
What will my family think about me now?
My son...
You made me do this, A.K.
You have no way to prove anything.
Damn it.
You are not the only accused, sir.
Let me conclude first.
I am not accusing Alibaba alone.
The 40 thieves also need
to be identified.
And one of these suspects
is bound to crack.
And the SIT will decide whether
this story is real or made up.
You guys.
Let's say I am
from that department.
There was a bid on
my life at the office.
It is clear that 'Mantu Man Singh'
are a few people from the department.
Ravikant was investigating
the Golden Sun case.
20 crores were recovered from him.
It is highly unlikely he would
have such a big amount
had he not caught Ashok Agarwal.
Ravi was handling some cases.
He was scared of
...our boss?
Because Tyagi
denied that Ravikant
was investigating the Golden Sun case
on his own will.
I found Ashok Agarwal's number.
In Ravikant's file.
I shared it with Tyagi sir only.
It was classified information.
I wrote 'plumber' on the note.
And the number.
So that no one thinks
of it as important.
Shakib tipped them
about the hotel.
And the IO of
Aditya's case called Sakshi there.
Exactly when Arun was supposed
to be there.
But how?
Show me your arm.
Do you recall everything now?
Procedural memory?
Lay down.
They needed a reason
so that people buy my suicide story.
Because Mantu Man Singh
had one enemy.
My honesty.
I fell with the fan.
Subhash and Arjun found me.
They just had to dial a number
to implicate me.
Only Tyagi sir had
Ashok Agarwal's number.
And they dialed his number
from my phone.
The post mortem report doesn't give
the exact time of death.
It's an approximation only.
Therefore, it was impossible
to prove whether
the number was dialed before
or after the hanging.
Subhash leaked to the media about
the fight between me and Sakshi.
He was the one who leaked
the call data records too.
So was Subhash the
only one involved?
Or was our captain involved too?
I had to come up with this act.
He is crazy.
Why would we believe your rubbish?
The World runs in it's own way
Not yours.
No, sir.
If everyone does their
jobs correctly,
It runs how each of us wants.
Yours and mine both.
And the good there is left
in this world is what runs it.
Because some people are honest
towards their duty even today.
Yes, dear.
Your papa never hung himself.
He was hanged.
I knew it.
What happened?
Thank God government offices
are not maintained well.
The fan fell.
Inform the doctors appointed by CBI.
That I have recalled everything.
Arjun, Naina and you.
Come over.
And I wrote the plumber's number
in the right place by mistake.
These are serious allegations.
Of course, we'll interrogate them.
And investigate your leads too.
Ironically, I guess you were right.
He is your best officer.
Even in this condition.
In other news, Jitender Tyagi,
Special Director of the eastern zone of
the financial crimes unit
has finally been arrested for colluding
with Mr. Ashok Agarwal
in the Golden Sun Scam.
Jitender Tyagi is probably
just the tip of the ice-berg.
Where this leads us and
how many Tyagis do we catch
before we can annihilate
this rot in the system.
He is not alone in this.
More names will pour out.
Just wait and watch.
The special court finds it appropriate
to pass judgement on the accused.
There is substantial evidence
to hold you all for further questioning.
Until then you are suspended
from professional
duties without pay.
Subhash Tyagi who turned an approver
before the special court has admitted
that his men hung A.K.
Shrivastava from the fan.
Your Honour, Financial crimes
are rampant because if you
slit someone's throat with a knife,
it is murder.
But if someone steals
a man's life long savings
and he commits suicide,
it is not murder.
It becomes a white-collar crime.
Your Honour, get these poor
investors their money back.
The court should squash
this confidence
that they can lead a life
of luxury with this money.
Render such scams non-profitable.
Convince the people that
new officers will be roped in
and they will ensure
the culprits rot in jail.
And then no one would dare
to be an Ashok Agarwal.
This is my request of
a man who has been
in public service for 25 years.
Thank you.
"Oh my heart, the damp breeze"
"Emerged out of the river"
Dear, I haven't recalled anything.
"Don't overthink, don't be afraid"
But we are making new memories too.
"Take a deep breath and absorb"
Can't we spend the rest of
our lives with these new memories?
"A sweet memory"
"In the garden stole some nectar"
"The Sky says"
I'll be right back.
"Live this moment"
Thank you, Ms. Kannan.
Did you forget anything?
No I didn't forget anything
"From the drops of water"
"The fire that burns"
"It's yours"
I could solve it sitting here.
As the outside world was dangerous.
"The old guitar..."
Had I not come here,
I could have never found
Mantu Man Singh.
"The tune that it plays"
"Is yours".
So now do you recall everything?
No. I never said that.
"Damp breeze"
I had a thought.
"Emerged bathed from the river"
'I'll see you soon.'
"Don't overthink. Don't be afraid"
This is what I wanted to say.
But I will not say that.
"Take a deep breath and absorb"
Take care.
"Take the straight path"
"Read out the letter of your dreams"
"Move on a bit, O traveller"
"From your almond heart"
"Peel off the layers"
"You are the lucky one O traveller"
"The dawn awakens"
"An a ray emerges"
"From the bright stars"
"that strays in"
"O my heart"
"The damp breeze"
"Emerged bathed from the river"
"Don't over think"
"Don't be scared".
"Take a deep breath and absorb "
"Don't over think"
"Don't be scared".
"Take a deep breath and absorb "
"Take the straight path"
"Read out the letter of your dreams "
"Move on a bit, O traveller "
"From your almond heart"
"Peel off the layers"
"You are the lucky one O traveller"
"Take the straight path"
"Read out the letter of your dreams"
"Move on a bit, O traveller "
"From your almond heart"
"Peel off the layers"
"You are the lucky one O traveller"
"You are"
"What I am"
"Is because of you"
"Only if you are"
"can I be myself
"Yes you are there but as
if you are not"
"My tears are inconsolable"
"My breath is weary"
"I keep gazing at you"
"I have lost my sleep "
"Is because of you "
"Only if you are "
"can I be myself "
"Yes you are there"
"As if you are not"
"I keep gazing at you
"My breath is weary"
"I keep gazing at you "
"I have lost my sleep "