Kadaram Kondan (2019) Movie Script

'This is RJ Renuka
greeting our Malaysian listeners...
and Tamils worldwide.'
'Before playing your favourite music,
here's important news for today.'
'Just two more days for the prestigious,
International Art Festival, in Malaysia.'
'If you haven't bought your tickets yet,
buy them at internationalartfestival.com.'
'Conqueror of Kadaram'
'Now, some important information
for tourists.'
'It's the time of Ramadan and...'
'routine maintenance has been scheduled
because of which...'
'the Petronas Twin Towers tour
has been suspended for three days.'
'Don't worry.
The tour will resume in three days.'
'Meanwhile, there are plenty of
other sight-seeing options in Malaysia.'
'Before I share the list with you
let's listen to this melodious song.'
(Song from 'Japanil Kalyanaraman')
'It's 7.45 pm. Here's to our evening
with Ilaiyaraja's music.'
'You were listening
to Isai Maalai. It's 12.45 am.'
'Time to sign off and say goodbye.
Let's meet again in the morning.'
(Song from 'Thoongaa Vanam')
Change of plan.
Plan change?
Two men are chasing me.
Who are they?
I don't know.
Meet me at the other end of the tunnel.
I'll be there.
Let's leave.
Give way.
Please step aside.
Move away
Good. The baby is
in the correct position.
Can we get
a copy of the scan image?
Sure. I'll mail it
along with the reports.
I saw your test results.
So, this is
your second visit. Right?
Yes, doctor.
We visited you
the day after we landed in Malaysia.
The report says that
her blood pressure is borderline.
Slightly higher than normal.
But, don't worry.
Just be a little careful, Ok.
What does it mean
in layman's terms?
It means you have to eat well
and be a little careful. That's it.
Nothing to worry.
Avoid physical activities.
Take plenty of rest.
Give her the medicines
without fail.
Do you have elders at home
to take care of you?
If there is no one
tell him to take care of you.
One more thing.
Avoid travel from now on.
That isn't a problem.
In the 10 days I've been here
he's brought me only to your clinic.
So, how is KL?
How do you like your new job?
I joined work last week.
I haven't had
such friendly chats with colleagues yet.
But, I'm sure I will.
They've given you
a guesthouse. Right?
The guesthouse is amazing.
You should drop in some time.
It's a very nice place.
Isn't it?
Yes, doctor. It's a very nice place.
Do come home.
So, do you have
any specific dates in mind?
We can fix it.
You know it. Right?
Any auspicious dates in mind?
No, doctor.
Let it be natural.
Good. That's better.
So, until your next visit
be responsible and take care of your girl.
Both the girls, Vasu.
- See you then.
- Sure.
Thank you.
Take care of yourself.
Thank you
You seem to be
very friendly with the doctor.
How many times
have you been here by yourself?
I was just being nice
to get the image quickly.
She would've given it
even without the flirting.
The car is here.
Let's go.
Are we off to see
the Twin Towers now?
In about a month
the three of us can see it together.
"You're all that I need,
for nothing more I pray."
"Dearest, I'll keep you
safe, come what may."
"Every moment in your presence
envelopes me with joy and fragrance."
"Even as I see you a
thousand times every day"
"My heart yearns for
more, I have no say."
"My beloved wife,
you are my very life."
"The magic in your mesmerising eyes,
change the hues of my days and nights."
"Life is short, my dear."
"Let's live it to the fullest,
with love and cheer."
"Even if the earth splits into pieces,"
"I'll keep you safe till
every worry ceases."
"Dear beloved wife
you are the fragrance in my life."
"My beloved wife,
you are my very life."
"When you walk,
a shadow you won't cast."
"I'll take that in,
no darkness will get past."
"No harm will come your way ever.
Your face will wilt in sadness never."
"I will always lookout for you."
"There is nothing I have
to look for beyond you."
"Dear beloved wife
you are the fragrance in my life."
"My beloved wife,
you are my very life."
We've finally settled down.
Do you like this?
That's why I married you.
I meant the house.
- Hey, sorry.
- It's Ok.
Sit down.
Where are you going?
I'm feeling hungry.
But, you just ate.
That was your daughter.
She ate her fill.
Now I am hungry.
Can I bring you milk?
I have to be at work.
Don't bother.
I'll manage.
Who will do it after you leave?
When I'm around
I will do it
And when you aren't around?
That's why
I go for a night shift.
What about the nights?
Who'll take care
of your daughter then?
You'll do the job.
I'm here for your daughter.
For me then?
I'll be at work,
but, I'll be thinking of you all the time.
Nonsense. What can I do
with thoughts?
Movie-like dialogues!
I work night shifts
when both of you are asleep.
I'm back
before you wake up.
As if she allows
me to sleep at nights.
I'm a little scared, Vasu.
As the doctor said
wish I had someone here.
Who do we have?
I will have to apply for leave.
I've just joined work,
you understand, don't you?
Don't you understand
That being alone at nights
is difficult for me.
What should we do?
Seriously, should I ask for leave?
For two months?
- That's a stupid idea.
- What then?
Shall we call my mum?
Go ahead.
I must leave for work now.
I'll try and come back soon.
What is it?
Didn't I tell you
to call your mum.
It won't be right
for me to make the call.
It'll be the same for me.
So, you won't talk to her.
I'll talk.
I want our loved ones with us.
You know me.
Will she talk to me?
So, you are still angry?
Please Aatirah.
Can we talk after I am back?
The supervisor
gets angry if I'm late.
I'll go to the office
and I'll see.
I'll give her a call.
It's you.
I thought it was the doctor.
I'm one too.
Where is your doctor?
He's gone to the Pediatric ward.
He'll be back soon.
If he asks for me
tell him I left.
Isn't it wrong to take these outside
and run your private clinic?
I agree it's wrong.
The poor folks near my home
keep falling sick...
if we can't help them...
what's the point in having
studied Medicine?
What did you say?
You are making
one mistake after another, sister.
Don't call me sister.
Call me Kumudha.
Who is this?
I don't see a name.
That's the accident case in bed three.
Injury in the head and abdomen.
He's been sutured
and is sedated. Monitor him.
The police brought him here.
We have to give them a call
when he wakes up. Don't forget.
My phone doesn't work here.
There's no network coverage here.
It's fairly good in that corner.
Where is she?
- Where is Kumudha?
- She left.
How can she leave
without informing me?
She said
her duty hours were over.
She has to inform me.
How can I supervise
all the wards?
Do I have 10 hands?
- What?
- Nothing.
You too will have to inform me
before you leave.
You can't just leave.
Hey, move.
He was gasping for breath.
I was trying to...
You have to send for me.
You shouldn't be doing this.
I'll be answerable.
No one will question you.
He was wearing a white coat.
So I thought he was a doctor.
Can you
tell us more about him?
I didn't pay attention.
He was gasping for breath.
I was taking care of that.
I followed him to the corridor.
But he was gone by then.
Anything about him?
No. It was a bike accident.
No IDs on him.
The traffic police
brought him in.
How is he now?
Concussion, contusion and
deep cut on the abdomen.
It's a head injury.
He is unconscious.
There is a cut on the abdomen.
A knife wound?
I'm not sure.
It could be because of the accident too.
Wouldn't you know
the difference, doctor?
It's a deep cut.
I can't say much now.
We have to
examine him more on that angle.
When will he wake up?
We need to question him.
We've stopped sedation.
He should be up in a few hours.
- Fingerprint images?
- Yes.
Navin, post our person
as guard here...
to inform us
as soon as he's up.
Elvin, stay here.
Keep me informed.
Yes, sir.
This is my number.
If you happen to
recollect anything about that person...
- feel free to call me.
- Ok.
- Navin
- Okay, sir
You come along with me.
Don't attend to the patient
without my permission. Understand?
I can understand
Even if the patient is in danger,
I should wait for you. Right?
Don't be smart.
Remember, you're not on our rolls yet.
And I get to decide that.
Until then
I'm responsible for everything here.
You're done for the day.
You can leave now.
You should have woken me up.
Go and sit down.
I won't.
- Aatirah...
- Please go.
You want to know
what happened at work today?
Go on.
I was the hero of the day.
I prevented a serious incident.
Someone tried to kill a patient.
He was unconscious.
If not for me,
he would be dead now.
The police came to investigate.
It was like a scene
out of the movies.
So, you didn't call my mum.
Who is that, Vasu?
Who are you?
'What happened?
What did you do?'
I did nothing.
Where are you?
- Vasu
- Aatirah
'Listen to me, doctor.'
- Who are you?
- 'Calm down.'
'The patient you saved last night.
Bed number 305.'
'You have to get him out.
Nobody should know.'
How can I do that?
Please stop it.
- What should I do?
- 'I just told you.'
'You have to bring him out.
If the police get to know, she'll be dead.'
Stop it.
I'll do it.
'The next time I call,
you should be out with him.'
'You have three hours
to do this.'
There is undue pressure
from the higher-ups.
Close the case quickly.
It's a very big case now.
A lot of big-wigs are involved.
Gather all the evidence.
The Press is full-on following us.
So get all the evidence
and details as soon as possible.
Keep me informed.
- Call me if need be.
- Sure, sir.
Good morning, madam.
Why was
our Chief with Vincent?
Vincent is handling
the Tower murder case.
Get to work.
Have the fingerprints
been screened?
I'll do it right away.
Do it immediately.
I want it right away.
Why do all the big cases
go to Vincent?
He is well-connected,
will go to any extent to solve a case.
Our Chief would never agree to do
the kind of things he does.
- So, is it wrong to follow procedures?
- Maybe.
The Chief is under immense pressure...
to solve the case
within 24 hours.
Let's do our work now.
Go on.
Search the criminal files too.
You'll never know.
'When I ask you to come here,
you have to.'
I can't help you otherwise.
Listen to me
I understand
The information is correct.
But you have to be here.
I'll call back.
I need to take him
for an X-ray.
Madam, we've got something.
No. I will manage.
I have to be with him.
'So what have we got on him?'
His name is KK.
He has several aliases.
The last used alias was KK.
What's KK?
It just says KK.
Could be Karthikeyan, Kumaran,
Kevin, Kabir, Kennedy...
It just says KK.
The crime list is long.
Which floor?
Twelfth floor.
Alert our guard.
Restrict all movement till we get there.
What happened?
I banged my head on the door.
Taking him for an X-ray.
We have to go down.
Back to the ward.
Charged for
kidnapping, robbery, theft.
Has been a suspect.
But never convicted.
Charges never proven.
Very intelligent.
He served five years
in prison...
for attacking a police
vehicle carrying arms.
He is back in business now.
He has strong connections
with gangsters and thugs.
He is in high demand.
He used these connections
for his job too.
What job?
Yes. The surprise is that
he was trained under our own STAGG.
He was one of our
best commandos.
He was undercover for some time.
He turned
into a double agent.
A double agent?
The records say so.
He is an expert
in breaking into safes.
He is wanted
by the Penang Police also.
He has surfaced
after all these years.
Don't know for what.
That sounds very dangerous.
This is one
in Vincent's list of unsolved cases.
If Vincent couldn't do it,
we must do it.
What is that injection?
Adrenaline shot.
Who are you?
I'm a doctor.
Where are we?
In a hospital.
Let's go.
I know nothing about you.
They've kidnapped my wife
and want me to get you out of here.
Stay calm and come with me.
Let's get out of here.
Put on those clothes.
Park the car.
What's your number?
- What?
- Sorry.
- The doctor's number?
- Which doctor?
- Any doctor.
- What?
Do you know Suresh?
- Let me check.
- Okay
Where is he?
Took him for an X-ray.
He's not answering the phone.
Search for them.
Damn it
- Are you Ok?
- Yes.
So, you don't remember
anything that happened.
Next camera.
They go up to the twelfth floor.
Since there is renovation happening
there are no cameras up there.
He escaped right under your nose.
That's too bad.
What are you doing here, Vincent?
I should be asking you that.
What are you doing here?
This is an important case.
Hey, what?
Why are you getting angry?
It's an order
from the higher-ups.
They think he is a suspect
in the industrialist's murder.
This case isn't about
some silly domestic quarrel.
So, you can leave.
This is a prima facie case
of robbery.
This fellow
has assaulted my officer.
So, both the cases are mine.
Let's go.
Play it.
'What happened?'
- We've got out.
- 'Where is he?'
He is with me.
Where are you?
Old Harbour.
At our usual place, brother.
What is Anand Makaio saying?
He wants to meet you.
You stay there.
I'll come over.
Where is my wife?
Don't worry.
She's safe.
Go home.
She'll be back in the evening.
- Evening?
- Yes
What's going on?
Tell them to fetch
her right away.
I can't wait.
Tell them to come now...
to a crowded place.
Tell them
to come to the Metro station.
Gunfire at a bus station.
The two who escaped from here.
We've to get there
before Vincent and gang.
Tell our person
in the Criminal Records Section...
to pull out all information
about KK and that doctor.
Where are you?
We've reached.
I see you.
I'm coming.
Let's go.
- Aatirah
- Wait
Let me go.
Who are those people?
Tell him to come back.
Its me
Yes, brother.
Let's meet at our usual spot
in Port Klang tonight.
Ok, brother.
I can't wait until tonight.
Bring her right now.
If we don't leave now
they'll kill us all.
Ask them
to come back now.
Put that away.
We have to be alive
to see your wife alive.
Let's go, come.
This way.
Let's get away from here.
The sutures have given way.
Let's fix this first.
Take me to Aatirah.
I'll do whatever you want after that.
Which place in the harbour?
The flour factory
at the old harbour.
- This won't hold until then.
- Take me to my wife first.
Put that away.
Your priority is to save me.
I would do that
if I were you.
I'll tell you where to go.
Was it him?
He didn't shoot.
It was the other person.
- It wasn't him?
- No.
If we need more information
you have to come to the police station.
So, the doctor fired the gun.
So, the doctor took KK hostage.
That doctor has abducted KK.
What do you make of that?
I don't get it, mam.
- Tell me.
- Nothing.
The doctor doesn't have
a criminal record.
He came with his wife to KL
just 10 days back.
No records on her too.
Age 26.
He was with KK
in prison.
He was released
the same time as KK.
Now he is KK's partner.
Start an inquiry.
Talk to the neighbours, colleagues.
And talk to my source.
Let's see if we get any information.
Pass to me
Pass the ball
Get the key.
Where's the First Aid kit?
If you stay quiet
I don't have to tie you up. Understood?
Kill him.
It's done.
Where are you going?
I smell of the hospital.
Need to take a shower.
Keep the door open.
None of us knew
this about Vasu.
Is this a kidnap for ransom?
How are they connected?
They've assaulted a police officer
and stolen his gun.
They've attacked the doctor
who tried to help.
They've tried to rob
the cash truck at the shopping mall.
If you spot either of them
the police need to be informed.
Since they have been
identified as terrorists...
you must be cautious.
I don't know him.
If I get to know anything, I'll inform you.
Thank you.
Madam, this is Vasu.
The doctor
you're on the lookout for.
I'm in no way
connected to him.
My wife was kidnapped.
They said they'll kill her
if I don't get him out.
I don't know anything more.
I didn't do anything.
Ok. Calm down.
Is he with you now?
If you want my help
you have to tell me where you are.
Quick, Vasu.
No.402, Taman Desaria
Block A
We'll come over right away.
Stay there. Do you hear me?
No. 402
Block A
Taman Desaria
Don't tell the others.
Vincent's gang in particular.
I'll wait there for you.
Hurry up.
Stay put.
They've kidnapped my wife.
I have nothing to do with him.
You made this a tough chase.
They kidnapped my wife
to get him out of the hospital.
I'm innocent.
What's going on here?
Are you...
You shouldn't have come here.
Let me remind you
This is my case.
Are you Ok?
That belongs to my wife.
They're the ones
who've kidnapped my wife.
Do you know them?
Who let her in here?
I tried stopping her.
But, She came up somehow.
You go and take care of the ground.
I'm coming.
Clean it.
I am going to
secure the video.
Finish it...
and clean up.
Idiot, put on your jacket.
Hold it.
Hold the gun properly.
You shot her down
using this gun.
And I had no choice
but to shoot you both.
How does this story sound?
Sounds good?
I have to kill
this guy first.
Check this out.
A bonus.
What else do you have?
Are there more safe houses?
You are living
a good life.
Take it.
There is one more.
Just go
See if anyone is coming.
Tell me
what's going on here?
Who are you guys?
Speak up.
You'll be the one talking.
The Police will be here any minute.
They'll have questions for you.
If you don't talk
I'll fire the next one into your mouth.
We are from Criminal Investigations.
We are from the same team.
Who is that?
Our officers.
But, from another team.
What are you investigating?
Why are you trying to kill me?
At times we offer extra
services to our clients.
What service?
All kinds.
You'll understand.
How are you connected
to the industrialist?
His son hired us.
He didn't want to
include his son in his Will.
So, we made him
re-write his Will.
His final Will.
Vincent wanted to set up the
case as murder for gain.
So, we asked Anand
Makaio for a person
to break into the
industrialist's safe.
He sent you.
Wait here.
He told you that your case documents
were in the safe and got you there.
So, you'll end up
being the murderer.
The plan was
to kill you...
and frame you as the murderer.
But you escaped.
How are Vincent and
Anand Makaio connected?
What video is it?
There was a security
camera in the office.
Since we were investigating the case
we got hold of the video.
We wanted to kill you first and...
later use the video...
to demand money from the
industrialist's son.
That was their plan.
Whose plan?
and Anand Makaio's.
Where is that video now?
Maybe in a flash drive.
Must be with Vincent.
I swear I don't know
anything else.
How did you
get this address?
The police are here.
KK and the doctor
killed our madam.
KK and the doctor
killed our madam.
They've held
our men hostage.
Anand Makaio is the one...
who wants you dead.
He is on his way to meet
your guy and that girl.
Which girl?
Did you mean my wife?
Where is she being held?
What have you guys done to her?
Tell me.
Tell me
Tell me where she is.
Try asking the guys
who are coming up.
Please tell me.
The suspect is on the run...
bike registration number
WBJ 9890.
I repeat.
Follow his bike.
Hurry up.
Don't move.
No. Don't move.
They shot us and escaped.
No, idiot
Suspect is on
the Jalan Tun Razak bridge.
I repeat. Suspect has entered
the Jalan Tun Razak bridge.
Come in for control room.
Keep us informed on the status.
Another backup team
is on the way.
- Out.
- Hey, who are you?
Block car with
WPD 960 registration.
This is a public place.
Put your gun away, idiot.
Stay where you are.
Step back
Don't come any closer.
I'll kill her.
- Step back.
- You're committing a mistake.
- Step back.
- Okay
- I don't want to do this.
- Leave her
- Don't come any closer.
- Okay
Step back.
Step back.
I'll kill her.
Don't step out.
Step back.
I'm sorry.
Please take care.
Forgive me.
"You're all that I need,
for nothing more I pray."
"Dearest, I'll keep you
safe, come what may."
"No harm will come your way ever."
"Your face will wilt in sadness never."
"I will always lookout for you."
"There is nothing I have
to look for beyond you."
Hey! Who are you?
Shut up.
How many have died?
Answer us.
Have you removed
my fingerprints on that gun?
He attacked
all of a sudden.
Did he ask you about anything?
He didn't.
Not now.
They've killed so many.
We need an answer.
They've killed police officers.
Please comment.
Stop. You can't go in.
The case has gone
out of proportion.
Do whatever you need to.
You have to take them both into custody.
Whatever it takes.
Close this today.
- Sir
We were working along
with madam on this case.
She came here because that
doctor had called her.
Sir, if you allow us...
She came here without informing us.
See what happened.
I'd warned you about the case
being too big for your team...
that you can't handle it.
- I warned you, people...
- Vincent
I understand your anger.
Kalpana is my colleague too.
You can't be angry and do this job.
You have to be composed.
Vincent will handle
the case from now.
But, sir...
Police officers
have been murdered.
- Get them quick.
- Sir
If need be...
...don't hesitate
to shoot them.
Sure, sir.
We are on it completely.
Trust me, sir.
We will get them.
I'm done
with this police-robber game.
Alert our men at the harbour.
Talk to Anand Makaio.
Tell him that
when KK calls, he has to inform us.
Don't worry.
Vincent will get them.
Let's go.
I'll drive madam's car.
- Where is Nandha?
- He's right here. Come out.
Stop it.
Just listen to us.
Step out, KK.
Where is Aatirah?
Where is my wife?
Oh God!
Who is this?
Where's my wife?
Didn't he kidnap
Aatirah for you?
What's going on?
I shouldn't have helped you.
It's my fault.
Where have they taken her?
Is she all right?
You better tell me...
Your wife is alive.
How can you be so sure?
Please tell me.
She will be kept alive
till they find us.
Tomorrow, on hearing
the news of her husband's death...
unable to bear the shock she'll jump
out of the window and kill herself.
But, she's pregnant.
We have to get hold of
that video on the pen drive.
That's at the headquarters
and the Police are on the lookout for us.
How can we break in?
Go ahead.
Don't forget us.
Be careful.
"One look at him, do you
break into a cold sweat?"
"Throat's parched
in sheer fright?"
"Up close, he sends a
shiver down your spine."
"No need for eight rounds, bro
I'll take you down in two, let's go."
"The one who wins battles.
The one with strength."
"The one and only.
The one with valour."
"The one who's conquered Kadaram."
"The one who's a cut above.
The one who's valiant."
"The honourable one.
The one who's celebrated."
"The one who's conquered Kadaram."
"Stomp you down, he will.
Shred you to pieces, be careful."
"Dare take him on, he'll smirk.
Your end will lurk."
"Uproot you he can, if he wants to.
The ground will shudder, if he strikes you."
"A lone ranger he is out there."
"His very name will give you the scare.
Try it, see it flare."
"Try it, see it flare."
"No need for eight rounds, bro
I'll take you down in two, let's go."
"The one who wins battles.
The one with strength."
"The one and only.
The one with valour."
"The one who's conquered Kadaram."
"The one who's a cut above.
The one who's valiant."
"The honourable one.
The one who's celebrated."
"The one who's conquered Kadaram."
"If you get caught,
you better run fast."
"If he confronts you, it'll be brazen,
even the God of death stands frozen."
"Do you get it?"
"So, move it..."
"The one who wins battles.
The one with strength."
"The one and only.
The one with valour."
"The one who's conquered Kadaram."
"The one who's a cut above.
The one who's valiant."
"The honourable one.
The one who's celebrated."
"The one who's conquered Kadaram."
"No need for eight rounds, bro
I'll take you down in two, let's go."
Come in, my friend.
- I was worried.
- Worried?
About the five men
you sent?
Don't worry.
They are dead.
What do you mean?
Want a drink?
Of course.
- What are you doing?
- Go that side
Stop it.
Please don't.
You are making a mistake, friend.
Don't, friend.
You are making a mistake.
Don't, my friend.
- What?
- My friend.
Why did you send
this friend to the Tower?
It was about your old arms robbery case...
Arms robbery...
The details...
What details?
The details recorded
were being kept there.
Was it there?
Was it there?
Yes. It was there.
There was a plan to kill me.
Call now.
Not to me.
Call the God of death.
Don't KK.
I'll pay you as much as you want.
How much for Nandha?
I've stayed quiet for six years.
I've stayed away
from this clean-up work.
But, you've set me up
for another clean-up.
It wasn't me.
Vincent is to blame.
- Where is that pen drive?
- In a safe at Vincent's office.
Call him.
Call whom?
Your husband.
KK called.
They are coming at 10 am...
to collect the passport and money.
'Both of them?'
'Both of them?'
I'll get there before them.
'You be safe.'
Let him go.
Let's get out of here.
Not another murder.
Let's get out of here.
We know where the pen drive is.
Let's get out of here.
Don't you know
you can't smoke in here.
Vasu didn't do anything wrong.
- My husband didn't do...
- Shut up.
(Reporting on crimes in the city)
(Crime reporting)
'Good morning.
Headlines today.'
'Random incidents of crime
have been reported today.'
'Police suspect criminals from other states
have sneaked in to the city.'
'The director of the International Art show
will be overseeing the event tomorrow.'
'In an important case, we hear that Nandha,
fugitive KK's partner was killed and...
his last rites were performed.
There is a rumour that
Nandha was KK's brother.'
'The police are confident
they'll arrest Dr Vasu and KK soon.'
(overlap of voices)
What's going on?
Are there no lockups?
There's commotion in the city.
- Clear the crowd quickly.
- Ok, sir.
Are you sure about the address?
- I have to go.
- Where to?
Important work is pending.
We have Important work here too.
Stay back.
This is critical.
I have to go.
I don't care.
You better stay here.
I just got a call from
madam's informer.
He confirmed that
KK is Anand Makaio's man.
- KK is not our case anymore.
- I know. So?
I want to beat them to death.
Those unscrupulous fellows killed a cop.
But this isn't our case anymore.
It's Vincent's.
We don't get along with him
and we don't have a Chief.
Don't do this.
Get the statement.
- Where is ASP Vincent's office?
- Walk up and take the left.
Are the reports ready?
Send it to all the police stations.
I have to report
to the Chief first.
Which gang?
Do you want to use the loo?
I'll go search for Aatirah.
Don't just pull it out all the time.
It might misfire.
Don't move.
Give way.
Give way
- Please help me. I'm innocent.
- That's what everyone says.
Hurry up.
Take her and go.
Please help me.
Give your NRIC number.
You listen to me first, sir.
Uncuff me and I'll explain to you.
Get back.
No, please leave me
Get up
Shut up.
Don't move.
Get the cuff.
Get the cuff.
Leave me
Please leave me
Get up.
You idiot,
how dare you attack a policeman?
You are finished.
- Please let me go.
- Shut up.
Get up.
Move on
Thought you could escape?
I'm going to kill your baby now.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Access granted
I didn't do this.
It was the guy in the photo.
Leave me please.
You can't shoot me and
get away from here.
I didn't kill your brother.
Believe me.
He came in the way,
died trying to save the girl.
We can have a deal.
I'll give you a share.
What do you say?
You haven't learnt your lesson.
Move. Give way.
The pain is unbearable, Vasu.
What is going on?
I didn't do anything.
Please let me go.
I need to be with her.
Please let me be with her.
- Please let me go.
- Shut up and move.
- I didn't do anything.
- Shut up or I'll kill you.
Stop it, Catherine.
Whose is that?
Where is it?
Sir, they've taken that doctor
to the control room.
This is my case.
I'm going to take him.
No. I don't think so.
"If you get caught,
you better run fast."
"Do you get it?"
"So, move it..."
"The one who wins battles.
The one with strength."
"The one and only.
The one with valour."
"The one who's conquered Kadaram."
What happened?
I tried making a call to your mum.
I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Which class
is your granddaughter in?
- Grandfather, where is my dad?
- Check outside.
- Uncle, where's dad?
- He was right here.
He just went out.
I'm sorry, baby brother.
Baby brother?
Why not a baby sister?
I want both.
Thank you.
See you in the hospital.
Dad, the TV upstairs is not working.
We want to watch Shin Chan.
Why're you watching TV now?
- I'm going to ground you.
- Not today.
Have some chocolates.
'Here are on-the-spot live reports
about Vincent's death.'
'Vincent was sentenced
to 16-years imprisonment'
'-in the Industrialist's
murder case.'
'Vincent had applied
for a two-day parole.'
'It was granted on the basis of
his good conduct in prison.'
'He was out after seven years in prison
and checked into this hotel at 8 am.'
'But two hours ago,
he was found dead in the hotel room.'
'He was found dead with a gun in his hand
and a bullet shot in his head.'
'Preliminary investigations
say it is a suicide.'
'But the police are looking
at other angles too.'
'KK who exposed Vincent is still in hiding.
The police are on the lookout for him.'
'Where is KK?
Will the police have an answer?'
Who was it?
Who gave this gift?
Very nice.
Nothing to worry.
Who was that?
A friend.
- Are you all right?
- Absolutely fine.