Kafka (1991) Movie Script

He remembers you of the faraway day
or Father took me to part...
... to tell me that I worried
too much the petty
Morbid worry, according to him,
However I lead for years
a life
that, even him, must judge normal
except that to my rare
lost moments...
... I write
are some maybe him disappointed, him, but I ask...
is this a crime?
the Employee to the Archives
... has need of the Erlanger file
I put back it yesterday
steps to me
To him
in an establishment.
... as efficient as the our...
... so unusually a document gets
lost, one risks of ever...
... to recover it
it appeared simpler to me
the messenger, it is I!
the mistake...
... start my credibility
your credibility.
... is without equal
the fact that I carry a message
confers to this one...
... an official downstream
I take note of it
you are not at the shelter
of a return
hello, Miss Rossman,
or... good evening?
one ridicules what you say
do believe yourselves?
you underestimate my power
and you exaggerate the your
steps now
it is my turn to judge some,
not to you
while denouncing your delay
to the Chief of Office...
... it is not I that run...
... a risk,
if it is what you insinuate
it is your work
one pays me to make it
a tablet?
note it in your pocketbook
I work nearby
I know
you are the friend of Raban Eduard
ah good?
he/it told to know you and...
one of you two are mistaken
forgiveness, I am sure of you
to have seen together...
one looks at us!
you don't ridicule
you have ink on the nose
write your resignation.
... at once
you left your place
without motive
I knew that it would arrive
it is therefore Kafka
I look for Mr. Raban,
who lives above
I don't hear anything
M. Rabans... do you
know where he/it is?
it was not necessary to raise you,
I would have taken the key
I don't doubt some
it looks at you him?
I am at home, no?
out of here! He/it is not there. Go!
you saw Eduard Raban?
someone did he/it see Eduard?
- Did you see Eduard, tonight?
- Who?
the other day, he/it made us laugh...
it is not my kind
he/it didn't leave
with comedians?
you come to the cabaret?
I have work
you don't ever sleep?
you leave?
you saw Eduard?
wait. One comes to look for Julius.
Do you know Anna?
a long time ago
what you is the?
I arrive
no, in city
I passed at your parents
you saw Father?
I looked for you
I wrote that I moved
you had the intention of it
have it you enough repeated
I work henceforth here.
You will save the stamps
you know where to find me
has it
I passed at home
- Eduard?
- He/it is not there
one the didn't see there
since one day or two
in any case, not his/her/its landlady
I will iron there
that have him you say?
nothing, it is a grouillot
Eduards said that he/it is a writer
or dangerous
it is not your bicycle
one sees you at the cabaret?
too late
you prefer to go back
you want to be alone?
that you do write?
a man's history
who turns into bug
I am thirsty
as nearly all,
the Castle is majestic
seen from afar only
one knows itself?
I am called Bizzlebek
the gravedigger
in fact, marbleworker
sculptor, if I had the choice
but the artist is the one
that one pays for the being.
... and again
your profession is loud
bah, the noise is outside
at home...
... the resonance is interior
I read your writings. Extraordinary
you astonish me, whom?
everything that is published
in dark magazines
good to archive at the Castle
with the paperwork
one is yet interested
to your case
yours, The penitentiary Colony,
for example...
these tips that engrave the
sentence in the convicted flesh
it is new
I also need myself a trick so
that one notices my work
I go to the cabaret.
After the cemetery of the Castle.
... it is necessary for me to see
shapes enlivened before going in bed
good night
my terrifying labor to the
company doesn't change
constantly harassed
by tyranneaux...
.. I write
of the useless reports
my Eduard friend disappeared
I never dared
to present it to you
because it had been necessary to face
the paternal despotism
I learn that Anna
paid a visit to you
my relations with her were...
at the very least difficult
hope that Father
won't have frightened it more
your son... who likes you
that sometimes like you
your son incapable to like
your son that family's life annoys to perish
you knew it?
he/it is called Eduard Raban
inspector Grubach
Kafkas... is it your true name?
that would not have to?
when have seen you Mr. Raban
for the last time?
- To work?
- Yes
are gone you
to drink a glass after?
we greeted ourselves
before the entry and he/it went back...
... at home
you work...
... To the Co of insurances
since seven years
and seven months
would tell yourselves that you were...
... do summon with Raban?
if, no, if, no - what?
we worked
in the same office since...
... three years
one recuperated it in the stream
do believe yourselves that...?
that he/it committed suicide?
the adults...
... do rarely fall to water, no?
he/it had drunk maybe,
in spite of what you say
how did you find me?
his/her/its landlady told us
that you had passed...
... and that seemed you to hold...
... to search his/her/its business
it was my...
he/it didn't have another...
he/it didn't have a family
we know it
that is all?
it is not
everything that we know
I hardly frequent
the old city...
... but the stream follows
his/her/its course
know that
without having in me a friend...
... because us
we don't know...
... and let's belong
to antagonistic classes...
... you can consider me as, let's say...
... a third attentive
I take note of it
if you learn whatever it is that seems you...
... meaningful
- Did you ask me?
- Sit yourselves
has close to 9years
that you are here
you worked with goodwill.
Nothing to say in this domain
but the goodwill is not all
it is necessary to take into account the other
I speak you honestly...
... he/it would seem
that your social life...
... let to want
my social life?
you are a lone wolf.
Too uncommunicative
you put me ill at ease
and I don't dare to imagine the effect
that you produce...
... on my underlings
but if I want to fulfill
of my work...
... I hardly have the time...
it is necessary to take it
have wondered you...
... so much other had
of the advancement, while you...
... who is here
since longer...
... didn't have some
no matter
the quality of your work
you get rid some.
... instead of taking there
an active interest
you were the friend of this poor...
how already?
he/it resembled you too much
he/it resembled you more, maybe, that yourself
don't ask me...
... why he/it has been decided...
... to grant you the advancement
that one destined to him
two clerks will assist you...
... and your treatment will
increase consequently
it is all
one tells to me that you would
like to be a writer
well modestly
you would need a more athletic pastime
it would give you some colors
you are my clerks?
you are brothers?
- Twin
- In fact
- Are you here for a long time?
- Why?
- No
- Yes
in fact
a long time
good, let's install ourselves
you are free to eat lunch?
Eduards, it is...
... a very difficult topic
it was incapable to commit suicide
the idea of the suicide obsessed it
what surprised me, it is...
... the chosen moment,
but not the gesture
did have him two faces?
one for you and one for me
surely not
do believe yourselves?
I knew it well
you knew
what him was my lover?
we had other activities
outside of the office
we accepted some
the consequences
what consequences?
what occurred
we ignore it
one recovered
his/her/its wallet on him
you believe that that so-called
the civilizes?
if I am not a right
to question some
it is the police, there is the reason
they killed it maybe
but why?
you would come, tonight?
Musils district
that means yes?
yes. Tonight
you had to not get married?
the last year, I got engaged
2times... with the same woman
I am not...
I broke
Eduards wanted to get married
and you?
I mistrust the men
who want to get married
At what time?
Where that in the District Musil?
go to the esplanade. At 9o'clock
from there, you will find
entertain yourselves
sit you
I doubt...
... that Eduard
spoke you of... us
reason to mingle me to that?
I ask the question
did you read some of our writings?
I must say that no
all it lacks efficiency
the problem, it is the quality...
you could help us
I write alone...
... for me
you see?
our work
could change the things
a work of which I am incapable
even though my sympathies
would go to your... reason
I am incapable of it on order
they risk to pursue you
what kind of pursuits?
the kind or the investigation
is the suit...
... and the verdict.
Eduard made the experience of it
Eduards convened at the Castle, did you know
and then?
it was necessary to correct...
... any mistake
of the medical file
and one never saw it living again
it proves him
what one murdered it?
one murdered it!
a pass for the Castle,
the opportunity was...
... too beautiful
that evening, he/it carried away
a suitcase of our manufacture
with a message...
for the Castle
Eduards layer of bombs,
does that shock you?
useless to believe
that all is true
he/it is sufficient that it is logical
the bomb didn't explode, it is therefore
that they took it and executed
that already saw itself
"it is therefore"? Is that that...
it is penpushers, to the Castle,
they will deny all
it is sure, they delivered
it secretly to the police
didn't have any reprisals.
... therefore Eduard didn't speak,
and they contacted you, you,
has the enemy then...
... of the policemen
and of the archivists!
the law and the order, in short
you reprove our action?
that suggest yourselves?
one among you are he/it gone
with Eduard to the Castle?
you are there to distort the
facts so that they center...
... with your dogma
I know experience
that the truth is not...
... so easy-going
he/it only thinks about him
it is for that that he/it came
it is true
it is for that that I leave
I know how to not to swim!
and this evening?
- Good
- Awful
when one goes in a night-club
I would like to go in another
you are...
... very tired
Miss Rossman came
you know it?
and you?
one saw it stark naked
you think that to that!
she/it took a sunbath
on the roof
one saw it changing itself/themselves
one worked to Supplies
one broke a lot
one is not pain, here,
a double horrible life...
and for only exit the madness, no?
- Yes!
- No
- No
- No
I envy you
you should be happy
you would have to!
you look for Gabriela Rossman?
one opened it
I close again it?
that doesn't mean anything
Burgels gave me your word
I didn't confide to him
that make yourselves?
I take the business of Eduard
the objects of value
or the indications?
the two
you want maybe
to make some as much. Is it yours?
that probably is not worth the stroke
he/it must have letters of me there
that goes?
the reason of your return?
they don't have need of it.
To send back me or to kill Eduard
who that "them?"
the authorities, the police,
the Castle, Burgel!
Burgels? I don't think
that he/it makes part of it
it is a nothing at all
are necessary to mistrust the small
the small have small ideas. Don't open it
while opening and closing again
she/it starts herself/itself
you said that Eduard has been
killed while carrying the bomb
if it is the bomb...
how much has some?
you value the suicide
it is less bothersome
for the police and for you
- I want to know
- Then, open
they supervise us
for them, we are all bound.
The group, me, you,
you will understand
when he/it will be too late
in the street...
... she/it was not there
she/it disappeared
between the room and the outside
did you go to her?
did you go to her?
no, I didn't go there
I understand
reason would like one
to remove this woman?
she/it is called... Roseman?
you asked me
to warn you
Miss Rossman are meaningful
I ignored whereas she/it was...
... the friend of Raban
she/it was the friend of heap of
people. She/it was the your
one noted it,
but where it leads him?
To less that you have
something to add
she/it disappeared!
that is sufficient you?
yes, that is sufficient me
one sent back it today
me also, I would hide
to sulk. Is it yours?
she/it had to be right
that she said?
that maybe the police...
... serves something else that the truth
she/it doesn't believe
to the suicide of Eduard
and besides, me either
that doesn't rhyme
steps in this context,
it is necessary to let itself carry
come to sit down
I look for people
sloughed in bugs!
you hold something
a method to land
the women and to leave them
spectacular entry, overflowing
with concern for a friend
call to the sensitive rope
if the business begins badly,
you leave under pretext.
... to pursue your research
elsewhere. It is perfected
it would be perfected...
... so such was my intention
do exist some him of others?
- Gabriela disappeared
- We know it
reason the police?
that you did say?
that I feared for his/her/its life
we are in danger
and her?
the next one who will be?
- You, maybe
- Me, no
tighten ourselves the elbows
they hit the isolated
remained with us
we have the bomb
she/it was at Eduard.
that goes from oneself!
once open, there is not some
anymore for a long time
the police has it?
no, she/it is at home
where she/it doesn't serve to anything
in good or in pain
all of the same office
that hides what?
something enormous
an embezzlement
still money
one doesn't miss...
... of theories.
We need some facts
it is necessary for us to know...
... why
they convened Eduard
excuse me
you have
the file Eduard Raban?
then me there to look for
his/her/its family's address?
I would like to write to him
nothing on the family
something else?
no. It is that I feel held
to make something
it was a very dear friend.
If there is...
... any means
to help to close the file
he/it remains a report to complete.
I will make it myself
to submit it at the Castle
ah yes
the Erlanger business
the Orlac business
thank you, Mr.
you are too sensitive
let this poor wretch
to rest in peace
it is a "client" file,
"used not"
are Orlacs client?
it is a factory of the north.
An excellent customer
you don't have
of official demand
but I will make an exception...
... for this time
in any case,
the file is up to date
has so many accidents over there...
that one is prolific in the region
all that, last year?
of the terrifying accidents
of the crumblings
- One doesn't recover the bodies
an awful death
the medical person responsible
himself has been killed
the photo. I am going to signal that
that was the Dr Murnau?
a big man,
a visionary truth
he/it spent his/its life
in the hinterland...
... in all disinterestedness
a big loss
all these people treated
the Orlac file?
yes. Your friend's name
is he/it there?
he/it should not have intervened than once
his/her/its name will appear
in your chief's final report
when a file
go up to the Castle...
... can one recover it?
but no! The directors
have alone this power
the scoundrel
between not to the Castle
To what good
of the archives inconsultables?
these are centennial laws,
one doesn't throw them into question
if I asked the directors...
to see them,
it is necessary to be convened
and it doesn't arrive hardly ever
where classify one our files
to the Castle?
we are a health insurance company
to the medical file
it is there that I should address
he/it is, dear naf...
... that the chief of this service...
... to the Castle,
is Leading at home
if he/it pleases you!
I must finish that
you began indeed?
he/it didn't make anything.
He/it fears my superiority
to assist me!
as much to have
two aliens
one is not able to anything there
one is anxious
and uneasy
what again?
he/it constantly contradicts me
with time...
... our personalities
himself interpntrent
- And vice versa
- It is awful
- Imagine that that happens to you
- Awful
are going to eat lunch therefore
go there
the chief wants that tomorrow
he/it says that you have some
for one hour...
... or two
doesn't have anybody more up there
we leave
it is that. It is very well
you acted well
you don't make to some.
One will take care some
excellent work
he/it will be taken it into account
you will be rewarded well
we are of it nearly
a last thing
this gentleman is going to please you
one regains his/her/its terrier?
dig, dig...
- One follows you
- To the trace
one takes you at the Castle
it was therefore you
and non Burgels
he/it doesn't enter to the Castle
consider that it is a favor
our orders come from top
very high!
we deal with the person responsible
that who is?
- We ignore it
- One must not say it
one goes there?
I believed you incompetent
but faithful, what actors!
- Yes
- Thank you!
once to the Castle...
... No scandal
that would waste
the good impression...
dirty pig!
... that you made
reason to be set against you?
I felt tracked
you bring back all to you
when I see them
to take someone...
... I recover it at the cemetery
is this a coincidence?
I want to go to the Castle
but is worth better to go there alone
some discreet means exist
to enter there
do prefer yourselves the official channel?
he/it doesn't lead nowhere.
He/it turns in circle
I am flattered to enter
in the confidence...
... even without knowing some
the details
that I believe very interesting
your determination
I am a sufficient reward
did you enter to the Castle?
it is in restaurant the tombs
that I discovered that
an empty tomb?
it is an underground that dates
of the big pestilence
tack yourselves
good luck
if you like my writings...
... will you help me?
again one?
if I had to...
... not to see you again, would be going to take
you my notebooks at home...
... to destroy them?
my manuscripts...
no one is finished.
Burn them. Okay?
what extraordinary request
a friend would make it
steps forcing
a wife would make it
you are lost?
the medical file?
it is the yellow floor
but of course
I already saw you?
I am new
catch it!
his/her/its papers!
I speak you!
again how much, tonight?
three, I believe
it is long
he/it gave us the pain
help us to prepare it
they make a few of them too much, no?
it is the noise that embarrasses me
and the odor
you are not from here?
in fact no.
I surrendered to him...
... medical file
I went there exactly
I want to chat with you
To you!
how you feel yourselves?
I know you
it is better
when all will collapse...
... you will be the first to die
and you also
one doesn't progress
hanged man with the tripes of the cops
try this
- That make yourselves?
- That bell
that they made?
of you to me...
... I am only a salaried employee
they tempt to create,
how would say me...
... a more efficient being
I get lost there
the anger, happiness...
... the tastes and the colors...
... result from the chemical
balance. How to change it?
it is an imperfect science
I perceived some
as us all. They make what
one tells to them
they are "efficient?"
physiology first,
ideology then
that is the good path?
I must see
the chief of the medical file
you are convened?
another employee who resembled you a little has
been convened...
... and arrived never
no? Why?
they killed it, in fact,
I believe that it was
a question of accounting
you understand...
... he/it received a paper by mistake
a paper?
it is serious?
the bonus...
... for one death
who had not taken place
the workers procreate
it is, alas,
the only means to assure the relief
he/it is good that the insurance...
... pour something...
... to the women
who lose their husband
... want the progress.
We give it
it is the traffic of cadavers
one called that the "resurrection", I believe
I don't have myself
Dr Murnaus
the martyrdom of Orlac
it was necessary for us to look for
our topics elsewhere
of the less rebel people
Gabriela Rossmen?
or of people already guilty
of something
reason to hire you
with the anarchists?
I would have...
... favorite one of your manuscripts
I was inspired by your work, of what I read to
you publish little
are this the result
of a writing laziness?
or are you...
... one of these authors that has, let's say...
... not need of readers?
you despise me.
... by contempt of modernity
but you are to the vanguard
of modernism
you show it in your writings
whereas me...
... I choose to practice it
the worse puzzle...
to understand the human mind
agree that it
is common to us
we don't have anything common
I have tent to write some
nightmares but you have some...
... built one
you have your tools,
I have mine
but we are
two visionaries
it distinguishes us
of the mass without face
has a face of it!
that you will say when
the mass without face will come...
... to ask for the accounts
that will answer you?
one masters more easily
a crowd that an individual
the crowd has a common goal
the individual's goal...
... is always put back in question
it is what you tempt to eliminate
what returns every human being different of the
but ever...
... you won't reach
a man's soul...
... through a lentil
it is necessary to be from
the good side of the microscope
stop it!
quickly, quickly!
catch my feet
are going up to stop that!
where you were?
behind you. Did you have it?
I will have it
he/it left
you had told us...
... that Miss Rossman had disappeared
one recovered it
we estimate...
... that the report...
... must conclude to the suicide
that think yourselves of it?
commit suicide
I agree
maybe she/it was...
... afflicted by the loss
of his/her/its dear M. Raban
it is...
... an explanation
you are...
... of a big help
early, for once
the chief of office asks you
you wanted to see me?
learn that I received
two communications
your convocation to the Castle...
... then an annulment
of this convocation
without explanation?
my superior don't have to
provide me of explanation...
... and less again to you
it is that I had believed...
... that today...
... it would be different
reason would this different be, today?
very dear father...
... I always believed...
... that he/it is worth to
know better the truth...
... that to live in the ignorance
I am going to know now
if I was right
me then more to deny...
... that I make part
of the world that surrounds me
as me then more to deny...
... in spite of our differences...
... that I stay your son
and me then only to hope
that the things...
... maybe petty...
... that I understood recently...
... will pacify us a little
all two...
... and will return us life...
... and the death...
... easier