Kahaani (2012) Movie Script

Park street.
Passengers are advised..
..to inform the Metro
Police on finding..
..any unidentified
box or alien object.
The door is closing.
Yes, I am on the train.
Which bag?
Speak louder.
Which bag?
Next station Ravindra Station.
Platform on the right hand side.
Why is she crying so much?
She's hungry.
Why don't you feed her?
I forgot her milk bottle at home.
Yesterday I bought a new game,
Call Of Duty: Black Ops.
What a game. Great graphics.
Look, there's Kushal.
Kushal, why are you so scared.
Give it. Give the bag.
Why are you scared?
What are you hiding in your bag?
Is it something special?
What are you hiding in your bag?
Give the bag. Give the bag.
We are not throwing it away.
Give it, give the bag.
I will go back home.
Come on. Come on, let's go.
Show me the bag.
Hey, you left your bag behind.
The milk bottle is right here.
More than 100 are expected to be dead..
..in Kolkata Metro Rail due
to the deadly gas attack.
Its believed that a terrorist
group is behind this attack.
Even on the third day passengers
are hesitating to travel by the Metro.
The relatives of those..
..who died in the gas attack
staged a rally in Kolkata today.
And requested the government..
..to find out who is
responsible for this attack.
Madam. Madam. Come with me.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Move, move.
You shouldn't lift heavy
objects in such a condition..
Move. Go away.
You shouldn't lift heavy
objects in such a condition.
Let me, let me.
Leave it.
I know, I have a kid too.
Let me, madam. Please.
Move aside. Move.
You are taking my passenger.
Please move.
Don't mind, madam. But
can I ask you something?
I have been driving a
taxi for the past 15 years.
Every passenger either goes home
or to the hotel from the airport.
You are the first passenger who is
going straight to a police station.
Get the tea quickly.
Press any key.
It's up, it's up, it's up..
Here it is.
It's here.
It's working!
It's shut down again.
What happened now?
That's what his wife
must be saying every night.
Sign here.
Madam, here's the police station.
How much?
Here's your bag.
Madam, this is my number.
If you ever need a taxi, call me.
Thank you.
Where do I go to file a
missing person's report?
Yes, you go.. I..
Just go straight.. I mean,
it's just straight ahead.
Thank you.
Shall I carry this?
It's okay.
My husband is missing.
Are you coming from out of town?
You arrived just now?
We will need some details.
Actually, a month ago..
Will you have tea?
Yes, go ahead.
He came to Kolkata a month ago.
He had a two week assignment
in the National Data Center.
First two weeks we
would talk every day.
Then he suddenly stopped calling.
No messages or anything.
And I didn't know what to do.
So I came here directly. I..
Speak softly.
Doesn't my time have any value?
Why are you screaming?
No need to shout. He
can hear you clearly.
Your name.
Vidya Bagchi.
Bidya Bagchi.
No, it's Vidya. With a V.
Madam, in Kolkata Vidya,
Bidya .. same feelings
Isn't it, Rana?
Vidya, Bidya are all
the same, isn't it?
Your husband's name?
Stop messing with it Rana
And age?
A little taller than this.
Do you have a photograph?
Doesn't my case have any value?
Doesn't my case have any value?
Softly. Softly.
What softly?
You will speak softly or
else I will throw you out.
He is listening to
what you are saying.
Love marriage.
Is this a year old?
No, two years.
Don't you have a latest one?
No.. Arnab didn't like
to get his pictures taken.
Isn't it enough that we
ran away and got married?
Now we have to get a
picture taken as well.
Come here. Otherwise what's
the proof that you married me?
It was the day we got married..
..so I forced him to
get our picture taken.
I see.
What does your husband do?
We both were software engineers.
Firewall experts.
We make programs to save
computers from virus attacks.
Like, the police..
protects the public. Right?
Get this done quickly.
Arnab was supposed to come to London
after the assignment, but he didn't.
He suddenly vanished.
Yes, I mean no messages, no calls.
And Arnab isn't like that.
Where was he staying here?
Mona Lisa, 172A
- Sarat Bose Road.
The place where he worked name?
National Data Center.
But they said that Arnab never
came there for any assignment.
He did, I know.
We talked every day.
He would call me a thousand
times in a day and I would scold him.
So that he doesn't spend his
entire earning on the phone bill.
But I don't know why they are lying.
The case is slightly complicated.
I will do my best. It will be done.
It will take some time.
I will get it done.
Madam, you will need to sign this.
Sign, sign.
Why are you after that thing?
Leave it.
May I help?
Oh yes, you are a computer person..
Take a look.
What a pain..
You just needed to clear some memory.
You won't face any problem now.
Are you satisfied now?
Now, madam, you just need to
sign and you're free to go.
What happened, madam?
Sit, sit.
Would you like some water?
Will you call a taxi for me, please?
Why, Taxi? Rana will drop you.
Rana, go drop her. Go.
How much further?
Its close-by.
Are you feeling better now?
Is this your first visit to Kolkata?
Entire Kolkata is getting
ready for the Puja, right.
So you know about 'Durga Puja'?
I have a Bengali husband remember..
By the way, your name Vidya is
also a very common Bengali name.
I know.
Courtesy Mr. Chatterjee.
By the way, why do they call you Rana?
Your name.. The name
tag reads Satyoki.
In Kolkata everyone has two names.
One is 'Dak' name, which is
pet name like mine is Rana.
And the other is
'Bhalo' name, official name.
But everyone
addresses me by my pet name.
Interesting. Two names
for the same person.
Two identities.
Satyoki. Arjun's charioteer.
Have we reached the hotel?
Mrs. Bagchi, this
doesn't look like a hotel.
Are you sure this is the place?
That's the address.
Why would your husband stay here?
I don't know.
Good evening. Are
you the manager here?
I am Vidya Bagchi. I had
called you from London..
..about my husband Arnab.
Yes, yes. Arnab Bagchi.
Your Majesty, you..
Look, I am not the queen.
You can call me Vidya.
Bidya madam, when you
called from London..
..I told you that your
husband wasn't staying here.
The situation is
still the same. Arnab..
You've been saying
that all the while..
..and that's exactly why I came here.
I know this because he would
talk to me everyday from right here.
Sir, please explain to her..
Wait, wait.
Mrs. Bagchi, maybe
there's a confusion.
There's absolutely no confusion.
Arnab was staying here.
This man is lying.
Show me your records.
Register. Get the register.
Are these your records?
Don't you have a computer?
Madam, only 5-star
hotels have computers.
This is a guesthouse.
Arnab stayed here
and I can prove that.
If you walk towards the lift..
..there's a peacock statue there.
Arnab used to say that..
..The peacock of Tamil Nadu
has followed me here too.
Which way is the lift?
That way.
Is it or not?
There is.
There is a peacock.
But your husband isn't here.
I mean, he wasn't.
You think this is a joke?
The peacock's really there.
But how do you know?
If Arnab didn't tell me
about it, then how do I know?
I don't know why everyone's lying.
What, sir? Talk to me.
Arnab wasn't staying here, right?
But I will.
I will stay in room no.15.
Mrs. Bagchi, are you sure.
I am absolutely sure.
Will you give me the key?
Sign here.
My dear wife, Why are
you standing at the door?
You are so late
I've been waiting for so long
even your phone was unreachable.
And what if I hadn't returned?
Then I would've kept waiting..
It started raining suddenly.
Business is down.
Your maj.. No.
Good morning, Bidya madam.
Its Vidya, not Bidya.
V, not B.
Whatever you say, Bidya madam.
There's no hot water in the room.
I know.
You.. You know.
Then why did you put up a
board saying 'Running hot-water'.
I tell you.
Bishnu. Bishnu.
Come here. Come here.
Madam, he's Bishnu.
If you want hot
water then call Bishnu.
He will come running
with the hot water.
Running hot water ..our Bishnu.
How do I go to Camac Street?
You will get a bus, or a taxi outside.
Bishnu, show madam.
Come Didi.
Come on.
What is that?
Don't ask for that.
That's his radio. His life.
He will never give it.
Come on.
You called me Didi right?
So that makes my brother right?
Give me a five, brother.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
Please call Mrs. Bagchi.
Madam left for Camel street.
Hi. I am here to meet Agnes D'mello.
Do you have an appointment?
Your name, madam?
Vidya Bagchi.
Bidya Bagchi.
Bidya Bagchi.
Darling, I told you this
when you called me from London.
Your husband didn't come to
my company for any assignment.
I am the HR manager.
I approve every assignment.
And I didn't sanction any
assignment for any Arnab Bagchi.
No. He didn't come here.
He did. I sent him.
I don't want to go to Kolkata.
I am on a holiday.
It's just a question of
two weeks, I'll be okay.
You're crying like a girl
You are actually packing my bag.
Wifey, please. They
will find someone else.
And I will stay right
here and look after you.
Cooking, washing.
That's what I am afraid of.
I will be okay, go.
Please help me Didi..
Please help me.
I don't know what to do.
There's a police
officer who wants to see you.
Poor girl.
Mrs. Bagchi.
This way.
Show it.
Let it be.
Mrs. Bagchi.
That wasn't Arnab.
Mrs. Bagchi, doesn't Arnab
have any relatives in Kolkata.
Uncle or anyone?
He has an uncle.
He stays in Thakurpukur.
Here Here here (in tamil)
Arnab's school.
Kalagachhia Kailash
Kamini High School.
I see.
I have heard lot of stories about it.
Rana. That means uncle's
house must be close-by.
Let's go that way.
Rana. I should've worn a sari, right?
Just hold this.
Sari? You wear a sari as well.
Do you have one?
Don't worry, Mrs.
Bagchi. You are looking nice.
I am meeting them for the first time.
I know..
Arnab Bagchi.
Then, does any other
Bagchi family live around here?
Look, madam. We've been
living here for the past 30 years.
But we never heard of
any Bagchi family..
..or any Arnab Bagchi.
Thank you.
Who is Arnab Bagchi?
Thank you.
Can you come in, please?
What happened? Been punished?
What is this?
This is a flying swan.
I see, that's a flying swan.
It looks more like a dead duck to me.
Okay, see you.
No, dear. There was no
Arnab Bagchi that year.
Why can't I access
Milan Damji's record?
Its showing me Restricted each time.
Madam, I will need Mr.
Tyagi's permission to unlock it
Where is Tyagi?
He's on leave today.
Coming, mother.
Can you meet me tomorrow?
Of course.
At 3 o'clock.
There's a restaurant at Park Street.
See you.
Take care.
Coming Didi..
Watch it.
Move aside.
Here you go.
Just a minute.
Rana. Call from the airport.
Better explain to that Bidya Bagchi.
Yes, yes, yes.
That Arnab or whoever..
..got her pregnant and ran away.
These things keep happening.
Tell her not to waste time here in
this condition and return to London.
Oh, so you checked?
I have been thinking about
it for the past 30 years.
But he ran away in 2.
Sorry, can you say it again please.
Would you like a cup of tea, sir?
No, its fine. Thank you.
Mr. Das.
Good morning, madam.
Good afternoon, Mr. Das.
Whatever you say, madam.
Good afternoon, Rana.
Good afternoon.
Are you going anywhere?
To meet Agnes.
I will drop you there.
I won't need your
chariot today, Satyoki.
My taxi is waiting.
Mrs. Bagchi, we checked..
..with Kolkata and
London's immigration departments.
The date that you told us..
..no Arnab Bagchi left from London..
..or arrived in Kolkata.
Then surely there's a
mistake in the system.
We double-checked it.
Triple-checked it.
The facts are correct.
Yesterday after you left I
took a close look at the photo.
And you know what.
Your husband looks exactly like..
..an ex-employee of ours.
Milan Damji.
Milan Damji.
He left 2 years ago..
He was a funny one.
He would keep to himself.
He joined suddenly
and even left suddenly.
His blood group was funny as well.
Bombay blood group.
I clearly remember the
day he left the company.
A lot of people came looking for him.
But he vanished!
But what is the connection with Arnab?
Two years ago he was in London.
Milan Damji looks exactly like Arnab.
That's why yesterday I tried..
..to get his photo from the computer.
But it would always
show me the same message..
Restricted. Restricted.
God knows how to
operate these computers!
Tomorrow when Tyagi returns..
Tyagi here.
Who wants Milan Damji's records?
If I can't access the computer..
..there are some employee
records are in the old office.
Maybe there's a photo in that.
Agnes, thank you but..
What will I do seeing Milan's photo?
Just see Milan Damji's photo once.
Then decide.
You can't do anything.
The figures are so bad.
You can't get a single
life insurance client.
If this goes on then soon you
will be fired from this job.
For God's sake, switch off the phone..
..and concentrate on your target.
Client, sir.
Agnes D'Mello.
One minute
Oh she wears a wig!
Good morning, sir.
Sir, he's in a meeting.
Gentlemen, we've to
ensure that we do this.
Excuse me.
I've to go to
Kolkata today, right now.
No smoking in the building, Khan.
I know.
Someone shot NDC's HR manager.
That's the local
police station's case.
Why do you have to go
to Kolkata for that?
She was trying to
access Milan's record.
What other information do we have?
There's a pregnant lady,
from London.
Vidya Bagchi.
Listen, on the seventh day..
I need this room empty for a while.
Everyone go out.
Didn't you hear?
I need this room empty.
Who are you?
What is your name? Get out.
Shut the.. Khan.
That's my name Shut the.. Khan.
Anything else?
No, sir.
Call Vidya Bagchi.
I want her here in 10 minutes.
Okay, sir.
Tell me.
I am pregnant woman, sir.
You shouldn't be
smoking in front of me.
Mrs. Bagchi, we don't
know much about each other.
So leave it to me about
what I should or shouldn't do.
Let's come to the point. Tell me.
How are you related to Agnes?
My husband Arnab Bagchi is missing.
What happened? Why
is everyone outside?
That Vidya Bagchi, it's a big problem.
What are you saying?
Mrs. Bagchi.
What is going on?
Who are you?
Look, I am talking to her.
But who are you?
Close the door behind you.
Yes, so what were you saying?
Who is he?
Arnab's face resembles an
ex-employee Milan Damji.
And Agnes..
There was never an
employee called Milan there.
I feel Agnes got it wrong
Are you sure?
Because I remember correctly..
..that Agnes said Milan Damji.
Mrs. Bagchi, I know more
about NDC than you and Agnes.
2000 employees work there, understand.
I am quite sure.
Yes, she also said that..
..when she tried to
access Milan Damji's record..
..she kept getting Restricted..
You aren't listening to me.
Are you listening?
There was no one called Milan.
No, inspector I am
sure Agnes said Milan.
Do you understand what I am saying?
There's no one called Milan there.
You are still stuck on Milan.
Don't you understand what I am saying?
Milan. Milan. Milan.
Look, I..
Mrs. Bagchi. Look here.
I am giving you a free advice,
although I don't.
Get over with whatever you came
here to do and leave for London.
That will be best for
you in this condition.
Do you understand?
Mr. Khan.
We don't know each other..
..so leave it to me about
what I should or shouldn't do.
And anyway, you
don't give free advices..
That's good.
You shouldn't either.
Sir, sorry.
Take all this inside.
Mrs. Bagchi, I will drop you.
No, no, no. No need to worry, sir.
It's a simple case.
Agnes confused her husband with Milan.
That Vidya Bagchi.
Her husband got her
pregnant and disappeared.
No, no, she is completely harmless.
I will get her background checked.
Don't worry at all.
Don't waste time on
that pregnant woman, Khan.
Tell me about Milan.
Give me Captain Bajpai.
For God's sake get a mobile, Bajpai.
Why? Why do I need a mobile?
I stay at home the entire day.
When can you come to the office?
I needed to discuss
something important with you..
..about Milan Damji.
I'm here, go on.
Can you come to the office?
Rana. If I address
someone by his first name..
..then what does it mean?
That you know him really well.
There's no one called Milan there.
Actually there is no Milan.
Milan. Milan. Milan.
According to Khan,
Milan Damji is someone..
..who doesn't exist at all.
Yet, he said Milan
instead of Milan Damji.
I am going to NDC.
If I find out anything,
I will call you.
No, sir. There is no
Milan Damji in our records.
How long have you been working here?
Sir, 1 years.
And you never heard
the name of Milan Damji?
No, sir.
Sapna, do you..
Sir, he was inquiring about
Agnes D'mello's murder case.
Do you have any authorization?
I am standing right behind you?
Whose name is Rana?
Sir. I am Rana.
Why did you go there?
With whose permission?
Without any permission, or a warrant.
To hell with the warrant,
first tell me..
Why do you have to
conduct a local investigation..
..when this is an IB case?
Next time if I see you following up..
..without my permission.
Then you will be
telling the traffic police..
..about the traffic from
the control room, understand.
No, sir, actually..
Did I ask you? Did I ask you?
Will you work for the traffic control?
Do you want to work
for the traffic control?
Who else?
Do you? Out.
Didn't you understand what I said?
How long have you
been doing service?
Six months, sir.
Do you love your job?
Do you want to keep working?
Yes, sir.
Mrs. Bagchi, I think
Khan sir is right.
Agnes must be confused with someone.
See, NDC has at least 2000 employees..
Exactly, Rana.
2000 employees work in NDC..
..so why did Agnes
take Milan Damji's name?
She wasn't wrong?
And you know, Agnes
never said anything..
..until she hadn't seen
Arnab's photo properly.
What happened?
Why are those women
wearing such a sari?
The red and white sari.
They wear it on any auspicious day.
But why?
White sari with red border?
Why should I wear that?
Why? Why?
It's traditional.
Everyone wears that on
the last day of Durga Puja.
Everyone, even men?
I will get you one when I
go to Kolkata, Mrs. Bagchi.
And trust me, even
you will look awesome.
Mr. Vidya Bagchi, don't bore me.
And drop this stupid idea
of making me wear a sari.
Just go to Kolkata
quietly and come back quickly.
And then I forced
him to go to Kolkata.
He's an idiot as well.
He came here.
He had this bad habit of
doing whatever I said.
I am sure you will find Arnab.
Can I say something,
if you don't mind?
That sari, the one
that woman was wearing.
The day you find Arnab,
you can wear that sari.
That will be the
auspicious day for you.
Arnab won't be found so easily.
I will have to look for him.
That's the point, Mrs. Bagchi.
How will we look for him?
Milan Damji does not exist.
He's some story that
you believe to be true.
Agnes said..
The employee records
are in the old office.
There might be a photo in it.
What are you saying?
How can we barge
inside someone's office?
That too, the National Data Center.
But it's closed down.
Yes, sir.
Do you have hard copies of
the old employees records?
No, sir. Everything's on the system.
You sure?
Yes, sir.
There might be some in the old office.
There's nothing here.
Write down, third floor.
Third floor.
12 R.N. Mukherjee Road.
It's the old NDC office.
There's a file on Milan Damji..
Who is Milan Damji?
No one. Just do as I say.
Get the file.
Let's go.
This one.
Oh, God. That's a big lock.
I can't do it.
Rana. Open it.
Mrs. Bagchi, I am
the police not a thief.
Open it.
This is great.
The police is breaking and
entering himself. Very good.
There are millions of files here.
How will we find it?
This is not done.
We'll have to look
for the HR department.
I am totally screwed
myself on this one (in Bengali)
I will explain that later.
What's written here?
Same. Xerox.
This door.
Chief accounts. No, no, no.
Rana. H.R.D.
Look there.
If it exists then it
must be somewhere here..
..or it doesn't exist.
If Agnes has said it,
then it must be here.
Mrs. Bagchi, hurry up. Please.
Just a minute, Rana.
Milan Damji.
There was no file on Milan Damji.
Milan Damji exists.
Who is Milan Damji?
Where did you get this paper from?
What difference does that make?
Who is Milan Damji?
Is he your husband?
Take a good look.
Is he your husband?
Take a look.
He isn't.
Then what difference does
it make about who he is.
Forget Milan Damji..
..and I will forget where
you got this paper from.
End of matter.
Milan Damji isn't Arnab.
But he does look like Arnab..
..and if something has
happened to my husband..
..because of that, then it is
very important for me to know..
..who Milan Damji is.
Either you tell me
or you leave it to me.
I will find the answer
and come back to you.
How will you find out?
I will go out and ask every person.
Even if he's a common man
on the streets, the police.
Or the media?
Someone will surely have
an answer to this question.
Sit down, Mrs. Bagchi.
Sit down.
Do you know anything about..
..the attack on
Kolkata Metro two years ago?
Milan Damji was behind that attack.
He's the prime suspect in this case.
Then why doesn't anyone
know about Milan Damji.
Milan Damji doesn't exist
for the world, that's why.
He didn't exist for me either.
Until the day I was
given the task to catch him.
But until then it was too late.
Milan disappeared and
so did all his reports.
But how can anyone just disappear?
It can be our agents.
Milan was a government agent.
He betrayed us. Joined
hands with the enemy.
We have been hiding
this from the people.
Not just that, there's
someone in our system..
..who is helping Milan.
This is a dangerous game,
Mrs. Bagchi.
Those who want to keep Milan
safe are very powerful people.
They can do anything.
Hello, madam.
Madam. I am so sorry.
It was a mistake.
Are you alright?
I saved you today.
My reflexes.
What if I can't save you tomorrow?
Oh, God. One
shouldn't think like that.
You and your child should stay safe.
I will pray to God for that.
I will pray to God for that.
Madam. Kolkata, dangerous city.
Anything can happen here at anytime.
I am telling her for her own good.
Go back.
Go back, madam. Go back.
Very dangerous city, Kolkata.
I don't want to come back.
You can have your bureau, your system.
One project.
Just one project failed.
That doesn't mean we
shut down the bureau?
Shut down the system..
Just one project
How easily you can
say that, Bhaskaran?
Just one project.
You gave me this assignment,
Pick three ordinary guys, train them..
..and turn them into
bureau's best agents.
And what did I do?
I created a monster.
I found two good people..
..but an animal like Milan
Damji got trained as well.
And he joined hands with
those he had to save us from.
He killed the very
civilians I trained him to protect.
We will find Milan,
you just come back.
You cannot find Milan,
Bhaskaran, that's the point.
I trained him. You cannot find him.
Only fools like you
and me can be found..
..who keep ranting
Our system is perfect.
Law has the upper hand.
There is no
corruption in our system.
Everything is hunky-dory.
One man helped Milan Damji to escape.
That man is still
working in your bureau..
..right under your nose.
The day you find him,
that day I will come back.
Rana, three things are possible.
Arnab has left me and ran away.
Arnab and Milan Damji
are the same person.
And third..
Arnab looks just like Milan Damji..
..and that's why Arnab's in trouble.
That must have happened.
So you are saying that
Arnab looks like him and so..
I am sure.
We will have to find
Milan in order to find Arnab.
And the day we find Milan,
we will find Arnab.
Mrs. Bagchi, how is that possible?
Where do we start
looking for someone..
..we don't know anything about?
From his house.
I mean Agnes's file had
Milan Damji's home address.
How much further?
Ten minutes.
It must be somewhere around here?
Which way is Bishambar Mallik Lane.
Mrs. Bagchi, this is
Bishambar Mallik Lane.
Didi, where is number 9.
This one.
This one?
This is the one. Come.
Number nine. Come on.
You are ok to climb up?
Yes. Let's go.
I don't know which one it is.
There are no numbers.
Nothing's wrong.
Where is number three?
Over there but it's locked.
Anything wrong sir?
Nothing, nothing.
Here it is.
But it's locked.
I see. Give.
The police is breaking
and entering himself.
You said so.
I wonder why anyone
needed to lock this place.
There's nothing here.
And even if there was anything..
..then Khan must
have taken it away .
Mrs. Bagchi.
Mrs. Bagchi.
Let's go from here.
There's nothing here.
Yes, let me take a look.
Mrs. Bagchi, don't do that.
No, no, I am okay. I
will surely find something.
Let's look there.
Did you see, Rana, only flat
no.3 didn't have a letter-box?
Who is it?
Are there any letters for no.3?
There is one.
There in no.9.
Just a minute.
Poltu, come here.
Where are you?
Rana, Milan used to
order tea from here.
Maybe they might know something.
But how do you know?
You offered me tea in a
similar glass in the police station.
See what they are asking for.
Remember, there were
two similar glasses..
..at Milan's house.
Now, there was no
kitchen in Milan's home, so..
Didi Poltu.
One minute.
Are you scared?
He is my friend.
What is your name?
Poltu? Pet name or real name?
Pet name. Real name is Subroto.
Subroto, no need to be scared.
So tell me, do you remember anything..
..about the person in flat no.3?
Flat no.3? No.
I mean what kind of a person was he..
Or would he smile each
time you delivered tea?
Would he say something?
No, he wouldn't say anything, but..
He would order only one glass of tea.
And sometimes a second
person would come to meet him.
That's when he would order two teas.
Yes, there was someone.
Who was the other person?
He would always carry a suitcase.
And the corners looked like gold.
This big.
Oh, you look so handsome
when you smile, Subroto.
You can win any
child's heart so easily.
I am completely sure.
That you will be a great mother.
Donation bills. Nonsense.
He said there's a
letter from the bank.
But this is a blood bank.
People's blood bank.
Bombay blood group?
Rana, Agnes had said that
Milan had a rare blood group.
Bombay blood group.
Sir, if any person
has a rare blood group..
..then he stores his blood with us.
So that if there's an emergency..
..then he can use his blood.
I see.
When was blood
required last in this case?
Will you check it and tell us?
Just a wait a minute, I will tell you.
Of course.
There was a requirement
for this rare blood group..
..on May 2008, 25th May.
And we received a call
from Ekbalpur Nursing Home.
Ekbalpur Nursing Home?
Not a single paper.
No records, nothing.
Must be. It's been erased.
Just like every
other records of Milan.
Mrs. Bagchi, this is a dead end.
Come on, Satyoki.
There must be something somewhere.
I am not going to accept defeat.
After making it so far.
You have always helped me.
I cannot go further
without your help, really.
There's a man who
may be able to help us.
He was once a police informer.
Careful. Careful.
Are you fine?
Thank you.
Sir, can you tell me
where is Paresh Pal..
There. There.
No. I have no
connections with the police now.
But, Paresh, we just
need a small information.
Look, whether the
information is small or big.
I don't give it anymore.
Paresh Please.
Please leave.
If someone sees us then
it will create a problem.
I am searching for my husband.
I came from London in
this condition all alone.
I just need an answer for my child..
..that what happened to his father.
I cannot force you,
but.. please help us.
Have you heard about Milan Damji?
Milan Damji.
Milan Damji. No.
Two years ago, on 25th May..
..Bombay blood group was
required in Ekbalpur Nursing Home.
What for?
We just need to find that out.
Can you do that?
Laundry Didi?
Laundry Didi?
I am not Laundry Didi,
I am Bidya Didi.
Your transistor is giving chocolate.
Such a big chocolate.
So big.
You did disturb me, I am
in a important meeting.
In the room with Vishnu.
25th May, 2008.
Two men had a meeting here.
There was news about only
two people meeting until now.
But now it appears there was a
third person present as well.
And the blood was ordered
from Ekbalpur Nursing Home..
..for this third person.
So, was that third person Milan Damji?
I don't have anymore information.
You will find the rest
of the information..
..at Park Street Police
Station or you can find Dr. Ganguly.
That night he was on night duty.
I remember that it was a police case..
..but I don't remember
what exactly it was.
It was two years ago.
Ready, sir.
Yes, I will be there.
Give me a day, I
will check and tell you.
Thank you.
I need to go, I have a surgery.
Thank you.
Don't worry.
Thank you very much.
Dr. Ganguly?
Hello. Bob Biswas.
Just a minute.
I remember that it
was a police case.
Stop it Rana.
Your computer is driving
me up the bloody wall.
Mr. Chatterjee.
Oh my, God.
Bidya Bagchi.
You arrived at the right time.
Hi, Rana.
You had shut this computer
up the other day, didn't you?
Do it today as well, please.
Otherwise I will go crazy.
Thank you.
I will go meet the senior officer.
Come, come.
Oh, God.
No, no, keep seated.
He can return any moment.
Two people were killed
at Nonakpur Tram Depot..
..on the 25th of May.
One was Dinesh Rao..
..who was a police
informer in the Metro attack case.
And second..
Second was Vijay Verma
who was a government agent.
Government agent?
He's back, he's back.
It's done, sir.
Done, Mr. Chatterjee.
It's done.
That's nice, very good.
Thank you, thank you. Thank you.
What is the matter?
Mr. Chatterjee, may I leave?
Yes, mother.
I am coming.
Mrs. Bagchi, what are you doing?
Why are you cleaning it yourself?
Wait, I will call the staff?
No. no, no, no.
Come here.
I do the cleaning myself at home.
Sit. I cannot tolerate dust.
Pull a chair.
Speak, Satyoki Sinha.
Mrs. Bagchi, I
pursued the information..
..acquired from the database.
There is no mention of a
third person in the records.
Dr. Ganguly, Milan Damji,
Ekbalpur Nursing Home.
No one knows anything about them.
There are only
records of Vijay and Dinesh.
Vijay Verma was
investigating the Metro attack..
..at ground level.
That's why he met Dinesh
Raut at Nonakpur Tram Depot.
Maybe Dinesh wanted to tell Vijay..
..something about Milan.
And someone informed Milan about it.
Milan killed both of them and
got injured in the shootout.
But the question is
that how did Milan know..
..that Vijay is going to
receive information about him?
Maybe Khan was right.
There is someone within the system..
..who is helping Milan.
One more thing.
NDC is also involved in this.
Mrs. Bagchi, every agent
has a local, a fake identity.
Just like Milan Damji..
..even Vijay Verma worked for NDC.
To hide his true identity.
It must be him, take a good look.
No. it wasn't him.
Now, now, take a look.
No, Didi. That wasn't him.
It's not him.
Are you sure?
Come, let's take Poltu back.
I was absolutely sure that..
Tyagi knew that Agnes is
looking for Milan's details.
And Tyagi stopped you.
Of course.
The suitcase.
It was him, Didi.
Are you sure?
Sure, it was him.
Who was he?
I don't know.
You take Poltu home..
..I will find out and meet you there.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Will you have tea?
Listen, when Rana arrives
will you ask him to call me.
The police officer?
Yes, fine.
I was waiting for you at
the tea-stall for so long..
Oh no.
Rana, that's him. He tried to kill me.
Stop. I am the police.
Stop. Stop.
Oh, God.
Mrs. Bagchi, Bob Biswas
was a contract killer.
This is his phone.
And I have found these
photographs in his phone.
Agnes D'mello.
Dr. Ganguly.
And you.
This time you survived.
But the man who hired Bob..
..who doesn't want
anyone to reach Milan Damji..
I gave this photo to Agnes.
Just a minute.
I gave a copy of this photo to Agnes.
That means whoever gave
Bob the contract is in NDC.
No, no. It means you didn't
hear anything I said until now.
And you don't understand, Mrs. Bagchi.
Your life is in danger.
And I will have to
tell Mr. Khan about this.
Did you find out who Mr.
Briefcase was?
Mrs. Bagchi..
Who was he?
He is Shridhar.
The head of IT department.
Tyagi reports to him.
Rana, we thought that
Tyagi is doing everything.
But Tyagi was only
passing the information.
We have no such evidence.
Come, let's go to the police.
And yes, that phone is a evidence.
Please give it back.
Rana look.
Bob has been sent this
message from some website.
Once I hack this
website then I will know..
..whose computer these
photos were sent from.
What, you..?
You are a hacker?
Only in my spare time.
You do know that I am
the police, don't you?
Yes, yes, yes.
This is the IP
address of the computer..
..from where the
photos the photos were sent.
And I am completely sure..
..this is the IP address
of that Mr. Briefcase.
And once that is confirmed..
..then we can find Milan Damji.
No, no, no. Mrs. Bagchi. Mrs. Bagchi.
This matter is very serious now.
And I still say that we
should go to the police.
We don't have time, Rana.
Mr. Briefcase will soon
find out that Bob is dead..
..and then he will try
to erase all the records.
No, Mrs. Bagchi, I..
We just have to access
Shridhar's computer.
After that we will go to the police.
Cross my heart and hope to die.
You think death is a joke, Vidya?
Mrs. Bagchi, I have
told you so many times..
..that your life is in danger.
You even witnessed
everything with your own eyes.
Even after that you
are joking about death.
Maybe because, after Arnab..
..life has become a joke, Rana.
Shall we?
Yes, sir.
You haven't left yet, Sapna.
Sir, the office is going to
shout for the Puja from tomorrow.
So I was completing my work.
It is very good to see
someone working so hard.
One day, when I get the
time I will take you out.
For coffee.
I would love that, sir.
Good evening sir.
I am coming, darling.
Good evening, sir.
Good evening.
This is the visitor's entry book
Get the employer's book.
Sorry, sir.
Thank you.
It's not opening.
Thank you.
Rana please hurry.
Mrs. Bagchi, quickly do
whatever you want to do.
Bob.. Come on Bob,
pick up the phone.
Bob Bob.
Mrs. Bagchi, hurry up please.
Rana, just a minute.
I am almost there.
Mrs. Bagchi, what is happening?
Sapna was right, there are
many layers of protection.
It will take a little time.
Mrs. Bagchi, why is it taking
you so long to check an IP address?
Rana. Rana. IP address.
It's the same IP address.
Mr. Briefcase. We've nailed him.
- Are you sure?
Of course.
Guard! Guard!
Why are you sleeping? Get up.
Was someone here with Sapna madam?
A man and a woman.
Oh no. Close all doors.
Don't let anyone go out.
Yes, sir.
Did anyone come down?
No, sir.
Where did they go? Where can they..
The back entrance, where
people go to smoke is it open?
Yes, sir.
We came out at the right time.
Oh no.
Mrs. Bagchi, come quickly.
Sir we came out from the back
entrance.. Shridhar is following us.
What happened? Who are you calling?
Please come quickly, sir.
We need help.
What happened?
I had to call Khan sir.
Sorry. Shridhar is right behind us.
Maybe he knows.
What did you take from my computer?
Where is my gun?
Let's go, Mrs. Bagchi.
Rana, bag.
Stop it.
Don't shoot. Don't shoot.
We want this man alive.
No, no, no. this man can't die.
Oh no.
We wanted this man alive.
Why didn't you call me earlier?
How will we catch Milan now?
How will we catch Milan without him?
Take him to the hospital.
Rana works for me.
Mrs. Bagchi, do you
remember what I said.
We've been looking for
Milan for the past two years.
And we had this last
option to find him.
You. You could do what we couldn't.
But you ruined the entire plan.
Actually, Mrs. Bagchi, there's
someone in the organization..
..who is helping Milan.
Mr. Khan couldn't
reopen the case himself.
So he asked for my help.
..so that we can
find Milan through you.
Do you love your job?
Yes, sir.
From today you will work for me.
Why me?
Because no one's
scared of a pregnant woman.
Especially one whose
husband has run away.
No one would've doubted.
But, Mrs. Bagchi,
only because of you..
..we could find out that Milan is
responsible for Vijay's death too.
And we could reach Shridhar
only because of you, Mrs. Bagchi.
You were using me.
Your case was revived
only because of me..
..because Arnab looks just like Milan.
But we don't have time for..
And Agnes?
Dr. Ganguly?
Collateral damage.
One needs to make small
sacrifices in big battles..
..what's the big deal?
And me? My child?
Nothing would've happened to you.
I wouldn't have allowed it.
I took up this
assignment only because of you.
Mrs. Bagchi, we wanted Shridhar alive.
He was the only one
who could've lead us..
..to the man who is helping
Milan from within the system.
Listen to me carefully.
We have one last option.
You have hacked Shridhar's computer.
Do it again. We might find a clue.
Why should I help you?
I am not asking for
your help, Mrs. Bagchi.
I am telling you.
Mrs. Bagchi. Mrs. Bagchi.
Mr. Khan.
This is the only code
that I don't understand.
Rest of the computer is clean.
Is that all you found?
Rana. Any idea?
No. I don't know.
What can it be?
Give me your phone, sir.
Sir, I feel this is a mobile number.
This is Bhaskaran's number.
What the..
Mrs. Bagchi. You will have
to do one last thing for me.
Mrs. Bagchi.
Are you listening?
Mrs. Bagchi.
Call Bhaskaran.
And lie to him that..
..you found some data about
him on Shridhar's computer?
Why should I do that?
Because Bhaskaran
is our last chance..
..to find Arnab and Milan.
Mrs. Bagchi.
I have always been rude with you..
This time it's a request, so..
Please help me.
Mr. Bhaskaran.
Who is this?
This is Vidya Bagchi speaking.
Where did you get my number from?
From Shriddhar's computer.
I have found some more
papers in your name.
Look, I don't care about
who you are or what you do.
I will return all your papers..
..in return I want the
government to help me find my husband.
Look, I don't know
why you are calling me.
I will inform my local office.
They will contact you.
If you want to see
your husband alive..
..then wait for my call.
Milan Damji.
Yes, I need a big brown envelope.
How are you?
I had to make a promise.
But before that..
..this is for you.
Today's the last day of the Puja.
I cannot take this.
No, no, no, Mrs. Bagchi, this..
I still have the receipt.
I wanted to promise you that..
..I will help you in finding Arnab.
And when we find him, I will
make him pay for this sari.
This is from Arnab, not me.
I am sorry, Mrs. Bagchi.
I am really very sorry.
Thank you.
Paresh Pal.
Yes, Paresh.
You were asking about
Milan Damji, weren't you?
Yes, did you find out anything?
The news is that he
has returned to Kolkata.
Wow. Then Khan
sir's plan is working.
Only Milan can come see Vidya.
Bhaskaran doesn't
have any other option.
As soon as Milan comes to
see her, he will be caught.
You want to sacrifice a helpless girl?
No, no, no, this isn't my plan.
This is Khan sir's plan.
And Mrs. Bagchi..
Call him up.
Sir, sir.
Sir, I am sorry.
Just a minute.
We will have to stop this
operation at any cost, sir.
If Milan meets Mrs. Bagchi,
then her life is in danger.
You don't understand, sir.
Milan never leaves
behind any eye-witness.
He will do the same
this time as well.
So, we will try to
save your Mrs. Bagchi.
You know, sir.
You know, yet you are..
Sacrificing her.
This is wrong.
You are intentionally..
Shut up.
You want to teach
me right and wrong.
My job is to protect the country..
..and anything I do for that is right.
If I have to sacrifice Vidya
Bagchi to catch Milan Damji..
..then that's right too.
Then what is the difference
between us and Milan, sir?
There's no difference.
We do it for the law and
he does it against the law.
That's why we are
right and he's wrong.
Love is a good thing, Rana.
But learn to use it
at the right place.
Your love that's telling you Go
tell Vidya Bagchi about Khan.
That's wrong.
This way you can save only one life..
..but what about thousands of
lives that Milan will take?
I wasn't going to tell her, sir, but..
Rajveer, take his mobile.
Don't let him go anywhere.
Not even to the bathroom.
No, sir. Nothing important.
Yes, so what were you saying?
Bidya didi.
Bidya didi.
You are Sharma, aren't you?
Yes, why?
Khan sir is calling you.
In the AC.. OC chamber.
You go.
And he has asked me to sit here.
I will keep a watch on him.
Rana. Go.
Go, go.
What about you?
I will handle it here. Go.
Thank you, Chatterjee.
Where are you going?
I'll be right back.
Triangular Park.
Triangular Park. Triangular Park.
Get lost.
Sir, where is Rana?
To hell with him. Come on.
Rajveer, follow us.
Come on, hurry up.
Come on, come on, hurry up.
Where is Mrs. Bagchi?
She paid her dues and left.
Where did she go?
Didi went to Triangular Park.
Mrs. Bagchi.
Take a left from here, Mrs. Bagchi.
Mrs. Bagchi.
Where are the files?
Who are you?
What difference does it make?
Milan Damji..
..who was just a story until now.
I have very little time, Mrs. Bagchi.
If you want your husband back Files.
If I return the papers then..
..will you return me my husband?
Yes. Files.
Can you return him?
Think about it.
Who are you?
What difference does it make?
Mrs. Bagchi. Mrs. Bagchi.
Catch her.
Check him. Check him.
Catch her. She's
wearing a white sari.
I said she's wearing a white sari.
Are you blind?
Who was Mrs. Bagchi?
Vidya Bagchi was a story, sir?
Where is Mrs. Bagchi?
Didi went to Triangular Park.
Triangular Park.
This is a flying swan.
Where did you find this uniform?
This? It's my school uniform.
Back when I lived in Thakurpukur.
Any uncle. Anyone.
He has an uncle, who
lives in Thakurpukur.
Did you ever tell
Didi Vidya about this?
Yes, when we met for the first time.
I have heard many stories about it.
Check her hotel room
and her finger prints.
It's of no use, sir.
Why are you cleaning it yourself?
Just one sign and
then you can leave.
Sign here.
And her husband, Arnab?
Oh, so you haven't
understood yet, sir.
In the beginning,
you told her a story.
There is no one called Milan.
Yes, so?
And she told us a story.
My husband is missing.
Arnab Bagchi didn't stay here.
No, dear.
He didn't leave
London or land in Kolkata.
Milan was for real, sir.
But there is no
Vidya Bagchi nor Arnab..
..who looks like Milan.
Arnab didn't like to
get his picture taken.
Until Agnes didn't see
Arnab's photo properly.
And the day we find Milan,
we will find Arnab.
What the..
That means until now..
She kept using us.
Sir, it seems like
Vidya Bagchi was hired..
..to find and kill Milan Damji.
And she used us to find Milan.
She wanted us to use
her as a scapegoat..
..to find Milan Damji.
And before we could arrest Shridhar.
Vidya killed him as well.
Sir, you gave Bhaskaran
and Milan to her yourself.
She knew.
No one doubts a pregnant woman.
What did you take from my computer?
Who is Satyoki?
Arjun's charioteer.
That's me, sir.
My name is Satyoki.
But who sent her?
And why did she help us?
Sorry, we couldn't
save your child.
Arup took up this assignment
only because I forced him to.
It's completely my fault.
Arup must be really
happy today, Vidya.
He must be proud of you.
Because today you have accomplished..
..what we all couldn't.
You want to know a
strange thing, Colonel.
In the last few days..
..I completely forgot
that I am not pregnant.
It felt like..
..my child is still alive inside me.
It felt like..
I might find Arup as well.
I cannot live without them, Colonel.
I want my Arup back.
I want my child back.
Today, two years later.
The family of those
killed in the Metro attack..
..have finally got an answer.
Sometimes even
God's make mistakes.
Gods created demons.
Bestowed them with power.
But when they started
abusing that power..
..Gods created Mother Durga.
To destroy the demons.
It's said that Goddess Durga..
..was created by gathering
the strength of all the mothers
Every year the Mother
graces us with her presence.
Eliminates evil.
And goes back.
So that all of us can live
happily and peacefully..
..without any fear.