Kahi (2016) Movie Script

When I was a little girl
A Telugu film called 'Annamayya'
had caught my imagination.
The film was about the life
of Tallapaka Annamacharya.
A saint who lived
about 600 years ago.
I used to watch the film
with my grandfather,
everytime it aired on TV.
There is a scene in the film,
in which one of the saint's disciples,
sing one of his teachers' songs.
"The everyday life is merely a play"
My grandfather's eyes always
welled up, whenever this song played.
And at this point,
I always watched my grandfather
and lost track of the film.
So, I asked my father one day
to tell me, what the song meant
and he told me
"To be born is the truth."
"To be dead is the truth."
"Everything in between
is just a play."
I was 14 years old, when I truly
began to understand what that meant.
My thoughts began to change.
I found comfort in thinking
that the 'Play' had a director,
-who had plans for me.
-Excuse me?
Do you have a pregnancy test kit?
Four weeks back, as I sat
there holding my husband's hand.
It seemed to me, like he had found a
peaceful space between life and death.
And the song kept playing in my head.
"To be born is the truth."
"To be dead is the truth."
"And everything in between
is just a play."
She is not dead.
She is still alive.
I am not that to her,
what she is to me.
She refuses to remember me.
She refuses to see me.
She clamps her nose, like she refuses
to breathe the same air as me.
Fate is not kind.
"Feathers are not enough."
"Feathers are not enough."
"Birds need a sky to fly."
"Birds need a sky to fly."
Hey, you.
"Feathers are not enough."
"Feathers are not enough."
"Birds need a sky to fly."
"Birds need a sky"
"To fly."
"To fly."
"High in the sky."
"High in the sky."
"Legs are not enough."
"Legs are not enough."
I heard you are teaching kids.
-You have a very good voice.
-Thank you, sir.
Why don't you audition
for these TV shows?
I wish I could.
But then...
So, what do you do for a living?
-Are you blind?
-What, dude?
Get lost, man!
For a living,
I work in sales and marketing, sir.
We mostly deal
with herbal products.
Thank you.
And marketing as a career,
has its own risks.
Yes, of course.
Even I was into sales
and marketing, when I was younger.
That's amazing, sir!
People at home weren't too happy.
So, I became a teacher later.
Two cups of coffee, please.
And then I realized, that teaching
wasn't too different from marketing.
My father always told me,
"Teaching is the most noble profession."
But he didn't like it,
when I quit my engineering job
to become a Montessori teacher.
We'll be late!
"We'll be late!"
My name is Akhila.
And this is my husband, Pramod.
The fact that we have been
married for three years,
and still don't have kids, is
the trending topic in our families.
All fell down.
A for apple.
What is D?
Let us see who builds
the biggest house.
What is that?
Hello, Dad?
I am on my way to the hospital.
I'll call you once I get back.
Children and family.
Before these thoughts
took over my life.
I had a dream of my own.
I wanted to be a storyteller.
Give me that novel.
A novelist.
But it remained a dream.
I haven't completed
a single story that I started.
It's not just about
having a dream, is it?
Deep down, I am angry with myself
for not working hard enough.
A lot of frustration.
-What took you so long?
-I was stuck in traffic.
Contrary to what you expected,
her reports look absolutely fine.
But, before we conduct further tests.
I would recommend,
that you get tested too.
There is nothing to worry about!
So, how's your novel coming along?
I am stuck!
I behaved childish earlier.
I am sorry.
How about we go for a walk now?
I cannot recall having one big fight
with him, in all our years of marriage.
He doesn't really like discussing
deeply about anything.
I sometimes wonder, if I made
the right decision by getting married.
When I talk to my father about this,
he says,
"Have you lost your mind? Have kids,
all your problems will disappear."
They slept together, I was born.
They had a home,
I didn't belong.
Who cares what happens to me?
Oh, is it?
I didn't know about it.
Will it take half an hour?
-Hi, Mom.
-Here, take it.
No, I don't want it.
Are you going out?
I am going to a friend's house.
We have an assignment to complete.
You know, your father doesn't
like you to go out at this time.
-I want some money for the fuel.
-You don't listen, do you?
Get back home quickly!
Where are you going?
I swallow your spirits.
I devour raw sinews.
Yet, I crave for soft flesh.
They slept together,
I was born.
They had a home,
I didn't belong.
Who cares what happens to me?
Timmy, no. Timmy!
I am so sorry.
-Hi, Uncle!
-Hi! Timmy!
OK then, I'll leave!
Wait! Have a cup of coffee
before you leave.
You should really stop
pampering him so much.
Your cup is in the kitchen, get it.
-How come you look so happy today?
-Go get your coffee first.
Drinking so much coffee
is not good for your health.
It'll cause acidity!
-So, why is she smiling so much?
-We are going on a pilgrimage.
-To Amarnath!
It's not confirmed yet.
He met all the travel agents yesterday.
We have blocked the seats for now.
We still need to make the payment.
-She is getting over excited!
-Will you just keep quiet!
He has made all the arrangements.
He's just talking like that.
Hey, shall we go to the bazaar?
I want to buy a few things.
Yeah, call Padma as well.
-So, finally you came.
Do you have more colors?
That is how its pattern is.
Hey, this one is really nice.
Come on, we have quoted
the right price.
Ma'am, it's the right price.
We are your regular customers.
Ok, we will see about it later.
Who is this?
-Hey, what's happening?
-She's quoting Rs. 300 for this!
Please, Aunty.
Give it for Rs. 200.
Give me a moment.
Hello, sir.
Sir, just hold for a moment.
He is inside, I'll just call him.
-There's a call for you, sir.
-Who is it?
Tell me.
I'll send my boys next week.
I am on my way.
I'll be there in ten minutes.
Just a minute.
Please come.
I'll call you later, OK?
Hello, Doctor.
So, your test results
came in yesterday.
Take a look.
-Everything is absolutely normal.
-Thank you so much, Doctor.
Hello, Dad?
Did Pramod call you?
No, it's nothing. I was
just waiting
for him at the hospital.
Yes, the results came.
No, everything is normal.
Dad, I am getting a call.
Just hold on for a minute.
Hello? Who is it?
Yes, Akhila speaking.
I am in the same hospital!
No, no!
I am in the same hospital!
He was severely injured
when he was brought here.
But there is no threat
to his life now.
The doctors are already attending to him.
So please wait for sometime.
I don't know what to say.
It's bad fate!
The other man in the accident
died on the spot.
Pramod is severely injured,
but the doctors have said
that he is out of danger.
He is in the ICU now.
I think, it's best
if you come down right away.
-May I help you, ma'am?
-Where is the trial room?
-Over there.
-I want to try all these.
I didn't like any of these.
I'll come next time.
Sir! She didn't return one!
Ma'am, don't run. Ma'am!
Please stop. Ma'am, stop!
Hello, ma'am.
Ma'am, don't run.
Please stop. Ma'am, stop.
-Vidya, come!
-Ma'am, don't run.
-Come, Vidya!
-Please stop. Ma'am, stop.
-You have to take a left here.
-Yes, I know.
I live in the next street.
I have seen you many times.
You have a dog, don't you?
He is a very cute dog!
What happened there...
Thank you.
-Yeah, bye.
"Without you,
how does it matter whether I live or not"
The heart, as fickle
as the autumn skies.
Gazed upon an angel descending
from the heavens.
It fluttered, it flew
Out of a body it knew.
Excuse me for a moment.
I told you to get here on time!
Why are you late?
I am on time.
Your father has been looking for you,
since we got here!
That's OK.
I am not really that late, Mom.
-You always cause us embarassment.
-There you are!
-Hello, Aunty. How are you?
-Hello. I am good.
I see you are alone.
Where is your husband, Aunty?
He must be with
his friends somewhere.
-You look great in the sari.
-Thank you.
Can I take your son away
for a few minutes?
Just hanging around.
It's been a while,
-since all we friends got together.
-OK, just be around.
Dude, your mother is
the hottest woman in this party!
Shut the fuck up,
you bastard!
Your dad is to blame for this.
I mean, look at this crowd.
There is no one else here!
Anyways, why did you ditch me last time
after making all the plans for Goa?
It was intense fun.
I hooked up a few times!
Is that why
you look like an AIDS patient?
I really think
you should get tested.
You are just jealous!
You need some spice in life.
I have a surprise to cheer you up!
-The surprise will not just cheer you up,
It'll blow your mind!
-Blow my mind?
-Just come with me.
Wait here for a second.
Madhu, come here.
Let's go.
Come on.
No, no.
I didn't do anything.
Hold on, can you hear me?
-What's up?
-Come on, man!
We have got some good stuff.
Do you want to try?
No need,
I don't want your cheap shit.
-Come on, take a puff.
-No way!
Sniff it, man.
Come on, man.
You all are amateurs.
This looks like some cheap stuff.
Enjoy the trip, bro.
They slept together,
I was born.
Yes, I had asked her to meet me.
Yes, she had told me that she'd come,
but then she said she wasn't fine.
Later, I found out that she met him.
Exactly! Rajesh told me about it.
So, what else?
Forget it, let's talk to her
when she meets us next time.
OK, I have to go inside now.
I will call you back tomorrow. Bye.
Excuse me, you are
Shetty uncle's daughter, right?
-Yes. Who are you?
-I am Raghu.
-Oh, hi!
Hey! Didn't expect to see you here!
-Are you walking back home?
-Oh, I was just heading that way.
"First love"
"A dream"
"My love"
"A mirage"
"Life is painful"
"Without you"
"Feels like a failure"
"To my heart"
"Love is the key
to the riddle"
"A dream with no joy"
"A life that lays barren"
"The path is dark"
"You are the light"
"Life without you is bitter"
"Life is love"
"Love is memories"
"Memories are breaths"
"Breaths is what remains"
"What remains is bitter"
What kind of a dance is that?!
Why don't you do
something like this?
There is no point thinking about it,
if you don't do anything about it!
I just want to know
how she feels about me.
I think, there is
just one way to find out.
Kiss her!
I am very serious, dude!
This is a very efficient idea.
I have tried this a few times.
Nothing is going to give you
more clarity than her reaction to it.
And if she is into you,
she'll cling on to you like that!
Imagine how that would be!
Just find the right moment
and make it work.
"I wandered down a path so wrong"
"Where and how, I knew nothing"
"Had she led,
oh, what could have been!"
"My misfortune mocks at me"
"But she is still not dead."
This place is beautiful.
What the hell is wrong with you?
I love you, Vidya.
-Vidya, I am sorry.
Vidya, I love you. Please understand.
-Don't talk to me!
-Vidya, please.
Vidya, I am sorry.
Remember that story you were
telling me few days back?
Which one?
The one about the Greek fellow.
We had a motivational
speaker visit our office yesterday.
He spoke a bit
about Sisyphus as well.
What did he say?
I don't remember. Some
philosophical nonsense.
The story of Sisyphus
is a very interesting one.
The king was known
to be so cunning and deceitful
that many times,
he escaped even death!
So, God punished him.
Sisyphus was forced to roll
an enormous boulder, up a hill.
But every time he reached the top,
the boulder rolled back down.
He rolls it up,
it rolls back down.
He rolls it up again.
Hey! Have you tried
washing your hair with beer?
Beer stinks!
No, it really makes
your hair feel good!
-But doesn't beer stink?
-Who told you it does?
Attention, everyone!
There's an announcement.
-Bombay Kapoor, called me last night.
-Oh, Bombay Kapoor!
Yes, him.
Yes! I have convinced him
to save a spot in his bus.
But there is a catch.
The bus leaves tomorrow night.
And the money needs to be paid
by tomorrow afternoon.
Two lakh rupees.
I know it's a big amount
and the announcement is sudden.
Think twice.
But we all know, what Bombay Kapoor
can do to a dancer's career.
Yes, stop here.
Can I please talk to you
for a minute?
-Not a good time. I have to go.
Let's please have a cup
of coffee and talk.
-Vidya, please!
Hi! Can we meet?
-So, how was your day?
-Yeah, it was all right.
What happened, Vidya?
Your order, ma'am.
-Get us a few tissues.
-OK, sir.
Bring the food quickly.
Vidya, what's going on?
There is a dance troupe
called 'Natyaikya'.
If I join that troupe, I'll get
a lot of growth and opportunities.
Joining them would be
great for my career.
I really want to join them.
So, I need some money.
Two lakh rupees.
I'll return it as soon as I can.
Have you lost your mind?
Am I not taking good care of you?
-I am talking about my career!
-Make your career here!
I don't want you
to go away somewhere.
It's a famous troupe.
I'll really grow if I am with them.
And what about being with me?
And do you really need
to go to Mumbai for dancing?
You can do the same thing here.
I'll watch.
-This is the spot, right?
-Finally, we have reached.
Dude, staring
at your phone will not help.
Give me the lighter.
Say hello to my friend.
Please, just say hello
to my little friend.
What the hell is he saying, dude?
-That's the code. Come on.
-Is it?
-See you.
-See you.
-All set?
-Just go slowly.
See you, boss.
Such a fatso!
Dude, did you hear about
the corporator's daughter's kidnapping?
They apparently
found her hand, dude!
They haven't found the girl yet.
They have really increased security
everywhere, you know.
I am sure there will be barricades
on the main road.
Let's take a detour.
OK, you concentrate on the road.
And the hand didn't have nails
on it, from what I heard.
I am sure, it's some guy trying to
send a message to the corporator.
Hey stop!
There is a policeman.
Take a reverse!
-Hey, stop right there.
-Hold the bag!
-Come on, hop on.
-Stop, you!
Raghu, open the door.
-The police is here.
-What? Police?
Come quickly.
-You go, I will be with you in a minute.
Right now!
What is it about?
Shetty uncle's daughter has been
missing since three days.
She's missing.
Sir, this is my son, Raghu.
-So, did you have your dinner?
Do you know about
the Ramya missing case?
Yeah, mom was telling me something
about Shetty uncle's daughter.
We wanted to privately speak with you
about the case.
Of course, why not.
Go ahead.
You can stay here, sir.
Raghu, shall we speak in your room?
-Please sit, sir.
-Thank you.
You take a seat too.
So, Raghu.
That party, three nights ago.
You left early.
I am not really fond
of parties, sir.
I was there simply because
my mother forced me.
Give me that camera.
I want to show you something.
CCTV footage from the party.
It wasn't just you
who left early that evening.
Where did you go from there?
I, just...
So, where is that girl?
I want to talk to my father, sir.
Call him.
Call him right now!
Raghu, wait!
Son, what happened?
Raghu, stop!
"Everything in the cosmos is one"
Hello, sir.
Yes, yes.
They are here.
They are sitting in the room.
All right, I'll keep them here.
Yes, sir.
I hate my damn job!
You guys messed up big time, man!
Brother, I rolled a joint for you.
Light it up, man!
What did Ravi say?
He's coming.
He'll be here in an hour.
"A king's sleep is one."
"A servant's sleep is also one."
"The land walked
by a Brahmin is one."
"And the land walked
by a Chandala is one."
I am not in a good mood, guys.
The bags which the police seized
has been sold to someone else
instead of reporting it.
-Do you know where Shankari Bar is?
-Yes, sir. I know the place, sir.
The bags are there for now.
It's going to be picked up
from there this evening.
At what time in the evening?
That is all I know.
I'll give you time till 8:30 p.m.
I need my bags by then.
Can you hear me?
Our pilgrimage got confirmed!
We are leaving in three weeks!
Yes, we have even started packing.
Looks like my dream
is going to come true finally!
How can I forget shopping?
Tell me what you want.
I need more sugar in my coffee.
Oh, damn!
You really scared me!
Please come, sir.
-Are you driving back to the city?
My car broke down, sir.
Can you please give me a lift?
I really need to get back.
I can pay you if you want.
You don't have to pay.
Let me just finish drinking this.
OK, sir.
Hi, Dad!
Can you come to the hospital
and stay with Pramod for a while?
I need to go out.
Can you get here
in a couple of hours?
All right.
Salim brother.
Salim brother.
How are you, brother?
I am fine.
I have got acidity, man.
-Anyway, what happened?
-I need a favour.
One beer, please.
Thank you, boss.
Yeah, man.
Where are you?
OK, I am on my way.
So, this is Salim's van!
He's decorated it nicely.
Did you go to the bar?
It's a chilled out place, man.
No security, nothing.
Let's go to my place first,
pick up the stuff
and then will go and finish the job.
Yes sir.
Yes. Yes.
No problem sir. I'll hold.
Sure, take your time, sir.
Yes sir, no problem tell me sir.
Thank you so much sir.
-Sorry sir. What was that?
Sure, sure, no problem sir.
Thank you very much once again, sir.
So, the bus leaves at 10:30 p.m.
Are you ready?
-Dude, light a joint.
-Where is it?
-It's right there.
-Oh, you have come prepared!
Two guns and four bullets.
Let's do this.
-Did you check everything?
-Yes, I did.
-Where is the bar?
-A little ahead.
-Hello, Uncle!
-Oh! Hi, Pooja! Where is your friend?
Vidya has found a job
in a dance troupe in Mumbai.
-And she has to leave tonight.
This is so sudden!
When did this happen?
Even we weren't sure about it,
till this afternoon.
What about Timmy?
I'll keep Timmy with me.
Timmy. Timmy.
Stop here.
-Be careful, Hari.
-OK, come on.
This is the bar.
Let's go quietly and finish our job.
Give me a puff.
Dude, those are our bags.
Dude, where did they go?
That's why I told you
to drive faster.
I could have run faster than this!
Where did they go?
There they are!
Dude, just maintain this speed.
Hey, move aside.
Timmy. Timmy.
We are dead!
We are definitely dead!
-Nobody can save us! We are going to...
-Shut up!
We have no idea
where these guys are going
and the deadline is
just few minutes away.
Ravi will certainly kill us.
We have two guns and four bullets.
Don't worry,
we will get through this.
Hop on, let's look for it.
Dude, he is going off
the main road.
Push the horn button.
Stop the car, you idiot.
He is moving fast.
Stop the car!
Can't you hear the horn?
Stop the car!
Stop the car!
You wait here, man.
Sujay. Sujay!
Sujay! Sujay!
Yes, Dad.
I will be there in half an hour.
No, Dad.
I am fine, all OK.
I am on my way back, Dad.
A cigarette, please.
Hey Hari!
Long time no see!
-Hey! I had some work.
-I see.
-You don't look fine.
Is everything all right, man?
So, where is your partner?
Even he is somewhere around.
I have to go meet him now.
It's been a long time
since we all got together.
-I really need to get going, man.
Hello, brother!
He is right in front of me.
I just met him.
OK, I'll do that.
Brother, look.
Shall we go?
It's been a long time.
Excuse me?
Can you please help me?
The door has been broken
and I cannot do it alone.
Can you please help?
Don't worry, that's my house
across the road there.
-Please, help me to get this out of here.
Do you see that bag there?
Please just pull it a little bit.
The bus is going to leave
pretty soon. Shall we go?
Hari, stop!
-Catch him.
-Hari, stop!
-Hari, stop.
-Just stop running.
-Stop there, you rascal.
-Stop there.
Don't worry about Timmy, my dear.
We will find him.
You make sure that
you take good care of yourself.
Don't be scared.
Where is Vidya?
Come, let's go home.
Four weeks later.
When two incidents
happen one after the other.
Animals instinctively tend
to think of the second incident,
as an effect caused
by the first one.
But when confronted with incidents,
that seem to have no logical cause
humans react differently
from other animals.
We go in search of meaning
where, there is none.
When that man pinned me down
that night and whispered
a threat into my ears, why didn't
I put up a bigger fight?
What happens,
when something desirable is born
out of something undesirable?