Kai po che! (2013) Movie Script

Kiran Mohanty, 21.
National javelin champion.
St. Joseph's, Bhuvaneshwar.
Asmita Dhavre, 16.
State champion, long jump.
Bombay Scottish High School.
Rachit Verma, 100 metres.
200 metres, butterfly stroke.
National champion.
Chandigardh, D.A.V. School.
Shilpa Rao, 14.
National tennis champion.
Delhi Public School.
Atul Jhabua, 21.
National champion.
110 meters hurdle, Raipur college.
In the last 10 years we've provided,
sports consultancy to more than 400 schools.
Our mission is to find and nurture the
next sports champion, be it Sachin, Sania or Milkha.
40 state level players...
8 national level players...
And very soon our first protege to
represent India in international cricket.
Ali Hashmi.
Ramakant Shirke
Jiten Barodia
Omkar Shastri
lshaan didn't come?
He will meet us at the statium directly.
Try it... you might like it.
Don't move, fucker!
Every time you move, somebody gets out.
Oh no... no!
Not Joshi.
No Captain...
don't send the tailenders up.
He's just bad luck.
42,500 rupees, that covers the
deposit amount for 6 months.
The cheque needs to be in the name of
Someshwar Charitable Trust.
Are you kidding?
A sports shop in a temple complex?
Why not?
Families of all kind throng the temple...
but the children tend to get bored.
Once this store opens...
trust me, the business will zoom off!
lshaan has played at the district level...
the children here look up to him
He is quite excited about this business.
Excitement alone doesn't help.
You need to slog your ass off...
which 'His Highness' has never done.
He will, uncle.
No way! She went on a date?
Who told you?
What are you saying?
Is it true?
I don't want to hear you,
go outside and babble.
Didn't you hear me?
What are you staring at?
So what were you saying?
Thank you!
Dude, the headlight is broken...
Bloody hell...
Sonuvabitch! Showing off in your Lancer.
How does your horn go?
If I ever see you again in this block...
you'll hear the sound
coming out of your ass!
let him go!
what's got into you?
He's been troubling Vidya for weeks.
Now he's come to say sorry.
This is clad...
- Say sorry to him.
- Sorry...
When will you say sorry?
When will you say sorry
to your own dad?
You've been sitting idle
for two years...
and you want to teach the world
what's right and what's not?
What are you looking at?
Now just scram!
Forget it.
Come on, Om.!
Keep watching cricket
with your good-for-nothing friends.
And then come running
to me for your cable tv bills.
This is how you will run your business?
Uncle, it's that guy's fault...
Shut up!
You all keep covering up
for each other.
You boys are
good for nothing!
Where's my cheque?
No, uncle! Don't.
It is our future!
lshaan, come off it, man.
We won't get the shop.
He'll apologise, uncle.
I don't want his money!
No, uncle, please!
lshaan, where are you going?
Go home, it's time for your prayer.
Ish... watch out!
Ball please!
Who hit that?
Some new kid...
not from our block.
Your dad's going a little cuckoo...
don't take it to your heart!
I've had enough.
I feel like running away from it all.
We can keep running all our life...
At least today you should've kept your cool.
It wasn't easy convincing your dad...
I had a signed cheque in my pocket.
What about all the stuff he said?
That's nothing?
We deserve some respect.
Get serious, guys!
We can't hang around this block forever!
I can't give private tuitions until 2015!
I don't want to earn a living
selling chips and crackers.
Ish, you'd have enjoyed it.
Omi and I would run the store...
while you could coach the kids.
I had worked out every detail!
You're right...
We have to do something...
If we don't move now,
we'll be stuck here forever.
You're right.
How do we raise the lease deposit?
You have to steal the temple donation box.
He is kidding.
Omi, talk to your dad...
Just make sure we don't lose the shop.
What do you know about stock and trade?
Business is not child's play.
What if you suffer a loss?
Father, Govind has planned everything.
The day we decide on the shop,
our partnership begins.
Bittoo looks after the Trust's workings.
I don't think it is right for me
to put in a word for you.
Don't listen to your father.
Bittoo is your own uncle,
go and talk to him.
Cricket training-cum-sports shop?
Many people have been
queueing up for that shop.
I have blocked it for you...
but that's no big deal.
Sports is an important discipline.
It keeps the youth motivated.
That's good.
when do you want the keys?
Uncle, actually we haven't arranged
the lease deposit yet.
So, if you want to give it
to someone else...
Vishwas ...
Tell me, when are
you joining the party?
Why not?
What's wrong with politics?
You are the son of a priest...
Once you set your mind on something,
you will succeed.
Don't worry about the lease deposit.
I am your uncle.
It's important to set the bat
before you start to play.
This process is called 'knocking in'.
Get to know your bat well...
and watch the fours
and sixes follow.
Got it?
Govind bhai, we want two cricket bats
and a knocking hammer.
No matter how fast I bowl,
he slams it for a six.
This is how you grip the ball.
Why don't you mix it up..
bowl a slower one...
Drain the ball of its speed...
If the ball doesn't reach the bat,
there's no way he can hit it for a six.
I tried everything but...
he still hits every ball for a six!
Come on Ali...
lshaan is here to watch you play.
These marbles won't live
to see another day!
Hey... give me those marbles.
I'll play one over, that's it.
If I hit sixes, those marbles are mine.
Yeah... and how many sixes will you hit?
What a shot!
Sometimes weakness can lead to headaches...
might be a simple case of low blood pressure.
Lack of hydration and
poor diet can also act as a trigger.
We will do a couple of scans.
He should be fine,
don't worry.
But doctor, he hit ME for
three sixes one after another.
Some people are naturally gifted...
a speeding ball appears as big as
a football to them.
You can call it hyper-reflex...
hand-eye coordination...
or God's gift.
Three sixes in a row!
It's not a mean feat...
there's something about him.
Look at this...
Have you even heard
a word of what I've said?
Take a look...
read it...
An airconditioned mall...
buyers get possession next January.
There's an early bird discount too.
Another shop?
Why go for another one?
What's wrong with this?
There's nothing wrong.
Did I say anything?
Ish, listen to me...
Malls are the future.
Mark my words, in a few years
every thing will be sold in malls.
Malls are the game changer.
Ish, there's a 20% discount...
Oh really?
But they're not free, are they?
We've barely begun this business,
why take unnecessary risks?
You are so negative!
Rot here all your life.
Give it back!
Hello, uncle...
Not bad!
I like what you've done to this place.
Uncle, haven't seen you in a while.
We were campaigning all over Gujarat.
I got some Lord's blessings...
for everyone.
mind if I...
Careful, it's loaded.
Parekhji gave it... for protection.
Politics is a tricky game...
The more you help people,
the more enemies you make.
Omi, what have you been up to?
Come over to the party office...
Sorry, uncle, haven't had time to breathe.
You know... setting up a new business...
Next week the senior party members
are coming to town.
You must come...
in fact, all of you should.
Enroll yourselves at the party office.
Of course, we will.
You guys need to be more pro-active now...
the youth is the future of this country.
What the--
You take care...
See you.
Have you lost it?
I don't have time for this stupid politics.
Stupid politics?
You think we'd get this shop
if it weren't for uncle?
And what's he asking for?
Just to attend the function.
That's why I said we should buy
the shop at the mall.
At least we won't owe anyone anything!
Do this, do that...
My dear friend...
even if we buy a new shop...
we'll still need a training ground?
I think we should just go along with uncle.
I have a better idea!
At least listen to me...
hear me out.
Why don't we...
give him a tambourine, wear a skirt
and dance to his tunes!
What do you have against my uncle?
We're paying him rent, aren't we!
My uncle has really helped us.
So have we.
Chill, you guys!
Why do you always talk about your uncle?
The mall will work out and so will Parekhji...
Tomorrow is Sunday.
'Tomorrow is Sunday,
a day to drink away!'
Why? What's the big occasion?
You won the lottery?
You bloody Miser!
Don't stop us!
I will pay from my share...
That's for the shop.
Sit down!
Back off!
take my share too.
Well, the Sabarmati Sports Club
has enough in its coffers...
to sponsor your cheap beers.
Here's a grand!
The miser is on board! Yay!!
But we can't do this every month.
Let me take care of this.
Give it back.
There, he's back to his calculations.
Smell this my friend...
much better than your wads of cash.
Even to get here,
you need a piece of that wad.
no more talk of cash.
Let me enjoy the breeze.
I'm with you, bro!
I should make a note of it.
You guys are so goddamn drunk!
Who is drunk?
See I can walk in a straight line.
Walking is fine...
but can you run in a straight line?
Yes, sir!
Go for it!
This is the good life.
Tell me...
When you become a hotshot politician...
what's the first thing that you'll do?
I'll open a sports academy for you.
'lshaan Bhatt Sports Academy'
Only for those who can't make it
beyond the local league.
What do you mean?
Did you hear that?
Cut it out, man!
Everyone knows how biased
the selection process is.
He is still the best player in our district.
That's like saying Vidya is
the 'Julia Roberts' of our district.
World famous in our neighbourhood.
Listen, Govi...
her exams are coming up...
you need to help her out with her math.
But I teach kids.
You scored a century in your board exams...
Cent percent.
You'll do just fine.
Now friends, let's step on the gas...
Let's hit it!
I hate Math.
Huh, that's all?
If I had my way, I'd drop
Math from the syllabus. Just like that.
The world of numbers is magical.
You can fit the entire universe
in the digits from 0 to 9.
Once you get a hang of them,
you'll start to enjoy.
Every time I hear the word 'Math',
I feel like throwing up.
Just say the word and...
see what I mean?
My best friend.
Switch it off.
No mobile phones when I'm teaching.
Just a minute!
Switch it off.
Naseer Hashmi?
He is a member of uncle's rival political party.
Relax! You're not here to ask for his vote.
Ali has been blessed by God.
We don't know the extent of his talent yet.
Let's begin with his fitness and training and...
in a few years, he will be
playing for the state, I assure you.
But, son...
cricket coaching is meant for the rich.
No one will even acknowledge him...
Oh come on!
Rich or poor, makes no difference to talent.
Trust us, we'll take care of everything.
What's going on?
Dad, Ali stole my marbles.
Now he's had it!
Who knows what else he has stolen!
I won those marbles from him.
I don't want to hear a thing.
Get out right now!
Where are the marbles?
I don't have them.
He's lying!
Are you talking about these marbles?
I found them in this corner.
I have given up...
I can't take it anymore.
Don't worry, sir.
He is just a kid.
Look at Omi...
He was a terror round the block!
Panditji didn't know what to do with him...
Look at him now!!
Managing his own shop.
Pandit Shastri, the head priest of
Someshwar Temple, is Omi's father.
Hmm... I know him.
Bittoo Joshi...
isn't he the trustee of the temple?
He is my uncle.
He helped us with the training centre.
So my son will...
learn from Bittoo's cronies?
We are nobody's cronies, sir.
Children from all over town
come to us for training.
We treat everyone the same.
It's alright...
Our political party doesn't
believe in divide and rule.
I suggest you ask him yourself.
You still owe me 3 sixes.
See you at the nets tomorrow?
7 o'clock sharp!
He's shy.
Pull it...
Do the same there.
So, Ali...
how's it going?
Look what I got for you.
Here... this will protect you.
keep this too.
This will...
this will ensure
your family tree continues.
He just hits on the leg-side.
Seam pointing left, shiny side right.
Try bowling an out-swinger.
Go on.
Well bowled...
Nice ball.
60 degree...
angle A, B and...
May I come in, sir'?
Thank you.
What are the two sides of the pitch called?
Give me a few minutes,
this is very important.
What are the two sides of the pitch called?
Come on, Ali. It's simple.
For a right-handed batsman,
his right side is called 'off'...
and his left side is called 'on'.
Just a minute.
It's very important...
Ali, look here.
You always play in one corner of the ground.
The right side is blocked...
with apartments and...
That's why you always hit
the ball on the 'on' side.
Your 'off' side game is weak.
What if the off-side is opened?
How will you play?
It's simple.
If the ball is on the off-side...
Off drive...
If the ball is away from the cover...
Cover drive...
If the ball is pitched short...
Back-foot drive...
If the ball is outside the off-stump...
use your wrist to hit a square cut
through the gully.
And if a similar ball
is pitched a little full...
Square drive.
Govi, understood?
We need to crack his offside!
Are you done?
Take a break, guys!
The kid's got no stamina at all.
And both Coach and Prof
are breathing down on him!
Come on Romeo!
I'll tell you when you
really need stamina...
once you get married...
Where's the blackboard duster?
I'm tired! Let's take a break.
Let's solve this last one... 10 minutes more...
Please! My brain is jammed.
So... nothing.
Tell me about your other subjects?
You hate all of them?
Or is Math your special enemy?
I think I have a soft corner for Biology.
At least, it's about living things.
Things you can see... feel...
This is your skin... the epidermis...
did you feel that?
I can touch it, stroke it!
When I draw a diagram,
I know it exists in real life.
Math is like an imaginary goblin...
For example...
can you ever touch a bell curve?
How's it going, professor?
You look harrowed.
Don't give up.
You'll get there... eventually!
Okay, listen...
I'm very excited about Ali's breakthrough.
Once we fix his 'offside' problem,
think about it...
he can then play both sides of the crease.
And he won't need to hit every
ball out of the stadium.
Excuse me...
You are disturbing my class,
please take your commentary outside!
What's got into her?
Unbelievable, Vidya!
If you study with this devotion,
you will win the Nobel prize!
And I'll have to wait in queue
to get your book signed!
Never seen such devotion to the books..
Carry on, I'll see you guys.
What are you doing next Thursday?
Let's go somewhere.
I'm free between 2 and 4 pm.
I'll tell my folks that
I need to go to town to buy books.
Nothing to worry about.
Please think up an alibi
and don't be late.
I don't want any excuses,
Here comes the marble champ!
You are late!
Kit up.
Hey ... pyjama boy!
And the balls are out of the stadium...
it's a sixer!
Break it up!
First you come late for practice
and then get into a scrap.
Come on, get ready, quickly!
Ali, listen,
no shots on the leg-side today.
Otherwise 5 laps of the ground.
Pintoo, come here...
bowl an out-swinger.
Only concentrate on your off.
Don't take your eyes off the ball...
Didn't you hear what
I've been telling you?
Are you deaf?
Or are you an ass?
I need to leave early today.
There's a marble tournament
in my block today.
Why are you following me around?
Go, take guard at the crease.
You can't hit a single ball on the off...
but its important to go to
that damn marble tournament.
It's the final today.
I don't believe this,
To hell with your final!
We're working day and night
to get you trained...
what are you going to achieve
by playing marbles?
And what have you achieved?
What did you say'?
What have you achieved?
Did you see his attitude?
How does one teach them discipline?
It has to be give and take...
I can't do everything on my own.
Just because you are working with kids,
you can't behave like one.
Get a handle on things..
But you know...
he shouldn't have said that to lshaan.
I have nothing personal against him.
All I want is for him to become
a great cricketer...
while all he wants to do is play marbles.
You have to see this through,
at least for yourself!
Get it?
Don't quit again.
I want a shuttlecock.
Come here.
Don't worry!
15 rupees.
Have you noticed that
the other boys bully him?
He probably gets frustrated.
Give him some time.
What's this?
7 rupees?
Go get the rest.
I shouldn't have hit him.
It's ok!
Go on!
Here. take this.
Here, go Play-
What the hell...
Deduct it from my share.
Ish, you're an idiot!
Ali will come back...
Give me 8 rupees.
I want 8 rupees.
Hassan bhai?
Hassan bhai, this is Govind...
4 o'clock is fine.
A sports shop here?
In this cowshed?
This place stinks of poop!
Can it get any worse?!
It's right next to the toilet!
This is the only site
that suits your budget.
Loosen your purse a bit...
I'll show you a better site.
You don't need to pay to look,
you can decide later.
There is no problem
in checking it out, right?
This is perfect!
Now we're talking..
This is amazing!
Here, we'll have the reception...
bay windows on both sides...
the rest we'll leave open...
sparse furniture...
we'll use artificial grass
for the flooring...
and on that wall a mounted TV.
There we'll plonk our couch...
Three seater...
For the important matches... finals.
As if it were a stadium.
A new millennium sophisticated shop.
Somebody speak to this Scrooge!
We aren't opening a vegetable mart.
Location is everything!
We can't do one of those,
'buy one, get one cowshed free' deals.
What are you doing?
We don't have an option.
We can't afford the mortgage.
We don't even have enough
to apply for a bank loan.
Nobody's going to trust us
with such a big loan.
You told me that we should
think everything through.
That's what I'm doing.
It's not possible.
How much do we need
to show for the bank loan?
You want me to ask uncle?
Have you lost it?
A loan to get another loan?
Hello sir...
the window front shop?
Everybody wants a piece of that.
I'm with a client right now,
call me in half.
Tell him no, Hassan bhai.
Tell him it's gone.
Fantastic Govi!
That's my man!!
Wait a minute...
you have to convince your uncle.
He will.
Will your uncle agree?
Don't worry, I'll manage him.
Not those books again!
We'll go through them..in good time.
Not now please...
Finish your pizza,
it's getting late.
What's wrong?
Why are you in a hurry?
Why do you keep running from me?
I don't bite...
Why can't we be friends?
The probability is minimum...
What do you mean 'minimum'
I want reasons.
I can give you four!
One, I'm your teacher.
Two, you are my best friend's sister.
Three, you are way younger than me.
Four, and most important of all...
you are a girl.
The magic of numbers!
It never ceases to amaze!
I suggest...
you should have a back-up friend...
just in case.
Back-up friend?
Of course!
I mean, lsh, Omi and you
have been close friends...
like since you were sperm!
What if you have a fall-out with them?
Then you might need a back-up friend.
To share your feelings...
Will you... share?
Vidya, I want to expand this business,
no matter what it takes.
By next year,
we have to buy a shop in the mall.
But the shop we liked is...
beyond our reach.
It's futile trying to
explain it to lsh and Omi.
I don't know what's going to happen.
Something will work out.
Promise me the day you get the shop...
you'll show it to me first.
Would you like something sweet now?
His Highness bunked school today!
With every passing day,
he is becoming more and more stubborn.
You ran away from cricket practice?!
Now you're going to get it!
He is just a kid, uncle.
Schools can be quite a bore at his age.
But he needs to focus
on one thing at least.
What about cricket?
Is he working hard at the nets?
He doesn't need to...
he was born to play cricket.
He can slam sixes and
fours with his eyes shut.
The bowlers are terrified of him.
On the on-side, he plays like a god!
His off-side is a little weak,
but we are working on that.
You should come and
see him at the nets one day.
Can I see him for a minute?
Thank you!
You still angry with me, Marble Champ?
I'm sorry about that day.
Hassan Sheikh?
Why go through him?
There's that Kantilal Shah
on Satellite Road...
He'll be perfect.
But Omi... the location of
our shop is amazing, isn't it?
The bank has also done due diligence.
So why complicate matters...
Convince your uncle.
How does it matter to him
whether we go with Mr. Sheikh or booty-shake?
Uncle, the location is amazing...
and the bank has also done due diligence.
It's really good.
As you wish, son...
Well done, my boy!
Go ahead... count it...
it is 500,000!
It's time to celebrate!
Here, we'll have the reception...
we'll use artificial grass
for the flooring...
the rest we'll leave sparse...
and a wall mounted TV over there.
Here we'll have a three seater couch...
I'm thinking something like that...
What do you think?
Damn! The pages are stuck!
Go to the next one.
take a look...
Come on!
Sorry buddy, I'm getting
late for practice.
You go ahead and watch it.
I have to go.
Don't wander too much,
you might get lost.
First check the field setting thoroughly.
Vidya, I'm leaving for work.
It's all about timing.
Look for the gap...
and smash the ball
right through it!
Wait here.
That's the way!
Now pull...
Come on, Omi... buck up!
And cut it!
Come on, Omi... you can do it!
He's cut it.
That's how its done!
You lost to a 12 year old.
Shame on you, Omi Shastri!
Let's go for that one now.
Whose team are you on?
You can't handle the string or what?
Let's get out.
- Where are you going?
- Go out in the open.
I'll join you...
Our shop...
We've lost everything...
Get a grip, Govi.
Come on, Govi...
When will Naseer uncle
be back from Surat?
Can't get through to him,
the phone lines are all down.
This place is not
safe for the children.
How long can we go on like this?
Everything will be alright.
There's no need to worry, okay?
The senior leaders of the party
are leaving for Bhuj...
and I have to join them.
- Vishwas...
- Yes!
I want you to take charge here.
- Don't worry!
- Omi!
Omi, lend Vishwas a hand.
- Okay?
- Yes, uncle.
Let him be with you...
Sir, Juhapur has been razed to the ground.
I've seen it,
there are cracks everywhere.
Their building can collapse anytime...
please let them stay
in this camp for a few days.
We need about 15-20 tags...
where do we enroll?
Isn't he Naseer's son?
Where's his father?
I don't see him...
In his campaign speech he claimed
he's here to serve the people...
But now when they need him,
he decides to skip town?
what's he talking about?
Give me the tags,
they are in deep trouble...
we have to help them.
We're dealing with thousands
of homeless of our own...
and the food coupons are limited.
Let me talk to him...
we need to talk.
What's there to talk?
Give me the tags first...
we can talk later.
They haven't eaten in two full days...
Take them and go away.
lshaan, listen to me...
Enough is enough!
Move it!
Move it!
- lshaan...
- Tell your friend...
to take those people and go away...
Throw him out!
You bloody jerk!
Throw him out!
Push them out!
God knows where they've come from!
Go stuff your tags!
The situation is still dire
in the earthquake struck areas.
Numerous buildings have collapsed...
life has come to a stand still.
According to the latest news...
Get up!
Its time to think ahead now.
You alright, son?
Hello, sir!
You should never have taken them there.
It was so humiliating!
But sir, I only meant to help.
What good is your help?
Everybody knows that Bittoo and his lackeys
will never help my people.
All this 'community service' is a joke!
Enough of this sham!
It's better that Ali stays
amongst his own people.
We'll take care of him.
Thank you for your help.
I've been calling you all day...
you've turned the ringer off?
You still have fever?
Then why don't you get off your bum?
How long will you stay cooped up inside?
What do you want me to do?
Build a new mall?
We'll do that too.
But first go and handle your friends...
they had a nasty fight in full public view.
Call me later, okay?
You take care.
Yes, alright.
you know lshaan has a short fuse...
you shouldn't take him seriously.
Don't tell me about lshaan.
I know him a lot better than you.
Of course, you do.
Never mind...
lshaan always loses it
at the drop of a hat, let it go.
Why don't you let it go?
You should have seen
the way he insulted me in full public.
And all for that worthless kid.
what he will do when
he learns about you and Vidya.
Ish, the cash is missing.
There was a bundle of 40,000 in here.
Have you seen it?
Let's report to the police.
I took the money.
Come again?
I took the money.
The past two days have been crazy,
there was no time to think.
- I called you but you didn't answer...
- Where's the money?
Where is the money?
Ali's building needed repairs.
I used it to pay for the repairs.
All he cares for is that kid...
Now carry him on
your shoulders and dance.
Stay out of this!
Do you have any idea...
how many of our own are
still buried under the rubble.
We've been pulling out
their bodies day and night.
But none of it matters to you.
All you can think of is that boy
and his troubles.
Not ours?
We are nothing to you, right?
What are you talking about?
Yours? Ours?
Now you're talking like your uncle!
I'm not ashamed of what I did.
I'll do it again, if I have to.
Its only human to help
others in their time of need...
Are you their messiah?
I told you to stay out!
Shut up!
Talk to me.
Who are you?
Who do you think you are?
A hero?
Is this your father's money?
How could you take it,
you fucking asshole?
Did you earn it?
We are already buried
under uncle's debt.
First the builder runs off with the money...
then the mall gets razed...
we owe Omi's uncle 500,000.
500,000! Do you remember?
You couldn't choose a better time
for your social work?
Go and get the money.
I want the money!
The money has been spent...
there's nothing I can do.
Think about it, Govi...
Someone with Ali's talent,
comes once in a lifetime...
and I won't let go of this chance.
It's only money!
We can always earn more.
Look at this.
The lndia- Australia cricket series
is going to begin soon.
Once India wins the series...
business will boom overnight.
Govi, please...
I said, leave!
Please hear me out...
Get the hell out of here!
Why don't you take what's left!
Shastriji, please don't refuse again.
The minister himself wanted
to come meet you...
but he had to rush to Gandhinagar
for something urgent.
I thought...
we are family and I don't like
to disappoint you every time.
I'm a man of God.
Politics is not my cup of tea.
Serving the people is merely
another way of serving God.
Shashtriji, we've pinned our hopes on you.
Please think about it.
Don't forget to take the temple offerings.
Have a good day!
Sir wants to see you now.
Come on.
Here's 20,000
we'll pay the rest in installments.
Come back when you have the entire amount.
We don't accept pittance out here.
How's that friend of yours?
Has he cooled down?
Why don't you tell him...
not to get into trouble...
Uncle, you've always supported us.
We need a little more time...
Forget about the money.
The campaign begins next month...
you have to plunge into it this time.
Don't worry about a thing, uncle.
Omi will be by your side.
I will manage the shop on my own.
Govind, it's been a while
since I met lshaan.
It's been a while since he's met himself!
Excuse me!
I'm Mrs. Mehta and this is my grandson.
He's been crying 'cricket' all day!
I need to attend the prayer service...
do you mind if he watches the match?
Not at all.
There's a bundle for every block.
Take your respective bundles..
By Wednesday the posters
should be all over!
I don't want any excuses.
- Yes?
- You got a minute?
it's yours.
You are a senior member of the party now.
Time you gave your bike some rest.
Thank you!
Let's go for a drive.
So, looks like India is winning?!
Yeah, I mean...
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
It's no problem.
Let's go, we'll watch the rest at home.
Do you want to buy something?
That's okay.
Well... do you supply sports equipment
to schools as well?
Yes, of course we do!
I'm the principal of
Kendriya Vidyalaya school...
Urvashi Mehta.
Just a second.
Please sit.
I'm Govind.
I run this shop.
Thank you.
Apart from supplying equipment
we also provide coaching.
We also run a coaching academy.
I've been trying to include Physical Education
in the curriculum for a while now.
Why don't you come in
for a presentation?
For sure, ma'am!
Monday, 9 o'clock.
Let's go.
- Kendriya Vidyalaya school?
- Yes.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I can't make it.
On Monday, India plays their 2nd innings,
I'm staying at home.
Schedule it for another day, please...
or manage it on your own.
Due to a fantastic spell by Harbhajan...
Australia end the day at 291 for 8.
At the end of day 1...
it looks like even-stevens.
India has wrested the initiative back.
What do I do with lsh?
First, he took all that money
without saying a word...
Then he fought with Omi...
He doesn't want
to accept responsibility at all...
I don't know how your
family puts up with him...
I agree my brother is impulsive...
but his friends mean the world to him.
He doesn't sit around judging them.
He will do anything for his friends.
Don't you think so?
Don't you?
Anyway, try these dumplings.
I make them quite well.
Come on.
Brother, I want to talk to you...
Can't you spare two minutes to talk to me?
I said, later.
Go away!
You go away!
You can't boss around all the time.
This is my home too.
Hand over the remote...
Hand over the remote...
Or you will be sorry!
Raising your hand on your sister?
Why don't you go face the world...
instead of bullying your own family.
I'm grateful your mother
is not alive...
to see this.
So, India's 1st innings
has folded up for 171...
274 runs short of Australia's 445.
Australia has enforced a follow-on.
It's going to be uphill from here
to save the test match.
Aren't you done sulking yet?
Why don't you go talk to Omi?
He adores you so much,
much more than me.
Again you've given up?
What happens to you?
One little thing doesn't go your way
and you give up!
Come on, brother.
So generous with your temper but such a
miser when it comes to apologising.
Just say sorry like you mean it.
He'll come around...
he is your fan.
We all are your fans.
Sorry, Vidya.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
distribute the sweets.
I'm sorry, man.
Please listen to me...
I'm sorry.
What do you want me to do?
Touch your feet?
What are you doing?
Have you lost it?
I'm seeking forgiveness
for my sins, Oh Lord.
That's the queue for sinners.
Omi, come on...
Am I not a brother to you?
I'm sorry.
You don't care for anybody but yourself.
On this occasion the Australians have been
bettered by V V S Laxman, 275 not out.
And tremendous assistance from
Rahul Dravid, 155 not out.
And not one wicket has been added
to that last column in today's play.
It's been a magnificent day for India.
Fantastic batting by the two.
They've showed a real mature head
on those young shoulders.
The Australians could not
claim a single wicket all day.
At the end of day 4,
India stands at 589 for 4.
Yes, that's it.
At last they've decided that
they've had enough.
The news has just come in
from the dressing room.
It is confirmed.
Ganguly has decided to
declare the innings at 658.
They've set Australia
a daunting target of 384 to win.
It's a challenging declaration.
The match has come back to life.
At least a draw is assured.
Ganguly shouldn't have declared the innings.
The players were on a roll.
What if Australia manages
to get the runs?
And what if we manage
to get all 10 wickets?
No team has ever won
from a follow-on position.
What say, Govind?
It looks difficult.
In the last 100 years,
it has only happened twice.
It will end in a draw.
Screw your statistics...
Our players morale is running high...
besides... anything's possible in cricket.
The game is on, boss!
Australia have lost their 1st wicket.
And it's a big shout and he's out!
1st ball, 1st innings.
1st ball, 2nd innings.
And Adam Gilchrist goes.
Rapped on the pads and
the finger has gone up.
Come on!
It's the last wicket...
nobody moves.
He's given him out.
We've done it!
That's the end of the test match.
India has won.
India has won in dramatic style.
Everyone is on their feet.
The series has been leveled.
Wow! What a victory.
The 3rd team in 1535 test matches
to win a test after following on.
And a significant victory too.
Really missed you, man.
Hang on!
One by one!
Okay, guys!
Important announcement!
The inter club tournament is coming up!
This year Sabarmati Sports Club
is going to participate.
Jigla, you'll be the captain.
Ali and Ashwin will open the batting.
So, get set boys!
Son, this is a government aided school.
What matters most is that
the students clear their examinations.
To allocate 40,000
every month on sports training...
doesn't make sense.
Sir, these are basic figures.
We can work it out.
No, we cannot.
Do you know what you're saying?
There are more than 1000 students.
How can we charge
less than this?
Moreover, we're throwing
in the equipment for free.
Sorry, sir.
It's not practical for us
to charge less...
we'll go into losses.
lshaan, think about it.
They don't even have sports in their syllabus.
Name one thing from our syllabus
that we've actually used in life?
With better scores they can
secure admission in a good university.
Sports alone can't help
children secure their future.
It's not fair.
You cannot compare the two, ma'am.
Sports training is
not limited to the sports field.
Students learn valuable life skills.
Teamwork, focus, self discipline...
Students learn to push themselves...
they are able to set a definite goal.
Finally, they are able to fend for
themselves in the real world.
Winning the 100 metres hurdles is no less
an achievement than scoring 100 in Physics.
You were fabulous.
For a minute,
I thought we had lost the deal.
Did you see the look
on Mrs. Srivastava's face?
We should offer this training package
to all the schools in Ahmedabad.
In fact, not just Ahmedabad...
Surat, Baroda, Rajkot...
Soon, Sabarmati Sports Club branches
will sprout all over the country.
So many schools... so many children...
can you imagine the talent?
We'll get them from every nook and cranny...
See how your business takes off!
Just like you say.
Of course!
I'll become Ambani and
we'll make Omi the Chief Minister.
But for now, let's get a rickshaw.
Hello everyone and welcome to a bright
and sunny day here at the Ahmedabad cricket ground...
to witness this exciting match between...
Raipur Chakla and Sabarmati Sports Club.
Sorry, got caught up.
I just closed the shop.
He's been out since 7 in the morning.
Busy with the campaigning.
Vote for the Yagna symbol.
Vote for Bittoo Joshi...
I've told him a million times.
But he just doesn't get it.
Hit that to the offside.
Relax, lsh.
He is doing well.
Let him play his natural game.
You can't always play by the book.
You used to innovate all the time.
Are you done?
Let him enjoy.
And that's a lovely square cut
by Ali Hashmi...
and it goes to
the backward point boundary.
We are witnessing an amazing display of
stroke play all round the ground.
Vote for the Yagna symbol.
Hail Lord Krishna.
A huge six to bring up his half century!
He has broken an 18 year old record here by
smashing his 50 in 26 deliveries.
It was not the easiest wicket
to bat on, Aditya.
And it comes as a little bit of a surprise
to me that...
this boy had a strike rate of
almost 200 through his innings.
Sabarmati Sports Club have
sailed through to the next round.
And he comes charging down and this is it!
He has hit it out of the park.
Sabarmati Sports Club
has won this tournament.
Who doesn't know the loyal servant
of the people, Subodh Mehta.
I request him to come up and
say a few lines.
Brothers, let's not forget the path...
that Gandhiji has shown us.
OThe Mahatma was the true
son of this soil...
Vote for Bittoo Joshi!
People say...
Gujaratis are gutless...
They can't stand for their right!
I challenge each and everyone of them...
let's meet on the battle field!
Couldn't you pick another route?
This is a shortcut.
Calm down!
We've lost the battle
but not the war!
Now come on, get on with it!
Okay sir.
Let bygones be bygones.
We may have lost the constituency
but the entire state is with us.
Next week we begin our 'Saffron Rally'.
The party high command has decided that...
at least one member of every Hindu family
will go on a pilgrimage to Ayodhya.
About 200 party members
reside in this district.
How many?
Each of you has to enroll
at least 20 people.
Start the campaign today itself.
Go all out,
no one should be left behind.
Reserve a ticket for your mom and dad.
You are going to be a part
of something historical...
they should be there to support you.
Keep it UP-
You've hit the big time, Omi!
What's up?
Looks like my academy
will finally see the light of day!
But what good is the academy
if you keep missing important matches?
Ali scored his first century!
Everybody went wild cheering for him.
You should've been there.
Our Ali has turned into a star overnight.
So tell me...
How are things at the shop?
How do you think?
I'm tired of working with that Scrooge!
You think it's funny?
He bores the hell out of me.
I can't handle him on my own.
When are you coming back?
Tell me...
I miss you.
Sorry bro...
I've been neck deep in
organising this pilgrimage...
I have to coordinate a million things.
I have a lot to do.
Are you going as well?
Have to...
but I'll join them later...
someone has to stay back.
That's right.
Will you come along?
I'll go wherever you send me.
Keep the tickets safely.
Call me once you get there.
You take care.
I know you are not happy about going...
but without your blessings...
I can't move ahead in life.
What do you mean... 'missed them'?
What do you mean by that?
I'm four days late,
it's never happened before.
I clearly remember we used protection...
Everything's not a math equation.
Softly please.
Yes, lshaan...
The supplier is here...
he is asking for 38,000, should I pay him?
Pay only 20 percent as advance,
not a rupee more.
Driver, stop!
Keep going!
I'll figure the rest when I get there.
Where are you?
I'm stuck in traffic.
I'll see you soon.
Okay, bye!
I'm sorry, Vidya.
It's the first time for me too,
try to understand.
I am sorry too...
but what else can I do...
I can't share this with anyone else.
Sorry... I'm driving you crazy, no?
Don't worry, I'm with you.
What are you looking at?
Don't worry at all.
You're in great form!
We'll crack the selection tomorrow.
Go home and rest now.
Hello uncle...
Yes... I'm heading to
the railway station, why?
Sabarmati Express...
coach S-6...
lam sure about it, it is S-6...
Okay, I'll be there.
Back to the party office.
We've received information that
the train with Hindu devotees...
arriving from Ayodhya was halted
at Godhra station at 8 am.
And two compartments were set on fire.
In this brutal act, many children, women
and old people were burnt alive...
Uncle, I want to go there.
There's nothing left there, Omi.
Brace yourself...
Trust me...
We won't spare them.
Let's go.
Got through?
Can't get through...
Keep calling.
It's time to go to war.
Those bastards think that
us vegetarian Hindus are impotent.
They have gone too far this time.
We'll teach them a lesson that
generations will remember for ages to come.
More than 40 women
and children burnt alive...
My own sister was burnt alive...
Their bare bones have turned to ash.
Let's go home, Omi...
There's going to be trouble...
Let's go home.
Did your mother die?
Omi listen...
Let's go home.
Let him be.
Now is not the time to cower and hide...
You boys run home.
Sir, a few minutes--
I said go home.
Let's go.
Hail Lord Ram...
Hail Lord Ram...
You get off here.
I'll go get Ali.
Have you lost your mind?
Things are really tense out there.
Tomorrow is an important day for him,
his selection's coming up.
You go.
I'll call when I get home.
Go home.
Ish, don't.
No calls are going through...
can't reach the collector nor the police...
Mr. Mehta is also out of town...
he won't be back before tomorrow.
I'm here to take Ali with me.
Not today, lshaan.
It's not safe outside.
Things could get ugly out there.
You should leave.
Altaf, get the boys ready.
I will stay with Ali.
When you are done,
you and Ali come with me.
You'll be safe.
And what about them?
Where will they go?
'City tense. Stay safe. - V'
'I'm home. Got the report?'
'Not yet. That tension is even bigger.
Love. - V'
lsh! Are you back home?
No... I'm still here.
What the hell!
Leave immediately!
I don't know what to do.
There is no one home...
Ali is alone here.
can you come here?
I'm a little... scared...
I'll see you in ten!
Brother, move the kids inside.
Khurshid... wait.
Thank God you're here.
What's the situation like?
It's bloody tense.
People are up in arms.
And they are out for blood!
I'm afraid its going to get worse,
it's not safe to leave now.
Hail Lord Ram!
Hail Lord Ram...
Step outside...
you cowards!
Stop hiding behind your women!
Let's talk about this calmly...
going for each other's throat
makes no sense.
Break the door!
Set them on fire!
It's time to avenge the killing
of our mothers and sisters!
Hail Lord Ram...
At least fear God...
There are women and children here.
Got through?
Open the door!
They're killing mercilessly...
Help us...
They will kill us,
please help!
You'll be fine!
Trust me!
They'll kill us all.
Do something, please!
Here, keep my phone,
don't come out until I call.
Got through?
Can't even get through to the cops.
Give it to me.
Thank God! Govi,
I was so scared--
Ish... let me explain.
How dare you!
Listen to me for a minute, Omi...
There's no one here,
they're all gone.
Not there, Omi...
Not there.
You ok?
Good catch in the outfield and...
the crowd goes jubilant
and why wouldn't they?
Australia finishing then at 278.
2 wickets for India.
That last over definitely belonged
to India, Ajay.
You've got to say that Gaurav,
that last over did belong to India...
but somewhere along the line,
278 against Australia...
is going to be tough.
The last over was good...
but tempted to say...
Too little too late'.
You keep talking about this wicket
and you have been...
it's really playing to Australia's strengths,
isn't it, to their bowlers' strengths?
It does.
You know, it's a rare wicket that
you see in India.
Such a seaming track,
you don't see so much of grass.
This is something that is going to assist
Australian bowlers a lot more than Indian bowlers.
This is your uncle Omi.
The Australian fielders out in the field...
you can see that body language
and looking confident...
India's got the batting, we know that...
but tricky, as we keep saying,
on this pitch...
278 is probably 350 on any other
batting wicket in India.
Ajay, what must be going
through the youngster's head?
It's a good place to be, Gaurav, because
this is what you work for all your life.
The last 10 years of his life, he's spent on
that ground training, morning-evening.
Trying to play different shots.
And this is the place where he was,
you know, practicing for.
You were telling us about Ali Hashmi...
you've seen him play at the domestic circuit.
I'm quite excited to
see him play at this level...
because I've seen him play at
the state level, as you said.
He's done exceptionally well there.
This is a different stage.
But I personally believe,
he's got it in him to do it at this stage.
First ball of the Indian innings and
Ali Hashmi, the debutant is on strike.
What a fantastic shot!
That exquisite cover-drive.
Four runs... nobody moved for that one.
And Ali Hashmi is off the mark.
He certainly is, Gaurav
and what a way to get off the mark.
I mean, to start his international career
with that shot.
It's just pure class that you saw.
It just doesn't get any better.