Kaidan (2007) Movie Script

Before, when I was living in my home town
There was an acupuncturist called Soetsu
After the death of his wife
He was living with his two daughters
He saved his money little by little
Eventually, he became a money lender
On a snowy night before New Year
He came to Shinzaemon's house to collect debts
Shinzaemon owed the money lender
The total amount is 65 taels of gold
I won't pay means I won't pay!
If you don't pay me half the amount I won't go
The money is to prepare for my daughters to celebrate the New Year.....
What a coincidence, I don't have money for rice too!
But you have money for wine
Shut up!
I've never been insulted by an acupuncturist before
You've borrowed and yet don't pay, that's unreasonable
If you doh't pay today, when can you going to pay?
Be careful what you say, or else I will kill you
You are saying that you don't want to pay and want to kill me?
You're insolent!
Shinzaemon nearly chopped off his head
Soetsu, crawling on the garden ground saw something
it was a sickle lying in the snow
You want to retaliate?
What wrong have Soetsu done?
Kicking on Soetsu who is lying on the ground
He slash him again
I hate you...
Shinzi.... Shinzi,,,,,
Not far away from here
there is a river,
where a woman called Lay was murdered by his husband
From then one, those died there will never float up again
A horrible rumour
Shinzaemon didn't want his deeds to be exposed
Order Soetsu's body to be thrown into the river
God help us....
The two newly orphaned daughters looked everywhere for their father
Your father Soetsu is no longer in this world....
From then on, Shizaemon's family are having chains of misfortunes
Finally, Shimzaemon became mad
Killed his wife and then commit suicide
His house was abandaoned
See for the last time
This is the beginning of kaidan......
Director : Hideo Nakata
Uncle, I am going
Okay, be careful
Shinzi, how are you?
One more time
Try again
Okay, one more time
It's really cold
Do you want cigarettes?
Er.... the next time
I.....I think I want some now
Soetsu's daughter Toyoshiga
Shinzaemon's son Shinzi
Even though they do not know the truth
but they are drawn by fate together
These two people's life are entwine
Shinzi's , it smells good
Don't have to go to other places to buy
The taste is great. This is also good
Thank you. Please patronize me from now on
Very crowded
Please, give me some as well
You can give her the whole box
What are you saying,,,,
This is called generous. Treat you to some
Don't talk nonsense
I am going to the bath
It's raining
It's okay, it will be quieter
Walk carefully
It's the rain
Don't just stand there, come inside
Teacher, are you going out?
If the tobacco got wet then it wouldn't be good?
I cannot trouble you
You are troubling me by just standing there
You are so stubborn
It's snowing.......
I am going now
Teacher, Happy New Year
Happy New Year
Happy New Year
Happy New Year
You have to work hard in your practise this year
Has it been 3 years , right?
But Teacher
I want to improve my standard
This is a good instruments
You can just say that, even though there is not a bit of improvement
Right! Haven't seen Shinzi around lately?
We haven't seen him, so what?
There isn't one bit of improvement
If he is not sick then it's okay
The weather is not good
Can't do business
Haven't seen you around lately?
Everyone is enquiring about you
Still the same
That's good
Everytime it snows, I will meet you
Don't think it will stop today
It will stop before sunset
It won't snow again, come..
From here to my house is very near, come
The snow is piling up
Don't sit there , come closer to the fire
This will be the last time I see you
Under your recommendations, business is good
but...... this have to end
Have anyone said anything?
If I come here again, it will surely invite rumours
They would say I am coming to meet you
I fell in love with you on first sight
I've been thinking of you eversince
The more I control myself
The more I want to see you
What are you saying?
We are like mother and son
I like older man
and they have to be tall
I don't like.....
Lately, there have been more childish man......
From the beginning, I know you would not like me
You have someone you like?
Your body still need to grow
Just give me one night like this
I am very lonely
The sky has cleared
You can go back now
Sooner or later, you will disappear, right?
My father disappeared on a snowy night
Actually,the next morning
My younger sister and I went to look for him
When the snow starts to melt in the afternoon
The two of us is up to our neck with mud
How are you? How are you?
Sister, I am coming in
I am dressed in the kimono you gave me
You are here
How are you..........
Let's go
I don't understand?
What is that greenhorn Shimzi doing with Teacher?
Shimzi must be overjoyed!
It is really shocking!
I would also like the teacher to take care of me
To be drained of your energy wouldn't be so good
Want to take one with you?
What are you thinking about?
One more time, from the top
From now on, don't retort back in front of all the people
I did not
Just answer will do
How much do you want me to lose face, then you are satisfied?
Look down on people
If it's like this, you don't have to come here, then it will be fine
I didn't ask you to come here
But I want to learn from Teacher
But my mother ask me to go somewhere else.............
It's because you are good that's why she let me come here
But the situation have been changed lately....
What do you want me to do?
I have no reason to let your mother talk nonsense
You go somewhere else then
But I.....
Go to the place your Mum likes and it will be okay
Quick, get out!
You can go if you like
She came especially.....
Come the next time
I am not in a good mood today
My only interest is singing
If I go home, I will be scolded by my stepmother
Not getting along well?
Come back the next time
I... dreamt of father again
Always the same old words
It has to be Toyoshida
who will be punished by Heaven
I don't care
He is the one who abandoned us
I also hope that you won't continue with Shinzi
You know it won't last but yet you still go on
Forget him. Let's go back to our hometown
I know you will be lonely but if you break off with him...
I won't break off with him
I won't break off with him
Get out!
No matter what, it's good to have Shinzi at my side
Get out of here! If you want to go back, go alone!
I don't want to see you again
Listen to me, sister
What are the two of you doing?
Stop it!
Are you alright?
I won't come here again
Please take care of my sister
Take care
Don't quarrel anymore
You only have one sister
and you are also very suspicious of your disciples
Let them continue with their learnings
Why are you siding with Osa?
Her mother is her step-mother,
that is already difficult enough for her
and yet she still kept a smiling face,
isn't that incredible?
We are totally different
Teacher, something is not right with you
I've be troubling you for a long time.
I am going back to my uncle's house
No, it okay if there is no disciples
But I can't live without you
Don't be like this
It's no good for you
I won't let you go anywhere
No, I can't live without you
I beg you
Let's break up
It's bad.....
It's not a big deal
I am really sorry
It's me who is really sorry
to let your beautiful face be scared
What is it with me?
A bad mouth who always reprimands people
and will regret it afterwards
What is it with me....
it's because I love Shinzi
What should I do? I feel so bad..
How nice if we didn't meet!
I won't let you go anywhere
I am a boring man
without any good traits
You are not in the wrong
it's me who is not good enough for you
if a woman who always have my interests at heart,
to be by my side
is it true?
it's true
I will remember it
I will never forget it
it is a bad swell
if it continues to swell, we'll just hav to cut it up to let the fluid flows out
Don't leave me alone
I've had a bad dream
My ears....my ears are rotten and they fell off
It's just a dream
Bite me
Bite me, or else....
Something is not right in my head
It's no good for your body
When the body is healed
Everything will be alright
It can't be healed
What are you saying?
Think about it, if you are in my shoes
I know. I...
know that there is no hope
I understand perfectly well
Going out to take some fresh air
Let's go and see the fireworks by the river?
Not with my face like this!
Can't go out with you together......
You go back first. Don't tell mother
Shinzi, did you come to see the fireworks?
No, I came to buy medicine for Teacher
How is she now?
Not so good. Still lying in bed.
Let me visit her now
Better not. She'll get angry if she sees a woman
Is it....
Then.... goodbye
Please come this way
Please, take your time
I've been thinking why I wanted to
see you again
I want to leave home
I've written to my Uncle in Yusan
I am not getting along with my step-mother
I ask if I could stay there
Uncle wrote back and said that I can leave immediately
Yusan huh?
Very far
We won't be able to see each other again
Oh yes we will
I was born in Yusan
I can't remember it now
Do you know why Teacher is so cold
towards me?
It's jealousy because you are beautiful
Is that what she thought?
My.... my feelings
I think I'll send you to Yusan
If you are not around,
who's taking care of Teacher?
It's because you think that Teacher is beautiful
That is why you take care of her
Another reason being there is no other woman
besides her
Another thing is there is no woman that can
put me in so much diffiuclty as she did
Why don't you give me some of your courage
If I have such courage....
I am very weak....
No matter how my stepmother beat me
If I am to cry then I have to admit defeat.
That's why I control myself
I never want to go back to that house
Not even for one day
I am also going to Yusan
If this continues, my relationship with teacher
would not work out
Shinzi, what are you doing?
Why are you leaving when the Teacher is sick?
Hey! Shinzi!
What are you doing with that?
To sell it
I am leaving Jianhu
What about Teacher?
I need to use that money
There will be a way later on
Stop fooling around!
She treats you like a husband and loves you unconditionally
Provide for your every needs
Everybody calling you Shinzi, Shinzi and for what?
She has been waiting for you
Why did you come?
I thought you hated me and left
Teacher, please forgive him
He is still young and not able to control himself
but you said, if he listens to you....
It doesn't matter, anywhere you go
it's just that I can't die in the water
No reason to say this
as long as you take care of your health
She is not feeling well, be more careful
Wait a while
Who is it?
Is Shinzi in?
Shinzi, I've been looking for you for a long time
What is it?
She died
Don't joke with me
We are just sending Teacher off
Go back quick!
Where are you going?
Teacher, she..
Found this beside Teacher
If you get a wife later on
I will surely kill them
If you get a wife later on
I will surely kill them
I thought you have gone to Yusan
I am so sorry about Teacher
At that time, if I was to stay
I was the one who should have stayed
Are you still going to Yusan?
Let's go together. With me
You've made me cry again
I thought our fate have ended
It has not end
Bring me away
I beg you, bring me away
Are you okay?
If the rain continues
We will have to fine a place to stay
There will be, right after we cross the river
I think the rain won't stop until morning
Shall we go back to the inn?
We left in such a hurry
didn't have anything to eat
Someone is following us
No one is following us
It's coming
Don't look!
It's painful
This stupid thing!
Will I die?
What are you saying!?
If it continues to bleed like that,
won't I die?
If I die then you can be with someone else
Osa, why are you saying such things
Why do you have a face that is so handsome(vomit)
It's just natural
and you so gentle
Then, what should I do?
Can you please calm down?
You abandoned me
I was been abandoned
Let go of me
Let me go
Come here for a minute
How is he?
He is resting
is it?
He fainted on the road, due to starvation
We discovered him there
Wouldn't be a robber?
He was strangled like this
Until now, he can't swallow anything
Very strange!
Shenchuan's niece just arrived here
Anyway, shouldn't frighten her
Miss, leave such work to me
It's okay
I am sorry
Why do you want to save someone you don't know?
If anyone's in trouble, shouldn't we help each other?
Thank you for handling the account
Can you inform the Village Chief
What is the matter?
Not good. At the river, Osa...
We let you worry
Miss, convenient now?
Boss, give some tea
Sano, get some tea
Okay, coming
Thank you very much
Give me some wine
Going to set sail soon
Excuse me, can I take a ride?
Get on board quickly
Why are you in Yusan?
Your sister have died.
I am sorry
My sister was very happy
to be with you
She loves you from the bottom of her heart
I loved her too
From the bottom of my heart
Such a coincidence that Sano saw Shinzi
at the river mouth
Shinzi decided to stay in Yusan
Shinzi, rest a while
You would like this
It's very pretty
Come here awhile
You are here
Thank you for taking care of me the other day
Our young mistress is looking for you
How is it?
You are not going to stay here?
My daughter wants to.....
to be by your side
This is what I call fate
Can you fulfill our wishes?
I don't even know where I came from
I am really grateful
I can't do it...
Please accept my daughter's request
I can't accept it
Please forgive me
You've already made your decision
In Shenchuan, I have a woman who is like a wife to me
Even though she is not around anymore
but our fate can never be ended
You can't forget your lover who have died?
I tried every way to cure her but
yet she still leave us
Furi Furi
Bring some water
Come, men!
Why is it like this?
It is my retribution
for I do not know where I stand
Let me
Furi was taken care by Shinzi
but the fate between Teacher still continues
The injuries on Furi's face
is also a sign that the fate have not ended
Shinzi have decided to marry Furi
Shinzi forgot his punishments
He thinks that Furi is as beautiful as Teacher
Furi is also very happy with her marriage to Shinzi
Not too long, Furi was pregnant
This child will be the source of all troubles
Such a good baby
I thought he would be frightened and cry
He must be a very strong child
and he is very heavy
Yes, mother-in-law
You are awake?
Are you feeling not well?
You are always like that nowadays
I think it's not me, it's him!
I've never seen such a quiet child
He is a healthy baby
After drinking his milk, he will sleep soundly
He have not even cried once?
He won't even cry when he is hungry
Look at his eyelashes, so long and beautiful
When he grows up, he will look like you
If he won't cry when he is frightened,
let's see if he will cry if we beat him
If he still won't cry, then he is
definitely not normal
You said not normal....
It's too much!
You're not eating,Ikki?
Young master
You don't look too good
Want me to bring you somewhere to have fun?
Ikki, Sange, let's go
Rub your bum...
Rub.. Rub..
Sorry to let you wait..
Hey, bring the wine over
Bring all over
Young master, let's toast
Drink with me
Drink with me..
I am here
Just like that and you look so fresh
Are you from Jianhu?
Are you not satisfied with me?
No such thing!
Then I shall start to play
She is really not bad,,,,
Below Komonwa's house is Wusi
but you can't go
Your status is only a bit
Young master, wake up
Yire's son-in-law, if not home by dawn,
would not be very good
Get up now
I was watching you just now
You came back..
Have a good rest
You have brought in some unreliable people
What do you think?
Are you refering to Shinzi?
After giving birth to a son, he's always going out
He is from Jianhu
Living in a small village ,
he will always feel restricted
Young Master, going out?
Can you come with me for a while?
Please go back
Please go back....
Where are you bringing me?
What is it?
I think you must be very bored
I am very lonely here
Are you saying you miss your hometown?
I still prefer to live in a more lively place
With lighted street lamps and crowded places
Can you loan me some money?
I want to leave but I need money, right?
I've given you the money that you deserve
My husband ash is mine
That's what everyone does
If you think you want to blackmail me,
you've got the wrong person
Such a heavy downpour
Using the sickle like that, gave people such a fright
You are saying that I am a murderer?
Please use 100 taels of gold to buy this
If it's resolve this way wouldn't it be cheap?
I won't listen to any more of this!
I ask some people in the shop to look for you
What happened?
Please speak...
You have done many wrongs to your first wife
That is why, Shimo and I are like this....
You are boring me!
Don't look at me
Hey, what are you doing?
Such a child.....
Please don't be like this! No!
Please don't be like this!
Go to hell!
How can a father treat a baby like this! Get out!
It's my fault. I....
You treat a man like this as your husband
and allow him to go to any places he pleases
What is wrong with that?
Shinzi, if you let Furi suffer again
I have other ways to handle you!
Jiwaza is
What to do with this thing?
Put it on the 2nd level of that rack
Master, this letter it's from Jianhu
Ah.... Shinzi
What do you intend to do?
I haven't got any answers yet
I've said before, I don't want anything to do with you
In this situation you are still saying such things
A person murdered won't come to life
Why don't you kill me as well?
What is the difference in killing one or two?
Okay, I will wait for you tonight
Looks like it's not enough...
Give me that thing(sickle)
I told you I want 100 taels of gold
You're not giving it to me!?
I told you I want 100 taels of gold!!
The rest of it, I'll note it in the account
If my husband is to die
Won't you will be the owner of that shop?
I will keep it all in my account
You bastard! After my daughter,
you even stole the gold!
How much do you want to steal!?
No one would cry if I kill you
Go to hell!
Don't appear in front of me anymore
Not thrilling enough!
From today onwards....
I want you to support me
How long do you want me to suffer until?
Is it not enough? Still more to come?
Until which stage will you be satisfied?
When will you be satisfied!!??
Don't think of escaping
Be a good boy and hide temporarily
If anyone got suspicious,
everything we've done would be wasted
Go quickly.
I thought others have died
But it turn out to be me
Hurry up!
Wait up!
Wait up...
Don't come over here!
Qucik, go back!
Stop singing, I can't get to sleep
Since my father died,
he hasn't been able to sleep
His eyes is always open
Don't know what happened?
Don't even drink his milk
Stop singing!!
Recently there's been lots of death in the river
That is not superstitions
Fool! It's not superstitions, it's done by people
Definitely, it's done by someone
Of course it's you
Very depressing! The words of man!
How about saying some happy things?
Why can't we say it?
People of high status in Yusan are dying
But the money of Taka
won't go into your pockets
I don't want to hear anymore
Why are you looking at me that way?
What really are you looking at?
Shinzi..... Shinzi.....
I beg you, bring me away
Bring me away
Young Mistress, what happened?
Young Mistress? Young mistress
Where is Shinzi?
Hey, go to the dormitory and search!
You go over there!
Not here? No
Where did he go?
That bastard!
I've seen him around here a number of times
Are you sure?
Hey, found him!
Stand still!
Stop dreaming of getting away
Kill him! Kill him!
You will be discovered here
Shinzi.... Shinzi....
We have been waiting for you
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