Kaidan Yuki Jorou (The Snow Woman) (1968) Movie Script

Long ago,
on the border between Mino
and Hida, where there is much snow,
the legend of the Snow Woman
circulated among the people who lived there.
They say that one evening,
during a strong snowstorm,
the spirit of snow turned
into the terrible Snow Witch,
and roamed the mountains
and plains.
And if a man accidentally
spied her,
the Snow Woman immediately
took possession of him.
Common villagers believe
this legend.
Kaidan Yukijor
(Ghost Story of the Snow Fairy)
Producer: Ikuo Kubodera
Writer: Fuji Yahiro
Cinematography: Chishi Makiura
Sound Recording: Yukio Unabara
Lighting: Shunji Kurokawa
Art Direction: Akira Naito
Music: Akira Ifukube
Editing: Hiroshi Yamada - Sound Effects: Nobu Kurashima
Action Director: Eiichi Kusumoto - Assistant Director: Atsuhiko Katsuro
Production Manager: Masanori Sanada
Development: Tokyo Developing Laboratories
Shiho Fujimura
Akira Ishihama, Machiko Hasegawa
Taketoshi Nait, Fujio Suga,
Masao Shimizu
Mizuho Suzuki, Sachiko Murase,
Yoshiro Kitahara
Jutar Hojo, Sen Hara,
Tatsuo Hananuno
Tokio Oki, Jun Fujikawa,
Yukio Horikita, Shinya Sait,
Hajime Koshikawa, Kiyoshi Haruta,
Eijir Yamada, Ken'ichir Imura
Directed by:
Tokuzo Tanaka
At last, at last, I have found it!
This tree is remarkable!
It looks like a living being.
Truly! It stood here
for many years.
And now... at last, we found it
completely by accident.
Master, the weather is terrible.
What shall we do?
This night will be very nasty.
Let's stay here until the night
is over. It doesn't matter.
But there will be much
to tell about after.
It is a very happy evening,
we have found the splendid material
for which we searched so long.
And the blizzard's howl sounds to me
as if it were a song of celebration.
Yes, we will obtain the
permission of the Bailiff,
and saw this tree
as soon as possible.
At last I will begin the work.
My name will be known
in Mino mountains,
and my work will remain
with the people for a long time.
And the people will remember for
thousands of years
that the goddess
Kannon was made by my hands.
You, so young
and so beautiful...
I decided that I will not
kill you.
But in return, you mustn't tell
anyone about what you saw today!
Even your most intimate people.
Even relatives, children,
or your wife.
If you say even one word,
I will kill you.
Keep silent about this!
Yes, yes, I swear!
I won't talk! I won't tell anyone!
I'll be silent. Please, don't kill me!
What's happening?
- Did you have a nightmare?
- It's alright.
I slept badly.
Are you hiding something
from me?
What nonsense!
I have nothing to hide.
I hope so.
You see, I know you well.
But I can't understand anyway
what caused my husband's death,
and why you're sick
since then.
I just forgot to put wood on the fire,
and he froze in his sleep.
The people who brought you home
the next day said the same thing.
Well, if you know nothing more,
then I should believe their words.
Heave-ho! Heave-ho!
The tree! They brought the tree!
The tree which master found!
What? My husband?
Heave-ho! Heave-ho!
Here is the village! At last!
Hey, heave-ho! Heave-ho!
Here is the tree!
They brought it at last!
The Prior of the temple said,
today they brought that good material,
which the deceased Shigetomo
He said you're the successor
of the master.
Set about the work
on the goddess Kannon immediately.
But I... What do you say?
I completely lack the experience
for such an important work.
Never mind. The deceased Shigetomo
has always praised you.
And the Prior insists that despite
your youth, your work is noteworthy.
Thank you for such
complimentary words.
Yosaku, if you refuse this job it would
be extremely impolite. You must agree.
Yes, I will undertake this work
which the master desired so much to do,
although I'm not worthy of this honor.
I have taken advantage of your roof.
Please, excuse me.
Get out of the rain!
If you stand under such intense rain,
you will be utterly drenched.
Don't hesitate,
please, come inside.
No, I don't wish to impose
on you...
Why? People shoud help each other
in situations like this.
Let me open the door
for you.
It's an old house,
there's no need to hesitate.
Thank you very much for your care.
It's so unexpected...
It's a spring rain already,
nevertheless it is cold.
Here, please,
drink this hot beverage.
No, thank you.
I will continue on my way, soon.
But you can't go now, can you?
Where are you headed?
Guj Hachiman.
So far?
Such a young girl under
such rain!
I wish you only good things.
Please, spend the night here.
Mistress, this girl has got soaked.
Forgive me, you must change
into dry clothes immediately!
Please, here you are!
Here is clothing,
if you please.
You're so beautiful!
I look at you and envy you!
It looks like the hand of
a living person!
Is this the hand
of the goddess Kannon?
Just a sample.
It's a very complicated work,
and I'm inexperienced,
so I must repeat it ten times more.
It turns out well!
My master was an outstanding
The hand is very bad.
It's beautiful.
I would like to have
such beautiful hands.
Your hands are beautiful!
I was entrusted to carve the main
sacred statue for our local temple.
To obtain this work is a great honor,
for any master of Buddhist statues.
But I'm not sure that I have the
ability for this. So I worry very much.
Don't worry.
Surely, everything will be all right.
You're very gifted.
I undertook this work,
risking my life,
because my master
couldn't make it, but I...
Surely, you will complete it!
Thank you, I don't know why, but
it seems to me that I lack courage.
It is late already.
Good night.
No. I would like to look more.
If I will not disturb you...
Of course not.
Everything's all right now.
You saved me.
Don't worry.
Mistress, what's the matter?
I felt heaviness in my sleep,
at night.
But Miss Yuki looked after me.
So everything is okay, now.
I see. Excuse me,
I slept like a log.
Never mind. You worked very hard
and got very tired.
Miss Yuki's parents were doctors.
- She recognized all my symptoms
right away. - Really?
There is an excellent medicine for
this illness. I'll go for it later.
It is an herb. I believe
it grows somewhere hereabout.
Here's the herb. A medicine.
There's a lot of it here!
Really. And here, and here.
Miss Yuki. Are you in a hurry
to leave?
Couldn't you stay in our house,
until the mistress gets well?
Someone is waiting for you,
Me... I have no one.
Really? Neither do I.
You too?
I didn't know my parents.
My deceased master saved me
and raised me as his son.
I see...
But as for you, Miss Yuki...
do you have a fiance?
- Really?
- And have you already a bride?
Nonsense! Who would marry me?
Miss Yuki!
What impudence! I don't care if you're
just children, I'll show you no mercy!
Children, what did you do?
Are these your children?
They scattered logs!
- It hurts! Forgive me, please!
- Such impudence!
- Mistress!
- Take that! And that!
Get out of here!
Who are you?
I'm Yosaku. I once asked you
for permission to fell a tree.
I'm master Shigetomo's apprentice.
- Master of Buddhist statues?
- Yes.
Mistress! Mistress!
My horse!
I will punish you later.
Just wait!
I'm... dying.
- Mistress!
- Hold on!
Miss Yuki, your arrival here
was no accident.
I beg you, take care of Yosaku!
Yosaku will surely become master.
But someone should help him.
Miss Yuki, please,
marry Yosaku!
Yes... But...
I beg you!
It's an imposition,
but if you wish...
- Mistress!
- Mistress!
- What? The old woman died?
- Yes. You need not punish her now.
It's enough! But what about
the woman?
The woman?
I ask you,
what became of this girl?
She married Yosaku, performing
the dying request of the old woman.
Do you like me?
Yes, I do.
Since the first time I saw you.
And I do also...
Why is your body so cold?
Where did you disappear to?
Your face is turning blue!
- I don't feel very well.
- What happened? Is everything okay?
Yes... It is better already.
- Let us return home.
- Yes. Let us return home.
Are you all right?
Let me give you a hand.
Oh, it is the Bailiff!
What an unexpected visit!
What happened?
Some pressing matter?
As you know, I was invited into
the capital by the high court Official.
I have arrived this morning.
Fortunately, I met there
this man.
Who is he?
His name is Gykei, he's a master of
Buddhist statues in the capital.
He belongs to the school of Unkei.
He's a very famous master.
Let me introduce myself, Gykei.
By the way, he was the one
I wish to talk to you about.
I heard your temple needed
the main sacred statue.
Please, entrust its production
to master sculptor Gykei.
I'm very grateful
for your proposal,
but I've already entrusted it
to Yosaku, Shigetomo's apprentice.
I understand! If Shigetomo made
the statue, it would be another story,
but this is too great an honor
for an unknown youth.
Besides that, I've heard that
five years have already passed
since you entrusted him
with this work.
Five years have passed already,
but he has done nothing!
May I speak?
I have heard that it requires 4-5 years
to dry the material for the statue.
Yosaku is probably waiting
until the material is ready.
I understand!
But I say you entrusted
an unknown master
with producing the main sacred
statue for the state temple.
What will you do,
if he does not finish it?
He has not started to work yet,
so let Gykei also do it.
We will look at their works
and select the best.
Do you have any objections?
Well, it sounds very convincing.
I will agree.
I am so happy!
Because I've got a good wife.
I feel the same about you.
Also, you're a marvelous mother.
I hope...
my son also thinks so...
You're a good mother. Moreover, you are
still as beautiful as you were before.
Gykei, he is your competitor.
Yosaku, Gykei is a very famous master.
We've decided just now that he'll also produce
a main sacred statue for the temple.
But this work was entrusted
to you, wasn't it?
Show us what you are
capable of.
- This woman...
- What?
I've hunted for women in the capital
for five years,
but among them, there was none
to compare with her.
She is even more beautiful
than she was before.
The Bailiff supports Gykei.
But I won't lose to him!
I have changed in these five years.
Now, now, near the small
brook behind the house,
A snake lived before,
and a tortoise lives now.
A common tortoise,
but it steals people.
Yesterday it took four people,
and today five more.
A family of nine people in all.
And these stolen people
Tar doesn't sing!
Don't you know this song?
Then don't bother us!
His mom!
She will punish us. Let's run!
Everything is okay, your mom is here.
Are you injured?
Mom, teach me to sing
this song!
You are too young,
it is difficult for you!
- No. Teach me!
- Will you be able to memorize it?
Now, now...
near the small brook
behind the house
a snake lived before,
and a tortoise lives now.
A common tortoise.
But it steals people.
Yesterday it took four people,
and today five.
A family of nine people.
And these stolen people
Now, now.
You must win certainly,
otherwise I'll lose my honour.
You're the famous Gykei.
You produce such splendid statues,
Yosaku won't be be able to compete with
you, even if he stands on his head.
Villagers usually know
nothing of high society.
Yes, that is so. They're like
the frogs that live in the well.
Yosaku competes with you,
but there are boundaries,
and he doesn't know
his place.
It seems to me he's poor, and also has
a low position for this kind of work.
But he's very self-confident.
By the way, his wife
doesn't match him either.
Don't worry, everything
will be alright.
It's unfair!
Gykei has apprentices,
but you have to do everything yourself.
Yosaku! Is Yosaku home?
What are you doing?
We're arresting him for cutting down a tree
on the land of the Bailiff. Do not resist!
This is unbelievable! He gave me
permission to cut down the tree!
Shut up! The Bailiff says
he knew nothing about it.
What are you waiting for?
Take him away!
My husband obtained an order
from the state temple!
He must carry out this work!
You can't take him away!
We'll take him away, regardless.
Take him!
The Bailiff is a merciful person.
If you want to save your husband,
you should serve the Bailiff.
The Bailiff likes you.
You will obtain glory and wealth.
What? You don't accept?
Then, pay me the penalty for illegally
felling the tree: three gold coins.
What did you say?
I will sell you this tree
for three gold coins.
But if not, we'll take away Yuki and
she won't return while she lives.
- I will pay!
- Yuki!
You will pay?
Well, we'll give you
five days, alright? Five days!
Yes, that is fine.
If you don't pay in five days,
the Bailiff will be waiting
for you impatiently.
Five days, five days...
You! How could you make
this promise?
This is illegal! How can such
unscrupulous people live in this world!
Yes, it's illegal, but the Bailiff
has a higher position than we have.
But isn't there someone
above the Bailiff?
The Bailiff has a patron.
He occupies an important position
in Mino.
I see... Patron...
You can't personally present
an application!
You can just pass it
through the Bailiff.
But I can't. That is why I am here
in person. Please, allow me!
The master is away now.
Then, allow me to give it to his wife.
I think we'll understand each other.
Impossible. Madam is busy
because her child suddenly became ill!
Can you cure him?
Can you?
If something happens to him
before the Master returns...
I cannot live!
May I report?
There is a woman before our gates, who says
she's the daughter of doctors.
She asks permission
to see the child.
This way, please.
Will you be able to cure him?
Will my child get well?
I have a child the same age
as yours.
I relate to your misfortune as
if it were my own.
I will save him,
even at the cost of my life!
Thank you! I trust you.
She's only a woman! She's not
a specialist able to cure him!
Even we were unable. Even though
we have tested all possible means and methods.
It's very difficult
to cure this illness.
I've never seen
such a terrible fever in this age.
If we could stop his fever,
it would be save.
Now, now, near the small brook
behind the house a snake lived before,
and a tortoise lives now...
When did you return?
Where did you go?
Why do you look so pale?
If I can cure the child of the patron,
then I'll obtain a reward.
- Therefore you...
- I will cure him for sure!
Now I can't care for you, but,
be patient a little, please.
I'm fine.
But you are so pale...
Don't worry.
It's because of the work.
I have to go now.
Care for Tar, please.
I cooked dinner for you.
- Where's your wife?
- She went out.
And you let her go?
Well. You have only
three days left.
If you don't pay,
you know what will happen.
I know.
Well, that's good.
This is your goddess?
Poor work!
Looks like a doll!
You won't be able to win. You're
just the frog that lives in the well.
I repeat. Three days.
Is that clear?
He arrived! He arrived!
Is it true that our son is at death's door?
Does he still breathe? Is he alive?
- Yes.
- Thank goodness! He's alive!
- So good, so good!
- What happened?
Everything is all right.
She saved our son, when even
the doctors proved powerless.
Thank you so much
for saving our child.
Thank you! I'm so grateful
that you saved him!
Please, accept this reward
as a sign of my gratitude!
Gykei sad he will deliver the statue
to the temple tomorrow.
But what about you?
Is it not ready yet?
I have almost finished, but...
I still can't do the face.
What? The face?
I racked my brains,
but I can devise nothing.
Yosaku, what are you saying?
The Bailiff requires
that you present your work.
I know. That is why I...
- Yosaku, what happened?
- No, I can't...
- Bailiff.
- Yosaku!
You have not forgotten?
Pay the three gold coins!
But I...
You can't?
At last do you understand?
- Take him!
- Aye!
What are you doing?
- Yosaku has important work!
- That is not important.
Take the money and depart,
Forgive me. I will never leave
you again.
Don't leave me again!
Of course not.
But then, other men will come
to take away my father.
No. No one will take him away.
Your dear father...
That is it! The face!
My face?
Now I know how to make
the face of the Goddess. Here it is!
This work is remarkable.
We expected it from a master
known in all of Japan!
Don't you like it?
Look at her face attentively.
In my opinion, the face, which shines
of gold, is too bright.
Really, both bright and beautiful.
That's fine, but it's not enough.
It needs something more.
Something more?
What can that be?
- Compassionate heart.
- Compassionate heart?
Look at her face attentively.
Do you see compassion in her eyes?
It's a pity, but it's impossible
to pray to such an image.
Tell Yosaku I'm awaiting
his work.
Certainly, I will tell him.
Yuki! Yuki! Let's go
to the holiday ritual.
To the holiday ritual?
In no way I can imagine eyes
for the goddess.
My last chance is to ask
the gods for help. Let us go together.
Yes, but...
I heard, the Prior said the goddess
must have a compassionate gaze.
But I can't visualize this gaze.
I need to ask the gods for help.
I have almost finished my work.
If you will also come,
let us ask the gods together.
Yes. Let's go together.
And let's also bring Tar.
Tar! Tar!
Bubbles in the boiling water!
Where's mom?
At last, my desire will be
carried out.
Don't be afraid. You're even more
beautiful when you are afraid.
You've such white skin.
I've never seen a woman with such skin.
I have dreamed so long
of undressing you!
Do you tremble? It's very nice!
Thus, remove your kimono and show me
your beautiful skin! Well?
Do you cry? You shouldn't.
You! You!
Snow Woman!
I must kill anyone
who has seen my true appearance.
I'm guilty! I'm guilty!
Where is Mom?
Well, probably she has already
returned home.
Possibly, she's already home!
Sir! Sir!
Snow Woman!
Mom returned!
Have you finally returned?
We searched for you so long.
Mom, where have you been?
Mom, What happened?
What happened, Yuki?
Today I must finish my work
at all cost.
But I can't.
Because I see a dark shadow.
- Shadow?
- Why does this shadow follow me?
You see, I have almost
finished everything.
- The Bailiff has been killed!
- They say his servants are also dead!
This was a strange death!
Yuki. They said the Bailiff
has been killed.
What? I did not catch...
No, I heard well.
They said the servants
are also dead.
Let's go and look.
It's not necessary to look. I have
already seen everything with my eyes.
Who killed the Bailiff?
I saw you five years ago.
What are you saying
to my wife?
You are a ghost!
I recognized you that previous time.
And I have seen you again
last evening.
You killed the Bailiff
in the little house near the temple.
It wasn't a simple death.
It was done by a ghost.
You did it!
Vile ghost!
Shaman! I will not allow
such violence in my house! Get out!
It's your ghosty wife
who must leave!
- Ghost?
- Yes! I will prove it to you!
There's a scar on her arm
from the boiling water I splashed
on her five years ago. Look!
Get out! Get out! I will not spare
you despite your being a shaman!
Don't be afraid! I won't allow
even one finger to touch you!
You're my only wife.
And Tar's dear mother.
No one can break our happiness!
Yuki, it seems to me
that my soul was cleansed just now,
and I can complete the work.
But this dark shadow
remains nevertheless.
The shaman said you are a ghost.
I don't believe this.
She also said there's a five year old
scar on your arm,
but I don't believe
in such nonsense either.
But I recalled an event just now,
which occurred before our wedding.
When I look at your kind face,
I can't believe it ever
happened at all.
But I still fear to recall
that terrible evening.
Yuki, I have one very bad memory,
which I have never told
anyone about.
It was five years ago.
There was a terrible
snowstorm that night.
I saw the terrible Snow Woman
who killed my master.
It was me.
Despite everything,
you finally spoke of it.
You shouldn't have done that.
For all these years, I have prayed
for your silence so many times.
Since becoming your wife,
I learned human happiness.
And when Tar was born, we lived
happily together.
And I prayed only about that,
not to lose this happiness.
But finally you...
You talked about this!
I must kill you.
You have broken your promise!
I will kill you.
Take care of Tar now,
instead of me!
And complete your work,
and let it be excellent.
Mom! Where are you going?
Don't leave!
Compassionate gaze!
The End
Timing and spellcheck by Dan