Kaikella rakkaudella (2013) Movie Script

You decided to park here?
It worked fine earlier.
When I came back, it got stuck.
That happens
when you kick down the gas.
The water must have risen.
It's deep there.
You take photos of the bench?
What about people?
I haven't taken photos of people
for years.
we are more when we are gone.
In a way, there is more
when there is only the bench.
They take a lot of photos here.
Just the hill... and the bench.
I once caught an arctic fox
up there.
- Did it learn any manners?
- Sure, when I stuffed it.
I could've taken you there.
There's no rush.
It's a long way no matter
where you go.
A free man.
Thanks for everything.
Your old room
is always your old room.
Take your time.
Planning to stay long?
I only just got here.
Right. Let's make it nice for you.
We gave this to Esa.
He's a big man now.
We don't have much extra space.
Nothing has changed much.
My tool of mercy.
You want to make a confession?
You were gone for years.
Now, you're here making threats.
I just want to sleep
in clean sheets.
That's all.
Who the fuck are you?
I'm... Toivo Vaarala. Topi.
A Peeping Tom? Come on!
You can't sit there.
- You mean, here?
- I don't like people sitting on it.
Is that so?
Topi is not a real name.
Do you have to sit right here?
I've waited all day for the dusk.
I can sit where I want!
Peeping Tom!
Stay out of my way!
Just a few more.
- It's fucking heavy.
- Of course, it's made of iron.
What are you staring at?
Just wondering
what you were doing.
What do you think?
Waiting for a ride?
The ride was supposed
to wait for me, but it left.
I'll tell you when to turn.
Have a nice day.
If you have something to say...
I'm... really sorry.
How can I make it up?
No time for details.
I have work to do.
The roof is leaking.
I'm broke. I should be in Norway.
- The ladder fell off.
- No...
My head is missing.
Otherwise, I'm just fine.
You find a hammer
and nails there.
My winch has been in the corner
since the spring.
I was there for her, like you now.
An old boat winch, but it works.
Am I right?
The roof needs a new felt.
I've tried to explain.
We're like a family, Ansa and I.
If you need anything, just come.
Money is not a problem.
You should've seen that customer.
Don't you want to know
how she's doing and your kid?
Suvi will soon call
that oddball her father.
You were gone for four years,
and you came to fix that?
Why are you here?
You can silence a dog,
but not a human.
You cannot kill a human.
Depends on the circumstances.
If that's your attitude,
they should've kept you.
You're not alone
with that opinion.
Just leave my son alone!
To the left. Look at that!
Was it an accident?
It didn't seem like one.
Seven stabs.
Did you have good pussy pictures
in your prison cell?
What does a good one look like?
Big, I guess. Or smaller.
Depends on the face.
The face? How?
It doesn't matter.
- Mum, he's scared.
- Don't be a bitch, Suvi.
A man afraid of heights?
My mum isn't.
If she was,
she'd now have one arm more.
Mum already tried to fix the
sauna stove. The wall caught fire.
We put it out.
- You'll burn the house someday.
- Not your house.
Good. I don't like my head
sticking to a freezing pillow.
Fuck off. I go to Hoikka
when mum travels to Norway.
Do you play poker?
- With your face, you should!
- Is that so?
You look boring and trustworthy.
You could cheat.
Thank you.
If you want something,
you have to play stud.
Will you just stop! Get in!
- I've been there with you.
- I told you not to go with him!
- Is it the boy's fault?
- Shut your mouth! We go now!
Get rid of him!
We go now!
Did my brother leave?
Is Esa in bed? - He said
his prayers and fell asleep.
You can't forgive me. - You
create your own heaven and hell.
- It is that simple.
- It was an innocent man.
So was I. I went to work, came
back, and then, we had dinner.
We laughed. Somebody found out
that Ansa was seeing someone.
Who put that madness inside me?
I was the happiest man on earth
for five years.
You still love her.
Why don't you go to her?
Every single answer
is under her skirt.
- Hairdryer?
- Yes.
- Tongs?
- Yes.
- Rubber boots?
- Yes.
- Pills?
- Yes.
- Toivo! nska!
- Who?
The worst leaks have been fixed.
And the chimney.
What you did was fair. Thank you.
I have the same direction.
Do you need a ride?
She's got a bus ticket.
She used my last money.
Could you give us a ride
to the guesthouse? - Why not.
You go ahead.
Take the luggage.
I want to check the
house by myself.
- I love you.
- I know.
- Will you be okay?
- Stop!
I have to go. They're waiting.
- Thanks for everything.
- I just wanted to be fair.
I could drive you
to the fish factory.
I could take photos
of the landscape.
- A man in service...
- It would be a service to me.
I know nothing about Norway.
I need education.
No doubt.
You can't be serious.
You take me to the door, then!
- Just say! I know you want to.
- There's nothing to say.
Don't harm the environment.
It's thoughtless.
Come back here!
It's not a big deal.
Make up your mind!
That shilly-shallying is annoying.
- What?
- Do I get it or not?
- Do I?
- Yes.
I can't hear you!
You don't leave those things here.
Now you're talking.
I got you a job. Sawing.
- You can live there.
- Right.
You wanted that? Step by step.
Why are you so merciless
to yourself?
Prison makes you hard.
We'll take care of Ansa.
We've always been there for her.
- You sit until we've finished.
- Martti!
If only he tried to behave himself.
Come out, I saw you!
Let's fix the moped.
It needs a new carburettor.
You have to lock this.
He'll get mad.
Lock it!
Why is he doing this?
Have you done something?
Maybe something,
like jerked off.
I don't have to spend four years
here. I'm used to this.
You won't leave
while I'm here, will you?
You're not allowed to do that.
- How long has it been there?
- Too long. I want to get rid of it.
Tear it open!
Tell me if it hurts.
Tear it!
A hand like this
cleaning a fish factory...?
You don't use your hands.
You use your guts.
It's not healed.
You need a sling -
and a wrist support.
You're a wonderful man,
but you guide too much.
Kiss me, instead!
You can start here.
Good night.
I said good night!
Good night, sleep tight.
I almost forgot.
No need to ask for
advance payments.
- God bless you.
- Sure.
Topi, a photographer.
Shy but handsome.
I used to work
with Birgit and Maj-Lie.
Birgit is Suvi's godmother.
This is Wanda.
Would you like to fuck me?
Did I hear right?
Stay here and find out.
There's a dance tonight.
You can stay and wait.
Wait? - Somebody might get sick.
We may need an extra hand.
That's not why I'm here.
I came to earn. How much
can you earn by waiting?
I promised to come,
but you hired someone else.
Nobody waits week after week!
My hand was broken.
My roof was leaking.
You should've called.
I already hired someone else.
- Tea?
- Fuck it.
Let's get back.
Nothing between me and the sea.
Why? - What?
That sea and I, -
nothing in between.
- Just all the silence of the world.
- Are you cold?
Why am I unemployed?
Everything else makes sense.
- Let's go back home.
- With no money?
- It doesn't matter.
- It does if you don't have any!
Don't pretend!
You don't know what it's like.
You're just having an adventure.
- We'll figure out something.
- What?
- We always do.
- What a good idea.
Back and forth for twenty years.
I've washed, cleaned,
brushed, shovelled...
Since I was fifteen.
And I don't have a single penny!
- Stop!
- Don't tell me to stop! I'm broke!
I love you.
Let's try.
You came.
I guess I did.
- Caught any big fish?
- Not really.
What about pussy?
Let's make that engine yell.
A dual carb. It will fly.
What happened to your face?
Just snot.
It doesn't matter.
It's quiet.
Two customers there
and one here.
Yesterday, it was two here
and one there. And a hare.
- I love you.
- I needed that.
Are you coming home tonight?
No, I have to defrost the freezers.
They have all frozen over.
Close the door.
Your hair has grown.
You've lost weight.
You came all the way up here
to tell me how I look?
- Nothing else to say?
- Such as?
We promised to stick together.
- Why are you here?
- I love this place.
There's a new bike rack
and a ramp at the shop.
I thought it might be nice to walk
along the road. - I won't stop you.
And see the mountain.
Like in the old days -
when we woke up together
by the tree.
Stop! - That's how it was.
I guess I wasn't the only one.
I don't have to explain anything.
Who was behind the rumours
back then? - Stay out of my life!
- Someone put that madness in me.
- Someone between your ears.
Don't make other people
eat your shit.
I've killed a man for you.
I can do it again.
- Are you threatening me?
- The truth can seem threatening.
Get the fuck out of here!
Never come back!
Suvi, open the door!
Come in.
I know this face.
- One more to the poker circle.
- Let me help you.
Suvi, we eat at the table.
Dad said I could eat here.
- To the bedroom?
- Yes.
Dad's last card.
Did you
have a raise limit in that prison?
My turn.
I call two.
He always bluffs.
Did you know
he killed an innocent man?
- I've heard something.
- A bystander. Handsome.
Handsome men are never
bystanders. Shall we?
A flush beats two pairs.
And the loser deals the cards.
Go to bed.
We continue tomorrow.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Read any bedtime stories?
Alice in Wonderland?
I've lost the track of time.
I told Suvi not to tell
her mother about me. Not yet.
I'm fine with that.
Why are you here?
Well, I'm her father.
Good night.
I covered the wool and the saw.
It will snow.
You've torn
the bathing space open.
Are you planning a bath for two?
The usual, for one.
To be honest, it's no use.
You will get yourself hurt.
You want to tell me something?
If something's bothering you,
you can tell me.
You miss Ismo.
Don't bother.
What a paranoid man.
Shall we go?
Good night.
- I said good night!
- Good night, sleep tight.
Would you like me to
pray for you?
Dear Lord, I agree.
The world cannot be trusted.
A brief moment,
and the world abandons the child.
Only the gift of solitude
can save us from that burden.
I leave my son in your hands.
Make him strong
in his loneliness.
Strong to overcome the
temptations of the world. Amen.
That was it, in brief.
What do you think?
I will always be on your side.
Believe me, son!
You love someone who doesn't
love you. I know how it feels.
Give me the envelope.
I want to send these by tomorrow.
You make money with these?
A lot. They're handmade.
You always shoot the same?
Again and again? - Of course not.
Last summer, I photographed
all the Finnish ferries, except one.
People see more
when there's only the bench.
Like how?
You decide.
The bench calls you
to join the landscape.
Postcards have to communicate.
When you don't know
what to write, -
you can pick one of these.
Yes, that one.
In this melancholy, I watch
the moon and think my life.
I'm not talented.
I have an answer,
but nobody asks.
You seem busy
with the renovation.
- You'll get your money.
- Naturally.
The renovation just worries me.
Somebody has to fix the house.
- Is he professional?
- Was that a question?
A bad job would cost you later.
Water damage and such.
Buy something or get out!
You'll get your money.
- Good. When?
- You'll get your money!
I did well.
"How to be nice?"
"You can be nice
in many different ways."
"You can buy a pearl necklace
or offer a ride."
"If you lack money, the best
option is to send a postcard."
"A bench in the postcard means -
you want to sit down
with the person."
"Nice, isn't it?"
Not long, but it made a point.
I almost forgot.
To pay the debt.
What is this? - Dad owed me.
That piece of paper is a pledge.
- What did you say?
- The money is for you.
Where did you get these?
We played poker
with nska and dad.
- Are you coming home tonight?
- Quiet!
Come to see
how things look here now!
The handle stays in its place.
Take off your coat.
Should we collect the junk
and take it away? - Suits me.
The old sink and the
mixers in the same load?
Everything, including the wood
sheets. Chop them a little!
Throw him out!
Tell him to go to hell!
This is his home.
I'm just an outsider.
Get rid of him!
He has no right to intrude!
Did she tell you to throw me out?
- No, of course not.
- Is that so?
She's not staying.
I tried to persuade, though.
You should give her a ride
when you drive the junk away.
Your truck and your woman.
If you trust me, why not?
We baked something for you.
It's time to talk.
Ansa! - Leave me alone!
Don't touch me!
Let me go!
I have nothing to say!
I wouldn't be so sure.
We promised to be together.
I know it won't be that way, but
I need to know where we stand.
Don't touch him!
You didn't answer my question.
He's nice.
He doesn't deserve anything bad.
You didn't answer my question.
Look at me
and tell me you don't love me!
It's a shame this never worked.
How's my man?
My toes are freezing. It's warmer
up here than in the hangar.
I tried to fix it.
I didn't know how to place it.
What? - The dual carb.
I got petrol in my shoes.
A cigarette would've blown me
up. Thank God, I wasn't smoking.
Thank God.
Now that you're here,
we can fix it together.
Are you eating with us?
Or do I pack something for you?
You religious people
even kick people out politely.
- God bless you, Ismo.
- Sure.
I can pay you for everything.
I'm going to Norway.
Put that money back!
What does your mum say?
Nothing. I'm leaving with you.
That's not where I'm going.
I've saved money. If you leave,
I will never get out of here!
I can't take you with me!
I'll kill myself.
That won't help.
Go to school and get some weight.
We'll see then.
You always leave people
in misery. - What do you mean?
You're stupid,
but not that stupid!
- What do you mean?
- I'll tell you if I can come along.
What's your point?
Say it, goddammit!
Dad loves Ansa, but she doesn't
want him. Mum's always known.
She owes dad a lot.
She could rob a bank
and still not be able to pay back.
Open it!
You can't go in.
There's a customer.
Then, get her out of there!
You know what happens
if I call the police.
Get the sauna stools
and the mouldy gratings.
- You're frozen.
- Your mother is.
- Has anyone looked for me?
- No.
Get me food.
- Put the gun away.
- Food!
You can sleep on the tackle.
We go to buy new furniture
tomorrow. Do you need a ride?
No. Don't tell anyone about me!
Is that all? - Yes.
What do I say to your father?
Take the moped! The tank is
half-full, but wheel it home!
Where's my son? - You're
hanging her on your hook.
I want my son.
Why are you doing this to her?
You left her with a kid!
She couldn't even
put on her pants!
- Hypocrite!
- Yes, I gave her money.
A lot of money!
I put my own business aside.
I gave her every single penny!
17500 euros!
Do I have to spell that?
Seventeen thousand five hundred!
- Why?
- Because she asked.
Only because she asked!
- You've always loved her.
- Exactly.
But she didn't love you.
So, you just wiped me away?
You still want to talk about it?
With all due love.
Get out of here!
What will I tell him?
Tell him I got a job -
and had to leave.
- Why do I have to lie?
- Don't say anything then!
If you love him,
why do you leave him like this?
That's why! Let's go!
Go, go. Put your coat on.
You live and eat here.
It will only be a few months.
Bring your school report! - Shit!
I know.
She left. She got a job.
Where? When?
A moment ago.
She's going to Norway.
Where's my son? And his father?
Should we take her something?
Did she mention anything?
No, wait!
She asked for her hairdryer.
- Are you a photographer?
- Excuse me?
A wife loses a husband, -
a child loses a father,
a mother loses a child.
A brother kills a brother.
Why is this happening to me?
I'm in a hurry. I should go.
Could you take
a picture of my grief?
I've never had
anything of my own.
Could I at least have
a picture of that?
I should probably sit
in the middle.
Is the school year over?
You got a good school report?
Not quite.
The river gave up
its ice early in May.
And not just ice.
Any news about the boy?
Is Ansa here?
No. She will be in the evening.
Is Ansa working here tonight?
There's no rush. I'll drop by.
Where does she live?
I don't know.
Outside the town.
Ask the manager.
- Is he there?
- No.
- His office, is it there?
- Yes. Wait!
You're not allowed to park here.
This isn't a parking place.
Sure. I got it.
Where's mum?
- This is the last time. Understand?
- The last time in Norway.
When did you arrive? - We left
when we got the postcard.
- You remembered.
- Suvi did.
Shall we have some coffee?
Should we have some coffee
outside in the sunshine?
- I have to go.
- Don't go anywhere!
You could've told me.
I came all the way up here.
Everything ok?
Should I drop Suvi here
or at the factory?
- Let's go inside.
- At the factory if that's okay.
- She's keeping your mind busy?
- Where's Suvi?
She was just here.
We went to eat.
You can't keep her on a tether.
She'll bite her leg off.
I'm here for you.
What are you planning to do?
What are you doing? Running
all over the tundra drooling?
Where have you been? - There's
a game room. Is mum coming?
Come out of there!
You can't be that tasteless.
Yes, he can.
Promise me you won't disappear!
Where would I go? It's a long way
no matter where you go.
Meet me there
when school starts.
I'll be there.
- Promise?
- Who knows, he might be nice.
Play poker with him
and clean him out.
Can I pay here?
I just get my things,
and I'm done.
Welcome. Hands up.
We know that you know.
You share a motel room.
You arrived in the same car.
You two crossed the border.
You should start talking.
Are these yours?
The camera,
the photos, the bag...
Do you know him?
Where is he?
Do you understand anything?
- Do I have time?
- Five minutes. A full coupon?
Sure, why not.
- Don't look at me like that!
- Like how?
Like I wasn't even here.
- Have you seen him?
- Who?
- Ismo.
- Who do you love?
Sit down, goddammit!
Right there!
- Don't feel sorry for yourself.
- Who do you love?
Should we have
some coffee now?
He's free, but he must leave
immediately. - Not a problem.
- I'd like to pay now.
- It's been paid.
All of it? Thanks.
Welcome back.
It's brightening up.
The wind is calming down.
Remember to cut the throat
and let the blood out!
Or they will hit you with a fish.
You won't start drinking,
will you?
Pull over here! I have to pee.
- Ever had any booze?
- Once, with a friend.
We added sugar to mead
and let it ferment.
We had it all at once.
I guess he started seeing -
pink elephants.
Maybe they were Swedes.
- What about you?
- I spent two days in the toilet.
Would you like one more?
And one for your friend?
Do we just leave it here?
Towards the fire!
Hide the money!
Aren't you coming?
We can't afford two tickets.
We were supposed to leave
together. - We cannot afford!
You've been bugging me
for months.
Go on board! - I don't want to.
Why do you leave me again?
There's no choice!
They're after you!
Or would you like
a shower with a mafioso?
I go now!
You should think
before playing with guns!
I don't know what to do!
- I'm not staying.
- I know.
- How can you know?
- Because you love me.
Or something.
There's nothing I can do?
- You go where you want.
- Right.
We just have to deal with that.
No matter how you put your hair,
it's still your hair.
Just checking.
Get out of here!
A free man. Should we go?
- Beautiful.
- Almost overwhelming.
You can't spend your summer
inside four walls.
Not at our age.
Wake me up at the border!
I'm being expected.
- How long did I sleep?
- Long.
The boys are
ahead of their schedule.
I walk from here.
- You forgot your cap.
- It's not mine.
Tell them the boy's okay.
He's catching some fish.
What happens now?
The prison choir
is missing its baritone.
Walk towards us!
Keep your hands
where we can see them! Stop!
Hands behind your neck!
Turn! On your knees!
- nska, what's up?
- How was it?
Boring. I just played solitaire.
School starts. Thank God!
You dirty animal, I got you!
- Do you miss her?
- Yes.
She's still working in Norway?
What is she doing?
She always watched the sea.
Then, she left.
To Svalbard.
They need cleaners there.
It's hot.
- Do you know the address?
- Whose?
- Your mother's.
- Of course.
Should we send her a postcard?
"My dear friend,
this is my first letter."
"You're so beautiful
I couldn't forget you." - Shut up!
- Who deals the cards?
- The one who sets the table.