Kailangan Kita (2002) Movie Script

No matter where you are
You can listen to music
Different kinds of genres
Old and new melodies
But there's only one kind
I like
The only one
That catches my attention
It's simple and easy to sing
That is the old music
- There's a song for dancing
There's a song
Full of shouting
There's a song
For your loved ones
And a song
for the broken hearts
But the easiest song to sing
When you're jamming
It's simple
And we already know it
That is the old music
- "Pamulinawen"
- It's easy to sing
- Whoa
- Old music
"Atin Cu Pung Singsing"
(GIRL SINGING) Chuva-choo-choo
Old music
Practice some more.
"Leron-leron sinta"
- It's easy to sing
- Whoa
What's that you're bringing?
- It looks good!
- You bet!
And for the weather...
tropical storm Aning is expected
to hit the Bicol province
by tonight.
Crissy? Honey!
Yes, I'm in Manila!
You bet it was a long flight!
So where do I meet you?
What do mean
you didn't make your flight?
- Come on, get moving!
- Yes, sir.
It's hard to forget
The old music
There's a song
Crissy, you know for a fact
that you're supposed to be here
with me.
Why take on another assignment?
Are you prioritizing your work
more than our wedding?
Mm... Yeah, yeah.
You're gonna make it up to me.
That's what you always say.
As if I had a choice
in this matter.
So when are you flying out
of Milan?
Darling, don't you want
to come along?
Old music
Better hurry or you'll be late.
Hey, Evaristo.
- Mind your driving, okay?
- Yes, Dad.
Grandpa, look what I've got!
It's a little chick!
Wow! If you care for it
well enough,
it will grow into an eagle!
- Don't be silly, Grandpa!
- It's good to hear
- Whoa
That is the old music
"Balut, Penoy"
- It's good to hear
- Whoa
It's delicious to eat
My fellowmen
- It's good to hear
- Whoa
- Where do I put this, sir?
- Put it over there.
Pen pen de sarapen
De kutsilyo de almasen
- Hey, there he is! Carl!
- Carl! Carl!
- GISELLE: Carl!
- Carl!
- Brother-in-law!
CONSUELO: Hurry up!
Hi, Carl. I'm so happy
to finally meet you.
How was your trip?
It was okay,
except for a few hassles.
I know. Criselda called.
Please be a bit more patient
with her.
Must be your unlucky day, Carl.
There's a storm coming too.
- A storm? But it's so sunny.
- That's how it is here in Bicol.
Our weather's
very unpredictable.
But rain or shine,
this is a happy occasion.
Don't worry,
we'll take care of you.
In fact, there's a welcome party
waiting for you at home.
We have lots of visitors
to welcome you
and Criselda but...
Just the same,
we're gonna have fun.
Mom's right.
I've rehearsed songs
just for you.
She's a great singer too!
Well, we'd better get going.
It's a long trip back, you know.
Come on, Carl.
You might get wet.
This storm has such bad timing.
Hey! Mario, hurry!
Don't let Carl's things
soak in the rain!
- Hello. I'm Ruben.
- Father!
- Please, just call me Ruben.
- Giselle!
- Don't let yourself get wet.
- I've heard a lot about you.
Come in, come in!
- Come in.
- Let's go, Carl.
Sorry, our house is quite old.
Watch your step.
The floor's newly waxed.
We don't own an air conditioner
but we have an electric fan.
(KID SHOUTING) He's here!
- Hey, where are all the guests?
- I sent everyone home.
- Including the workers.
- Huh? But why?
Where's your common sense,
Can't you see? There's a storm!
A very bad omen, if you ask me.
Uh... Um...
Carl, meet your father-in-law,
Papay, this is Carl.
How are you, Rogelio?
CONSUELO: Ah, never mind.
Let's have dinner then.
I'm sure we're all starving!
Give me a minute. Lena?
SONNY: Carl!
- Hey.
- Meet my son, Buboy.
- Say hello.
- Hi!
- Hello! Hi!
- Hi, Buboy!
Forget about his mom.
I got rid of her already.
- Don't mind our father.
He's like that with all
of my sister's boyfriends.
No man is ever good enough
for his favorite child.
So, be warned!
Don't frighten him.
He might run back to New York.
Don't worry, Crissy warned me.
Isn't Crissy lovely?
She's the pride and joy
of this family.
Come on, supper is ready.
Sorry about the leaking roof.
Pardon the humble feast.
This is all we could afford.
Wow! This is enough to feed
a whole town!
- Oh, please.
- With Mom, it's never enough!
- Come on, take a seat.
- Wow, shrimps!
- Stay beside Rogelio.
- BUBOY: Wow!
Over there. That's it.
Shall we pray?
Lord, bless this food
that we're about to receive
from Thy bounty
through Christ, our Lord.
ALL: Amen.
CONSUELO: Oh, feel at home, okay?
Eat to your heart's content,
Hope you'll like the food.
Everything looks tasty!
CONSUELO: These are all
Criselda's favorites.
SONNY: Wow, shredded stingray!
BUBOY: Yummy!
CONSUELO: Try this.
Gabi leaves in coconut milk.
You won't find this in New York!
No, thank you. I never eat
anything with chili pepper.
Especially when it's cooked
in coconut milk.
The electricity's out again!
Get a lamp!
CARL: Welcome to the Philippines!
GISELLE: It's because of the storm.
Hand me that dish.
If no one wants it, I'll eat it.
I'm in heaven
A tiny wink from you
Makes me forget
Leonardo DiCaprio
Heaven, this must be heaven
Hold my hand, kiss my cheek
Or better yet, kiss my lips
Baby, I'm in love with you
You make my heart throb
I wish I were your girl
I'm in love with you
Forever I will love you
- Yay! Isn't she just wonderful?
Come on, sing us another song.
Excuse me, guys.
If you don't mind,
I'm really tired.
I'd like to rest now.
You were wonderful.
- Great!
- GISELLE: Thank you, Carl.
Good night!
Pesky mosquitoes,
storms, brownouts,
that's the Philippines for you!
I wish I were some place else!
You're too cosmopolitan!
It will do you good to touch
your base from time to time.
Now look who's talking.
Easy for you to say
because you're not here.
Let's just get married
in New York.
Hon, we've been through
this a thousand times already.
I don't want to break
my father's heart.
He's not exactly lovable,
you know.
He'll warm up to you
soon enough.
When exactly are you
coming over?
Hon, just enjoy your stay.
I'll be with you soon.
You'll see,
after the storm passes,
things will get better.
You haven't answered
my question.
When are you flying?
Yeah, okay, 7:00,
Hotel Ambassadeur.
- What?
- I'll be there.
- Crissy? Crissy?
- Sweetie, I love you.
- Who were you talking to?
- I need to go.
My agent, hon. I have to go.
- Uh, wait, wait, wait!
- I'll see you soon, okay? Bye!
- I want only the best, Piding.
All the big shots are invited.
So, everything
has to be perfect.
This will be the grandest
wedding ever!
- There is no room for mistakes!
- (PIDING ) Yes, ma'am.
- Good morning!
- Good morning!
My, you've certainly overslept!
That's good, that's good.
By the way, this is Piding.
He will build a gazebo
for the wedding.
Hi. Gazebo?
We're not having the reception
in a hotel?
No. We should have it outdoors.
Closer to nature.
It will be more cinematic!
- Hey, bro!
- Hey!
Yeah, but what if it rains?
Isn't the weather here
Believe me, it won't rain.
I've been praying to St. Claire.
And she has never
let me down, ever!
That's true!
If it rains, then what the heck!
The closer you are
to the clouds,
the closer you are to God!
- Right, Piding?
- Amen to that!
- I'll see you later.
- Okay, okay.
Darling, Carl's up already!
Good morning.
Stop goofing around!
There's so much work to be done!
Carl, Criselda told me
about your mother.
She died eight years ago.
What about the rest
of your family?
Your father?
Are they all coming?
A few days before the wedding.
It's not that easy to take
a leave from your job
in the States, you know.
Hand that to me, please.
LENA: No chili pepper.
No coconut milk.
Come on, son, eat up.
Excuse me.
May I have a knife, please?
Come on, hand him a knife.
GISELLE: Carl, our big sister said
you're a great cook.
- A famous chef! Is that true?
- Really?
Actually, yes.
As a matter of fact,
I've gotten... Thank you.
I've gotten compliments
from a lot of Hollywood greats
like Robert Duvall,
Al Pacino, Ed Harris
and Kevin Spacey.
So, what cuisine
do you specialize in?
Where I work, French,
with a strong
Mediterranean influence.
When you say Mediterranean,
it consists mostly of seafood...
Oh, seafood!
Our town is famous for seafood!
We could cook a whale shark
for the wedding feast!
But isn't the whale shark
on the protected list?
Of course!
I was just joking, bro! (LAUGHS)
Everything is a joke to you!
That's why your life is a mess!
What an idiot!
Hopeless bum.
Let's talk about
the wedding feast, the menu!
Ah, don't worry,
the menu is all planned out.
I'm a chef and it's my wedding,
after all.
So, what do you plan to serve?
An all-Filipino cuisine.
Paella sevillana,
pastel de lengua, morcon,
steamed lapu-lapu
con salsa Blanca
prawns cooked in wine,
roasted calf.
And for dessert,
my very own version
of mango mousse.
Papay, what do you think?
Lena, what do you think?
I thought
it would be all-Filipino?
How long has she been your maid?
- Who?
- She!
SONNY: What are you talking
about? She's our sister!
Didn't Crissy tell you
that Lena is her younger sister?
- He thought Lena's our maid?
- Sorry!
- CONSUELO: It's okay, Carl.
- CONSUELO: It's okay.
- Oh, sorry.
RUBEN: I haven't
introduced her to you.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
RUBEN: Why didn't you introduce her?
SONNY: Lena!
He thought you're a maid!
- CONSUELO: Stop it, you two.
- (GAGS)
- CONSUELO: Carl, what's wrong?
Oh, no! Maybe he ate
too much chili pepper!
- ROGELIO: Stop it already!
Ice, ice, ice!
What did you make me eat?
No one made you.
You ate it by yourself.
Shrimp, cooked in coconut milk
and chili pepper.
Tons of chili pepper.
Drink this.
Milk. Milk would neutralize
the acidity that's in...
Son, are you okay?
- Are you okay?
- I'm all right.
- Sure?
- Yeah.
Please be patient with Rogelio.
Oh, I know! Cook for him.
It's his weakness,
delicious foods.
- Lena, you help him.
- No need. I can handle it.
Surely you'll need Lena's help
for the wedding feast.
- We're expecting 200 guests.
- Two hundred?
Crissy said 60.
No, son, 200.
But just to be sure,
let's prepare a feast
for 250, okay?
Sure, 250. No problem.
- What's the military doing here?
- Checkpoint for rebels.
Nothing has changed around here.
See, still no signal.
Are you still in school?
- I'm a graduate.
- A graduate of what?
- Economics.
- (SCOFFS) Really?
- My goodness!
I mean...
Economics is a tough course.
Besides, it takes
a certain kind of woman
to make it in a world
dominated by the male species.
You must be a brave girl.
When did you graduate?
- Bless you.
- No problem, sir.
Is this Mayon?
Not bad.
Well, it's still nothing
compared to the Grand Canyon.
- Can you supply us in bulk?
- (IN BICOLANO) How many?
- What did he say?
- How much do you need exactly?
About a hundred?
- Oh, my!
- CARL: Why?
Why not replace
the ox tongue dish with another?
Like what?
Like beef stew in coconut milk.
No. The menu is fine.
I've thought about it a lot.
How about in the next town?
In Legaspi?
Can we find a supplier there?
- What's with him? Is he dumb?
Henry's awfully shy.
He only talks when he is drunk.
But mind you, he's the best cook
in the whole of Irosin.
Irosin? He's from Irosin?
You know anyone from there?
Oh, crap!
Thank you. (SIGHS)
Life is like cooking
It's a merry mix
Of ingredients
Oh, life is about...
The right ingredients
It won't be too sweet or salty
If you get the right measure
Life's a wonderful fusion
Of flavors
Some are simple
Some full of colors
There are many flavors
That mix
It's all up to you
Getting the right mix
Flavor of life
Life's a wonderful fusion
Of flavors
Some are simple
Some full of colors
There are many flavors
That mix
You must savor each taste
Cooking is already a part
Of our lives
If each mix
Is from the heart
Its taste will be perfect
Life's a wonderful fusion
Of flavors
Some simple
Some full of colors
There are many flavors
That mix
It's all up to you
Getting the right mix
Now, try this.
Sorry. I really don't eat
anything cooked in coconut milk.
CARL: This has got to be served
at the wedding! (CHUCKLES)
her assistant. Who's calling?
- Susan, it's Carl.
- Oh, hi, Carl!
Where are you?
We're in Milan, sweetie.
What? You're still there?
Yes! The designers
are going crazy over Cris!
help me with the plants.
Don't worry,
she told me she'll be there
exactly one week
before the wedding.
She was going to accept
another project
but she had to turn it down
because of the wedding.
I wish I could be there,
Can I talk to her?
Oh, she's in the middle
of a shoot.
I'll just tell her you called,
GISELLE: Or better
yet, kiss my lips
Baby, I'm in love with you
- Chuva-choo-choo
- CONSUELO: Carl, son.
Join us.
- Mom.
- We've been waiting for you.
Come meet your wedding sponsors.
- Mayor Dellosa, his wife, Lucci.
- Hello!
- Hi, ma'am.
- How do you do?
Architect Mirandilla
and his wife, EIvie.
How do you do, son?
- How are you?
- Hi, ma'am. Nice to meet you.
I thought
they were the bridesmaids.
- He's funny.
- You're a joker, huh?
Your son-in-law
is not only handsome,
he's a natural politician, too!
Yes! He definitely
has a future in politics.
You heard that.
You better stay here
with Criselda after the wedding.
With the Mayor's support,
you could run for office
and win!
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, my, Lena!
- Quick! Clean that up, hurry!
- My apologies.
CONSUELO: Be quick.
I'm sorry. Are you wet?
- Hurry up, will you?
- Let me see.
I'm sorry about the mess.
By the way,
isn't your family name Diesta?
Yes, ma'am.
Isn't Diesta a Bicolano surname?
Yes! The Diesta's
are from Sorsogon.
Oh, maybe you're really
a Bicolano, Carl?
- LUCCI: Mm-mm.
But he hates coconut milk.
No, he tasted it and loved it!
You must be a Bicolano.
Where is your family
from exactly?
- Pampanga?
- Pampanga.
GISELLE: Mom, Mom, look at me!
- It's Giselle.
- Oh, my!
CONSUELO: You look so
pretty in that gown!
It's nice, right?
Oh, Carl, what do you think?
- Lovely.
- She's so pretty! She's lovely!
By the way,
is your barong ready, Carl?
- No. I'm wearing a suit.
- A suit?
- A suit?
- Heavens, no!
A suit in this weather?
A barong would be
more appropriate.
take his measurements!
ELVIE: A barong looks better.
Do you think it could be done
on time?
- I'll do my best.
- Okay.
Mom, what about Lena's gown?
Lena must supervise
the wedding feast.
She's in charge of the food.
You can't just let anyone
do that, right?
Right, Lena?
Besides, I won't be caught dead
wearing one of those.
- Why not? You're beautiful.
- LUCCI: I agree.
CONSUELO: Don't argue with her.
She's so stubborn. I gave up
on her a long time ago!
MIRANDILLA: This will surely be
the wedding of the millennium!
ELVIE: That's for sure!
CONSUELO: Your gown
really suits you!
stopping this wedding then.
- ELVIE: Of course!
ELVIE: Everything is in order!
LENA: You shouldn't have said that.
What? That you're beautiful?
- It's embarrassing.
- God! Isn't that so Filipino?
Why should you be ashamed
of the truth?
Besides, I really find it weird,
you know.
You're next to Crissy, right?
You should be her maid-of-honor.
Someone has to man the kitchen.
The point is, Lena,
you are family.
Not a hired hand.
No. Let me do it. Stay there.
- Where do you want this? Here?
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
SONNY: Stop it. Let's eat first.
Come on, son.
Let's eat! Giselle!
- Giselle, help your sister!
- GISELLE: Yes, Mom.
Let's go!
Your appetite's improving, bro!
Leave him alone
or you might spoil his appetite!
Lena and I had a long walk!
Dad, could you hand me
those chili peppers, please?
Thank you.
RUBEN: Carl is indeed a Bicolano!
SONNY: Bro, can you handle that?
You might ask for milk again!
ROGELIO: Eat up, son.
We won't leave this table
until we've wiped out
every morsel!
Who will look after the house
if Lena's coming with us?
But Sylvia is Lena's friend.
She has to be there, too.
You didn't answer my question.
Sonny, did you lock up
the kitchen?
Yes. Where are they?
We're running late.
Could you all hurry up?
We're always late!
ROGELIO: People will think
we all lack breeding!
- Come here.
Come on, Carl.
Sonny, the house keys?
- They're with Lena.
- Lena!
Coming, Dad!
- Wow, Lena's so pretty!
- BUBOY: How pretty!
Isn't she pretty, Papay?
Where are you going, anyway?
To a nightclub?
Giselle, take care of Buboy,
Lena, let Maribel do that.
I'm returning to Manila tomorrow
and we haven't even talked yet.
Maribel doesn't know
what dad likes to eat.
You're hopeless!
Really? Okay, let's go there.
Hey, your brother-in-law
is a looker!
Well, your beau was just
as handsome.
- Too bad, you let him go.
- Sylvia, hush up!
- Someone might hear you!
- God, is that still an issue?
I envy you!
All your kids are achievers!
You have a priest,
an international model,
and the youngest
is a promising singer!
one of them failed us.
MAYOR DELLOSA: Who would that be?
Sonny. Who else?
I think he plans to sow his seed
all over Bicol!
(CHUCKLES) Aren't all
Bicolanos hot-blooded studs?
Uncle, Lena could take after you
and run for mayor someday.
SYLVIA: Too bad, you didn't
let her pursue law studies.
Both of us would be
graduating by now.
Why? Did I really stop you,
You mean you're allowing her
to pursue law?
It's Lena's decision.
SYLVIA: That's great!
Dad, isn't Justice Ricafort
offering a scholarship grant?
Coffee would go well with this.
Lena, coffee. Coffee.
Dad, let's get an application
for Lena.
CARL: Excuse me.
It's just for formality.
I'm sure Uncle George
would take Lena in.
God, Lena,
don't let this opportunity pass.
- Grab it!
- Carl, care for coffee?
- Mom, no.
Excuse me. Hello, sis?
It's okay.
I'll take care of your father.
I'm not pursuing law, Mom.
(SIGHS) Well, then,
I'll tell your uncle.
The application must not go
to waste.
He could give the opportunity
to someone who really needs it.
I'll take care of the coffee.
Go ahead, dear.
Go around and enjoy.
Go. I can manage. Come on.
Hey, amigo! Amiga!
MALE GUEST: Hey! What's up?
This is my wedding, sis!
Our whole family has to be here.
- Lena, come on, let's dance.
- No. You two go ahead.
So, please, work on your leave!
- Lena, join us.
- No, I'm fine.
I'll call you tomorrow.
- MAN: Come, son, join us.
- No, sir, no.
- Please. I don't know how to.
- Like that!
- Come on!
MAN: Oh, these two
look good together!
- Guys, let's drink to that!
- Cheers to the groom!
And to Mario who remains
loveless to this day!
Really? You've never had
a girlfriend?
That one's a chicken!
Don't believe them!
I did have one.
- Just accept it!
- What happened?
She gave up on me.
Got tired of waiting because
I spend all my time at work.
Is that so?
I still have to send my siblings
to school.
It's tough
but that's just the way it is.
Their future is important to me.
How about you?
What's important to you?
Yeah, what is it?
Of course, I want to be happy.
Isn't that what we all want?
That's why he is marrying
my sister!
SONNY: As for me,
this is what makes me happy.
MAN: Of course, same here!
SONNY: Being with my truest friends!
- MAN 1: That's true, me too.
- MAN 2: You know, Carl...
Our friendship has endured
so many storms.
We've helped each other
through the worst of times.
- The whole group gets together.
- Like now, we're all here.
So, even when we're old
and weak,
- we shall remain friends!
- Together forever!
You, bro, are part of us now.
If you need our help,
just tell us.
We're blood brothers now, right?
- Right on! Together forever!
SONNY: Where's your hand, bro?
MAN 3: Until the day we die!
SONNY: Isn't he great, guys?
Get up.
Come on, I'll take you upstairs.
- CARL: Hmm.
- Carl, come on.
- Hmm.
- What on earth happened to you?
- (MUMBLING) You found me...
You shouldn't drink as they do.
- Come on.
- Hm.
SOLDIER: Did you see anything?
SOLDIER: Listen here.
After that corner, make a turn.
- Did they catch somebody?
Is something wrong?
- What's happening?
- The rebels again, man.
The morning brings bad news.
There was a bloody encounter
last night.
Those damned rebels!
Bacacay is not so far from here.
But don't worry,
everything is under control.
Those communists have no balls,
if you ask me!
Unprincipled rascals,
all of them!
There are still those among them
who fight for their principles,
Don't use your priesthood on me!
Have you forgotten?
Those communists have no God?
I agree.
Are you mad at the NPA too, bro?
They're no better
than mercenaries. Thieves!
They've hidden
in the mountains too long,
they've forgotten
what they're fighting for.
They should come down here
and help solve the problems
that plague the Philippines.
But they've done nothing
except put us
on the blacklist worldwide.
Mom said this
is the best sticky rice
in the entire Bicol region.
I can't believe how cheap it is.
We will need cauldrons
and gigantic arms
to cook the paella.
Yeah, right.
Otherwise, it might turn out
like you. Half-baked.
Lena, do we have a problem here?
The Philippines,
like you've said,
has many problems.
Me? I have none.
I just said you are half-baked.
Neither Filipino, nor American.
Wait, wait just a minute.
Are you mad at me?
Have I wronged you in any way?
Those rebels you call thieves,
have they wronged you
in any way?
Oh, that's it.
Lena, that's just my opinion.
Don't take it personally.
Well, your opinion sucks!
And, yes, I take it personally!
They may be hiding
in the mountains,
but they're still
in the Philippines.
Ah, and I am not?
I am the traitor then?
- You said that, not me.
- But that's what you mean.
I'm saying you have no right
to judge them, those Filipinos
who chose to stay
in the Philippines!
And you have no right
to judge me,
or the Filipinos who chose
to leave the Philippines
for a better life!
If all Filipinos are like you,
then, no one would remain!
Thank you.
LENA: You shouldn't have risked
coming down here.
The military is everywhere.
ABEL: We had no choice.
Abel, we need to bring you
to a hospital.
It's not as bad as it looks.
I just need to rest.
ABEL: I will leave tomorrow.
(INHALES) Sorry for the trouble.
Lena, I'll get some bandages
and some food.
Thanks, comrade.
- I'm Abel
- Carl.
Don't worry.
Thank you.
Thanks for your help.
He is a rebel.
I'm sorry.
We went to school together.
He's a very dear friend.
Just a friend?
- Just feed it to the chickens.
- Okay.
- Mom, Dad.
- Yes, dear?
- Have you seen Lena?
- No.
- Do you know where she went?
- I have no idea.
- It's okay.
- (STUTTERS) You must be bored.
I'll tell Sonny
to take you around later.
Papay sent him off
to the barn on an errand.
- (STAMMERS) Which barn?
- The other one in the fields.
- Has he been gone long?
- No, he just left.
Carl, where are you going?
- CARL: Sonny!
- Hey, bro!
- CARL: Sonny, wait!
- SONNY: What's up, bro?
- Come on.
Dad needs you back at the house.
- What? Why?
- Right now.
- I don't know.
- I'll just be a minute.
- Hurry up
- Sonny, wait.
- Damn it!
- Sonny!
Dad! Dad! Dad!
- Abel, will you be okay?
- I'll meet up with my comrades.
- This is as far as you go, Lena.
- But, Abel...
- Thanks for everything.
- Abel, you'd better leave.
Scour the whole place! Find him!
- Wait, Dad, Dad. No. Please.
- SONNY: You two, go over there!
- Where is he? Tell me!
- Dad! Dad!
There he is!
- Dad, please. Have mercy!
- Stay out of this!
- SONNY: Don't let him escape!
- Dad, please have mercy!
MAN: Over there! After him!
Dad! Dad! Dad!
- MAN 2: We missed!
SONNY: He's getting away. After him!
Dad! (CRIES)
You hid that criminal
in my property!
- How could you do this to me?
It's not a crime to fight
for what he believes is right.
What is right about his cause?
To sow fear?
To extort from the poor?
To kill one's own kind?
You think that's right?
- Shame on you!
- That's enough, darling.
Let it go. All this anger
isn't good for you.
You have no shame!
Acting so desperate.
How could you force yourself
on someone
who has already
abandoned you?
Abel did not abandon me.
It was my choice to stay.
And you stayed because of us?
Is that it?
You're blaming us
for your misery?
Is that what you're trying
to say?
Don't put the blame on us.
We never obliged you
to do anything.
Whether you stay or not,
we will live and die
just the same.
We don't need your sacrifice.
That's enough. That's enough.
Are you okay, Lena?
Why shouldn't I be?
This is my family.
Don't eat too much, son.
You might not fit
into your barong!
I just can't resist
Lena's cooking! (CHUCKLES)
Get me some sardines.
You don't like
what Lena prepared?
Are you saying
I shouldn't eat what I want?
I want sardines.
Mom, It's okay. I'll get some.
I asked you to get it.
Are you feeling lazy?
I'll get it myself then!
No, I'll get it.
It's okay. I'll get it.
(STUTTERS) Carl, eat up.
You have a long day ahead.
Eat up.
(WHISPERS) I'll take care of it.
So, you're not taking it?
Sorry, they're too small.
They're just not good enough.
We'll probably just do
our own fishing.
Let's go.
- Sorry.
- Okay.
It seems the Chinese
and Japanese
always get the best
of our resources!
And we, Filipinos, always have
to be content with leftovers!
I saw it once
on Discovery Channel.
The fishes are canned
right in the ships while at sea.
For all we know, those fishes
were caught in our waters!
Do you watch
the Discovery Channel?
Too bad.
You probably missed
that feature on stress
and repressed emotions.
Do you know it causes cancer?
They say that if we keep all our
anger bottled up inside us...
our cells get confused.
When that happens, our body
releases a deadly toxin.
And that is a leading
cause of cancer!
You might develop cancer, Lena.
I'm talking to you
and you keep ignoring me.
Just let it all out.
Carl, I don't want
to talk about it.
My goodness, you're so stubborn!
- Come here!
- Carl! Stop it! Carl!
- Carl! Stop it! Put me down!
- Come on!
Shout it all out
to prevent cancer!
- Scream! Release your anger!
- Stop it, Carl!
I want to tell you
Over and over
What my heart feels
Yes! Yes! Yes!
My heart beats for you alone
Come what may
It will be this way
I long for you night and day
It is your face
I want to see each time
You are my life and my love
No one else but you
In my heart
You are the only one
I long for you night and day
It is your face
I want to see each time
You are my life and my love
No one else but you
In my heart
You are the only one
As long as we're happy,
we'll have the best of times.
I long for you night and day
It is your face
I want to see each time
Yeah! Am I right?
You are my life and my love
No one else but you
In my heart
You are the only one
In my heart
You are the only one
(CARL LAUGHS) You're the best!
Baby, I'm in love with you
You make my heart throb
I wish I were your girl
Forever I will love you
- One more time. One more.
- Again?
- One last time.
- I might lose my voice.
- One last time.
- Carl, enough already!
Giselle is exhausted.
One last.
Buboy, hand me that stingray.
How do you plan to cook that?
Ask the expert.
My job here is to eat.
I'll stew it in coconut milk.
With tons of chili pepper.
- But of course.
You're a certified
Bicolano now! (GIGGLES)
CONSUELO: Carl! Carl!
Criselda is driving me crazy!
She called
and said she can't come home.
CONSUELO: That girl
has no sense of urgency!
Imagine, she'll be flying in
from the airport the day before!
My god, my god,
she's giving me a heart attack!
But don't you worry!
I gave her a piece of my mind!
If she doesn't come home,
I will disinherit her!
I mean, what can be
more important
than your own wedding, right?
Wow, you finally found the time
to call me back.
Look who's talking.
Who wasn't around
when I called?
Do you know,
mom gave me a mouthful?
You can't blame your mom.
You're so fickle-minded!
Is your flight booked already?
Your wedding dress, is it ready?
God, you're beginning to sound
like my mother!
I'll just get one here
in Milan, okay?
(SCOFFS) Crissy,
stop treating this wedding
like one of your fashion shoots!
Look, if you're having
second thoughts about all this,
just let me know.
- You mean, I still can?
- It's your call.
Crissy, are you still there?
All right.
Look, I'll take care of it,
I love you.
Carl, is there something wrong?
- Carl?
- What?
Not at all. Why do you ask?
Nothing. It's just that...
It's the first time
I've ever heard you say it.
- What? Said what?
- That you love me.
Wow. What a beauty.
CARL: Mayon is so beautiful.
Just beautiful.
Is it nice in America?
Yeah. I guess.
It's okay.
But it's a constant struggle
for people like me.
I'm an American citizen
but I'm not really an American.
You always have
to prove yourself.
Every day, you need to prove
that you can, and you're good.
When my sister was new there,
she used to call.
She cried every time.
She couldn't stand
the loneliness.
If things were different here,
we would never have left
the Philippines.
Don't you have plans
of going there?
Ever since high school,
I've dreamt of going to America.
Dad said...
only smart people can live
in America, like my sister.
God, Lena, what's your father
trying to do to you?
You know what, I'm beginning
to hate your father.
Don't say that.
You're family now.
And thank God
we're leaving right away.
How's my sister?
Why do I get the feeling
that her job is more important
than our wedding?
You should be able
to answer that.
You've been together
for three years.
If you sum up all the time
we've been together...
God, I can't even remember
the last time we were together.
Pinong, you have visitors.
There he is.
If he agrees to cook
his specialty for your wedding,
then we're okay.
- Hi, Lena!
- Martha!
- How are you?
- We're fine. He's over there.
- Thank you.
- Pinong, it's Lena!
- Lena, is that really you?
Carl is with me.
He is my sister's fianc.
Good morning, sir!
Good morning!
Carl, Pinong is the one
I've been telling you about.
He cooks the best laing.
Wait, Carl. Where are you going?
What is wrong with you?
Wait up, will you?
Carl, don't be so rude! Wait!
You shouldn't
have brought me here.
He is my father.
That blind old man...
He's my father.
Buboy, I am your father.
- You can't beat me! (LAUGHS)
- BUBOY: I can beat you!
BUBOY: You're finished!
One more time.
Come on, let's go!
You can't beat me!
Hey, hey! What are you gonna do?
Are you okay?
- So, can you still fight?
- Yeah!
Give me back my sword! Come on!
Are you sure?
I'm warning you, confused cells
could cause cancer, you know.
Leave me in peace, will you?
I'm fine! (CHUCKLES)
Cancer... (LAUGHS)
Are you hungry?
A bit. Are there leftovers?
Give me a minute.
I'll get you some.
Take a seat.
CARL: Sorry for the hassle.
- I'll clean up after you.
- It's no big deal.
Your future husband
will be lucky.
I mean it.
You're beautiful, smart,
loving, a great cook!
Could be a bit bad-tempered
but that's okay.
You're starving, all right!
I'm dead serious!
You're the lucky one because
you're marrying my sister.
(SIGHS) I know.
Eat up now.
What is it, Carl?
Is it too spicy?
You didn't cook this, did you?
- Pinong sent it.
He wanted you to taste it.
- Carl?
- Stay out of this, Lena.
- I just want to help.
- Help?
What do you know?
He is still your father.
(YELLS) Fk! You don't
have to tell me that!
I am carrying his name!
And I will until the day I die.
But that's
his only contribution!
That's his only contribution.
- Carl...
- Don't interfere, Lena!
You don't know
what I've been through,
my siblings, and my mother,
because of his irresponsibility!
CARL: And for what?
He left us to be a rebel
to fight a lost cause
at our expense!
You think that's fair?
You think that's fair?
I was only eight years old
One night, he came home.
It was my birthday.
He cooked a meal for us.
I was so happy.
So happy.
I asked if he could stay
the night.
It was the only gift
I asked from him.
He promised he would.
(WHIMPERS) But when I woke up,
he was gone.
He never came back.
I was too young
to lose my father, Lena.
I'm sorry, Carl.
I didn't mean to interfere.
It's just that when you leave,
you might never
see each other again.
You'll still have
that anger in your heart.
I worry for you...
and for your children.
Time will come,
you will be a father too.
I wandered through
The fields one day
With my friends in tow
There in a small hut
We all stayed
And we were all very happy
Who is it?
Um, it's Carl.
I came here with Lena before.
The one about to get married.
Did you taste the dish
I sent you?
Um, that's actually
why I'm here.
I was hoping you could teach me
how to cook it.
When you awake at sunrise
You will hear the birds
Singing a song
The sweetest song
You'll ever hear
The most enticing song
Every morning
We take a stroll
And see the beauty
All around
As night falls
Silence fills the air
And the stars watch you
From above
It's your turn to try.
When you wake up
You'll hear the birds
Singing a song
The sweetest song
You'll ever hear
The most enticing song
The steps, the ingredients,
it's the same every time.
PINONG: Perhaps mine is special.
I put love into it.
You know what?
This is my son's favorite dish.
My son, Caloy.
He loves everything
with coconut milk.
So, every time I cook
this dish...
I do so
with all the love in my heart.
The love I never had
the chance to give my son.
- Father.
- Caloy.
Every morning
We take a stroll
And see the beauty
All around
When night falls
Silence fills the air
- CARL: Lena?
- Yes?
Did you leave anything behind?
Thank you.
It is only with you
That I feel true love
When I hold you tight
I feel like I'm
In heaven
But this is all
Just a dream
For I know
I've hurt you so
Please hear my plea
I need you
Now and for evermore
You have to know
You're the only one
I truly love
The only one
I pray for
I need you
Now and for evermore
You have to know
You're the only one
I truly love
My only wish
Is to be with you
I need you
I love you, Lena.
CARL: Lena!
Lena, wait!
God, what have I done?
It just happened.
You didn't force me.
But it's wrong. So wrong.
My god! My god!
Forgive my child!
My god, Ruben! Ruben!
What got into you?
Why have you done this to us?
I've been wanting to tell you.
I just didn't know how.
CONSUELO: But why?
I don't understand!
I'm no longer happy
with what I'm doing, Mom.
What kind of happiness are you
looking for? You're a priest!
What happened?
He quit while saying mass
this morning.
You want to go to discos?
To nightclubs?
To womanize like Sonny?
What? Keep me out of it.
Shut up!
- Ruben.
- Yes, Dad?
Take back your decision
and redeem yourself!
Take it back
while there's still time!
No, Dad.
I've made up my mind.
- I want to get married.
- Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
I knew it!
I knew it was about a girl!
- Who is she?
- Do we know her?
Who is she?
It's Mario.
(SCOFFS) Son of a...
(GASPS) Oh, my god, Ruben!
Where did we go wrong?
- CONSUELO: Papay! Papay!
- Dad?
- Papay!
- LENA: Dad!
- CARL: Dad!
- LENA: Dad!
- CONSUELO: Oh, my god!
- CARL: Dad!
- Is Sonny on his way here?
- Yes, Mom.
As soon as they arrive,
you can go.
There's still so much
to be done.
We have to wait for the results
before we can go home.
Has the floor in Crissy's room,
been waxed, Lena?
Yes, Mom.
The bedsheets, did you remember
not to starch it too much?
Crissy doesn't like it
too stiff.
Oh, and her favorite pillow...
The one that Dad gave her
on her seventh birthday?
I've sun-dried it already.
Oh, my, there's still so much
I have to do.
when you look at me...
who do you really see?
Do you see your daughter?
Or do you just see Lena?
Where did I go wrong
in raising our children?
(SIGHS) Did I ruin their lives?
WORKER 1: Could you hand me
those pliers, please?
WORKER 2: One moment.
- Here.
- (IN BICOLANO) Thanks.
(IN BICOLANO) Help me move this.
- WORKER 2: Let's go.
- Hello.
This is Crissy Duran.
I can't come
to the phone right now.
Please leave your name,
your number,
and a brief message.
I'll try to call you
as soon as I can. Thanks!
- Here's the beep.
Hello, Crissy. It's me again.
This is my 11th call.
For Christ's sake,
please call me back.
(SIGHS) We need to talk.
It's urgent.
LENA: Here's my fare.
Giselle, what are you
doing out here?
Why aren't you rehearsing
your song?
What for? The wedding's off.
I'm glad you're here!
My god! What are we going to do?
This is so embarrassing!
The invitations
have all been sent out.
I'm sorry.
No, my son. I know.
It's Criselda's fault!
I knew it!
It was all too good to be true.
I knew it. I just knew it.
After all these years,
she hasn't changed!
(SIGHS) Criselda,
that daughter of mine,
we pampered her
with too much love.
CONSUELO: She's everyone's favorite.
Wherever she goes,
everyone just lavishes her
with love.
She has everything,
beauty, brains,
blessings, everything!
She was a consistent
honor student.
But she's always searching
for something.
CONSUELO: She never stays put.
Always so impatient,
even to people.
Mom, it's not Crissy's fault.
I've changed my mind.
My heart also changed.
Even my whole being,
ever since I got here.
I don't understand, dear.
Does dad know?
I'll talk to him.
No, please, don't! Not yet!
He's too weak. I don't think
he can take another blow.
Precisely, because I had
everyone's best interest
in mind.
Crissy's, your family's, mine.
That's why I came
to this decision.
You came here to get married!
But something
unexpected happened.
To me... to us both.
There is no us, Carl.
There is no us.
There is no us.
This is all my fault.
- It's my fault. It's my fault.
- Lena.
- It's my fault. It's my fault.
- Enough. That's enough.
- It's my fault. It's my fault.
- Lena, that's enough.
It's my fault. It's my fault.
It's my fault.
Lena, listen.
Lena, if you just let me.
I want to take you away
from here.
Lena, everything good
that's happened to me,
- is because of you.
I want to do the same for you.
Lena, I want to take you away
from here.
Take you to a better place
than this.
Where you can shine
and be happy.
I want you to see
how beautiful you are, Lena.
I've been this way
far too long Carl.
I don't know
how to be anyone else.
No, no.
(IN BICOLANO) Son of a bh!
- Sonny! Sonny!
Sonny, what time
is Criselda arriving?
7:00 a.m. tomorrow, Dad.
My child...
I don't know, Mom.
Forgive me.
I will just leave this place.
Lena, you know
your father won't let you.
He hates me.
It doesn't mean
he can't forgive you.
He loves you.
You are his child after all.
His child?
You know what, Mom?
Ever since the day
I fell in love with Abel,
and dad lost the election
because of the scandal I caused,
I never felt
like I'm your child.
I could have gone off with Abel.
But I didn't,
even if I wanted to.
I didn't have the heart
to leave you
because you are my family.
I have swallowed every morsel
of punishment,
hoping that one day,
I can become your child again.
After this, do you really think
that will ever happen?
Boss, could I take a look
at the manifesto? Thanks!
Thank you very much
for everything.
Um... I'm really very sorry.
Lena, coffee.
- SONNY: Lena!
- Sonny!
(MOUTHS) Don't.
- MAN: Long live the newlyweds!
- ALL: Long live!
- Congratulations!
- Thank you very much!
- Congratulations!
- Thank you!
Thank you.
- Thank you!
- Hey, congratulations!
Thank you!
- Congratulations!
- CRISSY: Thank you!
MALE GUEST: Uh, congrats!
- Congratulations!
- Congratulations!
- Congrats!
- Thanks!
- Thanks for coming!
Come on!
Where do you plan
to settle down, here or abroad?
BOTH: Abroad!
- Carl?
- Yeah!
Honey, look, it's Carl!
CRISSY: Hi, Carl!
- Oh, my god, Carl!
- Crissy!
Hey, man!
- I'm so happy to see you!
- Mm!
- Congratulations!
- Hey, thanks, man, thanks a lot.
- God, you look beautiful!
- Thank you so much.
Sorry, I should have
been here sooner.
Our flight was delayed.
No, it's all right.
We understand.
So are you staying long
in Legaspi?
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, it depends.
- Crissy.
- Please stay long.
- Let's have our picture taken.
- Yeah, sure!
- Excuse us, Carl.
- Go ahead.
It's your wedding. Go!
- Carl!
- Oh, my god.
- I'm so happy to see you again!
- Mom!
- How have you been?
- I'm okay.
- I missed you.
- (CHUCKLES) I missed you, too.
Come on, let's go over there.
Come on.
Thank you for honoring
my invitation.
The wedding is not
the only reason I came.
Look at you.
- You're sweating.
LENA: You're so naughty.
You ran all over the church.
Where are we going?
Nowhere. I just want
to be alone with you.
- I missed you.
I missed everything! (CHUCKLES)
Yeah! The chili pepper,
the coconut milk,
the rice fields,
Mayon, everything!
But when you get tired of it,
you might fly back to America.
Me? Get tired of this place?
I need you
Now and for evermore
You have to know
You're the only one
I truly love
The only one
I pray for
I need you
Now and for evermore
You have to know
You're the only one
I truly love
My only wish
Is to be with you
I need you
I want to tell you
Over and over
What my heart feels
My heart beats for you alone
Come what may
It will be this way
I long for you night and day
It is your face
I want to see each time
You are my life and my love
No one else but you
In my heart
You are the only one
I long for you
Night and day
It is your face
I want to see each time
You are my life and my love
No one else but you
In my heart
You are the only one
I long for you night and day
It is your face
I want to see each time
You are my life and my love
No one else but you
In my heart
You are the only one
I long for you
Night and day
It is your face
I want to see each time
You are my life and my love
No one else but you
In my heart
You are the only one
I long for you night and day
It is your face
I want to see each time
You are my life and my love
No one else but you
In my heart
You are the only one
I long for you
Night and day
It is your face
I want to see each time
You are my life and my love
No one else but you
In my heart
You are the only one
I long for you...