Kainan 1890 (2015) Movie Script

My name is Mustafa
Was a naval captain
In the Ottoman frigate
Ertugrul No. Section will serve
as the school authorities
Kainan (Shipwreck) 1890
July, 1889
This story begins on this island,
between the land of rising sun,
and land of rising moon.
Welcome home
I'm home
Today's catch is great
here is a squid
Haru, back from doctor's errand?
Good timing
Would you take this to doctor, please?
Finally, the sea calmed down,
was able to catch more fish
see you later
Welcome home, Haru-chan
She hasn't given her answer yet?
She lost her finance at sea...
Are you still hanging on to a little hope?
Don't say nonsense
Say encouraging words instead
Why do you say that?
You were saying that too.
Don't say that to everyone
here we go again
She is still mourning,
and I can't do anything for her
Nobody can comfort her.
This voyage placed heavy burden
for the honor of my nation
I was expecting that also
My friendship with Fengyun
was getting stronger
and it continues to this day
Look beyond your win
As you got promoted in the Navy
you let physical strength go?
Every day is going over documents
and stamping them all
Ah.. Haru-san
Welcome home
That's all for today
[ Tamura Clinic ]
Thank you, did you find medications?
Is this all?
They are getting expensive
You are fine now
Hey, say to your doctor, "Thank you"
Thank you
You are fine now
I'm sorry to come in during your dinner
it's okay no problem
You also have a guest too
It is minor cut
but be careful
Hey, Ryokichi!
Very grateful, thank you so much
Thank you
let's go home
Thank you,
Take care...
What did you charge for doctor's visit?
This is it
Really, you have not changed much
Grace for meal
But I did not expect that
you opened your clinic on this tiny island
I love this island
I will wait for you
I'll be back
You gave birth to a healthy baby
I'll be alone, you have to come back safely
I will see you next time with this tear
I went to see Colonel Osman
He told ministers
The long voyage to Japan is significant
Europe will put pressure on our position
We must regain the dignity of empire
This voyage is to prove
our determination and ability
Our nation is counting on this voyage
You go, and if you don't come back
I may have to face the consequence,
But if you do not... If you do not...
promise me
You must come back
I'll be back father, I would
No matter what happens,
you have to come back
No matter what happens
May Heaven bless you
And you too
Battleship Ertugrul on July 14, 1889
Set sail from Istanbul
Colonel Osman and 618 crew
to thank the Emperor of Japan
Commander to
The crew for this voyage prayer
How is the boiler?
Or being like a stubborn old woman?
You have to make her work as you please
Right Shaerqisi
To deal with elderly ladies
Coming young master
How about the condition of boiler
We are doing everything we can
This is like treating old lady
True, indeed the master, ah boss
It requires a bit of skill too
Right Shaerqisi
Today is lucky day for you
with your intuitive insight.
According to the operating instructions
We have to analyzing the problem
after corrective operation
Who is she?
Is not the boss...
Mrs. noncommissioned officers under
She will give birth soon
Please concentrate on your work
Bekir under non-commissioned officers
How is the morale in boiler room
We are working very hard
That's good
I'm looking forward for your
performance on these young officers
Thank you very much
How is your father, okay?
He's fine Colonel, thanks to you
In the 93 years of war, I
was one of his crewmen
I heard you talked about my father
He was the commander of the fleet
Because of his bravery and noble character,
everybody admired him
So I'm also expecting greatness in you
So let us enjoy our dinner
When can we reach Japan
Don't worry, everyone is anxious same way.
Some people questioned Ertugrul
navigation was not adequate
But we finally crossed the
Red Sea and the Indian Ocean
and Colonel Osman proved
its capacity to Admiral
and long sailing was far
beyond the original plan
Two days after leaving Singapore,
We could only pray all goes
well for the subsequent voyage
Please listen to my words Qinger
Please answer my question seriously
Let verses battle each other
If you have faith, then
it will go well with you
If you have faith, then
it will go well with you
Do not say something
nice to get carried away
To boast, then better to go home early
Nobody wants to spend
money to buy your poem
If you have faith, then
it will go well with you
If you have faith, then
it will go well with you
Bekir under non-commissioned officers
Bekir under non-commissioned officers
My wife gave birth to a boy
Come together
This is good news came from Istanbul
Joy to make the heart of children Yuet
Bekir brother became a father
Everyone dancing to celebrate
Everyone dancing to celebrate
He is so cute
You are father now!
Hey, Daddy!!
Hey.. stop it..
Thank you so much for everything
I've just did my job
I am here.. I am here
I brought sake
Shintaro, let's celebrate!
Hey, where did you find money to buy that?
I know you would ask me,
I save up little by little
Lie to your friends
Ah, Village chief
Oh, it's a boy
Thank you very much doctor
His was a bit naughty in the womb
and I had some effort to bring him out,
but that assures great
promise for this boy.
Ah, so nice
Oh, yeah, right
The father of the baby, Congratulations
Thank you
daddy.. daddy..
A bit embarrassing...
Doctor, doctor, take a look
It is 3 days old newspaper, but
Ah, what is going on?
This one
Turkish diplomats made a
visit to the Emperor,
So... ah
Right here
In 16th century, this Empire occupied wide
area across Eastern Europe and Western Asia
From Japan, it located to...
west.. west and far west..
June 7th, 1890, Yokohama
After arrival in Japan
We successfully presented to His
Majesty the Emperor honorary
But while in Japan, there were
cholera infections among crews
We had to postpone our return schedule
How's it going
Or Bekir streak
In order to maintain crew morale,
we encouraged physical trainings.
We were wrestling
In my words,
a certain move can beat Bekir
Relying on your belly?
The man is strong
Bekir Bekir Bekir
Bekir Mustafa Mustafa Bekir
We, as soldiers
Burdened with the honor of our country
and His Majesty the Emperor
We left our country for this voyage
You are doing very well
Let's pray for safe return voyage
Today's effort is the
cornerstone of tomorrow
Our will and determination
will bring blessings
This year we spent the
holiday in a foreign country
Next time we will celebrate at home
In order to honor Commander
A shy bride
White sails on three masts
We can finally go home
Thanks God
This is a gift I bought to my wife
Look at this silky skin
It would make me think of my wife
At ease
Tonight is nice evening
It is a pity we did not finish our match
I hope to have the opportunity to do so
I heard your child was
born, Congratulations
Thank you
Where is your family?
At my hometown
Where is your hometown?
Is a very poor village
We can barely survive
But there is no substitute for my village
because my family is there
what is it?
I have something that I would
like to ask your favor
Return voyage is a long
Although it is God's will
If I encounter any unexpected...
Do not say auspicious words
I do not want to hear it
This is what I bought for my wife
Ah? Is for yourself?
September 15, departure from Yokohama
Aboriginal song along
the ring and Departures
This is also Japanese typhoon season
September 16th, 1890
We have to stop fishing early today!
Hurry lose points
We will drink all night until daybreak,
the typhoon will pass over us by then.
Oh, that is Geisha Oyuki
oh.. young men of Tosa
Good morning Good morning
Tonight typhoon will be rough
Really rough
Please pray for our safe navigation
Guardian great gods of the earth
Please bless us
Guardian great gods of the earth
Please bless us
What is this?
This is Japan's specialty
To see his son
This is the sun and moon does
Japan and Turkey's crescent sun
How great is that!
This is a Japanese samurai
helmet decoration
Do you know
I heard that there was a
long time ago in Japan
So I felt the arrangement
somewhere fate in this voyage
Do not let go
Pull pull pull
The wind got strengthened
Pay close attention
no problem
Here come over here
Catch them quick
here, let's dance!
This way
Because you don't do checkup with madam
She summoned other doctor
What a disagreeable doctor
Giving free medical treatment for poor
Known to work without a break
Because of doctors like him,
my business is not prosperous
Don't worry about him
What is the estimate rate of wind?
Five sea miles
Heading 263 degrees speed five sea miles
Don't let go
Then tighten point
There are ports around here
May have to go to Kobe
All crew, immediate order
Heading to Kobe
All crew, immediate order
All crew, immediate order
Pull lifeline
Pull lifeline
Hatch broken, We need support planks
Support planks, hurry! hurry!
Take sheet
Bring it quick
Full speed ahead to get directions
Know Shaerqisi
Old woman to kick ass
Open your mouth wide
Oyuki.. Oyuki
Shall we?
Come on
Hurry hurry, over here
Sick of it
Well.. would you wait awhile?
For what?
Sorry for what?
Oyuki, Oyuki
Upwind. Upwind.
Forward against the wind
The adjustment in the left sail
The left to
Come and help
Mast has barely
holding it
If this continues the tail masts will break
Close all the sails
Put away all the sails
Collapse sails
help me
Pay close attention to work
Do not let go
We Cheer
There is a lighthouse at Starboard
Close up
That may be the Wakayama Big Island waters
Captain adults
Sails and rudder were gone
Only the boiler is working
Raise the pressure steam
Guys see you up
water in Coal Storage
You let go of her
Gather everything we can burn
Specialty will be taken away
anything you can burn, take them
Throw into the boiler
hurry up
My trumpet
Give me the box
give me the box
We all come together to make fire
thrown them into the boiler
Work on it
hurry up
do not give up
Never give up quickly
Do not wet the tube wet
Fate of warship in our hands
hurry up
Continue to burn
Keep the fire going
Well, that evening,
you wanted to tell me something...
If anything happen to me..
My son...
Hit the rocks
The boiler would explode
Do not leave their posts
we must delay explosion,
try to shut down the boiler
Go and tell everyone to
abandon ship immediately
This is my duty
I am in charge here
You must go, Mustafa
Your duty is
tell them to evacuate this ship immediately
We will try to delay as long as we can
It would explode
Quickly evacuate
Quickly evacuate
It would explode
Quickly evacuate
Please abandon ship
Please abandon ship commander
what, what matter?
Huge boom
what happened
what was that?
This way
below us
Can't see anything!
Oh my God!
I, GO!
Follow Shintaro!
Give me the ropes
this wave will swallow us all.
Just as we catch fish, we can use the net
We must save them as many as we can.
Help them now!
Hey, they are not Japanese
It doesn't matter who they are..
We must save them.
Hurry, take them to school ground
You can't do that
They are dead
Still, they might be alive!
Shintaro, Shintaro
Village chief
Okay, Okay
a little more..
Village chief, horrible...
Going back again!
It is good
Hello Kanai
Here is a light
We need more hot water!
Take over a barrel
Are you OK?
Separate minor and major injuries!
Minor injuries here
Doctor, please check here
loosing blood
What shall we do?
Do not panic!!
Take care seriously wounded first!
Prepare disinfectant suture
Haru, this one is stable
Hold him, need hands, hold him
Village chief
This is
a catastrophe
We need more light, we need more light.
Gather all the light in the village,
Bonfires and small charcoal must light up
Get more light!
Are you OK
Never seen such a tragedy
Can we save them all?
What's matter?
This guy is not breathing
Stay with us
This guy is stop breathing too!
I can only help one person!
Do exactly as what I am doing
I can't do it
I could not either
Haru, attend him!
No!.. no..no
what happening?
What's matter, Haru
Give him CPR
Don't die
come back
come back
Haru, Well done!
Great great
Roll him over
well done, Haru
Ottoman commander
Ottoman commander
Can I ask you something?
This book has countries flags
This is Japan
Which one is your country flag?
Can you point it?
Sure?? Turkey
Doctor, Turks
They are Turkish diplomats made
a visit to the Emperor
more wounded outside,
We need more hot water
boil more water
Also we need food to fee them,
Gather all food we can get,
Be careful
They haven't died yet?
It seems the situation is urgent
People are looking for you
Sorry, we had an arrangement tonight, but
I will not offer
free medical treatment
Nothing here to eat
We don't have any food
Take this rice
Are you OK?
I am sorry
this rice is so valuable...
Are you OK
You are not hurt bad
So rest
Do you speak English
heavily injured!
Move this patience over there
Here, put him here
Easy.. easy..l
Stay with us... Stay with us..
If you don't keep them warm, they will die.
I know that
Going back for more rescue!! Yeah!!
Hey, you. Come back here..
What? what?
What are you doing now?
Don't you understand?
You need to hug him, keep him warm!
Cold.. he feels like a dead man
Hello everybody
get raked and keep them warm!!
You come over, hold him
You come here
Kyuhichi, you come too
Do not die
Hold him steady!
If we can't stop his bleeding, he would die
Got it
Press harder!
Hurry! Pull it!
Anyone? get naked and help him!
They will die
Anyone can do it?
Hurry, hurry someone....
I can not.....
Don't give up, don't die on us
Anyone, get naked and keep them warm!
Leave it to me
Going back for more!
Hey, hey, we need to pass through
Hey, who will...
together.. here
wow... big man.. he is big...
He is big like a whale
This Kimono is too small
You survived the tragic
take it easy for a while
You broke your leg
Sorry.. Sorry...
Oh, you are here already
Yes, we received a telegram in Kobe
We are lacking everything
There are causalities
with seriously injuries
I like to send them to a fully
equipped hospital as quickly as possible
I understand, I will make a contact.
You did splendid work
Oh yes.. last night?
I even gave up my cloth last night
Thank you
No need, doctor
I'm the third generation Oyuki
Offering myself for free
will ruin my reputation.
I agree
It was my first encounter with such chaos
Whole villagers were so desperate
you too
It was just a whim for me
You are not going to help them?
I have nothing to offer
but, you have a few chicken left
Are you asking us to starve to death?
Village chief, what is your plan?
What. what..
If anyone needs help at sea, we help them
Our fathers did it
Is it right?
Otherwise we can't honor our ancestors
well.. running out of
food is nothing new...
Then we go
I will help them
let's go
Doctor, I have things to discuss with you
About the expense of treating them.
You do not have to worry about that
village chief
Do you know how many survived?
According to the information
we received at Navy
there were 618 crews on board
In that case
The number of dead and
missing causalities are
over 500
and... We are trying to prepare
coffins for them right now..
If possible, we would like to
arrange for each one of them
Yes, but preparing so many coffins
for all of them would be...
Do you think we can't manage
that in this poor village?
No, I don't mean that way.
We will find a way
We will find a way
Those people died in a foreign country, thousands
of miles away from their home country.
The village folks say they will
pay homage to the deceased
with best of their abilities
and I agree...
They are exactly what you
have said about them before..
What are you doing?
You are in Navy
Why didn't help your fellow solders?
We have tried
Why did you rescued?
Why you?
Why have I saved?
Why am I still alive
You take care of the rest
(Trumpet: Comin Thro' The Rye)
I am sorry
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Everyone will be a martyr
The martyrs who sacrificed
their lives for their country
This way, this way
Look, Look
so big
They are here, they are here
It is German naval vessel,
voyage will be quick
by tomorrow, they will
reach at port of Kobe
Then, our navy will take
them back to Turkey
This is all information about their
injuries and treatments we did.
When you get there, please
pass them to proper hands
Wait for me
In order to confirm identity of still missing
and recovery of their personal relics
He would remain here for a while
with you injured leg,
you need this, please take it
Get well
Hey, she is my wife!
Thanks, thanks
Get well soon
Be well!
(Song: Comin Thro' The Rye)
Clear evening sky, the autumn wind blows
Moonlight drops shadows,
crickets are chirping
my thought travels far,
over my homeland sky
my parents are in my prayer
Clear water running through
the autumn bush...
Be well..
Take care
Some items are missing
What did you say?
Gold and sabers are missing
Yesterday they were here
[ Higashimuro Community Center ]
I heard that the royal family sent
officers and physicians to Kobe
His Highness the Emperor and Empress were
also deeply saddened by this shipwreck
Please enjoy
Some of the victim's
recovered items are missing
We have been a great burden to you
I understand that
But those items are very important to us
So, I demand their return immediately
If you want compensation,
we can arrange that
Stop it
You still don't understand, do you?
You want to hit me?
Is that quell your anger?
Go ahead, hit me
Hit me all you want
I want to show you something
Follow me
Can you clean it?
I can
Done sewing?
They are carefully
and cleaning
How do you think your
sailer's family would feel?
If they saw these tattered uniforms
and belongings covered in bloods.
The sun is setting
If the folks here,
don't fish for even one day,
most of them don't eat
even so
They stopped their fishing
They are still searching the sea
Nobody told them to do it
For them, it's only natural
Ah, you are looking strong again.
hurry up
Doctor, later..
That man dove into the stormy sea
to save you
Haru as well
She banged on your chest
as almost lost your life
Her finance died at the sea
trying to save shipman like you
since she saw his dead body
she has not spoken a word
So when she saw you about to die
the same death at sea
She was so scared
Even so
Haru, gathered up her courage
and save you
Well, go home
Haru-chan, see you tomorrow
Thank you
I will not forget you Haru
So, you are here
You are going home
Time passes
4 years ago
When I came upon this village
I saw the folks risk their lives
to save others
and they save me too
What I want to protect is
the heart of these people
Good afternoon
So splendid!
He is well now.
Oh, you look so well
You are good looking man
He is a great Turkish soldier
95 years later
The story of Ertugrul and
shipwreck has been forgotten
but it is fate
1985 Tehran, Iran
This morning Saddam Hussein
broke the peace agreement
The fighting at Iraqi
border has intensified
Tehran has become the target of bomb attack
Somebody give me a hand, please... Please..
Stop the bleeding, quickly
He will be OK
Thank you
Yes, I am a teach at the Japanese school,
and you?
I work for Turkish Embassy
I have to hurry back and
check all students are safe
This is a Turkey's talisman
It will protect you and keep you safe
Are you all right?
This is 5th try.
No one is selling it... what?
They say, there is no
ticket to sell to Japanese.
I am back.
Jalali industrial area was
attacked by rocket, but
all kids are safe
Really? Great!
Once they confirm their children are safe, we need
to arrange their evacuation right away, tell them!
Every airlines are handful with
their own citizen's evacuations.
Is that so? and Japan
is not quipped to do so
The following news are coming in..
Saddam Hussein released
the latest statement
The statement said 19th, at
8:00 pm, it will be 48 hours
deadline prohibiting all
flying over Iran air space
Any civilian and military
aircrafts will be attacked.
This statement has been
conveyed to many countries
Japanese Embassy in Tehran
Please arrange the Self-Defense Forces transport
or temporary JAL flight as soon as possible
There are nearly 300
Japanese stranded in here
How was it?
Not good
All are accounted for?
Only fews
How's it going
ah, the principal.
We need evacuate children
as soon as possible
We don't' have time, and
we can't buy tickets
Please let me talk with Ambassador
Be calm.
We are already making contacts
with other airlines and
trying to obtain as many
tickets as possible
Japan is not going to
arrange a rescue aircraft?
That is...
The principal
JAL replied, without guarantee of safe passage
home, they would not send an aircraft
How about Self-Defense Forces?
It needs an approved by Congress,
it's impossible to make quick decision.
If we don't do anything
Japanese will be left in the middle of war
Why Japan can not help their own people?
I am very sorry
There must be something we can do.
Many flights are taking off soon.
Turkish rescue aircraft
is schedule for last takeoff
Please, please ask Turkey
Ask them to take Japanese with them
That is outrageous...
I beg you
I beg you
I will do my best
I'll go to the Turkish Embassy
Thank you
Turkey Embassy Ankara
There are a large number of
citizens stranded in Tehran
This is our plan for evacuation
Also, the Japanese are
asking for their evacuation.
Now we are talking about our people
This affects the prime
minister's political career
Come in
Prime Minister, Ambassador in Tehran
is requesting rescuing Japanese there.
We want to send a rescue plane
There are a large number of
Turkish citizens stranded too
Pilots and crews will be
placed in danger also
We are an accountable nation
Prime Minister, please
make the right decision
With our long history, there are
many people who helped our people
These people believe in different
religious and speak other languages.
Send a rescue aircraft for the Japanese
Also secure the safety of
citizens returning by land
Hurry up
But people at airport will
protest our decisions
Maybe, but I believe in my people
The officials have decided
to send additional aircraft
This is a very dangerous mission
Destination, Tehran
You may be flying in a hail of bullets
Who will volunteer for this mission?
Istanbul Turkish Airlines
12 hours to undifferentiated attack
Mr. Kimura
Mr. Kimura
Mr. Kimura, please open
the door, Mr. Kimura
Mr. Kimura
Mr. Kimura
Last flight by Turkey will take off soon
Go to airport as soon as possible
I told you over the phone,
we will remain here.
Hiroyuki kun
Harumi teacher
You would be fine, go to Airport
as quickly, your mother too.
Yahya that Buddha more
serious casualties Region
A large numbers of people
are gathering at airport
Turks at near the border, they
were urged to evacuate immediately
I will go to the airport
I have a car, come on this way
OK, This way...
Thank you, we could catch a cab, but.
Glad I was passing by
We're going to take the
Turkish rescue aircraft
Will make in time?
Don't worry. I'll get you there
Get inside
OK, Please, Baggage
it, it may be too late
That is not true, Turkey offers their help.
Japan has already abandoned us
then how Turkey is going to save us?
My dear..
I came here to help this
country prosper, but
now, they pay me back in such a bad way...
We, including you, got caught in
this unexpected calamities...
I wanted to be a teacher at Japanese school
- Tehran Mehrabad International Airport
6 hours to undifferentiated attack
What happening with the final departures?
All international flights are departed
We are now waiting for the
Turkish rescue flight
Good, we made it on time.
But it may be difficult task
anyway, let's go inside
get inside
There are still so many Turkish people here
It unlikely we
Japanese make it on board
There are two rescue plains
arriving, don't lose hope
We want to take the rescue aircraft
Let us on the plane
Come, let us go up
We will try
What do you mean by that?
Please stay calm
How calm can I be
So many people are waiting for it
Mom, is everything OK?
Dad is trying his best
right now.. OK..
Please, have a seat..
Thank you for your kindness
You will be fine
My original return ticket was for tomorrow
Sons and grandsons will be
certainly worried about me
Are you traveling alone?
Yes, my husband worked in
Tehran before he passed away.
I made this trip to give thanks to
those who helped my husband here.
I am an automotive Engineer
I was not expected something
like this would happen
I have children also, let us
return home for the elderly
Give us Flights
I want tickets
Turkey airline plane has landed
Soon begin boarding
It landed
But there are so many people here
I am afraid
not even one Japanese will get on board
This is exactly I was expected.
I am sorry
I'm sorry, I'm sorry Hiroyuki
After all, Japan didn't
send a rescue flight,
they didn't want to risk any more lives.
But this rescue flight is here
and there are lives in danger
Let the elderly and children go first
We will try to arrange that, please wait
My family are here
Excuse me
Who are you?
I am Turkish Embassy Murat
Who are you?
Get him off
Can you hear me say a few words
I need to ask your kindness.
There are a group of desperate people
far from Japan
They also want to return home
But no aircraft
So what?
And we are okay
They can't save themselves
but we can save them if we offer our plane.
That plane is for us
If we do not save then,
then who will save them
Our ancestors
will certainly lend a helping hand to the depths
of the plight of the people we are their offspring
C'mon everybody
Let them get on the plane
They helped us too
now, we must help them
Then what should we do to save us?
Please let them return home
Let Japanese get on the airplane
Mom, I'm afraid
Please listen to me
Of course, the elderly, children,
women with get first priority boarding
and then
Please trust me
What about the other people?
We will ensure the safety of road
Drive home
We don't have car anymore
How do we get back our cars?
Airplane is the only way
Long time ago,
our ancestors
Turkish heroes
faced the disaster in far away land
some were injured
but fortunately,
by the good people of that country, they
sacrifice their lives to rescue our people,
so, they could return to their homeland
Look at them now,
we can save them also.
The decision is in your hands
Ask your heart
be honest to yourself
Do you see that little boy? yeah..
Get him, bring him over.. sure..
Come to
Hurry, hurry, hurry, take my plane, hurry
They will give us airplane
Everyone, let's go
Get on the plane
thank you very much
thank you very much
thank you very much
Where are you going
We are drive to Istanbul,
it's about two days
Go with Grandpa
I hope they can safely return to Japan
The heart of people will move a country
Come in
Prime Minister, the first
plane is about to land safely
The second plane is about
to take off from Tehran
prime minister
what's up
Many diplomatic phone calls are coming in
They are proud of our rescue operations
There is no complains.
Yes, I have the pride of this country
This amulet saved us
Maybe who knows
But we would helped Japanese anyway
Do you know
I feel as I know you from long ago
Yes, me too
You know, my grandmother used to say
there are things in life,
you must never forget
True, there are things in
life too important to forget
Like today
Like today
Harumi teacher, we have to go in too
I understand, I will be there right away.
Thank you, and grateful to
you and the Turkish people
From my bottom of my heart
Thank you
Even thou, our time will change,
true goodness remains same.
Then there will be the story
about our generations
You are fine, no need to worry
The true friendship will
remain beyond our times.