Kairo (2001) Movie Script

Change course, Direction, 120 degrees
Roger, hard to port
Hard to port
- I need navigational information
- OK
It all began one day,
without warning,
like this...
Still no answer at Taguchi's?
It's been a week,
he must have his reasons
It shouldn't take a whole week
to work on that disk
Something's wrong
Maybe I should see if he's OK
I just got the creeps
I don't know,
I just feel like something's wrong
Like something's horribly wrong
What's up with Taguchi?
I don't know
If we don't get that disk now,
we're in real trouble
The deadline's tomorrow
I know that
What am I supposed to do?
We haven't heard a thing
I think I'd better go see how he's doing
Hey, you are here
Hey, Michi...
I was worried about you,
you haven't called
Right, sorry
Did you finish working on that disk?
Yeah, it's somewhere in that pile
You OK? Are you sick?
What have you been up to,
all on your lonesome? We're friends
Help yourself to the disk
You ought to label your disks
This is it?
The one marked Work File?
Oh, Junco
You OK? Was it awful?
I'm fine
I'd say it's break time
Oh, I forgot, here
It's so upsetting
I don't know what he was
so depressed about
He never said anything,
so what could we have done?
he suddenly just wanted to die
I get that way sometimes
It's so easy to hang yourself
Hey! Why so gloomy?
Oh, sorry
About Taguchi?
It's just...If only I'd...
He seemed like the Taguchi I know
I never imagined he'd
do something like that
Time to put it behind us
Besides, it wasn't your fault
Say...Would you take a look?
At what?
Taguchi's disk
What is it?
It's Taguchi's place
Is that Taguchi?
Yeah, I think so
What's going on?
Isn't that the same scene?
I can't tell
Hey, look
That's a face...
A reflection
You're right
Can you blow it up?
Let me see...
That was Taguchi, wasn't it?
Sure seems like it
What's going on?
Maybe something strange is going on
I don't know
I don't even care anymore
Something's definitely not right
A message in a bottle
launched 10 years ago
by a boy on Tanegashima Island,
was recently discovered
on a beach in Malaysia
some 4,000km away
Hikono Koichi was
a 4th grader
when he sent off his message
Members of a local group,
cleaning up the beach,
a sea turtle habitat,
discovered the bottle by accident
I never imagined it would find its
way to some foreign country
I was shocked to get
an answer after 10 years
The group located Hikono
through his former elementary school
Next, the National Weather Service
forecasts another unseasonably
hot summer, it's the 3rd
for eastern Japan...
for western Japan...
Northern Japan...will...
''Welcome to the Internet''
No, this way. Here, OK
Next, OK
''Have Fun''...OK, I'll have fun
Done ''OK''
What's this crap?
Yes, I agree
What? I guess that's OK
Next again, huh
What the...Oh well...
What the hell...
Would you like to meet a ghost?
Stupid crap!
What the...
Maybe you should change
the size on this batch file
Using the variable?
So you'll find its property, right?
On, conventional memory
So that's how you do it
Can the internet dial you up itself?
You in computer science?
No, economics, no relation
Huh...Sounds like a hacker
A hacker...
It said
''Do you want to meet a ghost?''
Some website like that
A ghost, huh...
Which website was that?
Something about meeting ghosts?
I don't really know
It just appeared last night
Know the address?
What? Um...address?
I see...
Open the Explorer log...
Oh, no, no, I really don't
know anything about computers
The next time the site shows up,
click on it to bookmark it
Not so fast
Can you repeat that?
Click on it
Click on it to bookmark it
If that doesn't work,
You know the print screen key?
Yeah, this one?
Try pressing it
If it doesn't work...
Print screen key
Got it
Let me know?
See you
Don't bother with that Mom
What? Sure
Are you eating this junk again?
It's not good for you
I'm going now
Have you called your father?
I see...
but what if you get in trouble?
I can' t rush over
It's awkward for me to see him,
but you should
Forget it. He's out of the picture
He lives here in Tokyo
But Tokyo's huge
I know, but...
I'm fine. I've got my friends
You sure?
I guess you'll be alright then
You're so trusting and
get carried away...
Who's this?
What is this...
The Forbidden Room
What happened, Taguchi...?
What am I saying?
What happened to Yabe?
Try his house
No answer
I hope nothing's wrong
Oh no, what's he up to?
I've got to go see him
No! Don't go!
He'll turn up He'll come if we wait!
Nothing strange has happened yet
Let's just act normal
Yeah, at least for today
Sorry, I'm late
Sure, sure
Where were you? Why didn't you call?
Can you believe? He's ignoring us!
What's going on?
Who cares...
What do I do now?
Click it
And bookmark it
Doesn't work
If that doesn't work,
press the print screen key
You're the one...
Yeah, Kawashima
I'm Karasawa Harue
Harue san, Harue san
How'd it go?
Well, it came back again
I pressed that print screen key...
Can I come over and check it out?
Yeah, sure, absolutely fine
I just need a minute
What's this?
That? Something we programmed here
If two dots get too close, they die,
but if they get too far apart,
they're drawn closer
Huh...what's it for?
A miniature model of our world...
But only the grad student
who designed it understands it
I wouldn't...
Suggest staring at it too long
Sorry, it's a mess
Thank you
There you go
- Have a drink
- Thank you
Getting the data?
Yeah, almost set
What got you started on the internet?
Nothing in particular...
You don't like computers, right?
Wanted to connect with other people?
Maybe...I don't really know
Everybody else is into it
People don't really connect, you know
Like those dots simulating humans
We all live totally separately
That's how it seems to me
I wonder...
Kudo san
Can you move these orchids
into the greenhouse?
Um, boss...
Isn't Yabe acting strange?
You think so?
Can I go check on him?
Fine, but...
It might be a waste of time
Words said in friendship with
the best of intentions
always winding up hurting
your friends deeply
And then you wind up getting hurt
Is friendship always that way?
If that's so, what's left?
If I were you...
Who needs friends like that?
A courageous choice in itself
Are you OK?
Did something happen?
If something happened,
let's talk about it
Both Junco and I,
are really worried
I saw...
A face...
A horrible face...
I've never seen anything like it...
What are you saying?
What did you see?
The Forbidden Room
Forbidden Room? What's that?
Is that...
The room with the red tape?
Don't dare go in there!
tell me
What happened?
I'm cold
Are you OK?
I don't really use the library much
Couldn't find the way out
You're reading this?
Is it related
to your work in the lab?
Do you have a minute?
What? Sure
Isn't it strange?
Yeah...sort of...
Almost like ghosts, right?
You're right, they're like ghosts
Sometimes, these turn up
At first,
they look like the other dots
What are they?
I don't know
A bug?
That website...
Oh, what happened with that?
But I think they're related...
I'm sure they're related
You think?
Let me know if anything happens
Yeah, sure
Karasawa san
I need you to check this
And you are?
My friend, Kawashima
The grad student, Yoshizaki san
I forgot to give you my number
Oh, right
Call me, OK?
Anytime, OK?
Thank you
''Everyone dies, therefore there's no
logical reason for ghosts not to exist
''How many ghosts have...
existed since prehistoric times?''
Do you see it too?
Sure you do,
because it's really there
Who is that?
You'll have to catch him to find out
Start right now,
and you might succeed
Have a go?
Why don't you, right now?
He disappeared
I see
He must be a student...
I don't know him
Maybe you're right.
Sorry I encouraged you
See you
Wait a minute
Just what was that?
I'm cold...
The spirit...
Or consciousness, the soul,
whatever you want to call it,
it turns out the realm they
inhabit has a finite capacity
Whether that capacity
accommodates billions or trillions,
eventually, it will run out of space
Once it's filled to the brim,
it's got to overflow
somehow, somewhere
But where?
The souls have no choice
but to ooze into another realm,
that is to say, our world
Maybe, at first...
it started with
something really simple
Once that realm
reached critical mass,
any device would have sufficed
Thrown it together with
the means and materials at hand
That's how I see it
Excuse me, do you have any tape?
Anything'll do, some tape
How's this?
Thank you
After many hours or days,
or many weeks, it finally happens
Through that process,
it spreads around the world
But now they're no longer
the faint presence they began as
You saw one yourself
I don't believe your stories
Right, sorry, it's all hypothetical
Thanks for the tea
Are you OK?
Just fine
But if this really happened,
there's no turning back
No matter how simple the device,
once the system's complete,
it'll function on its own,
and become permanent
In other words,
the passage is now open...
that's how it looks
Oh, I see, our boss isn't there?
Yes, I understand
If he does stop by,
Will you pIease ask him to call us?
Yes, thank you very much
what do you think is going on?
Why's everyone disappearing?
Oh, hello, this is
Sunny Plant Sales calling
Thank you for your business
Is our boss there
with you by any chance?
Oh, I see...Thank you, and excuse me
I'll go look for him
Wait, Junco, wait
Yes, hello...
Are you Yabe?
Help me...
Help me...
Junco, no!
Are you OK?
Are you OK?
Help me...
Help me...
Help me...
Look, I'm right here
I'm right here, it's OK
Excuse me
Karasawa Harue tel: 090-4079-2677
What are you doing, Harue?
You're dripping wet!
They went away...
They've all disappeared...
They always do...
I have to run away...
Run away somewhere...
Harue! Hey, Harue!
Listen, Harue! Harue!
Calm down! Harue!
Thank you...
I always wondered
what it's like to die...
From when I was realy little...
I was always alone
Any parents or family?
Sure, but they're irrelevant
That after death,
you live happily with
everyone over there
Can we stop talking about this?
But it may be true
Sure, but...
Then in high school it dawned on me
you might be all alone
after death, too
There's no way to know
How could you?
The idea was so terrifying
I couldn't even bear it
That nothing changes with death,
just right now, forever
Is that what becoming
a ghost is about?
You can't mess with that
It's really bad
What have ghosts got to do with us?
Besides, we're alive
Then, who are they?
Are they really alive?
How are they different from ghosts?
In fact,
ghosts and people are the same,
whether they're dead or alive
It's not right. It's wrong
They're all crazy
Nobody knows
what happens when you die
All this about ghosts, but I won't
believe in them, even if I see one
But I do know
that I'm definitely alive
and so are you, Harue
That's for sure, right?
So I don't want to think about
the fact we'll die someday
Just maybe...
In 10 years, or at least
while we're still alive,
they'll invent a drug
that prevents death
Then, we could live forever and ever
Of course you might think
I'm crazy to say that, but...
I'd rather bet on that
You want to live forever?
That sounds like fun?
Yeah...That's what I think
Huh...Maybe I've got it all wrong
It'll turn out just like you say
I'm sure
Ghosts won't kill people
Because that would just
make more ghosts
Isn't that right?
Instead, they'll try
to make people immortal
By quietly...
trapping them in their own loneliness
Junco, It'll be OK
It'll be OK
I fell asleep...
How do you feel?
Something to drink?
How about some coffee?
Am I just going to die like this?
Of course not
That's right...
I'll just keep on living,
all alone...
Why! Why!
Junco, don't go!
I'll be right there
Harue! Hey...
Kawashima...take me with you
I'm scared to be alone
Take me somewhere
OK, sure
Where to?
Somewhere far away
Out of Order
Shit, let's just go!
There's no one...
Where did everyone go?
I'm here
I'm here beside you
Even if,
there's no one else, it doesn't matter
We are both definitely here
Guess that's true...
What happened?
I've got to go back!
What? No! We've come this far!
But this is the end of the line
That's not true. It'll start moving
I'll go check with the driver.
Come with me
OK, but promise you'll
wait right here
I'll be right back. Promise
The Forbidden Room
Construction Materials - red tape
Not alone...
it's me, Kawashima
Harue! Listen!
Listen, what do you say to this?
The two of us live together
That way, we can always be together
If we keep living alone,
we'll just get worse and worse
because we're weak
We'll balance each other out
How about living that way?
Would you try it with me?
What do you think, Harue?!
Tokyo: Missing
Sakai Mitsuo, age 35
Tokyo: Missing
Yamazaki Naoko, age 6
Kanagawa: Missing
Hirayama Michio, age 80
Kanagawa: Missing
Kawahara Takumi, age 25
Saitama: Missing
Tomioka Shigeki, age 8
Tokyo: Missing
Yoshida Tomoko, age 21
Tokyo: Missing
Nakajima Kumi, age 5
Kanagawa: Missing
Kitaoka Eri, age 3
Tokyo: Missing
Fukuda Tatsuya, age 57
Um...are you OK?
Want some?
You are?
Oh, me? Um...
What are you doing here?
What am I doing here...?
So neither your dad nor your mom
made it through...
So many things happened at once,
it's impossible to sort them all out
Me too. My head's all messed up
So you're a student, Kawashima?
Lucky you
I don't think so
Oh, thanks...
And you?
I had a job
Wow, amazing
Nothing amazing
Did you have any friends?
Maybe one, I guess
What was she like?
What? I don't really know...
I never really found out...
Where is she?
OK, try starting it
OK, good
Why don't you look for her?
She's still somewhere, right?
You've got to help her then
Let's go find her. I'll help you
This is the last stop...
After that we go as far as we can
I can sort of see...
The future...
Look over there
An abandoned factory?
I wonder...
Shall we try it?
Listen, even if you see
a door sealed with red tape,
don't go near it, OK?
I know
You OK?
Look...at this
Look...over there
Watch out!
What happened, Harue!
What are you doing with that?
Let's get out of this place together
C'mon, hand it over
Harue! Harue!
Oh, no, a hospital...
Harue! Don't die!
C'mon! Please!
Help me!
We couldn't save her...
We're out of gas...
I'll get some,
there was gas back there
You'll be OK?
Wait for me. I'll be OK
death was...
eternal Ioneliness...
Don't ask me!
What's that got to do with me!
death was...
eternal loneliness...
You're not real
I refuse to acknowledge...Never...
I refuse to acknowledge death!
I know
I'll catch you
Then you'll disappear
That's it, right? Right?
You can't beat me!
I am...
What is it?
Forget it...Let's go...
It's too much...
What...are you doing?
You went in there...
Yeah, I did, but I'm fine
Don't cry
You want to go back?
To what's left of Harue?
That makes you feel better?
If that's what you want,
I'll go with you
Let's go...
As far as we can go
Are you sure about that?
Can you get out?
You OK?
Be careful
Wait here, OK?
Death comes to us all...
If so, maybe we would
have been happier,
had we gone with the rest
But we chose to keep going
into the future...
We'll head for Latin America
We're still getting signals there
Though they're pretty weak
We've got to give it a try,
no matter what we find
If anyone's survived,
we can head out again
and go...
as far as we can
C'mon, be strong
Have I done the right thing?
Are you sure?
You're doing the right thing
Now, alone with
my last friend in the world,
I have found happiness