Kaiser: The Greatest Footballer Never to Play Football (2018) Movie Script

(wind whooshing)
(sirens wailing)
(static hissing)
(tone beeping)
(singing in foreign language)
(speaking foreign language)
(birds chirping)
[MUSIC: "Poema Ritmico
Do Malandro by Sonia Santos]"
[(singing in foreign language]
[Brazilian soccer announcer]
[Brazilian soccer announcer]
[crowd cheering]
[Brazilian soccer announcer]
[light guitar music]
[Narrator] They say
that those who go to Rio
do so because they are
attracted by the bright lights.
It is the city of opportunity
a chance to escape the poverty
and hardship of rural Brazil.
Hope for a better life.
But to make it in this city
you need to have something
other than just hope.
This is Carlos Henrique Raposo.
But no one calls him by that name.
He is known to all as Kaiser.
Kaiser, the German word for emperor.
Derived from the Roman ruler,
Julius Caesar.
Kaiser, like Caesar, is a man
who does not rely on hope,
and like the man who bore
his title before him
this Kaiser also created an empire,
a world where he was at the
center, pulling the strings.
(all yelling)
(bell dinging)
At least, that's his version of it.
There are many many others.
To understand Kaiser's story,
one thing needs to be made
absolutely clear.
(light horn music)
Brazil loves football and
football loves Brazil.
(yelling in Portuguese)
(singing in foreign language)
(crowd cheering)
(Brazilian soccer anouncer)
[Carlos Alberto] Brazil is an
inexhaustible factory of amazing talent.
(Crowd Cheering)
[Narrator] Over the
years, Brazil has won.
All there is to win.
And we have done it in style.
Braziliian style.
[Be be to] Brazilian
football is like an art form.
It's technically fantastic.
The creativity and skill of
Brazilian players is indisputable.
[Narrator] Brazil may
not have invented football,
but we certainly added Ginga to it.
Ginga, an indefinable,
almost mystical quality
of movement and attitude
possessed by Brazilians.
It is there in the way
we walk, talk, dance,
and yes, in the way we play football.
(crowd cheering)
So, it naturally follows
that those who add ginga
to what is effectively
a national treasue
are loved and worshiped by millions,
and can get just about anything they want.
The high life, 1980s and 1990s Rio
was the realm of the superstar footballer.
And in this city, superstar footballers
play for one of Rio's
top four football clubs.
But if a footballer ever
played for all top four clubs,
well, he would be able to have it all.
[Eri Johnson] The first time I saw
Kaiser, he was crossing the street
With such swagger that I thought
"That guy must be one of the best
footballers in the world."
[Ricardo Rocha] Kaiser is one of the
most iconic characters in world football.
[Carlos Alberto] Kaiser was cool, in every
sense of the word.
[Alexandre Torres] It was
his lingo and vernacular
The way he walked, the way he dressed.
[Roger Flores] He pranced around in swimming
trunks flicking his long hair around.
[Alexandre Torres] He
had that kind of hair
And sunglasses.
Those massive sunglasses.
He would even rock a bumbag
which is now completely dated.
In my mind, he was a footballer.
(singing in Portuguese)
[Narrator] Now, a story
about a football player
who was popular and looked
good in tight swimming trunks
would be nothing special
and it would be a relatively short tale.
Kaiser's story is about
much much more than that.
[Buffalo Gil] I think he's the
only person on the planet
who for 26 years
played football without putting
on a pair of boots.
I don't think he ever went on a pitch.
He signed contracts with many clubs
But he didn't touch the ball. He didn't
even know the ball was round.
He was a professional conman.
(light percussive music)
[Kaiser] I took part in this documentary
to tell the truth.
In Brazil, footballers have
always been fawned over.
People in the football world have
always been idolised and seen as special.
That's why my nickname is Kaiser.
My real name is Carlos Henrique Raposo
That's why my nickname is Kaiser. My real name is Carlos Henrique Raposo
Kaiser was given to me because other players compared me to Beckenbauer.
Kaiser was given to me because other
players compared me to Beckenbauer.
Kaiser, the king of German
football, the Pele of German football.
They, not me, thought the way I
played was similar to Beckenbauer.
I didn't give myself the
Kaiser mantle. The Kaiser title.
They made it up for me
because I had something.
(singing in foreign language)
always chubby, always chubby.
Back then there was a beer called Kaiser.
It was kind of a thick round bottle
And people would ask "Why Kaiser?"
"It's because he looks
like the Kaiser bottle."
Then the Kaiser nickname ended up sticking
That was the story.
[Kaiser] This is the
story of an anti-footballer.
I want you to use that
phrase. An anti-footballer.
I didn't play. I didn't
score. I didn't kick a ball.
It's not the story of the star player,
of the guy who did everything.
It's the story of an anti-footballer.
[Be be to] He's been in loads of clubs.
I think Kaiser's been all over the world.
Not just Brazil but the whole world.
I'm sure of that.
(upbeat rock music)
[Narrator] Kaiser was
here there and everywhere
including Rio's top four clubs.
[Be be to] He played for Flamengo...
[Narrator] The biggest club in Brazil
with over 40 million fans.
The list of great players include Zico,
Romario, and Be be to.
[Carlos Alberto] I met him in person when
he approached me...
He introduced himself as a footballer
And said that he'd played
for several clubs in Europe.
He wanted a chance to show
his value as a player.
[Be be to] He played for Vasco.
[Narrator] One of the most
iconic clubs in world football,
named after the famous
Portuguese explorer.
[Paulo Angioni] Sometimes he would spend
three months at one club
Four months at another, five
months somewhere else.
In the same year he would
be at three or four clubs.
[Kaiser] I was at Fluminese twice.
[Narrator] Flamengo's traditional rival.
Their derby matches are
among the most intense in.
South American football.
[MARCIO MEIRA] He managed to
train with the Fluminense first team
But nobody managed to see
him train with the ball itself.
[Kaiser] I was at Botafogo
two or three times.
[Narrator] The last of Rio's big four.
Botafogo has produced more
Brazilian internationals
than any other club.
[Be be to] He would come with newspapers,
and ID cards of clubs he'd been at.
[Junior] He actually managed to get into
professional teams
That's the most incredible
thing about his whole story.
[Narrator] As well as the big clubs...
Kaiser also played for
the smaller Rio teams.
[Kaiser] I had three stints at America FC,
two at Bangu.
[ Narrator] But Kaiser's career
really took off internationally.
[Kaiser] I spent three years at Puebla
having them on.
It wasn't like El Paso.
El Paso was horrible.
[Martha Esteves] At the time we
didn't have access to the information
We have today in our globalized world
With Google and the internet.
[Be be to] So I'm watching the TV: "The
new signing, Kaiser."
And everyone fell for it.
"I can't believe he's at another club."
[Alexandre Torres] He had some
offer from Arabia, from France or Japan.
[Be be to] He would vanish, disappear.
[Eduardo Oliveiri] He had a
photo of Paris Saint-Germain.
He'd trained at Paris Saint-Germain.
[ Renato Mendes Mota]
Independiente in Argentina.
He said he became world club champion
In a final against Barcelona.
[Be be to] Then after about six months
Kaiser would come back.
[ Narrator] Kaiser's roster of clubs
is a list that any average player
would die for.
But Kaiser was not your average player.
[Be be to] Kaiser was crap at football.
That's the conclusion we came to.
He couldn't play for his life.
[Ricardo Rocha] He only had one problem.
The ball.
He was good at everything but
the ball was his weakness.
[Eri Johnson] The ball wasn't his thing.
Coconuts were.
He was good with coconuts, not balls.
[Narrator] In Brazil,
people who are not very good
at football, won't even get
into a kick-about on a beach,
let alone sign contracts
with some of the biggest
clubs in the world.
Yet despite his lack of talent...
Kaiser managed to do just that.
But how?
[MUSIC: Antonio Carlos
E Jocafi "Kabaluere"]
[Carlos Alberto] He turned up on a day
Where the training sessions
was based around fitness.
And he displayed an incredible vigour.
[Kaiser]What I had was physical fitness,
but it wasn't enough.
You had to be skilful. Very skilful.
[Carlos Alberto] We usually
started off with fitness
And finished training with the ball.
[Ricardo Rocha] He was
wherever the ball wasn't.
[Marcello Campello] The ball
was on the right, he'd be on the left.
The ball was on the
left, he'd be on the right.
If the ball was in the middle, he'd be in defence.
The ball was in defence, he'd be in attack.
[Be be to] We'd play piggy in the middle
with Kaiser as the piggy
And he'd have serious trouble.
Kaiser would run from
one side to the other
And we'd just say "Get out Kaiser
or we'll end up killing you."
Kaiser was dying. Sweating loads.
He was wrecked before
training even started!
I knew immediately
that he didn't possess
all the qualities that he claimed to have.
[Junior Nego] He knew that he wasn't a
footballer and that he never wanted to play.
It's like a doctor who's scared of blood
Wanting to be a doctor.
[Ricardo Rocha] After the game I'd
tell him "Kaiser you never touch the ball."
He said "Ricardo, I have
a unique style of play."
He was a cheeky bastard too.
[Narrator] Clearly, Kaiser wasn't in it
for the footballing glory.
So what was his goal?
[Kaiser] I would sign a contract
then take the cash advance
So it didn't matter if the
salary came in or not.
I'm not one of those players who
sees out his three year contract.
The idea was to get out
as quickly as possible.
[Be be to] He was always faking something.
His whole injury charade was amazing.
[MUSIC continues]
[Gonalves] After two
sprints he felt something...
He put his hand on his leg
And he asked to come off.
He was always faking.
Injured ankle, injured
thigh, he'd snapped a tendon.
[Kaiser] There were no MRI scans back then
so I faked being injured.
[Buffalo Gil] He would sign for a club
and stay with the physio for three months.
Then he would get injured again.
[Marcello Campo] Centre forwards
have to score or at least assist goals.
But it's easier to hide from the
game as a centre forward.
I think that's why he played there.
If I had to symbolically kill my
grandma to not play, I would kill her.
I would get a phone call saying my grandma
had died. I would do that not to play.
I didn't want to play.
[Alexandre Couto] We were in
the dressing room getting changed
And he put his hand in his bag and
there was a 'brrrrr'
There was a cell phone noise.
Then he takes out a big
brick thing that opens like this...
[Kaiser] "Hello".
He was like "I'm just talking with
the people over in France..."
"Sorting out my contract."
He used to mix English with French.
"'Tres bien, Tres bien. Et vous?"
He would pretend he was talking
to the Barcelona president.
"'One moment. One moment
please. Tres bien, tres bien."
So when he leaves, Nelson pulls it out
It's a toy cell phone.
[General chit-chat in Portuguese.]
If you tell your friends any of this,
they won't believe it.
Everywhere he went there would be somebody
to have a word with the coach
So he could have a chance to train.
It was me who had a word with Carlos Alberto
Torres "Professor, let Kaiser train."
Other people too. I think he always
had somebody who could help him out,
but he knew he didn't have what it takes
to be a professional footballer.
When they say "Kaiser
wasn't a good player."
Kaiser wasn't a good player because
They're comparing me to the players
I hung around with.
If it was with today's
generation, I'd be a star player.
You understand?
(light vibraphone music)
[Narrator] The players Kaiser
claims he hung around with
were not ordinary footballers.
They are some of the biggest stars Brazil
has ever produced.
Zico, Beberto, Junior, Romario.
You'd have to be really good to stand out
amongst those guys.
(crowd cheering)
One man did just that.
His name wasn't Kaiser, though.
It was Renato Portaluppi, a right-winger
from Porto Alegre, southern Brazil.
And because he was from the state
famous for its cowboys
he was known to all as Renato Gaucho.
William Onebeyor: "Fantastic man"
[Washington Rodriguez] I'd
define Renato Gaucho like this
Renato Gaucho was the perfect man.
[Brazilian soccer comentary]
[Ricardo Rocha] Renato had
an illustrious career in Brazil.
He's one of the greatest
forwards in Brazilian football
Without a doubt.
[Brazilian soccer commentary]
[Be be to] Reanto was a top player.
He was a player much like
Cristiano Ronaldo
Messi, Neymar.
[Zico] He'd be there working
harder than everybody.
He'd cover more distance
than anyone on the pitch.
[Brazilian soccer commentary]
He played every game,
and he always delivered.
[Washington Rodriguez] He
has the strength of a Gaucho
And the ginga of a Carioca.
[Crowd Cheering]
[Narrator] Renato made his name Gremlo,
pretty much single-handedly taking them
to the Copa Libertadores
and then the World Club Cup.
[Brazillian soccer commentary]
[Jose Carlos Araujo] Renato's rise
at Gremio was as a young heart-throb.
[Introducing Renato Gaucho]
He was almost like a soap opera
star in that early period.
He'd date women and go to nightclubs
He'd joke around. He was a real joker.
Great for the group. I loved him.
[Martha Esteves] I had
a real dislike for him.
Stuck up stud.
I have a deep dislike for stuck-up
ladies' men, for arrogant hot guys.
They really piss me off.
[fantastic man music]
[Washington Rodriguez] Renato was
always a lad in the good sense of the word.
Relaxed, likeable, friendly, affable.
But he was a ladies' man.
[Renato] I send this flower to my love.
I'll send one to my other love Carla.
For Maria. Oh God.
For my love, Carl in ha.
Monica, you're amazing.
I'd never forget you.
Oh God.
We did an interview on the beach
And he wore tiny, weeny
little yellow speedos.
He had a huge speedo collection
Because he lived in Ipanema and he
went to the beach every day.
After chatting for half an
hour, we became friends.
[Journalist] You always seem to be dating
a different beautiful woman
Are you fickle?
[Renato] They can choose
to accept me how I am.
[Gonalves] One time in the middle of the
famous Rio Sul shopping mall
I saw a small crowd gathering with
guys passing by me saying
"Renato Gaucho's over
there signing autographs."
And I thought "Is Renato
there? I'll go and see."
I get into the middle of the mall and
who's there signing autographs?
[Ricardo Rocha] He wanted to look like
Renato Gaucho
He cut his hair the same way
And tried to wear similar clothes to
Renato when he could.
[Be be to Singer] He pretended to be Renato.
He would show goal montages from afar
And because Kaiser had
wavy hair like Renato
He would tell girls that he'd
scored a goal for Gremio
and girls bought it because they didn't
have a lot of knowledge about players.
My reign truly began from 1983 when
I was compared to Renato.
That's when my reign
starts. Renato's clone.
[Renato] I began visiting
Rio de Janeiro in 1983
And it was around then I met this legend.
We can call him that.
All of you abroad may have only
just heard of him
But for us here he's a legend.
And then I started hearing
all of these stories about me
And then I started hearing all of these stories about me "This guy's
slept with women pretending to be you. He's doing this or that."
"This guy's slept with women pretending
to be you. He's doing this or that."
"He's doing well out of your name."
I said "If the guy's doing well, let him."
"Unless he's stealing or attacking
somebody let him do it."
Due to my resemblance with Renato.
"I used to to sleep with older women..."
For money
Because women wanted to bed Renato
But they paid to have sex with Kaiser.
[Renato] When I met Kaiser I could
really see how much he resembled me.
After we met I could never forget him
Because he's a real character.
There are endless stories about Kaiser.
We've been good friends for many years
And I know we'll stay that way.
[Kaiser] I don't drink because my mum was
an alcoholic. I have an aversion to drink.
For me nowadays, my dad, my brother,
my friend, my everything
Is Renato Gaucho.
(upbeat jazz music)
[Narrator] By pretending to be Renato,
Kaiser had tasted the life
of a professional footballer.
He had his entry into the game
and he fully intended to exploit it.
In Brazil, Kaiser is known as a 171,
the penal code for scams and fraud.
[Sergio Americo] As we say
colloquially here in Brazil
"Every 171 is loveable."
And Kaiser is no exception.
[Zico] They're always bad. Always bad.
Profiting from something they don't do.
[Junior Nego] Kaiser is a good 171...
He was shady in a good way.
I think he's an affront to
the profession of football.
[Narrator] Kaiser knew
that if he wanted to maintain
his footballer lifestyle,
he had to become one.
And with his growing
network of famous friends,
he started getting introductions
to professional clubs.
But his first opportunity
didn't come in Rio,
but 9,000 kilometers away.
[French accordion music]
[Alexandre Couto]
Ajaccio, or Corsica actually
The island, is very beautiful.
Surrounded by the Mediterranean.
[Kaiser] GFCA. Gazelec
Football Club Ajaccio.
I was taken by a Brazilian called
Fabio Barros, Fabinho.
I arrived and they had high expectations
because I was Brazilian.
The stadium was packed with fans.
I climbed into the stands and gave
flowers to the president's wife
Got the Corsican flag and kissed it.
And so I didn't have to train
I kicked all the balls out to the fans
And then there was no training.
I got a standing ovation.
Just because of that I could have
stayed ten years without playing.
[Alexandre Couto] There was a game,
which I was watching from the stands.
And right when they blew the whistle
he made a crazy ten metre dash.
At the end of the sprint he put his
hand on his leg and fell on the ground.
There was a French guy sat next to me
who also played for the club and he said.
"Alex, that guy never plays. I already
knew that was going to happen"
"I was actually surprised he didn't
come off before the whistle blew."
His relationship with the
club couldn't have been worse.
He didn't bother anybody, but
the coach didn't like him.
[Kaiser] My friends were
the directors not the players.
[Alexandre Couto] Corsica
wants to be independent.
So the violence there is really bad.
It's mafia. Let's not beat around
the bush. It's mafia.
Mancini, an Italian, was vice-president.
He had a special relationship with Mancini
As if he was his son.
It was like a wing of
protection around Kaiser.
It was a kind of mafia thing.
[Kaiser] There came a point when they said
"He's not going to perform."
"He's not going to perform but
he's important to us."
And he was loaned
out, he didn't stay there.
He was always going back
to Brazil to play for Bangu.
Loaned out to Bangu, America FC.
[Narrator] In a country
where he couldn't speak the language
and was a complete unknown,
Kaiser had conned his way
into professional football.
Having a foreign club on his resume
gave him exactly what
he needed back at home,
a doorway into the world
of Brazilian football.
[Kaiser] The clubs I've been
at probably won't admit it
Because I was a disappointment for them.
But clubs screw so many people over
That somebody had to trick the clubs.
They couldn't fire me.
How do you explain that you signed
some player who didn't work out?
You can't sell them.
You'll be devaluing all of your assets.
All the teams I went to celebrated twice
when I signed and the again when I left.
You understand?
The only exception to that was Bangu.
[Superfantastico theme tune]
[Narrator] This is the
legendary Brazilian children's
TV show, Balao Magico.
It featured a clown, a flying
balloon with an evil face,
and what appears to be a dancing penis,
which is stroking an egg.
Balao Magico and its theme
song, Super Fantastisco,
were loved by millions,
including this man,
Castor de Andrade.
Castor was a colorful
character in Brazilian life.
He was patron of the famous
Moncidade's Samba School,
which still competes in Rio Carnival.
Castor was a man of the people,
known throughout the entire country.
[Narrator] And he financed
and controlled Bangu,
a small club in the west zone of Rio.
Whatever he wanted, happened.
And Castor wanted the Bangu
band to play Super Fantastico
at every game.
Super Fantastico
[Romarinho] Everybody who played for Bangu
under Doctor Castor
Was afraid of Doctor Castor.
That's a fact. You couldn't not be.
[Renato Prado] The left back for the
1970 national team, Marco Antonio
Was always injured and he couldn't play.
Castor went to training where Marco
Antonio was chatting away
He took his revolver out
BANG, he took a shot
near Marco Antonio's foot.
He jumped about two kilometres.
"Look! You're fine! You
can play tomorrow then."
(light percussive music)
[Narrator] Castor was a man
that no one wanted to mess with.
In the 1980s, he was considered
to be the most dangerous
crime boss in Brazil.
[Romarinho] If the police stopped you in
the street and you mentioned Doctor Castor
You would get off Scott-free.
Castor de Andrade's name was very powerful.
[Washington] I was a friend of
his. I'm godfather to his daughter.
Castor was charismatic, caring. He
lived on the wrong side of the law
But all the powerful leaders
around the country loved him.
[Narrator] Castor was a bichiero,
the head of an illegal lottery
game called Jogo Do Bicho.
You can still buy a ticket
on every street corner
in Brazil and it's tolerated
because everybody plays it.
Castor had been born into the game
and had gone from owning
a few lottery stores
to becoming one of the richest
and most influential people
in the whole of Brazil.
[Sergio Americo] Castor de
Andrade was drowning in money.
He could light cigars with $100 bills.
[Martha Esteves] He was the boss.
He assumed the power of the role.
I would very often see
players kiss his hand.
That would actually happen.
[Narrator] Crime bosses
are passionate people.
And what better to release passion
than through football.
Bangu and Castor were a perfect match.
[Referee] I saw who
ordered them to attack me
And it was the chairman,
Castor de Andrade.
[Castor] ran after the referee with a
clear instruction saying
"Don't leave the pitch!"
"Wait on the pitch for the police."
And as I approached him shouting
"Don't leave the pitch!"
He might have thought I was trying
to attack him, so he ran off.
The footage shows the carnage,
but I didn't see anything.
[Jose Carlos Araujo] I remember saying
to him "Hey, Castor..."
He liked me a lot because I
didn't ask for bribes.
And he said to me "Garotinho,
get this in your head..."
"Only people that deserve it get killed."
So I went out thinking "Whoa,
only people that deserve it get killed!"
How was I supposed to
interpret that sentence?
[Narrator] Castor's money
brought in some of the greatest
players in Brazil,
including some of the 1970.
World Cup winning squad
and their superstar
national team forward, called Maurino.
The team went from nothing
to narrowly missing out
on becoming champions of Brazil in 1985.
[Brazilian soccer commentary]
Castor's money also brought
him a not-so-great player.
[Kaiser] I came from Ajaccio.
I went from Corsica to Bangu.
There's a newspaper headline
saying "Bangu has its king."
Who was that? Zizinho?
No. Carlos Kaiser.
From a sports newspaper back then.
It's there for whoever wants to see it.
[Marcello Henrique] I saw this
newspaper headline "Bangu signs Kaiser."
The name alone stands
out. A name like Kaiser.
"I want to see this guy play."
[Ado] He became as important
as Mauro Galvo, Marinho
And nobody today can explain why.
Because he was as important as
we were for the club.
For doing nothing.
He wasn't a player.
[Marcello Henrique] I
was a ball boy at Bangu.
He would tell me from on the pitch
"Go up to the stands..."
"And get all the guys from the
favela here to shout my name."
"Then after the training I'll
buy you a snack and a drink."
I said "Leave it to me." Then I went
up and got about 30 guys to shout...
"Kaiser! Kaiser!"
After that Castor would say "He's the man."
[MUSIC] Pete Dunaway "Supermarket'"
[Ado] he managed to fool the most
dangerous man in Brazil.
Tripping Castor up is like tripping up
a tortoise. It's difficult,
but it seems he did it.
[Romarinho] We were
afraid of Doctor Castor
But he loved Kaiser.
[Ado] You'd got into Castor's room and
Kaiser was always there
Playing, chatting and laughing loads.
When we had to give an interview,
Doctor Castor asked him to do it.
And everybody was
like "Doctor, why Kaiser?"
He would just say "Kaiser is the man."
[Kaiser] Doctor Castor always thought I was
going to shine at some point.
I organized everything. I was
the team's PR manager.
So when a director of the team
decided to get rid of me
There were 30 people demanding
that I stayed.
[Ado] The good thing he brought to Bangu
was that he filled the place up with girls.
He would arrive in a van
With 15 or 20 women.
He's amazing.
I don't know where his talent
comes from but it's good.
[Kaiser] This documentary has to be based on
the personal side, not the footballing one.
I wasn't any kind of legend. I
was a legend to other people.
The players' legend, not the fans' one.
No club has a statue
of me. There's nothing.
[Music] Marcos Valle "Estrellar"
[Narrator] Rio de Janeiro
is as seductive at night
as it is by day.
All of Brazil wants to party here
and with his reputation
as a superstar footballer,
Kaiser was at the center of every party.
To his teammates, he was
the king of Rio nightlife.
What he lacked in talent on the pitch,
he more than made up
for on the dance floor.
[Alexandre Torres] He'd know
where the coolest places were.
The king of the party.
[Valthino] He was always around footballers
and among beautiful women.
I always saw Kaiser with beautiful women.
And famous women too.
[Maurico] Kaiser would
bring you along to a nightclub
Where there were women in a VIP area
Free drinks, free food.
It was like he was an actor.
He would pretend to be someone special
So people would inexplicably give
him special treatment.
[Gonalves] He would rock
up with his footballer swagger
Then he'd go up to them and
say "Hey, I'm a footballer..."
And the girl would be
like "Wow! A footballer?"
[Guitierrez] He would
go up to women and say
"I'm a footballer. I want to
dedicate my next goal to you on TV"
[Leri] He invited me to go out with him
That's where the trouble started.
I remember one time we went to a
nightclub called Nuth over in Barra.
Kaiser invited me and two girls
to a nightclub opening.
"Ok. Let's go."
"You won't have to worry about anything as
it's all on my tab and I know everybody there."
Then he opened a door about this
height to crawl through.
Under the door and under
all these pots and pans.
He got me in through the kitchen.
I come in and there's
a fryer in front of me.
We came out onto the roof and down
a ladder then we were in the club.
Then once we finally got in I realised
that he'd just snuck us in like a rat.
I said to him "Fucking
hell Kaiser, I work"
"I can just go to the front and pay the
entrance fee. I don't need this shit!"
I got in trouble at home with my wife
Because a lot of people would say to her
"Renato was in this place, Renato was
drinking there, Renato was with a woman."
And it wasn't me. I was at training camp.
It was Kaiser.
We arrived at a nightclub.
He was walking in and
was stopped by the bouncer.
Kaiser said "Don't you know who I am?"
"I'm Renato Gaucho."
"Oh Renato! Come on in."
Then the nightclub
owner said "Hey Renato..."
Come sit down here. You and
Mauricio sit here. They're players."
Then the real Renato comes along
and the bouncer stops him.
I say "The owner invited me along.
I'm with a couple of friends."
And the guy says "but who are you?"
I said "I'm Renato Gaucho."
The bouncer looks at me and says
"Do I look like an idiot?"
Renato says "Are you crazy, mate?"
And everybody else
saying "It's Renato, mate."
And the bouncer says "No way,
Renato's already inside!"
"Oh, really? Renato
Gaucho is already inside?"
I said "Could you do me one favour?"
Which one is Renato Gaucho in there?"
I come in and Carlos
Kaiser is there at the table
Surrounded by beautiful
women with drinks on the table.
Then they found out it was Carlos Kaiser.
Kaiser went and hid in the bathroom.
What can I do with a guy like that?
[light percussive music]
[Narrator] Off the pitch,
Kaiser was living the life
of a star, and his fellow
footballers loved him.
But Castor de Andrade's patience
was starting to wear thin.
[Eduardo Oliveiri] Castor
was so pissed off with him.
One day Castor de Andrade and his
people came and said
"Kaiser! If you don't train today
right now, we're going to shoot you."
He pressured me.
Doctor Castor liked the way I was.
He wanted to see my character on the pitch.
You could never fool him.
Men like that don't get fooled.
Nobody scams Castor de Andrade.
[Club music]
[Renato] Bangu weren't getting good results
so at some point they said
"We have to make Kaiser play."
[Kaiser] I was partying at a nightclub
here in Rio called Caligula.
The Bangu coach Moises calls me.
[phone ringng]
[MUSIC Zapatta "A Mesa Santa"]
So the guy finds me at four in the morning.
And he tells me that Doctor Castor wants
me on the bench the next day.
I said "Come on man. You call me at four in
the morning to play in the game?"
He said "No. You just have to be on
the bench. You're not going to play."
So I'm arriving back at the hotel and
the other players are just waking up.
I was a ball boy. I was on the pitch.
It seemed like a storm was gathering.
Everybody was excited saying
"Kaiser is going to make his debut."
How can a footballer be thinking
"Oh hell, I'm going on the pitch.
What am I going to do?"
So they put him on the bench.
The game is in full flow then Castor sends
a message down saying "Put Kaiser on."
"Send Kaiser on. Put the big guy
up front so he scores."
And he's terrified of coming on.
They tell him to warm up and he thinks
"I'm screwed. I'm screwed."
"If the Doctor finds me out, I'm dead."
I started to warm up and
supporters were shouting
"Long haired faggot!"
I thought "Now's my chance."
So I jumped the fence.
And he fights this fan.
And I was sent off before
coming on the pitch.
Castor comes down to the dressing
room ready to kill him.
"Kaiser, for God's sake, the boss is
going to kill you today."
"What have you done? You're crazy."
I was sitting down and thinking
about what I could say.
Then Doctor Castor
comes in with his heavies.
When he came up to me I said
"Before you speak I want
to say something."
"I can't tolerate fans saying
bad things about you..."
"You are incredible."
"You're my father."
"God took away my real father..."
"Then he gave me you."
"The fans out there were calling
you a crook and a bum..."
"That you're a criminal, you're a villain."
"They were slandering you saying
you were a drug baron..."
"My contract is up in a fortnight."
"You'll be rid of me in a fortnight."
You are my friend.
Three more months on your contract.
"You're my friend. Three more
months on your contract!"
"Put another six months on Kaiser's
contract and double his pay."
And the whole team was like "Fucking hell.
How did you manage that?"
He stayed for another three months
suckling Castor's tit.
(Rock Music)
[Narrator] So, by
impersonating superstars
and sweet-talking gangster
bosses, Kaiser proclaimed
to be a footballer himself.
Now it was time to do some
serious self-promotion,
appear in sporting and gossip columns
and start to dominate, not just Bangu,
but the entire city of Rio.
(Music continues)
There were friendships that Kaiser
forged with certain journalists.
Who he'd schmooze.
He'd sell his story and
the journalists believed it.
There are loads of interviews with
him with many journalists.
He's done loads of TV shows.
It's truly unbelievable.
Actually this is how it goes
I was sold to Ajaccio in Corsica.
In French it's "Ajaccienne."
Jairzinho, I was your lucky charm.
I saw you come to Botafogo.
What's up gang.
It's not just any show today.
It's a special show.
You know why?
Why? Because Renato's here.
You're so hot right now.
The important thing is to be happy.
He sold the story of his life
being a footballer.
He inhabited the character
And he talked the talk.
(upbeat percussive music)
[Narrator] As Kaiser's fame spread,
he was able to get into any
football club he wanted.
Trying to work out which
club he was at any one time
was impossible.
He was everywhere.
A few weeks here, a few months there.
[Kaiser] Dates for me are
something I want to forget.
I didn't care about
changing clubs all the time
When a manager told me I wasn't
going to play, I was overjoyed.
[Narrator] In order to maintain
the life of a footballer,
all Kaiser had to do was
make sure he never set foot
on a pitch, or went near a football.
[Kaiser] A famous
midfielder for Fluminense
Knocked some guy out in a nightclub
and I took the blame.
I saved the players' asses.
[Edgar] He came to Palmeiras.
He approached the guy who was marking
him from the youth team
And asked "How much do you earn?"
The guy told him so he said "I'll give you
double that if you injure me."
Training started and the guy
slide tackled him and injured him.
Then when his contract was
ending they extended it.
[Kaiser] I arrived at Puebla on a 3 year
contract but I was sent on loan to America FC.
And the club president came to me
and said "Fuck man you never play!"
"I have the note here and they've finally
found what my problem is."
"It's a dental issue." Pure lies.
[Narrator] Many people will
wonder why football clubs
would fall for this.
The first rule for any
good business person
is to check your employees' references.
However, in some respects,
Kaiser's references
were very good.
Okay, he couldn't deliver on the pitch,
but he certainly delivered off it.
And his particular skills
were just what was needed
at Botafogo.
[MUSIC Sonizeira: "Bam Bam Bam"]
[Narrator] Castor de
Andrade's shady work history
and controlling interest in Bangu
wasn't a unique combination
in 1980s Brazil.
There were other bicheiros
involved in Rio football.
Emil Pinheiro was just
like Castor de Andrade.
An absurdly wealthy man.
[Emil] Top players probably earn more
than the President of Brazil.
[Martha Esteves] Emil was more of a small
time bicheiro, and Castor was big league.
He wasn't volatile or
short tempered like Castor.
Doctor Emil was really funny. He
was tiny. He was really short.
And he wore a little wig
that would occasionally fall out of place.
They needed to launder money
they'd earned illegally.
And part of that money went into football.
Legend has it that Pinheiro bought
off linesmen and referees.
[Narrator] Emil had wanted to be part
of football for years
and his old friend, Castor, helped him
get the right introductions to Botafogo.
The club hadn't won a
thing since the '70s,
but Emil's briefcases of
cash and a favor from Castor
changed all that.
Despite being the bigger
bichiero, Castor owed Emil
a lot of money and rather
than start an unnecessary
turf war, he just let
a lot of Bangu players
join Emil's revolution in Boafogo.
The result, a 1989 state's championship.
(Brazilian Soccer commentary)
[Mauricio] God had a
purpose for me with that goal.
I brought joy to millions of Botafogo fans.
This title is for my aunt
And for my mum watching at home.
Emil Pinheiro was crucial to that victory.
I can now die peacefully.
[Narrator] Having
been patron of the club
for only a year, winning the
title meant instant success.
For Emil...
To an outsider, it was almost
as if he had a secret weapon.
Can I say what actually happened
or will it be censored?
Is this film for over 18s?
Can I explain exactly what happened?
Very well
Emil Pinheiro wasn't around
for the Viagra boom.
(Bam Bam Bam music continues0.
Being the age he was
Impotence was a reality. Sexual impotence.
So at the time there was
A prosthetic surgical procedure.
It was the hot topic.
Doctor Emil's bionic penis.
[Claudio Cafe] I took him to
get that prosthetic implant
And it made him really happy.
I'm sure he died happy.
And I teased him saying "Doctor Emil
you must be over the moon..."
"Because I heard you have a new penis."
And Emil would wear these
kind of baggy trousers
So his thing was king of swaying.
It looked like a piece of wood.
We started to joke with him saying
that he had a permanent erection.
He would go away and I would say
"Guys, I think Emil's penis is bent..."
"Because he always returns from the
bathroom cleaning his glasses."
Emil made a point of showing it off.
Botafogo had gone ten games without a win.
Emil sat down at the table
with the cameras watching.
Since I was the most experienced,
I came forward and said
"Botofogo haven't won in ten games."
"What do you have to say
about a crisis at Botafogo?"
Emil drummed his fingers on the table,
and in that hoarse voice of his said.
"Sergio Americo"
"I've looked in the drawer."
"I've looked in the cupboards."
"I've looked on the floor..."
"And I couldn't find the Botafogo
crisis that you're talking about."
Then he grabbed his prosthetic
penis and looked at me.
"Sergio Americo..."
"The Crisis is here!"
I can't take it. I swear to God.
I actually think I saw
his dick accidentally
Because he would wear these tight chinos
And he was always
sat with his dick like this.
I would say "Guys, that dick is wrong!"
[Narrator] It's no
good having a new penis
if you haven't got anyone to use it with.
It is here that Kaiser's
unique skills as a professional
footballer can be fully appreciated.
[Kaiser] Emil Pinheiro
had a prosthetic penis.
I was always introducing him to women
and I would say to him
"What do you have that makes all these
women want to sleep with you?"
And so he warmed to me.
So long as I stayed
tight with the President.
I could stay at the club until he
wanted me to leave.
If you get a guy like that who
knows how to talk
He would pull his pants down
for him. He was that good.
He would roll out a red carpet for him.
As far as the fans were concerned
he was a Botafogo player.
He always hung out with the players
Was close with the directors.
And Kaiser stayed for 5 years in Botafogo.
[MUSIC William Onebeyor "Body and Soul"]
88, '89, '90, '91, '92... Five years.
He was the class pimp.
[Kaiser] If Pele scored 1000 goals
Renato and I scored 2000 with women.
I can't name any players because
they're married.
But it was a non-stop slut bonanza.
If you're in Rio de Janeiro, you can't
trust the players at all
Because our culture
is completely different.
Here it's about samba, partying,
women and football.
Give them an inch and they'll
take a mile, that's how it is.
He travel led with us and he would
always arrive at the hotels
in Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte.
And I only later found out why Kaiser
travel led with the team.
[Kaiser] My currency was what most people
had difficulty getting hold of.
I found out what you needed and
would exploit that need.
Your weak point. What you like.
[Buffalo Gil] He had the
whole Botafogo tracksuit
So when he got to the hotel he would
say "I play for Botafogo."
He would take 5 or 6 women
And put them up in the same hotel
as the Botafogo team.
So he puts them all on the fifth
floor and we're on the sixth.
You can't keep guard at midnight.
You wouldn't sleep.
[Kaiser] When the director said
"You have to be in bed by 10pm"
we'd say "Great."
Nobody complained at all. Nobody moaned.
[Gil] hey just went down one floor
And the players would have their orgy.
I found out about this many years later.
If I'd known, I would have kicked
them out of the hotel.
He acted as a pimp.
He earned money bringing
women to the players.
[Kaiser] Whatever women the guys wanted
I would bring to them no problem.
Whether it was for directors or players..
If you have money or women
you're the man.
[Gil] Emil knew about the whole situation
And he couldn't say anything because
if it got out to the press
it would become a global scandal.
Because we knew that he arranged
women for Emil.
He's up with God now because
he died a long time ago,
but everybody knew that he supplied him.
[Kaiser] My loan with Emil
ended up getting renewed.
All the time.
It would end and he would renew it.
It would end and he'd renew it.
You've spoken to serious guys
Alexandre Torres, Be be to
all the rest played for Kaiser FC.
I think KFC in the USA was named after me.
Director, scout
he was everything imaginable,
but he didn't play.
I've slept with older women for money.
When I was 20 and they were 45, 50, 60
I've slept with a 70
year old. With no Viagra.
Smashing a pretty girl is easy.
Try sleeping with a
granny and getting her off.
You've got to have talent.
Sex is my hobby.
My dream as a little boy wasn't
to go to Disneyland
It was to go to Amsterdam,
the land of smut.
What would I do?
Go on the ghost train? Meet Mickey?
That doesn't turn me on.
I'd rather meet Mickey's wife.
If she's hot, I'll give her a squirt.
My hobby is sex.
I have a disease like they
say Michael Douglas has.
I'm super nice to people I date,
but after three months...
Big hug. See you later.
They're doing a documentary on me
These English guys came over to make
a documentary about me
As a trainer and an ex-footballer.
I'm not a teacher. I'm a personal trainer.
So I'll get you looking
like a Carnival Queen.
I'm really keen.
It's charisma.
Women like attention from men.
A lot of my students have ugly
faces but great bodies
But you're really pretty.
He gave them that. He was a sweet talker.
He's an upbeat and extrovert guy.
What woman doesn't like that?
And if you've got ten friends
you can bring them too.
[Renato Mendes] He is like an illusionist.
If you let him talk, he would very quickly
make you believe his story.
Going to Bulgaria, a woman
costs as much as a coffee.
He has enough stories to fill
a book. A thick book.
Oh parties
You know with the Italian Prime Minister
lots of orgies.
Kaiser has a lot of stories
I think those stories create the legend.
"I went to the Oscars after-party
at Robert De Niro's house."
He went out with Ivete Sangalo,
they had dinner.
His stories got players dreaming.
I think that's why
people liked him so much.
(grand orchestral music)
[Kaiser] When I arrived at Ajaccio...
He would always talk about Ajaccio.
It was my first week in Corsica...
They gave me a girl as a present.
When I got to El Paso...
(Gun firing)
They gave me a beautiful blonde
prostitute as a present.
"I had played such a good game..."
"The chairman sent for me and said..."
"Here's my Ferrari..."
"And my secretary."
"Beautiful, beautiful..."
"A beautiful blonde."
And the younger players
who didn't know him
all ears waiting for what
he was going to say.
"What's it like driving a Ferrari?"
"I'll tell you later."
If I'm not mistaken
She acted in a famous French soap.
With Kaiser, I don't know when
he's telling the truth.
I couldn't communicate with her.
If you tell the same lie four times
It becomes the truth.
"So I drove up to the mountains..."
We went from motel to motel
[Be be to] He was
engrossed in his own stories
That you'd feel bad calling him out
"No Kaiser, you're lying mate."
"You're lying."
[Kaiser] We managed to get in somewhere
And I paid upfront.
"She was loving it..."
"And I was wanting to seal the deal..."
She signal led that she couldn't fuck me
because she was on her period.
"On the rag."
I remember exactly how he said it
"On the rag."
"We can't play today because the
pitch is waterlogged."
And the lads were like
"Oh what an anti-climax."
So I mimed to her...
So I tell her that as I'm such
a good sportsman
That as I'm such a good sportsman
"When the pitch is wet I can shoot
from behind the goal."
"When the pitch is wet I can shoot
from behind the goal."
[MUSIC] French national anthem.
The lads couldn't contain themselves.
Everyone cheering like it was a goal.
How are you going to translate that?
That definately didn't happen.
[MUSIC] Bezerra da Silva
"Malandradgem da um tempo"
[Narrator] A good
story is a powerful tool,
especially if it's told convincingly
to a young starstruck fan
who wants to become the girlfriend
of the famous Carlos Kaiser.
[Valeria] He isn't Kaiser to me
He is Carlos Henrique to me.
I think I'm the only person
who calls him 'Carlos'.
Back then he was a Vasco player.
It's incredible. I never saw Carlos
train, I never saw Carlos play
Unless it was on video.
And I think it was Vasco vs Botafogo.
He came on from the bench, dribbled
And scored an amazing goal.
[Commentator] Goal for Vasco.
Take another look at
that great skill by Henrique!
Perfect run
Followed by a clinical
finish. 1-0 to Vasco.
[Dror Niv] He always said
that he was a centre half.
He would say that he scored a
winning goal for Vasco.
They had a centre half called Henrique
And since he is called Carlos
Henrique it might have been him.
[Alexandre Couto] There was another Henrique
who played for Vasco and looked a lot like him.
He had the same physique as him.
He gave me a VHS tape and I
think I still have that tape.
I can show it to you but it's priceless
because not even he has it anymore.
[Interviewer] Don't
take this the wrong way
But are you sure it was actually
him scoring the goal?
I'm sure.
How do you mean? I didn't get the question.
He had a DVD of his highlights.
I don't know how.
He never showed me but he told me
that there are goals of his on it.
I don't understand.
I don't know if he put his head
on somebody else's body.
[Narrator] Pretending
to be a Vasco player
is relatively easy.
Actually becoming one is
another thing entirely.
Especially at a time when Vasco's players
made up a large part of the national side.
[Be be to] He was at Vasco with me too.
Same kind of faking.
I already knew Kaiser
from the Flamengo days.
But I didn't say anything. When
he came there I didn't say anything.
He turned up at Vasco with another player
who he was friends with.
We began a friendship with him
And we started to encourage him
to work and train at Vasco
something which never happened
because he was always injured.
(light orchestral music)
[Narrator] After six
month's of Kaiser's injuries,
Vasco had exhausted all
the traditional methods
of treatment.
Was divine intervention.
The black magic priest Pai Santana
Performed rituals on me so
my bruises would heal.
Because we wanted to get him on the pitch
We would ask Pai Santana
to call upon the Gods
To get Kaiser to train.
Pai Santana had all his spells.
And he went to work on him there.
I already knew he was faking it.
[Kaiser] I went up to him and said
"Take your money, mate."
"There's nothing wrong with me. Take your
money and don't bother doing your thing"
"I intend to stay injured
for the rest of my life."
That was such a funny day.
[Narrator] Pai Santana had failed.
Kaiser had even managed
to defeat the gods.
But he was now a Vasco
player and he wanted
to let everyone know.
Not on the pitch of
course, but on Brazil's
biggest football analysis program,
Mesa Redonda,
broadcast to millions every Sunday night.
This was prime time television.
Only the best would appear on this show.
I spent 14 years on that times lot.
At the table during Mesa Redonda
there were a lot of guests.
The big players like
Romario, Edmundo, Renato
They never refused to come on.
So Carlos Kaiser is a footballer.
He had a stint at Vasco
And he's still contracted to
a club in Corsica.
So I don't remember that character.
Do you have a video?
I'd been at Ajaccio for two seasons
but I wanted to come back here.
That's when I came to Vasco.
I researched him. He said
he played for Flamengo.
How would I not have heard of him if
he'd played for Flamengo?
So we finally found a place, and she
turned to me and said
She was in that period.
It's so sad that period
that girls go through.
There's a term that football
commentators use which is
"A player the fans don't notice."
Kaiser was never noticed by the fans.
"When the pitch is wet I can shoot
from behind the goal."
Nowadays if a proposal like
that came to us
We'd go on Google and investigate.
(speaking Portuguese)
[Music] Got an Project - Vuelvo Al Sur.
We're at the Clube dos Macacos in Horto
In the south zone of Rio de Janeiro.
And it's a very famous club where people
come to play football at the weekend.
Not that many people come here
But it was somewhere
Kaiser used to come a lot.
When I went to France in 1986
I came back for the holidays.
My brother was living in my apartment
and was good friends with Kaiser
And he started to get close to me
And asked if I had a souvenir from
Ajaccio like a shirt or a card
Something that he could relate to football.
Then we became friends and
went to nightclubs...
And he started saying that he was
an Ajaccio player with me.
And it was right where he took those
photos as if he were training at Ajaccio.
You can see in those photos
that it's exactly this same pitch.
Some things have changed but it's mostly
the same with all the trees.
Anybody in the industry would
know that it was a fake.
First of all, he's wearing a match shirt.
A training shirt isn't for a match. You're
not going to train with a match shirt.
Obviously a professional footballer
would look at the pictures..
And just see him in the photo.
It looks kind of weird
because at training
you usually have loads of players around.
All the little tricks and mannerisms
the professional players had
He was already using.
Let's imagine that he was
studying for a degree.
He would have nailed the theory
side of being a footballer.
Really funny. Him calling for the ball.
Pass the fucking ball!
From now on I would rather
tell the complete truth.
Kaiser never set foot in Ajaccio,
not in the city or the airport.
(city sounds)
After the first few recordings we did
He called me the following day
and asked if you guys
Had actually come and done
an interview with me.
I told him I had and
that I'd told the truth.
I have my own reputation to think about
I worked and lived there for five years,
and I can't tarnish my name to
promote Carlos Kaiser's lie.
He got really pissed off
and didn't call me again.
He denies it now so if
he doesn't admit that fact.
I'm not going to be the one to
Dispute that.
Dispute that. Everybody knows.
Everybody knows.
I was taken by a Brazilian called
Fabio Barros, Fabinho.
It was a Brazilian that recommended me.
Whom I don't even feel like naming anymore.
He recommended me
he oversaw the deal,
and I ended up going
to Corsica. To Ajaccio.
[dramatic French music]
[Fabinho] I let him live
out his fantasy here in Rio,
but to say that he was there is
too much. I can't.
But I think he still has
it stuck in his head.
He still believes it.
[Kaiser] When it came to
getting the chance to appear alongside
the best players of the era
He wanted that.
[Carlos Alberto] This is Kaiser speaking.
From Rio de Janeiro.
If he didn't want to talk about
Ajaccio he should just say so
"I don't want to talk about that."
And that would be that.
I think Corsica is one of the most
beautiful places on earth.
He would ask me what
life was like in Corsica
What the diet was like.
What the climate was like, what
the club's situation was.
[Kaiser] I respect and admire
Corsica. I think Corsicans
Are amazing. An oppressed people.
He could eventually use that information
In sporting interviews that he might give.
I was sold to Ajaccio in Corsica.
In French it's 'Ajaccienne'
I have nothing to say about
Corsica and Ajaccio.
It's a historical city.
An innately tough people.
A people that were born
fighting for their values.
Ajaccio has nothing.
Ajaccio is a dead island.
Speaking about Corsica is difficult.
"How do they speak there?"
Comment ca-va?
Tu va bien?
Comment ca-va?
Tu va bien?
"Je t'aime. I love you."
Which was the phrase he'd use
with the ladies. "Je t'aime."
Speaking about Corsica is
A double edged sword.
The moment he asked for the card
I knew what it was for
He'd already told me...
"That card is one of the most important
documents I have in my wallet."
He knew that was like a status symbol.
It was like having a footballing contract.
He knew that in Corsica and in
the south of France
There was an Italian influence
from the Corsican Mafia.
I can't talk about the Corsicans
Because they'll send somebody
to assassinate me.
So he made up that Mancini was
part of the Corsican mafia.
That's all made up. That's not true.
That's a story created in his head.
It's a team that always fought.
A team that even in defeat
the players would give everything to win.
I think Corsica
Is another world.
[Fabinho] I can guarantee you that
he benefited a lot more than I did
From having played in Corsica.
I didn't get onto the programmes
he did in Rio,
or go to the places where he went.
And then he gave one of the most
famous commentators in Brazil
the Ajaccio shirt which I'd given
to him as a present.
You could even say he was the Fabinho
here in Brazil that I never was.
[Kaiser] It's difficult.
You can't understand humans.
I took part in this documentary
to tell the truth.
This is a documentary about the truth.
If you want to talk about a genuine person
I'll talk about Alexandre Couto.
"Alex, that guy never plays. I already
knew that was going to happen..."
Everything Alexandre says is true.
He speaks the truth.
He's not two-faced.
It was like a wing of
protection around Kaiser.
It's authentic. Alexandre is genuine.
He's not two-faced.
[Interviewer] Was kaiser ever at Ajaccio?
He never played for Ajaccio.
[Fabinho] I did have a conversation with
Alexandre after the first interview he did
When he said that you guys
wanted to speak with me.
And I said "Alexandre, there's only one
way I'm doing that interview."
"Me telling the truth as far as I know it."
"I'm not going to be saying things that
really didn't happen there."
Every player knows that story is a lie.
Especially because they know
my story and Fabinho's story.
So they all know he was never at Ajaccio.
I love Kaiser to bits.
That's the truth. He became a great
friend for many years.
And we've always gone out of our
way to indulge his fantasy.
And we've always gone out of our way to indulge his fantasy. He
lives off that because his daily bread are these football stories.
He lives off that because his daily
bread are these football stories.
He lives off that.
So we sometimes play along
with his fantasy...
Kaiser is a football fan. He wanted to be
a footballer his whole life.
And there comes a time when
people have to tell the truth.
What's true and what isn't.
What he did and didn't do.
- [Interviewer] Kaiser.
- Are you a proud man?
If I was proud.
I wouldn't be showing
the world my reality
which is very different
from when I was in football.
I'm very damaged. I'm
a very damaged person.
That's maybe why I've lived other
people's lives so much
of the players.
It was so I didn't have to stop
and think about my life.
Because if I stopped
to think about my life.
I think I would have done something stupid.
When I was ten my
dream was to play football.
But I wanted to be a footballer to
make money for myself
To get out of the dump that I lived in.
There was so much adversity and
so much back-stabbing.
You either become a scammer or a sucker.
My adoptive mum was an alcoholic.
She died of cirrhosis
and she weighed 200 kilos.
And then I was left with
two elderly aunts
Very old who were
Who were cleaning ladies.
So then I had to take football a bit more
seriously to bring money home
So those two women wouldn't suffer.
Then all of a sudden a
girl tells me she's pregnant
And my son was born
even without living with me.
I didn't give my son any love.
I don't think I deserve
to be anybody's father.
I don't deserve to be
anybody's son or father.
I tried to be a normal
guy. I tried to get married.
I tried to have a family life.
Something I didn't have when I was young.
And then my son dies.
Then I get married and my wife dies.
I get married to another
woman and she dies.
I wake up one day with no sight in one eye.
In Buddhism they would say
That I lost my vision in order to
see the world a different way.
People have an image that's completely
Different from the reality.
Carlos Henrique is a man.
Carlos Kaiser is a character.
Carlos Kaiser only exists because
Renato Gaucho exists.
My mum didn't do a third of
what that guy did for me.
And he doesn't do anything
anymore because.
I hide myself away.
Like I was hiding from the producers
of this documentary.
[Music] Elza Soares: "Comigo"
[Renato] Whenever I can I help Kaiser out
He knows that and
there's no ulterior motive.
There are things that I would avoid
talking about with him,
for example his son, because I didn't
want to dwell on the subject.
Him having that photo at home
doesn't surprise me at all
being the kind of person he is.
It's a recognition of the family
that he didn't have.
That flatters me. That makes me
happy and very moved.
It's actually difficult to
explain it, to talk about.
Because not everybody says "You're more
important than my family."
I live one day at time.
Today you've managed to strip me down.
Yesterday I was really pissed off because
Somebody I thought was a friend
denied something.
Fine. Everybody has their own
fears. I have mine too.
I can't be criticized
Or the friendships I had.
Something good had to come my way.
I could have exploited the opportunities.
I didn't harm anybody.
There's not one person. You've interviewed
between 20 to 30 people
not one has said that I'm a bad guy,
that I'm a drug addict,
or that I went into their house and stole.
I never took anything away from anybody.
Life stole from me.
I started by losing my mother.
Now people think I took this and that.
To take such a beating.
I didn't take anything from anybody.
I rode my luck. I didn't take anything.
That's all I took. I took my luck.
Nothing from anybody.
They took something important away from me.
They took my mother away.
They took away the woman I married.
They took my son away.
I don't make anybody answer for that.
I don't make God answer for it. I don't
ask my friends to answer for it.
Why do I have to suffer so much?
That Carlos Kaiser who went
out to the best places
That guy was built on strong legs.
Because Carlos Henrique
jumped over a lot of hurdles.
I want success for those people
who believed
In my story.
And that my story serves as a positive
example, not a negative one.
For the world.
But if you intend to talk
Tell the truth from beginning to end.
I intended that, so I'm
here ready to be judged.
Which is difficult.
It's almost 13 years
since this story ended.
And it's only come out now.
Never. Not one reporter
or player or director.
It goes to show how much
these guys respect me
That nobody ever put me away.
Now these stories have come to light.
I swear on my eyes
Easily 1000 women.
You know today is the
hardest day to do this.
Today was the toughest
day of the documentary.
It was the day of talking
about my suffering.
But that's ok.
If the world has to look into my eyes
Here it is.
(light guitar music)
[Junior] It was like a fairytale.
You take a character and let him
live in the football world.
And what I think is great, is that people
didn't crush the guy's dream.
[Mauricio] A fantastic character
who there are ano words to describe.
He's part of my whole life story.
And he has a black brother here.
Just a moment please.
I didn't know he was having problems.
(group vocalizing)
[Renato] Carlos Kaiser is unique.
He's unique.
He always has been
and always will be unique.
Nobody will come close to him.
He was the greatest footballer
never to have played football.
In history, without a doubt.
[Music] Novos Bainos "Best a tu"
[Music] Carolina Lins & Os
Planatos "I Predict a Riot"