Kaithi (2019) Movie Script

They always play the same channel!
They never switch channels! -That's enough for me!
Don't waste any of it, alright? -Here.
Quiet in the back!
Amudha! -Is this enough or do you want more?
Ma'am? -Come here.
Leave the plate. I'll wash it.
Leave it there. Come here.
Don't play much tonight.
Go to bed soon, alright?
Why? -Somebody important is coming...
...to visit you tomorrow.
To visit me? -Yes.
Who is it, ma'am?
You'll find out when you wake up tomorrow. Go sleep.
Play carefully! You may fall down and hurt yourselves!
Sister! If there are no parents, who else would come to visit me from home?
Besides parents, many of the uncles come to visit.
And the women they marry. The aunts. Those kind of people come along.
Forgot to mention it.
I mentioned everyone. What if your grandparents are coming?
When they visit tomorrow, wear some nice clothes.
Do you have any? -Yes, I do.
Loosen your hand.
Count these, too. -Alright.
Cross-check it and clear the container. -Alright.
We cracked open a tile.
100% pure cocaine was concealed in the tile, sir.
How many kilograms? -Almost one ton, sir.
900 kilograms.
It will definitely be worth over 800 crores, sir.
Undoubtedly the biggest drug bust ever.
I don't know how many lives this drug bust will claim by sunrise.
Until I get word from Narayanan or the OPG head, no one must know of this.
That includes your family, too. -Yes, sir!
Only Thiru's phone stays on.
He must be the only contact person. -Yes, sir!
Take no calls except the ones that come from my number.
-Yes, sir! -Ok
Anbu... Trust me, Anbu!
I gave the signal as soon as the vehicle crossed the gate!
I'm not at fault! Don't know how the cops got there, Anbu!
Listen up! My entire cargo's gone! -I don't know...
And you've been blubbering repeatedly like some raving lunatic!
Ask anyone, Anbu!
Admit it.
I'll spare you. -I swear upon my son, Anbu!
Don't know how things went wrong!
Trust me, Anbu!
I gave the signal as soon as the vehicle crossed!
Trust me, Anbu!
Don't do anything to me, Anbu!
I'm not at fault, Anbu!
Trust me! I gave the signal as soon as the vehicle crossed!
Is Anbu there?
Tell him, brother! You know me, right? -Anbu.
You tell him, brother! Please!
Talk to him.
Who is it?
What gives? Stumped after giving away all your cocaine?
Who are you?
I know where your cocaine is.
Adaikalam's younger brother, right?
I need to speak to your older brother. Set it up.
He won't talk. Tell me if you have a deal in mind.
Don't know how the cops came, brother! I swear!
Please let me go, brother! I did nothing wrong!
I'll tell you where your cocaine is.
To ensure the cops don't interfere, I'll need twenty kilos of it.
You know how much twenty kilos is worth in the market?
I don't know how much twenty kilos is worth.
But I know how much 900 kilos is worth.
I can't do this all by myself.
Narcotics Division. Forest Department. The Inspector General's Office.
All must be handled!
Plenty of risk at my end!
A lot of people must be compensated!
If twenty kilos is acceptable, we can talk further.
Tell him, man!
Please tell him!
He gave the signal when the vehicle crossed, brother!
Yes, I did! -Really?
He gave it, huh?
Never mind twenty. Take how much ever you want!
But I need to know the scumbags who seized my drugs!
They must die tonight!
A cop must consider the consequences of entering Adaikalam's area!
So must the entire police force!
No one near is picking up, Anbu.
The boss's phone is off, too.
If my brother still hasn't come yet, something's up.
Has everyone reached the I.G.'s guesthouse, Paul Pandi?
Not yet, sir.
They're tricking in one by one. Yes, sir.
Do you believe someone can become a millionaire overnight?
Oh, man! I get it now, sir!
This is one such night!
If done right, you're set for life!
Miss even by an inch, they'll take you and your family out!
Watch it. -Got it, sir. It won't miss.
What? -Just a minute.
What is your problem?
Don't you get it the first time around?
Why call repeatedly and bother me so?
Bejoy. The squad head.
His squad has four men.
Thiru, Sudhakar, Joseph and Kumaran.
I'll kill those five men before dawn!
Send me all their details! Hello?
Hello? Still there, sir?
Not just five people you must kill.
What? -There is an informant in your gang.
No chance. Every one of them... -He's there!
One of them has been passing information to Bejoy for two years!
Why bother the hell out of me like this?
Sir! Sir! Sir!
Their entire cocaine amounts to 900 kilos!
Got any information about 'Ghost'?
I was saying something. You're on something else!
Because of the information I gave, they needlessly killed a man!
I have trouble breathing! Scared I'll get busted, sir!
Just listen to me, Ajaz! -I can't do it anymore!
I'll surrender at the nearest precinct! -Idiot!
Is any of this new to you?
You've been undercover for 26 months!
Have you ever seen Adaikalam?
Does anyone even know what he looks like?
They don't, right? We've seized 900 kilos!
He must definitely come out into the open!
One last chance, Ajaz!
We've worked for over two years for this night!
How many cops have died? -Sir...
Please just hear me out, sir... -Listen, Ajaz!
Found out who that man is?
How can that be done so quickly?
They must be tracked. Many must be interrogated.
It's not that easy.
Can't take any chances with it. What do you say?
You're right. Point out the black sheep to me.
I'll slit him up!
Hey! Call and find out if he's in Shankar's hood.
Sure, brother. -Spare no one who came in yesterday!
Get everyone here now! -Guys have gone out. We'll get him.
Please understand, sir!
Please, sir... -Ajaz!
I must know what's going on there!
Report to me whenever you can. That's a bloody order!
I swear I can't...
I'll call you back, dear.
Sampath... -Yes, Anbu?
There is a cop among us.
Do you suspect anyone?
No, Anbu.
There can't be such a thing. -There is!
He takes my grub and snitches me out!
What do we do? -Call in everyone from our gang tonight.
I know who the five cops are.
We must deliver their heads to the station by tonight!
Alright, I'll take care of it.
Hey, Chandra! -Tell me, Sampath!
Gather around, everyone! -Wait! Let me stack these up!
Drop it and come here!
Need a quick chat! Come here, guys!
Did a brown container with the number plate 'TN-45 KA-9072' come this way?
Just a minute.
Yes! It did, sir!
When did it cross by? -7 PM.
Pull over.
Where's the file of that motel case?
The Inspector will ask for it first thing in the morning! Have it up?
I've filled it up. Look it over anyway.
Alright, I'll check it up.
I'll get going, sir. -Alright.
Greetings, sir.
My name is Napoleon. I'm a constable from the Tirunelveli district.
I need to see Mr. Manickavel. Just got transferred here.
Need to know which station I'm posted...
Oh, you're that guy. He talked about it. -Yes.
Why did you come at night? -Didn't expect it to be this far, sir.
Should I be on duty for tomorrow?
Hey! Who are you?
Slapping people in the police station!
Is that your sister? -He guessed right!
Keep laughing and I'll break your teeth!
I'm lenient because you're just students!
Sir? -What is it?
They're from my college. Friends of mine.
Came to pick them up? -"Pick them up"?
Is this is a school? Do you know what they did?
They got drunk and were dancing to loud music on the railway platform!
Got a complaint from the control room and brought them here!
Sit down. Take it up with the Inspector when he gets here!
He knows the Inspector, sir... -Everyone says that! Sit down!
Sit in the corner! -Come, Tamizh!
Just that it's been two years since the new Commissioner's office was built.
The Chief Minister hasn't inaugurated it. So, it's still closed!
Belongs to those kids, sir!
Ah, I see.
The higher-ups have gone for an urgent meeting.
It'll be a while for them to get back. Go have a seat.
Sir! They may assign you to a rural area. Ask for a posting in the city!
Money will flow! Even if it's your last kickback, you'd get plenty!
I'm sorry.
It has crossed, sir!
At what time? -8:30 PM, sir.
The crossing time at four toll booths is accurate!
Only between the fourth and fifth booth, it took two hours, sir.
Alright, hang up.
Good evening, sir.
What's wrong with your hand, sir? -Small accident this morning.
Still on duty or are you off? -I wrapped up duty and was heading home.
On the way, I saw a constable from the station yelling at a guy.
When we asked him, he had no ID.
The guy had a beard and looked suspicious, sir.
He wouldn't look me in the eye, sir.
So, I put him in my jeep. Will question and release him in the morning, sir.
Is he handcuffed? -Yes, sir.
900 kilos?
How much is it worth in the market? -Sir...
Approximately 840 crores.
Any information about that gang?
Adaikalam and his so-called brother Anbu, sir.
Under them, there are two more guys: Tips and Ram.
No one in this entire gang knows what Adaikalam looks like.
The master plan of picking a low-key city like this, turning it into a hub...
...and flooding the society with drugs, is all Adaikalam's handiwork.
In the last two years alone, eleven cops who worked on this case, were killed.
We know these guys did it. Yet, we can't do anything.
What to do, sir? There are many in our department who work for them.
They are extremely dangerous, sir.
We've seized not just drugs, but a lot of explosives, too!
You won't believe, sir. They even had a gattling gun!
Just that the seven guys who were caught were low level thugs from the gang, sir.
They handle transportation, supply and such. They know nothing, sir.
Let's go. -That's Rohypnol. A high sedative.
Don't mix more than five milliliters in any bottle.
Once consumed, it takes fifteen minutes to take effect.
But one can regain consciousness only after eight hours!
Who's the informant?
My boy, sir. Ajaz Ahmed.
Tell him to be careful!
No one knows where the drugs are, right?
Just you, me and my boys.
Is the Commissioner's office a safe spot? -No place in the city is safer, sir.
As the office is an old British building, there's a secret basement below, sir.
Until we have it on record, the evidence we seized will be held there.
In fact, no one in law and order even knows that such a place exists, sir!
It's completely safe, sir.
Step out. Go have a drink, guys!
Hey! Their training is almost over. Just one day, right? Let them go.
I'll say it again. Don't put more than five milliliters in any bottle.
Even if it's up by one point, it can cause death by overdose. Watch it.
This is a major case.
Can't pull off a consignment this big, without political involvement.
For some political reasons...
...it won't be surprising if we have to give these back.
Tell your boys to be safe.
Nothing about this must leak out.
You know what would happen if all these drugs reach society, sir...
Hey! I was speaking hypothetically.
It is a possibility. Try to understand.
Come gulp down two large shots.
No, sir. I'm under medication.
Alright! At least give me company!
What's up? Everyone's here, right?
I retire in a month.
Think they'll get that damn Nagaraj as my replacement.
Tiruchy's about to witness a new dawn!
Couldn't hang out with you at my son's wedding.
Plenty of protests that time, too. You guys were busy with it, as well.
This small party is to celebrate both these events.
Also, I've recommended eleven people for promotion.
It will come soon.
Don't just stand there! Get started! Enough with the formalities!
Be sure to inform the station!
The names of five cops are in this paper!
The one who brings me their heads...
...gets a settlement of a lifetime!
All those bloody cops are at the Inspector General's guest house!
Their deaths will make...
...any cop who even thinks of messing with us...
...shiver in fear!
This is an open challenge! Take it on if you dare!
Don't be shy! Just have it. -No thanks.
Excuse me.
All going perfectly, sir! They've started drinking.
I'll call back, sir.
Confirmed that this is where the stuff is?
Take half of our guys and get going.
I'll clear out the rest of the stuff...
...and track down the place where the boss is.
We can reclaim the cargo before he gets back.
Let's go.
The guys are ready! You didn't tell us where the stuff is.
What happened, Joseph? -Sir!
Sir... -Move aside!
Don't do it, sir! -Hold him off, sir!
What happened? -Look there!
Someone's driving away in the jeep, sir!
Look up, sir! -Are you okay?
Somebody catch him!
What? -Come look, sir!
Where's the I.G.? -He passed out, sir!
What happened, sir?
You're bleeding! They drugged our drinks or our water, sir!
Commissioner's office is under attack! It's a trap! What do we do, sir?
Folks from law and order, and crime are here, yes?
Shall I inform the railway police and CB-CID, sir?
Don't! Let no one know about this.
We can lose the drugs. But not a single cop must lose his life!
If the media finds out, it'll embarrass the entire department!
Do something!
I wanted to retire with dignity.
I must have that! Please do something!
Please! -Is any one out there?
No one eat or drink anything! Throw away everything!
Alright, sir! -What do we do with them?
Hold on.
Patience. Be careful!
Hold on!
Hey, Kamatchi!
Whose truck is this? -Our truck, sir.
Catering truck. -Where's the driver?
As he only had to drive tomorrow, he boozed and ended up like these guys!
Do you drive? -Can't drive a truck, sir!
You? -I can only ride two-wheelers.
And you? -I don't know how to drive a truck, sir.
Check if there's anyone in the back!
What happened to them, sir? -It doesn't concern you.
Just do what you're told. Now go!
No one here either, sir!
The guy had a beard and looked suspicious, sir.
He wouldn't look me in the eye, sir.
So, I put him in my jeep. Will question and release him in the morning, sir.
Hey! Do you know how to drive?
Hey! I'm talking to you!
Can you drive a truck?
Are you deaf?
Hey! Do you hear me or not?
Hey! Do you know to drive or not?
Step out.
Go start that truck up!
The Commissioner's office is 80 kilometers away.
Drop me there and take off.
I'll see to it there's no case against you. Go it? Go!
Can't do it.
You said you knew how to drive.
I did say that.
Never said I would do it.
What the hell, man? You raise your voice after I took off your cuffs?
How could I not, sir?
Is it a crime to have a beard?
Your guy roughly pulled at my brand new shirt!
It got torn, too!
If someone from the government says so, your guy said he'd let me go.
Here. Talk to her.
Hey Dilli! Got into the bus?
I'm not Dilli. I'm Bejoy.
Special Task Force.
Who's he to you?
I'm Nalini. Probation officer. Puzhal Jail.
Is he a convict? -He was.
Not anymore.
He was serving a life sentence.
Four years were cut off by remission.
He served ten years in prison and was just released today.
He has a release order with him. Didn't you see it?
Convicts shouldn't have beards. How is this, ma'am?
Special petition, sir. For a pilgrimage!
First tell me your problem!
An emergency here, ma'am!
A truck must be driven for 80 kilometers. No one else here.
I asked him to drive and he refuses. You're a G.O., right? Tell him!
Why must Dilli drive the truck? He won't do it!
Let him go!
Please listen to me, ma'am... -Sir!
Listen carefully to what I say.
He hasn't seen his child in ten years.
After so long, we just got to know that she's at an ashram in Perambalur.
Tomorrow morning, he's going to meet his daughter for the first time.
Why do you drag him into your mess, sir?
Every convict has a justification.
But this is a serious situation!
Involves the lives of many cops!
Please tell him to drive!
Talk to her.
Hello? -Dilli...
Listen to what that cop wants and help... -Ma'am...
I can't do it, ma'am.
The life I lost has just begun again.
Please don't compel me, ma'am.
I'll call you after I get on the bus. -No, Dilli...
I'll ask you for the last time.
Will you drive or not?
Un-cuff me, sir. I must get going.
I'm screaming my head off!
It's that release order in your pocket, right? Look here!
Get charged with even a petty crime in the next 3 years, it'll be nixed!
You'll be sent back to jail! Know it, right?
I know where your child is.
One phone call's enough.
I can have her transferred to another home overnight!
It'll take you ten years to even find out where she is! Shall I do it?
Or will you start the truck?
Thought you'd let me go if I told the truth.
You had to play the cop game! -Why not?
Like only you have a family! Do you only consider yourself to be human?
Don't cops have families, too?
This is night! Cops aren't on the beat tonight!
Read in tomorrow's paper of the crimes that go down tonight! You'll get it!
Cops on duty were drinking.
Will the news also report that a convict dropped them at the precinct?
Do you want to see your daughter or not?
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Sister? -What is it?
How many more hours left until ten o'clock in the morning?
First, put away the clock and go to sleep.
If Ma'am comes for rounds, you'll get in trouble!
Hey! Do you know how to drive a truck or not?
Oh God!
What's wrong? -Sir...
It doesn't brake properly.
All four wheels are shaking. Third gear isn't working right.
Don't know if it can go 80 kilometers, sir. -Sir!...
I swear to God the truck just got insured and was issued a safety certificate!
This guy doesn't know how to drive! It's in great shape, sir!
Do we drive around without knowing all this?
Go ask what's up! -Who are you?
Look at the board. I'm the Kamatchi mentioned there!
I own this truck! -Fine!
Don't do anything unless I say so. Go stand there!
Carefully carry each officer into the truck.
Listen up. No matter what, don't tell anyone what happened here.
If you do, I'll arrest you and your entire family!
Alright. -Go help with this.
Let's go!
Go inside!
Lift them up slowly.
Come along! All convicts stand in line!
Stand in line, I say!
What kind of reaction did they have, Bejoy?
Both pulse and heartbeat are elevated, doctor.
Some of them even vomitted blood.
Bleeding from the ears, too. I'm a little scared.
Alright, listen.
You're aware of sedative drugs, right?
Brotizolam, Midazolum, Ketamine and Rohypnol.
If any of these is mixed with alcohol, there'd be this type of reaction.
If treated within five hours, they can be saved, Bejoy.
If not, it'll be very difficult.
There are chances of cardiac arrest.
I can't come by the highway.
And no one must know about this incident.
It's a bit complicated to explain.
Send me the location. I'll get there soon. -Hurry.
Vignesh! Keep my bag inside and see how many beds are available.
We may need extra beds.
Hold the legs! Uncle
That's it. Just let them lie. -Go!
Place them like that and it won't hold! Lay them down! Come, uncle!
Just a minute, sir!
How do I turn this crap off?
Press the first button!
Not the second. The first! That's it!
Hello! Tell me, sir.
Muthu! How many of you are on duty at the Commissioner's office?
Me and three other constables on night duty.
And in the office?
Everyone in the office has left!
Besides the convicts in lock-up, is there anyone else there?
Four students on a drunken diving charge, sir.
Alert the other stations.
Bring all constables to where you're at. I'm on my way!
Listen carefully.
Have the constables shut every door in our station. Got it?
I understand. But why are we doing this, sir?
Stop asking questions and do what I say. Quick!
Alert everyone, alright?
Hoist them in!
I said 'hoist', not 'drop'!
My arm got stuck!
Hold this! -Quit talking! Now lift! Hurry!
Lift them up!
Samayapuram police station?
I'm calling from the Commissioner's office.
Inspector there? -Mr. Murali there?
He's not here. -S.I. there?
He left a while back. -No officials at the station.
Give me his mobile number. -98...
He's not reachable on his cell.
Got a message saying 'I.G. Guesthouse'. -Is that what he said?
Don't know anything else.
How many of you are there? -Just me and another police constable.
If he comes, tell him to call back. -Will do.
Ask them why they're hauling so many people, uncle!
You just keep loading them in!
Poor chaps! -Will you carry vessels on your head?
At least you tell him, aunty!
Do whatever you want! -Listen. Now, we're here.
This is where we must go. About 80 kilometers.
Can't take the Poondi Highway.
Take a shortcut to Thavakudi and drop them off at the hospital.
Then, to the Commissioner's office. -Know the route?
Tell me as we go along. -We need the map.
All done! -Any locals here?
Any other route to Pazhani?
There's no route I don't know. Even Google Maps doesn't know them!
There's a roundabout shortcut. That fine? -Know the route?
From Madhavaram into Devancheri, Ayampettai, Thittakudi...
Can a truck go through? -"Can it go through"?
Only my truck goes there! Two checkposts en route.
If you pay off your guys there...
They'll let us through.
Bring him, too. -What?
Can't drive without directions.
Hey! Get inside the truck. -Sir?
Come! -What the hell, sir?
Come! -Why must I?
Look at this, uncle!
You hauled these guys without my consent!
If you coolly take my truck, how do we all go home with our stuff?
Pay me first, sir! -Hey!
Think I'm asking for permission?
40 cops are unconscious! What did you put in the food?
I'll arrest you both!
You can't do business!
Now get in! -No, sir...
That guy casually had ton of biryani and sits hale and hearty in there, sir!
How come he alone is fine?
Do you know how famous Kamatchi Biryani is in Tiruchy, sir?
Yes, dear. Only if you go, will our truck be safe.
Get lost!
Let's go.
I called every station. They told us exactly what they told you!
No officials in any station. Just constables.
We'll shut all the doors, sir.
Four of us are here. We'll manage, sir!
And if we shut the doors? Don't know how many of them are coming.
How many people can we fight with just batons?
They asked only us to handle it. That's why I'm worried.
So we're the sacrificial lambs?
I got only five more months of work left.
Don't want to get banged up and be crippled in my last days!
That's not it. If there's an inquiry, we'll be the ones questioned.
Who said so? They'll start from the higher-ups.
Let them deal with it!
Have you all forgotten?
When three cops at the Kajarpet station died during night duty...
...no higher officials answered the phone then, too!
Let's focus on leaving here alive.
Whatever it is, let the night pass.
That girl and four boys are in there, sir.
Shall we let them go?
Hey! If you go say something, you might be busted in the inquiry!
What is fated to happen will happen. Come!
Take this left.
No, wait! The next left!
No... think it was the previous left.
Hey, kiddo...
Do you hink this is a moped where one can turn as they please?
Can't you direct me properly? -I can only tell like this!
Take it or find the way yourself!
He's scolding me, sir!
This'll confuse me and I'll forget the route!
Like you pay me for this!
Threaten me as if you pay my salary!
I pay salaries to many people every month, you know!
Tell him to drive quietly, sir!
Pandi? -Sir?
If our guys get there, point those men out.
They'll handle... -No!
Some random guy picked up all the cops and is driving them somewhere in a truck!
Going where? -I don't know!
You were there, sir? Couldn't you do anything?
I can't do anything, sir! Bejoy's here, too!
Okay, hang up.
I'll call in five minutes and tell you what to do.
Alright, sir.
Hold on.
No one's around, buddy. That phone's been ringing for a while.
They've all left.
Shall we all just escape, bro?
Hey! -Just sit quietly!
Buzz off! Incessantly bothering me...
Hey! -Tell me!
Where are you going?
Tell him to be quiet, Chittu!
They took us along, Tamizh! -Be silent!
Why drink again? -Shall we booze?
The Inspector'll come soon... -Quiet!
Don't make trouble!
Blue shirt! Do you hear me?
No cops around?
Yes, there's no one here.
Just come up for a minute!
I won't do anything.
There's a key over here. Just get it to us.
Don't go! -Come!
Don't go there! -Please help!
Don't be scared! -Hey!
Just get it to us. -Don't go!
Come! -Where are you going?
That guy called me from up there.
You should not go near suspects! Come!
Where are the other cops?
We don't know anything. They left.
No one's been here for a while.
How can they leave during duty hours?
Move aside.
Why are you people here?
We're engineering students... -Stop!
We got busted for drunken driving.
The Inspector has our licenses, cell phones and college IDs.
We can't leave until he returns. -Move.
Hello? -Alerted the other stations, Muthu?
Who is this? -Bejoy speaking! Special Task Force!
There's no one at the station!
Head constable was there, but even he left!
There are no cops around? What the hell...
Who are you? -I'm Napoleon, sir!
I got transferred here from Tirunelveli. Haven't joined duty here yet!
How old are you?
I turn 55 in the coming 'Puratasi' month!
Alright, then.
Your service has commenced. Got it?
I don't get it!
From now on, your posting is at the Commissioner's office!
Got it? -Yes, sir!
There's an emergency. On my way there now! I'll reach in two hours!
Until then, no one gets into the Commissioner's office!
Lock all the doors and windows! -Got it!
Shut all the gates right away! Hurry! -Yes, sir!
Eyes on the road. Next right turn. I'm not sure about that, too.
Mustn't I give directions all night? Tonight, what I say is the route. Go!
Know what that man will do to you...
...if I say I'm feeling giddy after eating the biryani you made?
Will you tell the route properly, now? -Yes, bro.
This right. Correct route.
Who do I speak to?
I'll give you the number of a guy named Tips.
Tell him the route. -I'll call him right away!
Cleared the stuff from the upper level! -Have them clear out soon!
Hello? -Tips?
I'm the guy Mr. Stephen told you about. -Go on.
The truck's going by Madhavaram. Don't know where it's headed.
They're taking a right into Devancheri!
Keep giving me the directions.
I'll handle it. -Will do!
Hey! The truck is not at the I.G.'s guesthouse.
They're carrying all of them and going via Madhavaram.
They'll have to cross the hill.
Split up into teams and go.
If they escape from any one of you, the other will get them!
He's not even a cop, bro! I think he's just a watchman!
Sir! -What happened, Napoleon?
All the doors are shut, sir!
Including the main door. But they need reinforcement from inside!
Then do it! I'm on my way there!
Can't do it on my own, sir.
Sir! Why did you lock all the doors, sir?
First, let us go! -Wait!
Who's that? -The girl who came with the college kids.
Shall I let them go? -Don't do that.
No one leaves until I get there. Take all their phones.
Alright, sir. Give me that phone.
Why, sir? -I'll return it soon! Just give it.
Have those kids help you lock up. Hurry! -Yes, sir!
Each of you give me a hand.
Use these benches and chairs to block the doors!
Come along! -Why should we do all this, sir?
You took our phones and won't let us go!
Return it! I need to call the Inspector! -Hold on! I'll return it!
We can only help if you tell us what's going on!
I myself don't know! Let the higher official arrive!
He'll explain!
We'll help out. Just don't charge any of us for drunken driving!
What? -I'll handle it.
Forget that, sir! They drunk and drove.
I just accompanied them! -Is that so?
Sir! Don't charge us... -Shut up!
I'll give you an earful!
He's struggling so much by himself! Got no sense?
I'll stay until the other cops come! Leave if you wish!
I'll come help, sir! -Come along!
Give me a hand with that bench.
Push harder!
Keep pushing!
Crossing Vannadu! Yes!
Confirmed? -Indeed!
Moongilthottam! I saw the board!
The guys are coming. Just point out those five cops!
Alright. -They'll handle the rest.
Help lift this!
There's a door there. -Yes, sir.
Over there!
Haul it in! -Lift it carefully!
Hey! -What is it?
The booze, you idiot! -Alright, jerk!
All ready over there?
Yes, Tips. -The truck's on the way.
Hack up those five right there and bring me their heads!
Got it? -I'll call you once it's done.
What is that noise? -Is this the time to play with the alarm?
Turn it off, Amudha! -That damn thing keeps making noise!
What do you want now?
Want to know who's visiting you in the morning?
The number register.
Radio's down, too. How do we go so far without listening to music?
Do you have a phone, bro?
How would you have one?
Just got released today, right? Like a new movie!
How many years were you in jail?
Ten years. -Wow!
I was in eighth grade back then!
Since you went to prison, quite a lot has changed!
They said they'll change the nation. But no major changes yet.
We only voted once, but...
If you're not on WhatsApp, you're not alive!
Ajith and Rajnikanth's films released on the same day!
Nowadays, films run only if they have a good story!
Hell, now we save the cops who've been saving us so far!
Many such things have changed!
Poor guy! Seem like a fish out of water, right?
Keep going. You'll prefer prison to this!
You think prison is in the planet Mars?
Only a wall separates us!
There's a folder with Yesudas songs in it. Play them.
Figured when I saw the ash on your forehead!
Used whatever was available and blocked all the doors, sir!
No one can break in easily!
Unlike what you said, no one's come about, sir.
Alright. Listen up.
Turn off all the lights. -Okay.
I'm on my way. -Yes, sir.
Don't be scared, alright? -Yes, sir. Please come!
Hurry up! -Sir!
No diesel left. Don't know when the vehicle will stop.
I'll tell you. Now drive!
How will the vehicle go if you say so?
(A Yesudas song plays on the phone)
My dad took care of the catering company.
After he died, I run the business along with my uncle.
Others use sub-standard rice for biryani.
We use the best kind! Our brand stands for quality!
How was the biryani?
Right! You would've had slop for years!
Even plain rice would seem like biryani to you, yes?
A call's coming in for you!
I have no one to call me.
No one's picking up.
Try calling again.
Do it quickly. Ma'am might come! I'll be in trouble!
Just once more, sir! -Okay, do it.
Another call from the same number, bro!
Hello? -Hello?
This is Amudha speaking.
Are you coming to visit me tomorrow?
How are we related?
Damn it! He got away!
Stop for nothing! Drive fast!
Hello? Hello?
He must not cross Tittivanam!
Is the stuff inside? -Yes!
He mustn't cross the forest! -Hurry!
Go! Go! Go!
Can you hear me? Hello?
Two vehicles are behind us! Drive faster! -Sir!
Who are these guys? What's going on?
Stop asking questions and drive fast!
The vehicle can only go this fast!
Get closer!
Go left! -Get closer!
Drive faster!
He's not saying anything.
Alright, give it to me.
All the glass is shattered, sir!
How do I explain this back home?
Keep going! Take a right!
Don't let them overtake you! Go right! -He's going!
Take the rod and break open that lock!
I'll handle it! Get the rod!
Don't step on it like it's dung! Faster!
They're close! Drive faster!
Step on it! -Break the lock!
They're overtaking us! Take a left!
Get even closer!
Look that side! -Step on it!
They've opened the back door, sir!
Head back! Looks like the I.G. might fall!
Get him back in! Hurry! -You go, sir!
Why are you sending a kid? If he gets hurt? I brought him along!
Look at my hand! How do I go?
You go! -Sir!
Stay here!
Do you know who that is? The Inspector General!
Does that make him a big shot? He's just fated for a short life!
You stay here! -Listen up!
If anything happens to him, you won't go home alive! Now head back!
Go quickly!
Maintain the same distance!
Attach the hook onto the truck!
Toss out anyone you find!
Throw it at them! -Do it!
Toss it right at the driver!
Get me that hook! -Here!
Get closer!
Driver faster! -Step on it!
Get closer!
Hey! The guys are here! Come on!
Hurry up! -Here you go!
Light it up! Quickly!
Light it up!
Give it to me! -Come up front!
Toss that petrol bomb!
Give it to me!
Climb on! Climb on top of it!
Throw it at the driver's face!
Give it! -Toss it at his face!
Step on it! Hurry!
The clutch is broken, jackass!
It can't move any further!
Hold the steering wheel!
Go up front! I'll handle it!
The fuel's leaking! Stop it!
Jump out!
Get out, guys!
I hear a motorbike, sir.
Hello? -Hello!
A girl spoke to me.
Can I talk to her, sir?
Who are you?
I am...
I am her father, sir.
You abandoned her at this ashram and shamelessly say you're her father?
All my bad luck, sir.
You know how many times Amudha tried calling you?
You didn't pick up at all.
Poor girl walked away, hanging her head.
Cell phone signal was down as I was going through the forest.
The line got cut off before I could say a word.
Can you please call that child, sir?
It's pretty hard, my man.
Think your child is studying in a convent school?
This is an orphange.
All the 150 girls here stay in one room.
They're sleeping all over the place while being bitten by mosquitoes!
I understand, sir.
I've never seen my child's face since she was born.
I'll pay you when I come in the morning.
What? You'll pay me?
Expect me to take a bribe to let a father and child speak for the first time...
...and die in shame for that?
I said I can't...
I said I can't go in right now. Try to understand.
Please forgive me.
When I heard my child's voice for the first time...
...I just got floored.
That's why I spoke that way. Somehow...
I recall seeing Amudha's photo on the notice board once.
If it's there, I'll send it.
Do you have WhatsApp? -Yes.
Bless you, sir.
First let me check if it's there.
If you just go straight, we'll reach Tittivanam.
Just twelve kilometers.
Hard to travel by this vehicle. All forest area!
No proper lights or roads.
Start up the vehicle.
I can't do it, sir.
You asked me to drop you off and go about my way.
Who the hell are those guys? They would've killed us!
I'll explain everything. Now come!
I won't do it, sir!
Tell me what's going on!
You all will booze and pass out!
Should we suffer for it?
What the hell was that, sir?
Think you cops can do anything?
What about the truck, sir?
Your truck will be restored to the way it was! Get in!
The truck can be fixed. What if he had died?
I'm going! I'll walk the rest of the way!
Find the route yourself! Inviting me for my own death, huh?
They're not the drunken rogues that you think they are!
They're cops who've been on the job for 10-15 years!
They've been intentionally drugged! Come!
You know what will happen if they reclaim these drugs?
You won't understand!
Start the truck if you want to see your child!
Wait! Did you drink?
Oh, so it's fine for them to drink, but it's not okay if I do?
Stand before a stove all day! You'll see how it ache!
They've left, bro.
Pull over here, bro!
What is it? Isn't this the route?
Yes. But don't know if we go left or right. -Hello
I've sent the photo. See it. -Alright, sir.
Yes, Tips!
Check post number ten! -Have you crossed it?
No! We haven't turned back!
Take the left, bro. We'll handle it.
He turned left at the check post!
I received a photo.
This thing's just spinning. Check it.
Ah! If there's the letter 'E', the image won't download.
If you had 3G or 4G, there'd be instant download!
My phone is with my uncle. Else, I would've shown it to you.
Shall I ask the cop for internet, bro?
Hey! It appears no one is inside.
Go stand by the vehicle. -Okay.
To me, all crows are black, bro!
But don't they know their parents?
Just go and watch how your daughter runs right to you, bro!
What do you say, sir?
Hey! The road's empty, right? Step on it!
At the rate it's spinning, it'll blow wind but won't download the photo!
This phone is crap!
Heard of Oppo or Vivo phones?
That Vivo V5 model? Should've bought one of those!
Look over there, bro!
Don't stop! Step on it!
Keep going!
Drive fast!
Faster! Don't stop!
Reverse! Back up!
Faster! -Go fast, bro!
A vehicle's coming from behind!
What happened? -The lights are out.
Don't know if it's safe to go in. What do we do?
Go break the door.
See if you have a rod.
They've got knives and sticks, bro! Do something!
See if you can turn the truck around!
All forest area around us, sir! -Run over them and go!
I can't run them over and go back to prison.
Just run them down! I'll handle the fallout!
I cornered the truck!
Those five heads are mine!
Just go back the way you came!
How's that, now?
I set up the bamboo to block the truck and forced it to change routes!
You'll take the five heads!
Am I a simpleton?
So I can tie the nuptial thread but you get to enjoy the wedding night?
Why not?
If you come late, I'd be the one to do it!
I'm the one that trapped them!
You came from the back! I stand up front!
Doesn't take much to attack a trapped rat!
Go back quietly!
Let's fight it out!
Whoever wins gets to take the heads!
What the hell are you thinking? Drive!
How long have you been in business?
What is it, bro? -What?
Didn't have the guts to finish the job once you had him!
Now you raise your voice here, you prick? Can you see?
You said you'd ensure I'd never see my daughter again.
I had no other options.
I'll bury them and go about my way! -Do it now.
I'm honestly not that type of man!
If I didn't say so, you wouldn't have agreed to drive!
All those guys in the back have families!
Go! -Why, sir?
No one will leave here alive!
Don't we people have families, too?
(A caller tune plays)
Mr. Ranga! This is Saga's brother!
We've chased them this far!
Let's make a deal! They burned five of our guys!
It's Saga's brother. He wants to make a deal. Some of their men were burned.
What deal? -Alright, sir.
I'll forget everything you said.
I'll drop you off without a single scratch.
What will you give me?
I'll give you anything! No time to bargain! Start the vehicle!
This is my time, sir. -Alright. How much do you want?
Who wants your money? -Then what do you want?
A room for my daughter.
A fan just for her.
A bed.
A good school for her to study.
Can you do this?
Educating your child is no big issue!
If they know you saved the I.G... -Sir!
Will you make this happen? -I will!
Promise me.
Let's make a deal!
You take three heads! Leave two for me!
I also did the work, right?
I promise to do it! Now step on it!
You may have done the work... -You promise with the left hand?
What if you forget in the morning?
Now you intrude and negotitate?
Losers get no deals! -Listen up!
This is my daughter. I'll see to it your daughter studies in her school!
I swear upon my daughter.
Please drive!
Let's pretend to agree. Only four of them are here, right?
We'll kill all of them.
But one thing!
The guy who drove the vehicle?
The one with handcuffs?
He's mine!
Don't touch him!
Stay there! I'll call after wrapping this...
Where are you going? We're surrounded!
What are you doing, bro?
You only know that I've been in prison for ten years.
You don't know what I was doing before I went to jail, right?
Leave him. They'll take care of him.
Go bring over those five cops.
Go, guys.
Hey! Step aside.
Can't you listen...
Go! Attack him from the back!
Look here, bro!
Bro! Behind you!
Look here, sir!
A man's in the back of the truck, bro!
Until today, no one in my family has even set foot in a police station!
Why? They directly go to the court, huh?
What do you study? -Engineering.
EC Engineering.
You study engineering and loiter drunk like so?
That's why we loiter drunk, sir!
Someone's breaking the gate, sir!
Get down, guys! -Mani! Give everyone their weapons!
Listen up! I don't care who is in there!
You have five minutes!
Open the door! I'll take my stuff and go on my way!
If I break in and enter, none of you will remain alive!
There about twenty to thirty people at the entrance, sir.
What do I do, sir?
Hold on, Napoleon. Don't be afraid.
Where are you, sir? -I'm on my way!
I'll call back. Hang up. -Okay, sir.
See if there's another way in.
Come on, guys!
Go look that side! -Who's in there?
Only one of them had a gun, sir. Had to bring it with his holster. Here.
Hey! Light it up.
How long for the vehicle to be ready?
The clutch and brake have heated up.
Take about 10-15 minutes to cool down.
Can't explain this to my mother. Please handle this.
This truck is our family's livelihood!
Napoleon? -Sir?
They're breaking everything! What to do? -Hold on! Don't be scared!
Listen carefully to what I say. -Alright.
Go to the cell at the top floor.
Move aside.
They'll be a guy in a blue shirt. Give him the phone.
Alright. -Wait. No need.
Ask the college kids if any of them can make a video call.
What's going on? -Can we make a video call on your phone?
Yes, we can. -I'll call you from that, sir!
Who's in there? Come out!
Sir? -Hold it this way and talk, sir.
Tell me, sir. -Hey, Blue shirt.
The one in the corner. Step up front.
Can you see me?
Yes, sir. -Talk to your guys who are outside.
The drugs you're after isn't here.
Tell him I'll let you guys go.
No harm must come to my people there. -Yes, sir.
Ask him to give me a phone.
Give him your phone, Napoleon. -Yes, sir.
Give it. -Here you go.
Get a Jio SIM once you get back!
He's making a video call. You're still looking for a signal!
Who is this? -It's Shankar.
Where are you? How did you get this phone?
The policeman... he's on the phone right now.
He's making a deal.
They'll let us go.
But we must not hurt the people here.
Is my brother safe?
Tell me. Wasn't he with you?
He's on a video call, Anbu.
Say it in a way I'll understand!
The boss...
The cop...
I said he's on the line. -Is he inside?
Yes, Anbu. -Alright! I won't do anything!
No one here will come in!
No harm will come from my side!
Open the door and you guys come out! Agree to the deal!
Agree to the deal! -Alright, Anbu!
He accepts the deal. Open it up.
Tell everyone to back off.
Open up the cell. -Yes, sir.
No harm will come to you all. You may leave safely.
What are they doing?
The seven guys who were caught were low level thugs, sir.
They'll let us go.
But we must not hurt the people here.
I said he's on the line.
Yes, Anbu. He's inside.
Open it up!
Alright, sir. Come on.
Truck's ready. Shall we go? -Hold on!
Yes, sir? -Napoleon!
Opened the cell? -I'm about to!
Don't do it. First listen to me. -What is it, sir?
Ask the names of those inside! -Yes, sir.
What's your name?
Your name? -Gopal.
And you? -Shankar.
You? -Moorthy!
Who is he?
Hey! What's your name?
What? Are you hard of hearing?
What happened?
My brother's inside.
They nabbed him without knowing who he is.
First, let him step out safely.
Then, we will kill everyone in there!
Hey! What's your name?
One of them's not telling me his name, sir!
Step back.
He's Adaikalam.
If he's out, he won't spare any of you.
Whatever you do, don't open the door. Back away!
Sir! -Give me the key!
Ajay! -I'll chop you up!
Hurry up!
Give it! Give me the key!
Hello? Napoleon?
Give me the key!
Give it!
Hurry up, guys!
Hurry! Let's go! Where's Dilli?
He's looking for a signal there! -Come!
Give me the key!
Ajay! -Throw me that key.
Pick up that key!
Come on!
Dilli! Start the vehicle!
Only forty kilometers to go. Hurry!
What happened? Let's go!
What is it?
Toss it here! -Ajay!
Toss me the key! -They caught hold of him!
Throw me the key! -He might die!
When I get out, I'll kill you!
Don't give it to him!
Shut the doors, guys!
Shut the doors!
My child, sir.
If one has a child...
...they never die, right?
She has my eyes.
She has her mother's nose and forehead.
Even she used to get dimples when she smiled.
She's in her, too.
Look how she stands, sir!
Does she look like a killer's daughter?
Doesn't she look like a cop's daughter? -Yes, Dilli.
I want to hold her right now!
Then come! If we go quickly, you can see her soon!
Will I see her, sir? -Definitely, Dilli!
How much further, sir? -We're halfway there, bro!
Cross the hill and there's the hospital!
Let's go, sir.
Tips! The vehicle's off.
His name is Dilli!
You must kill him first to get close to the cops!
What did you say his name was? -Dilli!
See if you can break any of these.
Break it all down! Go!
Break them open!
Hit hard! -Break it!
Break it!
Made out of forest wood! Can't break it!
What is it? -No, Anbu.
Seems like an old British building. Really strong doors and windows.
Not so easy to break in.
I'll see if there's another way in.
Three of you go look that side!
Where are you guys? Hey, Tips!
Tell everyone to stop! -Get down!
Hold on, guys!
They savagely beat everyone and drove up the hill!
Who is he?
His name's Dilli.
It seems like he escaped prison.
He's going around with handcuffs.
Don't know why he's working for the cops.
He gores like a rhino, Mr. Prabha.
He beat the crap out of Krishna and Guna.
He sports holy ash on his head and dances around like God!
Say you couldn't do it! Don't bring God into this!
Ajay! I'm near Thavakudi!
Tell Tane that I asked him to come to that high school!
I'll call back.
On my way, doctor! -Bejoy!
Based on my research, chances are high that this drug may be Rohypnol.
So? -It's a heavy sedative!
Even more dangerous.
But no one can acquire this drug.
Hard to access it!
Someone in your department who handles drugs must've done this.
Already been three hours, Bejoy. Hurry!
We delay further, people might die!
Alright, doctor. On my way!
'Even if a child forgets his mother...'
'Or if a mother forgets her child...'
'If life forgets the body...'
'Or if the body forgets life...'
'Even if you forget all you have learned...'
'Or if the eyes forget to blink...'
'The Lord who rooted us here...'
'Namashivaaya...I shall never forget!'
Praise be to Lord Shiva!
Men have surrounded the hill! They might hear you, bro!
I don't believe in this sort of thing!
One day, you will.
How many guys on your side?
About seventeen.
How many guys on our side? -About twenty, brother.
Let two guys watch the centre of the hill.
Forty of us will swoop down together!
One guy covers every ten feet!
What was his name? Bombay? Delhi?
Let's see how he gets down this hill!
See that, sir? The guys who chased us have surrounded the hill!
Wherever the truck goes, they'll attack!
What do we do, Dilli?
You tell me, sir. I'll do it.
If I tell you, you'll ask if I'm crazy.
Alright, tell me.
Hey, Tips! Can you see me? -It's the boss!
Over here! -Tell me!
Tell me! -Do you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Listen up!
There's an iron door behind this building! -What?
Hoist me higher!
An iron door!
He's telling them of a way inside from up there!
Saw what's down there?
Make it sound like it's nothing! We get caught, only five die!
You're trying to kill us all? Are you crazy?
See that? Said you'd react this way!
Now you yourself...
We're surrounded by forests!
He's stopped atop the hill!
Don't know exactly where!
Come by Thittakudi!
See if there's a hill there!
What's wrong? -What is it, bro?
They're just blubbering drunk!
Shut up and sleep! Don't know the situation we're in!
An iron door!
Iron what? -An iron door!
Iron door. Got it! -In the back!
There's an iron door in the back! -Head back!
An iron door!
Can I do something to ensure no one out can hear him?
What are you going to do?
Are you there?
Guide me, O Lord Shiva!
Come on! The truck's heading this way!
Come! We'll pin it down!
Truck's coming this way! Come on!
The truck's on that side! Come on!
Get up! Watch your step!
Come along, sir!
Come quickly, sir!
Pull over somewhere, bro! -Don't spare them!
Come on, guys!
Get in quickly!
Get in!
Come on, sir! -Where's Sir?
He's out there!
Make sure he gets in! -Come on, sir!
Come on, sir! You're close!
Come! Take my hand, sir! -Kill him!
Hurry up, sir!
They managed to strike him, bro!
What do we do now, bro?
He's the guy, brother!
What the hell?
So much build-up!
I don't know who you are!
I don't know why you work for the cops!
All I want are five guys inside the truck!
Hey! Give me that!
Bejoy, Thiru, Kumar, Joseph and Sudhakar!
Just hand me these guys and go on your way with the rest!
I gave my word that I'd drop them at their destination!
Settle your dispute after I've dropped them off!
Hey! Go get them.
Bro... -That chump has a gun!
It's just a toy gun! Go!
Pull the trigger!
He's got a gun, brother!
If you're scared, close your eyes!
Are you a cop to shoot below the knee?
He'll account for the bullets!
Blow their brains out!
Bravely step up!
Don't make stupid decisions because of money!
He's shooting at us blindly!
Shoot the thin guy in the corner!
Two more bullets left!
If they dare to take a step, shoot away!
Strong iron door! Won't break even if we pound at it all day!
Break the wall! -Talked like you're a big shot!
Go that side...
Hello? -Careful!
What happened, Tips? -No, Anbu.
Some guy named Dilli got involved and saved all the cops.
Took out about three groups, too. -Aren't you ashamed?
Aren't you ashamed to say that?
You better toss me the key and get lost!
If I ever get out of here...
I'll kill not just you, but every last member of your family!
Toss me the key!
(A song plays loudly in the music system)
Break it quickly!
Hold on! Come along!
(A fast paced song plays)
Why are you stopping? Keep at it!
Break it open!
Turn it off.
Turn that thing off.
Turn that damn thing off.
Turn that goddamn thing off!
Turn it off!
Once I'm out, I won't bloody spare any one of you!
Can't handle one man?
They've arrested my brother! All five cops must die!
If you got guts, don't call until it's done! Hang up!
Hey! -Brother?
Start the vehicle! -Okay!
Tips can't handle this situation!
You get going!
The cops should not reach here!
But the cargo is still inside!
I'll handle that! Now go!
What happened?
Sprinkle water on him.
He's still not waking up, bro.
Bro... You need to turn left here.
Few folks in the list of Academy Toppers haven't gotten a posting yet.
Very likely they're working undercover now.
Tell me their names.
Just a minute, sir.
Ajaz Ahmed
Alright, hang up.
How much longer?
(A peppy song plays)
Yes, this is it.
This is the place he mentioned.
Think there'll be no further problems, bro.
What do we do with him?
Hold his legs.
Prop his head up.
Where is he? -At Thavakudi School, Tips!
You said he's going to a hospital.
Why's he going to a school? -Did he give me a damn itinerary?
Hurry up!
Good evening, sir!
Ram! Ravi!
They're done for, today!
Where's Anbu? -I don't know, brother!
No path here. Check that side! -Let's go!
They're about to break the back door!
Heeding your words, I made those four boys and the girl stay back here!
When will you come? -Sir...
Mr. Bejoy can't come to the phone now.
Who the hell are you?
Where is he? Do you know what's going on here?
I do, sir! Been a part of this since it began!
Don't be scared! High ranking officials are on the way!
I've heard the same thing for hours!
If they get in, they'll hack all of us up!
Mr. Bejoy'd have to answer for this!
First tell me who you are!
I'm just like you, sir.
A stranger in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Look in that place! -Sir!
Do you see anyone? -It's Anbu!
How many of you are in there?
Including the girl, there are five people!
Trusting him, I had them stay back!
Do they know who Mr. Bejoy is?
I haven't seen him myself!
The key is with that cop, Anbu!
First turn that bloody thing off!
Tell me, sir. How can they trust a guy whom even you haven't seen before?
They trust you.
Only we must take care of those who trust us.
What? Afraid you'll die, huh?
Even if you die, put up one hell of a fight, sir!
Don't die cowering in fear!
Sir... -You're a cop, right?
If anyone dares to step in there, beat the crap out of him!
Careful, bro!
Hold him, Ashok!
Don't let him go! -Be Careful
Hit him!
Grab his leg! -Give me a hand!
Come on! -Do something, sir!
Careful, sir!
Back away, Tamizh!
Kick that knife away!
Don't go near him, Chittu!
Come here!
Where's the key? -See if any door on the top is open!
Go look!
Stop right there!
Get up, sir!
Break it, guys!
Bend those bars!
Come on!
Go check that side!
Be careful!
No way here! It's locked!
Look that side!
Come, Chittu!
Come on! -Hold on!
Grab his hands!
Grab them!
Come, Tamizh!
Throw me your shawl! -Here you go!
Hold him down!
Grab his hands! -Tightly!
Tie it tightly, Ajay!
Bro! This gun is so damn heavy!
Can't shoot with one hand like they do in the movies!
It even drags me off to one side!
Somehow, I managed.
If I had not come along, you two would've died, right?
What is this? No one's come!
Shall I go take a look? -Just sit quietly.
Who are you, bro?
Why did you kill?
Just that you look like a killer.
But you don't seem to be one!
That's why I asked. Tell me, bro.
Just mind your business.
Just tell me, bro.
Tell me.
How old are you? -Just turned 23!
When I was your age, I had seen everything.
As long as I can remember...
...I was acclimated with fighting and drinking. Remained that way!
If she had not come along...
...I would've been the same until I died.
She looked so good!
All eyes were on her!
But she was really fond of me!
Dead set on marrying me, she chased me all over and did so!
Our home was under a tarp on a platform!
To her, it was like living in a palace. She was so happy.
Every day...
She'd ask me to keep flowers on her hair. Mark holy ash on her forehead.
She'd always swish around, telling me to eat something she made.
I hadn't known what life was.
For the first time, I wanted to live.
If someone's born blind, just let them be.
But if you give them sight for a while...
...and yank it away when they're happy?
One day... It was a Friday...
A Vijaykanth film.
Everyone in the platform had gone for a late night show.
Only the two of us didn't go.
Because she was pregnant.
We shut shop and lay down to sleep.
All of a sudden...
...she screamed out to me!
When I opened my eyes...
...two bloody mongrels...
...without even caring she was pregnant, were carrying her away!
What would you have done?
I beat them. I beat them hard.
I beat them until they were dead!
When they arrested me and took me away...
...that pregnant girl stood in the middle of the road...
...and cried asking me not to leave her.
I didn't know back then that it was the last time I'd ever see her.
In the blink of an eye...
...everything was gone.
Her voice...
The scent of her sweat...
I have those memories keep me going.
Did she die?
What is it? Why are you still up?
No, sister...
I don't think anyone is coming to visit me tomorrow.
Are you crazy?
I talked so much but no one talked back.
Doesn't that mean they don't like me?
Nothing of that sort. You'll see.
They'll come to visit you.
Get going, brother.
Forget the truck. I'll take care of it. You go!
How do I leave this halfway?
That's familiar territory to them. They'll handle it.
You focus on meeting your child. Go!
Like me, that man has a daughter, too.
He's a good man.
How do you know? What if he shows his cop tricks in the morning?
I've been in jail for ten years with evil men.
Good men look like temples to me.
Some big shot! You promised to meet a girl who thought she was an orphan until now!
How would she feel if her dad gets hacked to death on the way?
The govt. will protect the cop's family. Who'll take care of yours?
Enough with helping others! Go take care of your life!
I'm pleading with you. Please go!
Just go, brother!
What do we do with him, sir?
Do you hear me, Anbu? -Shall we lock him up in another cell?
Why aren't you replying? -Hold on. Let me ask Sir.
Hey, Anbu!
Damn it! Someone respond!
"The number you're calling is switched off at the moment."
I sent someone who can handle the arms.
They stabbed him near the checkpost, sir!
I don't know who did it or anything else. -Alright, do this.
Put these two bodies into the school bus and go.
Alright. -I've spoken to Dr. Amudhan.
It's very important that no one else knows about this.
Got it? -Alright, sir.
Take them to the Jojo Clinic.
Say it's an emergency. He'll understand.
Okay. -Let them remain with Ajay.
Okay, sir.
Tell him you're leaving.
You get going. I'll join up with the boys. -Yes, sir.
I came to see my child.
I've seen what she looks like.
I've heard her voice, too.
Now I want her to be well!
This man offered to help with that!
What if I live through this but something happens to him?
Both our kids' lives will be ruined! -So?
It's not imporant for me to be with her. Her happiness is more important.
I've decided to save that man's life, even if it means I lose mine.
If she has a good school, think your child will be happy even without her parents?
You won't understand this.
Can you do me a favor?
When I was in prison, I worked in a bakery for three years.
With the money I saved from it...
...as I was wondering what to buy for her...
...I remembered that Viji loved 'jimikki' earrings.
So, I bought the same.
If anything happens to me at the Commissioner's office...
...can you get this to my daughter?
Be careful.
Say her father gave it.
If she asks where he was... -In prison.
You dolt!
What else do I say, brother?
Tell her I was a painter in Dubai.
We're going in a school bus, sir.
Yes, to a hospital. I'll let Tips know which hospital.
That's an issue between them and the cops.
They'll handle it.
But if Bejoy is left alive, we'll be caught.
Somehow, finish him off.
How do I do that, sir?
Don't be scared.
Bejoy's men can't do anything, tonight.
Higher officials are involved with this. So, they can't talk about this openly.
Do what I say. We'll handle it.
Alright, sir.
Pull over, driver! Stop!
Appears he's out of the funk, sir.
I'm feeling better, sir. Can I ride with you?
Does it hurt?
Sorry I slapped you.
I love you.
What happened, Anbu? Look at me!
Look at me, I say!
Untie him! Do it!
Give him the key! -Release Anbu and I'll let him go!
He might do something! Give the key! -Open up and I'll let him go!
Open the door! -Who the hell are you to decide that?
He's in your grasp and you keep talking?
Take him out! Do it!
Didn't I tell you? Didn't I bloody tell you?
It's all your fault!
Had you given the key then, he'd be alive right now!
Now just him, but him, him and her!
There are thirty guys outside!
Thought about what would happen to you all if they came in?
Brother! I'll have the key in another two minutes!
We'll take the cargo and go home together!
Together! Now give me the key!
What happened? Where are the rest of them?
He's dead, sir!
Didn't he stay back because you asked him to, sir?
He's just a corpse now, sir!
Get up! -Do you hear that?
Talk to me, Anbu!
Can you hear me, Anbu? -Hey, Anbu!
Say something, Anbu! -Come on!
They did something to Anbu, brother!
Anbu! -Anbu!
Hey Anbu...
What have you done to Anbu?
Tips! Ram! Where are you guys?
What happened to Anbu?
Go check the back side! Move!
You're all dead meat!
Open the door!
Open the damn door!
Ajaz Ahmed.
Once we cross the quarry, we reach town!
Easy to go to the Commissioner's office from there.
No matter what, don't leave the vehicle.
Listen up!
The cops you're looking for are not here.
I've sent them off! I'm Dilli!
I got this, sir. Get back!
I beat up your guys.
Got anything to discuss, take it up with me...
This is it, sir! He tipped them off!
Hey! The gun has no bullets! Come on, guys!
Let him go! -Come on!
Come quickly!
No! Listen to me! Now go!
Get going, I say!
If I ever catch you...
Just finish him off!
Tell me!
Sent them off in a school bus, huh?
To which hospital?
I don't know.
"Don't know"?
You don't know, eh?
Make the guys check every hospital in the area!
Check if a school bus is parked there!
Let's see how they escape!
First let's finish him off!
Drop the rock.
You'll leave once your job's done! I'll be in trouble if he stays alive!
Let's kill him! -Drop it, I say!
Can't nab one schmuck? Hurry!
He must be around there! Search!
Quit calling repeatedly!
Catch him and get here!
Call your man in the bus.
I've asked you many times! Do it!
Give that to me, sir. I'll handle it.
Just give it!
Come here!
Take the gun in my pocket, sir!
Don't hesitate! Take it, sir!
There's no time. Hurry!
I think you got busted.
I'm sorry.
You should've left back then.
Because of me...
If you had a shave, he'd look just like you!
Let him go!
No! Let him go!
No! Just leave him alone!
Now do you realize who the sheep is, Sampath?
My name isn't Sampath.
It's Ajaz Ahmed!
Batch of 2016! Academy Topper!
I've been by your side for two years.
And you didn't even know!
You're the damn sheep!
Hey! Toss him out.
He's up! Grab him!
Hit him!
We must get them out!
What happened, Jaga?
They blocked everything, brother!
There's no way to get in!
Pull, guys!
Come along!
We got him! He's got something in his pocket!
He won't let us take it! -Don't spare anything! Check him!
Let go! -Tips! Gaja's calling!
Something happened to Anbu! -What?
He called many times. Seems you didn't pick up!
Let go of me!
Give me that! -Earrings, brother!
What happened to Anbu?
I'm coming! Hang up!
Brother! Look!
Brother! They snatched the earrings you bought for your child!
Open your eyes and look, brother!
Are you kidding around?
They broke the earrings you bought for your child, brother!
They broke your child's earrings!
Open your eyes, brother!
Stab him properly!
Don't die on me, Ajaz! Open your eyes!
Run over the door with the car! I'm on my way!
Open your eyes, Ajaz!
Don't let him go!
You promised to meet a girl who thought she was an orphan until now!
How would she feel if her dad gets hacked to death on the way?
Do you want to see your daughter or not?
Hello! I am Amudha speaking
Are you coming to see me tommorrow
Will I see her, sir?
How are we related?
Are you still alive, sir?
If yes, get inside the vehicle!
Let's go!
Come, dear!
Listen to me! Come, let's go!
Don't know what they'll do if they come in! Let's go!
Come on!
Everyone head up!
Keep going! Don't stop!
Break it open!
Get inside! Go in, dear!
Sir! Sir! Sir!...
If they're in, no matter what happens, they must not lay hands on her! See to it.
Break it!
Hit it harder!
Rip out that tree and slam it here! Bring whatever you find!
Break it open!
Hit it hard!
Come this side!
Break it open!
Move aside! -Where are you going?
This building... -Give me the key, sir.
Hit it hard!
Hey Dilli!
No matter what, Adaikalam must not get out!
The boys will be here in... -That's a cop's problem, sir.
There are others like me stuck in there.
Who will save them?
Got any left?
Booze, kiddo!
Break it open!
Break the window!
You've sworn upon your child that you'll give my child a good life.
If you think when I'm dead, I wouldn't know that you broke your word...
...I'll kill you, sir!
Break it down! Harder!
Be careful.
Break it open!
Let's go, sir!
I'm with Mr. Bejoy.
He's right outside.
Where are those kids?
Who is this guy?
Get going! They're waiting outside!
Come, Tamizh! -Come on!
Come, dear! -Who is he, sir?
Another truck out back! Get in!
This way! -Come, Tamizh!
Go! -Get going!
Get going, I say!
Go, dear!
A lost life won't come back.
I'll bring him. Now go!
Take her and go, sir! -Go, dear.
Don't stop!
You keep going, kids. I'll be back.
Where are you going? -Go up those stairs. I'll tell you.
Sir! Sir!...
Where are you going? -Take them up. I'll come!
Come on, sir!
Come here, kid! Here you go!
Careful! -Take him and go! I'll come!
Look at this! -Come on, sir.
This is why those godforsaken mongrels are creating such a ruckus!
Even if I die, I won't let them take this!
I'll burn down this entire thing!
Let's see even if an ounce remains! I'll burn it all!
I'll hit you hard!
They slit his throat right before my eyes!
Poor kid suffered! He'd be my son's age.
He died!
You guys are done for!
Let's see how you get your stuff!
Found it? -See what this is, sir!
They're drug peddling monsters!
If they ever get their hands on what's in here...
...they'll ruin the lives of students!
We must not spare them!
Break it open!
Hold it tightly. Don't let go. -Who's this?
I don't know, brother.
How does this work?
Press that red button.
What's he got? -Looks like a bug spray machine!
Come on!
Now hit it!
It's nothing. You're fine!
Check him out, Vignesh.
Plenty of cops outside! What's wrong?
I'm talking to you! What happened?
Brother? -Dilli?
The Sir is here.
Get down.
What happened, sir?
What is it? -Show me your hands.
What is it, sir?
Go and see.
Is that my daughter, sir?
Just come!
I'm scared! -Come, dear.
Go talk to him! -What do I say, sir?
Just go! She'll talk to you.
Are you my father?
What's your name?
Why are you crying?
I'm not crying, dear.
All this while, why didn't you come and see me?
Please forgive me, dear!
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Don't cry, dad!
My precious!
You'll never leave me again, will you, dad?
I will not, dear!
I'll never leave you again.
I won't go anywhere without you.
So, Dilli...
Is she like your dear Viji?
Hey! Dilli
Some men will meet you tomorrow.
They'll arrange for everything you asked for your child.
I knew you'd do everything for my child, sir.
If I give something, will you accept it?
What is it? Give me.
It's a little broken.
But pure gold, sir.
Can you give it to your daughter?
I'll tell her Uncle Dilli gave it.
Who is he, sir?
He wasn't involved with this, but ruined everything!
He is involved with it!
His name is Dilli!