Kajal Kartika (2023) Movie Script

-'Come soon and open the door.'
- 'How long do I ring the bell?'
-You are here?
I'm coming... I'm coming.
How long will I wait out?
Thank God you picked my call.
Otherwise I would have
had to break open the door
Not as you expected.
And I'm not zoned out as you think.
It's just a break up, chill.
I know you are a brave girl.
But I know during this time
how frustrating it can be, Uma Devi.
Yes, damn pandemic!
I thought I could just go
on a hike, Covid had to hit us.
You have books all over the place.
Read something.
Yeah... all done and dusted.
-Tell me if you have any book.
-Hey! Wait.
My brother just bought an old library
and is wondering what to do with it.
You can chill over there.
-Of course!
What do you think?
Such a big library belongs to you?
Yes, this library is 100 years old.
Thank you, Anand, I'm damn excited.
You say it is an ancient library.
-Will I find any interesting books?
-Interesting books? There.
Let's go inside.
So just books or looking for
something more interesting?
Which do you prefer?
Fiction or non-fiction?
Yes, that will be creative.
This section is right from
when the library was started.
Very interesting and inspiring.
Thank you, Anand.
Only 'thanks'?
Both of us in this solitude.
Then the slippers on her feet.
Point noted, I have a lot of work
to attend to in the library.
You carry on...
You carry on... You carry on.
'She insulted me!'
'Lamp Black'
'In an independent apartment complex
Meera was crying seated on the stairs'
Hello, excuse me.
Something wrong?
-I'll leave.
-Hello, 1 minute.
What is the matter?
If my life has come to crossroads,
how can anyone help me?
What is the problem?
Tell me in a way I can understand.
'Right at the time lockdown was imposed
my landlord chased me out of my house'
'Not knowing where to go
I was in a quandary'
You said you were going back home?
Roadside inns have been opened
to those who can't return.
Go and stay there.
Then you will realize.
My value.
Get lost!
Hey! Your death will be horrific, man.
With a bloody broken skull,
you'll lie an abandoned corpse.
The corporation will clear the corpse.
'Shut your gob and clear out'
Hi Shalini.
'Hey Meera! How are you?
Where are you?'
I am in Chennai.
'Be safe, Meera'
'I heard the situation is really bad'
'Close everything
and stay put at home'
Er...I have a small problem, Shalini.
My house owner asked me to vacate
I don't know where to go.
'Oh...er...that is-'
'I would love to take you home, Meera'
'But in this situation
everything is vague'
'Don't even know
what to believe'
'I have 2 elderly people at home'
'I can't take chances, Meera'
'Er...if you want I can
suggest a good idea'
'Just fall at your owner's feet,
get back the key and go back home'
-Thanks, Shalini.
-Sure, bye.
Now I have no clue where to go.
I live alone in a double bedroom flat.
If you don't mind you can stay
in my flat till this lockdown is over.
Are you serious?
Please come.
Come inside.
That is my bedroom.
-It is a bit messy.
-That's okay.
-You can use that guest bedroom.
Please come.
This is your room.
Make yourself comfortable.
You want anything, I'm in the next room.
Just feel free to ask.
-Thank you so much.
-What is this?
You're a god sent.
Hey! What happened?
You know the guy in # B13
with a hairstyle like twisted iron rods.
He passed away.
Oh my God! He was my landlord.
He was fine yesterday.
What happened?
Husband and wife quarrel.
Aunty hit him with a rolling pin.
Skull split into two
and he died on the spot.
Bad time to die.
No one to cremate him.
Corporation is clearing the corpse.
Shakthi, I think I'm to blame
for my house owner's death.
I cursed him and it came true.
-Are you trying to joke?
-No, listen.
'You skull will split into two'
'You'll lie an abandoned corpse'
I cursed him.
Whatever I said is verbatim true.
Are you serious?
You think your curse came true
like Kannagi or what?
You know last month that ironing chap
who was burnt to death in his shop?
-He scorched my expensive sari.
He was so rude and arrogant
I cursed him, 'you will burn to cinders
along with your shop, just like my sari'
Even that came true.
You don't believe me?
Shall we put it to test?
Tell me.
There he comes.
-Thanks, brother.
-Okay, sir.
Was it your curse
for his bike to stall like this?
No, I felt bad for him.
I couldn't curse him.
I think you're confused.
'Bah! Wifi and mobile data
don't work inside this place'
'How the hell does he live here?'
'Where has he vanished?'
What the hell?
Hey Shakthi!
-'I am coming'
What is this?
Such a big bag.
Private stuff, Meera.
Hey! Why did you go out locking me in?
Out of habit, Meera, sorry.
We'll have lunch in an hour?
'What is this?
Such a big bag'
'Private stuff, Meera'
'That is my bedroom
Be a bit messy'
'Hey Meera'
'What's up?'
Got up so early?
Look what I have bought for you.
Vanilla icecream.
What are you doing, Meera?
No, I heard some noise
I came to check.
Even if the world is up in flames.
No one will come
at this unearthly hour.
Come in.
Come, let's have icecream.
This is why you shouldn't be over smart.
If you had silently cooperated,
I would have had my fill of you
and kept you blissfully happy.
There would have been
no need for this violence.
Get in there.
Hi! What is it, dear? Are you hungry?
I'll get lunch ready in half an hour.
We'll spend some quality time together
I promise.
Hey! Who are you?
'Hello, machi
How are you?'
'Why are you sweating so much?'
Dude, don't know if it is lack of sleep.
I am imagining as if
somebody is in here.
I think I am hallucinating.
'What are you up to
that you can't sleep?'
'You couldn't even have
scored during lockdown'
Dude, I don't have that problem.
Just before lockdown
I kidnapped 3 chicks.
On top of it, one more came
and literally fell on my lap.
What are you saying?
You are the one enjoying life
to the fullest in this lockdown?
Dude, she is ultimate heaven.
Her satin smooth skin.
Her unique scent.
She is driving me crazy.
But, dude.
I can have a feast, nibbling
bit by bit like tasting a 'rasagulla'
Listen, even if we hunt
we won't get a chick like that.
Don't make me feel jealous.
Let me take a look.
How frustrated can you get.
I've sent you the photo.
'Proper rasagulla'
Wow! She is too good to be true.
-What is her name, dude?
Tell me her full name.
Meera Krishnakumar I think.
Meera Krishnakumar.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
-Hey! Did you see it?
-'I did.'
Looks like he came out
of a cauldron of boiling oil.
He's the ironing chap in my flat.
-It's been one month since he died.
1 month?
I think this is something controversial.
Check the link I send you now.
The Meera you mentioned died 5 years ago.
Hey! This isn't possible.
This is some scam.
I'm shit scared.
I've been with her all these days.
I slammed her head and
I've tied her up in my room.
I'll show you.
Hey look.
She's right here.
How do you explain this?
Where? I can't see anyone.
What do you mean?
I'm checking the file
in the archives, sir.
Don't be flustered. Everything is perfect.
Just come down for two minutes.
I'm on an important call
I'll finish and come.
Sir...sir, everything is correct.
'Everything is perfect
You don't worry'
'Archive record is perfect
I'll deliver it at home'
Hi, ma'am.
Look at the camera and say 'hi'.
-Who are you?
-Ma'am, don't you know me?
I am 'It is That is' Prasanna.
-So what?
-So nothing, ma'am
I have 1 million subscribers
in my YouTube channel.
If you tell my viewers
your experience in this lockdown.
And I upload the video on YouTube
it will be awesome, okay?
Yov! Cut that damn video.
-Shut it, duffer!
-'Should have asked her permission'
I think you don't know who I really am.
Many directors and producers
follow my channel.
And you look a lovely glam-doll.
'They will take you
heart, mind and body'
You will be a heroine before
you blink your eyes, okay?
Short and sweet video
Poor, pitiful me, no?
It is a 'yes'?
Wait, I'll be back.
'Party bit the bait!'
Show me your hand.
Damn! Extend your palm.
-Pucca! Let's shoot.
-Wait, I say.
Why are you trying to screw?
'She looks like Snow White'
'Talks like Cruella of 101 Dalmations!'
Madam, vessels are scrubbed
with this cleaning powder.
Shut up and scrub your hand first.
Sprinkle all you want.
No palmist can read my hand anymore!
I'm ready
Let's go, madam.
Sparkling clean.
Shall we start?
Oh no! Madam, this is acid.
What are you doing?
My palm will go for a toss.
This is to ensure
you don't get tossed.
No chance
I might even die.
It is spic and span
Let's start the shoot.
Okay, but anyway
maintain an arm's distance.
Got it?
Hi everyone.
Last time many of you had asked me.
How to reduce tummy fat.
Keep fit
Stay healthy.
And let's beat this Corona.
Hey everyone.
Today what is hip hop
and happening in our Kajal special.
Finger 'biriyani'!
Yes, you heard it right.
Not vi-ral biriyani
'Viral' as in finger biriyani.
Lady's finger types.
Take good look.
It's so simple.
And it tastes so so yummy.
So you should try this
in your kitchen too.
And write your feedback
in the 'comments' section below.
See you guys.
Love from Kajal.
Awesome movie.
Full on action.
Watch films like this.
If you know of good films
don't forget, send me your list.
Till then lots of love
from Kajal.
I can't bear this.
This isn't good at all.
How much longer is this exile?
I feel I'll go stark raving mad
21 days have gone by.
This lockdown seems eternal.
God help me!
It's all gone
My life is over.
I don't know what he'll do next.
'Corona virus disease spread
can be stopped-'
Damn this Covid female
and her automated message!
Careful, dear
Father's robe!
Hey! Just shut your gob.
I came to pray and look at this
You made me finger-less, my child.
Show me your hands.
Oh no!
Almost all fingers gone?
You chopped one by one
saying you wanted for your 'biriyani'
Get lost, man!
Your fingers aren't tasty at all.
Is that why you chopped
9 of my fingers, my child?
Come...come close.
Let me give you penance, my child.
Father, what are you mumbling about?
He came here just like you.
Look how quiet he is
Such a good boy!
'Why is he wearing such a big mask?'
He is my favorite.
Thank God for electricity.
I miss you a lot, my duffer boy.
This hide-mouth was my inspiration
to upload my videos in Insta.
Are all of you in the pink of health?
You brought fried rice
the other day, right?
Yes, akka
I hold the senior most position here.
You locked me up in a room
even before Lock-down.
You sniffed and said.
My finger is stinking
You'll come back later.
That's right
And you?
'Madam, milk'
-I'm the Narpic man
I came to show you a demo
on how to clean your toilet.
Hello, according to the order
my turn to speak now.
You'll get it
Zip your lips!
Oh my ball!
Who are you, man?
Like a watch dog?
My dear, I'm the uncle
who lives in the opposite house.
When the whole nation
was busy lighting lamps
I came to borrow oil from you
I've even taught you Math
when you were a kid.
Don't you remember?
Yov! So-so soup!
You bore me to death!
I've pickled you for too long.
-D day today for you.
-Don't, akka.
Shut up!
Place your hand here.
-No need.
-Keep it here.
Hey! Sssssh!
Hey! Stop it
Show me the next finger.
She's in a frock bought
when she was 5 years young!
Who are you?
Body builder during
Corona holiday!
I am YouTube reviewer
Green shirt Naran!
-I have another name.
Left over rice Naran.
What a yucky name!
People who were jealous coined it.
We'll share back stories later
First give me your hand.
Wait, man
First wash your hands.
Why should I?
-What's this new habit?
-Show me your hand.
'Smells good'
Madam, pour some more.
Yov! What are you doing?
Must have a pure mind, right?
Why rub it in your head
to purify your mind?
My mind is in my hair.
Yov! I must sell my house to afford
a sanitizer for your fizzy mop-head.
'What is this crazy female
taking out now?'
You need your vessels scrubbed?
I have enough people at home to
do all that, show me your hand.
Rub, man.
My hands are gleaming like the moon
I feel like gifting my hands to you.
No need now, when I ask, give
without bringing the roof down.
How is that a problem, madam?
My 10 fingers are yearning
whispering 'Kajal, Kajal'
I'll gladly give
whenever you ask.
- Yearning?
- I am ready.
Come in then.
Did you imagine 'Leftover rice Naran'
will strike gold like this?
Even I didn't expect it, bye.
'Why are all of you
sitting finger-less here?'
-Uma Devi.
I was on a work call.
'What happened?'
Doesn't matter.
If I tell you what I read
you won't believe me.
What did you read?
There is a book by the name
'Dark Tales'
It must have been written
at least 100 years ago.
It has current events.
Present Prime minister.
And even Lockdown has been
predicted with in depth analysis.
So weird!
-Did you check the author's name?
Give me a second.
Oh God!
That page is in tatters
and author's name is faded.
Oh! Okay, wait.
All the books in this library will be
'...recorded in their archive for sure'
'Shall I ask my brother to find out?'
Okay, perfect.
Call me once you find out
I'll be reading the other stories.
Okay, bye.
Sir, whatever it is, I'm on the way
We can discuss in person, okay?
Don't forget the cash, sir
I've locked the door now
On the way, sir.
'Pitch Darkness'
Thanks a ton, Jacob
I was jobless for long.
And hanging out with
random scumbags.
I hope you'll pay me for this work.
'We've called you only because
we lack that wretched cash'
'One who lives in the dark'
Isn't it Arvind Swami's name
in 'Thani Oruvan'?
He must be a man
with class and style.
You'll see him now.
Siddhu, this is the new singer Shruthi.
'Why is this bandicoot sizing me up?'
He's weird!
Yov! Why is your eye
popping out of its socket?
-Haven't you seen a girl in your life?
No, why do we need
a swimmer for our studio.
That's what I am thinking.
Dimwitted dumbo!
May a buffalo pee in your deaf ears!
She is a singer
Not a swimmer.
-Get to work.
-She is so beautiful.
Can she sing?
-No touching.
Why are you yawning?
-Shall we get to the lines?
"Girl, all by yourself you came here
to carry water in your pot, dear."
"What is in your feet, I wonder?
Or your hands and head, I ponder?"
"Hair on your head...aaaaay...aaaay."
Stop it!
Hey! Shut up.
This tune is so familiar.
'Looks like he found out'
"What if we stay awhile and linger?"
This is a carbon copy
of Rahman sir's song.
Why, man?
Why do you sink so low?
Sir, no one will know.
Even if they find out, listeners will
crucify this song and make it popular.
This is the present trending 'chatergy'
It will work out in our favor, trust me.
Fine, do your damn best.
Start, Shruthi.
"Girl, all by yourself you came here
to carry water in your pot, dear."
"What is in your feet, I wonder?
Or your hands and hea-"
'Buffalo bum-fellow
Junk of a jerk!'
"Hair on your head...aaaaay."
Shruthi, 1 minute.
What is it now?
I heard someone call me
'Buffalo bum-fellow'
And worse, 'junk of a jerk'
Did you hear it too?
Very simple, Siddhu.
Thinking of your plight,
you must have cursed yourself silently.
Wasn't my mind voice.
It sounded more like
someone was yelling in anger.
Okay, okay.
Once more, Shruthi.
"Girl, all by yourself you came here
to carry water in your pot, dear."
"What is in your feet, I wonder?
Or your hands and head, I ponder?"
"Hair on your head...aaaaay"
'Stop caressing your paunch'
-Cutting Shruthi.
-'Cutting' means?
How does it matter to you
if I rub my stomach?
-You there!
She derided me
in a buffalo grunting voice.
Jacob, what nonsense is this.
'He is crossing his limit
This is too much'
I came here as a favor to you
and this creep is insulting me.
Oho! As if you didn't insult me.
You are cussing me in slum lingo.
What do you take me for?
Brainless bonehead?
-Did I say so?
-Shut up!
Let's finish recording and go home.
'Wasted wastrel!'
'Don't know if he's piss drunk!'
Once more, Shruthi.
"Girl, all by yourself you came here
to carry water in your pot, dear."
"What is in your feet, I wonder?
Or your hands and head, I ponder?"
"Hair on your head...aaaaay"
I'll chop your ear and feed it
to the dogs, 4-eyed fellow.
Sir, you saw that?
A curly haired fellow
merged with that girl's face.
He just now cursed me rudely.
Yov! Jacob
This is too much
I can't put up with
this creature's eccentricity
-I'm sorry, I'm just leaving.
-Hey! Shruthi.
'Power outage
Siddhu, you lunatic'
I asked you to record
What are you up to?
Now it's all trashed
Happy now?
Shruthi...hey Shruthi.
Jacob, I want to go home
Please drop me right now.
Don't get tense, he didn't-
He's blabbering utter nonsense
You think I have to listen to all that crap
-I came here to sing.
-He may have played a prank.
Hey! Keep quiet.
-Why can't I open this door?
-Move, let me open.
Siddhu, why is it locked?
I think those 2 kids of my neighbor
played a prank on me as usual.
What are you saying?
This is the prank by 2 kids.
Then call that lady
and ask her to open the door.
Oh no!
No signal in my phone, I can't call.
Even I don't have.
True, in my phone too.
This is really frustrating.
One of you at least go,
get a candle.
Battery in my phone is draining.
-Why is this place so smoky?
-True that.
Siddhu, did you forget to
switch off the stove?
-I'm feeling cold too.
You don't have to be scared.
Bringing the candle.
Go now, da
Get the candle.
Who is he, sir?
He seems such a dimwitted dumbo.
You've trusted your film to him.
Don't raise your tone.
Professionals cost money.
If you give peanuts
you get only monkeys like him.
Weren't you talking about meeeeee?
I know only tooooooooo
'Bloody hell'
Son of a gun!
Devil's spear deadly!
Devil's spear deadly?!
Why are you blabbering?
Ignore it, man.
My tongue just rolled
what my mind said.
Oh god!
Ditch this one
I'll bring another candle.
Jacob, why is it so cold here?
Yes, it is cold
Ask her what she wants.
Hi, I am director Jacob.
Are you Siddharth's friend?
'What did I say to make you cry?'
'Please don't cry...hello?'
Why are you crying?
What is the matter?
Are you okay?
My heart is racing
My mind is rattled.
I wanted so many of
my dreams to come true.
I wanted a family of my own
Husband, children.
And cherish happy memories with them.
All my dreams faded into nothing
Jacob, saw the true colors
of that palmfruit-head fellow?
Looks like a gullible idiot.
He has cheated a girl
right inside his house.
Tell me whatever has upset you.
We will help you.
Is he torturing you?
Confide in us.
'I am back'
Back with a new candle.
Hey! Listen to-
Where...where did she go?
-Scared of him, must be hiding.
-Light, dear candle.
Cha! Will you exhale just when
I am lighting the candle?
You think we exhaled with force?
Give me the matchbox.
Good lord! When I'm lighting
some oaf is blowing it off
I said these same words
Did you believe me?
You are talking as if
you are the son of darkness!
Fine, switch on the torch
in your mobile now
I need to tell you
something important.
What, sir?
You've hidden a girl in your studio
and torturing her, right?
Talk about her.
Oh no! Why is she behaving
like a stark raving mad woman?
Who is mad?
Dumbo, get lost!
Why is she calling me
dumbo jumbo, sir?
That's it, sirrrr!
My tension will shoooooooot up!
So what if your tension shoots up?
What will you do?
Nothing...he will do n-o-t-h-i-n-g!
He'll get piss-drunk
and sleep on his paunch.
My work will suffer
Get that into your head.
Whatever! I need to use the rest room.
What is this, sir?
In the end, you branded me an alcoholic!
Shall we have a peg?
Why is the tap freezing cold to touch?
Water seems frozen?
"My dreams ended as embers frustrated."
"The many days I waited
became a dream deflated."
"This butterfly bright
flitting in my heart died."
"My dreams charred into cinders frustrated."
"The many days I waited patiently
became a faded dream abruptly."
My dear...look at me.
My dear!
I think some neighbor of mine
has opened his 'idli' cooker.
The place is full of
steam in spirited form.
Jacob, hurry.
Oh no!
Stamping my toe like a buffalo.
How is it you are alive?
Is this her weird sense of humor, sir?
She wants to know
how I'm still alive!
I saw you standing as a corpse in the loo.
That girl was screaming
-I saw you.
-What are you blabbering?
He's right before you
like a clay idol of Ganesha
I saw, I swear
Everything is wrong here.
Come with me to the toilet, Jacob
-I'll show you.
-Oh no!
You are the one who is
uttering all the wrong words.
Shut up.
Devil's spear deadly!
This girl kept harping
on the word 'toilet'
I really need to use the toilet now.
If you don't mind, sir
I'll go in and relieve myself.
You go in and check
after I ease my pressure.
Were you conceived
at a jinxed hour?
I don't know, sir.
Shall I ask my father and let you know?
Just shut up and come.
Check behind the door.
That girl will be lamenting.
Behind the door?
Step in, jacob.
Why are you spitting on my face?
Come and see for yourself.
Sir, this is a private toilet
I can stick whatever poster I want.
How can you question that?
You stick any 'dash' you like.
Why have you stuck my image
in-between these porn freaks?
That is...that is because
you are my 'impression'
So if I catch a glimpse of you
first thing in the morning.
That's how much you respect me!
That's how LITTLE you respect me!
I'll curse you
Move aside.
Shruthi, you said you saw
a ghost and a corpse inside.
All I can see is
this creature's antics!
I know I saw, Jacob.
But I don't know how
to prove it to you.
Look over there
Hey! Who are you?
My god! Damn it!
What happened, sir?
Siddhu, some bloody chit of an imp
rang a bell in the most crucial spot.
He has plucked your fuse then
I have an old emergency light.
I'll get it and see if it works.
Brother, who are you?
Cooling tea in the midst of chaos here.
Do you want some tea?
Hold the glass.
Brother, your tea is
out of this world.
Special tea, Rs 20.
Rs 40 for both of you.
Pay up.
Lock down.
No money.
Make do with this.
Useless fellow fit to be
death's next client!
2 hot lentil fritters with this tea
would be simply super, no?
Your tastebuds need a whacking.
Aww! Ouch!
Why are you taking it
out of your fizzy mop?
You wanted hot 'vadai'?
Yes, it is piping hot.
'Hey! Jacob'
Will you eat any crap you get?
Why are you being so rude?
In front of your eyes, he fished it
out of his sparrow-nest head.
You want to eat THAT?
'She must be a rogue of a girl'
'I am back'
I hunted high and low and
found a torch light for us.
Siddhu, instruct the tea vendor
in your studio to be more hygienic.
He takes out 'vada'
from his fizzy head.
She is deriding me.
What nonsense you are talking!
There is no one else in this studio
other than the three of us.
How dumb can you get
He is sitting right nex-
Where did he vani-
-Don't stamp my foot.
-How strange?
That fellow sat here and gave us tea.
Looked like your cousin.
-Shit! No charge.
-Oh no! What do you mean?
Switch on the torch you're holding.
This is the girl who was
lamenting in the loo.
This booze gives me a solid kick.
Someone is drinking in your house.
Penniless punk!
Random strangers
are roaming in here.
Damn! this torch light isn't working.
This is the fizzy-head I told you.
Is he your twin brother?
No, sir.
Wonder whose son, no idea.
To hell with this torch.
Why are you pointing up, sir?
Give it to me.
Let's check if anyone
is below waist level.
Hey! Who are you my child?
What harm did I do to him?
He has burst my bladder, sir.
It has leaked now all over the place.
Leaked here?
Shit... shit!
Not my shit
Just piss!
Give me your torch.
-Switch it on fast.
-I am unable to.
-Switch it on now.
Who are these people?
A whole village out here.
Let's escape from here.
Sir, I intended calling you.
We encountered a minor problem
in the studio we went to recor-
Stop now.
Will a man get dead drunk
like this during lockdown?
What, sir?
Yes, man.
You should sit tight at
home if he is so sozzled.
Will he drive on the road
when fully tanked?
Do you know how many he has run over?
All dead on the spot.
I don't get it?
Sir, what are you saying?
Why are you pretending
as if you don't know anything?
Don't you watch the News?
Let me watch...I'll check now.
Go and do that first.
I might be dragged into this too.
-Do that first.
-Okay, sir.
'Renowned music composer Siddharth
Abhimanyu died in a car accident.'
Were those who died in that accident
roaming in the studio as spirits?
This lunatic Siddharth
was also a ghost?
'The name is Siddharth Abhimanyu'
'Good luck'
'They are terrified of darkness'
'I am living only in blackness'
That was some crazy stuff.
Who has written these tales?
'Kajal's barbaric act
making young men scream in fear'
'Pitch darkness'
'Music composer Siddharth Abhimanyu'
This is impossible.
'Two Bottles In The Whirl of The Wind'
'Saravana's house was cluttered
with empty beer bottles'
-Hello, Pamu.
-Saravana, how are you?
How is lockdown treating you?
-'What are you upto?'
-They say this is the 'new normal'
They have fought with a virus
a human eye cannot see.
On the whole these Chinese
have brought the world to its knees.
You won't survive without booze.
You hoarded it beforehand?
Don't annoy me, Pamu.
One and a half months since I drank
I am desperate for a drop of liquor.
Our area boys gave me
their home made concoction
I've been having the loosies.
You call yourself area leader.
And you'll soon be councillor.
'Why are you cribbing
in such a pathetic way?'
You want to booze, right?
- Yes, you got?
- I haven't hoarded any.
But to hoard for 3-4
years and drink daily.
'There are 100s of bottles
waiting to be opened'
We will grant their wish!
Where is this place, Pamu?
Only in our area.
Didn't the owner demolish
a wedding hall and build a bar?
His bad time, he got corona
and he is in quarantine.
But I know a way into the bar
not a single soul knows.
Pamu, you are a true friend.
Pamu, where are you taking me?
-Just follow me.
Why get scared?
All this is familiar territory.
I told you, no?
Look how they have abandoned it.
Come on.
Why is it so dark?
Owner wouldn't have paid the bill.
Check for a switch somewhere.
-Where is the light?
-I found the switch.
All foreign babes, man.
'What a stash'
'Which bottle do we open first?'
Hey Pamu.
We don't have a bag big enough
to hold all these bottles.
Your brain hasn't grown
like your beefy muscles.
No one will come here
till the Lockdown is lifted.
We can flick these bottles
in instalments daily.
Come on, open that first, Pamu.
Let's have a peg or two.
When you know it's a freebie
you are choosing the most costly!
Pamu, you said this place is empty.
Sssshhh! Keep quiet.
Let's see who it is.
That door is slamming in the wind.
You panicked so fast
I was petrified, Pamu.
He made my heart almost stop.
Come on.
Pamu, something grossly wrong here
I thought I heard a ghost crying.
Shut up, da
I think someone got drunk
and is howling his head off.
Give me your head.
Who is he?
Bloody! After his dance performance
he has come to booze here.
That wastrel is headless
and asking us for our heads.
What does it matter
if he dances or drinks?
My tension is mounting.
Let's have a couple of pegs each.
'What is this, Pamu?'
'It is smoky everywhere'
This is a bad omen, Pamu
I am terrified.
If there's gold inside
will you say no?
This is no treasure chest, da.
-Let's escape.
Let's see what the hell is inside.
I feel we shouldn't.
What the hell is this?
'Can't see a thing'
Let go...let go of me.
This is some voodoo
or black magic stuff, da.
-Let's scoot.
-Let's not drink.
We'll take whatever bottles
we can and scoot.
Who the hell are you?
Why are you scraping the floor?
You stole the funnel
from a kerosene tin.
And stuck it in your mouth.
You are scorching me.
-It's burning hot.
-Careful, you're hurting me.
They burnt our skin
with their flintstones.
Who are you?
I'm Sarakkalatia's God Mother
Why is your name and world
the Tamil word for 'booze'?
One of the galaxies undiscovered
by your human race in this world.
Then you are...?
Yes, we are aliens.
You'll land in America usually.
Why are you inside this bar?
We visit various planets often.
Learn about the news
and views there.
And understand the lifestyle of that race.
We came to your planet this time.
We noticed you had spat on
walls everywhere, trash all over the place.
You had no sense of hygiene
and brought about Covid 19 also.
You are dirty with a capital D.
We wanted to get back home.
You've locked us too
with your stupid lockdown.
Our E-pass got rejected.
Imagine rejecting their E-pass!
How are you affected
if we are under Lockdown?
If we have to return, we will get
the power source for our rockets
...only when all your factories open.
So until this Lockdown is lifted
we are stuck in this bar.
What a wild tale this is.
How did you settle down
in this bar of all places?
Why not sit in a temple,
theater or mall?
This bottle spoils your health.
This is our main staple food.
'We can't live without booze'
That's why we settled in the right place
till the end of Lockdown.
Booze is what keeps you alive?
Madam, take us with you to your galaxy.
We will come with you happily.
You can't survive in our world
even for a single day.
The wind has marijuana mixed in it.
Main ingredient in our food is alcohol.
Our waterbodies, be it sea, pond,
lake, river will only be booze.
You'll puke blood and die in 1 day.
You have your world of booze.
Give us a few bottles from here.
Sorry, extremely difficult.
We don't even know if this stock is enough
for us to survive till your Lockdown ends.
How unfair!
You have a bar with a variety of booze.
We want just 2 bottles each.
Give us, please.
Can't part with 4.
Just 2 on the whole.
That too, only if you pass all my tests.
Even the students who have arrears
have been promoted in this Covid time.
You want to test our brains.
We never offer anything
as a freebie in our world.
Everything has to be earned
with self respect intact.
So if you pass my test
I'll give you 2 bottles.
What do we do?
Booze is priority.
Are you okay with it?
Fine, we are ready for your test.
'Coriander o'va'
'Coriander o'va
Coriander o'wa'
Gumsaaka goooom.
Hello...what happened to me?
You have the power to
make your dreams come true.
What do you mean?
Will I get whatever I ask?
Whatever is embedded in
your heart will be fulfilled.
'Heard that, Pamu?'
My astrologer-neighbor's
prediction has come true.
Not only will you cross
your legs in comfort.
You can even dance on anyone's head.
Ask something useful.
In a whirlpool of happiness
I don't even know what to ask.
-My mind is stuck.
-What to ask?
Ask her for 100 kg of gold.
Bravo! Pamu.
100 kg gold.
Oh my God!
Is she the gold?
Hey! What is this?
We asked for 100 kg gold and
she made our school 'ayah' sit on your lap.
This one is also called Thangam.
Won't you be weighing 100 kg?
Bloody moron of a mongrel!
I was cleaning the school toilet
and you brought me here!
Put me down, son of a gun
Sleazebag, scoundrel.
-Let me go, junk piece.
-You're hurting me.
Where is she?
You showed your true colors from the slum
I never expected this 'Thangam' I swear.
She has been embedded
deep in your heart.
That's why she came here.
'Coriander o'va'
'Coriander o'va'
Coriander o'wa'
'Coriander o'va'
Coriander o'wa'
Stop branding me.
I'll give you one more chance.
-Use it properly.
Oh! Why are you bungling our boon?
Why did you ask for a 'veena' now?
Even I don't understand.
Think deeply.
This veena has made
a deep impact in your heart.
Think of the reason.
I remember now, Pamu.
When we were 10 years old.
Your younger sister wanted to learn
to play the 'veena' desperately.
But the people around us said.
'How can the hand that washes vessels
want a 'veena' to play music?'
How much they hurt
your innocent sister's heart?
Every day when she sobbed her heart out.
I felt terribly depressed.
I used to think I should earn
And buy her a 'veena'
It was on my wish list, dude
I don't know why.
But somehow as I grew up
it slipped my mind.
After so many years.
Now my brain is refreshed.
Why are you making me cry?
Oh gawd!
You are a gem of a friend.
I know I messed it up this time too.
Ask them not to burn me all over
I'll try once more.
No need, you passed your test.
In fact we came to your world only to
learn this powerful sentiment from you.
This emotion is the biggest power
of your entire human race.
We are trying to learn
love and compassion from you.
But you seem to have
forgotten these emotions.
Only love and righteousness
will protect your world.
You are not beasts.
Don't forget you are human beings.
I have to talk to
a very important person
I want to do so
when it is in my mind.
Can I make a call?
Put it on 'speaker' mode
Hello, Mother Mary Home.
Madam, is Mallamma grandma there?
Mallamma? One minute, I'll call her.
Who is this?
How are you, grandma?
I am 'Pamu' speaking.
How are you, my dear?
Did you eat, my precious child?
Yes, grandma.
How are you?
Why are you crying, dear?
You are my favorite grandson.
'Don't cry, darling'
Whatever it is
'this too shall pass'
Please don't cry, my pet child
I'm sorry, grandma.
You brought me up with
such tender love & care
I allowed my parents to
admit you in that Home
I cannot be forgiven, grandma.
When you went in the auto.
You kept crying, pleading with me
'Don't leave me in an Old Age Home'
That image pricks me
like needles in my heart, grandma.
This is enough for me, dear.
You are my most precious godsend.
When I think I have my grandson
who will shed tears for me.
'I feel so reassured about living'
If you can come and visit
your grandma as often as you can, dear.
'Just a glimpse of your face'
I will be most happy and
I'll have peace of mind, dear.
I'll come right away and
bring you back home, grandma.
'Don't be upset'
You be happy, grandma.
Don't worry about anything.
If anyone creates any trouble
before I meet you,
I'll punch his face.
This is more than enough for me, child.
With you and all the family members
without getting in the way of any of you.
I'll live in a corner
of your house, my dear.
If I live with family members around
my mind and heart will be at peace.
Ride safely, my dear grandson.
Police are here.
If you give us 2 bottles
we will escape.
Definitely no bottles for you.
Is this some kind of game?
I've given you a far more precious gift
than the booze you came in search of.
Use it intelligently.
'Coriander o'va'
'Coriander o'va'
Coriander o'wa'
'Coriander o'va'
Coriander o'wa'
-What did she mean?
'Coriander o'va'
Coriander o'wa'
What is the best gift you've given us?
What you already possess.
Whatever you ask for
without being selfish you'll get.
You can save this world
if you set your heart to do so.
Best of luck, 'jobless idiots'
Heard what she called us?
Even an alien is deriding you
as 'jobless idiots'
We learnt a new word today.
Find out what 'jobless idiots' means.
Don't tell me you are all aliens!
You are right.
You are alien to us
We are aliens to you.
How's all of this possible?
All thanks to you!
I'm confused.
How did you land here?
All because of you.
Will you ask them to stop
making that sound please?
Really irritating.
"In the lap of mother earth."
"You have opened your eyes to this world."
"In the problems and
sorrows of the people."
"You have given them solace."
"You shared a lot of love to people."
"You have become a
goddess without a temple."
"You've reached that height."
My precious prince
Such a wonder you slept so soon.
Wait, I'm coming.
Is my darling baby fast asleep?
My apple pie...
My baby... oh no!
My baby is missing.
-Oh my baby!
-What happened, lady?
Why are you crying?
My baby has suddenly disappeared.
He was sleeping in this cradle
8 babies are missing so far
She will be nearby.
Oh god! I want my baby.
I'm calling you.
Where are you going?
To... the river to
wa... wash the clothes.
"Pumpkin pumpkin sweet one,
tell me the name of this one"
"All the thieves remain in their hidings."
"Here I come to catch you..."
"I'm about to catch you and I did!"
My baby is caught!
You have to help with
the household chores fully.
Uncle is here.
-What is it?
You've got a letter
from my brother.
A letter?
His army duty is over it seems.
He is coming back home.
Wait. Why is everyone running?
Our dhobi is lying there
as a headless corpse, sir.
'We want our rights! We want our lands!'
'We want our rights! We want our lands!'
'British paramountcy
Down down!'
'We want our rights! We want our lands!'
Won't you let anyone be
safe and sound in our village?
Whose is this corpse?
Sir, this is our washerman.
This is the 6th murder.
All corpses are found headless.
Something is fishy.
Not just murders, Rajanna
8 babies have gone missing so far.
This situation is going
beyond our control.
We have to get the police
to investigate, Rajanna.
Appalanaidu, this is strange
coming from you.
Have we allowed any policeman
into our village at any point of time?
The entire village is panic-stricken
I feel only the police
can handle this efficiently.
You are too young to make
any decision, mind your tongue.
If your elder brother was here, aware
of my status he would have kept quiet.
What are you?
Our family has been protecting
this village through generations.
Don't share your opinions with me
I'll bite your Adam's apple.
Sir, our gardeners have
something to tell you.
-What is it?
My wife and I were sleeping peacefully
after a hard day's work in the grove, sir.
Suddenly in the middle of the night.
'We heard a voice, sir'
Sir... sir, the moment we saw
that gory, blood stained face.
My heart almost stopped beating.
If you employ both of us
in your house in any job.
We can be live-in hired helpers.
I'll smash your face.
I asked you to take care of the grove.
Will you get sozzled
and tell me ghost stories?
Rajanna, I saw that gory sight too.
We are petrified we will be next.
Give us a job in your house, sir.
Bloody useless donkey!
Defending your husband?
'Good for nothing oafs!'
I'll tie you both
and skin you alive.
Sir, what he's saying is true.
When I went to milk the cows at dawn
a girl with a gory face walked past me.
Even I was spooked seeing her, sir.
This issue is taking a new twist.
All of you listen to me
No one should step out after sunset.
Ask the youngsters to
take turns guarding the village.
Protecting this village
is my sole responsibility.
Don't be scared, go home.
Bloody morons!
'Look at the spread for all of us
celebrating her husband's return'
Yes sister. She is an ideal wife.
May she live a complete and happy life.
Hey! Uma Devi.
Sitting like a princess.
Get up, go and serve everyone.
You thieving rascal!
Showing your cheap mentality
even if we are generous.
If you don't put back
what you stole-
'Pandu, stop it'
How can you hit our guest?
Have you no shame?
Does our guest have the right
to steal our possessions, madam?
-Go, attend to your work.
-Yes, madam.
Forgive me, madam.
You are feeding the whole village and
I planned to steal from your house!
I'm a wretched fellow.
-Please forgive me.
-What happened?
My wife is bedridden, madam.
My children go without food for days.
I sold my cattle too.
I have no job
I am plagued by hunger
and worry day and night.
That drove me to this ungrateful act.
-I am sorry.
-No one should be in your shoes.
Keep this, feed your family first.
Send your children to school.
You should be the deity
in our temple, madam.
We are blessed.
You got married into
a family in our village.
You will enjoy peace and prosperity
being so golden hearted, madam.
Pandu, pack food for his family also.
I will do so at once, madam.
You will come and eat unashamedly
whoever invites you?
Greetings, Rajanna.
What a surprise seeing you here.
I would love to visit you often.
But I was unable to!
Not bad, our army officer
has built a decent house.
And given you a lovely daughter too.
You are visiting us for the first time.
Come in, Rajanna.
I'll personally make
coffee with sugar for you.
Sweet coffee.
Enjoy your meal, all of you
I'll drink my sweet coffee.
'Come, child'
Have it before it turns cold.
It seems you predict
for the entire village.
It is an oracle from our village deity.
Whatever you predict
comes true it seems.
Is it so?
Sit down and predict my future.
Nothing of that sort, sir.
Whatever image floats before me
when I close my eyes and think calmly
I write it down.
Few of those notes come true
I don't even understand
some of my forecasts
I have written down many of my thoughts
that is a mystery even to me.
Read through them.
These are beyond my comprehension.
Imagine if events that will happen
100 years later are recorded here.
But I don't know if all my predictions
will come true or not, Rajanna.
Not bad.
Tell me once you finish writing it
I know many publishers.
We will print this as a book.
-Thank you, sir.
-All that is fine.
Just write down whatever
strikes you this very moment.
Let us see if it comes true.
Uma Devi, bring me
a sheet of paper and pen.
-Drink your coffee.
-Take that.
Mother, take.
You go.
'This village will turn
into a place of peril'
For sins to flourish.
Your land will turn into graveyard.
I wrote what came to my mind.
Don't take it amiss, sir.
You haven't written
anything new, dear.
Our village is in a state of chaos.
Let's ignore that.
Think of something for me and write.
Show me your hand, sir.
'Why is she checking my pulse?'
'Will she blurt out the dark thoughts
in my mind openly?'
'She is super hot!
So am I!!'
'Will she guess?'
'What is she writing?'
Don't break the pots, sir.
Which pot did you-
I meant this pot, Rajanna.
If I hadn't said you will break this pot-
Maybe you wouldn't have broken it.
I have such doubts nagging me too.
Do things happen because I write?
Or is it an oracle flowing
out of my mind unknowingly?
It is a million rupee question
swirling in my brain.
Mother, father is here.
Is it so?
Come... come.
I was just sitting and the pot broke.
Oh gawd!
What...what is it?
Where is he?
Forgive me, 'anni'
They have bundled up
my brother and sent him.
Why should it happen only to us?
Sister-in-law, don't.
Don't go, Sister-in-law.
Why did god do this injustice?
You can no longer adorn yourself
with flowers and 'kumkum'
You gave the entire village a feast
to receive your husband from the warfront.
What a tragedy!
This house, fields, surrounding forest.
Your husband has bequeathed
all his assets to you in his will.
The military man has willed
all his possessions to you.
'How will you manage
all this by yourself?'
Give it to me for safe custody
I will ensure you lead a comfortable life.
What do you say, lawyer sir?
You focus on bringing up
your daughter with a lot of love.
I know to raise my child, sir.
Take care and go back home before sunset.
I heard many end up as
headless corpses in our village.
Uma, come in.
We haven't as yet finished
our funeral rites for my brother.
You came flocking here so soon
like vultures to grab our wealth.
Are you human at all?
Get up.
Look at that pipsqueak deriding us.
Appalaraju, wait.
Hey Pandu attend to your work.
What is happening here?
Is your sister-in-law
behaving like a widow?
She is decked up with
flowers, 'kumkum' and finery.
-Won't you reprimand her?
-She is still in denial.
I'm happy if she and her child
have peace of mind.
Instead of poking your nose
in others' business.
Investigate the missing children
and multiple murders in our village.
-Hey Pandu.
Pandu, come here.
Tell me, sir.
What is happening in this house?
She is decked in all her finery.
He is blabbering
like a full-fledged fool.
Sir, even I don't know
what is going on.
Queer things are
happening in this house, sir.
'Queer' means?
I mean.
Tell me or I'll hit you.
In the beginning her oracle
was astounding and amazing.
But nowadays it is
scary and spooky, sir.
What is happening
which terrifies you so much?
We have a dog called Muthu at home.
It suddenly went missing.
We looked for it all over the place
Couldn't find it at all.
'But do you know
what happened that night?'
Is all this true?
I swear on my wife, sir.
It didn't stop with
just the dog squealing , sir
I've even heard babies
and children scream in pain.
Then all those children
that went missing in our village.
Is she the culprit?
It seems too barbaric
to even think about it.
'This is madness, bro'
'Ask all the fools to go home'
'My head is splitting'
'Don't step into my space'
I've never seen my 'anni'
lose her temper like this
I don't subscribe to
any of your views.
Kindly leave.
He who lifts the cross
knows the burden.
So many children missing.
Headless corpses strewn everywhere
I am answerable to
the bereaved families.
Somehow my suspicion is
on your sister-in-law.
Our priest will clarify the situation.
You keep quiet.
If she is not the culprit
why should your 'anni' be scared?
Here he is
Bring him over.
Come, 'nambudri' priest.
Where is the woman?
My sister-in-law is inside.
Let us go in.
Why isn't there a single picture
of God inside the house?
I think my sister-in-law lost faith in God
ever since my brother passed away.
Yes, sir, I'm working here
for many years
I've never seen a single photo of God
I've never seen her
go to the temple.
-Who are you?
-Servant Panduan.
You can talk only when
I ask you to speak.
-Yes, sir.
Go and bring that woman.
'Let go of me'
'You are hurting me'
'I can't bear this pain'
'Let go of me'
'God help me'
Sir... sir, spare me.
She is in a gory state inside.
Leave me, sir.
I'll take my wife and children
and leave this village.
-Save me.
-Hey! Pandu.
Shut up.
'Hey! Stop it'
'What are you doing?'
'Hey! Who are you?'
'Stop...stop it'
You must tell only the truth
to all the questions I will ask now.
When this girl was born.
Did her parents die
when she was born?
I don't know.
Hey! Yes, he is right.
It was a postnatal death for the mother.
When the father was informed
and he rushed home.
He died in a train accident.
When this girl attained puberty
was there any disaster in the village?
What is this, Rajanna?
He's asking such foolish questions.
Be quiet, he's right in asking this.
Rajanna, don't you remember?
On that specific day.
Our school building collapsed
and many children died.
Yes, priest
I didn't even eat
I rushed to the spot.
And to my utmost horror
I found the news to be true.
Is her husband alive?
Back to square one!
He got married to her and
a daughter was born to them.
He joined the military force
Came back lifeless in due course.
'Fate dealt him a death blow'
You tell us, priest.
What is the redemption?
She was born with a bad soul.
Her power will only become worse.
Unless we curb her obstinacy.
The case of the missing children.
Or these murders can be interrogated.
When she predicted saying she is
the Oracle I knew something was amiss.
Our foolish villagers were
praising her sky-high.
What is the solution then?
Snip her tongue
so her words won't come true.
Offer her to the village
to purify the bad soul.
Only if she 'serves' everyone
in this village
...can her sins be redeemed.
Here's the sacred ash
Apply on her forehead.
'Barber, come here'
All of you move aside.
Her tongue will be snipped off.
Close your eyes, dear
1 -2
Single -double.
One -two.
Take a look.
-Go that side and play.
-You mind your business.
What is this?
Leftovers of those who slept
with your sister-in-law.
Their clothes.
They have reached God's feet.
'What is this?' it seems.
You claimed our village will be fine
if she is 'offered' in toto to everyone.
'What can we do beyond this?'
We have to leave this village.
Priest, what do I do now?
-I brought 'biriyani' packet expectantly.
-No problem at all.
This is an amulet from
7 temples of Goddess Kali.
As long as this is with you
she won't harm you at all.
Go with courage in your heart.
Our priest is going out
of his way for my sake
I'm feeling a bit tired.
Let me go in and relax a bit.
You stay away for a while.
'They refused to part with their assets
and look at their plight now'
Oh no!
You gleam so beautifully
like a ripe red tomato.
I got pulav for you and your daughter.
The way I take good care of you.
You must also return the favor, alright?
What will they be speaking for so long?
"Time changes as seasons go by"
Hey Rajanna...
Turn back and look at me...
Oh no!
Thank God you came in the nick of time.
Something is calling me by my name.
'Rajanna... Rajanna...'
Did it say, 'Turn back
and look at me...'?
Are you the murderer?
Yes, da.
Hey... hey!
What happened, Rajanna?
Why are so terrified?
That priest was...in front
of your house-
-I'll handle him.
Not now.
We'll deal with him later.
Sit, take a deep breath.
Tell me clearly
so I can understand.
You are a godsend.
Your servant and that priest
are the murderers we are hunting for.
They are coming to kill me now.
What happened?
Somebody is coming.
Dim-witted duffers!
Come here.
Dim-witted idiots.
If I had trusted you and sat inside
what will be my plight?
Driving your sister-in-law out of
your house worked as per your plan.
We've offered her as a vow
Why this killing spree?
I'll pickle you to pieces.
That female is having a hard time
'serving' random men.
How can I enjoy my wealth
while she suffers?
Won't the villagers deride me?
What do you want us to do now?
All those who slept with
that female are missing.
Our village head who wanted to
make out with her is dead too.
We don't have to do anything anymore.
The people will take care of her.
Cast this corpse
in the center of our village.
Ask the people to assemble near the
I'll bring that female over there.
We'll close her chapter today
and divide the wealth.
-Got it?
What are you staring at?
Random men give you useless 'freebies'
and appease their lust
I am helping you all along
and taking care of you.
Shouldn't I share that pleasure?
Pretending to be a chaste wife?
One day or the other
you have to sleep with me.
If you can be so enraged.
Why didn't you kill yourself when you were
'offered' as public property.
You accommodate all kinds of men.
This kid sleeping here.
She will share your fate one day.
What are we doing here, ma?
Forgive me, dear.
-Mother... Mother...
Give me the child.
Did you see that? She tried to
push this child into the
Wonder how many more children
are lying at the bottom?
Wretched sorceress!
Where are our children?
We must not spare her.
-Dissect her to pieces.
-Wait Pandu.
What do we do to her?
We have no option.
Offering her to God
is the only solution.
Oh! What grave injustice
you are doing to this good hearted soul.
You will rot in hell.
Whatever you want to do
don't prolong the torture.
Why are you behaving
in this barbaric fashion?
Our priest has to pelt
the first stone at her.
Lord Shiva!
This sorceress isn't dead as yet.
She has to be hanged to death.
Lend me a hand.
"The bad time has curbed you."
"Your own offspring has disowned you."
-"The ones who called you a Goddess."
"The ones who prayed to you"
"Have beaten you to death today."
Brain box you are, I say.
You made your niece
kill her own mother.
How will you dispose off
that small donkey?
When I could plan this cleverly
don't I know how to handle that kid?
Let her grow a bit.
Accuse her of something
and make her a hustler.
Brother is always right.
-You drink, bro.
-Pour some more.
Brother, you promised me
half that forest land.
Will you look into it?
-Did you leave the stove on?
-No, brother.
I can smell something burning?
You are right.
Something is burnt
I can smell it too.
This is not the smell of food burning.
Smell of a corpse.
It's not possible.
Are you done? Are you done?
I won't leave you!
No... no...
Please no.
All the characters I read in that book
are coming alive and scaring me.
What are you blabbering, Uma Devi?
'Don't get flustered'
'I want to tell you
something important'
'Come home right now'
I'm coming.
'I'm totally confused'
I don't understand
what's going on, Priya
I'm sitting here in a worse
confused state than you, Uma Devi.
What happened?
I read the missing pages
my brother gave from the archives.
Oh my god!
My head is spinning.
Take a look yourself.
Isn't your full name
Uma Devi Karthika?
But how is this possible?
Even I don't get it.
One of the characters in
that book is called Karthika.
Her daughter's name is Uma Devi.
That Karthika character
possessed super powers.
Oh my God!
1 minute.
'Every single word of Karthika's
became an oracle from God'
'The stories and essays she wrote
turned into reality'
'God's Grace of looking into the future'
'She possessed that power'
-Do you know what this means?
-I have no clue.
This book has been written
by the character Karthika.
But the most cruel fact.
She has written her own end
knowing very what will happen.
It's damn sad.
All that is okay.
But how do you share her
name Uma Devi Karthika?
It could be sheer coincidence.
Okay, all this is coincidence.
Let's assume all the characters
you saw are a figment of your imagination.
But how can your handwriting
be ditto what's in the book?
What do you mean?
Same name, same signature.
Can't you see?
You were Karthika
in your previous birth.
Are you serious?
There's only one way to
find out of this is serious or not.
You write in this book
like Karthika did.
Let's see if it comes true.
-What do I write?
-Whatever strikes you.
'I am starving'
Give it to me.
I am starving.
A hot meal would be most welcome.
Did you hear that?
Cooker whistle as soon as
I said I needed food.
Because I kept rice for dinner
when I got back home.
Write something else.
Santa Claus will chase me to kill me
with a bell and an axe in each hand.
How bizarre!
What a stupid note
Who is it?
Who is it?
Take that knife. Grab it.
Hey nutcase! Is it you?
I'm your brother and
you're deriding me!
Why did you bang
on the door like this?
Priya is wanted at home as
it's late, so I knocked.
Are you coming or not?
Okay, bye.
We'll continue the rest of
our investigation tomorrow.
Okay, come.
Enough of your feelings.
There's food in the kitchen.
Don't forget it.