Kajinek (2010) Movie Script

The Fall of Communism
Serious crime has skyrocketed...
Prisoners Receive Amnesty
Terror in the Streets
Want to run a business?
Pay a ransom.
I really can't.
Casino owner gone missing...
Customs officers deal with the Mob.
Guns are out of control!
Crime is Skyrocketing
Democracy looks different...
Let me go! Help!
The world marvels at the fall
of Communism in Czechoslovakia,
the so-called Velvet Revolution.
As a gesture of hope, the president
granted a general amnesty.
23,000 prisoners were released
and suddenly found themselves free.
The reaction of our
listeners is clear.
Thanks to "coupon privatization"
there is hope for a better future.
The Harvard Funds offer
us a chance to invest.
Crime has risen
by 50% since last year.
The police want to get tougher
in the fight against organized crime
- and continue to...
...to be corrupt.
Shit, fuck...
You pig, I told
you not to eat in my car.
- You'll clean it, you hear me?
- Okay, I will.
- You idiot.
- Shut up.
- Don't fucking piss me off!
- Stupid idiot.
We're almost there.
Is that him?
You motherfucker! No!
The Court has made
a determination:
The defendant, Mr. Kajinek, was
found guilty of a double murder
and attempted murder and is
sentenced to life in prison.
For a Cold-blooded Murder:
Survived and
Testified Against Kajinek
Ten years later
Kajinek Turns Down
Another Attorney
Kajinek Makes
Another Escape Attempt
Jiri Kajinek Broke into
Hundreds of Apartments - and Killed
Notorious Fugitive Kajinek
Is Caught
The film was inspired
by the true story of Jiri Kajinek
- Hello.
- Physical contact is forbidden.
Prisoner, sit down.
Thank you for seeing me.
There is new evidence
in your case.
I think you deserve a new trial.
Which paper do you write for?
- I'm not a reporter.
- What?
I wrote you repeatedly
but you didn't respond.
I know you don't like lawyers...
I needed to see you.
- Get out!
- Sit down!
Are you trying to scare me?
Sit down! Now!
The journalist won't get you out.
I will.
I can do it myself. Get out!
Don't move!
Boo! Very funny.
Right, I get it now.
You don't want to let me see
that I could have gotten him out,
- you are obsessed with Kajinek.
- I went to see him today.
- You're crazy.
- Why do you mind so much?
He's a dangerous killer
who scares everyone.
You're exaggerating.
He's not that dangerous.
If it wasn't for him
we'd never have met.
Mr. Dolezal, I'm writing
my thesis on Jiri Kajinek...
No, no, no...
...and I would really appreciate,
I mean very much,
if you could help me with it.
- So what happened?
- You mean with Vlasta?
- Yeah.
- I talked to Vlasta...
Vlasta Klempar,
Zbynk Klempar's brother,
survived the massacre in Pilsen
and his testimony could convict
Kajinek of multiple murders.
What did he tell you about
Kajinek's case?
Vlasta said that a cop
was shooting at him.
- A cop?
- With an SMG or something.
Did he mention any name?
There were three or four of them,
just said there was a cop...
- When is it gonna be on TV?
- It's a surprise. - I'll be famous.
- They call me Bouillon, put it there.
- Okay.
Will you call me when they show it?
Josef Klima, August 15, ext. 12:55
Peek-a-boo. I'm sorry, Sir,
I will just get some papers.
- What papers?
- On Kajinek.
- Again?
- You know what's interesting?
That the story
about Klempar's inmate
came out five days after the trial,
but was made two weeks before it.
Aren't you supposed to work
on other cases?
Don't you think it's odd that
Kajinek who squirreled away millions
- would kill for small change?
- Let's sum it up:
He stole, and did time. Broke out,
stole, and did time again.
Escaped, attacked cops,
did time.
Broke out, probably
killed, did time again.
I think he should be in jail.
- I hope you're not talking about me.
- Hello, Mr. Novotny.
- Are you here to see me or Honza?
- Now that I see how good you look...
- Thank you.
- I'm not sure.
- So I'll leave you two alone.
- Hello. How was Cuba?
Oh, cigars.
- I'm sorry, I'll just get this.
- So who are you taking to court now?
- Or are you just buying something?
- See you later. - Goodbye.
Man, I used to work out like you.
Now I don't give a fuck.
Fuck it all.
We're gonna die here anyway.
Right, man?
It's fucking true.
Let's go.
How long do you think
you can play tough here?
You won't answer me?
Who the fuck do you think you are?
You think you're better than me?
You idiot! You queer!
- You're a piece of shit, not Rambo!
- Shut up!
What are you doing?
- Hello.
- Hello.
How can I help you?
I came again to ask you
to let me see Mr. Kajinek.
- But Mrs., or is it Miss?
- Miss.
Miss, Mr. Kajinek
doesn't want to see you.
- It wouldn't be possible now anyway.
- Why not?
Relax, there are too many pigeons
here so we have to shoot them.
I have a lot of information for him.
Did you give him those documents?
Of course we did.
Excuse me.
Of course. But right now
Mr. Kajinek is in the sick bay.
What happened?
It's nothing serious.
Don't worry. Goodbye.
Damn it.
Over there.
There he is!
- Alert! Prison break.
- Halt!
Sector four.
He's behind the fence.
Don't even try it.
Prisoner caught.
Guard him.
You idiots! Why are you shooting
pigeons at night?
We were shooting at him.
He tried to escape.
Watch him.
We're here. Fine.
- Did the orange fish die?
- What?
- I guess there's no oxygen.
- So call them to fix it.
Five fish gone lately.
- Kitty... give her a piece.
- No, this meat is just for us.
You know how hard it is
to find good fish for sushi.
If I find new evidence,
they must reopen the case, right?
Good thing they caught him
or he'd be dining with us now.
Reopening the case. No chance.
It'll be the same judge
who tried him years ago,
she won't admit her mistake.
It's all insane.
How can the same judge
rule in the case?
You can go into politics and
change it. You have the charisma.
Who is it?
You think I did it?
Maybe, but I want to defend you.
I appreciate your honesty.
I 'm expecting you.
- Who called this early?
- Kajinek.
- You gave him your cell phone number?
- I'll defend him.
He agrees.
Let's celebrate.
You're gonna turn it down.
We won't defend Kajinek.
Are you crazy?
That's what I've wanted.
It's too dangerous.
Not just him, but
all those things around him.
Believe me. I know what I'm talking
about. You won't defend Kajinek.
You won't tell me what to do.
It's my life.
To the point: I have a new witness.
- We'll try to reopen the case.
- Who is it?
Klempar's inmate.
- Bouillon, eh?
- You know him?
His stories make the prison
rounds. He's useless.
Well, it's not ideal but...
They won't even let this kind
of witness into the courtroom.
So what do you want to do?
Try to escape
and get caught again?
If you're waiting for a miracle,
it's not coming, I can assure you.
You're right. After all these
years I know how it works.
But I understand
that it's a good business.
Journalists get front page headlines
describing me as a killing monster
- and you have a job.
- You don't pay me as far as I know.
If you prove that you're good,
you'll get ten times as much
- as that incompetent Dolezal.
- I think he's a very good lawyer.
Depends how you look at it.
For him, it was just a business.
He didn't even bother
talking to the cops.
- I'm sorry I kept you waiting.
- That's okay.
What did I forget this time?
- Nothing. I came here unofficially.
- Really?
- I need to ask you something.
- Go ahead.
In 1993 you worked at the police
headquarters in Pilsen.
If I'm correct, you're
"unofficially" getting involved
- in Kajinek's case.
- That's right.
- Does Honza Dolezal know about it?
- He does, but he doesn't like it.
He's jealous of you
being better than he is.
Back then I kind of oversaw
the police in the Pilsen region
and Kajinek's case was one of
those cases full of discrepancies.
You also think that mistakes
were made in the investigation?
I'm positive.
You know what I don't get?
How they could buy
Vlasta Klempar's testimony
without doing any re-enactment.
They did a sloppy job.
They got one guy,
already a crook,
so they locked him up and that's it.
But Klempar could lie
about Kajinek too.
- Kajinek shot but he wasn't alone.
- That's what I think too.
And that "somebody" wore
a badge and a regulation gun.
Are you saying the shooter
was a cop?
Looks like it, but we
couldn't point to anyone,
so we suspended all of them.
Do you have any idea
who could have done it?
Well, I know that Mr. Kajinek
was offered a deal,
- but he didn't want to take it.
- What kind of a deal?
Hands up!
Your hands... put them up!
Brave gangster,
we don't have any lollipops.
- Grandpa's under arrest, let's go.
- Okay, I'm coming
and I'll tell you everything
I know. I'll tell you everything.
- I'll tell you everything too.
- Quiet! Or I'll shoot you.
Okay, I'm coming.
I heard about the deal.
I would be given
a much easier sentence
if I pled guilty and said
that a cop was shooting too.
- Will you give me his name?
- Lejko.
He was investigating it.
First time I saw him was in court.
Guess they had to get rid of him.
What's going on?
They're taking security precautions
because of Mr. Kajinek's escape.
- I'm having a meeting with my client!
- It's the last time today.
Next week he's going to Mirov.
Hello. My name is Pokorova,
I'm Mr. Kajinek's attorney.
I need to check some information.
- It's a closed matter for me.
- Mr. Lejko,
you were the first one at the scene.
You collected the evidence.
It's all in the report, read it.
I'm interested in what's not there,
like evidence of the killer's DNA.
The killer's in jail,
so what's all this about?
- What if he was not the one shooting?
- Kajinek was shooting.
- What are you getting at?
- Kajinek... I'll be brief...
Look, Miss Pokorova, I'll be brief...
- I have nothing to tell you.
- Yes you do.
For example where the cigarette
butts or Perner's dictaphone went.
He always had it on him
but it wasn't in the car.
Is that why you got
fired from the force?
We're closed.
Police. You're coming with me.
What's going on?
- Let's go.
- Help! Help!
No! Help!
Be nice to Mrs. Fastova!
Now we'll go to your place.
Your little sister is fourteen, huh?
She's still gotta be a virgin.
Get up!
Vlasta! You keep an eye on it here.
This is my town, my money.
You get it?
- You're still good.
- You know it.
Still pretty fast.
Right on the bull's eye.
So how is it going?
Are they giving you shit at work?
It's okay, but it's not
what it used to be.
You're better off than
when you were a cop, right?
- Yeah, I'm doing fine.
- You're lucky.
- You went to see your parents?
- I'm too busy.
- You went to see your ex?
- Yeah.
Good afternoon.
Welcome. Please.
She thinks she can milk
me forever.
I'll let her have
a share in the company.
- What time is it?
- You have to be somewhere?
- No, but someone's going to Mirov.
- Yeah? Who?
- You didn't drop it? I told you...
- Honza, I'm not a child
and Kajinek is not a toy
you can take away to punish me.
Did you know they offered him a deal
if he said Lejko was shooting too?
He could have gotten twelve years.
I told him to take it.
But he didn't know him at all.
First time they met was in court.
- Ha! I've a photo of them together.
- Yeah? Why isn't it in the file?
Isn't the attorney supposed to
protect the client's interests?
I'll show it to you at home.
I don't see
why you're defending such a crook
as if he was your relative.
One man's crook,
another man's hero.
I don't understand.
My older sister's name is Fastova.
Are you saying that...
Perner and Klempar
made her a cripple.
And then they came to our house.
I was fourteen.
I'll never forget it.
If he hadn't killed them,
I would have done it myself.
I'm sorry...
From us, a welcome present.
- Anything else?
- Yeah.
- What do you want again?
- I need to talk to you.
- I've told you everything.
- But left out that you knew Kajinek.
No, I didn't know him.
I only saw him in court.
Shut up you fucking bitch!
Who can listen to this all day?
But I have your picture.
You look like friends in it.
You want to see it?
Go fuck yourself too.
If Kajinek says at the trial
that you were shooting too,
you'll rot in prison.
So think of what you're gonna
say. As a witness for now.
Again, Mr. Lejko?
You promised me that...
Shut up! All of you.
Did Lejko know
that Klempar who survived?
I don't know but they took Klempar
straight to jail from the hospital.
He got ten years for armed robbery.
They promised to let him go
if he told them what they wanted.
- So he made a deal with the police.
- Which they didn't keep.
They locked him up again.
He needed leg surgery
after the shooting
but they didn't care.
- Who are you looking for?
- Where does Vlasta Klempar lives?
Come with me, I'll show you.
Thank you.
- What do you want?
- I'm looking for Mr. Klempar.
- Who are you?
- I'm a lawyer
and I need to ask him
a couple of questions.
Like what?
What's up?
- It's about Kajinek, Mr. Klempar.
- Quit staring and get lost.
What did he do to you? He killed
his brother in cold blood
and got him a disability pension
and you can't leave him alone?
It's not a coincidence
that you survived, is it?
They let you live so you could
testify against Kajinek.
- Are you crazy or what?
- Go back in!
The Kajinek case
is going back to court.
And if you're going to lie again,
I'll get you on perjury charges.
- You'll do time, I can promise you.
- Why are you threatening him?
Leave him alone,
he won't talk to you.
- You're just like the cops.
- What do you mean?
See you in court!
And Kajinek will be your nightmare.
I n a few minutes, in this courthouse
a hearing will take place
which will decide whether to reopen
the case of the contract killer
and tireless fugitive Jiri Kajinek.
However, nobody has ever succeeded
in reopening a murder case.
Will the ambitious attorney
Klara Pokorova succeed?
- How do you see your chances?
- Step back, please.
Ms. Pokorova, why did you
decide to defend Jiri Kajinek?
Mr. Kajinek deserves a fair trial
just like any citizen.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
The Court will now hear
the motion
to reopen the case
of the defendant Jiri Kajinek.
I'd like to ask Ms. Pokorova
to stipulate
whether she wants
her motion to go forward.
Ms. Pokorova...
Ms. Pokorova, your turn.
The police got the cigarette butts
allegedly belonging to the shooter.
My client, however, doesn't smoke.
Why did they mysteriously disappear?
Vlasta Klempar swore that
Kajinek was shooting from one spot.
However, the police
didn't do a re-enactment
which would prove that the angles
of the shots don't match the claim.
The police didn't even secure
the prints at the scene.
We have a witness who told Klempar
that there was more than one shooter.
Why wasn't Vlasta Klempar
shot in the head
like his brother and Mr. Perner?
Was he meant to survive to testify?
I n a new trial we will establish
that the case was manipulated
and a big part was played
by the police force itself.
Mr. Lejko, what happened
after you arrived at the scene?
Vlasta Klempar became
conscious again for a minute...
I asked him who was shooting
and he said:
"Fuck it,
I'll get that cop myself."
It's new evidence showing the cops
are connected to the murder.
Quiet, or I will clear
the courtroom.
Do you have any more questions
for the witness?
No, I don't. Thank you.
Mr. District Attorney,
your witness, please.
Mr. Lejko, you're not
on the police force anymore, are you?
Because you were being prosecuted?
- So you have a beef with the police.
- Objection.
Leading the witness.
Stick to the point, please.
I wanted to point out a possible
motivation of the witness.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Let's go, Kristianek.
I have one more question.
Will you confirm your testimony
in which you said
that Mr. Perner and your brother
were killed by Mr. Jiri Kajinek?
I refuse to answer.
Just confirm your testimony.
Just say yes or no.
I refuse to answer.
Are you related
to the plaintiff
or do you have any other lawful
reason not to testify?
Your inmate David Polivka
a. K.a. Bouillon described
what you told him
when you shared a cell.
See the video recording
I presented to the court.
You told him that Mr. Kajinek
was never at the crime scene.
- I refuse to answer.
- Please let the record show:
The witness refused to answer.
You can leave now.
The new findings are so essential
that we cannot ignore them.
Mr. Jiri Kajinek was sentenced
on the basis of testimony
the witness against the plaintiff,
Mr. Klempar, wouldn't confirm today.
It's crucial to reopen the case
and properly investigate it.
Ms. Pokorova, do you have any more
witnesses to call to the stand?
- Do you have any other evidence?
- No, I don't. Thank you.
The Court will now retire
to consult.
At 3 PM we will recess
to determine the verdict.
You can't wash the dirt.
What do you want?
Did you forget about our deal?
Besides, you can't keep that
young bitch away from Kajinek.
It might not be a good move.
Hey, don't talk about her like that.
I'm sorry.
Explain to her that
Kajinek's case is closed
or your partner will get
a small lesson.
- Or a bigger one?
- Are you threatening me?
I'm glad we understand each other.
- You might be underestimating me.
- You think so?
We'll see because now you have
a problem. A big problem.
And your ingenue too.
Try to go against me and
you'll have a big problem too.
- Done?
- Done.
Let's go so we don't miss anything.
The Court has made
a determination:
The motion to reopen
Jiri Kajinek's case...
is denied.
The Court bases the decision
on the lack of credible new evidence.
The plaintiff's witness
didn't convince the Court
of the necessity to reopen the case.
I'm sorry but if the courts
continually spend time
reopening decided cases
based on the testimonies
of other criminals,
they would do nothing else.
What do you want from me?
You know what. That thing you've
had under the bed all this time.
Forget about my testifying
against Novotny.
He's the one who messed up your life.
You have to make up your mind.
You'll either keep your mouth shut
or will talk, but about everything.
What I have on you would
put you away for 8 years.
So make a choice:
Me or Novotny?
How can something like this happen?
You had to count in
this possibility.
Oh come on. It was a joke.
But you will show them. I have
interesting information for you.
- About the case?
- That's right, but not on the phone.
See you soon...
We met here today to say goodbye
to Honza Dolezal...
- My condolences.
- Thank you.
Hello. I'm sorry about what
happened to Mr. Dolezal.
- My condolences.
- Thank you.
Kristianek, go play by the pond.
Mr. Novotny...
Some die a natural death,
some aren't that lucky.
- I'm sorry...
- It's okay.
You know this was not
an ordinary accident.
What do you mean?
This accident is called Lejko.
- Why would he do it for gos sake?
- Well, I asked around a bit.
Lejko is under police surveillance
because of another crime.
Honza went to see him after court.
I guess he wanted to help you.
I know Honza was...
It's all just words, words, words.
By the way, that deal
is still on the table.
If he admits that Lejko
was shooting too
then he will be out in a couple
of years. Unlike the other one.
Well, I have to go now.
Kristianek, let's go.
Mommy would be upset if
we came late, right?
- So say goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
You're all fucking Nazis.
Give me one reason why I can't
give him the strudel.
- It's my damn husband.
- Food is not allowed.
You think I'm smuggling a nail file,
you idiot? Go head, check it.
- Leave.
- You fucking dickheads.
Did anyone hurt you?
You could put it that way.
Honza... Dolezal is dead.
That's why you're so devastated?
I loved him.
We lived together.
If you'd known that, I'd never
have convinced you, would I?
The chances to reopen the case
are close to none.
I know.
But there is one thing we could do.
What's different is that the one
you'd accuse also killed Honza.
You will be out in two years
and Lejko will get twenty.
- How do you know Lejko killed him?
- I just do.
- But he is still free.
- That's life, unfortunately.
You have nothing to lose,
and everything to gain.
I got Honza involved. They killed
him because of me. And you!
- So you have to help me now.
- How? By pleading guilty?
It won't bring anyone back to life
and I 'll always regret it.
I did all kinds of bad shit,
I stole but I have my principles.
- I don't understand you.
- That doesn't surprise me.
They had Dolezal wrapped around
their finger and now they have you.
I will never sell out
to do something like that.
And one more thing.
Tell them that
I'll look closely into their eyes.
Really close.
You are a heartless bastard.
You deserve to rot in here.
You've been lying to me
all this time!
Give it to me.
What are you doing here?
They move us after a while
so we don't get used to it.
I guess they're scared
that we'd escape like you.
I have to get out.
He wants more bread.
Can I give it to him?
Yeah, give him two.
The soup is pretty thick.
You're fucking nuts.
You can't break out of here.
- Anything is possible.
- What the fuck's taking so long?
- I'm coming.
- Name your price.
...three, four,
five, six...
Man, you got them all again.
Check it out.
I'm trying to put together
the money but...
Relax, it's just peanuts.
- Don't worry about it.
- Thanks.
Let's go.
I believe that my ex husband had
everything here in order.
You'll have the audit report
on your desk in a week.
Thank you.
Quiet. So, are you all packed,
Miss Pokorova?
Here are the keys to the office.
What about keys to the flat and car?
The Volvo is a company car, right?
I never cared about material things
but you can hardly understand that.
Right. It's really hard.
The car is yours, but I'd like to
stay in the flat a little longer.
But hurry, I 'd like to move back.
- Well, how much?
- A mill now and another one after.
I see the prices jumped.
55 Spalena Street, basement
stall # 7, under the floor.
There's more.
I want a car and a place to stay too.
On the first floor they make window
blinds and use silicon wires.
You can count on my wife,
she's never failed me.
Shut up,
this is not a talk show, okay?
- Mr. Novotny, hello.
- Hello, Klara.
I'm sorry to bother you, I was
just wondering how it's going.
Nowhere. I'm done
with the Kajinek case.
I heard you aren't with the firm.
Is there any way I can help you?
- I'm sure we would find something.
- Thanks, but I already have a job.
But in case...
my door is always open to you.
- It's really nice of you, but thanks.
- Goodbye.
Kitty, I won't leave you here.
Tomorrow you're moving to C Block.
I hope you'll miss me.
- We're moving him now.
- Not tomorrow?
We'll teach that asshole a lesson.
Let's go.
- Shit...
- I said now, didn't I?
Let's go.
Shoot! Fuck!
Prison break!
Get him!
Wake up, give it to me. Shit!
Come out, you bastard!
Come on!
What are you staring at here?
Go! Catch him!
Fuck, what are you doing there?
- Why aren't you shooting?
- I don't see him.
You shithead! You fucking bastard.
Come back so I can zap you!
You asshole!
- Why don't you fucking fire?
- There's a dog!
Fuck the dog, shoot!
Go Czechs go!
Sihvonen was about to finish
the Finns' attack...
Patera stopped him and we can
move forward in a triangle...
David Moravec and... Goal!
We're the world champions
for the third time in a row.
Czech hockey players win the gold.
Novotny threw you overboard.
What do you know about it?
I'm talking now.
What is it?
I dunno.
Everybody says it was the two
of us shooting at Bory.
What if I confirm it. You ain't
gonna survive the can, man.
- So start talking.
- I didn't do anyone.
And Perner's dictaphone...
You were there first. Where is it?
It wasn't there.
You can kill me... I swear.
It's a waste of a bullet
for somebody like you.
Check you out.
You look worse than me.
So talk.
The most famous prisoner in
the Czech Republic is free.
Last night around 11 PM
Jiri Kajinek escaped.
It's the first escape in the
history of the Mirov prison
which is considered
the Czech Alcatraz.
It's hard to guess where he took
his first steps outside prison.
But it's very likely he will
try to get across the border.
Jiri Kajinek is armed,
therefore dangerous.
We ask all the citizens who
come into contact with him
to call the police.
Jiri Kajinek was sentenced to life
and was serving his time
in a high security prison...
Good evening.
We should meet.
You're crazy!
You're a fugitive. I don't want
to go to jail because of you.
You can end up in jail even
if you didn't do anything.
I have evidence for you. Do you
still wanna help me? Or not?
Mr. Kajinek deserves a fair
trial just like anyone.
Thank you...
You're listening to Hit Radio.
It's sunny and 28 degrees in Prague.
For those who don't have an AC
it's a pretty hot day.
We can thank one man
for all this, Jiri Kajinek
who's been wanted by the police
all over the country.
All border crossings
are carefully guarded
and in Prague all roads out of town
and even in the center are jammed.
So watch out who
you're giving a ride to.
I'm risking a lot by coming here.
Everybody's looking for you.
How did you manage to get out?
To the point.
You mentioned some evidence.
I have a question first.
Why did you want to defend me?
Did you know those three guys?
I did. And if anybody
deserved to die, they did.
And the one who killed them...
I owe him a favor.
You don't owe me anything.
Though the idea is...
pretty tempting.
- This is from Lejko.
- Lejko?
What's this all about?
Major Bukovsky.
He and Lejko worked together.
- You're holding an original.
- That's impossible.
Somebody played with the picture.
Somebody tampering with the picture
doesn't mean that you're innocent.
You look totally different
than through the bars.
What are you gonna do?
Everybody's after you.
I want to find something that'll
help me. I've already started.
Now I will go after
the biggest bastard of all.
Who is it?
Well? Where is he?
Do you have anything to eat?
That thing whirring in the corner
is a fridge
- and the stuff inside is food.
- Vaclav said you were nice.
Where is he?
Where is he? Where is he?
Are you gonna tell me?
How long you think
you can take it?
Where is he?
It's the courtroom, you know.
- Good afternoon, Judge.
- Hello.
What do you want?
We're your fans. We come
to most of your trials.
- This was the last time.
- I see.
We hope not.
There's a butcher for every pig.
How are your grandkids?
Frantisek and...
Anika... How are they?
Well, we have to go now.
See you later.
Smart kid. See you later.
I came because I want
to help you.
Did your conscience bother you?
I'm sorry about Dolezal
but I had nothing to do with it.
Dolezal came to me
to help him get Novotny.
- He wanted to protect you.
- From what?
From Novotny.
He's the one who was behind all
this dirty business, even back then.
But Perner and the Klempars
were totally out of control.
- So he decided to get rid of them?
- But it didn't end with that.
Then he got me and Bukovsky
fired from the police.
Only because we knew
everything. Fucking jerk.
So who was shooting?
I don't know. I was only supposed
to cover up the traces.
- Maybe Bukovsky, maybe Kajinek.
- Why would he do it?
Because Kajinek
was stealing for Novotny.
He knew how to break into
a safe, brought him pictures,
documents, all kinds of
incriminating stuff on VI Ps.
He didn't tell you that, huh?
I took this from the file
before the trial.
These are the butts from the
crime scene with the police seal.
It was my protection. I knew
it wasn't gonna end with the firing.
I can't go on. I am a total
nervous wreck and want out.
For the court to accept it,
you have to testify again.
If you can guarantee that
I remain anonymous, I'll testify.
If I were you,
I would hide those butts.
That bastard!
Are you okay, Ma'am?
You can't lie here like this.
Get up.
Come on, get up...
What a fucking ride. Luckily
the bike looks worse than my face.
I have good news for you.
You'll be the boss of the SU.
- And Novotny is fine with that?
- It was his idea.
It'll be like the old times, man.
Then I could get a Winchester
like this too, huh?
Go ahead, try it so you know
what you're getting.
Fuck, where is he?
Well, Mr. Krizek?
We'll work something out, won't we?
I'm going upstairs to
babysit for a neighbor.
- So don't be scared here, okay?
- I think I'll be fine.
Lights out.
Eye one in place.
B team, sixth floor confirmed.
Bravo and Charlie teams in place.
Move to the apartment entry.
Eighth floor, civilian,
third window from the left.
Checking the area.
Fuck, what are you doing
here, you bastards?
Area's clear.
Civilian's in the flat.
Fuck, eighth floor,
civilian with a knife in her hand.
- The bitch's cutting the rope!
- Throw him another one. Now!
Throw him another one.
Eye one. I n my sight.
- Don't shoot!
- Wait, don't shoot!
No problem, it's not some armor.
Counting off: On two, ram,
on one, set the charges.
Five, four, three...
On the ground...
Shoot! Come on, shoot!
- Lie down!
- Hands behind your back.
Your name!
- Full name.
- Jiri Kajinek.
Today everyone smokes.
So we've cleared the desk.
Only that chick is left.
Leave her alone for now.
Her time will come.
I have a present for you.
You've always wanted to go
to Africa, right?
You can shoot there...
Maybe elephants.
I'll bring you an ivory charm.
But not sooner than six months
from now. Elections are coming up.
Ms. Pokorova, you accused
the judge of prejudice.
Do you have any proof?
It's the point of my objection
and I think until the court's ruling
it is not appropriate for me
to comment on it.
We managed to get the statement
from the judge herself.
Judge, Mr. Kajinek's attorney
accused you of prejudice.
- Will you comment on it?
- That's the first time I heard it.
I don't know anything about it
so I can't comment on it.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I want to assure you
that no media pressure will
influence my objective judgment.
Alice Krizkova, the wife
of the multiple murderer claims
that she thought
the policemen were thieves
when she cut the rope
off one of them.
She is looking
at twelve years in prison.
Fuck you!
Your client has fan clubs,
public opinion is on his side.
Do you think it can help him
to reopen his case?
The popularity of my client
has nothing to do with the evidence.
We have new evidence which
will lead to reopening the case.
Minister, you put in a request
to review Kajinek's case.
What led you to do it?
I don't see a reason
not to reopen this case
which is tainted by an incredible
number of procedural errors.
Everybody in this country
deserves a fair trial.
After the pre-recorded studio debate
we are returning to the special
on the arrest of Jiri Kajinek.
You pig, I told
you not to eat in my car.
- You'll clean it, you hear me?
- Okay, I will.
- You idiot.
- Shut up.
- Don't fucking piss me off!
- Stupid idiot.
We're almost there.
Shit, fucking road.
I'II fuck up my car.
I hope it's worth it.
Is it them?
- Careful, his hands are behind him.
- It's Bukovsky and...
You motherfucker!
I don't leave these important
things at home in a safe.
Why are you playing it for me?
You want to kill me?
You could have done it
a long time ago.
It wouldn't be the same. This is
a high stakes game, you know it.
Your place is here.
You got a chance, not just one
but you blew them all.
You think you can control
everything and everybody?
I have to go.
See you soon.
Don't count on me. Ever.
No, you don't need to worry.
There will be no problems.
Yes, I know there are some now
but we can fix them.
Kajinek will stay in jail.
No, your name will not be mentioned
in the media. I guarantee it.
Nice to see you.
You look totally different
behind bars.
- What are we gonna do about it?
- We'll fight.
The truth always wins, right?
You are very brave.
For a woman.
Next time you look for shelter,
you can stay at my place.
On the couch in the kitchen.
You're not bad either.
For a man.
It can't end like this.
Don't worry, it's not over yet.
The court has denied all motions
to reopen Kajinek's case,
including the complaint
against investigation methods
submitted by three
Justice Ministers.
Several thousand people petitioned
the president to grant a pardon.
They haven't been rejected so far.
Jiri Kajinek and his attorney
are still fighting and appealed
to the International Court in
Strasburg about procedural errors.
This film is dedicated to the memory
of actor Vladimir Dlouhy