Kalaga Thalaivan (2022) Movie Script

The Toubredour trucks
manufactured by this company,
give the highest mileage in the world.
They will be available for purchase in
the market within the next 45 days.
The Toubredour trucks are a game changer
that burns and consumes half the fuel,
becoming the lowest fuel-consuming truck
in the world.
Toubredour will not just topple
the Indian market
but will also topple
the international market.
Two German companies
and one Japanese company
compete to tie up with Vahjra Motors.
The result that we see today is because of
the eight years we spent
on research and development.
Sir, the pollution level is higher than
the permittable level.
Sorry for troubling you, sir.
-You asked me to contact you directly.
The pollution level is still a bit higher.
In just a day, the Vahjra stocks
have seen an 11,37% rise in profit.
It is said to be
the highest stock rise in history.
This rise in stock value makes Vahjra
one of the world's leading manufacturers
of heavy motor vehicles.
Okay, sir.
No one should know about this.
We have been asked to keep it a secret.
Did you get it done?
-It's almost done, sir.
-How much more time do you need?
I gave you this task
first thing in the morning.
I've been filling in everyone's
email addresses into the excel sheet.
Why is it taking so long?
There are two thousand
email addresses to fill in, sir.
First segregate it, then merge it
and send it to me as bulk mail.
-What did I just say?
-You asked me to send it as a bulk mail.
Do you know how to merge e-mails?
Yes, sir.
Are you sure?
Yes, sir.
Okay, I'm gonna stand right here.
Segregate and merge
the email addresses right now.
I want to see you do it.
I need to take this call.
But you should be done before I'm back.
Tell me!
Oh, God!
Did you complete it?
I completed it, sir.
What did you say?
I completed it!
You are Pughaz, right?
What is it?
You helped me
through remote access, right?
I did not, sir.
I know it was you, sir.
The senior manager
does not like me at all.
It was not my scope of work.
Had I said I didn't know it, he would've
fired me and recruited one of his own.
Thank you for saving me.
-Girls, hurry up. Get inside.
-Come on, hurry up.
-Be quick.
-Be careful.
Girls, stop rambling.
-Oh, no! Hold her!
-Get her some water.
Oh, my God! My shoes!
They are new, Goddammit!
Shakthi, hold her hair.
Someone, please help her.
-What is it?
I think she had bloody
Mary! She's puking red.
Damn! It's a men's room!
Oh, no, come on, let's leave.
-Hold on!
-Could you please go outside?
You want us to get out of here?
We came in here
to maintain decorum.
Hey, do you want some water?
Please, guys.
-Let's go!
-Dude, this is too much!
Watch your step.
Even imported liquors ends up as puke.
They're shooing away men
from the men's washroom.
Hard times!
Please guard the door
so that no other man enters.
Why are you gazing at her?
Try it on. We'll return
it if it does not fit.
Thank you, Auntie.
The collar.
Turn around.
It must be freezing in the USA.
Especially where you are going.
I heard it's minus three degrees.
I spoke to my friend yesterday.
Here you go. I brought
you some thermals too.
I don't have cricket
practice this Sunday.
There's a nice bistro in Nungambakkam.
Awesome Mexican food!
-Shall we go there?
What's wrong?
Is everything alright?
-It's my mom's friend.
Oh, okay.
When is your flight?
-Don't turn!
If she tells my mom,
I'll be in trouble.
I'm going to Tirunelveli tomorrow.
I won't be in town.
I'm sending you a number.
Auntie, the sun's rays are
directly hitting your face. Sit here.
-It's okay.
-Sit here.
What's happening?
Thank you.
I sent it.
check if you received the contact number.
-I got it.
-That's my friend.
She stays in New Haven.
If you need any
help, please call her.
-It's okay, ma'am.
Hi, Auntie!
What a pleasant surprise, Auntie.
-How are you?
I spoke to your mother yesterday.
-Oh, is it?
-What are you doing here?
Don't you have a class?
I'm waiting for Anu.
She's bringing me notes.
-She's a friend's daughter, Maithili.
-She's in her final year of medicine.
This is my nephew, Thiru.
He's working as Financial Analyst.
He's leaving for the US next week.
He's planning to settle down there.
Maithili's folks are
looking for a match for her.
I introduced her to a boy.
He is a doctor too.
Based out of London.
Her parents were really happy.
Hey, I got the Bailey's textbook
you asked for.
You were supposed to
take it from me last night.
Where were you?
We had this research
topic discussion last night.
So, I couldn't make it.
I'll take it from you today.
Never mind. The book must be in the car.
I'll go find it.
Thiru, please come with me.
He proposed to me today.
But I did not respond.
-What about the suitor your aunt picked?
-It won't work out.
This, too, won't work out. Let it go!
Was I straightforward?
You were!
How is your friend?
Which friend?
Last night, the party, you know vomit
What happened?
A delayed reaction, I think.
Now I'm angry.
How could you say it won't work out?
Don't you think you were being a bit rude?
Did I ask for your opinion?
How could you pass
a remark on my personal matters?
What do you know about me?
-Just because you're her relative--
-I don't know everything about you.
But, one thing I know is that
you're independent.
You do whatever you think is right.
You won't do anything blindly
just because you're told to.
I concur, not many like you.
You have very few friends.
A bit snobbish!
A bit control freak.
Extremely organized!
Whether it be life or friendship,
it should be on your terms.
You play the harp well.
And you're a bathroom singer.
Mai! I found it!
He helped so that Bharathi Auntie
wouldn't spot me with Dhruv.
We didn't speak a word with each other.
Practically strangers!
And yet, he understood the situation.
Think about it.
He seemed to be a decent guy.
He didn't misuse this opportunity
to be friends with me.
Neither did he flirt.
-So, nothing!
That's about it.
End of story.
It's not like I'm going to meet him again.
I'm wondering how he
knew so much about me.
That too the instant he met me.
Bharathi Auntie told me that
I would find you here.
How did you find out?
Whatever you said the other day
was spot on!
Everything was correct.
How did you find out?
Buy me a cup of coffee. And I'll tell you.
Ved, did you watch the news?
We are bleeding in the share market.
Vahjra's Toubredour trucks are emitting
more than the permitted level.
Also, we hear that Vahjra is
keeping this matter a secret.
It has created a shock wave in the market.
If this turns out to be true,
it'll be a hard blow to Vahjra.
We hear this will
affect the huge capital
that Vahjra was expecting
to fund the project.
-The German company collaborating
-is about to step down.
-It's the minister.
Is this true?
If it does not pass the emission test
the Toubredour license
will get into trouble.
Don't blame me later.
We hear from known sources,
that the manufacturing of
Toubredour, will be on hold indefinitely.
Any vehicle, before it hits the market
has to abide by
the permitted emission levels.
Toubredour fails to meet
the permitted emission levels.
How did this information get out?
Have you heard about thieves
who steal corporate secrets?
More than seventy gangs like these were
found, captured, and disabled worldwide.
And yet,
the number of gangs that
operate without getting caught
is unimaginable
Sir, I don't get it.
What do you mean by corporate secrets?
Corporates tend to keep
a lot of things secret.
One simple example is the balance sheet!
A company will be running on a loss,
but, it will account as if
it's making profits.
To convince the investors?
Or it could be to take
a loan from the bank.
It's called a report card for students.
TRP for Television channels.
And box office for cinemas.
For Public Limited Companies,
it's called the share market.
For instance, you don't have
to speak the truth.
Just a rumor about something's
wrong with the company is enough.
It'll immediately reflect on
the share market.
So, every company's R&D, take over
plans, and investment decisions
will only be announced when
the time is right.
The person who steals this kind of
information can make loads of money.
One of our staff members is out there
selling the company's secrets.
Who do they sell it to?
To competitors, Mafias!
A few governments pay money
to buy corporate secrets.
Check for yourself what has been
happening over the past four years.
We were about to takeover a
Bio-Chemical company in Bengal.
No one knew about it.
But Badani Chemicals beat us to it
and took over the company.
We thought of it as a coincidence.
We were about to import DMmachinery in Madhya Pradesh.
Suddenly, the government
increased the import duty rates.
That worked as an advantage for Nirmaan.
We considered that a coincidence too.
Everyone is aware of how close
the government is to Nirmaan.
Take Vahjra as an example.
People's TV was the first channel
to telecast this news.
Who owns the channel?
Nirmaan is Vahjra's competitor.
If you put the numbers together
you'll get a clear picture.
For the past four years, our P&L
statement is showing a loss.
I am very sorry to say this.
But, if Toubredour is disabled,
the company will cripple.
Vahjra has 20,000 people
working as their permanent staff.
And has 53,060 people
as their temporary staff.
Eighteen Board Members!
There's one impostor
among all of them.
He has been selling our company's
secrets for the past four years.
He's the one who sold
Toubredour's secret too.
I have hired someone who will
detect and find the impostor.
I am paid in dollars.
But I'm not doing this for money.
I love hunting people.
Only seven members knew about
Toubredour's excessive emissions.
Apart from you, I have inquired about
the other six as well.
Sir, I did not tell anyone.
I did not let any information out!
The management has
already inquired about it.
The police inquired about it too.
I did not tell anyone.
No matter what
everybody's confessions are
it depends on how soon one breaks down.
Sir, I don't know anything.
Sir, I'm not aware of anything!
Sir, what are you going to do to me?
Sir, what are you going to do?
Sir, I don't know anything.
I don't know anything.
Sir, please let me go.
Sir, I don't know anything.
I have a two-year-old child, sir.
Please, sir.
Please don't harm me, sir.
The police already arrested me, took me
under custody and investigated it.
They went through all my emails
and phone records.
They let me go because
I was proven innocent.
Sir, you can ask the inspector about it.
He will confirm saying I'm innocent.
Sir, please ask the inspector!
If you want me to take up this case
I'll only report to you.
Direct to you.
Please don't do it, sir
No, sir!
His name is Pawan Sharma!
Pawan Sharma from the R&D section!
We met at the party
after the annual conversion.
We were drunk.
We were angry, sir.
We were outraged.
I have been an employee
of Vahjra for eleven years.
Employees who joined after me
got promoted.
I was high!
I blabbed about the pollution level.
Whichever state I go to
my men should have
the police support of that state.
Who are these people?
Even the inspector is intimidated.
The SP personally called up
and asked us to help them
with whatever they needed.
Incidents will take place
but they should not interfere.
Oh, God!
Your company executives,
the R&D staff and the accounts staff,
I need everyone's personal files.
Lalit, Keshav, Hyderabad!
Within a month.
I will find the thief who has
been stealing Vahjra's secrets.
Hi, Keshav!
Please sit down, Keshav.
What is it?
Someone has been selling
Vahjra's secrets for the past four years.
I know that you've been
supplying him with the information
for money!
I have all the details about your offshore
bank account and your transactions.
Who are you people?
Who am I?
I can break your backbone
right here, right now.
I can partially paralyze you
and put you in a wheelchair for
the rest of your life.
Your son is interested in sports, right?
I will cut every nerve on his ankle.
I will splash acid on
your daughter's face.
I will send local thugs for your wife
That's who I am, Keshav!
If you answer a simple question of mine
no harm will be done!
You will never see me again.
If you're okay with it,
just nod your head.
Who do you supply
the secrets of Vahjra to?
That's all I wanna know.
I never handed over
the information in person.
I receive an email once every month.
I'll load the encrypted
data on a pen drive.
I will be given a drop point.
It will be mostly a bus
or a train station.
They'll mention a particular seat.
I will leave the pen drive there
and get off the train at the next stop.
I have never seen anyone coming
for the pen drive until I get off.
That's all I know.
I have no idea who's
running this operation.
That's not enough, Keshav.
Give me something!
I swear this is all I know.
I am telling you the truth!
Please trust me!
You must think your daughter is sleeping
peacefully at her hostel in Delhi, right?
My men are at the same pub
your daughter is in.
It's a live video call.
Please hear me out--
-I'll give you two minutes.
I'm begging you.
I have no answers!
Please don't harm her.
I don't know anything.
Please hear me out!
Spare my daughter!
Hari, two minutes are up.
Splash it on her eyes.
What are you going to throw?
What are you going to do?
Please give me some time to think.
Please wait!
Give me a second
to think about it, please.
Wait! I'm thinking!
-I'm thinking! Please!
-Throw it on her!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
They did not throw
the acid at your daughter.
It was thrown at her boyfriend.
Somebody help!
Someone, please help me!
-What happened?
-Call the ambulance.
-Yeah, I'm trying!
-Your daughter is next--
-No, don't harm her.
My men are waiting at
the entrance of the pub.
There's one person I suspect.
He's the Chennai Account Section Chief.
One day, when I was getting
off after leaving the pen drive,
I saw him on the train.
I saw him on the train.
Secunderabad stop!
How does it help?
There was no need for him to be there.
Faridabad, Delhi, Calcutta,
Bhopal, Hyderabad.
All of them are selling
the company's secrets,
unaware of whom they're selling it to.
These Vahjra employees are those
who haven't been promoted.
Employees who got demoted.
Despite being a senior,
they're getting paid less.
Someone has created
a group of whistle-blowers.
And, the last link of that chain is
He's the Chennai Account Section Chief.
-Does JP know?
-Even JP doesn't know who it is.
I have been following
JP for the past ten days.
I have hacked his computer.
His phones are tapped.
Without my knowledge, JP can't
call or communicate with anyone.
I've hooked the bait.
The prey will come to us.
Did you have your food?
How many patients are still out there?
There are around 15 to 20 patients.
Just get me a cup of coffee.
Now tell me.
How were you so accurate about me?
It's not rocket science.
A bit of common sense.
A bit of observation.
And a bit of your body language.
And lastly, your handbag.
My handbag?
We can tell about a girl
from the type of handbag she carries.
Do you know that?
Like what?
Let's take your handbag as an example.
It's huge and practical.
As far as I know,
it must have a charger, tab, purse,
lip gloss, keys and energy bars.
I'm sure it has everything you
may need in an emergency.
Am I right?
What does that say about you now?
It says that you're extremely organized.
Imagine this building collapsing,
and we are all stuck in here.
Whoever is stuck with you, is lucky.
You could survive in here for two days.
Thanks to your bag.
You see that girl right there?
That girl has a big friend circle.
Your two O'clock.
She listens to her heart
more than her mind.
Your one O'clock
That lady has a dominating personality.
The one in the green top outside?
That girl likes the company of boys.
Are you saying all of this
based on their handbags?
There's a book on it.
We can learn about a girl's
character based on her handbag.
I could get rid of this bag
and purchase a new one.
Would that change my character?
A girl could own a couple of handbags.
What would you say about that?
Have you ever met or known someone
who has gone through a breakup?
Whoever they fall in love with next
will have a common factor.
It may be a physical feature,
character, or attitude.
There will be something in common.
We often tend to get attracted
to a particular type of person.
It's basic human psychology.
The same thing applies here.
No matter how many
handbags a girl owns,
she will only use
a particular type of handbag regularly.
You were carrying
the same handbag to the pub as well.
Wasn't a clutch the right accessory
to the dress you were wearing?
I wanted to clarify something.
I only came here to know how
the things you said about me were right.
I don't want you to
get the wrong impression!
How do I say it?
You mean to say that you don't want
to take this to the next step.
Am I right?
Hey, storm
Why are you dissipating me?
Why is my heart
Rising like a wave?
Why am I going up the sky
And fluttering like a feather?
Why am I deflecting my path
And getting lost in sweetness?
I have never lost control of myself
I never expected you to enter my life
She is a burning finger
That dances in the strong wind
She is a painting
Under the cloudy sky
A few raindrops become a fire
The paintings blossom into flowers
Full of color and life
The garden dances to the tune of the wind
For two pairs of eyes, two hearts
And the boundless sky to still extend
Did you spread further?
Did you wake up?
Oh, storm!
You are pushing me up and down!
Hey, storm!
Why are you dissipating me?
Why is my heart
Rising like a wave?
-Did you go see him?
Hold on for a minute.
My head is spinning.
Your folks have found a guy for you.
And there's a guy who has proposed to you.
You rejected both of them
and now, you're chasing the third one.
See, he'll be leaving for
the US in the next four days.
After a couple of months,
I won't even remember who he is.
He makes me laugh.
And I'm never bored when I'm with him.
They have a lot of secrets
among themselves.
Dirty secrets!
Hey, that's my Harp professor!
You've completely changed
my perception of her.
Oh God!
How did you know that I play the Harp?
Only someone who plays the Harp
would have this mark.
He's just a time pass.
That's about it.
Back in the day, men used to treat
women as a medium to pass their time.
Make up for it on behalf of
our generation.
The guy who proposed to you the other day
what's up with him?
You did say that
it wouldn't work out, right?
It did not.
How did you figure that out?
You're independent!
He seemed uncomfortable when
it came to independent women.
That's it!
Why did she reject
the alliance Bharathi brought her?
How do I know?
Staring into my eyes brushing my hair
You showered love
You embraced me
And spoke of intimacy
Your toes are burning my back like fire
Your lips are caressing my face
Should I burn or should I get drenched?
My body is confused
Should I be happy?
Or should I cry?
The pain causes so much pleasure
Hey, storm!
You are tearing my heart into two pieces
Hey, storm
Why are you dissipating me?
-Shall I leave?
Why is my heart
Rising like a wave?
Why am I going up the sky
And fluttering like a feather?
Mai, this isn't a bag hanger.
It's a Mook Jong!
-It's used while practicing Martial Arts.
-Oh, sorry!
-I have never lost control of myself
-I have never lost control of myself
I was never expecting you until now
I was never expecting you!
-Did you get your visa?
So this time next week
I'll be in New York!
Bharathi Auntie mentioned
you don't intend to return.
Yes. I have applied for a Green Card.
After two years
I will be working in a remote village.
There are many doctors
in town to treat the rich.
You can follow me on FB
if you wanna know where I am.
So, that's it, then!
Five days flew in no time.
We'll meet again
if we cross paths in the future.
Best wishes!
Go chase your dreams.
What the hell?
I never expected that
I'd do something like it.
I thought he was just someone
you could pass time with.
I thought so too.
You said you'd never meet him again.
But, you went and met him.
You didn't want to
take this to the next level
but ended up sending him
a friend request.
Is he interested in you?
Yes! I'm sure about it.
He's just not expressing it.
Did you propose to Maithili?
Don't you like her?
I like her a lot.
That's why I didn't propose.
Be frank with him.
When is he leaving for the US?
Then go and meet him today.
Once your class is over,
go to his house and talk to him.
Hi, Maithili.
When you get this message,
I would've left Chennai.
I wanted to tell you this in person.
But, I couldn't.
I deleted this message
many times before recording.
I wonder if I'm speaking my heart.
I want you to be happy.
I wish your dreams
and your desires come true.
If I'm part of your life,
I'll become a hurdle to you.
We're running late for the flight.
You may be hurt.
But I believe it's for your good.
He deactivated all of
his social media accounts.
-Did you check with Bharathi ma'am?
-She has no idea about it.
Why would he erase
everything before he left?
He left without leaving a trace behind.
JP has received a weird email.
The IP address shows as Japan.
I think it's our guy.
Has JP replied to the email?
There is going to be a meeting.
Sir, the next meeting is about to happen.
JP is en route to Trichy
to meet his contact.
Two of my men are traveling
in the same compartment as JP.
Tomorrow morning, six of my men
will be waiting for him at the station.
Everyone has body cams on them.
Why do we need such an extensive setup?
It's not like we are going
to seize James Bond.
It does not matter where
the drop point is.
No one can take away
the pen drive and escape.
When JP arrives at Trichy,
I'll be there.
It's going to be a simple affair, sir.
We will be done in two hours.
All six camera feeds.
Arjun, we will get our guy today.
He left the newspaper in here.
There's an envelope inside it.
That's it!
The pen drive is inside that envelope.
Wait right over there.
Whoever comes for the envelope
is the guy we are looking for.
JP has received a weird email.
The IP address shows as Japan.
I think it's our guy.
Has JP replied to the email?
Can you repeat that after me?
So, that means "Who is Mr. Jin?"
So who is Ms. Jimin?
How do you say that in Korean?
I'm scared!
This is not the first time, Shalu.
I get that it's not our first time.
But this time, it's different.
There are only two ways
they could catch us.
One, they should
know our original names.
And two, capture our families
to weaken us.
These details are not
available in the public domain.
We are ghosts!
In case I get caught
you and the child will be safe.
That gave me the courage to take this up.
Be cool, Shalu.
We'll grow old together and die.
Leave home by 10:00 p.m. tonight.
I'll meet you at the usual spot.
I'm finding it hard to live away from you.
Two more weeks.
After that, we'll be
far away from Chennai.
JP will reach Trichy in the morning.
We should be there.
Remember, we have to leave tonight.
Stay strong.
If I don't return in thirty minutes
don't wait for me.
Hey, hold on!
Here you go. Take this.
Stay blessed, ma'am.
-How much is it?
-It's five rupees, sir.
I think he has given
something to the kid.
Run, Shwetha! Run!
Raju, you stay right there.
The others surround JP.
That is JP's return train.
I thought you said that was JP's train.
But he's going the other way.
-Fifteen rupees.
-That is his train.
How come you don't have change?
-I can give you change. Here you go.
-Thank you, sir.
-Here you go.
-Thank you, sir.
You're welcome, sir.
The train has left.
But why is JP still waiting
on the platform?
-Can you see Jayaprakash?
-Which one is Vanitha's cam?
-This one!
Zoom it!
The guy has another phone!
They are playing a game.
The pen drive could
be inside the bathroom.
Or it could be with
the groundnut vendor.
It could be with the man
wearing a checked shirt.
Or it's still with Jayaprakash.
Listen, everyone!
The guy we're looking for
is somewhere around.
He has been giving instructions to JP.
Check whoever is on the phone.
If the pen drive is still with JP,
the guy will come to JP.
Keep watching JP!
The man is missing. I've lost him!
Can anyone see JP?
Hey, Rafeeq!
He's on the foot over bridge.
Rafeeq is down!
I got it. Start the car!
He was captured on a CCTV camera.
Look at the man in the black shirt.
Watch now!
He pick pockets the pen drive.
Even JP is unaware that he's the contact.
The catch is we can see the man.
But the face is unclear.
Why did you run?
When he paid me, I found this.
I ran because he might realize
and ask for it back.
What did he tell you?
"I'll pay you 10,000 rupees."
"Don't ask any questions
and leave right away."
Sir, I handed over all
the clips to your men.
He got recorded only in these four clips.
His face isn't clear
in any of these clips.
He knew where the
CCTV cameras were installed.
He made sure his
face was not captured.
-He came from the side.
-I could not see his face.
We returned home safe!
Why are you crying?
We did it! Didn't we?
Listen, we are safe now!
You don't have to be afraid anymore.
That's him!
He's the guy we are looking for.
You are wrong, Reba!
Look at this.
-What is the time?
-It's 9:17 a.m.
This was the clip when Rafeeq
got knocked down.
What's the time?
It's 9:17 a.m.
When Rafeeq got knocked down,
this man was not there.
There's another guy.
They both belong to the same team.
First, one guy arrives at the spot.
He does a recon to check if it's safe.
After that, the second guy arrives.
That's how they work.
It's the other guy
who has identified our men.
It's a trap!
There are eight people,
and they're well-trained.
It's the other guy
who has been giving him instructions.
Shalu is waiting for me outside, Thiru.
Shall we abort the plan?
Tell me, Thiru!
Shall we abort the plan?
Don't get worked up!
Nothing will happen to you or Shalu.
Do as I say!
Until I say so, don't go near JP.
It's the other guy who gave
instructions to JP as well.
Go to the restroom.
Leave the newspaper inside.
-Stop the boy!
He made a note of all the CCTV cameras.
It was he who messed up our entire plan.
Hey, Rafeeq!
He's on the foot over bridge.
Gandhi, head towards JP now.
-JP sir!
Board the train going to Arakkonam.
He is the mastermind.
It's him who we are looking for.
So, what do we do now?
I'm going to find his original identity.
Once I find it
"I can't take it. Please kill me."
I'm going to record him saying that
and send the video to Ved!
Vahjra is aware of
their secrets getting leaked.
Vahjra hired that team.
-Eight people?
It's a new team!
None of them are in our database.
Bye, sir.
Make sure no one knows
that I helped you.
Any updates, sir?
I checked with my sources in IB.
No one has any idea about the team
Vahjra hired for the investigation.
Give me more time.
I'll keep digging.
In the meanwhile, you tread carefully.
Thiru, they were not following me.
I took all the precautions.
They followed JP.
-Is JP safe?
-He's safe!
No one noticed
the train JP boarded.
Only after JP boarded
the train safely
I left the station.
-JP sir!
-Board the train going to Arakkonam.
Hi, JP!
Where is JP now?
He has a childhood friend living
in Arakkonam that no one knows of.
His passport will be ready in two days.
I have made all the arrangements
for him to leave for Frankfurt.
First of all,
even JP does not know who we are.
After JP leaves for Frankfurt,
we won't have anything to do with him.
JP will be safe.
We too will be safe.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
I am already dying.
I'm diagnosed with
Advanced Pancreatic Cancer.
You can't cause me any more pain.
-I already have enough--
Not just your medical history
I've studied your entire biography.
You have a son.
He is married and settled in the US.
He has three beautiful children.
He's in Jaisalmer for a vacation
along with his family.
Here are the details of
the hotel that they're staying in.
Here are the pictures of your daughter
who's studying in London.
They were captured over the last week.
It be from home to college
or from college to home.
She commutes alone on a cycle.
How safe is that, Jayaprakash?
If they've followed JP by any chance
I believe our entire network is exposed.
It's just like catching a fish
and then releasing it back into the pond.
He extracted information from everyone
and sent them back to work.
Your source shouldn't
know what happened out here.
She's the daughter of an auditor
who stole information from my client.
She's twenty-four years old,
just like your daughter.
Please let me go! Please!
You could not watch it
for more than two minutes.
But this is a twelve-hour clip.
I can't help it.
It was six of my boys!
Everyone wanted a turn!
Only after that, the real torture began.
The complete video is available
on the dark net.
I can send it to you.
I sent this video to her father.
This is the last video he watched
before he committed suicide.
Until today the police
could not find any evidence.
They won't find it!
Please spare me!
Please stop!
JP, we need your confession.
You are wealthy enough.
Why did you steal Vahjra's secrets?
Do you know where Vahjra's
truck factory is located?
A few years ago
it was a logistics factory.
The government owned it.
The factory was incurring losses,
so the government sold it to Vahjra.
The land, infrastructure, and machinery
alone are worth 3500 crore rupees.
But the government sold it to Vahjra
for 1800 crore rupees.
The government sold
government properties at a loss.
Do you know why?
You talk about buying people's votes.
But corporates are buying
political parties instead.
The first thing Vahjra did after
buying the government factory
was to lay off 400 workers.
Everyone ran to grab
any job they could find.
Result? Unorganized sector.
The job that paid daily wages
was destroyed in the future.
The chain reaction did not stop there.
Around 2200 kilometers away
in Karnataka, Tumakuru
was a medium-scale factory.
It used to manufacture spare
parts for the government factory.
Once Vahjra took over, they canceled
the Tumakuru factory contract.
Two hundred people lost their jobs.
At present,
the Tumakuru factory is shut down.
This affected a small-scale industry
400 kilometers away in Guindy, Chennai.
It was a small factory that entirely
was dependent on the Tumakuru factory.
The factory owner did not
know how to recoup the losses.
He owned houses that were put on rent.
He increased the rent.
Sir, how will I manage my finances
if you increase the rent?
The retired school teacher who
could not manage the high rent
cut his wife's medical budget in half.
Followed by his groceries budget.
Another soul that was affected
due to the Guindy factory shutting down
was an older lady!
Her daughter ran a tea shop
that was dependent on the business
of the workers of the Guindy factory.
The tea shop is still out there.
But the business is shut down.
She had to pay the loan sharks
and the thugs from her savings.
Her daughter has lost
everything in her life.
And yet, she hasn't been able
to clear her debt.
The older lady has started working
as a maid to cover the expenses.
She is 67 years old.
The reason for all of it is
the takeover that happened in Faridabad.
Neither the older man knew about this
nor the older woman knew.
This is a story of only two people.
But when a Government factory
is sold to a Private company
directly or indirectly, thousands
of poor people's lives get affected.
At the same time, Vahjra,
which bought the government factory
saw a 20% increase in profit!
Thousands of souls have lost everything
and are on the streets today.
The Government is silent.
Small-scale businesses
are getting crushed.
Yet, the government is silent.
Corporate funding!
When they bend the rules
to support the corporates,
corporate funding does its job.
All the political parties
doesn't matter if it's
a big or a small party.
They are requested to account
for their source of funds.
That is when you'll know
who they are working for.
How does stealing corporate
secrets make everything right?
I'm not stealing secrets to sell them.
I'm giving it to an international
group of whistle-blowers.
Not just Vahjra
I give them information about
every trespass corporate companies do.
They have been compiling information.
The complete information will soon be out
in international publications.
We are going to upload it on the internet.
I am not doing this for money.
You just want to do something
good before you die.
But the people who are taking
information from you
are not the whistle-blowers
you peg them for.
They are a network that steals
and sells corporate secrets.
I am looking for
the leader of that network.
Those eight people were just
the operatives.
They have a Chief above them.
Before he could get to us, we need
to complete the job and leave safely.
A few unknown officers
from IB are their conduit.
With their help, they're selling
the secrets to the competitors.
Once I get hold of the leader,
I'll get to the officers too.
Thiru, Vahjra is striking back.
They're going to use full force!
If we get caught
they won't even spare our child.
They are all Vahjra employees.
Not just you.
These people are also supplying
information to your source
in exchange for money.
I concur you weren't aware of this.
You got cheated on, JP.
Give me something, JP.
I don't know.
I have never met him.
I don't know his original name.
Every time he spoke to me,
he used a voice changer.
This is eight years of planning, Shalu.
Don't be afraid.
No one can crack our identities.
You were in touch with him
for approximately a year.
There has to be something, JP.
I'm not sure if this is going
to be useful to you.
But once, while I was talking to him
over the phone
I heard someone speak in
the Korean language in the backdrop.
I worked in Seoul for a while.
So I could recognize the language.
It sounded like a classroom.
How many Korean coaching centers
do you think there are in Chennai?
Check if someone from Vahjra
has been taking Korean classes.
Make sure they don't find his body.
Hey, Mai!
Stay still.
What is it?
You look very pretty with
this sunlight hitting your face.
You look just like a painting.
Stay still!
I want to click a picture.
For memories sake.
-Get lost!
-Mai, please, hey!
-Your hand
Place your hand just like you did before.
-Like this?
How long do you want me to stay like this?
-Hurry up, click the picture.
-I did.
And it'll never be erased.
It's for my memories.
-I think it'll take time.
-Fifteen minutes!
That's why I wanted to cook.
We would've had our meal.
Do you know something?
What should I know?
You were telling me something
and stopped halfway.
Won't it get prolonged
You being the reason?
Arent you the reason
For my unbearable longing?
I'm lost into your eyes voluntarily
I'm lost in your eyes voluntarily
Though I know the route to get back
I refuse to get out
Wont the moments
With you get prolonged?
I freeze at the moment of melting
Mai, check out
the profiles before you leave.
-Mom, I'm running late.
-I said to check them out!
Hey, show it to her.
I'm working on my project report, Mom.
Dad, please buy mom a new laptop.
My laptop is filled
with matrimony details.
It's embarrassing!
I've shortlisted six profiles for you.
Two of them are IAS officers.
Two are doctors.
Also, there's a profile of
a guy working at NASA.
Check every profile patiently.
I don't like any of them.
Dad, if this is how women
pick their potential grooms
boys like me will never get married.
The kids from the 50s are the luckiest.
Look, even you got married!
-Why are you throwing your life away, Mai?
Your mom called up and was rambling at me.
She sent me the details of all the
prospective grooms she picked for you.
She asked me
what was wrong with the profiles.
She's a poor thing.
Why are you rejecting them all?
No matter who it is,
I end up comparing him with Thiru.
If I keep comparing my to-be husband
with Thiru my entire life
that's not a life, Priya!
He left without saying anything.
I wonder why he left abruptly.
In all these years,
has he ever called you?
I've been asking myself the same question.
I want to forget everything and move on!
But, I'm not able to.
There are approximately twenty
Korean coaching centers in Chennai.
We checked the CCTV footage from
all the centers.
Among them, twelve complexes
hold recordings only for 24 hours.
Only two complexes have footage
for the past six months.
This is one of the pieces of footage.
This was recorded four months ago.
Only he visited here from Vahjra.
His name is Karthick.
He's from the accounts section.
I'm gonna be home for lunch.
I called JP's friend, from Arakkonam.
He said JP never made it.
We are being hunted without our knowledge.
Come to our safe house.
I couldn't hack his phone.
It was he who pick-pocketed JP.
Same height. Same built.
Start the car.
Ask Shalu to raise a good child.
And you too stay safe.
His phone.
It's broken beyond use.
Bring him to our warehouse.
Thiru, you look broken.
What would you do without me?
Come on.
Is it possible for me to see his body?
Shalu, they'll use his body as a trap.
Did anyone claim the body?
Our men are waiting at the mortuary.
Do you mean to say he's
lying dead as an orphan?
His name, his address
everything is fake.
He applied for the job
using fake documents.
-Did you check his pockets?
-That's all we could find.
Bus ticket? Metro Ticket?
Nothing, Arjun!
Only if we know about him,
we can identify the other person.
The Korean Institute JP mentioned.
What was the purpose of the visit?
Was he a student?
Or did he go there to meet someone?
Take me to the institute.
Here, drink this.
How did he find out?
I'm wondering the same thing.
-Who's Varsha?
-My friend!
She works at the travel agency
next to my Korean class.
Answer your phone.
A few men are here at the complex
asking questions about Gandhi.
I've never seen him.
That means he's not a student.
He was here to meet someone.
He will check the teacher's list.
There are a total of three teachers.
It's been four months since
one teacher left for the US.
A new teacher joined us last month.
There's one lady teacher, Dhansika.
She's pregnant and is on medical leave.
-How long since she joined?
-It's been a year.
He will get your address.
Number 32, Soundarajan Street, Annanagar.
Thank you!
Lock the doors!
Don't open it for anyone.
Fake address!
There's no house under that number.
They've been planning this for years.
Systematically, he destroyed his identity.
Despite having caught one,
we're not able to trace the other person.
He didn't spare any clue.
How do we look for someone
who has no identity?
When I hunt, I don't miss it!
Let's go to the mortuary.
I saw the face of the man
who was hunting me.
I'm sending you his picture now.
Run, Thiru!
Right now! And don't look back!
Who the hell is he?
His name is, Arjun.
He's an Indian Army Ex-Commando.
You can't find his name
in a telephone directory.
There's no website or registered office.
But seventeen multinational companies
are his clients.
Providing security to corporates,
and hunting down corporate thieves
is his business.
Shahdol, Central India.
A state that's rich in bauxite deposits.
To get their hands on the bauxite,
a couple of corporate companies competed
with each other.
But, the local tribes refused
to give away nature's gift.
For six years,
the corporate wasn't able to
subjugate the protest
staged by the tribals.
One of the corporates hired Arjun!
Within four months,
he subjugated the protests!
Do you know how?
Eight villages went missing.
Arjun was arrested and sent to prison.
Arjun is a pathological killer.
Three Government doctors certified it
and asked to sentence him to life.
He was backed by
a strong corporate support.
Within two months, he got out of prison.
For a few corporates,
the system itself works as hired guns.
Sir, my work is not done yet.
Thiru, do you want your
loved ones to be safe or not?
Then it's time to start running!
Corporates hire Arjun
not to catch the culprits
but to destroy them without a trace.
I thought you said there was no clue.
His body is the clue.
-Find out about this wound.
-Okay, sir!
Thiru, he found his way to Gandhi.
It won't take him much time
to identify you or your loved ones.
If I were to know that
Arjun is looking for me
I would secure my family first
and then would commit suicide.
Hereafter, if you call me,
I won't pick up!
I'll give you a tip.
You should secure your
loved ones in a safe house.
Because he'll use them
one by one to get to you.
If I'm right, I'll know about
his history in just two days.
Shalu, we have to leave right away.
I have made arrangements
for you to leave for Lisbon.
What about you?
It's not safe for me
to take the flight.
I'm making alternate arrangements.
My aunt stays at my native.
I will bring her along
and leave in two days.
This scar is from a surgery.
Perhaps he broke his clavicle bone.
They've used a plate to fix it.
Every plate has a serial number.
You can use the serial number to determine
which hospital the surgery took place in.
Why don't you use your contacts?
If you find the hospital,
you can identify the patient.
No one should know
that I gave you this file.
-Tell me!
The original name of
the deceased is Gandhi.
His native is Tirunelveli.
He got married eight years ago.
His wife's name is Shalini.
Either they are divorced.
Or they stay at different addresses.
We are not able to locate
his wife at the moment.
But listen,
a person named Thiru signed
as a witness for their marriage.
I have collected Thiru's
entire details too.
Thiru and Gandhi studied
together at BITS Pilani.
I'm calling you from the same college.
They're best friends!
They used to be college toppers!
Thiru worked at Morgan Stanley, USA.
Gandhi worked as
an Executive at ADB, Hong Kong.
Both are experts in international finance.
They returned to India five years ago.
They joined Vahjra under fake identities.
Since that day, they were never
in contact outwardly.
I'm sending you Thiru's picture.
Without a doubt
Thiru is the man we are looking for!
Hey, buddy!
I have shared his address.
Arjun, it looks like they left in a hurry.
There's a secret safe
behind the bookshelf.
That's 1,25,000 USD
Plus, eight international passports.
-Do you know where Thiru is?
But a woman named Bharathi
has signed as a legal guardian
on his college documents.
That lady should know
everything about Thiru.
I found her location.
I have bad news!
Gandhi is dead, Auntie!
We will have to leave right away.
I am waiting at the coast.
I'm sending you the address. Get here.
The boat will leave in the morning.
I'll use that lady to find Thiru.
Arjun, our men called
from Bharathi's house.
Bharathi committed suicide.
She burned down her
mobile phone and laptop.
Don't be sad, Thiru.
This is for the greater good!
They'll use me to get to you.
Let the thread end with me.
Hereafter, they won't
be able to get to you.
You are free!
Tomorrow, you leave safe and sound.
Start a new life.
No one can win the corporates like Vahjra.
It's a great thing that
we made it this far.
I request you to do one thing.
Before you leave,
please call Maithili.
I'll share her number.
Thinking of you, she never got married.
I'll see you.
Please, Thiru, give her a call.
This is my last wish!
This is Thiru.
Tell me!
Bharathi Auntie is dead, Mai!
Do you have ten minutes?
I want to tell you about me.
What is your name?
That's Gandhi!
That's it.
I told you everything about me.
I told you everything
about myself and my life.
Eight years ago,
I left without any explanation.
I don't want to repeat
the same mistake.
Now you'd understand
why I left without an explanation.
I'm sorry, Maithili
for all the pain that
I have caused you.
Bye, Maithili.
I'm leaving in the morning.
I can never return.
Be well!
Won't it get prolonged
You being the reason?
Arent you the reason
For my unbearable longing?
I'm lost
In your eyes voluntarily
Though I know the route to get back
I refuse to get out
Wont the moments
With you get prolonged?
I freeze at the moment of melting
Take me with you.
No, Mai. That won't be sensible.
I don't care if it's sensible or not.
I'm coming with you, that's it!
I'll call you back in ten minutes.
For the past eight years,
I've been thinking of you.
You've called me out of the blue.
And now
you're leaving for good.
I'm not able to think straight.
I just want to come running to you!
I remember telling you
that I'd work in a village
that has no medical facilities.
-Do you remember?
I'm living that dream now!
I'm the only duty doctor here.
And there are many urgent cases here.
All the patients are dependent on me.
I did not want to cry.
But I could not control it.
I don't think I can come, Thiru.
I want to. But I can't.
This is my life.
This is my ambition.
This is what I am!
It's the right decision.
At this moment,
I'm disgusted with myself.
I've been confusing you
despite knowing your situation.
Don't feel that way.
I totally understand
what you're going through.
Don't cry!
Could you please do one thing for me?
Before you leave
I want to meet you one last time.
One last time!
Please tell me where you are.
Before you
or after you
there's not going to be
another man in my life.
What about you?
Are you going to have
another woman in your life?
There's no one but you!
It wasn't easy.
But I retrieved Bharathi's FB data.
Most of her friends are her students.
But only one girl had this picture.
Who are you, people?
Where is Thiru?
Who is Thiru?
Where is he?
I don't have any contact with him.
This is an old picture.
I have no idea where he is.
I'm not sure if he's even alive.
I followed every link,
and I'm here now.
You are the only one left
between Thiru and me.
Where is Thiru?
I don't know.
Your eyes give away the lie.
Five seconds.
Where is Thiru?
Break her hand.
Five seconds. Where is Thiru?
Break another hand.
Choose! Your mother or Thiru?
Five seconds!
Break her neck.
-Where is Thiru?
Sorry, Thiru!
Sorry, Thiru!
They hurt my family.
They broke my mother's hand.
They threatened to kill my mom
if I didn't give up your location.
Sorry, Thiru!
Forgive me, Thiru!
Sorry, Thiru!
Spare Maithili.
I'll do as you say.
I killed you myself!
Bring her here.
No one should know
what went down here.
If you fail to upkeep,
you'd have to see my face again.
-Go, Mai!
-No, take me along.
Please don't speak about them to anyone.
You and your family will be safe
until you keep your mouth shut.
I am coming with you!
Thiru, don't leave me!
I am very sorry about your mother.
Hey, take me along with him.
Thiru, don't do this.
I am coming too.
Please don't leave me.
They will kill you!
They will kill you!
They will kill you!
Thiru, don't go!
They will kill you!
Thiru, don't go!
Thiru, please don't go.
Don't leave me.
They will kill you, Thiru.
Take me along and kill me too.
Please take me along.
Kill me too!
Take me along!
Kill me too!
Arjun, the GPS isn't working.
I lost my way.
Where will we get good network?
There's a factory on the left.
The network is good there.
Stop the car.
-We got him.
I want a full video of him confessing.
He's asking for a full video
of you confessing.
Park the car over there.
Your name?
My parents are dead.
She adopted me.
I learned about your history
from your college.
But I don't know anything about you
before college.
Tell me about your childhood.
Break all his fingers!
Break his knees.
Cut down his ankles.
Record everything until the last breath.
First, wake him up.
Then, break his fingers.
He should be able to feel the pain.
The older boys beat him up
the entire night.
He's incurred two fractures!
He didn't even scream a word.
He passed out!
Beat him until he regains consciousness.
-What are you looking for?
-My knife!
Tell me.
I'm calling from the orphanage
Thiru grew up in.
I have additional information about him.
From the age of six to ten,
he studied in a school at Ayyanarkuruchi.
Both his parents are chemical engineers.
They used to work at the
chemical factory in that village.
Union Chemicals and Gases PVT. LTD.
Guess what?
Bharathi's husband worked at
the same factory as a Chief Engineer.
Gandhi's father worked there as a Chemist.
All three families
have this one thing in common.
Arjun, do you know
where we are now?
Union Chemicals and Gases PVT. LTD.
This factory started in the year 1961.
All the surrounding districts
were dependent on this factory.
-It got shut down in 2001.
Due to pollution!
The land, water and air were destroyed.
In addition to that,
there was industrial wastage.
Not just one or two.
It was 2,5 lakh tonnes.
They dumped everything
into the factory's land.
It's still rotting out there!
Only 0,5 mg chromium
is permissible in water.
But that village has 20mg
of it in the water.
Many people in the village
were affected by cancer.
Even the doctors
were unaware of the diseases.
Disabled children were born.
Bharathi's husband and Gandhi's dad
filed a complaint against the
company to the Government.
It was confidential!
In a week, both of them died
in recurring accidents.
A year later,
Thiru's father filed a secret petition
to the collector.
Three days later
Thiru's parents died
in a similar accident.
Bharathi did claim that it was
not an accident but a murder.
Neither did the police file a complaint,
nor was the press bothered.
Ayyanarkuruchi is a ghost town now!
Who owned the factory?
What is it, Arjun?
This village was ground zero.
This is where Thiru's parents worked.
His aim is not to make money off Vahjra.
He sees Vahjra as the corporate
that killed his parents
and destroyed the village.
He aims to cripple Vahjra!
What is this?
Look, he's back!
-Looks like he needs more beating.
-Oh, him!
-Watch me now!
One person fighting
multiple people
is only possible in movies,
despite you knowing the art.
Perhaps, you can fight three at once.
You won't need it, Arjun!
The other day, we were eight people.
Gandhi was a trained fighter.
I knew it from his stance.
He could not even fight eight people.
Today, we are fourteen in number.
I will upload Thiru's death on
the dark net tonight.
If there are more than four fighters
He will try to run.
Block all exits!
He should not be able to escape.
This factory where his parents worked
should be Thiru's tombstone.
Look for him everywhere.
There are gas masks in the lab right here.
Everyone get to the lab!
Look for it everywhere.
There are two masks inside the drawer.
Check every cupboard and locker.
Sorry, there are no other masks.
That's it. There's no more.
I found only one here.
You're dead meat!
Don't step in the sun.
This is not dust.
It's some sort of chemical.
Once it comes in contact with the sun
it catches fire!
He dumped it on the masks
and let us find it.
So here's the deal!
No one steps in the sun.
Don't take off your masks!
Now hunt!
We can take off the masks now.
It's safe!
A few stairs are rusted.
He knows which step is safe
and which isn't.
There's no other way up.
He is bleeding.
I got him!
In three hours,
he will pass out.
Follow the steps he took.
Chemical cocktail.
He is here!
What would've happened
if I did not arrive at the factory?
I would've died!
Even now, it's enough if I stay put.
You'll die in the next two hours.
Today, right here,
we are both going to die, Arjun.
But I will make sure
to kill you before I die.
There's no use of the gun.
You are visible to me.
But I know I'm not visible to you.
To kill me
you have to come closer.
There's a sun patch in your way.
What will you do now?
You were going to use
Toubredour to disable Vahjra.
Let me tell you something
you don't know.
TVG, a German start-up company,
has invented a technique
to reduce up to 40% emission.
As this start-up
was bought by a Russian family
Vahjra signed an agreement
with them yesterday.
In the next thirty days
Toubredour will hit the market.
Your entire life went down the drain.
I have come this far.
Why are you still holding the knife?
You're losing strength.
I know you're waiting
for me to get closer.
Let me tell you something
you don't know, Arjun.
Bharathi did not just adopt Gandhi and me.
She adopted another kid as well.
Vel Murugan!
Vel Murugan is the Chairman
of the TVG start-up company.
Vahjra does not know
that we sold the TVG technology
to a Russian Mafia shell company.
The news about Vahjra's tie-up
with the Russian Mafia
will be out in two weeks.
After that, Vahjra won't be able
to recoup at all.
We've been planning this
for eight years now.
Wing Chun!
I noticed a Mook Jong at your house.
That's a lame martial art.
Mixed martial art.
That is practical.
Kung fu,
They all are the same.
You can learn one form
or can learn all three.
That's your wish!
But do you know
what will help you win a fight?
You will pass out in a while.
I'm going to beat you for ten minutes.
Ten minutes later,
I'll rip your intestines
and show it to you before you die.
Don't ever forget
what Bruce Lee once quoted.
"I fear not the person
who knows 10,000 art forms.
One form.
One punch.
One kick.
But I fear the person who has practiced
one thing 10,000 times."
Your willpower is stronger
than your physical strength.
If you focus on something
nothing else seems to be visible to you.
You won't lose
in any fight!
A Rebel Leader
A Rebel Leader
Vahjra's CEO, Vaid Tiwari,
had suffered a cardiac arrest
and had been admitted to the hospital.
As Vahjra's association with
the Russian Mafia was exposed,
their family businesses in America
and Europe have been shut down and sealed.
We received a donation
of one crore rupees, madam.
We have no idea who donated it.