Kalakalappu 2 (2018) Movie Script

The headlines...
Ex minister Mr. Dharmaraj, lost his post in the Public Works
Department on basis of several accusation, last month.
And now the IT department is
carrying out a raid at his house.
Let witness live events
from the place of action.
This is a conspiracy to prevent me from getting the minister
post again, knowing that I'm entitled to get it soon.
Mess with me and you will have to
answer to all my sleeper cells.
I won't spare anyone. I'll
prove who I am, to everyone!
Apart from ex-minister Dharmaraj's house, the raid is conducted
in 18 houses belonging to his men and accomplices.
Though diamonds and pearl
jewels have been retrieved...
still the news is that no sources linking
to foreign stuffs or investments are found.
Something important seems to have come up.
Lets see what is it.
Cameraman, zoom it a bit!
Here you go!
Ex-minister's wife seems to have passed
on some evidence to one of their men.
He has taken off with
it, as we can see it live.
You can see that the
police are chasing him.
He just flung out some
important evidence.
- Rickshaw! Rickshaw!
- Sorry. Already hired.
Free now? Shall we?
- To where?
- Central railway station.
( Priest narrating a story
from the Yudhagandam)
Yes sir?
Tell me, sir.
I'm on my way.
I'll be there soon, sir.
- Who are you? What do you want?
- Let go of me!
- Swami!
- I said, let go of me!
I want to finish him off!
Leave me!
What's the grudge that
you hold against me?
Swami, he isn't
here to kill you.
- Its me.
- You?
- Yes Swami.
- But why?
He is my son.
Let go of me!
I hope you saw what happened.
The whole world saw the
laptop flinging incident.
Its the Income Tax department
that is bit upset with you.
I shall deal with it but there
is another problem now!
- What do you mean?
- Hear it for yourself.
The documents of the 5 billion illegal
wealth, bank details and black money detail...
all these details are in the
laptop and its with me now.
How long should I be an accomplice
for you to amass wealth?
Enough of playing the
disciplined auditor.
I have decided that I
too wanna become rich.
I'm now at Kasi.
I need 50 million, hot cash.
Or else the laptop
will reach the CBI.
Don't lose 5 billion in
pursuit of 50 million.
I give you one day's time.
Arrange the money by then.
I shall call you back.
I trusted that auditor and
look how he betrayed us.
Tell me what has to be done.
Shall I ensure he is
finished off at Kasi?
- Finish him. That's the right thing to do.
- You shut up!
My name is in the list to
become the next minister.
Let's not do anything hasty.
Hand over this money the
auditor, Muthukumar...
retrieve the laptop.
- Listen.
- Yes sir?
Take the train.
He will call me, inform about the location
and I shall pass the info to you.
Ok sir.
Do you speak Hindi?
I know a constable.
He speaks Hindi very well.
A very trustworthy fellow.
Take him along.
Complete the task
successfully and return.
Ok sir.
We belong to a Pannaiyar family
that was once a rich family.
My great grand fathers ruined our
lives by gambling with the wealth.
And he turned into a priest
and left our family stranded.
A fraudster stole everything that
I had saved since my childhood.
Like this wasn't enough...
now mom has to be operated within a month and
the doctor said it will cost 0.6 million.
I was confused and wondering what to do and
that's when I saw his photo in the poster.
in rage, I came down
to finish him off, swami.
Forgive me.
I understand your plight.
Don't worry, our Thirumadam organization
will take care of your problems.
Swami, I don't want to
bother our organization.
As we talk, I recollect that...
there is a Pannaiyar palace, in
Kasi, that belongs to our family.
100 years ago, the Sadhu Pillai's
family that worked for us for long...
rented it for lease
from my grandfather.
Later, his son Yedhartham
Pillai was taking care of it.
The lease period is over now.
Legally, that wealth
belongs to you now.
As of today, its worth
is 100 million.
Sounds good. You can solve
your problems with it.
Santhanam, please furnish
the details about it.
Except that it is called 'Pannaiyar
Palace', I don't know any details.
Though we gave it for lease, we
forgot thinking it as a charity.
This detail is enough,
I'll find it out.
I will leave to
Kasi today itself.
Its time. Come on.
Welcome! Welcome!
Excellent rooms available, sir.
First class rooms.
- Please try it once.
- No thanks.
Sir, are you a Thamizhan? Please
come to our Muruga mansion.
Homely food, swimming pool, AC and
all facilities are available.
Even the pick up
vehicle is ready.
I said, no thanks!
Just leave.
Its a Tamizhan who will
never help a Tamizhan.
Why isn't your mansion
listed in Google?
Look up for politician in google and only
today's corrupt politicians photo will show up.
It won't show Gandhiji
or Nehruji.
Ours is a traditional mansion.
Trust me.
My bad. So, shall we?
Lets go.
- Sir, he is the owner of the mansion.
- Get the bag. Greetings.
Let me take that luggage. Chief,
drive him to our mansion.
You carry on. Come
on, lets go in the vehicle.
- Hop on, ji!
- So this is the vehicle?
- I expected a car.
- Its safe to travel in two wheelers here in Kasi.
Sir! Madam, careful.
Ji, she won't understand Tamizh?
Ji, have you been
to Kasi before?
No. This is the first time.
Why do you ask?
I asked because you
look familiar.
My grandpa was from here.
You might have seen him.
- How much does a square feet land cost here?
- Ji, are you planning to invest?
No, I plan on selling.
Oh! Awesome ji.
Ji, so you are here at Kasi for the first time.
So far, do you like it?
Yes, its feels nice here in Kasi...
but this culture of showing respect
by addressing everyone as 'ji'
thats awesome!
See that? She is clearing of the pumpkin scattered
on the road to ensure no one slips on it.
That's my sister.
That's an awesome
family you got.
Thank you ji.
Janaki, we've got a customer for our lodge.
We gotta arrange everything.
- Come home soon.
- Ok, you go ahead. I'll come.
Ji you have been taking me
through narrow streets.
Hope at least the
mansion is big enough.
Ji, you'll be awestruck
once you see the mansion.
Here we are. This is the mansion.
- Get down.
- Whoa!
Please come in.
- Hey Sugar, stop! Come here!
- Hey Sugar. Come. Come.
Where did you pee today?
Is it such a sweet dog that
you have named him Sugar?
It has sugar disease (Diabetes) for real.
It pees anywhere it feels like.
Puli , tie it up the dog.
Come. Come on! Come on!
Ji, how much is the rent?
1000 bucks per day and an
advance of 2000 bucks per day.
Hand it over to my granny.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
Ji, just 1000 bucks rent
for such a huge place.
You aren't that
street smart, ji.
Why did he snatch
the money and run?
Well, he is crazy. Here,
have the welcome drink.
Whoa!! The hospitality seems
to be really awesome!
Ji, we take utmost care of our guest.
Stay here for a day and you
won't feel like leaving.
Excuse me, my purse's missing.
I kept it here.
He didn't even enter his room
and you already stole it?
Give that here.
He is a cheeky little thief.
Keeps doing this often.
It's ok ji.
See, they are leaving with a heavy
heart after staying here for a week.
Poor fellow. Doesn't know
he has fallen in a trap.
- Wonder what his plight will be in this crap hotel.
- Ji, he just said something about me.
Its nothing. You look like south
India star, actor Vijay...
he was mentioning that.
People watch south Indian
dubbed movies here.
Ji, I didn't hear him
use the name Vijay.
They said it in Hindi. You
wouldn't have understood.
- Come in.
- The name Vijay is same in all languages. Isn't it?
Ji, is this the room?
You said the rooms are air conditioned
and what about swimming pool?
Ji, open the window and you
can enjoy the cool breeze.
That beats the AC. Isn't it?
There is the ever flowing Ganga
river, right behind the mansion.
That beats the swimming pool. Isn't it?
- Does the fan work at least?
- A phase current is off.
- The money he snatched away from you
was for paying the electricity bill. - What?
Current will be back as
soon as the bill is paid.
Will be back as soon
as the bill is paid?
Come on! This is not fair....
Lift me up!
I didn't expect this!
- Come, I shall nail...
- Nail whom?
I meant nail and fix the cot.
I cannot stay here
even a minute longer.
Return me my money. I'm leaving at once.
Its working.
My stomach feeling kinda upset.
Where is the toilet?
Sorry, toilet can be used
only if you stay here.
- Stop torturing!
- It is rules ji.
Fine, I'll stay.
Where's the toilet?
- Take a left and then take a right.
- So far?
come have your food. Quick.
Yes ji. Its complimentary
Oh! Now this!
Yes, today's special...
Pumpkin gravy, Pumpkin side
dishes and Pumpkin chutney.
Is that why you were collecting
all the scattered pumpkin?
Tomorrow is Friday and all the
food will have coconut base.
We'll make Coconut rice.
A big no to your food!
Even the sound of it is
making my stomach upset.
Granny, why is there in a delay in
the welcome drink to take effect?
- How many pills did you use?
- Two.
- From tomorrow add one more. Ok?
- Ok.
- Seenu! Where are you? Come out!
- Uh-oh! The rusty throat Sait is here!
I'm not leaving from here
today without a closure!
I have warned you not to create a
ruckus in here during business hours!
I'll lose my prestige if
the customer hears you!
You can't return the debt you owe me.
Don't you dare talk about prestige!
It's not my fault. A
fraudster cheated me.
Does that give you the liberty
of not paying me the interest?
Isn't that why I arranged a place
here for your daughter's dance class?
I'm scared that her dance is someday going
to bring down the roof of the weak palace.
Don't you insult the mansion
that is my bread and butter.
Stop boasting about
your mansion.
Only look royal from the outside.
Inside everything is damp and stinks!
Sait, quiet down!
Two years ago the pillar here fell on
a guy who was sleeping and he died.
Did anyone come here to
stay post that incident?
- Again, not my fault. His bad luck.
- Seenu!
If I don't get my money back then
you are gonna have bad luck!
Sait, how can I run away
leaving such a huge mansion?
Stop it!
Stop talking like you own this.
A 100 years ago someone
leased it for rent.
Lease is over and the owner hasn't turned
up. Hence you are taking advantage of it.
Do you think, I don't
know all this?
Seenu, let me be clear! I need the
interest and principle in a week's time.
Or else I'm gonna
unleash hell here!
Does he think that I'm a dummy?
- What was that chief?
- Forget him. This is not new.
The groom's family is coming today evening to
meet my sister. Lots of work pending. Come on!
Finally, at least this...
Phew! Thank god! I might
have just fallen off.
- Thank you and namaste teacher.
- We are done for today. See you all tomorrow.
Damn! I keep missing her face.
Your behavior seems fishy.
Vacate at once!
Return my advance and
I'll be on my way.
You may stay but the
damage charges are you.
Get lost you pothead!
How dare he ask me to
return the advance?
Only one room is available.
Please forgive me. No more rooms.
- No! No! I need an extra room.
- Told you. No more rooms.
Why are you shouting at him?
Sir, since its the auspicious no moon
day, there are no more rooms available.
He was asking us both to adjust in one
room. Hence, I was asking for extra room.
We are gonna finish our work and leave
in the morning. One room is fine.
- Sir but today is no moon day.
- Who cares its no moon day or yes moon day! Idiot!
No moon day!
Chief, the groom and
family are here.
- Looks like a good place.
- Indeed.
Welcome. Welcome.
everyone from the groom's
family looks graceful but...
that guy alone looks like owl
who is making a dog face.
Who's that?
He is the groom!
- Greetings.
- Greetings, welcome!
- Hello.
- Bhavani, where is Hema?
She said, she'll park
the car and come.
Let me go and check.
You guys get in. I'll go check.
- Come on.
- Please go inside.
Hit it!
I'm very very very happy!
- Thank you.
- Its ok.
I'm the bride's elder brother.
Seenu. Seenivasan.
Hi. I'm the groom's younger sister
I know. You are Hema.
Indeed. Please come in.
What a beautiful sister
that frog face has!
Excuse me hotel boy!
- What?
- The tap's gone dry. No water.
The Ganga river is right behind.
Go take bath there.
- I regret coming here!
- Go bath!
Who cares if he
takes bath or not?
We own 20 boats.
My son and daughter work as guides
and take good care of the visitors.
I see.
So do you own this
mansion business alone?
Well, my grandson doesn't find
time to manage this one itself.
You guys have maintained it well.
Doesn't look old at all.
Hear that? We never
maintained it at all!
Ever since it was taken on lease,
this place was never cleaned.
Stand in a place for more that 1/2 an hour
and one might get affected with asthma.
Its that dirty.
You! Just forget it!
Oh come on! Don't feel so shy.
Chief, why are you looking at your sister
like you are seeing her for the first time?
Puli, I'm not looking
at my sister.
I'm looking the groom's sister.
Looking at my sister?
Boss, sit down. You are blocking my view.
No, I'm staring at you?
Sorry groom. Have a seat.
How about some masala coffee?
Attaboy! Go get the
masala coffee.
My daughter saw you clearing off the
pumpkins on the road to prevent accidents.
Our whole family was impressed
with this character of yours.
Well you can see this character
on every no moon day.
Dear sister in law,
why are you so quiet?
Do something and
impress my brother.
What do you think I should do?
Anything. Sing
a song or dance.
I hope you can.
I learnt all that during childhood.
I have lost touch.
Oh! Starting trouble?
Fine, I'll start and you join me.
Oh Lord Krishna...Mukundha...Murari...
The hero of the masses
and the most merciful...
Admirer of the flowers... Gopala.
For the first time in my life, I'm
awestruck by the beauty of a girl.
For the first time ever,
I feel my heart melting.
I feel like I'm on
cloud 9, yet here I am.
I hope this crush ain't
just a passing cloud.
Like the mirror, I just can't lie
but open my heart and show my love.
And what do I do to get a
response from you, oh my love!
Oh Lord Krishna...Mukundha...Murari...
I'm the groom! Serve me first.
Seenu! I asked you to serve me!
Oh my dear, oh darling my heart beats
for you, so don't make me so desperate.
Stop moving here and there. I want
your love because I just can't wait.
I just can't get enough
of you, oh my love.
So give me your love,
I need it right now!
Can't you see that I
am yearning for you?
Can't you see that I love you? Give me your
love and I promise I'll always be true.
Excuse me. Can I talk
to you in person?
Oh Lord Krishna...Mukundha...Murari...
The hero of the masses
and the most merciful...
Admirer of the flowers... Gopala.
I don't like this groom.
What do you mean, Janu?
I said, I don't like this groom.
We arranged everything only after you
confirmed that you liked the groom. Isn't it?
Then why did you
change your mind?
It wasn't my decision.
You appear quite smart to me.
Also cute.
And when you laugh, you
look very beautiful.
But you got no brains at all!
How did you ever
agree to marry me?
This family life
will never suit me.
What do you mean?
Do you know what's a Kudeleni?
Who is that? Your girlfriend?
Oh! Pardon me Oh Lord Shiva!
Kudeleni is a kind of power.
My aim to master it
and become a sage.
Then why did you come
here to meet me?
Not my decision. My
family members forced me.
I came here on a condition that if this
doesn't work out then I'll become a sage.
Now, if I tell them that I don't like
you, they won't accept thinking I'm lying.
So, please you tell everyone
that you don't like me.
Why don't you quit the lovey dovey stuff
and join me in attaining spirituality?
Both of us shall try
mastering Kudeleni together.
Why do you feel bad for all this?
Well, missed the sister.
I mean, my sister
missed a good alliance.
Forget it. We'll find
someone else for me.
Are there no other grooms out there?
Start looking for a new groom.
Its not that easy!
You'll never know!
What is he up to?
Stop hitting me!
Save me!
Save me!
My hand! My hand!
You! My fingers! My fingers!
Look here, try to buy the cheapest vegetables
from the market and learn to cook them.
I can't become the scapegoat
for you too learn cooking.
Excuse me. I need to talk to you.
Are you in your senses?
Why? What's wrong?
My brother wants to become a sage
to prove a point and nothing else.
He actually likes your sister a lot.
So what?
So, if your sister tries
to mingle with him...
we shall change his mind.
Do you think my
family is so cheap?
I run a lodge and nothing else.
Stop showing off or
else she'll leave.
- Let her. I don't care.
- I know you have a crush on her.
So you better accept.
And both our lives
will be settled.
- On whose team are you?
- Come on!
How long will I keep
pumpkins off the road?
Do you have any idea, how hard it is find a
husband who would fall at his wife's feet.
Please. Talk to her and seal the deal.
I came with this request because
everyone at home likes your sister.
Sorry, if you aren't
interested then lets chuck it.
Well no, no. I mean its a no.
Yet since you are compelling so much,
I shall talk to her and convince her.
- We are fine with it.
- Super!
Lets get into action right away.
- Tasildar?
- That way.
Where are the FR files?
Its on the table.
What are you doing here?
Didn't expect to see you here.
Nice Saree. Super!
Whoa! Why are you sitting
on the tasildar's chair?
Get up before he comes
and scolds you.
I am the tasildar!
You are the tasildar?
I thought you were a dance teacher.
Job is for my career and
Dance is my passion.
What do you want?
Well, I came to Kasi in search
of my ancestral property.
There are no documents
to support it.
The name of the place and
family details are in this.
- Here. Take it.
- Leave it there and leave.
- I shall search and find out.
- Should I leave right away?
Guess, you might stay
here if allowed to.
Whoa! Never seen such a hot tasildar!
- What?
- No what...I said hot!
Its so hot in here, is that why
you get furious too quickly?
- Do you want the documents or not?
- I want.
Up! Out!
Ji, thank you for taking me
around Kasi at this night hour.
Why do you sound so upset
while telling that?
Oh come on. I'm not so lucky
for anything to happen.
A jobless dad and weak mom.
Amidst all these I took a loan
from bank to start my business...
a doofus stole it
from and ran away.
Ji, life has ups and downs.
Not advising. Take
me for example.
I have a sister who is at the
brim of marriage and my grandma.
Then I have got an
very old mansion.
I borrowed some money from Sait to fix the
mansion and a fraud stole that money from me.
Yet, I didn't give up.
Life is all about moving on
and on to the next stage.
- Well, that reminds me of something.
- What is it?
Nothing ji. I have
to send a love text.
So, this is what they call
making love during war?
Ji, in order to impress my sister's groom,
I'm messaging from her mobile to his.
But your excitement doesn't look like you
are doing this to impress the groom.
Oh, come on ji.
Uh-oh! A text from
And this useless fellow
is already asleep.
Let me manage it.
Ji, he has replied
back with a 'Hi'
Super ji.
What are you doing?
Are you upset with me?
Whoa! Look at that. He creates all the
ruckus and now asks 'Are you upset with me?'
reply him saying "How can I get
upset on you, you Bubbly face!'
Bubbly face? This fellow?
Are you serious?
He asks "Are you serious?"
Now watch me reply
with a big fat lie.
The first time I ever
lied in my life was...
when I said that I didn't like you.
Do you wanna meet this
Bubbly face again?
- Will I get a chance?
- Awesome ji!
I'll be in my boat tomorrow, out
for a trip with some foreigners.
Please do join me.
My trip has already begun.
Whoa! Superb ji!
Well, its all set for you.
I bit him. I bit him.
Oh my god!
He will need 20 more shots.
What is the doctor saying?
He thought it was a monkey bite
and said you will need 10 shots.
But when I told him that it was me,
he says you will need 20 shots.
Why did you do this to me?
Not my fault, sir.Right from my childhood,
I get possessed during no moon days.
Even I don't know what crazy thing
I end up doing for five minutes.
I thrash the person
who is next to me.
That is why I requested you to book
separate rooms but you refused.
You! But you never explained
me these details.
Sir, call for you.
Call for me? Give it to me...
Coming Wednesday
morning 10 O clock...
He will come to the banks
across Manikarnika.
You too reach there
with the money.
Ok sir.
Finish the work in
a smooth manner.
Ok sir.
- Why do you sound different?
- Its nothing, sir.
I'll call you once
the work is done.
- All the best ji.
- Thank you ji.
Have a nice day. We'll
meet in the evening.
Seenu! Seenu!
Hey Ice!
He went in looking for you, to collect
the document. Let me call him.
Instead you could
dig your own grave.
Based on the details he gave
me, I dug out the documents.
He is the rightful
owner of your mansion.
- Are you serious?
- Yes. The records are pretty clear.
I must hand him the documents.
I leave it to you guys.
Hey Ice...Just a minute.
Please don't do that.
My sister's marriage is on
the verge of getting fixed.
If we lose the mansion
at this hour...
- everything will be over.
- So what?
Just tell him that it'll take
some time to get the documents.
By then I'll get done with
my sister's marriage.
- Yeah right!
- Well, Ice...
The groom sent romantic texts.
At this pace, everything should be
finalized and done in one week.
Look here, he can't order
you to vacate immediately.
You file a case in the court. A civil
case and you can drag it for years.
No way. No matter what,
he is the rightful owner.
Honestly, I am the
one who must vacate.
But its my situation that's
forcing me to do so.
All I'm requesting you is to delay it
till my sister's marriage is over.
Post that, I shall
myself go tell him.
Until then please manage him.
Excuse me.
- There you are. I was looking for you all over.
- Please. Don't tell him.
What's the update on my documents?
- Well, that...
- Please don't!
Its quite an old record. We
gotta search it manually.
It'll take some time.
Excuse me, some time? How long?
I can't give you
the exact details.
How can she say like that?
Well, her decision is the final.
You do one thing. Leave
back to Chennai.
I'll give you a call once
the documents are found.
You can come collect
it at your leisure.
Ji, I know how to get the
documents within three days.
How is that, ji?
What else could it be?
Obviously by wooing her.
Indeed ji. I fell for
her at the first sight.
I thought I shall propose her
after I get the documents.
Now it looks like I must propose
her to get those documents.
Why did you stop? Drive. Let's go.
Guess, I'm the one who must go.
What was that, ji?
Nothing. I said I'm starting.
The auditor will be here in 1/2 an hour.
Everything is ready?
Sir, the bag is full of paper.
Someone stole the money.
Its me, who took it all.
I earned only a name for
being an honest officer.
But I never made any big money.
And in two months
I'm gonna retire.
I'm not a fool to let
go of this opportunity.
What will you answer
to the minister?
All he requires is the
laptop and not the auditor.
We'll finish him off as
soon as he arrives and...
handover the laptop
to the minister.
Yet, I am scared.
I have set my eyes on
an estate in Kerala.
If you follow my orders...
then right next to
that guest house...
I shall build you an outhouse.
Oe else you will face the
same plight as the auditor.
Sir, as your wish.
I'm your trustworthy slave.
I have boarded the boat.
Where are you?
I'm waiting at the
banks across.
The boat is about to start.
I'll be there soon.
- Pacha.
- Yes sir?
- Ask the driver to start the boat.
- Ok sir.
Oh Lord!
Look how cute he has
turned up to propose you.
Now, go.
Ask the driver to
follow that boat.
I said right, why is
he moving to the left?
Oh my god!
Where is the boat driver?
Since we are here to murder, I didn't let
him join. We don't want any witness.
Do you know how to ride a boat?
Its simple. Just gotta pull this cable
and adjust the lever accordingly.
Will it work?
Watch me!
Stop it!
I'm feeling dizzy!
Stop the boat!
You! You! Take your
hands of the lever!
Sir, its stuck! I am
unable to move it.
Oh my god! I don't
even know how to swim!
- Hi railway officer, welcome to my boat.
- What?
Welcome to my boat.
Welcome to my boat...
You? You are not
welcome to my boat.
Who do you think you are? Does
she appear a fool to you?
- You texted her last night to come here and now you do this!
- What?
I texted her? Are you sure
it was my handwriting?
Handwriting? Duh!
Do I look like a joker to you?
Seenu! Sorry. Sorry. Please.
How dare he talk like that?
- Come with me.
- He is doing too much.
- I'm really sorry.
- I didn't text you at all.
I don't even have his number.
I drink my milk and go to bed by
8 pm and wake up the next day.
Its not his fault.
He dozed off and I was the one
who replied instead of him.
Your sister would have been
excited to message him.
Poor girl.
No way. Nothing like that.
She went to bed by 6 pm itself.
It was me texting
instead of her.
- Made for each other!
- Whoa! Indeed!
Both of them are sleepy heads!
Oh, you meant them.
Take your hands off the lever!
Can't you just obey my orders?
I am BP patient! A BP patient.
What are they doing?
I don't get it.
Sorry. The boat was shaking.
Saw that? Now, do it.
It's a quality tea with
cardamom and foam.
All you need is a bubbly person and both
you and your brother will try wooing them!
Even my kudelenis feel my anger!
Uh-oh! Oh my god!
My pressure is high!
A murderer's life seems to be more thrilling
than a policeman's life. Isn't it sir?
I feel dizzy. Give me some water.
Why worry when the whole
Ganga river is around us?
Here, drink.
You are incurring too
much damage on me.
Its a pleasure to have you
around (sarcastic tone)
Well, my mom used to
say the same thing.
When ever she cooks my favorite fritters,
I steal them and eat them all.
But she never scolded me for it.
She always praised me.
You didn't understand the concept
of sarcasm then and now!
There goes the boat. Now, drive!
Yes sir!
Slow down!
Believe me! I have
no control over it.
Apply the brake!
This ain't a bike
to apply brakes!
Kindly adjust and shoot him sir.
Hey guys! Look at that boat!
Everyone's looking at us.
Act normal!
Whoa! Looks like they are
applauding my driving skills!
Even the guy we are suppose to
murder is applauding at us!
You embarrass me you fool!
Fool! Now, turn the boat.
Here you go!
What is it?
Awesome training.
You are quite brainy!
Yes I am!
I'll be back.
What are you doing? Who are you?
- Sorry.
- Don't you have sense?
Sir! Sir! Sorry sir. It
was just an accident.
Do you like me or
do you like me not?
Or do you act like
you like me a lot?
Are you smiling at me
or are you shying away?
Or are you playing mind games
with me, in your own way?
I just don't get it!
I just don't see it!
I don't see a way through!
So, tell me what to do.
Because I'm not a love expert, my heart is
innocent; but I'm sure you are the one.
So come to me.
- Swami, please.
- Times up!
- Please swami.
- There is still five minutes left.
So listen to me...
Baby look at me...
Would you be my lady?
So shall we?
My dear love, are you ready?
Will you accept my
love and be my lady?
Tell me oh dear, will
you be my girlfriend?
The way you smile make my heart
go crazy and I can't pretend.
So listen to me...
She must be here by now.
Baby look at me...
Would you be my lady?
So shall we?
Mr. Beggar! My 500 bucks!
Please return it!
There are many beauties
all around us.
But there are very few
that steal you heart.
Like a scooter overtaking
a racing car...
A sweety is taking over your heart.
Her beauty mends your scar.
Love makes life really beautiful!
Oh you smiling beauty! You are
the only one always in my mind.
Oh yeah!
You mesmerize me.
Soon I'm gonna make you mine.
Not all the girls are
THE one for you.
So when you know its her, go
for it and make it count.
My dear love, are you ready?
Will you accept my
love and be my lady?
Tell me oh dear, will
you be my girlfriend?
The way you smile make my heart
go crazy and I can't pretend.
So listen to me...
Baby look at me...
Would you be my lady?
So shall we?
Baby look at me...
Would you be my lady?
So shall we?
Because I'm not a love expert, my heart is
innocent; but I'm sure you are the one.
So come to me.
So let's not fight, whatever you say is right; you
the light of my life that's shining so bright.
Yeah, its you!
My dear love...
Will you accept my
love and be my lady?
Tell me oh dear, will
you be my girlfriend?
The way you smile make my heart
go crazy and I can't pretend.
So listen to me...
Baby look at me...
Would you be my lady?
So shall we?
I rest my hopes on you oh!
Lord 'Look-away'
My child is sick. Please save
my child Lord 'Look-away'
I believe in you
Lord 'Look-away'
Dear Lord 'Look-away'
How do I tell you?
Problems is all we got.
Its troubling us. We just
can't catch a break.
My grand daughter's
marriage is a big concern.
My grand son's business
is working out well.
The only thing we rely on
is the Muruga mansion.
Even 100 years after completion
of the lease period...
still we don't know when
the owner will show up.
It is a document-less property that
is hanging like a cat on the wall.
Please, help us and
show a way out of this.
One more litigation property
information has reached our Lord.
The property is worth 70 million.
Who ever pays more will get
the details from our Lord.
The auction begins.
3 million.
3.5 million.
4.5 million.
5 million.
10 million.
10.05 million.
10.1 million.
10.2 million.
20 million.
0.5 million.
0.5 million.
You fool, here the deal
has reached millions...
Is he nuts?
Dear disciples.
Fool! Doesn't know the
rules of auction.
He looks so weird!
What's up Sandy? Last
we met at Vellore prison.
How've you been?
Well, since he doesn't know the
language he portrays himself as mute.
And now he is making a fortune
in the name of Lord 'Look-away'
Lord 'Look-away?'
Well, if I show my face, the
police keeps arresting me.
Well, whether you show face or not,
there is not much a difference.
I have a recreation
centre everywhere.
Kasi is the only place where I don't
have one. Let me have this place.
But 0.5 million is too less.
How about 0.0005 billion?
Sounds cool.
You know he is bad at
the languages and math!
- It fell in water.
- Let me see what I can do.
He will be coming to the
Panjavaidiyakada temple tomorrow.
You better not screw it
up like yesterday.
we got stuck in
traffic yesterday.
- What?
- What is this?
He left before we
reached the location.
Its of no use anymore.
The need is ours. You must
have started well before!
Tomorrow I shall reach the
location well in advance.
Wear a red hat. That's the code.
Finish the task
tomorrow and update me.
Sir, this black one is the
latest model from German.
I can give that to for a cheap price.
You will like it.
Sir, its a show piece.
I won't work. Its very old.
It is a faulty one.
You bought it at your will. I ain't gonna
refund if you come back saying it didn't work.
Who kept this box over here?
What's this?
Who's this?
Lord, as predicted by
you, the Lingam is here.
Dear disciple, Lord Shiva
came in my dreams...
and ordered me to locate him and
his Lingam that is located in Kasi.
And with my super natural
power I found him.
We are going to live in this
place where Lord Shivan resides.
So, take Lord Shivan to
the auspicious pooja room.
As you wish.
Greetings Lord.
God bless you.
Happy to have you here. How many
rooms and for how many days?
I shall arrange accordingly.
Lord Shiva's order. I am going
to stay here henceforth.
This is my recreational place.
When are you going to vacate?
- we must vacate.
- Of course!
Are you guys kidding me?
You guys better leave or
else I'll call the cops.
You! Come here.
Get lost!
Stop creating a ruckus.
This is a document-less
The lease period is over.
We know everything.
Look here, if you
go to the police...
either of us won't
get this property.
I shall pay you 1 million.
Take that and leave.
Isn't your sister's wedding about
to be fixed? Better mind it.
You are scamming the people
in this holy disguise.
- Aren't you ashamed?
- Not at all.
Out of 100 spiritual gurus here
one will be a dummy like me.
But the crowd will come to me only.
Ask me why.
I captured a property worth 10 million
with a mere 10 cent worth idol.
How was that?
Stop wondering!
I shall increase the
deal to 1.5 million.
Take that and make a
living out of it.
Learn to be street smart.
So soon?
Nice location.
Bless me!
Come on. Let's go.
- Dear, give me the keys to suite room.
- Suite...
Where is he going to?
Scratching the lord's
foot is the code word.
Even I haven't done
all these here.
Stop all these atrocities
in my mansion. Get out!
- This is unfair.
- Aren't you guys ashamed?
I have been following you for a long time now
but you don't seem to give an answer.
What happened to my document?
Has it been approved?
Your activities are kinds
strange.Come day after tomorrow.
Day after tomorrow?
Its been ten days since
I raised the request.
As per rules you must submit
a report with in a week.
You will in trouble under the
Information Notification act.
How dare you speak rules to me?
- No. No.
- Look here...
This! This right here is the
blueprint of you property.
I can give it only if
the registrars sign it.
- Aiswarya, come here.
- Coming sir.
Excuse me! Excuse me!
I got my documents!
No. 47, Panjavadia agada, Sait singh ghat!
This is the correct address.
What's with the crowd?
Why is there a temple here?
Do they think no one
will question them?
Come on. Make it fast.
Is this point ok sir?
A bit to the left. Stand there.
shoot him right away.
I cant manage him for long.
Helllo bro...
- who is he?
- One selfie please.
Thank you. Bye.
Where is he?
- Sir, he is here.
- Spotted him.
Red cap. Do you work
for the minister?
Whats the hurry? First,
gimme the briefcase.
- I said give it.
- No, I won't.
- Give it to me. Aren't you here for that?
- I won't
Stop kidding, Just
give me the bag.
Oh my god!
What just happened?
From where did he fell?
Get up and get lost! You
just damaged my whole shop!
Wonder from where such
weirdos turn up!
Give the bag. I said
give it you Red hat!
- What's this?
- Well...
Where are you off to? Stop!
How dare you cheat me?
- Where is the money? Give it to me!
- Get lost!
Hema, what happened?
Fearing that he might
fall for your sister...
he is in a hurry to
become a sage.
Don't you force him anymore.
Forget it. Let him do
whatever he wants.
I will be happy if he becomes
a sage out of passion.
We will also blessed but...
he loves you and is
doing it half heartedly.
Someone becoming a sage in this manner isn't
dangerous for him but spirituality itself.
Where is he now?
Hi ji.
Who are you among
these youngsters?
Lord, I am Gopal.
My body and soul yearns
to become your disciple.
All of you wear the
Rudraksha chain.
Rudraksha mala right, here.
Uh-oh the lemon is rolling away.
Hey you, girl!
the lemon just got stuck
under that woman!
Now what do I do?
Where is he looking at?
What are you doing?
I was looking for
the fruit, Swami.
I had placed the blueprint here.
Where did you lose it?
You irresponsible! Answer me now!
You idiot!
Hello madam, did you hand the
blueprint of our temple to a retard?
He is creating a
ruckus at the temple!
- I'm quite because you are old.
- Hear it!
Who gave you the permission to
build the temple in my place?
I give you 30 minutes. All of
you clear the space right away.
Got it? What is that called?
The Bhajana hall.
Oh! Used to be my great
grandfather's bedroom.
Does taking it for lease give
you the rights alter it.
All of you better leave. I'm not joking.
I have the evidence with me.
No one is responsible here.
Sir, got the blue print. I'll be
back with it in half an hour.
Look over there.
I'm gonna thrash you! Come here!
Uh-oh! This fellow?
I said come here!
Usually, no girls would
even walk across me...
and when I plan on becoming a sage,
all I find is women all around me.
Do you drink a lot of butter milk?
See if that blue shirt
fellow is looking here? Ouch!
- Gopal, what are you up to?
- Oh come on!
What is it?
Nothing happened that you
must point fingers at me.
- All of you take a procession around the temple.
- Ok swami.
- Come here!
- Gopal, you too.
Hail Lord Shiva!
- Om! Hail Lord Shiva.
- Seenu...
after the procession there
only one more ritual left.
Then we won't be
able to do anything.
Only if he completes this
ritual first, right?
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord...
All I need is five minutes to
attain my goal. Please leave me.
No we won't let you
become a sage.
- Listen to her.
- Come on! Stop it!
I said, leave me!
Don't let him go Seenu!
I said listen to me!
Lock him! Yes! Like that!
Seenu, don't let him go!
What are you looking at?
You too join me
- Ok.
- Join you?
Move! I said move!
- Use more force.
- More force? What's going on here?
I'm holding on to you groom.
Tell me the truth, are you
really holding on to me?
Hail Lord Hanuman!
I'm sorry.
It's ok. Whoa! He Escaped!
- Catch him Seenu!
- Come here you!
Seenu, don't let him go!
What about my sister?
Its not like I'm
molested her and left.
Join me. Let, lock
him in between!
Lock in between?
Tell me. What is your plan?
I'm on my way.
No you are not!
He is calling me. Leave me.
- Don't leave him.
- Don't worry, I ain't gonna let him go.
I too have been
noticing, mind you!
You are taking too
much advantage of me.
Uh-oh! I hope nothing
happened to you.
I can feel a lot of stuffs
happening within me.
But I just can't explain it.
- Gopal!
- Yes Lord?
During all the rituals to become a
sage, you were involved with women!
You fool! You sinner!
Do such spiritual gurus
really get angry?
If they can be aroused then of course
they can be provoked. Am I right?
If you ever come back here to
become a sage, I'll finish you off!
You fool! I don't want
to see your face again.
Why would I show my
face to you anymore?
Give me you Whatsapp number. I shall
send you 'Good morning' texts everyday.
What's your problem? Can't
you all understand?
This is my property! Last warning.
All of you better
leave this place.
Raghu, there is a misunderstanding.
This is not your property.
This is not the one.
Please come down.
You are lying. I don't believe you.
Ice, what happened?
Raghu, get down!
Ask him to step down.
- Come down.
- Get lost!
- Ji, lets talk it out. First come down.
- Come down.
When there is problem we
go in search of God...
but here God himself presents a
problem for me. Where do I go?
I have never shed tears for
anything during childhood.
But its not the same now and I
can't even watch anyone else cry.
So, no one must watch me cry!
I thought I'll get my
property back at Kasi...
but looks like I'll be
attaining peace from death.
I'm gonna die!
Hey! Move!
Good God!
Hold my hands; now
that's awesome!
Hug me tight; now
that's awesome!
Smile at me; now that's awesome!
Girl you make my heart
go crazy in love!
All set! All set! Now
everything's set!
You are my lucky charm
and we are all set!
Oh my dear beauty, I'm
lost in your love!
No one comes close
to you, oh my love!
Our love's gonna be non
stop; expect no full stop.
No formalities and no
more heart breaks.
How tall are you?
How heavy are you?
Doesn't matter, I'm gonna
build myself up for you.
I'm gonna be you macho man.
And together, we are gonna
have one hell of a time.
All set! All set! Now
everything's set!
You are my lucky charm
and we are all set!
Oh my dear beauty, I'm
lost in your love!
No one comes close
to you, oh my love!
No one! No one at all!
Hold my hands; now
that's awesome!
Hug me tight; now
that's awesome!
Smile at me; now that's awesome!
Girl you make my heart
go crazy in love!
All set! All set! Now
everything's set!
You are my lucky charm
and we are all set!
Oh my dear beauty, I'm
lost in your love!
No one comes close
to you, oh my love!
Dear brother in law,
let finish him off!
No, let's burn him alive
at the graveyard.
You tell us. What can be
done with the two of you?
Sir, I am innocent.
It was all his plan.
I'm your trustworthy slave.
My time is really bad.
Knowingly or unknowingly,
I did a mistake.
- Hello.
- Dear...
come fast. We gotta
visit the temple.
Are we here for sight seeing?
We can't, visit Kasi and leave
without visiting the temples.
What is she doing here?
Hey Aishu. Is it?
But why all of a sudden?
Its urgent that I
visit my native.
My millionaire uncle is adopting
an engineer from the U.S
An engineer from the U.S?
Usually people adopt children.
Isn't it?
That's the culture in our native.
I'll be back in a week's time.
She just kissed him!
One week? What
about my document?
I'll hand it over to Seenu.
Collect it from him.
I know what has to be done.
Now, hang up.
You! What are you looking at?
Damn it!
You! Don't you provoke me!
Let go of me. I gotta go.
You think your rage is desire
is powerful than my rage?
I warn you! You better leave!
People are watching!
Hey! I am a mother of three.
Not a chance even if you plead.
How do I appear to you?
You showed me how charged up you are.
Now let me show you my anger.
A lady!
- Hi.
- Hi?
Madam. Please, the whole
crowd is looking at us.
Now what's this new issue?
Again, you want to
see me in person?
You let go of him. My men
will take care of him.
No dear brother. I must
thrash him myself!
Where are you off to?
Whoa! Look at her go!
Hi ji.
Ji, look at that.
Will you repeat it? Will you?
Whoa! That's my father-in-law!
Leave it. He deserves it.
How dare you stare at the
car window like that?
Don't you remind me that.
It provokes me real bad!
Again? How dare you?
Now she is the best
homely girl in the town.
Look at the way she is ripping
him apart from staring at her.
Let's bait the fraud Lord
in our mansion to her.
Who was that?
Excuse me, she looks scary!
I'll finish you off!
Repeat after me.
Listen dear child.
Listen dear child. I was
the one who called you.
Swami, how do you know me?
I know everything.
Your husband's
name is Dharmaraj.
You have three sons.
You are here at Kasi to
solve an important issue.
Yes Swami.
Your husband, who
is a politician...
is cornered by the government
and he is facing issues.
That's his fate.
Yes swami.
How do you all these details?
I am from Chennai.
I know all the crap
that happens there.
I know all the crap
that happens there.
What? I don't get you swami.
- Tell me properly.
- Ok listen.
Now that you are here, your problems will be
solved and happiness will find your family.
Don't you worry.
Happy to hear this swami.
When will we get what
we are here for?
I don't have the answer for it.
Only my mentor can answer that.
And where is he?
He is here.
Dedicate yourself to him and...
if you win his trust, only
then you will get the answer.
What should I do for that?
Listen to me carefully.
We are here regarding
such an important issue...
and my sister is wasting her
time with these kinds of Lords.
Oh my god.
- Dear disciple.
- Yes?
Why do you let such
unattractive woman inside?
She paid 0.1 million for
just washing your legs.
Rich party. So kindly adjust.
After offering prayers to
him, scratch his feet.
If he accepts your request, then
he'll reciprocate the same way.
Until he reciprocates...
She is scratching my feet.
She might have did it by mistake.
Don't mistake her.
She ain't doing it by mistake.
She is doing it intentionally.
Yet, she doesn't looks
attractive at all.
I have never tasted
such a beauty.
I have made up my mind?
What do you want dear?
Your blessings.
Awesome voice. I must you
bless for your voice itself.
Oh my god! There he goes.
Come on guys.
Sounds like my sister's voice.
How dare you?
Damn you!
Come on guys.
You! Let go of me.
You call yourself a Lord and
you run a recreational center?
And you with that
ugly face wants me?
Thrash me more if you want.
But don't you talk about
having a ugly face!
- Move.
- I'll finish you off!
What happened?
Dear brother, he is
not a real Lord.
We must take him to our
place and torture him.
Torture him? How does
he appear to you?
He is a Lord!
Shut up!
If anyone lays a
finger on my Lord...
- I will raise hell!
- Take him along too!
I said, take him!
- Take them!
- Lord...
do something.
Wait. They will take care of it.
The offering are yet
to begin for you.
- Yes!
- That's the end of that King Kong.
The bride is here.
Mr. Groom, since childhood you have
been thinking about becoming a sage...
but a family life is different.
I hope you know.
Yes I do. I have
seen many videos.
I read a book yesterday.
It was awesome.
Shall I show you a video?
- No thanks! You are well prepared. Stay the same.
- Please.
On the 6th day of Thai month
in Tamizh calendar...
Grandson of Lt. Muthuraman....
Gopalan s/o Chi. Ramadassan...
and the great grand
daughter of Sarkar Sadhu Pillai,
the grand daughter
of Sarkar Yadhartham Pillai...
daughter of Sarkar Chinna Pillai...
Sadhu Pillai rented it for
lease from my grandfather.
Later, his son Yadhartham
Pillai was taking care of it.
Pannaiar Palace!
You guys couldn't even
replace it with a new board!
You guys used the same board.
How cheap?
Complete the formalities.
- Here.
- Its a pleasure.
- Here grandma. All good?
- Congrats.
Congratulation....Come on!
Thank god. Everything is set.
For staying at my own place...
you guys made me pay rent.
Even when I went to the extent
of committing suicide...
- you guys remained silent.
- Its not how you think.
Seenu isn't a bad person
like you imagine.
Since his sister's marriage was
on the verge of getting fixed...
he feared that we might lose the
property and hence he remained silent.
I'm sure there are
no other intentions.
It is indeed my fault.
With a grown up sister and
a grandma along with me..
I cannot live on the streets.
Give me one day's time...
I'll rent a home and
leave from here.
You convince customers saying that "stay for a
day and you won't feel like leaving this place"
Then how can you all leave
after living here for ages?
Wondering what happened?
Though its my property...
all these years this was taken
care by you and your family.
So as much as I have rights on this...
you too have the same rights.
Well just that if both hadn't got tricked
and lost money, we could have renovated it.
Its all our bad time.
Its Aishwarya. She has sent me the
picture of her uncle's adopted son.
Its the same fraud
who stole my money.
Now he is getting adopted into
a family and will cheat them.
Is it? Show me.
He is the same guy
who cheated me!
You too? But how?
In order to renovate the mansion...
one fine day, I borrowed 0.5 million from
Sait and after I withdrew it from bank...
I just cannot take it.
Sir, what happened?
Why are you crying?
Dear, are you a Tamizhan?
Yes sir.
One fine day, I was sitting here with my
retirement money 0.5 million, in a similar bag.
A guy came, snatched
it and ran away.
Please do not keep the money in the bag.
Keep it in your pants.
Its ok sir.
Please listen to me. At least show some
respect to my age and listen to me.
Its ok sir. I'll take care.
Sir! Why are you falling at my feet.
People are watching.
Consider me as your father and
put the money in your pants.
Everyone is looking at us. Quick do it!
Yes, insert some over there.
What a strange person.
Ji, that person would have took
of with the empty bag. Right?
Yes ji. How do you know?
Same thing happened to me when I was returning with
my loan for business and he ran away with my bag.
Did he run straight to
a parked police jeep?
Whoa! Yes!
Sir! Sir! That guy stole my money
and has inserted them in his pants.
The bag is empty.
Smell it and you'll smell money.
Sir, he is lying.
That's my money.
He looks like a beggar. How
can he have so much money?
help me with this case and I
shall give you a cut.
I hate the word cut and that is why...
I didn't cut my hair
in the police stye.
I'm a wild animal in the police uniform.
Give me the bag.
Sir, put the money
inside the bag.
Yes, go ahead.
You go.
Sir! Sir! My money!
Sir, we will discuss
at the police station.
Two small makes one large!
Time for you to discharge!
Now you continue
what happened next.
The jeep went straight
to the petrol bunk.
Is it?
Exact same thing happened to me.
Chief, he only seems
to change the victim.
His idea seems to be constant.
Then what happened?
Sir, shall I ensure
zero in the meter?
You are untrustworthy.
You look like a gentleman.
- Please get down and ensure zero in the fuel meter.
- Ok sir.
Sir concentrate on it or
else they might trick us.
And when you turned around
no one was there. Right?
The meter reading is correct.
Sir? Sir?
Where are you sir? Sir?
Where did he go?
You are correct! Did
he rob you too?
Even a kid will explain
what would have happened!
You guys got robbed in
an embarrassing way!
Fine, why didn't you guys
approach the real police?
We didn't have to go.
The police came in search of us.
Sir, no I didnt steal the jeep.
Sir, I swear I didn't steal it.
Sir, do I look like a thief?
Sir, I'm not a thief!
- I doubt if you guys are police. Show me your ID!
- Sir, I'm not a thief!
Sir, please listen to me!
Its hilarious, the
way they got robbed!
even getting robbed
was less hurting...
but that frog face here, laughing
at us is driving me crazy!
We shall go to Tamizh Nadu
with this emotion in tact...
and nab this fraud!
We either return back
with our money...
or we return with his corpse.
my wife is going to be a mother...
and you are the reason.
Chief, what do you mean?
Come on. You pointed us to the right
person to adopt. I meant that.
Chief, that's my duty.
This modesty is what has earned your family
the royal family's trust for generations.
- Here is the reward.
- Is it for me?
- Dear brother-in-law, now come quickly.
- Sure
This is the first time he is rewarding me.
Wonder how many gold coins are in it.
Chief, what this? A
beetle nut and 11 bucks?
10 bucks for you and the one buck for GS or else you'll be caught while auditing.
I'm not the one who'll get caught.
It's you!
I have pointed you to the biggest fraudster
out there, to adopt as your son.
Watch me snatch away all
your wealth using him!
- Save us! Help us!
- Please save us! Save us!
Sir, just because I am
letting you adopt my son...
someone's here to chop off my hands.
- Who's that?
- Dear, what is all this?
What do you mean? When there are so many suitable
guys in our family why does he want to adopt a stranger?
I can't be quiet
watching all this.
He is my sister's husband and
that's what is stopping me.
If I chop off that fellow's hand then he won't
let his son get adopted and so I'm gonna do it!
Your brother is insulting
me and why are you quiet?
Why are you doing this
to my innocent husband?
Dear sister you don't realize...
- Drop the weapon if you love your sister.
- Yeah! Cliched sentiments!
Dear, even the horoscope of
that boy was apt and perfect.
Yet your brother in law was
doubtful about adopting him.
But when he saw his
face, his heart melted.
If you too see his face, you'll
forget your anger and become happy!
Accept that you afraid of
crackers and he won't light it up.
Ask him to light up the cracker!
Is it so? Light it up, bro!
That ain't gonna scare me!
Is it so? Wait and watch!
How he is doing it?
This is called 'Wooing!'
Let me tell you something
important about this life.
A daring woman will always end
up with a useless fellow.
You are daring and I am useless!
Just keep it!
You said you are daring but
you seemed to be terrified!
Get lost!
Hey! What's happening there?
They are indulging in an 'adults only' game
and all of you look like posing for a photo!
Looks like you guys are
thinking to marry them off?
Thanks a lot. This idea
didn't even strike me!
Dear brother-in-law, lets fix it up!
What do you say?
Ice, this is not nice!
Dear 'Hulk' brother-in-law,
this is too much!
I guess soon you will reveal
the secrets about the tusk!
Thanks for reminding.
Dear Ganesh, please come.
The precious stones that
I'm gonna show now...
is the sweat and blood of
all our elder generations.
A family wealth that has been
piled up slow and steady.
Even we don't visit
this room very often.
The precious stones that has been passed
on from generations, is in this room.
That tusk is what
carries the treasure.
Then why don't they
keep it in a locker?
Why is it in the open?
Whose team are you in?
This is safe.
There is a high voltage
current passing on the floor.
The owner's foot prints have been
scanned and set as the security code.
Except my brother-in-law if anyone
steps in, they will be done for.
It was my idea.
How is it?
Is it so? Explain it
to me from the top.
Except my brother-in-law
if anyone steps in...
- Why is everything blurred?
- Dear brother!
- Are you ok?
- Move!
Now see what I'm gonna do to you!
How dare you? Why did you push me?
Hands off me! It was him!
Why would you choke me?
Stop yelling like I'm
still choking you!
That's how he sounds normally.
Doesn't your husband have any sense? Why
would he show all this before the adoption?
Why do you keep accusing your
innocent brother-in-law?
Cliched sentiments again!
This treasure worth billions has been
safeguarded by our family for ages.
And now that responsibility
of safeguarding it...
is yours.
The lock's a bit heavy.
Dad won't be able to lift it.
If you can scan my foot print
as the security key...
- I'll take care of it.
- I won't allow it!
I won't allow until he takes the ownership of our
deity's rituals in the temple for five years.
Only then you can hand him
over this responsibility.
- Indeed.
- Sounds fair.
- Daddy!
- Now, how was that?
Explain me from the top.
I won't allow...
Don't mess with me. You
don't know who I am.
You don't know about me. I have
dealt 13 people at the same time.
Three groups of three
and one group of four!
I have dealt them and made
them run for their money!
Do you know Karate?
I was talking about
dealing cards.
- Rummy? You son of a...See what I do to you...
- Calm down. Patient!
- Let go of me sister!
- Come with me.
- Its training time.
- Ok, let's go!
Come on! Come on! Good! Come on!
Again, three seconds late.
Dear, you watch doesnt work
since the past two days.
Dont give me lame excuses.
Go, once more.
I can't do it. I'm exhausted.
Ok, meanwhile I shall go practice running.
The time and timing of
your run is perfect!
I'm still at a one second delay.
I shall perfect it now. Ok?
Once again, his watch doesn't work!
Why is he returning back? Could
it be a dog chasing him?
Team! Run! Run!
This fellow?
- Run! Run!
- Is coming all the way from Kasi for us?
- God save us!
- Run! Run! Run!
Here guys, have Orange juice.
Vitamin C.
- What the...?
- Do we look like we are here for juice?
- Are you kidding us?
- Ji, calm down. We'll handle it.
- See that? He is doing too much!
- Cool.
What's your next plan?
To inform the police about
you and bust you up!
What's the use in
informing the police?
Be practical man.
I just set up an
dummy horoscope...
and set me up as a America
return and them as my parents.
The manage has made the landlord believe these
crap. Tomorrow is the adoption ceremony.
I'll settle your money after that.
How can we trust you?
You must. No other option.
Only today morning we were handed
the keys to the treasure.
I was planning to flick
the tusk and escape.
But in here...
I saw a beautiful angel.
How long can I keep doing this? Its
time to settle down in life with her.
Tonight I'm stealing the tusk.
Trust me, I'll give both
of you, your money.
This is my last robbery
in my life. Ok?
Come here tomorrow morning
and take the money.
We are not leaving you!
We will be with you until
you return our money.
- Yes. That's correct.
- Of course, let me introduce you to my future parents and fiance.
- Please come.
- Dear, some soup?
- Organic right?
- Arrgh!
Ji, he promised to pay us our money.
What happened?
Not that. Ji, even getting cheated
by him doesn't bother me much...
- These guys are passing clouds. So watch out.
- How did I ever believe that he was a cop!
Forget it.
Someone believes that this fellow is
an America return. We are far better.
Aishu, who gave you the
permission to leave?
With whose permission did you
fix my engagement with him?
Dear, dad has a wealth
of 500 Million...
and they bring in 2 Billion!
2.5 Billion, where
does it hurt you?
I hate him! I'm going back to Kasi!
I know whom you love and what's
making you talk like this.
You are showing hatred towards
your dad for that fellow!
Remember one thing, in finance the
interests may keep doubling up...
but me, I charged interests on interest
and raised you as a pampered daughter.
Aishu, hear me out
before you leave!
Whoa! Someone else's property
and he is gonna enjoy it.
This is the first time you guys are
into this profession. Pray and enter.
Profession? I'm
here for my money.
Why do you think I'm here?
I gotta repay you
from what I steal.
You guys aren't professional at all.
Come on, you are part of a team.
Pray and get in.
Oh God help me improve my skill set, so
that I can make to the parliament one day.
That's my girl. How's she?
Your girlfriend?
Then whose girlfriend? Yours?
Coming baby.
With such an innocent face,
look what all he does! Wait...
- Ji, control yourself. Listen to me.
- No! I'm gonna break his jaw!
Calm down. We'll handle it.
Why are you getting upset?
Babe, where are you off to?
- What bothers yo...
- Dear groom...
she is on her way to do laundry.
Is it? Why are you doing it?
You do it.
Ok dear groom.
Ice, I shall buy you a washing machine; with
gift vouchers we receive during our wedding.
What are these guys doing here?
They are my Facebook friends.
They are here to attend the function.
Please come.
You come aside.
- Raghu.
- She is calling you.
You see that? I'm sure my girlfriend
must be waving hands at me.
But I won't mind it at all. Love is
all about making the girl desperate.
Pity smart boys like me.
Pity smart boy like him?
Why is he saying it?
- I'm gonna break his jaw! I am gonna do it!
- Ji, calm down.
Don't be upset. We'll handle it.
Where is the party?
What do you want us to do?
- Gotta finish of a guy.
- With pleasure.
- Where the guy?
- He is at the function downstairs.
I shall thrash him up, tie him
up in a sack and throw him down.
- You... - We shall rip him
apart without untying the sack!
- Will you do it properly?
- Do you know 'Twin murderer' Aarumugam?
- I do know him.
- He is my elder brother.
- 'Triple murderer' Manickam?
- I know him too.
He is my brother-in-law.
What are you known for?
Inquire about the 'Sidekick' Kumar
and everyone will tell you.
- First time?
- So is the case with you.
It first time for both of us.
We'll do our best!
Ok done!
Why are you crying for no reason?
Did your 'Hulk' husband bite you?
Why do you always keep
accusing my innocent husband?
Please prevent this adoption!
So your 'Hulk' husband is doing
all this against your wish?
He has done nothing as
per my wish so far!
What do you mean?
You are my younger brother...
- I can tell this to you in a passive way.
- Passive way?
What is it?
Ever since my marriage, my husband
has never even touched me!
Has never touched you?
You keep saying he is innocent,
is this what you meant?
He is the one at fault but he
blames me and decides to adopt.
If this adoption takes place then you will
never see your sister alive ever again.
Dear sister!
Only if that fellow is alive,
your husband can adopt him.
I'll finish him off!
What a surprise!
I set off to Kasi to come meet you
and here you come in search of me.
Even you couldn't be away
from me for long. Isn't it?
Well, no... That Ganesh....
I escaped from my dad and came here
to spend few minutes with you.
Why do you wanna talk about that fool?
- Fool?
- Look here...
unfriend him from you Facebook
profile at once.
- Yes, I shall do it.
- Come aside! Hide!
- I'll take care of it, sister.
- You better and don't you screw up!
I said, I'll take care of it.
- What are you doing here?
- Nothing. Simply.
- Simply or sophisticated-ly, I don't care!
- You carry on.
Its not safe for a girl
to simply wander alone!
Got it?
Whoa! Look at that!
I'm serious. Stop laughing!
Your dad must be blamed for not
raising your with discipline!
- Let her do whatever she want.
- Ok sister, I'll take care of it!
- You!
- Ouch!
How dare you pinch me?
I know that you dress like this
so that we would behave so.
You do all mischief and blame us for that?
What are you looking at?
More than your hip,
your lip turns me on!
Oh dear princess, you have
created an impact on me.
Oh dear queen, you love
makes me go crazy.
Ji, what are you doing here?
He made me do it. He said he'll
return the money only if I wear this.
- He has kept a pair for you too. Go wear it.
- Ok. Ok.
Her eyes...
with those killer looks!
Her cheeks...
they are soft and chubby cheeks!
Her looks...
that's the real drug...
it makes me so high!
Her nose...
just like a candy stick.
Her lips...
sweet as honey dips.
She is...
the total package!
Oh she mesmerizes me.
Oh angel! My dear angel! I
am losing myself over you.
Oh baby! My dear baby! You
make me fly high in the sky.
Oh angel! My dear angel! I
am losing myself over you.
Oh baby! My dear baby! You
make me fly high in the sky.
So tell me, tell me why...
why did God make
you the most beautiful?
You drive me crazy and have
left me desperate for you love.
So tell me, tell me why...
why did God make
you the most beautiful?
You drive me crazy and have
left me desperate for you love.
I am the king, who lived
my life on my own terms.
I am the one who is here
to woo and win you over.
The minute I laid eyes on her, she swept me
off my feet and took my heart away. Oh dear!
I don't have to open my eyes because your fragrance
is etched in my mind and itll lead me to you.
Oh dear princess, you have
created an impact on me.
Oh dear queen, you love
makes me go crazy.
Oh angel! My dear angel! I
am losing myself over you.
Oh baby! My dear baby! You
make me fly high in the sky.
Oh angel! My dear angel! I
am losing myself over you.
Oh baby! My dear baby! You
make me fly high in the sky.
So tell me, tell me why...
why did God make
you the most beautiful?
You drive me crazy and have
left me desperate for you love.
So tell me, tell me why...
why did God make
you the most beautiful?
You drive me crazy and have
left me desperate for you love.
Her eyes...
Her cheeks...
Her looks...
Oh dear princess, you have
created an impact on me.
Oh dear queen, you love
makes me go crazy.
Hey you so called Lord,
come let's play cricket.
All these days they thrashed us
and made us do household chores.
This is the first time they are inviting
us to play. Come, let's go and relax.
Will I be batting or bowling?
You play the stumps.
His beard is whiter than his dress yet
he throws the ball like an youngster.
- Out! Out! Out!
- No way! I wasn't ready.
Take the ball!
Dear Lord, now why would
you wanna crush the ball?
You really think I did it?
When you are so considerate about the ball,
please have some consideration about my legs.
I have been noticing that since the
beginning he is bowling with a rage.
This guy too doesn't
seem to hit it.
Please, ask him to bat properly.
You! Bat properly!
It was the Lord's order!
Didn't you ask me
to tell him that?
You heard my modulation!
Why did you change it?
Game over!
Who are you?
Did you also try to get
romantic with his wife?
Inspector, the thrashings
you got were just samples.
Find out from them about
our methods of torturing.
Yes, I shall explain.
If you don't show up at the Patal circle with
the money at 10 'O clock in the morning...
your data and laptop will reach the CBI.
I'm here at Kasi just for you.
- I'll myself come.
- This is your last warning.
Sorry. Give me one more chance.
One last chance.
You have already missed it 26 times.
Take as many chances you want...
Ill will reduce 0.1 million for
each miss from your payment.
Shut up! Give that to me, ji.
- Trying to call me?
- Yes.
Don't you worry.
In half an hour, I'll
finish him off.
You go, sleep peacefully.
He won't be in here
house before sunrise.
In fact he won't
be alive!
She is in deep sleep.
You are a goner mister!
Come on. It's not moving at all.
Think of some other idea.
I have an idea. Both of you forget your
money and leave. Rest we shall handle.
- We'll take care of the rest.
- Superb!
Ji, come on! Pull!
- Pull! Pull!
- We need a new idea.
My hand is aching.
I am here to act as your wife, don't
you dare consider me your wife!
- Don't you step in!
- Ok!
Uh-oh! Instead he dove inside!
Whoa! Look at him, he looks
like a burnt corpse.
My dad has locked me up.
- Hello?
- What are you up to?
Nothing, a small shock.
- What is it?
- I don't know what my dad has planned. Meet me right away.
Well, I'm held up right now...
- Will you come or not?
- Coming.
- Just set him aside and get on with the plan.
- Lift him! Come on.
Look after getting electrocuted
he looks like a scientist!
He is not in the room.
Where could he be?
Uh-oh, my specs fell down!
Without it I can't see properly in the day.
Let's not talk about night.
- What happened?
- Are you fine bro?
What are you doing here?
Looking for your glasses?
Here you go.
Eat lots of carrots,
its good for the eyes.
Thank you. Take this!
Don't you advice me to eat carrot.
Wait and watch me pack you up today!
He is very heavy!
Where is he taking him?
Hey! Hey Aishu!
What are you doing here? You
were in your room right?
I know what's the hurry.
Usually you behavior is rough...
but even your skin
is rough today!
I didn't shave for couple of days.
I can't fix her engagement
if you are here!
The leg alone is hanging outside!
- Hello...
- Tell me partner.
- Where are you?
- Nearby.
Tell me the truth! Did you
guys step away to booze?
- No partner!
- I'll count to 5 and I want you to be here by then...
- or else I'll finish you off!
- Ok. Ok.
Five! And where are you?
Arrgh! THis vibrator mode I say!
- Hello?
- We have reached.
Very good. I have tied him up in a sack.
I'll thrown him down.
Take him away and rip him apart.
I must hear his cries here!
Throw him down first and then you'll
know how swag 'Sidekick' Kumar is.
I have witnessed many killings.
Still, he says he has witnessed.
Will he do it?
Lets see.
He said he was gonna throw the sack but
only that guy is here. Pull him out.
Oh my god!
Before he screams or
yells, tie his mouth!
Why did he spray that
body spray on my face?
Where did he go?
Stop screaming!
There, he threw the sack.
Tie him and take him!
- 84! 85!
- See, we reached at the count of five!
That was 85! What will I ever do
with your guys. Now, come on!
- Listen, take the stuff in the trunk to the warehouse and rip it apart.
- Ok.
- Now leave. Leave!
- Come on guys.
Dear 'Hulk' brother-in-law, you
can't do anything tomorrow.
Thank brother. I know you saved me
because you have a soft corner for me.
Fine, don't let anybody know about this.
I shall give you an extra stone.
You fraud! No, thank you! Just return
me my money. That's all I need.
- Aishu.
- Why so late?
Because of your dad.
He mistook body spray for sleeping
gas and tried to pack me up.
It was a struggle to escape!
I knew he would plan
something like this and...
marry me off to
uncle's adopted son.
Its not gonna happen!
There is a train to Kasi at 8 'O clock.
Let's leave at once.
- To Kasi?
- Yes!
But I have some business here.
- So, didn't you come here to meet me?
- Of course I came to meet you.
How can I leave Seenu alone?
Fine, me staying here is a risk.
I'll leave first. You
get him and...
reach the station.
Pull or go fall!
Where did you guys go?
Soon it'll be sunrise.
She is good for nothing!
I was struggling in life, making money doing Stilts.Yet
I joined you guys in to rob to make some easy money!
How dare you called
me good for nothing?
What did you say you were doing?
Go, get it.
I brought this on myself!
Look what they did.
- Buddy, hold this.
- What's this?
This is dummy to replace
the original one.
So that no doubts arise.
It just doesn't come out!
Throw it. Throw it.
- Nice catch!
- Now, you throw.
Why did you ask him to throw?
- Precious stones!
- Diamonds!
I hear foot steps. Lets escape.
You reach safe. We
are on our way.
I hear the sound from here.
That way.
- Come on!
- Follow me.
- Fine. Reach as soon as possible.
- Ok baby.
Hey, just a minute.
Just a minute.
Though I am a thief, I am like Actor
Arjun from the movie Gentleman.
I share it with others.
And you played judas like actor
Arjun in the movie Mankatha!
I won't spare a penny for you!
Dear Ganesh, why are
you sitting here?
Its time for the rituals.
Let me go bath, daddy.
You shouldn't bath at home. You must bath the
at pond by the temple as per the customs.
Why has he sent us this plantain stem?
What is it?
Partner, what do I do with this?
You tell me, what can be done?
A whole village can feed on it.
You think like me.
Yet, don't be so ferocious.
Tie and hang!
Hang it?
Fine, the doofus is asking us to do it.
Hang it.
What in the hell are we doing?! Duh!
Wait and watch, after this incident...
this 'Sidekick' Kumar will have
a big demand in the market.
Arrgh! This vibration mode I say!
Its poking me at unwanted places.
Look at that, we threaten
him and he is laughing!
Thrash him!
Must be over by now.
- Hello.
- What's the status?
- Its swinging.
- Wrong, say it trembling!
Say the lowers are trembling!
- Trembling?
- Inform me once its dead!
How long before it dies?
Even if dies, how
do we find it out?
Called him 5-6 times but the party
doesn't seem to pick up the call.
How will I answer the call?
You tie me up, wrap my mouth, pack me up then
call me and keep thrashing me, you doofus!
If I shake, they'll thrash me.
But the mobile vibration
is poking me too much!
I'm not even pissed that
he isn't answering my call.
But this guy's laughter....
He won't make it, sister...Whoa!
How did he...?
You said he won't make it?
How did he make it?
Partner, where are you?
- Here, right behind you.
- You...
Did you booze and let him escape?
How can a plantain stem escape?
- Plantain stem?
- What else?
Whole night we followed your orders
and our dresses are spoiled.
Sorry sister,
something went wrong.
My husband is far
better that you!
He is innocent but he never shows off
like you, without doing anything.
You just compared
me to your husband!
I can't be insulted worse!
Wait and watch me!
- Partner, where is Ramesh?
- He is ready!
How do I get rid of them?
There is something fishy in his
body language. He isn't minding us!
In order to do the rituals, please
make your son sit on your lap.
Time to pierce the ear.
Pierce the ear? No way!
My American visa will get canceled.
Try to understand.
Why would you go to America?
Henceforth you will live with me.
Please give me
some other option.
- No other option!
- Make him sit on my lap!
Hands off me! Hands off...
Careful dear.
Wait! Wait!
Dear, kindly adjust and sit.
This ain't Uber pool
to adjust and sit?
Its a tanker lorry! Daddy,
you must adjust it!
Come on, suck in your paunch so
that he can sit on your lap.
Make him sit now.
Hands of me. No!
Sit and stay quiet.
Hold him!
- Come on, be a man. Its just ear piercing.
- Do it!
- Take it easy. It won't pain much.
- Pierce, now! Do it!
Do it! Now!
Why did you pierce my
tongue instead of his ear?
Why did you show
your tongue out?
Does that mean he'll pierce it!
I'll deal with you later outside.
Go. Go get the offerings.
See that? Definitely he
has a different plan, ji.
- Here dear, go wear this Veshti (Dhoti)
- Quick.
- Now, go wear it.
- Go and change.
You said you will finish him but
you are helping with the rituals?
- Aren't you ashamed?
- Dear sister!
That Veshti is
Ramesh's favorite one.
Ramesh will take care
of finishing him off.
You carry on.
- We'll give you company.
- Its ok.
I know how tie a Veshti.
- Hello brothers, had your food?
- We had.
We need to talk
to you in person.
Come on, they are our guest. You guys must ensure
that they eat Take them and serve them food!
- I already had Dosa.
- I already had Idly.
Let go of me! Hey! Look!
Now what?
Its locked.
- Where are you escaping?
- Watchman? Sorry.
- Don't you try to cheat me!
- Oh! Come on!
Ramesh, do what you do best!
- It was you?
- It was all my idea! Give me my share!
- Are you trying to have it all for yourself?
- I won't spare a penny to anybody!
Stop! Stop! I won't
stop until I get you!
You! Where is he?
He escaped! Catch him!
Ji, come on!
I think, he ran away
fearing the bull.
He must not return. Lets
attack him outside.
You! Stop!
Show some guts! Throw
the ladder back!
I keep things that help
me, as a souvenir!
I am a human being! No!
You can escape from
Ramesh but never from us!
I'll finish you off! Get down!
You better get down this side.
Day by day the demand for me is rising!
Come on buddy!
- Dear, hop on!
- Awesome! Super!
Come on! Lets go!
I hope now you understand
the value of my training! Now go!
He come on! Come on!
Stay on the roof.
Ji, come on! Lets do something!
Come, climb!
Ji, come on.
Where are you running to?
Careful! Careful!
- Ji, careful!
- There he goes!
- You guys go that way. I'll go this way.
- Ok partner.
Stop and face us like a man!
If he faces us then it'll
block my view.
Aren't you ashamed to
steal others money?
The tusk is with me and
so it belongs to me.
And yet you want a share?
Aren't you ashamed?
You keep cycling!
What's on your face?
Well, its your spit.
Actually spit is used a
skin moisturizer in Turkey.
All the wrinkles on the
face will go away.
Is it? Fine, when we get time
I shall lie down nude...
you spit all over my body.
If you lie down nude, not just me,
the whole world will spit on you!
Cycle faster!
They jumped to the other side!
- Bye!
- Bye!
Ji, come on. Let's also jump!
Did you land safely, ji?
Now my turn!
Ji! Ji! Move!
Whoa! Is this a chase or a circus?
Wait! Now let me show my skills.
Now, watch me!
Oh God!
Partner, its so
irresponsible of you!
- Now jump!
- Can I trust you guys to catch me?
Come on guys, form a
circle and hold hands.
Are you guys doing the
'Ring-a-ringa roses?'
Hold the hands to catch me.
Looks good? Now jump!
Shall I? Shall I jump?
Lift him up! Lift him!
What's the hurry partner?
What's the hurry? Come on now!
Be a man! Come to ground!
Here we come!
- Did they just do what I said?
- Even I didn't expect it!
Ji, Don't think! Just jump!
Super ji! Super ji! Come on!
- Why did you stop?
- See there! A road block!
I have an item. Shall I?
Hands off from there! They won't get
intimidated by that. That that piece of rock.
Take one more step and
I'll break your heads.
There are people who have
escaped from narrow ends!
But no one has ever
survived a dead end!
Ji, here
Thank you.
I am holing such a big piece of rock
and he is delivering punch dialogues!
You are a dead meat!
From where did he show up?
- Partner! Partner!
- Boss, sorry! Sorry!
- This is the time. Let's escape quietly.
- Come on!
Ok guys. Bye. Nice meeting you.
Ji, he is escaping!
Bye! Err...
Dear, the tusk fell off!
Uh-oh! They got it!
- Give it to me.
- Come take it!
I won't because if I
come youll thrash me.
You better have that fear!
I can't control anymore!
Let me take my item!
- Wait and watch!
- This fellow, I tell you!
- Is this the item you were speaking of?
- Yes!
- Where did you find it?
- Stole it from you foster dad's room.
- Shoot them yourself.
- Say your final prayers!
Hey! I am down here!
What happened?
This is the first time I see
the shooter falling down.
Since childhood, I'm afraid
of the firecrackers.
On top of that,
this was too loud.
- Hence I fell in fear.
- Drats!
Where did they go?
- He has to take this route.
- Lets catch him and bust him up!
No, I want to thrash him myself.
- All of you, 10 steps back!
- Ok.
- Save your family jewels.
- Reverse guys.
- Ji, lets escape with the tusk!
- Come on.
- There they come. Come on!
- Look, he is standing there.
See, we got nothing between us.
The moment you said
sorry, I forgave you.
Don't jam in between. Leave!
All I need is him.
- Thank you sir.
- Ok, come on.
Stop you guys!
- I can't take this guy anymore!
- Knock him down!
Come to me my American Arnold!
Lets seal the
either's fate today!
Come on! Come on!
Come on!
Move! Move!
- Partner, bull!
- If he is a bull then I'm a raging bull!
- Come on, I say!
- Move! Don't stand on the way!
Help! Help! Save me!
Come on! Quick!
I was shouting out 'Bull' and
you thought I was praising you?
Can't you be clear?
Now, talk to the gun!
Damn this gun!
I never got shots
even when I was sick!
And you punctured my back! You....
now see I'll break your head with this!
What did you do?
Thanks brother! Thank you!
I hurled the tusk at him and
he thanks me for it. Why?
Is he crazy?
- He is not crazy...
- you doofus!
Lift and put him down now!
Hey! Hold on! Hold on!
Hey! Give your hands!
- No I won't? Where is Raghu?
- Give your hands first.
- There! There!
- What's this?
I'll tell you later.
- Let go of me.
- Ji, catch hold of him.
- Don't let him go.
- Hey, the tusk!
Hands of me!
Aishu, you leave. I'll call you.
You leave. I'll call you!
Why did that fraudster hand me this?
Chuck it!
- Aishu.
- Raghu. Hello?
Aishu, can you hear me?
Hey, can you hear me? That tusk...
Aishu, can you hear me? Aishu?
- Make it fast.
- Load it in the vehicle.
Hello! Sir! Here! Hello!
Sir! Over here! Over here!
Sir! Spot the briefcase!
Sir! Sir!
Sir! Over here! Sir!
Sir! Over here!
Stop the vehicle! I'm stuck!
My briefcase is stuck!
Oh my god!
Didn't he ask us to come here?
Where is he?
He isn't picking the call.
Keep calling until he answers.
Aishu's phone is not reachable.
There might be no range
while traveling.
let bygone be bygones. We
are a team henceforth.
My foot. Return us our money.
What should I return?
The tusk is with his girlfriend. You guys
must show mercy and give me something
- Ji, what now?
- He is talking logic, don't mind.
Fine, then you also
come to Kasi with us.
I already made up mind.
Here are our flight tickets.
Flight tickets?
- Flight tickets?
- Thanks bro!
Here's your wallet.
I booked it with your money.
- How dare you?
- Come on.
That tusk is gonna
make us millionaires.
Do you even know how many
elephants you can purchase?
Hi Kareena. Hey!
- Hi baby.
- Why don't you cover yourself?
What kind of place is this?
Its a happening place.
Our flight is at night 11.
Until then lets enjoy.
No thanks. Find
some other company.
Our honeys are back home.
Does he prefer only honey?
- Don't you prefer other sweets?
- Come again! How dare you?
I was talking about liquor and food.
Come on.
A Candy...A Kulfi...
Come let's take a selfie.
A Candy...A Kulfi...
Come let's take a selfie.
Finally, I took a selfie
with you on my iPhone.
Then next plan on my
head is our honeymoon.
Finally, I took a selfie
with you on my iPhone.
Then next plan on my
head is our honeymoon.
So don't you run away
from me, my dear.
So lets get married
right now, right here.
Once again!
So don't you run away
from me, my dear.
So lets get married
right now, right here.
Welcome the deity of
wealth and money!
Now that you are here, I am
feel like I'm Superstar Rajini!
Welcome the deity of
wealth and money!
Now that you are here, I too
feel like I'm Superstar Rajini!
Now, don't ask us who is that?
You know he is the one
and only Superstar!
Now, don't ask us who is that?
You know he is the one
and only Superstar!
That's not the way to do it.
When I look at you;
you look mesmerizing.
Just like the lights and
stars; you are shining!
A little there, a little
here; I keep looking at you.
You shine like a item
that's brand new!
You melt my heart; you are
like a lottery that I won.
Who else do I need,
when you are THE one!
So come closer to me;
I am all yours baby.
I live in your heart, just
look in and you'll see.
So waka- waka, we are the
best couple out there.
Show me who can beat us; I
bet, there's no one anywhere!
So waka- waka, we are the
best couple out there.
Show me who can beat us; I
bet, there's no one anywhere!
I bet, there's no one anywhere!
I bet, there's no one anywhere!
I bet, there's no one anywhere!
A Candy...A Kulfi...
Come let's take a selfie.
A Candy...A Kulfi...
Come let's take a selfie.
Finally, I took a selfie
with you on my iPhone.
Then next plan on my
head is our honeymoon.
Finally, I took a selfie
with you on my iPhone.
Then next plan on my
head is our honeymoon.
So don't you run away
from me, my dear.
So lets get married
right now, right here.
So don't you run away
from me, my dear.
So lets get married
right now, right here.
Welcome the deity of
wealth and money!
Now that you are here, I too
feel like I'm Superstar Rajini!
Welcome the deity of
wealth and money!
Now that you are here, I too
feel like I'm Superstar Rajini!
A Candy...A Kulfi...
Come let's take a selfie.
A Candy...A Kulfi...
Come let's take a selfie.
Now, don't ask us who is that?
You know he is the one
and only Superstar!
Told you!
Why are you sweating it out with me for a mere 1
million when you have such a huge mansion?
You stole the money that borrowed
to renovate this mansion.
- Hey sugar! Return the phone!
- Sugar! No!
- Catch him.
- Will you steal again?!
This dog is suppose
to be my pet.
- If you don't mind, can I adopt it?
- We'll discuss that later.
First, let's go get that tusk.
- Next class on Saturday.
- Thank you. Namaste.
- Namaste.
- Bye.
- Raghu! When did you reach?
- Hi.
Why did you guys bring him along?
I'll tell you later. What
happened to your phone?
It fell off from the train
while I was returning.
And you were repeatedly giving
miss calls to lost phone?
Where is that tusk?
Which tusk?
The one that I gave
when you left in train.
Oh yeah.
I threw it away in the train.
- Aishu!
- You threw it and here you are teaching dance?
How dare you raise hands
on my girlfriend?
Do you know, me and my team
toiled hard to get that tusk.
How dare you hit me?
How dare you hit my chief?
I'm already upset and
who are you, new here?
All hell is gonna break loose.
You move aside Aishu.
Don't fight. Let go Raghu.
Sounds like a good idea.
Let's go.
Your girlfriend lost the tusk!
Why am I fighting here?
Come on ji!
- Come on!
- Let go off his leg!
- Push! Push!
- On it sir!
Go! Attack! Attack!
Aren't you going? Go!
Now! Come on!
Catch him! Hold him! That's it!
That's it!
Now turn the other way.
Yes! Come on! Come on!
Come on! Keep swirling!
Keep doing it.
Why did you guys stop?
It was a fantastic game.
Why did you stop?
Who is this fellow?
Is a guest in our hotel?
Nope. Looks like a retard!
You are correct!
He is the winner!
Hard luck, you guys
played well though.
I am the reason he is like this.
Hema! What do you mean?
He hurt his head in the accident
and lost all his memory.
He doesn't remember any
details about himself.
He comes back to senses bu
only for a mere ten seconds.
But again he forgets.
Fearing the police...
I bought him here
to the mansion.
Why didn't you take
him to the doctor?
"This kind of accidents are quite usual."
" A day of rest and when he wakes up the next
day everything will be fine" said your grandma.
- Wow
- My grandma?
Well done!
My grandma isn't a doctor!
At least when his memory comes back,
you could have got his details.
Like he allows to do it.
There, he is coming back to senses.
You find out.
How did I come here?
Something strange has happened.
I'm not some ordinary person!
- Sir... - I come from the legacy
of Marees Marudhavel Kodukumadyar.
If you try to harm me then
I won't show any mercy!
I will show you guys who I am!
Hi friends.
Come on, lets all go
have a cup of coffee.
Hello! 1 by 4 coffee please.
Two butter biscuits.
He just turned into a small
kid all of a sudden.
That what he does when he comes back to senses.
He keeps rambling on for the 10 seconds.
The he'll forget everything.
Fine, did you guys find
his wallet or phone?
I switched off his mobile because
he was repeatedly getting calls.
If you don't mind,
can you get it.
Excuse me friend.
Do you have a matchbox?
We don't smoke.
Me too.
Wonder what are we
gonna do with him?
We can do anything! He looks like a big
shot. See, he is wearing costly jewelry.
His family must be
vigorously looking for him.
Let's turn this situation in to our advantage
and play as if we have kidnapped him.
No way! That's wrong!
I'm not gonna be a part of this.
Do you want your money back?
Yes, I want.
Come on, you are doing it right.
Don't swipe it straight.
They don't like it.
- Swipe it across.
- Dear disciple,
all of them are doing the "Vajara Bhujkasanam" meditation.
Their eyes will be closed for 58 seconds more.
Lets escape during this gap.
No Lord. They will catch us.
Trust the Lord!
I know everything!
You don't know about them.
We have already lost five seconds.
Make it fast. Come on.
- Bye.
- Say 'See you'
There is way both ways.
Which one?
- This way.
- Then certainly not that way.
- Then why did you ask me?
- Just for fun.
Hold on! Hold on!
- What is it?
- Excellent opportunity!
There is the 'Exit' board.
Let's go that way.
That's a trap laid to catch us.
Trust the Lord. Follow me. Come on.
Oh my God!
I guess we are the main door.
- Dear Lord! Lord!
- What is it?
- Don't go. They are over there.
- How do you know?
I'm the one who did
their laundry.
I can smell the soap
from their dress.
Come on, lets climb upstairs,
jump into the Ganga and escape.
I can see it my sixth sense. The
only way to escape is this.
Come on!
Just come! Trust the Lord!
Come on! Just come on!
You fat nose!
Come on! Time to escape!
Uh-oh! How did the clothes dry so quick?
They are already wearing it!
Like you could have escaped!
Please, give me a chance once.
- You. How many times did I tell you?
- Yes?
To hell with your sixth sense!
It's him!
Hello. Where are you? Just say it already!
Where are you?
Don't get tensed.
I am not who you think I am.
But he is with me.
Who are you?
"Who are you?" did I ask you that?
The fact is that I have kidnapped
the person who is important to you.
You better pay me a ransom.
Come to a place I say...
Are you kidding me with the
phone you got on the streets?
So you don't trust me?
Enough! Enough!
Dear Lord...
because of your stupidity, you got
thrashed badly by your disciple!
Forget that.
I see a door over there. Shall
we try escaping through that?
Sir, how about a selfie?
- Yes please.
- Just one selfie.
How did I come here? Something
strange has happened here!
I'm not some ordinary person!
I come from the legacy of Marees
Marudhavel Kodukumadyar.
If you try to harm me then
I won't show any mercy!
Do you wanna see my power?
Do you wanna see...
He is back to the
senseless state.
Hi friends. Long time, no see.
Come on, lets take
a group photo.
Ji, one minute.
His eyes are a give away.
An idea to keep us safe.
Whoa! You guys look
like real terrorists!
How much is your demand?
Five, five...
How about fifteen?
I can't afford 1500 million.
I can give only 100 million
100 million?
Is that all you can afford?
I shall call you back.
What happened?
He seems to have lot of debts.
He says he give only 1 million.
You guys share it
among yourselves.
Money never has been
important to me.
Since when?
Friendship is what
matters to me.
Sir, can I have a
loot at that photo?
For what?
- Please.
- You are the reason we are in this situation.
Now anonymous people
are demanding ransom.
Sir, excellent rooms available.
First class rooms.
Sir, please come to our Muruga mansion!
Muruga mansion! Muruga mansion!
Give me one last chance.
For what?
I shall bring him and
throw him at your feet.
This the rear side of
the mansion you said?
Make it fast!
- Game!
- Game!
- Game?
The points are for me!
You got it wrong!
How did I come here?
Something strange
has happened here!
- I'm not some...
- Let me complete.
You are not some ordinary person!
You come from the legacy of
Marees Marudhavel Kodukumadyar.
If we try to harm you then
you won't show any mercy!
- Correct?
- Indeed!
Correct! Time's up! Back
to sense-less state!
He is the winner!
No matter what game we play, he
declares you the winner. How is that?
Go get some water.
Right away!
Poor soul. He is helping our cause
and also obey all our orders.
- Go!
- Quick!
We'll blast this bomb, create a
commotion and kidnap the auditor!
Close your ears!
Close your ears!
Why didn't the bomb go off?
Now where did that
dog come from?
It peed on the bomb!
- Take another one.
- We had only one.
Damn it!
Quietly follow me. Make any
noise and it might alert them.
I won't spare your life today!
Seenu! Where are you?
- I'm coming for you!
- Who is this buffalo?
He just scared the
jeepers out of me.
Quietly follow me.
Seenu! Come out or else you are a goner!
Uh-oh! The Sait is here!
Ji, its ok. At sunrise
we will get the money.
You can clear your debts.
Oh come on!
If Sait finds out about this
dealing, he will mess it up!
Lets escape from here.
Quick! Go!
Lets hide in the store room.
Ok ji. Ok ji.
Look out for the auditor.
- Chief.
- Who is it?
- Look behind us.
- Who is hiding there?
Who are you all? Guests?
Do you need rooms for rent?
- We need him.
- Me? Here I come.
- Stop! Stop!
- Let go of me!
I was the one who
called up you guys.
Take him with you but before
that hand me the cash...
and I shall count it.
If you don't send him with us...
I'll finish you off!
If I catch hold of you....
I won't leave without
an answer today!
First, we must take care of him!
Irritating disturbance!
Hit them and take him!
I won't fight today.
- Why?
- I'm fasting.
Because today is No moon day!
No moon day?
There he goes!
Guys, let's escape!
- Why is he howling?
- Why should we escape?
He gets possessed and goes
crazy on No moon day!
Come on!
Why are you getting scared
of this little fellow?
Hey you!
- Superb!
- Told you!
- He is the winner!
- Hands off me!
Now, who is this fellow?
Could he be Seenu's friend?
You! Where is he?
Stop howling like a
pig and answer me!
You think you can intimidate me with
your howling. Now watch me howl!
Even when you are away,
you're face is scary!
Why would you wanna come
closer and show it?
My hips! Its breaking!
You doofus! Look, there is a print of my
face on the wall from all that beatings!
Why this carnage?
Today is No moon day.
Who's the fool who told you so?
Look, today is Full moon day!
Oh yes! So its a full moon day?
I'm sorry. Bye.
He rips me apart and apologizes like
he just stamped on my foot by mistake.
- He doesn't seem to stop the yelling.
- Come on. Quick!
Come on, lets escape! The
fool doesn't know to play.
Now look at that.
- Why is he calling us?
- He is faking it!
Lets be nice to him
and take him with us.
He is back to his senses.
Where is the laptop?
I'll finish you off!
You better recollect
and tell us.
Or else you'll brain
will splash out!
Fine, come with
me and I'll show.
What are you up to?
Are you a Tamizhan?
- Nice meeting you.
- He lost his senses.
Yes! Yes!
He was the one who said
he loves Eggplant gravy.
Its for him I'm cutting these eggplant
and now they say he lost his senses.
Shall I find out what
gravy does he want now?
Dear Lord, I'm in tears watching your
dedication and involvement in your job.
You look very smart.
Try your luck in movies and soon
you can enter into politics.
- You!
- Look the phone rang. What I said is true!
Aren't you interested in politics?
Not here.
Not in here.
Not here.
Chief, we searched everywhere.
Neither the briefcase
nor the guys are here.
Why have you guys sitting
here in torn clothes.
He is one who is supposed
to be in torn clothes.
And he tells us!
What is it?
- He called us retards.
- What's the big deal?
Its all because of you!
Stop getting furious at me!
You too played along with him.
And now we lost everything
and are here! Damn it!
How would I know all
this will happen?
Seenu, you too agreed
to this the other day.
Now why pin point Raghu alone?
Excuse me!
Don't fight. The most important thing
among fraudsters is team unity.
We don't have that and that is
why we are slipping every time.
Say that you are playing
fraud and cheating us...
but don't you make us
a part of your team!
Are you and us the same?
Is it so? Fine, I'm leaving.
Where are you off to after
putting us in a mess.
Call up the minister and tell him that
you are responsible for everything.
Let us of the hook!
Or else I'll finish you off!
Hold on! Hold on!
Dear brother in law, just a minute.
- What is it?
- I hear there is a new vigilance squad set up to nab us.
I hear its a lady officer and she
seems to be quite strict person.
Are you just hearing it?
- I knew it already.
- Hello.
- Hello?
- Minister is down with a heart attack.
Dear disciples, come with the police.
If he is having a heart attack aren't
we suppose to call an ambulance.
- Why is asking us to call the police?
- Sounds like our Lord!
Hey Lord!
Are you still there?
He recognized the
Lord from tone...
he must be your ardent disciple.
Ask him to save us.
A disciple will ask "Dear Lord,
what are you doing there?"
"Hey Lord, are you still there?" that
means he is the one who sent us here.
You! If I catch hold of you...
I'll finish you off!
I'll choke you....
Do you see the power of our Lord?
Don't you see what you are doing?
Why are you telling on me?
Shall we?
Come on.
- Start music.
- Come on.
- What's that thrashing noise?
- Guess he is getting ripped.
- Hello?
- Hello!
Tell me.
Sir, greetings.
Sir, I'm not like you.
I'm a small time thief.
Without knowing he
is your man, we...
I'm not concerned
about him at all.
He was carrying a suitcase.
- Suitcase?
- That is what I need.
Get me that...
and you can the money
as per our deal.
Or else...
I won't spare anyone's life.
- What suitcase is he talking about?
- Correct!
When he met with the accident and I
brought him home, he had a suitcase.
Who was at the mansion then?
Like its a five star hotel.
Except me, grandma and and you
sister no dog was there.
Oh yeah! Right!
The suitcase is in our custody.
We'll call you back.
Fine. Call me back.
Let's talk and come
to a compromise.
Dear Lord, why are they
thrashing us over and again?
He was on the phone and his men
made use of the time very smartly.
But one thing...
that white beard guy's blows have
become powerful that before.
You must also appreciate
the team work.
Come, lets go and massage each other.
- Bro, where are you going?
- This is Sugar's room.
- This is where he hides all the stuff.
- Is it?
I have never been inside it.
- Let me check.
- The room appears to be quite a terror.
Whoa! My talc box.
My scent!
Ji, there is liquor
bottle in here.
What kind of dog is this?
Got the suitcase.
We've got the suitcase.
Give the money and
take the suitcase.
What? Give the money
and take the suitcase?
What if you take the
suitcase and don't pay up?
What if you take the money
and don't give the suitcase?
Lets do one thing. Lets
split into two teams.
One team will exchange the
money at Chetsinghghat.
At the same time you will get
your suitcase at Asighat.
- Sounds good?
- Ok.
- We'll meet in half an hour.
- Brilliant!
This suitcase is very important.
Both of you take it.
I'll go collect the cash.
Awesome idea!
I'll break your jaws!
You better handover
this suitcase.
We'll collect the cash.
There will lot of issues.
- Listen to me.
- You just do what we say.
Here, take the suitcase.
On one condition.
Only after I arrive,
I'll split the money. Promise?
Dear Lord, there is an excellent
way for us to escape.
- Look, a cell phone.
- Call up our recreational home!
That's of no use. We'll make a
video of our current plight...
and make it viral on the net.
We'll get good publicity.
- We'll earn people's sympathy.
- Just do something!
Dear disciples, look at
out Lord's condition.
Minister Dharmaraj's henchmen...
thrashed him so bad that his buffalo
like face has turned like pig now.
If no one takes any step to save us
hereafter, the Lord will commit suicide.
Is this the publicity
you spoke about?
Wait and watch, soon we'll be trending in
Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram.
Why does it keep swirling?
Sorry dear Lord, guess the
internet pack is over.
Listen to me. I'm telling you again.
Call the recreational home.
- Uh-oh!
- What is it?
- There is no balance and hence outgoing calls are barred.
- Damn you!
When the outgoing call is barred and
no internet pack then what's the use?
Uh-oh! The Lord of death!
Dear disciples, look at
out Lord's condition.
Minister Dharmaraj's henchmen...
thrashed him so bad that...
We already have enough problems and top of there
are these guys and their escape plan comedy drama!
Lock them up!
- Hope you remember the place I told you.
- Sir! Please! Sir!
Collect the suitcase
and call me.
Where are you all off to?
- To purchase new clothes for Deepavali.
- Buy me a Yellow colored pant.
- Somebody save us. Please! Please!
- What's that noise?
What are you guys doing here?
Aren't you going shopping?
Let us out and we shall go.
Ok. I shall let you out.
I am the...He man!
God bless you!
They are buying me pants.
Will you buy me fire crackers?
Wish you a happy Deepavali.
- Same to you.
- I'll buy you a atom bomb. Burst it here!
They thrashed us real bad!
Time show them my power!
Come on!
Three minutes to go.
Ok. Get ready.
Careful. Watch out.
Place it here.
Did you guys reach the spot?
Yes. We have reached.
It's time.
Keep moving. Come on.
Ji, such a big bag for
a mere 1 million?
Guess he is giving us
the 1 million in coins!
He has surrendered the suitcase
- Leave the bag there.
- Ok.
Leave it over there.
He surrendered the bag.
- Me too.
- Ok.
Catch him!
Stop playing!
- Who was that?
- Who are you talking about?
You pretend to surrender that suitcase
and set someone else to flick it?
Ganesh! Something has terribly went wrong.
Let's escape!
I won't spare you!
They showed their true colors. The
laptop didn't come to our hands.
Come on.
Listen! Catch the person
who takes the money bag!
Catch the person
who takes the money bag!
I can't hear you.
You fool! Can't you hear me?
This noise I tell you!
I'm unable to hear you
because of this noise.
You....! Forget it! Come on!
My daughter told me that you
are getting some money today.
And with this your debt, including the
interests and principle is over.
Dear father-in-law, I
also have share in this!
Call me that again and
I'll break your jaws.
You better forget the
money and my daughter!
Where did he go? Come on!
- Let go of it!
- Give it your best shot.
Someone flicked the suitcase.
You guys better escape!
Escape! Move fast!
- What is it chief?
- Catch them!
Raghu ji, let Sait have the bag.
Come on.
- Let's go, ji.
- What happened?
Just come. I'll tell you.
- Let go of it!
- Come on.
Sait, do not forget
to count the cash.
Get lost you doofus!
Don't I know that? I am
the expert in tallying!
Who are these guys
in the whites?
Where is my laptop?
What laptop are you
talking about?
The one that your group
ran away with...
that laptop.
Summon your group.
I'm only member of one
group in the Whatsapp.
A group with all
my school mates.
All of them are elders.
It'll take some time for them to reach.
Is that ok?
100 million bucks...
does that mean nothing to you?
Whoa! What? 100 million bucks?
Chief, he lost his consciousness.
Thrash him and bring his
consciousness back.
How did you get in through this?
Lord, did you get it?
Wait and watch what I do with this now.
You are yet to watch the
games of this Lord!
Where did you get that?
- At the temple.
- Give me half!
I have heard people getting
thrashed and falling unconscious.
You are the only people who thrash
people and don't let them faint.
What do you guys really want?
Where is our laptop you
promised to return us?
I promised?
There is some misunderstanding
here, for sure.
That guy has pushed
me into a trap!
That guy? Isn't he
your partner?
Nope! He is not my partner.
He is my daughter's partner.
Why do you look so dull?
They guys must have
got the money by now.
Well its not that. There is no hurdle
in your's and Seenu's relationship.
My dad won't approve of Raghu.
- It's my dad.
- Attend the call.
- Yes dad?
- Aishu...
I have decided to marry
you off to Raghu.
Ask him to come meet me at once.
I don't trust you.
You are kidding.
I'm not in a condition to kid.
So stop mocking me and ask him to come visit
me at the roof top of the pawn broker shop.
Are you serious?
According to your horoscope
its time for your marriage.
And so your wedding must take
place within a week's time.
Or else it won't happen for the next three
years. Quick, ask him to come meet me.
That's so sweet. Thank you so much!
Love you!
Yeah! Kiss is the last thing
I need in this condition.
My dad has agreed to marry
me off to Raghu! Yay!
He will come.
As promised, you must thrash him
twice as much as you thrashed me.
Only then I'll be at peace.
- Daddy.
- Sounds like Aishu.
Why did you come here?
I came here to give you some sweet
for giving me the good news.
Where is Raghu?
His phone is not reachable.
Uh-oh! He has
planned everything!
What do you mean?
Ask them and they'll explain.
- You guys are trapped!
- Who are you people?
And finally you left us
to wander the streets!
Hema's calling.
- Raghu save us.
- We are caught here. Please save us.
- Seenu, come fast.
- Give that to me!
Listen, both your girlfriends
are in my custody.
If you don't return
me that suitcase...
then both their corpses will
be floating in Ganga river.
Hey! No, don't you do that!
In one hour we'll be at the Kasi railway station
with the suitcase. You also come there.
Why at railway station?
Because only a crowded
place is safe for us.
Fine, I'll come there.
Hey! Hello!
We don't where is the suitcase. Then
how are we gonna return it to them?
We shall figure it out.
On Sikkander can do it.
Who's that?
He is the best in making
duplicate suitcases in Kasi.
Sikkander ka Mukkander.
I hope you guys have locked up the
station master and the shop keepers.
Its all taken care of.
Why is the railway station so empty?
This, 4 O Clock train is
the last train to Kasi.
After this, there is a train
only tomorrow morning.
Unaware of this they have trapped
themselves like a mouse.
It's not them who are trapped.
Its you!
Who is this doofus?
Its the "Lord"
How come you are here?
Don't you see it? I'm
here for revenge.
I am already upset!
You better shut up and leave.
The suitcase you are looking
for, is with me. Wanna see?
That's our laptop!
Tell me, how much
money do you want?
I have enough money
to buy you out.
You thrashed me real bad!
I want to thrash you at least
five times, to my satisfaction.
That suitcase is all that
matters to me. Hit me.
Ok, I also have another
important condition.
Once you get hands on the
suitcase you must not harm me.
Ok. Now come on.
You white beard, ask
your men to step back.
Do it!
- Say your final prayers.
- Just get done with it!
Damn you!
Did that make you dizzy?
Bend and touch your feet,
everything will be fine.
You must be tired. Have a seat.
Not there. It's prove to be fatal.
Move aside.
Get lost!
Get lost? You just
won't listen to me.
will never forget
you lifelong.
Forget that.
4th shot your choice
and 5th will be mine.
- Where shall I hit you?
- Uncle...
ask him to hit on your buttocks.
It won't hurt as its very fleshy.
No. Ask him to hit
on your palms.
Remember how teachers hit on our palms?
Doesn't hurt at all.
Here, hit on his palm.
You won't forget him too lifelong.
- Hello?
- Dear disciple, only one more hit to go.
Come down with the suitcase.
I'm on my way, Lord.
Hey you!
Is this your current plight? Are you
begging in the railway station?
Time will tell you if I'm the beggar
or soon who'll be the beggar!
- What does he mean?
- Fine...
you guys are going to return it and
go home with your girlfriends.
I've no purpose here. Take it.
You started all this. Stay
until everything is over.
Come on.
Dear brother-in-law, careful!
Last hit. You better
show some mercy.
Last hit....
and here is some mercy!
Dear Lord, here I am.
My dear pupil, throw
me the suitcase.
Bricks? He just dug a
grave for his Lord!
If you don't mind.
Something went wrong.
Let me go find out.
Game over!
The bricks are in that suitcase that
we brought. Check what's in this?
Ji, its the laptop he is looking for!
We've got the suitcase.
- Now who's that?
- Aishu, don't worry.
Let go of our girlfriends and
we shall return you this.
The heroes are here.
Why did he snatch it?
Now who was that? Go catch him!
- Excuse me, can we leave to our recreational spot?
- Spare none of them!
Return with the suitcase!
Come on, lets escape!
How dare you? Take that!
Why am I unable to hear anything?
Get hold of the briefcase!
Hands off the briefcase!
Hey! Let go of me!
The suitcase!
- Raghu!
- Seenu!
- Raghu, come down!
- Seenu, come down!
- Raghu, they have caught us.
- Seenu, save us.
There's the suitcase!
Run! Run!
Seenu, careful!
Let go of me!
Don't let go of the suitcase.
Hit him!
Hey! No! Not my head!
- Careful with the suitcase!
- Hello.
- Throw it to me. Who's that?
- Hello.
Thrash as much as you want but please
feed me some food before that.
I'm starving. I'll die in hunger.
I'll die!
Did you say, I'll die?
Now, watch this!
Dear Lord, where are you off to?
Lets escape from here.
Aren't you ashamed?
How can a Lord run away in fear?
- I already gave him five thrashings.
- Well, I didn't witness it.
I want to watch you hit someone.
There you go!
- Hit them! Hit them!
- Ok!
- Get up!
- First you get up!
You hit me and not any of them!
Told you, let's escape
but you wouldn't listen.
The suitcase.
The suitcase!
He's down!
He thinks I hit him.
- How was that?
- Super!
Let go of the suitcase!
Leave it!
Take that suitcase and go!
- Hand me the suitcase.
- No.
Hand it to me or else
I'll break your head.
Give it your best shot! How
will you break my head now?
People have failed
aiming at the top.
There are also people who have won after hitting
rock bottom. Always wish for what you can.
You seemed to the eldest and
oldest in the whole team.
I'm sure that you too
must be diabetic like me.
Let's both of take a
break and go eat.
My head's bursting.
Head's bursting!
You will burst open my head?
I hope I'm talking correctly.
Why do you guys hear
something else?
Thank god, no one's here.
- Come on guys.
- Why are you calling everyone?
I want everyone to know
that I found the suitcase!
You didn't, in fact your hands
have found my brief. Hands off me!
Lets escape from through this door.
Lord, do something!
Saw that? No one dares
to stand in front of me.
Indeed, they are
right behind you.
Oh my god!
I'm getting dizzy. Let go of me!
I'm already dizzy!
You let go of the suitcase.
This is the 35th round, rotate two more times and
our name will be in the Guinness book of records.
Finish off each and every one!
Spare no one!
Dear Lord, you escape in that....
and I'll escape from here.
I got the suitcase!
Finish them all off and return.
Don't spare anyone...
The suitcase!
Please don't yell so
close to my face.
I might pee our of fear and
you will be the one affected.
Get the suitcase!
Can't you guys catch hold
of one fellow?! Get lost!
Now, watch my aim. It will stab him and
insert 5 inches deep into his flesh.
Your aim sucks.
Give me that knife.
See that? Now that's 5 inches deep.
I was aiming at him!
You should have told
me that earlier!
Dear Lord, why did you
stop me from throwing it?
Yes, I stopped you from throwing it.
You appeared quite vigorous...
and I didn't want anything to happen to him because
of you. Hence I held it back for safety reasons.
Awesome Lord!
Stop you fraudster!
What are you guys looking at?
Go catch him!
Seenu, catch him! Stop!
- If I catch hold of you, you are done for!
- Catch him!
- Stop!
- Stop you guys!
Please, listen to me. My hands
and legs are shivering.
Please buy at least
a plate of Kachori.
Can't you see all hell's broken
loose here and you want abuse me?
Oh my god!
Why is everyone thrashing me?
I guess I have lost my voice
to the beatings I got.
And unaware of this, I have been
getting thrashings in pursuit of food!
Come again?
You will hit me with
your foot wear?
He says he will hit me with his foot
wear and should I just stay quite?
- Uncle, come out.
- It freezing!
Hold on.
Make it fast.
I'm frozen!
I am Nandita.
From CBI.
Yeah, not just that...
finally after lots of planning and
following, we have got the culprit!
There are 33 cases of forgery
registered against you.
That suitcase is mine.
I can't hand it to you since I
caught the accused with it.
You may collect it from the
head office after the enquiry.
- Excuse me madam.
- Yes?
This tusk...
is from the elephant that
was his grandpa's pet.
- Please hand over it to them.
- Grandpa?
How did it come here?
This is director Sundar C's movie!
Lot of such things will happen.
I'll be back tomorrow afternoon.
Keep my share ready. Ok?
Ji, did he just say he will
back tomorrow afternoon?
Forget that...
look how cool he is even
after getting arrested.
- How are everyone at home?
- Ji!
Look at their hands.
Ji, could that be his girlfriend.
I'm Nandita.
From CBI.
Ji, she didn't show her ID card...
it was Aadhar card.
Aadhar card?
Dharmaraj, the suitcase
is now in my custody.
The price for it just went up.
Pay 150 million and
you may have it.
He is escaping! Catch him!
Stop! Stop!
- Stop!
- Guys, come on!
- Dear disciple...
- Yes Lord?
I'm ready for the next round...
- set up a place.
- We do have the Muruga Mansion.
- Come with us.
- To where?
To thrash you!
Excuse me. Do you guys play cricket?
Then cool. Come on, lets go.
Dear Lord, its a huge palace. It
will be very hard to do the chores.
Note down the items to be bought.
4 kgs detergent.
- 12 mop sticks.
- 10 floor cleaners.
20 bottles of phenoyl!