Kalank (2019) Movie Script

I know I am dying.
How much time
do I have?
You have enough time, Satya...
For you to not lose hope.
Hope only makes you wait...
It doesn't change reality.
How much time
do I have?
One year...
Two, maybe...
My child...
It is not possible for
you to travel in this condition.
Will I get better
sitting at home?
My child, some things
are not in our control.
A dying person should
fix their karma...
Not their health.
That is in my control.
If I don't do this while I am alive
I'll regret it even after I am dead.
I will have to do
this for my husband.
Went here at times
Went there at times
An uproar she created
Whichever way she went
Leaving these acquainted lanes
Who is this dear one she's going to?
Deprived my soul feels
Though it's raining colours
Deprived my soul feels
Though it's raining colours
I'm the looter of comfort
Stealer of sleep
Bring me
Bring me
The royal scarf
Bring me
The royal scarf
I tie anklets on my feet
On my feet
They echo pleasantly
when I walk
And the breeze tells me
Come have a ride with me
When I dance
The world wonders
When I dance
The world wonders
How come in the city
There is a wild peahen?
Bring me
The royal scarf
Catch the last kite, Roop didi.
Make us win!
My scarf is red
Catch it before it flies.
Just couldn't
catch that kite...
You go inside.
You have
come back again!
Father, you won't
be able to say it.
I beg of you,
please leave.
I beg of you, please hear
me out one last time Roop.
Look, Satya ji...
When your father had
helped us with his generosity...
We didn't know that
one day his daughter
Would return to collect
his kindness as debt with interest.
I haven't come to
collect interest, Roop...
I've come to
ask you for a favour.
I'm sorry.
I can't do this
favour for you.
My freedom is not for sale.
You are getting me wrong, Roop.
Or perhaps I'm the only
one who is getting it right.
All I am asking for is
a year of your life, Roop...
Because I have
only a year to live.
Think calmly
about it once, my child.
All she wants is...
That you live with her
and the family for a year.
What's the harm in that?
Once I go, I won't
be able to return, father.
Satya is a good woman.
She has promised me that...
She will look after your
sisters till they get married.
Is this why you raised
me with an education?
So that you could sell
me at a fair price one day?
What kind of father sends his
daughter alone to Husnabad and...
Forces her to live in a stranger's
house with no relation to them?
Even if I go door to door
to teach music all my life...
I'll never be able to
get you and your sisters married!
As the eldest sister,
this is your duty.
I'm not forcing you, my child.
I know Satya since her childhood.
She will take better
care of you than us.
The choice is yours.
I'll come with you.
But I have one condition.
Your husband will
have to marry me first.
I'll enter that house
only as your husband's wife...
Not as his mistress.
Roop, all that I want
is that while I am alive...
You get to know him,
understand him so -
- So that after you die,
he should marry me?
What kind of a wife are you?
And if for a moment
I agree to your madness
Who will guarantee
that after your death
Your husband will marry me?
What if he throws me
out of the house?
Where will I go then?
What will happen to me?
Who'll accept me after that?
Have you thought about it?
- Roop, I promise you...
- Promise?!
When you won't be alive
who will fulfil your promise?
Without getting married
I will not step into that house.
The sharp words that I speak
Are like
Bullets coming out of a gun
My manners blend
together like rangoli
Just like
Eid on the day of Holi
The sharp words that I speak
Are like
Bullets coming out of a gun
My manners blend
together like rangoli
Just like
Eid on the day of Holi
My life is such
Sometimes I crave the journey
Sometimes the destination
Rest all is first class
Rest all is first class
Rest all is first class
I swear
Rest all is first class
In a moment I weigh the pros
In a moment I weigh the cons
Roll the dice as per
the rules of the game
That's my way of
dealing with life
Who needs riches?
You lose as much as you make
I'm a merchant in the trade of love
Some mornings
bring a smile to my face
Some evenings
are melancholic
Rest all is first class
Rest all is first class
Rest all is first class
I swear
Rest all is first class
You're the talk of the town
Pamphlets are
distributed in your name
There are a million Romeos
But you're in a different league
My praises and criticisms
dodge each other
Like in a game of hide and seek
My manners blend
together like rangoli
Just like
Eid on the day of Holi
My life is such
Sometimes I crave the journey
Sometimes the destination
Rest all is first class
I swear
Rest all is first class
Two more girls have come to learn
singing at Madame Bahaar's haveli.
Don't try to flirt with them.
Do you know?
All the Hindu girls are
talking of moving to Amritsar.
Why don't you
talk to Abdul once?
He's quite upset.
That Dev Chaudhry has
just come from London...
And printed an article
against Partition.
He got married again today.
Brought his second wife home...
And people tarnish
the image of Muslims.
Dev Chaudhry?
Yes, my love, Dev Chaudhry.
His wife is dying...
And it's her last wish
that Dev get married again.
What happened, Zafar?
Come home O'stranger
Come visit, my dear!
Come home O'stranger
You are welcome, my dear!
I love my wife very much.
I don't know how Satya
convinced you for this marriage...
But, I've done this
only for her happiness.
Don't misunderstand me...
You will get the dignity
you deserve in this house.
This relation will
have respect but not love.
The lesser you expect from me,
the lesser your hardship will be.
I hope your heart is
is bigger than mine...
And with time you'll find
it in you to forgive me.
My husband bid me farewell
on our wedding night.
Because you married a
man you had never met before.
In fact, for days I didn't
even know what he looked like.
My one decision made in rage...
Destroyed all four of our lives.
By the way, Zafar miyaan...
If you love your
swords so much...
Why don't you join the
fight of the blacksmiths?
I'm making
swords for that fight.
Your witty lines charm
the hearts of ladies in Hira Mandi.
Why didn't you come
to the meeting yesterday?
Was waiting to charm one more heart.
Didn't want to break it.
Look, Zafar miyaan...
If these steel
manufacturing machines come...
All our workshops will shut.
This time it is not
an attack on our community.
But on our livelihood.
On one hand you say,
Allah will look after us.
And on the other,
you get scared.
If we work hard,
we'll never be unemployed.
As for your Awaam-e-Haqparty meeting and talk of Partition...
I'm an illegitimate child.
My own father
did not give me his name.
A man who didn't
fight for his own rights.
How will he fight
for the community?
Fine. Let it be.
I've told you
many times, Abdul miyaan.
If you truly want to spread
your message to the people...
Then there is no better way
than Balraj Chaudhry's newspaper.
As you'd suggested, we went
to meet The Daily Times people.
But, ever since Balraj Chaudhry's
son has come back from Britain...
He's against Partition...
And he's busy publishing articles
on "One Nation One Identity".
Revolution needs blood and sacrifice.
Not through dialogues.
You're right!
Zafar miyaan,
you're absolutely right!
Come on...
Hop on to our side!
Don't get me wrong.
You're like my brother.
I can give my life...
But only for you.
Keep me away from
the Chaudhry's affairs, Abdul miyaan.
Dev, you'll have to
be a little careful.
This 'One Nation,
One Identity' article...
Is not going down well with people.
The British are dividing
our nation in the name of religion.
It is not going to
benefit anyone in the future.
But without them we are
incapable of governing our country.
Why don't you write about that?
We'll learn everything with time...
Only if we remain united.
Who has made you the
Messiah of this cause?
I'm just a voice with
the power to reach people.
Or rather power to instigate!
Or I'm showing them the right way...
Which you also believe in...
But you're scared of politics.
Do not forget that
we are a minority here.
And the Muslim League is
getting stronger every day.
You need to think
with your head, not your heart.
If only I were able to do so...
Sometimes it's necessary
for the head to lose to the heart.
What happened Saroj?
Where is Roop?
She's not willing
to come down.
I'm leaving.
It's fine.
Send the breakfast to her room.
Dev will always feel that...
I have been unfair with him.
But what you have done is right.
Have some faith in life...
The knots it has tangled...
It will itself untangle.
Where is this voice coming from?
From Bahaar Begum's haveli.
At one time she was the most
famous courtesan of Husnabad.
But she stopped dancing.
Now she teaches singing.
Where is Bahaar Begum's haveli?
In Hira Mandi.
The most disreputable
area of the city.
Saying the name
ruins one's reputation.
I'm telling you, Munshi sa'ab...
There's no better blacksmith
than Zafar bhai in Hira Mandi.
Last year he made the
swords for the British Army.
Isn't he that
illegitimate child...
How do his roots matter?
You look at the quality of his work.
It matters to me, Abdul sahab.
Firstly, he's illegitimate...
And on top of that...
Pardon me...
Munshi ji...
If he runs away with my money...
I'll strangle your neck...
Learn to respect people's work...
Not their father's name...
But this big thought...
Your narrow mind
won't understand.
Leave me, Zafar!
Leave me, Zafar...
I'm telling you
Zafar, leave him.
Leave me Zafar...
These people have no shame!
Be grateful to us...
We allow people like you
to live in our area.
As it is these people are
in Hira Mandi because of our mercy...
And what are they doing?
They are increasing the filth!
How long will you
lock yourself in your room?
You are married now.
You also have some
responsibilities in this house.
Towards whom?
Your husband?
Who loves only you?
We've not even
seen each other.
I only had
one responsibility...
Towards my sisters.
And, I fulfilled that
by getting married.
Start working at
Dev's newspaper.
Spend some time with him.
See, things will change.
I've already spoken about it.
You take such
good care of everyone.
I'm not your enemy, Roop.
All I'm trying is to make
your life easy before I am gone.
You know...
My parents thought that
educating a girl child is a waste.
If I were educated...
I wouldn't let such a
big opportunity go waste.
I want to restart my vocal practise.
Of course, you must.
If you want...
I can arrange
a tutor right away.
I want to go to Hira Mandi
and learn from Bahaar Begum.
You've learn't about
the city quite fast...
But you don't know
the rules of this house...
You can learn music but
you cannot go to Hira Mandi.
If you don't let me
go to Hira Mandi...
Then I won't work
for the newspaper either.
Then don't!
Cage yourself in your anger.
But remember...
You wrote your own destiny...
With your own will.
Now this is your life, Roop.
The sooner you realize this...
Easier the rest
of your life will be.
You don't have
any right over my life.
Do you?
Absolutely not!
Baba, I know Roop.
Once she makes up her mind...
She doesn't listen to anyone.
She's a daughter-in-law
of this house.
And like everyone else...
She has to respect
the rules of the house.
As per your wish...
We never even
looked at that place.
But we can't expect
the same from Roop.
Before she takes
any drastic step...
We should allow her to go.
It's the only chance to
bring Dev and Roop closer.
What are you doing?
Bhabhi ji is calling you.
Between my stubbornness
and their rules...
My stubbornness won.
Dev Chaudhry's talk of "One
Nation One identity" sounds pleasant.
But think again...
On one side he's against Partition...
And on the other side...
He's trying to bring
in steel factories...
So from both
sides we die hungry.
We need more advertisements.
Or else we'll be able to
print only thrice a week.
Sir, the whiskey ad
we carried last week...
They want to run
an ad this week too.
Because of that alcohol ad...
The whole week...
The Muslim sector
boycotted our newspaper.
The whiskey company
is giving a hefty amount.
Ahmed is right.
We need to find other products.
Cosmetics and sari.
No one is offended
by kohl and clothes.
Instead of alcohol...
We can advertise
Lux soap in the paper...
These ads will also make
women buy the newspaper.
I'm sorry...
The thought came,
so I blurted it out.
I'm here to meet Dev Chaudhry.
And, you are?
His wife.
Anant ji.
Please, show her to her desk.
Myself Anant Pal.
By the way, who is he?
Please, come.
What is this?
Husband and wife don't
even know each other.
Maybe they had a
Muslim wedding.
That day if even you were
on the other side of the veil...
Dev sir would not have known.
Hira Mandi's biggest festival...
But this area is...
The infamous part of the city.
In accordance with traditions
of the king of dynasties
You may lose your life
but your promises must be kept
Hail the king of dynasties,
The king of Ayodhya
Hail! Lord Ram
Hail! Beloved of queen Sita
Hail the king of dynasties,
The king of Ayodhya
Hail! Lord Ram
Hail! Beloved of queen Sita
O'Ram! You are eagerly awaited
O'Ram! You are eagerly awaited
For more than seven lives by Sita!
Come back home, O'stranger
Come visit, O'dear
Come back home, O'stranger
Come visit, O'dear
The king of birds Jatayu is here
He flutters his wings to save Sita
In the name of Ram
Hail Lord Ram.
I lost my senses and my peace
I lost my senses and my peace
But found my dearest gem, Ram
Come back home, O'stranger
Come visit, O'dear
Come back home, O'stranger
Come visit, O'dear
Neither my mother's lullaby
Nor the colours of spring
Nothing interests me anymore
Since my eyes rested on
The regal archer
Since then the angst
of separation agonizes me
Neither my mother's lullaby
Nor the colours of spring
Nothing interests me anymore
Since my eyes rested on
The regal archer
Since then the angst
of separation agonizes me
The whole world
is aware of my dilemma
ignorant is the callous one
Come back home, O'stranger
Come visit, O'dear
Went to the riverbank
to fetch water
Delirious in love
Went to the riverbank
to fetch water
Went to the riverbank
to fetch water
Delirious in love
Went to the riverbank
to fetch water
The charm of your eyes
stunned me
Like a deer struck by an arrow
And I became your devotee
Come back home, O'stranger
Come visit, O'dear
The voice is good...
But it lacks that sparkle...
And to bring that
sparkle in your raag...
You must live a colourful life.
But too much sparkle
can make life bitter.
I've come to learn
music from you.
Here, we call music... singing.
Whatever the price
to learn singing is...
I accept it.
My talent is so precious...
It's priceless.
Are you married?
My experience says...
Those who circle
the fire of marriage...
Their fire of passion dims forever.
I'm here to reignite that fire.
Please don't send me
back without hope.
It's getting late,
we should leave.
Aren't you the
caretaker at the Chaudhry's?
Does your family know that
you've come to meet me?
Yes, they know.
Come tomorrow.
I'll listen to your voice again.
And if I like it again...
Then I'll definitely teach you.
For now I'm tired
of this tte--tte.
Khuda Hafiz.
Hail the king of dynasties,
The king of Ayodhya
Hail! Lord Ram
Hail! Beloved of queen Sita
Hail the king of dynasties,
The king of Ayodhya
Hail! Lord Ram
Hail! Beloved of queen Sita
That glance held such light
My soul is shimmering
Trapped by enchantment
A maiden walks unstably
Pulling the strings of my heart
These whimsical imaginations of love
I've heard all the courtesans
of this market sing.
Your voice has more love than pain.
The further you go from me,
the closer you'll find me.
Don't shield your alluring eyes
with disapproving eyelashes.
Come back home, O'stranger
Come visit, O'dear
Come back home, O'stranger
Come visit, O'dear
After ages I've heard
such a voice...
That has pain and solace.
I'm grateful you
reconsidered your decision.
This is merely a compliment.
Gratitude should be for criticism...
Because it gives you
the real teachings in life.
Shall we leave?
Tell me?
I wanted to talk to you in office...
But didn't get a chance.
Regarding what?
I don't want to just
while my time in your company.
I also want to work.
I want to write an article.
On which topic?
On Hira Mandi.
When I look at people
from that area...
It feels like there are stories
hidden in every house.
If you find a
story worth reading...
Then we'll print it.
I know we're both trapped
in this relationship.
And I take equal
blame for this.
I just want to tell you...
I don't have any expectations
from this relationship.
This is not a marriage
but a compromise...
And you can
free yourself from it.
I've never spoken about
breaking this marriage.
But I'm glad
to know your opinion.
Thank you.
Excuse me...
Where can I find Abdul Khan?
Zafar bhai...
Where's Abdul miyaan?
She is here to meet him.
Please go in.
Just one encounter
made you come back?
I'll fulfil your desire today.
But you won't
be able to satisfy me...
I'll end up wasting my time.
I'm married.
I wasn't going to marry you.
I am here to meet Abdul Khan.
Why do I need to tell you?
Then why should I
tell you where Abdul is?
I want to write an article...
On Hira Mandi and its people.
That's why
That's why you
came to the brothel?
Is this the way to talk?
Calling a courtesan Taj Mahal
will not change her fate!
Do you look at
all women the same way?
This is my way.
But you can
change it for me.
I have no such desire.
How will you have?
You're imprisoned in your marriage.
But if you really want...
I can fulfil your
unfulfilled desires.
You are too ill mannered.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Actually, I'm from Daily Times.
I want to write an
article on Hira Mandi...
Its people, and social milieu...
Daily Times.
The social milieu is charged here...
Blacksmiths are jobless.
And this fight for our
rights will lead to Partition.
Will your newspaper
write about it?
No, right?Khuda Hafiz!
What do you want?
Don't answer that!
Just want to ask...
Is your work done?
What happened
to you suddenly?
No, Abdul miyaan
has a quick temperament.
All day he's busy with
the politics of Partition.
But I don't care.
As long as our locality
is ours, it's all good.
Thank God, at least
you respect your locality.
It's difficult to trust me.
I know that.
And why are you so
attached to this place?
Beautiful girls live here?
Beautiful and...
Easy too.
Destiny threw me here.
Life was about to crush me...
But this street saved me.
Taught me to walk.
I triumphed...
And that's how I got
my name Zafar.
Now, this is my home.
Without these alleys,
I'd have no identity.
No one knows
Hira Mandi better than me.
Roop. (Face)
You've got a
nice one, Masha Allah!
Are you here to find a story
or to hide yours?
To find.
Are you happy in your marriage?
You said you're married.
But you didn't say you're happy.
Do you have any limit?
Limits are meant for borders...
Not for thoughts.
And if you have a question,
it's better to ask.
Half the world's gone
mad cooking up stories.
So, away from political issues.
This place has some amazing things...
If you want to see them...
I'd like to see.
Do you have the courage
to step into my world?
I've got nothing to lose.
And, anyway...
I'm sure your
world is better than you.
All right.
We'll meet next Friday.
Kalaam Valley.
Don't worry...
Without consent or a good price...
I don't touch womens.
If Zafar bhai manages to
sit on the bull for 7 seconds...
Then he will win.
Well done!
Are you crazy?!
You've gone from distant
to intimate quite fast.
Why did you call me here?
You were looking for a story.
I showed you a glimpse.
Got scared?
You could've died.
Death is my right.
And an illegitimate child
like me has no aim...
Nor anything to lose, unlike you.
That's why I'm not scared of death.
The day you fall in love...
You'll find an aim...
And you'll start fearing death too.
Your wish may never get fulfilled.
I love this game.
I have never seen a
specimen like you.
There is no one like me!
Isn't she that journalist girl?
At least leave her.
Some day I will.
She's a good girl.
Too good.
That's why I don't have
any bad thoughts about her.
I've heard she's married?
I hope you know
what you're doing.
The more I was getting
estranged from the family...
The closer I was getting to Zafar.
For the world, Zafar was a riddle...
In trying to untangle him,
I was getting entangled.
He came like a storm in my life.
And I, like hope,
floated away with him.
Did you know Lahore city
used to be known as Lohawar....
Which means the city of blacksmiths.
Blacksmiths are the face of this city.
The British want
to bring machinery here...
That'll make us all jobless...
I don't understand...
That your newspaper...
We will flow in the wind
We will nest in the clouds
You are my rain, I'm your cloud
If I cannot be yours
Then I cannot be someone else's
You are my lover
I'm your mad lover
Among thousands one gets
Such a destiny
Just like Ranjha and Heer
Don't know why this society
Is adamant on erasing
Love is not a blemish
Love is a kohl, my dear
Love is not a blemish
Love is a kohl, my dear
O' dear
In the eyes of the world
It's a disorder
Only the ones who
get it know it's a devotion
These dramas help
to attract more audience.
It benefits the theatre also.
You are not involved
in this drama?
I'm involved in your life's drama.
Is that enough?
One sided perhaps
It could be heart's illusion
On both sides, it is a coincidence
When life brings
Its story at a turn
We feel like strangers
By mere eye contact with someone
Whatever I retained
On my beloved I offered
I need not a hold of
Anyone else's hand, o dear
Something's changed.
Not really.
Not in your voice,
in your heart.
I'm yours
I'm the darkness,
you are my golden light
I'm yours
I'm a lost traveler
you are my destination
I'm yours
You are the firefly
I'm a dense jungle
I'm yours
I'm yours
This isn't worth printing.
The blacksmiths of Hira Mandi
came to meet me today.
I think you should
hear them out...
Otherwise, they'll force
our Muslim staff to go on a strike.
Baba, please come
straight to the point?
Have courtesans started
visiting homes to dance?
I'm sorry, you've come
to the wrong address.
Spare Roop, Zafar.
Till when are you going
to run away from the truth?
Till the truth is alive.
I've learnt this from you.
Why are you so worried about Roop?
In all this, Roop is not at fault.
In all this,
it wasn't my mistake either.
If you want to learn, then be a man
and learn from your mistakes.
Don't hold others
responsible for your life.
That's the problem, Baba.
I don't want to learn
anything from a man like you.
You're using Abdul...
To provoke people
against their Press.
Organizing protests.
And I'm not saying anything to you...
But Roop...
Why is she being punished
for the sins of others...
Not others...
She's being punished
for your sins, Ammi.
You fell in love
with a married man...
Had a child and
abandoned him on the streets.
Don't say that.
I was just seventeen...
I was deeply in love with him....
And I'm still
not free from it.
It was a mistake...
That I still haven't
been able to correct.
Mistakes made consciously
are not mistakes but dishonesty.
And till date you haven't
made the effort to admit it.
My love had turned me selfish.
I kept the child...
So that I could
grow closer to Balraj...
But he grew further away from me.
I thought he's running away
because of the shame of a child.
if I leave you, he'll come back...
But then I understood...
That it's not you...
He's running away from me.
I'd come back to take you...
But you didn't want to...
Discarded things often decay Ammi.
Our relationship has
also decayed forever.
I have no reason to come back
to you besides your funeral.
I just want to say one thing.
I also got married
without my consent.
That's why I searched
for love outside this house.
I hope the same
doesn't happen to Roop.
Try to commit to your relationship.
Not everyone thinks like you Baba.
At least, I respect Roop.
You never respected mother...
And all her life she lived
thinking that it's her fault.
She was even ready to
accept your illegitimate child.
I don't know from where
she drew her courage.
If only you'd agreed...
Our family could have
been saved from falling apart.
But your arrogance was
bigger than your mistakes.
It's not that boy's fault.
But now if I meet him
I'll hate you even more.
You have destroyed our family....
But the reason is him.
So, it's better you don't advise me
on how to handle my relationships.
Balraj Chaudhry...
Gave my share of wealth, respect
and dignity to his legitimate son.
So, in return I'll snatch
his daughter-in-law away.
And I've got nothing to lose.
I have no legitimate existence,
no family...
They can't be trusted...
No one wants them...
I've grown up
hearing these taunts.
But enough of it.
The girl he brought home
to continue his lineage...
I'll use her
to destroy the family.
What will happen then?
By doing all this...
Will you get your father...
Your childhood, your respect...
Your rights back?
Wipe off this hatred from your eyes...
Only then you'll be able
to see that girl's love.
The desire for revenge
has made you blind.
In the angst to destroy your father...
You are destroying yourself.
I accept it all.
I'll destroy everything.
He won't even know...
How he got destroyed.
The man who refused my existence...
He himself will come
begging for mercy.
And then...
I'll set his hopes on fire...
That even hell's fires will pale.
He'll have to pay for his sins.
And in return,
if my fate is cursed...
I'll accept it with open arms...
Ya Allah!
Everyone In Hira Mandi knew Zafar...
But who he really was...
No one knew.
Don't you feel like going back?
There's no reason to go back.
For generations we're
in this profession.
Our children are raised
on this livelihood!
If the British bring
their steel machines...
Blacksmiths will be jobless!
Today it's us.
Tomorrow, it can happen
to any other artisan!
As you'd advised...
I called workers of the Daily Times.
Do you think this will
reach the Chaudhry's?
And they'll support us?
His animosity towardsAwaam-e-Haq is pretty old.
People like Balraj Chaudhry...
Sometimes make their
religion their agenda.
You're right.
If he can fight
for his religion...
Then why can't we?
This fight isn't about justice.
It's about our rights!
And now your people are ready...
To grab their long forgotten rights.
Is Satya Chaudhry going to die?
She is going to pass away...
Because she has cancer.
And, what'll happen after she's dead?
You'll sit on her throne?
You husband will give you
the respect of the first wife?
Your marriage will flourish?
Bo-kata! (The kite is cut!)
I used to love the
kite flying festival.
Then, what happened?
A flying kite used to
fill me with hope.
Now, I only see fallen kites.
People here love their kites...
ZBut more than
flying their own kite...
They enjoy cutting others.
Do you only look for faults?
If only you'd lived my life...
You'd know why there's
so much darkness around me.
Ordeals are a part
of everyone's lives...
But being bitter will poison
our lives and decay it.
When someone else's failure
feels like our victory...
Then we are the greatest
failures in the world.
Have you ever been in love?
I race with the kites...
But I don't let them cut me loose.
We should leave...
Or else, the night will engulf us.
You were right.
Something has changed in me...
Because of Zafar.
I think I'm-
-You are married!
It isn't a marriage,
it's a contract.
It's a mistake to think...
But to act on it is a sin!
I haven't told anyone except you.
I thought you'd understand.
Just because I run a kotha...
Doesn't mean you ask
for my permission to cheat.
I wasn't trying to insult you.
Your husband is a nice man.
Is being nice enough?
To spend the rest of your life with?
I need some time
to think over this.
What's there to think?
If the steel industry comes...
All the blacksmiths will be jobless.
Isn't this news worth printing?
But industries are
good for the country.
And all of you can
work in the factories.
We will not be enslaved.
The question is about
the country's development...
Not about slavery.
Before, slavery for the British...
And now for the Hindus.
This is all that a Muslim
will keep doing here!
Don't try to change the issue.
If we drag religion
in every conversation...
This country will burn forever!
Muslim League has
won the election.
Now, don't you worry
about the country...
Worry just about yourself!
I have the habit of
worrying about everyone.
And that's the difference
between you and me.
I don't use people's
plight to mislead them.
You are right.
The issue is about religion.
Once we create our own nation...
Our voices won't go in vain.
But then...
Who'll listen to your
voice, Dev sahab?
She's Dev Chaudhry's second wife.
Munshi ji wants to
give you a contract.
And what have
you given him in return?
Did he decide to
just because you're a Hindu?
I don't accept charity.
I'm trying to help,
not giving charity.
And did I ask for your help?
I am good as I stand.
Why do you look for
faults in everything?
I am scared of goodness.
It often wants
something in return.
I have taken your guarantee.
I made Munshi ji understand...
That Hira Mandi is your home.
And I don't want anything in return.
Do you like to read?
A lot!
A lot.
Did you finish the
Cabinet Mission article?
No, something doesn't seem right.
It could probably be
our last article which-
Which could further your ideology
of "One Nation, One Identity".
The price of freedom is Partition.
The sooner we accept this the better.
Those people will never
understand your sentiments.
I won't be able to hide
I won't be able to reveal
In your love I've become
Mad, O' dear
If I cannot be yours
Then I cannot be someone else's
I'm your lover
I'm your mad lover
Have you seen her husband?
No, and I don't want to either.
The alleyways of love
are slippery Zafar miyaan...
Often lovers fall flat on their faces.
Be careful.
Don't know why this society
Let's go.
Is adamant on erasing
Love is not a taint,
it is a kohl, my dear
You should not support these
steel industries in our paper.
What has it got to
do with our publication?
The issue is not with the industries.
This can propel the country forward.
It can make the people your enemy!
In the eyes of the world
It's a disorder
Only the ones who
get it know it's a devotion
One sided perhaps
It could be heart's illusion
On both sides, it is but coincidence
The further you stay away
from him, the better.
A moth that romances
a flame ultimately perishes in it.
Among thousands one gets
Such a destiny
Just like Ranjha and Heer
Don't know why this society
Is adamant on erasing
It's not safe for you to be here.
Please leave immediately.
Long live the revolution!
Long live the revolution!
Jinnah has called for Direct Action.
Due to which there could be riots.
We might have to leave Husnabad.
Satya is too weak.
It is not advisable for her to travel.
Why are you avoiding me?
I got so busy in
showing you the city...
That I forgot
the path of my life.
I am leaving Husnabad.
How strange this life is.
At first, I didn't want
to come here...
And now, I don't
want to leave.
I am sure wherever
your husband takes you...
You will find happiness.
I don't love him.
Neither does he.
How long will I live this lie?
Some relationships
are like debts...
That cannot be redeemed,
they have to be repaid.
No one profits from
what you are trying to do.
Sometimes a loss
is better than a profit.
Emotion should not
be a slave of customs.
Do you know the
biggest sin in the world?
Is to suppress your feelings.
I don't have any
feelings for you, Roop.
Why can't I believe you?
Because you want
love more than belief.
You will be destroyed.
I cannot give you
anything more than grief.
I accept it.
You don't know me...
Or my life...
Or the reason...
For which I was trying
to get close to you.
That reason is not love.
There can be a thousand reasons
to avoid love in the market of fear.
But love needs
only one in your heart.
I have found my reason.
The rest is up to you.
You all should prepare
to leave Husnabad soon.
I will not go
anywhere without you.
I'm leaving without you.
The doctor said that
you could be cured soon.
To look into the eyes of
your lover and pass away...
Few people are as fortunate.
These tears are of peace...
Let them flow.
You are taking my
peace along with you.
Now what will I do
with the rest of my life.
Since a few days...
I have been feeling
jealous of Roop...
A good kind of jealousy.
She is going to get
my share of happiness.
No one can take your place.
I want to give her my status.
Promise me...
That you will fulfil
all our dreams with her.
You will educate your daughters...
You will be a friend to your sons...
You will forgive your Baba.
Don't leave me Satya.
Please stay.
Her absence affected
us for months.
So, did you leave Husnabad
after her passing away?
I wish we had left.
Sir, Abdul's party
has become quite powerful.
Let's give this article
a second thought.
Eid Mubarak.
You too.
Does he know
what he is going to do?
Besides, the Awaam-e-Haqmembers are after our blood.
After this article...
The blacksmiths of this
area will burn us alive.
Khuda Hafiz.
Are you grieving in
the time of celebration?
Who said I am grieving?
People drink together
during the festivities.
Only in grief do
people drink alone.
I just want to steal a few moments
from my life and spend it alone.
I am tired of the
pitiful eyes of people.
Me too.
So what is the
reason for your grief?
There is no liquor
in your hands...
Nor are you
celebrating the festival.
It is easy to reveal
your secrets to strangers...
Your heart feels lighter and
your reputation remains intact.
I have fallen in love...
With a married woman...
Would you like to drink?
I am a Muslim.
Eid Mubarak.
Thank you.
And she?
Does she love you?
More than I do.
Then what's the problem?
I wish you were her husband...
The matter would be resolved here.
Try to speak to her once.
This world is strange.
No one speaks to one another
they all set out to fight.
Sometimes fighting is easier
than expressing one's love.
What kind of a husband
wants to live with a woman
Who loves another man?
But there is one more
aspect of this story.
I had come for a story
and you have set astage!
The issue is that...
I have told her only half the truth.
Then tell her the whole truth.
It is not that easy.
Often it is that easy.
Anyways, what's your story?
I want to collect the broken pieces
of my fate and move on.
But I don't know where to begin.
Find the first piece
that wounded you...
The rest will be easy to gather.
So, how many women
have you slept with?
What kind of a ridiculous
question is this?
Means one.
I was married at the age of 18.
How many women
have you slept with?
I don't know how to count that many.
Have you ever
screamed in your life?
Let's scream aloud
today and tell life...
That we will not be
defeated by its treachery.
I promise you will feel liberated.
Try it.
That's enough.
Just one woman in your whole life!
With his crystal-like eyes
Hundred signals he gives
Under my window
The luckless fellow whistles all day
With his crystal-like eyes
Hundred signals he gives
Under my window
The luckless fellow whistles all day
In love he has become
Part blind, part deaf
My lover is an ordinary fellow
Satya had taken
care of this house.
I will not allow it
to be destroyed.
You have to understand your
responsibilities in this house.
I don't think I will be
able to take Satya's place.
Your husband has been staying
out all night since many days.
Take care of him.
Some relationships are like debts...
That cannot be redeemed,
they have to be repaid.
Dev and my relationship
is somewhat like that.
Next week we
are leaving Husnabad.
I am in love with this city.
I will not be able
to leave Husnabad.
Angel like Iranian face
But such Indian mannerisms
In the lake-like depth of your eyes
There's a crusade of a thunder
Look, in your assembly
we have arrived
To sacrifice our lives
For the sake of one beloved
Today you have
two-two lovers
The engine of our hearts
Have halted at your station
The engine of our hearts
Have halted at your station
Why would you think of
us as ordinary fellows?
My lover is an ordinary fellow
Why would you think of us
as ordinary fellows?
The night has brought
Such a festive atmosphere
To let go of all our distresses
It's our turn
The night has brought
Such a festive atmosphere
To let go of all our distresses
It's our turn
Today, let us dance and sing
Let us indulge in romance
And let the heartbreakers
be damned
Let the worldly duties be damned
A beauty glances in
the mirror of my heart
A beauty glances in
the mirror of my heart
In love he has become
Part blind, part deaf
My lover is
My lover is
My lover is an ordinary fellow
My lover is an ordinary fellow
Why would you think of
us as ordinary fellows?
Since when?
Since going to learn
music from Bahaar Begum.
What is his name?
It is time's injustice
That I'm yours
You are someone's gift
But your love
Is my wealth
You are someone's inheritance
Your father is
worrying about you.
The day I die
Let's go.
Come to meet me once
With the permission of someone else
Last year has
been tough on you.
I apologise if my
behaviour has upset you.
Either you can separate...
Or give this marriage
one more chance.
I will accept your decision.
Are the doors of
your kotha always open?
We don't have anything to hide.
We are leaving this city.
You bid me
farewell ages ago.
Do tell me...
What pain have you
come to inflict today?
Time's changed but
you haven't Bahaar jaan.
Now you're using your son
to destroy my family!
Put some sense in him...
Roop is my daughter-in-law.
God's wit is also unmatchable!
The man who has made...
A spectacle of so many lives...
Is here today with
a plea to save his dignity...
Time hasn't changed
you either, Balraj sa'ab.
I'd clearly told you that
our relationship was wrong.
But you couldn't face the truth...
And you have spent your whole life
making a spectacle of your betrayal.
Oh, so that's how
you've consoled yourself?
If the relationship was so wrong...
Then why did you come
back again and again?
You too were in love Balraj sa'ab...
But you got scared of the society...
And one day dumped me like filth.
Your selfishness disgusts me.
Please do me a favour
and leave from here.
What a blessing God
has bestowed on me today.
After years, I came to meet Ammi...
And found Abba here too.
On one side there's Bahaar Begum,
who discarded me.
And on the other side
there's Balraj Chaudhry...
Who was denying my
existence till yesterday...
And today, he's
here to beg from me.
What do you want?
That I should beg you
for the pride of my family?
Leave them alone!
But that's your legacy...
To leave your dear ones.
What do you know
about family?
Anyway, only God knows how many
of my siblings are roaming around here
I have only one family...
Which has to be
saved from you two.
Then tell your daughter-in-law
to stop loving me.
I'd told you to abort him!
His birth murdered our relationship.
Or revealed your truth!
This is not our child...
it's a result of my mistake...
That I cannot break
away from my whole life.
Zafar, leave him.
Do whatever you want with me...
But don't make
my son pay for my sins.
He hasn't done anything to you.
I'd met him today.
He has everything...
Except happiness.
In your struggle to
protect him from the world...
You forgot to give him love.
I had only one aim in my life...
To see you in this condition.
But Roop is right...
When someone else's failure
feels like victory to us...
Then we are the greatest
failures in the world.
I know you'll never accept me.
But you can't deny
that I'm a part of you.
From your son's share
just give me Roop.
I love her.
I won't ask for anything
else besides this.
Stay away from Roop
and Dev's marriage, Zafar...
Or else the
consequence will be dire!
Roop's love is my right!
And you don't own it...
And this right, I'll take anyhow.
I know you don't agree
with me in lots of things...
But this time you also know...
That I am right.
Someone's come from
Hira Mandi to meet you.
What happened miyaan?
It's all because of that woman.
I can't believe that...
The Chaudhry's can
stoop so low to hurt you.
Roop has no hand in this.
Blinded love shuts
the doors of the mind.
You can't see the games
Chaudhry is playing with you.
But, I'm not blind.
You can forgive her, if you want...
But I'll take your
revenge from that woman.
If you touch her...
Along with our relation,
I'll chop your head off.
Often makes you commit mistakes...
I'd warned you.
You're getting me wrong.
I'd sworn that...
I'd never come here again.
But today because of you...
I had to break my vow.
You don't know
what I'm going through.
Pity, it's only going to get worse.
Zafar is Balraj and my son.
He's used you...
To destroy this house.
He loves me.
I've seen it in his eyes.
He has lied to
you from the beginning.
He must've made some
mistakes in his life.
But, our love is true.
You are educated...
And sensible.
He is a boy from Hira Mandi.
In his life, no woman holds
any value outside his bed.
And he didn't
even want that from you.
All he wants...
Is to publicly humiliate
Balraj Chaudhry.
And your blind love...
Has given him that opportunity.
This is the truth!
Accept it!
Even if you had left
your husband and gone to him...
He wouldn't accept you.
You should love someone
who respects you...
And can love you
more than you can.
You aren't his love...
You're his vengeance...
And he loves
only his vengeance.
To win your family feud...
You entangled me in a
political turmoil for all these years.
Everyone is right...
That people like
you have no integrity!
With the fire you ignited...
I'll use the same fire
to burn this city down.
Even you won't be able
to stop what you started.
It was necessary.
Zafar has always hated me.
He'll hate me a little more.
But at least he'll be safe.
What's the use of this life...
If you've snatched away
the only purpose to live?
Illegitimate love always
leads to destruction.
His name is Zafar.
Your brother.
You'd met him
on the night of Eid.
I didn't have the courage
to admit my mistakes.
Please forgive me.
If I never remembered
you in prayers
I have never cursed you too
Neither have I been displeased
Nor have I been disloyal
Why have you become unfaithful
Why did you get upset?
After separation from you
I have become devastated
I have become devastated
I have become devastated
My eyes seek you
Come to light them up
Come for the sake of farewell
Come back one last time
My eyes seek you
Come to light them up
Come for the sake of farewell
Come back one last time
You have become dear to a stranger
Why did you get upset?
After separation from you
I have become devastated
I have become devastated
You left the decision to me.
I have become devastated
In prayer I asked
for your long life
I used to repent from myself
May you always be warded
off from my own eyes
In prayer I asked
for your long life
I used to repent from myself
May you always be warded
off from my own eyes
But how did I become
so unpleasant to you?
After separation from you
I have become devastated
I have become devastated
I have become devastated
I have become devastated
What to say in love I'm tongue-tied
After separation from you
I have become devastated
I have become devastated
I'd fallen in love with
someone from Hira Mandi.
You have always
told me the truth.
When we are trying
to commit to this marriage...
I want to tell you my truth.
This relationship
will have respect but not love.
I hope your heart
is bigger than mine...
And in time you find
it in you to forgive me.
You used to love someone?
What changed?
I don't respect him.
And the love just ended?
You said that you want
to commit to this relationship.
Why now?
Just sleeping
together is not enough.
There are many other facets
to maintain a marriage.
I always told Satya...
The result of a forced
relationship is never good.
To make her happy,
I sacrificed mine.
And maybe it killed
your happiness too.
For which I was ashamed...
But with time that shame has
slowly changed into affection.
You have your whole life
in front of you, Roop.
Decisions made in anger
usually lead to mistakes.
Tell the truth to yourself once.
This much respect you can
give me and our relationship.
The relationship between husband-wife
should not be bound by tradition...
But only with love.
Dev Chaudhry has taken
his decision against us.
I've made my decision too.
To destroy these Chaudhrys.
Think about it.
Anyone who's not with
us is now our enemy!
Saroj ji!
Saroj ji!
We will bring the revolution!
We will make our nation!
Raise your hand, rise in solidarity!
We will bring the revolution!
Raise your hand, rise in solidarity!
We will bring the revolution!
We will make our nation!
Please forgive me.
That's all?
You've come to say that?
What difference does it make?
You've already
made up your mind...
Haven't you?
I loved you with passion.
In return, you
couldn't even be honest.
Was it so difficult
to tell me the truth?
All my life I'd filled
my heart with only one thing
I betrayed everyone...
So that I could seek
revenge from my father.
You threw the
hatred out of me...
And filled my heart
with love.
You were changing my heart.
I got scared.
I got scared of your love.
Everything that I
wanted from this house...
You gave to me.
If I'd told you the truth...
I'd have lost you.
Did you get me
with your lies?
We are not meant to
be together, Roop.
This is God's will.
Didn't you ever love me?
If I have to answer that...
Then questions will
be raised about your love.
Why don't you ever
give a straight answer, Zafar?
Just once tell me.
Just once...
That you love me.
Let's go from the back exit.
Kill all three of them.
We can't shelter them here.
They're hunting for Hindus
in Muslim households...
They won't be safe here.
Take them to the station.
Come with us...
I can't abandon my
Hindu girls and leave...
Please come with us, Ammi!
Where I was born, maybe...
There my death will come.
Please, leave...
Please, leave...
You both get in the train.
I'll stop them.
They'll kill you.
They are my people.
They won't do anything to me.
Leave them, Abdul miyaan!
Let them go...
For my sake.
Zafar come with us!
Zafar! Get up...
Zafar... Come with us.
Zafar get up...
Run, Zafar...
I don't know if
I was buried or burnt...
But my illegitimate
life achieved a purpose.
And that love will
always remain alive.
Creating borders does not
make the world big or small.
It only breaks thousands
of lives apart.
Often in those scattered lives the
pain of broken hearts unites two people.
The story of the Daily Times owners...
Roop and Dev is one of those
thousand tales of Partition...
That will get lost
in the wails of history.
Love and hate...
Both are red in colour.
But the difference
between the two is...
Hatred destroys the world...
And in love...
You have to destroy yourself.
And yet, love gets tainted.
Our tainted love will never perish...
It will always remain within us.
Now the decision is upto you.
What did you feel in this story?
Destruction or love?