Kalathur Gramam (2017) Movie Script

Mic22, receiving...
Operation in progress over
All these dogs should see
the fear of death in eyes
Remove the tied bands
Hey old fellows
How dare to say that policemen
should not enter your village?
If any of us comes, will you burn them
alive in wood coal burner?
Do you have that much guts?
Do you think policemen are waste?
Shall I show the power of policemen?
'Kalathur Village'
Sir, here goes some...
Sir, there...there it goes...
Look there, sir!
Some comes from inside...
Hey! Whats this?
Cant you keep the mortuary clean?
What can we do sir?
Corpses lie here for many years,
foul smell, worms and insects generate
Sir, given information to
all the welfare associations.
They are yet to come.
Sir, you know very well that the formalities
are more to bury the unclaimed corpses.
Getting permission from
government takes our life out
What to do now?
Hereafter we should ensure
not to pile up unclaimed bodies...
Sir, the orphan patient
in ward no.3 is serious
Nurse, fix up the oxygen
mask get him to ICU
'Venkatagiri Police station'
Sir, a dead body lays down
near the old church, check it
Who are you?
Always the hospital authorities do the same
They lay the serious patients
on road and call us
and we too register cases as
orphan corpses and get back to hospital.
What a rustic work is this?
Sir, they do the same...what to do?
A case 174 has come, near that church...
go and check it...
What constable ?
Is it 174 orphan corpse case, as usual?
You do the burials of the corpses and
keep on writing letters to the government.
But no money is refunded.
Let it be...not bothered
whether money comes or not .
Good earns are saved.
Constable sir, some people like you strive for
good earns but DSP Thalakayan gathers sins.
Look at this...
Is he the DSP Thalakayan
transferred from our area?
Yes sir...
He killed 5 persons in the name of encounter
and burnt them and says they are not found.
How will the people in
Kalathur village leave it?
With the support of media,
they are strongly protesting.
Now government has appointed
a enquiry commission...
Will the enquiry commission
leave him lightly?
DSP will be screwed up
'Violence in Kalathur
Enquiry commission leads by Retd. Judge'
Welcome UTV viewers !!
Now we are in Simmathur
Collectorate office...
Two people were shot dead in the protest
held last month in Kalathur village .
Many people got admitted
in hospital for treatment,
seven persons were not
found including a woman.
When I asked about this to policemen
they say, they did not
take anyone with them.
No one knows whether
they are alive or not...
Now we will ask the opinion of
the village people about the incident?
Sir, tell us what happened?
We accepted this, to get justice...
Those who were lost should return to
our village, if not we will not quit
We don't know whether
our village folks are alive
We pray God that
they should come alive.
Judge is coming...
- Are you Thalakayan?
- Yes, Sir
How many years are you in service?
I joined service in...
Why? Don't you know Tamil?
See, how the magazine has
appreciated your work efficiency!
- Where are the 7 missing persons?
- I don't know, sir
I heard you took them
No sir...
Ok...you can leave.
- Will call you when in need.
- Yes sir...
Tomorrow I want to visit the riot village
and meet the people who were affected
Sir, that village people are very cruel...
Already they are in flames
Its not good to go there now
Why do you say not now?
Damn sure we are going...
Sir, Kalathur village lies in the border of
Tamil Nadu and Andhra.
The population of this village is 592
The government has pinpointed
a black dot on this village
Actually, the setting of this village is
a dense woodlands jungle
It is surrendered by jungle
for almost 25 to 30 Km
Don't throw stones.
Don't throw stones.
Please...please...listen to me
Judge has come for your sake
Give him the way. Let him go in.
Sir, these murderers
shouldn't enter our village.
They beheld my son and grandson and we are
not aware whether they are alive or not...
Give us right judgement
Be silence
Don't worry
I will fasten the enquiry
and find them soon.
What do I reply to my son
who asks about his father?
If you are really good, give us a right
judgement and then go inside the village
If not...
Now you don't want us to
come inside the village...right?
There must be a fear on police
But what is this?
The whole village is fuming in flames
What did you do?
How many people were murdered?
No sir...at the time of riots
the villagers only shot at
the police with country guns.
To make them afraid,
policemen shot at them
below their knees where two
people died of mismark
What about the 7 missing people?
They may be hiding in the jungle
or on the mountains in Andhra
Are they hiding?
Is the whole village dying
hard and crying for that?
Why do you lie?
I want all the details about that village
Get a person who knows the entire history .
What is your name?
My name is Arumugam, sir
In which year you were on duty?
In 1980, I was on duty in a police station
which was outside the village for namesake
What was the problem
between police and village people?
Sir, it's not the recently developed issue.
It prolongs for years together.
Police personnel can't enter that village
If so they can't come back alive
Robbery is the sole occupation
of that village people.
Murder, robbery and stealing passersby
were the sole acts by them.
Not sure whether they
have a government ration card
but each one has
few cases against them.
They are fearless.
Only others are scared of them
How they got this much courage?
2 people are the main reason
One is Kidathirukay,
other one is Veeranah
He is Kidathirukay
He is Veeranah
Sir, though robbery is
the main occupancy for both of them
wood coal burning
is also their work
If any function goes on
in the village...
they both will
get ready for robbery
In 1980's, if anyone wanted to go to Andhra
they had to cross the main road of the village
Almost many vehicles
gather at a time and cross
the roads of that
village in safe manner
If any vehicle passes alone,
then that's the end of it.
Sir, leave me
Marriage in minister's house...
that's why we didn't stop
We rob for our thirst and hunger
Not like your minister to
enjoy a luxury life.
You don't die for the sake of
minister who robs others
Your family is behind you
It's marriage...
Marriage ceremony in our village too...
"Raakayi, Mookayi, kasthuri, meenakshi"
"Daughter of golden toothier is getting married
to the lord of lands in the auspicious month"
"we have to grind rice grains"
"Have to grind raw rice grains"
"Take the pearls of rice in handful"
"Let it cook and flow as white as snow"
"It's the marriage in our house"
"It's the marriage in our house"
"Have to grind raw rice grains"
"Take the pearls of rice in handful"
"Let it cook and flow as white as snow"
"It's the marriage in our house"
"It's the marriage in our house"
In this midnight, with no fear
you are standing alone in the bus stand.
If you caught by rouges, what will happen?
We are so decent,
you are not into any trouble
If caught by rouges, what will happen?
Leave that
Tell us your whereabouts in detail
Don't cry
I am with you
"I am the wife of Andipatti Marriappan"
"What to say more than this brother?"
Brother? I don't like that relationship
Don't go in different route
"I married him with love in heart"
"After six months, he deserted me"
He left you?
What happened then?
"Like a palm tree, Guruvamma is here"
Are you Guruvamma?
"Stupid husband had an affair"
Don't cry
"Come here"
"Dear uncle"
"Be here"
"Asked there"
"See here"
"I dance so witty"
"I sing so sweet"
"Come here..."
"Why do this damsel cook?"
"To him to get a fat stout"
"Come here..."
"To fulfill all your wishes"
"I am here with you as a rock"
"To fulfill all your wishes"
"I am here with you as a rock"
"Doesn't it look beautiful?"
"Doesn't it look pretty?"
"Not having a perfect shape?"
"Tell me"
"Shall I dance and show?"
"Come here"
"Dear uncle"
"Dear uncle"
"Come here"
Whats this?
Why this old dying people
are sleeping here?
Where are the youngsters?
Sir, sleeping in the police station for
security norms has expired in 1967 itself
Just because of fear on us,
these old people are here
They must obey us
Where are they?
They were regularly in time all days but
today Velliayan's marriage is going on
All youngsters are celebrating, sir
If you wish, tell me...
I will send you sir
Arent you feel ashamed to say this?
Being in a police uniform
you are afraid of them.
Sir, you are new to this village,
transferred on punishment .
Policemen cant enter that village.
Very cruel people they are.
You know, I am the worst cruel among all
Start the vehicle
Is this Vellaiyans house?
Where is he?
Today is his wedding night
Don't trouble him
You people don't
even have nights in life
Then wedding night too?
Go away...
Get lost...
Let's go in
Who is it?
I commanded you to sleep in
the station for security
but here you are enjoying with wife
If Kadathirukay knows about it
your chapter is finished.
What? Kadathirukay?
Does he have horns?
What did you say?
Youre finished
How dare you touch me?
I will shoot you...
Get him into the jeep
Move on
Leave...leave me...
I am coming, no?
Get in
Untie my hands
Hey stop...stop...
Vellaiyans wife has fallen in well
All of you come
Vellaiyans wife has fallen in well
Start the vehicle.
Hurry up.
Though you know very well
what happens to the policemen
who enters our village
without our permission
and you dare to touch our woman too
Is your wife not enough
for your masculinity?
Why you need others wife?
Dont do this, Kadathirukay
Battalion of policemen is behind me
You shouldnt die that easily.
No policeman should
ever think of coming to...
...this village after
knowing about your death
They had cut and thrown the cop's
phallus in front of police station
In that case, though the culprits
surrendered in the front of judge...
...the case was failed
because of no evidence at all.
Kidathirukay had good
support in politics.
Police had an eye for him
A person from Andhra came to handle,
even though the police failed in that.
Who is he?
Give his photo
A cruel rowdy in Andhra
His name is Ruthran.
Where is he now?
- Are you in search of him?
- Yes sir
Nurse, immediately get him to ICU?
Hold his head
Venkatagiri police station
Sir, a person is lying
seriously near the old church.
Who are you?
This has become routine for this people
Kitna...Kitna...come on...come up...
Listen to me...come up.
Come soon...Kitna come
I am recalling my memories like
a student who reads alphabetically.
Everything goes wrong in that.
whatever I do, sleep or eat
my thoughts are the same.
that is to kill Kidathirukay
this thought didn't come
to my mind on my own.
its preached by my grandparents
to kill Kidathirukay is always
chanting in my mind like a mantra.
whenever I hear the music stars,
the thought of killing him is intense.
Kitna, your mother is living with
the one who murdered your father.
Wicked mother must be disgraced
both of them must be killed.
will you do that?
Kidathirukay and your mother
were getting released today
from the murder case of your father.
you shouldn't go to them. if you go
they'll kill you the same as your father.
Kitna, where are you going?
I have work, will do and come.
Oh no!
Where is Kitna?
Veerana's son?
He is there...
Kitna is my son.
He is inside...go...go...
As you are coming back from wilderness,
wish to welcome you with lights
but can't do anything because
of his naughty behaviour.
it's ok. call him...
Come out...see who has come?
I am not bothered about anyone,
I won't come out.
Kitna, your parents has come.
He is not my father.
It's wrong...you shouldn't say that
Say sorry...
Don't take him wrong.
The village people changed his
mind by giving misinterpretations
Everything will be fine
when days pass on...
As you are coming, I packed
all his clothes, see here...
Kitna, you are too young to
understand things, come out first
I know everything.
I will die if I come with you
Kitna, why you talk hurting?
As a mother
I am asking you to come out
You are not my mother,
you are a shame
I hate to see you.
Leave from here
What you say?
Just wait for two days...
Anyhow I will console him
and send to you
Don't worry.
Our son will come to us.
I am afraid.
I can't trust Veerana's parents
My son doesn't believe me
Don't say that.
They are not like Veerana.
They are like my parents.
Believe them
Our son will understand us.
Don't worry
Listen to me
What happened?
Did you dream any nightmare?
Yes grandma, that Kidathirukay
stabbed me with a knife
Let him go to hell...
His death is in your hands only
Look, how he is afraid...
Drink some water
Don't drink water, it will put
down the fire burning in your mind
Be careful
Annalakshmi, do Kitna study well?
Yes...he is the topper in our class
but he won't talk with
anyone, always in anger...
Why? Is he angry on you?
Don't cry.
He will come back to you
I pray to God for that.
Yes, I too will pray
Look at him...
I am better than you
Why are you stealing dhotis?
I will complaint to Kidathirukay
It's me...
your father...
Grandson of Nallamuthu...
Coming to play with silver stick...
Going to slit your throat
with golden stick...
Going to...going to...
Look , how is my son?
So brave like me!!
He is stabbing
Yes, bro
Are you stabbing your father?
You are not my father
Who told you?
Ulagampiratti, my friend
Tell him who is my father
Oh god, leave me.
I'm your father
Don't come near...
I will stab you
Stab me...
Stab me...if that's your desire
Stab me...
Grandma, Grandpa...
What is this? blood...
The blood of him...
Kidathirukay blood
My dear
Not this drop,
you have to take his life
Then only your father's
soul will rest in peace
I gave him to you just because
I don't want him to grow in prison
But you spoiled him
Instead of giving books in his hand,
gave knife and making him a murderer
What your son did is wrong,
that's why I killed him.
For that sake you made my son turn
against me and preaching him to kill me
Not even a minute,
you should be here
Don't take him...don't take him...
I will not come with you
I shouldn't see you both
in this village hereafter
I wont come with you
Grandma, grandpa...
Leave me, let me live
with my grandparents
Grandma, grandpa...
Leave me...
Leave me, let me live
with my grandparents
Leave me
Take your hand
You can't go there,
you have to be here
That old couple only portrayed wrong
about us, not the village people.
Believing they will bring him up well,
I gave them the responsibility
That went wrong
They made my son to turn against me.
In this age, he is very intense to kill me
See here
Why did you do this?
Kitna, don't believe
what they say, listen me
If you want to kill me, the food given
by the old couple is not enough
You have to eat meat and rice
Selvamba, get food
I don't want
I don't want
Eat little
Listen me
I don't
Selvamba, come
Go down
Why is he doing like this?
He will eat
How adamant you may be
you have to be here only
He left us...when will I see him again
Who's that?
I will check
My dear
Come in
Kitna...are you back?
How you escaped from there?
I dismantled the roof and came out
He came to know our plans
Kidathirukay will kill us...
Come, let's go somewhere
Come on
Come, let's go somewhere
Look here, if the judge asks about
the issues, no one should say anything. ok
Yes sir
Make them all to sit under the tree
Wishing you sir
What's your name?
What happened?
Police entered our
village, gutted our houses
beaten up all and shot
dead two persons.
Seven villagers were lost
They killed our soul leader
You are the saviour for us...
It's ok
I will take care
Get him
What are you doing?
Listen, don't do this
Get up
Don't cry
Wishing you sir
What's your name?
Why wounded in hand?
Police instructed me not to tell anything
Do you have mind?
What you told them and got here?
Get lost
Mr. Suresh
Sorry sir
Shall I tell the truth or not?
You tell
They killed our beloved
leader and beaten us
You have to save us
I will take care...go...
You no need to come
ok. all of you can leave now
Tell that young man to come in
Wishing you sir
Is your name Ulagampiratti?
Yes sir
Do you know Arjunan?
Yes sir
Does he manufacture
shotguns and bombs?
No sir
Came to know that
It's purely a lie
- Do you know Kidathirukay?
- Yes sir
Did he smuggle shotguns
and bombs and sell to naxalites?
No sir
Then why was he arrested?
It's the plan of Bheema rao and police
Who is Bheema rao?
He is a big rowdy in Andhra
Did you get Ruthran to kill him?
- Yes sir
- Why did you want to kill him?
Before my birth, there was enmity
between Bheema rao and Kidathirukay
From my well known age, we were earning
for our living with charcoal burning
Bheema rao's folks has come,
they will drag us for fight
Ask what they want
Bheema rao asked for load
How much?
- Weekly 25 loads
- How much is the rate?
one lakh
Three lakhs
One lakh
Three lakhs
You can't do business against him
You can't do business against him
Let us see
In the anger of not giving
charcoal loads to Bheema rao
hid the shotguns in the vehicle
carrying charcoal which was going to Andhra
and made to get caught by the police
police is also favour to all this
with the help of Bheema rao, police tried
to kill Kadathirukay many times but failed
After knowing this he
decided to kill Bheema rao
as he may swirl up the entire village
We should kill Bheema rao
before Kadathirukay comes in parole
Bheema rao's son Narasaiah and
Annalakshmi's marriage is
scheduled in our village temple
then that dog will definitely come
Surely will kill him on that day
Anyhow he came to know
our plan and changed
the venue and date
of the marriage
So we planned to kill
Bheema rao in his place
and went to Andhra to meet Periyanna
there I met Ruthran
After killing Bheema rao,
we release Ruthran on bail
This is the house
Get down
Kitna...is he our Kitna?
He is not our Kitna
Whoever comes
she will call as Kitna...kitna...
He will come
Sure he will come
He will come
He will come tomorrow
Please go
Let him be with you
till Kidathirukay comes
Be careful
Annalakshmi is not happy
to marry Bheema rao's son
but you murdered Bheema rao,
so the marriage stopped.
She is happy
Youre not that tall too
Don't laugh
if you block the road how
will the opposite vehicles go?
You don't know to drive the vehicle
leave it. Annalakshmi,
do you know who he is?
Not known
Don't know?
He is the God who stopped
your marriage with Narasimhan
Annalakshmi, is simply thanking enough?
then what you want?
No feast for us?
- Yes...done
- Will come in the evening
- Prepare us chicken curry for feast
- Yes come
Good appetite today
- Don't forget Annalakshmi
- Ok...ok...come, let's go
Aah...punch you in cheeks
eat, my dear
You have come home after 15 years
wait for some time I will leave
to your mother ok...good
Hold it
Give it
Come Annalakshmi
What's that?
Jaggery rice
For what?
My goat has given birth to share
my happiness giving you all jaggery rice
it happens often
but you didn't give jagghery rice then
Why giving now?
It's special
It's the same as the white goat
which born when Kitna left the village
It's name also is kitna
Ok. is he Kitna?
Give him some
For you?
Get lost
Have it
Wherever Kitna is...He will come one day
definitely. I pray to goddess mookamma
What the goddess told?
Will he come?
Certainly come
Ok...you always think of Kitana,
will you marry him if he comes?
Yes, I will hug him
I will marry if he agrees
also with the consent of my father
Sky is new
Earth is new
Snow falls all over
I will imitate all
Shall I do like Kidathirukay sir?
Do you know what will happen
if I say this to Kidathirukay sir?
No please...leave me...
You should have that fear
What's going on?
Playing with girls?
Sir is coming on parole tomorrow to attend
the festival, Organise the works properly
What about you?
When I heard about
Kidathirukay coming to the festival
the fire in me
started fuming again
Come sir
Wishing you sir
Sir has come
the festival will go on its own
Do all the arrangements
Come sir
Unlock the handcuff
Two constables will stay
with you for your safety
Constable, come here.
Many people are here with me.
No need of them
Rules sir
It's a must to accompany
the person who comes in parole
Tell them to be in mufti
Do you have mufti dress?
It's in the vehicle
Get changed
sir...no need
Sir...we go first
You come later
The guy from Andhra who
killed Bheema rao has come
- Where is he?
- Call him
Come, sir is calling
What is your name?
You resemble me of my young age
If my son is alive,
he will be same like you
Anyway, you killed
my enemies in their place itself
Really I appreciate that courage
Get in...
Sir, Narasaiah is waiting for your arrival
Tamil Nadu police wants to ensure
your safety please be careful
Ok...you know who I am?
will take care
I thought this should be his last laugh
I decided to finish his
chapter in this festival
Come here
Do you remember what I said?
Yes sir
Be careful...
Ensure nobody should doubt
- Yes sir.
- Leave
What happened?
What happened?
Who killed Kidathirukay?
Is it police?
or Rudhran?
It is good if you say anything
Then only I can find
a relief to your village
Who killed Kidathirukay?
It is the fact known only to me!!
Twenty five years before,
Kidathirukay and veerana were best friends.
if veerana goes wrong,
Kidathirukay will control him
Don't shout
Old man, what's this?
Nothing, just looking at it
Get up.
This old people stealing from us
Don't say like that, it hurts
stealing day and night
we also feel the same
old lady, if you wear this one
you will look glamorous like Jayamalini
Shut up, old man
Give that here, old man
See, how respectful
he is I'm his father
- It's ok.
- Let's move
I wanted to steal that
It will fit perfectly to our priest's wife
Is it?
yes, we will check
Will go to hill temple and be back soon
Be careful in house.
God is the almighty for us
silly guy
He is not leaving still
Let us wait
Is she going to give us delightful treat?
Come soon...be safe
Take care close the door safely
Yes dear, I am leaving
Let us see what feast she gives?
See you
Who are you?
why you came in?
When I went for robbery yesterday night,
bug fell into my right eye
Let's run before he sees us
it will get rid of with
few drops of goat's milk
Can you hear? He is doing something
Which goat?
There it is?
Is that?
You listen
Will you come and hold it?
peep in
Hurry up
If someone see us they may think wrong
Look there
He is doing something
Is that enough?
Whether it's treatment or enjoyment,
shouldn't be taken as free
So, take this
For what?
I got this yesterday night robbery
In this village, only you have
the beauty and fitness to wear this
Wear it. It will fit you
I don't want...my husband will scold me
Climb up...see whats going on?
Did he noticed your dresses
when he got married?
Tell him you bought it already
Keep it...keep it...
Keep it
Don't tell anyone
I promise upon you, I won't tell
Folks, come here
What happened, buddy?
Is it?
Veerana seduces all woman
He won't leave if he likes
It's well known
Hey priest
What brother?
You are adoring the god in temple,
there your wife is adored by someone
Shut up
What he say?
Nothing priest
Will you take temple offering?
Here you are giving temple
offerings but there
Someone is giving
offerings to your wife
What you say?
Ask this karuveli, if it has ears it will
tell tales about veerana and your wife
What you say?
My wife is not as you think
I know about her
Don't talk ill about her
You will be punished if say so
I will tell to Kidathirukay
Hey stop laughing
Ok. I will warn...you too give warning
To whom?
Priest, its the same belief I have on
my friend veerana as you have on your wife
If he gives her a dress,
will she too get it?
My wife is innocent
Yes, an innocent will take
anything from others
Kidathirukay, do you mistake my wife?
It's ok...warn her
Everything will be better...go...
Can't you keep quiet? He feels hurt
come...sit down
Why priest has come here?
Everything is good only...tell me
I can't find a bride in this
village to this useless fellow
It's tough to get a bride,
so have to fix this one
Brides father wants your
assurance to get marry
You know very well
about our occupation,
It's a shameful job
If our own community people itself is
not willing to give you a bride,
What does it mean?
Your assurance will do...
Promise him that you will be good hereafter
Kidathirukay, I swear I will be disciplined
like you in behaving with women
Send information to the bride's house
that tomorrow itself is the engagement
Ok sir
Leave me
Leave me man
Sir, I am coming in search of you only
What's the problem?
Due to my poverty, I left my grand
daughter in bheema rao's house.
She attained puberty six years ago
Till last month I visited her regularly.
Today I went to see her
but beaten up and turned back.
When I enquired in the neighbourhood,
He is selling my granddaughter
to a person in north
You have to save her
It's ok, old man.
We are going in a hurry.
will solve it tomorrow
I will die before that.
I beg you to save her
I will fall in your leg, leave me
It's ok. you go in the vehicle
I will go with him and enquire about it
On assurance of your presence only,
the engagement with the bride is confirmed.
If you are not coming, then the
father of the bride will not proceed
I will come there before you reach
He believes me.
I have to go
Come with me
Thank you so much
You go ahead. I will come
You don't come there. I will talk with
Bheema rao. Be here till I am back
- Don't go anywhere
- Okay sir
Don't worry
Everything will be alright
Take your seat
How are you? Take your seat
Grandma, ask the bride to come soon
Will arrange to bring her
Didn't Kidathirukay come?
He is on the way
He is on the way
Leave me...leave me...
Where he is still...
He is coming. He will.
Wait for few minutes
He will come
Come Kidathirukay
What do you want?
Granddaughter of Sankaraiah
Because of poverty he left her here,
I took care of her all this days
Now he wants her back
I am not here to fight with you
Send her with me. That's good
With my influence in
politics and money,
I will file as many cases as
possible and put you in jail
With whom are you playing with,
saying about politics and police?
If you have desire to live,
Send her with me immediately
You ensure whether you go alive
Hey, lock the door properly
Hey, come on!
Open the door
Open the door
Open the door
Where you all went?
How dare you double cross me?
Give the knife
Shouldn't spare you
You made me get hurt from my enemy,
I lost confidence on coming
of Kidathirukay hereafter
Why you think like that?
By his assurance only
we came here for engagement
Let it be...He has to come
He will come
meanwhile let us see the bride
Let him come
Whether it's me or he is
going to lead the family?
Though it's you, who will give
you bride with belief on you?
Do you think high of you?
Don't talk rubbish
The priest told all about
your son on that day
What he said?
Don't you know?
So you know everything,
then what?
Then, you making me sit
and insulting me?
Leave me...leave me
Why you beat me?
Leave me
Don't just stare
Save me
Police station?
Bheema rao speaking,
Kidathirukay beaten up me and
my folks and left with selvamba.
Catch him before he crosses andhra border
- Grandfather...grandfather...
- I told him to wait here
Hey priest, come out
This guy?
He is not in house,
why are you shouting?
Are you his mouth?
Do you serve god or your wife?
Don't talk rubbish
He is not in house,
why are you shouting?
I don't care that idiot
Even after a year of marriage
no child to him
He is unneccesarily spreading
rumours about me
I will come to this village
after my marriage only
Everyone should stare
my wife's beauty
Hey priest
I will dare you tomorrow
when you come to temple
Leave from here.. go..
He getting boozed and trouble us
Is he human?
What happened to my grandfather?
I pity on him
Why are you crying?
He must be safe
Bheema rao took care of
me from my childhood and...
...at last planned me to sell
to a person in Bombay.
Didn't even imagine that
I am feared of him
Don't worry
He can't do anything
ahead of me
No...I don't wish to live hereafter,
I will die
Why you should die?
I too don't have anyone
with me, am I dead?
If you like me
I will marry you
and take care of
What you say?
"It's the thali
made for goddess"
"It adorned her neck"
"It's the thali made for goddess"
"It adorned her neck"
"In three knots, worries
passed away"
"Fulfilled heart for
her untold secret"
"If said it is a wonder"
"Untold secret"
"If said it is a wonder"
"It's the thali made for goddess"
"It adorned her neck"
"Not auspicious day or time"
"No words from priest"
"No rituals followed"
"No relations came forward"
"This day this time who decided it.."
"Who's who is decided by whom?"
"No one in this world can stop
whatever happens on its own"
"No one in this world can stop
whatever happens on its own"
"It's the good earns of someone
everything happens on its own"
"It's the thali made for goddess"
"It adorned her neck"
"It's the thali made for goddess"
"It adorned her neck"
Priest, she is my wife
- Do pooja
- Okay
Kidathirukay, as you didn't
go to veerana's bride house,
He came here to kill me,
I don't know what to do?
Where is he now?
At the foothills
Ok... I will take care
He is Veeranah
Forgive me, I couldn't come
to your engagement
It became a huge problem,
Saved her from Bheema rao and the
situation led me to marry her
Now, she is my wife
Is it good for you?
You promised me a bride to
engage and now you got married
Leave it.
I asked you sorry for that.
In the near auspicious time I will arrange
your marriage with the same bride
Sir, his vehicle is here
Police has come
Bheemarao might be sent them here
Veeranah, though I get caught by police
nothing should happen to selvamba
They are Andhra police
Get her to safe place
- Me?
- Yes, it's you
It's good not to tell about
Selvamba in the village
Take care of her
How can I leave you?
Selvamba, listen to me, now
I must surrender to police
then only its safe for you
Veeranah's parents
will look after you
It's safe to be there now
Go.. please go..
Veerana take her
First leave this place
I will come
'Kalathur Village
3 KM'
Veerana is coming with a girl
Veerana, who is this?
Your wife?
As promised in front of priest's house,
you married a beautiful girl
Good, you made all
the villagers stunning
Come, let's go
Why he is saying me as your wife?
You are also quiet at his reply
What you want me to do now?
what Kidathirukay told us?
Not to say anyone about you
For that?
I am not bothered about others
When kidathirukay comes
I must hand over you safely
If you blabber anything then
Bheema rao will come to know,
and you will land
up in trouble
I will take care
- Veerana got married.
- What are you saying?
Hey wait
"With whom she was after her wed there"
"Now how she live, her beloved not here"
"As the deer, she was rescued in the hunt"
"Unlucky, trusted the hunter as her protect"
"Now her life has become topsy-turvy"
"It has made all over talk of the town"
"God who writes the fate of human
show a good path to them"
Old lady, Veerana got married
What you say?
"Would this village make her insane?"
Really he got married, I will
get aarti to welcome them
Goddess coming to my house
What's this?
Be quiet.
You are coming after marriage
Do well
Be quiet
Don't want
You get in
Get in
Keep your right leg first
This one too
Good girl
I will satisfied
Carry on your works
Let's go
See, unexpectedly
something goes on..
Then only we can escape
from Bheema rao and police
Just we both have to
act till Kidathirukay is back
Do you understand?
We will check about
Kidathirukay tomorrow
Don't worry
Eat and sleep here safely
What's this?
With great belief Kidathirukay
sent me along with you
Yes, so what ?
Not only your parents, the whole village
thinks me as your wife and talks ill
Will you say the truth
now or shall I say all?
Go, you can tell the fact to all
Then I am not responsible for
the happenings which may go worst
If the village knows you
are Kidathirukay's wife,
Doesn't Bheema rao also
come to know of this?
Will he leave you then?
He didn't spare Kidathirukay itself
How will he leave you?
So many jackals in this
village to give a tip off
I feel hurt
What to do ?
I also feel hurt
What to do?
Can't you do this for the
sake of Kidathirukay
And if I sleep out, not only the old couple
even the village comes to know of it
I will lie in a corner
Selvamba, don't worry
I have old lady's jewels to pledge
and will get home Kidathirukay
Will you get him?
Yes, I will
Now you sleep
You sleep
What about bail?
Bheema rao filed two murder
cases against you
Where you cannot come even out of bail
Two murders?
Yes, one his folk
And the other selvamba's grandfather
He filed a case as you killed him
Don't worry. He is a good lawyer,
within two months i will get you out
And will close the case
Shall I leave?
Bheema rao and police shouldn't know about
selvamba staying in your house
Take care of her
You don't worry
I will take care
Kidathirukay, within this two months
I will mould selvamba as my wife
Are you human or animal? believing you
he sent me to your house,
- How dare you cheat him?
- Selvamba, forgive me..
I didn't do in bad intention
I fell in love with a sivagami
But her father didn't agree
to marry her to me
I am taken back
At that time sivagami committed suicide
with the saree looking like as yours
Her thoughts came to my
mind when I saw this saree,
Forgive me
Forgive me selvamba
Didn't you get him from jail?
it will take two months to come out
As bheema rao filed
two murder cases against him
- Two murders ?
- Yes
One is his folk
The other one is
your grandfather
Is my grandfather murdered?
Don't cry
I am with you
'Meanwhile, veerana was
caught by police in other case'
'At that time
selvamba was vomitting'
What dear?
Why are you vomitting?
Show me your hand
My dear
It's good news
A grandson comes
Give sweets to all
'Happily the old couple
distributed sweets and enjoyed'
Veerana came from
jail after two months
You are real man
The villagers should be spared
including Kidathirukay
Veerana, are you late?
Kidathirukay already went to village
Look there
He is back after long time leaving
deserted at the engagement
Whom you say is coming?
Why she is running
towards him?
Though you both were brother
and sister, why you hug in public?
Brother and Sister?
Yes, if she is my wife,
then she is sister for you
Hey stop
What are you blabbering?
As Andhra police surrounded
up on that day,
I sent Selvamba with you to be safe
Without conscience how dare
you say we are brother and sister
What rights you have
to talk about conscience?
You promised me to come to the engagement
and didn't turn up and made us ashamed
I married her after a great
struggle but now you...
....suddenly say her as your wife
He tells lies,
don't believe him
I swear on my child in the womb,
he saved me from bheema rao...
...and got married
He is the father of this child
You sinner
Are you playing drama with him?
Earlier you spent moments with him
And now say he is your husband
and promising on the child also
Why didn't you tell
that before even to me?
He didn't allow me to tell at all
He told me, even the old couple shouldn't
know that you are Kidathirukay wife
If Bheema rao comes to know
of it I will be in trouble,
I believed what he said
otherwise I would've told you
What new stories are you telling?
Get inside
How dare you touch her?
Why you kick him when talking?
Not kicking?
I will kill him for his act
Just wait Kidathirukay,
I know well about you and him
What happened so far
is, he came to this village...
...married and living with her
But it's me who got married
Let it be
But from that day onwards she never
told anyone of us that she is your wife
Tell him
The entire village knows
her as veerana's wife only
If you say she is your
wife, it goes wrong
Is this the content of belief
you have on Kidathirukay?
So you all don't
believe my words
Not that, if you have evidence
then veerana will be faulty
So you want evidence?
Arjuna, get the priest here
Tell now
What you want me
to say kidathirukay?
Veerana came with that girl in
your presence they got married
How you expect to
tell his wife as your's?
You too joined him?
On that day, when I complained about him
you didn't believe, now you know who he is?
I thought he will speak the truth
as he stands in front of god
But he is also a human
Let it be
You are right
She is veerana's wife only
But she likes me now
I will get her wiith me
Do whatever you wish
You just nod your head,
I will kill veerana
Do you believe me?
Whom I will believe in
this world, if not you?
Get up
Don't believe anyone blindly.
I am fooled by my blindness
He told me everything, nothing left because
of misunderstanding, the villagers
Foul that veerana's wife
eloped with Kidathirukay
Veerana behaved mad at times
Kidathirukay, as you backstabbed me
the whole villagers were spitting on me
Did I backstabbed you?
It's known only to me that
Selvamba is your wife,
But the entire villagers
know her as my wife
What you want me to do for that?
You do nothing
I came to a decision after
thinking day and night
Either you must be alive or me
Go away
After the death of Veerana,
Kidathirukay went to surrender in police
Forgive me
It's not your fault
It's Veeranna who did wrong.
I believe you more than my son
Arrest Selvamba also
Why to arrest her?
As she is also involved in Veerana's
murder case we arrest her too
Police decided it's
a planned murder
Both of them got eight
years of punishment
Selvamba gave birth to a son in jail
The old couple
went to see the child
Selvamba, give the child
Don't give him to them
Let my son be with me
I can't live without him
Let this jail life end with us
Not for our son
Please give the child
No, I won't give
'He was adamant that Veerana's parents
will take care of the child'
Listen me, please don't give
- Don't give
- Listen to me Selvamba
Don't give them
My dear
Our child
'To kill Kidathirukay, is the
dream of twenty one years'
'That's why i stabbed him'
'His good time, he escaped'
'Bheema rao's son Narasaiah bore
the name of stabbing him'
Sir, What happened?
What happened?
What happened dear?
Catch him
Catch him
Sir, we have to inform
the higher authorities,
if anything happens to
the prisoner in parole
If not it will be
a problem for our jobs
Is it?
Is your jobs more
important than his life
No sir
You keep quiet, that's enough
Hope you both won't
tell tales to higher ups
No...no sir...against you?
How we will do that?
Never think about us
in that manner
Sir, Narasaiah stabbed you
Why are you laughing?
Let him laugh
He is going to die
I am laughing not at my death
at your's Kidathirukay
How dare you call him by name?
Is he a person with horns?
Afraid of death you
murdered my father
What you said?
Am I afraid of death?
I am born from the
womb of death
I am not afraid of death
I am afraid of living
with people like you
Then why you killed my father?
Don't you know?
Not indulging in
robbery, we started
wood coal burning as a
earning for living
That can't be digested by
the police and your father
He hid country guns in
my vehicle and made me...
...arrested saying as I
supplied to naxalites
That's why I sent men
to murder your father
I decided a rate for
your death on the...
...same day as you
decided for my father
What are you blabbering about?
As beaten up, lost his mind
that's why blabbering
I am not blabbering Kidathirukay
I am not
I promise, I didn't stab you
Then who did?
I won't say till my death
He is so vigourous to kill you,
that is visible in his face
He will kill you
definitely, even if I can't
So, it's not you who stabbed me
Tell us, who was he?
Tell me
You are a big horn!!
You find out on your own
Where is that person from andhra?
He was here
Go.. search him
Let's go
Had you searched in the village?
Yes.. he is not here
Let us look into the jungle
Go and catch him
Ok brother
Did you see that Andhra folk?
Hey, come
- Is he there?
- No
Get in
Arjuna tell us
You go this side
You that side
If not found anywhere,
come to the mountain
Got him?
Don't leave him
Have you search him everywhere?
Don't let any nooks
He must be here only
You cheat, being with us,
tried to kill him
I'm not, Kidathirukay is
Whom he cheated?
To my father
- Who is your father?
- Veerana
Who is that Veerana?
Subbaiah's son, Veerana
- Then who you are you?
- Kitna
Why didn't you even tell me?
Not to you, even
Annalakshmi doesn't know
Are you still fuming
to take revenge?
It's not air
It's fire
After you left this
village, me and...
...annalakshmi searched
for you everywhere
She expected you will come back
Where were you all this days?
What about your grandparents?
The time when I felt as I am in the
last berth of the life, I met annnalakshmi
After seeing her, I decided to live
I will say to her and get here
No, don't want
Look at my face
See, how the shame they
did is sticking on my face
If i need to feel good,
Kidathirukay should die
Promise me, you
won't say to anyone
No I can't
Hey Ulagampiratti
I can't be saying to anyone
What to do?
- Shall I tell Annalakshmi?
- No...promise me
Promise you
Be careful
I won't say to anyone
Don't know what to do?
He made me not
to sleep all the night
I have to tell to Annalakshmi
If not, my head will get blast
He got promise
In a story, a person
buries in a pit the truth,
about the ear of the king,
I will also do the same
Rudhran is none other than veerana's
son, kitna who left our village
It's he who stabbed
Kidathirukay in the festival
I said the truth
Said it
Annalakshmi, when you came?
I came when you dig the pit
I thought of telling you,
but he made me to promise.
Now also I kept my word,
you heard on your own
Why are you crying?
What wrong I did to you?
Without knowing him as
kitna, I said I will hug him,
marry him and all.
you didn't tell me he is
Not that Annalakshmi,
He told me just a word
which made my mouth shut...
...left to the last berth of his life,
he wish to live now after seeing you
He is going to lead
a life hereafter,
he wish to see you once
before he leaves this village
It's in your hands,
whether he leaves or not
"Kanna...without seeing you"
"Do you know this lone
woman's mind is sad"
"Kanna...without seeing you"
"Do you know this lone
woman's mind is sad"
"A small parrot, kannamaa"
"Do my ears hear your tunes?"
"Kanna...without seeing you"
"Do you know this lone
woman's mind is sad"
I told Annalakshmi
that you are Kitna
Why you told her?
She loves you. Definitely
I will get her here tomorrow
Shall I say you one thing?
Both of you better leave this village
No...I don't leave
without finishing my task
I will murder him by tomorrow
I wish to see Annalakshmi
once before that
Get her to the place I mention
You reached greater heights in
back stabbing more than us
Yes, I am
Come with me
To meet Kidathirukay?
Don't say Kidathirukay
Kitna, what to do now?
Do, What I say
Sit...you all eat
Searched for him everywhere
not able to found
Yes sir
He left the village feared of death
I too think the same
Dog sounds different
Palakaravai, you sit
- Arjuna
- Sir
- Go and see
- Ok sir
Come here
Sir, he only gave money and
told rudhran to kill you,
That's why I murdered him
How you know this?
I heard him hiding when he
was talking in this walkie-talkie
Here it, sir
When the parole ends?
Still three days to go
Must raid before that
Be ready
Now the situation is not good
- What happened to kanniyappan?
- He was killed I think
Without evidence burn
him in charcoal burner
Bring the policeman
wherever he is...
Sir, sir...
Sir...please forgive me
You has shown your
true face for believing you
Don't do any thing
Don't talk
I have family sir
Don't punish me
I have to live
I will do whatever you say
Tomorrow I will cancel the parole
and surrender to the police
If police enters the village before
that in the name of raid
I wil send you where
kanniyappan went
Take it
Take it
I don't know how you will
convince higher authorities,
Police should not
enter the village
Speak now
What were you doing for long time?
Where did you go?
Nothing sir
It's stomach upset sir
I am afraid something has happened
No other problems there?
No problems sir
- Sir, an important matter
- Tell me
Heard that Kidathirukay
surrenders in court tomorrow
- What? Is he surrendering?
- Yes sir
It is beneficial for me when
I raid the village in his presence
Sir, why all those proud now?
The situation is not good in the village
You coward!!
Who appointed you in this job?
He can escape now,
but he will be killed by me only
Is really Kanniappan murdered?
No sir...no sir...
You told me
Yes, but when I went near and saw,
they shot dead a pig and burnt.
- Is it pig?
- Yes sir
No raid now as the
condition is not good
You inform SP
- What you say?
- Operation C roger
Operation C roger
Sir, do operation C means cancel?
It means Confirm,
Why can't you understand still?
- What Operation C means?
- Cancel sir
What Operation C means?
it means, cancel sir
If anything goes wrong, your family
will be left in perils, tie him
Lock him in the room
Sir, leave me
Arjuna, when you separate the coal, ensure
there is no evidence of burnt policeman,
Ok, sir
Send the load to Periyasamy thurai
Yes sir
Shall I get you coffee?
I will be back
Who are you?
Tell me before I shoot you
Who are you?
Come on
Can't you identify me?
It's me
your father,
Grandson of Nallamuthu
Coming to play with silver stick,
Coming to slit your throat
with golden stick
Slit your throat
going to
Going to
Going to
I was expecting you to
do my final rites after...
...my death but you did
it when I am alive
My belief didn't go wrong
You did the last rite
even when I am alive
Believing the words of wrong persons,
you misunderstood me...
Dying in your hands
Will you believe me now?
Your mother is of good character
She slept only with me
You are my son
It's a promise
Believe it
Go away
He is my son
Who killed him before me?
Leave everything here
Else I will shoot
Get him into the vehicle
Please give us his body
Hurry up...
Leave him
I am afraid
Don't worry Annalakshmi
Kitna will come
Nothing will happen to Kidathirukay
Yes, I too pray for the same
Kitna came
What happened?
Why are looking scary?
What happened?
Save her...hurry
Hurry up...Hurry up...
Bro, please spare them
Please leave them
Let them live somewhere
I'll slice them
Poor people
Please spare them
Don't move
Kitna, save her...don't leave her
Go fast
Anyhow save her
Don't let her
Get in
Leave me sir
I am innocent
Just get in
Why police is coming inside?
How dare they are coming
Let's see
You know very well that you must
seek permission to come to the village
Whom to ask?
You should ask Kidathirukay sir
Ask him now?
Throw him out
He won't come back
If police comes to your village
will you burn the alive?
Seen now?
Hereafter police will come
to this village at any time
If any of you protest the
same happens to you also
Drive them away
Go, get lost
No one
Go away
Open your eyes
Oh God!
Who did this?
It's not the police
who killed sir
Kitna killed him
Is it my son?
Our son didn't believe us till the end
Get him
Leave me
Take the vehicle
All the police vehicles stopped
at the Andhra border
They separated me to another vehicle and
took others to SP office
DSP Thalakaiyan got
four others with him
Don't know what happened to them still
Ok, you may go
You have to give us the right judgement
Why you went to raid
Kalathur village suddenly?
We got information that Kidathirukay and
his fellows hid country guns
That's why we went for raid
Is there any other enmity
between you and Kidathirukay?
No sir
Is Inspector Venkatrayan
your father?
Yes sir
As Kidathirukay killed your father,
don't you have the grudge on him?
Not at all sir
You may go
Thank you sir
The revenge attitude
of three persons in...
...the village led the
revolt in the village
First, Rudhran alias Kitnan
Second, bheema rao's son Narasaiah
Third, Inspector Venkatarayan's
son Thalakaiyan
DSP Thalakaiyan encountered
five persons in Andhra border,
-is the major truth known
from the enquiry
This enquiry commission orders to take
legal action on the three
Moreover, the villagers should
be compensated in all means
Generations together the
kalathur village bores
-a black mark on it, which
should be eradicated
These are the recommendations to the
government from the enquiry commission
A good judgement is given
to Kalathur village
Government has to
compensate them
Hope police will find out
Annalakshmi and Kitna
For UTV viewers, With cameraman
Pushparaj, A.R.Seenuraaj
Over...lift him
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