Kalavani Mappillai (2018) Movie Script

Almighty! It's a small cycle shop.
It must emerge as a big factory.
He is our owner!
Not only for the shop.
-Get in.
Even for this film!
Are you let free
for two months?
He is our hero at childhood!
He won't talk more.
Ride the bicycle carefully.
You look at your job.
He talks less, but wise.
-If I hear that,you overtake...
Our owner was cheated
not only for cycle...
...but also by
giving money to this film.
They aren't seen yet.
They might be afraid of me.
-He is the antagonist of this film.
His name is Villangam.
He made me to tell
his name,flabby.
They win every year.
Why should they be afraid of us?
Shall we go?
-Yes,we'll go.
When did you come?
No feud between them.
But,that's the biggest problem!
See now.
How is it?
Aunt,your son has met
with a road accident.
Oh no!
Nothing to panic.
Naughty boy.
He'll be like that.
Better consult our astrologer, once.
Within a month, bandage for
fractures is almost 16 times.
We must take care
of our child.
The horoscope is
not good enough.
You must take care of him
for 18 years as per horoscope.
He has death knot in
vehicle,water and air.
How about drinking
and washing?
Death knot to you in mouth.
Hey, shut your trap.
You proceed, sir.
Until Raghu orientation ends,
don't think about driving a vehicle.
If so,it's dangerous to his life.
Oh no!
Any remedy for that?
Not to drive,is
the big remedy.
What a sharp wedge?
Because of the antagonist,
our hero couldn't learn...
...to drive any vehicle.
Now,the mischief
of the hero is...
Villangam's only ambition
is to build a white house...
... that must surprise the
American president.
Listen to his tales.
My great great grandfather
has sown sesame.
My great grandfather
has sown horsegram.
My grandfather
has sown paddy.
My father has done
all the three.
What's the use?
They strived.
I sold the land.
I got huge money.
I'm happy.
He narrates without shy,
how to live with ancestors property.
Tell me,astrologer.
Don't mistake me
as I repeatedly say.
If you skip any remedy,
I'm not responsible for that.
Take care.
Astrologer,you've told
to Villangam.
There won't be anything left.
Just wait,
Just a minute.
Hey, didn't you place
the lemon there?
Brother,we forgot.
-Turn the car.
Hey dude,see there,
a vehicle is coming.
Go away.
You go safe.
Don't get caught.
The astrologer told repeatedly.
It has become a problem now.
Instead of keeping the lemon,
you are making me to roam around.
-Lit the camphor.
Okay, brother.
Light it again.
It has become a huge mistake
because of the lemon.
What are you doing?
-Im hindering the air.
Go aside.
Are you hindering the air!
Get lost... Be quite.
They make me to
say filthy words.
Oh no, it has gone off again.
He pushed the lemon in dark.
Brother, leave that.
I've nine lemons
to prepare juice.
Hey, are they same?
This is given by the priest.
Search out.
My business may lose a crore
because of a lemon.
Search out.
Oh goddess!
Oh goddess!
-Boss, lift your leg.
-Yes, brother.
Why do you search here?
Go that side.
We are searching.
-Go away.
I must get that lemon.
-I got it, brother.
I got it.
Where did you find?
-They gave.
You mean, given?
Yes,I got
when I was searching.
Who gave?
I was in search of that.
They gave me.
Hey,is it you
or someone gave you?
When I was searching,
they gave.
Don't confuse.
-Where did you find it?
Did you take here?
Tell me the truth.
Did someone gave you?
Or you took on your own?
Brother,i'll tell you clearly.
When I was searching here,
When I was searching here...
Boss,you gave that, isn't it?
Dude,he is pointing us.
Go away.
Who is he?
-Why does he run?
He runs well.
-Yes Boss.
Catch him.
Catch him, don't leave him.
Another person runs there.
Here comes another guy.
Don't miss him, catch him.
Boss,there goes another one.
Hey, they have
come altogether.
What they'll get,
where there is nothing.
But, something is there.
Catch him.
Another one runs that way.
It's my fault not having
done the ritual.
Boss, they've escaped,
Go aside.
When a bike is here,
And he didn't get it.
Don't you know,
who is that?
Take the cot.
I'll count till five.
Before that, he must fall
on my feet...
... and tell me the reason
for coming here.
He doesn't know
how to ride the bike.
-Ask him to say.
Hey, three and four in between.
Boss,he left.
-Did he go?
Hey, take away.
Instead of going away.
he is preaching.
Hey, where are you going
with the cot?
You'll scold me, if I don't keep at
the same place from where I took.
Oh, I should 've counted
by being awake.
Why are you in angst?
Is riding a bike
such a heavy thing?
Little bit tough,dude.
At the beginning,it's tough,
but becomes easy later.
Now teach me to ride.
Tell me.
Dude, listen to my instructions
carefully and drive.
Get on.
You've to sit like this and...
Don't I know to ride sitting so?
Dude,will you keep
your leg that side?
That side.
See,it's the clutch...
If you hold the clutch...
Hey,listen me.
If you hold this clutch
and put the gear and...
...start the accelerator,
the bike will go smooth.
No problem.
It'll will be like that
at the beginning.
Look here.
One minute...
First,this is clutch...
brake... and gear.
Clutch,brake and gear.
Don't panic.
-Clutch,brake and gear.
It'll be smooth...
Clutch,brake and gear.
It'll be smooth...
Clutch,brake and gear.
I can't.
I can't teach you.
See now.
-You'll ride!
Satish,the bike moves.
I've driven the bike.
Deva has driven the bike!
Has he learnt to drive the bike?
The astrologer has told lie.
The astrology didn't go wrong.
Oh no, my bike.
Oh no.
Good, the bike didn't fall in water.
Why smoke emanates?
Oh no...
Dude, save me...
-It's my fault...
...having given my bike.
It has turned arid.
Hey, dude...
He doesn't know
swimming also.
I'm coming.
Brother, my vehicle has gone kapoot...
Get lost.
Sir...lift please.
Sir,lift please.
We must go in.
You'll be blessed,sir.
Sir,thank you.
My dear friend.
Get him to hospital,
if you can, settle the bills too.
Where I'm?
Stop the bike.
He is kidnapping me, police.
I'll knock you down
with the bike.
Hey, don't you have sense?
Will you ride so fast?
Who bought you the bike?
Call your parents.
Do you know the
value of my life?
Who'll spend, if fractured?
I'm shouting,
but you're doing exercise.
Even if you're a girl, Can you drive
a two wheeler?
Buy a lady bird cycle and ride.
Don't you've the responsibility
of getting married?
If anything unexpected happens!
If anything goes wrong!
Oh no,
Go away.
You leave me halfway.
Less tension, more work.
Two hundred rupees.
Card won't work.
A problem with the machine.
Brother,I didn't get cash.
I told you the card don't work.
Give the cash and go.
Why? Don't you open
your mouth.
You should've told earlier.
Give the cash and go.
-Do you know,who am I?
I'm in tension.
Hey,do you think of
flying a plane?
How dare you
hit with bike?
Buffaloes, are you blind?
Look how she agitates?
Hey,I'll thump your nose.
-Hit me here.
No,go away.
Go aside.
A fight scene will go on here.
Are you so confident?
-I'll thrash you.
I'll hit your moss and mocker.
Hey,who is that?
You're the reason behind all the issues
going on from morning onwards.
Where are you going?
Come on...
What's your problem,
why do you torture me from morning?
I turn furious on seeing you.
I'll thrash you.
I'm in angst on you.
Shut up.
I say not to talk.
You be quiet.
Now,it's my problem.
Brother has come.
Something serious business
might happen.
Brother,not knowing
that's a love matter...
...Our guys stretched their hands.
The knife is very sharp.
Superb pair!
-Thanks, brother.
Hey,take the vehicle.
You said,right?
-I didn't.
You only told them
to say so,tell me.
He said on his own.
Go away.
-A Good pair!
"What did you do,lass?"
"Like a child,
you made me to stand"
"What did you do,lass?"
"Like a child,
you made me to stand"
"I articulated my heart,how I fall
in love when I saw you"
"I'll show you ever,the same
kind of love as today"
"I lost myself at every moment,
when I'm near to you"
"What did you do,lass?"
"Like a child,
you made me to stand"
" I have seen a competitive
rivalry to my mother"
"I have seen a rehearsal to
nod as a novelty to your words"
" I have seen a competitive
rivalry to my mother"
"I have seen a rehearsal to
nod as a novelty to your words"
"In the heart,
where you resides...resides..."
"I go around...around... you..."
"This night must extend a little
and that sun must sleep a little"
"I must tell hundreds of lies which
you never seen and heard of"
"What did you do,lass?"
"Like a child,
you made me to stand"
"I articulated my heart,how I fall
in love when I saw you"
"I'll show you ever,the same
kind of love as today"
"I lost myself at every moment,
when I'm near to you"
"What did you do,lass?"
"Like a child,
you made me to stand"
"What did you do,lass?"
"Like a child,
you made me to stand"
Good morning, madam.
-Good morning.
Be seated.
If you sign the contract,
before auspicious time ends...
...We can start our work.
It's the lowest quoted tender,
which we got.
For 5 crores,madam.
Not only that,
they're the best.
Is it?
Stepney, pen.
Madam, you're signing in
a wrong project.
I know,Mr.Raghu.
Which is right and wrong!
Stepney, submit these
files at office.
Ask him to get the
settlement and leave.
I've done by mistake,madam.
I'm working under you
for ten years, madam.
What's the use of it?
Being here for ten years,
you can't be loyal,Mr.Raghu.
I hate lies.
You can go.
-Madam,I'm sorry.
-Madam,I'm sorry.
Sir, please tell her.
Go away.
Though your's is a small company,
you'll be loyal...
...so,I finalize this deal to you.
Sure,we'll do our best,madam.
He is not seen in any
of the hospitals in Pollachi.
Where did you go?
He is like a lunatic...
Is he blabbering?
Has he come?
What? I'm asking you,
but you're silent.
Where is he?
He got cold.
Kept warm water
ready for him.
Tell him to take bath.
We'll dine together. Okay?
It's tough to manage this generation.
Hey,where did you go?
You left the bike.
Couldn't see you throughout
the night.
You are not
attending the call.
I'm asking you,
but you keep on going...
Hey, where is the husk water?
Only warm water is here.
Can't get anything.
Got anything?
-No, brother.
As I was standing long
at this side...
...feel numbness in legs.
So turned back.
Are you making me mad?
Show that.
Brother, you're the
revolutionary lube in this locale.
A Savant!
You're everything,hereafter.
Is anything given
in writting?
Look here, brother.
Look what's this?
Free Medical camp.
How we are related to this?
Why are you asking like a goof?
Getting oldsters who lost eyes,
ears and tooth to this camp.
...and give medicines to them
as if you arranged the medical camp.
Then,in every house and street,
only your banner will be seen.
How about my idea,brother?
How is that idea?
Hey,lion cub!
You said right, dude.
Are the grannies,ready?
Come soon, don't delay
by doing make up.
Hold the umbrella for him.
Doctor,I have assembled
all the grannies.
It'll be good if you give
them an injection.
Everything is right.
Where is that?
Oh, is it?
You do a good job.
I'll do the best.
Brother,he tells as animals.
Just for a coke, he'll fall flat.
Why to bother?
Is that...?
I'll clear all the gases.
-Is it animals or Andhra meals?
He must be given injection, first.
Doctor,put the injection there.
It's the injection for buffalo.
Look at the banner there.
Doctor,why did you get
other's banner?
The banner and the
medical camp is mine.
Is it?
Then,what about this?
-Govt.Hr.sec school,
-Free Medical camp.
That's it.
Then why do you bother
about injection?
Get that.
Read this.
Free Veterinary Medical Camp.
Will you proceed with
a teared notice?
Don't you inquire?
Where did you get it?
From the tea shop.
You'll get only
bit papers there.
It's misunderstood.
It's better, if you proceed
with good injections...
... for these grannies.
That'll be a dignity to me.
Where,in prison?
What do you say,doctor?
Yes,if the veterinary injections
are used for them,they'll die.
Will you do post mortem?
Get the box.
-Okay, doctor.
A song from film "I"
Get up.
Sorry, brother.
It was late.
A mistake has happened.
"RJ Voice"
You must come for sure.
You must come for sure.
You must come for sure.
Younger brother!
Elder brother!
-She hugged me.
She kissed me after
rolling around with me.
No one is here.
There is someone
with a cow.
She stares as if,
he never saw her.
Is she the ice cube
who freezed him?
Come sure with your buffalo.
Do you know to drive
a two wheeler?
Shut up.
Dude,she is going.
-She told me where to come.
She decided to take me
her under control.
What do you think?
How can you talk so?
-By mouth.
Don't talk to her like this.
It's like a worthless person
going around a berth.
A friend is the one who blindly
believes the tales at any time.
You mustn't be jealous.
Dude,you must see
her now,that's all.
We have seen.
Why are you here
as a crowd?
What do you blow?
What happened to the cow?
Sir, it's is not conceived
for five years.
Heard that it'll conceive,if it comes here.
-That's why...
I can only give medicine.
I can't help it.
Why it's draped with
colorful attire?
It got shivering
yesterday night.
Check the pulse.
Can't check the pulse.
Can see only it's uddar.
That's what I mean.
Where is the pulse and uddar is?
Girls, turn aside.
I'm telling you,
turn that side.
God, it's a male!
Hey, a male.
-Yes, Male.
You got a bull.
Not to this, sir.
For it's wife.
If the wife doesn't bear a child,
won't the husband go for a check up?
That's logic.
You mean,logic.
Thulasi,if the wife doesn't conceive,
it's okay to check up husband.
Is it applicable
to the bull also?
Is it in our theory?
Doctor,don't ashame us.
get in.
No,I just asked.
-Get in.
Less tension, More work.
More work,Less tension.
Go away.
Who are you?
At odd hours?
Is this Deva's house?
Is he there?
I must meet him.
She wants to meet you.
Mom, don't you hear
the whistle sound?
Sit down.
Who are they?
Whom they want to meet?
-You crazy!
Get lost.
Always accompanying him.
I came to meet you.
You don't know who I'm .
Don't tease.
Am I?
Don't irate me.
Will you come with me?
I'm very busy.
I'm very busy.
He is doing too much.
Do you have sense?
If they know I was roaming
around with you in bike...
What to do for that?
I came at night
to seek your help.
I can't.
You try someone.
What's that both
discuss about?
See,you're arranging the poultry,
herd of cows,flock of goats...
... tomorrow, for the camp.
Do we look like sheperds?
What's happening here?
A herd of cows and
flock of goats!
-Let's leave.
-Bye aunty.
He is caught.
Mom... water.
Herd of cows and flock of goats!
Dude,where you got
these many animals from?
It's because of my kindness.
It's my duty.
No boundaries for your duty.
Come soon.
Flock of goats and
herd of cows?
You wouldn't have seen
in your lifetime.
Everyone either get a cow or goat
and learn the skills...
...in this medical camp.
Go fast...
What are you looking at?
Sir,don't talk harsh to womanhood.
I can't bear.
You can't bear.
I too can't bear.
Have you given the medicines?
Within three months,your life
will turn bright.
Don't worry.
What are you doing?
Whom are you searching for?
Just I'm looking...
-I understood.
Had food?
It's too hot.
Will you wear the coolers?
A flower for Thulasi...
Is that a chorus?
Are you afraid?
What did you think
when I fell on you?
I was admiring at you.
Then, what about this?
My brother is giving
something with pity.
Take it.
It's my heart.
What's there inside?
I've confined my feelings in this.
See now.
Open it.
Nurse,get me the gloves.
Just a minute,sir.
Just a minute,
I packed that throughout
the night.
Just see it once.
Aah,a gift.
I'll give this to my girlfriend.
Brother,the gift is missing.
You too...
Who'll take that?
Why are you dubious on us?
That cheap gift
must be here only.
Search it.
Is it a cheap one?
It's my life, search it.
It's success.
Then,why you need a gift?
I'm jealous.
We'll enjoy happily.
What's that?
-A gift.
I don't want.
If you have a work,
I must help.
After that,I'm not of use?
Don't you have a heart?
With a great difficulty...
Where to search?
You'll like.
You hit me?
Good,no one here.
Less tension,more work.
Take it.
What's that?
-A gift.
Not honey bee.
It's love.
Thank you very much.
It's not that
I'll get you next week.
-Sir,listen to me.
Take that.
Why are you here?
Thank you.
Shall I leave?
I'll leave.
Brother, again the gift has
gone from our hand.
I must somehow take the gift.
I ought to gift
my angel of love.
He is listening everything.
Where is that drunkard?
He is here.
Will she come,
asking for animals?
Will you get all
the cows and goats?
I have to be awake
throughout the night.
You made me
to take cow dung.
I'll ask for justice.
I'll take the bike and
see, what I'll do to her?
Hey,move aside.
I must go with the gift,
even if it turns dawn.
Just a minute.
We'll buy a small gift,
packed with colour paper...
...and when you give
that to sister-in-law,
Will she deny?
It's very shameful to do
high and low jumps.
We can't bear.
Do you know
what she said?
What she said?
-Give respect.
That's more important.
I must meet you with
the first gift you bought for me.
Though Mount Himalayas
comes in our way...
...we have to cross that.
Come let's go.
No one can change your fate.
Why it's dark?
-This side...
Whom do you say?
-This side, boss.
Oh,this way.
I'll ask her.
You take care,
if any problem arises.
Dude,why did you push me?
Who are you?
Thulasi's friend?
Stand aside.
You follow me silently.
-Why did you stop?
If we search together,
it's waste of time.
We'll design a master plan
and search separately.
Yes, boss.
I'll get you into trap.
After a long time...
Tomorrow is "New moon day".
I'll open up you tomorrow,okay?
I'll come with the gift only.
That gift...
Oh, you've come here too.
Oh no... I can manage the men,
but it's horrible with women.
Just wait,I'll come.
Won't you allow
a person to take drinks?
-You won't leave for....
Who're they?
They're your clan.
Why are you afraid?
Don't come out with makeup.
It's awful.
Why did you shout?
-I caught a thief,sir.
Villangam, you!
Let it be.
Why did you do so?
Sir, let it be.
You must inquire him.
We jumped over
the wall, I agree.
But,why they must jump?
It's right!
Why did you come so?
We came out for a walk.
When he jumped over the wall,
we came behind him.
We must guard the young girls,
who has come here.
You guard them!
Dude,I understood why and
how did you come?
But,when you speak,
you can't get the dialogues.
What do you want to say?
Don't say anything.
I understood.
Now, everyone leave from here.
Go away...
Listen, remove the
make up and get in.
Sir, your hands are shivering.
My hands and legs are shivering.
We'll come after finishing
What can I do?
It's all because of him.
Be respectful to women.
Are you so respectful?
Get lost.
Sorry... sorry...
A Wright!
You disturbed me and left.
I have no idea
of attending the camp.
For you,
I came to your locale.
Hey, didn't you sleep?
"If Miss gets missed,
she will be as Mrs."
"Kiss, when kissed
enters Guinness".
"The blabbering becomes English",
"This song,will trend
in social media".
"Come to the fore,you the petty thief...
The fragrance of jasmine comes abaft."
"With your amla like eyes,
you provoked me."
"With sharp wedged words,
you snuff me."
"The love,as soft as the petal of a flower,
You've latched me in your soul."
"You come as you're...come as you're...
Lift me up...raise me up..."
"I'm so crazy on you."
"I'm obeying you in all sorts."
"The feud is not with words,"
"The feud is to hug you,with love."
"I have grown up for you,
I'm so beautious,"
"If I come close,you go far..."
"Hey,you have risen up, I'm so disciplined..."
"You search for the rainbow
with closed eyes."
"You touch my heart and bang me."
"Bull fight,hereafter in bed..."
"Touching my hands and legs,"
"Wrestling, hereafter in bed..."
"You're the only one, dearest of dear."
"It's enough, if you give me now"
"Hey,take me on the whole,
I have given you myself."
"Come dear, you are my wife,
you're the ring of love,"
"If you are not with me,
I'll be in sedation my dear,"
"Come,my dear...
Come on,my dear..."
"My soul is filled with you."
"The eagled eye lass,
you're chipping my heart."
"The lass with a mole of
mustard size, you tear my soul."
"The lad with lovable words,
you seduced me to fall for you."
"You make me so cool,
you seduced me to fall for you."
"All my desires which are accumulated, "
"Shall I give all those
gathered as honey?"
"Shall I express all my needs?"
"Shall I sting you like a honeybee?"
"I have become a novelty,next to you."
"I'll breathe,inhaling the air from your soul."
"Come,my dear...
Come on,my dear..."
"I'm your everything, cool my soul..."
"Come,my dear...
Come on, my dear..."
"My soul is filled with you."
"Come to the fore,you the petty thief...
The fragrance of jasmine comes abaft."
"With your amla like eyes,
you provoked me."
"With sharp wedged words,you snuff me."
"The love,as soft as the petal of a flower,
You've latched me in your soul."
"I'm so crazy on you."
"I'm obeying you in all sorts."
"The feud is not with words,"
"The feud is to hug you,with love."
"Come dear,you are my wife,
you're the ring of love,"
"If you are not with me,
I'll be in sedation my dear,"
"You come as you're...come as you're...
Lift me up...raise me up..."
Buffalo,I'm going
at a speed of 140km.
You might've shattered like a
pumpkin broken on new moon day.
You must be the
only person who drive...
...in 140km speed in a halted car.
If you go on like this,
it'll take 20 years to learn.
Why she goes in a hurry?
There must be some stuff.
Come,let's overhear what happens.
Move aside.
Mom, how are you?
I'm fine.
How are you?
I'm superb,mom.
Okay,how was your trip?
Good. I enjoyed the most.
I missed you badly.
I too missed you badly.
I have a surprise for you.
Boss,it's interesting!
Is my family matter interesting to you?
-That is...
Shut your trap and listen.
You mean, surprise?
Anything special?
You open this.
He is the only son of KV mills.
I wish to settle this marriage.
How tyranny it is!
She didn't even show me
the photo.
What Thulasi?
I...I love a person.
What? Love?
Ask her.
I thought of telling you.
-If you don't ask now,it'll heighten.
I don't like this love.
-yes,only a few are successful.
Be seated,boss.
You too have rights.
-Hey,you be quite.
Are you going to college
to fall in love?
Ask her to marry the groom
of her mother's choice...
... and be happy.
No one need to talk.
Is he a trustworthy person?
Definitely, he is well and good.
Suitable for our family.
You'll like him very much.
Better,meet him once.
He won't be a liar, isn't it?
Just meet him once
for my sake,mom.
Have patience.
Your happiness is mine!
Thank you mom.
Ask him to come.
I must meet him.
Okay, mom.
We'll go back to our job.
Boss,she accepts the
love marriage.
You are dumb.
Will you be the
head of the family...
...only in government records?
Yes,I'm there,
isn't it?
Why are you so?
Be quiet.
Look there.
One of my friend
owned a driving school.
When I went to meet him,
he left to see a bride.
The lass who came there
resembled actress,Devyani.
When I was thinking
to convey my love,
My good time, she came
forward to say the same.
Then our love was branched out
around trees and blossomed ...
...as a garden in Pollachi.
Her parents came to
know and it fumed.
Atlast,it end up
in marriage!
Then, hurriedly I became
a father.
Suddenly,her father
got chest pain.
When I called my wife
and informed her,
She told me to get him
to hospital by car.
I asked how do I know
to drive the car?
Meanwhile,her father got
cardiac arrest.
My wife knows only then,
that I don't know to drive the car.
She started to drive me
from then on...
Mom, you are good in massage,
I came without
informing my mom,
If she see us,that's the
end of our story.
What's happening here?
We are doing rehearsal,aunty.
Get up.
You mean,rehearsal?
What's this?
She is going to be
Our daughter- in-law...
...that's what she says as aunt.
He talks so confusing.
My dear,my darling!
What's this?
Aunty,you must speak
to my mom ...
...and make our marriage happen.
Yes, mom.
Please, aunt...
You're saying something, I will do.
-Mom agreed!
She didn't say anything still.
Good mom!
Instead of driving
the car on the road,
They drove on the fields.
Plenty of cow dung.
Bereft about son-in-law,
I'm cleaning my car.
The entire cow dung
is on our car.
Boss,clean it soon.
It'll be a shame when son-in-law
family comes.
Watch, they may come.
They've come.
It's like you voluntarily
invited them.
Can't you tell before.
I'm looking grimy.
Do you have a physique
of going under that?
Am I looking grandeur?
We're waiting for you only.
-He is calling you.
-You go and sit inside.
Get in.
-Driver feels irk.
Take coffee and snacks.
We'll eat.
Do I irk?
Am I a driver?
When did I tell so?
Good pair of myself
and the car.
I'm striving because of you.
Be seated.
Haven't they seen
a big house ever!
Swirling around.
The house looks superb.
-Don't talk,mom.
Have you come to see
the house or the bride?
Aunty zoom in somewhere.
Is that?
It's good to explain.
I know what you
think about.
Why they're as a pair in all
except this one, isn't it?
When you entered the house,
the one who was...
... cleaning the car was
the husband of our Madam.
Why must he clean the car?
He did such a deed.
He got married hiding
the truth that...
... he doesn't know to
drive the car.
The rift which started
on that day, still continues.
I was busy with work.
What are you talking about?
I was talking in praise
of you,boss.
You? About me?
I promise,boss.
Disguised as owner?
Madam has come.
It seems they haven't seen
the coffee and snacks earlier.
Look here, don't talk
about children...
...and other sentiments
to me.
Though he knows, I hate
people speaking lies, he did that.
If you talk about this,
you may lose the job.
Sorry, in-law.
I never like telling lies.
I will whip them
to the core.
I'm habitual of fulfilling
my daughter's wishes.
That's okay.
The car...
Don't worry.
Madam will buy the
luxurious car for your son.
Not that,
My son...
All the accessories and
parts will be perfect.
It's enough, if you know to drive
and have a license.
I'm not saying it for pride.
The whole expense of
the marriage is mine.
From pre wedding rituals
to first night...
... everything will be the best.
-It's enough, if you come.
But? That is...
I'm little bit late
from Pooja.
Has the bridegroom
family arrived?
Oh,is he the bridegroom?
A suitable bridegroom
for our family.
He is the reason for
...my daughter on time in the hospital.
He drove the ambulance fine.
The fact is...
Our hero who accompanied
his friend has to...
...get down by the driver seat,
as other door was struck.
The priest saw that and
still is in belief...
...that our hero is the driver.
Will he drive an ambulance?
They'll let me in bidding.
It's like a going for a harvest
and getting an ox.
You meet her and tell
that you don't know...
...to drive the car.
Mom,better you talk.
She made her husband
to clean the car.
What's the assurance
that she won't let him...
...to clean the doorpost
and do pattern casting.
He can learn car driving,
isn't it?
If something happens then?
Go...My son is
important to me.
If not her,
some other one.
You too.
-Tell her something.
She is only calling.
Hey,the phone continously
rings from night.
Attend the call.
Get up.
He kills us.
Mom grinds by mixie,
she grinds by phone.
They won't let me.
What's this love?
Hey,is it a must
to attend your call?
You are calling
See,what I will do?
What do you think
of yourself?
Can't you attend the call?
I'm in an urgent work.
I didn't do on accord,
I will call you.
What other work you have?
I told you,I'm going
to Madurai in urgency.
Are you going to Madurai,
Am I telling you lie?
Hey,keep quite.
Am I telling you lie?
I'm going to Madurai.
Look there.
How come you are here?
Why did you tell lies?
Why did you avoid me?
Is it so easy
for you as...
...my mother accepted
this marriage?
why did you lie?
Tell me, why do you avoid me?
-I will tell you.
Why do you avoid me?
You tell her,at least.
No, don't take weapons.
It's sharp and close to me.
For the inflation in price,
can we cook rice?
Why didn't you
attend my call?
Leave my son!
He doesn't know
to drive the car.
You don't know?
You spoilt everything.
How can I tell my mother?
Where did you
let me to say?
You decided on your own,
that I can drive a car.
What now? You don't know
to drive the car.
But, somehow you must
learn to drive the car.
-Aunty, you don't talk.
Get lost.
Dude,forget everything
and take drinks.
Is the side dish
okay for you?
Hey dude,
Drinks,side dish...
He is in sad mood.
Sad mood?
Are you thinking that
I'm taking drinks happily?
No,taking drinks as
I'm struck between...
...the car and the love.
Dude, I heard. I was out
of station for few days...
...many things has happened.
What's your problem?
You must learn
to drive the car...
...and you mustn't feel
ashame in locale,that's all?
He thinks a lot...
We have come.
Vanangamudi, will take care.
For what you are here?
-I'm Deva.
Regarding a business matter.
Let it be,
an important matter.
Come, let's drink and discuss.
No brother.we don't have
tea and coffee.
Don't you have
tea and coffee?
What do you say,
at this place?
We are from the generation
of giving...
...the family deity,a
roll of tobacco and liquor.
Your side dish is different.
Taste is good, brother.
It's not taste,it's the twist
happened in my life.
I'll tell that tales later.
Tell me for what
purpose you are here?
He loves a girl.
He might have a
flash back it seems.
If you help the pair in love
by giving your car...
...a statue may be erected in Marina
for you in future.
A statue?
A statue?
he looks the same.
We'll erect him a statue.
What do you think about?
Brother, just a
single condition.
You must come on 16th
to meet me...
...as the way you
have come now.
If not?
Don't be negative.
You must come with the car.
What's specific on 16th?
Come on...
Brother,it's the day of my life,
whirled like tsunami.
On my marriage day,along
with my wife Padmini...
...a Padmini car was given
to me as dowry.
As I don't know
to drive the car...
...I appointed a driver.
Instead of driving the car,
he eloped with my wife.
So many problems to you?
So,I will keep this car
good throughout the year...
... except on 16th of December,
where I'll bang the car,
on the day they eloped.
-Who is that, brother?
Ten years before, here a person
from China listened...
...my story and took a film
and became a billionaire.
A good twist.
But,I never missed a year
to bang this car.
That's why I've kept this condition.
I won't spare you,if this car
doesn't come on 16th.
I'll be hard.
I don't know whether these
guys understood or not,I did.
Whether 16th comes or not,
this car will definitely be here.
How much agony in you?
Don't disturb me when driving.
-What do you do?
I'm driving.
The car moves only when
you take the leg from clutch.
Car moves...
-Is it?
That's the brake.
Will you drive the car
by looking down?
Hey, do you want me
to drive or not?
Should you get
marry or not?
I should.
Shut your trap.
Why are you making him tensed?
Two lives are in your hands.
Do you hit me,
in the name of teaching?
Look now...
Why did you apply
the brake now?
I just checked
whether brake works?
I'll go mad.
Are you hurt?
See now...
Get down.
Let's see,what happened.
I thought of this ill omen
when starting.
LIft her.
Open your eyes.
My aunty!
You're dead!
Hey dude,before the problem
turns worst...
...call and tell her.
Not now.
Who have parked this car?
Doctor is coming,
take away the car.
Take that and keep aside.
Everyone hints at me
in midst of many problems.
Don't hesitate,
you tell her.
Will it work out?
-yes. Call now.
You say...
My mother met
with an accident.
She is admitted in emergency.
I'm very panic.
I'm going there.
You come soon.
She is admitted in GH.
You can caress him later.
We'll see mother.
Why did you hang up
the call without speaking?
She says everything,
which I must say.
She calls me to hospital.
Dude, car is safe.
Let's escape now.
-You got us into trouble.
As you said,
you'll teach me to drive.
All the problems
are because of you.
Don't talk. It's because
of you only.
Have you admitted
Rajeswari Madam?
Let's escape.
Where do you go?
Come here.
Good morning.
Has the doctor been to that ward?
-Yes, doctor.
Have you shifted the
patient in this ward?
I'll check, doctor.
Oh no, aunt!
Why do you stand there?
Madam, can you recall
what happened...
... at the accident spot?
It'll be easier to trace them.
-Get in.
-That is...
Sir,have you started?
-That is...
Let us do our duty,sir.
-Doctor,it's also a duty.
You tell me,madam.
Think well and say.
It'll be helpful
to trace them.
That was...
That's an old padmini car.
She remembers intact.
Who are these three persons?
They only admitted her in hospital.
-Is it?
Son-in-law, was it you?
Thank you very much.
Yes,he is going to
marry my daughter.
Hello sir...
Fine,he did good job.
Anyway,All the best.
Thank you, sir.
Madam,if I sack the person
who made this accident...
...I'll rap his knuckles.
I doubt these
three persons, sir.
I'll take care of that.
Madam, you take rest.
I'll see.
You three were present
at the accident spot.
No sir.
He is the villan to Deva.
Mom,what happened?
Nothing to worry.
Son-in-law only saved me.
Deva,when did you
come here?
He only admitted me
in the hospital.
He didn't utter when I called.
Madam,what happened?
A big bandage in the leg.
How it happened?
I'll bang them.
Tell me,madam.
How,tell me madam.
I can't bear.
You act as if studied
in an institute.
Shut your trap.
Hey, shut the phone off.
Hey,who is playing
that song?
That's the ring tone,sir.
Switch it off,first.
How did they come here?
Son-in-law, how come
you be here?
He only admitted mom
in hospital.
If you've seen her
before ten minutes...
...you might've took her to
hospital before the accident.
Son-in-law,Why did you go
to the accident spot?
When I was back from
my Karate class...
...I saw an accident.
When looked closely,
aunt was there.
Immediately, I took her
to the hospital.
Are you going to
Karate class?
Yes, Son-in-law knows
all the martial arts.
Tell everything which comes
to your mind.
But, your physique
don't look like that.
Uncle,You can't witness
my physique.
Just inquire the one I hit.
Will the one who banged know?
Wait... Why do you feel irk?
She got hurt.
He can't bear the sufferings
of aunt.
He is reacting more.
-Isn't it a hospital?
This isn't a hospital?
All go out.
-Go out.
She tells you too,
come out.
You too, come.
Aren't you coming,boss?
It's enough,go...
Just a minute.
Are you going to give her medicines?
Whatever medicine,you better
give by injection.
Not as pills.
It's hard for her to
swallow the pills.
I understand sir.
-For what?
For admitting mom in hospital.
-Can I bear,if anything happens to her?
He is doing romance,
amidst the ongoing problems.
Oh no,Vanangamudi is calling.
-Is he?
If i say about vanagamudi,
he won't listen.
Come,we'll manage.
I'll teach you all the
martial and sport activities.
But,you mustn't use that
on me after marriage,okay?
What a pair?
He looks like a cheat.
You say as a good pair?
Call Villangam.
Hi dude,
It seems to be
an unknown number.
Yes,the number is unknown,
but I'm known to you.
You're well known...
Nothing, hiccups hasn't stopped
still I'm away from my car.
Everything will be fine,
If I see the car once.
She is my wife.
Bro, she is not only your wife,
but to all.
Don't mistake, has the
hiccups stopped?
Yes,thank you.
Dude, I sleep hugging my car.
And in anger I'll bang that.
I shared the feelings.
I like your feelings,cool.
Thanks dude.
Hello,Don wants to
speak to you.
Don? Who is that?
-On the speaker.
Villangam,Have to stop.
Stop everything.
Can't stop.
It flows like a broken pipe.
The doctor who saw
this has become tired.
Why doctor feels
tired for him?
Really,he was in toilet,
Yes,what do you talk about?
What do you say about?
I'm saying about myself.
My life is in perils.
I'm saying about that.
I didn't ask your sorrowful tales.
But worried about myself.
I don't know how.
A worthless guy plans
to be my son-in-law.
It must be stopped.
He belongs to your locale.
What? My locale?
Why do you react
like actor,Suriya?
It's unbearable.
Don't shake the phone.
Don, this enemity is from
the ages of "Thalapathi(Film)".
It's not your operation,
My one man operation.
Finish it off.
It has started again.
How to extract mosambi juice?
First, you must
squeeze well.
Dude, not that,you must
squeeze well after rolling.
Only then, you'll get more juice.
Oh no...In-law, how this stance for you?
You was walking around
like a queen, pity on you!
Who hit you so?
Only your son.
If my son is here at this
moment, he'll take care of you.
Is it important?
I known well about
my son-in-law.
Known well?
It's good.
The matter which we know,
When you don't know that
and come to know later...
...and instead we would've
told you earlier,
if you ask me so,I wouldn't
have known how to reply?
What do you say?
From the time of my accident,
son-in-law takes care of me.
Take,that balm.
Mom,you don't know
as I'm here.
Aunt won't understand
what we converse.
Doctor has advised her
to be in rest.
It is bad to disturb her.
Shall we go?
I prepared on my own.
He took care of me well.
He took good care of me.
She made me a scapegoat.
My son,
You can't give a glass
of water to mother.
But you give juice
to mother-in-law?
Don't talk unnecessarily and
stop the marriage on your own.
Who told you
to come here?
I only told .
I've prepared juice for you.
Sir,madam has come.
Come fast.
Be careful.
It's okay.
A Tiger has become a tamed cat!
Such a huge pumpkin?
I'm jealous.
I asked for a small slice
of pumpkin in the gravy.
She refused.
But now broken such a huge one.
Did she say no to you?
-I'll ask her.
She may keep poison
in food.
To you?
For you.
Why for me?
I went in to spy.
Did she listen when said not
to drive the car?
She didn't change even
after fracturing her leg.
She goes straight.Go...
Two... Five... Seven...
The time is auspicious.
Some are up and
some turned down.
What he says with that?
Marriages are made in heaven.
The combination is good.
Kudos to lord Muruga!
Hey,is that you?
What,he goes like a pontiff?
First,he must be expelled
from this house.
Within minutes,he made magic.
If the marriage happens
on next auspicious day.
Everything will be fine.
Will they fix the date
for first night also?
I've to inform the
boss immediately.
Son-in-law has come.
What's this attire?
It's his invocation to Lord Muruga
as you met with accident.
Sorry dude.
None of our family member
should face that stance.
After fulfilling our prayers,
We came by walk
from the Marudamalai temple, Aunty.
-Is it immunization injection?
Now only she took.
Not that,sir.
You're sitting here cool,
Something furious is going
on inside.
The marriage has been fixed.
What do you say?
What to say?
Who is she?
A pumpkin has come here.
First,call him.
You be quiet.
Call him...
My boss wants
to talk with you.
Give me.
That process is going on, Don.
Are you in process?
A delivery may happen
before the process ends.
So soon...?
don't betray your guru.
I won't do that,don.
I sent a black sheep
to your house.
A black sheep...?
-It's me, sir.
It's not completely black...
She looks chubby.
Look Carefully.
Sir,I'm that black sheep.
Are you? But,you look fair.
Your black sheep has arrived.
Can't you say that earlier?
-You didn't let me to speak.
Not late,get in soon.
-thank you,sir.
I will take her in.
I'm coming.
No, don't hurry.
Look at her physique
and yours.
You'll break into pieces.
Accept the offering.
Praise the lord.
Oh no...
That's the offering of God.
That's offering to you,
but poison to her.
Do you know how much
calories are present in that?
If she eats that,
she won't walk.
Her leg will be removed.
She has nailed it.
She took good training in acting.
Not that, doctor has given me
the complete list of her diet.
I 'll strictly follow that, okay?
-Hope she watch soap operas a lot.
Talks lengthy.
Mam, don't mistake me.
You might see me as a nurse.
But, I take care of you
as my mother.
Superb knots.
Next,you must be
sent to hospital.
But,let it be the last.
Don't behave like this anymore.
Hey...hey ...
Son-in-law, don't mistake.
Don't they build
toilets for cows?
It made the entrance dirty.
In-law,will you apply
the cow dung throughout..
...the house daily?
No, not daily.
It's a sign as
Mahalakshmi comes.
Be seated.
Didn't you get rid
of this gesture,yet?
Will you give us two pillows?
We'll lie down.
Don't you've sofas
in your house?
Stepney, will you sit only
on the sofa?
Not on the mat?
I'll sit on floor also.
Do something.
See now.
It's very sultry.
Don't you use AC?
That's used by
worthless, lazy people.
We enjoy the nature.
You're right, In-law.
We must be accustomed
to live in all conditions.
Isn't it?
Will it rain inside the house?
-What a pitter-patter of rain?
They might enjoy
the rain,it seems.
In-law,why do you suffer?
We would've come.
Why do you say so?
I'm the mother.
Shouldn't I see the house
where my daughter...
...is going to live?
Luxury lacks in this house
but not love and affection.
That's why I accepted
her marriage.
So happy,in-law.
Then we're leaving.
When will you come again?
We have to visit
frequently after marriage.
Is it a Taj Mahal to come again?
A box like house.
Okay,I'm leaving.
Be careful.
I like your house and
you very much,That's all.
Then, untill marriage
you can come and...
...stay with us.
That's my wish.
No need to say anything.
You're coming.
Hey, egg head is calling.
Manage somehow.
Can you hear me?
Nothing is heard, except hello.
Who are you?
Can't you get my voice?
When i don't know
who you are...
...how can I get your voice?
I'm Vanangamudi.
Bro,is that you?
Did you imagine like that?
Tell me the matter soon.
I can't spend the day
without my car.
Better,go to the road.
Variety of cars,will move on.
See that.
Do you want me
to see in furious state?
We can't see you in normal.
you want to be seen when furious too?
You dragged me.
I dragged all animals.
Hang up the phone.
What are you
going to do,boss?
Why do you come hurriedly
rolling like a potato?
Where is he now?
In few minutes,the engagement
will be over.
Do you know what
Call him.
You speak.
Boss, where are you?
Sir is asking.
I'm standing close to don.
How punctual he is!
Everything starts from here.
Good,his brain
started to work.
Merge of Saddam Hussein's
left brain and...
....Bin Laden's right brain
is my boss.
So,you'll be killed soon.
-Don't talk like evil omen.
I think the whole brain is dead.
-My project name is "BCA".
I'm 'B',standing at the entrance.
Is 'C' awaiting at the street?
'A' will lift him.
Is that the way to lift?
They fizzled by taking
money and alcohol.
'A&C'spoilt the plan.
I'm B, surely somehow,
Stop this engagement.
-Tell us...
Boss,are we going
to welcome?
I'll try something
for not coming.
Move aside.
Instead of sitting idle,
you can say something.
The arrangements are grandeur
but the bride is not seen.
Bride not seen?
Villangam has started his work.
Ask the bride to come.
-She has to be there to come?
She is coming.
Is this the plan B?
On this auspicious day,
For generations of
karkala family...
...Rajeswari's daughter,"Thulasi"
..with Valarmathi Thulasiraman's son,
"Deva", on mutual consent,
is getting engaged for marriage,
Everyone here
accents to this marriage.
I don't...I don't...
I don't want to be prideful
by saying about...
... the dowry I give
to my daughter.
I'm not interested
in this marriage.
Take this jewellery.
This is our family's
traditional jewellery.
I hand over
this to you.
"The day of wedding has come
to strobilanthes,"
"Has given the wedding garlands."
"As to behave in maturity,
Your beau has come,"
"What happened to your words?"
"Lay the shelters and tie the patterns..."
"Play the dolak,bang the drums."
"The day of wedding has come
to strobilanthes,"
"Has given the wedding garlands."
"As to behave in maturity,
Your beau has come,"
"What happened to your words?"
"A turmeric beet with
red colored mehandi cheeks,"
"Shower a lot, to live as a queen."
"The groom has come
to lead a happy life."
"With the aura of sandal and kumkum,
all my relationships are astonished."
"With the aura of sandal and kumkum,
all my relationships are astonished."
"The holy drums will bang."
"The new ring,touches the toe,
Encircles to live a happy life."
"The holy drums will bang."
"The new ring,touches the toe,
Encircles to live a happy life."
"We have to be in
the calling distance,"
"You must be as a dot
in my pattern casting."
"All the matches in
horoscope are absolute."
"You must bear the sweet pain."
"I'll transform myself
as per your desires,"
"Only after seeking your
permission,I'll breathe."
"The wetness of kiss in cheeks,
breathing whispers into ears,"
"That must ever be heard,
you must give on continuously."
"The day of wedding has come
to strobilanthes,"
"Has given the wedding garlands."
"As to behave in maturity,
Your beau has come,"
"What happened to your words?"
"I must subdue your attitude with love,
you must lie seduced on my lust,"
"We must die hard
in between the blankets,"
"I must grow as a
seed from your sweat."
"Though, you wear the ornament
in the form of gold won't it be painful?
"Shall I give you a patter
of rain as ear drops?"
"My dear, don't blab
apart as ponderous,"
"Won't you be ponderous on the bed?"
"The bed in jitters,
the air becomes warm,"
"I must touch you always,"
"I must tease you in love."
"The day of wedding has come
to strobilanthes,"
"Has given the wedding garlands."
"As to behave in maturity,
Your beau has come,"
"What happened to your words?"
"The holy drums will bang."
"The new ring,touches the toe,
Encircles to live a happy life."
"The holy drums will bang."
"The new ring,touches the toe,
Encircles to live a happy life."
What happened?
You won't listen,
if said not to dance?
Check what happened to her?
It's since a week that
your vehicle was stolen.
Why didn't you
file a complaint?
Sir,I went out of station.
Returned only today.
Okay,tell me
where did you go?
To Thambioor.
-You go wherever you wish.
Tell me the name
of the place.
Thambioor,that's the name of
the place I went.
Are you jestering?
-I promise on you,sir.
Okay,sign here and leave.
I asked you, only to sign.
Sir, whether in English,Tamil
or Finger print?
Are you teasing?
-No, sir.
What's your name?
Who named you so?
A reputed astrologer,pandit
Pathasani Bhakiyam.
He only suggested the name
for Oscar winner, A.R.Rahman.
Believe me,sir.
Just a minute,sir.
I'm not Vanangamudi.
Who are you?
You just told lengthy tales
for your name.
That's for fun,sir.
Humour sir...
I'm out of station.
Near to Trichy, next to
Kumbakonam, in Thanjavur.
Is your's a padmini car?
I don't have a padmini car.
Just now you said
as padmini.
That's not to you,sir.
Either you speak to me
or in phone.
You are not right.
Order for a tea and
get bundle of paper.
Get lost.
You're honest,sir.
Yes,I've come for
an important job.
I'll come.
Where is the complainant of the car?
- Sir,
Just now he left,sir.
Call him.
Give me a match box.
-what happened?
He left,sir.
The arrangements
must be perfect.
Turn now.
Not me,him?
Who is he?
-I'm here to whitewash...
Tell her, you're a cook.
-Yes,a cook for the marriage.
Oh,a cook.
The food must be good.
Everyone must be satisfied.
Especially the sweet,Jhangri.
We have to follow the astrology
and must give food for charity.
We'll do.
Shut up and come...
When you're here
to act as a cook...
...She wants you to do Jhangri.
Will you do
sweet savoury, torque?
What,sweet savoury?
Do you know to do
Instead of salt, add sugar.
That is "Jhangri".
I don't understand anything.
Hey,why did you
tie up me?
Where is my car?
-You mean,car?
Go straight away
to the Pollachi market.
It lies there as pieces.
Assemble that.
I won't leave you.
I will complain to police.
It's problem to you only,
if you go to police.
Because,police is in search
of you,as your car...
...met with an accident.
If you go now,
you'll be caught.
Did my car
met with accident?
Dude,he'll keep on talking.
Take that spray.
Is it lily or jasmine?
-Mosquito repellent.
He won't get up
for next six hours.
After that?
He'll forget.
Egg head.
What's the work was
assigned to you?
What are you doing?
I'm checking for
the taste.
I must cook rice.
Must prepare tamarind paste.
-You want me to taste the sour.
You didn't understand me.
-Didn't understand.
If I do all these,then only
I'll be like a cook.
He transformed as a
full time cook...
...and will ask for
a order it seems.
What now?
I'll give him a test tomorrow.
We're going to pass that test.
You say as if we'll pass
in NEET exam.
Don,please taste this.
I believed you as don
and given a serious job.
Now also,if I mix
the secret one...
You only taste
that first and die.
Hey,I mixed poison in sweet.
-I know.
Be careful.
In cooking too.
You're not a cook.
-I'm a don!
A don!
Greetings, Madam.
It's the latest SUV car
with hatch back.
To me,safety is more
important than new version.
Because, It's a gift to
my son-in-law.
This car is good
for your status,madam.
That's why I referred you.
Four colours in this model.
Take that catalogue.
Show to madam.
Will you ask?
Monkey,stand straight.
Sorry,I'm late.
-It's okay. Be seated.
Is the car ready?
Madam,if you finalize,
you can go for test drive...
...and take delivery
of your car.
In-law,are we going to
temple in new car?
No,that car is my
gift to son-in-law.
We can take delivery
of that car only after...
... son-in-law do the test drive
and satisfies.
-What happened?
-Oh god!
No,we can have this test,
drive, everything after marriage.
Yes, correct.
It must be given
at right time...
...then only it's a respect
to son-in-law.
What,am I right?
Aunty,I'm bit late.
Shall we go?
You've come at right time,
Go away...
Go away...
Go away...
Don't know what will happen?
I have booked
a car for you.
She buys him a car
even before marriage.
He knows to drive.
I know what you mean.
Shut up.
In-law,is the time auspicious now?
My son is going to drive a car at first,
That's why...
You mean, at first?
What, son-in-law?
Not that,mom says so,as
I'm going to drive a new car.
If son-in-law drives,
it'll be fiery.
You're going to witness!
That's it.
Okay,you go and
get ready with the car.
He'll do the test drive.
Are you okay?
I'm ready.
I'm ready.
Thulasi,go along with him
when he drives the car.
I'll go,mom.
Where are you going?
Are you giving him
tips to drive the car?
How dare,she didn't
even call me for temple.
We'll go by share auto.
It's hurting,boss.
To me also.
My shoulder,boss.
Who is that?
What? Did your mom
sent you to overhear us?
Boss,she calls
you only,as dad.
Just now you know
that you've a dad.
Please dad, somehow you
must help me in marriage.
That's why she calls
me as dad.
I'll help for your marriage.
-Not that,dad.
Then what, dear?
That is...
He don't know to
drive the car like you!
Forgive me.
What you say?
-You save him, please dad.
Doesn't he know!
Oh god!
Doesn't he know?
Let the music play.
Don't lie to dad,
doesn't he know about the car?
He don't know to drive.
Oh no.. Dad, don't be loud.
Boss,you are not serene.
-I know.
Your foot is not on the ground.
-It won't, I'm wearing a footwear.
Another slave to the house.
Where to put the keys?
Son-in-law,take the keys.
Groom is caught!
Go for a drive.
What car is it?
-It's the latest model,sir.
I know it's latest.
What about that churn?
You mean,churn?
-He says the gear.
It's automatic gear,sir.
I know it's automatic,
but do you know Audi car?
Only the name is Audi car,
but it goes smooth.
What do you know about car?
-Don't talk to me about car.
The engine of the car
is like a heart to human.
The diesel pipe is like
the nerves of human.
Then gear,brake and
clutch is like...
...pancreas,lungs and kidney.
The wheels are like legs.
Don't talk about the car.
-Boss,you're so familiar about car.
Sir,you go for a test drive.
-Hey,is it filled with petrol?
It's diesel vehicle,sir.
Is it diesel vehicle?
Where will you fill the diesel?
In that bunk?
He sells contaminated fuel.
My son-in-law will drive
only in pure diesel.
Go away.
I can't get even,
if I go to Dubai.
Then go to Iraq or Iran.
Nothing urgent.
Be cool.
What shoddy colour is this?
Son-in-law,what's your
favourite colour?
This colour only.
-In-law! Don't interfere.
I'll talk to son-in-law.
What's your favourite colour,
Parrot green!
-Parrot green!
Parrot green!
-Parrot green!
Get a car
in parrot green.
You mean, car
in parrot green?
First,you go for
a test drive,sir.
Get that.
It's gone.
It's evil omen.
Your car will be condemned
if drive now.
Take away.
Son-in-law,she is fuming.
Come,let's go.
Uncle,she fumes.
We'll go,uncle.
Stepney ,come here.
This is how you sneeze?
I dreamt of something.
-Hereafter,it's my rule in this house.
Who is that?
-You spoiled everything.
When I planned a best idea
and implementing that...
...you shattered, don.
Why do you and that fair lady
ever talks about brain?
Do you both own
a butchery shop?
Do you know?
As I wished, my son-in-law
don't know to drive a car.
I know that.
Then, why didn't you
convey me?
I told you.
That is...now.
-My daughter told earlier.
Leave it.
-I told...
Better throw away the ladle
and leave the place.
Don, without finishing the job....
...where to go?
Whom do I know?
I want you to leave, but
don't know where to send?
Do one thing,
You're good in cooking.
Better continue as cook
till the marriage.
Take it.
Get buttermilk to my room.
Don! I...
-Only one buttermilk.
You'll be given salary.
He pays me for the job.
Double charge.
He has reversed
to be good.
I must reverse to villain.
Is it audible till there?
I was thinking about
seasoning of buttermilk.
Everyone becomes villian,
if given littlle space.
Wait,I'll come.
I'll offer 108 coconuts,
if the "Kaveri river management",
Lord Muruga,let everyone live good.
-Hello,it's the temple of goddess.
I'm confused.
My devotion has gone
to an extreme.
Close the gate.
Madam,will you go back?
Why? Are you going
to fight?
He'll fight. I'll stand away
and give him tips.
I didn't expect this.
Son-in-law,the dhoti
will hinder,fold it.
I can't.
I can't bear.
You are caught.
They're tearing.
Hey, turn back.
Someone is behind you.
Are you caught?
Will you stroke the women?
-Don't you know that as wrong?
No... it's not me!
Leave me.
You made it!
Who do you think of?
That's it,boss!
Son-in-law,I'm back.
-Welcome, uncle.
Don't be loud.
she might fume again.
You are the saviour
of the family!
Cut a tender coconut.
-Help your son-in-law.
Throw that.
Take this to bang,
if feeling tired, drink it.
You give him coconut!
A wise man will make
tool of whatever...
I understood.
Wait,I'll come.
You called me for this,
isn't it?
Instead of hitting with wood,
are you romancing me by hugging?
You'll remain a fighter always.
Son-in-law, any help?
-It's over.
Do you think of women
as so worse?
Get lost without looking back.
Is it you?
Put the wood down....
Are you hurt?
I thought you're one among them.
We did mistake.
We'll never do again.
Son-in-law, that's why
when men are at home...
Even men are there, it's good
if women come to temple.
Hey,ask for pardon.
Go away.
You are the goddess
to my home.
Will you bless me
with a boon?
A boon?
What's that?
Just a kiss!
Not now.
Only after marriage.
On that day in driving,
You said after engagement.
Now you say as
after marriage.
What do you
think of me?
Who owns a car
in this colour?
Worst taste.
Deva,it's not our car.
Wait,I'll get mom.
I hit your mother by mistake.
I drove the car to impress you.
For that,will you hit my mom?
It happened by mistake.
I won't even ask for a kiss.
Don't be angst.
Hereafter,if you do anything...
...then, it'll be a problem to us.
Okay, come here.
This matter mustn't be known
to anyone, till marriage.
Still how long to act as a cook?
I can't.
Boss, without any plan to win,
a stuff has come on its own.
What's that?
Deva hit the car and
made the accident ...
...for Rajeswari madam.
Hey,it's true.
-is it?
Oh,it goes that way.
Taste it for salt.
I'm going to give him a test.
Come,let's go.
I'll prove him,who am I?
-Will you prove?
Astrologer,lack of a person for the
remedy of charity of food.
Is that okay?
Will the remedy work only half?
-Boss, groceries has arrived.
It's good. Take all
the things to store room.
Take him for food.
You're the king of charity.
-let it be,egg head.
Astrologer,the remedy is fulfilled.
Come on.
Come on.
I'll give you another one.
We shouldn't waste food.
I won't leave, brother.
My padmini!
Yes,my padmini!
Boss,what are you
going to do?
Deva and Rajeswari mam
are at the same place.
Without our identification,
she must know about Deva.
For that,we must
inform the police.
They'll arrest him.
How is my plan?
Show,inform and arrest...
okay, boss.
Are you ready?
Are you ready
to show the car?
Come on,boss.
What's the name of that car?
-Old Padmini.
Who is speaking?
-I'm not, boss.
Okay,Where is that car now?
-It's safe inside.
Such a coarse voice!
Are you afraid?
You said about car,but
a black monkey has come.
Who are you?
Have you come to steal the car?
-Why must I steal my own car?
Your car?
I can't understand.
Send her inside.
We are not such persons.
Whisper me whatever.
I'll hit you.
Is it?
You take away the car.
I'll manage.
Nice one.
-Is that the car?
It's inside.
Come this side. Come.
Boss,you spoilt a good plan.
That's because of a reason.
What'll you do now?
-See now.
Sir,the old padmini car,
orange in color...
... which you're in search of,
is on highways at a speed of,150Kmph.
Boss,look at there.
Doesn't he know to drive?
Sorry sir,he is roving the car.
Will you catch him?
-Boss, superb.
You dare to go along
with that egg head...
...what damn taste you have?
Come,let's go.
No one must know
that car is here.
Especially for those in home.
-How many times will you repeat?
How long?
If it is not here now,
I'll lynch you.
We are close to you.
Hey,you said you'll
come soon at my first call.
After that,I made
many calls.
Boss,if you continuosly
call,how to come?
Okay, leave that.
Look here,I'll tell you an important matter,
instead of going that side....
What are you doing?
What's this?
You told to come soon.
So,we came.
Will you come with the
vessel filled with water?
Pour now.
If water spills,
someone may skid.
Did you pour on
the electric box?
Even electric box
helps for love.
You made it right.
The job is easier.
Listen to my plan.
What that is...
-Oh no, power has gone.
They say, lying on the lap,
will make us fall asleep. Can I try?
Okay, boss.
Hey,are you going
to watch a movie?
You are going for theft.
Go separately.
Boss, aren't you coming?
-I'll come.
They left the vessel here itself.
-Come soon,boss.
I'm beautiful even in dark.
Must upload in FB.
200 dislikes immediately.
-Boss,are you here?
There is no power,
you're holding something.
It's my cell phone,boss.
-I say about that only.
It's sultry inside the room.
You do one thing,
do I need to be a fanner till the dawn?
Sounds good, come.
Call the EB and find out
when will the power resume.
Already I did,
they're on the way.
I must tell her, the power
will resume soon.
She may get frightened.
Not at me,at the dark.
Boss is here.
He knows where
the jewellery is.
Then,why he asks us to take?
-Goof, everyone here knows our boss.
That's why he sent us.
-You're right.
Is that room?
-I think so, don't talk. Follow me.
Excuse me,boss.
Either he plays music
or sprays perfume.
What does he think?
Oh no,we aren't.
Madam's voice.
Hey, who's that?
-Oh no...thief.
Wait,we are coming.
Why do you shout?
When you're at home,both these
culprits entered my room,
Our traditional jewellery,
They took that.
-Have they took?
Don't hit,sir.
We didn't steal on our own.
It's the order of our boss!
Your boss is also here?
Where is he?
-Don't hit us.
Call him.
How dare they call him?
He'll attend.
It's audible somewhere here.
It's from here, boss.
He is hiding here.
From here only it comes.
Boss,see there is someone.
Catch him.
I told everything.
Back stabbers.
Who are you?
Tell me.
You find out by my eyes.
-Hey,who locked the door?
Don't know,mom.
Do you think of you as,
"Athe Kangal,Ravichandran"?
What noise is that?
-Don't know, come,let's see.
Salt in sambar...
Upma and potato...
Boss,he is blabbering.
He might've done something.
I'm not blabbering.
-Then, aren't you the don?
-Get lost.
Don, do you know what he did?
What job did I assigned for you,
but what you did?
My wife will treat you cheap
as you took the jewellery.
What are you
doing here,idiot?
What're you doing here?
What's happening here?
Why so loud?
In-law,he took our
traditional jewellery.
Stepney, call the police.
Yes, call the police.
I'll tell the police everything.
Do you know who he is?
-Uncle,it won't work.
That's it.
Why do you leave him?
Take him.
Yes sir.
We'll hand over him
to police.
Our family dignity will be lost
if we go to police. Go to sleep.
Stepney, who locked my room outside?
-That is...
Don't sing and stop dancing.
What's happening in this house?
I don't know, mom.
I can't understand.
It seems to be a torture.
Son-in-law, come here.
It's a good timing, hitting him...
...when he mentioned about police.
With trust,I left him to you.
But you betrayed me.
I don't know
whom to believe?
Everyone betrayed.
I don't know.
Where to go, whom to....?
Mango pickle!
Hey,is that you?
Didn't the police arrest you?
Why do you take
booze,so raw?
A whole family has thrashed me.
You didn't ask for that.
If a whole family thrash you,
what betrayal you did?
That's deception.
-I didn't.
They did that
even for you too.
You left with
an old Padmini car,
Do you know who
was having that,earlier?
You say exactly as a magic.
Egg head,I know everything.
Where is that car,now?
As I don't know to drive,
I was moving the car on the road,
I left to attend nature's call.
I heard a voice behind me.
Sir, I'm so hungry.
I'm starving for two days.
Give me money, please.
-I'll give,but wait.
You don't look like starving,
but I'll give, wait.
When I was counting
the money,she grabbed...
...and ran away.
When I ran behind her,
someone took away that car.
Because of that both guys,
My life is in perils.
The day I lost my car,
my time turned out worse.
If I get caught of him...
What'll you do?
-I'll do whatever I wish.
I decided what
you must do hereafter.
Come,let's go.
Are we going to park?
It's a different place.
He must be a dolt.
Singam four!
Dear nurse,
I've a purse,
If you come close... I
-Sorry,I was watering the plants.
Oh no, who needs sambar?
Is there anything inside
or simply an empty box?
Don't you speak to men?
Son-in-law,why do you hit
like a bike without brake?
Have you read the
breaking news?
You're there for that.
What happened, Son-in-law?
Aunt always insist me
to drive the car.
In few minutes,
she might ask me to go around...
... the car instead of the holy fire.
-Do something, uncle.
I know,she'll get marry
you to a car.
Don't be afraid.
Being bold is male physiognomy.
Whenever she looks at you,
you look at me.
If I look so?
-You can notice shivers.
Is she?
Are you making fun?
Son-in-law, we have ordered
24 food items in menu. Check out.
Uncle,lentil ball is missing.
Lentil ball?
- Lentil ball?
Why it's missing?
-Why it's missing?
Did we order for
lentil balls in menu?
Shall I cancel that
and order for urid ball?
Let it be.
What's happening,here?
Stepney,what they both
are talking about?
That is...
Son-in-law came in scurry,
When you came as scuttle,
They both conversed in streak,
and left as sprint.
Follow your sneezing style
as usual.
Thanks, madam.
We are...
You got hit yesterday,
isn't it?
If that's yesterday,will you
hit me today also?
Hit me.Hit me.
Hit him...
-It's Vanangamudi.
Come egghead.
"Vanangamudi... "
"He has come here."
"Where'll you go to hide?"
Had food?
Feast is going on,go...
Just now, I started
the concert.
"Will the coalition of Villangam win?"
"Will the marriage happen?"
What happened?
"Will the coalition of Villangam win?"
"Will the marriage happen?"
Look here, I informed everything
to in-law.
What they'll do?
I'm going to washroom.
Where are you going?
Stay back,if you're bold.
Uncle,why did youget down?
It's enough, son-in-law.
Caress my daughter, leave me.
Uncle,see there.
Hey, he is Villangam.
He didn't change
even after thrashed.
Uncle,see the person
next to him.
Who is he?
He looks as if a half burnt
corpse from graveyard.
What's your problem with him?
Come close.
Then who hit?
It's me,uncle.
He is the one
who hit my wife.
So,you did everything.
Okay,go to the stage.
You go,I'll take care.
He did everything and
got even offering of lord.
He must be a
smart heister than us.
Inquire about the whole problems
and get rid of those,boss.
What are you going to get rid of?
That is...boss will tell.
Stepney, ask her not
to astound now and then?
Can't think about
the next scene.
I will kill you,are you
going to sneeze?
What is the scene?
I'll inquire and tell...
-You may go.
You go.
Boss, what are you doing
with that guys?
The situation is serious here.
But you're laughing.
What to do?
Wake up the antagonist
in your mind.
Wake up him with an alarm.
-Boss,do something.
Puh! you accompany me
for long time...
...You could do something.
-I don't want to surpass the guru.
Boss,just nod as yes,
I'll finish.
Thank you,boss.
I didn't tell you anything.
I'll show today,
who am I?
Excuse me, brother.
That side.
Don't you have a straw?
Give that.
Will you drink
whatever he gives?
We are the special guest
in marriage.
He is going to
roll down and fall.
We are the chief guests
who came to halt this marriage.
He might've mixed something.
See,is anyone having the glass?
No one is having.
I'll show you
the sample,now.
Dude, you look very tired have this.
He has escaped.
Shaven head.
He has fallen down.
Do you ask how?
I used my seventh sense.
What? Seventh Sierra?
It's sense!
You mean,sense!
Are you giving sedative pill?
This ring is to you.
-Be quiet,please.
They may watch old movies it seems.
They're clear.
Boss,plan A is a failure.
They shifted.
Oh,you've noticed.
I won't let off,my loyalty.
I'm ready with plan B.
The one who didn't fall
for booze will fall for beauty.
You say that job so respectfully.
I thought of finishing
the job safely.
It'll be a sharp wedge,
is that okay?
You're so jealousy.
Who? Me?
So far,has anyone accepted
your countenance?
She looked at me amorous.
It's their plan.
Don't fall prey for that.
How do you find this?
I said,my seventh sense...
Boss,all my plans are failed.
What about your's?
Will you implement,even if I say?
-Get lost...
Everything is ready.
You tie the nuptial knot.
I'll take care.
-What's the time now?
Wonder, what he'll plan!
You get up and tell
when he ties the knot.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Who is he?
"Bang the holy drums".
Stop it.
Who is that?
Boss,Villangam has started
his villainous job.
I will lynch you.
Will you tie the nuptial thread?
See now.
Brother,get up.
Tell the facts...
He is that.
Grab him.
-What to stop?
A person sitting here,
a shaven head...
Stop the marriage.
Listen to me.
Go,they'll take you
to court.
Inspector,also take the
person who stands out.
Priest, carry on.
Tie the nuptial thread.
We have won!
Boss,how good you're in
implementing the plan!
You made the marriage
to happen.
You plan from A to Z.
Mine is just a solitary plan!
He doesn't want
the booze or beauty.
He wants his car.
I bought a car,
changed the Colour...
...and slightly twisted
the story.
But he doesn't know
the one he thrashed...
...is not his car!
Boss, you're the ISI trademark
When you do all these
for gratitude...
... how much I must do,
being a father?
She is my daughter.
Enough,the film is going
to end.
Mam,you've to give
the keys of the new car...
...which your son-in-law
has to drive.
-Son-in-law,take the keys.
Drive the car.
-She gives a mini TV remote.
We managed everything,
but forgot this potato.
In-law,again from
the beginning!
We're finished.
He's going as if
he has waged a war.
How to drive
the car with this?
Where to keep the keys?
Where to keep the keys?
Son-in-law,better turn away
saying as seat is not comfort.
He has come.
Don't know what he's going to do?
Aunt,what will we do
if buy a new car?
-We'll go to temple.
Yes we'll go to temple
as a family.
We'll do Pooja.
But,when the goddess is here,
Then,you must drive
the vehicle first,aunt.
He falls on her foot.
Get up.
-He made it,superb!
You've to drive.
-You mean,me?
Yes,you can drive.
Should I drive?
I thought he is
a heister son-in-law.
But,he is son-in-law with
good thoughts.
Boss,shall I keep the lemon?
-Enough of talking, get in.
He too knows you're worthless.
Get in.
"Only a single car runs,
that's the chariot."
"Will sir drive it? Who is he?"
"A ball inside the bottle of soda".
"Is there any car,
which goes amissed by him?"
"Come here slowly,
he is the boundary of lies,"
"Look here,who is he?
affray is his name,"
"Mother-in-law's looks
are different,she'll start fuming."
"It goes out of stations,
Even the car goes in speed."
"On whose words,
all these happen?"
"This comedy didn't
halt even a bit."
"A hide and seek game
is played with the car,"
"Even a jester goes on
with the car,"
"A hide and seek game
is played with the car,"
"Even a jester goes on
with the car,"
"He drives...He drives...
He drives the car well."
"He drives...He drives...
He drives the car by words."
"The car gives problems,"
"Listen to this story well,"
"Into this mind of love,
a mild sound is audible daily."
"A sickle hangs before me,
It's craving for the time..."
"A sickle hangs before me,
It's craving for the time..."
"He drives...He drives...
He drives the car well."
"He drives...He drives...
He drives the car by words."