Kaleidoscope (2016) Movie Script

Well, I -- I must have
just missed you.
Yeah, I just got back
so I was wondering
if you could
maybe come..
No, it's not
a complaint.
It -- it's just, you said
it would probably be
some time this afternoon
I was sort of
depending on.
Uh, yeah, it,
it fills up with water
and then it
just -- just stops.
Through here.
I can't speak.
They're going to leave me
to die up here.
You must promise
to bury me.
I can always
carry you down.
If they don't
fix them lifts soon
I'm going to jump down.
Then you'll see
how quick they move.
Did you see
the police was here?
They found something..
...body parts I heard.
Oh, they didn't have
any palm oil
so I went to that shop
around the corner.
I didn't know you cared.
No, no, no, that..
It's -- it's wrong bag.
It's all mixed up.
Does she have a name?
Kitten Gloves 35.
So tell me
you're not wearing that.
Well, it's -- it's the
only clean shirt I've got.
The agency were meant
to come round and fix
the washing machine.
So have one
of Jonah's.
Oh, no,
that's alright.
Then what am I keeping
them for?
Well, if you're sure.
Hello. We are not
available at the moment.
Please leave your name
and number after the tone
and we will return your
call as soon as possible.
I didn't expect
you'd pick up.
Only what it was is..
...I've an,
an appointment in London
and...well, I was hoping
maybe we could..
But maybe I'll
call back.
Fucking hell.
No wonder you
gave up smoking.
- In here?
- Oh, yeah. Hold on.
- Drink?
- Oh, yeah.
You sit down if you like,
I -- I'll get you one.
I bet you don't get much
gardening done up here.
Oh, no.
That's just my business.
Well, gonna be
once I get a van.
You've got
a businessman's face.
I'd rather have
his wallet.
What are these?
Oh, herbs.
Ooh! Huh.
My mum used to buy those
basil plants in a pot.
- Ocimum basilicum.
- Hm.
But the leaves
keep going black.
I think she just likes
the smell of it
on her fingers.
Your mum's probably got
a touch of black spot.
Uh, it's easier to grow
basil from the seed.
Preferably facing
the equator.
- Ooh, is that right?
- Yeah.
They actually don't like
this climate very much.
- Do you mind if I, uh..
- Oh. Yeah.
Oh, cheers.
So, where's all your,
Yeah, you know, stuff.
I don't really
have much stuff.
Sea breeze?
How did you know that?
You put it down
as one of your likes.
Oh, very good.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Oh.
- Oh, God!
Sorry, I, I couldn't
find any cranberry
so I had to
use blackcurrant.
And you?
You haven't had
a proper drink all night.
Alcohol a problem,
is it?
No, it's just..
- No.
- What?
Sends me off.
Where to?
I don't know,
somewhere else.
Isn't that the idea?
Have you got any music?
iPod or somethin'?
You got a radio?
Oh, that sets
the neighbor's dog off.
Aah, that's his problem.
Well, he's
pretty aggressive.
What sort of dog is it?
No, I didn't mean
the dog.
- Where's your dog anyway?
- I haven't got a dog.
You said you had a dog.
- I don't get along
with dogs.
- On your profile.
You said that
you were an animal lover.
Well, animals are okay.
So what else have you
lied about then?
No, no, it's was just..
You look at other people's
profiles, you..
got to put something down,
haven't you?
How many girls have you
bought back here then?
- From the site?
- Hm.
I don't know, but some.
- Name one then.
- What?
A girl that you
bought back here.
- Uh, how do you mean?
- Come on, you're stallin'.
- Rosie. Rose.
- Rose.
Yeah. Up from the country,
was she?
Well -- well,
what's your real name?
Come on, let's look up
her profile.
Where's your computer?
Ah, I use the one
at the library.
You're a sneaky snake.
So what does that
make you?
- Thirsty.
- Same again?
And hold
the blackcurrant, yeah.
We used to have a dog,
years ago.
Before you had
to pick up the turds.
How did you
end up here then?
Doesn't fit.
You don't fit.
That shirt.
What're you
talking about?
It's, it's hand made.
- It's a genuine one off.
- Hm.
No wonder.
Would you say that
that I was your sort?
Men, they either go
for their mothers
or the opposite.
And I'm guessing..
Um, your nose is, uh..
Oh. Uh.
- I've got these, do you..
- No, it's alright.
- Are you sure?
- Ugh.
Are you okay?
You've got
to turn that down.
- Oh, come on.
- Come on, he'll go mad.
If he's got a problem
he can come
and fuck with me.
Were you looking
for something?
Uh, cigarette papers.
- I don't smoke.
- You don't drink.
You don't smoke,
you don't dance.
Maybe you'd rather
read a book.
What's your name?
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
If it sends you
off somewhere
I'll come and get you.
Come on.
Yeah. That's it.
Come on.
How long since
you've been out?
How do you mean?
How do you think I mean?
Come here.
That's it, hold on tight.
Give us a twirl.
No, me.
That's it.
And again.
Yeah. Whoo!
Are you alright?
Are you alright?
I'm gonna be sick.
I didn't expect
you'd pick up.
Only what it was is..
...I have an, an
appointment in London
tomorrow and well,
I was hoping
maybe we could..
But maybe
I'll call back.
This is Aileen's phone.
Leave a mess..
This is Aileen's phone.
Leave a message,
loud and clear
for an old lady.
I don't want you here.
- So don't--
- Do you mind?
I, uh,
I borrowed a T-shirt.
Where've you gone?
You're not speaking
to me now?
- You already had papers.
- What?
You said you were looking
for cigarette papers.
They were in my bag.
Loose a fridge in that.
Who was that
on the phone?
Are you in trouble?
You can tell me.
I know what trouble
looks like
I got married to it.
He's not my husband
for much longer.
Even sold my ring.
What -- what are you
doing here?
I'm trying to be nice.
Do you wanna know
why I chose you?
Because you looked
like a pushover.
That's the routine.
Now I am being nice
and honest.
I actually think
you're alright.
Oh, fine then.
And it's Abby.
By the way,
since you're askin'.
I'm sorry.
...I got out
about a year ago.
I'm not asking you
to stay with me.
You, you can sleep
on the bed.
I'll go on
the sofa downstairs.
I've got eggs and bacon.
See how
the colors change.
Uh, the door's stuck.
I can't open the door.
The door's stuck.
I'm so sorry,
I'm so sorry.
At least, forgive,
forgive me for this.
Sit down. Sit down.
Get up.
I'm so sorry.
If it sends you
off somewhere.
I'll come and get you.
Hello, we are not
available at the moment
please leave your name
and number after the tone
and we will
return your call
as soon as possible.
I didn't expect
you'd pick up.
Only what it was is..
...I have an,
an appointment in London
tomorrow and..
Your nice neighbor
let me in.
I took a tumble..
...coming up
on the concrete steps.
Clumsy idiot.
I even tore my dress.
I doubt it will get
all the dirt out.
I was hoping you might
have a plaster.
Do you have a plaster?
Could you help me
with a plaster?
I'm not touching you.
Shut the door
on your way out.
I might at least
clean myself up.
I've been traveling
all day.
Sink's over there.
Get away from it.
I don't know
how to stop it.
It just started
making a noise.
Just leave. Now.
Well, it's dark.
Where would I go?
Maybe your neighbor
has a sofa.
You're not to go
over there.
Then where do I go?
I don't care.
You can't stay there.
One night.
See how
the colors change?
I hadn't realized
how hungry I was.
It's liver,
your favorite.
You have no idea
what I like.
It's what
you used to like.
I can look after myself.
I learnt that much.
I've got a business
to run.
Did I hear you say,
a business?
You're upstairs.
I'm happy
to take the sofa.
You look well.
I was.
You have one
new message.
New message.
I'm here.
Where the fuck are you?
If he's touched you,
I'll break his neck.
- Hello?
- I'm looking for someone.
What's the name?
I've got a picture.
- I'm sorry.
- Have a look.
I am.
My wife.
- She's here.
- Not here.
On the estate.
I'll ask my wife.
Have you seen her, love?
No, no.
Me, neither.
Is, um..
Is there a name?
Just in case.
Touch me.
You asked me to stay.
You're hurting me.
My foot.
You've broken my foot.
- Out!
- Don't.
No, Carl, I don't..
Uh, I don't
deserve this.
I don't deserve this!
Before you say it
I'm leaving now.
You look like a clown.
I've got an
...someone special.
I wouldn't think
anyone's that desperate.
Not like that.
There hasn't
been anyone..
...not since
you went away.
What do I care?
I've got my own
to think of now.
A girlfriend?
- And one on the way.
- Mm.
I'm happy for you.
Maybe I should
take you both out.
My treat.
It's a bit late
for that.
I told her
you were dead.
I'll pick my
case up later
when you're not here.
That's alright?
Is everything okay?
Oh, she didn't turn up.
Then that wasn't you
and Kitty-Kat that
passed here last night?
No, I was
in all evening.
And you didn't hear all
that banging and bashing
in front of the door
early this morning?
This morning?
When I came down,
they'd gone.
I'll be late for work.
Hello, Carl.
I was wondering
if you were around late
last night.
Uh, it's just one
of the clients said
she saw someone
moving about
in the roses.
Oh. A fox?
No, she swears
it was a man.
I was thinking,
it's probably best
if we keep the key
to the side door
in the office from now on.
Just to be
on the safe side.
Why are you still here?
Who said you
could smoke?
Will you sit down, Carl?
I've something
to tell you.
A new beginning, I hope.
Might take a few days
to clear.
I won it..
...on the lottery.
I want us to make up.
I was thinking.
I might go and visit
my sister in Canada.
We've started
talking again.
Do you remember
your cousin, Casper?
You once made a pact
you would do down
Niagara Falls
in a wooden barrel.
Used to obsess you,
those men in barrels.
Forever hiding
yourself away
in small spaces.
"I'm just practicing for
the falls," you'd say.
I doubt you'd both
get in one now.
We could even
go first class.
An adventure.
Is there no way
to start again?
After all this time.
But I haven't
had any time.
All my time
has been taken away.
...I don't have much of it
left myself.
The oncologist says
it's in my bones.
Where's your medication?
No, I don't need it.
There's no pain.
Not yet.
I don't believe you.
Look, if it'll make you
hate me any less
why don't you ring
the consultant?
Here, Dr. Burman.
He won't lie.
Maybe you're not
the only one
that's allowed
to change.
How long have you
been here now, Carl?
Uh, about a year,
uh, just over.
Have you stayed
anywhere else?
No, this was the first
place I got.
Your downstairs neighbor,
Mr. Prempeh
recalls hearing--
Loud music,
dancing and voices.
Voices. Plural.
- Yes.
- Yes?
Yes, plural.
My mother was staying.
- Dancing?
- Uh, no.
- I -- I was dancing.
- While she was?
- Watching.
- Uh, complaining
She doesn't like music
and she wanted me
to turn it off.
Is your mother
still staying?
Uh, no,
she left this afternoon.
- Not from London then?
- Isle of Wight.
- Did she stay long?
- Three or four days.
Three or four?
Did either of you leave
the flat that night?
Thank you.
Silly me.
I left it
on the bedroom lamp.
...I'll say goodbye.
If that's what
you want.
Is that what you want?
I think I might have
missed my last train.
I've been through
all of your shirts.
None of them
is missing a button.
They've arrested
The husband.
Well, it's always
the ones that are closest.
Denies it, of course.
He says she left
the nightclub
with another man.
So they've checked
the CCTV.
It seems the cameras were
either fake or broken.
So they've put
the word out
for someone
with a mobile
who might have
taken pictures.
The husband's
a drug addict.
What more do they want?
Sawing a girls legs off.
Can you imagine
the mess?
I was thinking about
Ca -- Canada.
- Wh --
- I can't hear you.
Uh, about Canada.
I -- I'd have to get
my passport renewed.
Just like that?
Is -- Isn't that
what you were suggesting?
Last I heard you were
starting a family.
I thought she
could come.
You'll have some
explaining to do.
You told her
I was dead remember?
I'll sa -- say
it was a joke.
You never had
the wit for jokes.
Does she have a name?
What does Rose do
with herself I wonder?
Works with dogs.
Walks 'em.
She's a dog walker.
You don't like dogs.
And is that who
you were with?
Stayed the night,
did she?
But you didn't think to
tell that to the police.
Well, we'd, we'd
had an argument and..
...I thought if..
...I said she was here.
They might think
she was the poor
dead girl.
Did you have
a drink, Carl?
Did you have
a little drink?
Why don't you come in
where I can see you?
Come in,
little woodpecker.
Out of the compound
and down
the street they were.
Everyone had an eye
for Jonah.
But that was before
we came here.
Always you think
will be better
somewhere else.
But things are never
what you imagine.
You don't want it?
He's being polite.
He's already eaten.
Then leave it.
It's okay.
The police were here
askin' questions
about that poor girl.
Oh, you don't want
to read about it
but you do, don't you?
You can't help yourself.
Cut her up into bits.
Threw her away
like a piece of rubbish.
Right here in one
of these flats.
They've arrested
Not any more, they let
the husband go.
- Why?
- New leads.
Is all they said.
Would you bring me
a plaster?
Can you bring me
a plaster?
You'll have
to clean it first.
I must have scraped it..
...when I sat down.
Did you have
sex with her?
That's something
I can't wash out.
You left clues
Don't you remember
how happy we were?
Where is the phone?
Happiness to kill for.
You destroyed it.
The phone!
Carl, open the door,
I only want
to help you.
Open the door.
Carl, I need you.
See how
the colors change.
Do you like it, son?
Uh, the door's stuck.
Got it on the ferry over,
Happy as a jumping bean
you were.
When I came
back for you.
I didn't even
recognize you.
Staring back at me
with your mother's eyes.
I can't open the door.
I don't blame you, Carl.
She filled you
full of poison.
...touch me.
I can't open the door.
Please, I can't
open the door.
I'm going to stay.
Will you open
the fucking door?
I can see you.
Hey. No -- no --
no -- no.
Wesley, stop it!
Get the fuck out!
Get out!
Fuck's sake.
For fuck's sake.
What the fuck
have you done
to my jeans?
Where's my stuff?
What have you done
to my stuff?
It's fucked.
Where's my phone?
I don't know.
You, you said..
If it -- it --
it sent me somewhere.
You'd come and get me.
You broke my foot.