Kalevet (Rabies) (2010) Movie Script

A film by
Aharon Keshales & Navot Papushado
Tali, where are you?
Ofer, I'm down here!
Ofer, I'm here!
Are you all right?
Where were you?
I've been calling out for hours.
I was sleeping, I didn't notice
you'd disappeared. Are you hurt?
But it's freezing,
the water's up to my knees.
It's heavy, or stuck.
Can you reach the opening?
You think I haven't tried?
It's too high.
I'm throwing you a lighter.
There's blood on your face.
I didn't even notice.
- Is it serious?
I don't think so.
What kind of a psychopath
builds a trap you can't open?
Trap? What trap?
-Relax, relax.
Must be someone hunting
foxes or rabbits or something.
All this for a rabbit?
There's got to be a trick here,
a lever or something.
This is punishment.
For running away.
Where do you come up
with this nonsense?
It's a trap, it was dark, you fell,
it could happen to anyone.
But it happened to me.
-Yeah, but you're not dead,
you didn't break anything,
you've only got a little scratch.
Seems more like a miracle to me.
I want to go home.
We're not going home.
Telling Dad was a mistake.
-A mistake?
Would you rather continue
hiding like two criminals?
As if we were
doing something wrong?
Maybe we are doing
something wrong.
There's nothing wrong about
what we're doing. You hear me?
You know how much
I love you.
And I love you.
Okay, then I'm going
to get you out of here now,
but only if you
really want me to.
You know me,
I don't like forcing anyone.
Can you hear me from there?
I can't listen to this anymore,
I'm changing stations.
Why are you getting so upset?
They're just two rich kids
who ran away from home.
Why is everything
always a joke with you?
I bet something bad
happened to them.
These stories always end badly.
-It'll end with a new SUV.
If you had kids, you wouldn't be
joking around like that.
I have one little girl,
that's plenty.
Oh, so I'm the little girl here?
And what does that make you?
A foetus.
That's right.
Okay, let's get to work.
Will you miss me?
Not sure.
I'll be back here in 20 minutes.
Menashe, be serious.
You have an evaluation to do.
But Rona, my muscles ache
from last night.
Honey-bun, unless you want
your muscles to ache tonight too,
you'll do as I tell you.
-All right...
But talk to me the whole way.
Have I told you how much
I hate those sunglasses?
Sure have.
-And you keep wearing them.
I have no choice, Rona.
You blind me. Blind me.
You always know exactly
what to say to me every morning
to melt my heart. Kiss.
I'll miss you.
Bye, Buba.
Bye, Buba.
Buba, say goodbye to Mommy.
Buba, did you hear that?
He called me Mommy.
Look at him starting to sweat.
Buba, take care
of Casanova for me, okay?
Bye, honey-bun.
-Bye, sweetie-pie.
Would you focus on the map
instead of the mirror?
You've got to see this,
it's better than a movie.
There should be
a right turn here somewhere.
Take a right here.
Oh no, did I do that?
It's okay, it'll dry.
Did you sleep well?
Where are we?
I don't know.
Are you sure this is the way?
Are you kidding me?
It's your fault,
why did you give me the map?
I'm driving, Pini,
Whoever is next to the driver
is in charge of the map,
that's how it works.
Oh, that's the new rule?
Don't piss me off, Pini.
-Okay, I got confused, big deal.
This whole area
is only an inch on the map,
-I don't think so.
I played at that court last year
and this isn't the way.
But it's pretty here.
-Yeah, it's really nice.
Yes, Adi, but this isn't
National Geographic,
so do me a favour
and take a look at the map.
Forget the map, let's look
for a sign, there's always a sign.
If this forest doesn't turn into
buildings within 1 0 minutes,
I'm turning back.
Don't go too far.
Play area?
Where's the stick?
What kind of a dog comes back
without the stick?
You're tired too?
Cigarette break.
What? Just one.
You're smoking, aren't you?
Don't be ridiculous.
Thanks, Buba.
That's your last one for today,
you hear me?
I hear you...
You're such a rat.
This is the last time
you're coming with me.
Buba, don't go too far.
Seriously, I have to pee,
I can't hold it in anymore.
Mike, stop the car.
Here, pee in this.
And how is that
supposed to happen?
You should know by now
that girls have different plumbing.
Unless you're still... a virgin.
No way. My cherry's long gone.
I see.
Mike, is your cherry long
gone too?
What? What's the problem?
Nothing. Pini's a virgin.
You'd better stop,
Shir is about to pee in your car.
Okay, I'm stopping.
Is here okay?
Yes, just stop already.
Open it!
Can I help you?
Don't peek, okay?
-Of course not.
I'm serious.
-So am l.
Make sure they don't peek.
Go on, run.
I'll tell you when we can't see.
We can't see.
Stop it.
-You stop it.
Can you see me?
-You can pee now!
You little liar.
If I can see her, so can you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
-Can you believe her, Mikey?
Shir, go a little further.
You guys are jerks.
Come on, Mikey, watching a girl pee
is the sexiest thing in the world.
Okay, maybe not the sexiest,
but it's definitely in my top-five
Peeing? It really turns you on?
-Yeah, in a weird kind of way,
because it's not supposed to be sexy,
but when a girl does it, it's sexy.
And how many peeing girls
have you seen?
How many have you?
You wish you knew.
I can't believe I'm asking, Pini,
but what are the other top-four?
You're really getting into it, huh?
This is the list,
but it's not in order of preference
because it's hard for me to decide.
-Must be really hard.
Stop interrupting.
The first thing is:
a girl peeing.
At home, outdoors,
in the shower, swimming pool.
Swimming pool?
How can you tell?
The smile gives you away.
Okay, the second thing is...
-What's with the fingers?
Maybe he's afraid he'll miscount.
It's all the way up to five.
It's for the dramatic effect.
Such big words
for such a small mouth...
and a dirty one.
-What's with Shir?
She's taking her time, huh?
-Never rush a lady.
What's taking you so long?
Leave her be!
Finish your speech in the meantime.
-Okay, where was l? Oh yeah.
The second sexiest thing
is a girl shaving her legs.
Give me a break.
I agree, it really is sexy.
-What's so sexy about shaving?
Not just any shaving. If you were
shaving your arm, hint-hint,
or your face,
that would be nasty.
Would you rather they stayed hairy?
but don't include me
in the process.
But a girl shaving her legs...
There's something about
a razor sliding down...
Get your foot away from me.
Come on, Pini...
It stinks.
-Wait, what about wax?
No good, it hurts,
you make nasty faces, not good.
Okay, the third sexiest thing is...
We didn't peek at all.
I don't care.
I didn't pee in the end.
All this time and nothing?
-You guys stressed me out.
Then I heard noises coming from
the forest, I couldn't concentrate.
You weren't doing a crossword puzzle!
-I just couldn't.
I was afraid something would
jump out at me from the bushes.
Shir, stay back.
Don't look.
Look at him.
He's a goner.
Go check his pulse.
I looked by accident.
I think I'm going to faint.
I don't get it, he waved his hands,
then jumped in front of the car.
Why is he dressed like that?
I think we ran over a waiter.
I looked again!
Go check his pulse.
Just don't move him,
we don't want to break anything else.
Anything else?
The guy is totaled.
You all right?
Did you run me over?
What gave us away?
Yes, no, not on purpose,
you jumped into the road.
Wait, where are you going?
We need to call an ambulance.
She's in the forest,
she's still in the forest.
Who's in the forest?
My sister.
She fell into a hole in the ground.
I couldn't get her out,
so I came running for help
and then you showed up.
What should we do?
We'll call for help and wait.
-No, she's hurt, there's no time.
Do you know where she is?
Get real,
he can barely stand up.
I'm okay.
-Yeah, you're a real hero.
Pini, if he says he's okay,
he's okay.
-We'll go with him, you stay here,
we'll be back soon,
meanwhile get on the phone.
Yeah, tell them
we won't make it to the match.
I meant to the police.
-Yeah, them too.
do you copy?
Dispatch, this is 320, I copy.
Proceed to the fox reserve,
Isn't it closed?
Some kids got lost there.
The girl that called in
sounded confused.
A confused girl?
She also said something about
an accident. Inquire, ASAP.
Okay, we're on our way.
Yuval to Danny,
do you copy?
I've asked you
not to make personal calls on duty.
Turning your back on me
When I'm talking to you?
Okay, if I have no choice,
I have no choice.
That was a long call,
do I smell a happy ending?
I wish,
She's not answering me.
Did you leave a message?
-Six, so far today.
The more, the merrier.
What's so urgent?
What happened?
Some kids got lost
in the fox reserve.
Okay, let's go.
Come on.
Aren't you going
to answer that?
I'm driving,
you want me to get a ticket?
What is it,
another fatherhood claim?
Something like that, it's Shimshon.
-Your dad?
I wrecked his car last night,
he probably just found out
and wants to let me have it.
-So you're not answering him?
Until things cool down
at Shimshon Beach.
Shimshon. Who calls
his father by his first name?
If you called him Dad, things
would be different between you.
Yes, Dad.
Are we there yet,
Grandpa Smurf?
We really have come a long way.
You know where you're going?
Yeah, just stay on the path.
Follow me.
Come on.
I hope his sister is worth it.
This is Menashe, over.
Where were you?
You had me worried.
Rona, listen...
-Babe, is that you?
"Babe"? Is there something
you want to tell me?
She doesn't mean me, it's a girl
I found unconscious in the forest.
And you expect me
to believe that?
Why would I make it up?
Then put her on,
I want to hear it from her.
Oh please...
Rona, she passed out again.
Oh, she passed out again.
You expect me to buy that? Idiot.
Rona, do you read me?
I don't have time for these games.
Rona, this isn't funny.
Stay by the car, girls.
Stay by the car.
Do I look okay?
My hair, uniform,
everything in place?
You just don't learn, huh?
Don't forget what happened last time.
-Yeah, but check them out.
You listen to me. Go over there,
ask them what happened,
and put an end to all this.
Put an end to all this,
finally words I can identify with.
If you keep this up, I'm coming with you.
-I'm just kidding.
You stay here.
It's been a while
since you tried reaching her.
It'll be okay.
Hi, you've reached Shani.
Leave a message
after the beep. Beep.
Hi, my darling.
You aren't answering your mobile,
so I called you at home.
I hope you listen to this message
all the way to the end.
I don't even know
where to start.
I know what I did hurt you
and that things don't look good,
not good at all.
I can understand
you're feeling a lot of anger
and you may not be able
to find any room
to love me
within all that anger, but...
Rona, do you read me?
Rona, do you read me?
Rona, the truck is dead,
I have an unconscious girl,
I'm taking her to the trailer.
Rona! Rona!
I don't know, what do you say?
-Sounds farfetched to me.
Would you just listen to us?
-We've heard enough.
And you still don't get
what's going on?
Are you angry?
You sound angry.
No, she's not angry.
But she did tell you everything.
Everything, huh?
-Yes, everything.
There's a girl who fell into a hole
and her brother is hurt.
And your two friends went
to help him find her.
So can you help us?
Yeah, but you must understand
our side too.
What I see here is a car
with blood on it,
two girls without a scratch
or the car keys.
Yes, but we called you.
But we have no way
of knowing it's really you.
Then what are you going to do?
Maybe I should search the car,
the whole shebang.
We'll go by the book.
By the book.
You don't seem
like the reading type.
You'd be surprised
to know what I like doing.
And what I don't.
She's not in there.
She's not in there,
someone took her out.
Someone took her!
I'm sure she's okay.
Someone must've helped her out,
right, Pini?
Mikey, this dog was slashed
from ear to ear,
what kind of a psychopath
would do that? And to a dog?
We have to find her.
No, we have to get out of here, Mikey.
Let's go back to the girls,
they must've called the police,
let them deal with this.
I'm not leaving here.
You're hurt, it'll be dark soon,
she's probably fine.
At this rate
we'll need a rescue team too.
I'll call the girls to see
when help will get here.
He's going to wake up
the whole forest.
Can I answer that?
Maybe it's the boys?
-Especially if it's the boys.
Aren't you a bit too close?
-What's wrong? You jealous?
You wish.
-Not your type, huh?
Okay, no offense taken.
I could tell as soon as I got out
of the car that you prefer her.
Am I right, Navratilova?
-Shut up!
Whoa, I touched a nerve.
What about you? You like Navratilova?
-Leave her alone.
What's wrong?
Afraid to hear the answer?
You're really enjoying this, huh?
Whatever you can't get yourself,
your uniform gets for you.
Stop it,
Adi, you're just annoying him.
Let them do their job.
Their job?
I bet they jerked each other off
watching porno before coming here.
Keep talking like that
and you'll never forget this day.
What did I miss?
-Your friend sexually harassing us.
Shut up.
-Yuval, chill.
I touched a nerve.
Isn't there some kind of procedure
in cases like this?
Of course there is,
my darling.
That's why I'm running
some tests on the computer.
And l, girls,
am going to search you,
so is there anything
you want to tell me?
Anything I don't want to find?
Anything... sharp?
Anything pointy?
You're searching us?
Are you nuts?
It's procedure, you know.
I tried both of them.
-No answer.
I bet they ran off with the cops.
Let's get out of here, Mikey.
And leave him all alone?
What do I care?
I don't even know his name.
You think he heard
everything I said?
I can still hear.
He's a real X-Man.
We have to keep looking.
We have to go into the forest.
We have to find her
before it gets dark.
Going into the forest
is way out of my depth,
so thanks a lot, but I'm out of here,
Mikey, you coming?
You coming?
-Wait, stop!
Are you threatening me?
Don't move.
What do you want?
Are you threatening me?
He's not threatening you, Pini.
Don't move.
Now you're taking his side?
-No, don't be an idiot, look down.
I can't. What is it, a spider?
A snake? Tell me it's not a snake!
It's not a snake,
just look down!
Fuck, it's not fair,
why do I always get screwed?
I told you we should've
stayed with the girls!
Would you take it easy
down there?
I swear, if you keep...
-Adi, it's okay.
Did you hear that?
It's okay.
Get your filthy hands off her.
Look at her,
she's about to cry!
Would you get over here?
Your friend is going way too far!
I'd chill if I were you, sweetie.
Who do you think you're yelling at?
Don't worry, Pini, it's all rusty.
Looks ancient.
If it hasn't worked so far,
it probably won't.
It works, it works.
-How do you know?.
I hope you got a tetanus shot.
When did you develop
a sense of humour?
What should we do?
Hey, what are you talking about?
I'm a goner, right? I'm a goner.
Give it to me straight.
You're not a goner,
not even close, relax.
We're just trying to see
how to get you out of this.
Why don't I just jump out?
Do you know anything
about these things?
It looks like a bear trap.
The minute your friend
lifts his leg...
Oh my god.
There are bears around here?
Is my leg shaking?
I feel my leg shaking.
Check if my leg is shaking,
I feel it shaking.
Listen, this is what
we're going to do:
You grab one side of the trap,
I'll grab the other side,
Pini jumps on three.
Wait, where do I jump?
On three.
On three.
-On three.
How did this happen?
I don't know, she's fast.
-What have you done?
As if you don't know.
He was groping her.
I bet this is your regular routine.
You turn a blind eye and he gets
finger-happy. Shir, come here.
Maybe she doesn't want to come?
Maybe she liked it?
Yuval, shut up! You've gotten us
into enough trouble, okay?
All I did was search her.
Son of a bitch! Get your hands
off of her and step back!
Calm down, that gun
could be very dangerous,
it could be loaded.
It is loaded.
Are you crazy?
Why is it loaded?
I'm always loaded
and ready for action.
Besides, you think she'll
shoot me? A cop?
That's a great headline for tomorrow:
"Navratilova Kills Cop."
Move away from her.
Besides, she can't shoot me.
You know why?
Because it's my gun,
and no one shoots my gun except me.
Move away from her.
Shir, come here!
I told you,
she doesn't want to.
You don't want to, do you?
Fuck off.
Say what?
Calm down,
what's with you guys?
What did you say to me?
-Don't listen to him,
you have the gun, you're the boss.
-No, she's just a little girl.
Ignore him, relax,
take a deep breath,
take your finger off the trigger.
It's way more sensitive
than you can imagine.
Way-way more sensitive
than you can imagine.
All you have to do
is blow on it.
Are you out of your mind?
Can't you see she's scared?
Yeah, but I don't give a damn.
They're all the same, little teasers.
With their short skirts and
see-through tops, playing games.
But when it gets real,
suddenly they're scared.
Suddenly it's: "Stop it, Yuval,
you're hurting me, Yuval."
"I'm about to cry."
You're going to cry tonight,
I promise you that.
And you, grow some balls,
grab your gun and shoot the bitch?
You too? Hands up!
Okay, I've fucking had it,
I want my gun back.
We said at three, Pini!
One, two, three!
Don't yell at me!
He got us into this mess!
He's hurt, get off of him!
Can you believe
that little shit?
Hurt, my ass.
Look how fast he's running.
Let him go.
-I bet he doesn't even have a sister.
Look what you did!
You fucking bitch,
look what you did.
I'm looking.
Shir, wake up and come here.
And you, hands up.
You fucking bitch,
look what you did.
Yeah, I'm glad,
let's see you use them next time.
What's so funny?
I'm left-handed.
You are so fucked-up.
Shir, come on!
Calm down, apply pressure on it,
you're losing blood.
They're all here.
Ouch, fuck!
We've got to get you to a hospital,
they'll reattach them.
Oh yeah?
And how will you explain that?
It doesn't matter,
you need medical attention,
we'll worry about that later.
-Right, later.
With you it's always later,
never in the hour of need.
Maybe that's why your wife
doesn't answer your calls?
What was that?
-You heard me.
How long does it take to pull out
your gun and shoot a little bitch?
She's just a girl who's scared.
Scared? That slut blew off
two of my fingers.
You should've popped her,
not once, not twice, but three times.
You've totally lost it,
we've got to get you to a hospital,
so they can reattach your fingers.
Actually, it's not you who
should've popped her, it's me.
Teach her a lesson,
all of them.
What are you doing?
Stop it, you're nuts.
You're nuts, man! Come on!
You're not serious, Yuval!
You've done
enough damage for one day,
you're totally insane, man!
There's no turning back now,
I can't cover for you anymore.
Exactly, someone has
to clean up this mess.
So you're going to take out
two little girls? Are you nuts?
You watch too many movies,
I just want to scare them a little.
You've scared them enough.
Let's talk this over and think
what we should do, it'll be okay.
Don't go anywhere.
-What are you doing?
Those are my house keys!
Which house is that?
Son of a bitch!
Leave my mother out of it.
What? Why did you stop?
-I can't go on.
We can't stop now,
we have to find the boys.
I can't, I have to pee.
You're joking.
No, I've been holding it in
this whole time.
Okay, then go,
what are you waiting for?
I want to thank you
for what happened back there.
Thank me
when we get out of jail.
You think they'll
come after us?
I think one of them will.
Give me the phone.
I'll tell you
when I can't see.
Son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch!
Dispatch, dispatch.
Danny, is that you?
Danny, answer me.
Come on, Danny, answer me.
What's going on?
Mike, can you hear me?
Are you okay?
We heard a gunshot.
We're okay, sort of.
Stay by the car,
We'll be right there.
No, we're not there.
We had a run-in with some cops,
we're on our way to you.
I can't hear you... Adi?
Mike? Hello?
-I'm almost done.
Shir, look.
I can't stop now.
What should we do?
Do you have much more to go?
-Yeah, I drank a whole bottle.
Okay, don't move.
I'm done.
-That's it?
-Don't move!
What? You don't seriously think
these mines are still active?
No, probably not, but...
That's all I needed to hear.
What are you doing?
You're crazy, stop!
You nearly gave me
a heart attack.
Are you all right?
-I want to go home.
Me too.
Where are you going?
The road is that way.
To find the girls.
-You have no idea where they are.
Listen to me. We're looking for them,
they're looking for us,
let's head back to the road
and meet them there.
I don't know if they're there,
something happened with the cops.
What could happen?
-I don't know, but we have to find Shir.
You mean Shir and Adi.
What about Adi?
You're cool without Adi?
No, I meant Shir and Adi.
-Yeah, but you said Shir.
What, you're into her too?
Of course not.
-Mike, what's going on?
Nothing's going on.
-I know you when you're like this.
You want to tell me something?
-This isn't the time, Pini.
You bet it is, now talk!
We're together.
You heard me, we're together.
You're together?
What, you fucked her?
You fucked her?
You know I'm crazy about her
and you go behind my back
and fuck her without telling me?
-Look how you're reacting.
How could anyone tell you anything?
You're nuts.
"What does everyone see in Shir?
We're just friends,"
sound familiar,
you son of a bitch?
I tell you what I want to do to her
and you go and do it?
How long have you
been doing her?
I'm not answering that.
-How long have you been doing her?
I'm not answering that.
-I want to know!
I'm not answering that.
The girl's hysterical, let's go!
Of course she's hysterical,
she can't cope without her man.
I meant Adi, you idiot.
Are you coming or not?
No, I'm not, since I won't
be getting laid on this trip,
now it's all about survival.
Cool, maybe I am a coward,
but I'm not an idiot like you.
With all these traps and guns,
I'd rather get back to the road.
And away from your stink.
Come on, chill!
Hate me when we get back.
Come on.
I'm going back to the car, okay?
And if those girls have any sense,
which at least one of them does,
they'll do the same.
Okay. Fine.
I'll manage on my own.
See you later,
wait for me by the car.
Give me the keys.
-I'm not giving you the keys.
How am I supposed to get in?
-I'm not giving you the keys.
What if you fall into a hole or a trap?
Who'll get you out?
I'll be stuck in the car like a jerk,
now give me the keys.
Mikey, give me the keys,
in case something happens to you.
What'll happen?
You heard Ofer.
If you stay on the path,
it's okay.
Oh yeah,
because Ofer looks okay!
Pini, if you want to come, fine.
If not, fuck off, okay?
I'm not giving you the keys!
-Oh yeah?
Give me the keys, Mike.
Pini, leave me alone.
-Give me the keys.
I said, leave me alone.
-Give me the keys!
You sure you want
to take a beating?
Take this!
Mike, stop...
Shir, find the gun.
-Don't move, you hear me?
Don't listen to him, Shir, keep looking.
-I said, don't move.
Fuck you.
All in due time.
I told you I'd make you cry,
didn't l?
Found it.
Shoot him!
Shoot him!
Come on, shoot him!
I'm no doctor,
but I'd say she's in shock.
And you're under arrest.
Yeah, my diagnosis says
you're going to jail for a long time,
so the sooner
you stop resisting arrest,
the faster
we'll get out of here.
Shir, what's wrong with you?
I think she likes
seeing you squirm.
Or did I get the roles wrong?
I bet you like being on top.
Watching your little blonde whimper.
Where are you?
This isn't funny.
What are you doing?
-Where are the fucking keys?
Cold, cold, cold...
Warm, warmer, hot.
You're a clown to the end,
Shir, is that yours?
No, I have a
different ring tone.
It's mine.
You son of a bitch,
you thought I wouldn't notice?
That I wouldn't see?
That I've gone blind? Senile?
That's what you thought,
you loser?
-It's wrecked! It'll take me weeks to fix.
Do you have any idea
how much it'll cost, you nobody?
You did it on purpose.
-No, Dad.
Oh, all of a sudden it's "Dad"?
What happened to "Shimshon"?
Just like when
you were a kid,
you feel the belt getting closer
and all of a sudden it's "Dad"?
There is no "Dad", Yuval,
and there 's no Shimshon
that you can bring
your whores to either.
I swear, if you come anywhere
near my house in your patrol car,
I'll beat the shit out of you.
You don't have to worry
about that anymore.
Hey, guess who?
This must be the 20th message
I've left, and to be honest,
I'm getting sick of this.
Shir? Shir, can you hear me?
Hello, Mike?
Listen, Pini is hurt,
I'm going to the car
to get the first-aid kit, okay?
All day I've begged and apologized,
I'm down on my knees,
I'd do anything
just to talk to you.
Just one more time,
before it's too late.
Before there's
no turning back.
I can't hear you.
Just take Adi and head back
towards the road, okay?
What? I can't hear you.
Shir, I can't hear you.
Was I asking too much?
A little warmth
at the end of the day?
Even a hug would've done the trick,
but you had to be so cold,
as if I'd done something bad to you,
which I ended up doing.
So that for once you'd feel like me,
and for once...
you'd know what it feels like
when someone tramples on your heart.
I can't hear you, just head back
towards the road, okay?
I can't hear you, Shir,
just take Adi and go back to the car.
I finally got under
your frozen skin.
Now you can't be cold
towards me anymore.
There's no more room
for your fucking apathy.
What did you do to her?
What did you do to her?
Nothing, I didn't do anything!
I saved her,
she's in the trailer.
Are you okay?
Did he hurt you?
-No, I don't think so.
We have to get out of here.
Don't worry.
He can't hurt you anymore.
Ofer, what have you done?
That's not him.
Yes, it is.
I saw him carrying you.
Ofer, what have you done?
What are you doing?
He's heavy, grab his legs.
-I'm not grabbing his legs.
Grab his legs.
He's too heavy, I can't.
I have to rest for a minute.
Don't cry.
It'll be all right.
What'll be all right?
What a screwed-up day.
How did this happen?
I killed someone today.
It wasn't your fault.
I know that.
But he's a cop,
I'm going to jail.
I've ruined my life.
No, you haven't!
Who knows what would've happened
with those two jerks?
At least this one
got what he deserved.
I'm pretty sure there's
something called self defence.
Self defence?
Yeah, self defence.
What would I do without you?
You saved us today.
Don't exaggerate.
I'm not, seriously.
You were amazing.
Did you hear that?
It means the road is near.
Maybe it's the boys.
-Yeah, maybe.
Go run and see who it is.
No, not alone, let's go together.
-No, Shir, we'll miss them.
No way, I'm not going alone,
I'm scared.
Then take the gun.
Why don't we shoot off the cuffs?
-And blow off my hand?
Shir, run!
Come on, run!
Don't walk, run!
Why are you so surprised?
Who else could it be?
I wasn't expecting...
I called you and...
-Wait, before you say anything,
I just want to apologize, okay?
I was at my parents' all day
and when you called this morning
I hung up
because I was afraid
they'd see I answered.
I just heard
the message you left me.
The one from this morning?
I've never heard you
talk like that before.
So open and honest
and simple.
I want us to get back together,
but for real this time.
No more fooling around on the side.
What do you say?
Hello? Danny?
-Yeah, I'm with you, I'm with you.
You're with me?
That's all you have to say?
No, no, I'm just surprised,
I wasn't expecting this, so...
Neither was l.
I missed you.
And Pinocchio too.
How's he doing these days?
He's okay.
A little hungry, you know.
Yeah, so is Bella.
-So is Bella...
Wait, so you haven't been home yet?
-No, I've been here all day. Why?
I left you a ton of messages
on the machine at home.
I'm just leaving my parents' place,
it'll take me about half an hour.
Half an hour, you say?
Want to meet me there?
Yeah, sure.
I'm on my way.
Okay, we'll listen to
your messages together. Bye, baby.
Bye, sweetie.
Fuck, what an idiot!
Answer me.
Is it because of that girl?
I'm sorry.
I know,
I shouldn't have doubted you.
It's just because
you're such a hunk.
What, don't you love me
Too bad, I have something
very important to tell you.
Remember how I laughed this morning
When you called me "Mommy"?
Remember how
it stressed you out?
I know this isn't the best way
to break the news, but I don't care.
I'm going to be a mommy.
And you, honey-bun,
are going to be a daddy.
Daddy Menashe.
Come on, say something!
Did you pass out?
You poor thing.
I love you.
Come back already.
Hey, stop.
Stop, please.
Where's the policeman
that was with me?
Can't you hear me? Stop!
Put the gun down.
Put the gun down.
Put the gun down!
Not good...
Not good...
We have to stop.
You're bleeding so much.
It's okay, it's nothing.
We have to keep going.
It's okay,
he's not behind us anymore.
Why don't you close your eyes
for five minutes?
Five minutes and you'll wake
me up?
I'll leave you here.
Five minutes and I'll wake you up.
Son of a bitch...
What happened?
I was shot, but I'm okay.
You're okay?
What are you talking about? Wait.
I had to get here in time.
I had to get here in time.
It'll be okay.
-Wait, don't listen to that message,
not that one,
I didn't mean what I said.
Be quiet for a second.
I'm going to call for help.
No, wait, don't listen to that, please.
Listen to me,
I was going to erase it, really...
I don't care about the message.
I'm going to call for help,
hold on.
It's okay.
-I just wanted to tell you...
that I love you.
Hey, hey.
Ofer? Ofer?
Ofer? Ofer?
Oh my god.
-Don't say anything.
Hi there.
We got a little lost here.
We got lost? You got lost,
you took a wrong turn.
Am I talking or are you
You're taking it out on me?
You're the driver, not me.
I'm not taking anything out on you,
am I talking
or are you talking to him?
There, you're taking it out on me right now.
-Can I talk to him?
Talk to him.
We got a little lost here,
we saw you with the car,
so we thought we'd ask you.
Do you know
how to get out of here?
No, I think... you took a
wrong turn.
I told you, dead-end.
So we should turn back, huh?
I think so.
Did you...
get hurt playing cricket?
No... tennis.
Want some Rescue Remedy?
The guy took a serve in the face.
Rescue Remedy?
I see you're stuck
with your car.
Yeah, it won't start.
I'd give you some jumper cables,
but the wife forgot them in her car.
Oh, "the wife".
This wife is going to a cabin
with you tonight, remember that.
How can I forget?
No pool, no breakfast.
-Pool? What do you need a pool for?
You can't swim
You swallow water.
Not for me, for the kids,
so we can rest.
Rest? Since when do you rest?
Do you even know how to rest?
He's not very calm.
how can I be calm?
We should've left the kids with
my mother and saved the money,
but you don't trust her.
Should I remind you what happened
the last time we left them with her?
Can I catch a ride with you?
And leave your car here?
Yeah, I'll come get it later.
Get in.
Sure, why not?
Kids, scoot over. Move your butts.
Watch out for the upholstery,
with all that...
Country full of shits...