Kali (2016) Movie Script

Business isn't great.
Whatever l earn isn't
enough to pay the workers
or the moneylenders l owe.
So please be generous with me!
Lord Vigneshwar!!
Team DrC
Dear John,
l've just opened the shop.
Don't come here
asking for money!
l already told you
what l had to say!
you came to me asking for money.
And l have come here
for that money!
So shouldn't we have some
respect for each other?
Sit down man!
l don't know if it's
because l'm rich.
All these guys respect me.
But luckily l have
respect only for money!
You took almost double of the
original amount from me as interest.
l won't pay anymore!
This business is over!
So there's neither money
nor respect for me?
Bringing someone else's cash into
our own pocket is called business!
lt's an art, isn't it?
What's the point in
being furious about it?
You're trying to teach me business?
You son of a b##Ch!
Chase all these rascals away!
Let me see if l can
do business here!
Get out!!
Team DrC
Team DrC
Dad, just go check
what happened.
l haven't received it yet.
it's not urgent.
You can give me later.
l saw her leaving
from here in tears.
Errr.. l was just saying..
My God!
What is this?
Scaring people?
You got scared, didn't you?
- l'm not scared!
Anyway you've decided to go..
So l thought l'll
drop you till there.
So you came to drop me?
You needn't!
l know how to go there myself.
Can you slow down, please?
l can't even utter a word.
You lose your temper
at the drop of a hat!
- Leave him Matthukkutty,
he loses his temper easily.
ls it?
You lose your
temper easily, huh?
Let me see!
- What happened?
Didn't you hear me?
l asked you what happened?
l.. l fell down..
Tell me the truth.
Did someone hit you?
Gosh. What happened, son?
Stand up.
What happened?
That Mathukkutty hit me, mom.
Aren't you ashamed
to come here crying..
after being beaten up
by those wastrels?
Why are you shouting at him?
Go ask those kids who hit him.
Hey Krishnadas!
You should raise
your child well.
Come here.
Did you see his nose?
lt was smashed by your dear son!
lf this happens again, l
won't be reacting like this.
l'm telling you!
Come here!
You won't play here anymore.
Did you hear that?
Whom are you staring at?
Leave the cane!
Get out from here!
Don't enter my class ever again.
l called you so many times last night.
And your line was busy.
Where were you?
Leave me!
Siddhu, those guys hit me!
Aren't you ashamed to cry
after getting beaten up?
Hit them back!
- l...
Hit them!
Catch them!
Close the gates!
Team DrC
Where's Sunny?
Come here.
Hit him.
l said, hit him!
Finish them!!
You think you're a hero seeing
all these cheers and applause?
Hitting people in campus
is not so heroic!
lt's better to beat up people
than being beaten up, right?
l'm scared.
When you start reacting violently for
every damn thing, it really scares me.
We're in that volatile age, right?
lt will change gradually.
Keep in mind that you're
in your final year.
You should pass in your exams.
And then get ajob.
l don't think my dad
is going to agree.
For what?
To marry you!
You don't want to?
Do l?
l do, l do!
Team DrC
There she is.
All the best!
- l'll come in the evening.
What, man?
What happened?
My dear bro,
l sold that property for the
minimum rate l could get.
l didn't try to make any profit.
l don't think real estate business
would be worthwhile anymore.
Of course!
Why are you taking it?
Who are you to make
me wait like this?
He's here.
- We should teach him a lesson.
What happened?
l don't know!
Who's this?
Falling down just like that?
Get up.
Don't get people talking.
Take a decision regarding this.
And don't think you can
come home after that.
Who's this?
- Dad!
Give them the garlands.
You don't be tensed
about all that now.
Everything will be alright!
Shouldn't we sleep?
Anjali is waiting.
Team DrC
Are you married?
You're new here?
l'm Prakashan.
- See you around.
Hey.. Hey.. l'll...
l'll pay this time.
The bank deducts a fees.
lt's all gone with that.
You're saying the same thing again!
l want my money back.
There's only 900 left.
- l don't want to know all that.
l don't want anything else.
l just want my money back!!
1 minute.
Nothing, Sir.
How are you?
- Fine!
Nothing is in it's
place in this house!
Team DrC
Won't even respond!
- Started in the morning itself?.
How else will it be!
You pick up junk from all over
the place and bring it home!
What junk?
Where's the car key?
Why are you so furious forthat?
Can't you search calmly?
l wasn't furious.
l just asked where
the car key was.
Got late?
Me too..
Which one should l
fill to deposit cash?
- Bro, can you give me your pen?
Bro, pen. l'll give it right back!
Deposit this, son.
Don't deposit all of it
into this chequebook.
Deposit half on this book
and half on this ATM card.
All the money in your account can
be accessed by the ATM card.
l don't want that. People at home
will take all the money carelessly.
My daughter's son Basheer.
He is quite notorious.
And, can you make a system where you can
withdraw only 500 if you enter 1000?
There's no such system here.
- Then what kind
of a bank is this?
Let me see if l can find a
bank with such a system!
Wow! lt's working again!
What is it, Prakashan?
l was just testing it.
lt's working.
Have you seen the other
end of this sheet?
Where is it?
- What the..
Take it and get lost!
What, man?
What is it, brother?
lt's not working..
Use this..
- Thanks brother.
Hey sir..
Account number has only 8 digits.
But to fill it, there
are 14 columns.
Even if l write from left
to right or right to left,
5 columns are still empty.
What should l do?
You just write your account
number there, Sir.
Oh! That's all?
Ok fine! l shall.
'Please do not use
mobile phones here.'
l'm not dead!
l just came to the bank.
l'll call you back.
Bloody hell..
Sorry Sir. l have a lot of work.
Even l have a lot of work!
ls it?
Sir, you can go to the next counter.
You can go there.
- You can have him!
Team DrC
l want to deposit Rs.10
lakhs as fixed deposit.
ln my wife's name.
Sir, my work is over.
- Please fill this form, Sir.
Here you go!
l'm leaving.
Go man!
That FD customer had
actually come to me.
lt was me who sent him to you.
You should remember that!
You didn't even treat us
when you bought your car.
l'm just reminding you.
Dude, just tell me
what you have to say.
You don't have to
hit me for that.
Can't even touch you or what?
Overtime, is it?
Good going!
What is it, Ma'am?
- Come, sit.
l bought this for you.
What plans for the evening?
lf you're free, we
can plan something.
l'm a little busy today, ma'am.
We'll plan this another day.
Why doesn't she call me!
How come you're so
busy in the evening?
So tall, but good for nothing!
Team DrC
Have you left the office?
- Yes.
l'm at City Centre.
Can you come here?
Why are you there?
- Shopping.
l've reached.
Where are you?
l'm on the 3rd floor.
At the 'ln' Store.
Can we have 2 minutes if you don't mind?
- l do mind!
What kind of a man is he?
So arrogant!
Why isn't she looking!
Let me check there.
- Ok madam.
Ah. She has turned.
Come, let's go!
Oops! That's her husband?
l'm screwed!
lt was a busy day at the bank.
Some customers drive us crazy.
And by evening, my mood
is completely spoilt!
Let's get back home.
l'll make your mood alright!
l don't know how l
brought it till here.
Driving isn't meant for me.
You drive.
You'll learn only if you drive.
lf you keep skipping it,
you'll never learn.
Drive without fear.
l am with you, right?
That's exactly why l am scared!
lf you stare at me like that, l'll lose
even the little confidence l have.
lf you want me to drive, you
should be really patient.
Don't get angry.
Okay. Don't worry.
You start the car.
l won't get angry.
Start the car.
Release the clutch slowly.
Be careful.
Didn't you see him?
Press the clutch.
Press the clutch and
shift the gear.
lsn't this the brake.. l
mean, isn't this the clutch?
That's the brake!
There's a car behind..
You almost hit him.
Okay, drive.
The car is not driving you.
You are driving the car!
That's all you need to know!
Which gear are you on now?
Which gear?
l don't know!
- You don't know?
Don't you know it's the
2nd gear from it's sound?
Shift the gear.
lt's bad for the car!
Press the clutch fully
and shift the gear!
Why are you getting angry for that?
Didn't l tell you that l'm not driving?
l didn't get angry!!
There's a car right behind you!
What nonsense?
Are you blind?
This is not rocket science!
Start the car, press the clutch fully,
shift to first gear, and drive!
There's not much work needed, Sir.
lncluding service tax, it's coming
up to around Rs.12,000 only.
Your documents are
all correct, right?
l will claim the
insurance for you.
My master has gone mad!!
My master has gone mad!!
So you can decide the
prices yourself!
Since my master is mad, you can choose
the price for whatever you buy!
Master has gone mad?
So this Assistant Manager
is hitting on you, huh?
Will you be promoted soon?
lf she goes on like this,
she'll have her way with me!
l'll kill you!
Can't you change this
ringtone, Anjali?
There you go!
You were waiting to pick
on something, is it?
Pick up the phone, Anjali!
Who is it?
That's some pervert.
He's so jobless!
Let me talk to him.
God! That'll be an
even bigger problem!
l'll tell you when l
want you to talk to him.
Why don't you chew a little louder?
- Of course!
Team DrC
Has Siddharth left?
He is just getting ready.
Tell me mom. What's happening?
- There's a good news!
l called to tell you that.
A good alliance
has come for Aju.
Ourfamily & close relatives
have to go to their place.
We haven't fixed the date yet.
You'll come with
Siddharth, right?
Of course!
Mom, l'll call you later.
And yea..
- Yes?
Can you ask papa to call Siddhu?
Okay dear. l'll tell him.
Okay mom!
l'll fix it right away!
lt was mom on the phone.
A marriage proposal
has come for Aju.
To fix it, she has
called us both home.
Your dad is still
furious with me, isn't he?
We should definitely go!
That will put an end
to dad's anger.
You haven't come to
Masinagudi yet, right?
We'll go to Ootty also after that.
l'll think about it.
Did you put on that perfume?
A little!
Hey, l was just testing it.
Don't be upset, my girl!
What the...
Team DrC
Customer care has received some
complaints from your desk.
You should pay some more attention
to relationship with customers.
Or it will affect your career.
Your car is ready.
Sir, since your car has
only third party insurance,
you can't claim even
a single penny!
You will have to pay
the entire amount!
Why are you so happy about it?
l'll lose my job if l don't smile
while talking to customers, Sir.
- lf you do it right now,
you'll lose only 30,000.
- 30,000?
- Yes, sir.
Do you want some coffee?
- No!
The power's gone.
We'll leave then.
See you Anjali.
- Hey.. lt's fine.
Okay then.
Shall we leave?
Come Chuppu. Let's go.
Such a loser you are!
Did you see that?
He's a brat!
You asked for it!
Team DrC
There's no point
reading all this.
Now you don't even differentiate
between kids and elders.
You heard what that fellow
said while he left, right?
Big deal.
You only want to find faults
with me all the time!
At least you have
someone to do that.
lt's not that l'm not trying..
Sometimes, l just lose it!
l know..
That you're not doing
all this on purpose.
And that you don't
like doing it.
But only l know that..
Others may not understand
your situation.
lf you understand,
that's enough for me!
You can't go on like this.
l don't like you being this
bad guy to everyone else.
This fury of yours
should go away.
Only you can take an
effort to do that.
We need everyone, right?
All of them?
Team DrC
Now you can look at
each other and smile.
Team DrC
Got late?
-A little.
All of them are inside.
- Okay.
Where's that woman who
gave you the perfume?
Team DrC
The one in the black saree.
With a tattoo on her back..
She's a little aged right?
But doesn't look like it.
Don't make me talk!
Her stupid tattoo..
Why are you standing
here all worked up?
Go have something to eat.
lt's free! And you'll get
this again only next year!
l can't even say that?
Did you introduce her
to Smitha ma'am?
- No!
Shall l?
l shall!
You'll be in a fix!
Bye sister.
Has it been long since you came?
No. We just reached, ma'am!
l'll introduce you to
all ourfriends here.
Are you confused
seeing the spread?
What confusion?
You haven't eaten since morning
to hog at this party, right?
Carry on!
Good going!
Where's the ice cream?
Are you bored?
l knew it!
What happened?
l have to go to Masinagudi.
There's a function
at my wife's place.
Did you elope and get married?
Doesn't look like it.
lsn't he really short-tempered?
How do you tolerate him?
You must be having
a lot of patience!
You're here?
That's why she got scared
and stopped talking.
Okay then!
See you!
Did you eat something?
Go eat, man!
What did he say?
We have to leave early
in the morning.
l haven't packed any bags.
Shall we go?
We've come here anyway..
We'll have dinner and leave.
l'm hungry!
- Me too!
You start. l'll just come.
- Okay.
Want to join for some drinks?
No. l'll leave soon.
- Are you sure?
l have to drive.
- Oh okay.
Siddhu, it's my daughter's
first birthday next Sunday.
We're giving a small
treat, at home.
You should come with your wife.
He's really happy to
go for others' party!
l have been behind him for a
treat ever since he bought a car.
And he hasn't, till date!
Must be making a whole lot of savings!
l have told you many times
not to hit me while talking!
Why can't you get
it into your head?
What did l say?
Leave it.
l just asked for a treat.
Team DrC
Which son of a b@#ch is not
getting sleep at this hour?.
Cat got your tongue?
Talk, you rascal!
Hello dear?
Anjali, is there a problem there?
Mom, Siddhu thought
it was someone else.
There's this guy who keeps
calling and troubling me.
ls it?
Siddhu picked up without
checking the number.
l'll give him the phone.
l don't want to talk.
Ask them to start early
if they're coming.
Papa called to ask
if you had started.
Okay mom.
l'll call you.
Are you happy now?
How would l know that
it was your dad!
Even if it wasn't him,
you will abuse, is it?
No one has to help me by
abusing or hitting people!
l can't bear this anymore!
What to do! l have
always been like this!
l know to behave like this only.
You eloped with me
knowing all this, right?
lf you can't bear me anymore,
you don't have to stay with me!
You can decide!
So that's the solution
for all this?
lf l also leave you, then..
- Nothing will happen!
What will happen if you leave me?
Will l die?
l will live alone!
Stay only if you want to!
Get out!
Team DrC
Are you ok?
Siddhu, be careful!
Siddhu, no!! Please!
Siddhu, stop the car!
That bloody..
Shut up Anjali!
Stop, you swine!
Siddhu, l'm scared!
Hold on tight!
Didn't you see what he did?
For my sake!
For my sake!
Let him go!
You are hopeless!
Didn't you see him take the
wrong side of the road?
You should teach him a lesson?
What if something had happened?
You have a reason
for everything.
l can't go on with such
a short-tempered person.
l want to live peacefully.
Team DrC
l'm hungry.
Why didn't you tell me while
we were passing that town?
There won't be anymore
shops on the way now.
Where are you going?
To Masinagudi, Sir.
Where are you coming from?
Kochi, Sir.
- Ok. You can go.
Sir, is there any
restaurant nearby?
lf you go straight from here,
there's one nearthe highway.
Hey. That's the restaurant.
Wash your hands.
Should we eat here?
l'm really hungry!
The headlight's on!
Team DrC
This rooster is so restless!
Hey Chakkara, your
rooster is in form, huh?
Let him have fun till it lasts!
What did he say?
What for?
To pick a fight with him?
He didn't say anything.
Where the hell were you?
Can't you see that there
are customers here?
- l was here only, master.
l didn't go anywhere.
- When you called me,
l was in the toilet.
- lf you can't, quite
yourjob and leave!
- You should work properly
as long as you are here!
- Won't listen to anything!
Just keeps yapping all the time.
- Didn't l ask you
to clean that table?
Get lost!
l didn't go anywhere, master.
l went to get water
since you asked me to.
- Moron!
- Useless!
Shall we leave?
lts okay.
There won't be anymore
hotels on the way.
We'll leave after
eating something.
Brother, what food do you
have here?
What do you want?
What do you have here?
Tell me what you want.
- We don't have Dosa.
No Chappathi as well.
Then what do you actually have?
Only Parotta.
Why didn't you say that earlier?
lnstead of making us ask!
Brother, two plates of Parotta.
And any curry would be fine!
Then why didn't you say this earlier?
Why did you get angry at him?
- What else should l do?
Didn't you see his attitude?
You can expect only so
much from such a hotel.
We have come here for dinner.
And not to teach manners
to the people here.
There you go!
Advising again!
Just keep it there.
Brother, do you have
something to drink here?
What do you want?
Do you have juice?
Yea. We have juice,
tea, soda, cola..
What do you want?
Anything is fine.
Brother, two pineapple juices.
Fresh, please.
Fresh, right?
This place is so filthy.
l'm really hungry.
Eat only if you really want to.
You sit here.
Hey Savithri!
What is it, Chakkara?
- Come!
What is this?
Brother, there's something in it.
- What?
Oh. ltsjust a fly!
Team DrC
We shouldn't have come here.
We'll leave quickly.
l have to use the restroom.
Okay. Come fast.
The bill.
l can't even show my
face to my friends, bro!
What to do!
Deduct Rs.80 from this bill.
Yes, Sir?
Did you say something?
Deduct Rs.80 from this bill
& tell me the final amount.
Dude, just check this. How much
does he want us to deduct?
80 Rupees.
Sir, there're no such discounts here.
That too, Rs.80? No way!
Every Rupee is precious!
lnterest rates are at 30%% now..
l didn't drink that
l asked you to
deduct it's price.
Bill for something you didn't drink?
Hey Mani?
- Yes!
Can't you check these bills properly?
He says he didn't have the juice!
l've only added the rates
of whatever he ordered!
ls it my fault if
he didn't drink it?
l had even changed it for him.
lsn't it fair to pay for what
you ordered, Sir?
l won't pay a rupee more than
the price of what l had.
Don't be angry, Sir. lt's not our
fault if you didn't like it, right?
lt'll be quite difficult for you to leave
from here without paying the bill.
Right, John?
Are you threatening me?
Then l dare you to
get it from me!
Chakkara, he is furious!
You do one thing.
You had enough food, right?
You don't have to pay.
l'll excuse it. You can leave.
Are you kidding me?
l don't want anything
for free from you!
Tell me the exact amount.
lf you're paying, you will
have to pay the whole thing.
Just pay the bill.
Let's leave.
Do you have any cash?
Oops! l haven't taken my purse!
How can you leave home
without taking your purse?
Why are you getting angry at me?
Where's your money?
That landlord asked me
for rent while l was leaving.
l gave him all the cash l had.
What do we do now?
l think he's in a fix.
Me too, John!
You're always quite excited when you
see such young girls, Chakkara.
l'm young at heart, John!
- Yea right!
We don't accept cards here, Sir.
We aren't that advanced yet.
l don't have cash.
Didn't l tell you
that you needn't pay?
See, that poor girl
is sweating there.
ls there any ATM nearby?
Why are you still angry, Sir?
ls there an ATM nearby, Chakkara?
lf it's such a matter of pride for
him, let him pay & then leave!
There is one ATM nearby.
Just 2 kms ahead on this road.
Then so be it.
You go and come back.
Team DrC
How can you leave
already, Sir?
What guarantee do we have that
you'll come back once you leave?
What do you think, Chakkara?
l'm not so sure, John.
lf he's not sure, l'm not too.
Let him do one thing.
Let him go and come back.
Till then, she can be here.
- Yea! That's good!
You're quite clever, Chakkara!
Why? Doesn't look like it?
He's removing his watch, John.
No, Sir. There's no
need for all that.
Don't treat us like cheapos.
l trust you.
So you can go & come back.
And she will be safe here.
Don't create an
issue out of this.
Didn't l ask you
to leave decently?
But now, since you've
started the game,
we will play till we finish it!
You will leave only
after paying me!
You go and get the cash.
Me alone?
Listen to me.
lts not safe if you stay here.
He's clevererthan you, Chakkara!
l'll be back soon.
Until then, don't create
any problem here.
The car is in gear.
Let her go.
You come here!
Shaji, l doubt she'll come back!
Where did this loser come from?
- How fast was she driving!
- His leg must be broken.
- Push!
Don't be out in the cold.
Come, sit inside.
Where do these people come from!
Team DrC
That doesn't work, Sir.
You can call from my phone.
You're really tensed.
lt's not right to call your wife's
phone from a stranger's number.
Keep it there.
Play properly!
Keep it here.
- What is it?
Swami has given the interest.
- Oh. You got it?
- Ya. Keep it here.
- Keep it here.
What is it?
Tell me!
- Come here!
Hey. Make it fast.
Hey, how much did you keep?
Team DrC
Bro.. Brother?.
ls there an ATM nearby?
- Huh? What?
ATM. ls there any nearby?
l don't know!
l don't know!
ls there a police station nearby?
Police station?
Yes! There!
That side?
- Yes.
looks like the girl is trapped.
l won't let her go!
Get lost!
Buy some good food for him!
Useless idiot!
So this is what you do?
But you don't look like a thief.
l had a doubt from
the time l saw you.
Take the bike.
l dare you. Take the bike!
Take it!
Team DrC
A#ole! So much trouble
ever since you came here!
Lock him inside!
Bro, get out quickly.
Team DrC
The girl is driving
really well, isn't it?
l won't let her escape!
Fell into a ditch, is it?
You were driving so fast!!
Team DrC
Open it!
Come! There's no one here.
- Don't hit me!
- Remove the belt. Come on!
You're quite strong, huh?
They will always come
at the wrong time!
Bloody nuisance!
Ok. Don't cry madam.
You don't have to worry at all.
Sir, it was me who called you.
l saw the lorry driverthere.
Come ma'am.
Get into the car.
He was troubling her, Sir.
As soon as your car
came, he ran away!
Hey, take her car and follow us.
- Okay Sir.
Team DrC
Madam, please wait here.
l'll go check inside.
Hey, come here!
Call an ambulance quickly.
He will die if we
leave him like this.
Make it fast!
Hello? Ambulance service?
Please come quickly to Highway
Hotel, on the route to Masinagudi.
Please, don't go there.
You don't have to see it.
- Hey, he's the one!
- Catch him!
- Come.
Constable, pick up that knife.
Sir, let me explain..
Get into the car first.
You can talk later.
Hey, come!
Nurse, put him on drips.
The patient has been hurt
badly in his stomach, Sir.
He has to go through a surgery.
Take him to the bigger
hospital at Masinagudi.
Before that, get his statement.
John, how are you?
What's the problem between
you and that guy?
lsn't he the one
who stabbed you?
Lock him inside!!
How's the business going, John?
Those guys still have
respect only for money.
How dare you take over my shop?
Beat them up and
chase them away!
Leave me..
Leave me, please!
Run away from here!
Team DrC
Start the car!
You can save me. Please help!
l have a wife and two children..
Sign it.
lf anything happens to him, you
might have to come here again.
Okay. You may leave.
l will drive.
Team DrC
What were you thinking when
you sent me away alone?
l was really scared last night.
l didn't have the courage to
leave you with them and go away.
l could'vejust paid those
80 rupees and settled it.
And l made a mess out of it.
But our problem didn't
start at the hotel, right?
l know that this behaviour of
mine is really troubling you.
But l can't give any guarantee
that l can change overnight.
But still, l will try.
When l go out of control,
if you are with me,
everything will be alright!
So you have no plans
of leaving me alone, huh?
Team DrC
Vivek Ranjit.