Kaliyugam Pattanamlo (2024) Movie Script

Ticket, ticket!
- Dad, where are we going?
- Nandyal.
- What's your name, kid?
- Chinna!
Not what everyone calls you,
tell the name given by your parents.
- Eswar!
- Ticket, ticket!
Dad, what's the real name
of Nandyal?
Shall I tell? Real name of Nandyal
is Nava Nandi Alayam.
Sri Krishnadevaraya installed
nine Nandis here and named
the place as Nava Nandi Alayam.
In due course of time,
it changed to Nandi Alayam.
After some more time British came
to our country,
changed Nandi Alayam to Nandyala
and started doing business from here.
After they left, our people have
been calling it as Nandyala.
Is it required to read this book
at this time?
Why don't you read some
good book?
I'm reading as I was getting bored.
Nothing will happen, husband.
Fine, I'll freshen up and come.
Let's have food, I'm hungry.
Oh no! Oh my!
Oh no! Oh my! No!
Congratulations, sir!
"Air is polluted, land is polluted"
"Water, crops, cattle and dairy
are polluted"
"Talks are polluted, hearts
are polluted"
"Love bringing hearts together
is polluted"
"No loyalty and no rules"
"No truth and no reality"
"Everything is a top coat and
top glow, they are all fake"
"Not a single thing is good
even by carefully picking"
"Thinking it exists is our craziness"
"This is Kaliyug"
"Entire Kaliyug is polluted"
"This is Kaliyug"
"Entire Kaliyug is polluted"
"Relations have gone ruined"
"Affections are adulterated"
"Bonding turned into a prison"
"Love doesn't care to see
the reality"
"In this world covered completely
by smoke"
"In these humans gone dark
and dull"
"You and I are black,
he is blacker than you"
"Everyone is blacker than
the other, all are black here"
"This is Kaliyug"
"Entire Kaliyug is polluted"
"This is Kaliyug"
"Entire Kaliyug is polluted"
"Text books containing no
existing truth"
"Politics without any loyalties"
"But everyone looks for their
own profit"
"All these businesses are just
for the food"
"Parrot in the cage after seeing
the pyre of the dead"
"Laughed aloud and forgot
about where it is"
"Eating the food called selfishness
in the plate of cheating"
"You don't find any humans
even by searching"
"This is Kaliyug"
"This is Kaliyug"
"Entire Kaliyug is polluted"
"This is Kaliyug"
"Entire Kaliyug is polluted"
"This is Kaliyug"
"Entire Kaliyug is polluted"
"This is Kaliyug"
"Entire Kaliyug is polluted"
What is happening in this colony?
Pet animals have been dying
in colony from the past few days.
No, no! They are being killed.
Thus, I wish to give an advice
to all of you.
That is, I opine it'd be better
if we all come together and
appoint a watchman for our colony,
as this is a new colony.
- Give your opinions about the same.
- Okay. Correct.
Are you ok?
Fine, I'll call for the watchman.
Fine? Fine then, let's go.
Kid, which is Mr. Guru Murthy's
house here?
It is there.
Where are you coming from
at this night hour?
What happened to your hand?
Watchman, how did this happen?
Did you see?
I didn't see this, but I saw a kid
last night with blood stains in hand.
I didn't bother as he was a kid.
Who is that kid?
I don't know that kid's name, sir.
I'll show his house.
It is this kid, sir.
What? Did you see this kid?
Yes sir, I saw this same kid.
Be definite, is it this kid?
I'm very sure. I saw this same kid.
Watchman, I'm asking for
the last time. Did you see this kid?
Sir, how many times do I tell?
I saw this same kid.
Say now, who from these two?
What's this, sir? Both look
the same and I don't understand.
Namaste Mohan!
Namaste! What happened, sir?
Why do you ask like you
know nothing?
One of your two sons is behind
everything taking place here.
All the pet animals are dying
and that is the reason.
Our sons?
Yes, your sons!
I'll talk to them.
Mohan, come here for once.
Look Mohan, person who did
this all is one of your two sons.
We don't know who that is.
I know a Doctor. It is very good
to diagnose right in childhood.
Listen to me.
Please don't mistake, as we all
attacked over your house like this.
- Ok!
- Fine!
- Come on, let's go now.
- Okay.
Please come.
Bring one after the other.
Come, dear.
- Kid, what's your name?
- Vijay!
Madam, take this kid out and
bring the other kid. -Ok!
- Come!
- Go!
Be seated!
You come, dear.
Come, you stay right here.
Kid, what's your name?
This kid has the psychological problem.
From your sons, Vijay fear blood
and Sagar likes blood very much.
I'll prescribe medicines.
Use these for now.
Let's admit in the hospital,
if something goes extreme.
- Sagar, eat!
- Mom, I'm Vijay and he is Sagar.
I, being the mother am unable
to differentiate you both. Eat!
Eat Sagar, eat!
Why are you staring, move it.
Brother, Mohan is coming.
Mohan, how is your kid?
Nothing, it seems someone died
even last night.
They slit the throat even there.
I doubt if your son has gone that way.
It is not enough just to give birth.
But, one should also know how
to raise the kids.
If that was my daughter,
I'd have cut her into pieces.
I'm Sagar, dad.
Where is he?
He's inside, husband.
I and Vijay are going out.
Take him too, husband.
Why? Is it to catch something
on road and kill it?
No, husband!
I know what to do. Let's go.
I got an application to put Vijay
in hostel and study, at Kurnool.
What about him?
Why? Is it to slit throats of kids there,
when he doesn't find anything to kill?
He is not going anywhere.
He'll stay here and study.
You know, my prestige is ruined
because of him.
Father, let even Sagar be with me.
- Husband!
- Yeah!
- Mom!
- Oh no!
What happened, dear?
- You...
- Oh no!
Get up, idiot!
- What's wrong, husband?
- You move aside. -Mom!
You'll be left only with one son
if he is still here. -Mom!
He shouldn't be here, but should
be in mental hospital.
- Mental hospital?
- Take him!
- Mom!
- Stop them, husband.
You move aside.
You take him.
- Stop them, husband.
- You be quiet.
I'll see to that he'll not be a problem
for you. -Just be quiet!
- Mom, ask them not to take me.
- Stop them, husband. -Take him.
Just don't talk.
Please, husband!
"Mom is the hot breath moving
in the life"
"Love in her is so pure as
the rain drop"
"Everyone is forever bonding
to mother"
"Wishing to break that is ignorance"
"Go to sleep dear, mom is
the flowing breeze"
"Mom is the love that pampers you"
"Hey mom, this life is not enough"
"I need to take another life to
make it complete"
"She stands as fence keeping us
away from problems"
"She safeguards like the eyelid
for us not to shed tears"
"Will there be any other God
more than mother?"
"Does she ever say no to anything
we ask for?"
"Mom turns into a doll to
make us smile and play"
"Mom lives in a world completely
occupied by her kids"
"Go to sleep dear, mom is
the flowing breeze"
"Mom is the love that pampers you"
"Hey mom, this life is not enough"
"I need to take another life to
make it complete"
Hey Mohan, are you here to
bring down your tension?
Why tension?
Results of children are being
announced today, right?
I've confidence on my son.
You might be having confidence,
but we don't have a confidence
about our children.
We are worried what
they might come home and say
so we came for a walk
to relieve the stress.
- Come and have a tea.
- I'll take leave!
- Ok, fine!
- Bye!
What's wrong, son?
You know it, why do you ask again?
- I'll bring the sweet.
- Ok!
Congratulations, son!
- Here! Be careful.
- Ok!
- Oh no!
- No!
- Oh no, sorry!
- I'm sorry.
It was my mistake. I overlooked.
It is ok, none would do knowingly.
I'm fine.
Zoom a bit more.
Page should be clear.
- You say so?
- Yes!
It is a feel good love story.
We'll get more likes for this
video than the first one.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- Who is she?
Why does she ask like nothing
is visible?
This is called a phone and
I'm recording a video with this.
Yes and why is that?
Hey Kittu, I think babe is still
in 1940.
Rascal, go back by 20 more.
See how is she and how is her attire.
We get more views and likes by
uploading it on social media.
Kittu, I bet this video gets more
likes than the last video?
I have a doubt. I think we won't
get, by seeing her face.
- You rascals!
- Oh no!
Why are you hitting them like that?
Not just to hit, but should kill these.
These idiots are making fun instead
of helping when a person fell down.
If you hit like that, you will have
to go on hitting many people.
Everyone is like this now.
Why are you so soft? It is very
tough to live being like this.
I'll live somehow. But, you move.
I thought 1920,
but she is a new model.
- Yes, dude!
- Yeah!
Take good care at least now.
- Hey, hi!
- Hi!
Are you too in this college?
No, I'm from the next college.
I came here to park the bike.
Remember me, I mean not to
block my way again.
- My name is Vijay.
- My name is...
- Hi, hi! -Hi!
- I'm Harsha.
Even marks are worth feeling happy.
Didn't you understand? I'm the topper
of this Nandyal town, bro.
- Didn't you see my photo?
- Oh, congrats!
- Thank you!
- Congrats! -Thank you!
One more thing, my father is
the Principal of this college.
- Oh!
- Oh! -
Hey, let's go.
Hey stop!
Stop there.
Will you just keep staring or
are you going to tell?
I too wish to say.
But I don't know how to tell.
Oh no! You park bikes at the same
place from three years and
didn't you find time to tell?
Husband and wife are better
than your bikes.
They sleep away at least at times.
Oh no!
Sorry! I didn't notice.
Go fast and tell. Or else,
time may take a turn.
Are you into thinking again, mom?
Though I'm happy for having you...
I'll have the pain of having him.
God has given me two sons.
Both look alike and I am asked
to see both in just one.
God took one away from me.
It is almost down for him, mom.
I'll find correctly this time.
Where will you go?
He will not change.
I don't like him coming home
and bringing me a bad name.
Still, everyone here thinks I have only
one son. Let it be the same way.
I had to even leave the house
we constructed.
They call it a family when
all are together, dad.
I'll definitely go. And I'll bring
him home after he recovers.
I don't care if anybody likes
that or not.
I won't ask how are you. That's because,
you'd have been with us if you were well.
Hey, listen well to Doctors say.
Come home soon, dear.
Mom is feeling so sad.
Sagar, hey Sagar!
I'll just be back.
- Vijay!
- Yes!
- I must talk with you.
- Yes, tell me.
- Anything personal?
- Aah, no!
- But not here, outside!
- Outside? -Yes!
- Hey, come on dude!
- Hey!
- Let's meet in the ground after college.
- Ok!
Enjoy, enjoy!
Brother, two club!
What kid, is it written anywhere to
give 2000 note for two cigarettes?
- Don't you have the change, brother?
- If I had, I'd give.
Please brother, we have only that.
Please understand.
Fine, I have 500 notes. I'll give you one.
Take that and provide me change.
- Is it ok?
- Yeah!
I didn't get, man.
- Brother!
- What?
- I need change.
- I don't have.
I've been trying from so long, brother.
I didn't get anywhere.
Please, arrange.
No need to doubt, brother.
It's a real note. -What?
Brother, he wants change.
- Take it, brother.
- Thanks brother.
I got it.
Hey, your guy is here.
Today, I'll wait at Kundu River.
I thought you'll not come
even today.
I wanted to come yesterday.
But my bike got punctured.
I don't have your number to
call and inform.
- Oh, is it?
- Fine, why did you call me here?
- I must talk to you.
- Ok!
Vijay, mine is a very small family.
It's mom, dad and me.
Dad's legs are paralysed. Mom takes
care of him and runs a ladies emporium.
You may think why I am saying
all this with you.
I haven't seen a person like
you till date from those I know of.
I'm observing from the day
we met.
I like the way you talk, your behaviour,
the way you understand the others.
Thus, I wish to share my life
with you.
- I love you, Vijay.
- Oh!
I like your frankness a lot.
Similar to your life, I too have
some problems in my life.
I don't have any reason to say
no to you.
Let's wait for few more days.
Let's understand each other.
Those problems are, my...
Whatever it is, let's talk later.
"Some hot breath is touching
in the small heart"
"Life is not standing still and
jumping like a baby fish"
"I'm smiling when in all"
"I'm sleepwalking"
"Song of love came on my life for
the first time because of you"
"This swing in my heart is
come up because of you"
"I slowly gave myself to you
with love"
"You've changed me completely
pleasant and sweet"
"You are the new sky for
this moonlight forgetting it's path"
"Joy surrounds in sweetness
if I have a good friend"
"Song of love came on my life for
the first time because of you"
"This swing in my heart is
come up because of you"
"Dreams whispered in my eyes
because of you"
"This passion in me is coming
out because of you"
"I didn't know love feels so good,
all these days"
"If known, my small heart would've
bonded with you long ago"
In the girl's sexual abuse case,
since the prosecution couldn't
provide any substantial proof,
the accused are acquitted,
and the case dismissed.
Why did you stop here?
I didn't get a kick even when
I raped and killed her recently.
But now, I'm getting a kick
just by seeing her.
Heart isn't listening,
I got to do something.
We are just out.
Let's wait for a few days.
Just look at her once and then tell.
Not done just by seeing, follow her.
She will never come back again.
Did you get it?
What's your guy saying?
All is fine.
He is asking for some more time.
He wants time?
Is he still keeping you in waiting even
after seeing such a beauty? Who is he?
- You!
- I can't wait any more.
Nothing so, I said him to meet
tomorrow evening. -Where?
- Secret!
- Oh no!
Mom, my phone is in charging.
I'm going out.
Keep it there and be back,
without anyone watching.
I think he hasn't come here yet.
If you co-operate,
it'll take five minutes, if not...
Half an hour.
This isn't our first time.
What is your name?
I don't talk to men.
I hate men.
Even your father is a man, right?
Since my dad is a good guy,
God made him handicapped.
- Take the baby out for once.
- Ok sir!
We got my sister married, sir.
Her life is ruined because of
her husband.
She is very much disturbed
from then.
I got her home with a fear
she may die being there.
From then, my sister used to repeatedly
scream aloud saying all men are bad.
After some days, my sister
passed away.
Reason for my husband to lose
his legs is my sister's husband.
All these incidents took place
in front of my daughter.
Look madam, whatever kids see
in childhood fix in their brain to
be like that and turn like that.
That's because their brain
will be very sensitive.
Parents should be aware about
what to show and what not to show
and kept away from what for
their kids.
We shouldn't let our kids know
about problems at home and
the conditions in the surroundings.
What we say and the conditions
around decide how our kids grow.
There were two kids who came
before just like you.
One boy from them likes
blood a lot.
Each person will be with a different
psychological problem like that.
We can't imagine he turns up in future
if conditions are not in his favour.
Oh no!
What again?
- Two more murders again, sir.
- What?
What exactly is happening in Nandyal?
Sir, two murders again!
- Bhargav!
- Sir!
- Find where the lady tiger is.
- Ok sir!
- Sir, she is in an operation.
- Ok!
Hey, go and check who has fallen there.
Hey, you too go there.
Hey, park that cart out of
everyone's sight.
It'll take some time
for the MLA to be here.
I'll take care of her by then.
- Good morning, sir!
- Morning!
- Tiger, how are you?
- I'm fine sir, how are you?
Why will I call you if I was fine?
I need a small help from you.
But, unofficially! You know
Nandyal, right? -Yes, I know sir.
Some suspicious activities are
taking place there.
Everyone thinks they are just
happening normally.
But, incidents happening in
Nandyal are very unexpected.
Especially those doing injustice
with women are dying.
That too, without any clues!
Even the last two belonged to
one rape case.
Her name is Sravani.
They followed this girl before
getting killed.
There are more horrible things
than these.
They enhanced Nandyal
crime rate rapidly.
These are the photos related
to those.
His name is Harsha.
There is one more thing
further horrible than all others.
That is the crime of looking bad
at girls in Nandyal.
All the girls in Nandyal are now
facing a difficulty.
That is a problem they can't say
with anyone. Here!
Her name is Amrutha.
Fog and powder snow are
covering up Nandyal.
We got to wipe that out with light
before public are aware of it.
If the fact of so many activities
taking place is out, entire nation
at once will look at Nandyal.
And one more thing! We have
information that Government
is going to announce Nandyal
as district.
We have to close all these
before that.
Crimes are nesting up in Nandyal
like the spider spreads its net.
You got to find if that spider is just one
or a group and destroy it immediately.
I want that bloody crimes nest
- Ok sir!
- You'll start immediately, right?
Yes sir!
- Best of luck!
- Thank you, sir!
Those idiots are doing it in the dark.
Send them into darkness without
a third eye knowing about it.
Sure, sir!
Oh, thank you!
Mom, we shall go to Kerala for
father's treatment.
And that too, we have to
start tomorrow.
- Happy birthday to you, son!
- To both, mom!
Is it for him?
Yes mom! Today is our birthday.
I'll get him ready like me and
bring a good photo of him.
I'll enquire strongly about Sagar
this time from the Doctor.
How many days will this go on
like this, mom?
You should have sense when
said for once.
We can approach God for goodwill.
But, we shouldn't approach
a monster for bonding.
But, we are born together.
This is Kaliyug, son.
- Brother!
- Yes!
Bring my brother in this dress, ok?
Hey, happy birthday to us.
Take the treatment correctly and
listen carefully to what Doctors say.
Come out soon, dude. We shall
take blessings from mom and dad
together for our next birthday.
Same happened as expected.
Did he beat you up again and sent back?
Damn, neither he nor you will change.
What happened, son?
- Is nobody home?
- They've been to Kerala for treatment.
We both have not much of
an age gap. Talk normally.
Go and prepare tea.
I have a headache.
- I'll freshen up and come, ok?
- Ok!
I wonder if he has eaten anything.
I didn't even marry as I didn't
want a life like yours.
Whoever messes up with women,
I'll kill them aunty.
Ok, dude!
I'm going out on a work.
I'll be late, ok? -Ok!
- Amrutha?
- You are? -Police!
How did it happen?
She one day came back crying
from college.
She went into the room and
closed the door.
She didn't open the door
when we knocked repeatedly.
When we broke the door
and saw, she was hanging.
I should see Amrutha's room
for once.
How is the college life?
- Good!
- How are friends at college?
They are ok.
- Bring them all home when you find time.
- Not possible! -Why?
Our college girl Amrutha recently
committed suicide and died.
- How?
- I have no idea.
You said about friends. But you
didn't say about boyfriend.
- What happened?
- Ah! Nothing.
Hey, box!
- Why are you seeing like that?
- Ah!
Nothing, husband.
Why did you ask me to come?
- Nothing, I wanted to just meet.
- What happened?
- Nothing!
- Why are you dull then?
Mom and dad went to Kerala
for treatment. -It's good, right?
So, what? -Good, but my aunt
came home day before.
- That is also good. Aunt means...
- Younger sister of my mother!
Oh, good!
Last night, she asked about you,
my friends and Amrutha. -Amrutha?
Yes, about Amrutha! That's because
my aunt works in Police department.
Oh, so you have a good
background then.
Forget about the background,
I was so scared when
she asked about you last night.
Why to fear? You should've said
and she'd stand in our support.
Is it? Then, I'll see for a good time
and tell. -Ok!
Let's go.
Vijay, I didn't believe anybody
else like I believed in you.
She is very weak and thus fainted.
You go and look into your work. Go!
Why are you looking like that?
It will be the same when
a college girl is brought. Hold!
Your daughter didn't faint because
of weakness. She is pregnant.
Hey, how is he?
He's fine, mom.
- Did the Doctors say anything?
- He'll come home soon, mom.
Don't unnecessarily build
hopes on him.
It'd have already happened
if he would change.
You didn't wish to say about
Or he doesn't have such great
character to be told about?
It is not a character to be told
in just one word.
Whatever we say, cannot say
without using the word 'good'.
Oh, is he so good? Then, I must
meet him. Ask him to come for once.
- I haven't forgotten about my sister.
- Me too!
I'm going out.
Fix a time and inform me.
I'll come back and see the good
character of your boyfriend.
- Sir!
- Please come!
- Are you fine, dear?
- I'm good, sir. Where is he?
- That room has no power too.
- No problem, sir!
- Why are you seeing so?
- What did you do to Amrutha?
- I killed her.
- Why?
She cheated me.
You know how much I loved her?
- What's on the top?
- The sky!
- That's you.
- What?
The sky is naughty and
full of love, just like you.
Anything in the world is after you.
You know how much I loved her?
I cannot express it and...
She got pregnant with another guy.
Huh, thus I killed her.
But, I too from my mind
am slowly, slowly...
dying, for believing her.
Though you wiped her out
from your mind...
I will not leave the idiot behind
her pregnancy and death.
- Did he speak anything?
- He didn't say anything, sir.
He's not letting any of us come in.
I have some respect in this society.
Not knowing with whom to share,
I shared it with my friend, Prabhakar.
- I'll take care of it, sir.
- Ok, dear. -
One second!
Hello! -Vijay said, he'll come
to the church in half an hour.
I'll go home and come.
You wait for me.
Ok, dear!
Psst! How much more long, man?
'The number you have dialed is
switched off. Please try again sometime.'
Good in character is only in
your words?
- Sravani!
- I'm taking bath.
Why didn't you come yesterday?
Are you guys all the same?
Listen to me for once.
What will you tell? You'll tell
some lie again and convince me.
We can lie regarding any matter,
but not about mom.
Mom had a small health problem
and we took her to hospital.
I didn't carry my phone too.
I thus couldn't come.
Sorry, I misunderstood you.
My aunt spoke low about you
yesterday. I couldn't take that.
Even good comes from
the bad, right?
Too much of good also would
be bad.
Did he come at least today or...
- He came.
- Oh!
Will he show his character only
with you and not us?
You too would've seen,
if you'd come today.
Maybe I don't have the luck
to see your goodness.
Show me at least his photo.
Or, can't you show even that?
Oh, even the personality is good
along with good character.
Good height and good looking!
All the best! I wish you get all good.
I am going out.
Sravani! Sravani!
- Why did you call me so hurriedly?
- Sir, work completed.
That is my Lioness.
Superb! When and how?
Sir, the crimes in Nandyal are
not that small as you think.
That's why I sent you there.
- It is bigger than you expected.
- What? How many?
I'll tell you, sir.
I know it is you, rascal.
You filthy idiot, come out.
- How? How do you know it is me?
- I know.
- Are you scared now?
- Why do I fear?
Your department fears about me.
Thus, they sent you.
Ok, what did you find by the way?
A lot!
I don't like someone knowing about
me like that. I'll tell about myself.
Where do we start from?
His name is Harsha.
He is my friend's son.
He was taken to hospital as
he wasn't feeling well.
A drug was found in his body.
That was a very dangerous drug.
A drug is available in Nandyal.
That is not a drug available in
the cities.
- Just here, local made!
- Here? How come, sir?
Nallamala forest is there
right adjacent to Nandyal.
There are so many medicinal
plants in that forest.
Same way, there are number of
plants which give sedation.
But, the question here is they
are preparing it so perfect,
it is very powerful than the drugs
available in cities.
A person or a gang is preparing
this here.
He is taking this drug from
the past few days.
This drug came into light
through him.
It was found out about drug in
his body, when he was brought
to a hospital in Hyderabad,
as he wasn't feeling well.
That Doctor, his friend and I are
all friends from College.
Thus, this matter came to
my notice.
I have to keep this matter coming to my
notice, to myself and thus called for you.
Oh, you are here to find
about that?
Then, we shall go back to
a while ago.
We shall go to Hyderabad.
- Hi! Hi!
- Hi! Hi!
"There is arrack shop adjacent
to the temple"
"There is Bangkok massage
adjacent to the school"
"Hookah centre exists adjacent
to the plant nursery"
- "Adjacent to dum biryani hotel..."
- "What is there?"
Hold on, have some patience!
"There is arrack shop adjacent
to the temple"
"There is Bangkok massage
adjacent to the school"
"Hookah centre exists adjacent
to the plant nursery"
"Adjacent to dum biryani hotel,
there is a hospital"
"There is lots of matter in
the metro city"
"Where will you go and
what will you opt for?"
"Where will you go and
what will you opt for?"
"It's up to you, up to you"
"It's up to you, up to you"
"It's up to you, up to you"
"It's up to you, up to you"
"Team in the flat above and
inspection batch in the flat below"
"There is the NGO board in
that street"
"And another guy turned his
board down"
"Organic vegetables on one side"
"Paani poori on the street this side"
"philosophies on one side"
"preaches on the other hand"
"Overseas branch in Hitech city"
"Nigeria batch in Mehdipatnam"
"Where will you go and
what will you opt for?"
"Where will you go and
what will you opt for?"
"It's up to you, up to you"
"It's up to you, up to you"
"It's up to you, up to you"
"It's up to you!
Hey, bring one more!"
"There is arrack shop adjacent
to the temple"
"There is Bangkok massage
adjacent to the school"
"Hookah centre exists adjacent
to the plant nursery"
"Adjacent to dum biryani hotel,
there is a hospital"
"There is lots of matter in
the metro city"
"We will go there and opt for it"
"We will go there and opt for it"
"It's up to you, up to you"
"It's up to you, up to you"
"It's up to you, up to you"
"It's up to you, up to you"
How much more time, man?
We're getting late.
Five minutes, dude!
He's coming.
How long, man?
Why couldn't you come early?
- I should bring, right brother?
- Fine, give it.
I had to escape from the Police
and come, right brother?
You are into the business from so long.
Don't you know how to do that?
That is a powder, brother.
We can't mix it in Tea and bring.
They'll find by seeing it.
Do they invent drug with no colour, taste
and smell, as you are doing the business?
Do that brother, it will get easy.
Brother, money!
- Hey, why so much money?
- This is not the talcum powder.
- Drugs! It is drug.
- So much for just two packets?
You don't know the value of
this, man.
Why is he idle?
Give even to him.
Hey! Come on, man.
- Come, man!
- I don't want.
Hey, no!
How does it feel?
Where is the next item?
On its way, dude!
She is here.
Wow, come on!
Hey, I'll go.
Please dude, I'll go.
We always enjoy, right? Let him
enjoy today. This is for our Vijay.
You go, dude.
- I don't do all that.
- I'm telling, right? Go!
- Go, man!
- Go on! Go on!
- What are you smoking?
- Weed!
Do you get a sedation by
smoking that?
- It feels like in heaven.
- Is it? How much is it?
You don't need money.
Go to the forest nearby and
get it for free.
- Do we get these leaves in forest?
- Yes, you get them.
I don't believe. You are saying
nonsense being in sedation.
Hey crazy fellow, do you know
We can prepare a drug with
leaves found in this forest.
Drugs are found in city, right?
City people prepare that, right?
Oh no, you look to be a big fool.
We can prepare the best drug
in the world with these leaves.
- Is it? How?
- Listen, I'll tell.
- A formula came to me.
- Formula? -Yes!
It is so powerful.
Listen, I'll tell.
How do you know this?
I was an Executive officer in
Government drug department.
One of my assistants told me
about this formula.
I informed that to my higher official.
That idiot tried selling that
to a mafia.
My luck was that, both my assistant
and higher official died in accident.
Mafia people killed my entire
family for that formula.
I'm moving around like this,
as I don't want them to get that formula.
I'm leading this life, as I don't know
who they are and what to do with them.
I'm into this life.
I invented the Drug that way.
I don't think, I should tell you
how powerful that is.
Its power is clear as you are
here for that.
You know which all ways that
can be used?
In water, injection, as powder,
food and in cigarettes!
We can use it in all the ways
like this.
This drug has a speciality.
When used dose wise person's
behaviour, mental condition and
body parts functionality entirely
depends on the dose used.
Low cost and high sedation!
Why did you stop, rascal?
Say the remaining too.
Ask what you need.
I'll tell about it, if I can know
which one from what I did.
Her name is Amrutha.
She is studying in my friend's college.
She recently committed suicide.
It was known she was pregnant
when she died.
You know why she killed herself?
She committed suicide as she had
no answer when her mother asked
who was behind her pregnancy.
Any girl would wish to get married and
live happily with her kids and husband.
But, it is not so in Nandyal.
Girls in Nandyal are facing a problem.
It is like even the good girls are
being looked bad at.
Girls in Nandyal are getting pregnant,
though unmarried.
But, they are unable to say
the reason behind that.
All are aged in between 16 to
20 years.
When their parents question about
the person behind their pregnancy...
Not knowing what to do and what to
answer, some are committing suicide.
Some are coming to station and
filing a complaint with courage.
Some more are killing the baby in
womb, not knowing what to do.
But, the news is not out yet
though so much is happening.
Imagine how someone would think
about Nandyal, once the news is out.
Whatever me the criminal, he'd get
caught to Police by doing a mistake.
Similarly, this idiot also left
a clue for us.
DNA! DNA was the same in
the bodies of all.
Who is this fellow?
What's his motive behind this?
Why is he leaving the DNA?
We don't understand this.
Whoever it is behind the vain and hard
times of so many people, he has to die.
Even if it is known you are me,
they won't know how it happened.
Listen, I'll tell that.
Yes, let's start with this.
It will be so great.
I like blood a lot from the childhood.
I used to kill some animals and
feel happy those days.
But, I had sex with a girl one time.
I liked that blood so much.
It then, pulled out the psycho
in me.
Still, I saw blood at so many places.
But, the blood from there
was a kick.
I started again, as I wanted that.
But it was understood that
not everyone has that blood.
Idiot, leave her.
Or else, I'll kill you.
I don't use something which
I used already for once.
It won't feel good to say
all of it like this.
This would be very surprising
and shocking.
Are you shocked?
It is not over yet, there's more.
Are you disappointed as
I did nothing to you?
Fine, let's both come to
an agreement.
As you came for me
and as I have a need with you,
I'll give up going to girls.
Same way, you forget about
this drug.
You say no and do your duties sincerely,
take me and push me in.
Once I go in, some mafia would
come and get me out.
That's because, none other than
me knows that drug formula.
Same way, all the girls will
weep heavily.
Some girl would fight legally
saying to need the father for her kid.
If that too doesn't happen, I'll expose
all the videos of girls I have with me.
Then will be the justification for
the dialogue said by your SP.
Reason behind the vain and
hard times of so many!
If she doesn't understand,
tell in a way she understands.
Thanks for your cooperation.
How did you know it was me?
You psycho wretch! Just a small
clue is enough for the Police to reach.
See the cover carefully.
It is Police, idiot!
How can you arrest me when nobody
even knows what I look like?
Bloody bd! Is a single guy
doing all this?
Come on..
- What next?
- Let's kill him, sir.
Come on! He has lives of girls
in his hands.
Still, no problem sir! If his formula
is out, even dreams of so many girls
get shattered along with the lives.
Thus, he must die.
- Are you sure?
- Damn sure, sir.
Shoot to kill this dirty wretch
before someone has a look at him.
None other than us must know
there's such a person and such news.
- Sir!
- Got it?
What about those murders?
That too was done by him, sir.
- For money!
- Damn, filthy wretch!
- Dad!
- Yes!
Exams are approaching and
I'll rent a room and study there.
Fine, study well.
He has rented a room to prepare for
his exam. -Now is the perfect time.
I don't believe my son did all this.
What exactly is happening?
How can he do all this?
Why are you crying, mom?
Why are you crying, mom?
- Where is he?
- I'm good, mom.
I'm not asking how you are.
Where is he?
I expected you to ask how I am,
once you see me.
- But...
- Is he alive or not?
Won't you talk to me unless
I say, mom? He is alive.
I'll tell you a small story.
Listen, mom!
A mother named Kalpanamma
gave birth to two twins.
She looked after the both with
great love.
After some time, it was revealed
that one has a problem.
That problem turned into
a shame for head of that house.
Time took him away from
the family.
Person going against that time and
coming for mother's love was not aware...
Even mother's love is polluted
in this Kaliyug.
What shall he do now?
Should he kill the person born along with
him for having the entire love from mom?
Or should he kill the father who
kept him away from society
instead of correcting that problem
after knowing about it?
Or, should he kill himself by knowing
the mother giving him birth
hasn't come to see him at least
for once, even after knowing it all?
It's because, a monster killing his own
mother isn't born yet in any yug, mom.
We got to snatch anything,
in this Kaliyug.
It includes even mother's love.
Kalpanamma, for your husband
and pampered son to be alive...
Behave like you don't know anything,
though you know whatever.
After I'm done with all my works, I'll
send your pampered son home myself.
It was my mistake, Kalpana.
I gave up thinking about my son,
while thinking about the society.
But, I didn't know then.
Home would be good when
the family members are good.
I couldn't realise only then that
house has a respect in society.
I thought it is enough I keep the problem
at home away from the house.
But I couldn't expect my foolishness
would cause so much harm to society.
It wasn't your mistake, husband.
It was mine.
They send pregnant woman to
her parents' home. You know why?
It is because she can be happy
there with mom, dad, sisters and
brothers she likes without
feeling lonely.
A lady should also be aware of
what to do and what not to,
when she feels lonely.
I read such horrible books as
I wasn't aware of that.
I shouldn't have read so while
pregnant, husband.
That same came into him as
the subconscious mind.
It wasn't your mistake, husband.
It was mine.
It was because of me. I became the reason
for the vain of so many mothers, husband.
None should have parents like us.
Only those knowing how to
raise kids should give birth to babies.
Or else...
You wanted something, but God
wanted something else for you.
If you wish to do something,
dress up like me and come.
I think you don't need this
anymore now.
- What about those murders?
- He did even those, sir.
That was for money.
Come, son.
- Brother! -Yes!
- We got to shift.
Is it?
- What are you looking at, brother?
- This belongs to my grandpa.
A guy snatched it from him.
I had to snatch it from that fellow.
Who is he, brother?
Where does he live?
Fertility has come down in the land.
- What next?
- We kill him sir.
Come on! He has lives of girls
in his hands.
Hey, I invented a new drug recently.
I'm enjoying with money, pleasure
and everything from it.
By the way, that drug is the reason
for your craziness not coming down.
People automatically go mad
if that drug is given in over dose.
You dumb head, is your craziness
not down yet?
It won't come down for you.
I won't let it happen.
It's because I'm giving you the drug
once in a week, that too in over dose.
When over dose is given, you behave
crazily though you are not crazy.
That ecstasy is different.
I said to have found a great babe
recently, right?
She's in love with you,
I mean the good guy. But not me!
You know how, she took the good
from you and is in love with me.
Thus, she is your lover and
I fixed a time for her.
- In a few days, even with her...
- Hey...
Brother, new investigation officer
came to Nandyal.
Inform our guys and ask them
to keep an eye.
If she has come for us,
I'll go and meet her myself.
- Before investigation completes...
- Ok!
Sagar, come let's play.
You get out of the house if your head
shouldn't get separated from the body.
If you stay back, I'll kill you. I want
the entire love of mom and dad.
You get out of the house.
If you wish to be alive, don't tell
anybody about what happened.
- Where are you go?
- Give a ticket to city.
Brother, let's play a good cinema..
There is a movie in
"Kaliyuga Pattanamlo"
Shall we watch?
- Then Kaliyugam in town.
- I am also waiting..
Lord, protect us!
We cannot step into Nandyal.
Even our product is almost over.
What next?
Let's go to Lord Rama's
marriage celebrations.
Didn't you understand, brother?
Vontimitta, Cuddapah!
Added, Lord Rama forgives
when asked for refuge right?
What are you thinking about, brother?
I'm not thinking about Lord Rama.
It's about Hanumans there.
Hanumans exist there in the form
of a few humans
to save him and the people there.
Hail, Lord Shri ram!
Hail, Lord Shri ram!
"Air is polluted, land is polluted"
"Water, crops, cattle and dairy
are polluted"
"Talks are polluted, hearts
are polluted"
"Love bringing hearts together
is polluted"
"No loyalty and no rules"
"No truth and no reality"
"Everything is a top coat and
top glow, they are all fake"
"Not a single thing is good
even by carefully picking"
"Thinking it exists is our craziness"
"This is Kaliyug"
"Entire Kaliyug is polluted"
"This is Kaliyug"
"Entire Kaliyug is polluted"
"Relations have gone ruined"
"Affections are adulterated"
"Bonding turned into a prison"
"Love doesn't care to see
the reality"
"In this world covered completely
by smoke"
"In these humans gone dark
and dull"
"You and I are black,
he is blacker than you"
"Everyone is blacker than
the other, all are black here"
"This is Kaliyug"
"Entire Kaliyug is polluted"
"This is Kaliyug"
"Entire Kaliyug is polluted"
"Text books containing no
existing truth"
"Politics without any loyalties"