Kalki (2019) Movie Script

the next one to address you all
is the leader of AICP,
Advocate Lakshmanan.
Dear friends,
I don't need an introduction
while talking to you.
Specially, when I am talking
about our land and humans.
Where I stand is my land!
In no place in the world
are there immigrants.
The border made by
corrupt politicians
to usurp others'
land is immigration.
That boundary is not of the land,
but know that it's in your mind.
Do you remember the Nanjankotta?
We have studied in books,
it's the village that's the border
of Kerala and Tamilnadu.
But people in Nanjankotta
never differentiated the two states.
Even then, the Tamil workers
who toiled hard
day and night and lived
in Nanjankotta,
were stamped as immigrants
by the DYP party.
The statue of Perumal whom they
worshipped as God, was destroyed.
They were homeless, jobless
and their lives were ruined.
They were thrown into
the scrap on the streets
and the dirty gutters to rot.
Watching them leave Nanjankotta was
an inhuman and wicked landlord,
the steerer of DYP, Amarnath.
To seize Indira estate and
Perumal street colony,
this goon forgot about
everything else.
Amarnath thus became the biggest
criminal Nanjankotta ever saw.
To hide his dirty activities
with power,
he made his uncle Vijayanand,
the MP a pawn. Likewise,
he is planning to make
his own brother, Appu,
the venomous goon
the next contestant
of DYP in the next election,
in place of Vijayanand.
DYP continues to commit murders
and also manufactures
and trades in local and imported
brands of revolvers and guns
in Nanjankotta.
It is time to think, people.
My Tamil friends in the colony,
Advocate Lakshmanan will bring
you back to Nanjankotta.
The restriction imposed by DYP
on them
will now be ignored.
Our questions and protests
are being suppressed
by Amar using tyranny and fear.
If you have the guts to look
into the eyes of that demon,
this is my promise that we will
not allow another life to be taken.
Stop this. Not anymore.
This isn't a warning from Lakshmanan
but a warning from
Nanjankotta and AICP.
I thank my fellows in Nanjankotta.
We will have the lamps lit.
- We will have the lamps lit.
Take this as a challenge.
- Take this as a challenge.
We will have the lamps lit.
- We will have the lamps lit.
Take this as a challenge.
- Take this as a challenge.
We will have the lamps lit.
- We will have the lamps lit.
Take this as a challenge.
- Take this as a challenge.
Shall we leave?
- Yes.
Aren't you coming to Priya's house?
No, you carry on.
Let us go.
Teacher, may I leave?
Aren't you going?
It's Priya's dad
who died while my
dad is the Sub-Inspector
in charge.
If you couldn't do anything,
I have nothing to tell her.
Violence and protest...
- Violence and protest...
Is not something we do not know.
- Is not something we do not know.
No matter who stabbed
our leader...
- No matter who
stabbed our leader,
he will be burnt down today!
- He will be burnt down today!
He will be burnt today!
The condolence meet
of Advocate Lakshmanan
was disturbed by us
and Amar knew that well.
That is why, he will never
expect an attack immediately.
If we don't put
this opportunity to use,
I'm sure we won't get another one.
Manali, listen.
It's after 11 PM every night
that Amar goes back home
from the party office.
He is usually drunk at that time.
After all, he has
a bar in his office.
It's been hardly a week,
that his car banged on to a tree
on his way back home.
His leg broke, but he did
get hurt.
So was his car damaged.
It was a narrow escape.
I mean, that makes your job easier.
He cannot run.
The boys here
0are not capable enough.
That is why, we have
approached you, Manali.
Give it...
No one needs to show me
my prey.
We were so foolish to have
given Manali Sabu a photo.
A lion never sees
the photograph of its prey.
When party makes a decision,
don't turn your back towards it.
It will do you no good.
Start the car.
Move aside.
What happened?
Who did this?
How could one do business
in the presence of the party?
We were only trying
to earn a living.
They broke our shop open
and took away all the money.
- What wll you do if you know?
A SI can do nothing at all.
You please leave.
Nanjankotta police station,
crime number 177/2025, IPC...
Mr Ummar...
The first...
- Vyshakha!
Couldn't you find someone else
to play with?
You can live in Nanjankotta
if you co-operate with us.
It's election time, else
Mr Amar would've come personally.
These are the posters of DYP that
has to be pasted in Nanjankotta.
Either let them do it
or you and your team do it.
You may decide who will do it.
But if these posters
are not up before
the lights turn on
in the evening,
you better find a Government
job for your wife.
Ummar, you may take them.
You should be here.
To write down the complain
if anybody comes up with one.
Also remember the ones
who come to file a complain.
Not a single one of you should
be seen outside this premises.
Even if we see an auto driver
in uniform, we'll thrash you.
Give water to dad.
He sits idle at the police station.
So, there's no harm if he goes
to the kitchen to drink water.
'He calls himself a policeman.
Why does he need this uniform?'
'Mind your business. - Police!
They are all scared.'
'My husband wouldn't have died
if the police was brave enough.'
'You just have to sit idle here,
you still get your salary.'
'People who had shame
would have left long back.'
'He can do nothing, but he
still calls himself the SI.'
'The incident shook the state...'
'The SI of Nanjankotta police
station, SI Vyshakhan'
'has committed suicide inside
the lock-up of his police station.'
'His body is now being sent
for postmortem...'
'Nanjankotta is in a state of...'
This is the first time in our state
that a Sub-inspector chose to
kill himself in his
own police station.
The incident could have happened
around 8PM is what...
How does DYP react
in these circumstances?
DYP's condolences
on the death of SI Vyshakhan.
In these circumstance,
we'll provide his family
with every immediate help.
'Another important news.'
'The human rights association
interferes.' - Okay.
'Following SI Vyshakhan's death...'
'...an inquiry has been initiated.'
'Although it was unofficial,
such a drastic step...'
'...was not expected...'
- Here...
'The government could land
in trouble, says the wellwishers.'
'Going back to
the hospital premises...'
Okay, then. - Ma'am, thank you.
- Thank you.
I'll leave too. I'll call
Mr Vijayanand. - Okay, bye.
'From Nanjankotta General
hospital, '
'we'll soon connect with you.'
'At present, Vyshakhan's suicide...'
Where were you all this while?
Couldn't you have informed
if you were going to be so late?
It was so crowded
at the hospital.
That rascal Shashank had to
bring me the wreath as well.
Not my fault.
- Shashank!
Amar, let us go.
We've to go there with this.
Only after that can we go home.
- Yes?
Why did he commit suicide?
Who will inquire all that?
Let him die.
Come, dear.
Come to me.
Don't cry. Come on.
I heard you're nominated
to contest in the election next.
Will you be a MP some day?
I have no option.
Go and finish your graduation first.
- MP!
Amar, is Appu more capable
than me to be the MP?
Don't you have anything to say?
Lord Ganapati, Lord Shiva...
And there's one more
who has 3-4 heads...
That's what we lack.
You need not get down
with your broken leg. I'll go.
Do you want me to
take care of this?
You just drive.
Who are you? I didn't recognize you.
Mr Appu, may I?
- You may leave.
Where were you? It's been a long
time since you left from there.
Don't ask me about it, sir.
On my way, I offered a ride
to someone at the railway station.
That is why, I got late.
You dropped someone!
Yes, so what?
You had so much of cash with you
and you allowed a stranger in.
How responsible is that!
Appu, don't you know the time
of Sadhan express?
I don't know.
- Neither do I.
But he was standing on the road
since that arrived.
He tried to stop every vehicle
that passed, but none stopped.
He was such an innocent man.
I happened to stop.
Happened to stop!
The cash is safe, Appu.
I hope so. What then?
When we reached the place,
he invited me in. - Who is he?
He is new to this place.
Since the time he
was a child, he had
only seen poverty
till he turned 12.
And many more experiences.
I am not sure if his eyes
became wet
or I felt so, because mine was wet.
I felt very bad for him.
Amidst these problems,
including him,
the Government took responsibility
of educating four people.
I wanted to tell him I had to leave,
by then he reached Mumbai.
All thanks to the Government,
he learned a few languages.
Now, he can speak in Tamil,
Telugu, Kannada.
- Yes.
Saying that the Government
was taking him for granted,
he had another peg.
He said, he was an animal
from inside
and that he has locked
the animal deep down
with a key of law.
He then sat like this for a while.
Five minutes passed.
Suddenly, he asked me a question!
'Should I take the key of law'
'and unleash the animal
within me, Shashank?'
Stop it now.
I told him there was no harm in
trying. What else could I have said?
Appu, will you please
give me a drink?
No, leave.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
Biju police, get me a tea.
Do you have fire?
I don't have it.
- What is this?
Walk faster!
Where were you?
Do you have fire?
Why don't you go at least now?
What did you say?
The situation at home is
not so good, sir.
That's a different story.
After Vyshakhan died...
I mean, Mr Vyshakhan died here.
There should be someone
to look after the work here.
Abdul, listen...
Give me fire...
Abdul... Hey...
Walk faster, son.
This is nice.
We thought that you finally
gave up on him, Ms Lalitha.
How can I give up?
What will I think when he leaves
home wearing the uniform?
That he'd come straight here.
But what happened?
He was loitering around
with some school boys.
He has been cheating me
for so many days.
When he was sure I'd catch him,
he took me to Pazhani
saying he had to worship there.
And then to Tirupati.
It is only when he was talking to
his friend that I got the news.
Had he not resumed duty in two
days, he would've lost his job.
That's right.
- What is so right?
Had he not come,
he would have lost his job.
We can't even have
a tea peacefully inside.
Couldn't you inform me
if he did not come for work?
He isn't a child...
- But, no...
He'll never reform.
What about the money?
What could I do?
- Pradeep...
Do you have fire?
The most peaceful place
here in Nanjankotta
is this police station.
- We come and go.
That's all.
- How sad!
The word 'friendly'...
We don't need it anymore.
I didn't like it.
Police station!
That's enough.
I am not here to wipe off
the tears of people in Nanjankotta.
But I will break the head of
those make the people cry.
I'll be here for some days.
As long as I am here, this
will function as a police station
and all of you will be cops.
Isn't that how it is?
It has to be so.
Who is what, here?
I'm Head Constable, Abdulla.
Age 45. I have a wife and daughter.
Sir, I'm Kuttan Pillai, ASI.
I'll retire in this year.
Sir, I'm Govindan.
He is my child, a great scientist.
By the grace of God, whatever
he discovers explodes.
Sir, I'm the driver, Biju.
Age 35.
I stay in the quarters
with my family.
Sir, I'm writer Sundaran,
age 35.
Wife and two children.
Biju, how is the speed of our jeep?
I drive very carefully
following the signals, sir.
You just have to follow the signals
given by me from now.
Okay, sir.
People who believe in democracy,
here's a good news for you.
From now, you can sleep
peacefully in your house,
without having to fear anything.
Our village has
found its new savior.
Put the last possible gear.
- Yes, sir.
I got this job through sports quota.
I always run at sharp
4:00 AM every day.
Listen carefully to
what I announce next.
Complain boxes installed
across the village
be not used to dispose
chewing gums
and instead be used for valid
reasons, is my special request.
It's an order!
Another important announcement is...
Sundara, that's enough.
Sir, he threw up.
I didn't find the chain.
Should I continue to hit him?
No, Kutta.
Let's roll him!
This is Perumal street.
This is where
most of the Tamilians lived.
Now, this is where Appu
practices his shooting skills.
No one will ever come
to Nanjankotta.
If this continues,
only goons will live here.
Common people won't stay here.
When they're stuffing something,
sitting right under our nose,
our ears still don't hear anything.
As they poke into our eyes
and find pleasure in it,
our tongues don't revolt.
When they draw pictures
on our soil with our own blood,
we still don't raise our hands.
My dear savior,
who has landed in
Nanjankotta without
informing anyone,
please shower your grace upon us.
Are there no men in your village,
Mr Rajappan?
Men, in this village?
Let me go down.
It cannot even be washed away.
Where are you off to?
He is our new SI.
I'm really very tired.
Let me lie down for a while.
Hey, take him to a hospital.
What are you thinking, sir?
A village where there was
a local gun manufacturing unit.
And then bloodshed
all across the place.
This reminded me of my childhood.
I don't like to remember all that.
The ones who remind us
things we don't like to remember,
don't we get furious at them?
Of course, we do.
That's the reason,
you better stop trading
in guns from Nanjankotta.
Sir, guns are as easily available
in Nanjankotta as chocolates.
That's what people here spread.
But I give it to only those
who really need it.
It isn't something we can give
to anyone and everyone.
I think someone has fooled you.
Appu, will you stop it
by yourself or should I...
9 mm quality, Italian version.
Light weight, metallic finish.
I don't have to tell you
about its magazine capacity.
This is the latest model
available in the market today.
Shoot, sir.
If you like it,
I shall gift it to you.
If you make me come here again,
I will shoot!
Appu, how many of you
were there when he came?
Do you even know anything?
It's not that I cannot go
to the police station
and knock him down.
But there he is.
He has told us to mellow down
as the election is approaching.
So then go and tell him,
not to play with his boys
in my courtyard.
He can do that in some ground
where people relieve themselves.
My nephews are really impossible.
Certain things are meant to be
hidden when required.
That's the norm.
Norm, is it?
DYP did not even have
a flag to hoist in its name.
Hope you haven't forgotten
those days.
Have you?
As you reached from that poor
condition to where you are now,
even your illegitimate relationship
is a part of whatever illegal
activities you have hidden.
Doctor, stop checking his BP
and go, check on your...
I haven't answered
your brother back.
But the one sitting here is my dad.
You better explain that to him!
Oh, I missed it.
Didn't you see the power of
my ice-cream bomb?
So, won't the capacity
of a gas cylinder be much more?
Just one cyclinder is enough
to blow up a bungalow.
Sir, don't you have a gas
cylinder in your quarters?
Suraj? Okay, I'll inform.
There's a penalty,
so keep that aside as fine.
Sir, Sundaran just called.
On his way back, he saw DYP
and AICP workers fighting.
I expect him to have got
beaten up too.
He is asking if you could
go there, sir?
Sir, the one being
beaten up is Suraj.
Some people who were expelled
long back came to meet
him yesterday. That's
why, they're hitting him.
Suraj was planning something, sir.
They're venting out
their frustration on them.
I tried to separate them.
Dear believers of democracy,
when two goons attack
a helpless and unarmed young man,
villagers and other young men
watch as mute spectators, but...
A police officer
cannot sit idle and watch
that, dear friends.
I request my hooligan friends
to stop hitting.
For your good! - Stop showing
off and leave from here.
You may have come from anywhere.
But you will live only
till I finish him off.
Dear villagers,
this is nothing else
but for safety purpose and not
give these kids a trauma forever,
a small precaution.
Hooligan friends, your time is up.
Now, you may come forward.
There's no strength
in this fat body, kid.
When you come to challenge me,
you should be iron-hearted.
But unfortunately,
you're born to your father
and not mine to have that.
Arrest Ummar.
Will you arrest Ummar?
Rassak should be hanged.
When will Rassak be hung?
Hang Biju.
- Will you hang Kalari Udayan?
Hang Ummar.
This also says, 'hang Ummar'.
Ummar... Sir, there are so many.
We've seen these
antics, but does the
SI has the guts to
arrest Amarnath?
Read the name of the one
who wrote that.
Not a single complainant
has mentioned his name.
I want the complete history
of those who need to be hung.
We don't have it, sir.
Sir, that doctor has been
waiting since a long time.
She needs to go for
her child's vaccination.
Sir, it will be good
if you could meet her.
About sir...
I'll inquire...
- Sir!
My name is Sangeeta.
Dr Sangeeta.
I'm Hyderabad based,
and Amar's cousin.
Since Amar could not come, he
sent me to give you a message.
Madam, none of us are noticing.
You may tell him whatever you want.
You made a mistake
by coming to Nanjankotta.
And your game with the boys
who haven't learnt the game yet,
keep it in some ground where
people go to relieve themselves.
And not in Amar's courtyard.
So then keep this in mind.
I'll see you then.
MP Vijayanand's only daughter.
I don't know if she studied
or not, but became a doctor.
She was with a man by the name
Bijoy, while in Hyderabad.
I don't know if she got married
or not, but she got a child.
That's when Bijoy
met with an accident.
Doctors gave up on him.
But Bijoy did not have to
rot for too many days.
Amarnath who was quite
used to killing people,
went to Hyderabad
and put an end to his life as well.
And he brought the pregnant
Sangeeta back home.
The financiers who thought
Advocate Lakshmanan
was to contest, are not
answering our calls now.
You know what happened
when we tried to show our strength.
That's exactly what
happened to Manali.
Give that to me.
If we don't find a contestant
whom people would trust,
it's better that AICP
withdraws before the election.
I suggest that no one thinks,
fighting in public
is the right qualification
to represent the party.
Do couple of people
as your fans and
few sticks what
you call a party?
Five years back,
we had the trust of our people
which was also our strength.
Can our party chase away Amarnath
who is here to buy everything?
DYP, that stood nowhere
has made its place.
To come forward,
they expelled thousands
of workers and their
families who worked
in Indira estate.
Not a single leader of AICP
was expelled.
Not just that,
not even a drop of blood did we
shed for those who had to leave.
Had we done that, a
great party would
not have been as lonely as you.
I won't wait
till the elections.
I'm leaving.
I have a question.
At present, is the situation
in Nanjankotta favorable or not?
Paper mill, Indira Estate...
Everything is coming.
All of them are corporates.
We were told that
after expelling the
Tamilians, we'll rule there.
What now?
I'll get back to you.
The MP of Nanjankotta,
Mr Vijayanand is on the line.
Hello, Mr Vijayanandan.
Can you hear me?
'Okay, I can hear you Venu.
Go ahead.'
The election is round the corner.
The candidate nomination
is going on in full form.
Even in these conditions,
is DYP continuing
to terrorize people?
Some people were expelled
years ago.
Some people are still living
in Nanjankotta
but in the fear of goons,
having sleepless nights.
'Venu, you need to
change your question.'
'There are no goons in DYP,
we only have party workers.'
How can their activities
be called as goondaism?
Please don't be
mistaken that you can
get away calling
them as workers.
I have all the crime records
of Nanjankotta.
If you are interested in knowing
who in DYP was involved
in which incident or crime,
I shall hand it
to the concerned people.
Then you will know...
Hello. Mr Vijayanandan,
are you listening?
Due to some technical problems...
Did I have an option?
Did you think that
the election was
round the corner while
doing all that?
Don't blame me for
someone else's mistake.
When these people tried
to flatter you,
you enjoyed it, didn't you?
You should have thought back then.
What should I do then?
You tell me.
What if I tell you?
I will do that.
I definitely will!
'DYP's scam behind
the auction of...'
'Is coming to light.'
Ummar, come to the police station
on Monday. SI wants to see you.
Are you the same old Abdulla?
Well, your speech and looks
have changed.
Stop joking, Ummar.
Come to the station on Monday
morning, for your own good.
I'll be there.
It's been some time since I saw
the place where Vyshakhan died.
I'll be there.
Is everyone in your family
doing fine?- Biju...
You know something, sir?
My wish was to become an Engineer.
But my dad...
He wanted to make me a cop,
like he was.
What are you up to? We'll burst!
There's a gas cylinder here.
So then I joined for BTech.
As soon as dad got to know of
this, he died of a heart attack.
And then I was appointed
in police after my dad.
That's it.
Is the smell from
the gas cylinder or...
Sir, the regulator is not working.
We'll buy a new one.
- Be seated.
Biju, buy him a new regulator.
No, sir. We have only ten
seconds to save our lives.
Now, it's only nine. Run!
- Govinda!
A house for rent,
just opposite the girls' hostel.
Wow! Sir, the house just opposite
the girls' hostel is for lease.
The house opposite the girls'
hostel that was locked since ages...
Ummar is here, sir.
Well, I heard that your quarters
was burnt down.
Didn't I ask you to come tomorrow?
No, sir. I don't like
to delay anything.
Neither do I.
If you co-operate,
you can survive here.
No one has ever behaved
like this with me.
Ummar, come.
I should not see you with
any of the leaders henceforth.
Similarly, no leader should see me
to recommend you.
If anything out of the two options
happen, you will have to suffer.
Let me know if there's
a good house for me.
Start the car.
Are you getting a proper sleep
and liking the food here? - Yes.
Govindan is very lazy to
go to the police station.
I asked him one day,
'Govinda, why do you go to work
every day without fail, these days?'
Do you know what his reply was?
All thanks to you, sir.
Now that you are
staying with us here,
will he again stop going there?
Stop there. Did you take a bath?
Yes, I did, dear aunt.
Sir, things are not
as simple as it seemed.
The goons and leaders whom you
had summoned are all there.
I sense that they are up to
creating some havoc.
If we get late, things
could get worse. Let us go.
Kuttan, get me a tea.
Sundaran, get a tea please.
Kuttan, are you not feeling well?
No, sir. I don't want to miss
the scene ahead.
There won't be
any fight today, Kutta.
Only talks.
You may go.
- Okay, sir.
One standing behind Appu...
That tall fellow,
who is he?
The one with a plaited hair?
- Yes.
He is Rassak.
He hails from Bangalore.
He can do anything for Appu.
How many of you have been
with him for ten years?
Five years?
One year?
One who just hid behind,
come out.
Since how many years
have you been with him?
Twelve years.
Why didn't you speak up
all this while, then?
Sorry, Kutta.
Appu, didn't you notice him?
It's not because Appu
did not notice him.
It is not you who made him
stand with your people.
It was Appu who did that.
Having a gang of people
is of no use.
You should also have some brains.
Now that you know
you're a dumbwit,
don't irritate me any further.
Who is the younger brother
of Jaison, one killed at the circle?
That's me, sir.
What about the elder brother of
Rejy, who was killed at the market?
That's me...
The list is long.
People who killed the ones
in your gang,
are standing here.
And those who killed your people,
are on that side.
All of you will kill each other
and die for no reason.
While in their
families, every child
born will grow up
to be ministers.
What about your kids?
I should not see
any of you outside your house.
Not even
to give a polio
dose to your child.
And you...
If I see him in Nanjankotta again,
your back bone will be broken.
Check now.
Is it fine now.
In that case, you adjust it.
Don't act smart as always.
What? How dare you
say that to me!
When did Ummar ask you
to come here?
But you took your own sweet
time and came in this late.
People like me have so many
errands to run before I come.
Do you have a problem?
You shouldn't have come for work
in that case.
I started this work
even before you did.
If you say a word more,
I will turn you deaf.
You... - Don't abuse me!
There are women in this house.
What will you do if I abuse you?
- What will you do?
- Stop it!
Sir, is that you?
Sir is here.
I won't have to beg for
other officers' mercy.
Study well, dear. Okay?
Mr Abdulla...
Come, sir. Have a seat.
I was teaching some tricks
to your daughter.
She is very smart.
You please sit, sir.
Mr Abdulla, this is how
an ideal SI should be.
He really scared me.
I am worried only about you.
He'll leave in some days.
We belong to the same village
and will keep needing each other.
Abdulla, you must speak to
your SI on my behalf.
You know me quite well.
We live in the same village
and so, we must help each
other and co-operate, right?
Hey, there she is.
Why did you take the trouble?
The tea is tasty.
Like I came here, I shall also
visit Biju, Pillai,
and Govindan's houses too.
After all, I can share my
woes only with you people.
Shall I leave then?
Come, let's go.
Ring the door bell, sir.
Get off that step!
Don't look over there
Govindan's trick is on the steps.
Okay, go and tell him
that Ummar is here.
I see, so you're Ummar?
- Yes.
You're here at mid-night.
Do you even care that your
family is alone at home?
Poor boy Govindan
and his senior.
They must be giving your
wife company.
Go home as soon as possible.
Please go.
Start the car.
Abdulla, stop.
Chanceless! It's yummy.
Where's my egg bulls eye?
- Kuttan ate it.
I asked for it.
- Give me the TV remote.
Give it here.
- I want to watch the match.
Give it here.
So, you never cry?
- No.
Not in any situation?
- No.
He still educated you?
- He also gave me a job.
- Hey.
Come, sit.
- You're back.
Rasiya, get some juice
or tea for Ummar.
Allah! I got so engrossed
in your story, I completely forgot.
I'll get it right away.
Ummar, come, be seated.
Sit, Ummar.
Rasiya was asking me
about Nanjankotta.
How does any place matter to me?
Every place is the same for people
who have no family.
But Ummar and Rasiya,
you must be careful.
What if your own goons go out
and talk about this?
If you have anything
to ask me or tell me,
do it straight.
You rather not enter the houses
where women are alone
and kill time. Isn't that bad?
Yes, it is.
It's too sweet.
- Is it?
But that's okay.
But this will spread like wild fire.
"Like a new rain, it will..."
"Like honey, I shall..."
did you quit
the field of hooliganism?
That wasn't a field, sir.
That gave me a great feel.
BSJD, DYP collaboration
will soon be a reality
and that's clear immediately
after their first meeting.
By joining hands with
BSJD that's already
strong in Karnataka
and Telangana.
DYP has just grown enoromously.
Swami, DYP's political advisor
who won this support in auction,
MP Vijayanandan, Amarnath,
Dr Sangeeta,
Erkali leader Ranganatha Gowda,
all of these met in Telangana,
BSJD office.
There's nothing to understand.
Red carpet was spread by
Rajya Sabha.
Green carpet by Lok Sabha.
What about the ministry?
It's a fanatical defibrillation.
A different game altogether,
there in Delhi.
He is so knowledgeable.
I know you are busy.
But I...
Who are the cops?
Even before they saw the police
station first, you ruled the place.
Should I teach you how to
control the police men?
No, sir.
They are not the same old cops.
I don't have time to listen to
your petty complains.
Do as you like.
But till the election is over,
hide in some dirty place.
Right now, eat something
and just leave.
Sir, we'll see the doctor
and be back.
Sir, they're taking Abdulla
for a surgery.
His right leg
will have to be amputated.
What about Sundaran?
- He is in the ward.
It was Ummar, sir.
On our way back home.
His clear target was Abdulla.
I couldn't do much.
Sir, Govindan has gone to
buy the stuff.
I don't care who went,
I want it on time.
I see less number of people.
What brings you here?
My back was itching.
Doctor said that I just
need to ---- someone.
No one has ever become
great after coming to Nanjankotta.
If anyone does,
he will not be able to
leave Nanjankotta.
If you really think
that I have become great,
that means, this is no more
the old Nanjankotta.
The cops here were like dogs that
did not bark even inside a cage.
You came to my house
with them.
You don't know,
dogs are restricted in our area.
finish him off.
Kill that rascal and bury him!
Sir, I've brought the stuff.
What next?
Ummar's right leg!
I want him to be in front,
when Abdulla opens his eyes.
Sir, we will have to pay
rent for this anyway.
Or if we want to wipe
off the evidence, it
will have to be thrown
in some pond or lake.
So then why not...
Take the other leg as well?
Nanjankotta won't be
the same old place
unless the ones expelled return.
Nanjankotta will look like
the slum where they dwell now.
Amarnath and DYP won't need
too long to achieve that.
People in the oppositions
do hold a grudge against each other.
But if you come to me
in the name of the
slum dwellers, to
seek your revenge,
I won't budge.
When these people were expelled,
Nanjankotta people watched
everything as a mute spectator.
I will be beating them up first.
Sir, this has got nothing
to do with the party.
I have quit the party.
People in Nanjankotta
understand what's good and bad.
People who are with
me are common people
and not from any
political party.
Everyone wishes to see them back.
I will be here to
raise a voice for them.
But we need you to raise a hand.
Your time won't be wasted, sir.
They're living at a very
close distance from us.
Sir, please come to the slum
and see them.
Didn't I give you an ear?
Now, you listen carefully
to what I have to say.
Many people in Nanjankotta
have surrendered once again.
The grants and rights
that you think you have lost,
is all still back there.
You aren't orphans
without a native place or home.
Your colony and Indira
Estate, everything
is still there in Nanjankotta.
Required funds to start
a new life
won't be an obstacle for you.
Like Shashankan, we have many
more Nanjankotta folks with you.
We aren't holding your hand to
only take you back there.
But also so that you are never
separated from us again.
These are people
from Nanjankotta who
have quit the party
and joined me.
Ajayan, Bahulayan, Prasannan,
Deepu, Wahida teacher, Reenu madam.
No press or media has ever
come here to see us till today.
For they fear Amarnath!
Sir, do you think Amarnath
will sit idle when we come back?
It's also our wish to come
back to Nanjankotta.
But that's easy said than done.
All of us here,
are scared of Amarnath.
That cannot be changed.
If there's a creature in your
house that scares you,
you should throw that out.
But to do that, you need to
enter your house.
Appu, please don't kick me.
Those cops chased me.
They surrounded me.
When they were kicking and thrashing
me, the SI took away the cash.
I know nothing else, Appu.
That man, Suraj...
I suspected something fishy, when
he said he'd meet those Tamilians.
There's no doubt about
where the cash is.
I would've dealt with him,
back that day.
But you stopped me.
Don't we have people to
cut off their limbs?
He will now come here
with those slum dwellers.
And will also ruin the election.
So, let us not spend
any cash on promotion.
At least we can save on it.
And I must say, the SI
is a true man of guts.
Else, he would not have
summoned me...
- You...
Place your head
in front of the SI to behead
and bark there!
DYP has dogs that also bite
and not just bark.
Do you know how much
cash we had?
That cannot be given away
to any -----.
If our party is capable of deciding
how many votes do we need to win,
that's not
because people of Nanjankotta
loves our party DYP.
It's only because of one name.
Lord Ganesha...
I lost the chance of
being the MP.
At least show me some money,
on selling this Nanjankotta.
I'll go away to Hyderabad
and live my life.
I have certain other things
to do as well.
What is that?
Isn't one baby enough?
'A woman's fury
is a curse for life.'
Have you heard of it?
You would not have.
That's something
one must experience.
You please open the door,
let me go and check.
This is a challenge
before we wage a war.
You cannot rule us anymore.
- You cannot rule us anymore.
Take this as a warning.
- Take this as a warning.
You cannot suppress us anymore.
- You cannot suppress us anymore.
Take this as a warning.
- Take this as a warning.
Amarnath, let us warn you...
- Amarnath, let us warn you...
To hell with your ban!
- To hell with your ban!
This is a challenge
before we wage a war.
You cannot suppress us anymore.
- You cannot suppress us anymore.
Amarnath, let us warn you.
- Amarnath, let us warn you.
To hell with your ban!
I don't think even I could have
described myself
so well.
But I am very sure about who
is behind you all.
He will soon know me
and this village.
Carry on with your past time.
Are you coming here?
Go ahead.
If Mr Appu agrees to give
us the money we ask for,
we can do as he says.
He'll give us the money we ask,
for sure.
He'll give us money
and we shall rock.
I know how much money is required
for a college day function.
I will give them only half
the amount they've asked for.
Where's Rassak right now?
In Bangalore. Why did you ask?
Yes, mom. That is what I said.
Don't get worked up
thinking about my result.
No, mom. Okay.
Is everything ready?
- Yes.
Come on, get in fast.
- You come too.
You are so disobedient,
these days.
Am I?
If somebody comes to
our police station right now,
who is there to help?
Whom did I tell about
this plan first?
Wasn't that you?
What did you tell me then?
That I won't understand
the pleasure of sitting alone
at the police station.
So then why did you come now?
That's right, but...
I can sense some danger.
Sir, I haven't come for money.
It's something else.
Amar has decided to get back
at us, right?
Yes, how did you know that?
- Your face says so.
But it's Appu and not Mr Amar.
I'm so helpless to be with DYP, sir.
Well, do you really know
their plan?
That is why, we planned
this celebration.
Okay, then let me celebrate too.
You're good.
You scooted on knowing
what was happening.
No matter what,
everyone has the fear for his life.
Who is afraid?
- Don't make up now, sir.
If you are not afraid of those
coming to burn you,
are you here to fool them?
- What did you say?
The boys...
Bomb! Petrol...
Don't you know?
Do you at least know,
you are in Nanjankotta right now?
If you don't want to be whacked,
tell me the entire truth.
College boys are on
their way with petrol
bomb to burn you and
the police station.
Let's go to the police
station, sir.
I did not come here risking
my life to tell you a joke.
It's of no use telling me
once everything is burnt down.
Sir, don't stop me.
I will have to disobey you.
What you're doing now is
a hasty step, sir. Control.
Go and sleep on your grandma's
lap. I have better things to do.
Get aside.
Sir, what's your plan?
Fifth gear.
You crazy fellow...
We're going to set the police
station fire, will you burn our car?
Yes, mom.
It's group study, mom.
Group study... Hello...
What are you...
- It's already on fire. Hang up.
Does your dog bite?
No, come inside.
Sir, is this cylinder full?
How much does the orange cost?
Aren't you Anup's dad?
Light this.
Sir, no...
- Call your son.
Why is mom calling me repeatedly?
Be quiet.
What's your name?
- Hello...
I don't want to hold Rosy's hair
or make her cry and let you hear it.
But if I show how friendly I am,
it is not only you who will suffer.
Hey, our plan is foiled.
Come on, drive faster.
Drive fast. Look over there.
Our plan is foiled.
What happened?
Drive faster.
Drive fast!
I am getting a call
from my house as well.
Block them.
- Anup, where are you?
What did you do?
- What's the problem?
Didn't I tell you to
keep the flex boards
ready for places
where people gather?
At the starch corner
and court corner,
our sign and flex was a must.
Shashank, what about
the flex at the
place where final
rites are offered?
I'll do that.
- When? After you die?
I came after confirming
what I heard was true.
Now, the Tamilians from different
places have come together.
What are you all doing here?
Nothing has been decided
about selling Indira Estate.
I wonder when
the engineer will come.
But one thing is for sure.
The Tamilians are coming here
after two weeks,
only foreseeing the election.
I am sure about it.
These Tamilians
are very loyal to me.
They're grateful to me and will do
anything that I ask them to.
But that's not the point.
Amidst them, if there happens to be
a Telugu or Kannada person?
Don't worry, anyway.
Shashank knows how to
deal with uninvited people.
You will have to
interfere only if a
few of them have
barged in at Vyti.
Only to buy their votes...
When the souls that come for
the final rites tomorrow return,
let him give them company.
Sir, shall we go?
Sir, that's Mr Vyshakhan's
wife and daughter.
You go and start the jeep.
We'll leave
as soon as this is over.
- Okay, sir.
Kill him!
If DYP comes in rule,
Amar will take charge.
Many new goons like Ummar
will come again.
Everything will be the same again.
There was a village
that was untouched
by law, a few decades back.
Nandu Palayam.
Humans who killed
and played with others' lives
wreaked havoc.
When those beasts were killed
by the cops,
a twelve year old child
turned against the law.
But the law
instead of punishing him,
protected him.
No matter how many years
may have passed,
but the child was after all
the blood of one such beast too.
How can I let Amar rule here?
The poor people whom
you had expelled
are getting ready to
come back next week.
Our village folks will be
here to welcome them.
Their condition is really bad
in that slum.
You have already achieved
what you had to, in Nanjankotta.
If you leave something
little, they'll
come here and earn their living.
So when they come back,
DYP shouldn't be opposing them.
Please consider this
as a request or a permission.
That's because,
the politics behind this
is that few people will get
a friendly surrounding to survive.
Before doing anything,
if an enemy comes and ask
for permission,
it gives a pleasure indeed.
But I don't find that
pleasure now.
You need not give any hopes
to the beggar children
living in the slum
that they can come and play
in Nanjankotta.
If you do so,
I know quite well who I need
to behead to stop them from coming.
So you better go
and tell your dear SI
to come and fall at my feet.
What's your opinion about Appu?
Speaking ill of someone
who is about to die
is as good as killing him.
Finish him!
'The history of
revolution has always
been pulling out
unnecessary flags.'
'But you have gathered here,
from different places'
'and may be less in numbers when
compared to a festival gathering'
'but when you reach Nanjankotta, '
'that will create history
that will be remembered for ages.'
Every step you march forward will
be as powerful as thousand waves.
The next generation should be
as powerful as that,
so that they can fight back
any odd situation claiming
that you aren't isolated.
Such should be the journey
that you start now.
Is there any improvement
in Appu's health?
He is still alive.
That's all.
There is no hope.
Tomorrow is the day
we were waiting for.
When those who were shattered
and lost become an obstacle,
they should change the law
with blood and not with tears.
Every word you say should
echo there, in Nanjankotta.
Tomorrow when the dawn breaks,
every man who was suppressed
will repeat your words after you.
To hell with your ban!
- To hell with your ban!
This is a war cry before a war!
- This is a war cry before a war!
Don't try to suppress us anymore.
- Don't try to suppress us anymore.
Amarnath, this is a warning for you.
- Amarnath, we warn you.
To hell with your ban!
- To hell with your ban!
This is a war cry before a war!
- This is a war cry before a war!
Don't try to suppress us anymore.
- Don't try to suppress us anymore.
Amarnath, we warn you.
- Amarnath, we warn you.
Get aside. Move back.
- Back!
Sir, will Dr Sangeeta be the new
contestant in place of Appu?
- Don't crowd here.
There will be a press meet soon.
We'll explain everything.
Yes, we'll see.
Sir, will you please tell us
the status of DYP with BSJD?
I don't know. We don't know
if we're going to have an alliance
with BJSD and DYP.
Maybe, in future... We don't know
what is going to happen. Okay?
There won't be an alliance with
DYP announced BJSD officially.
'Incidents that followed...'
Well, we have a press meet
to attend.
Get ready.
Only saying that the Tamilians
won't come back, will not work.
We need to convince BJSD that.
Do you get it?
When you look from a
distance, they're
the ones who ran
for their lives.
But if you look at
them closely, they're
the ones who lied at
your feet in fear.
That is how they will always be,
in front of me.
Hail DYP!
Hail DYP!
- Hail DYP!
Hail DYP!
- Hail DYP!
Hail DYP!
- Hail DYP!
Hail DYP!
- Hail DYP!
Hail DYP!
- Hail DYP!
Hail DYP!
- Hail DYP!
Hail DYP!
- Hail DYP!
Sir, we've got the remainsy
of the body. They're bringing it.
I'm Biju.
SI has sent me to
give you a message.
Doctor, you need not
stay back in Nanjankotta
in the greed of becoming the MP.
If you do so, your experience
will really be terrible.
You saw what happened to Appu.
Young blood, after all.
But what happened?
You better leave too, doctor.
Or if you are
planning to sell off
Nanjankotta and leave
for Telangana forever,
we'll let you know.
But not in any ground
where people relieve themselves.
Keep this in mind.
I'll leave now.
Appu was nominated as the contestant
only because Amar insisted.
And not because I wanted to.
While talking about Appu
in the press meet, it will be
nice if our eyes are wet.
How do you look at
the responsibility
of being the new
contestant of DYP?
Answer them, dear.
I am not the new contestant of DYP.
I'm going back to my own
professional life.
Thank you.
Didn't you recognize me?
I'm Ramalingam's son.
I'm contending for the next
council election.
Senthil, tell the party.
Ask them to laugh.
Did the cops trouble you?
Tell me, I will set them straight.
Madam, you need not be afraid.
No matter who amongst us fall,
we must be more responsible
and complete the task we have
started. That's what Suraj had said.
We shouldn't waste anymore time.
Avani, shall we leave?
Everyone present here,
walked out of that village
knowing that we'll be injured.
But as we started trying
to go back there,
many things happened.
They are doing all this
only to shatter you.
That shouldn't happen.
You must overcome this situation.
You must return to Nanjankotta
just as Suraj had wished.
That will not happen.
Hold on, I'll talk to them.
Sir, our party is having a meeting.
You don't worry about this.
You just mind your own duty.
You came here from Nanjankotta,
fearing Amar.
From here?
You will go to some other place.
You will keep running away
but still politicians like them
will stab you some day.
What will you do then?
Will you go under the earth?
The pain and agony of
being lonely and isolated...
There are people in Nanjankotta
who experience that more than you.
They will be waiting in Nanjankotta
tomorrow to hold your hands.
Don't let that go in vain.
The one who led us is gone, sir.
Can we rest saying that he did
that to take us back to Nanjankotta?
We will not have a good life,
over here.
But in all these years,
we never had to fear Amar,
even for a single day.
Nanjankotta still belongs to Amar.
It is only because we dreamed
of going back that Suraj got killed.
Whatever you had to lose,
is gone!
But that's not the case with us.
Doesn't he want me
to go and request him?
So I will go.
Nanjankotta and I share
the same attribute.
What fell here will work as
a fertiliser to whatever grows here.
You fell while I was born here.
So, how can you say that
Nanjankotta has changed?
Nanjankotta is always mine.
This is the problem
with you outsiders.
You fall very easily.
When you judged the outsiders,
you were mistaken, Amar.
Till someone comes from the slum,
he must lie here
in the same position.
Abdulla, like Ummar,
people who made him grow
are now history too.
'The border wall collapsed.'
'They stamped it
and crushed it into the soil.'
'The remains of what created
history in Nanjankotta'
'will remain to be stories alone.'
'As he came to put an end
to the tyrannies in Nanjankotta, '
'he knew he would be
worshipped as a hero.'
'Maybe that is why,
he never returned.'
'Probably, the wounds of
the twelve year old'
'were so deep that never healed.'
'That is why, a good bye
had no significance.'
'New slogans and war cries
would be waiting for him.'
Did you all seek my permission
before you organised this?
Or do you pay me extortion
money every month?
Ravanapuri is my palace.
None of you can escape from here.
Not even the God who created me
can escape.
I shall decide how you will
live and what you will do.
None of you are capable
enough to fight me.
If any of you come to me
asking for forgiveness,
remember that I forgive
by killing the one.
What is it?
Is there a problem?