Kalle Blomkvist och Rasmus (1997) Movie Script

[Ghostly sounds]
Battle and victory! Forward!
[More spooky laughter
by juvenile voices]
- Wait, I do not like ghosts.
- We must take back Stormumriken.
Do you think they are here?
- Let me go!
- Ow!
- Why did you fight?
- You are the one who fights!
- Good! Kill yourselves, so we
don't have to! - You just wait!
Come on, Sixten!
Come on!
-Let's see now if you are so cocky!
In a few seconds, we'll have
Stormumriken. Just jtart counting!
You will not even
come close to it!
Beware, Anders!
- Come, Sixten, lets go for a walk.
- First I'm going to rip the hair off you!
Get him, Sixten!
Careful, Anders!
- Such fools...
- You're not afraid, are you?
- Should I be afraid?
- Jump down now!
- Now stop it!
- Beware!
- Help! Help!
- He is hanging by a wooden beam!
- What should we do, Kalle?
- Hang on! I'll get a rope!
- Help!
- Hurry up, Kalle!
-Where is he?
-More this way!
It is stuck!
- It doesn't work!
- Heeelp!
He got it! Good!
- What would you have done
down there? - Look for bird nests...
Now, we'll have to go home
for a snack.
Bye, little shits of the White Rose!
Tonight we eradicate you!
- Forget about it!
... Stormumriken will be brought
to the White Rose Headquarters!
So... The way it goes.
- What is your name?
- Eva-Lotta.
- Want a meatball?
Here you are
- What is your name, then?
- Rasmus. I am five,
and next year I'll be six.
- Wow, what a lot!
- Do you live here with the Eklunds?
- I live with Daddy.
- Does he live at the Eklund villa?
- Of course,
- Otherwise, I wouldn't be here.
- A smart kid, Eva-Lotta
- My dad makes plate.
- Is he a sheet-metal worker?
- No, he is a professor.
- Swell!
Then he can make plates for my dad.
- He is a baker and needs
as many plates as they go.
- Whose is the motorcycle?
- Daddy's, of course.
- A professor
riding a motorcycle!
Won't his beard
get tangled in the wheel, then?
- My dad has no beard.
- All professors
are supposed to have one.
- You're so stupid.
You are so right,
Your dad is a professor
without a beard
who makes plate.
- What kind of plate?
I've made a little innovation
you know.
- What kind of an innovation?
- I have found a way
to make a metal
which is both light
and impossible to pierce
-Is it good?
- Almost too good.
See you!
- I like your meatballs.
- You'll get more, if we meet again.
- You will, probably.
- I have a message from the Reds.
- Oh, let me see!
- Tonnight, by Monlight...
- They have never been
hard-working pupils.
... the Red Rose will celebrate
Stormumriken's homecoming ...
... from the heathen
who call themselves the White Rose...
Warning! All the creeping
little pieces of shit
little pieces of shit of the White Rose
wil be knocked down.''
- Sixten, noble
leader of the Red Rose.
It looks like it will be
a long, glorious night.
Hi, you!
I've gone out to wage war,
but I will be home soon
- I think,
tralala. Eva-Lotta.
Anders! Kalle!
Where are you?
- Hey!
- Stop it! It is late.
- I could fight no matter how long!
As in the Thirty Years' War.
Think if we had to fight for
Stormumriken when we are 40.
- That would look ridiculous.
- Come, now!
- Hi, Bjrk.
- Hi, kids. Are you still out running
that late?
- Yes, it's war.
- Really, once again?
- and Stormumriken, of course,
is involved?
- Right.
- Wars...
A Swede discovers a new light metal.
A revolution for military industry!
- Rasmus is surely asleep now.
-Yes, jttest ...
- Must be cute...
- Yes, quite cute.
- Quit doting, Eva-Lotta. You'll
surely have children of your own...
- A car!
- Maybe a thief...
- Or murderers.
- Come on!
We can wait
and see who it is.
- They may have been invited
by the professor.
- In the middle of the night?
- This is crazy!
- What are they up to?
- Shhhh...
- What are they taking?
- It's Rasmus!
- They are taking Rasmus!
- What do we do?
- I don't know.
Spring back to Bjrk?
- Blom, what are you doing?
Come here!
- We have to save Rasmus.
- How?
- I must join Rasmus in the car!
- Is it not better if I'm here
when he wakes up?
- Wouldn't it be better if I...
No! Make some noise,
so he goes away from the car.
- I'll do like Hansel and Gretel.
- What?
[Branch cracking]
[Muffled shouts]
- Nicke, come now!
It's OK.
- What do we do now,
Master Detective Blomkvist?
Shall we go to the police?
- We don't have the time.
We'll have to follow them.
- Quite! Let's run after the car...!
- Why did you feel the need to get in?
- Don't worry about me.
Think about what you will say
when the police come.
- Where are we supposed to go?
- I am here, Rasmus.
And your dad.
- Where to, Eva-Lotta?
- We're on a little trip.
Then we'll drive home.
-What is your name?
- Nicke.
- I am Rasmus.
- She said would do
like Hansel and Gretel.
- What did they do,
- I'll just be back.
- What are you looking for?
- They took that road!
- How do you know that?
- Eva-Lotta always has
fresh meatballs in her pocket.
- She did just like in the fairy tale.
- You are incredible.
- Let's go back to business.
- Stop!
They have gone in there!
- Shut up!
- Shut up!
Jump aboard!
- Ouch! Let me go!
I can walk by myself!
- They will have set forth with a boat.
- But where to?
- Is it those,
what do you think?
- They might be on Kalvn.
- How are we going to cross?
- Quiet!
- Give us a hand, Mr Blom.
- Nicke, what are you up to?
- There's something I can't understand.
- What is it?
- Why is it that we always run across thieves and bandits?
- Think about what's ahead of us!
- Let's hurry up
and find about Eva-Lotta and Rasmus.
- I do not think
you are particularly sensible.
- I admit that my approach is a little unusual,
but I have to.
- This is important for me.
- You are crazy.
You have read too many bad detective stories.
- You don't have to worry about that.
- I just want to know
if you accept my proposal.
- The only thing I want to know is
when and how
I can punch you in the jaw.
- Why do you throw away one million?
- I am offering one million kronor
for the plans.
- Just give me a little hint
about where they are.
- Try now
to understand this:
- The plans belong to the Swedish state,
no one else.
I will never tell
where they are.
- Nobody needs to know that there
is your invention that leaves the country.
- I will have those plans!
- I'll just have them
- You're supposed to say
"please, give me"...
Quiet, Rasmus.
- A Fine little boy
that you have.
- It must be wonderful
to have such a lovely little boy.
- You dare!
- I just want to make clear
that I mean business.
- If I get what I want, then
you may go home one million richer.
- Otherwise, you have seen your son
for the last time.
- Do you really believe
that I am going to be frightened
by such childish threats?
- We'll indeed see.
- I'll never say where they are!
- Me neither,
even if I know.
- What's this kind of crap?
You don't really know!
- You do not even know
what we are talking about.
- Yes, you're talking about
your secret papers.
- Now shut up!
- Exactly! But you who are so small,
you don't know where they are?
- On the contrary,
I saw you put them behind...
- Now shut up, Rasmus!
- Don't yell at me.
- But you may not tell!
- Can't I say if they're
cold, or hot, or something in between?
- No, Rasmus!
- I haven't said anything.
- Even if it's certainly not cold...
nor hot.
- Hello! Let me out!
- Nicke!
- Open!
- Eva-Lotta!
You bunch of fools!
- What's this racket?
- That's the girl
who had snuck into the car.
- Nicke,
I know who this is.
- Make her shut up
and lock up the kid.
No, you hear. Put him down!
Hey, asshole!
- See to it
that the girl stays quiet!
- Nice little boy, as I said.
Too bad if something happened to him.
- Hey, let me out!
- Come!
- Let me out!
Open the door, you bunch of fools!
Let me out now!
- Now take it easy!
- The service is definitely poor
in this place. I want food!
- Here you are.
I'm the one here who decides
when there's something to eat.
- How are you, Rasmus?
- What have you done
with him?
- We haven't done
-Are you crazy?
Kidnap a child!
- I am not a kidnapper.
- No? Then how did Rasmus
arrive here?
- I am not a kidnapper.
Take it easy.
I want food!
Ham and eggs!
The eggs fried,
thank you very much.
- Damn kid ...
[Cuckoo call
in the distance]
- What was that?
- Has to be
the White Rose's secret signal.
- What is it?
- Do you remember
Kalle and Anders?
- They are warriors of the White
Rose, just like me.
They have come to save us.
- That's good!
I also want
to be a White Rose.
Maybe you can also become one,
if you promise not to tell anyone.
that they were here.
I promise.
- Here!
- A cave!
- I'm tired.
- Should we put ourselves down
a bit?
- Tell me more about the White Rose.
- The White Rose is at war
with the Red Rose.
And that war will go on
in all eternity.
- If it only could be dark
- Do you think
they are looking for us by now?
- Eva-Lotta!
- Eva-Lotta!
- Is it clear outside?
Do you have any food over?
- Lots of.
- Nicke will come to believe
that we have worms in our bellies.
- Was it good?
- Quite.
I had forgotten
that food could be this good.
-How are you?
- Could be better;
but there is no danger.
- Where is the professor now?
- Locked up
on the upper floor of the big house.
- How is Rasmus?
- Well.
He's sleeping.
- I'm sleeping.
- Are you awake?
- May I also become
a White Rose?
- Maybe. If you promise not to tell
that we have been here.
- I will not say anything.
- Not to Nicke
nor to any of the kidnappers.
- Nicke is kind.
- Promise now,
or you will never be a White Rose.
- I promise.
- We have found a cave
on the other side of the island.
- Someone is coming!
- Who are you talking to?
- I'm sitting here alone
locked in a cabin with Rasmus:
but you, as it seems,
ask who I am talking to.
take a guess!
- You are a kidnapper,
so you may not know.
- Stop
with that kidnap talk!
- I think you are a nice
- Aren't you
going to sleep?
- I'm not tired!
- Yes, come now.
- Can't you cover my feet?
I'm cold.
- For sure.
I'll do that, won't I?
- I want a hug.
- Does it hurt?
- No, is it supposed to?
- Not at all?
- Well, yes, a little.
Good night.
Sleep well.
- Is there no food for the night?
I am hungry.
Your poor parents.
They must work themselves to death
to keep your mouth full.
- We must climb up
- Do we have to?
- Yes, we must have a talk
with the Professor.
- I won't do that,
I've had enough climbing.
I will stay down here and scout.
- Take it easy!
You'll wake up the whole island!
- Is anyone there?
- Professor?
- Who is it?
- That's me,
Kalle Blomkvist.
- Who?
- Eva-Lotta's pal.
We thought you had a long beard and...
- OK, OK, yes, yes...
- Have you heard anything
about Rasmus?
- Yes, he's in the cabin by the lake
with Eva-Lotta.
He's quite fine.
- Shall we try to call in the police?
- No, no, no, not the Police.
I dare not do that for Rasmus' sake.
- I'm beginning to think
that Peters is serious this time.
Rasmus knows where I have hidden
the plans and Peters knows that.
- Where are they? Me and Anders
can retrieve them.
- Could you do that?
- Sure.
- I have hidden them behind ...
- Good evening, Professor.
No new resolutions?
- You will never get the plans.
- Too bad.
You have Rasmus' greetings.
So far
he has been doing good.
But of course,
it's only a matter of time.
You can think about it for a while.
But then it will be too late.
Think about it,
my dear Professor.
- Aaaaaaah!
- What are you doing?
- Nicke! Blom! Hurry up!
There's someone out there!
-He's raving; losing his nerve.
There is not a soul out there.
- It is just as well that we go for a round.
- What should we have for breakfast today?
- How about blueberries?
- Stop it.
- I have a better idea.
Let's go to Eva-Lotta
and see
if she's got something.
- Rise and shine!
Up and eat now,
before you starve to death ...
Tomorrow, I want waffles, too,
unless the police have taken you.
- Leave me alone
with that!
- They don't catch nice people,
do they?
- No, but they do kidnappers.
You... I'm tired
of being called a kidnapper.
- And I do not want
to have been kidnapped!
- If you had not interfered
from the start,
this would have been pure summer fun!
- May I have it?
- Yes.
- Thank you, nice Nicke.
- Oh, how you sail well!
Up and then "splosh" ...
Good morning,
my little friends.
- What would you say if you got
to stay here the whole summer?
-You are so kind! Then we can swim
the whole summer.
Then we can swim every day.
I can swim five strokes. Want to see?
- I shit on your swimming strokes.
I want to know where your dad
has hidden his plans.
- You've heard
that I may not tell.
- But you might get something nice
from me if you tell.
- I want a bark boat like the one
Nicke has made but bigger.
If you were not were
I could say that they are
behind the books
Blom, let 's go as fast as possible!
This little adventure
will soon come to an end.
- It doesn't count
if you forget yourself!
Let's take the boat!
- There is no key!
- Come, I know!
- We're leaving now.
You are responsible
for nothing to happen
while we are away.
Do not fuck it up!
- No, no, non, no.
- ''No, no, no, no''...
Hurry up!
-What ...?
- Out of gas.
- Nicke was supposed to refuel!
- Don't worry,
we have a spare canister.
- Well, what are you waiting for,
- Behind the books, he said.
- Now, let's just begin!
- They're coming!
- Stop,
or I'll shoot!
- We're being chased by criminals!
We-ell, the Master detective
on the path again!
- Where do you have
the villains?
-They'll have bolted.
Come, Anders, we're leaving.
- Good to know you are home again.
Your parents have been pretty concerned.
Where had you been?
- We're after criminals. But you don't
need to be concerned about us.
We'll manage.
- That's also
what I told them.
Dart home now,
to make them happy.
Bye, now.
- Why didn't you say anything?
- The Professor said we should not involve
the Police for Rasmus' sake.
- Nicke! Come here,
Nicke! Hurry!
-Come on, Nicke!
Nicke, hurry!
- Can we not go and take a dip?
- What should it be good for?
- Well... we have not washed
for several days.
- You can watch when I swim.
Please, Nycke!
- Peters is not going
to like this.
- He'll notice
He will only wonder
why it smells so good in here.
but let it go quickly.
- Yes!
- Jump now, then!
- We can undress
behind those bushes.
- I'll undress here.
- No,
come now!
Come, now!
I do not want to!
- Come!
- Now do as Eva-Lotta says,
hurry up!
- Rasmus, do you want to become
a White Rose?
You must do exactly as I say now.
Hold my hand, so we run
as fast as we can from here.
- What about Nicke,
- We must ignore Nicke. We shall find
Anders and Kalle and their cave.
Ok, then?
- Are you coming at last
or should I go for you?
- Wait! There are so many trees
in this forest.
- We must continue,
- I want my bark boats.
- I hadn't thought of them.
- You are stupid.
- Come,
we'll take a little rest.
[Branch cracking]
-I have never seen Peters
so angry.
- You are an idiot,
- It's the girl's fault!
Wait until I can
lay my hand on her.
- They must be here
on the island.
There seems to be snotty kids
behind every bush.
- Like those two
in the Professor's house.
- If I could only understand
how they knew where the plans were
- No,
we must proceed.
- Come.
- Wait!
I do not want to go here!
- Come, now. We must find the cave
before it is dark.
- I want to see my dad.
6 Rasmus,
we cannot go to your dad now.
- Rasmus... If you wish to become
a White Rose, you must be brave.
Let 's do something fun.
- What is it?
We will crawl under a fir
and sleep there at night.
- I do not want to be in the woods
when it's dark.
- What about our cave,
you may want to stay there?
How good
that you've come.
We thought that we would have
to sleep in the woods.
- Did you escape?
- If we have?
The whole day!
- Because I will become
a White Rose.
- Eat only!
Courtesy Kalle's dad.
- Haha.
- Yes, although
he does not know about it.
- Do they know
that we're here?
- No, we dared not involve anybody,
for your safety.
But we wrote a note to say
that they would not be worried.
Tomorrow we will paddle
to the mainland.
Then we call the police
and then, it is the adventure's end.
- What have you done
with the Professor's papers?
- I've hidden them.
- Where?
- I will not tell.
- It is best that only one knows.
lf case something happened.
- Am I a white Rose now?
- Almost, Rasmus.
It's not far away now.
- We should sleep now.
- It won't be difficult.
- Wait!
I forgot my flashlight.
- What is he doing?
- Maybe he doesn't find it.
- I'll help him.
- What are they doing?
I'll go and have a look.
- If you think that
I'm going to sit here by myself...
- Anders!
- If Anders is trying to be funny,
I'll kill him.
- What are you up t...
- What is it, Kalle?
Damn kid,
now you have had enough of a bath!
- Ow!
- Shame on you, Nick!
You are so stupid!
- You thought that we wouldn't notice
that the canoe was gone.
Why didn't you go away
Why did you steal those papers?
- Well? Up with it now.
What have you done
with those plans?
These are things
that you do not understand
and should not meddle with.
Don't you understand
that it will go badly for all of you?
Up with them now!
Answer before
I wring your neck!
- Anders doesn't know where they are.
Only Kalle does.
- I guess you're the one
who is Kalle.
Listen carefully now,
dear little Kalle.
You get an hour
to ponder,
then something very unpleasant
will happen.
- Do not scare me.
- I happen to be doing
something very illegal.
If I stay in Sweden,
I risk a life sentence.
that's why I don't think of staying here
longer than necessary.
When I leave here
I intend to have the plans with me.
I will do anything,
exactly anything
to find out
where you have hidden them.
Do you understand that?
Use your common sense, if any.
One hour!
- Tell where they are, so we may
put an end to this, for Rasmus' sake.
- Rasmus, you should get
a new bark boat.
- I don't want any
bark boat.
I think that
you are not nice any more, Nicke.
- They will come back in an hour.
What should we do, Kalle?
- They are going to kill you.
And us also.
- If I could just run away
and call the Police ...
- Smart idea,
- I think I know!
- What are you doing?
Leave me!
Well, stop it!
- Who has locked?
- I did.
Where have you got the key,
you rascal?
it hurts!
- Where did you put the key?
- I threw it out
through the window.
- Bravo, Rasmus!
- Where is Kalle?
Hey! Hey, open up!
Peters, hurry up!
-Help! Help!
- What's the matter?
-They assaulted me!
Kalle has run away.
- Unbelievable.
Assaulted by a few children!
- How stupid
can one be?
- What are you waiting for? go
and look! Disperse! Do something!
- You have stayed? It's dangerous!
What if they find you?
- They had no idea
that I would hide here.
-Why didn't you
take the boat?
-The boat wouldn't start.
And it will soon be dark.
I'll have to wait
until tomorrow.
- Keep a little food
for me.
- Of course.
- I cannot help
that the kid eat all the time.!
- How did the kid escape
the boathouse ?
- They jumped on me
from behind.
- Dry tank in the car?
- It was Blom's fault!
- Don't blame it
on Blom!
Stealing a bark boat!?
What's wrong with you, Nicke?
- Be careful, Nicke!
You know what happens to defectors...
- Oh, I know.
But this is not right. You cannot
treat kids like this.
Not even for a million.
- Enough bullshit!
There is no going back!
and you talk so much that
you've let the kid go on purpose.
- No!
I didn't!
- I know.
Not even you are so screwed up.
But the kid is on the loose!
- Peters! We've got contact with the plane.
It comes in the morning at seven.
- Perfect!
Make sure that the kid is there at seven.
and you, Blom, make sure
to have radio contact!
- You know that the professor
and the kids will not live.
-They have themselves to blame
- It's murder, you know!
- If the professor had been a little wiser,
we wouldn't not have had to do it.
No, not at all,
Yes, I got everything,
Yes, it worked fine.
Over and out.
Help! Help!
This is Kalle Blomkvist calling.
Call Police officer Bjrk
in Lillkping.
We are on Kalvn,
we have been kidnapped...
Ouch! Ouch!
- How does it feel now?
- Not better than that.
- You'll have to do the thinking.
My brain's not functional.
- There must be something
we can do.
- What should it be?
the plane will be there early,
and we're locked in
in a hut.
- Think now!
There is always a solution.
- Where did you find it?
- I took it.
- But you said
that you had thrown it away?
- I lied.
- Wonderful!
- Fantastic!
- You have just come up
with the solution, Rasmus.
- Really?
- Sure.
Now we can get out. Ouch!
- You may leave without me.
I won't make it.
- Never!
Don't let us be split again.
- It is too dark now.
At what time does the plane arrive?
- Seven.
- Then we must leave at five.
- We'd better
go to bed now.
- Come.
- Am I a white Rose
- Now it won't be long.
- Tomorrow is the last test,
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Anders! Eva-Lotta! Wake up!
The plane is already here!
- It is two hours
too early.
- Wake up,
This is the last trial
before you become a White Rose. Up!
- Come now.
- Leave him alone!
- I don't want to!
Let go of me! Help!
I don't want to go!
- I don't want to go!
I don't want to go!
- I don't want to go!
You stupid!
-Help, Nicke!
- Stop it!
- Nicke, help me!
Nicke, help me!
- Wait here!
- What are you going to do?
- You shall see.
- What is he doing?
- Hurry up, Kalle!
- What is this?
- Watch out!
What are you doing?
- It's out of control!
- Blom!
- Drive it!
- It doesn't work!
- We must jump!
- Let me go!
- Heeeeelp!
- Heeeelp!
- Nick, did he shoot you?
- Yes, he shot me.
but you don't need to think about it,
The main thing
is that you got out of it.
- I think you are nice, Nicke.
- You think so?
- Let 's go.
- No, Rasmus I'm staying here.
I wish to be alone a bit.
- You go.
I need some rest.
Go now! Go to Eva-Lotta
and the others. Go, now!
- I want you
to go with me.
- No, I stay here.
I'll lie here and listen to the birds
and have it good. I need some rest.
- Rasmus!
- Dad!
- Dad!
- Hi, my beloved friend.
- There's something I don't understand:
How did you find out
that we were here on the island?
A old teacher caught a shortwave
message from a certain Kalle Blomkvist.
- I knew it. I should have knocked
him out two minutes earlier.
I would rather fight
against the whole Swedish police
than against those three.
- Here you are.
- Well, that was not so...
- But, Bjrk,
how is Nicke going to do?
- He has a serious gunshot wound,
but he'll make it.
- Really?
- I hope the motorcycle is still
where I left it.
- I'm more concerned about my plans.
- I've hidden them in a safe place.
- Can you say where, now?
- In a desk drawer in the bakery's attic.
- Are you crazy?
What if the Red Rose had taken them?
- Then we would have
taken them back.
- Don't worry:
If Kalle Blomkvist says
If Kalle Blomkvist says
that you will get your
plans, then you will have them.
Rasmus, you will have to lift
your right hand
and swear a dear oath.
You will swear to be faithful
to the White Rose for ever and ever,
and never to betray
our secrets
likewise, to fight the Red Rose
wherever they appear.
- I swear to be a White Rose forever
and betray all the secrets -
... wherever they show up
their noses.
- What is it?
- Nothing.
You are a White Rose now.
- Is it sure?
- Whiter than most.
- Come Rasmus,
let me have a hug.
Jag ser hur du leker
I see how you play
med din bt av bark
with your boat of bark
l vrt ventyr
ln our adventure,
har du varit stark
you have been strong
Det r inte ltt,
It is not easy,
min lilla vn, jag vet
my little friend, I know
nr man ska bevara en hemlighet
when you have to keep a secret
Busunge, du r st och rolig
Little one, you are cute and funny
Vldigt modig
Very brave
Vran kmpe
Our own champion
Envishet syns i dina gon
Persistence can be seen in your eyes
var helst nr faran sticker upp
wherever danger shows up
med sin nos
with its nose
Rasmus, du r
Rasmus, you are
vr allra vitaste Ros
our very whitest Rose
Du som redan kan
You, who already can
ta hela fem simtag
do all five swimming strokes
Stt dig hr
Sit here
och ge mig en bamsekram
and give me a teddy bear's hug
Det knns som du r
It feels like you are
min egen lillebror
my own little brother.
Med dig vxer jag
With you I grow up
och knner mig stor
and I feel big.
Busunge, du r st och rolig
Little one, you are cute and funny
Vldigt modig
Very brave
Vran kmpe
Our own champion
Envishet syns i dina gon
Persistence can be seen in your eyes
var helst nr faran sticker upp
wherever danger shows up
med sin nos
with its nose
Rasmus, du r
Rasmus, you are
vr allra vitaste Ros
our very whitest Rose