Kambakkht Ishq (Incredible Love) (2009) Movie Script

You're still alive?
- Will have to do this again.
And cut!
Let's move on to the close-up.
I hope you don't have
to do it again, man.
You can do this all day. Come on.
- I can't.
I just tried.
All right. See you later.
Man, what a shot!
You jumped, and it looked
like it was Brandon there.
Anything for Hollywood, man.
Another great shot as usual.
It's a pleasure always doing
stunts for you Mr. Brandon.
Don't forget about the
poker game tomorrow.
I'll be there. I'll be there.
I think you have a visitor.
Not for me. Must be for you.
You're the cool dude.
No, you're the player.
Excuse me.
Hi, beautiful.
You left me in the tub.
Baby that was three days ago.
But I waited.
I'm really sorry.
I will make it up tonight.
I promise.
How is he going to
get out of this one?
Brother, lots of practice.
"I am a bad boy. "
Brother, whose house
should I take you to?
E t me think
We're not deaf, moron.
Thank you. Hello.
- What the hell!
Do you Lucky Doshi
take Kamini Sandhu...
...as your lawfully wedded wife?
I do. - Do you Kamini Sandhu
take Lucky Doshi...
...to be your lawfully
wedded husband?
I do.
I now pronounce you man and wife.
You may now kiss the bride.
My wabbit.
My pumpkin.
My tweeny.
- My love.
Because I love her.
Do you know what love is?
- What?
Love will clip your wings.
You won't be able to fly.
It will make your life hell.
Kamini is not like that, brother.
She's a girl, isn't she?
- Yes.
That's it. She is like that.
"Don't want to love. "
You forgot me because of her?
You didn't even think about me?
"Don't need to love. "
- Brother...
...you don't think before you love.
You just fall in love.
Here we go again.
But I never forgot that you
are my guru. My everything.
But you can't be my wife.
- Brother, love.
I can't have children with you.
Why do you need to get married?
Why these
complications in this simple life?
Lucky you know our job is such...
...that if we get married,
they will do the stunts...
...with our hearts and our minds.
What is it?
Are you happy with her?
- Yes.
All right.
You've made a mistake.
I hope you don't regret it.
Fathe r, you can say
whate ve r you want to.
You may now kiss the bride.
- Not me. Kiss her.
"Bebo... Bebo... "
"Bebo... Bebo... "
Bebo? - Brother, who is Bebo?
- How would I know?
"Bebo... Bebo... "
Are you out of your mind?
Why? - You've destroyed
your life by getting married.
What will happen to you now?
What will happen to your career?
What career?
I'm just a lingerie model.
That's also a career.
That's it. You are married.
Now forget about modelling.
Within days you'll get pregnant.
And then kids.
If you are so fond of
marriage and kids, then do it.
But why him?
- What?
I mean, if you can get originals...
...then why are you getting
married to this duplicate?
When you can have any man,
why marry this cheap imitation?
- A body double?
Time out! Excuse me!
Why should I?
Miss... Why am I giving
you so much respect?
You! Are you here to
break up their marriage?
Or to insult us stuntmen?
Why should I insult those who
are an insult in themselves?
What do you know about stuntmen?
Who wants to know about you?
Second-hand people
with second-hand lives.
We do everything in real,
not those heroes.
We have the guts. We're fearless,
we are honest.
We have integrity.
You've learnt a couple of
English words living in Hollywood.
You uneducated, filthy lout!
Shut up you stuck up,
uptight little witch.
I know how to shut up
girls like you.
Oh, yes?
- Want to bet?
Really? Fine.
Let me see what you can do.
Beat me? Hit me?
That's what you guys know?
You can't shut me up.
Today, I will speak
what I think about you.
About your friend.
And about this thing.
And about your community!
You can't shut me up!
We are the ones who got married.
Why are they kissing?
Ove your strawbe rry lipstick, baby.
"Wretched love. "
"Wretched love. "
"Don't want to love.
Don't need to love. "
Brother, what are
you doing? Just relax.
Brother, you've not
learnt anything from me.
I've told you
several times that women...
...are good for only two things.
There's nothing called love.
All men are
interested in only one thing.
Please, Sim. Come to your senses.
You've been mistaken.
Uckkyhas marrie d me,
but hasn't e ve n touche d me.
Because he knew I didn't
want all that before marriage.
When he couldn't do
anything else, as a last resort...
...he got married to you.
So you've not done anything yet?
- You're still a zero. - Brother...
Score zero-zero?
- Brother...
What's wrong with you?
Brother, it will happen.
It will happen.
Take this. Protein shake.
I've added Viagra in it.
- Yes.
Oh, yes. I forgot. You're in love.
It's all about sex.
And I can prove it.
Don't let him touch
you for three months.
But Sim, we've got married...
e t's se e how long
your marriage lasts.
Just test his love.
Sim, you'll see. Lucky's
love will top every test.
Brother, you know
nothing about love.
Once you fall in love...
... it gets you into trouble.
This darned love is like that.
Didn't understand?
E t me e xplain.
"Kambakkht... Kambakkht. "
"Kambakkht Ishq is like that... "
"Kambakkht Ishq is like that... "
"Once in love, you are doomed. "
"Once in love, you are doomed. "
"Kambakkht Ishq is like that... "
"Kambakkht Ishq is like that... "
"Once in love, you are doomed. "
"Once in love, you are doomed. "
"You are doomed. "
"You are doomed. "
"You are doomed. "
"Wretched. "
"She intoxicates you with her eyes. "
"She invites you with her dark hair. "
"Then she takes you in
her graceful arms... "
"... and leads you to the gallows. "
"Wretched. "
"First he come s to you... "
"... as if begging you to love him. "
"And if by mistake
you lose your heart... "
"... he treats it like a football. "
"You must be foolish... "
"... to fall in love. "
"Kambakkht Ishq is like that... "
"Kambakkht Ishq is like that... "
"Once in love, you are doomed. "
"Once in love, you are doomed. "
"You are doomed. "
"You are doomed. "
"He says he'll worship you. "
"He'll love you forever. "
"The first girl he sees... "
"... he changes his mind. "
"Kambakkht... Kambakkht. "
"Kambakkht... Kambakkht. "
"She tells you to
bring her the stars. "
"And then she will marry you. "
"Do I own the universe?"
"Have I rented a rocket?"
"The one who takes
the wedding vows... "
"... is bound to be ruined. "
"Kambakkht Ishq is like that... "
"Kambakkht Ishq is like that... "
"Once in love, you are doomed. "
"Once in love, you are doomed. "
"Once in love, you are doomed. "
"Once in love, you are doomed. "
"Once in love, you are doomed. "
"You are doomed. "
"You are doomed. "
"You are doomed. "
"You are doomed. "
"You are doomed.
- Kambakkht Ishq... "
Oh my God...
- Come on.
- Come on!
Someone hit brother with a bottle.
- Where?
Over there.
Who hit me?
Who hit you, brother?
- I don't know.
I'll beat up everybody.
Tiger! Tiger!
Brother? Brother, sorry.
Brother, no.
Stop. Stop!
- Why are you hitting me?
Hey Stop!
Hey Lucky!
Baby, are you okay?
Baby, what's wrong with you?
- Brother!
Don't support the women!
- Tiger, let me go!
My wife is crying. Let go!
Oh, baby! I'm so sorry.
Baby, I can't... I am so sorry.
I'd like to thank the groom.
And his friends.
They've done what I couldn't.
They've shown Kamini that if
you get married to a stuntman...
...you'll get to see all
kinds of stunts everyday.
Congratulations, guys.
Who threw the cake on
brother's face?
Shut up! Shut up!
O ok, have I e ve r
askked you for the che que?
It doesn't matter if it's
late once in a while, dear.
Okay, bye. I'll call you later.
Who were you talking to,
sister Nim?
No, Sim. Nothing important.
It was Chunky.
You're absolutely right.
He's nothing important.
Bebo... - How often have
I told you not to call me that?
Anyway, why did he call?
I said it was nothing important.
When you were going
through a divorce...
...and you used to come
here and cry all night...
...you used to say the same thing,
nothing important.
God, Sim. Focus on
positive things sometimes.
Nim, what's positive in all this?
You are unhappy. Mom was unhappy.
If there are men involved, then we
have nothing positive left in life.
What should I focus on?
Focus on yourself. And on your life.
Hello, girls.
Hello, Aunt Dolly.
You sisters don't
like me at all, do you?
What are you saying?
There! Same thing again.
W he n you call me aunt, it
fe e Is likke you're abusing me.
Just my name sounds great.
I am alone, and so is my name.
You shouldn't say such things.
You're not alone. The
two of us are with you.
We're the three musketeers.
Always together. Dolly, Sim and Nim.
Go away!
That's the problem.
I don't want to be Raavan,
Kumbhkaran and Vibhishan.
Nim, Sim and Dim.
Sim, you're not normal.
At your age, you should
have had a four-year-old kid.
If you want, I can
get pregnant tomorrow.
Oh! Sex is easy.
But who will get you married?
Your aunt?
That's the point.
My aunt didn't marry,
so why should I?
Your aunt didn't marry
because of you.
I was getting good proposals
and they're still pouring in.
Kapoor has proposed me twice.
And he got divorced twice as well.
Wretch! If you don't want
to get married, then don't.
But why are you casting an
evil eye on my marriage?
I'm still hopeful.
Well, forget it.
Look what gift I've brought for you.
Oh, no!
Look what I've brought for you.
'Whenever Aunt Dolly
brings something... '
'... she brings me some new trouble. '
Look what I've brought for you.
- 'Oh, God! '
'Aunt Dolly's gift is
equal to terrible problem. '
Look what I've brought for you.
It's a drape for the wedding gift.
It will prove very lucky for you.
You'll get a proposal in a jiffy.
Proposal? The same thing again?
I said I don't want to get married.
All right, so don't. It's Goddess'
gift. You shouldn't refuse it.
If not a wedding proposal,
it will prove lucky...
...in your desire to be a surgeon.
My name should be
in the next roster.
They say that I just need to
assist in one more surgery.
Then I'll be a surgeon. Thank you.
For surge ry?
- A re you crazy?
America, land of opportunities.
How much for a hotdog?
- Two dollars.
One, please.
- All right.
- Thank you.
- Needle!
This should be in the
haystack not in the hotdog.
First you bill me,
the n you want to kkill me?
You want to be Keswani killer.
- No. No.
Take it easy, buddy.
Nobody's trying to kill you. No. No.
What no?
You know, you put a needle in
the hotdog. I'll sue you. - No...
You'll be sued. I will sue you.
There's no bigger
litigator in all of America.
This has never happened before.
I have never died before.
Death and shit wait for no one...
...they come anywhere, anytime.
- Needle in the hotdog! - No. No.
He wants to kill me.
- It's all right. - What?
- I'll give you the hotdog for free.
Fre e hotdog? You're jokking with me?
Free hotdog for one
life. - Okay. [-=DDR=-]
I want lifetime supply of
hotdog. - Okay. Okay. [-=DDR=-]
W hate ve r you want. Just
don't sue me okkay. - You promise?
I promise. - Hold this. -
just don't sue me, okay?
Stand here.
- What? - Stand here now.
Come on, smile. Smile.
Say needle.
Hey jack. Italy?
Well, no thanks. I'm not
taking up any more assignments.
I just did that to
pay up for med school.
But thanks anyway. Bye.
Aunt Dolly!
Hello, Keswani here.
Jhoothlani there?
Hello jhoothlani. Coincidentally
I met with an accident.
God is great.
What yes? Do I pay you to
agree with me all the time?
You've been my
lawyer for so many years.
You still haven't understood me?
Keswani has got a case for you. Yes...
This is really a
land of opportunities.
God bless America.
Do you know Sarah made it
to the list?
- Hi.
Have you seen Dr. Ali anywhere?
- No.
Speak of the devil.
- And the devil appears.
Congratulations Ali.
You made it to the list. - Yes.
Your first surgery.
Thank you.
And I'm sure your name will
also be there in the next list.
And then you too
will be surgeon. Right?
Step on it! Buck up!
Buck up! Hurry up!
What's this? You're trying
to get more fees by delaying.
I understand all this exploitation.
There are so many needles in my body.
Are you going to make
a tattoo on me?
When will you operate on me?
In a few minutes we'll
give you local an aesthesia.
And then we'll shift you
to the operation theatre.
Local? Why local? Why not imported?
Such discrimination? I
understand everything.
There's one more thing. Don't mind.
You're going to
operate on my stomach...
...then why don't you
remove my appendix as well?
It's right next to it.
If something goes wrong,
we'll adjust among ourselves.
You scratch my backside,
I'll scratch yours.
Do you get me? Mr...
It's not mister. It's Dr. Ali.
Doctor? Don't mind. You look
more of a nurse than a doctor.
Excuse me! - As it is, I don't
get along well with doctors.
You know what I mean?
When I was born, I didn't cry,
but the doctor did.
Ask me why?
- Why?
The doctor held me upside down and
slapped me twice on my backside.
Dad scolded him for
hitting his child and sued him.
Analyse this.
The one who doesn't pee on
being born but sues the doctor...
...will become a big litigator.
Where are you going? Hello!
Nurse! Oh my God.
Your clothes.
My towel?
- To hell with you!
Take it.
Uckkyy, you've come afte r a we e k
Want some breakfast?
What happened to her?
The girl who just left.
What did she do?
Yes brother, at last night's party...
...I thought the girl
was sweet and innocent.
Innocent? Did you say innocent?
Are you crazy?
You should hear her talk.
She's so abusive.
Her sentence starts
with the 'F' word.
There's the 'F' word
in every sentence.
- Not that word.
F for future.
She talks of the future
all the time.
Our future. Your future.
We'll do this in future.
We'll do that in future, darling.
I am fed up. And to
whom am I telling this?
The one who has
destroyed his future by marrying.
Tell me, how is sister-in-law?
That Kamini.
"I am a bad boy. "
I haven't touched her
since marriage.
So will your wife allow you to
touch her at an auspicious time?
No, brother.
I think sister-in-law is
suffering from touch disease.
Not touch, she has been possessed.
Simrita has possessed her.
Simrita has told her that if
I love her, I will not touch her.
And according to Simrita,
I don't love her.
So I will touch her.
So, my lovely, hot,
dumb wife has decided...
...that we have to prove
Simrita wrong.
I am losing out.
What do I do? She is so hot!
She tempts me all the time.
And then she disappoints me.
Brother, poor Lucky.
Brother, I'm driving.
That frigid babe.
There's no action in her life...
...and she doesn't allow
others to get into action.
Brother, how do you know
there's not action in her life?
I know such girls very well.
They look hot, but
are cold from inside.
But my wife is a sizzler.
She's so hot!
I can't see anything
else but her. What can I do?
Be a man.
- What do you mean?
She is playing games with you.
So give her something to play with.
Give here a toy.
Give her a toy.
- Toy? - Yes.
Make her pregnant. Give her a child.
She'll play with it all her life.
Brother, you're joking, right?
She doesn't allow me
to get close to her...
...and you're saying I
should make her pregnant?
This is my life, not a
mythological episode...
...in which I can look at a
girl and make her pregnant.
Don't worry. Pray to God.
He'll give it to you in a jiffy.
This is his.
What's this?
- God gave it to me.
Oh, my God!
Move it! Move it!
Come on. Bring him.
What happened to him?
It's a case of milk-o-magnesia.
Because of an accident he
has lost his memory. - What?
Don't you know what
amnesia is? Are you illiterate?
Memory? Where am I?
Don't you watch movies?
Who am I, sister?
- Aren't you shocked?
Now he will go up.
- No!
He'll not go to heaven.
He'll go upstairs, to his room.
The more you love him, the
closer he'll get to you.
O ok, as so on as he saw you,
he smile d at you.
Come on...
- Go on. Go on.
Give him love therapy. Go on.
- My baby.
Give him love therapy. Go closer.
- My wabbit.
My pumpkin.
My tweeny.
My sister.
Are you crazy? Why are you shouting?
Lower you voice. No! No!
He has lost his memory.
He has not gone deaf.
No. No.
- Sorry.
Okay. Do this. Pick
him up and take him.
Remove his clothes.
Remove his pyjamas...
...and find your husband.
He'll be there somewhere.
Come on. Let's go.
- Doctor.
Yes. Little. Dolittle.
Dr. Dolittle.
Which hospital?
Hospital... Hospital Universal.
And why are you here?
Yes, Lucky. He lost
his memory. Amnesia.
To solve his problem.
What have you
prescribed to him, doctor?
One Paramount injection
with Miramax mixed together...
...and amne sia is solve d.
Then you must have got your medical
degree from Columbia Tristar.
"Bebo... "
Brother, shall we remove the wigs?
Wouldn't stuntmen become
heroes if they knew acting?
All fake.
All men are the same.
Cheats, liars, zero
moral fibre, low IQ...
You want to see how
low a stuntman can get?
Kamini, I've not come
here to get insulted.
Then are you here to insult people?
"Wretched love. "
Sim! Sim, please.
- "Wretched love. "
Baby. Baby!
Forge t whate ve r happe ne d.
Because believe it or not,
we're going to Italiano.
You must have heard the saying.
- Which?
When in Rome, do the Romans.
Just imagine. You and me in Milano.
Brother, me too.
- Yes, you too.
The ramps there, and tall
eight-foot girls doing the catwalk.
Their legs reach up to here.
With their soft sleek hands,
they will feed us pasta.
Brother, pasta with mozzarella?
- Absolutely, with mozzarella.
Let's go then.
- Yes, come on. - Lucky!
Brother, you can go.
- No. Come with me.
No, brother. You can go.
- Come on.
Come on. Cancel his tickets.
- Okay.
Sim, isn't it an irony?
Do the surgery, and then
collect money for the surgery.
- Yes, don't you know?
$5000 for the registration?
You have to give it be fore the
first surge ry. I've re ce ive d a me mo.
- Yes.
I just remembered. I have to
make an important phone call.
We'll catch up later. Okay?
- All right.
Hey jack. That Italian job?
Is that still on?
Great! I'll be there.
Hi jack!
Oh my God.
Hi Tiger.
- Jack, hi.
Sit, brother.
What the heck!
- Sorry, man.
- Yes, me.
What are you doing
in business class?
Show me your boarding card.
"Don't need to love. "
Bank balance, credit card,
property papers, grocery bills...
...would you like to check all these?
They're all up there.
"Don't want to love. "
Excuse me.
- Miss, please, take your seat.
We're about to take off.
Come on, sit. You'll
fall down. H urry. Come on.
What happened, ma'am?
Didn't you take a bath?
Excuse me.
- Yes.
Can I ple ase change my se at?
Certainly, miss. Let
me check it for you.
Seat 2B is free.
Hi. Can you just tell me
where can I go and sit?
I don't want to sit here any longer.
Of course, sir.
You take that seat there.
That one?
- Yes. - Thank you.
Can I he Ip you, sir?
Please, can you get
rid of her? Please.
Excuse me, ma'am.
You appear to be
disturbing your co-passenger.
Why are you following me?
If I were following you, I'd
have had to take the window seat...
...by climbing over you like this.
Had I come like this,
you would have felt it.
Good or bad, you would
have surely felt something.
Be quiet and don't disturb anybody.
Sorry about her.
- Witch.
"Wretched love. "
"Wretched love. "
Put that in the can!
W hat will it takke
for you to ge t down?
Belisimo! Great reaction.
You like it?
- Yes. Sure.
Why don't you call
the female model now?
Okay, I'll call. Come on. Nice.
- I know what you're talking about.
Excuse me.
- This is the model?
What are you doing here?
So darling,
like I told you earlier...
...you'd be sitting behind
him and move yourself forward.
And get close to him. Okay?
As I call 'Action', feel the love.
Fe e I the love.
"Don't want to love. "
"Don't need to love. "
Ma'am, have you come to
Italy to die? - What?
No, I mean, I have no objections.
It's just that the
bike is not insured.
Hold on tight, if you
don't want to fall off.
And like the director
has said, feel the love.
"Fe e I the love... "
"Fe e I the love... "
"Fe e I the love... "
"Fe e I the love. "
"Fe e I the love. "
"Fe e I the love. "
"Fe e I the love. "
W hat will it takke
for you to ge t down?
Superb! Superb! Great shot!
Now let's get the real hero.
God, originals are
just so much better.
"Don't want to love.
Don't need to love. "
"Don't want to love.
Don't need to love. "
I'll just be there.
Sim, this is Alexandra. Your type.
Excuse me?
- You like girls, don't you?
You like girls, so I thought...
- Why did you even try to think?
It doesn't suit you.
Iste n to me.
- W hat's your proble m?
I don't have a problem, you do
You have a problem with men.
I have a problem with you.
- With me?
What's wrong with me?
I am hot. I am good in bed.
And I've not done anything to you.
- And you never will.
You're not so lucky.
Iste n you cre e p!
I have no interest in you,
any other man or any woman.
Wow! No action!
I'll die before I let a
guy like you touch me, okay?
Such attitude? Such attitude!
I think you'll die before
anything does happen to you.
"Such attitude... "
"Come on. "
"Stop throwing your tantrums. "
"Your tricks won't affect me. "
"Stop throwing your tantrums. "
"Your tricks won't affect me. "
"Hey, beautiful one. "
"Hey, beautiful one. "
"Where are you going
with your Prada bag?"
"Whose heart are you going
to crush under your heels?"
"Where are you going
with your Prada bag?"
"Whose heart are you going
to crush under your heels?"
"The sparkle in your eyes. "
"The sway of your waist. "
"The sparkle in your eyes. "
"The sway of your waist. "
"They try to entice me. "
"Stop throwing your tantrums. "
"Your tricks won't affect me. "
"Hey, beautiful one. "
"Hey, beautiful one. "
"You can't control your anger. "
"You can't control your anger. "
"That's why you need
a rogue like me. "
"That's why you need
a rogue like me. "
"You can't control your anger. "
"That's why you need
a rogue like me. "
"You're not so beautiful. "
"You're not even worthy of me. "
"You're not so beautiful. "
"You're not even worthy of me. "
"I'm putting up with
you for no reason. "
"Stop throwing your tantrums. "
"Your tricks won't affect me. "
"Hey, beautiful one. "
"Hey, beautiful one. "
"Hey, beautiful one. "
"Hey, beautiful one. "
"Hi, baby!"
"Bebo... Bebo. "
"Bebo... Bebo. "
"Bebo... Bebo. "
Excuse me?
- Yes.
The Asian guy at the back
in the superman T-shirt?
He is carrying drugs.
Are you sure?
"Hi, baby!"
Excuse me, sir.
- Yes.
You've be e n randomly se le cte d
for a private se curity se arch.
I hope you understand.
Yes, I do understand.
Okay, could you please follow me?
- Sure.
Brother, what an
amazing understanding?
It's nothing like that.
Right this way.
- She called me to a room alone.
No. No. You wait. This is your
frie nd's private se arch. - Okkay.
I'm Waiting.
Where's the bed? Wow!
It's always good on the table.
Che ckk me.
Who is she?
Very fast.
No! No! No!
Control, brother.
It's a public place.
"Wanna get down!"
No! No!
Brother, you can be heard outside.
I got your nuts.
- No! I'm untouched there.
You got drugs. I will find them.
- No! No!
Stop it. Stop it. - Brother,
keep at it. I'll get the car.
What happened to you?
What's your problem, woman?
Do your work.
- Yes, that's the problem.
"Hi baby. "
"Bebo... Bebo. "
"Bebo... Bebo. "
Fkk y ou.
"Bebo... Bebo. "
"Bebo... Bebo. "
What happened to you, brother?
Why are you limping?
Take this.
What happened to you brother?
Why are you limping?
I got it.
- Come on. Hurry up.
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Supreme lord Vishnu
is the holiest one. "
"Son of the Raghu
dynasty is the holiest one. "
"Supreme lord Vishnu
is the holiest one. "
"Son of the Raghu
dynasty is the holiest one. "
What's this mantra?
Isn't it the Marriage mantra?
What nonsense!
Why don't you wear it?
It will suit you better.
I can't help it. I'm in the
habit of thinking about you first.
Not me...
...at least fear God. You
should never refuse holy gifts.
God doesn't want me to
get married, but you do.
I didn't say it is for your wedding.
It is God's blessing.
It is for your welfare.
It could also help you
in becoming a surgeon.
Just wear it.
As it is, you don't
believe in such superstitions.
It doesn't make a difference to you.
It's just a watch for you.
"My heart beats every moment. "
"It beats, but why
does it beat so fast?"
'God, I don't know
what's going to happen'
Man, once in a while
try to look happy
You're always with this
long face. C'mon, Be happy.
I should have a reason to be happy.
Earlier, Kamini
didn't let me come close.
But at least she loved me.
After the memory loss prank,
she doesn't even look at me.
I sit right in front of her,
but she doesn't even look at me.
Hi Viraj! - That's because you
don't know how to treat a girl.
Get it?
Girls are special, delicate
little creatures. - Viraj.
Treat them with love.
- Viraj.
And they will run after you.
- Wait.
And be a man.
- Viraj.
Remember, be a man and they
will fall for you like this.
Where's your phone?
Hi, is Lucky there?
Who is this?
'This is jackie. And you
must be his sister Kamini. '
' Uckkyy told me I'm going to
ge t luckkyy tonight at the club. '
Hello. Simrita.
Excuse me.
What kind of place is this?
Why? It's not nice?
This place is sleazy.
Jackie, this is our brother.
- Hi.
It's not me. It's him.
You carry on drinking
Didn't you tell her that
she has to flirt with him?
Don't worry, brother.
She'll be all over him as
soon as sister-in-law comes.
But does she know to act?
I won't be able to do
anything in front of Kamini.
She has to do everything. Brother,
I... - Don't worry.
She's an actress from
the union. She'll be good.
Brother, she's not from the union.
The one from the
union was asking for 800.
I picked her from the street for 80.
Just to save money.
- What?
She's probably run
up a bill worth 800.
Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.
Brother, she threw up on me.
Go wash it. Just take her away.
Go on.
Just go.
What kind of girl have you got?
For 80 dollars what do you expect?
Are you okay?
Okay, there.
"Lucky... "
"Lucky... "
Don't you think this
place is a bit sleazy?
What do you expect?
Where else would
your husband hang out?
Look Sim, whatever happens,
my Lucky is not a bad guy.
He loves me very much.
"Lucky... "
He'll not do anything wrong.
He'll not break my heart.
"Lucky... "
Sim, this place is not all that bad.
Iste n, the y are
playing spiritual music.
It's not that bad.
This is not spiritual music.
It's Aunt Dolly's gift.
This watch plays
this music every hour.
Officer, just a minute.
Kamini, you? I...
Brother, let me handle this.
Sister-in-law, the thing is...
- just shut up.
Kamini, it's not what you think.
It's just that... I was here...
Since Mr. Doshi
doesn't want a divorce...
...and Mrs. Doshi doesn't have
any clear grounds for seeking it...
...I give you three month's time
to reconcile your differences...
...and also recommend counseling.
Case adjourned.
Brother, Lucky.
Everything is over, brother.
- Nothing is over.
The court has given
you three months, right?
The divorce will happen if
there is no reconciliation.
I'll talk to Kamini. I'll
tell her that it was my fault
I will takke the blame
for e ve rything.
Don't worry.
Your elder brother is still here.
Kamini... Kamini, listen to me.
Listen to me. Listen...
Why are we ruining their
lives because of our egos?
Please understand. Lucky
loves Kamini very much.
Please forget the past.
You're her best friend. Just try
to be a little more understanding
Please listen to me.
Please, try to understand.
Don't be like this.
Stop it!
Come on. Why are you making
her lose so that you can win?
Hey! Hey!
Stop being such a witch.
I'll stop being a witch...
...the day men like
you stop being dogs.
Get out!
"Don't want to love.
Don't need to love. "
The fuel truck will roll down first.
That's the fire stunt.
Now you have gone over this
with the safety guys, right?
The next shot is the train shot.
All the cables and
everything else is setup.
It's a real simple shot.
- Viraj? Viraj, the shot is re ady.
Come on. Let's start shooting.
Give this your best shot, alright?
And action!
Through fire.
Move background.
Go, fuel truck!
Enter frame!
And move train!
Out of here!
Move! Move!
Move from here.
Cue to jump.
Jump now!
Get the first-aid.
- Brother!
Don't worry.
- Brother.
Get an ambulance!
Don't worry. I'll be okay.
Yes, brother.
- Lucky. - Open the door.
Stop crying. Don't be a wimp tiger.
Congratulations, Sim. Finally!
Very. It's a clear
case of intestine rupture.
Should be a simple surgery.
All the best.
Thank you.
- Yes.
Why is this place spinning?
Please send me back to Punjab.
I want to go to Punjab.
Hello, Mother.
- What is she doing here?
Mother, what is she doing here?
She's going to be operating.
She'll operate? She's a model.
"Don't want to love.
Don't need to love. "
No. She can't operate.
I've not come here for a ramp walk.
She can't operate. She
can't even wax properly.
He's just hallucinating
due to pain and anesthesia.
How much profile have you given him?
Give him 5cc more.
No 5cc.
She's going to kill me.
She emptied five bottles inside me.
The whole bottle.
Save me.
She is a wretch.
No, not her. That's the other one.
She is a witch. Witch.
She'll murder me. Stop her.
What are you doing? Making a tunnel?
- Shut up!
Is my body your dad's property?
Are you searching
for a way to Dubai?
Come on. Kill me.
Kill me.
You'll go to jail.
I will sue you.
Stop preparing this chutney.
I will sue you.
I will become a bikini model.
And I will also become a doctor.
I will model for briefs and vests.
Thank God. God should save me now.
Call my frie nd...
He works in a laundry...
Doctor, this is the patient's
report and X-ray. - Thank you.
Where's the patient from 516?
I have no idea.
Take me and run!
You should have said that.
Come on. Come.
Open the door quickly.
- Where are you going?
I'm going home.
I'm your doctor.
You can't leave this
hospital without my permission.
Did you pay the bill?
- The entire bill.
Nobody can stop me now.
I'm going home.
How can you leave?
- How can I? Watch me.
Hey, don't touch me.
I... I mean...
- What do you mean?
I have to check.
I have to watch you.
You've made a hole in my belly.
What else do you want?
Viraj, why don't you understand?
No you understand.
Had I known that
you'd operate on me...
...I'd have died instead of
allowing you to operate on me.
Just try to touch me.
All my lawyers will sue you.
"Mangalam... Don't want to love.
Don't need to love. "
"Mangalam... Don't want to love.
Don't need to love. "
"Mangalam... Don't want to love.
Don't need to love. "
"Mangalam... Don't want to love.
Don't need to love. "
"Mangalam... Don't want to love.
Don't need to love. "
"Mangalam... Don't want to love.
Don't need to love. "
"It's show time. "
"It's show time. "
"It's show time. "
"It's show time. "
It's a disgrace.
Not just for a hospital,
but for a profession.
Who was the doctor-in-charge?
Simrita Rai, you've been
negligent in carrying out...
...your dutie s as a doctor...
...because of your personal
differences with the patient.
You're he re by barre d
from me dical practice.
Excuse me...
Dr. Rai, how could you
be so careless?
Nimrita... - Why did you put an
innocent man's life in danger...
...just because of your
personal differences?
Why did you ruin
your years of hard work?
Why Sim?
Sister Nim...
- Don't call me sister.
I can't be your sister.
Sister Nim!
Sister Nim?
What happened?
I was just practicing 'Shavasan'.
Sorry. I had a bad dream.
You are doomed.
Do you think I don't know that?
But what should I do now?
What will happen to me?
What will happen to the one
who has a watch in his stomach?
Sim, what will happen to him?
If there is an infection,
he's finished.
And even if he doesn't,
he'll be in trouble.
He'll be pissing blood.
He'll be...
Sim, if the watch
reaches his lower intestine...
...he won't be able to
pass his stools.
You'll end up in jail and
your career will be finished.
Ali! - Not Ali, now only
God can help you.
Even if he survives,
he will sue you.
And you will commit suicide,
you'll hang yourself.
You are doomed, ruined, finished.
You're life is...
- Shut up!
"Om Mangalam Mangalam
("Sanskrit Chants. ")."
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Supreme lord Vishnu
is a highest goodness. "
Are you singing?
"Son of Raghu dynasty
is a highest goodness. "
"Supreme lord Vishnu
is a highest goodness. "
"Son of Raghu dynasty
is a highest goodness. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Supreme lord Vishnu is a highest
goodness. " - Soap in my eyes!
"Son of Raghu dynasty is a highest
goodness. " - I won't spare you.
You lousy neighbour!
"Supreme lord Vishnu
is a highest goodness. "
Hey, this is a cool neighbourhood.
Stop playing 'bhajans'
(Hindu hymns).
Love you.
Fore ve r.
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
- No!
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam
Mangalam. "Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Supreme lord Vishnu
is a highest goodness. "
"Son of Raghu dynasty
is a highest goodness. "
"Supreme lord Vishnu
is a highest goodness. "
"Son of Raghu dynasty
is a highest goodness. "
Brother! What happened?
"Supreme lord Vishnu
is a highest goodness. "
Can you also hear that noise?
- Yes, brother.
Where is that noise coming from?
How would I know? You point a finger.
It's coming from there.
Hey Viraj.
- Yo.
On action, make sure you get
out of the way quickly, okay?
Because that water is
going to come really fast.
All right, sir.
- Rolling.
Ready! Standby! And action!
"Om Mangalam Mangalam.
Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
Viraj, get out of the way!
"Supreme lord Vishnu
is a highest goodness. "
Enough! I want to see a doctor.
Is this doctor good?
He is a famous doctor.
He has cured Obama too.
Should a man look at his
wife in such a lustful manner?
What else can I do
other than just look?
Viraj Shergill.
- Yes.
Please come in.
- Please sit down.
Tell me, boy, what can I do for you?
You know, doctor.
I don't you... I can
hear some mantras and...
You have to speak up. Why
are you speaking so softly?
Speak up. Don't worry.
I don't know what happens
to me. I can hear mantras.
And after every hour something...
Nothing. Speak aloud.
Come on, young man.
A few days ago, I met
with an accident. - What?
And now I hear
'mantras' (Hindu chants).
I have gone mad. I can't...
I hear some 'mantras'. I
don't know what to do...
Speak up, boy. Speak...
- I am speaking up.
I hear some 'mantras'.
I have gone mad.
Oh, my God. We have a problem.
You can't hear. You can't speak.
You're using your hands too much.
You have a double complication.
I don't have any double
A few days back, on the film sets.
No. No. Now I understand.
You've come to the wrong place.
I am an ENT specialist.
I am not a sex therapist.
Oh, come on.
- Turn on?
No. No. Please you'll have to go.
You will have to go.
- Okay. Okay, Doctor. Please.
Doctor, you have to
check me. Check me.
Sex with me? What
are you talking about?
Please go. I'm so sorry.
You have to leave.
Please cover that.
Please cover that.
I am under a lot of pressure.
I cannot give you any pleasure.
Doctor, please...
- Please leave. Please go.
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
Can you hear it?
- I can't bear it.
No, doctor. Can you hear it?
- I can't bear it.
Doctor, do something. Do it.
- Brother, even with men.
I'm a married man.
I am too confused.
Don't confuse me further. Please.
Do something, doctor. Do something.
- I beg of you.
- Do something.
You help me.
Let's go inside.
Do something. - Brother, let him go.
What happened?
Do something.
- Brother, what happened?
Brother, what happened?
Everything has gone
wrong because of this fool.
What kind of a doctor is he?
He can neither see nor hear,
and he has cured Obama?
He can't cure his dog.
- Okay, brother.
Why are you shouting?
Talk softly. I can hear you.
Can you hear the 'mantra'?
- What 'mantra'?
"Om Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu.
Om Mangalam... "
Oh, my God! Are you sure?
- Yes.
I can hear it 24 hours a day.
I can hear it every hour, doctor.
Oh, it's a miracle! It's a miracle!
- Miracle?
That's your wedding 'mantra'.
You're going to get married.
- Yes!
- Marriage?
'Sherwani' (Indian Suit).
- Wedding chaplet?
- The horse! - No!
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam.
- Don't want no love. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam.
- Don't need no love. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam.
- Don't want no love. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"I'm afraid of hocus-pocus. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam.
- Don't want no love. "
"I just chant about love. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam.
- Don't need no love. "
"I'm afraid of hocus-pocus. "
"I just chant about love. "
"I don't get into such trouble. "
"Oh, God, what have I done?"
"I'm in love. Kambakkht Ishq. "
"I've lost everything.
Kambakkht Ishq. "
"I've been ruined
by Kambakkht Ishq. "
"Oh, God, what have I done?"
"I'm in love. Kambakkht Ishq. "
"I've lost everything.
Kambakkht Ishq. "
"I've been ruined
by Kambakkht Ishq. "
"Oh, God, what have I done?"
"Will you marry me?"
"No. "
"Supreme lord Vishnu
is a highest goodness. "
"Son of Raghu dynasty
is a highest goodness. "
"You're my baby, but
you've driving me crazy now. "
"You're my baby, but
you've driving, driving... "
"You're my baby, but
you've driving me crazy now. "
"You're my baby, but
you've driving, driving... "
"There are girls with
killer looks everywhere. "
"I've played every game too. "
"You don't know I'm
crazy about the untouched. "
"Why don't you accept
it I am a Casanova?"
"I'm in love. Kambakkht Ishq. "
"I've lost everything.
Kambakkht Ishq. "
"I've been ruined
by Kambakkht Ishq. "
"Oh, God, what have I done?"
"Will you marry me?"
"No. "
"I'm in love. Kambakkht Ishq. "
"I've lost everything.
Kambakkht Ishq. "
"I've been ruined
by Kambakkht Ishq. "
"Oh, God, what have I done?"
"I'm in love. Kambakkht Ishq. "
"I've lost everything.
Kambakkht Ishq. "
"I've been ruined
by Kambakkht Ishq. "
"Oh, God, what have I done?"
No! No!
This is so strange!
Do they ignore their
patients like this?
I feel like suing the
hospital for lack of hospitality.
I pay my taxes.
What do you want, Mr. Keswani?
X-ray. Does it take so much time?
Are you making the
X-ray or an X-rated movie?
What is this?
Your ma has also come?
Wilma. What was the X-ray for?
Of my abdomen.
Abdomen X-ray please.
Quick. Thank you.
E t me lo okk a t it. It's my stomach.
I hope they've not
done anything wrong.
Foreign body inside my body?
My ultimate dream.
God is great!
- Be in your half, please.
What is all this?
What are you doing?
You know, Lucky.
I should have listened to Sim.
Kamini, I know I've hurt you,
but I'm really sorry.
I really love you.
But Simrita says...
- She can say anything.
Can't you takke your own de cisions?
Sim was right. You stuntmen!
- Witch!
Kamini, I'm sorry.
Kamini! Kamini! I'm...
Whatever it takes, I'll
bring him to the hospital.
And operate on him.
Why will he come? He hates you.
And you don't know
his number either.
No, Simrita, you're doomed.
I have Lucky's number.
I'll call him.
Brother, I remember my promise.
No matter what it takes,
I'll reunite you and Kamini.
Don't worry.
It's futile.
Kamini is not the problem.
It's Simrita.
- Kamini?
No. Simrita.
What? Simrita? Wrong number.
Lucky! Lucky, listen.
I want to ask you about Viraj.
Ask what? Whether
brother is alive or dead?
I'm sorry to inform you. I'm
sorry to disappoint you rather...
...brother came back alive
after you operated on him.
Lucky, why don't you understand?
I am Viraj's doctor.
I want to do a
post-op check-up on him.
The stitches have
not been removed yet.
He could have an infection.
Oh, God! He could have an infection.
Why is she being such a pain?
- Pain? - Pain?
Where is it paining?
Where is the pain?
Why didn't you tell me before?
Oh, God! 'Shanti' (Peace).
Who is this Shanti?
Your sister-in-law.
I thought her name was Simrita.
Man, tell him to stop.
Else I'll break his legs.
I swear I will.
W hat are you doing, Tige r?
Couldn't you find any othe r girl?
Could you only find a girl...
...who doesn't give
brother any importance?
What? She doesn't
give me any importance?
She doesn't give me any
importance or I don't.
Come on, brother. I know
all the girls want you...
...but she's hardcore.
Even you can't charm her.
She hates you.
You carry on please.
I'll drive her crazy.
I'll make sure she sleeps with me.
You're fired. You're fired.
Hey, pay her. You're fired.
Please go.
She liste ns to e ve rything.
- Ose r!
Nosy cow!
- Brother, relax.
And then?
And then I'll do to
her what she did to you.
She broke your heart. I'll
break hers after playing with her.
"I am a bad boy. "
Seven days.
- Seven days.
What's all this?
These are flowers, Sim.
I know that. But for whom?
'They say every flower
has a meaning. '
'For example,
happiness, love or friendship. '
'When I think about
you I don't understand... '
'... which flower I should send you. '
'I thought I'd play it safe.
So I've sent all the flowers. '
'Viraj. ' Viraj?
Viraj? Who is he?
Nobody. He's a creep.
Creep? I wish there was
such a creep in my life.
I'd get such lovely flowers.
'Today is an important day for me. '
'On such occasions, it is important
that friends are with you. '
'And to announce the
next category... '
'... please welcome on stage the
very beautiful Holly Valance. '
Good evening Hollywood.
Best stunt coordination and
or second unit direction...
...for best stunts during
an entire film of any genre.
And the award goes
to Viraj Shergill.
And to give away this award,
I'd like to invite someone...
...who's not only a superstar,
but a legend in the world of action.
Now, I'm not really
a big fan of his.
I just happen to know that
his next film is releasing in...
...eight months, 26 days,
Thirteen seconds.
Please put your hands
together for the man...
...the legend,
Mr. Sylvester Stallone.
Thank you.
Good evening, everyone.
My name is john Rambo.
But tonight, ladies and
gentlemen is not about me.
It's about the real
heroes behind the action.
And it's my real privilege to
give this award to someone...
...who is my real life hero.
To the man who takes the fall
as the director yells action.
And the good looking hero...
...rolls up in the continuity
and dusts himself off and says...
..."I'm your worst nightmare. "
It's my absolute pleasure
and honour to give this award...
...to a man without whom,
many of my recent films...
...would have never been
what they are.
The incredible, Viraj Shergill.
Viraj, why don't you
say a few words?
When I was a young boy in Punjab,
I used to tell my mom...
"Mom, when I grow up, I'd
like to be Sylvester Stallone. "
I can never be Sylvester.
Nobody can.
But this middle class Indian boy...
...has worked every day of his life
to be able to stand next to him...
...on the same studio floor, to
be able to take the fall for him.
To be able to say...
"Look mom, you son has
become Sylvester. Look. "
"He may be a duplicate,
but he has become Sylvester. "
In India, whenever
something big like this happens...
...we seek the blessings of our
elders, our parents or guru.
Tonight I'd like to take the
blessings of the guru of action.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Supreme lord Vishnu
is the holiest one. "
Must be their national anthem.
- Oh!
"Son of the Raghu
dynasty is the holiest one. "
"Supreme lord Vishnu
is the holiest one. "
"Son of the Raghu
dynasty is the holiest one. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
Oh God.
What the hell!
E t's do it again.
I'm so sorry. - That's all right.
You scream pretty well.
Thank you.
You're performing stunts
so soon after the surgery.
That's bad for you.
Come to me once for the che ckk -up.
E t me che ckk i f
eve rything is all right in the re.
Is this a circus? Is there a
circus going on here? - No.
Come on, bring me the prote in shakke.
Brother, I just gave it to you.
I know. I want the other one.
The soya-bean shake.
Go bring it.
Let me check it whether
this is good for you or not.
What happened? Why
can't you look happy?
Yes, it's fine.
Is it good?
- Yes.
Why wouldn't it be fine?
You've added so many things in it.
I added?
- Yes. - What?
You've added something.
Sweetness, kindness and goodness.
All right, I'll leave now.
What's the hurry?
When will we meet again?
In half an hour.
Such eagerness?
"I am a bad boy. I am good boy. "
"I am a bad boy. I am good boy. "
Do you have the money in the bank?
Nothing has happened yet.
It will happen in half an hour.
- You!
What's wrong?
You said the pills will
take affect in half an hour.
Yes. So?
And you said that every patient
of the studio is brought here.
Yes. So?
Yes, but nothing happened.
Hello, Sim. I'm so worried.
Why are you worried?
You know Lucky has not come home yet.
So, I called up the studio.
They said a stuntman has
been taken to the hospital.
I just hope it's not Lucky.
It's Viraj, not Lucky.
How do you know?
I hope it is Viraj.
St. Martin's is not too far away.
St. Martin's? What do
you mean St. Martin's?
That's the hospital name.
Why St. Martin's?
What do you mean why?
I'll talk to you later.
Sim! Sim, what's happening?
Sim, tell me. Sim?
'Oh, God! He has got an X-ray? '
'Oh God! '
Brother, that...
Where is your watch, ma'am?
Where is it?
Where's your watch?
Viraj, please try to understand.
My life is in your hands.
Have you gone mad?
I'm sorry, Viraj. I
had forgotten the watch.
Forgot the watch? Where?
Where did you forget it?
You said you'd be
back in half an hour.
I've been waiting for four hours.
Where did you forget the watch?
Did you forget it at home?
- Yes. Did you leave it at home?
I had forgotten the watch at home.
I had forgotten the watch at home.
I had forgotten the watch at home.
- Brother, she is mad.
Oh, Viraj!
- Brother! Brother! - Sorry.
I swear I'll never
drink your protein shake.
Brother, my stomach's hurting
Takke him away. Takke him away.
Ockk hhim up in the washro om.
What were you saying?
How can I talk here?
This is not the right place. I
want to meet you in private.
- Excuse me.
What happened to him?
"Bebo. "
Listen, what do you do if
you want to control someone?
What do you mean someone? Whom?
You know, guys.
Guys! Well, usually I smile.
Not you, I am talking
about a normal person.
Why? What do you want
someone to do for you?
Not me. I was just asking to
improve my general knowledge.
Usually, if you request politely,
then people will do it.
No, I can't do that.
No. No. My friend was asking.
But you said you're asking to
improve your general knowledge?
Whatever the reason might be,
do you know the answer or not?
If I knew it, I wouldn't
have filed for divorce.
And if you want to know,
then why don't you ask jackie?
With her short dresses
and her sweet talk...
...she brings everyone under control.
- Okay.
All right, call you later. Bye.
Let's go for a swim.
So where are we off to now?
To swim?
Yes... You do have a bathtub,
don't you?
You know where it led last time.
I know.
You do know that I want to
have golden babies with you.
With your skin, my eyes,
your hair and my smile.
They will be so beautiful.
Yes, they will be striped babies.
You never take me seriously.
And if I do what you'll do.
Try me.
"I am bad boy. "
Her timing is always wrong.
What did you say?
Oh, my God! Denise Richards?
Nothing, I was just
thinking why don't you go inside...
...and I'll get champagne.
You go in. I'll come.
So, you're going to
be shooting in Brazil?
- Yes, but... Excuse me.
Yes, me. And that was
Denise Richards, wasn't she?
Yes, that was Denise Richards.
I don't like Hollywood girls.
They are so bland, you know.
You understand?
I like a girl I can take home.
And tell mom, I want to
marry this Indian girl.
Indian, you know... - Which
Indian girl are you talking about?
Someone I want to meet
in private but she...
She too had come to meet you alone.
But Denise Richards got the
same idea then what could she do?
Does she want me to throw
Denise Richards outside?
I'll see you tomorrow.
Hotel Venetian.
Room No. 801 at 8:30pm.
Now you can do your
stunts with Denise.
And tomorrow I'll do
the stunts with you.
Six... eight...
Left glass. Left glass. Left glass!
"Adie s and ge ntle me n. "
"Bad boy's stop. "
"Bad boy's stop. "
"Bad boy's stop. "
You're looking hot.
Thank you.
Juice, coffee.
Tea or me?
"Bad boy's stop. "
Lucky glass!
Bottoms up!
Bottoms up!
Is there any reaction in you?
Yes, there is.
It's a very strong dose.
What are the symptoms?
My heart is beating faster.
I am breathing faster.
Me too. Why? Why me?
You know, you're very sweet.
But why were you so mean earlier?
You too were so mean.
That's because you're so hot.
And you used to think that
you could trap any girl.
But I was wrong.
In the past few days, I have
realised that you're not like that.
You're not, are you?
You know, my dad was like that.
My sister's husband is like that.
But you are not like them.
You're not, are you?
They think they can fool the
girls and take advantage of them.
As if girls don't have a
heart filled with love.
But you are not like them.
You're not, are you?
Are you?
What happened?
I'm talking too much, am I not?
- So kiss me.
You'd said you knew
how to shut me up.
"Hey you. "
"Every breath of
mine is close to you. "
"Why are you burning from inside?"
"Hey you. "
"I'll be with you all night. "
"And talk to you about love. "
"Bebo. I am Bebo.
Take away my heart. "
"I've come with my heart, take it. "
"Bebo. I am Bebo.
Take away my heart. "
"I've come with my heart, take it. "
"I am really, really nervous. "
"Don't stop me. "
"My life is bound to you. "
"Don't go away from me. "
"To be away was just an excuse. "
"I wanted to take it slow. "
"I didn't really know. "
"Our love is like a quarrel. "
"Bebo. I am Bebo.
Take away my heart. "
"I've come with my heart,
take it. "
"Bebo. I am Bebo.
Take away my heart. "
"I've come with my heart,
take it. "
"Take it. "
"On the sly... "
"... why do you turn and look at me?"
"I am all yours. "
"Every guy tried to woo me. "
"I was not impressed. "
"One glance from you... "
"... has claimed my heart. "
"Bebo. I am Bebo.
Take away my heart. "
"I've come with my heart,
take it. "
"Bebo. I am Bebo.
Take away my heart. "
"I've come with my heart,
take it. "
"Fall in love. "
"Fall in love. "
God is great! Hot baby doll.
It seems you too
didn't sleep last night.
Earlier I had thought I'd sue you.
But now I think, why should I?
What if we come to a compromise?
If we can get into a
compromising position...
Get out!
Get out! Security!
- Sim?
What do you think of me?
All of you are the same.
All men are the same.
Hey, come. Come with me.
The y want only one thing
from girls. Scoundre Is!
Mr. Keswani, what is
your problem? What?
What is your problem?
What is my problem?
Now you're going to be
in big trouble.
Fo ol, first you le ft this
watch in my stomach. - W atch?
The watch is ticking
while I'm talking.
Wa... Wa... Watch?
- Watch! Watch!
Watch? Oh, God!
Mr. Keswani, this is not your X-ray.
Stupid! Idiot! Son of a gun!
Give me the good news.
Then whose is it if not mine?
This is Viraj's X-ray.
Keswani, there's nothing
here for you.
You wanted to say something to me?
I want to give you something.
Go wear this first.
"Don't want to love. "
"Don't need to love. "
"Wretched love. "
"Wretched love. "
"Wretched love. "
"Don't want to love. "
"Don't need to love. "
"Done want to love. "
I don't believe this, Sim.
Uckkyy told me e ve rything,
that you and Viraj...
Don't take his name in the same
breath as mine for as long as I live.
But you love him, right?
There's nothing between
Viraj and me.
It was just an act.
You know how much I hate him.
When I was operating on Viraj,
I left my watch inside him.
- I was really afraid.
It was the question of my career.
I thought I was
going to lose everything.
When nothing else was working I
pretended to be in love with him.
I was so worried.
I'm not that foolish, Kamini...
...that I'd fall in
love with a guy like him.
What are you doing here?
What were you telling Kamini?
The truth!
It's such a relief.
I was fed up of
pretending to love someone I hate.
Dr. Simrita Rai.
Now I won't have to
hear you call out my name.
It feels like an abuse.
Now just get out!
Hey... Hey, you're just joking,
You're just joking, right?
Kamini, what did I tell you
about the IQ of a stuntman?
They're just so freaking dumb.
Fre akking idiots.
Why did you do this to me?
I did what I what was right.
I treated you like you
deserve to be treated.
But I deserve you. I love you.
We were going to get married.
Marriage? Who's going to
marry a sick scoundrel like you?
God! Just get out.
Get out!
God, he just doesn't get it
Yes... cut it...
- Okay.
Great shot Viraj. Moving on.
That was a great shot. He loved it.
- Thank you.
That was a great shot, brother.
- Hi. - Hi.
What's wrong?
Well, is there
anything I can do to help you?
Marry me.
Marry me.
You always jokingly say
that you want golden babies.
So what if I say yes. Then?
Then I'd say yes.
Hey Denise, the shot is ready.
Say when and we'll go get a ring.
- Hey.
How are you?
- Great. - Good.
What are you doing, brother?
I want to see...
...whether a sick scoundrel
like me gets married or not.
Why are you trying
to remove this ring?
What's wrong with it?
Viraj gave it to me.
Sim, Viraj proposed?
This is great.
God has finally heard my prayers.
Come on, de cide on a date.
I've also got a proposal.
I will also say yes.
We'll get matching wedding outfits.
And take our vows together.
Stop it!
It was a bogus engagement.
And for all you know, this
ring might also be fake.
Of course.
How can I ever think...
...of getting engaged,
married or be in a relationship.
After what happened
to Nim and with mom?
What happened to your mom?
You were just a year
old when they separated.
How would you know?
Did your mom ever tell you anything?
What could she say?
Could she say that she got
into an arranged marriage...
...because her parents forced her to...
...but she couldn't love her husband?
Or could she have said that...
...her husband tried
to save the marriage...
...but she was very stubborn?
Just like you. She
didn't give in to him.
Finally, your fathe r gave
up and we nt backk to India.
And by the time your
mother realised her mistake...
...it was too late.
Your mom told me all this, not you.
She told me to see to
it that her daughters...
...don't repeat her mistakes.
Do you think I enjoy
nagging you to get married?
Don't I know that you
think I'm just a joke?
And that you're putting up
with me just because of your mom?
I pity you.
I'm putting up with the burden
which your mom passed on to me.
If you had told him the truth...
...brother would have himself
come in for the operation.
Listen, you know nothing about me.
I know everything you
did the other night.
Just shut up! - Why? Sounds terrible
to hear the truth, doesn't it?
I feel worse thinking you were
ready to do anything that night.
But for the first time,
my brother controlled himself.
He... he didn't...
No Simrita. He did not
sleep with you.
I think he should have.
But he didn't do it.
Maybe because he loves you
as much as I love Kamini.
Just because of your ego,
you've broken two relationships.
Yours and Kamini's.
It's our divorce hearing tomorrow.
Good luck.
"W hy have the
flowe rs lost the ir colour?"
"W hy have the
flowe rs lost the ir colour?"
"Why am I so cross
with myself these days?"
"Maybe in one of our meetings. "
"I said something wrong. "
"False promise s we re made. "
"Because of some excuse. "
"I found you, and then I lost you. "
"It was my mistake. "
"This is my punishment. "
"And yet my heart asks
why did this happen. "
"Why am I so cross
with myself these days?"
"My story is so blurry. "
"That's why there
are tears in my eyes. "
"As they roll down my cheeks. "
"They leave a symbol of my sorrow. "
"All my wishes have been shattered. "
"It's my mistake. "
"This is my punishment. "
"And yet my heart asks
why did this happen. "
"Why am I so cross
with myself these days?"
"W hy have the
flowe rs lost the ir colour?"
You may now sign
Are you guys out of your
minds to renounce such happiness?
And for a stuck up
little witch like me?
Kamini, you listened to your heart,
and fell in love with him.
Then why are you
listening to your mind...
...when it is time to
stick to your love?
Don't you have a mind?
Can't you even think?
Can't you se e how much he love s you?
I'm sorry, Kamini.
Sorry, Lucky.
It's okay.
You would have lost
your love because of me.
And you'll lose your
love if you don't hurry up.
I've already lost it.
He has found true love.
And he's marrying her.
I just want to see him happy.
Don't you always say
that all stuntmen are dumb?
I'm sorry that...
- It's true. Absolutely true.
My brother is just being an idiot.
He doesn't love her.
Nor does she love him.
She's just satisfying a whim.
And Viraj?
- Brother is trying to prove...
...something to himself. That's all.
How stupid! These stuntmen.
Lucky, look ahead.
All right guys. I don't want
any trouble so just back off...
...We need to get somewhere.
All right?
You should have thought
about that...
...before you came
into this neighbourhood.
I know, but I need to get somewhere.
So, just back off. All right?
Tell you what... you go
and let the chicks stay.
Hello baby!
Run! Run!
Get the girl!
What's up, guys?
All's good in the hood?
You're in the wrong neighbourhood.
What's up baby?
You want some of this?
I know you like it.
Come on.
Come on.
You. You. You. Come on.
Thank you.
Uckkyy, ge t up.
- KKamini.
Uckkyy, are you okkay?
- YYEs, I'm okkay.
Are you okay?
- Yes.
Where is Simrita?
- Simrita?
- Hey, Lucky.
Sir, thankk y ou so much
for your he Ip.
I'll see you on the set tomorrow.
You got that, sir.
Shall we?
Shall we?
Shall we?
Let's go.
Come on. Let's go.
Thank you, sir.
Kambakkht Ishq. (Damned Love)
We gather here today to join
Viraj and Denise in holy matrimony.
You may now exchange the rings.
- Yes.
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Om Mangalam Mangalam. "
"Supreme lord Vishnu
is the holiest one. "
"Son of the Raghu dynasty is the
holiest one. " - Sister-in-law?
How dare you?
I mean how could you?
I know I have no right...
...because of what I've done to you.
And I know it's too late.
But all I want to
say is that I love you.
I'm sorry.
But don't marry
for the wrong re ason.
She's a good girl.
She's really very nice.
Don't do this to her.
It won't be fair.
Yes, I know.
But I deserve...
- You deserve me, Viraj.
Excuse me.
So what were you saying?
- Brother please...
Hold on!
You were saying
something about a guy like me.
Come with me.
Yes, I was destined to fall
in love with a guy like you.
I'm lucky that I found you.
You changed me by
coming into my life.
You left, and it changed again
I changed so much that
I couldn't recognise myself.
Please Viraj, don't
throw me out of here.
I know it was wrong
of me to come here.
Please try to understand.
I was used to living my
life on my own terms...
...and taking my own decisions.
Right or wrong.
I made mistakes and
I corrected them.
I had no one to take care of me...
...and save me from
myself until you came along.
Get in the car.
Get in the car!
Are you foolish?
If you don't get in the car,
how will we elope?
Do you understand?
Love you. I love you.
Thank you.
"Mangalam. "
"Mangalam. "
"Mangalam. "
Bye. Bye!
- "Mangalam. "
"Mangalam. Don't want to love. "
- Don't need to love. "
"Don't want to love. "
So, you love me?
What a stupid question to ask.
I'm not stupid, you are.
What would I have done had
you married Denise Richards?
How dumb! No IQ, I tell you.
Did I get married to
Denise Richards?
I'm not dumb, you are.
You didn't even know
that you loved me.
And you...
just a minute. Just...
You talk too much.
And I know how to shut you up.
But I...