Kamerdyner (2018) Movie Script

Help me, help!
year 1900, Kashubia
Help me!
Help me!
Lucja is in labour!
Lucja is in labour!
Lucja is in labour!
Yes, I can hear that!
Take an example of her.
Bazyli, careful or I'll smack you!
You are going for doctor Gross!
And how so, for free?
- Johan!
- You shot first.
Congratulations. He was supposed to be mine.
Mr. Kraus, Mr. Kraus!
Lucja is in labour, hurry!
Let's go.
- Which Lucja?
- Kroll, Madame Countess.
Lucja Kroll is in labour.
- The pain did not show!? The fever!?
- Well...
Here it is.
Cut the cord.
Jesus, Jesus and Mary...
Do you want Mateusz to receive baptism
in the faith of the Catholic Church?
We do.
Mateusz, I baptise you
in the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and
of the Holy Spirit.
Now the baptised shall receive
the last rites.
Through this holy anointing
may the Lord pardon you
whatever sins
you have committed.
Urszula, you will help me
with Mateusz in the first few days.
Our house will be good for him.
Teresa, take Urszula
to Marita's room.
I will join you shortly.
Which one of you is feeding a child?
Come to me.
Show me your breasts.
You are Maria, right?
There is a child that needs feeding.
I will pay well.
What is new, Franz?
- Everything is calm, my lord.
- Calm?
I heard we have a new tenant.
- I don't understand, sir.
- You don't understand?
Apparently you grow dull
with age.
My butler doesn't know anything.
I get the news from coachmen.
- Are you establishing an orphanage here?
- Keep your voice down, please.
Is this that foundling?
It is Mateusz.
Son of Lucja Kroll.
Lucja Kroll, the housemaid.
She worked here.
Strange things can be heard.
Those are just kitchen gossip,
you know that well enough.
I believe that Mateusz is the son
of the housemaid Lucja Kroll
and the equerry Brunon Kroll.
The parents are dead, he is an orphan.
And let it stay that way, Herman.
Kurt, don't cheat.
Put your heals on the floor.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yes. Thank you.
Mr. Schmidt will arrive shortly,
run to your music class.
Homework done?
Kurt. You start first.
I thought it was you playing Schumann.
- I haven't learned it yet.
- No...
Let us listen a bit longer.
- Why are you standing here like that?
- Let us listen to the end, please.
Buy a new piano!
I will not learn on this one!
Kurt, calm down.
Does he really play so well?
Quite well.
- Excuse me?
Quite well.
- But brilliantly or just quite well?
- Quite well.
And does he make any progress?
Well... he does.
But small?
- Small.
- So what's the point of teaching him?
if I'll feel alcohol in your breath
ever again during class
I will kick you out on the street.
And I will make sure no
one gives you a job.
Look at me!
I will do it.
Believe me.
Class dismissed!
Formela, news-sheets.
Do you want one?
With a surprise, right?
Don't be afraid.
If you hide it in the cellar,
no one will find it.
Go with God.
But go!
And you.
Our Mother of Sianowo
We stand guard next to you.
Lead the Kashubian people
To where the eternal light
shines from the sky!
Go to the church.
Perhaps you'll find something there.
Bazyli is the chief.
News-sheets! Take them!
- Miotke! What are you up to there?
- Nothing that would interest you.
Keep taking them, take!
Since when can you address me like that?
I will call you by sir
when you will be promoted to feldfebl.
-You are selling newspapers, Bazyli!
- I am giving away, is it forbidden?
Do you want one? No?
Bazyli, I haven't done with you yet.
And Count Kraus will not help you.
I am already scared shitless.
Pass them on.
Here is Willy, without censorship.
What for?
Come on, Ula.
Are you spying?
You wouldn't be beaten for spying.
Sit down.
You will eat with us.
You always suspected me.
Bazyli said sit down.
So sit down!
Eat full.
There is only black bread
and coffee in prison.
Would you like me to pour it in your eye?
year 1911
Why would you even pick it up?
Read it in the privy, Formela.
Fright will get you diarrhea.
He wipes the bottle and reads:
If the horse can't do it,
pour him two drops in a bucket of water.
Hold on, how many do you say?
Two drops in a bucket?
For you one would be enough, my Count.
Miotke, Miotke, what bullshit you write
in these newspapers.
Me? I don't write anything, my Count.
But you distribute and hand them out.
That is allowed.
Censorship permits, so it is allowed.
After all we live in a state of law.
Yes or no, my Count?
Look how this time goes by.
Children grew up.
We will have to send them
to schools this year.
Where will they go?
Marita and Kurt will go to Berlin.
- And Mati?
- Mati...
Mati will go to a gymnasium in Brodnica.
Berlin is too big for Mati.
So then...
Are you comfortable living on
the palace provender?
Where would you rather live, in a palace
or in the country?
The palace is also in the country.
Smart boy.
I think, my Lord, that it is best
to bet on three horses.
I invite you for a game of chess.
Thank you very much.
- Wrap up with this machine and come over.
- Thank you very much.
Your brother, Fryderyk is here.
- Herman.
- Angela.
Leave her alone.
- How are you, brother?
- How am I?
Like Krupp in Capri.
If you put it against your
ear, you will hear the China Sea.
- Really?
If only you carried out
the Emperors' orders properly.
I was right, the intelligence was crappy,
someone had to fix it. It fell on to me.
And they made you a scapegoat.
- You have nothing to do now.
- That is why you pulled me here.
I don't care about politics.
Fourthousand hectares is quite something.
We will fit in here somehow.
Take a look around.
Look at it!
You are from here.
Take a look around again and remember.
You are from here.
And come back here wiser.
What is it?
I am talking with the book-keeper.
Ah, bring him down then,
I would like to meet him.
I'll be there in a moment.
I am in the dining room with Trettov.
You also choose tainted potatoes
The good ones are to be planted.
Excuse me.
- And where is the book-keeper?
- He fainted.
- Well, if he fainted...
- What can we do.
I hope you know your way
in book-keeping.
I have a buyer from Gdansk who wants
to buy all the grain on the spot,
I thought you may want to enter
a partnership.
You have the greatest acreage.
- What partnership is it?
- Wegierek, it has been checked.
- Poland?
Herman, you are not supposed to issue
birth certificates, but to count money.
The prepayment is very generous.
It is not in accordance with
the government's policy.
Maybe, but it is in accordance with the law.
And those boots, are they in accordance
with the government's policy?
year 1914
I admire you.
And envy you your passion.
Immediate summons.
War, gentlemen.
We are heading to the front.
Grzegorz Janke.
Peter Jorg.
Maurycy Krauze.
Jzef Formela.
- Name?
You are not a feldfebl yet, dickhead.
Your name!
Praised be Jesus Christ.
Tomorrow by noon in the barracks.
-Sign here.
- What are you grabbing!? It is mine.
- My husband had already been in the army.
- Quiet, quiet Ula.
I knew it.
I read the papers.
This war won't last
longer than six weeks.
War, what war?
Your war?
Are you Russian, French, Prussian?
Quiet Ula.
I am Kashubian.
As we all.
My dearest, beloved wife
I received the parcel yesterday,
together with the newspapers,
for which I also thank you a lot.
So the letters and newspapers reach
me in about 10 days.
I tucked away the chocolate bar.
You should know that chocolate
in the field is by no means luxury,
but a very important nutrition element.
Especially when there is poor food.
Today is three months from the day
we heard the first cannon shot.
We arrived at the location where
we sit on today.
Without making a single step forward.
In the name of the Almighty God,
my dear wife,
I have to confess that so far
I find my stay at the front
similar to a summer camp.
Give my regards to Mati.
May he study well.
year 1918
Bang! Bang!
Are you back from the war?
- From school. You must be Max.
- So you don't have a weapon?
I have books.
- You don't have a Mauser either?
- No.
Are you a deserter?
I am going to Nanini
with my grandfather.
- More like to Namibia.
- Maxi!
It is good you have returned.
Mati, do you recognize me?
Aunt Angela?
Anna Karenina?
I heard she didn't end well.
I'll read it.
You read Tolstoy?
What else have you got there?
You've been writing to each other?
Kurt tried to fool us.
He stayed in Berlin.
Red flags.
Do you play?
It is simply a revolution already.
Whole of Berlin in Workers' Councils.
When the war ceases, let us go to Klaipeda.
To those painters. They call them
And what do they do for a living,
those expersionists?
- They sell.
- Sell?
Does anyone buy that?
Herman is coming back.
Beautiful sanatorium.
It is good he is coming back.
A head surgery is always a risk.
What about Bazyli. Do you have
any news, Mati?
The latest letter came a month ago,
I visited my godmother.
At least she got through this calmly.
Was it calm here?
After the second Masuria War,
after 1915...
Holidays in the country.
What do I have in the stables!
What do you have in the stables?
- Phantoms?
- Yeah.
Let's go and see then.
Marita, aren't you ashamed?
Are you not interested in what someone
wrote before death, mother?
A war museum.
Our boys!
Come children, come quickly!
You are alive?
Welcome, Mr. Kraus.
Is it from the front, my Lord?
From the field hospital.
And how are you?
Your uniform is rugged.
My uniform is rugged by revolution.
I could have come here with a red flag.
But I would have made a clown
out of myself.
You haven't changed at all, Miotke.
You must be happy that Germany
took a beating?
Not my emperor, not my country.
But I came here
to my own land, my Lord.
And I have a feeling
That Prussia will not stay here
for long.
Kurt, come join us.
My cousin, lieutenant von Jorg,
travelled each Sunday from Konigsberg
to Berlin to watch horse races.
And the problem was
how to get back.
So he found a cargo train...
Aren't you afraid of an insurgency, father?
- The insurgency, here? Against whom?
There is an insurgency going on
in the Poznanskie district.
The Poles will probably win, finally
they will have a successful uprising.
- So what is all this then?
- Schmidt invited.
Maybe they invited
themselves in?
- I would now something about it.
- Everyone here speaks about caution,
- but no one says about whom?
- Kurt, I never gave you any advices,
but don't get into politics. There
are very strange times ahead of us.
Mati, where are you?
What have you got there?
A book.
Let me see.
A young knight comes into my mind
As from some myth of old. He came!
As a great storm would round you wind.
A blessing undefined
Seemed left, as when
church-bells declined.
Look how beautiful.
Mateusz and Marita seem to be
attracted to one another...
People just drivel.
I can see it.
Have you told anyone?
Only you.
Keep it this way.
I have seen so much shit in this world
that maybe there is some
redemption in this love...
God knows what he is doing.
Hi, Miotke.
Do you want one?
"Vote for Poland
and you will be free"
Be quiet.
Madame, how can it be?
Can I go in to Bazyli?
Only for a moment.
Don't tire him!
Yes, go in.
See what happened here.
Blessed be God.
Let him be.
I walked from house to house.
People are furious.
It was a mistake.
We live one next to the other.
Grana Du
They are not stupid.
Wojka, follow me!
What is it, a wedding party?
Stay here.
Where are you going?
Jesus Christ, people, what is happening
here? Are you out of your minds?
Be gone girl, I don't vouch
for the people.
- Let go!
- Leave him!
What is this? Stop!
People! What are you about to do?
Are we some thugs?
Leave, leave.
In the name of the Father and Son!
Move along!
Are you insane!?
Move along!
Leave them and go home!
And what will happen with us now?
They are kissing.
- On horseback?
- Yes.
They kiss on horseback?
I hope not in gallop.
Do they kiss on horseback in gallop?
I mean...
Is it yes or no then?
Have you seen them kiss
on horseback in gallop?
Mom, I am an adult, right?
- But what does it mean 'almost'?
Have you almost seen them kiss
or have you seen them almost kiss, Kurt?
This is some kind of nonsense.
Please don't tell your father,
he doesn't need to be irritated.
It's nonsense.
Be careful or you'll get hit
on the face.
I wanted to talk here because
I didn't want anyone to hear us.
It is important to be cautious
if you can't be certain.
- I understand.
- No you don't.
The times you remember are at an end.
They have already ended.
And what comes next will be even worse.
You don't feel safe in the palace, mom?
You know the gossip.
I don't know how much of them is true.
Not everyone wishes you well
in this house.
It is a miracle that father
doesn't know yet.
It would be some
punishment for him.
Everything has its limits.
- You will leave for some time.
- I want to study in Gdansk, mother.
You will go to Berlin, no objections.
Kurt told you all this rubbish, I know.
Rome has spoken.
- At least let me stay for uncle Fryderyk's birthday.
- Out of the question.
I ordered Franz to school you
to become a butler.
We can't afford your studies
but I want to take care of your future.
I understand.
Am I being punished?
You can refuse.
- I will understand.
- But I don't refuse.
You were careless, my boy.
I don't know what are you talking
What are you talking about?
You wouldn't presume you have been
pulled back because of money?
She asked for you to stay.
How considerate.
And if they say after some years
that your love was the most beautiful
thing that happened in this palace.
I am the history of this house.
The history of good and bad.
Can I bring you something?
No, I will wait.
What about a little bracer?
You obviously will not play tonight.
And you will never play again.
I can drink to that.
One more glass, my Lord.
One equals to none.
Strange, I haven't seen
the Hanemahns yet.
Or Krukovs.
They don't like Count Herman.
They would do anything for von Trettov.
Even the Belowoffs.
Put some life in it!
- You look well in this uniform.
- It's very kind of you.
You don't hold it against us, right?
Everyone has to work.
- Especially now.
- I understand.
Difficult times ahead.
And the upkeep costs money.
- Work conquers all.
- No doubt about that.
Wine? Medoc?
For the most important events.
Knickebein will also be served.
Kurt is doing the tasting.
Kurt has a good taste.
Gustav von Wiekode.
My dear, did you know that our
Gustav built the railroad in Bagdad.
I have some business there.
- This is Grosz. New Objectivity.
- Thank you.
Gustav, I hope you will make yourself
feel at home in our palace.
Excuse me for a moment,
we will see the gift.
I bought two mares in Neustadt.
That is what your engagement
will cost me.
I heard you are my sisters'
husband to be.
- I know nothing about it.
- I do.
Take care of her, she rides the horse
in a very hazardous manner.
And hit Mati in the face,
he is our butler.
But Herman did not announce
the engagement yet.
Look at them.
Two brothers,
my husband and Herman,
and as if they had different parents.
This house has an accomplishment
in this regard.
After all Mati is Herman's bastard.
That is why you allowed Marita
to go to our palace in Berlin.
She is Mati's sister.
But she may not forget about him,
what then?
Best wishes!
God bless you!
You look pretty good.
I am a butler.
What about you?
Nice pelt... damn you!
They didn't send you
to continue education?
- They didn't, somehow.
- Because you are stupid.
And what are you people
speaking about there?
Something about Versailles...
Trettov will be leaving.
Versailles crossed their plans...
Would you like some?
- Take it. I have to go back.
- I am on service.
All the best.
How does a livery suit you, Mati?
You must look great.
I live here as if it was a dream.
I hope this parting will end soon.
I often imagine the moment
when I see you again.
Don't neglect your piano.
So gentlemen, the borders
have been drawn.
Miotke went to Versailles.
To fight for joining Pomorze to Poland.
- And if Versailles will break...
- Miotke in Versailles?
That Kashubian from the sewing machines?
If every Kashubian
had a brain like Miotke
we all would have to pack our trunks.
It is an outrage!
- Did anyone ask our opinion?
- Address your complaints to God now.
Johann. Remember that they are Poles.
Their entire history is made
of fantasies and mayhem.
- We have to wait them out.
- How long?
5, 10 years.
20 at most.
But we all will have to embrace
Polish nationality.
That is the law.
We will get Polish passports?
- My estate remained on the Polish side.
- My on the German.
Ours is on both sides.
So you will have two passports.
And I pity the Bagdad rail.
It is you who didn't carry out
the Emperor's order?
Because it was stupid.
- In that case, congratulations.
- Gentlemen, champagne!
Gentlemen, please come.
We want you to play.
Vive Chopin's nocturne, what sadness...
Is he alive?
He missed, he is completely drunk.
- He can't even shoot himself.
- Herman, not now...
Let's take him from here, help me.
What a kitsch.
year 1919
Here where Slupia, Leba rivers flow,
where you feel the Baltic current.
This is our land - Kashubia...
You liked Versailles that much...
It was beautiful there,
but it's better here.
Whom have I not spoken to...
Paderewski, Lloyd.
So, did they understand you?
Lloyd didn't understand at all.
He didn't understand who Kashubians are.
He thought I am some Patagonian
or someone else.
Miotke, you fence off my land.
This is the Polish side, dear Count.
Poland is, isn't, is, isn't, is...
One day we will bill you for that Versailles.
I will show you no more favour
in chess!
And I improved a lot in Paris.
Why are you speaking with him?
You have to talk to people, Cygler...
He is an interesting man.
Rotten, damn it.
It will dry when the drought comes.
All for waste.
Bazyli, a gentleman is here from Warsaw.
He was looking for you,
so I brought him here.
Praised be Jesus Christ!
- Henryk Konieczny.
- Miotke. Praised!
- Forever and ever. I represent
the Wiktoria partnership.
We bought land here
from the Polish government
Majority of which belonged
to the Kraus family.
I am on my way to the palace.
I stopped by to ask
what I might suspect there.
And why would you come with it to me?
You are being called the Kashubian King,
that is why.
People speak nonsense.
Mr. Konieczny, what does it mean:
"Lands that belonged to Kraus"?
I know this land still belongs to them.
By the governments decree, it was
taken over by the state. And we bought it.
There is a 15 years plan announced.
For the German territories to...
I know that.
- Bad plan.
- Why is that?
Because apart from the decree,
there are also
the sacred rights of ownership.
The Kraus family lives her
for over a hundred years.
You forget about
the partitions of Poland.
This is your politics?
Take by force?
Don't you know that more than half
Germans have left already?
Isn't it better to wait
till they have all gone?
The Polish government has a different
Mr. Konieczny, the Polish government
should first learn how to govern.
Instead of robbing straight away.
They say you are a Kashubian from
the flesh and bone
- but you speak just like a German.
- And you know shit about Kashubians.
Don't try going to Kraus without
He will drop you down the stairs.
It is robbery!
- Don't forget yourself Mr.
- You tell me not to forget myself?
Not forget myself? You son of a bitch.
You come to my house and steal
40 000 morgen of my land
- and I am not to forget myself?
- This land belongs to the Polish state.
It is not Prussia anymore, Mr. Kraus.
Poland! Polish law.
Yes? And I don't give a damn
for such Poland.
I don't give a damn about it!
And its criminal law!
You are a Polish citizen.
I am no more a Pole,
than you are an Eskimo.
Franz, bring me my gun.
I'll shoot his stupid head off.
Do you know what is this map of?
It's the map of Europe.
Worth your bottom.
year 1923
Mother, father, let me introduce
Martin Steiner.
We met at the sanatorium.
Please forgive, Kurt insisted on
me coming here.
Yes, Kurt can be very persuasive.
I don't recognize him at all.
Do you know what does an unleashed dog do?
Follows the heat trail.
What is new in Berlin, Leo?
The workers are stirred up.
The natural order.
Mark's rates are crazy. Germany
did not survive the revolution.
Well then, Trettov...
Nothing new then.
Word says you have seen Lenin.
In a cabaret.
Otto Hauser made him wonderfully.
- They say he has syphilis.
- Hauser?
No, Leo, Lenin.
- It is easy to get infected.
- How would you know?
Just as it always is after a war.
Because the devils keep a fire
in a red butt.
Son, how much does a prostitute cost
in Berlin nowadays?
He was once my brother.
-Let me invite you in.
-You don't have to invite...
They wanted to humiliate me.
- But I endured.
- I know.
I miss you.
But I will not bring you to uncle Trettov.
I understand much, but not all of it.
What actually happened
with your parents?
Mother died at childbirth.
Do you know what they say about us?
I do.
And what kind of fish was it?
The police are on their way here.
Go and beg your sister
not to turn you in.
Scoundrel, bandit!
You really have no objections
for her seeing him?
You're a beast!
I understand.
The strength of a family.
Loyalty and again loyalty.
And his hands?
Will he be able to play?
I don't know.
I hate this place
Tomorrow von Wiekode with his son
will arrive.
Gustav will propose
and you will accept him.
You have to do this for Mati.
You understand that he is in danger?
And he can't know any of this,
not yet.
Why are you silent?
You were not happy, mother.
Look, we live in a palace
but we eat potatoes.
What are you trying to say?
We eat potatoes.
- I, Marita,
- I, Marita,
- Take you Gustav to be my husband,
- Take you Gustav to be my husband,
and promise you my love, faithfulness
and honesty,
and promise you my love, faithfulness
and honesty,
and that I will not leave you
till death do us part.
and that I will not leave you
till death do us part.
So help me God Almighty
So help me God Almighty
One in Three Persons
and all the Saints.
One in Three Persons
and all the Saints.
What God has joined together
let no man cast asunder.
I confirm this marriage by dignity
of the Catholic Church and bless it
In the name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
All of you present here are witnesses,
should there be the need to...
It is my sister.
Mati, I want to build
lumber mills there.
Big, Polish lumber mills.
But I don't have an administrator.
I need to have my own man there.
Would you accept?
Hey, wake up!
-In the name of God.
Something interesting?
Never mind.
Some Hitler performed a putsch
in Munich.
They write he is an Austrian.
They have him arrested.
You are interested in politics, dear?
I am surprised.
Kurt wrote that he had joined
the company of that,
what is his name?
- Hitler's?
- Yes.
What are you speaking about?
Sturmabteilung, SA
He signed up to an assault force
of that Austrian.
- Kurt?
- Kurt.
Our Kurt?
Please dear, Kurt in an assault unit.
- He can assault a hen-house at most.
- Herman...
And still he would have lost
with the rooster.
Kurt in an assault unit.
Good morning.
Good morning, Mr. prefect.
And why didn't the honourable count
come here in person?
In such an important matter.
He is ill.
The count applied for a prolongation
of his tenancy
by 10 years.
But this requires the presence
of the tenant, Madame.
Mr. prefect, after all it is only
about a signature.
The procedures are as they are.
So I am to leave empty handed?
Mr. prefect, this is the last day
to complete the formalities. Please.
- Please, in the name of...
- In the name?
Who's name?
Here. In that name.
year 1934
You change them
like one changes shoes.
You don't look well.
Are you sick?
Yes, a little.
- Come then inside.
- Gerda...
You really look ill.
In Munich... At a hotel next to Munich
Ernst Rohm was captured.
- Whom?
- The SA commander.
Ernst Rohm.
My God, what is happening
to all of you?
Herman also just sits by the radio
all the time.
He won't even look
at the housemaids.
Are you really so absorbed
by politics? You?
Hitler and the SS captured Rohm
in his hotel room.
Yes, you repeat yourself.
A hunt for the SA members has begun.
And Kurt.
Kurt was in Munich.
Lies, lies!
We are still waiting for Marita,
then we can begin.
No, no.
Don't count on me.
I brought Kurt from Munich.
I used all my contacts and influence.
It was difficult and humiliating.
I don't have a son.
In fact, you can pick and choose
between sons.
Are you trying to humiliate me?
The whole region is full
of your bastards.
Yes? Have you been counting?
You treated him worse than a dog!
- Your son was a pervert!
- And what are you?
What is going on here, damn it!
Calm yourselves down.
He wiped dust his entire life.
Now he is dust.
Danziger Hof
I'll be waiting.
This is Marita von Wiekode.
Are there any message for me?
No one asked for me?
No, thank you.
I will not prolong my stay.
I will not prolong.
My student.
He did not forget anything.
Almost only priests.
Berlin demands a full list.
Where are the teachers?
Where are the clerks?
The rich farmers?
Where are all those people
that made us run to Gdansk?
You don't know where to find them?
A full list next time.
Together with their families.
I have seen a doctor.
I'm pregnant.
I must return to Berlin,
speak to Gustav.
I must.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Give this up.
What a romantic you are, Schmidt.
Get dressed.
No, let the ladies stay.
I like company.
This is it.
Perhaps you want to add someone.
Actually what is this list for?
Administrational operations.
You are an unbelievable
son of a bitch, Schmidt.
Here, smoke it,
for victory.
year 1939
Burn it all!
And you, Franz,
aren't you by any chance Kashubian?
Me? No, why?
Because your name is Necel.
That is why.
He is here.
The music teacher.
What does he want?
He did not say.
How dared he come here, what a nerve!
Where is Mati?
In the sawmill. He probably enclosed
the sawmill too.
Are you looking for someone, Countess?
Let's go, go, go.
Miotke Urszula.
Miotke Bazyli!
Salwog Stefan.
Padyba Eveline.
Paczuch Zbigniew.
Kagal Ernst.
Kalisz lzrael.
Kaminski Ehab.
Because of you we will have
Christmas, Junge.
Derkacz Andreas.
Grab Johan.
Weisman Lucas.
Too late.
Do you recognize this?
Where is Franz?
I don't know.
He disappeared, vanished into
thin air.
So many years of service
and he left without saying goodbye.
Madame von Kraus.
Your Ladyship von Kraus.
This will be now your protective suit.
You know the job.
Do it for yourself, for her
and for the child.
It will need to be adjusted.
Come Klaus.
Come on.
Aren't you coming?
I am going to the headquarters.
Goebbels lies.
Stalingrad was an incident.
Sad, but still an incident.
A beautiful incident.
The entire Paulus' Army
ceased to exist.
Trettov was right to leave for Namibia.
We did not succeed in this marriage
with Marita.
Soon our entire world will end.
Our entire world.
Just a drop.
I will feed Klaus in a moment.
Take a seat.
Sit down.
He woke up.
Aren't you glad?
I am back.
We are back.
- Mati, I know what happened.
- No you don't.
And you have to live in peace.
In the name of God.
year 1945
Do you want some?
Apparently the Russians have
reached Puck.
All is ready, mother. Let's hurry.
I am staying.
You go now.
Did she say why?
It's father.
He will not survive this.
I'll stay too.
I'll stay.
And I?
And us?
Turn the lights on, Mati.
It doesn't work.
- The kerosene lamp in that case.
- We are out of kerosene.
I'll go to the village.
I'll wait here for you.
And then you will leave the palace.
You are fired.
What about a dance?
Play something.
Come on.
Come on!
German Bitch!
Who are you?
Whom is she to you?
I will not ask again.
So you are a German?
Polish, Kashubian, same thing.
Fuck this guy.