Kammara Sambhavam (2018) Movie Script

Kammaran, The Event!
is the official beverage of
Kerala, as per the old saying.
The governments that came to
power one after the other,
kept changing & correcting the liquor
policy, as per their whims and fancies,
and kept shutting down
bars or re-opening them.
To find a permanent
solution to this,
for their own survival
and daily bread,
the liquor barons of Kerala",
gathered under this flag that you
can see here, in this house,
for a secret rendezvous.
KP Manukumar gave me a secret information
that a battle has commenced at Palayam.
If this is true,
this ministry will not last
any longer than one year.
And this one year's time
is what we have in hand.
Within that, we should turn this small
party called lLP into a mega institution.
Achaya, in our state, there are
some Lefties and some Righties.
And the people whom they trick and
get votes from, by taking turns.
No one cares what all
was done by who all"!
If you have ruled for 5 years, the
others should rule for the next 5 years.
That's all...!!
This is a land where
nothing new grows.
One Left and one Right",
and we're the ones
who are in trouble.
It's like that saying that even
if the father or the uncle comes,
the mother can't sleep.
from the day Kerala was formed on
November 1st, 1956, until today,
on every flag that was hoisted
by the politicians here,
on every graffiti
that they created,
in every meeting, procession,
protest and strike held by them,
what flows is the money that came out
of us liquor barons' sweat & blood.
But hereafter",
Hereafter, we are not going
to help any of them.
To sell only beer and
wine when they ask us to,
to shut down and re-open
at their command,
they won't get any self-respecting
liquor baron here to do that.
Because, hereafter",
we're going to play the political
games here, ourselves.
Be it Left, or Right.
Hereafter, there should never be a
ministry in Kerala without our ILP in it.
That should be our goal.
The goal sounds good.
But this is a party that can't even win a
Panchayat ward, even if it contests alone.
And you're dreaming of
all that, with this?
What the hell does
this party have?
Not just history,
a historical figure, as well.
Historical figure?
even we know history.
Anything else?
- It's not enough that we know it.
The people of Kerala
should know it.
I had a reason to out-rightly buy this
lame, paralysed party called lLP.
What ILP has,
is not some teeny-weeny leader who shouted
lame slogans wearing torn undergarments,
against the useless ministers
of the 1960's and 70's.
True! True!
one who fought against
the British empire,
one who stood with his head held
high in front of British leaders,
one who kissed the
British hangman's rope,
the brave and mighty,
moreover, the oldest freedom
fighter alive today,
| LP's very own...
Kammaran Nambiar!
People should know about this
history and this historical figure.
Have a look.
Page 120.
Chapter 8.
Kammaran Nambiar!
"Kera | a's forgotten hero"!
Is this about our Kammarettan?
No one has heard about
this old bloke so far.
If we bring him to the forefront
one fine morning.. Shucks!
Is this your damn plan?
Hey! Had you heard about
Tsunami before 2004?
Had any of you heard about
Anna Hazare before 2011?
This Kammarettan
whom we have with us,
has the capacity to be the
grand-daddy of An na Hazare.
We just need to create
a small earthquake",
and what awaits us here would
be a political tsunami.
It's not any good for nothing
Pillai, Nair or Embranthiri...
who has written about
our founder leader.
It's a first class
22 carat Englishman!
Robert S. Coogan
Let me see.
My dad kept forcing
me to learn English.
But I didn't listen.
Good that you didn't learn it.
N.. O.. V.. E.. L
Achaya, this is not history.
It's a novel!
You fool...!!
The novels written
by the British,
have always been considered to be history
by Indians. Don't you know that yet?
But Achaya, how are we going
to create this earthquake?
Francis sir,
I read this book
that you gave me.
Nothing interesting.
There's just one chapter
about Kammaran.
There are no details.
It's just usual period stuff.
If I have to make a
movie in Malayalam,
moreover, if I have to make a movie
about someone who's still alive,
I need something interesting.
Maybe, if I meet him.
Pulikesi sir, we need only
what's there in this book.
Englishmen won't
write lies, do they?
It's not just that.
(speaking in broken Tamil)
This Kammaran..
he was a great freedom fighter"
- Francis sir,
Talk in Malayalam.
I know Malayalam.
Oh! You do?
Very good.
And that Am ruthasam ud ram
mentioned in this book..
Where is it?
That's a godforsaken place.
At the KeraIa-Karnataka-
Tamil Nadu border.
You've to climb many hills..
let's meet Mr. Kammaran.
That's Kammarettan's son.
His name is Bose.
He named him after Netaji,
out of extreme patriotism.
- Come, sirs.
All of you have come?
- Yes. Namaste.
Well sir, will this movie have
just my father's story,
or will it have his
son's story as well?
Calm down, Bose.
Didn't I tell you?
This will be beneficial for all of us.
I don't trust this because
you're part of this.
This ILP (s) of his..,
it was actually a party founded
by my father.
In the 1957 election,
EMS' boys beat him badly.
With that, my father quit politics.
He was the one who used to
buy tea for my dad then.
This Southie"
Surendar Ji.
And during the election in '97,
he told me that Kammarettan
is a freedom fighter.
And if Kammarettan's son contests, we'll
definitely win and made many such promises!
I lost all my hard-earned
money I made from the Gulf.
And a studio which I had, he
got it registered to his name!
Let it be, Bose.
How is your father?
Father, look who all are
here to see you!
Get up.
Who is it?
It's me, Kammaretta.
Not just him, father.
There are some other gentlemen too.
- You aren't dead yet?
We came to give
you a great news.
All of us are going to make a
movie about you, Kammarettan.
You won't let me be
in peace, right?
Please get up.
Hey,just hold him.
Let him see..
It's all coming back
to your mind, right?
How did you find all this?
We found it!
He's a great director from Tamil.
All the films he made...
are superhits.
Your mother is a
Malayali, right?
H.. How do you know that?
I like artists.
But these businessmen,
and politicians,
All of you step out.
Didn't you hear him?
Take your wife also.
-Are you sick, dad?
You also go out.
- Chandrabhanu, come on.
- Chetta,
Come. - This is trouble
from the beginning itself.
- Bloody old bloke!
- I'll kick you. Try calling me again!
Achaya, what the hell is this?
Aren't we spending the money?
So shouldn't we hear the story?
First let the director listen to it.
We'll hear it later.
So the producers don't
have any value?
But sir..,
why do you need a Tamil director
to make a Malayalam film?
every director in Malayalam is inclined
either towards the Left or the Right.
If we give this to them,
we'll be screwed before we know it.
- That's true.
My lighter?
Sit down, kiddo..
Thank you sir.
Do you know, kiddo?
It's been a really longtime...
since I slept.
Until 5 or 6 years back,
if I stretched my back",
and held my palms
close to my chest",
my eyes used to
close on their own.
And I'd get a peaceful sleep.
One night,
I lost my sleep, kiddo.
Have you heard of
Selvan Baba, the Clairvoyant?
He's a great sage.
With extra sensory powers.
He came and stood there once,
and told me..,
7 years from now,
someone born to a Tamil
father and a Malayali mother,
will come searching for you,
to listen to your story.
Before him,
like an enthusiastic parrot,
you should narrate everything
that happened so far, truthfully.
Or else, you would never
be able to sleep.
You are the one,
he told me about!
Shall we start then?
Listen, kiddo",
This is not a story.
This is the actual History.
(Chapter 1 : The story, as per Kammaran)
Didn't you climb a hill on the way, kiddo?
That's called 'Traitor's Hill'.
Back then, the Nambiars who betrayed
the Kolathiri King,
were banished to the
other side of the hill.
So, the hill that the traitor
crossed, became the 'Traitor's Hill'.
Back then, it was 'Malayil' Kelu Nambiar,
who ruled the land as the landlord.
Unbeknownst to the British,
Kelu brought in Tamilians from Ceylon,
made them work day and night, and
Geared the forests at Amruthasamudram,
and turned it into
huge sugar cane fields.
He tortured and killed the
men among the Tamilians"
And he enjoyed their women
as much as he wanted!
He said that he went away to study.
But I know,
he left because
he hated it here.
It's all right, grandmother.
Uncle Ke | u..!
How are you, mother?
I educated you till 7th grade, so
that you could help your grandmother.
And not for your mother, who eloped
with that bloody scoundrel; my sister!
When a man commits a sin..,
...Time would stand still
and silent like a mute.
It will open its mouth
some day in the future.
It will shout out
whatever it has to say...,
rip apart the one who
committed the sin, and eat him up!
Pay up!
Next one.
Go! Get going!
Give me some more time, master.
More time?
- I can't now.
Please show some mercy.
- Malia",
beat up this rascal.
Tell him!
No, sir..
The sugar canes have all
dried up in the summer.
There is no income.
No more women left for
your Landlord... to devour.
How will we pay UP?
Hit him!
Shameless fellow.
Sir.. Please tell them...
Uncle! Uncle!
calm down.
I'm here, right? I'll go
inside and talk to the Landlord.
Take care of your uncle.
Leave him.
I'll go inside and
talk to the Landlord.
Brother, please tell him.
Hey! Stop it.
Kammaran Nambiar, son
of Vishwambharan.
Say son of Physician
You haven't paid your due for the
past 2 months, physician Kammaran!
I'll give it, sir.
Keep this for now.
Rest I'll give later.
This is what you always say.
I want to meet master.
Is it Aphrodisiac?
- Then?
It's a lot more potent!
That mad Saheb of yours who's under the
spell of Indians, what's he saying?
Nothing special, Master.
Some terrorists have
landed, apparently.
Neem leaves from Ezhimala
were necessary for this.
Only then it will affect the
nerves that 'need to rise'.
It took some time to find
gold-dust and sandalwood.
That's why there was a delay.
Conga Saheb is quite anxious.
I heard that a new Collector
is coming to Pavanagudi.
The talk in the town is that
he is really troublesome.
Is it a re-su rvey or what?
Didn't I tell you?
I heard that they came
here after quitting the INA.
No one knows where
their hide-out is.
Must be to catch them.
I got this from Saheb's pocket.
It's in English.
I have to keep it back there.
There's a letter, sir.
Okay. I'll give it.
Saheb and Madam...
Th...There is a letter, Master.
It's Othenan's letter.
For his grandmother.
Give it.
- Who's the letter for?
It's for Malayil Amma.
Give it to her.
My Lord,
I've been paying the interest and
capital for a longtime now.
If I could get the title deed
document of my house back"
Kammaran sir..
Please talk to Lord Kelu.
There's no one other than
you to help us, sir.
these people are
struggling so much!
Please do something
for them, Master.
- Yes..
Close that door.
Tell him that we will pay the
full amount next time, sir.
Who the hell are you to
appeal for these bloody pigs?
First you pay the interest for the
interest; then pay the interest.
We'll talk about the
capital after that.
Bloody Nambiar, who chews
the Saheb's jaggery.
Get lost, you dog!
Go and give medicines
to my mother.
Then shall I?
Thank you so much sir.
You will be blessed
abundantly, sir.
Kammaretta, did you get it?
It's first class saffron powder.
Have it with skimmed milk.
Now you're as bright as gold...
Once you have this, you
will shine like a diamond!
What's in the letter?
Othenettan's small talk
with grandmother.
Is Othenan planning
to come anytime soon?
To stay for so many
years in England...
Malayil Am ma..
Look who's here!
Kammaretta, Gandhiji is
coming to Madurai apparently.
To the Meenakshi temple.
- Huh?
To Madurai?
- Yes.
Didn't the old man
leave last time,
saying that the lower castes should
be allowed to enter the temple,
and that he won't set foot
there until they do that?
That's what.
But now, "Harijans" are going to
be allowed inside the temple"
Did you see this?
- Pattar brought it from town.
No photo?
- Yes. Here.
There's a photo!
Then it must be true!
Oh my Gandhiji!
You don't like Gandhiji?
I like him ..
But I'm a follower of Netaji.
Why so, Kammaran?
Well" Malayil Amma...
when you say Gandhiji,
there's this...,
but when you say
Netaji, there's this...
Not just that...
Do you know?
Netaji is a Nam biarl!
Nam biar...!?
Isn't Netaji a Bengali, you idiot?
Yes... But...
The Nambiars in Bengal
are called 'Bose'.
They belong to the upper-caste!
Salutes, sir.
Go and shit inside
your house, kiddo.
-Are you doing good?
Medicines for the pain?
I'll bring the medicine
in the morning.
Keep waiting for it.
Sheesh. These kids don't even bathe!
You know how long I've been
sitting here, brother?
It's been 3 days since I
washed Bhanu Chechi's clothes.
I thought I'll take it
to Lord Ke | u's house..
Take it there?
Will you go and give it?
He is a women-eater.
If you ever land in front of him,
I myself will kill you.
Bhanu Chechi is always
in front of him, right?
She is his own blood.
He won't touch her.
You are not like that.
We were born as slaves.
She wants to take
it there, it seems.
Go and give it to Aunt Gomathy.
The leaves for Aunt Gomathy's
medicines are over.
Tell her that I'll make it once I
pluck them from the deep forest.
Oh! Right!
This deep forest is some English
medicine shop in the town, right?
Aunt Gomathy says that you
have the same skill as father.
Only I know the truth..
It's getting dark"
Go via Thi | akan's shop.
Don't take the short cut.
Okay, "Kiddo"!
What's happening there?
Can't trust these guys!
Bloody scoundrels".
Yapping all the time..
This place will be clean only
if they are all burnt down.
Most of the officers appointed to the
police station in Amruthasamudram,
were Inspectors sent there
on punishment transfers.
To complaint against Kelu Nambiar",
one had to go meet...
Robert S. Coogan, who was called
'Mad Saheb' by the Tamilians.
The fanatic craze that Saheb
had towards Indian arts...,
was much more than what the
British Government",
or even his wife,
Madam Irene could tolerate.
As Malaria claimed her dear
son's life at Amruthasamudram",
she hated that village.
She kept venting out that
anger against Saheb.
Madam, please tell him..
They broke my back, sir.
Madam, please...
- Kammaran sir, please tell the Inspector"
- Leave them , brother.
What are they doing?
- Hey Kammaran!
What you asked for, yesterday...
I brought it from Pavanagudi.
What's your "Lord Ke | u" saying?
Some nonsense about you, Saheb.
I feel ashamed to tell you.
Come on.
Tell me.
he is saying...
that your father...
He's saying that your daddy
was some crazy Tamilian.
And that's why you're listening
to these Tamil songs.
Bloody Indians.
What do we do now?
Just give him this medicine.
Mother, hold this.
apply this all over your uncle's body.
- Okay sir.
The leaves were brought
from Ezhimalai.
It's a little expensive.
This is all I have, sir.
This is not enough.
But it's okay.
Don't cry..
Murugeshan, come..
Come fast.
- Coming, sir.
- Tell me, sir.
Need to tell you something.
That Kelu molested
your sister, right?
Yes sir..
To avenge that and this...
I will give you a chance.
Sir.. If you give me such a chance,
I'll forever be indebted to you!
- Everything is over, Kammaretta.
This is the latest news.
Hitler is dead!
I heard this yesterday itself.
He was hung to death, right?
- No.
Didn't he shoot himself?
He must have shot
himself while hanging"
Then why didn't you tell me?
I didn't want to make you
sad by letting you know.
In a way, it's good that Hitler died.
Do you know what Coogan
Saheb says about Hitler?
If Britishers are pigs,
Hitler is a wild bull.
He will keep blabbering like that.
Mad Saheb.
No man is alive, to avenge us.
No one!
There is!
The Japanese!
Have you..
Have you seen their eyes?
One look at their eyes, and you
know they were born to win.
So that's why you're saving
up Japanese currency?
Bhanu Edathi, how is
Malayil Am ma now?
The suffocation to
breathe has gone down.
She is on sedation from
all those medicines now.
Is Kammaran at home?
- No.
Kammarettan has more work during
the night, Aunt Gomathy.
He says that only the leaves plucked
during full moon can abate diseases.
If he has said that,
it must be true.
The oil to apply
on my leg is over.
He never forgets that.
Don't know what happened.
The pain starts immediately
when that's stopped.
Forgot that.
Those leaves can be found only
in the forest within the hill.
He couldn't get it
when he went there.
Aunt Gomathy, I'm leaving.
Kammarettan had come
there yesterday.
A Tami | ian's life was saved only
because Kammarettan intervened.
There's no one else to
save those hapless souls.
Only he is there if we need
something, in this damned village.
I'm thinking of getting
you married to him.
There will be someone to take
care of the house as well.
Kammarettan is an
innocent chap, mother.
Very naive.
'Was it me, or the night, that came
swimming across the darkness?'
'And waited far away, unseen'
'Like a wind, like a rain...
came to your window sill'
'By your side...
just to get a glance of you'
'Oh Krishna... The dark Lord'
'Come to me, with a shower of
your sweet tunes from the Bansuri'
'Oh Krishna... The dark Lord'
'The Bansuri playing, blue eyed one'
'Was it me, or the night, that came
swimming across the darkness?'
'And waited far away, unseen'
'The silky umbrella of
sunshine opens in the morning'
'In the drizzle at night,
bangles jiggle and smiles bloom'
'A face like a pure stream'
'Through the window sill'
'I caught a glance of it'
'I drowned in the beauty that
flows through it... like a cloud'
'Oh Krishna... The dark Lord'
'The Bansuri playing, blue eyed one'
'Was it me, or the night, that came
swimming across the darkness?'
'And waited far away, unseen'
'As the sugar canes are filled with honey, the
harvest season is here, the mind awakens'
'Sounds of birds chirping
on the scattered grains'
'I wandered many a time'
'Where do you disappear?'
'A lifetime is not enough'
'I keep searching for
many paths to reach you'
'Like a burning ember'
'Oh Krishna... The dark Lord'
'The Bansuri playing, blue eyed one'
Sir, he created a lot of trouble when we
went to hunt for women from his house.
Come here.
This land is mine...
Yourwoman is also mine!
Who is it?
Who is it?
Go check!
Terrorists are hiding
and attacking. Run!
Master! Don't go!
You must have gone for your night
stroll at the sugar cane field.
What is it, brother?
What happened?
Kerosene is over.
When you buy it for the Saheb,
buy a little for us too.
How did this happen?
Show it.
I said no!
You never listen when I tell you to take
a torch while going for night walks.
Why do you want to
make me anxious?
Keep it here.
I'm just tying it with a cloth.
Don't worry.
I won't apply any
of your medicines.
Bhanu Edathi &Aunt Gomathy have
only nice things to say about you.
But they don't know about
this habit of yours!
Stopped having your gruel?
Why can't you tell me if there are
stones in it? Won't I throw them away?
Who am I making all this for?
Why did you want to meet me?
Othenettan is here.
He asked me not to tell anyone.
But if I don't say this now,
Othenettan will be in danger.
I can't say this to anyone else.
He's not the same person
who left from here.
He has changed completely.
did he come to meet you?
You always liked him, right?
I mean...
Between you both...
You should meet him
and talk to him.
He's talking about freedom,
revolution and all sorts of things.
You should convince him to
have a change of heart.
This is not just my necessity.
Grandmother is also worried.
Without knowing where
he is, how can I?
To the east of Traitor's Hill,
there's a wild stream.
He said that it flows
to the river Kabani.
It's somewhere along the
shore of that stream.
Along with him, there are
armed outsiders, apparently.
What happened to your leg?
An old wound!
It has opened up, againm!
- Yes.
Where's my purse
that was in here?
What is it, brother?
Got it.
Why are you buying this Japanese
currency paying such a high price?
Thilakan Chettan told
me that Hitler is dead.
Thilakan Chettan!
Just call him by his name!
All he has is that fairness!
Do you know which
caste he belongs to?
It's that one!
I have to climb Traitor's Hill
tomorrow morning.
The leaves for the
medicines are over.
Let me go to sleep early.
Only Hitler is dead.
The Japanese are still
dropping bombs like mustard seeds...
You know what?
Huge bombs!
In the war, the British would
lose to the Japanese.
Then, India would be
under Japan's rule.
All the bosses here including Kelu,
and the Sahebs...
would be destroyed.
Then there would only be Kammaran,
the Japanese and their currency.
And then, I'll walk with
my head held high.
Walking is fine!
But take care of your leg.
Go to sleep, Kiddo.
We've captured two spies
in the jungle area.
So our camp should stay alert.
And be ready for any situation.
Brother, I've brought that dog.
He was running away.
But we captured him.
What do we do with him?
Take him away, question him;
ask him why he did it.
How he did it...
And on whose command.
Done, brother.
Take this traitor away!
Question him thoroughly!
- Yes sir.
Come on! Move!
There are two more people.
They came climbing the hills;
Looks like they are
from this locality.
I have a doubt on them.
What do we do?
Bring them.
- Okay.
Bring them both!
We came looking for medicines to
increase Malayil Am ma's eyesight;
and now we've lost our eyesight.
Come here, you..
Where are they taking us?
- Careful!
Come on!
You come this way.
Open it.
Kammaretta, it's Othenan.
These are my people, Satnam.
My Very own.
Okay brother.
Inspector Saheb suspects that there are
INA members somewhere in this hill.
Many in the town also
know about this now.
That we are here?
- No.
Then how did you know?
Be careful with the fire.
It can be seen from the fields.
So you came to check,
seeing the fire?
- Sorry brother.
Physician Vishwambharan?
He's no more.
Do you remember my
father, Othenan?
A faint memory.
When I was little, I was bit
by a scorpion here once.
None of the English
medicines worked.
It was his medicine
that healed me.
How did he die?
My mother had a very
serious illness.
For her treatment,
our house and field
were mortgaged.
To Lord Kelu...
When he couldn't pay the
interest two consecutive times..,
as the Tamilians stood watching...
Lord Kelu spat at my father.
That hurt him deeply.
The next day, he took me and
my sister to Pavanagudi town,
and bought everything
we wanted to eat.
he dropped us back
home and told us,
Look after your
mother and sister.
I will go meet
Lord Kelu once more and come.
Did he die,
or was he killed?
I don't know!
He was found in the river Kabani.
In the river Kabani.
Othenan, we are also with you.
Right, Kammaretta?
Kammarettan is very close to
the Inspector Saheb here.
Kammarettan will pass on
information about them.
Oh my God!
This is the punishment
for traitors.
The Japanese will
fight from outside...
We will fight from
within the country...
Then these white rats
would be helpless.
And thus, our country would be free.
So the news hasn't
reached here?
What news?
The Japanese lost in the war.
Atom bomb.
At Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Japan surrendered.
Didn't Kammarettan say that
they had huge bombs with them?
Having is not... detonating!
Smart men did it
before they could!
What is it, brother?
Everything is over, dear.
What happened?
The Japanese?
This Kammaran Nambiar!
Japanese, it seems!
One look at their eyes, and you
know that they were born to lose.
Bloody dogs!
When America bombed Japan, it wasn't
just my dream, that was shattered.
It was Coogan Saheb's life as well.
Even though Saheb said
that Britain won the war,
and that they would be
able to go back soon...
Madam didn't believe him.
Scared that the next transfer
would be to an even more terrible place,
she left Coogan and left
the country forever.
Madam, I'll take it.
Back off, you bloody Indian!
So be it.
While leaving...,
what did Madam show
with her finger?
Thank you.
I should learn everything
in English, like this.
If I die..,
only you are there
for Gomathy and her.
She's your bride-to-be,
according to our custom.
Fighting for the
country is good...
you should remember
this as well.
You should give me a word.
What is it, grandmother?
Don't do anything to Kelu.
It's only after your
mother's death,
that he turned into
such a terrible person.
How do you think
that mother died?
He killed her.
Promise me!
loving one's woman,
does not mean forgetting the
love towards one's own mother.
This country is..
my mother now.
I will come.
To take you along with me.
Tonight is not that night.
Today, there's only one
thing on my mind.
My mother.,!!
Didn't you go to study
in England, Othenan?
Then how did this happen?
I had set out to go to England.
When I reached Bombay",
the news about the
war broke out.
I was excited to watch a war.
To take part in it.
And during my stay in Bombay itself,
I joined the British Royal Army.
Our platoon was sent first
to the Eastern Front.
65 miles North of Singapore",
in a sudden attack by
the Japanese army...,
they made the British
Indian Army prisoners.
Among the Indian soldiers who
were captured as prisoners...,
they decided to transfer
high ranking officers alone...,
from Singapore to an unknown place.
Unveil the gun.
I said, unveil the gun!
Everything is over.
Prepare the gun!
Prepare the gun!
We didn't understand the meaning
of that letter, on that day.
That letter was to enrol us
Indian soldiers to the lNA..,
and make us fight in the
war against the British.
After a week..,
the Japanese took us to
an arena in Singapore.
They told us that a great man from
India would come, to address us.
Friends of the war for freedom,
Brothers and Sisters,
Freedom calls for sacrifice.
You give me blood,
I will give you freedom!
I realized what patriotism was, when
I heard those words on that day.
Hail Netaji!
Wejoined INA fascinated
by Netaji's radiance...,
..to save our own country
from centuries of slavery.
When Indian soldiers themselves
reach the border of our country...,
the numerous Indian soldiers
in the British army would feel guilty",
they would change sides as a
whole group and join the | NA..,
and thus, a huge battalion
could be marched to Delhi...!
That was what Netaji believed.
But he was wrong.
What we saw there was",
a fierce battle between Indians
who were on the British payroll",
and the Indians who were given
new lives as alms by the Japanese.
Wait for sometime, brother.
Let this battle get done...
After that!
Sure, brother.
Move forward!
Come on!
Move forward!
Glory to the Mother Goddess.
Himanshu, stop!
Vande Mataram.
(I bow down to thee, Mother)
Brother, stop!
Brother, open your eyes.
Where is Himanshu?
Look over there.
He's my brother!
Don't shoot me!
No, brother!
Unable to defeat the
Indian troops of the British...,
when lNA's war front failed",
we understood one thing.
The war for India's freedom...,
should be led from within India.
From Indian minds!
Me and Satnam
wandered endlessly.
Somewhere down the line,
we had an idea in mind.
| LP..!
Othenan, you should be careful.
Towards the South, the villagers
themselves tie up INA members to trees..
And hand them over to the police
to get rewards; that's what I heard.
I know.
I also know that the greatest enemies
of the Indians trying to save India,
are Indians themselves.
I don't want to live long.
But as long as I'm alive,
I don't want my head to bow down!
We have our reasons
for coming here.
I'll tell you that
when the time comes.
A true patriot!
Right, Kammarettan?
TheAmruthasamudram branch
of Indian Liberation Party...
We're officially
inaugurating it here today.
You should say the pledge
that I taught you.
Take an oath, by holding your
palm over the flame.
Me first.
I, Thilakan, hereby pledge that,
I am a member of Indian Liberation
Party from this moment onwards...
.. and saving India from enemies within and
outside, is my primary & final duty,
With my hand upon
this burning flame,
I swear!
I swear!
I swear!
Oh my God!
Do it confidently, Kammaretta.
I did it, right?
It won't burn.
I have some bad news for you.
It's something that would
make us lose our courage.
That's why.
I didn't say it yet.
What is it?
Netaji has been killed...!!
In an aeroplane accident.
The media has killed Netaji
several times earlier as well.
At times, the news of Netaji's death
was spread with his approval as well.
To hoodwink the British!
This isn't that.
It's a secret information
that Coogan Saheb received.
It never goes wrong.
It's in English.
SIS Document.
Kammaretta, you also
take the oath.
My Netaji..!!
Don't cry.
Othenan is a good man.
Don't cry, dear.
My brother Kelu, is
really fond of you.
He only hates the sight
of me, his sister.
Even brother knows that
you are Othenan's girl.
You go along with him.
You will only be blessed.
Don't worry about me.
I have Kammaran and
Kamala here, right?
Get up, dear.
Eat something.
It's a face that has been engraved in
my heart ever since I can remember.
I've longed for her
so much, Selvan Baba...
Whereverl look within me,
I can only find Bhanu.
Just her.
I want her.
Don't cry!
Don't cry.
Let's see.
My dear"
pick a card auspiciously.
You are fortunate!
In this world, only one in
ten thousand gets this card!
The one who has 10,000 shrewd
ideas in his 10 heads.
Just like you.
You aren't fortunate at all!
This girl has another
Lord Sri Ram whom she's waiting for.
Doesn't she?
Don't go there with
your desire for her.
Your Lanka will be burnt to ashes.
Don't use force on any woman.
That's disgraceful!
Isn't there any other way, Baba?
- No.
Let's see once more.
Is there any way for
this Ravana to get Sita?
I can see a sign!
Green leaves and fire!
What is this?
- Listen carefully.
At midnight, if a bunch of green
leaves burn on their own..,
...you will get her..!!
(Tries to repeat)
What was it again?
Come here.
At midnight, if a bunch of green
leaves burn on their own..,
...you will get her..!!
What if I burn them myself?
Get lost!
Merchiston is here.
It's time for revenge!
Collectorate, "Pavanagudi"
That's when I realized that",
.. Merchiston Saheb had come there thinking
that there's some treasure in the temple,
to loot it.
During Coogan Saheb's initial
days in Amruthasamudram",
to become his close aide
and gain his trust",
I had narrated a lot of both true and false
stories about this village and its people.
One among them, was the story of a
treasure inside the temple in the forest.
I had never even dreamt that this
crazy Saheb would believe it...,
and write it in his book.
A new revelation that he has to return
to his own land and his own woman..,
with his head held high..,
..made Coogan Saheb switch back to his real
persona from the Mad Saheb that he was.
He says that he didn't come here
to sit & chew the betel nut.
What is he saying?
Othenan said that he's
going to study in England",
but joined the INA instead, apparently.
If you give any information
about Othenan sir...
he has promised a
reward of 1000 Rupees.
Don't shoot!
Come, Kammaran.
What is it?
- Othenan"
I don't know to talk about
revolution like you.
But I know one thing.
The best among the
weapons to win a war,
is not any of the weapons
with you.
It's a man who has a burning
heart full of vengeance.
Shall I give you one such person?
Tell him.
- Give me a chance, sir.
I'll fall at yourfeet, sir.
Just one chance, sir.
Just one chance, sir!
Tomorrow morning,
11.30 AM...
The south entrance of the Collectorate"
- Wait.
There's a problem.
What problem?
Merchiston Saheb will reach
Am ruthasamudram after dark tomorrow.
The temple is his target.
For that, Coogan Saheb will make
the necessary arrangements.
To make it a law and order problem",
Lord Kelu's goons will
attack the Tamil slums.
It's a plan hatched by all three of them.
- What's the proof for this?
This is a book written by Coogan Saheb.
They have made their
plan based on this book.
Call Satnam.
Sir, he has gone out
with the scout team.
I have to go down
the hill once more.
I have to ask the
Tamilians to be cautious.
They have to be shifted elsewhere.
I would like to
have some weapons.
Send some weapons with him.
Sir, I'll also come with you.
- No.
You stay here.
You and Thilakan
should stay here.
Okay sir.
Lord Kelu has some doubts.
That's dangerous.
You stay here.
Be really cautious.
- Okay sir.
Kammaretta, be careful.
Sir, you'll be
blessed abundantly!
Salutes, sir.
Sit down.
How is he now?
The pain has subsided.
Did he drink the medicine?
- Yes, sir.
I'll give another
medicine for the pain.
Sir, Murugeshan came
with you in the morning.
He came there in the morning;
didn't he come back?
No. sir.
He will come.
- Okay sir.
Please bring some
water to drink.
I'll bring it, sir.
Oh God!
- Be careful".
Kelu Nam biar's goons will
attack the Tamil slums tonight.
Othenan and ILP members
will come there.
We should finish
everything by tonight.
Namaste Pattar...
I came to give a medicine
for MalayilAmma.
Go ahead.
What is it?
Malayil Amma is really sick.
She wants to meet you.
Kammaran is here as well.
Listen carefully to what I'm
going to say now, Bhanu.
is going to
kill the Collector.
We need freedom...
We need to protest...
I will be there for all that.
I can understand all that.
This is a dangerous game.
I'm saying this because I know the might of
the army in Pavanagudi through Coogan Saheb
They wouldn't win...
and every single one of
them would fall dead.
Oh no!
Who is in there?
It's me, Bhanu.
When you were about to fall..
you should save
Othenettan somehow.
I tried my best to convince him.
He didn't listen.
Don't worry.
I will be there as a shield to him!
Can you see to it that
Othenettan doesn't go tomorrow?
- Yes.
Don't be afraid.
I am with you all.
With you!
You should be here.
With grandmother.
- Yes.
Othenan will be captured
by the Whites any moment.
I know where Othenan is.
I'm not asking for anything
unreasonable, sir.
You should return our house and land,
that belong to my sister and me.
Hey Pattar"
- Yes.
Return his documents.
The 'Aadhaaram' (Title Deed)
Sir, that.
- Give it back!
Tell me.
Where is he?
Where is he?
I'll tell you.
Before that, you
should give me a word.
Nothing should happen to
my house or my sister.
You have my word.
Tell me.
Othenan and his gang are
given food and shelter",
by the wastrels in the slums.
They have a grudge
against you as well.
Sir, the Tamilians
are innocent people
Must be out of helplessness.
- Go!
Then shall | ..
- Get lost!
Singh Bhai..
You bloody traitor!
Not Traitor!
Aadhaar (Title Deed)
What is it?
Singh Bhai!
No! Please!
You dog who licks the
Britishers' shoes!
Singh Bhai..
Don't kill me!
I did everything for ILP.
Forgive me.
I haven't done anything wrong.
I'll give you everything I own.
Don't kill me.
Don't kill me.
You bloody traitor!
Your game is over!
Your game is over!
Kammaran Anna,
nothing happened to you, right?
Who is he?
What's the problem?
What's the problem?
He is Ke | u's man.
He came to molest your women.
I was stopping him.
You please leave.
You please leave.
We will take care of this.
Hey! Pick him up!
Pick him!
Othenan will kill Kelu..
- Nothing will happen"
Othenan will kill Kelu..
- Nothing will happen"
What happened, brother?
What's that on your face?
What is it?
Tell me what happened!
Hold this.
Keep it here.
this key,
it's yours from now on.
This house, fields, this title deed;
everything is yours from now on.
Our poor father"
Bring the gruel, dear"
Did you see Thilakan Chettan?
Torch all the huts!
Sir, bomb!
It's them!
| LP..!!
What's happening there?
Sit down, kiddo!
like Kammarettan said, Kelu and his
goons are attacking the Tamil slums.
Where is Satnam?
You take care of the goons.
Merchiston is mine!
Go! Go!
Come on,fast!
- Master!
Beat them all to death!
- Grandmother!
- Nothing will happen, grandmother.
Othenettan will come.
- Grandmother"
Stay here itself.
burn everything!
Don't spare anyone!
Don't spare even a single hut.
Torch them!
Torch them all!
Whatever happens, whatever you hear,
don't open the door.
Don't step outside, at all!
Othenettan will come.
Go that way!
Torch it!
Pour it all over.
Torch every single one of them..
At midnight, if a bunch of green
leaves burn on their own;
you will get her.
Sir, save us.
They have burned everything, sir.
Save us, sir..
- I'll save you!
Come here..
You and your bloody ILP!
Malayil Am ma".
Her condition is really bad.
You should go there quickly.
Burn all these huts
and even the fields!
We fed milk to snakes!
Mu rugeshan!
Get up!
We shouldn't let Kelu get away.
What happened, sir?
Oh no!
Who did this?
Was it Murugeshan?
- Yes.
It's me!
Vishwam bharan Nambiar's son.
Kammaran Nam biar.
This is not over yet.
Kam maran has just begun!
Oh God!
Save me!
Go along with Kelu Nambiar,
to hold his umbrella!
Save us!
Sir! Please save us!
Go! Go!
Get up and go!
Save me, sir.
Go! Go!
Sir, everything is burning!
We've lost everything!
Leave me, sir..
Leave me, sir..
Take the women and children away.
You were betraying us?
You traitor!
You betrayed this land and
that innocent Othenan..
Long Live ILP!
Long Live ILP!
Long Live ILP!
There's someone behind all this.
I'm sure about that.
Or else, how did the Inspector
know that we would reach there?
Where did Satnam go?
Freedom and revolution,
are ideals.
Even if I get killed..,
a thousand Othenans
will rise from my pyre.
If you are able to escape",
you should do one thing for me.
I have to inform
something to someone.
This letter will save
you from the British.
Saheb.. Othenan?
Thank you!
Aunt Gomathy!
Aunt Gomathy!
What do I say"
It's all over, Aunt Gomathy!
Othenan has been
taken to Calcutta.
I heard that he would be
deported to Andaman from there.
Saheb said that
they will kill him.
Oh no!
Othenan, my dear!
Don't cry, aunt.
I'm there for you.
I'll be there for you.
Sit here, aunt.
I tried my best.
But I couldn't.
This Kammarettan couldn't do it.
We were betrayed!
We were betrayed by Lord Kelu!
Don't cry!
I'll be there for you.
I'll be there for you...
I'll be there for you hereafter"
This Kammarettam.
What is she doing?
My kiddo...
My kiddo...
My kiddo...
Thilakan Chettan said
that Hitler is dead.
Did you see Thilakan Chettan?
I didn't know this, my kiddo...
So what happened to Othenan?
Had you met Othenan after that?
Slogan: "Somewhere down in the South.."
Slogan: "At the shore of waves"
Slogan: "When her
husband was not around..."
Kammaran sir...
Are you okay?
Kammaran Sir..
Francis sir.
Francis sir!
Sir, did you see Othenan after that?
Oh no! Father!
- What happened, sir?
Did he kick the bucket?
- Open your eyes, dad.
I would've got some money.
The old man won't let me have that too!
What happened to Kammarettan?
He went to sleep.
Pulikesi sir, how is the story?
I have never heard such
a story in my lifetime!
I want to make this
real story into a film.
Did he say anything about
my protests and strikes?
Francis sir...
contrary to what you think,
he's no MGR (hero)!
MN Nambiar!
So it won't happen?
- Why did he say that?
Achaya, I'll tell you something.
If you're planning to
make an art film like...
'Mathi | uka | ' or'Ponthan Mada;
I'll break your head with every
award statuette that it gets!
Got it?
- Siju,
Calm down, Siju.
If this is a snake I brought,
I'll take out its poison myself!
It will do good for us,
only if we boost ILP.
We should turn this MN
Nambiar into an MGR!
For this we need a
full on mass movie...
that promotes this Kammarettan,
Surendran and Bose to the T.
Will any of this happen?
It will happen.
Pulikesi sir,
In Tamil, your remuneration
is 1 crore, right?
I'll give you 2 crores.
That too, in black.
Here is one crave as advance.
Francis sir, I understand
what kind of film you need.
If you want me to make
the film as you wish,
I have 2 conditions.
Condition No.1...!
you need to give me the Tamil-Hindi
rights for Kammaran's story.
That means?
- No way!
Only then I can make the
movie in my way, over there.
Achaya, that's not possible!
- That's okay!
It's in Tamil & Hindi, right?
But one thing.
You can start there only
after it releases here.
Of course!
Condition No.2...!
You need to give me artistes who
match these photos exactly.
And for Othenan's character,
Tamil star Siddharth.
That's all your choice, sir.
And for Kammaran's character,
your Weep sir.
Then who will do my character?
First I need to see
the flag of your ILP.
The flag is here.
- Do we have a flag?
The flag is all dusty.
How is it?
- Hold it the other way round!
How is it?
What is this?
We need a new flag.
Take that black cloth.
What for?
A black flag?
Vignesh, give me the marker.
Here, sir.
Oh! A new design?
Crow shit on a black flag!
Let me see!
A raining cloud.
A lightning bolt.
Hereafter, this will be | LP's flag.
In the scorching heat of corruption,
with a raining cloud of virtue;
like a lightning bolt,
How is it?
Nice, right?
And ya, director!
What's the name of our movie?
The name of the movie is...
Sam bhavam
('The Event')
It's time for an interval now!
And watch the rest of the
movie in the theatre!
Hey Bose!
Why do you keep calling
Bose, Bose all the time?
I'm here only.
Some truths and facts that I told
the director who came that day,
I'm anxious to know how the
people would respond to it.
You said whatever came to your
mind, without any memory or sense.
And now you're anxious?
God only knows what all troubles
are going to come ourway.
When is that film releasing?
They have finished shooting it.
It will release next week.
I want to see that film.
Isn't it...
my own story, after all?
Waiting to see your biography
as a movie like Kanchanamala?
Shut up and go to
sleep, you old man!
You're about to die and
you want to watch movies?
Hey Bo..
God! I hope there
won't be any trouble.
Drink it, my darling.
You son of a b@$%!
Come out!
Beyond this step",
it's our country!
Our free country.
No White man,
and no Indian with his
knees bent before him..,
should cross this step!
If they do, slice them up, boy!
I'll take care of mother and sister.
You go ahead, father.
Who wants to kill this Vishwambharan?
Is he the Lok Mariya Thilak
of Am ruthasam udram?
- Madam!
Hail... Motherland...!!
'The Event'
But who?
You both have only one job.
You must deliver these
two letters safely.
Netaji, we've captured two of your
soldiers who were acting as double agents.
What would you want
us to do with them?
These two?
Kneel down!
Forgive us, Netaji.
- Forgive us, Netaji.
We made a mistake.
Forgive us, Netaji.
Forgive us, Netaji.
Dhi | | on..
Deliver this photo to Himanshu.
- Yes sir.
Command him to show it to the
recipient of the letter,
so that he understands that
this is my last command.
Even if Netaji is alive or not...
Bapuji should definitely stay alive.
Long Live... India!
Get the dogs down!
Move! Move!
Prepare your guns.
Himanshu Roy...
Namaste, my friend.
Nam biar!
Brother, see this.
Whom has he sent it for?
Satnam, quick!
the farmer's sweat is
like nectar for the land.
if his blood falls on the soil,
this land will burn!
The crops will burn!
God created landlords, to pluck
unwanted weeds amongst the serfs.
And not to advocate non-violence
and stay coughing and barking!
If there's no serf..,
there won't be a landlord!
Remember that!
When a person commits a sin..,
...Time would stand still
and silent like a mute.
it will open its mouth
some day in the future;
It will shout out
whatever it has to say...
A... for Atrocity!
B... for Bravery!
That's me!
A for?
- Atrocity!
- Oh no! Teacher!
Bhanu Chechi, Maheshwari Amma.
- Don't worry.
Sir, no.
Maheshwari Am ma is here!
Move away!
- Move!
- Maheshwari Am ma!
Salutes, Am ma!
Amma, he wants to say
something to you.
Am ma,
please give us some more time.
Some more time?
Beat him to death!
Stop it!
Don't hit me, Am ma!
Don't hit me!
Don't hit me, please!
Reveal yourself!
Bhanu Chechi,
It's Kammarettan.
I finished paying the full
amount with interest.
But still".
Hey Kammaran...
When he pulled your father
Vishwambharan Nam biar to the pole..,
with his neck tied
to a sugar cane shoot",
he spat out phlegm,
and shat his pants",
and palpitated
like a dying dog!
And screamed like a little girl!
You weren't lucky enough
to see or hear that.
You were too late...!!
You could only see the Vishwambharan
swinging dead on the pole",
with mucous and
eyes popping out.
You didn't hear anything!
You didn't see anything!
That's why you are here, standing
like a pole in front of me!
Maheshwari Am ma...
By seeing what never happened",
By hearing what was never told",
By reporting what was never true..,
You people have destroyed the
lives of many innocent people...
for crimes they
never committed.
This has become the land
of fake Messiahs like you!
To save this land
from demons like you...
I have taken a re-birth.
And my name is Kammaran!
Re-birth, my foot!
Are you trying to scare
Maheshwari with these wastrels?
The people who are with
me..are not wastrels!
They are not like your men, who lick boots
at the very mention of the word "Money"!
They desire nothing.
They believe in truth alone.
They have pledged their lives
and souls to destiny.
They are my fellow warriors, who have
come prepared for the final battle!
This was their land.
Their own land, that was
snatched away from them.
BY you!
If you dare...,
try touching these
poor people again!
Hail... | LP..!!
Hail... | LP..!!
Hail... Kammaran..!!
- Pattar..
Hail... Kammaran..!!
Hail... | LP..!!
Maheshwari Am ma,
inform everyone near
and dear to you...
Your fall has begun!
Hail... Motherland...!!
Hail... Motherland...!!
Kammaran, The Event..!!'
Kammaran, The Event..!!'
Kammaran, The Event..!!'
Kammaran, The Event..!!'
' You drown in the sea,
Only to rise, O! Mighty sun! '
' The star of absolute truth...!'
' Friend to the poor...
Messiah to the downtrodden...
' You break all webs of deceit... '
' Alone, you bring Great
Britain to her knees... '
' Handcuffs, you make flowers of...
Kammaran, you are an event! '
' Kammaran, you are an event! '
Kammaran, The Event..!!'
' Elements, five, tremble at yourtale
Kammaran, The Event..!!'
"Oh men, who give me your love,
You are my only power! "
" Here, for you, is my battle! "
Kammaran, The Event..!!'
Kammaran, The Event..!!'
Kammaran, The Event..!!'
' This tale of Kammaran...
ls written by the brave...!! '
"No need to play slaves...
To the English blokes. "
" Together we will...
Bring down this demonic rule...!! "
' He is the highest cloud..,
when at war...!! '
' He is limitless..,
when with friends...!! '
' You drown in the sea,
Only to rise, O! Mighty sun! '
' The star of absolute truth...! '
' Friend to the poor...
Messiah to the downtrodden...
' You break all webs of deceit... '
' Alone, you bring Great
Britain to her knees... '
' Handcuffs, you make flowers of...
Hey Pattar"
This freedom struggle &
revolution are like cancer.
They should be burnt down as
soon as they raise their heads.
Saying 'don't do anything now'..,
if we don't do anything
at the right time..,
it will be really
difficult, later.
It's because we
didn't do anything",
that these scoundrels have
grown taller than our roofs!
What you said is true", mother!
God! Master Othenan!
Even after so many years,
you are still beautiful, mother.
Your father.
Kelu Nam biar!
I don't want to see...
...that "patriot"!
India shouldn't win freedom.
This country should be ruled
by the Whites and us.
Imagine how it would have been
if the British hadn't come here.
Everything that we see here,
was made by them.
Roads, bridges, electricity,
trains, everything!
If they are given freedom, the people here
would fight each other in the name of..
Pork and beef, and pounce at
each others' throats!
No Kammaran shall rise
from this Amruthasam udram.
All this will be over.
All the powers against
us, would be destroyed.
But there's no point in chopping and
severing their horns and limbs.
They should be uprooted.
Their very foundation
should be uprooted.
They should be killed.
Kammaran should be killed!
No, mother.
I'll tell you.
For the time being, no one should
know that I have come here.
Including my father.
I need to meet Kammaran.
First I have to join
him as his close aide.
I came here to meet you.
To hand over a letter to you.
Himanshu was killed
in British bombing.
Netaji gave this letter to me...
...at Formosa.
I had to break three security walls
of British agencies to reach here.
This is a command for you.
Netaji's last command!
Netaji got this photo
clicked for you, Kammaran.
in Madurai..!!?
They have planned
to kill Gandhiji.
At Madurai.
We should stop them.
Even if we have to
sacrifice our lives.
This is Netaji's last command.
We will stop them.
How do you know Netaji
so well, Kammaran?
After my father's death",
I left this village.
I decided that I'd need the help of great
powers, to wage a war against injustice",
and wandered a lot.
The place I walked in, first,
was Gandhiji's abode.
please be calm for
some time, son.
Congress badly needs
patriots like you.
My only leader... is you, Bapu!
Whoever is with you in the Congress party,
all of them are completely
dishonest, Bapu.
I cannot fight this war for
freedom, along with them.
I have summoned
someone to meet you.
I strongly believe",
that if you talk to him,
you will definitely
have a change of heart.
I be | ieve..,
that you would forgive me.
Hail Motherland!
- Hail Motherland.
I decided that I can't save
this country by staying there.
at Imphal,
I found my hero.
Come on!
Lie down, sir.
A raining cloud,
and a lightning bolt.
This will be the
symbol of our party.
| LP..!!
Gandhiji will be killed.
But the one who's
going to be caught",
will be your nemesis, mother.
Kammaran Nam biar.
How's it going to happen?
Gandhiji is coming.
On the coming February 2nd..,
to Madurai,
and the Meenakshi temple there.
The lower castes should be
allowed to enter the temple..,
and unless they are allowed there,
he said he won't set foot there!
But now, he is coming to visit the temple,
knowing that it has been permitted.
Beautiful whiskey.
I got it imported from abroad.
Don't worry, mother.
First Gandhiji,
Then Kammaran.
Using the rat snake Kammaran",
we should execute the "Mahatma"
we all fear, Gandhiji..!
Gandhiji's death...
More than the Whites, it's the
landlords here who want it to happen.
If my calculations are right",
the attack will happen at one among the
three places I'm going to mention now.
The entrance of Madurai
Meenakshi temple.
The royal path through which the
procession that brings Gandhiji will pass.
Madurai railway station.
Thilakan will be commanding the
ILP cadre around the temple.
The responsibility of the royal
path will be for Murugeshan.
Then, Madurai railway station",
...the most dangerous landing point.
- Me and Satnam will be there.
From the moment Gandhiji's
feet touch this Tamil land",
...till he leaves from this land,
I will be there, as his shadow!
Hail... | LP..!!
Hail... "Mission Daddy"!
loving one's woman",
does not mean forgetting the
love towards one's own mother.
This country is my mother now.
I will come, to take
you along with me.
But tonight is not that night.
Today, there's only
one thing on my mind.
My mother!
You should come.
Shall I also come to save Gandhiji?
No Surendran.
You should be here.
To protect Bhanumathi.
- When did this happen?
Keep quiet.
It's nothing... but truth!
Ya rig ht!
There will be tight security
arrangements by the police and ILP,
at Madurai railway station.
It's impossible for us to go there.
We're not going to
Madurai, Satnam.
We will go to Thiruchirappally.
Before reaching Madurai
railway station...
Gandhiji will have his last meeting",
...with us!
Kammaran shall find GandhijL.
...but a dead Gandhiji"!
Othenan is a traitor"!
He came here to kill Gandhiji"!
And he's planning to
frame you for that"!
Lord Kelu told this to me..!
Saw the twist?
What if I wasn't there?
Anyway, Othenan is not a fool to
attempt it at the railway station.
let all of them go
inside the station.
Move to positions..!!
What about us?
'Oh my departing beloved'
'Co m e back'
You seem to be in a
good mood, brother.
If this mission turns
out to be successful,
you must get married next year.
my bride is this
country's destruction!
He is in the next compartment.
Take cover.
How did Kammaran
know about our plan?
This mission can't fail!
He's coming after me.
Finish him!
Don't spare him!
You cannot stop me!
To defeat me, or our British Empire,
on which the sun never sets",
...you or your ILP haven't grown
as yet, you son of a B!##h!!
The British and us,
will RULE India!
First you!
Then your Gandhiji"!
You traitor!
To defeat your British empire, on
which the sun never sets, and you..,
...this Kammaran alone is enough!
If there's a Maheshwari
Amma behind you..,
....behind me, there are millions
of people betrayed by you!
There are the prayers
of so many mothers!
You mustn't stay alive to attack
Gandhiji again, you deceiver!
If I say that I boarded that train,
to save Gandhiji, from
Indians who are my brothers",
and the British, who were
hand-in-hand with them..,
...would you believe that?
If I say that it was Netaji Subhash
Chandra Bose who commanded me,
to board the train and protect
Gandhiji's life...
Leave alone today",
would you ever be
able to believe it?
I have nothing more to say, "Saheb"!
Go and test if the hangman's
rope is strong enough!
It's a rope that has to take
the life of a truthful man!
It needs to be strong.
he is the person I was
talking to you about.
There are very few
patriots like him.
He is Kammaran Nambiar...
from Amruthasamduram.
If it is a boy that you give birth to",
name him,
Name him Subhash Chandra Bose..!
Hail... | LP..!
Hail... | LP..!
Long Live... Kammaran Ayya..!!
didn't you ask me what
my last wish was?
I want to watch my death
with my own eyes.
Don't cover my head.
- That's not possible.
It's a rule.
Kammaran... has been acquitted..!!
Long Live... Kammaran..!!
Hail... | LP..!
Long Live... Kammaran..!!
Hail... | LP..!
Long Live... Kammaran..!!
Hail... | LP..!
Long Live... Kammaran..!!
Long Live... Kammarettaml!
Long Live... Kammaran..!!
Hail... | LP..!
You should lead us, Kammaran.
This is a land that gave birth to so
many people much greater than me.
To rule you,
there's the Congress.
There are many Sanghs,
parties and accomplices.
If ever a day comes, when this land
slumps into corruption and violence",
on that day",
if this country feels
that it needs me..,
and if I am alive
on that day",
I will definitely come...!!
Long Live... Kammaran..!!
Long Live... Kammaran..!!
Long Live... Kammaran..!!
Awesome, dad.
- Dileepetta, awesome.
- Thanks.
Long Live... KammarettanJ!
Hail.. lLF-...!!
(cheering continues)
Lalu, just a minute.
- It was superb.
- Dileepetta, awesome!
Dad, should I hold you?
Excuse me.
Just a minute.
Kammaran sir..
Oh! It's actor Dileep.
lam Dileep.
What do you do?
- Huh?
He is the actor, who played your
character in this movie - Dileep.
Make way!
He's an old man, right?
The crowd has gathered to catch
a glimpse of Kammarettan.
As Kammaran sir's son,
what is your opinion?
It's a great blessing that I
was born as this father's son.
I grew up listening to these stories
of my father from my mother.
Okay Dileepetta!
- Bye.
Look at their excitement!
I'm the one who suffered
and took all the troubles.
- That's how it should be, right?
The audience should always
be with the character",
and not with the actor!
- Well".
the credit for that goes to the actor.
To you!
- Ya right.
All the best, Kammaran sir.
To rule for five years...,
The tender has been called for! '
' The run has begun!'
' The land is all quaking! '
' The biggies are shaken...
The foxes are bewildered! '
' The biggies are shaken...
The foxes are bewildered! '
' What will we get?
What will we get? '
' For standing with you,
what will we get?
"Notes and tickets,
you will get!"
"And seats for the lucky ones!"
"We'll sing all the way...
And win the race!"
"We'll sing all the way...
And win the race!"
"Brew it!
Mix it..!!"
"Add some soda to it..!!"
"Then, think and think,
on how to win back the defector"
"We'll throw notes, and win seats!"
"We'll throw notes, and buy votes!"
"We'll hoodwink the people..,
and win, win and WIN...!!"
The agonies that both Kammarettan & |
went through, to save Gandhiji"!
Have you not seen it?
Don't you know it?
I have fought",
against the British!
I have waged wars!
"Milk will flow! Honey will flow!"
"Let's bluff, bluff and bluff...!!"
"We'll seduce them all",
and make them fools...!!"
"We'll sweep the elections...!!"
"We'll overthrow them..,
and rule the land...!!"
"We'll 'sack' the voters, and...
win, win and WIN...!!"
You should nominate me for
the Chief Minister's post.
Bose Kammaran, Kerala Chief Minister.
"We'll sing all the way...
And win the race!"
ILP wave all over Kerala.
For the first time in
the history of Kerala,
without a Left front
or Right front,
the third front led by
the ILP rises to power.
The media is waiting for you.
After the election in '57,
this is the first time that journalists
from America are waiting here, apparently.
Please come.
And announce who's going
to be the Chief Minister.
Namaste, everyone.
I had never desired to be
in positions of power.
I've always handed over positions
and fame to others, and stayed away.
There's no change in that, even today.
I have only a few days left to die.
- Father!
it's wise to give the power
to people younger than me.
But what is the greatest threat
that our land is facing today?
An irresponsible line of leaders.
In such a situation, no politician
whom you are familiar with,
should be given the
Chief Ministefs chair.
Time and History...
are saying that to me.
Move to the backside.
Another habit of this country is..,
to fit the hats of the fathers
on to the heads of the children..,
and raising
them up as Pappus!
Children should prove themselves
that they are the true successors.
I have the responsibility to make my
own son stand away from power now.
Then who else?
I shouldn't be deciding that.
That should be decided by
you, the people who voted.
Who should be leading you?
Who should be your Chief Minister?
Kammaran Ayya!
It's me, Murugeshan from Am ruthasamduram.
Don't you remember me?
Did you forget me?
We know very well how much
you toiled for this land!
Didn't he die then?
You should be the next Chief Minister!
Long Live... Chief Minister
Kammaran Nambiar..!!
Long Live... Chief Minister
Kammaran Nambiar..!!
Long Live... Chief Minister
Kammaran Nambiar..!!
Long Live... Chief Minister
Kammaran Nambiar..!!
Freedom fighter Kammaran Nam biar
is the Chief Minister of Kerala.
The ILP front meeting at
unanimously selected Kammaran
Nambiar as the Chief Minister.
Let it go on like this
for the time being.
Kammarettan won't
be around for long.
We'll sort it out.
Just pressurize Siju & Rajappan
& we'll get them on our side.
The old man isn't
like how you think.
He is like Bheeshma!
He himself has to decide
when he should die.
Last month when I took him for
a check up, the doctor said"
.. that he has the heart of an 18 year old
& blood pressure of a 21 year old.
How's he going to die?
But he's 96 years old, right?
Isn't he human? Shouldn't he die?
We'll have to beat him to death.
Will you stand with me?
Kammaretta, we won!
As all of us wished, you became
the Chief Minister as well.
I've made a list of things that we
have to do first. I'll read it out.
Say it during the speech
after the assembly meeting.
We will correct the erratic liquor
policy of the earlier governments.
Instead of changing the liquor
policy with every ministry",
we will make a permanent
liquor policy for the state.
Just bluff that you'll do everything to
lead the people to abstinence from liquor
Let me see that once.
- Yes..
I am not that old Kammaran, now.
I'm not the heroic Kammaran you
portrayed in the movie, either.
I'm a new Kammaran...
a public leader.
This Kammaran cannot look at a piece of
paper which looks like a grocery list",
and do things according
to your command.
let me study about
the liquor policy.
What about us then?
After spending so much money...
There's one way.
Create a communal riot or unleash violence
in the name of some random problem.
Or else, make some woman com plain that
the opposition leaders molested her.
Then both the media and the
people will go behind that.
In between all this ruckus,
we will make the liquor
policy permanent.
We'll keep all the bars open.
And many other things
will follow that"!
Such a shrewd brain!
You needn't sit again.
Carry on.
it's not us..,
who won.
It's me!
This very me!
Kammaran Nambiar!
Lost that money as well.
Are you happy now, Achayan?
He wants to study it, it seems!
I had warned you not to trust
this old bloke. Suffer now!
If things aren't sorted out
according to what we say",
I'll come wearing a belt
bomb like Lankan militants!
Then, I'll kill this bastard,
& end my life as well..!!
Talk softly!
I swear on my three children!
Achaya, he's not a Chief Minister.
He's a Thief Minister!
Will our matter be sorted out?
- Everything will be all right!
Ya right!
- Why can't you understand?
Here comes your director!
Hello sir.
- He came again?
Thank you so much forthe
'favour' you did for us.
Come. Let's go!
Kammaran sir..
When I saw that beard and hair, I
couldn't recognize you".
Sit down.
- Thank you sir.
A film of yours became
successful because of me, right?
Why did you want
to meet me alone?
Just like that.
I just wanted to meet
you and wish you.
You're the Chief Minister now, right?
When everyone forced
me, what could I do...
Kammaran sir, I'm planning to make
your story into a Tamil movie now.
You don't worry at all.
I'll see to it that your
name is not damaged.
But to make this story
as a film in Tamil",
I need to know the
real end, to the story.
Real story.
Didn't I ask you that day itself?
What happened to Othenan?
Othenan Nam biar.
Do you remember, sir?
Slogan: "Somewhere down in the South.."
Slogan: "At the shore of waves"
Slogan: "When her
husband was not around..."
Don't worry.
Slogan : "The Government that burned
Glory, a pregnant lady"
I haven't come to kill you.
And not to tell the people that
you betrayed me and my Movement.
Why did you come here now?
What if someone sees you?
There are C | D's all over.
Who will see me?
Who will they see?
Only you know me.
And only | .. KNOW you!
Let's move there.
India got Independence,
it seems!
It's a huge country now!
'Food' for everyone,
'Shelter' for everyone.
We used to fight for justice back then.
But, today?
When they tortured me in
the cells of Andaman",
I wished to stay alive
because of only one desire.
A desire to see someone.
do you know
where Bhanu is, now?
I need Bhanu.
She is all I need!
Tell me.
Where is Bhanu now?
is my wife now.
She's the mother of my child.
You traitor!
Yes. I am a traitor!
What else can a Nambiar, who was
born at Traitor's hill, be..,
other than a traitor?
You might remember, Othenan"
That night, when I told you about
my father's story atop hill.
Didn't I tell you that my father's body,
which was half-eaten by the river fish",
was found in
the river Kabani?
I'll tell you the rest.
I swore touching that rotten
head of his on that day",
that I'll destroy everything that
belongs to Malayil Nambiar.
You were everything
to him, Othenan!
Weren't you..?
I made your Bhanu mine!
Kammaran has never returned
anything that he has stolen.
Except for the promises he made.
Kammaran sir,
Kammaran sir!
You didn't say anything.
Did you see Othenan after that?
I narrated my story to you.
That's a fact.
You added a lot of masala and
made it into a movie...,
in your own style.
The people... believed it.
Now you needn't change it.
What I said... was the truth.
Whatever the public
believed... is also the truth.
And this is called...
There's something that all my
predecessors on this chair did.
I also must do it.
Forget the roads I travelled,
to reach here..!!
Now that Kammaran has arrived",
he has to get Kerala sorted..!!
The time is perfect..!!
Subtitled By
Vivek Ranjit