Kammatti Paadam (2016) Movie Script

The sun-god has come,
it has steadily risen
Why was the sun-god,
So late today in coming up?
11 ,1 7,18,20...
31 ,32
..98, 99, 100. Ready or not, here l come.
l'm coming.
There's no point hiding.
Come out.
l did spot you.
Want me to come and touch you?
Want me to say where you are hiding?
Team DrC
So many catfish in water
Don't close eyes
Got change?
Don't close eyes
lf you close eyes, you will die
Got change?
Why was the sun-god,
So late today in coming up?
The sun-god has come,
it has steadily risen
Why was the sun-god,
So late today in coming up?
Was late, seeing peacock dance
ln the mountains where no peacock would
Was late, watching the bull-play
ln the golden hill, where no bulls would enter.
Was late, watching the goat-play
ln the mighty hill where no goat would enter.
Was late, watching the koel play
ln the golden hill where no koel may enter.
Was late watching the stork-play
ln the golden hill where no stork may enter.
Was late, watching the horse-play
ln the mighty hill where no horse may enter.
The sun-god has come,
it has steadily risen
Tell, tell, tell, O tell.
Tell the story, tell, tell, tell, tell, O tell.
Tell, tell, tell, O tell.
Tell the story, tell, tell, tell, tell, O tell.
Tell, tell, tell, O tell.
Tell the story, tell, tell, tell, tell, O tell.
ln the months of harvest
Afterthe reaping in the hills
With paddy upon the head, O patriarch, coming
on, swinging Athousand Pulaya hands,
Tell the story of the Pulayas
Of Earth, the field of all,
Tell us, with the tongue where Saraswathy,
The daughter of the fields, dances
Tell, tell, tell, O tell.
Tell the story, tell, tell, tell, O tell.
lsn't it the story of Pulayas
Smashing the earth-lumps
Cutting open the furrows
And ploughing the field,
Sowing the seed,
And transplanting the saplings.
Tell the story of old and famous
Seeds germinating and growing....
The story smiling in the paddy-ear
that rises like a lightning streak
during the floods of high tide,
The story swaying in its robust stems
Climbing the tree-house at dusk
Singing and drumming
Scaring away the birds, and tigers
Throughout the night, Koran's guard-story.
Story of Neeli
Who gets out of the gate
Plucking away the weeds
And the young master's devious glances
Tell, tell, tell, tell, tell, tell, tell, O tell.
Tell, tell, tell, tell, tell, tell, tell, O tell.
The ancient story of Pulayas
Who cultivated the whole earth
Many times over and
longed for the threshing floor of the future.
Tell, tell, tell, O tell
Tell, tell, tell, O tell.
Tell, tell, tell, O tell
Tell, tell, tell, O tell.
Tell, tell, tell, O tell
Tell, tell, tell, O tell.
Tell, tell, tell, O tell.
Tell the story, tell, tell, tell, tell, O tell.
Tell, tell, tell, O tell
Tell, tell, tell, O tell.
Why was the sun-god,
So late today in coming up?
The sun-god has come,
it has steadily risen
Don't try to catch me
-l'll give you a beating.
l'll see you in the evening.
Team DrC
Pushakara, What are you doing there?
Go work on the drain!
l'm trying to get this fire going
lf the tapioca is not ready soon,there's
gonna be a revolution here.
Balan, clean the bottom
Let the water subside a bit.
You might find the missing 'Kairali' Ship!
Don't get scared
Hey Pushkara, Come grab the ropes here.
Let me grab a drink
That can wait till the tapioca is ready.
Snakehead fish, yeah?
Hey! Who gave you the permission
to empty the pond?
This is public land, right?
-Who says it's for public?
This land was given to
me by the landlord
You can check that at the Village Office
Why should l go to the Village Office?
How dare you talk back to me?
-Let go off Grandpa.
Balan, stop it!
Balan, stop it
l'll see you later.
What's going on, Balan?
These guys need four-lined notebooks
l want to talk to you about something,
Come to the back.
Keep the cycle here.
You hit them where it hurts
We need people like you
Have a drink
We are out of four-lined books
Want this?
Drink it.
Josa is coming!
Rowdy Josa is coming!
l should warn Bhaskaran!
Get out of this place! Josa is coming.
Go from here!
-Why should l go?
Bhaskara, how dare you testify against me!
Josa, please listen...
Get out of my way!
No Josa...
Please don't hurt him!
Thought you'll get away with it?
Josa, please listen to us!
Nobody testifies against me!
Move aside
Come here
Everyone, listen up!
This is what happens
if you mess with Josa!
Get out of my way!
He is a giant!
As tall as an electric post!
You'd be scared senseless,
if he looked straight at you!
But we should hold the gaze...
That's how Balan Chettan does it!
Balan chetta, he's coming!
You guys go
Where are you going?
-l'm going
Stop, l'm coming too.
-Hop on.
Who are you?
-Hit him Balan,
What do you want?
Come to me you sons of bitches.
Hit him Salim!
Come pig
l couldn't sleep that night.
And many nights afterthat.
l was so scared.
There's that prayer you say
when you are afraid...
Rama.. Rama..
Not that...
'Arjunan Phalgunan Paarthan Vijayanum'
'Vishruthamaayaper Pinee Kireetiyum'
'Shwetavahanan Dhananjayan Jishnuvum'
'Bheetheeharam Savyasaachi Bheebhalsuvum'
'Arjunan Phalgunan Paarthan Vijayanum'
Hello Krishna,
This is Ganga.
l just felt like calling you.
Something is amiss.
Somebody is after me.
A ghost.
Don't worry. l'll be careful.
l just wanted to tell you this.
You go back to sleep.
You go back to sleep. Go to sleep..
Team DrC
How are you doing Pendulkar Sir?
-Very good
How are you Krishnan?
-Am good
Very good. Any news
about Rawat Sir?.
There he is.
-Go get him
He was supposed to throw
a party for us, right?
How are you?
You made a fool out of us!
All your empty promises!
A grandson is born
You've got military liquor at home...
-lt's not like that man
l couldn't wait to see the child
l caught the evening train and left for home
Don't you worry.
This Sunday, we'll party at your place
Where today?
-Pancharatna building today
From there we take the diamonds to MlTC
How much is the stuff worth?
-50 crores.. 100 crores...
lf l were you...
-You'll steal it? Bullshit
The vehicle is here.
-l'm coming
Sunday, Don't forget. At your place
Tell me.
-Where are you?
l'm driving
l want to see you
Come home. l'll be there.
-See you tonight
Cut.Cut. Who is handling the
background action?
ldiots! ADs, take a look.
Back to the first position!
lt's insulting when you
ignore my Whatsapp messages
lf you are busy, just
tell me you are busy
l guess l don't have the right to get pissed
You look good in a saree
Patil's guys gave this
How was work?
-What work?
You get paid for doing nothing
My body hasn't seen work in ages
Did you make anything today?
As usual
You have to be in good terms
with Patil,to run anything here
You gave my number to Ganga?
You are making things worse for me!
You should mind
your own business!
He called me up in the middle of the
night and asked me for your number
What am l supposed to tell him?
That l don't know?
You still drink this shitty hooch?
This is good government hooch.
Not the old bootleg!
Try it
Finally, you threw us a party
Rawat, you are a lucky man
Your son got married
And now he has a child
Yes l'm lucky
He's not your average Security
The ones that stand outside
ATMs or apartments
He's not like that
He's a special kind
That's true.
He says l'm special
He roams with diamond merchants
Hello Krishna, This is Ganga
Where you now?
-l'm now in a safe place. Come soon.
l'll call you after solving my problems
Then you should do me a favour
You should come and take Anita with you
Balan chettan was right
She was meant for you...
l came in between and
messed everything up
Hey Krishnan
What do we do with Rawat?
He's passed out!
Let him sleep here.
l'll bring him to the office tomorrow
We're heading home
Hey Shanker, lets go home
The subscriber you are calling is
switched off.Please try after some time
l didn't understand half
the things he said
Something's up
Otherwise he wouldn't
have called me again
He's my brother
No problem. You sit at 39
You haven't been there for so long
Bye man
Keep me updated
Why didn't you stop the bus?
We've been waiting for long
What's your problem?
Public transport runs on our money
Why are you shouting? ldiot!
lt's the same everywhere...
The Kammatipaadam boys would've stopped,
not just a bus,but even a train!
The Porkkumkoodu Gang is attacking
Balan Chettan at Kavitha Theatre!
Let's go!
Let's go!
Go to Kavitha theatre
Come.. fight with me..
Pigs of Porkkumkoodu
Come.. fight with me..
Krishna, What are you staring at?
Beat them up.
Beat the shit out of them!
Beat them hard
Come.. fight with me..
Come.. pigs
Beat the shit out of them!
The boys of Kammatipaadam will
sell tickets in every theatre.
We'll sell tickets in every
theatre in Ernakulam.
Beat them,beat them hard
We'll sell tickets
3 rupees for a 1 rupee ticket.
This is Balan talking. l
dare you to touch us again.
Drink up!
lt's good for body pain
What about me?
Pour him some
Buy me a drink too
l'll pay you later
-like a loan...
l will definitely pay you back
Yeah right!
Don't get used to this
Take this
Take this
This is for today's work!
lf you work, you will get paid!
-Split it amongst all of you!
Drink up
Team DrC
This is for you
Split this between you guys
Why are you loitering here?
A chain...
For you?
No... for my sister
What's your sister's skin colour?.
-Dark or fair?
For dark skin
And fortwenty rupees...
ls it ok?
lt's three more weeks before the
yearly exam. We have a lot to study.
Get on
Let's go
Touch the ground
Now keep your legs apart
'All the girls who are participating
in the District Sports Meet
400m sprint has to report at the booth'
401 ,
501 .
''Dark bird, dark bride,
where is your nest...,
where is your nest...,
Don't bounce so much when you
run, you'll go off-track!
You dirty dog!
-Let him go... Get off him!
Stop it!
Did you buy it?
Yes. Where's your mother?
-She's inside. l'm leaving
You earned quite a name for
yourself at school- Bully!
Come on, l thrashed him
because he teased you
Who are you to punish him?
Take it
- What is this?
Take it
-Open it
For the attention of believers
After the procession reaches inside the temple
the breakdance presented by Gangadharan
of Kammattipadam will be shown
Team DrC
l'm going home, mom
-You want to go home?
She wants to go home
-You want to go home?
l'll be right back
-Yes dad?
My friends from the
theatre group are there
l have to go back
Are you okay, here alone?
-l'm okay
So brave!
l wanted to see you alone
l'm leaving
To where?
Dad wants me to go back to our village.
So that l'll be a better person.
You don't have to go anywhere
to be a better person
Be here...
So l can see you everyday...
Did you like the necklace?
What am l getting in return?
Get out of here...
Before someone comes
Where did you go?
Anita was with you, right?
-No, she went to her house
Didn't you go with her?
Did you see my dance?
-Yes l did
Where did you go in between?
Tell me, where did you go in between?
l went to take a dump!
ls he the one?
Get out of the way.
There is a lot of swelling
You should give him a mix of egg,
Trellis Vine and Kanthari
Chilli sapling in brandy
No brandy!
Let's get going doctor
lnstead of brandy,
drink your own urine in the morning!
Why always brandy and urine?
-He is by that window
What is it?
lt's Kanmadam. Grandpa
Kochootty send this for you
He asked you to take it with milk
What is that?
Must be some kind of Voodoo thing!
Stop hanging out with these
low-caste people.
Take it away
Balan Chettan's car
Come let's go
Keep it inside.
How many now?
-26 now.
Already time for another load!
Where is it headed?
-To Kollam
People of Kollam are now
going to drink our liquor
Here comes the muscle man!
-Get lost!
Everything all right?
-Are you planning to trash everyone here?
Get out of here
Could there be someone on your tail?
-On my tail?
l know all the roads here
You haven't skimped on the
monthly bribes?
That l haven't. Here they come
Here comes the losers... all banged up...
What a shame!
He was trained in Karate!
-Karate... bullshit!
Who is he?
He is a member of the
Porkumkoodu Gang. Biju
He's a meat cutter in the market
Shame on you!
You want to hit him?
You want to hit him?
l said- Do you want to hit him back?
We can bang him up... beat
the shit out of him!
Are you the Karate guy?
Come, let's fight.
Team DrC
Let go off me.. come..
This is Balan..
Hit him,Balan chetta
Hit him,Balan chetta
Show me your Karate.
l dare you to touch
Kammattippadam boys again!
Show me your Karate.
Come pig
Come let's fight
l dare you to touch
Kammattippadam boys again!
Cheer for us.
Pump it and kick it...Keep pumping it!
That's what l'm doing, right!
keep pumping it
Release it slowly,release it slowly
lt suits Balan Chettan
Can l keep it?
lt is for you.
Train these kids to ride it too
We'll need it
Open the gate
lt's Martin
This is Menon Sir
Hello Menon Sir
-Come in
Pump it before you kick it!
You've got to have
a knack for it
That's what l'm doing right!
-Pump it and kick it
You don't have to keep turning that thing
-l didn't turn it!
Do it with flair!
What are you laughing at?
Get off it! You can't do it.
Waste of time!
Like he's going to do it
Show him how it's done!
Watch him do it.
You saw that? Take it for a spin.
Hold it
lt's a tricky business
l'm interested only if
it's an equal partnership
What is this? Lemonade?
Let's get a proper drink!
-Balan, come with me...
l'll be right back
What are you doing, Balan?
We were having a serious
discussion there
lt's me, right?
-lt's not like that.
We were talking business there
You see that guy over there,
Smoking a beedi.
We have to take care of him
-for our deal here to work out
Get ready. The pig is coming.
-Get in
Get in... kick the shit out of him...
You still want to play Union?
You want to call in a strike?
lf l see you nearthat bar again,
l'll make a mess of you.
We'll run Resmi Barthe way we want to!
Boss Surendran is not
like your Menon Sir!
Get that you son of a bitch?
Dump this pig somewhere!
Lift the pig up.
Cops! Stop
Come out of the car.
What do you want?
What do you want?
-Here l come.
l dare you to come close!
l dare you to come close!
Here l come. This is Balan
Who has the guts to come near me.
Get lost you sons of bitches!
Get lost!
Team DrC
lt's all about how you stab
Stab him, turn it in
him and pull it out...
His intestines should come out!
ln case you get stabbed,
you should never let him turn it in you...
Kick him down and slowly
remove the knife
When l was your age,
l picked a fight with Baldhead Cleetus
at the Ponnurunni temple festival
He stabbed me
l didn't let that
bastard turn it in me
l kicked him down!
l ran all the way to the General
Hospital pressing down on my wound!
Within one month,
l stabbed the shit out of Baldhead
Cleetus at the Ponnurunni junction!
Why the fuck are you giggling?
Get me a boiled egg
Somebody hold me!
Pilo would be under the bridge
Get me to her.
-What are you going to do with her?.
l don't have to do anything.
She will do everything!
She will do everything
There's Pilo. Pilo... Pilo
What the hell. Get out of my way.
Pilo... My Pilo...
What the hell. Get out of my way!
My Pilo...
Get lost!
Fucking Karate
-What a strong kick man.
He ran away when l
showed him the blade?
lt's ajeep
Run Abu run.
Leave the cycle.
Stop right there. Don't
mess with the police.
Have we reached? Have
we reached somewhere?
Should we go back?
Ganga, Where did we keep the motorcycle?
Did we come in Balan Chettan's car?
'The worms, leopards, insects, eagles
Sea-elephants, jungle's creatures
And we, live together here
in this hellish place'
Not Cochin, Ernakulam.
My village, no.. city.
Ernakulam is a city.
Not like Mumbai.
lt's small.
But, if people go missing...
Then they are forever missing...
Madhavan Chetta, Someone
is here to see you
l don't like it there
Your sister and l don't get along
Her husband is such a dud!
Shenoy isn't kicking me out of here,
because l wrote his
accounts for a long time.
Can l get some?
There isn't any left
l had to wait a long time
in the queue to get this!
As a father, l can't deny you!
Take this
Are you going back?
l haven't decided yet
lf you are, then take me with you...
lt's me, Krishnan
Did you see Ganga?
Don't know what happened to him
He's been missing forthree days
lt is not unusual for him,
but l'm still concerned
He isn't available on phone
Nobody is going to look for him...
What am l going to do at this age
l saw him run home through this road ,
as though he was scared of
When l saw him run like a mad man,a
sudden pang of fear shot through me...
Team DrC
Martin Sir was the one
who asked me to call you
After all the rotten things
l've done for you guys,
he can't answer my call!
So let it be,don't pick up my call
When l walked Anita home
that evening,
l told her he was
To my surprise, he had dinner
from home.
He slept on a mat
outside their room.
His voice woke
me up in the middle of the night.
He was talking on the phone.
When l listened carefully,
l understood he
was talking to you.
l just thought of calling you.
l smell something bad...
l don't know what
What's going on with you?
l just felt like calling you
After he called you that day,
he was in the room
telling her something...
l'm leaving
When l saw him
leave, l wanted to stop him..
But l couldn't do it...
You guys made lot of trouble
when you were young.
But this time, l was really
scared for him..
Go somewhere to be good,
said my father, Grandpa
said the same thing...
She said,
if you want to be good then
you can be good anywhere..
if you want to be good then
you can be good anywhere..
l didn't turn out
good..none of us did..
no matter where we went..
Team DrC
Okay next guy.. Come here..
Come here..
l'm taking him
Everything okay
Come on
No Problem, dear
l heard about what
happened here yesterday
We were just giving the
big brothers a wash
They were trying to drown him!
lf l report it, you won't get out
Go back to your place, find a
job and lead a normal life
Don't ever come this way again!
Got it ?
Come,lets go
Have you been waiting for long?
Quarter past eleven, there is a train
lf we catch it,
we can make it home before dark
-What are you doing here!
Madhavan Chetta, you carry on.
l'll bring him home!
-Who is this?
-This is Venu
You can go, we'll get him home
Get in
Come on Venu.. Let's go!
Don't worry about it man,
We'll go home tomorrow...
They are all waiting for you!
You've grown a moustache
-ls it good?
They used to make me shave a lot!
You are a handsome guy!
Salman Khan!
Get out of here!
Oh my god! Who's here! Krishnan.
Hey bro! Come here my man!
Anto, look who is here
Portuguese? Fuck you man.
Do they serve beef in jail?
Why don't you find out for yourself
He went to jail for me...
lt was pointless though
He slashed the guy in a moment's fury
What is this- a bandit camp!
Yeah... big set-up!
Look who has come!
You've grown old. Who is this!
Krishna my dear, you've grown up!
Look he's totally grey!
What a huge setup
Balan chetta, look who's here!
My dear
Long time...
He's become handsome!
He is my pet!
Come let's have a drink
That's water
Pour him a fresh drink
Here take it
-lt's our stuff
You've become good at it!
Anto, walk fast
You want me to carry one?
l can carry it
You guys go ahead
Drive carefully
ls that Balan Chettan's girlfriend?
No man
Make it fast. The cops
can be here anytime!
What's he doing here?
What is 1 75 plus 75
Portuguese and his stupid math
Sometimes you put grapes in it
lt's in here
Oh really?
You guys started?
You want some?
l don't drink and drive
Driving is no simple task.
You don't even know how to drive.
l feel weak in the knees
Let's go
l'll drive
Are they behind us?
Hold tight.
Team DrC
We've lost a few cans!
But that's okay.
They came all the way to take a piss
Are they new cops?
Sumesh, unload it
Must be a new officer.
That's why he is showing off
You seem to have forgotten us, Venu
Are you not the driver anymore?
Who is this?
This is my friend Krishnan.
Light it.
Won't it burn you?
-Good stuff won't burn your finger
Excellent stuff!
Johnny...That pig...
He's the one who told on us!
Who is Johnny?
When we were loading
stuff at the island,
You saw a guy pass by in a Jeep?
-The guy in the coffee-coloured shirt?
That's the one
He was the one who informed
Don't worry,
Balan Chettan will take care of him
What happened here?
-This is how it is now.
Which way?
-This way
The road has become very narrow
Everything has become narrow
How many years ago did this happen?
-Two years
Everything happened so fast.They
came and closed off the land
Dad, look who is here...
When did you come?
lt's been 2-3 days
How are you feeling now?
Mom...come here...
How are you doing?
Krishna, come here...
l'll go see them
No, l have to...
-Come inside, eat lunch
We got prawns curry
-She's lying!
lt's lentils today as well!
Let's go out and eat
Let's go man
Your dad told me that you had come
Don't spoil yourself hanging
out with these guys...
Go home, listen to your dad
and live a decent life
Grandpa is nuts!
l'll kill you
Bye Grandpa
Madhavan Chetta,
Madhavan Chetta,
l've brought him home!
We had to go on a small trip
l got him along because
he wasn't doing anything
l had come to receive you only
because your mom had insisted...
l didn't know you
were such a busy guy
l didn't have the means
to hire a carthough!
Enough, come in son...
Where is Savitri Chechi?
She's inside
l'm still here!
Nobody has taken me away yet...
Who is gonna take you away
when we are still here!
l'll see you later, Krishna
Boss, he is the one who snitched on us!
-Stop it, Balan!
l don't have time for your infighting!
l've got things to do
Sumesh, make him understand
-You can'tjust leave
He is the one who betrayed
us.The boys saw it
Didn't you guys see it?
-Yes we saw it!
Why would the Excise chase us
without someone tipping them off?
Mathai, he is the one who betrayed!
What informing did l do?
Johnny, you should
understand one thing-
- Surendran, my father and l are
paying the Excise monthly bribes
That's why these kids are not in jail!
This can't happen
We want both of you working together
But if you want to kill
each other, then do that!
We'll find someone else
to do business with...
Explain it to them, Mathai
This is the last warning
You guys have to find a way to
share the business amongst you
Shake on it...
Let go of me, Sumesh Chettan
l'll be right back
Team DrC
Where are you coming from?
From my tailoring class...
l was worried someone might marry
you, before l got out ofjail
So you plan to marry me?
Then make it fast
Someone's coming home tomorrow
with a marriage proposal...
Ganga, get them an autorickshaw
l can't
Please get one...
That's Kumaran's younger son- Ganga
-l'll see them off
Hello.. Hello.. Hey slow down.
Hello, what's your name?
What's yourjob?
-l'm a mason
Plastering works?
-Everything...l do contractjobs as well
Liked the girl?
Good huh?
There is a problem though,
Anita is my customary bride.
l'm going to marry her...
The mason shouldn't come in between
and create trouble for me...
lf you step foot in Kammattippadam again
thinking about my girl or marriage,
see this shitty paunch of yours,
l'll rip it apart! Got that you schmuck?
Get lost you idiot!
He keeps saying you are his girl
and he is going to marry you...
He's been saying that,for a long time
-Can't you talk to him?
What's the point in talking to him?
He's crazy!
Why are you standing here?
Go inside!
Krishna, you shouldn't
talk to Anita in public
We are about to get married!
l don't like it
Krishna, We have to go somewhere
Come, l'll tell you
Come with me
Rosamma, you'll look good in a Saree.
Take it
Take it
They are rocking, did you see?
You guys have to accompany me!
-We are here for you, Balan Chetta...
Come with me.
lt's gonna be fireworks there!
-Don't scare me, jerk!
l'm shitting bricks already!
l'll hold your bag if you want
You guys are behind me, right?
Come with me man.
-Where are you going?
Go inside
Mom, l like this girl. l
asked her to come with me...
Go in
Stop there!
What's her name?
You didn't find anyone other
than a Christian girl?
Stop saying things!
What's the point in
talking about religion or caste now?
Take her inside...
She must have seduced my boy with
her butt and boobs!
As long as l'm alive,
l won't let her in!
Get lost you, whore!
-Move aside!
This witch is going
to destroy my family!
l regret giving birth to
you now!
You'll never succeed in life!
Team DrC
Call Balan
-l'm not calling him
Abu, Call him
What's up Ganga?
How's your sister-in-law?
What brings you here?
We have to talk
Did you hear about me?
-Of course l did. Greatjob!
What's the matter?
-There is an issue
We've got land near
Thevara colony, right?
We can't start our construction there...
We need to evacuate four more houses
to make way for an access road...
There is a guy in that colony called Pradeep,
We need him out of our way!
Where is he hiding?
Majeed will find him
Here he comes
l'll talk to him
What is this man? We have already
offered you a good price
Then why are you creating problems?
We are day labourers who
work in Ernakulam city
With the amount of
money you offered us,
where are we going to find a
place to live in the city?
We'll be out on the roads!
l don't know about that.
l'll give you some money
You can explain it to the
people in your colony...
Otherwise, you'll see who we are!
Are you threatening us?
No matter what you say, we are not
going to leave this place!
l don't even have the
time to talk to you!
He doesn't have the time...
We'll see...
Team DrC
O woods, l am a bird that has been waiting
l am the bird who has been yearning
To perch on the branch the wind had sat on
O woods! O trees!
Passing the lands where the wind roamed
l too have arrived, to sit on you awhile.
You have cherished dreams, O wood.
At a blazing noon, you turn into
A shady forest, a mirage;
A bower that pours
burning infatuation like flowers in me....
l came seeking the branch
To lean on you, and to swing in the breeze.
Along with my sweetheart,
O woods! O trees!
l really like this place.
We'll come here again.. just us.
At the time of a lengthening dusk
ln the blazing moonlight,
the lake of cold, blooming
l came searching for a perch, to lean into you
And to go to sleep, for once, along with
My sweetheart, O my woods, my trees!
How did you get to Maharajas?
-By Rajendra Ground.
When did you start evacuating people?
-Why did you hit me?
Evacuation? We did it
on behalf of Balan
Ask him!
lnstead of beating me!
Are you okay?
Where is he?
Come outside
What's going on?
Why did you destroy their homes?
Destroyed homes?
-You don't know anything?
They've been paid
whateverthey asked for!
Why are you getting involved in such matters?
-l should get involved, right?
You are my grandson!
You destroyed the houses of
our elders and relatives...
These elders don't pay my bills!
My strength and my courage
is what's providing for me
What livelihood have you elders taught us?
Working in the fields?
Look at the fields now!
You know what's going to grow here now-
-not rice or paddy, but
flats and factories!
Times have changed...
Don't ever get the old man
involved in such things!
l don't care about any relativess
Come with me
What's wrong with him?
l know you give money to your mother.
That helps with rent and expenses.
But think about how you make this money
-What's happening? Everyone's here...
What happened?
He's been sitting here since noon...
He hasn't even had a drop of water...
He isn't listening to any of us!
Get up...
Everyone is going their own way...
We couldn't teach them
a useful livelihood...
l'm not moving from here...
The kids might have
said something stupid
Why are you bothering
yourself with it?
How long are you
going to sit here?
Get up, let's eat something.
Grandpa, Get up.
Did you see him?
Want to see?
Balan chetta,
-Get a drink
Team DrC
Hey brother...
Hey brother...
Hey brother...
Want some tea?
Bloody hell!
l don't want anything
from anybody!
l was always on my own...
eating... shitting....
..beating up...getting beat up...
We were always together...
together as one...
Hai Portuguese!
Who the fuck...
You've become old!
-Get out of here man...
Come in
You don't have to
remove your shoes
You remember me?
lf you had arrived 5 days ago,
you could've attended the wedding
Yes, here's the other two...
Did you get married?
Jami, get him tea!
Sit down Krishnan
What's Anto and Shaji doing?
They are doing okay
Anto is running Karate
classes in Pulleppady
Shaji works with the Kadavantara Union
What about Ganga?
He's a nut-case!
l don't entertain such cases anymore!
He had called me twice
For what?
Said somebody was after him
l didn't understand half
the things he said
Forget about him, man
You can't believe a word he says. Pest!
lt's not like that Majeed...
He's in some real trouble!
l had gone to his house
They have no news about him
forthe past 3-4 days
l have a bad feeling about it...
He had been here on
the wedding eve
He was pissed- drunk!
And he put on a big show!
Are all those throats l cut,
Mine O dear father?
All the throats and hearts you cut
Are everyone's my dear son.
Aren't the blood and juices l drank
Honey, my good father?
Aren't the blood and juices l drank
Honey, my good father?
Where has the Pokkali-land
Where has the Pokkali-land
We reclaimed, gone, my dear father?
lt has been cooked, along with
The hot rice you scooped up, my dear son.
That mighty mountain we see
That mighty mountain we see
ls not ours, my good son.
These backwater deeps and shores
Are nobody's, my dear son.
The worms, leopards, insects, eagles
Sea-elephants, jungle's creatures
The worms, leopards, insects, eagles
Sea-elephants, jungle's creatures
Deities of different times,
And we,
the dwellers of paddy lands,
Live together here in this hellish place
The earth, my auspicious son
This place dies in conflicts
This world, my auspicious son!
Majeed, l'll come
l'll come
That mighty mountain we see
ls not ours, my good son.
These backwater deeps and shores
Are nobody's, my dear son.
There was another song like
that..What's the rest of it?
And then l'm knee deep in mud
Please wait a little my sisters
And then there's mud up to my breasts
Let me say goodbye to my husband
And then there's mud up to my neck
And then mud covers my hair
We haven't been unfairto anyone
We haven't been unfairto anyone
Boss, big buildings have
cropped up on the plots
that we've acquired for cheap
Do you know what happened to
the people who lived there?
They were living comfortably in their homes,
now they are on the streets!
My grandfather died of the
pain because of all this!
This can't happen again
Nobody should buy or sell land anymore
Take is easy Balan
l haven't heard of the things you said
Our company has a lot of partners now
l'm not the one behind the
project in Panampilly nagar,
The other partners are managing it
Whatever you say, l can't get involved in this
lt's not like before,Now
it's a big company
Boss, you know me very well...
Tell your parnters that l won't allow,
this business of threatening
people for their land...
Bye boss...
Bye Mathai
Team DrC
Boss Surendran is not like before...
He's running a business worth crores
He wouldn't have the time to
sort out our silly problems
Balan Chetta, Why can't we quit
this and do something else?
Quit what?
What's wrong with what we do?
You don't get it you fool!
Times are changing...
l say, we buy a vehicle and
start a for-hire business!
You have a lot of friends right?
We'll get rides...
Don't be stupid Krishna!
We are very powerful in
Ernakulam City today!
We won't even make money fortea,
if we try to go legit by running a taxi service!
Stop it Ganga! You never
agree with anything!
You are right, Krishna...
l also thinking about it
We'll buy a vehicle.You
know Porinju Baiju, right?
He has a vehicle for sale.
-He has a Traveller
Enquire about it and fix a price.
We'll buy it...
Venu can drive the truck,
And you can drive the Traveller.
lf we get a permit forthis
car, l'll drive this
Then what the hell will l do?
You can take care of the accounts...
like Mathai !
Mathai bullshit!
You guys haven't left?
-We were waiting for Krishnan...
He isn't coming with you.
Hurry up!
We don't want to leave
Vaikom dry this Onam!
Make it fast!
How are you doing?
Did you eat anything?
-Tipu...you lazy bum!
l'm hungry. Get me something to eat.
-l haven't cooked anything
l ate leftovers from yesterday myself.
Oh shit...Are you sick?
You come home whenever you want!
l don't know if you'll even come back...
You have all your needs taken care of, right?
Don't interfere in my business!
Yeah right! My needs
are taken care...
You only come home whenever you want
to take care of your needs!
l can't do that!
lf someone sticks a knife into your
guts,l'll be on the streets, alone!
You don't have to worry about anything now
We have decided to change our ways
We are going to start a business of
running vehicles for hire...
Yes, we are going to start a 'travels'.
You know what its going to be called-
- ''Rosamma Travels''
You guys go and buy a bottle.
Get something to eat as well
Get Porotta and beef...
Do you want anything?
Krishna, Check the engine
before buying the vehicle,
or we may end up with a lemon!
What happened? -We were trapped
by the Excise officers at Puthiyakavu.
There were 3 jeeps. l had to
leave the vehicle and run.
Then? -Vehicle's taken.
Load's taken. Everything's gone.
Where is Majeed?
We ran separate ways. They
didn't catch him for sure.
Someone snitched on us!
He goes weak in the knees
when he sees excise!
Come let's take a look!
Come let's take a look
Anyway it's good that nobody got caught...
May be this will pave way for something else...
We can't go on with this business for long
You guys...
Go look for Majeed.
l have to go some where...
Should we come with you?
-No, l'll go alone!
Team DrC
Balan Chetta,
Balan Chetta,
Check out our ''Rosamma Travels''
Take a look, Balan Chetta
They are so wasted,
they can't even hear us!
Hey Venu...
Hey Venu..
Take the van to Lalan's workshop
and get the oil and stuff checked
-Yes, now
How many did you down?
Can you drive?
Yeah l'll drive.
l've been doing this for some time now.
Oh yeah! We have seen it when
we ran into the Excise.
You were shaking like this with fear.
Don't forget to change the oil
We drove the Traveller so fast...
You are not drinking?
Hey... l need you to buy something!
Look, here's the van named after you!
We are celebrating it.
Come get a drink...
Oh you won't drink this
You'll only drink the
hooch your mother makes!
l've been reminding you
about this for a while now!
Krishnan will buy it for you...
No, l'll buy it myself!
She gone?
Pour another drink
l know who snitched on our liquor-truck
Don't ask me who
l won't say
There is no point going afterthem
Grandpa Kochootty and the
elders must have cursed us...
l don't even have a child
to light my funeral pyre...
People are asking me-
- is it my problem or hers...
Who knows?
You can't leave before
paying for your deeds...
Stop it Balan Chettan!
Everything will be alright...
We have this van now...
Wait for it to hit the road
Are you going to come with me?
Krishna, get the van!
Get up Ganga
-Get me up guys
l heard you are going to get married?
What, l can't get married?
l know that you are after Anita...
Forget her...
You two don't make a good match
Notjust that,
such beautiful girls
are not meant for us...
l know it from my experience...
Look, at my stuck-up beauty!
Balan Chetta, will you please stop it!
You are talking out of your ass!
Krishnan is the one who suits her...
-Why Krishnan?
Stop saying nonsense. You are drunk!
-lt's not the booze talking...
You are totally drunk!
Anita should like you as well, right?
-You don't have to speak for her!
Stop this drunk nonsense!
Krishnan is the one...
-What Krishnan! Stop the car!
Stop the car!
-Stop the car for him...
You do whatever you want...
-Where are you going?
Get out
He doesn't get it
l don't care where he goes...
Why did you bring it up?
Anita likes you...
Ganga is my younger brother.
But it won't work
Her life will be screwed...
You should marry her.
l will arrange for your wedding...
What did you say you wanted?
Stop the car by a medical shop...
-There's one after the turn
Here goes the vamp...
Go with her Krishna
Balan Chetta...
Hey Krishna,
What happened?
l think Balan Chettan is gone
Mathai, Please see what
is happening inside...
You pig, you killed my brother!
What did l do?
What are you saying?
You killed my brother!
What did l do?
You killed my brother!
l will kill you!
That truck rammed into the heart of
Tell me Ganga, who betrayed us?
lt's we
He came here one day
l don't understand why
he came to see me...
l hadn't heard from him for a long time
Wake up
Wake up
Ah it's you...
Where were you. Haven't
seen you in a long time...
When l saw how he was, l
felt something was up...
He had borrowed money
from me several times.
Maybe he wanted to finish his debt...
l was thinking of hanging it here...
Team DrC
Any news of him?
He had been to Majeed's house
on his daughter's wedding eve.
Don't know where he went after that.
Has he told anything to Anita?
Nobody has told me anything.
Sir, We arrested him under suspicious
He has voter's ld and license.
Have you registered a case?
Bring him to me.
Remember me?
How can l forget you Martin Sir...
You didn't change a lot
Why did you come now?
On a job?
Ganga is missing...
There is no news about him
forthe past 3-4 days
That's why you come from Bombay?
Who are you? A detective?
Submit a man-missing complaint.
We'll take a look.
l've helped him a lot
He's useless
Not very dependable
What's keeping you in Mumbai?
Kochi is not the same anymore.
Stay here.l need people like you...
Yes, it's him
Come son...
Go to the apartment.
-Where are we going?
Surendran wants to see you.
He doesn't live with his
kids after his wife's death
Lives alone in the apartment
l'm a little busy
Am with them.
l'll call you back
What were you doing..
Why you roaming midnight
l thought you might have buried your
past,and moved on to a better life
l had buried it,
but a ghost seems to have risen
up and is now on my back...
Ganga had called me. He
thinks someone is after him...
Now he is missing...
Have you seen him recently?
l don't see him at all!
When he got out of jail,
l got him ajob at the factory.
He got into a fight with
someone there and walked out
He comes to me when
he needs money
lnitially, l used to give him
money,then it became a hassle!
He'd show up drunk and make a scene,
Office, club, house, anywhere...
Stop. l told you to stop.
Why can't you stop?
Why can't you stop
Boss, l had called you a couple of times.
Let's go.
Martin was the one who asked me call you.
Remember all the rotten things
l've done for you guys?
l know how he made his money.
Now he can't pick up my call.
Let it be.. don't pick up my call.
Give him a ride...
Krishna, You don't have to
go around looking for him
Martin will take care of it
Get back to your life...
You have a woman there, right?
Who is going to marry a person like me?
He speaks Hindi very fluently!
l didn't want to bother you,
but you should help me with this...
l just want to know who is after
him .l'll take care of the rest
l am not in contact
with such people
l'm retired
Kids take care of the business...
Who do you go to when you need
help with something like this?
There is someone...
You know that person...
l'm alright.
l'm alright.
Don't you worry.
Hold tight...
Take my hand and hold it tight.
Hold it...
Hold it...tight...
Team DrC
l didn't get money
from the chit fund
When l went there, Leela Chechi
told me that she needs money
For her daughter's wedding.
So she took it.
l need money for the
vehicle's monthly repayment...
l gave the 300 rupees l
had in hand to Ganga...
He had bought medicines
for my mother last month
l didn't want to owe him anything!
l saw him yesterday roaming
around Kadavanthra
He completely avoided me
l avoided him as well
l'll take care of the
money.Don't worry about it
Why don't we pawn this bangle?
No. Your family will give
you a hard time for it
That's ok l'll make up something...
Take it!
-Take it!
l wish Balan Chettan
had never left us...
Hope our Balakrishna Travels
will be a success one day...
Let's get some tea...
-No, l have to get back to work
You should try to land a ride.
Ganga is trying to rent a house
The next thing would be a marriage proposal!
-Are you planning to marry him?
l didn't mean that...
l have to get my elder sister Savitri,married
before she runs away with someone...
l'll be free after that
Shall i leave?
Take a look at this one.
Sikkim.. Bhutan..
Benny was looking for you.
-Who? Slasher Benny?
Don't want anything to do with him. Buggger.
Where can l pawn some gold?
You've won something.
How much?
-10 rupees.
Hey man we need a ride..
To Pollachi. Our whole team is going.
Our team? What team?
-Ganga, Portuguese, Anto, Abu Shaji.
l'm not interested. Find someone else.
Why are you being a jerk?
l can always find someone else.
Come on, you can make some cash.
l'll pay you double the rate.
Go ahead. lt's our guys.
Look who is this! Krishnan!
Krishna.. My man.. long time..
-Abu, What's going on man?
Hey Slasher, you couldn't find
any other vehicle than this?
What are you so pissed about?
-Go to the front.
Gimme a cigarette?
-Why are you shouting?
l've taken money forthis job.Otherwise,
l would've called it off.
Please stop it. What's wrong with you?
Why did you hire this vehicle
if you knew l'd make a scene?
What's bugging you? We are
trying to make some money.
Why did you hire this vehicle
if you knew l'd make a scene?
Cool down man.
Where is Marimuthu?
-He is there
Come let's go..
Hold it tight..
Hold tight, Ganga.Shaji, Anto, don't leave me.
Abu, hold me.
Yes, first door on first floor
-You are not coming?
No, l don't want to see her
What do you want ?
-Who are you?
-Where are you from?
Go tell her!
Team DrC
No need to thimk about the rest.
l'll try my maximum.
ls they all sighned?
Let's try what to do
We'll take an anticipatory
bail from the court
Ask them to hide
somewhere fortwo days
Look who is here!
You've become a big man!
Tell me, where are you now?
-l'm in Bombay
Why are you here to see me?
l need help in finding Ganga...
He comes to see me
He had come to me for help...
But he couldn't ask for it...
Why did you come back?
Would he have done the same for you?
He took whatever was meant for you...
l'll look around...
l'll let you know
if l find anything.
lt's been long since we
had a drink together!
l was on my toes since
Balan Chettan's death...
Do you still drink?
l can't drink like before
because of my driving job...
Why are you laughing?
Remember how much you puked after
drinking, ourtrip to Alappuzha?
The stain is still there on the toilet wall!
lt wasn't Honeybee. lt was OCR
Surendran Sir is not here. Please leave.
That's Sumesh Chettan right?
Sumesh Chetta,
Come here
- Let's get a drink...
Come here!
Come here. Take a seat.
He looks totally plastered
You guys in touch with Surendran?
Not much
l come here everyday...
l go to his office too
But l have never seen him...
or Johnny...
Who? Liquor-lord Johnny?
Can l pour you a drink?
Do you drink this?
Drink up! Yeah...
That's right!
My dad used to say-
- Liquortells the truth...
l wanted to tell you guys something...
l never had the courage to do it...
But now l have nothing to lose
Everyone betrayed me...
Balan was a guy of honour!
l was the one who killed him...
You pig!
Let him talk. Talk.
Tell us
l didn't know anything...
Boss, l am really worried
You should do something about it
l'll think about it
l'm warning you one last time!
Because of you l lost a truck...
That's not a problem for me,
but if something ever happens to my boys,
l'll kill you!
Let go of me, Sumesh Chetta!
Get out of my way!
Balan gave him only a slap...
l didn't know Johnny
would kill him for it...
l'll return it afterthe
construction of my house...
You don't have to return it.
You can keep it!
l gave him that truck.
l didn't know what he was up to.
Get on the bus.
You don't have to come back often.
Ok then.
Get him into vehicle
Slash him.
Kill that son of a bitch. Slash him.
Slash him.
Kill him..
Go,get in the vehicle
Come let's go
Take the vehicle
Our Abu is dying.
Abu, don't close your eyes!
Don't let him close his eyes!
Abu, Don't close your eyes!
Don't let him close his eyes!
Abu,Don't close your eyes!
Team DrC
Did anyone see us? Don't
leave your motorcycle there.
Krishna, look!
What happened?
That's Charlie
Keep it inside
What's going on?
l went to the burial
There were cops everywhere!
At the mosque and his house!
Majeed didn't show up. He
could have gotten caught
What happened to the other guy?
-Johnny is in a critical condition
We should inform our boss...
We go at night?
-Don't get out of this place man
Ortake your vehicle...
Why walk right into the police?
We've been cooped up here too long.
We've been in jail...
This can't be that bad
You gotta stay in here till the
cops move on to something else
Shibu, get glasses
This could very well be our lastjob
l'm done with it
l feel like living a proper life now..
Get married...
Buy rice ''and kerosene''
from fair-price shops..
Sounds good
-Don't laugh at me!
l'm being serious...
l'm going to marry Anita...
l know you guys are in love...
But yourfamilies won't agree to it
Have you ever told this to her?.
Why should l tell her?
Everyone knows it
She is my customary bride
You are the only hurdle l got
You should forget her
lsn't that betterfor everyone
l'm hungry,l'm gonna
cook something
Please come out
l'll be right back
Where were you, Krishna?
Go home, grab a few clothes and
come back here immediately
l'll be right back at five o'clock.
We have to leave this place today!
-To where?
l'll tell you later...
You don't trust me?
Five o'clock.
Just listen to me
ls Boss inside?
Surendran Sir...
Say it's Krishnan
-Please take a seat. l'll call him.
Why did you come here?
Did anyone see you?
Sit here
What are you guys up to?
Why did you hurt Johnny?
We came to know that he was the one
who killed Balan Chettan!
That was years ago!
Killing each otherfor vengeance?
ls this your life!
How can we forget Balan Chettan...
Leave it!
What do you want now?
-l'm leaving this place...
Will you give me some... money...
Mathai, give him what he needs
Don't stay here. Leave immediately
Where is he- Ganga?
-He is around
Boss, Can you talk to Martin
Sir and get us off the hook?
This is much bigger than me
lf the police find you,
they'll arrest you!
You'll be in trouble. Better
leave here!
Where are you going?
Where are you headed?
l'm going to my uncle's place in Madras
l'm taking Anita with me...
Anita?Are you going to marry her?
That low-caste girl! Did
you hear what he said dad?
lf he marries her, who
will ever marry me?
Will you please keep quiet!
Let him go wherever he
wants and live his life!
-Stop it. What can you do?
Come here
Don't worry
Buddy, Krishna...
l'd lose my job if l don't catch you...
Where were you all this while?
Where's he- your friend Ganga?
Don't worry, l'll take care of everything...
Take him!
Anita, aren't you coming?
-No, you go...
l held on Ganga...
l withstood...
No matter how they asked me,
l didn't give up on you...
Team DrC
l wanted to ask you something...
Please keep an eye on it.
Let me tell you something,l am not
a thing you guys can kick around!
Nobody cares about what
l want or how l feel!
lt was the same then,
it's the same now!
None of you have to
feel bad about me
l'll somehow manage on my own...
l didn't come here to talk about
this or to take you with me!
l want to find out what
happened to Ganga!
l think he's in some kind of danger
He wouldn't have called me otherwise...
When his father walked me home the night
before,he told me Ganga was home.
He never comes home or
eats anything from home.
That day, he ate what l made.
He didn't even lift his head to look at me.
That's usually how he is.
Lock the door and sleep.
l'll sleep outside
When he said that,
l felt really sad.
l've never given him peace of mind.
My parents left us early because
of the pain we caused them...
l want to tell you something...
l know l spoiled your life...
lt was me...
lt was me. l spoiled everything...
Your sympathy and affection...
l don't want your
sympathy or affection...
l've called Krishnan and told him
He'll come
Go with him. Okay?
l'm leaving for a few days...
l don't want to see you
here when l get back!
You should be with him by then!
This happened right in the morning
Looked like he had made up
his mind...
That was when l felt
like crying for him,Krishna.
l've given him as much pain
as a human being can take...
Ganga will be back...
Nothing's going to happen to him
l'll find him wherever he is!
Don't worry...
l'm not sad Krishna
This might be my fate
l can't hope for anything better
Even now, you came for Ganga...
l had waited a long time
hoping you'd come for me...
Can l go?
Hello... Kammatipaadam!
Ma'am wants to see you!
l came to tell you something...
lf you want to know where Ganga
is, you have to meet Benny.
He took up the contract for nabbing Ganga.
He knows who is after Ganga.
Where is Benny?
-He is sleeping
What happened to you?
-Why are you here so early?
Why is he here?
Where's Ganga?
How would l know?
He must be lying drunk somewhere!
Who did you hand him over to?
Get out of here!
The old liquor-lord
Johnny's younger brother.
Young, yet determined.
What's the matter?
-l need your help, Benny.
You have to bring someone to me
Money is not a problem,we
can talk about it.
Who is the guy?
lt's someone you know- Ganga
That's not going to happen
l didn't ask you to kill him
My brother wants to see him
That's it
We will get him even if you
don't help us...
lf it comes to that,
we will have to take
care of you as well...
That mighty mountain we see,
That mighty mountain we see
ls not ours, my good son.
Get me a drink. l'm really tired.
l want to sleep
You sit here. l'll get it
Don't lock the door
lf Ganga is missing,
Johnny's guys must have
taken care of him for sure!
They want Ganga...
They want you..
They are coming after you
guys with whateverthey have!
You go back
To where?
You go
l'll go alone from here
l'll take you there
No Majeed
We've lost Abu.
What if something happens to you...
l don't want to walk around bearing that
You go
Team DrC
Do you know where Johnny's house is?
-Which Johnny?
The old liquor-lord Johnny.
- Sunny's brother.
Answer me.
You give me
this piece of shit to eat?
Get out of my face. Son of a bitch.
l didn't think you'd walk in so casually!
You guys put me in a
comma for 12 years
Nobody thought l'd be back
Where is Ganga?
-lf l had gotten him,l'd have cut him
into pieces and sent them to you.
But l have you now,
Nobody is going to
come looking for you
You are a dead man.
l came here looking for Ganga.
lf he is not in your hands, then
let's end this right here.
How can you leave like that?
You are not going anywhere!
Where the hell are you idiots?
Where is everyone? Don't
let go off this pig.
Call Sunny. Don't let this pig leave.
Hit him hard.
Beat him down you sons of bitches.
Somebody kill this son of a bitch. Sunny!
Kill me too.
Kill me too.
Kill me too.
This game is not meant for you.
Get lost.
Come out of your hiding,
See the catfish we caught,
it's still flapping around...
lt's not dead...
l've lost, Ganga.
Come out of your hiding.
The sun-god has come,
it has steadily risen
Why was the sun-god,
So late today in coming up?
Found Ganga's body...
There was nothing much left...
Almost completely charred!
Team DrC
lsn't it better for you to leave
this place?
lnstead of roaming here and
creating problems for us,
Go to Bombay or Delhi.
l'll ask the hospital
to discharge you
Are all those throats l cut,
Mine O dear father?
All the throats and hearts you cut
Are everyone's my dear son.
Aren't the blood and juices l drank
Honey, my good father?
l couldn't even see him once!
Where has the Pokkali-land
Where has the Pokkali-land
We reclaimed, gone, my dear father?
lt has been cooked, along with
The hot rice you scooped up, my dear son.
That mighty mountain we see
ls not ours, my good son.
These backwater deeps and shores
Are nobody's, my dear son.
The worms, leopards, insects, eagles
Sea-elephants, jungle's creatures
The worms, leopards, insects, eagles
Sea-elephants, jungle's creatures
Deities of different times,
And we, the dwellers
of paddy lands,
Live together here in this hellish
place The earth, my auspicious son
This place dies in conflicts
This world, my auspicious son!
l'll call you right back
How did you kill him?
Stay here
How did you get to the top floor?
Mathai let me in...
Then, where is he?
He went down
Damn it!
He hung up on me!
He isn't answering my call!
l thought of coming to Padiyath...
They'd be crying and
bawling over there
l didn't want to see all that
lt's not like the old days now
People are waiting to
accuse you of things...
No boss
l'm taking medicines
How the hell did you get stabbed?
You know him...
lt was Johnny's younger
brother Sunny who stabbed me
Why did you go there?
l went looking for Ganga...
l don't understand you!
l had already told you,
not to go looking for him!
You don't know what
kind of a guy he was!
l wonder who finished him...
He had put me through
a lot of trouble
lt's true,
we had done a lot of bad
things in the past...
But that was then
What was the point in
coming to me for help now?
Pain in the ass!
You shouldn't say bad
things about dead people...
He had a knack for making
life hell for decent people!
ls that why,
You clubbed him to death?
Clubbed him to death?
Someone burned him and
dumped him somewhere, right?
Why did you kill him, boss?
What did he do?
Surendran is coming. Ask him
Then you'd come to
know who Ganga is!
You didn't get who l am, right?
Mathai, he says he doesn't know me
You know how all this was built?
See that piece of land over there,
That was Ramu Mooppan's
3 cent household!
The one over here was
Unniyan's sons' 3 cents!
That belonged to
Kamala Bai's children...
Ganga evacuated all these people...
Surendran isn't living here anymore
And these guys are saying
they don't know me
Surendran isn't living here anymore.
-Then where is he?
Come with me, l'll show you
Son, l'm sorry, l came here
thinking boss was here!
Get in.
-Mathai, someone is after me!
l barely escaped from
them and got here
You get in
They are not small players...
l haven't seen them before
What the hell are you saying?
Why the hell did you go to my
house in the middle of the night?
Where else do l go, boss?
l didn't know you moved here,that
you are living in the sky!
Somebody has decided
to put me to sleep!
Benny, that pig,
he was the one who did this to me!
l somehow escaped.But
l bang him up.
l'm waiting for this to get over
They are going to put me to sleep!
That's for sure
Only you can save me
l can't take care of people
like you in my old age
Every time he needed help,
l have helped him,
haven't l Mathai?
Where am l going to go?
l'm telling you straight,
l'm not getting involved in any
of your problems any more...
Where am l going to go?
-Go somewhere!
Boss, they are not small players...
They are big time
They'll put me to sleep!
l somehow got here
Once l got here, l felt alright
lf you are with me,l have no worries,
l'm happy
This is an excellent weapon
l'm not going anywhere.
l'm going to stay here!
l don't have to be worried
about anything here
Who is going to come in here!
Hello Krishna, This is Ganga
What trouble ? l'm in no trouble
l'll call you after
solving this problem
Then you have to do me a favour
You have to come and
take Anita with you!
Balan Chettan was right
She was meant for you...
l came in between and
messed up everything!
Team DrC
This city doesn't need Ganga...
He was like a garbage!
Who was he to you?
Even his wife didn't want him
Why are you still after him?
He was a mad dog!
lf a mad dog enters your house,
you beat it to death!
We are stray dogs!
Stray dogs don't have owners,
but they care for each other!
We stand together even in death!
And your Ernakulam City,
it's not stable...
lt's built on the swamps
of Kammattippadam...
lt's not made of bricks or cement,
But with thick black blood!
Ganga's blood!
Blood calls for blood!
We're going to hide, ok?
Count out loud...Let's hide in the dark.
Come here...This is a good spot...
We have time. Let's see if he comes here.
He'll find us wherever we hide.
But he won't come into the dark.
He's afraid of the dark.
He won't look here. .
lf you are scared...hum a song..