Kamome shokudo (2006) Movie Script

Finnish seagulls
are enormous.
Their fat bodies
waddle along the wharf.
They remind me of a cat
I had as a young girl.
Nanao, the cat,
weighed 10.2kg.
She wasn't tame and
was always getting into fights.
Everyone hated her.
She only showed affection to me,
she let me pat her belly.
She used to purr.
I really loved Nanao.
I used to feed her without
telling Mom.
She ended up so fat
that she died.
A year later
Mom was hit and killed by a truck.
I loved her very much.
But strangely, I cried more
for Nanao than I did for Mom.
I don't think that's because Dad,
a martial artist,
always told me never to cry
in front of others.
I really like fat animals.
I love the way they devour
their food so contentedly.
My mother was very skinny.
Seagull Diner
She's been here
a month now.
I've never seen
any customers.
So tiny.
Is she a child or an adult?
I'll bet she's still a child.
She could be one of
those tiny adults.
It's more a "Child's Diner",
than the "Seagull Diner."
Coffee, please.
You speak good Japanese.
That's Nyarome, the cat?
You like Nyarome?
Yes, I do.
Who is it, who is it, who...
Do you like "Gatchaman?"
that cartoon.
Who is it, who is it, who is it
Do you know the lyrics?
All of them?
Wait a moment please.
Who is it, who is it, who is it...
Who is it?
Who is it?
No need to pay.
You're the very first
customer I've had.
So your coffee is free.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Who is it, who is it, who...
"Moominsummer Madness"
Excuse me.
Do you know the
Gatchaman song?
What was that?
Certainly, I know it.
Could you please teach me?
Well, yes.
Who is it, who is it, who is it
A shadow dancing
in the sky
The great white wings of
Taking a leap,
on faith,
Faith in the science
behind the firebird
Fly, fly, fly, Gatchaman
Go, go, go, Gatchaman
The Earth is all alone,
the Earth is alone
0hh, Gatchaman, Gatchaman
That's perfect.
My brother loved that cartoon,
we watched it together.
I'm so lucky.
That song kept repeating in
my head a million times.
But why that one?
I run a diner here in town.
Some kid asked me
for the lyrics the song.
I just couldn't remember them.
What a relief that is.
It's like finally scratching
that itchy spot.
- Thank you so much.
- Not at all.
So you run a diner here?
Yes, I do.
With your husband?
By yourself?
That's great.
It's just a tiny little place.
Are you a tourist?
Business trip?
No, not really.
Come to see the trolls?
Not at all.
A stab in the dark.
Stab in the dark?
Yes, that's it.
I wanted to go somewhere
far away.
I spread a world map and
closed my eyes...
Then I stabbed my finger
and I hit Finland.
I got here yesterday.
That's why I'm here now.
That's amazing.
- Not really.
- A very rare case.
You think so?
I have a question.
If you'd pointed at Alaska,
would you have gone there?
If Tahiti,
would you have traveled there?
Of course.
I see.
But I really had to do it.
There was no other choice.
When you're determined,
there is no choice.
I felt the same way.
So you came?
Yes, and here I am.
So, welcome to Finland.
I've tentatively booked a hotel
for a week.
But I don't know what to do.
I walked around
and found this book store.
So I came in.
How long will you stay?
I haven't decided yet.
As a token of
my thanks to you,
you're welcome to
stay at my place.
That was a good bath.
The Land of the
Midnight Sun.
It's still light outside.
Quite strange, isn't it?
Don't be afraid to ask
for my help.
Not at all.
Please make yourself at home.
Thank you for everything.
Let's sit down.
Have as much as you like.
I partake.
I partake.
Sorry you came all this way
to eat Japanese food.
Thank you.
You serve Japanese food
at your diner?
But why Finland?
I thought I didn't have to
do it in Japan.
So you came to Finland?
I thought the Finns would
appreciate good, basic food.
Why was that?
Well look, with Italy you think
of pizza, or pasta.
What about Germany?
In Korea
it'd be spicy cabbage.
In India, it's the curries.
Thailand, Tom Yam and
America, hamburgers.
What about Finland?
Of course.
Just think, what is a typical
Japanese breakfast?
Broiled salmon.
That's my point.
Both Japanese and Finns
love salmon.
Of course.
Actually, I just made
that up now.
To tell the truth,
I thought I'd do well here.
I thought Finland
would be the place.
But not yet.
I haven't had many customers.
The main thing I offer
is seasoned rice balls.
Rice balls...?
Good day.
This is the chap who
speaks Japanese.
How are you?
Very well, thank you.
This is my friend,
I'm Tommi Hiltnen.
She knows the lyrics
of that song.
The Gatchaman song?
I'd better be off.
See you later.
Where's she going?
Did you have a good time?
I saw almost all the
sightseeing spots.
You must be tired.
How about coffee?
Don't bother.
I've nothing else to do.
Sugar and milk?
I'll have milk, please.
Here you are.
Look, I've had a bit of a think.
Could I possibly help out
at the diner?
I can't just sponge off you.
I can clean, anything.
And I...
No, you wouldn't have to pay me.
I have my own money.
It's actually boring.
But are you sure?
I'm positive.
In that case, you're hired.
Thank you.
I really appreciate it.
There's another one here now.
Yes, you're right.
It's a big one this time.
Here's some cartoon trivia.
"Snufkin" is brother
to "Little My."
But different fathers, though.
They're half-brothers.
No way!
You didn't know that?
There's so much we never
get to learn.
May I ask you a question?
Why did you take in a
total stranger like myself?
Well, because...
...anyone who can remember
that song can't be bad.
Is that something you
just made up?
You can tell?
That's a perfect theme.
You've really hit the spot.
You think so?
It suits the diner's
atmosphere perfectly.
Midori, you serve.
Here you are.
Please write my name
for me.
- In script...
- Ideographs?
In Chinese characters?
Tommi Hiltnen.
Tommi Hiltnen...
Ton (Pig) Mi (Body)
Hil (Day) Tnen (Pray)
What are you doing?
It's a form of Aikido.
A basic squat.
I've done it since
I was a child.
It's something I do
every night.
I used to practice Yoga.
This is a pose called
"lotus flower in early bloom."
I can see it.
Look, about the diner...
Since we don't have many
why not put ads in
the Helsinki guide books?
Now, Tommi
is our only customer.
But in fact,
he's not really.
He gets his coffee
for free.
But he was my
first customer.
He gets it free forever.
I reckon most Japanese think
our food is the world's best.
And I agree with that.
Any Japanese in a
foreign country
must surely miss Japanese food.
If they knew about
our diner,
we'd get far more customers.
But the thing is, I don't want to
cater to homesick Japanese
or Finns who are after
stereotypes like sushi or sak.
They want different things.
Different flavors?
It's a diner,
not a restaurant.
It's much more informal.
I want passers-by
to drop in and eat.
If we keep working steadily
we will get customers.
If not...
Then I'll just have
to close up shop.
But it will work out.
Listen, Midori.
If the world ended tomorrow,
what would you do?
If it ended tomorrow?
Give me an idea.
Well, first I'd want something
delicious to eat.
I knew it.
I'd want something grand for
my last meal, too.
I'd buy the finest produce
and make many dishes.
I'd invite all the people I love
to a big party.
Would you invite me, too?
Anyone who can recall the
Gatchaman song can't be all bad.
Welcome sir.
Coffee, please.
But it could be better.
Shall I teach you how to
make delicious coffee?
What's that?
It was there before
I took over.
"Kopi Luak."
It's a charm.
"Kopi Luak."
Good, isn't it?
It tastes better when someone
makes it for you.
How about some smoked fish?
Can I help you?
This one?
- Reindeer?
- Yes, reindeer meat.
It's very delicious.
Young and beautiful.
So tender and juicy.
We have many meats.
Take a look.
"Kopi Luak."
Sorry I'm late.
Hi there.
Would you like a coffee?
Sure, thanks.
Here you are.
Did you change the beans?
It's much better.
Here you are.
Thank you.
Listen, Sachie.
Look, about the rice balls...
...even in Japan these days
the young people
go for more exotic
fillings in rice balls.
New varieties far
outsell traditional ones.
Doesn't that apply to
Finns, too?
We should offer
local ingredients.
And reindeer meat.
I really want to see
business pick up.
I want them to
like our food.
I understand.
Let's give it a try.
Let's try them out.
Start with reindeer.
The Finns like
creamy stew dishes.
But this is a mismatch.
Maybe not.
They may like it.
Even if we Japanese don't,
they might.
I don't think it's working.
Then let's try herring next.
Now that goes very well
with rice balls.
No, it's far better
just by itself.
With rice, you really get
that fishy smell.
Crayfish doesn't do it
for me, either.
No good?
Not with rice, no.
The traditional fillings
are best.
Here, too.
Not just in Japan.
Can we talk?
Sorry about today.
I was too forward.
Not at all.
We gave it a try,
so all is not wasted.
Will you teach me that?
What is it?
A squat.
Come over here.
First, get totally relaxed.
Breathe from the
center of your body.
Just below your navel.
It's difficult.
Nature and your spirit must
become one flowing unit.
You must be aware
of your center.
My center...
The center of your body.
On the right.
On the left.
On the right.
Let's make
cinnamon rolls tomorrow.
What a lovely smell!
Let's try them.
- Coffee and cinnamon rolls.
- Me, too.
Here you are.
Finally, some customers.
Amongst all flowers,
I love the carnation best
The carnation is my
very favorite flower
Can I get another coffee?
Me, too.
Midori, more coffee here.
Thank you.
Samurai spirit?
Yes, that's right.
Listen, Tommi.
Why don't you bring
your friends?
My friends?
Don't you have any friends?
I bet you don't.
Sachie, look outside.
What's with her?
She seemed to be angry.
Ready to serve.
Here you are.
Thank you.
It's that woman again.
There's one more!
Coffee, please.
Here you are.
My luggage went missing.
I heard that it happens
sometimes when you transfer.
But I never expected it would
happen to me.
That was bad luck.
But I don't think
it's lost forever.
They're sure to locate it.
Give them a couple of days.
This is the third day.
Is that right?
How long do you
plan to stay?
I haven't decided.
Aren't you a tourist?
Let me see...
...I suppose I could be.
But then again, maybe not.
I haven't decided yet.
I'm enquiring if
my luggage has turned up.
Geisha girl?
That's a Geisha.
Here's your coffee.
Here she is again.
What does she want?
Why does she have to
stare at us like that?
What is her problem?
Midori, what's the matter?
Nothing at all.
I'm back.
No sign of your luggage yet?
I called them earlier, but no luck.
Coffee, please.
That's too bad.
All your valuables, I suppose.
My valuables?
I wonder if I have such things?
Here you are.
Thank you.
What about clean clothes?
I have some you can wear.
I'm sorry if I've made
you worry, too.
Not at all.
This is delicious.
Thank you for that.
How come you're running
a diner here?
I just help out.
It's Sachie's business.
Well, I'm hoping to meet
good looking men.
I'm kidding.
I envy you.
Doing exactly what you want.
No, I just don't do
what I don't like.
I can't keep wearing these clothes,
can I?
I shall go buy some.
Thanks for the coffee.
Thank you very much.
Still no sign of my luggage?
- You want one?
- Yes.
Here you are.
Where's that from?
I bought it.
A tad too colorful for me, perhaps?
Not at all.
It looks great.
Want a cinnamon roll?
Yes, please.
Here you are.
Koskenkorva, please.
Sorry, but I can't drink
strong spirits.
Sorry for all this.
Never mind.
I had no other plans, anyway.
This must be it.
Get some water.
OK, I'll go now.
Thank you for that.
Some water.
Very shy,
but ever so kind.
And always so relaxed.
That was my image of
Finnish people.
But a sad person is sad
in any country.
Of course.
Anywhere you go,
sad is sad.
And the lonely ones are lonely.
When the world ends,
be sure you invite me along.
Your reservation is confirmed.
There's no real reason.
I just get so depressed.
All I think is what to do...
Can you understand that?
I don't know what to do.
One day her husband told her
he was leaving her.
She asked why and he said
he just needed to be alone.
She doesn't know what
brought it about.
She doesn't know what
she should do now.
Is that right?
By the way Masako,
do you speak Finnish?
No, I don't.
Here you are.
thank you for yesterday.
You're welcome.
Thank you very much.
Take this.
- Hello.
- Sorry about yesterday.
Not at all.
I was impressed by your
nursing skills.
Much appreciated.
I was glad to help.
A cup of coffee?
Here you are.
Thank you.
Did you work in
health care back in Japan?
No, but my parents
were chronically ill.
I was their full-time nurse.
I see.
Then I lost my mother
two years ago.
And my father died last year.
How can I put it?
After 20 years I was freed
from my burden.
That must have been
very trying for you.
I was changing Dad's
diaper one day,
while Finland was on
the TV.
On the news?
Yes, an air-guitar contest.
I was really impressed.
What's an air-guitar contest?
Contestants pretend they're
playing imaginary guitars.
One becomes the champion.
And a "carry the wife" race.
Cell phone throwing
and sauna endurance contests.
I was so impressed that people
took such stupid games so seriously.
They all looked to be so carefree.
Free from the
bonds of this world.
They all looked so calm
and peaceful.
That's why I came.
No other purpose.
Masako, just take it easy
and do nothing while you're here.
But actually, it's difficult
to just do nothing at all.
It sure is.
We tend to get distracted.
Then why are the Finns so
calm and laid back?
I wonder.
The forests.
We have our forests.
I shall go to the forest.
Thanks for the coffee.
Ready to go.
Here you are.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Hi there.
How was the forest?
I enjoyed it.
Did you get mushrooms?
Yes, I did.
I got lots of mushrooms.
But I lost them all.
You lost them?
They disappeared before I knew it.
I see.
Want something to eat?
Yes, I'll have rice balls.
Sachie, rice balls please.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I enjoyed the food.
Me, too.
Sorry about
the other day.
Are you 0K now?
Much better, thank you.
Coffee and cinnamon rolls, please.
You're here, too?
Yes, I'm helping out.
I see.
Make yourself at home.
I have something to ask you.
Yes, what is it?
Do you cast spells in Japan?
Yes, a way of cursing someone.
She's asking about curses.
Nails in a straw dummy?
Make a dummy and pretend
it's someone you want to curse.
Then stab it with a
long, fat nail, or needle.
It's an old, traditional curse.
Have you ever tried it?
No, never.
No one does it,
My little Kukka.
She died just after
my husband left me.
She so looked like...
Like what?
... like you.
Every time I saw you working
at the diner,
I thought about my dog.
I see.
But I must pull myself together.
That diner suits you very well.
Let's take a sauna later.
Want to go to a sauna?
Masako is really tough.
Over 20 minutes
in that sauna is a miracle.
You can enter the sauna
contest next year.
She says you should enter.
I was thinking about
the air guitar contest.
Shouldn't I?
You'd make a cool air guitarist.
Maybe I'll try, too.
It's open.
He used to run a shop here.
He made great coffee.
You only came for
what is yours.
But why sneak in like a thief?
How are your wife and
daughter doing?
Everyone has problems.
I'm hungry.
What's that?
It's a rice ball.
Japanese soul food.
Make sure to take back
what is yours.
I partake.
I partake.
I partake.
Have you heard of the
"Phantom of the Coffee?"
"Phantom of the Coffee?"
A small animal
called a luak.
They choose to eat only
the sweetest coffee beans.
The beans are refined in their
stomachs and then excreted.
They make the best coffee beans.
But many luaks were caught
and they're rare now.
They're the
"Phantom of the Coffee."
I got some of those
precious beans from Matti.
You mean the thief?
Let's try some.
"Kopi Luak."
What's that?
A charm to make it
taste better.
What a beautiful fragrance.
You want coffee?
Thank you.
It really is delicious.
It's great.
I've long wanted to ask you.
Ask me what?
Why choose rice balls
as your main dish?
Because rice balls are
the Japanese soul food.
I lost my Mom early on,
so I looked after the house.
My Dad made rice balls
twice a year for me.
Why twice?
On sports' day
and school excursions.
He said they always taste better
when someone else makes them.
He never made anything else.
No pretty lunches like
all my friends.
Just salmon, plum
and bonito rice balls.
They were huge and
badly shaped.
But they were
so delicious.
Still no sign of my luggage?
Good morning.
Good morning.
They found it.
My luggage finally turned up.
So maybe it's time for me
to go back to Japan.
Ever heard this?
"Hattivatit" needs electricity to live.
You didn't know, right?
Electricity, eh?
There's so much we
never get to learn.
All creatures need something
to live on.
Will Masako go back
to Japan?
That's totally up to her.
Either way,
we should be happy for her.
I agree.
Look, this may sound strange.
If I decided to go back to Japan,
would you miss me?
Are you going?
No, only if I did.
I wonder.
I've been by myself
from the beginning.
You have your own life.
So you wouldn't miss me?
I didn't say that.
So you won't miss me?
Of course I'd miss you.
That's enough.
But, eventually,
everything must change.
Everyone will change.
I hope it's for the better.
Everything will work out.
I hope so, too.
Something's wrong
with my luggage.
...well, there's no doubt that
it's my luggage, no.
But somehow,
something is very different.
What's up?
A strange man gave me a cat.
So now I can't go home.
I think I'll stay here
for a while longer.
Can I continue to
help out here?
Of course, you can.
My best regards to you.
To you, too.
From me, too.
Thank you.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Koskenkorva, please.
Hi, there.
How are you?
You look pretty today.
My husband suddenly
turned up.
He couldn't live without me
after all.
Sorry to have troubled you.
Rice balls, please.
Thank you.
... is full at last.
Did you notice?
Masako bows far too politely,
doesn't she?
Let me show you how.
Is that too polite?
Being polite is good.
But Midori's bow is
way too rough.
No, it isn't.
Let me show you how.
What do you think?
It's alright.
It suits her.
Sachie's "welcome" is
very attractive, I think.
You reckon?
Indeed, it is.
Your "welcome"
is excellent.
C'mon, show us.
Don't start.
Why not?
Just a bit.
Stop it.
Satomi Kobayashi
Hairi Katagiri
Masako Motai
Produced by
Hanako Kasumizawa
Executive Producers:
Seiji Okuda, Mitsuru Oshima
Masayasu Ishihara
Shuichi Komuro, Kumi Kobata
Enma Maekawa, Mayumi Amano
Associate Producer:
Keiko Morishita
Music by
Tatsuro Kondo
Original Story by
Yoko Mure
Ending Theme Song by
Yosui Inoue
Written & Directed by
Naoko Ogigami
Stuart J Walton (Sprout)