Kandahar (2010) Movie Script

Sir, everything okay.
- Fine.
Coimbatore flight is at 9 am.
Can l get a chair?
- Sir.
Can l get a chair?
- Sir.
l am not going to leave the body here.
Sir, permission for an outsider..
Get me the permission.
- Sir.
Now you need recommendation.
Will your father do that?
Let me try?
But the answer may be a big 'no'.
You are Loknath Sharma's son.
Try to get a job without recommendation.
Drink tea.
- Thanks, papa.
Papa, why don't you understand
what l am saying?
For the last 30 years, this house and the
convent where you taught are your world.
Papa, you don't know what's happening
in the outside world. - Yes. Yes.
You don't know what's happening
in the outside world.
All sons will think in the
same way at this age.
When l was your age,
l too thought like that.
Drink tea.
Papa, my work will be done with
just a phone call of yours.
Papa, please do at least that for me.
You are my son.
That's why l won't do it.
l have faith in your capability.
You will make a good name for yourself.
Not like the one you make for yourself
by thrashing people everyday.
Father, l have traveled the path
which you have shown me.
But by seeing the situation here..
l am tired, papa.
No. Never use the word
tired in your life.
You need to look for an
opportunity to prove yourself.
Have faith in your capabilities.
Everything will be fine.
Did you feel bad hearing what l said?
No, papa. Never.
But you know, papa.
l feel that sometimes..
Whenever l do something good you
hold back in appreciating me.
And whenever l do something wrong you
are very generous with your criticism.
Yes, son. lt is true that whenever you did
something right l didn't appreciate it much.
And the reason behind it is my belief
that you can do much better.
But at the same time l also fear that
l may be casting an evil eye on you.
Look, son. Till now people know you
as Loknath Sharma's son.
l am waiting for the day..
..when people would look at me and say..
look, he is Surya's father.
This word 'tired'.. cowards use that word.
But not men like you.
Now you will have to choose between a brave
man's life or a coward's death. lt's up to you now.
You are right, papa.
l am so sorry.
l will never hurt you again.
No, no.. l am just saying..
Here it comes..
You may have to go now.
Papa, this is called new generation.
- Okay.
You are an old man.
Papa, you won't understand this.
How would l understand it?
l was born just yesterday.
Hey, l am coming.
Hey, listen. Keep this money.
Your purse is empty.
Papa, did you check my purse?
Yes. But l haven't seen the photo inside.
Fill petrol too. Tank is empty.
Papa. Papa, did you wash my bike today?
Yes. So what?
Let me do something.
Otherwise l will become an old man.
Oh, papa. You are the best.
Come on.
- l am so incomplete without you.
No flattery please. Go.
And stay away from trouble.
Okay? - Okay, papa.
- No fights.
- Bye.
He is calling me an old man.
Am l old?
No. You are still young.
Come. Let's have tea.
l will wearjeans, a t-shirt
and a jacket. Come on.
Take. Keep this.
- For me?
Yes. For a long time you are saying
you don't have a mobile.
You keep it. lt's for you to call me.
- Thanks, brother.
Brother. What about taking me?
l will take you. Are you ready to come?
- Yes. l am ready.
l will come anywhere to make money.
- Now you have become a man.
But you haven't said
where we are going. Whatjob?
Scared? No need of that.
lt's not related to guns and bombs.
Struggling for our community.
Fighting against these people.
Your mother.
Don't tell anyone about this.
l will come after 2 days. - Okay.
- You take this bike.
Where were you?
Who was that?
From where did you get this
motor cycle and phone?
Don't ask everything together.
You will get suffocated.
l will get suffocated,
if you live like this.
That Kozhikode Jamal was
with you now, right?
Yes. So what?
Why did he come here from
Kozhikode along with you?
l don't know.
l read in the newspaper that he was behind
the riots in Kozhikode and Furoke.
l have brought you back from
your maman's house
to Ooty to avoid friendship
with people like him.
You won't give peace here too.
l have told you several times
don't roam with people like him.
No. l won't roam.
l will sit here itself.
Will you give me what l need?
- For that, you have to earn.
During your school days, you haven't
given importance to studying.
Now you want to become
rich immediately.
You are ashamed to go with
your father for selling fish.
Yes. lt's shameful for me.
l can't shout carrying
fish baskets on the cycle.
Now it's shameful work for you.
When you were a child,
you waited to sleep on your father's
chest which is carrying the smell of fish.
Thatjob is also having its own dignity.
Police never came here
in search of your father.
But the Jamal who came here
to see you now.
He will take money from others
and give the Quran in..
..your hand after tearing it
into 56 pieces.
Your father's fish smell has
more dignity than the..
..smell of that devil who
makes Muslims devils.
What happened here to say all this?
Son. Your mother is saying this.
You are not traveling on the right path.
This mother wants to tell you that only.
Hey, l don't get peace if l come home.
For making me mad.
Oh Father Namah.
Om workshop Namah.
Let all the vehicles come
here after accidents.
lf the owner dies, who will give me money?
Namah. Namah.
How is it?
Come. Come close to me.
- What?
Why did you hit me?
l told you never keep this
photo straight.
l am getting slaps for this
for the last 6 years.
This is your father's photo, right?
- Yes.
Why are you keeping this
picture facing the other way?
Earlier, l had kept this straight.
That time people asked me
whose photo this is?
l said my father's photo.
So they wouldn't give me work.
Then l kept it facing the other way.
That time people asked me if this was
my father's photo right? - Why?
Hey, When my father was under vehicles,
people used to see him head down, right?
- Yes.
Yesterday also l explained and
slapped him. Today too.
What will l do tomorrow?
Hello, sir.
- Hello.
What happened?
- This is a headache. lt doesn't start.
Now start it. Kick,
lt started.
- lt didn't start by itself. You had to on this.
Oh my God.
Are you done?
- lt will take a little time.
Old hag, no matter what,
he can't stop eating this.
l'll only have to talk to him now.
- Give me the spanner.
- Will you shove it into my mouth?
God bless him. No matter how much
you tell him, he doesn't listen.
God knows what's on his mind.
Hey, go away from here.
Why are you troubling me?
ls this steamed bread delicious?
- Yes. lt is.
One has to eat only
steamed bread at this age.
ls there any vacancy for pilots?
- Yes. Yes.
Hey, Surya. Don't waste your
time reading the newspaper.
Go and tell your father to recommend.
- Good idea.
lt won't happen till his father is alive.
Hey. lf you say something about my father..
- What l said is true, right?
Leave him.
- Hey. What is this?
Leave it. You are a pilot, right?
You will surely get a job.
lf you won't get a job, then too your father
had made everything for your livelihood.
Who will give us jobs without
bribing and recommendation?
That's right?
lf this is the situation of
an educated person like you..
..then you see me.
l am not educated also.
But you see. l will also do something.
That l am seeing.
From where did you get all these?
That l will tell you when time comes.
Surya, come.
l want to go to the electricity office.
Can you drop me?
Electricity office?
Go in an auto rickshaw.
l have some other work.
- Job,
The planes in lndia won't fly
without you.
Don't make others say something.
Come. Come and start the bike. Come.
- Tell. Tell.
Hey, lf you don't go.
l will drop her.
Hey. What is this?
Move. Move.
- What cheapness?
Aishwarya. May l drop you?
- No. No.
Go, man.
That was nice. Nice.
Where are you taking me to?
l think you are taking me
to a very beautiful place.
l'm talking to you.
Surya, talk to me romantically please.
Get lost.
You want to create a love story?
You are talking as though you don't know
anything about my feelings.
Listen to me. Talk to me.
Think over it once again.
lf l go to Australia leaving you alone
here what will you do here?
Then you'll have to find
a girl for yourself here.
Surya, l don't understand why don't you
share your feelings with me?
Stop it now. You've been irritating me
with your talks since morning.
Surya, whatever l told was to
make you understand.
Surya, no.
Get. Down.
- Surya.
Surya, no.
What? What happened? Get up.
They were misbehaving.
When l asked them, they hit me.
Who beat you first?- This guy.
- This guy? Bash him. You have uniform.
Hero is here. We'll take care of police later.
Bash the hero first.
Get up.
No. You will go to jail.
lt's going to rain. Go home.
Surya, what happened?
lt's going to rain. Go home.
l haven't bent my head in front of anyone
in my life except my father. Who is he?
That is Mahadevan sir.
A military officer.
Did you fight with anyone today?
What was the reason behind that?
That's okay.
l heard that you were angry with the
person who came to calm you down.
l don't know who he is.
Standing here after telling everything.
l will give you.
- You are going to marry me, right?
l decided to improve you before that.
Whatever you have done is right.
But you go and say thanks to the person
who saved you from going to jail.
Why should l say thanks for this?
Who is he? l will..
Why are you staring at her?
lf Aishwarya wouldn't have told me
then too l would have known about this.
Are you saying that
l started the fight there?
Papa, the police man who was thrashed
there was almost your age.
But l can understand that
what you have done is right.
But lots of people were there, right?
Then why did you go to fight alone?
Papa, you told me that wherever
l see a mistake, l should question it.
l have done that only.
Okay. Okay. Do one thing.
Go and say sorry to him.
Go. Go. Please.
What will you do after marrying him?
He is mad.
Whatever he does, he is a nice man.
- That's right.
After all he is my son.
Come on.
Who is this? Goon?
Why did you come here?
For beating me?
Sir, l..
- Take that plant.
- Take that plant.
You know, officer.
We soldiers have planted more
that 4 crores trees.
Why can't you plant trees instead
of showing goon behavior?
Sir, please. l am not a goon, sir.
Then what did l see in the market?
Sir, like you think..
- Like l think..
l am not a rowdy like you think.
l am a highly qualified,
unemployed, frustrated..
..young man who is following
the path of true worthiness..
..which my father has taught me.
But you forgot one thing.
- Sir.
Your father is a great teacher
who has contributed lots of..
..great people for our country
in the last 40 years.
Mr. Loknath Sharma.
- Sir, do you know my father?
Who doesn't know a person
like him in Ooty?
But now people know you too.
But as a goon.
Actually l came here to tell you.
Thanks? You came here as per
your father's instructions right?
Yes, sir.
lf you hadn't come there,
l would have killed that rowdy.
Sir, forgive me.
l have behaved badly with you.
Sorry, sir.
lt's okay.
lf you do like this, then that man who is
sitting at home won't get peace of mind.
l know. He is a different person.
l know that. Sir.
l am a son who is following
his principles.
lf l do something good,
then too his heart pains.
Do you like your father so much?
l love my father very much.
One of the best fathers in the world.
l have to do something for
his happiness.
And l want to make him proud of me.
The courage and strength of people like
you won't be destroyed on the streets.
Use that for the benefit of your country.
Then this country will felicitate you.
Especially your father.
Why don't you join the army?
Sir, l am ready. l tried twice.
But l never got it.
You liked to become a pilot, right?
Nothing like that, sir.
lf you are ready, then l will help you.
Are you ready to join the army?
- Are you sure?
- Say it louder.
Yes, sir.
''Clap your hands.''
''Clap your hands.''
''Dance with joy and have fun.''
''Live life to your fullest.''
''You won't get this opportunity again.''
''So, utilize this opportunity.''
''Have style and attitude.''
''This world will bow to you then.''
''You'll become the leader of the world.''
''Clap your hands.''
''Clap your hands.''
lt looks like it is going to rain.
Go home.
''This whole world calls us mad.''
''l fear this world. This is a strange world.''
''This whole world calls us mad.''
''l fear this world. This is a strange world.''
''My memories and my dreams.''
''Keep them hidden in your heart.''
''Like the fragrance in flower,
you are in my heart.''
''Your life is in me and
my life is in yours.''
''My heart is crazy for you.''
''Clap your hands.''
''Clap your hands.''
''Neither gold, silver,
or money can do this.''
''lf you have to trade the heart.''
''Love is the only means.''
''Neither promise nor oaths.
lt can't do anything.''
''lf you have to trade the heart.''
''Love is the only means.''
''Clap your hands.''
''Clap your hands.''
Where are you going at midnight?
Oh started,
Don't allow me to go somewhere?
Tell me. Where are you going?
Why do you want to know that?
Move aside without arguing.
l won't allow you to go, if you won't
say where you are going.
Till now you haven't earned
anything for me, right?
When l try to earn something
what can l do if you don't allow me?
Where you have found the tree
which gives you that much money?
That l have found.
l won't spoil my life like this.
To live in front of others, l need money.
Razaqh will come back after making that.
Son, tell me where are you going?
Don't allow me to improve?
Do you want to know
where l am going now?
To finish the enemies of lslam who won't allow
poor people like us live in this country.
To holy war of Allah.
My Allah,
Enough, son. This mother doesn't
want to hear anything more.
l am noticing your change
for a few days.
What l feared about my son,
at last that itself has happened.
Nabi stood peacefully when his
uncle Shahid Ali died in
The war front and when his liver
was bitten by a prostitute.
And when lslam came to Arabia.
He pardoned them and showed
the strength of lslam to them.
lslam should follow him and
not go forjihaad like this.
They are really the enemies
of both lslam and the world.
You mother is saying this.
You are going to hell.
l will tolerate that hell.
l need money and status.
ls it possible for you to give that?
No, right?
You go. l can't block you.
Before you go, eat some food
with my hand.
My son, don't go.
Live here as my son without
making bad names.
Hey, Go.
lt's been four years..
The day l come out, major
only God can save you.
l have been giving you money
since four years.
Did you contact Omar?
You people can't do anything to me.
Then why don't you leave me?
Make Omar talk to me as soon as
he comes into contact
What he said is right?
To commit the judgement,
entire life time is needed.
All of you. Attention
l think he is angry.
- l too think so.
Yes. Yes.
- Shut up, you..
What's your name?
- Krishnan.
From where?
- Kerala.
Kerala. God's own country?
Yes, sir.
- No God.
Only you and your rifle.
- Okay, sir.
Say it louder.
- Okay, sir.
All of you keep jumping
And say l love my country.
l love my country.
l love my rifle.
- l love my rifle.
l don't love my girl friend.
l don't love my girl friend.
Say it loudly.
l love my country.
- l love my rifle.
l said jump,
- l don't love my girl friend.
l love my country.
l love my rifle.
l don't love my girl friend.
- Come here.
l love my country.
What's your name?
Didn't you hear what l asked?
What's your name?
Kishore, sir
l love my rifle.
l don't love my girl friend.
Do l look like Mammooty to you?
- Yes sir, No sir.
Then why did you smile?
No sir, Yes sir.
l love my rifle.
l don't love my girl friend.
- l love my country.
l said down.
Get up, No. No. No.
Wait. Wait. Wait.
What is this?
You got feeling.
Do you want to show your
play boy to everyone?
Don't laugh. Don't laugh.
All of you go and touch the post. Run.
You get up, Go,
Gentlemen, l am company
havaldar major Shiva.
From today onwards it's my responsibility
to turn you into officers.
During the course of the training
you can withdraw your name.
The decision is up to you now.
We have just come here. l think he will
throw us from here now itself.
l don't think it will go smoothly.
What's you name?
Why are you crying?
- Sir.
Open your mouth and
tell me why are you crying.
l don't like someone saying
bad words about my mother.
Wipe your tears.
Wipe your tears.
- Sir.
After entering this gate,
don't think about relatives.
No religious feelings.
Only one feeling. l am an lndian.
That's all.
Here somebody will say bad words to you.
Punish you.
That's all a part of training.
Tomorrow our enemy would capture you.
You don't go against our country by
fearing their harassment.
So sentiments, out of the gate.
- Yes sir.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
That's spirit.
Now all of you.
Come out of that mood. Run.
You wait.
How dare you talk when l was talking?
- Sir.
Give me 50 push ups.
- Sir.
Give me 50 push ups now.
- Sir.
That's it.
Ketty. Don't talk to them.
Otherwise they will spoil your English.
Brother, did you hear what she said?
Dog's English will spoil if it talks to us.
- ls it?
Brother, l think even dogs
speak English here.
Come on, do it.
- Oh,
Why? Why are they taking that girl?
We want Mr. Masood.
- Yes.
Find out where the lndians have hidden him.
- Okay.
We failed twice.
Take as much money as you want.
But we want Mr. Masood at any cost.
- Okay.
Bin Laden will get very angry.
By God's grace, you will get everything.
What's her crime?
She went against lslam and
got herself treated by a doctor.
She's not scared of God.
She confessed her crime.
That's our camp.
She might have done any thing
against lslam.
She might have consulted
a doctor for illness.
Today Omar will give her punishment.
Court and police are not here or what?
Here Omar is the police and court.
Nothing less than death penalty would
be enough for such women.
The one who doesn't have any respect for lslam
and Taliban doesn't have a right to live.
Take her to Shaitan hills and
eliminate her.
That is not my problem.
l want to find out in which jail Maulana
Masood is imprisoned in lndia.
- We have found out.
But it's been learnt that the jail he has been
kept in is impossible to break out.
We will have to think of
some other plan.
l don't need people like you
to listen to all this.
l will have to do something.
Get me in touch with every
jihadi in lndia.
Get me in touch with them.
- Yes, sir.
You said that we are going
forjihaad and now..
Don't ask many questions.
Obey what l am saying.
lf you obey them,
it would be good for you.
ln which lslamic religious book is it
written not to consult a doctor?
Allah's children, Salutations,
With the help of the training you would get
here you would spread terror in the world.
And there will be only one lslam left.
Jihaad doesn't mean destroy the world,
but to save others.
Now listen to what they are saying.
You will get money.
What my mother said is right?
Now l understood that.
Jamal. l am scared.
- Keep quiet.
You are all Allah's children.
Did you say something?
- Nothing. Nothing, sir.
Then it's alright.
Your training starts from tomorrow.
Come, we shall all pray to Allah
that we succeed in our mission.
Accept our prayers, Lord,
Al Jihad,
- Al Jihad,
l didn't hear you..
Al Jihaad,
- Al Jihaad,
Don't touch with hands.
Use the spoon.
After keeping everything in front
and not allowing to eat.
Hey, Keep quiet.
He will listen.
Fork and spoon.
Don't leave him like that.
We should inform the concerned person.
What's going on there?
- Jai Hind, sir. Nothing, sir.
Sir. That.
Jai Hind, sir,
- What?
Sir, we don't know the rules
and regulations here.
So we are not able to eat food.
This is too much.
What's your name?
- Surya, sir.
l will solve your problem.
Firstly, l will stop your hunger.
Sit down.
Sir. - Sir.
- Sit down.
Should l say separately for you?
Start your frog jump. Now.
l'll talk to you later.
Whenever we get punishment,
they will come in front of us.
Hi, frog. Fro frog. Fro frog.
What you want?
- Nothing.
Go away.
- Go away?
No. l will speak to them.
Actually, ladies, CO sir is having special
interest in our matter, That's why..
cro cro cro cro.
Not clicked.
l am feeling romance like
what we see in movies.
Okay. Okay.
- Get up and keep moving.
Come on. Do fast.
Hey. Jump. He is coming.
Hello. Who is Surya?
lt's me, Surya.
Are you Loknath Sharma's son?
- Yes, sir.
Sir, how do you know my father?
- My brother was his student.
He told me.
You couldn't eat anything, right?
First time, these all are there.
Don't take it seriously.
l will send some food. - Okay, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Sit down and continue
your punishment.
Yes, sir.
When he told me that he knows my father,
l thought he will avoid this punishment.
Faster. For Jihaad,
This is for Allah, Do remember it.
Run. We have to beat the enemies.
Faster. Keep moving.
This is a holy war. Never forget that.
Move, Come on, lt is God's battle, not ours.
Sit down, - Sit down,
- Hold it straight.
Put it on your shoulder.
Faster. Faster.
What do you want?
- Water. - Water?
You want water? Take this.
Never to live without water.
You want more? You want more?
Now move,
l've seen that.
Hi, - Hi,
- Hi,
My name is Krishnan.
We have met in the academy.
Oh, That. We didn't recognize.
Whenever we see you, either a
cycle would be there on your
head or you will be in some other position.
Only now are we seeing you properly.
That we.. - Anyways,
nice to meet you. - Same to you.
l am Reshmi.
- This is my friend Sudha.
Nice to meet you.
We are coming out of the
academy for the first time.
Can you please take us to
some good restaurant?
Yes. Why not? Come..
Brother. Remove the tie.
lf instructor sir sees us,
then it would be a problem.
''Slowly. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly.''
''Slowly. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly.''
''When l walk slowly, my veil falls.
My veil falls. My veil falls.''
''When l walk slowly, my veil falls.
My veil falls. My veil falls.''
''My eyes are enchanting.
My kohl is mesmerizing''
''l am dancing beautifully.''
''Slowly. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly.''
''When l walk slowly, my veil falls.
My veil falls. My veil falls.''
''When l walk slowly, my veil falls.
My veil falls. My veil falls.''
''The whole world sees
my beautiful face.''
''The whole world. The whole world.
The whole world. The whole world.''
''The whole world sees
my beautiful face.''
''They see my face and get enthusiastic.
Get enthusiastic. Get enthusiastic.''
''My dance moves are famous
in the whole world.''
''Stay away from me,
or you might get beaten up.''
''My youth is crazy.
Why are you wandering?''
''Slowly. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly.''
''When l walk slowly, my veil falls.
My veil falls. My veil falls.''
''When l walk slowly, my veil falls.
My veil falls. My veil falls.''
''My veil falls.''
''My veil falls.''
''l am a sparkling girl.
l am amazing. Amazing.''
''l am a sparkling girl.
l am amazing.''
''lf you see me, you will get excited.''
''Chamia, Chhamo, Billo, Bebo,
l have many names.''
''There's fire in my heart.
My eyes are enthralling. l am very popular.''
''My anklet chimes, boy.''
''Slowly. Slowly.''
''When l walk slowly, my veil falls.
My veil falls. My veil falls.''
''My eyes are enchanting.
My kohl is mesmerizing.''
''l am dancing beautifully.''
''Slowly. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly.''
''When l walk slowly, my veil falls.
My veil falls. My veil falls.''
''When l walk slowly, my veil falls.
My veil falls. My veil falls.''
Jai Hind, sir, - Jai Hind,
Surya and Krishna went to the club, sir.
And they will return late.
You go to your cabin.
- Yes, sir.
Jai Hind, sir,
Go to your cabin immediately,
Close the gates.
No one will come inside anymore.
Nice experience.
- Really? - Oh, no.
lt's already 7 now.
We better get going.
Okay, ladies.
We'll see you later. Okay?
- Okay. Okay.
l'll see you at dinner tomorrow.
Okay? - All right.
Dinner? Shiva sir's dinner
is waiting for us, come.
Okay, good night.
Bye.- Bye. Good night.
Oh, My god,
Come fast.
Thank god.
- Yes. Yes.
Stop there.
You have broken the rules
and regulations.
Both of you have made a big mistake
by jumping over the wall.
Seven offenders.
You, Surya, report to me
in the morning.
You go now.
Go now,
- Sir.
''Remove the clouds that
have hidden the light.''
''Bring in such a light that would dispel
darkness from the world.''
''Remove the clouds that
have hidden the light.''
''Bring in such a light that would dispel
darkness from the world.''
''Your destination is calling you.
Don't give up.''
''Don't let the passion die.''
''Keep going..
Your destination..''
''..will bow in front of you.''
''Keep going..
Your destination..''
''..will bow in front of you.''
Get up, CC. Listen to me.
l am going for leave tomorrow.
l will come after 2 months.
You won't be here that time.
Wherever you are, l will kill you.
You understand?
You understand that?
Yes, sir.
- Get up now. Get up.
Go. Go.
What's the matter?
You didn't like the food?
Come, l'll feed you something.
Come on.
l like you. Come.
Really? Come on.
Come. Come on.
- Why did you..
Listen. Listen.
lslam's reputation is already in tatters..
Now you are adding to our miseries?
Come on. Let's go from here.
You have cheated me. Right, Jamal?
l have done that because
of my situation.
God won't forgive you.
- That's true.
People like you whose mind changed
have cursed me a lot.
l haven't listened to my mother.
l should face all this.
After father's death, for conducting the marriage
of my four sisters, l took up this job.
l know that what l am doing
is against lslam.
l am doing all this because
of my situation.
Let's run away from here, Jamal.
lf l go alone, then it won't be a problem.
lf l take you along with me,
they will find and kill us.
Anyway, you calm down.
They will send us to Kashmir shortly.
You can escape from there.
Will you see my mother?
Should l?
- No.
lf possible, please forgive this Jamal.
Anyways, l won't do this work again.
l am going. Bye.
Jaihind, sir.
Shiva. How are you?
Fine, sir.
Hey, relax man.
Talk like old Shiva without
standing like this.
With your permission.
- Yes.
You know, sir.
After leaving you, l haven't got
an officer like you.
l too missed you a lot.
Come on.
Sir. Don't harass Surya more.
l made Surya rough and
tough to my best capability.
l have given charge to Shamin Khan.
He is a dirty fellow, sir.
l want to make him
a good buddy like you.
His father, Loknath Sharma is
a respectful teacher.
He is a good person.
He was worried about his son.
When l meet him, you will tell him
that you can be proud of your son.
That boy is having good will power.
Like you?
- No, sir.
Okay. How is your wife Anitha
and son Arjun?
They are fine.
Can you please give me
an opportunity to ask like this?
Sir, finally for firing your cremation,
your own..
You are there, right?
No, sir. Nothing like that would happen.
The entire world is praying for you, sir.
When will we go for an operation
like earlier times?
Any time, sir.
You call me there.
l will be there always for you.
Okay. Come. Come.
What is colonel Gill doing?
No, sir. He has started nursing
school after retirement.
Oh my God,
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
l think Shamim Khan will kill him.
- You're right.
lf you make a mistake,
you will get punished.
He complained...
- Keep quiet.
l don't want you in this academy, Surya,
Tomorrow morning, l want a resignation.
No, sir.
l won't leave this academy.
Sir, please. Understand my feelings, sir.
Please, sir. Please. Please.
Shamim Khan will take Surya with him.
He has for his resignation.
That's why he's punishing him.
That dog is behaving like as if he has
some personal vengeance on him.
You don't worried.
Let Shamim test my patience.
l've my father's blessings.
l will not fail.
You just relax.
Polish my shoe too.
- No way,
- Sir.
How is your training?
Good Sir. Very good, sir.
lt's going nicely.
- l heard.
But are you doing good?
Yes, sir.
- Listen.
l am going to Ooty for
a five days conference.
Really, sir?
- l haven't met your father yet.
So please inform.
- l will inform him today itself.
He will be very happy to see you.
Should l take something for your father?
Sir, if you don't mind..
My father likes tea a lot.
Now l am not there,
so he won't go out.
Okay. Don't worry. Don't worry.
Anything else?
- No, sir. Thank you very much, sir.
And, sir, my love to him.
- Take care and do well. Okay.
Right, sir. Good bye.
Greetings, Maulana,
How is it going?
How long will l have to rot here?
We are hijacking a plane.
Just a few more days.
Have faith in me.
We are working on it since five years.
Give us some more time.
With Allah's blessings we will
celebrate the next Eid together.
Alright. Goodbye.
Dear.. See this.
- Go ahead, l am hearing.
l have worn the dress of your choice.
My choice, the best choice.
And what about me?
Am l not your choice?
l get reprimanded by you every time.
Surya's training is over.
He will be coming home soon.
l talked to him yesterday itself.
He was happy.
Oh God, Dear, see who it is.
- Okay.
Who is it?
Mr. Loknath Sharma.
- Yes.
Major Mahadevan.
- Good morning, sir.
No, sir. You can call me Mahi.
Please come. Please come.
Mahi. Nice name.
Mahi, shortcut of Mahadevan.
Army men are experts in shortening names.
Padmanabham turns into Paddy.
Madhavan becomes Maddy.
lf l were in the army what would
have my name been?
Loknath Sharma.
What will we call that in Malayalam?
Nice fellow.
You speak Malayalam, sir.
- Yes. l know Malayalam.
l am living with Malayali.
l have to know it.
l don't speak too much. Just a bit.
When l speak too much
she laughs at me.
Please sit down.
- Sir, you are a joyful person.
lf l was not a joyful person it would've
been difficult to spend life alone.
Be happy. Live happily.
But you were talking to someone here.
- Talking?
l see.
So you have heard my madness.
That's my madness.
l talk to her about everything.
We fight.
We disagree. We have arguments.
And she even answers me back.
You can call it my madness, major.
But because of this particular
madness l am not lonely today.
Look, major, in life..
Only after people leave us
we know their real value.
But till then it's already too late.
Anyway, you won't understand it, sir.
l understand it very well.
- No, you won't..
Yes, sir. Because l lost
my wife and daughter.
l am so sorry, officer.
You know how much l miss my wife
and Surya misses his mother?
No, sir. Surya is not missing her.
How do you know that?
Surya talked to me about you only.
Surya never talked about his mother.
l realized from his talk that you never allowed
him to feel that his mother is not alive.
l always had the fear that..
Surya shouldn't miss his mother.
Anyway, now you know everything.
Okay, please come in. Sit down.
l will make tea for you.
And l make good tea.
l brought tea leaves for you.
l see.
Surya must've told you about it.
- Alright, sit down.
Nice tea.
Sir, may l help you.
- No. No. - Okay.
l will prepare the tea myself.
l like making it.
When Surya was here he used
to bring tea for me.
He is a.. he is a good boy.
Surya, you know..
He must've done something
good in his life.
l never patted on his back.
l don't know why.
l hope he will become a good officer.
He shall be a good officer, sir.
- Yes.
You are not going to attend his
passing out ceremony, sir?
No, no. l don't leave Sumangali
here alone..
Let him come. Let Surya come.
Then l will salute him.
Okay. Okay, sir.
Did you like it?
After a long time l am having
a good cup of tea.
You make really good tea.
l am happy you liked it.
She too used to like my tea a lot.
She was always obstinate that she won't
drink tea unless l prepare it.
After meeting you
l feel like you are family.
l too feel the same way.
When l met Surya and
heard about you..
l wanted to meet you, sir.
l don't remember my father.
Sir, you..
Even after losing your wife,
you lived for your son.
You brought him up.
A good human being for the society.
l wish l had a father like you, sir.
Hey, army man.
Getting emotional.
Army men are also human beings.
We also have a heart inside.
Okay. Let me go now, sir.
Thank you.- Thank you so much
for coming and meeting me.
Say hi to Surya.
- Sure, sir.
After training, as a special case,
l will try to put him into..
..my union so that we can
work together.
Bye, sir.
- God bless you.
- Sir.
Don't ever miss your father.
Thank you, sir.
With Allah's grace we will
find out a way.
Do not worry.
- Here he is.
- Greetings.
Allah has answered our prayers.
We got a plan to release Maulana Masood.
You start training the new recruits
in Kashmir..
l will go with them to lndia.
- But, sir, what is the plan?
We will hijack a plane in lndia.
From Mumbai or Delhi..
And we will bring it to Kandahar..
And then we will force the lndian
government to release Maulana Masood.
A plane worth Rs.1 .5 billion
and 500 lives..
We will have to beat the
lndian government.
Al Jihaad,
- Al Jihaad,
''When mother earth becomes thirsty..''
''..ocean evaporates and turns into clouds.''
''lf you have determination..''
''..nothing is impossible for you.''
''When mother earth becomes thirsty..''
''..ocean evaporates and turns into clouds.''
''lf you have determination..''
''..nothing is impossible for you.''
''You should dedicate yourself to your mission.''
''Keep going..
'' Your destination will bow in front of you.''
''Keep going..''
''Your destination will bow
in front of you.''
''Know who you are..
Tell yourself who you are.''
''No one has the power
to suppress you.''
''Know who you are..
Tell yourself who you are.''
''No one has the power
to suppress you.''
''There will be a new dawn
which will leave the sky stunned.''
''Keep going..''
''Your destination will bow in front of you..''
''Keep going..''
..take the oath to protect my country..
..even at the cost of my life..
Jaihind, sir.
- Jaihind.
Okay, boys. Today onwards your team
commander is Captain Surya sir.
These are your boys.
Till you are in NSG,
these people are with you.
Their training, safety.
Everything is the responsibility
of the team commander.- Sir.
So be with them now onwards.
- Right, sir.
Very well kept room.
Very neat room.
Jaihind, sir.
- Jaihind.
Come on boys. lntroduce yourselves
by telling your names.
Okay. What's your name?
Sir, what's the use of knowing names?
Work is important.
Not name, sir.
For commanding us, rank is not enough.
We should also feel so.
Okay. l will prove.
Where and when?
Obstacle course.
Morning 6 am, sir.
l am Dinesh, sir.
- l am Sanjeev, sir.
l am Rohan, sir.
- Thank you.
l am Reman, sir.
Was on alert?
My team is on alert, sir.
Get on to the airport.
You got to move to Kashmir.
Done, sir. We will be out of
the gate within 20 minutes.
Get moving.
- Okay.
Alpha team. Alpha team. Over.
Carry on.
Okay, boys. Holidays are over.
We are moving to Kashmir
for a picnic. Okay.
- Move.
Okay, boys.
- Yes, sir.
We are going to do a Chakravyuha operation.
We will bring them in our target
area and fire them.
We will not waste a single bullet.
Boys. Report position.
Charlie One, Charlie One,
Target number 7.
Cross tango to location.
Target is coming to us killing areas.
Target number 7.
- Coming to us killing areas.
Good. Now we will block that route.
Killing area is clear.
Target is coming to us killing areas.
Preys to our location.
Block and wait.
They are meeting the target.
You block that route and wait.
Scoundrel position.
Coming towards killing area.
Okay. l can see.
They are meeting the killing area, sir.
Let them come.
Sir, l know him.
He is my friend.
ln the line of convergence,
there is no friend, man.
Whoever crosses the line, they are
our enemies. Come on. - Right, sir.
Greetings, brother,
- Greetings,
How are you?
- l am fine.
ls everything fine?
- How are you?
These rogues must've given you a hard time.
We will pay them back manifold.
With Allah's grace we have made
arrangements to hijack the Air lndia plane.
lf Allah wishes you won't stay
here for too long.
- Our man is working in the catering.
We are looking after him
since four years.
Notjust weapons, he would even
plant bombs for us there.
- He's fine.
He will meet you only after
you are released.
lt's his oath.
What if the plan doesn't succeed?
We will crash the plane.
We will at least reach heaven.
We will celebrate Eid together..
..or we will meet in heaven.
Take care of yourself.
Mollakka, why are you here?
That means you haven't come to
know about anything, right?
Our Rasaq and a few boys tried to
cross the border after training.
Army has killed all of them.
You have to sign here to bring
his dead body here.
Why do you want to bring
his body here?
Rasaq was your only son, right?
His body has to be brought here, right?
Even if an organ in our body is damaged,
we will cut and remove that.
Then what about the son whom
the society doesn't want.
He had died the day he left
my house in the name ofjihaad.
l have given the last feast and
one drop tear for him long back.
Anything else you want to say?
Everybody is fine in Kozhikode, right?
lf you wait, l will make tea for you.
Come fast.
- Very big airport, right?
Okay. Thank you.
These 3 children's and mine.
They will give your ticket. Okay?
- Okay.
Take, teacher.
Come fast.
Yes. Sure.
Good evening, Captain.
Hi, Sangeeta. Good evening.
- Good evening.
Your last flight, right?
- Yes, sir.
See you at the party
- Sure, sir.
So after landing at Delhi
we are going for a party.
ln fact l am feeling very bad
to leave all of you.
What to do?
l have no choice.
- lt's part of life.
l didn't see you in the last party.
Why are you tense?
- l am scared.
Nothing to fear. - l am traveling
in the flight for the first time.
l am with you, right?
Mother has sent me because
teacher is coming with us.
Otherwise my mother
wouldn't send me.
l love you so much.
- Hey. Relax..
Lord Krishna.
Hey. What is this?
- What?
What happened?
Be seated.
Sit please. Please.
- lt's okay. lt's okay. Come.
Are you okay?
- Come.
Checklist. Cabin no.1
Excuse me, sir. Take your seat.
Good weather.
l want you to take me to the pilot.
Open the cockpit. Move.
Take me to the pilot.
Don't imitate.
Take me to the cockpit now.
Come on. Move it. Come on.
Move it. Come on. Keep moving.
Come on. Keep moving.
Keep moving quietly. Open the door.
l said open the door.
What's the code? Open it.
Now get lost from here
Who are you? What's your problem?
- Okay, man. Relax. Relax.
Shut your mouth and
take the plane to Kandahar.
l need.. - Shut up,
- l need clearance. - We need clearance.
l just can't stop this plane anywhere.
- We need clearance.
That's not my problem.
- We need time.
That's not my problem. Understood?
- Let me contact control room.
Good evening, ladies and gentleman.
My name is Omar Abudullah.
Your new captain.
Now this plane is hijacked.
lt will go directly to Kandahar
and not to Delhi.
Oh my god,
Clearance problem.
- Air lndia. Air lndia.
Calling ground.. Calling ground..
Need clearance.
We need time.
- Relax we need time.
Air lndia 166 hijacked.
Captain speaking.
My people are along with me.
l have one request to you.
Please co-operate with them.
Because l don't like over smart people.
Now sit back and enjoy your flight.
We are getting hijacked.
l repeat. We are getting hijacked.
Give me time.
l am talking to them.
They are telling us to give Maulana Masood.
This is not the time for fun.
We need to go to Kandahar.
Please give us clearance.
Some unidentified men have hijacked the Air lndia
flight Al-166 bound to Delhi from Mumbai.
Armed people have hijacked the Air lndia flight
which was bound to Delhi from Mumbai.
A group of school students who went
for a tour are on the plane.
The demands of the hijackers
are not known as yet.
This aircraft is under our control.
Do not worry.
No one will be harmed.
We expect your full co-operation.
lsmail. Kazi.
Keep an eye on everyone.
lf anyone moves just shoot him.
You come inside.
Tell me.
- Sir, here.
No. lt's here. Okay?
Control room 1 .
Control room 1 .
Control room 1 . Control room 1 .
Come on line. Over.
Mike on line, sir. Over.
Air lndia plane is being hijacked.
You have to move immediately
to the airways.
We have arranged a flight
for you to take off.
- Get moving.
Okay, sir. Roger, sir.
lndian Air force will follow.
Get moving.
Sir. Get the flight ready for us.
We are moving to the airport.
Thank you, sir.
Okay boys. Get out of the jungle.
We are going flying.
- Yes, sir.
- Hey. Give him some water.
Hey. Stop.
- But l am giving water.
Come back.
- This is not fair.
l said you come back.
Come back.
- What is your problem, man?
Let him drink water.
- Sit.
Hey. Go to your seat.
Go to your seat.
A bigger gun than this is
there in my house.
Thank you.
l don't have time. Okay?
- Okay.
l think.. l think we are
running low on fuel.
We have to land in Delhi for refueling.
l can't do it. Please try to understand.
Hey get up.
- Teacher.
Get up. Come. Come with me.
- Teacher.
Tell your government.
l want Maulana Aziz released immediately.
Right now. Do it.
- Okay. Okay.
Air lndia echo vector bravo.
This is the co-officer. There is an
emergency landing. We have been hijacked.
There is a gun on my head.
- Captain speaking.
Viral reporting descending
150 approaching the runway 6.
ATC, arrange the fuel on standby.
- lC 166 corporate.
Your permission to land for
refueling is granted.
Delhi airport runway 1 Bravo cleared.
The flight which was hijacked
has landed in Delhi.
The flight has landed at Delhi airport
for filling fuel.
lt was landed safely in New Delhi.
The Air lndia pilot convinced the
airport officials to let them land there.
Sir, any thing positive?
- No.
Fueling will be over now.
Before that we need to take a decision.
We have to take a decision.
- Mahi, don't be stupid.
Sir, whatever decision l take,
you feel it's stupid.
After sometime, they will take the flight
with passengers over the heads of the NSG.
lf we are not getting permission
in our own country,
then which other country
will give us permission, sir?
You relax. - Sir, come one.
Please understand me.
Let me go inside.
Let's go, sir. The boys are ready.
- You go that side.
Sir, please. Sir.
My boys are ready. Please.
Mahi, the government is deciding
whether to release Masood or not.
Sir, if you release them,
then why should we arrest them?
Mahi, please try to understand
the situation.
One wrong step you take.
You realize what the
consequences will be.
Among the passengers,
there are school children.
lf something goes wrong..
Sir, each lndian is wishing for
success for lndia against terrorists.
The pride of this country is their need.
l have to go for safe guarding that.
Mahi. l can understand your emotion.
But the government decides.
lf we have to sit idle fearing
about consequences,
then why do we need uniforms,
caps and guns?
Sir, l am going. Come on boys
- Mahi. Please. Please.
Yes, sir.
- Mahi. Mahi. Mahi.
l don't do commando action
against this.
Thank you, sir.
- Mahi.
Sir, if l come back alive.
l will face court marshal
Otherwise, l will win.
l am not alone.
We both will face court marshal.
This guy will never change.
Come on. Fast.
- Sir, speaking.
Government decides no commando action.
No commando action, sir.
Air lndia 166 is ready for take off.
Keep an eye over there.
- Co-pilot. Hey relax. Relax.
After filling fuel, the flight has continued
its journey as per the hijackers instructions.
lt was a golden chance to rescue the
passengers through commando operation.
This was the only flight on
the end of that runway.
The flight has been taken
to Kandahar from Delhi.
The demand of the hijackers is to release
3 terrorists serving in the lndian jail.
Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar.
Ahmed Umar Sayyed Sheikh.
Maulana Mazood Azar.
They need these 3 terrorists.
Government is against conducting
commando operation.
Government hasn't given permission for this.
After filling the fuel, the flight was taken off.
The flight is taken to Kandahar from Delhi.
What is the matter?
- l laughed thinking about his situation.
What happened to him?
He wished to become a doctor during
his childhood. That wasn't fulfilled.
ln memory of that, he always keeps
a stethoscope in his bag.
Hey. l am encouraging you for laughing
while going for a big operation.
Sir, we haven't forgotten anything
that you have taught us.
Yes. There is only one
truth in life. Death.
That will come when time comes.
Then why should we fear death.
Don't wait for it.
We are bound to die.
Okay. Come on. Get on to the job now.
- Yes, sir.
Your name says that you are a Muslim.
- Teacher.
You can't be a Muslim.
- No, teacher.
You are not a God-fearing Muslim.
People like you have disgraced lslam.
- Relax.
People like you have disgraced lslam.
- What are you doing?
What are you doing,
- You want to kill your own people?
Step back. - Shoot me.
- Step back.
Get lost. Take him away.
- Sit there.
What happened to you?
How many enemies will you make here?
Get lost. Go.
People like you have disgraced lslam.
You heard me? People like you
have disgraced lslam.
A true Muslim curses you,
- Shut up,
Allah will never forgive you,
- Shut up,
Allah will never forgive you,
- Shut up l say,
Allah will never forgive you,
Come on, get up,
Hey, come on, Get up,
Everyone sit in the back seat.
- Come on. Get up.
What happened to the lights?
What happened?
- Nothing, sir.
Bearing 1 19.
Crossing Jodhpur in 12 minutes.
- Yes.
l have connected cockpit frequency
to your wireless. Check, sir.
..altitude 350..
Crossing Jodhpur in 12 minutes.
Yes. Thank you. Good job.
Hey. Fix the camera.
- Yes. Okay, sir.
..Karachi.. clearance..
Our course of direction.. Kandahar..
l want to take this plane
straight to Kandahar.
Don't try to cheat me.
Take this plane straight
to Kandahar. Air lndia 166.
There is a gun on my head.
This man is not understanding
that l can't fly over Pakistan.
So l will be taking the route
through Bombay.
l want the entire air route
to be cleared.
l repeat. l want the entire
air route to be cleared.
Please do it.
l don't like much nonsense
and drama. Understood?
This plane won't go through Bombay.
This plane will directly
go to Kandahar. Understood?
l can't do it. l can't do it.
Take the plane to Kandahar.
Now itself. - l can't do it. l can't do it.
You heard what l said? Do it. Come on.
- There is an international repercussion.
Please try to understand. Please
try to understand.- Come on,
The government has accepted
the demands of the hijackers.
Government will release the 3 terrorists
whom the hijackers demanded.
The three of them had participated
in several terrorist's actions.
Moulana Mazood was arrested by NSG
while rescuing the foreigners in Kashmir.
Okay, boys. Let's move.
Listen. They are not five people.
One is in the cockpit. - Okay, sir.
So 6 targets.
Ravi. - Sir.
- You on the monitor.
You on the listening coach.
Come on.- Sir.
You should be careful.
Don't miss even a bullet.
lf its on the aircraft.
That's all. Good luck.- Sir.
All clear, sir. Move.
Sit down. Sit down.
We are commandos.
Get into the cockpit.
- Sir.
lt's better to use 3 bullets worth
Rs. 32 than feeding..
...people like you with 'Biryani'
in an air-conditioned room in jail.
That is major Mahadevan's justice.
Archana. Nothing. Nothing.
Relax. Relax. - Teacher.
l got. Gentleman. Relax.
Fly back to Bombay.
- We will fly back to Delhi.
Hi, Captain.
- Hello.
l am Major Mahadevan.
- Nice to meet you, sir.
Thank you so much. Thank you.
They all are safe.
- My passengers.
l just freed the passengers.
The NSG commandos under
the leadership of Major..
Mahadevan have captured
the Air lndia Flight lC166
The commandos entered the flight
when the flight landed in Delhi for refueling.
The commandos action took place
without the permission of the government.
Major Mahadevan had captured Maulana Masood
whom the hijackers demanded to release.
ln a brave step under
major Mahadevan's leadership..
some NSG commandos entered the hijacked
plane Al-166 that landed in New Delhi for fuel.
After a brief round of firing with the hijackers
they got the plane in their control.
But the lndian government
has taken a stern approach..
towards major Mahadevan and his team
of commandoes for disobeying the orders.
Okay. l am Major Mahadevan
from commandos.
We are safe and we are flying
back to our motherland.
Okay. Relax and enjoy the flying.
Hail mother lndia.
- Hail.
Colonel Datta will be happy.
- Sir.
We did a good job.
- Hey,
What man?
Go back to your seat.
We are flying back to our country.
You won't win. My Allah will win.
- Get inside.
Hey, get inside.
l am alright.
- My god,
Both are hit.
Take the control.
- Yes, sir. Come on.
Huge one, sir.
High volume. You see that, sir.
Hold the flight control.
Hold the flight control.
- Okay.
Hold it, sir.
- Okay. l got it.
Hold the flight control.
Flight height 36,000 feet.
36,000 feet. Okay. Okay.
How would l do it, sir? - Sir, that part.
That part.
You said you are a pilot.
Damn it,
Yes, sir.
l think everything is alright now.
Yes. Yes. You are doing good.
Now what, sir?
- Call for Delhi control.
Ask for descend of 10000 feet.
Sir, that button.
- Okay.
Yes, sir.
- Which one?
Sir, first one. Sir, first one.
Calling Delhi control room.
Calling Delhi control room.
Delhi ATC. Delhi ATC.
Give permission for emergency landing.
Now what?
Now you ask them for emergency
landing clearance.
Delhi ATC. Give permission
for emergency landing.
ldentify your flight.
l repeat. ldentify your flight.
Damn it, lt's a hijacked flight.
l have to get the lights on.
- Yes.
Which one? Which one?
Those 2 buttons. Yes. Over there.
We are approaching the line?
Can you see the line?
Yes. Yes. You can do it.
Let the gear down.
Landing here.
- Get the gear down.
Sir, it's not going.
Sir, it's not going.
Sir, make it down.
Landing here is.
Landing here is tension.
Some lights are blinking, Sir.
We are making belly landing.
My god. We are approaching the runway.
Sir we are approaching the runway.
Brake, sir.
Sir. Our brake is lost.
Oh, Damn it,
lt's quite likely to hit the oil tank.
Surya. Wake up, man.
Hey, come on.
Hey, My god,
Make him alright.
Make him alright. He's hit badly.
Doctor, l want him alive.
Make him alright. Please.
l am sorry, sir. He is no more.
My god, My god,
Damn it,
What will l tell your dad?
Damn it,
You will have to go back.
Surya's personal belongings
and this national flag.
When he was a kid..
..he used to demand a flag
on lndependence Day.
l want a flag.
Buy me a flag.
Today he has given such a big flag..
..which he didn't buy, but earned.
A soldier doesn't get respect
when he is alive.
But after death, he can't see the
respect which the country gives him.
The respect which the
country gives to brave..
..soldiers like Surya who die
for the country is an..
..inspiration for soldiers like us
who are alive.
l don't know how to console you,
who lost your son.
l say sorry a 1000 times for not bringing
your son whom l had taken from you alive.
No. please. Please.
You don't have to say sorry.
You know my son was nothing.
You took him away from here and
brought him back as a national hero.
l always wanted to be..
..known as Surya's father.
My son fulfilled my wish.
He fulfilled a son's dharma.
By sacrificing his life unfortunately.
You are suppressing your pain.
Bring it out, sir. Bring it out.
No, major. No.
l don't want to insult my son's sacrifice
with my tears.
l don't want to disgust him
with my tears.
l.. l will handle myself.
But how do l tell his mother
that her son is no more?
Don't ever tell her that, sir.
l will have to tell her that, major.
l will have to tell her that.
- No, sir.
Don't tell her that ever.
Do you remember once you told me..
..not to miss my father?
Then how can you say that
your son is not alive?
Don't ever feel that way.
This son of yours is alive.
''..l dedicate my life..'' ''..to you.''
God bless you my son.
Thank you.
- God bless you.
l want to ask something, Mahi.
When he died, was there
any fear on his face?
No, sir.
You can be proud of him, sir.
All of us are proud of you, sir.
That l am proud of you, my son.
''You are our identity.''
''You are our pride.''
''Motherland, l dedicate my life to you.''
''You are our identity.''
''You are our pride.''
''Motherland, l dedicate my life to you.''
''Salutation. Salutation. Salutation.
Salutation to you, motherland.''
''We got everything from the country.''
''What did we give to the
country in return?''
''How much did we live for ourselves?''
''How many responsibilities
did we fulfill?''
''We got everything from the country.''
''What did we give to the
country in return?''
''How much did we live for ourselves?''
''How many responsibilities
did we fulfill?''
''The son that comes to use
to the country is fortunate.''
''Salutation.'' ''Salutation.''
''Salutation.'' ''Salutation.''
''There are many enemies in the
country as well as outside.''
''The efforts of destruction have
still not stopped.''
''Let's make boundaries.
This is what the time demands.''
''Salutation to you, motherland.
- Salutation. - Salutation. Salutation.''