Kannai Nambathe (2023) Movie Script

NIZHAL CHARITABLE TRUSGuess who will be caught.
Come on, catch me.
Hey, what's after five?
-What comes after five?
Mom, I'm hungry. Serve me food.
I guess you can see that I'm teaching.
You are old enough.
Help yourself. Leave.
Open your mouth!
Have a bite.
You look like a cartoon.
Last week we celebrated
Aarthi's birthday.
Kanchana's birthday is next week.
And today is Pavithra's birthday.
This day marks the seventh anniversary
of her enrollment in the home.
Since she is turning seven,
we should have a party
to celebrate her birthday?
Happy birthday to you.
-Happy birthday to you.
-Happy birthday, Pavithra.
Happy birthday
What happened to the girls?
Signs of food poisoning.
We were able to save the other kids.
But we couldn't save this kid.
Sorry, ma'am.
Oh no!
I spiked the cake.
You were only paying attention to them.
I wanted to separate them from you,
so I took action.
I'm calling from Neelankarai.
This is Hemavathy from Nizhal Trust.
Hope you know about the death
of a girl today.
The culprit is
I need a better share this time.
I plan to settle in my hometown.
Take it, man. It's yours.
Let's take a sniff and then
divide the share. Stop here.
-Thanks, pal.
-There you go.
Why are you declining the call?
It's my wife, right? Answer it.
Give it back.
I think she knows that I'm with you.
When you said, "to settle
in your hometown",
you meant with my wife, right?
Where are you guys going?
Hey! Mind your words.
-My wife likes you better, buddy.
-Take your hands off me.
I'm leaving.
She will be sad if I kill you, right?
-You scoundrel!
-Oh, God!
-Don't do this.
-Buzz off.
Yes! I'm leaving with your wife.
-What can you do about it? Go to hell.
-Oh, no.
I will bury you alive.
If you were a real man,
she wouldn't have come to me.
We are looking for a house to rent.
Boozing men are a nuisance.
Are you a vegetarian or nonvegetarian?
Why are you vacating your current house?
You work in a Computer Graphics company.
Do you get paid?
What is your caste?
We are bachelors now,
but we will get married soon.
The government might be generous,
but we are still conservative.
He thinks we are a gay couple.
Why did you switch off your phone?
I'm at home.
My dad didn't let me go to work.
Did you try to convince your dad?
I tried my best.
He is adamant.
Did you find a house?
We are on it.
But nothing's working out.
Alright, I will call you later.
I'm in the bathroom to hide from my dad.
Don't call me.
I will call you whenever possible.
Miss you. Bye.
We are going around the city
to find a place to rent.
You aren't generous enough
to offer me a place.
You are no friend.
You don't trust me?
Hold on.
Who is this?
Hello, Mr. Raghu.
I need a favor.
A friend of mine, his name is Arun.
He got kicked out of his house.
I'm thinking of letting him stay
at my place.
Are you okay with it?
-Can you confirm with ma'am?
-Is that okay?
Five people are staying
-in a house for four.
The house can't have more people.
-Explain it to him.
-Heard her?
I am not a romantic person in general.
Don't spoil this occasion.
Hang up.
-San Loki, this is Vicky.
-Yes, Vicky?
One of my acquaintances is looking
for a rental house.
I will pay the commission charges.
-Share my showroom's address with him.
-Okay, sir.
Is this the showroom?
Excuse me. I'm here for Mr. San Lokesh.
There he is.
Do you want to apply for a license?
License? Aren't you a broker?
Yes, I am. Occasionally.
At times, I do assist people
to get a license.
I can also be a bubble top can vendor.
What brings you here is what matters.
Can you help me get a license
without any tests?
Shut up, man.
Sir, my name is Arun.
Vicky told you that I'm looking
for a rental house.
Oh! Is that you?
I need it at the earliest.
-I need it today.
-If you need it immediately,
become a roommate.
He would stay there only for a while.
He would be vacating soon.
You will have your private space.
Let me know if you are fine with it.
I will share the address.
Who is the man?
The house owner said this house
would be vacated soon.
Yes. He had mentioned it.
Who is the new tenant?
It's me, brother.
Please come in, sir.
Hey! Do you have the luxury to choose?
Hope you remember
the other landlord's demands.
The house looks great.
Please inform the landlord.
Alright! I will talk to him.
He will share your bank account details.
Please transfer the advance
to the account.
And please don't mistake me
for asking this.
Hope you don't have a dog.
It's just me.
-Okay, sir.
-Thank you.
You fooled me all these days
that your mother was alive.
-The whole nation was fooled for 75 days.
Sir. My intention was not to deceive you.
I don't want to hear anything.
I don't have time to hear your stories.
-I just want you to leave.
-Please listen.
Don't you get it?
-Can someone shut the barking dog?
-Let's go. Get in.
-Make a move.
Disinfect the house.
Get lost!
I will have to go now.
A drink before the meal would be ideal.
I will call you later.
I'm going out for dinner.
Would you like to join me?
Can you wait for five minutes?
-Let me change.
Shall we go, brother?
Yeah. Sir
-can we drink before the meal?
-I'm not used to it.
-You mean drinking before the meal?
I never drink.
What do you mean? Never?!
I haven't.
My friend drinks.
-I just accompany him.
-The one who came along today?
Yes. Jagan!
Invite him as well.
Let's go to the bar.
Let's celebrate your new home.
You munch on the sides as usual.
Here comes your friend.
There he is.
I invited you so many times
to have a drink.
-Not once did you agree.
-Why are you late?
You met him just today.
-And you accepted his invitation to drink.
-Not really.
As usual, he will just eat.
Only we will drink.
Take a seat.
Is it Divya?
Please don't tell her that I'm here.
She will scold me.
Who is Divya? Why will she scold you?
You carry on.
I will go and talk to her.
That's a boisterous love story.
-Shall we discuss it over a drink?
Excuse me!
Of all the girls in the world,
why did he fall in love with Divya?
This is not a love story akin
to a movie's plot.
In this story, the hero gets
kicked out of the house.
One day, he was laughing really loud
in a park looking at his phone.
After skipping her walking routine,
she was giggling at him.
You are laughing very loud, Uncle.
Comedy clips of Actor Vadivelu.
As usual, he was trying to impress
her by entertaining a crying baby.
In reply, she throws a fake smile
as if she was impressed.
This became a routine.
He was looking for a rental house
and they accidentally met
at her house.
She took advantage of the situation
and reaped the benefits.
I need the rent to be paid duly.
I want you to bring your mom soon.
"My dad wouldn't rent out to bachelors.
So tell him that your mom
is in your native place.
She would be arriving soon."
She asked him to lie.
Thus she tried to make her tenant
her husband.
Their love story was blooming.
Impressing her became his job.
Let's meet in the evening.
Why are you guys here so early?
The time is 11:00 a.m.
The managing director is taking a dig
at me because you arrive late.
-But you say we arrive early.
-I heard that.
Arun, MD wants you to meet him.
I thought he preferred you.
He has spotted you in the CCTV camera.
-Go, get scolded.
-Good morning, sir.
I was stuck in the traffic
as it's an auspicious day for weddings.
I can understand your pain.
Let's do this.
I'm planning to start a new CG unit
in Hyderabad.
Why don't you join that?
I'm late to work despite staying closer.
Traveling from Hyderabad every day
is a Herculean task.
Why don't you fly in a plane?
They were diligently working to move
their relationship to the next base.
One of her relatives kicked the bucket
to help their cause.
Yes, brother?
Got news that our cousin
Sadha Sivam died of a heart attack.
-Don't you know that?
-The rites are today.
I will send my son.
-Will you go attend the funeral?
Yes, Dad?
-Are you done with your classes?
-Yes, Dad.
Your uncle needs to go to Vellore.
Take him in your car.
I'm going to the library with Sundar.
I will drop him off and pick up my uncle.
Alright. Drive within speed limits.
Drive cautiously.
-Call me once you reach.
-Alright, Dad.
-Yes, Divya?
-One of my relatives passed away.
My dad is leaving to attend the rites.
I can't come with you to the movie.
He asked me to come home early
and stay at the neighbor's place.
I will be staying over there.
I'm sorry, honey.
What happened? Got nothing to say?
Alright. I got an offer for you.
What is it?
I will be staying with my neighbors.
I'll not be at my home.
I will come over after 11:00 p.m.
Hey! You seem to be in a hurry.
In fact, I'm lagging.
She stole me with her pointy eyes
I groomed my hair to impress her
She turned me into an early riser
She helped discover me
My earnings were well spent on her
I read her like poetry
I got drenched her in love
Break the barriers and come with me
Her blazing beauty is making
My eyes twitch
Is she my homeland which gets me excited?
When they got back home
after a joyful night ride,
the regressive neighbor
man caught them red-handed.
The guy was holding a grudge
from the past.
-When he was walking on a sunny day
Can you drop me home, brother?
Your house is close. Help yourself.
Such a silly thing.
He told everything to her dad
to seek revenge.
Stop it.
This was not expected from you.
You deliberately moved into my house.
-Are you trying to elope with my daughter?
-Do not open your mouth.
-I will beat you blue and black.
-Let's settle this inside, let's talk.
-Let go.
You are the root cause.
You planned this move and now
you are playing the innocent card.
-Please don't do this.
-Take your hands off me.
Please, sir.
Get in.
You heard me. Go inside.
Get in.
I'll thrash you.
Do you think I'm a fool?
Here is your advance payment.
Vacate my house at once.
If you don't vacate by tonight,
I will have to throw your things out.
I'm warning you.
This is his story, unlike a movie's plot.
That's why he was so desperate to move
on the same day.
Don't be surprised if they
legally get married by next week.
I guess we might be the legal witnesses
for their wedding.
Yes, Divya?
What takes you so long to return the call?
I just moved to a new place.
My new roommate invited me for a drink.
For a drink?
Did you drink?
I didn't.
Jagan and my roommate are.
-I'm just accompanying them.
If I ever learn that you drink alcohol,
-you are good as dead.
-Divya, someone met with an accident.
-What happened?
-I will call you back.
Are you hurt, ma'am?
Do you need medical help?
No, thanks. I will take care.
Are you drunk?
I can see that you are struggling
to drive.
I'm just a bit nervous.
So, I'm not able to concentrate.
Why do you risk driving?
Are you alone?
I have to drive by myself.
Why can't you park the car here
and take a cab?
No, I can't.
Can you book a cab for me?
Alright! I will do that.
Can you tell me your address?
Number ten,
Meenakshi Street,
I think no one is accepting the ride
this late.
Let me retry.
If you don't mind,
can you do me a favor?
Can you drop me home?
I can hardly drive.
My friends in the bar are waiting for me.
Please, help me.
Yes, Divya?
What's your problem?
You are declining my calls.
A small mishap.
I'm driving for someone and I'm on the way
to the person's home.
What, to drop someone?
Yes, I will call you once I drop them off.
That's none of your business.
You never listen to me.
I don't want you to call me back.
Was that your girlfriend?
Not an issue.
She stays angry only for a day.
I met your friend. Hang up.
Where do you work?
I run an NGO.
Nizhal Charitable Trust.
See you.
A moment, please.
Do you want me to park the car inside?
You can take the car.
I don't need your car. I will book a cab.
You can hardly book a cab
while it is raining.
You can take the car.
You can return it tomorrow.
Troubling you on such a rainy night
for helping me doesn't sound fair.
Hope you get it.
You don't even know my name.
What if I don't return the car?
You don't seem to be such a bad guy.
I trust you.
Please don't refuse.
Humans are supposed to help
their fellow beings.
Just the way you helped me.
Please, use the car.
Late hours.
You say that she was alone.
Such opportunities are so rare
that it mostly happens in movies.
Actually, you should have
stayed there and ditched us.
Else you should have introduced her to us
and gone home.
But, here you are
embracing the steering wheel.
It's because of people like you,
even young girls are terrified
to roam outside.
Stop preaching those motivational
forward messages.
-See you.
-Reach safely.
Damn it! I forgot to get her address.
-Good night, sir.
-Good night, brother.
The person you are calling
is not answering.
The person you are calling
is not answering.
Late hours.
You say that she was alone.
Such opportunities are so rare
that it mostly happens in movies.
Who are you?
Calm down.
Don't shout!
How dare you hit me?
Morning, bro!
-Yes, sir.
-I need a small favor.
Need to pick up my bike from the bar,
and leave the car at the lady's house.
I will drop you home.
Can you come along?
Don't misunderstand me.
My boss is tormenting me
since I'm working from home.
I need to send five emails urgently.
Alright, brother.
-I will take care.
-Tell me, dude.
-Where are you?
Take a cab and come to the bar
where we met last night.
I need to pick up my bike.
I'm running late.
The MD will not tolerate it.
But you are punctual for drinking parties.
I want you to be there.
Can you come with me?
What happened?
Who is she?
The woman I dropped last night.
She owns the car.
Don't misunderstand.
I hope you have nothing to do with this.
I swear I did nothing.
I was with you the whole night.
You said you dropped her
and drove the car back.
But her corpse is in the car trunk.
Suspecting you is quite obvious.
What's your next move?
I will inform the cops.
What will you tell them?
"I dropped her home
and drove the car back.
I have nothing to do with her death."
Is this what you will tell them?
Will they believe you?
Cops just need a scapegoat
to close the case.
If you go to the cops and claim
that you are innocent
you will be their primary suspect.
Think twice before you act.
I will be by your side.
Police will target us if we go there
without evidence.
They wouldn't suspect me if I go to them
with the necessary evidence.
Where will you find the evidence?
Last night, I dropped the woman.
I noticed a CCTV camera outside her house.
I noticed that.
You said we need to verify the footage.
But why are we here?
I will tell you.
The CCTV footage is the evidence to prove
that I never entered her house.
Also, who entered the house?
Who is the murderer?
Who moved the corpse into the car?
The CCTV footage answers
all these questions.
If we can get that footage,
things will get clearer.
You wanted pizza, right? The boys told me.
The activities outside get recorded
through the CCTV.
Watch out now.
The jammer is active.
The recording has been paused.
What's the range of this device?
Maximum 100 meters.
Tell me, pal.
A fish just took the bait.
Following the fish might be rewarding.
I'm jobless. I'm ready to do it.
Wait here, brother.
Hello, sir.
Where are you?
Brother. What happened?
A dog sniffed the corpse
and started barking at me.
I got petrified and drove really fast.
He came out of nowhere.
I ran him over.
I have no clue.
A vehicle is coming this way.
Lift him.
-Brother, let's take him to the hospital.
Let's decide later. Help me out first.
Come on.
What happened? Accident?
Not really. I rammed into his car.
I didn't see it in the rain.
We settled things.
Nothing serious.
I'm sorry.
Hey. Open the door.
-I don't feel a pulse.
-I think he is dead.
Someone's in the back.
Excuse me.
Don't be scared.
We won't harm you.
Your forehead is injured.
Should we go to a hospital?
No need.
-No need.
-The one who accompanied you
is injured and has lost consciousness.
Who are you?
What's your relationship with him?
What are you doing here at this odd hour?
All I know is that his dad is a cop.
He stalks me every day
from my work to home.
I thought he would just stalk me
like any other day and leave.
Let me go.
Let me go!
Let me go.
We lied that he is unconscious.
He died as soon as the car hit him.
We won't tell anyone.
You shouldn't tell anyone either.
We will take care of the car
and the corpse.
Tell me your address.
We will drop you home.
What do you mean?
We ran over him.
We have to handle it.
Don't think so much.
We are risking it to save you.
Stop here.
Hello, wait a minute.
You went shopping after work.
Your bike was missing after that.
Someone stole your bike.
-This must be your standard reply.
Where is your house?
-Close by.
-Close by?
-House number?
Did you think of any plan?
How do you plan to dispose of the body?
Brother, I have no plans.
My mind is blank.
I offered to help a stranger,
and here we are stuck in this mess.
Sir, I have a plan.
I saw a movie.
Should we mimic that?
How can I help you, sir?
Who is Aparna?
What's this about?
-You wanted to meet me?
-Please come to the station.
What was her mistake?
Why should she come?
Your girl needs to give a statement
regarding a theft case.
-Theft case?
-We are not accusing you.
The one who stole your bike
has been caught.
So, you need to come to the station.
The inspector wants to meet you.
At this hour?
I will come in the morning.
Don't be scared.
Your mom can accompany you.
Give me a minute.
I think someone found the deserted bike
and has been caught.
Let me go take a look.
If we can get back my bike,
it would be great.
I will come with you.
No. You will spill the beans.
You, go inside.
-Listen to me.
-Get inside.
Come here.
What's your name?
Aparna, sir.
What do you do?
Working for an IT firm.
How did your bike go missing?
Last night, I parked my bike
in Kottivakkam Market
and went shopping.
When I came back after shopping,
I found my bike missing.
Why didn't you file a complaint?
The thing is
my mom said
since it was pretty late at night, my mom
asked me to file it the next day.
Do you know him?
I don't know.
His friend stole your bike.
Thanks a lot, sir.
Why do you thank me?
For finding my bike.
We didn't catch him.
He was randomly caught
during vehicle checking.
But during the investigation,
he said that his friend didn't steal it
from the marketplace.
Where did your friend steal the bike?
Where did he get it from?
A guy hit you with his car
and kidnapped you.
You didn't file a complaint
and didn't bother about the bike.
You are so cool and ignorant.
Who is that guy?
Why did he kidnap you?
I don't know why he said so.
My bike went missing in the market.
Shut up!
Shut up! Don't lie to me!
Will you say the truth or die?
You went shopping after work.
Your bike was missing after that.
Someone stole your bike.
This must be your standard reply.
In which car did they take away
the guy's corpse?
A red car.
Which car did they come in?
A black car.
Do you remember the plate number?
Can you identify those guys?
Answer me.
Go with her to the accident spot.
Check if there are CCTV cameras,
and then drop her home.
I need you here tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.
Is that clear?
-Come on.
I feel that we are committing
a series of crimes.
I'm unsure of the repercussions.
Don't worry.
Things will end well.
We didn't commit any crime.
We are just hiding a crime.
Trust me.
See if any vehicles pass under the bridge.
I see a car coming. Will that do?
A car won't be enough.
Look out for larger vehicles.
Come here, bro.
Come here.
Oh no.
The bus changed its direction.
A patrolling vehicle is approaching.
What shall we do?
Let's take the corpse to the car.
It will come closer before we do that.
-Let's drop the corpse.
How can we drop it
when there is no moving vehicle?
It's approaching.
Let's pick it up later.
Let's drop it now.
Alright. Let's drop it.
It's an auto.
I'm sure you will be working tonight.
Let me be sure.
Hi, bro.
I think you need to cool off your mind.
Do you want someone to help?
Someone you can relax with.
What do you mean?
Get lost or you'll regret it.
Don't be angry.
In general, people pull over at
such places for such things.
Not an issue. No problem.
You missed something delicious.
You don't need a girl.
Then why are you standing here
at this odd hour?
We were
He is a movie director
and I'm the cameraman.
We are on a location hunt.
Fantastic, sir.
You would want an item song
in your movie, right?
Right! I have someone who can do it.
Would you use her?
I will beat you to death.
Get lost from here.
Okay, bro.
People say that anger and
lust make a good pair.
Mister, the body is missing.
What happened?
Let's go check it.
-This is Shanmugam from the station.
-Tell me.
Got a call from the control room.
A boy has ended his life by jumping
from Kumaran Nagar Bridge.
I was asked to report the same.
You won't let me peacefully
get back home.
Hang up. I'm coming.
Turn the car back.
How did it go missing?
We dropped it right here.
How did it go missing?
I have no clue.
It's a deserted road.
What shall we do?
It's a mess here.
Not sure what happened there.
The cops would have definitely gone there.
Firstly, we need to know if they are
framing the case as we expected.
Greetings, sir.
-Did you inform the forensic department?
-Done, sir.
Let's go to the Kumaran Nagar bridge
and confirm it.
-Let's go.
But I wanted to share something.
-What is it?
-Sir, the thing is
-The thing is
I'm already pissed about not being home.
Don't expect me to oblige to any orders
from the higher officials.
It's not about that
Who reported this?
-Call him.
-Come here.
-He is the one.
-Greetings, sir.
-What did you see?
-I was heading to the godown
-Record his statement.
-Okay, sir.
Show me the corpse.
No, sir.
What happened to you?
Why are you annoying me?
-Move aside.
He is Divya's uncle, bro.
I don't know who they are.
They dropped me home and left.
In which car did they take away
the guy's corpse?
A red car.
-Which car did they come in?
-A black car.
Can you identify those guys?
Did you find an i20 on the bridge?
Yes, sir.
This is not suicide.
-File the FIR as murder.
I asked you to take a girl to the accident
spot and check the CCTV footage, right?
Where is the girl?
I asked her to sign her statement,
dropped her home, and asked her to report
at the station tomorrow.
She is the only witness who has
seen the murderers of my son.
Bring her to the station for an inquiry.
She has to identify the suspects.
Fine, sir.
Come aside, brother.
Let's abduct the girl before the cops
get to her.
Or else we will be caught.
Don't think so much.
Go, start the car.
The cops are already here.
Go slower. Let's observe.
She went to answer the door.
She didn't return home.
I searched around but I couldn't find her.
-I think something's wrong.
-Find her.
-Please bring her back to me.
-Speed up.
-Save my girl.
-Head constable.
Go check that car.
I'm petrified.
Hey! Pull over here.
I said stop.
Stop it! Hey!
Note down the plates.
Why didn't they stop, ma'am?
-Inform the inspector at once.
-Okay, ma'am.
-Did you bring the girl to the station?
-I have called regarding the same.
The girl wasn't home when we arrived.
Someone rang the doorbell.
The girl answered the door
and she went missing.
The girl's mother has no clue.
Are there any cameras around?
No, sir.
We noticed a suspicious black car around.
Do you think the cops noticed us?
Obviously, they did.
But they wouldn't have seen our faces.
There were two guys in the car.
We couldn't see their faces,
they drove really fast.
But, I have noted down the car's number.
Okay. Follow my instructions.
But they noticed the car.
They would have traced the number.
Get the address of the car owner
and come to the Government Hospital.
-At once.
-Alright, sir!
You seem to be very casual, bro.
You said that abducting the girl
would solve the problems.
And now you say that the cops
would easily trace the car number.
Why did you bring me here?
No room for panic.
We came here to kidnap the girl.
Things didn't go our way.
Not a problem.
Even if the girl tells
your girlfriend's uncle
that we ran over the guy and killed him.
She has no evidence to prove it.
The girl can be traced later.
But it's risky to keep this car with us.
If we leave the car at the lady's house,
you can erase the last night's memories.
You didn't drive her car to drop her home.
There is no hard drive,
so there is no evidence of your visit.
Your friend, you, and I went to the bar,
drank, and returned home.
Simple. Secure.
Brother, this car will have
our fingerprints, right?
The same car.
-Check the car.
-Look for the documents.
Please come here.
No news has been published
about the dead body.
No one is suspecting us.
Don't worry.
Last night in Neelangarai,
Kavitha of Nizhal Charitable Trust
was murdered and the corpse was hidden
in her car's trunk by a couple of guys.
Also, they murdered the son
of an inspector the same night.
The investigation reports claim that
they have staged a suicide drama.
What do you think is the motive
behind the murder?
They have murdered an innocent
to evade their previous murder.
The investigation is in progress.
We learned that you don't have enough
evidence to arrest the suspects.
What's your next move?
Aparna, an IT employee
who has seen the perpetrators
is missing since last night.
She was answering the door
and she--
You said that we don't need to worry.
Look what happened!
They know that some random guys
are the perpetrators.
They don't know that it's us.
The only witness, the girl
has been abducted.
And it favored us.
Be calm.
How can I?
The guy we threw from the bridge
is Divya's cousin.
I think our crime rate is cascading.
It is making me anxious.
Where are you going?
Oh, God!
How can I bear this?
This is unfair.
The person you are trying to reach
is unable to take your--
I would have called you back.
Why are you calling continuously?
I want to meet you in person.
I'm in a mortuary.
My cousin has been murdered.
We are here to collect his corpse.
-I will call you later.
-Hey, wait.
I called to speak about your cousin.
What do you mean, Arun?
How can you still talk to me
after such a heinous act?
Do you realize that you killed my cousin?
He was everything to my uncle.
His only son.
I'm not sure how he would react.
I didn't kill your cousin.
It was an accident.
Who killed the woman from the NGO?
Your roommate or you?
Neither of us.
You might not believe it.
But this is the truth.
Even if we confess this to the cops,
they would throw us in the prison.
That would decimate our lives.
The blunt fact is that your cousin
abducted a girl and tried to rape her.
Now the girl is missing as well.
No clue where she is.
The only reason I'm here to see you
is to tell you that your cousin wasn't
murdered but died in an accident.
I trust you, but not your roommate.
Confess everything to my uncle.
I will talk to him.
He will definitely help you.
Please get out of this.
He might be your cousin's dad.
But he is a cop as well.
We might confess
and he would still suspect us.
For the time being,
don't share this with your uncle.
I will somehow fix the problem
and call you back.
Reach safely.
I would have stopped you had I known that
you will be meeting your girlfriend.
She would realize that we are
in a fatal situation.
We couldn't come out of this despite
diligently handling things.
She might tell her uncle.
You know this.
As soon as he knew that the victim
is his son, his perspective changed.
We must not approach cops at any cost.
We have to decide our moves.
More importantly, what not to do.
Is that clear?
What's happening?
Where is the girl, Aparna?
Who is sending us these videos?
I'm getting a call from the number
that sent us the video.
Satisfied with the video quality?
I can send you HD quality if needed.
Who are you?
-I will beat you to death.
-How exactly?
Just like the person you threw off
the bridge?
In the same way?
I know about your crimes.
Don't waste my time.
I need 25 lakh rupees by 10:00 p.m.
-Or your crime will be known by 11:00 p.m.
The one who blackmailed us
is video-calling us.
Do you think disconnecting the call
will wrap up the issue?
It has just begun.
Listen up. I need 25 lakhs by 10:00 p.m.
-If you don't give me the cash
We don't have the cash.
You don't know about us.
I don't give a damn about you.
If you fail to pay me,
you are good as dead.
Hey! We won't pay you.
Do whatever you want.
Watch out, man.
I will submit the evidence
now and end your chapter.
-Watch out.
-No, don't do it.
Please, wait. Please!
Don't rush.
We will somehow try
to arrange the money.
He was offensive.
And you are defensive.
Is this your plan?
You can't deceive me.
I hold the strings.
That's why we are begging you.
Please give us some time.
We shouldn't spare her.
We must do something that she regrets
for an eternity.
She can make us repent.
She was at the commissioner's office
with the video evidence.
We can't get angry. We have to control
our anger.
If the cops get the evidence,
we might get killed in an encounter.
Oh no.
Let's try to arrange the funds.
We can't risk it.
25 lakh rupees.
Who will bail us out?
We can't give her money.
Let's find a way to catch the blackmailer.
What was the content of the video?
We are throwing the boy's corpse.
It fell on the truck and hits the ground.
Look at the video sent to me.
The video of throwing down
the NGO owner's corpse.
But not the video of her corpse
hitting the ground.
The footage is missing.
We were searching for the corpse.
But the corpse was found
in the trunk of her car.
We don't know how the corpse
was moved into it.
But what I reckon is
the one who is threatening us
must have moved it.
Also, she didn't want to get caught.
To hide her identity and the car's number,
she edited the video.
If we put more effort,
we might turn the tables
and make her listen to us.
She has the video source.
We have nothing to threaten her with.
The NGO owner's corpse which we threw,
if we can get the footage
of her moving the body
we can move her off the block.
My bike went missing from this area.
-Can we check the CCTV footage?
The camera broke six months ago.
My boss didn't remove it,
as it might frighten the burglars.
Okay, thanks.
I will pick you up tonight. Be prepared.
Last night, I left my bike
under the bridge.
-Today it's missing.
-Can we check the CCTV footage?
-The locality is known for such things.
The burglars take bikes during the day.
It's quite obvious that the bikes
left here at night will go missing.
-Can we check the footage?
-Yes, go ahead.
Who is he?
We were looking for the girl
who threatened us.
Who is he? How did he get into this?
Let's dig up his story.
San Lokesh speaking.
This is Arun, sir.
-You helped me find a house.
-Tell me.
Tell me, Arun.
Have you befriended your roommate?
Yes, I did.
I need a favor.
I'll send the car's registration number.
I need the address of the car owner.
I'm outside your office.
-Shall I come in?
Don't you ever do that!
Send me the amount through UPI.
You will immediately get
the car owner's address.
Wait here.
-Do you work here?
-Yeah. Why do you ask?
This is Ilamaran's house, right?
Yes, but why do you ask?
Can I get his mobile number?
I have no clue.
I'm his friend.
I lost his number.
Why don't you ask him directly?
Is he home?
No. Stop bothering me.
-I did tell you. I don't know.
Sister, don't be annoyed.
Keep this.
The same car.
The consignment is gonna come shortly.
We can tally the profit and loss
with the assistance of the accountants.
It is something which we have to do.
Excuse me, I have to take this call.
-Is it Ilamaran?
Do you know that the corpse
which was inside your car is out now?
It was the highlight of the morning
news. Didn't you watch that?
Guys, leave at once.
Out! Leave.
Who are you?
I think you have the wrong number.
You are right.
I should have called the cops.
Instead, I called you.
-I will hang up.
What do you want?
You ran over a woman under the bridge
and hid the corpse in her car.
I followed and shot everything.
You naively asked, "What do I want?"
That's not my car.
I called you after confirming the car
parked outside your pharma company.
If you still don't believe me.
I'm sharing a video.
Call me after watching it.
Damn it!
Oh, God!
He must have looked for us downstairs.
I didn't kill the woman.
A couple of guys ended her life.
I didn't hear it properly.
Can you repeat that?
When I was returning from work,
I ran over a woman under a bridge.
I was petrified and perplexed.
So, I left the place with the corpse.
But I got suspicious and observed
the spot from a distance.
Two guys came in a car
and searched for the corpse.
Only then I realized,
that I didn't kill her.
And it was they who killed her and threw
the corpse from the top of the bridge.
I was innocent,
so I followed them and shifted the corpse
to their car.
I think you got my point.
I've nothing to do with it.
My only mistake is
that I didn't inform the cops.
I will go to the cops
and tell them the truth.
Pal, I don't know if you are serious
or just joking around.
Evidence is the only thing
that cops trust.
You don't have the evidence to prove
that those guys killed the woman.
But I have evidence to prove that
she died when your car ran over her.
Let's go to the cops.
Let the cops decide.
Let's meet at the commissioner's office.
How much do you want?
30 lakh rupees.
Hey! You have no clue who am I.
I will hunt you down.
I can give you a maximum of ten lakhs.
Get it and get out of my way.
You don't know about me either.
I will forget about the money
and tell the cops everything.
Your pharma company will shut down.
I will tell you the delivery spot
and time on the next call.
-Why are you demanding money from him?
We couldn't catch the blackmailer.
He is the one we got.
Let's get money from him
and transfer it to her.
Let's get out of this.
-Yes, sir?
Listen carefully.
I'm being threatened.
I will pay him the ransom.
Once I pay him,
follow him and get me all his details.
-Alright, sir.
-Be careful.
-I don't want you to miss him.
-I will take care, sir.
The customer you are calling is busy
at the moment.
Stop here, bro.
-Tell me.
-Where are you?
On my way. I'll be there in ten minutes.
What has he got to say?
Use me?
Shall I put it to use?
-Who is he?
-Who is that?
Put it back.
-Why are you here?
The bridge and my auto.
The woman.
I lost everything.
I've become a pauper.
I guess my story would have moved you.
Where are you taking this bin?
It would fetch me a drink.
For a drink?
How much do you need?
I need 75 rupees and a little extra
for the food.
There you go. Leave.
You are my God.
-You are my God's friend.
-Put it back.
Today you escaped.
Will you come here tomorrow?
-I will beat the crap out of you.
-Let me know if you come.
-Get lost.
-I like you.
-She is calling.
-Answer it.
What happened? I'm on my way.
Is the money ready?
We are waiting to collect it.
I will collect it and come to you.
I don't have all day.
I'm giving you half an hour.
If I don't get the money by then,
I will submit the evidence
and get back to my business.
We will keep our promise.
Don't bully us.
Speed up.
-Speed up.
-Stop it!
To hell with you.
Yes, Simon?
They turned out to be tougher
than expected.
They evaded us and escaped
with the money.
Did you call me to inform this?
Hang up!
He asked us to follow him, right?
But you stole money from them.
You can't become richer if you
keep working for rich men.
You pretended to pay the ransom
and had your men take it instead.
I will upload your videos online.
Didn't they leave with the money?
Hey! Mind your words.
You asked me to drop the cash in the bin.
I obliged. Don't you double-cross me!
That's my alms for you.
I don't want it back.
Shit! He denies stealing it.
Who is the burglar?
The number you are calling
is either switched off
or not reachable at the moment.
Please try later.
She is calling.
The blackmailer.
We are on the way to the spot
with the ransom.
Hang up.
Sir. They spoiled our
plan by stealing the money.
Yet you told her that you will meet her.
What made you say that?
Are you going to buy time?
It's impossible to get the money.
All our roads are blocked.
We need to think ahead.
We will try to get the evidence
from her at any cost.
Open it.
Save me!
Open the trunk!
Help me get out of this.
Open the trunk.
Anyone there? Save me.
Open the trunk!
Your roommate seems to be confused.
Before parting ways,
make him understand.
Where are you?
What happened?
Where did you go?
I am in trouble because of you.
She died, Vasu.
Where did you go?
Had you stayed home I wouldn't have come
here, and this wouldn't have happened.
Will you pick a random woman
just because you are high?
I'm dancing in front
of strangers for survival.
And you?
You have killed a woman.
I asked you not to work in the club.
You tell me not to go.
But why did you go there?
I told you.
I wouldn't have been here
if you stayed home.
Still, you shouldn't have gone there.
No, Vasu!
I felt the urge and came here.
This was unexpected.
Not sure what to do.
Follow my instructions.
Put the corpse in the car
and park near your house.
Your roommate brought the car, right?
Let him handle it.
Just be a spectator.
If you repeat this,
I will kill you.
I told you to take her to the accident
spot and check for cameras, right?
Where is the girl?
I asked her to sign her statement,
dropped her home, and asked her
to report at the station tomorrow.
She is the only witness who has seen
the murderers of my son.
Bring her to the station for an inquiry.
Come here, brother.
Go, start the car.
Let's abduct the girl before the cops
get to her.
Or we will be caught.
Don't think so much.
Go, start the car.
Tell me!
Vasu, I need you to do this at once.
answering the door and she--
You said that we don't need to worry.
Look what happened!
Where are you going?
I called to speak about your cousin.
Who are you? What do you want?
What? Who are you?
Why are you bothering me at this hour?
Don't you recognize me?
Last night, we met at the accident spot.
He got no money.
Have you planned something?
I'm inviting you to become our partner.
Silent partners.
We will work on your behalf.
Also, we will earn a little extra.
I promise you to pay the demanded ransom.
We are risking it.
You know that we can't deceive you.
By now you might have ten copies of it.
We know that you hold the reins.
We shall threaten your roommate
and the guy who moved the corpse.
I don't think Arun has got the cash.
When the problems choke him,
his desperation will make him work for us.
If you threaten only him,
he might suspect me.
Threaten me as well.
I trusted you.
But you betrayed me.
You are at fault.
I didn't force you.
I should have been extra cautious
when you were abnormally respectful.
Somu, finish him off.
We shall threaten your roommate.,
and the guy who moved the corpse.
Tell me, Arun.
Got rid of the problems?
Not at all.
But I found the culprit.
-Who is that?
-My roommate Somu.
He is the root cause of all my problems.
But he escaped.
I can prove my innocence
only if I catch him.
I did warn you not to trust him.
What's your next move?
His target is Ilamaran.
He will threaten and try to extort money
from him.
I can catch Somu if I follow him.
-Who is Ilamaran?
-I will explain it later.
Call your uncle at once,
and explain everything to him.
I will share Somu's number.
Share it with him and ask him to trace it.
I'm heading to Ilamaran's house.
Manoj, check everyone
who looks suspicious.
Check them properly.
Don't spare anyone who takes this route.
The person you are calling
is not answering.
Interrogate everyone you come across
on this route.
Why have you called at this hour?
Any problem?
Need to discuss
something important, Uncle.
The customer you are calling
is busy at the--
What's that sound, Maran?
Let me check.
-Yes, sir?
I have shared a couple of mobile numbers.
Keep me posted on the movement
of those numbers.
Okay, sir.
What are you doing here?
Let me go.
Answer the call.
Put it on speaker.
You took your money back,
did you think you can deceive us?
The amount that your man took from us
is 25 lakhs.
A penalty of 25 lakhs for stealing.
In total, 50 lakh rupees.
Bring it to my place.
Tell him that you will pay
and ask him to come here.
-Tell him.
I will pay you.
But I can't come to your place.
I will share a location.
-Come over there.
Why is he asking you to come to his place?
Is he planning something?
The NGO owner is dead.
Who was the one who came with you?
Tell me.
What are you doing with these kids?
Tell me.
Come on.
I will tell you.
Who are you?
Tell me, who are you?
Finish him off.
Let him die without knowing it.
Who are you?
What's your relationship with him?
Why have you abducted these kids?
Tell me.
I will.
My sister Kavitha and I are twins.
I asked her to forgive me for my actions.
My mom's aspiration was to help me
become a doctor.
"Going to jail would
end my life ambition.
Rather I would end my life."
So, I tricked her.
Let go.
I killed my mom.
For my mom,
and to make her dream come true,
my sister took the blame
and went to prison for my crime.
As the NGO received foreign funds,
I continued to run it.
I became a doctor using those funds.
I was convinced that this is not
a profession of virtuousness,
but a mere business.
I wanted to earn a lot.
That's when I met Ilamaran,
the CEO of M-Pharma.
I have many dreams.
I need your help to achieve them.
Innovative people like you
is the core strength of M-Pharma.
With your pharma connection,
we can use it to implement
one of my ideas.
We can earn billions.
What's your idea?
A magic fluid that is secreted in pregnant
women after six weeks of their pregnancy.
This is a natural nuclear weapon,
gifted by nature for the growth
of the fetal brain and bones.
Its efficiency is spectacular.
Its powers are unmatchable.
CPH4 is my target.
We need to extract this
from pregnant women,
and create a powerful medicine.
Which can be used
as a performance enhancer.
He is Greek from South Africa.
Silver medalist in 200-meter race
of 2016 Olympics.
We had given him a shot of CPH4
24 hours ago.
Let's make him run.
-Time, 18.26 seconds.
He broke the world record.
Though there are many
artificial performance enhancers,
they can be traced through dope tests.
-CPH4 is untraceable.
As it is a natural extract
of a woman's body,
it would easily gel with the body
which receives it.
Am I right?
It would clear all kinds of dope tests.
I learned about your ideas through him.
It made me ecstatic.
Hence, I asked you to meet me.
You say that we need to extract
the fluid from pregnant women.
For the sustainability of the business,
how can we source numerous pregnant women?
Don't worry, sir.
I'm running an NGO which houses 40 girls.
I will impregnate them
without their knowledge,
and we can extract the gel.
Won't we land in trouble
because of the girls?
They are orphans.
They are under our control.
We can do as we wish.
We can do as we wish.
-With the support of the minister,
we expedited our process.
Once the extraction date approached,
my sister got released from prison
and returned to the NGO.
She asked me to concentrate
on the clinic,
and she took over the NGO.
Among the girls, one slipped
and fell in the bathroom.
She died due to a miscarriage.
I convinced her that the girl
had an affair with her boyfriend.
Kavitha was suspicious of our activities.
Kavitha was shocked to learn this.
We must not delay and we can't afford it.
Talk to the minister.
Let's extract it tonight.
I will make sure Kavitha is unconscious
and will reach there on time.
You should get there soon.
-Where are we heading to?
-Drink this.
-We are caught in this vicious circle
-You'll feel better.
We begin it as partners and end it alone
Those fiery eyes
Are you the one who set them ablaze?
What happened?
Aren't you feeling well?
You seem pretty dull.
Nothing. I'm alright.
Let's go.
What are you thinking of?
Wear the mask.
Where are we heading to?
We are caught in this vicious circle
We begin it as partners and end it alone
Those fiery eyes
-Are you the one who set them ablaze?
-The one with you is not me.
My sister, Kavitha.
Oh, God!
Convince her and send her back.
I will do the needful.
Poor girls!
It's been a while since they
had a good sleep.
Let them have a sound sleep.
You may leave.
What is it, Savitha?
They will sleep.
You leave.
I didn't drink.
Jagan and my roommate are.
I'm just accompanying them.
Are you hurt, ma'am?
Do you need medical help?
No, thanks. I'm a bit nervous.
Hence, I'm not able to concentrate.
If you don't mind, can you drop me
at my home?
-Get lost.
I trusted you.
How could you even think
of betraying those girls?
I won't forgive you now.
I will make sure that you
are penalized heavily.
I will take legal action against you
if required.
Don't you ever try to fool me!
Will you send me to prison? Go to hell.
Mom wanted me to become a doctor.
Going to jail will end my life's ambition.
I killed my mother.
I have put an end to Kavitha.
Come to my place now.
-We need to dispose of her corpse.
-I'm coming.
Who are you?
Where are you, Maran?
On the way to your place.
I'm in trouble because of an idiot.
-What happened?
-I will explain it later.
I'm talking from a car's trunk.
What? Are you okay?
Yes, I'm okay.
That fool has locked me inside
the car trunk.
I don't know where the car is parked.
Come at once.
I will share the location.
But, go to my house first
and do as I say.
Are you okay? Sure?
Maran, wait outside.
-I will tell you.
Get inside.
-Why did you swap your dress?
-I will tell you.
Move Kavitha's corpse
into my car's trunk.
What happened?
What's our plan?
I don't get it.
The guy who dropped Kavitha off
took my car. Not sure why.
But he returned after a while
and tried to misbehave with me
thinking that I am Kavitha.
When I resisted him,
he slapped me and I went unconscious.
I woke up in the car's trunk.
Somehow he got trapped in our web.
Let's frame him for Kavitha's murder.
You have committed a heinous crime.
The kids of the trust trusted you
to take good care of them.
How can you do this to them?
You don't deserve to live.
You shouldn't be spared.
You must go to jail forever
for these kids to live in peace.
Hello, mister.
I thought I was bothering you.
Now I realize
we just switched places.
Such an atrocious crime,
but you handled it with ease.
Such a shame that I only demanded lakhs.
You give me Are ten crores enough?
Yes, ten crore rupees.
Pay me.
I won't be a hindrance to you.
your illicit activities have
been recorded on this phone.
I assume you would have watched movies.
You know what we will do.
I will pay you.
But I need you to finish him off.
I'm sorry, sir.
I want to stay away from you
but destiny brings you to me.
I demanded ten crore rupees.
He accepted.
I can't help it.
Die for me.
Who is Somu?
He is.
Sir, I'm Arun.
I shared the truth with Divya.
He is Somu.
He killed your son.
I didn't kill your son.
It was an accident.
Your son is not innocent.
-He abducted a girl and tried to rape her.
Doesn't matter. He is my son.
If you say that it is a crime,
then what about you?
If you think that he should
have been penalized,
you should have walked
into the police station.
Why did you throw him from the bridge
to make it look like a suicide?
If you can go to any extent
to save yourself
I will do anything as a father
to avenge my son's death.
You don't deserve to live.
-Here is my car key.
Don't let them go.
-Where are we heading to?
-He is chasing us.
-We are caught in this vicious circle.
-Speed up.
-We begin it as partners
And end it alone
Those fiery eyes
Are you the one who set them ablaze?
His car stopped.
he has recorded our statement as a video.
He has the evidence.
He spoiled our whole plan.
If we let him live,
he will keep haunting us.
Run over him.
Where are we heading to?
-I will bury you alive.
-We are caught in this vicious circle
We begin it as partners and end it alone
Those fiery eyes
Are you the one who set them ablaze?
This has evidence of their crime.
Don't you ever befriend a stranger!
I have taken risks to bail you out
of this case only for my niece.
Be serious.
Sir supported all my actions.
Forget about the case as soon as you step
out of this room.
Don't discuss it with anyone.
Got it?
Who are you? What brings you here?
Today is my birthday.
I'm here to donate money
for the kids of this NGO.
The Government has taken over
this NGO due to some issues.
You cannot donate directly.
If you wish you can contact
the Social Welfare Department.
Yes, Divya?
A small change in our plan.
I'm not coming there.
Instead, you have to come to my place.
Isn't your father home?
He is at home.
He wants to meet you in person.
Will you come?
Okay. I will.
When will you be arresting
the concerned minister?
We are working on it.
We will take action at the right time.
I heard you're being awarded
by the Prime Minister?
Such awards will motivate us
to work better.
Happy birthday, Uncle.
Thanks, kid.
How do you know it?
A gentleman over there asked me
to pass this on to you.
Who is that?
He was sitting on the bike.
He was here.
I think he left.
Bye, Uncle.
Happy birthday, bro!
Who are you?
Why have you gifted me a phone?
The phone is not a gift.
It has a secret.
That's the gift.
Call me once you see it.
Help me!
Ignore that.
Help me.
Where did you meet this, woman?
We will be raking in money.
I have signed a contract
with a foreign investor for 250 crores.
When can I see the drug?
-Hello? Why aren't you saying anything?
-Don't think about that.
I run two women's colleges.
Let's use college girls for our business.
We will have sleepless nights.
We have to expedite the operation.
I will comply with your terms.
I will make you a business partner.
Help me.
Help me, please.
Don't do that.
Save us.
Save us!
Don't become a murderer.
Don't do it! Listen to me.
-How did you
-Don't worry.
You have done a good job.
But this should have been discreet.
Now I know about it.
Don't worry.
Forget about me and the video
from now on.
I won't be a hindrance to you.
-Who are you?
my name is Bharath.
I'm a cab driver.