Kanne Kalaimaane (2019) Movie Script

'Apple of my eye; my dearest'
Why is uncle going overboard
with his sacred antics?
I don't know who he'll target
this year to tarnish their life
Why is your house locked?
What are you doing here?
Where is your interest due?
- I'll pay you soon, sir
- What's with you?
What is this disguise?
Lord Karna, sir
You are unable to pay
the interest for your loan
And you'll dress up
as the generous king Karna, huh?
"In the paddy fields lush and green
Indian beech trees with flowers seen"
"In the highways bustling with activity
tamarind trees blossom in plenty"
"In directions 8, everywhere
our neem trees rustle with fanfare"
"Knowing you'll be coming, at that moment
the flowers open their eyes in excitement"
"One who graced Vaigai river as our savior
Our Chozhavandhan Mariamma we favor"
"Shall I receive You with love?"
"Our Goddess who came from above"
"Shall I welcome You with happiness
One who wears a garland of durva grass?"
"Shall I invite You with gratitude forever
One who cures chicken pox in the summer?"
"Come, o' Goddess of rain"
"The leafy canopied ghaf tree
was cut down with utmost sanctity"
"To carry my favorite deity
carved as a casket sturdy"
"Inside that wooden casket
my kohl lined deity basked"
"Epitome of fury
Avatar of Kali"
Do you know how our Mariamma
was enclosed in that casket?
"One with turmeric paste applied
With dhavanam's perfume alongside"
"Shall I call my deity to bless us
The copper statue so wondrous?"
"Come, Goddess Shakthi"
At a time when there was no famine
when pangs of hunger attacked us
When all these people assembled
and wondered what to do
Lord Krsna commanded Varuna
the God of rain and said
Shower rain in abundance
Heavy rains lashed
flooding the land it seems
The casket with our Goddess
carried by the ripples of the Palar river
In the waters sweet as honey
floats the casket of our Mariamma
Your casket slides to the banks green
with the waters gently lapping in between
When everyone wondered
what this casket contained
Our deity Mariamma dear
to bring us prosperity here
"Goddess in a casket, shall I welcome You?
The renowned one, who comes to our rescue"
"Shall I welcome You, avatar of Shakti?
One with name and fame in totality"
"Goddess Cholavandhan Mariamma"
"Our Chozhavandhan Mariamma, our savior
Our Goddess whom we fear and favor"
"Shall I welcome our Sornamuthu Mariamma?"
Tell now
Announce your presence
Within a year
in your family
...you'll face a problem
with either a lady or land
Wake up!
Good morning, madam
- Greetings, madam
- Good day
Welcome, madam
Thank you
Come this way
Please take your seat
All the best
Namaste, madam
Best wishes, madam
Good wishes
Good morning, madam
Good morning, madam
You should be in that seat
But you have seated her
Attend to your work
Lot of loans are pending
Many have not repaid
Loans approved on document basis
have also been forged
Who approved this?
Why haven't so many farmers
paid back their loans?
Who will take up
the responsibility of this loss?
Madam, the problem here is-
Villagers are not soft like the city bred
They may be a bit violent
I am mentioning this because many
of our officers had bad experiences
Where there is honesty
both anger and violence co exist
It's alright
We'll face that too
So bring all the pending files to my notice
- Okay
- Okay, madam
Thank you!
It's rare nowadays for girls
to work in villages
Why are you scaring them?
Will they dole out loans
with open arms in your city?
Don't be unrealistic
Appa, look who is here
You are dead meat today
He'll close your chapter
Uncle, stop it
Stop it, all of you
How can you do such injustice?
What did I do?
How often should I repeat it?
Even Americans use a neem stick
as tooth brush
The world is going green
If I say all this
do I look like a fool to you, huh?
You are a genius
But leave us alone
Natural fertiliser won't be
conducive to this soil
This land has got used to this manure
I can't repay my loan
if I don't harvest 3-4 times a year
Change your habit
Yov! This is our Mother earth
Even if you stamp,
doesn't she support you and me?
For that at least
shouldn't we protect her?
All our documents are
collaterals in a pawnshop!
Wonder who jinxed me this morning
Why are you bugging me
while I am working?
Couldn't you find anyone else today?
Why are you perturbed?
I'll gladly give you
earthworm fertilizer for free
Just say yes, I'll bring it
from my house and pile it here
Please don't use those chemicals
Don't betray the soil that trusts you
You don't understand my plight
I've bought all this fertiliser on loan
Uncle, I don't intend leaving
till you change your mind
Kanna, what are you doing here?
We've been looking for you all over
Look at what uncle is doing
Didn't he promise to use
only organic manure that day?
Look what he is up to now
Sir, I didn't think
when I promised that day
Please forgive me
Uncle, we can't keep forgiving you
For the next harvest
change to natural fertiliser
- Say 'yes'
- I swear I'll change
I'll buy organic manure from you
Leave me alone now, sir
You heard him
Let's go, Kanna
Let's attend to our work
Muthu, how are you?
Hey Kanna
Nowhere to be seen
I saw you in the temple that day
You left before I could talk to you
That's a big story
By the way where is your husband?
- Where will he go?
- Come, Kanna
- Would you like some tea?
- I just drank, Chandra
- Buttermilk
- No, it's alright
Hey Kanna, you are
a smart young boy
Why are you still
roaming around single?
Karuppu, you tag along always
Can't you find a girl for him?
You expect them to?
If they are with me, even a girl
who flips for me will flee
- Hey Chandra
- What, Kanna?
Count the coconuts
and unload them
I'll buy whatever price you quote
When have I bargained with you?
Whatever Muthu says is fine with me
If the buyer fixes the price
their sales is really one of a kind!
He is my childhood friend
Now you know what trust means?
Kanna, let me look for a bride
Don't worry
if I don't find one
I'll divorce my husband
and gladly marry you
Kindly do me this favor
Take her with you
If you succeed
I'm freed of a life sentence
Don't think you can
escape from me, dear
That will never happen
Am I the pawn in your game?
Hey Karuppu, are they serious
or is it their weird sense of humor?
They were classmates
Don't be suspicious
Okay, let's go
Muthu, see you
- Send me the money
- Prompt as usual
Muthaiyah has taken 8 loans
He has repaid 4
Kazhuvaayi has taken 5 loans
And repaid 2
Kamala Kannan has taken
9 loans for his cattle
Not repaid even 1
There isn't even a gap of
2 months between each loan
Who approved his loans?
There are many adjustments
in this locality
If you delve too deep into it
...VAO, collector, tahsildar
the whole system will oppose us
Forget how it was given and
focus on retrieving the money
Sir, we can't use local thugs
like private banks do
Madam, most of them who availed
loans here are proper thugs
Let it be
I won't step back from taking
the required legal action
I need to meet each and every one of them
- And we will start with Kamala Kannan
- Okay, madam
Did you drive the tractor
or roll it in mud?
Full of muck and mire
Who listens to you here?
Our vehicle is their training tool!
Kamala Kannan sir,
I'm Vetri Kumaran
- From Madurai Grama Bank
- I know you
We would like to discuss
about your cattle loans
We are paying the dues
Even sir knows it
Who paid?
Records don't show a single payment
She is our new manager
Her name is Bharathi
Good afternoon, madam
Namaste, Mr Kamala Kannan
You look educated
But why are you doing this?
You own a lot of property
Should you avail Govt loans
and cheat them?
Can't you lead a straightforward life?
I can understand
if you really can't repay
By greasing their palms...
...isn't there a limit to
indulging in fraudulent deals?
If I have done anything wrong
I'll face it legally
See, let me keep it very simple
If you don't repay your loan
I'll take action
So be careful
Kanna, you must slap her
at least once
'What temerity!'
She dares to come here
and threaten us
'She should be taught a lesson'
Many of them who take loans
have no intention of repaying
They wait for a new Govt
to dissolve their loans
I'm not targeting the poor
who can't repay
I just can't bear to see the affluent ones
who trick the Govt through loans
That isn't true
Miss Bharathi
If we handle those with clout
in a diplomatic manner
...it augurs well for us
Will big shots have 2 horns or what?
Will they pierce us?
I'm not scared of all this
It is my duty
This is just a simple
cattle loan of a villager
What will you gain
by intervening and investigating?
How can you take
a cattle loan so lightly?
Do you know the worst corruption
in India is cattle fodder?
In our country cows are
the biggest problem
People's taxes are used as loans
We stretch our hands for our salary
Shouldn't we do justice to it?
When those who cheat are brave
why should we be scared cowards?
Hey, wait right here
I'll be back
Bro, what about your security?
Dai! 1st take care of the car
Don't come inside
Stay in the car
Our bro doesn't look
the least bit angry
He'll bottle it up inside
- Mathrabootham sir
- Tell me, madam
Ask why Kamala Kannan
of Vadipatti is waiting out?
Kamala Kannan sir
Come here 1 minute
What are you waiting for?
Madam wants to know the reason
I want to thank madam
Madam, he wants to thank you
Thank me? Why?
I didn't ask
Shall I ask him?
It's okay, ask him to come
She asked you to go in
- Tell me
- Madam
I repaid 2 loans
as per your suggestion
- When will you pay the balance?
- Give me some time
I'll repay one by one
Do it fast
What you've done is forgery
Repay before I take any action
Why do you need to thank me?
You said 'Can't you lead an honest life?'
I liked that a lot
I have work to do
Thank you so much
We need signatures from 2 witnesses
for our Home's registration
You are here
The other witness is on the way
Good morning
Madam, please sign
I really feel very proud
This Old Age Home is being registered
as Mother Teresa's Home
I thank Miss Bharathi
of Madurai Grama Bank
And my dear friend Kamala Kannan
advocator of organic farming
I ask our friend Kamala Kannan
to say a few words now
Good morning to everyone
Brother Chozha Nagarajan referred
to this as Old Age Home
This isn't an Old Age Home
But Care for the Elderly
Old age is an unavoidable phase
to every human being on earth
For those who have reached
that stage before us
I firmly believe this care center
will provide all the required comfort
Thank you
See you, bro
What is this place?
If parents had a son like you
this is the haven they must seek!
Zip your lips and open the door
Should I explain
even an Old Age Home to you?
'Our guest in today's farmers' program
is Kamala Kannan from Vadipatti'
'How did you get interested
in organic farming?'
'When I was studying
in Agricultural college'
'...I grew up reading books by Nammalvar
agricultural scientist and green crusader'
'Johan Fredrik of Germany
and our own Gandhiji'
'I was enlightened, I felt
only we can save our own land'
'Why shouldn't I give this
my full fledged support?'
'So this became my dream'
'Farming alone won't do
We need organic manure'
'We are producing
earthworm fertilizer'
'Our earthworms will save our soil
that was ruined by chemicals'
'People are leaning towards
natural organic farming methods'
'What do you think?'
'I'm very happy people prefer
the 'Go Green' movement'
'This boosts up my faith
in my dream even more'
'I am sure a change is
just round the corner'
Bill it please
- Yes, madam
- Vetri sir
Kamala Kannan has graduated
in Agricultural science in Madurai
He belongs to an agricultural lineage
He's a landlord too
Why should he avail 9 cattle loans?
I feel something is fishy
If you are in doubt
we can enquire, madam
- You go and find out
- Okay, madam
Who the hell is this?
Why are you honking
in front of a locked gate?
- We were sleeping
- What do you want?
Madam wants to inspect
all the cows for your cattle loans
Big shots can't show up
Take the nonentities
Both of you go
Bro, don't come to the road
and get caught, that's all I can say
Go now, don't I know
you're Kasi's son?
- Are you a pilot?
- I'll tweak your ear
He's a Govt employee
That's how he'll talk
- Let's attend to our work
- Our work is to go back to sleep!
Watch your step
This cow
Here, huh?
Take care
We are from the bank
Is this your cow?
Yes, sir
My son is a drunkard
His liquor ate up all our lands
We can't pay our house rent
I have pledged
all my possessions
I was struggling without even
1 square meal a day
Kamala Kannan lad came to my rescue
and availed a cattle loan for me
Due to the circumstances
and our situation I couldn't repay
Don't blame Kamala Kannan
Please ensure you won't hassle him
He's like a son to me
Thanks to him
we are able to survive
May God bless him
I'll show you the next candidate
Let's go
My parents were well diggers
My father died while digging a well
He fell prey to a mudslide
My mother and I were
somehow making ends meet
I was working in a telephone booth
Not a well paid job
Kamala Kannan said
'Don't worry, Mary
I'll help out'
He got us a cattle loan and
that's how we are making ends meet
We'll pay up very soon
Don't ask him to pay this
Please wait, madam
I'll pay definitely
- I'll take leave
- Okay, madam
I told you I'll repay all my loans
Why did you go to their houses
and threaten those poor souls?
Kannan sir, madam wanted
a clear picture about your loans
That's why we went
It's our duty, sir
- Yes, madam
- Ask him to come in
You can go in and talk to madam
Sir, you feel like donating
Do it with your own money
Why do charity
with bank's money?
This isn't charity
It's a job opportunity for them
If you give them cash
they will spend it
They will be focused in their work
if they have to repay the bank
That's why I got them a cattle loan
Haven't you heard of
the fish and bait story?
Give the bait
and not the fish
That's what I did
Please don't go and talk
to my people hereafter
I take full responsibility
Repay your loan
We won't disturb you
'A few days later...'
Grandma, a girl has come to see you
- Who are you?
- I want to meet Kamala Kannan bro
Why, dear?
I've passed 12th grade
I've got a seat in a medical college
I must get his signature
regarding my education loan
Can I meet him?
Who told you he signs for all this?
Bharathi madam in
Madurai Grama Bank told me
- Is anna here?
- Who is she?
A new Bharathi 'madam'?
She's the fair swan in Madurai bank
Our enemy
Ignore her
- What is your name?
- Venmani, bro
How much did you score?
- Very good
What do your parents do?
My father drives a bullock cart
My mother works in the field
You've got a seat
in Madurai medical college?
Yes, bro, to pay
my semester fees...
...I had gone to avail a loan
in Madurai Grama bank
Bharathi madam told me
I can get if you sign
Bharathi madam, huh?
NEET exam is very tough
How did you prepare for it?
Aiyo! That's a big torture, bro
Even 3-4 students who excel
failed in this exam, bro
My father sold his land
and sent me for tuition class
I worked heart and soul
and I passed the exam
How can we study Central board questions
not taught in our state board syllabus?
How do we answer such questions?
Aren't students who passed out
before us regarded as doctors, bro?
My dear girl
don't get me wrong
Your awareness of politics is super
If you studied law
instead of medicine
...you have a bright future
No, bro
This is my ambition
What did you study, bro?
Just like you, I went in
for a professional course
Our country doesn't offer a job
nor show respect for my subject
I took a degree in agriculture
in Madurai Agricultural college
So you've passed
2 exams simultaneously
You must be exhausted
What to do, bro
1st they grabbed money from us
by way of college admissions
Now tuition class became a big scam
True that
With such a vast syllabus
and varied subjects...
...to force students to attempt all this
at the same time is just not fair at all
Those who need to know
should get enlightened!
Hey! What's NEET?
Waking me up and
asking me irrelevant questions
All that is academic related
Just go back to sleep
So even you don't know?
They didn't teach us
all that in 8th grade
It has been added only now
I'm quite surprised
by Kamala Kannan
Only yesterday
I saw his Facebook profile
He doesn't have a single girl
in his Friends list
He cleared all the bank loans
day before yesterday, ma'am
Sounds good
Come along
Hello, Kannan sir
Madam told me
Give me your file
Vetri sir, what is the %
you charge for educational loans?
Sir, what do you mean?
I pay only 8% for my car loan
What to do, sir?
We must abide by our bank rules
Give me your pen
My dear girl
You're availing a loan
from our Govt to study
Then don't go abroad
to serve the people
No, bro
I won't do that
Let's see
Please process it
at the earliest
We'll do our best, sir
Kamala Kannan sir
Don't hold it against us for meeting
the people who availed a loan
My situation was such-
Yes, sir, you'll torture a farmer
who borrowed just 5000
He will end his life, but one who
borrows millions will go scotfree
Your bank rules are 'splendid' indeed
Don't mistake us, sir
Hello, Kannan sir
Take a seat
All the best
Study well
Thanks a lot, madam
Say thanks to him
Thanks, bro
I'll take leave
I hope you aren't angry with me
Not angry
A wee bit disappointed
I signed surety for that girl
just as you suggested
Clad in a 'kurta'
Some moments of silence
after speaking a few words
Social awareness
Are you a Communist?
I am an ordinary agriculturist
I'm doing what I know
Everyone publicizes
the good deeds they do
You're doing a lot of good
All my best wishes to you, sir
Why be so formal?
Feel free to call me Kannan
Any help, let me know
I'll do what I can
Thank you so much
Our branch needs your help
- Can you give me your mobile #?
- Of course
I'll give you a 'missed' call
Save my number
I already have your #
See you
"This oval faced flower
bewitches me to caress her"
Kanna, where are you going?
Kannan bro
Car is parked here
"Handsomeness cumulative effect
Kidnapping you is my intent"
"My heart yearns to be looted this instant"
"Addressing you as 'my dearest doe'
My heart sings aloud a poem for you"
"Girl, except for your name so sweet
all other languages take a backseat"
"I was to wrap you in my finger
forgetting all our surrounding forever"
"Words will let me down altogether"
'Organic Farming
Awareness Camp'
"This oval faced flower
captivates me to caress her"
"Waves of desire brim
Teasing many a whim"
"Handsomeness cumulative effect
Hijacking you is my intent"
"My heart loves to be looted this instant"
Won't you give them a loan?
People above 60 don't qualify
Only pension is available
Ask them to collect that cash
Why can't a person
above 60 qualify for a job?
Our prime minister, president,
chief minister are all 60+, right?
Don't they hold an office?
You're such a nuisance, I swear!
"As I walk on the road thinking of you
Unaware, I pass my house like a fool"
"Seven + seven as 10, I add
My math has never been so bad"
"I can't discern east from west now
I've lost my sense of direction somehow"
"In whichever direction you maybe
seems like the auspicious east to me"
"You are the water in my roots complete
You are the honey in my flowers sweet"
"What else will you do to me, I entreat?"
"It's a pleasurable pain indeed"
"Your glances dissect me
into a world of rhapsody"
"I stand like a hill, strong and steady"
"The moment I see you, instantly
I shrink like a tiny coral bead love-pea"
"This oval faced flower
bewitches me to caress her"
Thanks, Kannan
"Waves of desire brim
Pleasing many a whim"
It's okay
It's not a big thing
"Able and adorable cumulative effect
Abducting you is my intent"
"My mind craves to be stolen this instant"
Hey! Get down
It isn't for your loan
Just checking your document
I won't get down
I won't come
"Girl, except for your name so sweet
all other languages take a backseat"
Saw that?
He went right on top
Can't catch him
"Words will let me down altogether"
'Pearl millet porridge
and buttermilk ready'
Oh my God!
Where are you going?
Stop, man
- Ezhumalai
- Uncle, open the door
- Unlock the door
- Ezhumalai
I won't harm you
Unbolt the door
'Open the door'
'Unlatch the door'
Let go of this
Ezhumalai, why did you take
such a rash decision?
Do you have any sense?
If you die, that news
won't even be reported!
Who will take care of your daughter?
We borrow money for farming
The fertilizer seller
takes half the amount
Moneylender grabs
the remaining amount, sir
Look at this bulb hanging here
The manufacturer
decides on its price
But the crops we produce
with our blood, sweat and tears
...we are unable to fix a price
Even the consumer doesn't get it
Even we farmers don't benefit
It lines the pockets
of the middle men alone
As a protest in Delhi we ran without
a stitch on us, we even ate rat curry
Did anyone in this country ask why?
Everyone just watched us
with amusement or curiosity
How can we survive
under such conditions?
Aiyo! I don't have the money
Otherwise I'll definitely pay, sir
Sir, we didn't come here
asking for money
Please pay when you can
Thank you very much, madam
Uncle, times will change
It won't continue the same way
If you don't work,
people in the cities will starve
Trust me
You are like God
Whatever hardship
please don't resort to this
- Hello...?
- Bharathi, this is Kannan here
- Kamala Kannan
- Tell me, Kamala Kannan
There's an alumni meet
in my college tomorrow morning
I'm attending it
If you are free
can you come with me?
Actually I'm free, we can go
Oh! But one thing
Can we take your car?
I don't use this car
for personal work
Which means Bharathi is equal to integrity
Is that right?
Yes, you can say so
'I call upon our special guest
poet Aathmarthi to share a few words'
Dear guests
My words are just poetry
But your grain is food for the poor
Agricultural scientists
Like how a sheaf of grain bends
its head to the ground, I salute you
2 souls unite, love blossoms
Even in contradictions friendship blooms
I wrote this
I see it truly in your expressions
Thank you
Bharathi, my professor
I'll be back
I'm Anban
Kannan's friend
Is that so?
Please sit
Thank you
I live in New Jersey
In our whole batch
Kannan was really one of a kind
Kannan and you are
made for each other
When is the wedding?
Who is marrying whom?
Kannan and you?
Did he say that?
I've told most of our friends here
Remember to invite me
for the wedding
He must be settling abroad
Dressed in a kurta,
obsessing about organic farming
...he's wasting his talent here
His simplicity and
the way he loves this town
His helping tendency
I like all that about him
I'll make sure he doesn't
change in his ways
- Is this assurance enough?
- Okay...good
Thank you, sir
See you
Hey! What's up?
The jar and lid
make a perfect fit
Your 'Mrs'!
Don't let go
All the best!
If you are free tomorrow, can you come
with me to Mettu Neerathan temple?
Do I have to?
I need to talk to you
Bharathi, sorry
I got a bit delayed
It's okay
Tell me
You could have told me
I would have felt good
Deals with situations bravely
But scared to profess his feelings
to the girl he loves
That's a typical male trait
Can't be changed
I should have told you myself
Anban messed it up
Don't know what to say now
I'm kind of feeling jammed
To go against the wishes of my family
And to get married immediately
...I'm not a young girl!
My job
Your value in society
...both the families
...without any fights or bad vibes
should consent to this marriage
It's very important to me
Please discuss with your family
If they consent...
...we can talk about it
Otherwise it's fine
This is reality
If they don't accept...
...let's stay as friends always
Let's stay as friends
Your sari looks good
I bought it in the Govt
handloom store Co-optex
Oh Co-optex?
That means...
...you're also like me
Particular about going green?
Not that
I belong to the weavers' caste
To weave a sari, a weaver has to move
his arms and legs 20000 times!
I'm wearing this sari for them
Don't forget about our topic
Kanna, please stop
- I need to talk to you
- What, appa?
I heard about Bharathi
That Madurai bank officer
Her family and relatives
We don't know their customs and habits
They won't understand our lifestyle
We belong to a family of agriculturists
I don't know what to say
If no one in our family circle approves
then what do we do?
Father, just like that
how can I say 'no' to her?
I didn't tell you to forget that girl
Hey, Ramasamy
What are you saying?
What does he know about
deceit or dishonesty?
He doesn't even know to differentiate
a burnt 'paniyaram' from a good one
Discussing all this
with such a naive boy
Her complexion, the way she talks
or her home and surroundings
Who knows what he saw
and flipped for her
My dear grandson
You were just 5 years old
Your mother handed you
over to me and died
From then, only we have
been taking care of you
We know to decide
what is good and bad for you
Take me to that girl's house
Let's see if it will work out
Or if we can iron the creases if any
...what I decide is final!
Ramasamy, do you agree with me?
You must obey
whatever I decide
Father, what is this?
When have I not listened to you both?
I'll go by what you say
I can assure you
Do you understand?
On behalf of Madurai Grama Bank...
...we are proud to give this award
to our best customer, Mr Kamala Kannan
The loans he got for others...
...without expecting anything in return,
he repaid the bank on their behalf
He studied in Agricultural college
And is employed as a farmer
in his own town
A person of great values
I can go on and on
- Congratulations
- Thank you, sir
Bharathi, you invited me for the function
and praised me sky high
I was quite embarrassed
Power outage
What happened to you?
Bharathi, relax
Hello, someone please help
Hello, there's a power cut
Don't be scared, Bharathi
Power will be restored soon
Someone please help
Bharathi, it will be fine
Wait, it's coming up
Bharathi, are you okay?
What's happening here?
I'm sorry...sorry
Hey, Kanna I thought you'll slap her
You stuck to her like a flat bread!
Dai, show some respect
She's your sister-in-law
His fiancee, huh?
What did he say just now?
Isn't it shocking?
You are usually so brave
Why were you so terrified?
What happened?
When I was young
I had a tragic experience
From then on I'm petrified of darkness
I'll tell you later
At a more appropriate time
- Hello...?
- Bharathi
My grandmother and I
are coming to your house
- Coming now?
- Yes
- Please come
- Okay
Didn't you inform her earlier?
I did, grandma
But told her to be ready now
Is that girl at home?
Today is Sunday
Bank is closed
Yes, Sunday
Govt banks are closed
- Hello, Kannan
- Bharathi, this is my grandma
Namaste, grandma
I am so happy you've visited us
Please sit
This is my brother Naresh
He studied Mechanical Engineering
and is working in TVS now
I'm Kamala Kannan
My sister has told me about you
Bring tea
Did you have a surgery for your eyes?
Not a surgery
When Bharathi was 5 years old...
...I lost my eyesight
Can't you see at all?
House is very spacious, eh?
Do you have a terrace?
Hey, take a look around
Give him a tour of your house, dear
This is a rented house, right?
Very spacious
Terrace is this way
Grandma, have tea
I added sugar
Is it okay?
Do you eat meat and fish?
Yes, we eat meat
Where did your daughter work
prior to this bank job?
In Pondicherry
Then why did you move here?
My daughter is very honest
Very strict, huh?
If she's too strict
she can't work everywhere
What to do?
This is a quality
she's born with!
Fair is fair, wrong is wrong
irrespective of who does it
Will she be permanent in this job?
Can't be too sure
She can be transferred
whenever and wherever
Only after meeting
your mother, I realize now
Why you were so terrified
during the power outage in the lift
I'm terrified of darkness
My mother isn't conscious
about light at all
When I was young...
...she used to leave me alone
in darkness and go
So from right then
I have a phobia for darkness
That's okay
Tell me what your grandma
will be asking my mother now?
My grandma is enquiring
about you downstairs
You are questioning me
here on the terrace
You can come up with the answer too
She'll be asking
about our caste
How did you guess so right?
Don't we know about elders?
Let her ask
I don't mind
Will that be a restriction?
I'm feeling tired
I'll go rest for a while
You go and lie down for a while too
Bro, what did grandma say?
For whatever reason on earth
don't ever resign your job
You won't get this meat
and salary anywhere else
I intended to endorse the same
Given that you don't work
you can't get a better deal
Why are you standing out?
Come in and eat
Sathish, serve them also
Ma, I have brought sarees
Aunt will inspect the saree inside out
She won't comment
if she liked it or not
She isn't decisive by nature
- Aunt, some meat for me
- Bite your finger instead!
Ma, I have brought Madras sarees
- Look how she's taking it out on us
- I'm busy, come tomorrow
Hey! Thanks for the hint
The decision has been made
I've told the concerned person
I don't have to tell you
Focus on your work
instead of being judgmental
Wash your hands
I thought you will ask me
But it is my duty to tell you
Your grandmother said we should
postpone discussions on this alliance
She is saying we can decide
after we completely understand the girl
Until then, try to avoid
spending time with her
Also stop sending messages
and talking over the phone
Nowadays girls go to the police station
at the slightest disagreement
And tarnish the family name
Be careful, son
- Okay, pa
- Good
"Apple of my eye; my vision is lost"
"Lost favor in her eyes; star-crossed?"
Kanna, come and eat
Not hungry, grandma
"Apple of my eye; my vision is missing"
How can you not be hungry?
Shouldn't you eat on time?
"Will I meet her, my cherished blessing?"
"She stood before me; my fair missy
Why did she enter my heart in a jiffy?"
"She waltzed into my heart's alcove
and locked herself in, my true love"
"How can I forget this sensation?
To die is a much better option"
Phone is ringing
He's ignoring it
Your phone is ringing
"If love is considered a cuss word to scorn
why are these trouble makers born?"
- Tea?
- I don't want
- Starving since morning
- I don't want
"If the criteria is caste
for love to bloom and last"
"Do birds and beasts find their catch
with horoscopes drawn to match?"
Hello...who is it?
"If marriage is love's enemy
do we need a holy matrimony?"
"This deep chasm separating you and me"
"Shall I kiss goodbye; cover for eternity?"
"Apple of my eye; my vision is lost"
"Apple of my eye; my vision is missing"
"Lost favor in her eyes; star-crossed?"
"Apple of my eye; my vision is missing"
"Will I meet her, my cherished blessing?"
"She stood before me; my fair missy
Why did she enter my heart in a jiffy?"
"She whizzed into my heart's alcove
and locked herself in, my true love"
"How can I forget this lovely creation?
To die is a much better option"
Kamala Kannan?
This is Bharathi
In my entire life
I've never had a wish list
I was never impulsive either
But I think in your case
I made an impulsive decision
God bless you
Madam, this isn't yours
Your bike is over there
Did you check his BP?
- He isn't letting me check
- Why?
Kamala Kannan sir
You are educated
Don't make us compel you
What kind of care are you giving?
He hasn't eaten
for more than a week
Not being cooperative either
What do you want me to do?
Find out what's troubling him
and give him some juice at least
- Let me know after he eats
- Okay, doctor
I didn't expect this
People won't say Ramasamy's son
Kamala Kannan died of hunger
They will gossip
it was suicide
Did I make you study agriculture
to earn this name?
We aren't against your love
Shouldn't we worry
if this girl is right for you?
You set a fine example
for everything
Can you resort to this now?
1st please eat
'Emergency Treatment Unit'
- There she is
- Madam, wait
Where are you going?
Hey, stop
- Madam, they just barged in
- I'll handle it
Okay, get back to work
- Please sit down
- He didn't eat for a week
None of us knew
He fainted in the field suddenly
We admitted him in the hospital
Even now he refuses to eat
- I don't know what to do
- Let me come with you
Come out
All of you come out
Hey...don't get up
Lie down
Why, Kannan?
Why did you do this?
I don't have a mother
My grandmother is like my mother
I've never disobeyed my father
I didn't know
how to convince them
And take you home as my wife
I had no other option
- Can I give?
- Go ahead
Drink this
Brother has broken his fast!
Bro finally drank a glass of juice!
Shut up!
I'll strangle you
Greetings, madam
- How are you all?
- We are fine
Please sit
Look at the reception for her
All bank loan cases!
Come...take flowers
Sit down
Grandma, who is that fatso
with a smile stuck on his face?
That girl's only brother
Kannan sir isn't even looking our way
Sir is blinded by love
Bride shouldn't sit along with
the groom, get up and sit down
I'm not used to
sitting on the floor
- Shall I sit?
- No need
Not necessary
Let her sit here
'So what?'
It's alright
Sit there and talk
Take this flower, mother
I have no one to talk on my behalf
Sorry, don't misunderstand
It's alright
Go ahead
I have saved a small sum
for my wedding
That is all I can bring with me
Be it cash or jewelry
We can share
the marriage expenses 50-50
Who will tie the wedding knot?
Bride or groom?!
- God knows!
- Grandma!
Can't say a word about her
He'll pounce in a coconut shell of water!
We don't want anything
Only 1 prerequisite
That's also my mother's wish
She wants to know if you must
work even after the wedding?
I got this job
with great difficulty
Can I take some time
to think and let you know?
Grandma, it isn't wrong
to work after marriage
Even you went to work in the fields
- Did anyone object?
- When did I go to work?
All the women will come to
my field to work at dawn
Can we fix the wedding date
for the 18th of this month?
It isn't a bank holiday
I'll look at the list
of holidays for the bank
Fix an auspicious date
and tell you tomorrow
Take mother back home safe and sound
Won't she know
to take care of her mother?
Why go overboard?
"Garlands exchanged on an auspicious day"
"In the most perfumed way
Adorns the bride's shoulder today"
"May you both be blessed
In love and laughter immersed"
"May fortune shower for eternity
with prosperity and plenty"
[song from 'December Pookkal']
Will you follow me
like a lost pup, dear?
Go and be seated
- Bride's room, huh?
- Go and sit
'We are not allowed'
- See if you have to pin this
- Greetings
I am Muthulakshmi
Kannan's class mate
Is that so?
Which grade
We studied together
till 8th grade
Kannan continued and I didn't
My father wanted me to look after
our coconut business
You look beautiful
You are decked with all the jewelry
No bridal make up, huh?
Why do you want me to stand on
the stage looking ashen like a ghost?
When guests who attended
our wedding meet me later on
...I have to keep reminding them
I am the same bride
- Do we need that?
- So true
As it is you are so fair
Why do you even need make up?
Boodham sir, is the banquet
vegetarian or non vegetarian?
What is the event here?
What are you harping on?
- Keep quiet
- Just a matter of curiosity
Then go to the kitchen
and find out
So you don't intend eating?
"Love will continue forever
with no stumbling blocks to sever"
Bride doesn't look like
she's from this area
How did you agree?
- Hey Arumugam, keep quiet
- Okay
- Mother
- Bharathi
Come forward
Grandma, such a fair beauty
same complexion as our MGR
Did you ever think your family will get?
Look at her properly
May virtue, principles of life
and love be granted in plenty
To be blessed with whatever is desired
To attain the pinnacle
of fame successfully
With God as sublime guide
Conform to the code
of the classic Thirukkural
With praise from world over
May Kamala Kannan and Bharathi
lead a long life as husband and wife
What are you doing here?
Not coming in to eat?
If appa finds out
you'll be dead meat!
Common knowledge on a wedding eve
friends chill out and drink
Fathers world over know this
Care to join us?
Are you drinking
because I'm married?
Or because you are still bachelors?
Kanna, come up
You are wanted here
I'm coming
Drink less and eat fast
Kanna, best wishes
for your first night
What do you mean by 'first' night?
Hasn't he seen a night before?
Partner, in every marriage
a girl gets a husband
But a friend loses his friend
Tanked, huh?
Grandma, I'm leaving for work
I'm off to work
Old people look forward to
their daughter-in-law
...taking over the household chores
The tables are turned here
Like Indira Gandhi, prim and proper,
with a purposeful stride
'Then who is to do
all the household chores?'
'Who will cook?'
Who will wash the clothes?
Am I her servant maid
to do all this?
'At daybreak women usually
come to my house to work'
'A woman from my household
shouldn't go out to work'
'Yes, bro'
Is the farm house empty?
'Yes, bro, whitewashed
I have it spic and span'
I'll explain later
Come there with the keys
- Yes, uncle
- Don't unload
Wait for a while
We may have to go
somewhere else
Hey, what's happening here?
I want her to stop working
and stay put at home
You want them to go
and live separately
What does he know?
You madcap!
I am keeping quiet
because you are my mother
1st you were his grandmother
Then you became his mother
Now mother-in-law, huh?
Go inside!
I am leaving half my life behind
Please take good care of my son
As far as I know instead of living
in a joint family after being married
...you are the 1st man
to go live independently
Usually sons argue with their father
Then raise their fists
But like a rooster under a spell,
you agree to whatever your father says
That's how I am
Naresh, why are you doing all this?
Take it from him
You come in
- Sorry
- Please go, Your Highness
- Saw that?
- No, I didn't
You should have been
his brother-in-law, go in
Hey Karuppu
Let me carry an item
No one is scared of me
being their manager!
- How are you?
- I am fine
Kannan is sitting
in the grove outside
What is this?
Before I could return from office,
you've shifted house
Uncle called and told me
Didn't specify any reason
Shall I make some coffee?
I bought milk on the way
Went off to sleep last night
Most probably I must be the only girl
to have slept on her wedding night
Singlehanded I took up
all the wedding preparations
I was so exhausted
Looks like you want to
say something?
It's okay
Speak your mind out
Shall we bathe together?
"Chrysanthemum of mine
Island of orange skies sublime"
"You came before me
like golden honey"
"You ignited my dormant masculinity"
"My husband, my true-blue
Brave heart from Tamil Nadu"
"You came like a vision in front of me"
"You fuelled my femininity"
It's early morning
The sun has risen
Why has this 'moon' not yet gone?
- Not going to work today
- Why?
That's how it is
"Hey! Beautiful banker
Lend me a kiss tender"
"I'll offer it with interest
more than the capital you invest"
"If you give yourself as security
and 'will' your life to me"
"As interest with delight
I'll lend myself to you tonight"
"Let your wedding sari crease in our ardor"
"Let it crush some more, my ardent lover"
"Don't postpone it now"
"Don't lock me out, love"
It's a week
Not a single call
- Yes
- How's Kannan?
How do I tell you
the disgusting facts!
- What's so disgusting?
- Come and see for yourself
What are you saying?
"I'll make you my baby
Bother you a little maybe"
"Love, with love as our radius
we'll make out a circle of bliss"
"I'll do household chores for you, love
I'll weed out the garden and grove"
"I'll choose the right time to woo you
into precious motherhood anew"
Hey Kanna, you've changed
so much after marriage?
Doesn't your husband help you?
This specimen?
Have you even lifted 1 tumbler?
From tomorrow I'll do
all the chores, dear
I've doing everything
Kanna, punishment for visiting you, eh?
You've trained him well
"Chrysanthemum of mine
Island of crimson skies divine"
"You came before me
like golden honey"
"You ignited my dormant masculinity"
"My husband, my true-blue
Brave heart of Tamil Nadu"
"You came like a vision in front of me"
"You fanned my femininity"
- Do you work here?
- Er...no
Why were you staring at me?
- I wasn't staring
- Want me to complain?
What happened?
He was looking at me in a weird way
Bharathi means anger
Otherwise Bharathi = courage
- Right?
- Very good
Watch your step
Don't trip and fall down
Wait here for a minute
I'll be back
This is binoculars, you can see
distant objects at close range
- Want to see?
- You think I'm a blind old lady?
Get lost
He's fastening a clothes peg
on to her petticoat
Good lord!
He'll fasten her blouse next
Grandma, look there
He's making sure
the batter is really sour
I never imagined
bro will change like this
He has become a slave
to her rosy complexion
Uncle, why are you sitting here?
- Please come in
- It's okay
No, please come in
Give this to me
Please sit down
Make an entry and
hand it over to the cashier
Okay, madam
Uncle, my husband told me
you wanted us to live independently
We came out too
We accepted your suggestion
After that you didn't even visit us
What mistake did I commit, uncle?
Whatever I do
will always be right, dear
Your grandma and others
haven't understood you well enough
Your education and job
come across as temerity to them
At this juncture
if we are a joint family...
...their hints and digs at you
Their ignorance will only hurt you
The 1st year of marriage...
...should be happy memories
to recollect later on
I didn't want you to lose that pleasure
That's why I decided
Uncle, I never understood
your thoughtfulness or farsightedness
Please bless me with
a happy, healthy life
It's okay, dear
May you be happy
You'll always do well in life
- Wait, I'll be back
- Okay, sir
Tell me, Arumugam
Do you know this news or not?
Your son is here
- When...?
- Just now
Look at that!
I called Kannan
but his phone is switched off
His phone is charging here
and he has gone to the market
Please sit, uncle
He's helping with the chores
only after marrying you
Only the 2 of us at home
I leave at 7:00 a.m to the bank
We decided we don't need a maid
We split the work
among ourselves
You can visit us on Sundays
along with Kannan, right?
Where's the time, uncle?
You know how hectic my job is
I work even on Sundays
How is grandma doing?
What does she lack in life?
She'll enquire about you now and then
My dear, bring the lentil soup
you just served
Pour some in my hand
Pack some for me
I'll take it back home
I'm hungry, dear
Come inside
What a surprise, pa
If I knew you were coming,
I would've got meat
It's okay
Come and eat with me
To get a wife who can
cook a gourmet meal
...is a special boon!
Come and eat
'Is the whole family under her spell?'
Cruel antics of time!
Go and learn how to cook
a tasty gourmet meal
...from my daughter-in-law
All these years I've been fooled by you
about how 'rasam' really tastes!
Hold it, this is how
lentil soup should taste
Pour that disgusting stuff!
Big deal! She has garnished it
liberally with cumin seeds and pepper
He has a tongue that's gone numb!
Bring a plate of rice
Let's taste it
'Days passed by'
What is bothering you, Kannan?
You are here out of the blue?
Bro, it's an urgent necessity
I have no other option
Hello, Kamala Kannan
Please sit
- Making him wait outside?
- Getting his signature
- Take him inside
- Sure
Greetings, bro
- Got your money?
- Yes
- Pay it promptly
- Sure, bro
- Don't make me hit you
- I'll repay, bro
- Shall I take leave, Kannan?
- Sure, sir
Bend low when borrowing
Acting high and mighty
when I ask for repayment
Don't do all that
Kanna, pick up the phone!
When will you pick up the phone?
Isn't that Kannan?
Why is he talking to this fellow?
Must be some lending and borrowing
between them, come inside
You came home to borrow money
Don't you know to return?
If you intended to return
you would've come home
I never said
it isn't your money, no?
Will you even say that?
What is this, bro?
Hitting me while I'm talking to you
I thought you're educated
and you're trying to cheat royally?
Muthu, did you see that?
They are fighting
Appa, Kamala Kannan anna
He's the one who
helped us with the loan
[overlap of voices]
Why are you hitting him?
Who do you think you are?
How dare you hit him!
Muthulakshmi, he'll come home
and borrow 3 lakhs
He won't pay the interest
Won't pick up my calls either
- You want me to pamper him?
- I'll repay you
Isn't there a decorum?
You can hit if you lend money?
Shall I hit you then, man?
If I hit you...
...you'll be humiliated
till your last breath
Kanna, why do you borrow money
from random men?
Don't let your tongue run
because he's your friend, beware!
'Harping about money'
Bro, what happened?
Isn't a man's life important?
If anything happens to Kannan,
I'll murder you
Get lost!
Scrawny fellow
Hey, Alagar
Come fast to our common grounds
Hey, Nagendra
Come out
With whose permission
did you lend money?
Before lending, did you ask
the elders in the family?
I have enough assets to last
for the next 4 or 5 generations
Why should we borrow money from you?
Nagendra, why did you lose your temper?
You hit my grandson who is always
as righteous as Lord Rama
...who doesn't hurt anyone
He doesn't even stamp a worm
You thought no one will defend him?
She's from a respectable family
If she curses us, we won't prosper
Dai, are you coming out
or should I come in?
Nagendra, come out, da
How dare you hit my-
It was wrong on my part to hit him
Forgive me
I should have asked you
before lending the money
Send the money
Give him the money
How could you?
Did you just watch
till he borrowed 300000?
Why is he so short of money?
If he had asked his father
he would've given, so would you
Why does he need so much money?
- She would've told him not to ask
- Who...?
New addition into our family
Walks erect like Indira Gandhi
She married him
just as she wanted, right?
Arrogance! She would have
told him not to ask
The money she spends on
her powder and perfume
...what she earns
is just pittance!
My grandson means the world to me
I need to find out
what the problem is right now
Send word to her mother and brother
Let them come
Ask them to come
If it doesn't work...
...I'll send her back saying
'please go with your mother'
We can deal with the rest later
Hey, Bharathi or Norathi!
Open the door
Hey Bharathi, open the door
Sending your husband
to borrow money...
...what are you doing
sitting at home?
You think there's no one
to question you?
You'll learn your lesson only if
I send you back to your mother
What are you doing over there?
Hello, grandma
'I had a splitting headache
all of a sudden one day'
'Had irritation in my eyes too'
'My husband took me to the hospital'
Place your chin here
Look at my left ear
It's just an ordinary headache
You'll be fine if you take rest
Call your husband
Please sit down
This is a type of eye disorder
It can be congenital
if the mother is afflicted by it
If parents are blood relatives
chances of children being affected is high
It cannot be treated
Genetic disease
Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy
Your wife can lose
her vision any time!
This is Leber's hereditary
optic neuropathy disease
This disease is hereditary
Sorry, it has no cure
Can be passed by genes
of mother to her child
1st they'll become color blind
And gradually lose their vision
Replacing with a good eye won't work
Don't waste your money
Don't get cheated by anyone
Is there no other option?
Sorry, Kannan
Show your wife whatever she wishes
to see in this world as soon as you can
What did the doctor say?
Nothing serious
Only stress it seems
You have a hectic schedule, right?
You'll be fine
if we take off for a while
Is that so?
Of course
I say it all the time
"Half the world has bright daylight
Even the other half is dipped in night"
"Dearest, life exists beyond eyesight"
"Eyes can lie glibly
But the mind is honest truly"
"Trust your mind
Good you'll find"
"Look at the world around you
with a new point of view"
"Accept how society looks at you anew"
"Don't sleep, sweetheart
Don't ever drift apart"
"Apple of my eye, happy always
Connoisseur of live in all ways"
"You are my eyes precious"
"And I am yours, my princess"
"Trust the U in you, my dear
It won't deplete, this love sincere"
"I am your lover, my lovely wife"
"I am your soul mate for life"
I know there is
some problem with my vision
What if I'm unable to see you?
Why are you being so foolish?
Nothing like that
You are fine
It's dark
I'm scared
- Bharathi
- It's darkness all around me
It's so dark
I'm scared
I can't see
- Bharathi
- Kannan, I can't see anything
- Don't worry
- What happened?
What happened to me?
I'm there for you
You will be okay
It's pitch dark
Pitch dark, Kannan
I'm petrified
- I can't see anything
- Don't be scared, Bharathi
I'm here Bharathi
- I can't see you
- I'm here with you
Nothing to worry
It's very dark
I told him not to tell you, grandma
As it is you don't like me
If you got to know
I've lost my vision
I was worried
you might separate us
I was the one who told him
Not to share anything with anyone
Without anyone knowing...
...he believed he can get me treated
and cure me completely
Sorry, grandma
For not telling you
Please forgive me
Hey Karuppu
Where's everyone?
Your grandma and Muthulakshmi
...gave a solid shelling
to that mongrel who hit you
'Then they came here'
They've rushed to your house angrily
My house?
- Why?
- Why ask me?
You messed it all up
Let's go home
Bharathi's phone is ringing
But she isn't inside
I called your grandma too
But her phone is switched off
Kanna, I just now saw your grandma
drag your wife somewhere
Any problem?
Go to my place, quick
If your phone is snatched away
half the problem will be solved
What is it?
I think we've run out of fuel
It's just body heat
That's all
Chithra, make sure the water
is lukewarm and just right
Okay, ma
Few days ago
even I had blurred vision
I applied a handful of sesame oil
and gave my head a good massage
After my shower
I could see crystal clear
Sometimes because of body heat
...it will affect the eyes
and you'll get a dizzy spell
They won't understand all this
Children these days have studied,
in fact too much
They won't know to assimilate
If you take a bunch of
dwarf copper leaves
Cook it with 'moong' dhal
and eat daily for 48 days
My husband has told me, you can
even see stars in the sky during the day
95 years old and he never
wore glasses till he passed away
He can see long distance
and at close range
His sight must have been 100/100
What is the problem
with your eyes, dear?
Whatever it is
we can handle it
'Don't lose heart'
Chithra, check if the water
is neither too hot nor too cold
'Don't just pour it'
'It's luke warm
and just right'
Let me see
Go and get a towel
We'll bathe her
Pour gently
Take care
Don't you know to discern
what to share and what to hide
You've got a degree to boot
I didn't want your wife
to continue working
Have I ever told you
'I don't like her?'
Her mother told me
She can get transferred
to a different city suddenly
What if she takes
...my grandson away from me?
What will I do then?
Listen, I'm the eldest in our family
Will I want to ruin
my own lineage?
If you're my grandson
she's like a granddaughter to me
Forget it
She has lost only her vision
She can still breathe, right?
She can cope and live happily'
Don't think about the expenditure
I'll ensure her vision is restored
You work towards it
I got so scared, grandma
'Why, my dear?
What happened to you?'
I was so scared, grandma
'Nothing to worry'
'Your grandma is always here for you
I'll take care of everything'
'Things will get back to normal'
'My guardian deity
will protect you'
'Come, don't cry'
"Come, my fair lady
My life's rhapsody"
"When grey clouds descend
rain on our land is the dividend"
"When kith and kin come down
life has a flavor of its own"
"A loving heart's stance
won't alter in any circumstance"
"Will the height of the sky increase?"
"Or how will it ever decrease?"
"When rain-laden clouds descend
water to our soil is the dividend"
Sir, this is yours
Sir, I'm so glad
you're the manager
I'm very happy
"In love's eyes flaw isn't present"
She slaps me if I say
I don't want 'mehendi'
What to do?
"If fault is found, love is then absent"
"Nothing is insignificant"
"Even a drop of dew is sea to an ant"
"In love's eyes, there's no big or small"
"Drops of water in a river are equal"
"A single person will do
to recite any gospel true"
"But to shower love and affection
don't we need more than 1 person?"
"We were born in some town or city
We united here for eternity"
"Can we mix our colors and merge
for a work of art to emerge?"
"Parakeet's wing will remain green always"
Hey! Seer, you don't wear
saffron 'dhoti' huh?
I stopped
No more prophesies
Knowingly or unknowingly, my oracle
came true for a close family friend
So I'm no longer a medium of our deity
Being humane will do is my policy now
Priest, this is Godliness!
Come here
All the Gods will listen
to a true soul like you
Bless her with sacred ash
Goddess with a 1000 eyes
Grant eyesight to my child
Goddess Shakthi
Grant your power
"A loving heart's stance
won't alter in any circumstance"
"Will the height of the sky increase?"
"Or how will it ever decrease?"
Yes, doctor
A piece of good news
Mr Kamala Kannan
My dean had called me yesterday
In AIMS hospital, New Delhi
...a senior doctor has joined
the Ophthalmology department
There's a chance of your wife
regaining her eyesight
We'll try our best
Let's have hope
Take your wife and
go to Delhi at once
I've fixed an appointment for you
I'll text you the doctor's #
Okay, Kannan?
My wishes to Mrs Bharathi
Okay, doctor
We'll leave immediately
Thanks, doctor
Should we spend this much?
Spend...you madcap!
You are our family's asset
You think you've lost
both your eyes?
There are a dozen eyes
to take care of you at home
Their prayers will protect us
Have faith and be positive
Bharathi, in a fit of rage, seeing you
walk with your head held high...
I said, 'she walks like Indira Gandhi'
Today you are going to Delhi!
Godspeed, come back safe, dear
Bharathi, Dad is here
Go with courage in your heart,
my dear child
"In love's eyes flaw isn't present"
"If fault is found, love is then absent"
"Nothing is insignificant"
"Even a drop of dew is sea to an ant"
"In love's eyes, there's no big or small"
"Drops of water in a river are equal"
subtitled by rekhs
assisted by harini, kirthi & krish
"A single person will do
to recite any gospel true"
"But to shower love and affection
don't we need more than 1 person?"
"We were born in some town or city
We united here for eternity"
"Can we mix our colors and merge
for a work of art to emerge?"
"A parakeet's wing will remain green always"
"A loving heart will melt in many ways"
"When grey clouds descend
rain on our land is the dividend"
"When kith and kin come down
life has a flavor of its own"
"A loving heart's stance
won't alter in any circumstance"
"Will the height of the sky increase?"
"Or how will it ever decrease?"