Kannur Squad (2023) Movie Script

Is the tea ready?
There's no milk.
Will a black tea do?
When will the milkman come?
It should take another 10-15 minutes.
We'll wait then.
Starting the day with black tea
doesn't work me!
We'll have to wait, Sir.
It'll take time, it seems.
Dude! You just can't stop
turning on your chimney, can you?
I feel sleepy, man.
Hushed all around
Surrounded is the dense forest
The light shines and spreads
In a wink, pierces the skin
Oh! Here you are!
We've been waiting for the milk.
The teeth clench
The nails corrade
Expecting the inevitable fate
to come 'round
Breath held, waiting for the final call
The leopard, the master of death,
Growls in rage
Hey! Hey!
The fox, in the face of death,
Shivers and shudders
The time announces its verdict.
Again and again!
The leopard, the master of death,
Growls in rage
The fox, in the face of death,
Shivers and shudders
The time announces its verdict
Again and again!
No saviour in sight, know the fate
Tremble all you want
No room to run, no way to flee
The darkness gonna veil the eyes
In the hunter's grasp,
You'll find your fate
For this jungle's justice,
The leopard, the master of death,
Growls in rage
The fox, in the face of death,
Shivers and shudders
The time announces its verdict
Again and again!
The leopard, the master of death,
Growls in rage
The fox, in the face of death,
Shivers and shudders
The time announces its verdict
Again and again!
Over there, Sir.
I'm deadlocked here.
Will see to it once I get out.
Don't get mad at me, dear.
When will you leave from there?
Come on, Rekha, can't you--
Suni, my dear
I'll call you back later.
That man
This dog is not letting go of my foot!
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Or you'll pay dearly for this!
I said leave me!
He looks quite dashing in this photo,
doesn't he, Sir?
Does he look like someone who hacked
two people to death in broad daylight?
Why should we take such huge risks
and nab these political criminals?
What's the point?
When the left and right wings
fight against each other,
don't the common taxpayers
have to live here?
For any inconvenience, you may
inform the Superintendent of Police.
Sir, section 307.
Add section 324 as well, Sir.
What's that for?
A local bomb blasted right in front of me.
And he sicced his dog on us too.
These two were really close calls!
Do we really need to include
"Section 324"?
Sir, the thing is
You did all these editing?
Are you trained in 'Photoshop'?
-Yes, Sir. I have a diploma in multimedia.
-It looks good.
keeping such criminals in custody
would be a headache for us.
I've been on duty since last night.
Cops without a family won't understand
our struggle.
When can we go home
after closing thesecases?
What are you saying, huh?
We can't just neglect them like that.
They are SP Sir's personal squad.
Such troublemakers!
-Good morning, Sir.
-Good morning.
You guys carry on then, George.
Let them stay here.
I'll take care of the rest.
I thought we'd leave
after the inquest of that body.
This is a common thing here.
Must be some tribal guy.
Let's see if someone comes
to claim the body.
-Sir, this doesn't appear
to be the body of a tribal person. -Eh?!
Doesn't look like a tribal person' body!
We already have umpteen problems
in the name of 'Maoists' and such crap!
It's easy for you to
report it to the top officials andrelax!
But our duty doesn't end there.
You may leave, George.
Is there a reasonable person around here?
Where's that driver?!
When you visit police stations,
do you encounter these sorts of
unpleasant experiences?
Can't you complain to
the Superintendent of Police?
The thing is
Let me answer that question.
Superintendents keep changing frequently,
and some of them might disperse the squad
as they depart.
And then we'll end up working under
the same circle and sub-inspectors.
That will put us in trouble.
That's not the case, Raghu.
In a day, several cases
get registered in a police station.
Our force doesn't have enough manpower
to solve all these cases.
We can't place the blame entirely on them.
This is a squad
formed by Sreejith Sir in 2007.
With me, Rajasekharan,
two assistant sub-inspectors,
and seven constables.
The A-team was led by me,
and the B-team by Rajasekharan.
Shall I tell you the rest?
Yes, Sir.
The SI said it was a suicide, George.
90% chances are that
it could be a suicide, Sir.
The remaining 10%?
It is like,
we found the body at
Kerala-Karnataka forest area.
No missing cases have been reported
in that area.
Let's say the victim is someone
who doesn't have
any relatives
to file a complaint on his behalf.
Why would he go to the forest
to commit suicide?
He could be a tribal person, right?
I don't think so, Sir.
That's because Sir
Considering the height
at which the body was found hanging
as per our reports,
the tribal people usually climb
greater heights to hang themselves.
They do this to prevent others
from noticing the act.
As per the autopsy reports,
the cause of death
was hyoid bone fracture.
The body is of a man,
about 40-45 years old.
That body is decomposed for
roughly a month and a half.
The doubt I had
was about that metal plate
in the left ankle.
Sir, as you know,
tribals usually don't undergo
such surgeries.
They can't afford the expense.
Dathan Sir who performed the autopsy said
it is a recon alias reconstruction plate
manufactured by 'Synthes' company.
When I contacted the company,
they informed that
the surgical plate distribution point is at
Chaithanya Hospital, Trivandrum.
You can get information about patients
who underwent this surgery
from the implants purchasing section, Sir.
Here are the details of the five people
who had the surgery here.
I tried calling them all.
One of their numbers is switched off -
He is 43 years old. He is a lorry driver.
His bystander was his wife, Vanaja.
Here's his address.
One night, Vanaja came to me and told me
that Murugan's uncle from Salem
had passed away.
After that, she packed up
all their belongings and left.
There hasn't been any news about them
for the past two months.
Thankfully, he paid the fine for the lorry,
hen ce we could ge
Murugan's vehicle number.
Jayan. You go and enquire at Southern Clay.
Jose and I will head to the road transport
office and get the lorry details.
This vehicle was registered under the name
Vanaja Murugan.
They already collected the NOC and left.
This vehicle is currently registered
under the Coimbatore RTO.
If possible, can we get
Vanaja Murugan's photo, Sir?
These ID proofs are
already moved to the dumping section.
-I'll have to search.
-We will also join you, right?
Yes, Sir.
Hey. Tell me, Jayan.
Hey, Sir.
Murugan was driving the lorry
for this company, Sir.
He mostly took the Kannur - Virajpet route.
-Did he have any helpers with him?
-No helpers.
Come here then, Jayan.
Sure, Sir. I'll come there.
Got it.
Saravana Kumar, from Coimbatore?
So, you guys then
went to Coimbatore?
When the culprits are smart,
we need to be even smarter.
Only then we can catch them!
Sir, I don't know about Vanaja or Murugan.
I came to know about this lorry
through Rakesh.
Rakesh is working in our company
as a driver.
I bought this lorry from him.
Can you please call Rakesh?
Hey, boy!
Call Rakesh.
-He is on leave today, Sir.
Please give us his address.
Where's Rakesh's house?
Go straight, turn right
and the second one is Rakesh's house.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Who are you?
Murugan's uncle!
Right from the age of ten,
I was sent to work
by my mother, and the man with her
who I don't know was my real father.
Whatever I earned was taken away by them.
When I attained puberty,
I was married off
to Murugan maman.
Later on, I came to know that
I was sold to Murugan maman
by my foster father
over a few brandy bottles.
Five, six years back,
he took away whatever I earned
by doing household works,
for buying a lorry.
When I learned that
the lorry was brought in my name,
I felt love towards him.
As soon as I started getting
receipts from the court,
I understood his true colour.
When I thought
I will get over this shortly,
But now Murugan maman says,
I am not his wife
as it was a marriage on liquor bottles.
Let it be, sir.
What do I do with her, Sir?
When Murugan maman broke his leg,
Rakesh came to assist him.
I convinced him to be on my side.
I was burning with the hatred of
twenty years, Sir.
I couldn't lay my hands on the man
who claimed to be my father.
the pleasure I got
while tightening the noose
around Murugan maman's neck was
beyond description.
As Rakesh says,
it is neither love, nor lust.
I just want to live peacefully.
So what about the child?
She lost both her parents.
We put her in
the children's rehabilitation home.
What else can we do?!
I'm not sure if it is right to ask this.
Just like those cops suggested,
couldn't you have
dismissed the case as a suicide?
We could have!
But alas! We aren't just human beings.
We are cops too.
When you enquire the origin of
certain cases,
you come across
some miserable people like them.
When I was asked
to write a feature about cops,
I was adamant that
it should never be clichd.
Those who write
the horoscope of the crime!
They arrive,
do their calculations,
and nab the culprits!
Without waiting for any applause,
they quietly disappear.
They are
I doubt if in the history
of our association,
there has ever been
such a large retirement function
for so many people.
Around 30 of them!
We're all well aware of that.
In the life of us policemen,
we encounter numerous challenges
while on duty.
Sir, can you please tell me
when the loan will be sanctioned?
Sir, this is a PF loan, after all.
Both JS and the Superintendent are
on leave. I'm the only one available.
And these many files are piled up here.
Sreekumar Sir, I began the construction of
my house with this loan in mind.
Now it is delayed.
I gotta somehow finish that
and start living there.
Well, this isn't a ration shop
to serve you quickly.
It will take its own course of time.
You may leave now, Sir.
I didn't ask for a share of
your mother's dowry!
What did you say?!
I didn't ask for a share of
your mother's dowry, you son of a btch!
How dare you drag my mother into this!
Let's see how you're going to build
your house with this money now!
You and your family will rot forever
in that rathole, the quarters!
It's true that I'm a cop now,
but my old self is still alive within me!
-I'll teach you a lesson!
-Come on, let's go!
-Sit here, Sir!
Please don't take offence.
Last month,
George sir secured a chit fund of
60,000 bucks for you.
Even I lent you 20,000 bucks.
Did you really spend all this money
for the construction, Sir?
I had to spend that money.
For something else.
I have another important thing to say.
Up next is the performance of
artists in our force.
It is our duty to encourage them.
Please don't leave yet.
-Can you please come down?
-What happened?
Jayan! What are you doing?!
Move away!
He's intentionally causing trouble, Sir!
Calm down, Jayan!
Everyone upstairs would come rushing here!
He is troubling me because
we caught his brother's sand lorry!
I was just sitting here
minding my work, Sir!
Yet he hit me, Sir!
Couldn't I have just come upstairs
and listened to your singing?
Amidst all these piled up work
Don't act too clever!
I know very well why he hit you.
Don't you dare bring
your party members into this!
You know what will happen
if you mess withcops!
-I know, Sir.
Go back to your work.
Come on, guys.
My song is still pending.
-Ready 1 2.. 3
-Come on, smile!
Smile please.
Did you summon me, Sir?
He accepted a bribe from the sand mafia
and aided them
in illegal mining operations.
I conducted an inquiry
with the Special Branch to verify it.
George, the complaint is genuine.
He took a bribe
of one and a half lakh rupees.
Sir, let me talk to him once.
I will definitely take action against him!
Throughout my career of 30 years,
I've upheld morale.
I don't want anyone on my team
who would spoil that.
As the team leader,
you are also accountable for this.
Further information will be updated
from theoffice.
[On TV] The unholy nexus between
the sand mafia and the cops is exposed.
An officer named Jayan
has been exposed for accepting bribes
and facilitating the sand smuggling.
The involvement
of other members of the squad
with the sand lobby
is currently under investigation.
[Protestors shouting]
Did they start in the morning itself?
Why aren't you still dispersing them?
They are a group of around 150-200 people.
If we get more force from the camp--
Hey. Not just 100 people.
Even if it is 500 people,
a cop's duty is to control them.
Nobody should be here after 10 minutes.
Troublemakers should be strippedoff.
Got it?
Two days back, they were at your office.
And today, at my premises.
What are you doing, Sajeevan?
It has only been seven days
since the murder, Sir.
How can we find out it
in this short time span?
A person with high political influence
got murdered, and his family was tortured.
And the query is,
why are the cops not responding?
Sir, locals and party workers claim that
BSF members are behind this murder.
Despite several interrogations
of those on the suspect list,
we did not get any leads.
I don't want to know
how will you execute this.
You either beg, borrow
or steal a team
who are capable of doing this.
We're running short of time.
What's happening over there, Mr Cholan?
Nothing, Sir.
It's a small protest.
A mob of 200-300 people with placards
is a small protest for you?!
What's the status of the investigation?
They are discussing on it, Sir.
We need to move faster, Mr Cholan.
-Yes, Sir.
Thank you.
Can I make a suggestion?
Two years back,
when I served as a CI in Chokli, Mah
there was a Tamil gang carrying out
dacoities in the neighbouring houses.
As they used to walk around 30 km
along the railway tracks back and forth,
tracking them down was challenging.
This case took a crucial turn
when they sliced off
an old woman's ear for robbery.
A team aided us
to do the case detection then.
The team helped us to
track them down
and arrest them from their own
den in just five days.
The squad led by Kannur SP Krishna Lal.
Kannur Squad.
What's up, Sir?
I just came to check on you.
How's your station duty going on?
Going alright, Sir.
Heard that Jose sir is not doing that well.
Sir, did Althaf from SP office call you?
Remember Abdul Wahab's case from Kasaragod?
He said that the case will be
assigned to Kannur squad.
Well, since Rajan Sir
is not available here now.
It was you, George?
Seeing him I thought,
somebody has come for a bribe deal.
Okay, carry on.
Shafi Sir, when you've time
do visit the station once in a while!
Okay Sir.
I shall just
-What's it?
Come on, Daddy.
How long have I been calling you!
Not possible, George!
They are asking for Rajasekharan.
You know the hardships
of a middle-class policeman.
You also started the career as an SI.
Sir, our department has got
quite a number of corrupt officers.
He's 100% wrong in this case.
I'm not justifying him.
Sir, he was caught because
it was his first time.
If you could just
This falls under the authority of the IG.
I know that, Sir.
Rajan and his team are in Bihar.
They will take some time there.
This could help the killers in escaping.
Please consider this as our last case, Sir.
Since the B team is unavailable,
we can assign the case to the A team.
However, the officer accused of bribery
let's not have him for this assignment.
That's where we have a slight problem.
They have collectively investigated
every grave case so far as a team.
I don't think it'd be a wise move
to split the team
in this investigation.
Cholan, it's your call.
Either you take them or leave them.
I will take the responsibility, Sir.
I want to meet Mr George.
Meet George.
Don't you know him?
The Kasaragod SP.
Yeah, Sir. I know.
You might have handled various cases.
But this is a unique one.
You don't require
an introduction to Kasaragod.
The murder of someone like Abdul Wahab
in such a place,
I don't have to tell you more, right?
The Home Ministry has granted us
a deadline of ten days.
Can you solve this case
within that time-frame?
Sure, Sir.
I said 10 days!
10 days are enough. We can do it, Sir.
Good luck.
Thank you, Sir.
From what we've heard,
this looks like a tricky case.
What if somebody raises
Jayan's matter there?
Wait. Let's see.
No matter what the reason is,
he tarnished our team's reputation
in justoneday.
That was just not fair.
What's the condition in Kasaragod now?
Doesn't seem so good, Sir.
Hello, Sir.
We've got hardly 10 days
to solve this case.
We would be having
several personal differences among us.
But none of that
should affect the investigation.
If anyone has any objections, say it now.
Don't non-Hindi natives too
speak Hindi?
Did you check on that?
No Sir, they were
proper Hindi speaking people.
After my textile engineering course,
I did my internship in Kanpur.
When the bell rang at three in the morning,
why did you open the door
even though there was CCTV?
Well, Sir
My uncle was returning from the UK
that morning.
Nissar, the driver, had said that
he would come at four
to go and pick him up.
I thought it's him ringing the bell.
Did you tell anyone else about coming here?
No Sir, only my wife
and their family knew about it.
The only evidence we've obtained
is the urine sample with blood
from the bathroom.
It has been sent to
the central forensic lab.
The cause of death is strangulation.
We haven't retrieved any finger prints
or hair strands from here.
Chili powder was sprinkled
to mislead the dog squad.
Sir, what's the condition
of this boy's mother?
She is standing by her daughter
in hospital.
She's in slight shock.
Moreover, there is a tradition
among Muslim women
of refraining from going out for 90 days
following the death of their husbands.
North Indians and Nigerians
have got quite a lot of
looting history in Kerala.
But, none of them involved a murder.
But this gang
how can they pull off such a crime?
The first possibility is that this might be
a politically motivated murder in itself.
They might have deliberately orchestrated
this type of robbery,
which is common in North India,
to divert our attention.
If that's not the case
it could be a hardcore dacoity gang
who wouldn't even mind committing a murder
during the robbery.
How do you find out the lead?
Sir, call dump?
I've already handed over
the call details for August 27,
the day the crime occurred,
to Sajeevan sir.
Let it be there, Vinod.
What we need are the records
from all the towers
within an 8 km radius of Wahab's house
from August 24th to August 30th.
What?! Seven days?!
There will be a lakhs of
messages and numbers in that CDR!
You don't need to pull out all of it.
You can skip the active subscribers
who are the permanent residents there.
We only need numbers for those
who entered or exited the tower's range
or turned off their phones.
From 24th to 30th.
Now we have got the call details
from four service providers.
Once we get the rest,
it will cross 2,50,000 calls.
Filter out the calls with duration of
less than two minutes.
Two minutes, that's it.
Sir, check this vehicle.
The number is fake.
It is the number of a bus in Wayanad.
The car entered the Mangalore highway
precisely at 4:15.
Looks like they came in this car.
Try tracking this car.
Sir, what if the accused made calls
exceeding two minutes?
In that case,
won't they escape from our list?
Criminals usually talk very little
while committing a crime.
That's their nature.
We have filtered out 7084 calls
which came undertwominutes.
Sir, we could track the car
only up to Kanhangad.
No other CCTV
could catch the car beyond that.
Moreover, it was pouring rain that day.
Their faces aren't clear in the footages.
We conducted a similar operation in 2012.
Do you remember?
You mean that Vishnu and Aji case
at the party village?
Imagine Vinod and I planning a crime.
We buy two SIM cards.
We call only each other from those numbers.
We won't make any calls outside of that.
What next, George?
Now we have to pull out the address
and call details of these numbers
and leave early in the morning.
I stay alone here.
So, the tea may not be that good.
I was an SI in Athoor station.
I purchased this SIM card for the informant
to help break up the gangster group there.
He took me along, saying the gang's leader
had called for a secret meeting.
But its when we got there,
he revealed that he's the leader!
-And then?
-Then what!
I somehow made it out alive.
That's it.
Is this your number?
No, Sir. This is not my number.
Sir, I gave my ID card
to get them SIM cards.
I have no clue about their whereabouts.
Sir, we nabbed the guy.
But he says he never bought
that SIM card.
Do this.
Call the service provider
and track down the seller of the SIM.
Okay, Sir.
-I'll have to find other suppliers then.
-Who's the shop owner?
-Who's the boss here?
-No, that's not gonna work out.
Just a minute.
Hey, Satheesh
Get him his list..
Carry on.
Did you sell two SIM cards
in Biplav Das' name
on 19th of last month?
Just a minute.
Touch screen phone
for minimum amount! Try it.
-Two SIM cards in Biplav Das's name
-Biplav Das is my buddy.
He won't be available on phone.
He's very busy.
We are from SP office.
Can't you see this is a busy shop?
Are you creating a scene?
SI Shajahan sir is my friend.
Should I call him? I will do that.
Hey, we are from SP office.
SP is not bigger than SI!
Do you know this guy?
He's your buddy, Mr Biplav Das!
Sir, I'm the one who got the SIM cards
for all the migrant workers
at Sebastian's work site.
I got a SIM card for Riyas
using one of those IDs.
Told that he needed that SIM
to call one of his flings.
Pass me the fire.
Why do you do this, Riyas?
Is it right to keep your phone
switched off?
How long have we been trying to call you!
Come on, Jose, Sir!
He must have so many SIM cards!
How can he keep
all his numbers on at once?!
Right, Riyas?
Where are you going?
You can watch the rest later.
Come on, move.
Don't move!
Enough with your running!
Where are you running off?
To your aunt's home?
It wasn't me who killed Wahab Bhai, Sir!
Then why the hell did you run,
you bloody dog!
Tell me!
Sir, will things go out of hand?
No. They will handle it.
-The reports are ready, Sir.
-Ah, very good!
Come Shafi, it's time for our entry.
Okay, thank you.
Jayan! Stop!
What the hell!
Who told you to lay hands on him?
Won't I be answerable
if anything happens to him?
Move away! Move!
Come here, Sir.
I'll see to it later!
I didn't kill Wahab, Sir.
If you lie to the cops,
they'll definitely beat you up.
Just a couple more hard slaps
and he would've spilled
everything like a parrot!
Right, Jose?
You better be mindful!
Or you'll be fired in no time!
Couple more slaps, my foot!
Riyas, why did you kill Wahab?
Any personal grudge?
I don't understand what you're saying, Sir.
So you don't understand.
In that case
let me ask you the things
you'd understand.
On the 19th, you bought two SIM cards
under Biplav's name.
Both of those numbers
have been switched off since 26th.
Why did you buy those SIM cards?
You don't have an answer!
Let it be.
On the night of the 25th,
two calls were made
between these two numbers
within the vicinity
of Abdul Wahab's house.
One was a 12-second incoming call,
and the other was
a 1.18-second outgoing call.
Who made these calls and to whom?
Once again, no answer!
I'll tell you something
for which we already haveananswer.
You have a kidney stone problem.
Haven't you, Riyas?
We had obtained a urine sample
from a bathroom in Wahab's house.
Finding out the blood group
from the urine sample is a difficult task!
But lucky you!
The urine sample
we got from the crime scene
and the one we collected from here
is a perfect match!
You know something, Riyas?
If they come back,
this whole scenario will change!
They might just beat you to a pulp!
We will put the charge sheet
with you as the primarysuspect.
Your whole life will be ruined!
A death sentence for sure.
Help me, Sir!
Ameer and Zulfikar
are the sons of the hotel owner
where I was employed in Qatar.
They wanted loads of money
for their new business.
But when the boss denied to help them,
they decided to rob and make the money.
What business?
I don't know that, Sir.
It's hard to believe that you would take
such a huge risk for their business.
What's your profit in this?
10% of the total amount.
And then?
After returning from the Gulf,
I opened an electronics shop here.
I also used to do house maintenance works.
Wahab Bhai was my mother's relative.
-Hi, Bhai.
Had tea?
-No, Bhabhi is making it.
-Don't leave without having it.
Okay, I'm going upstairs.
Come on, hurry up.
It's taking forever.
Wow! It's working!
Why is the ground floor's camera
flickering? Check it once.
I realized that
Wahab Bhai has the money
Ameer and Zulfi need.
Riyas Bhai...
Have tea.
I then made a call to Qatar
and informed them the same.
As per Ameer's suggestion,
two north Indian guys came here first.
Hathoda and Bambeeha.
After a couple of days,
Ameer and Zulfikar
landed at Mangalore Airport.
Do you have any photographs
of these smarties?
No, I don't have their photos
or contact numbers, Sir.
Ameer warned me to never keep them.
Anyway, they will have
Facebook accounts, right?
They won't deactivate
their Facebook account
so that no one gets suspicious.
Give us their Facebook ID!
Ameer Shah
and Zulfikar Ali.
Which one among these?
That's him, Sir.
This one?
Yes, Sir.
Ameer wanted two SIM cards.
I got them from Ashraf's shop.
When he wanted to see Wahab Bhai,
I took him for the Jum'ah prayer.
That's where, Sir,
Ameer first saw Wahab Bhai.
I need some more details of that house.
That's when I received an invitation
to Wahab Bhai's daughter's birthday party.
I'll call you back.
No, I'm just entering the house.
Have a seat, Bhai.
I'll get you some cake.
-All okay?
Back. Go reverse.
Riyas Bhai, how's the food?
It's from Al Baik restaurant.
It's delicious, man!
Nissar Bhai,
don't forget about the date 27th.
He'll be landing in Mangalore
on the 5 AM flight that day!
I'll be here at 4 AM! Okay?
So, on 27th morning
before the driver reaches there.
No matter what,
don't leave any fingerprints.
Nobody should address each other
by their names.
We'll talk only in Hindi.
Twenty minutes.
We must finish the work in 20 minutes
and come out.
Hurry up. Come on.
[Sports commentary on phone]
Come on! Hit it!
Solid defense!
Who's at the door, Son?
Must be Nissar Bhai, Mom.
Just a minute. Coming!
He's done for.
Remove the CCTV hard disk.
-What do you want?
Tell me what do you want?!
Shut your trap!
-Where are you going?
-Hold him!
Let go of us!
Where are you taking me?
Come, you fuer!
Run, dear!
I said RUN!
Shut the hell up, you aole!
You talk a lot!
I want her to be conscious.
Leave her with her brother and mother.
Tell me the passkey.
Hey, you a, say it!
2 5 3 8
That's more like it!
Where's the rest of the money, huh?
Tell us!
This is all I have over here.
Five lakhs.
You deserved it!
Search the whole house!
What happened?
There is only five lakh rupees
in the locker upstairs.
Bhai has asked us
to check all the rooms downstairs.
Hey! You said you won't do
anything out of the way!
Bloody son of a bch!
You told there is crores of money there!
If you inform this to anyone,
this will happen to your familytoo!
Did you hear me?!
I didn't expect things to go
this bad, Sir.
Please save me, Sir.
You do all the nasty things you want
and now I should save you?!
The remaining four of them?
He has no clue where they went
after the crime.
As per the airport authority reports,
they haven't left the country so far.
Zulfi and Ameer's house is in Manjeri.
Subhash, who used to be part of our squad
is now in Malappuram special branch.
We have asked him to inquire once.
Make sure water doesn't get stored up
anywhere, not even in a coconut shell.
Because these larvae
turn into mosquitoes and bite us.
That's how we end up with dengue.
So, what should we do then?
We should go to the hospital then.
What other choice do we have in that case?
Yeah, you must go to hospital.
With dengue,
the platelet count in our body decreases.
By the way, what's your name, dear?
Anu Sasidharan.
His face is longer, Sir.
Tell me, Subhash.
It's been six months
since they came home.
The family said the same story.
The elder one's wife is pregnant.
So there is a possibility
of communication between them.
So I have messaged you
her mobile phone number
and land line number.
Okay. Thank you, Subhash.
Oh, no mention, Sir.
So, count me in your back seat
for the next case, Sir.
Okay. Okay.
Thank you, Sir.
Farha is conscious now.
I'm letting you record her statement
only because of the SP's request
despite her critical condition.
She's photophobic.
So, please don't make it tough for me.
We'll take hardly 10 minutes.
We'll be careful.
-Thank you.
This is not your Abba, my dear
I'm a policeman.
Can you please tell me
whatever happened there that night?
Here you go, Bhai!
Don't harm my daughter.
Didn't I tell you
This is all I have here right now.
Will you tell me the truth or not?
Please believe me.
Don't harm her.
I'm asking this for the last time.
Where's the rest of the money?
Let go of my daughter.
I'll give you as much cash
as you need tomorrow.
I swear, as much as you want!
Please let go of my child!
You will cry now.
Let go of my family.
I am Ameer.
Ameer Shah.
I'm not an outsider or anything.
I belong to Kerala itself.
I'm fromManjeri!
Tell me, you!
Where's the money?
I already told you
There's no more money here.
My Abba
Don't cry.
Nobody should know about this, Sir.
It's my word.
Sir On August 28th morning,
a call has been made to Zulfikar's house
from a phone booth
in Sankeshwar, Karnataka.
Following that, multiple calls were
made from phone booths nearMumbaiCST.
Again, a call was made from Mumbai
half anhourago.
They are in Mumbai itself, Sir.
Shall we start tomorrow itself?
Not tomorrow.
Right now!
We are starting right at this moment.
Though the night dissolves,
Its profound darkness unfurls
Tarnished footprints
Scattered throughout the alley
It's a hunting ground for vultures
Life is our sole bet to stake
Gentle in nature,
Yet firm in allegiance
Fresh trails, novel goals
Battles to be fought every day
Gentle in nature,
Yet firm in allegiance
Fresh trails, novel goals
Battles to be fought every day
What happened?
Somebody is following us, Ameer.
Those who came to our house
claiming to be
from the health department
what if they are cops?!
Yes, yes. Sikandar lodge.
Wh where are you?
Hello Hello
Jai hind, Sir.
Myself Jhandu Lal.
George! George!
Jhandu Lal.
Janthu (Animal) Lal?!
Jhandu Lal!
Our SP sir has asked me to
to take proper care of you.
You don't worry at all.
When Jhandu Lal is here, nofear!
Please come.
No! No! No!
No! No!
We need to search within 8 km radius.
The phone booths
from where the calls have came are
at Masjid Bunder, Byculla,
and Kala Ghoda.
These areas are our primary target.
Call me of you need something, George.
Okay, Sir.
I don't know.
No, Sir.
-What's up, man?
-Hello, Sir. -Hello.
No, Sir.
We don't keep
CCTV and register here.
Jose Sir, the second location is shown as
Lakshmikant stationary.
Here You have CCTV?
We don't have CCTV.
Sir, this phone booth doesn't have CCTV.
They have made calls to a mobile phone
and land phone from here.
They used a fake name,
Randeep or something.
Have you seen him?
-Yes, Sir.
The first call to their house in Manjeri
was made from this booth.
Sir is from Kerala.
They have received some information
from the cyber cell.
Vinod, when we checked the CCTV footage,
we saw that before Zulfi made
a call to their home,
Ameer has made a call to another number.
I'll give you that number.
Can you please trace out the address?
Reach the location I sent you
at the earliest.
Alright, Sir.
The person Ameer called from the booth is
one Mr Shiju Velayudhan.
His number is seen mostly active
in a place called Tilak Marg.
At present, the number is switched off.
I've asked Vinod to pull out
his Aadhaar details and location.
Do you know this guy?
This is our Shiju.
Where's he?
He lives upstairs.
What shall we do now, Sir?
We can't do anything until Shiju comes.
Let him come.
Please have this, Sir.
The thing is, our SP sir has asked me
to take proper care of you.
Sir, how many cases
we've solved in our state!
Nobody has even offered us a black tea,
did they?
Everyone should learn hospitality
from these people!
-Char Sau Bees, Sir.
-What, Sir?
-420 Rupees only!
-For what?!
Greetings, Sir!
My duty time is up, Sir.
-See you tomorrow.
-What about Shiju?
I've got a meeting with Dolly.
Jai Hind, Sir.
Step up, fast!
Darn! You go for it!
Go file a case in the Supreme Court!
Tell your father, that old geezer too!
I'm no longer that old Shiju
who lived in Kundara!
Mumbai wala Shiju!
Shiju Bhai!
How's your arrogance now?!
You'll get a divorce
only if I also sign it!
Hang up and get lost!
She and her father want divorce it seems!
Screw them!
Who the hell are you, motherfr!
I'm the one who takes care of
Menon sir's flat.
He's in the Middle East now.
Those guys are his elder son's friends.
I arranged a room for them
because he had asked me to.
What's the matter, Sir?
Did they flee
after cooking up any trouble?
Why do you feel so?
every day they want me to be there
by evening.
They would say their phone is
out of battery, has no balance,
and take me to the phone booth.
Can't they just use my phone?!
But no! They can't!
They want to make all the calls
in the fking boothitself!
they won't go to a phone booth twice.
I swear on Goddess Chakkulathukavu Amma!
Shiju bhai, that's me, can sense
such fishy things in no time!
They called me
in the middle of the night two days ago.
And asked me
to drop them in the railway station.
9 4
3 9
Since I was a bit suspicious aboutthem,
I noted down the phone number
he mentioned.
But he caught me
by the time I noted down eight digits.
This is the number, Sir.
And where are they now?
Thy asked me to get them tickets
to Bhubaneswar.
I got that for them.
Don't make us come here again.
By no means, Sir!
That's my word!
If we catch the 10 o'clock flight,
we can catch them right
as they arrive in Bhubaneswar.
-How far is it?
-1600 km, Sir. It's in Orissa.
We won't be able to reach by road, Sir!
Taking a flight is the best option.
Then make it quick, Shafi.
Need to go lodge and pack our things.
Have you guys lost it?!
Just 3-4 days of sleepless work,
and you guys are our of your senses?!
Shiju got them tickets to Bhubaneswar
as Ameer asked him.
Did Shiju see them boarding the train?
Even if they did boarded
the train to Bhubaneswar,
there are so many stations along the way.
Couldn't they just get off
at one of those?
Damn your ideas!
Sir, Vinod is calling.
Put it on the speaker.
-Tell me, Vinod.
Just now, a call of 40 seconds was made
from near Faizabad railway station
in Uttar Pradesh
to their house in Manjeri.
Give me the Faizabad number.
9 4
3 9 1
2 1 0
1 2
Sir, this is
Isn't it the same number Shiju gave?
The ones who headed east
are now in the north!
In a desperate bid to escape,
they will try to set many traps on the way,
but we decide whereweshouldgo.
What are you saying, George?
A flight to Faizabad is quite impossible.
I don't think it'll be approved
even if we submit a request.
flight permission cannot be granted
to cops below the DySP rank.
It's wise to take the road or train.
Okay, Sir.
Let's book the flight, right Sir?
The department cannot spend
thirty thousand rupees for us.
Either a train, or by road.
Let's bear the cost ourselves, Sir.
We can get it reimbursed later.
Not gonna work, Sir.
Spending Rs 6,000 on diesel
will take us there.
I can't afford to spend a part of
that 30,000 bucks.
Those who have other ways
to earn extra money may find it easy.
Listen Jose, it wasn't my family
who those culprits assaulted.
-Do you get me?
-Stop it for the hell of it!
We didn't solve all these cases
by taking flights.
Don't I always tell you
that our vehicle is also a policeman?
He is enough forourteam.
Go, start the vehicle.
As the smoke envelops us,
We struggle to draw in each breath
As menacing thorns pierce our feet,
They leave their mark
Though we traverse vast distances
Jai Hind, Sir.
Listen Sir,
I would like to give you a gift
on behalf of Mumbai Police.
-Jai Hind, Sir.
Gentle in nature,
Yet firm in allegiance
Fresh trails, novel goals
Battles to be fought every day
Gentle in nature,
Yet firm in allegiance
Sir, two bottles of soda.
Sir, bill
I didn't get the bill.
What is this Sir?
Are we on a school picnic?!
Buying juice, lollipops and all!
All such petty expenses
won't get sanctioned.
For now, write it in my tabs.
Though plucked off and tossed down
The soul longs to flower
Like a seed seeking earth's embrace.
When avenues are shut
Sorrows quake in the depths of the soul
As wanderers in quest of destiny
As guardians of
Venomous serpents' realm
Just a minute, Sir.
-My wife is calling!
Shafi, wait!
Jose Jose
Get me that spanner.
Oh-no! I didn't get the bill!
We need to get it sanctioned, right?
Let me go and get the bill!
Shafi hey!
Jayan, what's it?
The DGP is asking
why we can't nab those culprits
even after identifying them.
These culprits are not making
any mistakes, Sir.
Just one or two loopholes, that's all.
Literally it's like gropinginthedark.
Now they are in Faizabad
and our team is on the way.
They will reach there by the evening.
If we show a tad bit of patience
they'll definitely nab them, Sir.
Sir, we need your help.
Don't worry at all!
This is a tiny village.
Well, we are a bit busy.
The MLA is coming here today.
No need to worry.
You may go.
Sir at least one constable?
-One constable?
-Sir, my daughter is innocent...
-Go away!
She just took a little water, that's all.
Scram, you!
What's the issue there, Sir?
This is not Kerala. That's the issue!
What about our issue, Sir?
How did it go?
He's allotted us a constable,
-Jose, Shafi, Jayan.
Eat well, dear.
[News about ISIS attack on TV]
The breaking news of the hour!
Footage of an officer
currently dealing with
the highly controversial
Abdul Wahab murder case
accepting bribes has come to light.
These visuals have put
the government in a difficult position
at a stage when there has been
no progress in the investigation.
The Leader of the opposition joins us
to address this issue.
Kerala police are mere puppets
under this Home Ministry.
Stop panicking, Son.
Mom, wasn't the due date two weeks later?
Why did they reschedule it to tomorrow?
When we came for the check-up today,
the doctor suggested
doing it tomorrow.
No need to be so anxious, son--
Hello? Mom?
-What happened?
Her surgery has been rescheduled
for tomorrow, it seems.
Don't get stressed out.
It'll be fine.
What next, Shafi?
Where do we go now?
Maps can have accuracy issues
at times, Sir.
Vinod can give us the exact location, Sir.
I'm not getting network coverage
on my phone.
Here. Use my phone, Sir.
It has got network.
It's me, George.
-Hi. Tell me, Sir.
-It's about that Faizabad number.
Please track it's location.
The exact location, right?
I'll guide you.
Is this place dangerous?
I don't know, Sir.
I've recently been posted here.
Take the next right turn, Sir.
Sir, left, left!
Are we nearly there?
Hardly 200 meters more, Sir.
-To the right?
-Yes, Sir.
It looks almost closer from there, Sir.
Towards your left, Sir.
I see a couple of houses around here.
That's the correct location, Sir.
Are you sure?!
Yes, Sir.
Jayan, give me the Faizabad number
Shiju gave us.
Why didn't you tell them
about the bribery news?
They're in some remote area.
Why give them more stress?
They are human beings, after all.
Who's that?
Who's that at this odd time?
Why don't you go and check who's there?
I'll take a look.
You go and get some sleep.
Who's that, huh?
Hey! Hey! You don't know who I am!
They are cops!
Lower your voice.
They are the Kerala police.
Stop shouting and answer their questions.
Shut your trap, you scum!
Shut the hell up!
Who are these people?
Where are these people?!
Who are these people?!
How do I know?!
Look, Sir. It's a Manjeri number.
Who made this call?
Tell us! Who made this call?
There is no need for me to tell you that
who all had used my phone to make calls!
Spit it out! Come on!
Spit it out, you scum!
Tell me!
Tell us the truth, you loser!
Else, you'll rot in the Kerala jails.
Whatever you know, tell them!
Leave her!
Don't you dare harm her!
Spit it out!
I will tell you.
I will.
Hathoda and Bambeeha,
are like brothers to me.
That day, I brought
Ameer Bhai and Zulfi Bhai here
from the railway station
as they had asked me.
On the way,
Zulfi Bhai used my phone to make a call
which sparked a heated argument
between Ameer Bhai and Zulfi Bhai.
I've warned you several times
to check with me
before making calls to home.
Do you any idea whos going to
come after us tailingthiscall?
After that, I took them
straight to our village.
Later, Hathoda and Bambeeha came
and took them from here.
Tell us, where are they?
Tell us!
Hey! No!
Leave her!
No! Don't you harm her!
Stay still, you!
I'll tell you.
I will.
They are at Hathoda's house.
Bow down, Pawan!
Run, Pawan!
Catch him, Shafi!
HELP! HELP! Help everyone!
They are trying to kill me!
Don't go there, Sir.
Something is not right!
Call them back.
Hey, Jayan.
Gather everyone!
-Don't go there. Come back.
-Don't let go of them!
Yogesh says it's unsafe to be here.
Let's move from here and keep low.
-Sure, Sir.
Come on, folks!
Strangers have trespassed onto the village!
-Hurry up! They're running away!
-It doesn't look safe here, Sir.
We're screwed.
We shouldn't have let him go.
[Indistinct screams of the mob]
Where are those motherfers?!
How dare they!
Don't let any of those scumbags
to escape from here.
Hey, Guddu! Where are they?
They are not at the back, Brother.
They must be at the front entrance!
I want all those rats alive!
We will catch them alive!
Hey, you guys search that side!
I'll search this side.
I want the five of them alive!
Brother! That way!
Open sesame!
They're not there.
Check everywhere!
Yes, come!
Pawan brother!
I've caught these fers!
Come here!
Pawan Brother!
I've locked those fers inside!
-They're all here!
-We've found them!
Where are they?
They are inside!
I've locked them up.
No! I don't want to shoot them down.
I want to watch them burn to death!
Set them on fire!
Pawan Brother!
Pawan! Quickly leave from here!
Scram, you!
Hurry up! Run!
What happened?
Where to run away?
Why should we run away?
This is our village.
These are our people.
I can't just leave them and run away.
I just can't leave them and run away.
-I can't just run away!
Come back!
Are you okay?
We are alright, Sir.
Fire the gun again!
How dare you!
Throw him into the vehicle.
Get the hell up!
You don't know what I'm capable of!
Walk forward, you swine.
Hold him tight.
Stop there, you scum!
Leave it, Sir! Let's go!
Come on!
Start the vehicle, Sir.
Where the hell are you running?
What happened, sir?
Where's Shafi?
Sir, here's Shafi!
Catch him! Catch him!
Shafi! Come on in!
Stop there! Where are you running away?
Five people.
Just five of them!
They intruded into our village
and assaulted us!
Yet we couldn't do shit, damn it!
Hey, Guddu.
You got no courage?
You got no courage? Huh?
Pawan Brother! Oh-no!
Stay still!
This too is broken.
Does it hurt?
-A bit.
-It's alright.
Thank goodness
they didn't have any missiles!
-Good morning, Sir.
I called you last night.
Where were you?
We were at a village
named Tikri last night, Sir.
We faced network issues there.
Any update on the four criminals?
We've arrested a guy who is linked to them.
We are questioning him.
Look, George. That's not enough.
The media has been screwing it up.
A video of Jayakumar taking a bribe
it's been leaked out last night.
It was you who were adamant
about keeping him on the team.
And I stood for you.
Hope you remember.
Yes, Sir.
I've been called to the IG's office.
I am not giving you the pressure
I get frommytop.
That's my courtesy.
Protecting your dignity is
your own responsibility.
Yes, Sir.
How's it going, Jayan?
Is he not saying anything?
This scumbag is so stubborn, Sir.
Bloody pricks
You believe you can assault me
and just leave Uttar Pradesh
without consequences?!
I'll break his neck today!
To make him spit out the truth,
I'll have to use
the age-old police technique.
Hold him!
-Come on!
-Stay still, you!
Hey! Hey!
Hold him tight!
Ameer Bhai and Zulfi Bhai are
close buddies of Hathoda and Bambeeha.
They had come up with a grand plan.
A huge one!
An ivory export business based on
China, Hong Kong, and America.
After making us aware of the plan,
Ameer Bhai left to China.
He studied the market there.
He met several dealers,
procured a huge order and returned.
He gave advance
to all the huntsmen of this country
for ivory tusks.
Under the condition that
he should get the items in two months.
And now,
he needs 30 crores.
Ameer Bhai was planning to
do a robbery for that.
In Kerala.
Where are those four people?
Go to Payagpur railway station.
If you've got balls,
go and fight them!
Yogesh says there are only two trains
in that route.
One at 10:10 AM and another at 11:30 AM.
However fast we go,
we won't be able to reach.
Fire up the engine, Jose!
Step up, Jose!
Jose Sir, it's from your home.
What happened, dear?
What's it?
Let me pull over the vehicle.
Give me a minute.
What's wrong, dear?
George Sir
We're getting late
It's still far away, right?
Start the vehicle, Jose.
Start it, Jose!
When we used to go out
for investigations before,
I never had to worry about home.
But what happened now?
-It's my daughter who just called me.
A bribery video of him has been leaked.
The news points out that
we are also part ofthisscam.
Sir, my daughter is asking me
if I also took bribes.
What do I tell her, Sir?
We'll figure out a solution, Jose.
Start the vehicle now.
I've warned you before, sir.
We shouldn't be taking such crooks with us.
We'll never be able to
catch those culprits!
-Come out.
-Come out, you.
-What if I don't?
It wasn't your dead father, Kariyachan,
who took me into this squad!
Come our, you son of a gun!
Dare you swear on my father,
you scum!
What the hell is wrong with these guys?
Are they out of their mind?
The blame is on me! I brought them along!
Watch out, you!
Let go of it, Sir!
Move away!
Move, Shafi!
-Don't screw it up, Sir!
How dare you!
I am not coming anywhere, Sir.
You people carry on.
Hey, Jose.
I've called you at least a hundred times
since I got caught taking the bribe,
and you never bothered to pick up.
Here, girls face harassment
and even resort to suicide
over the tiniest differences
in dowry than promised.
And it's here that I have to
get my deaf daughter married!
I took bribe for her treatment, Sir!
I was helpless.
I tried to build a roof over our heads.
Even that didn't work out.
And how did it all end up?
Even my wife isn't picking up my calls now!
Though my name is Jayan (Victorious),
I am a big-time failure.
As he said,
Don't include this ill-fated crook
in the investigation.
I am off.
If I wanted to abandon you
in the middle of nowhere,
would I have begged the higher officials
to let you come with us?
If you keep your problems hidden,
how will others understand, Jayan?
Or did you think that
we wouldn't stand by your side
if something happened to your child?
I've spent more time in this vehicle
with you all than in my own home.
But all that's on my mind now is
my promise to that girl
who trusted me more than her mother.
I have to go at any cost!
Join me if you want.
It's up to you.
Alright. Get in.
That squad was dispersed
on the grounds of a bribery case.
And yet you assign such a
politically crucial case to them?
Get out, you!
Such a nuisance!
-You guys check that side.
Bidi, Cigarette anyone?
How much is this for?
Give me another one.
Give me the lighter.
Give it and get going.
What's it?
-What's the matter?
-Come down, you!
-What happened?
What are you doing?
The train has started, Jose Sir!
What do we do now?
Give me the phone.
These Madrasi folks dared
to lay hands on us!
They're taking us away
and you're watching in silence?!
Leave them!
What are you doing, Sir?
Hello, Sir. It's me, Jose.
I've caught both Hathoda and Bambeeha.
You guys go on this train.
Ameer and Zulfi are still on this train.
-Don't let them escape!
-Okay, Sir.
You're trapped, O dear!
Ask him to start the vehicle, Sir!
Start the vehicle!
-Get in, Sir!
-Let's go!
-What do we do with him, Sir?
-Do whatever you want!
Ask him to start, Sir.
Hey! Pawan!
Tell us the truth, losers!
Else, they will be talking to
your corpses soon!
Come on! Tell us!
SirWhat happened, Sir?
Spit it out!
Why did you seize us, Sir?
Tell us! Where is Ameer and Zulfi?
Tell us! Where are they?
Tell me!
Please don't hit me!
Hold him!
-Okay. See you then.
-Hello, Sir.
-Vinod. We've caught Hathoda.
A call was made from his phone
a while ago.
-Find its last location. Make it fast.
-Tell me the number, Sir.
9 0 3 2
-5 6
Okay, Sir.
Okay, Sir.
No, no. I'll do that, Sir.
Alright, Sir.
The DGP is all fired up.
The CM has no trust on this force.
But, Sir
Let the state govt. carry out
the investigation with whoever they want.
No more headaches.
Sir, can't they be given some more time?
They are our men.
How can we let them down, Sir?
See, Cholan,
the system is a machinery.
The machine has no feelings.
You don't get emotional.
I will get emotional, Sir.
Have you seen thorn fences, Sir?
-Thorn fence, Sir!
My father used to build such fences.
He got me educated
to avoid getting pricked by the thorns.
I insisted on getting
the primary posting here,
because I thought there are
more literate people over here.
But here also the same politics!
I have understood one thing, Sir.
I am just a part of this fuing system.
Don't use that tone with me.
Here, I will call the shots.
What else, Sir?
We gave them 10 days,
and we are calling them back midway.
Do you think they have gone there
for a 'Kabbadi'tournament?
I will call them, Sir.
According to us,
they are just hunting dogs!
I'll call them.
Vinod, are you sure
this is the right location?
Yes, Sir. It is shown as
Payagpur bus stand.
Keep that phone number under surveillance.
Keep me updated promptly, okay?
Okay, Sir.
Give me some water.
Bloody pricks!
Have you seen him?
Jose Sir.
Sir, Cholan sir is on the line.
-Greetings, Sir.
-Sir? Hello?
Where is George?
One packet for 25 Rupees.
Please buy, Brother.
No, dear.
Please buy... It's just 25 rupees.
-No, dear.
-Please, Brother.
Why don't he understand?
-Please buy it.
"The person you are calling is
currently busy"
Yes, Sir. I have seen him.
In the bus to Babaganj.
Babaganj bus?
The bus Where is it?
It departed half an hour ago.
Dear, this Err
Do you know this guy?
No, Sir.
Where is it?
What, Sir?
It's right in front of your eyes!
Hello, Sir.
They're not on this train.
We got down at a station named Matera.
Where should we come?
Who asked you to get down, Jose?
Zulfi took a bus to Babaganj and left.
Where's your train headed to?
Sir, the train
This is headed to Babaganj, Sir.
Hello, Sir?
Babaganj is at the Indo-Nepal border.
They are planning to cross the border.
Once they cross the border,
there's no chance of catching them.
Hey Ameer is there on that train!
Get back on the train, you loser!
Come on, Shafi!
Get in, Shafi!
It's a call from your mom.
She gave birth.
It's a baby girl.
I'll call you back, Mom.
Jose Sir?
Where is the bus he mentioned, Sir?
It's been half an hour since the bus left!
Yes. Tell me, Vinod.
It's a conference call, Sir.
Cholan sir too is on the line.
-What's going on, George?
Won't you answer my calls?
It's not that, sir.
We were about to leave for Babaganj.
Which place?
It's a place near the Nepal border.
Ameer and Zulfi are planning to flee
the country, Sir.
It's great!
Both your plan and theirs!
You know who committed the crime,
but you're not capable enough
to capture them!
Every day, you come up
with a new location and a new story!
One day, you're in Mumbai,
and from there, off to Bhubaneswar!
And the next day, Faizabad.
And now, in some rural village!
What was that?
Yeah, Tikri village!
It's non-stop, and now
you're about to cross the border!
You think you're on a picnic?
All your stories sound good.
But the great Indian tour is over!
Pack your bags and come back.
The central agency is going to
take over the case.
Just come back.
Don't take this as disrespect, Sir.
We may not have
as many degrees and badges as you.
But please don't degrade us
to this extent, Sir.
What you said is right.
We boarded a flight with our family,
came all this way
are chilling here!
We have been wandering all over
like gypsies to catch them.
We've travelled 3,000 kilometres for this.
Now, when they are just 30 km away,
we won't let them walk away.
And, sir.
I haven't vowed to anyone that
I'll queue up on the 3rd of every month
to receive my
pension from the state treasury!
George, do you know the consequences?
I don't know, Sir!
If any superiors ask, tell them
you tried calling, but couldn't connect!
Slow down!
Don't get us killed!
Shut up!
What shut up, you idiot?
Tell him to slow down!
Calm down, you!
We won't be able to overtake them, Sir!
-Don't stress me out!
-No, Sir!
No, Sir!
You're gonna get us killed!
Slow down!
There is a small curve in front,
at 50 metres.
So, maintain the speed, Bro.
I see a bus, Sir.
It is this bus.
-Is it this one?
Stop the bus!
Stop! Stop!
What happened, Sir?
-Have you seen this guy?
No, Sir.
Look carefully.
Sir, he is saying that
Have you seen him? Huh?
S Sir
Not him, Sir. I have seen this other guy.
Yes, Sir. This guy.
-He was there in the back seat.
At the back?
He was at the back seat, he said.
Where now?
Where is he now?
He already got down, Sir.
He's not there, Sir.
Where did he get down?
We've already passed 10-11 stops, Sir.
I have no idea where he got off.
How could I know?
Think. Think.
What, Sir?
Many people get on and off the bus.
How can I keep track of all of them?!
-Come on. Let's go. Come.
-What happened, Sir?
-What did he say, Sir?
What, Yogesh? Come.
Sir, this entire area is covered in forest.
It's impossible to catch them from here.
They're gone.
There is no point in going back, Sir.
They are gone, Sir.
Tell him to stop wasting time and
get into the vehicle, Sir.
Where should we go, you idiot?!
He's saying we won't be able to catch them!
What's going on, Sir?
They screwed you pretty bad
in the a, huh?
Speak with respect!
Shut the fk up, you!
Can't you see me talking to your boss?
What's it, Sir?
I'll set you both free.
I just need them.
Ameer and Zulfi.
I can help them.
I don't want them.
I want only Ameer and Zulfi.
Tell them.
He is saying that all he wants is
Ameer and Zulfi.
He's ready to give whatever you want.
-What's it, Sir?
-Take out the money.
-What's it for, Sir?
-To give them.
It's okay, Sir.
What, Sir?
No, no.
We will do whatever you ask for.
We just have one condition.
Stop here, Sir.
Here. Right here.
-Yes. Here.
Give him the key.
Where are they?
-Make way!
Where are they, Bhai?
Where are they?
-Release the handcuffs.
-But, Sir
Release them, Jayan.
This is the outcome of
many days of our hard work, sir.
Once we release them,
we are left with nothing.
Make it fast!
This way, Sir.
Are you sure?!
For sure, it's this way, Sir.
This way, Sir.
Why is that?
When he pointed his hand to the left,
why did your eye turn towards the right?
Though we can carry this firearm
in the name of self protection,
a cop would never use it
even when his bone is
punctured with an iron rod.
And still,
you wanna play with a cop's bals,huh?
A cop releases handcuffs
only in two situations.
One, at the court,
and then, to hang pricks like you!
It is this way, Sir.
Now you've come to your senses!
Toss them back into the vehicle!
Hit him!
Where's the key?
You bloody...
Where is that Kerala policeman?
Go find him!
He took one of my fingers!
I wanna make it even with him!
Come out, you son of a bch!
He's not here.
Where did that scoundrel go?!
Tell me! Where did he go?
Tell me!
Bhai! There was one more guy!
Look at what he did to me!
Find him, Bhai!
He's a dangerous person.
He'll kill us!
Where is he?
It was nice meeting you.
Well, you've come all this way chasing me,
let me tell you something.
All I got from Wahab's house was
five lakh rupees,
and 30 sovereigns of gold.
They are just peanuts for me!
The only perk worthy enough was
that young chick.
She was quite a feast, Sir!
No matter what,
I have to cross the border.
And I'll do whatever it takes
to put on my uniform again!
If you can come with me now,
I'll ensure you a room
in the first block of Kannur Central Jail,
and mutton curry on Saturdays.
Get the hell up and come, you!
Who are you?
This is a highly restricted area.
What are you doing here?
I am from Kerala police.
He is accused in a murder case.
Kerala police?
So you came all the way from Kerala
to capture this person?
-Hey. Who are you guys?
-Kerala police.
-Where are you headed?
-To meet our officer.
Alright, Sir.
Everything okay, Sir?
George. Where are you people?
Ameer, Zulfi,
Hathoda, Bambeeha.
We've captured all the culprits, Sir.
Caught them all?
Yes, Sir.
Do this.
Don't bother taking them
to the magistrate over there.
Tell them to catch a flight
right away and return.
George, please book a flight
and return as soon as possible.
No, Sir.
These crooked fellows think that
they can commit any crime
and get away with it.
We'll chase them mercilessly, sir.
The Kerala police will chase them down
at any cost!
And bring them back
the same way they ran off!
We are grateful for the support
you and Cholan sir gave us, Sir.
We are really grateful.
Please don't take George's aggression
in that moment to heart.
I am not a fan of modest persons.
During my 18 years of service,
I have seen two types of policemen.
Eighty percent of them work
as per the clock.
From morning till evening,
they watch each hand of the clock
to see when their day gets over.
The remaining twenty percent,
don't even look at the clock.
Their goal and devotion are
only to the job.
It is that tiny twenty percent
that helps in maintaining
the law and order system
in every part of our country.
All they want is an iota of respect,
which we don't give.
In the olden days,
every region used to have a king.
And ministers to advise them.
At the time of the war,
if the king has to win,
he needs soldiers
and a commander.
One commander is enough, to win the war.