Kano (2014) Movie Script

All aboard, move!
The train's leaving.
Keelung Harbor, 1944
Anyone else getting aboard? Quick!
40% of the infirm here have malaria.
It gets even worse in the south.
Especially in the Philippines
where you're going,
there's not enough medicine there.
By the way, I almost forgot this.
I've got you quinine that
doesn't taste bitter.
The train's leaving.
This is where we must part.
Have a safe journey.
You too, Dr. Miwa.
Don't get in the way. Seriously!
After all those days on the boat,
we can finally have some rest on the train.
What's so different about taking the train?
The scenery is different.
We've been here for quite a few days,
and we haven't got a
decent look of Taiwan yet.
Under the rule of the
Great Japanese Empire,
Taiwan has prospered.
Take a good look if you'd like.
You may be either dead or mad by tomorrow.
I've heard about the south...
I heard it's getting worse there.
We, too...
Sir, I don't think it's appropriate here.
It's forbidden to talk about the war.
We will surely prevail.
Do me a favor if you're not sleeping.
Wake me up when we arrive in Kagi.
I want to see what Kagi looks like.
You mean the baseball team from Koshien?
The players are now entering the stadium.
Koshien, 1931
First up, the defending champion,
Hiroshima Commercial High.
Victory will be ours!
Up next,
all the way from Hokkaido,
it's Sapporo Commercials.
The flag-bearer is the ace of the team,
Joshiya Hiromi.
They are the strongest team
ever to come from Hokkaido
and also this year's
frontrunner for championship.
Coming up next,
it is Fukuoka Middles from Iwate.
And then we have Kiryu Middles from Gunma.
This year.
In the National Middle
School Baseball Championship
we also have Keijo Commercials from Korea
and Dairen Commercials from Manchuria.
There should have been 22 teams,
but due to traffic issues...
This way. Please hurry!
What the heck, Azuma!
Oh? They're coming?
Here they are...
- What's going on?
- ...after five days of journey.
- What are you doing?
- Kagi Agriculturals is led by...
- Stand up!
- ...Manager Kondo.
Members include Yamato...
...Han, and Takasago peoples.
Attention! Salute! Nice to meet you!
They are a truly multiethnic team.
Hurry up, Akira.
Two years ago
Watch out...
Excuse me! Excuse me!
Excuse me!
Throw it over here.
Here... here...
- Home plate!
- One, two, three, Mr. Birdy...
Flew high above the tree.
- You're annoying!
- Two points for Taisugar!
The farmers struck it down with stones.
It hurts so good!
Hey, what the...
We lost two points...
What team are you?
KANO, Kagi Agriculturals.
Coming through! Here comes the train!
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Hey, you!
Sorry, very sorry...
Remember to make way for the train.
Oxcart get lost. Here comes the train.
That KANO kid must be out of his mind.
He's always raving about
the train and oxcart.
I wonder what's the fun
in chasing a tiny ball.
Hey, KANO.
Get serious, will you?
You always make the game drag.
It's exhausting.
It's not even sunset and you're tired?
You're getting old or what?
Cut the crap.
You can't even catch the ball.
You might as well give up.
Yep. You even sing like the fools.
Give up?
There are three innings left.
You're the fool.
All right. Make it quick.
It's really a waste of time.
Out of the way!
See? This is what a real man's like.
Did you win the game?
We lost this time,
but next time...
You won't win, either.
The KANO team has never scored in a game.
Have they?
No indeed. These brats...
Raise your hand if you've
made it to the first base?
Those who did are not here...
You are a lousy team.
What a disgrace.
Who is your coach anyway?
The pitcher threw the ball.
And Go Ha hit the ball.
Home run...
Thank you...
One, two, three, Mr. Go Ha...
flew high above the tree.
The farmers struck it down with stones.
It hurts so good!
- It's a home run.
- Hey...
We're going.
Just a moment... Wait for me.
Quick. We're going home.
KANO turned it around!
Idiot! Didn't you say hurry?
Sit forward.
Go! Let's go home!
We won!
We turned it around!
Comeback victory for KANO!
Mr. Hamada!
Great work, you guys!
Hey, watch out!
Terribly sorry, sir.
Mr. Hamada!
YOU guys tidy up-
ls the game over yet?
What did Mr. Hamada say?
Never mind him.
See you tomorrow.
I knew it was you.
It's okay. Leave it to me.
Didn't you have a game today?
You're here so early?
Did you win or lose?
What is this?
A radio.
The boss's new toy. Just
arrived this afternoon.
Radio? The broadcasting stuff?
Don't just look.
It's not for looking.
Just turn it on.
Hold on tight to the handle.
Keep your hands steady.
Don't shake it.
Don't do that! It's dangerous.
Watch the road!
Steady your hands.
Come have a bite.
This breed is Hamada No.3.
Bigger and sweeter.
Try it, little girls.
See... it's delicious.
I don't want any more bananas.
I've had enough.
You two behave. We have a guest.
Sorry. We haven't finished the
ones you brought last time.
I see...
Please have some tea.
Thank you.
I really appreciate what
you've done, Mr. Hamada.
It's nothing. Thank you.
However, as for baseball...
my husband has his own ideas.
Right now he just wants
to be a good accountant.
Please don't force it on him.
It's okay. I'm just here for the visit.
As for baseball...
You're home.
What happened to you?
Mr. Kondo. Sorry to bother you.
Mr. Hamada is here again.
Dad, you're home!
Go play outside. The grown-ups are talking.
I'll bring you tea.
I want you to try Hamada No.3, Mr. Kondo.
This time it's bigger and tastier.
See, it's even lovelier than No.2.
I saw the game today.
Oxcart get lost. Here comes the train.
Oxcart get lost. Here comes the train.
Oxcart get lost. Here comes the train.
"6 a.m. at the shrine", Hamada Tsugiki
Six o'clock at the shrine?
What the heck? Nobody told us.
Nobody has seen this.
Good morning.
Let's go! It's already past six.
Give me a ride, Akira.
Where are we going?
Let's go!
First one up gets to rest.
Where are you going, Oe?
Boss Hamada!
Safe! It's out! Out!
Crap... I'm exhausted.
Why don't you carry me, Akira?
Is he...
What the...
You're late even with a bicycle?
Why are you dressed like that for practice?
What practice?
And who are you?
Where are the others?
I'm still sleepy.
I'm asking who you are...
Listen up.
My name is Kondo Hyotaro.
I am your manager from now on.
I'm here to take you to Koshien.
Ko... Koshien.
Pleased to meet you.
From now on,
a jog around downtown Kagi every morning.
No way!
Do it!
Keep up, four eyes!
You're all late today. Make it two.
No way!
What're you waiting for?
In, in, out...
One, two, three.
Hey, louder!
What are those brats up to?
- Feet up.
- Koshien.
I'm sorry.
Clean up and then keep up.
What're you looking at?
Keep running!
There are three major problems
facing agriculture on the Kanan Plain.
First, there is drought,
mainly in the inland,
during the dry seasons of fall and winter.
Then there is salt damage along the coast.
Do you know anything about the new manager?
He used to play for the Matsuyama in Ehime.
He seems to have led a team into Koshien.
Somehow he ended up here in Taiwan.
He must have made a serious mistake
to be demoted here.
I am Principal Shimauchi.
I am Kondo.
I heard that...
he beat up the umpire when he was a coach.
Beat up the umpire? For real?
I guess that's why he ended up in Taiwan.
The baseball field is a sacred site.
You have to salute it
to show your gratitude.
You are all exaggerating.
I heard Kondo was a famous
player back in his days.
Really? Are you sure?
It's real. My father wouldn't lie to me.
He said when Kondo played
for Ehime's Matsuyama,
he hit quite a few home runs at Koshien.
Quite a few? He was that good?
Did he play at Koshien himself?
Or did he lead a team into Koshien?
There was no Koshien that long ago.
I want this.
This is the prettiest one.
Once I heard the principal tell Mr. Hamada
that Kondo used to be 5ft 11.
You're kidding, right?
He must have shrunk getting old.
Can one have shrunk that much?
Here comes the train!
Hey, Hirano!
Mayama, Koshien...
- Bye! Goodbye!
- Koshien!
I heard he could hear
where the ball came from.
How could you know that? Rookie!
One more hour.
Watch out!
That was far!
Who is it?
Gosh, how can this be?
Over my dead body!
Don't get dramatic, mom.
It's just baseball, not going to war.
You don't get it. Baseball is like a rock.
You'll get killed or stupid hit by one.
It didn't count. I'm not
the one who's playing.
Dear boy, you ask the god yourself.
Do it.
Go ahead.
Ask it yourself.
Build up the power in your waist. Got it?
Give it a try.
All Kagi is talking about
you going to Koshien
Every morning we're shouting
Koshien on the street.
Everyone must know about it now.
We've never won a game
and we're dreaming about Koshien.
Isn't it a bit ridiculous?
What's so funny about doing what you like?
A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
Okay, Okay-
My family fixed me up with
a doctor in Taichung.
We are getting married.
All right.
Go home early and have some rest.
You have training tomorrow.
See you.
Getting married...
5-7, Gold.
- 4-8, Pawn.
- Okay.
4-8, Pawn.
- - Okay.
People everywhere are talking.
There's a new tough manager at KANO,
who will stop at nothing.
That is what it takes for victory.
Perhaps they just want to
work out and build muscle.
Is it really necessary for
such intense training?
There's only so much ration to go around.
Do the kids have enough?
The same, Silver.
Dad, it's the same for Silver.
They can't practice on empty stomachs.
- The same, Dragon. Checkmate.
- And they're still growing up.
- Call it.
- Okay.
Mom, it's the same for
Dragon and checkmate.
The same, Dragon. Checkmate.
The winner makes the tea.
Mr. Kondo.
My name is Go Ha.
Please take me to Koshien, too!
I will try my best to get into KANO.
You wouldn't believe it.
Mr. Yoichi Hatta will
drill a very large hole
right underneath Wushantou.
So that the water of the Zengwun River
will flow into the new Kanan Canal.
And water will travel through the network
to irrigate the Kanan
Plain in need of water.
The crops will get all the water they need.
Come the harvest season,
look around and you will see...
A field of gold...
A field of gold...
That must be beautiful.
Mr. Hatta!
Ah, Mr. Hatta...
Good morning, Mr. Hatta!
Stop the car!
Stop the car!
What a sight!
It's beautiful!
You're good, you!
Excuse me, here's your hat.
Thank you very much.
Mr. Hatta, my father is also a
technician on the Kanan Canal.
What's your name?
I am Kozato.
Oh, you're Mr. Kozato's son.
You've trampled the rice paddy.
We are sorry...
It's okay. This is what I specialize in.
We'll take care of it.
Then we'll leave it to you.
And please have a little patience with us.
We won't let you down.
Bye, Mr. Hatta!
Therefore, the Kanan Canal...
will gather all the rainwater of spring
and spread it throughout the Kanan Plain.
The spiderweb of an irrigation network
totals 16,000 km in length.
It's about halfway around the earth.
Isn't that really something?
Gathering all the rainwater of spring...
Hey, pitch with all your might.
Not just with your wrist.
Open up your chest, Go.
Not like that. Like this.
Wait a minute, Azuma.
Put him out when you catch the ball.
Wait a second, Agematsu.
What's the deal?
You're making the game wait for you?
Can you pause on the battlefield?
- Get a grip!
- Dad.
Come eat the noodles, everyone.
Great, food!
Who said you can rest?
I said until one o'clock.
Start the batting session.
Pick up the catcher's mitt, Azuma.
You pitch, Go.
Can they pull it off?
What is the coach thinking?
- Hey, watch out!
- Aim lower.
Go, Akira!
What's up?
Don't be afraid of getting hit.
You're being scared right from the start.
That's why you can't
pitch the way you like.
Raise your foot and step
forward from the inside.
Imagine you're about to sit on a stool.
Open up your chest.
Don't drop your elbow.
Try pressing your arm from above.
Press down from above.
Give it a try.
Wow, not bad.
Don't just pitch with your wrist.
Open up your chest and
pitch with your body.
It's even better this time.
Was that a curveball?
- Coming through! Here comes the train!
- Ouch!
- Out!
- What?
Don't lie on the mat. You're all dirty.
Senpai Kawahara! Help me out.
What did you say?
That was safe!
Kagi Middles!
The final inning.
Kagi Middles!
It's about to end soon.
Fair ball!
Why aren't you running?
Second base!
Third base...
First base...
- Out!
- Well done, Akira!
Strike! Strikeout!
Two outs.
One, two, three, Mr. Birdy...
flew high above the tree.
The farmers struck it down with stones.
No singing during the game!
Pass it home!
Wrong! Home plate!
That was out!
To the second base!
Game over!
Are they fools?
Who knows.
Chin up!
We're not done yet!
Hey, keep your chin up.
Raise your head.
Strike! Batter out!
What the hell...
This is the soul of a baseball player.
By the way,
how many are there in your baseball team?
Are there any kids I know?
There are six Japanese players on our team.
Three Han players...
The Hans?
...and four native players.
Sir, Coach Kondo is just asking for...
more food budget for the players.
They've all sacrificed their
summer for the training.
That's right. Sir, these students...
Mr. Principal,
our students are no match
to the schools up north.
We've never got a chance, have we?
Not to mention the fact that
you are a motley crew
mixing Japanese, Hans,
and natives together.
How do you expect to win the game?
You should treat baseball
just like physical training.
Aren't I right?
Just send the kids away for summer.
Do as I say.
That's not exactly right.
I've never seen those students more...
What's wrong with a motley crew?
What does race have to do with baseball?
Let me tell you...
The natives are fleet of foot.
The Hans are strong batters.
The Japanese are good at defense.
This is a perfect lineup.
It just takes a little more training,
and we will surely become the best.
We will definitely make it to Koshien.
Haven't you drunk enough, Coach Kondo?
Come, drink some more. One more bottle...
No, make it three.
Three more, please.
It just has to rain today.
What a bummer!
Watch out... quick... sorry...
Why are people turning back?
Eh? The temple fair's over?
Akira is here, Senpai Oe!
Here, Senpai!
Where have you been, Akira?
You said you'd give me a ride?
The rain's getting heavier.
The fair must be over.
Let's go back.
What do you say
we catch a peek of the movie finale?
Good idea, Hirano.
Come with us, Senpai Oe.
Sure. We're all drenched anyway.
Our summer's done for,
and now even the annual fair's toast.
What are the odds? Let's go.
Let's go! Quick.
We're already dripping wet.
It's the Kagi Middles.
Excuse me! Move...
You manure-carrying farmers.
Are you going to shout
Koshien in the theater too?
Koshien is not a farmland,
not a place for growing crops.
I heard that Morita of Tainan Ittyu
turned every Kagi Middles batter
into a scarecrow today.
You've never won a game
and you made fun of us?
You just wait and see.
We will go to Koshien sooner or later.
Not me. It's the guy behind me.
- What's your problem?
- What do you want?
You punk!
Cut it out! People are watching movies!
No fighting in the movie theater!
What's your school?
Bastard! You dare beat
up my lovely juniors!
Quick, it's collapsing!
Go over there and help!
What's the situation now?
It's falling apart!
Quick! Get your move on!
Be careful over at the canal.
It's dangerous over there.
Hang on here.
Watch out!
The rain's pouring.
I'll take you home, Coach Kondo.
Let me take him home. I know his house.
Are you kidding? You're
even drunker than he is.
He had the money for drinking
but none for training!
That wasn't me. It's the other one.
It takes time to get the grant, Kondo.
I will try convincing him.
You just go home now.
I've seen enough money already.
I'm an accountant... I
count money every day.
That's not your money.
What are you babbling about?
Who the hell are you?
This is Mr. Hamada! Mr. Hamada.
That's right. I am Hamada.
I will go to Koshien...
I'll take them to Koshien.
I know you will.
What do you know?
Let's just go.
What's wrong with you, Coach Kondo?
Here's your umbrella.
Please go straight home.
I'll take care of the money. Be careful.
Watch your step, Mr. Hamada.
Watch your step, Mr. Hamada.
I will go to Koshien.
I will take the kids to Koshien.
Listen, you mustn't be afraid of losing.
You must focus on winning.
Not only you're not inspiring your team,
but you are giving up. Are
you admitting defeat?
Where is your fighting soul?
Are you listening to me, Kondo Hyotaro?
It's either drought or flood.
Is the canal connected to the sea?
The current's too strong.
Why don't you taste it
and see if it's salty?
You think I'm an idiot?
The boat's coming.
Cut the crap, you two. Get to work.
Your dad meant you.
Over here, Kozato.
- Is it okay here?
- Over here.
Where have you been? We're
worried sick about you.
We've been looking for you all night.
What happened to your face?
What happened?
The typhoon wrecked all our equipment.
I'm asking what happened to your faces.
Well, last night we ran
into the Kagi Middles...
You spent all your strength
on fighting instead of training?
I let you take a day off
but you got into a fight.
It's not like that. Hirano was...
You have to keep your
heart in the right place.
How can you play baseball
if you can't control yourselves?
What about you? You're
all black and blue, too?
Did you fight back?
If you must, fight it out on the field.
Go tell the Kagi Middles
to fight us on the ball field.
If they turn down the offer,
laugh at them!
What a shabby ball field.
How should we play here?
Don't blame your failure on the ball field.
Play ball!
Senpai Saito, strike him out.
Go for it!
Bring it on!
Ah, strike!
That's the way.
Isn't it great.
Get your act together.
To the first base!
It's out, Boss Hamada!
Did you see it clearly?
Do not argue with the umpire.
Very good, Saito.
Hey, Mayama. Catch with both hands!
Never mind.
Senpai, kill the next one!
Go for it, Senpai Oe!
Cheer up, Mayama.
- Strike!
- Great!
Batter's out!
One out! One out!
To the second base.
First base!
Out! Both out!
All out!
Don't gloat. It's just the first inning.
Don't slack off!
Yes, sir!
Go for it!
Good, good.
Keep your eyes on the ball!
Yes, sir!
- He did hit it!
- Center field!
Come back! Come back!
I was lucky!
You did a good job, Hirano.
He was just lucky.
I was being modest to say I was lucky,
but it's an insult coming from your mouth.
What're you doing, Catcher?
Good job, Hirano.
Next, the third base!
Stay focused.
I run even faster than the last guy.
Throw the ball right after you catch it.
What's going on?
Go Ha!
Give it to me quick!
will you please pull yourself together?
Hey guys.
Even if we'll end up with broken bones,
we have to win this game.
Change sides!
Senpai, go for it!
It's raining. Let's take a break.
Time out. It's raining.
Let's call it a day. The
rain doesn't seem to let up.
No way. It's not fair.
We haven't lost the game!
That's right. We haven't lost yet.
In case of heavy rain,
the game can end early.
That's the rule of the game
and you don't even know it.
It can but that doesn't mean it has to end.
You're running scared?
What are you talking about?
Okay, calm down.
No fighting. Sorry.
It's over.
It ended.
Go shake your hands with the winners.
No way. Today we...
It's over.
We can still play on.
We can!
Why the tears?
The losers have no right to cry.
I said it's over.
It's a shame.
By the time of next year's tournament,
Oe and I will have graduated.
We won't be able to go to
Koshien with you guys.
How I wish to win this game.
Just once...
I just want to win for once.
Thank you for your guidance.
Today, you just have to look closely...
Imagine yourself as an eagle
standing on the mountaintop
and your eyes are searching
for another pair of eyes.
One, two, three, Koshien!
Shout it out, Koshien!
Hey! Aren't you studying agriculture?
Why don't you learn the weather as well?
The rice has all sprouted.
Where's your strength for training
if your stomach's empty?
Hey, you. Mr. So's son.
Go give your grandma a hand!
I see.
You don't need food but baseball.
One, two, three, Koshien!
Mr. Kozato's son.
When will your father be out of hospital?
When it's time to decide who's chasing who,
spread your wings and fly.
Keep your altitude,
and take everything below in sight,
with sharp eyes and wings spread wide.
Mr. Principal,
can you just spare a bit more money?
Just a little bit will do.
Mr. Kondo.
I'd really like to help you,
but the typhoon has hit the school hard.
I know that,
but the kids have really
put themselves into it.
Please don't rob them of this dream!
Mr. Kondo.
I'm really sorry.
Mr. Principal!
I'm willing to do everything I can.
Mr. Principal!
Listen up.
spread out your arms as wide as you can.
swoop down at the speed of the light.
claws out in the blink of an eye.
May you be happy ever after.
Go light the firecrackers, Akira.
The bride is to ride in the limousine,
accompanied by the bridesgroom.
Congratulations from friends and family
bless the union of two households.
One, two, three, attack.
You're in control of the rhythm
and you're in control of it all.
do you really have to train so late?
Raise your feet...
we're going back to Osaka.
I'm unable to work the state I'm in.
Sorry, Hatsuo.
One, two, three, attack.
So what?
Just go buy with this money!
Would you please lower your voice?
I'll pay for it if they won't.
But this is our...
They are my children, too.
If I give up now...
I'll lose to myself again.
It's all right, Kazuko.
I'm not going to defeat myself again.
I'm not going to defeat myself again.
You're getting closer...
Closer and closer to your prey.
But your view is getting broader.
You can even control the wind with ease.
One, two, three, attack...
One, two, three, wait...
One, two, three, attack...
You're in full control of his mind.
One, two, three, wait...
One, two, three, attack...
Give me the ball!
Calm down.
You can't play ball with such recklessness.
Once more!
When are you going to
take a swing if not now?
What are you crying for?
A real man doesn't cry on the field.
Once more!
Senpai Kozato can't play in the game.
His family is moving back to Osaka.
Then play like it's Koshien today.
Pitch like Kozato is your strongest foe.
Go ahead! I want to hear you cheer for me!
Hit a home run, Kozato!
You can make it!
Hit it far and away!
Watch your step.
Take it slow.
I'm calling you.
Come, quickly!
Come take a seat.
Excuse us.
You're welcome! You must be
tired from the training.
Wow, Mr. Hamada.
What did you give to the papayas?
How did they grow this big?
Because I'm an agricultural expert.
Bring some back for everyone.
Eh, me included?
Sure, just take it.
Which one should I pick?
How's it going? Is the training going well?
Are you nervous about Koshien next year?
Why is everyone assuming
that we will make it to Koshien?
After all, our team has never won a game.
what do you think is
different about yourself
in the space of six months?
I feel that I can go to Koshien.
Why do you think so?
Because Mr. Kondo is all
about Koshien every day.
It makes me feel Koshien
must be somewhere near KANO.
Somewhere just across the street.
So it shouldn't be that hard.
That so'?
Then I have found my rival in Coach Kondo.
Let me tell you a secret
about these papayas.
Last year,
I planted a nail at the
root of each papaya tree.
After that, each tree has
produced big and tasty fruits.
Look, there's a nail here.
So papayas like the nail?
No, no.
It's because the nail
hammered into the root
made the tree think it's dying.
So it tried very hard to
produce the sweetest fruit,
in order to ensure its own reproduction.
It's the sense of life or death
that made the papaya tree
put everything into its fruits.
it's your last year at school.
Next year's Koshien is your
final opportunity as well.
Don't you feel the pressure of crisis?
Don't you want to achieve something
like the papaya tree?
Come take a look at this one.
I see. So Mr. Hamada tricks the papaya,
just as Mr. Kondo tricks us.
This is another of my experiments.
Do you see any nail at its root?
This is the only tree
with no nail hammered in.
At first it produced small
fruits like before.
But in just one year,
it has borne sweet fruits
just like everyone else.
Because it was told by
the trees around itself
that only such large
fruits qualify as papayas.
The coach gets you used to Koshien,
and you will start thinking
that's where you belong.
You shouldn't train for Koshien.
You should train to become
the Koshien champion.
Mr. Hamada.
If I get a betel nut seed from my hometown
and plant it in the
coconut grove at school,
will it grow up considering itself coconut
and grow betel nuts as big as coconuts?
Hmm, the athletes are indeed smarter.
You have such a big, bright head.
- What are you doing, sir?
- Let me feel your head, Hirano.
- My hair is getting messy!
- What's the big deal?
I'm fighting back...
Hey, guys!
Kozato! Kozato!
Kozato! Kozato!
Kozato! Kozato!
Guys, I'm back!
Welcome back, Kozato!
Akira! Quick!
Welcome back!
Think hard before you swing at it!
One more!
Catch with both hands, one more.
Bring it on!
Think! Think before you swing.
Give it a try!
To attack, you must be strong like a tree.
Only then will you muster the firepower.
To defend, you must be soft like grass.
Only then will you move swiftly.
Yes, sir!
Don't think about winning.
Think about not losing.
Then you will have all
the strength you need.
It's bad for the eyes to train in the dark.
You really can sew.
Help me sew mine.
Sew it yourselves.
Keep in mind the position of the base.
Don't keep your eyes on it
once you've confirmed it.
Don't step on or kick it
as you catch the ball.
Slide into it and throw it right back.
Baseball is all about rapport.
Don't forget to keep in
sync with your teammates.
Do you hear me?
Yes, sir!
Good, once more!
Let's go.
One, two, three, Koshien!
It's water...
It's really water.
Should we make one more round, Akira?
One more round! One more round!
OK, let's do one more round!
The training won't lie.
You will only regret if
you don't train now.
Try to surpass yourself.
Try to surpass yourself.
Your hard work will pay off
eventually in the game.
The ball has left his hand.
The batter missed the ball. Strikeout!
It's a perfect game!
It's really a perfect game.
Go's pitching style is versatile.
The 9th All-Island
High School Baseball Championship
He shut out Taityu-Ittyu
in the very first game.
Go's combination of curves,
sliders, and fastballs
left the Taityu-Ittyu batters
at a total loss.
KANO must be an unfamiliar
name to most people,
for before this...
they'd never won a single game.
Two strikes and three balls now.
The pitcher threw his pitch.
So Seisei hit the ball...
The shortstop missed. It's a base hit.
Yet another base hit from KANO.
Mayama took off, and he is fast!
He has got to the second base...
And it's safe!
The ball left the pitcher's hand.
He took off again!
Sliding into the third base!
It's safe!
He is on a roll and made
it to the third base.
- Mayama is really fast!
- Sorry!
The pitcher pitches...
...and it's a hit.
The shortstop puts out the runner...
and the ball is back to
the first base... Out!
Double play!
Splendid double play! Switch!
The KANO players return to the bench
with heads held high.
KANO boasts first-class
pitcher, batters, and fielders.
It's the final inning. Keep it up!
Yes, sir!
Who would have thought
this unknown team from Kagi
could show us such splendid performance?
Is he talking about
the kids shouting Koshien every day?
Yes, I heard they won another game.
KANO vs. Tainan-Ittyu
Time out!
Time out!
Please don't cross the line, Mr. Kondo.
Coach Kondo of KANO
called a timeout and walked up.
It's only the top of the first inning
and Tainan-Ittyu leads the game 3:0,
with bases loaded.
It's a face-off between the aces:
Go vs. Morita.
Morita is an excellent pitcher himself.
It won't be easy to trick him.
Remember the rhythm of one - two - three?
Change it to one and two - three,
or one - two and three
The bases are loaded, so
never mind the stealing.
Just pitch as you like.
Yes, sir!
Yes, sir!
Coach Kondo returns to the dugout.
The catcher is also back at the home plate.
Go is walking slowly back to the mound.
Top of the first inning,
KANO is three points behind.
And the bases are loaded now.
Go casts a glance at the
second-base runner,
Wait. He's taking his feet
off the pitcher's rubber.
Now back on the mound...
ls Go opting for the windup?
Go is reading the catcher's hand signals.
He nods.
It's the windup just as expected.
Go stretches his arm...
He pitches!
"Go, the Rising Star"
They won! KANO won again!
KANO seems to have won another game.
KANO won the game!
Victory! Another victory for KANO!
Look! Look!
They beat Morita?
KANO won again!
If we beat Taipei Commercials tomorrow,
we will become the champion,
and off we'll go to Koshien
It's Koshien.
Have you ever sailed on a big ship before?
My dad once told me
if you go sailing on the sea,
you can catch a magnificent
view of the sunset.
We can sail on a big ship
if we're going to Koshien.
Today is the final of the 9th
All-Island High School Championship.
Fukushima has hit an outfield fly ball.
Mayama is running to the third base.
He is fast and he slides...
It's one out for KANO, with
a runner on the third base.
Tomohiro of Taipei Commercials
is under great pressure now.
The ball has left his hand.
Watch out!
Ball, and it's a walk.
Hirano is lying on the ground.
What are you doing? It's the very end now.
Is he all right?
He's all right!
- Hirano is standing up.
- Base on balls.
Luckily I've got a good eye.
Hirano advanced to the first base on balls.
KANO now has runners on the
first and third bases.
The pitcher pitched and Hirano took off...
The catcher is picking off the second base.
Ah, Mayama has also taken off...
He's stealing the home plate!
The catcher caught the
ball and touched down!
It's safe! He scored!
Mayama successfully stole home.
This is the first successful home-stealing
in Taiwan's baseball history!
Mayama is really fast.
He's like the Monkey King
riding on the cloud today.
Coach Kondo adopted such a bold strategy
and the players have
carried it out perfectly.
Is this really high school baseball?
The ball left the pitcher's hand.
It's a hit to the center field...
The center-fielder is retreating,
onto the warning track...
The ball is dropping...
and fell into the glove.
It's almost a home run.
Hirano is advancing to the third base.
Taipei Commercials' center passed it back.
The shortstop missed.
Hirano is running straight
home and he scores...
Mr. Yang.
You're too late.
Your grandson almost hit a home run.
Home run...
What's a home run?
Home run means winning!
It's flying to the right field...
Fukushima got it!
The ball is in the catcher's hand,
and the runner has made it home.
It's safe! Another score!
Taipei Commercials is
leading the game 11:10.
Bottom of the 10th inning,
runners on the 2nd and 3rd bases.
15,000 people here are
holding their breath.
Foul ball.
Foul ball.
It's okay. Just secure the last ball.
Go returned to the mound, and he is calm.
He looked at the runner
and then the batter.
Go raises his leg... he pitches...
The batter struck out! Game over!
KANO won! KANO won the championship.
They fought really hard...
to claim the victory
from Taipei Commercials.
Game over.
KANO is truly a miracle team.
From a team that had never won,
they were completely
transformed in just one year.
They beat mighty foes to
claim the championship.
- And they're off to Koshien.
- Attention! Salute!
Thank you, sir.
Why the tears?
You should be laughing.
Go salute your opponents.
Yes, sir!
Release the valves.
Yes, sir! Release the valves!
After 10 years of construction
Kanan Canal,
the largest in Asia, is completed.
This way, Mr. Kondo.
Welcome back, Kondo.
This is Kagi's first
all-island championship.
There will be big papayas!
Who says the south can't
win the championship?
Thank you, Mr. Kondo!
These are the children of Kagi, everyone!
Hooray! Hooray!
We won!
Look. She's smiling at me.
No, at me.
Hey, Kagi Agriculturals.
Well done, KANO!
You've taken my place, Azuma!
Oe! Saito!
Aren't you one of us too?
Come on!
Come on in!
All right.
- Are they here yet?
- They're at the fountain.
Already at the fountain? Quick.
Water's coming through the canal.
Water's coming...
Watch the road.
Water's coming through the canal...
Be careful.
Dad, are you coming home later?
It's water!
Hey! The water is coming on its own.
You don't have to go get water anymore.
Here comes the water. Quick!
Wow, terrific!
Beautiful! It's really something!
There's fish in it!
It's a lot of water!
HUFFY UP, Mayama!
Watch it! Don't get too close.
Ah, it's Mr. Hatta.
Mr. Hatta!
There's really a boat on the canal.
Mr. Hatta.
We're going to Koshien.
We're going to Koshien.
You are Kozato of KANO, right?
Just like your father,
you've been working hard.
Go, KANO! Bring the Koshien
championship home!
Go to Koshien and make
Taiwan's farmers proud.
Go for it!
We will definitely return
with the championship!
We will surely win!
Let's go for it!
Why aren't they here yet?
Aren't they past the fountain already?
My legs are getting numb.
It doesn't take that long to get here.
Here they come!
Sapporo Commercials vs. Dairen Commercials.
Bottom of the 9th inning, and it's 10:9.
On the mound is Joshiya,
captain of Sapporo.
Swinging his arm, he pitched.
Two strikes!
The Dairen batter struck out!
And one more ball to go.
Joshiya is concentrating
on the catcher's gesture.
Slow and steady he pitched.
It's a hit.
The shortstop is getting ready...
Fly out!
Game over.
Sapporo Commercials won the game 10:9.
Sapporo is truly one of
the greats this year.
We're expecting to see them in the final
and claim the top honor for Hokkaido.
Our turn now.
The next game will be in 40 minutes.
ls your shoulder all right, Joshiya?
I'm fine.
Your sliders are really excellent.
Thank you for your compliment.
Can I take the black soil home?
Can we? Me, too.
How should we bring it home?
What's going on here?
Soil is the same everywhere.
It's no different from Taiwan's soil.
Let's warm up first.
Yes, sir.
All right. It's almost time.
Thank you very much for today.
Excuse me, can I do an
interview with you later?
We have to study our next opponent later.
- I see. Congratulations anyway.
- Thanks.
One, two, three...
His pitch is heavy.
Why so serious? It's just warmup.
Wow! It's getting interesting.
This must be an intriguing game.
The next game features KANO,
Kagi Agriculturals from Taiwan,
against Kanagawa Shoko,
from the birthplace of Japanese baseball.
How will the two teams
measure up against each other?
First up is Yoshie,
the leadoff batter from Kanagawa.
This is the final game of the first round.
The winner can advance to the next round.
Play ball!
The game is about to start.
On the mound is Go, KANO's captain.
Go is ready to make his
first pitch at Koshien.
He rises his arms...
The ball left his hand.
Are you Joshiya?
Keep up the good work.
We're also from Sapporo.
We are all your supporters.
That's right.
Bring the championship back to Hokkaido.
What happened?
Wow, what was that?
Go just changed his pitching tempo.
He struck out the batter.
The game has only just begun,
and Go struck out the first batter.
One out!
Go is getting ready... He pitched.
Struck out swinging.
It's quite a curveball.
Second pitch. Strike.
It's an inside fastball. And
here comes the third ball.
Struck out swinging. Another strikeout.
It's fast!
Go has served some very fast balls.
Go for it! Go for it!
It's two strikes, no balls and two men out.
Go raised his arms high... and he pitched.
Struck out swinging. Another strikeout.
Three up, three down. It's
time to change sides.
I wouldn't believe it
if not for my own eyes.
This pitcher from Taiwan
has struck out three Koshien batters.
The game has only just begun,
and KANO's Go has set the
whole stadium afire.
First up is Hirano, KANO's leadoff hitter.
Here it comes!
The pitcher threw his first pitch.
The batter did not swing.
Here comes the second ball.
Hirano just looked on without swinging.
Kanagawa's pitcher is not
inferior to KANO's Go.
Here comes the third ball.
It's a hit.
The ball is flying towards
the center field.
Hirano is running to the second base.
The center fielder passed
it to the second base.
It's safe!
Terrific! Good job, Hirano!
Black soil seems to slide better.
It's the audience that made him run faster!
Historically speaking,
Kanagawa is the birthplace of baseball.
But this unknown team from Kagi
has piqued everyone's interest.
Coach Kondo and his KANO team
look set to bring us a lot of surprises
at this year's Koshien.
Go watch the game.
You're not scared, are you?
We have not come so far
simply out of good luck.
We are the champion of Hokkaido.
We will surely win.
I can't pitch like that.
The stronger your opponent,
the stronger you'll become.
Pitching is not about the speed
but the mind you put into it.
You have to believe in your teammates.
He got it. Mayama hit the ball.
The ball is flying to the center field.
It's a base hit!
The runner Go is sprinting
to the home plate.
What's the rush? What happened?
KANO won!
Are you all born dark-skinned like this?
Is it true you're all farmers?
What do you feel about
your first Koshien win?
Very excited!
Anything else?
Will the Japanese players raise your hands?
May I ask you...
How do you communicate
with the players of other races?
Can the Takasago savages
understand Japanese?
Do you understand?
I don't get what you mean.
We are all best pals.
What is there to communicate?
What have you seen?
Have you seen us lose to anyone?
What do races have to with baseball?
Our players are just
like any other players.
We are passionate about baseball.
How many pitches does Go practice per day?
Until I'm used up.
Can you come out, Go?
Show us how you pitch.
Hey! Hey!
It's almost Kagi.
The weather's nice.
It's Kagi...
Watch out!
Watch out!
Would you like to take a drag, sir?
It takes two hours to load up.
I'll take a walk.
Assemble! Line up!
Listen up, you will ride in the fifth car.
Proceed in order.
Place your luggages by your feet.
Yes, sir!
Excuse me.
Where is KANO's practice field?
KANO? Right ahead. Walk
straight past the fountain.
Thank you.
This is the place?
It's... not much to look at.
Joshiya of Sapporo is
full of fighting spirit.
He pitches.
The batter swung
and the ball rolled to the first base.
The first baseman touched the base. Out!
Two outs already!
We are invincible! We are victorious!
Send KANO home!
Two outs at the bottom of the first inning.
Hirano of KANO is on the first base.
3:0 already in the first inning.
Looks like KANO is full of hot air.
The next batter is So Seisei of KANO.
The ball left Joshiya's hand.
Strike! So struck out swinging.
It's a powerful fastball
and one more strike.
The second ball is thrown, also a strike!
Two strikes and no balls.
It seems Joshiya wants to
kill KANO's offense quick.
I bet it's a straight ball.
The third ball is thrown.
It's a hit, and the bat snapped.
The ball is flying towards the left field.
Still flying... is it in or out?
Ah! The ball hit the outfield fence.
And So keeps running
towards the third base.
Hirano made it home and scored.
So is also safely home!
It's a triple!
So has scored a triple
by hitting the outfield
fence in the left field.
Hmm? The umpire called time out.
They seem to be discussing something.
They are looking at the bat that snapped.
What happened?
The umpires have returned.
The umpire in chief approaches So.
It's unbelievable!
So is the first Asian player
to hit the outfield fence
since the founding of Koshien.
There were two players who
hit the fence in the past
and they were all American
professional players.
The home run distance
is 420 feet in Koshien,
believed to the longest in the world.
So managed to reach the 420-ft mark
That was really amazing.
It would have never occurred to Joshiya
that he'd meet such a tough opponent
in the second game.
Hopefully Joshiya can get his groove back.
But who would have thought
in the second round we'd get to see
such an exciting game
from two rookie teams?
The eternal snow of Hokkaido
versus the everlasting sun of Taiwan.
It's a rare game between the two extremes,
and the 50,000 spectators
in the Koshien stadium
have gone wild!
It's a hit by pitch.
Joshiya is having control issues,
but the Sapporo manager
seems to have faith in him.
Agematsu is advancing to the first base.
He looks fine.
Up next is Go.
Will he send the runner home?
A pick-off throw to the first base...
Can Joshiya keep his calm?
The batter is Go. Runners
on the first and the third.
The pitcher threw the ball.
It's hit! A base hit!
Third-base runner got home and scored.
Go kicked the first base
and is running to the second base.
Four points in the bottom
of the first inning.
Three more in the third inning.
Kozato's hit added three
more in the 6th inning.
10:4, KANO is leading the game by 6 points.
Another ball! It's base on balls.
Bases waded'.!
Bases loaded for KANO!
It's okay, Joshiya.
That pitch is now being questioned.
It looked like a strike
but was ruled a ball.
Fukushima is base on balls!
The batter is now Hirano again.
Joshiya seems to be affected by the ruling.
He pitched.
And it's a hit.
Fair ball... fair ball.
The left fielder went for it.
Ah, the ball hit the home run wall...
and bounced right back onto the field.
It bounced back. It's a
genuine stroke of luck.
It was really lucky for them.
Kozato reached home and scored.
The catcher's been shouting to the pitcher,
but Joshiya is just fixed on the spot.
Kawahara ran home and scored.
A third point scored by Fukushima now.
Here comes the train!
That was an inside-the-park home run.
Hirano made it back with the fourth point.
Yet another splendid
performance from Hirano.
A batting average of over 0.5
in two consecutive games.
Eh? What's wrong?
Joshiya left the mound.
Time out.
Sapporo's coach called time out.
Spectators on the stands are standing up
and cheering for KANO.
Sapporo's ace Joshiya
can't hold back KANO's offense.
What are you doing?
What's wrong?
I...I don't know.
What's the matter with you?
You're up, Katou.
Sapporo changed their pitcher.
Now on the mound is Katou.
He pitched, and it's a hit...
still flying...
All the way to the right field...
And caught by the right fielder.
Three men out. Switch!
Keep it up, folks!
Look closely since you've stepped out.
You can get mad playing ball
but you can never give up.
Did you see that?
Not single one of them has
given up on any ball.
They'd run for it even
if it seemed impossible.
We lost.
"Eternal ice thawed by blazing sun."
I am Ikeuchi from the
Taiwan Chamber of Commerce.
We've been looking forward to seeing you
since we heard that the
KANO team's competing.
We are truly thrilled to see
your fabulous performance
in the past couple of days.
Stand up!
You all look sprightly!
It's the second game of the semifinals.
KANO vs. Kokura Technicals.
- Winner of this game...
- Are you feeling all right?
Will be up against Chukyo
Commercials in the final.
It's the top of the 8th inning,
and the pitcher acted.
The batter took the swing.
It's a powerful grounder.
The third baseman drove
it to the first base.
Three outs, ending Kokura's
offense in the 8th inning.
Change sides. It's 5:2 now,
and KANO still leads the game.
The pitcher threw his pitch.
It's a hit to the center field.
Another base hit.
Kawahara scored by getting home.
A pity that Hirano was tagged out
before the third base.
It's 9:2, two men out.
In the bottom of the 8th inning,
KANO is on a roll, adding four more points.
You forgot your bat, Akira.
Picking off the first base.
Ah, it's a wild pitch.
Runner So is advancing to the second base.
Well done, So!
Top of the 9th inning, 10:2.
One out, with a runner on the third base.
It's the last wave of offense
for Kokura Technicals.
Go nodded to the catcher's instruction.
The ball left his hand.
It's already two men out.
Now it's the decisive moment of the game.
One more out from Kokura,
and KANO will advance to the final.
The pitcher made his pitch.
Another curveball, though
too low this time.
One ball. The batter didn't swing.
Top of the 9th inning.
Two out and a runner on the third base.
So far, Go's breaking balls...
have been successful in
thwarting Kokura's offense.
He pitched.
Game over! KANO advances to the final!
I'd like a word with you.
How polite of you to approach someone
in the restroom.
I've never thought of
losing coming to Koshien.
Since you beat me,
you'd better win the championship.
Take it. It's my lucky ball.
Give it back to me after
winning the game tomorrow.
but your lucky ball didn't
seem too lucky for you.
I've never thought of losing
coming to Koshien, either.
I don't need it.
If nothing else, my team is waiting for me.
Chukyo will surely win out.
Don't underestimate KANO.
They fought all the way
into the Koshien final.
You're telling me. Tell us something new.
You're welcome!
I think... it's the manager's strategy.
It makes sense to assemble
a tri-ethnic team.
Mr. Satou.
The Hans can bat, the Takasago can run,
and we Japanese knows defense.
- KANO's manager is really something.
- This way, please.
I wouldn't have thought...
you made your way to Koshien after all.
I've come a long way.
I watched your every game closely.
That was really brilliant.
Although unlike the glamorous style
of baseball nowadays,
it rather resembles the
primitive style from the past.
Every player of yours has
been all out on the field.
If not for the string of
mistakes in our last game,
it would have been a face-off
between us tomorrow.
It was a real shocker that Matsuyama lost.
I bet this year's champion will be KANO.
I'm betting on them, too.
Who'd have known that a
Koshien castoff like you
could make this motley crew
a Koshien legend.
It's truly a miracle.
I've underestimated you.
I'm afraid of losing the game.
You've asked me out for this?
Remember what I told you.
Don't be afraid of getting hit.
You will start evading
as soon as you start feeling afraid.
Listen up,
if you're afraid of losing.
Just do your best to win.
Thank you for the drink.
Play it fast if you want to win.
In baseball, the ball is
in the defender's hands.
Have you seen any other games
in which the defender controls the ball?
Go's pitching style is versatile enough
to turn your defense into offense.
Launch a fast-paced attack
with Go's breaking balls.
Don't let any batter get on the base
in the first three innings.
This way you can break Chukyo's morale
and you may win this game.
What a big moon!
It looks as if you can
reach out and touch it.
My eyes are always set on the ball!
Thank you for bringing me to Koshien.
Thank you.
In the Sixth Year of Showa,
on the field of Koshien
we're witnessing the battle
between Chukyo and KANO.
This year, both teams
made their debuts at Koshien.
As both sides are warming up,
let us take a look at today's lineups.
The game will begin with
KANO batting first.
Led by Coach Kondo Hyotaro,
the leadoff batter is the
left fielder Hirano;
Second batter, center fielder So;
Third batter, shortstop Agematsu;
Fourth batter, pitcher Go;
Fifth batter, catcher Azuma;
Sixth batter, third baseman Mayama;
Seventh batter, first baseman Kozato;
- A moment please!
- Eighth batter, second baseman Kawahara
Wait a minute!
Ninth batter, right fielder Fukushima.
That's KANO's batting lineup for today.
Shall we listen to the
game at home, my lady?
No, I want to be here!
Excuse me.
This way please, Mrs. Kondo.
Look, you brats!
Stand up!
It's okay. I'm fine.
You wouldn't believe the spectacle
we have here today.
The 50,000-seat stadium
is packed to the rafters.
Chukyo's the best! Chukyo's the winner!
Go for it, Chukyo!
- Go, go, KANO!
- You're right.
Koshien has been full quite often,
but I've never seen anything like this.
Ah, indeed.
Some spectators don't even
have any place to stand.
All right, the game's starting soon.
KANO's first batter Hirano
entered the batter box.
Hirano is an Amis player from Taiwan.
He has a good eye for the ball
and pretty good on-base percentage.
He is an excellent player fleet of foot.
Play ball!
At the sound of the siren, the game began.
The pitcher threw his first pitch.
Hirano took a swing at the first ball.
It seems that he's eager to get on base.
Here comes the second pitch.
Third pitch from the pitcher.
A strikeout in just three pitches.
The first batter was
struck out pretty soon.
This pitcher, Yoshida, is outstanding.
A slider.
He's got some impressive breaking balls.
The slider was really fast.
How come I couldn't hit his ball?
It's okay. Don't get hung up on it.
Up next is the second batter So.
So is arguably the most powerful batter
of this tournament.
His swing is splendid.
Oh, Chukyo's fielders have stepped back.
You're the one who hit the home run wall?
The pitcher made his move.
It's a hit!
Caught and put out.
The third baseman put it out beautifully.
- What a pity.
- Chukyo's got strong defense.
That also went through the third base
and made a base hit.
Looks like Chukayo's got
impenetrable defense, too!
The pitcher threw the ball.
Strikeout! That was brilliant!
With the combination of
straight and breaking balls,
Yoshida took out KANO's
first three batters.
It's KANO's turn for defense.
Trust in your own weapon.
Put your heart into every pitch.
Yes, sir.
Get your act together.
Yes, sir.
Okay, go!
Yes, sir.
Today's the final game.
Let's give it our best!
We can't lose!
KANO's Go has a high strikeout rate.
Due to his difficult pitching combo,
he is hailed as a "Genius" in Taiwan.
Alongside Yoshida of Chukyo,
Go is considered one of the
top pitchers this year.
Genius? That's not bad.
Genius Go is getting ready on the mound.
What will be his first pitch today?
Go nodded to the catcher's instruction.
He raised his arms and made the pitch.
The batter struck out swinging.
That's a fierce slider.
Here comes the second pitch.
Here comes the third pitch.
Struck out swinging.
Go swiftly finished the first batter.
It's getting more and more interesting.
Go's pitching combination
is the same as Yoshida's
when he faced KANO's first batter.
Strike! Struck out swinging.
Quite a fierce slider.
Strike. Three men out.
A string of fast and fierce breaking balls
crippled Chukyo's offense
at the very beginning.
The fourth batter is KANO's pitcher Go.
What balls will Yoshida pitch
to deal with his equal Go?
That's right. This is the first
face-off between the two aces.
Everyone is holding their breath.
Yoshida swung his arm and pitched.
Struck out swinging. It's a strike!
Another fierce curveball.
Yoshida's pitching style
is similar to Akira's.
It's still different, though.
Although his range is wide,
his control is not stable
and it tends to drop.
That's his weakness.
If you choose wisely,
you can put the pressure on him.
If he makes a mistake,
the next one will be...
A straight ball!
He hit it. The ball is
flying to the center field.
Flying real high...
The center fielder runs for it.
Can he catch it?
Fly out!
Go is out!
Ah, what a pity.
Go completely nailed that straight ball.
However, it flew too high.
He swung and hit the ball. And...
A base hit!
It's a hit...
A third-base grounder...
passed to the second base...
And then to the first base... so...
Out! Double play!
Here comes the ball...
Another strikeout!
Really, it's hard to guess
the "Genius's" combo.
Indeed, it's not that easy.
The catcher is picking off the second base.
Out! It's a tag out!
It's too long a distance
for him to make it back.
The batter hit the ball.
It's a first-base grounder.
The pitcher himself covered the first base.
KANO has displayed some fabulous defense.
A third-base grounder!
And it's passed to the first base. Out!
Yoshida has contributed to
several infield grounders.
Agematsu ran as he could
but was still put out.
Obviously this is going to be
a pitching and defense game.
Both teams are relentless
and not giving ground.
Hit and flying high...
The second baseman is catching up and...
Put out...
Bottom of the fourth inning, two outs,
one strike and no balls.
Still 0:0.
Which team will score first?
Go doesn't look tired at all,
and he's been pitching very well so far.
And struck out swinging.
Eh? What's wrong.
The pitcher went for the ball.
There's nothing wrong, is there?
It looks all right.
Two outs for Chukyo Commercials.
Go is swinging his arm and throws.
Watch out!
What happened?
A wild pitch!
Who's that jinx?
Get him away!
The ball bounced on the iron net
behind the home plate.
Go has been a very stable pitcher.
Why did he suddenly panic?
Luckily there's no runner on the base.
Ah, it's blood.
Go's hand is dripping blood.
Go's pants are smeared with blood.
Go is trying to stop the
blood on his pants.
Yes, sir.
Go see what happened.
Yes, sir.
Time out!
Time out!
KANO's manager called time out.
The catcher Azuma also ran
over, visibly worried.
It doesn't look like Go
is leaving the mound.
What decision will Coach Kondo make?
The messenger returned to the dugout.
He's still pitching.
Why didn't Kondo stop him?
He should have sent in the replacement.
How can one pitch with an injured finger?
He can't even hold the ball still.
The game continues.
Go seems to be suffering. Is he all right?
He pitched, and it was hit.
Flying high over the infield...
Go raised his arms...
Fly out!
Three outs and switch sides.
Come here.
- Ryu.
- Yes.
Warm up.
Yes, sir.
Please let me finish it.
We're already halfway there.
Don't force yourself.
You've already done enough.
How can you pitch with a finger like that?
I'm fine. I can do it.
I will definitely make it.
You're being selfish.
You're trying to be a hero on your own.
How about the team? How
about winning the game?
Do you know how to grow
big and tasty papayas?
You just have to plant a
long nail at its root.
This may be Akira's last game.
Please let him finish the game.
Akira is the papaya tree
with a nail hammered in.
There is no turning back for him.
A papaya tree left with no choice
will grow sweet, tasty fruits.
Aren't you the next one up?
Hurry UP!
Yes, sir.
Focus! We're still in the game.
Yes, sir.
I am the manager.
Whatever the result, it's on me.
Do you really want to fight to the end?
Fukushima is struck out.
Yoshida also finished three
batters in this inning.
And it's time for Chukyo
Commercials' offense.
Go is going to the mound.
Coach Kondo is still letting him pitch.
Why such a decision?
Why let him go on pitching?
Don't they have a replacement?
What's going on here?
It's still 0:0 now. No
one can break the ice.
It's really a pitchers' duel.
The next batter is
Chukyo's captain Yoshida.
It's the face-off between the aces again.
Go is getting ready...
raised his arms and pitched.
Ball. It's too high.
The wound seems to have taken its toll.
He can't control his ball.
It's the batter's good opportunity.
It sure is.
How can he get his groove back?
Here comes the second ball.
- Ball!
- Another ball.
swung his arm and pitched.
- Ball!
- Another ball.
Three balls in a row.
Three balls and no strikes.
Go swung his arm and pitched.
Another ball. It's base on balls.
It's okay.
Yoshida is advancing to the first base.
Now, on the first base
is the runner Yoshida.
No one out and a runner on the first base.
The pitcher Go...
Ball! Another ball.
Ball again. Base on balls.
There are runners on the
first and second bases.
The ball left his hand.
Ball! Base on balls in a row
for the last three batters.
The bases are now loaded.
Bases loaded for Chukyo.
Here comes another pitch from Go.
Another ball and its base on balls.
Chukyo's runner reached home. 1:0
Chukyo has scored.
It's okay. It's going to be okay.
Looks like the Chukyo batters
can score without swinging the bat.
What the hell is he talking about?
What are you doing?
That guy's talking nonsense.
Don't start a scene here.
Go is biting his lip.
He's dripping both sweat and blood.
What? He applied the black
soil to his injured finger.
It's to increase the grip.
The blood makes it slippery
for him to hold the ball.
The soil can add to the friction.
It can help him steady his pitch.
- But it's going to hurt more.
- Hang on there, Go!
Hopefully the black soil of
Koshien can empower him.
Hit by pitch! It's first
base for the runner
Chukyo added another point.
It's 2:0 now.
Base on balls for four batters
and now a hit by pitch.
Two points to the opponent.
Go knelt down on the mound.
Is he applying more soil to his finger?
It looks really painful.
He really plans to go on like this?
Just serve them straight balls.
Let them take the swing.
We will catch any ball they hit.
Yes, let them take the swing.
Trust us!
Look, it's airtight here!
I'm not letting anyone through.
Yep, let him hit it.
Stand up, Akira. We're almost there.
Senpai, we are KANO from Taiwan.
That's right!
All of a sudden, the KANO
players on the field
are encouraging Go to serve straight balls.
They seem undaunted at all.
They are shouting "We
are KANO from Taiwan."
Time out!
Go is standing straight again.
KANO is not giving up.
All their hearts are now united together.
The catcher Azuma stretched his arms,
ready to catch the ball.
He bit down his pain to keep pitching.
He swung his arm and pitched.
It's a hit.
It's flying behind the
first and second bases.
The ball bounced out of the glove.
No, it was caught by Kawahara.
He passed it right to the second base.
Two men out!
Agematsu drove it back home.
Will the runner make it?
Welcome home!
Fight, Akira!
Light the firecrackers!
Fly out! Kawahara is simply marvelous!
No wonder he is nicknamed "Iron Fence".
Change sides.
Kawahara, Kozato, and Fukushima.
They form KANO's impenetrable triangle.
They've never missed a catch so far.
Everyone gather around.
I love baseball from the
bottom of my heart.
I can find this passion back
all because of you.
Believe in yourself until the very end.
Believe in your teammates.
You've already got the most precious thing
in this world.
Fight to the end at all costs! Go!
Yes, sir!
It's the top of the 9th inning, 4:0.
It's KANO's last opportunity to fight back.
Oh God, please show us a miracle.
Up next is KANO's 7th batter Kawahara.
All psyched up and no signs of giving up.
Yoshida raised his arms and pitched.
Strike! The batter didn't stand a chance.
One strike and no balls.
That was a slider, only entering
the strike zone before the plate.
That was really impressive!
Here comes the second ball.
It was hit.
Oh, it's too high.
The catcher is going for it.
Fly out!
Kawahara was outed by the catcher.
Pay attention to his sliders.
Don't think of winning but of not losing.
You can't think of giving up.
Up next is Fukushima.
One man out and no runner on the base.
Fukushima records two strikeouts
and one fly out in this game.
No base hit so far.
But he's made a great
contribution to the defense.
The ball left the pitcher's hand.
Don't you look down on me!
It's a hit between the third
base and the shortstop.
It's a base hit!
Fukushima even slid into
the base with his head.
He slid into the base with his head!
He went really all out.
That is the beauty of baseball.
You can't tell the winner
until the very end.
KANO now seems to
concentrate on the batting.
And the next one up
is the leadoff hitter Hirano.
A silver lining appears for KANO.
The ball left the pitcher's hand.
Hirano opted for the bunt.
The catcher quickly passed
it to the first base.
Hirano was really fast!
Runners on the first and second bases.
Up next is the power hitter So.
He still hasn't delivered a base hit today.
Go for it! Home run!
Yoshida's first pitch.
Ball. Another ball.
Here comes Yoshida's third pitch.
Ball! Three balls now.
Is Yoshida avoiding confrontation with So?
KANO's supporters at Koshien
are shouting home runs.
Home run, home run. They're rooting for So.
Here comes Yoshida's fourth pitch.
- Ball!
- Yes!
Four balls! It's base on balls.
Bases loaded now!
Go for it, Yoshida!
Here comes KANO's opportunity.
It's their final fightback.
Yoshida seems to be affected
by the threat from the heavy hitters.
He has to do something
to take care of the next batter.
Go for it, Agematsu!
With bases loaded,
can KANO's next batter Agematsu
send the runners home?
Yoshida threw his pitch.
Struck out swinging!
One strike.
Foul ball! It counts as a strike.
It's two strikes and no balls.
Yoshida pitched the third ball.
Missed. Strikeout!
Agematsu has struck out.
Two outs!
There's only one man remaining.
Up next is Go.
Once again, the face-off between the aces.
Go for it, Akira!
Yoshida pitched the ball slowly.
- Strike!
- One strike!
The bases are loaded.
Go should choose his ball wisely.
That's right.
The second ball was pitched.
Foul ball!
Two strikes, and there's
no holding back now.
Yoshida pitches...
It's another foul ball!
Still two strikes and no balls.
Go has shown great tenacity.
He's clinging to Yoshida.
Yoshida looks tired now.
His posture seems different.
He pitches...
Ah, watch out!
The bat flew towards Yoshida.
It's another foul ball.
Go is walking slowly towards the bat.
It must hurt, right? Why don't you give up?
Do you know how to grow
big and tasty papayas?
His hand must hurt, and the
blood makes it slippery.
It seems that Go can't hold his bat still.
Hmm, it looks really painful.
Yoshida is waiting on the mound for Go.
50,000 people here are
holding their breath.
Their eyes are fixed on
what happens on the field.
Again, steadily it goes...
It's a hit!
It is flying high over the left field...
Will it land inside the walls?
Foul ball!
Go caught Yoshida's high-flying mistake,
but the timing was still too early.
Such a pity.
Hey guys.
Sing that song of yours!
One, two, three, Mr. Birdy...
flew high above the tree.
The farmers struck it down with stones.
Ah, it hurts so good!
One, two, three, Akira...
From the KANO's dugout
come sounds of singing.
There's not a sound in the crowd.
Everyone is quietly listening.
Be at one with the ball!
Now I'm completely a KANO fan.
They come from different races,
yet they are dedicated to the same cause.
I am moved to tears by their spirit.
Be at one with the ball!
You have really outdone yourselves.
Sir, when can we start crying?
Don't you cry at all.
Yes, sir!
KANO is... KANO is for the world!
KANO... heroes of the field...
KANO... KANO for the world...
KANO... for the world...
KANO for the world!
Line up.
Thank you all very much.
Let's go!
Heroes of the field... KANO for the world!
Coach Kondo led KANO
to make three more Koshien appearances.
He returned to Japan after the WWII
and coached college baseball teams.
Kondo Hyotaro died in 1966.
Go Meishou went to Waseda University
in Japan after he graduated.
In college, he scored seven home runs
in a single tournament.
Go Meishou died in 1983.
Hirano Yasuo later became KANO's pitcher.
He returned to his hometown Taitung
after graduation
and dedicated himself
to the promotion of baseball.
Hirano Yasuo (later known as Luo Bao-Nong)
died in 1982.
Liu Cang-Lin (Ryu) represented KANO again
the next year.
He played on the Post Office team and
kept his passion alive after graduation.
Liu Cang-Lin died in 2001.
So Seisei went to Yokohama City College
of Commerce after graduation.
He remained active in the baseball field
after returning home,
and was revered as one of Taiwan's
most iconic figures in baseball.
So Seisei died in 2008.
Agematsu Kouichi went to Yokohama
for advanced studies after graduation.
After the war he became the principal of
the Taitung Agricultural School,
and discovered the talent of Taiwan's
Olympic decathlete Yang Chuan-Kwang.
Agematsu (later known as Chen Geng-Yuan)
died in a car accident in 1958.
Mayama Uichi taught at the
Taitung Agricultural School after the WWII.
Later he dedicated himself to missionary
work at the Taitung Agricultural School.
Mayama (later known as Tuo Hong-Shan)
died in 2003.
Azuma Kazuhito taught in Taitung
after graduation.
His brother Azuma Kumon (Lan De-Ming)
also pitched for KANO.
Azuma Kazuhito (later known as Lan De-He)
died in 1980.
Go Ha played professional baseball in Japan
after graduation.
He became the first Taiwanese inducted
into the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame.
Go Ha (later known as Go Shousei)
died in 1987.
Kozato Hatsuo worked at the Monopoly Bureau
of Taiwan after graduation.
He returned to Japan after the war.
Kozato Hatsuo died in 1988.
After graduation
Kawahara Nobuo
worked at the Chiayi Revenue Field Office,
while Fukushima Matao
worked at the Tainan Prefecture Government.
Both Kawahara and Fukushima
died in the South Pacific during the war.
After their debut in 1931,
KANO made three more Koshien appearances
in 1933, 1935, and 1936,
but they weren't able to reach the finals
in these attempts.
KANO was awarded the "Asahi Shimbun" trophy
in the 1931 Koshien tournament.
The trophy was lost
during the World War ll.
On November 6, 1996, So Seisei
returned to Koshien after 65 years
and accepted the trophy
remade in honor of KANO by Asahi Shimbun.
The soil of Koshien.
It's beautiful. Look!
Do you want to play ball?
But, sir, will the ball...
I'll be the first batter!
At your position, everyone.
Please let me pitch, sir!
Aim at Hirano's butt, Ryu.
Watch where you aim, Ryu.
At his butt!
You did hit it...
Hey, is that Taiwan over there?
It's the ball I hit. It's still flying!
It's Taiwan indeed!
My fellow countrymen, we're back!
When we get home,
will we see a crowd celebrating our return
or people with disappointment
written all over their faces?
What we'll see...
are boundless fields of
gold swaying in the wind.